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441h President 01 The United States Of America Re-Elected


Features a; ffi m ::E w > 0 z Adverse Possession Case Has IRJpacted Congregation OIMinistrv >= ic( BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer C Apostle Tami Robinson says she is willing fE to go on record that she did nothing wrong in applying the state's Adverse Possession law. Apostle Robinson, founder of Well Pavil ion Empowerment Center, was charged along with another woman of illegally taking over abandoned homes and moving families into them under the state's Adverse Possession law. Apostle Robinson has filed a lawsuit against the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office over her arrest and the arrest of Samantha Magras-Gavin, the woman she acquired one of the homes for in October 2012. "Right now, we haven t received any court dates, and I'm happy to say Samantha is still a member of my church, said Apostle Robinson. "However, her husband is upset about the impact this has had on their relationship and image. I think they are trying to destroy our cred ibility and make us sound like some kind of heinous criminals. > "I did my research thoroughly before I ic( started this. I read articles about others who had done it the wrong way, but I later they lL were following the same law as I was. Authorities C just don't like this, and I believe they trump up charges to justify their actions." > Apostle Robinson feels if she can call the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser's Office en about the Adverse Possession procedure, and do W it exactly the way they tell her, how can that be illegal? "I filled out all of the proper paperwork with w the Property Appraiser's Office, and at no time iij was I told this was illegal and unconstitutional. 0 Give us the rules on how they say it's supposed w to be done before we follow the guidelines that i are available now. :::J "W e're not being told at any point of the m process that we're violating the law They let us go through the entire process, and as soon as z someone moves into a home, suddenly it's illefii gal." APOSTLE TAMI ROBINSON Apostle Robinson said this has impacted her ministry tremendously, and she has lost some members, as well as her reputation being ruined unjustly. "I'm about social and economic empowerment for people who have been denied that right. I've been a mortgage broker for 12 years, so I know what I'm doing. "With this process ongoing, I can't go back to work as a mortgage broker until this is re solved. I feel it's all intentional and we've been tried and wJthout due process." Apostle Robinson said her goal hasn't changed in trying to help those in need. "I desire for this system to be a fair system. Don't trump up charges because you may not like the process, or the fact African Americans are taking advantage of it. "I believe if we had found abandoned houses in the inner-city, we wouldn't be having this problem. Because we did this in upper middle class areas in the suburbs, it's a problem. To me, that makes it racial." Apostle Robinson said they all have be come knowledgeable about the process, and to some that is something law enforcers won't tol erate. --------------------------------------------------------------::: m w z w en c Q a: 0 iL Man Who Filed Over S11illion In Tax Fraud Cuts Deal A 42-year-old East Tampa busjnessman was in federal court on Tuesday. During the hearing, he entered an agreement to plead guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count aggravated identity theft. Federal Judge James D. Whittemore has the option of accepting the agreement. If he does, Russell Simmons, Jr., fac e s a mandatory two year_ sentence on the aggra vated identity theft charge. He could face up to 20 years on the wire fraud charge. According to court documents, federal investigators began receiving tips that Simmons was engaging in tax fraud at his business, Simmons Auto Sales, 4615 N. 34th Street. Investigators were told that individuals participating in the tax fraud scams would pay more than the vehicles were worth at the dealership. Simmons allegedly negotiated the checks and laundered the funds through his business accounts. Investigators also learned that Simmons filed fraudulent tax returns from his busi ness computer and maintained numerous records of personal information of identity theft victims. In July 2011, a Cooperating Defendant (CD) met with Sim mons in reference to cashing income tax checks. Simmons reportedly told the CD that he was no longer cashing checks. However, Simmons told the CD that he was accepting Green Dot cards, police said. Surveillance video captured Simmons using a Green Dot card at a Wal-Mart in Plant City. He obtain four money orders for $500.00 each and conducted other transactions for $2,050.04. -? RUSSELL SIMMONS, JR. .. Enters Plea Agreement He was captured on video at several other locations using the cards and rece1vmg $76,088.20 in cash and money orders. Simmons also collected $14,000 by using reloadable debit cards. Police obtained search warrants for his home and business. During the search, police seized $25,000 in cash, 134 Green Dot reloadable cards, and jewelry. Simmons told investigators that he would request the tax refunds be place onto reloadable cards and sent to vacant homes in Tampa. On August 31, 2011, police seized approximately $118,275 loaded on to Money Cards; a 2005 Bentley, and 18k gold Rolex Watch; 14k gold necklace with a pendant that contained 703 diamonds and the initials "RS." Police also confiscated a 14k gold Double Cuban link chrome chain; 14k gold men's ring with 110 diamonds; 14k gold and diamond men's bracelet with 2.420 round diamonds other jewelry, and $25,000 in cash. In total, Simmons filed 120 false income tax refunds, with refunds worth $1,176,787. BARBARA J. PITTMAN Practicing Law In: Criminal Defense Family Law Personal Injury Attorney & Couaselor At Law Cypress Point Office Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry, Suite 101 Tampa, Florida 33618 (813)269-9706 Fax: (813)960-0641 Tbo hiriiiK of. Ia.. d .. d

BY IRIS B. HOLTON City Editor On Tuesday, November 6th, voters re-elected the 44th President of the United States For the second time in history, Barack Obama has been chosen as the President of the United States Marvin Knight said, "I just thank God for keeping His armor over the people and the United States of America. It's not man, it's not money, it's His will. So for all of the people who believe that we are a stronger force united than di vided and through that we can make all things possible. The people all across the board, different status and profes sionals, we made a great im pact that will help mold our direction and I'm thanking everyone." Ms. Ann Jenkins said, "I cannot express the way I feel right now I am so full of joy and happiness that our Presi dent is in there for four more years. I kept saying, when God is for you, no man can harm you I want to take this time to thank all the supporters, vol unteers, and organizations, {Choose) who got out there and stayed on course. I experience the beauty of what register to vote and get out to vote mean. I saw young adults who never voted before registered and in record numbers came to the polls and early voted. They were brought b y their mothers, fathers, grandparents and themselves." Danny Green said, "First of all, I would like to congratu late President Obama for winning another term. And, I want to say thank God that all of the negative ads are off the TV. Now, it is time for us to look forward to the next four years and the President mov ing the country ahead, as he has stated. "I believe that America can now breathe a l ittle easier. The fears that surrounded health care, the fate of the middle class, the national deficit and unemployment, of course, have not yet been erased; but, because of this victory, there is hope. I am hoping that Con gress and th.e Senate support President Obama for the next four years, as he carries out his plan of progress for America." Ms. Ann Porter said, "The 2012 Presidential Elec tion is now over. This was cer tainly a historical event. There were millions of dollars spent and much time and energy do nated. We, the American peo ple have spoken, and elected President Barack Obama for an additional four years. "There is a strong believe that we will receive better health care, education and training, climate change scien tific initiatives better jobs and entrepreneurship, social secu rity and Medicaid. We must demonstrate our indiyidual ef forts as we move forward to advance our economy. God has again blessed America." Billy Wheeler said "My Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Student Of The Month, Other Hobbies: ----------------------Church: ______ greatest wish is that when the election is decided, our elected representa tive s stop the ch r onic hyper-part i san Gb struction, bickering, and pos turing I pray that they will begin to work together for the good of the country and aban don all pledges, platforms, and schemes of those who promote division, economic imbalance, and extremist policies. If not, I call on the citizens to take note and hurl them out of of fice at our first opportunity. Maurice Kemp said, "The Presidential election campaign ads of 2012 further demonstrated the unquestion able power of mass media to shape public opinion with or without the use of facts. Very little help was given to assist voters in their effort to make the most educated and benefi cial choices for themselves and their fellow Americans "In particular, the election commercials, produced by very shrewd public relations specialists, were designed to sway public opinion by appeal ing to emotions --mainly fear --instead of engaging their audience to critically think about the important issues." James RansQm said; The two campaigns along with Super PACS" spent ap proximately $6 billion dollars on television ads alone. No amount of money spent on tel evision ads could make anyone who already committed their for President Obama to change. I am ecstatic about President Barrack Obama's re-election. "He proved once again that when people have common in terests and com mon goals for the greater good of everyone we can even e l ect and re-elect a pre sident whom happens to be an African American. "The contras t of the Rom ney supporters compared to the Obama supporters was clearly revealed the disconnect between the Democratic and Republican parties. There was a more genuine and real istic tapestry of diversity among the crowd of Obama supporters, which reflected true cross-section of America. Romney's concession speech was gracious." Fire ChiefTom Forward said, ""Four More Years" that's the voice of the elec torate from both the popular opinion and the Electoral Col lege This is a testimony to everyone that made the effort to discharge "their" civic duty, get out and vote. Yes, your vote/voice does count! Now let us continue to pray for all those in leadership position that they will do what is best for this nation as a whole. Be Blessed. Dr. Louise Vincent said, "It was a good race. Butl have said it before and I will say it again, GOP has to change the way that they do things. It is time that they address the needs of ALL people. This is a different country than it was 20 years ago. They can no longer good ol' boy there way into the Oval Office using voter suppression and other tactics. If the GOP is not willing toreevaluate and re-assess their core, it will be a lot longer than 4 years before they see the White House. Howard Harris said, "Surprising about 48% of Americans voted for Mitt the Liar. He famously stated that 47% of Americans do not pay income taxes. Yet he advocated cutting income taxes by 20% to fix the economy and create jobs. He knew that such a tax cut would not put one red cent in the pockets ofthe 47% who do not pay income taxes and would only benefit his wealthy friends Even the one armed African Americans-those belt less youth who use one arm to hold up their pants realized that Mitt was a liar and showed up to vote. President Obama has the right formula for creating jobs: The spe nding of tax dollars to put Americans to work repairing roads & bridges, teaching our children and re-educating the unem ployed." "T1 Robert Collins said "The r American People have spoken g loud and clear that this coun-c try is a better place when we )> recognize and respect the en value, ideas and opinions of all Americans. God bless America and God bless our President, Z Barack Obama!" Gerald White said, "I'm m extremely pleased and overC: whelmed with pride that the J= President carried Hillsborough !!J County It speaks volumes for z people in our community to ., support the President. It's a C: win-win for the president and the people in the community c;; The heavens have spoken, it's :I: a great day in America Ms. Denese Meteye m James said, "After standing in < line in the rain and finally arriving at the desk to begin the -< proces s of exercising her right Continued On Page 7-A m L..---------------=-----10 c 0 ACCIDENTIIiEIERiiAt!$.ERJilEI )> z c "T1 J:l FREE Professional Service News Alert: The Florida Law States That You May Be Entitled To $10,000 Service Support and Help from the beginning to the end. Spinal Injuries Neck Pain Back Pain Hip Pain Leg Pain For Loss Wages And Medical Care ... (PIP Insurance Needed) Transportation Available Auto Repair Body Shop Medical care Provided Specializing In: Car Accidents lnc:lcient. Motorcycle Acc:ldents Truck Accldenta SllpandFals Bicyde Bua And be Call. Michelle B. PattY Local: 813-495-3702 Toll Aea 1-886-352-4200 Go To YoulUbe anc1 punch The Patty Shuffte Available 24 tlow'8 A /7 Daya A Week c


election 2012 a; a: w ID ::E w > 0 z >=ic( c a: LL. Smile, Mr. President Local author, Maurice Jackson, shared one of his writings with an Elections Watch Party group on Tues day evening at Caldonia's Restaurant. The piece was appropriately titled, Smile C Mr. President, and was well iX received by the audience. LL. c The piece can be found in z his recently released book, c( Soul Sighs: Rhythmic Kente Musings. c en w = w > w c w ::z:: en ::i ID = 0.. z l1j ..J ..J = ID ..J w z i= z w -en c( c a: 0 ..J LL. c( Smile, Mr. President They don't get it, or is it they don't want to get it. But, it is what it is, so once and o'r all times, 171 say it loud or Black and White Ameri cans alike who ought to be proud Barack Husswein Obama is the 44th duly elected President of these United States of America. It is true a majority of you, the American people elected him and no matter how grim things may look -in my book he has done great things, let the freedom bells ring. And despite the envy (player hating) from the ob structionists crew, he has worked for me and you, just like he said he would do. He consistently finds ways to what he believes is right; he's shrewd and capa ble, one who enjoys a good fight. He has shown great courage when his back was against the wall, he's made it clear America (I don't see why some o' y'all don't get it); he is the President to straight, gay ,fat, skinny and all. Hey Mr. President, you cool dude. "Let's Stay To gether" for four more years, building on the foundation we've laid with blood, sweat and tears. I voted for you in 2008, and 2012 I will vote for you again. I'm still proud of you and your family and I consider you a friend. Keep on smil ing and working for the American people Barry, one day you 'll get your fifteen minutes of fame just like the cable guy, Larry. W Maurice Jackson reads from his book, "Smile, Mr. President" CJ during an Election Watch Party at Caldonia's Restaurant. (Photo by Julia Jackson) Has S The. Right Man Is Stilll n Charge BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer (An Analysis) In the history of elections in this country, no candidate has been ridiculed, and has en dured acts of pure racism as our 44th president, Barack Obama. Yet through it all, it was "God's will" that prevailed. When President Obama started campaigning in 2007, the storm of the century began, and continued through his de feat of John McCain. It all started with his ethnic background, and went into the ridiculous arena of whether he was a United States citizen. As President Obama began to focus on the job of putting this country back to gether, he continued to get tremendous resistance from the GOP, determined to make sure he failed. They put stum bling blocks in his way, and went against every policy he tried to put into place. In 2010, the U.S Supreme Court passed the Citizen United Law which made it Voters: legal for corporations to give millions to Super PAC groups without having to reveal their names. This act changed the landscape of elections around the country. This allowed Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers to set up groups like "Re store Our Future," and "Future For America." This one deci sion allowed Republicans to take back the House and elect 7 right wing governors that made a pact to say NO to everything the Obama admin istration tried to do. In Florida, Rick Scott said NO to the $2 billion high speed rail; turned down millions for Medicare/Medicaid, and went about purging voters from the roll. The objective was to make President Obama a one term President. However, the President kept on with the business of the country. The capture and subse quent death of world terrorist Osama bin Laden should have calmed things down, and given President Obama the respect of the GOP and Tea Party. However, they took that and turned it into propaganda against the president. Just when you thought there was nothing else the GOP party could use to distract President Obama, extremist like Todd Akin, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, and others used rhetoric and a $6 billion money machine to paint a pic ture of the president as being un-American, and a Muslim sympathizer. In the end, through it all, it was God's power that pre vailed. No man can deter what is destined by God. God knew it would take more than four years for President Obama to accomplish what s good for all people. No matter how you felt Tuesday night as the results were coming in, the outcome was already determined. The next four years will be as tough as the first for President Obama, but the lessons he s learned from 2008 up until now will make him stronger and better. Give Yourself A Standing Ovation Young old, disabled Black, white yellow, tanned, or whatever. You all stood in line to cast your vote. Although every effort you could possibly think of was used to discouraged you from voting, you were determined to not be silenced. Through the efforts of can vassers and others, you were given every tool you needed to make sure you east your votes. Area clergy set up "Souls To The Polls," and other groups such as the Hillsborough County Coalition of Concerned Citizens, the Hillsborough County Black Caucus, Pastors On Patrol, and the Florida Sentinel Bulletin were instrumental in holding rallies, marches, getting the word out, and other forums to get people to the polls. It didn' t matter that some of the lines were long, or the weather wasn't always cooperative. You didn't allow anything to turn you back. Husbands brought wives, sisters brought brothers and former schoolmates brought classmates. You came b y car truck and on foot, and never complained. The reason President Obama prevailed Tuesday was because you, the people stepped up in large numbers, and didn't allow voter purging. It was your amazing strength and resilience that was exhibited when your future was on the line. You all deserve a standing ovation!


Florida Supreme Court Judges Are Voted overwhelmingly To Be Retained BY IRIS B. HOLTON Sentinel City Editor Despite an all-out attack by the Republican Party, Floridians re-elected all three Supreme Court Justices dur ing the election. All three jus tices won overwhelming approval by the registered voters. Their approval rate is as follows: Justice Peggy Quince, 71.96% Justice Barbara J. Pariente, 72.20%; and Justice R. Fred Lewis, 71.57%. Had any of the justices not been approval by voters, Governor Rick Scott would have had the responsibility to ap point his or her replacement. Justice Peggy Quince was appointed to the Florida Supreme Court by outgoing Governor Lawton Chiles and Governor-Elect Jeb Bush in 1998. Of the vote to retain her, Justice Quince said, "I am happy the people understood the importance of having a fair and impartial judiciary and I believe that the votes re flect that fact. I will continue to serve the people of the state pur suant to the requirements of our Constitution and the laws. Sentinel Picks Do Well Some weeks ago, after interviewing sev-eral candidates, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin's Editorial Bo.ard made recom mendations. All of the candidates seeking county offices did well in the election. Presidential Race President Barack Obama carried Hillsborough County with 52.564% of the votes to Mitt Romney's 46.13% of the votes. President Obama won his bid for re-election. U. S. Congress Races U. S Congresswoman Kathy Castor was re-elected with 67.61% of the votes in Hillsborough County Her opponent, Evelio Otero, captured 32.39% of the votes. Congressional U.S Senator Bill Nelson was victorious over Connie Mack, IV, winning 58.62% of the vote to Mack's 38%. State Representatives Janet Cruz defeated Wesley Warren with 69.84% of the vote for State Representative District 62. Warl'en won 30 .16%. Mark Danish, State Representative for District 63, won with 50-48% of the vote to Shawn Harrison's 49.52%. County Races Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee retained 96.74% of the votes. He faced a write-in candidate. Bob Henriquez defeated challenger Rhonda Storms by capturing 52-43% of the votes to her 42 .86%. Criag Latimer won 55.95% of the votes for the office of Hills borough County Supervisor of Elections. His challenger, Rich Glorioso won 44.05% of the vote. AI Higginbotham won 58.20% of the votes to retain his seat as the District 4 Representative for the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners. His challenger, Mark Nash, won 37.12.% of thevotes. State and District Judges Florida Supreme Court Justices R. Fred Lewis, (71.57%); Barbara Pariente (72.20%); and Peggy Quince (71.96%) were all retained. Florida State District Judges Anthony K. Black, (77.11%); Darryl Casanueva (75.73%); Charles A. Davis, Jr., (77.21%); and Edward C. LaRose (76.62%) were all retained. School Board Race Carol Kurdell won 56.95% of the votes to retain her seat on the Hillsborough County School Board. Her challenger, Terry Kemple won 43.05% of the vote. Mayor's Race Frank M. Chillura captured 53.73% of the votes to become the Mayor of Temple Terrace. His opponent, Cheri Donohue, won 46.27% of the vote. JUsnCEPEGGYQUTNCE In April 2012 State Rep resentative Scott Plakon Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Re-Election REP. JESSE JACKSON JR. CHICAGO U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who has made no public appearances since for several months amid illness and who faces a criminal probe into al leged misuse of public funds easily won re-election to his Chicago-area district on Tues day. Jackson, a Democrat who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1995 and who was diagnosed ear lier this year with bipolar dis order, won re-election to Illinois 2nd Congressional district by a landslide, beating his two opponents, Marcus Lewis and Brian Woodworth. filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement alleging the jus tices had violated state law. The allegation was that on the morning of April 20th, Justice Charies Canady interrupted an official session of the Florida Supreme Court to allow Justices R. Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince to pre pare and file campaign docu ments on the last day to file for the judicial merit reten tion elections. Rep. Plakon, a Longwood Republican, further alleged that the three Justices utilized court em ployees to prepare the campaign documents. However, State Attorney William N. Meggs, of the Second Judicial Circuit of Florida, responded to the al legations after FDLE com pleted its investigation. Attorney Meggs stated that while it is a violation for a candidate to use the services of any state, county, munici pal, or district officer or em ployee during working hours, common sense should be ex ercised. He also stated that no law had been violated by having the documents notarized, de clined to file any charges, and ., closed the case. 0 :D President Obama's Re-Eie.ction Victorv Ce01ents Historic ICCODIPiiShDient 6 )> en m z :j z m r In 2008, President Obama ensured his place in the annals of American history as the first black president. But by winning re-election, Pres. Obama ce ments that achievement. The nation's decision to embrace a non-white male chief executive is now no longer a n aberration, a victory in a year (2008) in which arguably everything went right for Pres. Obama and wrong for the Republicans. m c: r r m :j z Now, Pres. Obama has won the majority of American votes despite an intense, organized opposition to his aJ leadership, historically high unemployment during his :::t tenure, hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign ads m criticizing him, and a set of policies that sharply divided :D the two political parties. c: President ObaDia's Victorv Tweet Is His Most Retweeted Message m en c ?< )> z c ., Only minutes after being declared the projected winner of the 2012 election, President Barack Obama made history again this time on Twitter. The social networking site has reported that a tweet from the president 's account, show ing him embracing Michelle and accompanied with the caption four more years," is now one of the most retweeted messages in the his tory of the site. At the time of this post, the tweet has received over 360,000 retweets. Pres. Obama nearly beat out teenage pop star Justin Bieber who received over 200,000 retweets in Septem ber. The same photo on Pres. Obama's Facebook page has over 1.2 million likes. After his victory was an-President Barack Obama embraces wife, First Lady Michelle. :2 c ?< nounced, the president also tweeted, "This happened be cause of you. Thank you," and, "We're all in this together. That's how we campaigned, and that's who we are. Thank you." Earlier tonight, Twitter announced that Election Day is the most tweeted-about event V' in u.s. political history. :J>


or a: w m :::E w > 0 z >= C( 0 a: &L FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN (USPS 2021 40 ) 2207 21st Avenue Tampa F l orida 33605 ( 813) 248 -1921 Pub l ished Every Tuesday and Fr i day By FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN PUBLISHING Co. Member of National Newspaper Publishers Assoc i atio n ( NNPA ) POSTMASTER: Send Address Change To: Florida Sentinel Bulletin, P.O. Box 3363 Tampa, FL 33601 Period i cal Postage Paid At Tampa FL C. Blythe Andrews 1901-19n (1945) C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. 1930-2010 (19n) S. KAY ANDREWS, PUBLISHER C. BLYTHE ANDREWS IJI, PRESIDENT/CONTROLLER ALLISON WELL5-CLEBERT, CFO GWEN HAVES, EDITOR IRIS HOLTON, CITY EDITOR BETTY DAWKINS ADVERTISING DIRECTOR HAROLD ADAMS, CIRCULATION MANAGER TOYNETTA COBB, PRODUCTION MANAGER LAVORA EDWARDS, CLASSIFIED MANAGER Subscriptions $44 oo-6 Months Both Editions: $87 oo-Per Year Both Edit i ons Opinions expressed on editorial pages of thi s newspaper by Column ists or Guest Writers, do not necessarily reflect the editorial stence of The Florida Sentinel Bulletin or the Publisher ThankYoul T o the young man who proudly proclaimed that this 0 presidential election marked the first time he had g: ever voted in his life to the young woman who &L turned out with bracelets jangling, earrings dangling and a dress that she would never wear to Sunday c School to a senior citizen whose cane was his only support while he stood in a winding line waiting his 0 turn to change history to all the people -Black, f3 White, Latino, Asian American, Native AmeriCan, male, female, Gay, Lesbian, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and any other group represented in last Tuesday's election, we at The Florida Sentinel say from the bottom of our W hearts, "Thank you." :i For, you, no doubt, were the 47% former Republican 0 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was talking about. You were the names that had been written off of voter 0 rolls. Well, we want to ask the world on your behalf, "HOW' YOU UKE ME NOW?" :::::1 And let the recent Presidential election be a re Q. minder to any future political candidate who counts his Z or her blessings on the deficits of possible voters: tij NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER AND RE j SOLVE OF THE AMERICAN VOTE! ::I Around the world, the light of Democracy glistens brighter because of what you did. Congratulations, felW low voters. And may God continue to bless America. z t= z Keep Your Eves And Ears On Congress ...1 &L T he fires of victory still burn bright _while the drums of political success echo even in our dreams. However, what faces us after this week's election is no dream. Now that the spotlight has dimmed on our new and continued Chief Executive President, Barack Obama, we voters must continue to keep our eyes and ears focused on what Congress will do and will not do. The reasons are obvious. After four years of protectionism for multi-millionaires and for billionaire corporations, the traditional rhetoric of Republicim House of Representative members are like wolf-pack torpedoes ready to be launched at any possibility of political bipartisan collaboration. "Compromise" is what President Obama has had to contend with since 2008 in order to pass anything larger than a hearty good-morning. Indeed, a GOP-pall parrot continues to squawk, "reduced spending," "reduced debt," and "reduce regulations" as the only answers to America's economy and job growth, never mentioning "reduced tax loop holes," which happen to be one of President Obama's antidotes. Reducing debt requires both reduced spending and increased revenue, which means somebody either has l to pay more taxes or must lose some of his or her tax w deductions. However, reducing America's debt by deny CJ ing food stamps, children's healthcare cover if age, or by crippling other important services while I don t know what made me happier Tuesday night, the idea that President Barack Obama overcame his detractors and once again made history or the thought that Mitt Romney will soon join Sarah Palin in that ob scure plac e called irrelevanc y ? As warm and fuzzy as both of those thoughts had me feeling I'd have to sa y it was a toss-up. I think I speak for a lot of people when I sa y that I'm just glad it's finall y over. The com mercials debates and the anx iety over whether or not thi s process would be a repeat of the 2000 rip-off were becom ing a little overwhelming. But, they re all in the reaiview now. President Obama is going to stick around for a lit tle while longer And the irony is that Florida didn't even play a factor. This is what we've all been waiting for --the re-election. This is the term when it's been widely speculated that we'll see the "real" President Obama in action. For years, I've been one of those individuals defending the President against people who said that President Obama wouldn t make a difference in the liv e s of Black people. I always referred to h i s second term as being the time when he'll reall y la y it on the line. The first half was just a set up. A precursor for a grand fi nale, which will include major changes in laws and policy that should make a tremen dous impact i n Black commu nities across the country. At lea s t that's what I' v e been banking on Ifl'm wrong, well, we'll always ha v e Michelle. In my dreams this time around President Obama turns out to be the fleshed out version of the spook who sat by the door from Sam Greenlee's novel. An under cover revolutionary who works his way through the system, playing the game until he places himself in a position of power where he can put his ultimate plan in motion. Like I said, it's a heck of a dream Of course, I don't realisti cally see President Obama going to the Inauguration next year wearing a black beret and quoting Gil Scott-Heron. But now that he doesn't have to worry about appealing to certain interest groups in the hopes of securing campaign The Jov 01 Trauedv Why does it take a tragedy to heighten our senses and make us aware that we are not the only per son on this planet to endure hardships? It's always interesting to see the collective response that will come in the wake of a disaster. I think back to September nth, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti and now Hurricane Sandy, and the outpouring of support is astounding. For me it proves that in spite of the day-to-day nega tivity we see around us; what we have dealt with in our per sonal lives or the tragedies, by nature; our pain connects us, places us on equal levels and makes us willing to do good by one another. Neighbors who never speak to each other soon be come acquainted when a storm leaves both of their homes in the same pile of rubble a parent that has lost a child to drunk driving will immediately come to the aid of a drunk driving victim, or a former inmate may take up the cause to help prevent po tential from enter ing the system like he/ she did. Think about it for a minute. We all have a relative or two that we never see until something 'bad' happens in the family. They show up to every funeral, but you never see them any other time of the year. Why is this? As humans, we should understand that a warm hug or a brief phone contributions, he can get down to the business of doin g what e v er is necessary to make more of the change s h e prom ise d th e fir s t t i me around. I am quite sure everybod y isn't h a pp y thi s morning. I imagine people lik e a ctr ess Stacy Dash, rapper Lupe Fiasco and a number of other Black people who championed Romney are ready to hang themselve s by their head handkerchiefs because the y wer en t able to help anothe r good white man recla im hi s house I can t sa y I feel too sorry for them though Yeah, this elect i on will go down in the record books a s one of the more special one s But when I ponder on what' s to come, I can t help but think about how often Hollywood ca s ts a Black man in the role o f the presidency in movies when the Earth is about to be de stroyed. With the countdown to the so-called December 21st doomsday officially on, I can t help but wonder what the in dividuals behind the scenes are really trying to tell us? In the midst of the joy and ela tion, it's just a little something deeper to think about. Anyone wanting to contact Clarence Barr can reach him at: Clarence Barr, II, 43UO-Ot8; P. 0. Box 7007; Marianna, FL 32447-7007. Reality On Ice is by the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Publishing Company call is not just needed in a time when the choir is singing and tears are flowing? This also applies to soci ety How are we coming to the aid of: homelessne ss hunger, incarceration, drug add i ction etc., which is pres ent every day? These are tragedies that are ongoing yet we seem to take little no tice We don t r e act as i f the y are a disaster or even some thing that could on e da y aff ec t us. Maybe this is becaus e our newspapers and televisions aren t sounding the alarms enough on issues like these. Not until half of the coun try is homeless and hung ry then it may be an issue disas trous enough to report. When we come together to collectively do our part and help one another consistently rather than, when we have no other option that is when we will realize that the joy in tragedy is being there for one another before anything bad ever takes place. Chambee Smith, www .chambeesmjtb.com, kissing up to multi-national corporations, seems to be a continued Conservative mantra. American voters have voted for change. But what they voted for was not a change offiscal statistics. They voted for a change ofheart. So, the cover has been swept away. The White House and the Capital stand naked before the world and shall be judged by cooperation, not by counter-accusation. Hypocrisy has no place in America.


Local Case Dismissed In lawsuit Against Tampa Housing Authoritv Tampa Bav Pharmacist Receives Award BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer The class action lawsuit filed by residents of public housing in Tampa has been dismissed. According to Michelle Williams, the advocate who represented the residents, the case was dismissed in :Florida, and is now in the nth. District Court of Appeals in Atianta. The lawsuit filed in No vember 2011, alleges the Tampa Housing Authority mis appropriated federal money and failed to aid those dis placed when the agency demol i shed or renovated units. It iuso alleges T.H.A. withheld utility allowances intended to help low income residents pay their electric bill. The residents who filed the lawsuit lived at several author ity properties The suit sought class action status saying up to 1,892 current and former residents might have been eligible to join the lawsuit. The suit also alleged T.H.A. failed to adequately maintain public housing and refused to pay tenants federal dollars ear marked by the Department of Housing and Urban Develop ment for training to operate and finance a small business. The suit also said several residents had been evicted in Violation of their leases without the agency making any accom modations to help them find al ternative housing. Ms. Williams said she feels the reason the case was dismissed was because of the naysa y ers who posted negative comments about the case and unfounded rumors about what the lawsuit was really about. "I want to go on record as saying we are still working dili gently, and we' re putting all of the rumors to rest, especially the one about the social secu rity numbers of the residents being used in the lawsuit. Williams said the amended changes will include the proposed demolition ofthe Nortp Boulevard Homes com plex, Robles Park complex, and the Bethune Hi-Rise Building. "The level of self-hatred I've experienced has been shocking throughout the process. The Tampa Housing Au thority Attorney, Ricardo Gilmore, confirmed that the lawsuit had been dismissed "There have been attempts to ask the judge to ask the resi dents to amend their complaint after a judge had allowed them an opportunity to do that twice already. The judge told them they can't refile the complaint, and they appealed the judge s deci sion to not allow them a third opportunity to file." According to Atty. Gilmore, the attorney who represented the residents ini tially was Kaydell However another attorney is handling the appeal process Atty; Wright-Douglas said they are collaborating with another attorney who special izes in appeals. "Our position is the judge was incorrect in not allowing the third request to amend the complaint. Now, we'll just wait until December for mediation, and a court date will be set some time after that." Dr. Michelle K. Rutledge, Phann D., received the Distinguished Service Award for 2012 for outstanding services to the National Diamondback (FAMU) Phannacy ., Alumni Council (NDPAC). Dr. Rutledge is President of the O Tampa Chapter of the NDPAC and a phannacist at the :a Tampa General Hospital Poison Control Center. 6 The Tampa Chapter also received the Chapter of the ,_ Year Award. en m Dr. Rutledge is shown receiving the award from Z NDPAC national president, Dr. John J. Scrivens, Jr. m rvariety of groups including the of Medicaid, people with presight," "step by step," in Jesus to win the popular and elecrto vote, the problems began for my daughter Tonya. First her name was not listed, so she completed the required docu ment to proceed to the next step again standing in line onl y to find another list with o ut her name this despit e hav ing a new voter s card and proper identification. She was asked to return later as the phones to the Supervisor of Elections office for verification w er e down W e r efuse d a nd fi n all y s he wa s allo wed to ca s t he r b all ot As we w e r e l eavi ng we wer e r e m i n ded ofthe r a dio inte rvi e w we h ea rd b e tw ee n Steve Harvey a nd th e P r es i dent on th e d r ive to t h e p oll encouraging voters not t o allow obstacles to prevent them from voting. "we did not becau s e we k new there we r e better days a h ead and we were right. Ms. Evangeline "Van" Best said, Praise God for the re -election of President Obama! It feels great know i ng that everything that I d i d what came to my mind to do in doing my part resulted in me expanding m y territory. M y experien c es i ncluded e n s urin g m y family, ext e nd e d f a m i ly, n e i g hbor s a nd f ri e nd s wer e r eg i stere d a nd ID' s were curre n t; volunt e e r ing with a NAACP, the Democratic Patty existing medical condition will Christ's name. We are one natoral vote comfortably even bethe Obama Campaign Office; no longer be denied insurance tion under God from the founfore Florida was called late. He z monthly electronic donations; and more Americans than ever dation of the world. and other ways of helping out. will have access to quality Keto Nord Hodges said Ronnie Moorer said, healthcare. "My take on last night s elec" When we prayed and God antion: As a lifelong Democrat swered our prayers He chose who has voted since I became President Barack Obama of age as well as a volunteer to retain his presidency. He ( with Obama for America, I am God ) knew which candidate pleased and impressed with would lead and put the last night's victory b y PresiU nited back into the States dent Barack Obama 303of America And yes, it ma y 206 hav e cost billi o ns of dollars Several things are notable: but if it will b r in g peac e and uni ty t o u s all, it will b e worth i t It s not abo ut th e D e m ocrat o r Republican Parties, i t abo u t serving the people who put them into office. Let's move Forward ."' President Obama was able won most major swing states. ., His coalition of white, Black, C: Hispanic voters etc. may be even stronger than in 2008 deen spite the popular vote being ffi closer. This election showed C that Americans are largely m moderate. Gov. Romney did not poll anywhere close to President Obama during -4 the campaign until he re-cast c: hims e lf as a moderate m ACCIDENT? c ,. z c ., c Dr. Samuel Wright sa id "AWESOME! I a m pro ud t o b e a n Ame r ican T h e Ame r ic an peo p le steppe d up so President Obama co uld have an ot h er fou r years Alth o u g h man y p eople o f col or an d whit es s upp orte d t h e Pre si dent Black p e ople and women, in particular, must realize what an impact we all can make in any el e ction, not just the pres idential race. Believe it or not Bill Sims, who volun teered a s a Te a m .Lea der for t he Obam a C a m pa i g n sa id I must h ave k n ocked on hun dre d s o f d oors I' m h ap p y President Obama won a nd I' m r eally g l ad t h at it's ove r I'm g o ing to h ave a tee s h i rt ma d e t h a t says, O bama so n ice y o u won i t twice ."' *ALL PRO REFERRAL* every Vote counts! Emile C. Commedore MD, JD said, "President Obama's historic re-election means that the Affordable Care Act (health reform) is here to stay Ame rica has the greatest medical technology and best train e d providers, but that i s o f no cons e quen ce i f one cannot a ffor d h ea lthcare. Now t h e workin g poor will b e n efi t fr om th e expan s ion Mrs. Marie Tarver White sa id Th a nk you Jes u s th a t h e w on a nd h e was or dained for thi s purpo se." Ms. Ella Coffee said, The President understood that winning in 2012 took preparation beginning in 2009. He began his ground game work then, and WE must learn from that and build upon the infrastructure. There will never be an excuse that we cannot accomplish great things in this city, county or state. Several media outlets in cluding print acknowledged what I have said for quite some t i me Whichever way Hillsbor ough Coun ty goes so goe s the s tat e a nd the White Hou s e." Jimmie Wright s a i d ""For We walk b y faith not by "WHERE T HE PROS ARE" lix::&aw States That You $10, FOR LOST WAGES AND ............ C> m ..... I ,.


a; a: w m :::!: w z Retired .OHicer Now Deals With School Bullies >-"' a: I.L BY IRIS B HOLTON Sentinel City Editor One Tampa police offer worked with students for more than half of his career. He dedicated his time and ef forts because he wanted to be a positive influence in a child's life. Earlier this year, retired Tampa Police Officer Lawrence White began a new career with the same philosophy. However in this role, White can fully focus on just one area bullying. White has become the first Bully Prevention Officer in the Hillsborough County School District. The new po sition allows White, who re tired as a School Resource Officer to pick up ri ght back where he left off. C The goal of the position is fE to combat bullying where it c may be most prevalent and Z that is in the schools. In Jan e( uary, White began spending and 8 hour shift at an ele mentary school. "My goal is to inform students that the 1-> a: w > w c w l: en ;:j m ::::) a. z j: w ...J ...J ::::) m ...J w z j: z w en C a: 0 ...J I.L LAWRENCE WHITE district has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bul lying. "My goal is to teach stu dents how to recognize bully ing how to respond to it and how to report it, White said. He stated that he is focus ing on elementary schools because the younger stu dents are easier to reach and to reshape their attitudes. Currently, in there are 142 elementary; 44 middle; 27 high; and 43 charter schools in Hillsborough County School District White further stated that the program is the brainchild of Lewis Brin s on, Superintendent of Adminstration of the Hillsborough County School District. During the mornings pre sentations take place. In the afternoon, White works with students in smaller groups. Altho u gh Whit e is a full time employee who began work in January, he said there are still some schools he hasn't gotten t o yet. White said there is not one reason why one student bullies another. But he said the school uniforms do help when it comes to talking about clothes and fashions. "I talk to students who are chal l enged with any type of inappropriate behavior I feel that my experience as a Re source Officer for 14 years helps in this position. I also feel that my attitude and de meanor is a plus. "By working with the younger kids, as a mentor; I feel I can get some things done at an early age that this won t have to be dealt with later," Whit e said. REGI8I'RA110N REQUIRED8 (Must be 18 years old to participate) Rega.ter online at www.kwctoday.com. For more information call 813-443-5720 laid at allerSIIJ Slluare 1111 2288EISI Fewllr Ill.. T-R 33112 Registration is accepted O NLY online 0 www kwctoday com ........... stsb EtiiKMIDit Missing Teenager located Last Monday, a Tampa mother reported her teenage daughter missing The Hillsbor ough County Sheriffs investigated the report and requested Police said the teenager, identified as 15-year-old Melexus Suegaryia Gra ham, has been lo cated. She went to her grandmother's home from the commu -MELEXUS S. mty to locate her. GRAHAM late on Monday evening. FMU Board 01 Trustees Releases 12th President MIAMI GARDENS, FL The Florida Memorial Uni versity (FMU) Board of Trustees announced Thurs day the release of Dr. Henry Lewis III, the Uni versity's 12t h president, effec tive today. Dr. Mary A. O'Banner, a senior academic adminis trator and chief of staff at FMU, will serve as Acting President. In this capacity, Dr. O Banner will oversee all day-to-day operations of DR. HENRY LEWIS, III the University s students, faculty and administration fllnnuaf Beulah Day Celebration .,Empowering The Pew For The Work Of Redemption" Co-Chairpersons: Sister Sandra Sister Thelma Fields Sunday, N o vember 11, 201 2 9:45 A.M 1006 W. Cypress Street Tampa, FL 33606 Church Office: (813) 251-3382 Pastor: Rev. Dr. w: James Favorite, Spea Peace and Harmony 1 Symply Redeemed Brothers of Harmony 1 Copeland Family Singers GC3 God's Chozen)


Allen Temple AME Church To Host Welcome Service For The Green Familv z 0 is a graduate of Morris < THE GREEN FAMILY .. Rev. Dr. David W., Kimberly C. and David William Green, Jr. On Sunday, November 11, 2012, members of Allen Temple A. M. E. Church, Tampa, will hold a "Welcome Service" for their pastor, Rev. Dr. David Green, Sr., and his family. It will ltEV. DR. MARVIN C. ZANDERS, JJl. ... Guest Minister take place at the church, 2101 Lowe St., beginning at 4 p. m. The dynamic Rev. Dr. Marvin C. Zanders, Jr., pastor of St. Paul A M. E. Church, Jacksonville, will be Benefit Program Planned For CriticallY Ill Apostle A Macedonia Call is being established for Apostle Michael Russell, who has worked faithfully throughout his ministry. Pastor Donald White of Mt. Carmel M. B. Church, Plant City said that the Spirit of the Lord laid it upon his heart to reach out to the com munity for Apostle Russell, who is currently hospitalized in critical condition. Bishop Eddie Newkirk, who licensed Apostle Russell, has opened the doors of St John Cathedral, 340 1 E. 25th Ave., for the service The b e nefit program will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2012, 6:30 p. m. Apostle Russell is known for visiting hospitals and nursing homes both near and far, witnessing and telling others the Good News, and praying with and for the sick and shut-ins. Marie Tarver White stated that Apostle Russell has visited and prayed with her during hospi tal stays. "We' re asking the commu nity to come together and pray for a speedy recovery for APOSTLE MICHAEL RUSSELL Apostle Russell," Mrs. White stated. A freelance photographer Apostle had worked with several individuals and businesses in the community. He is the father of 3 sons -Michael, Jr., Jernald and Prince. Co-sponsors of the benefit program are: Mt. Carmel M. B. Church, Plant City, Doug's Tires (Douglas Miller, owner) On-Que! Magazine, and Elder Michael Woodard, Sr. of Woodard Welding. the guest minister for the event. Accompanying Rev. Zanders will be his church choir, ushers, and many members. State and local officials as well as civic leaders will be featured on the program. Dr. Green is the son of the late Presiding Elder, Henry Green and Mrs. Irene Green. He is the brother of Minerva Peterson, Rev. Dr. Henry E. Green, Jr., Rev. Dr. John F. Green and Bishop Samuel L. Green, Sr. He Brown College, Atlanta, GA, and Turner Theological Sem-m inary, Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta. CD Dr. Green earned the DocA native of Odando, FL, tor of Ministry Degree from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. New Bethei.Progresslve Missionary Baptist Church 3011 East North Bay Street Tampa, Florida 33610 Reverend Reginal T. Webb, Pastor website: newbetheltampa.org Theme: "Righteous and Ready" 11And be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:" 1 Peter 3:15 November 7 & 8, 2012 at 7:00p.m. Nightly November 10, 2012 6:00p.m. Church Banquet November 11, 2012 -8:30a.m., 11:00 a.m. & 3:00p.m. ,. #" 0 ...... N r 0 :::rJ c )> fl) m z ::::! z m r m c: r r m :::! z "'tJ c: m r fJ) :J: m c m < m -4 c: m fJ) c )> z c :::rJ c -: G) m CD I )>


c a: u.. c z Ill( c en w :;:::) ... rt w > w c w :l: en :J m :;:::) a.. z t= w ...J ...J :;:::) m ...J w z t= z w en c:r: c a: 0 ...J u.. you to come and magnify the Lord with us in our new place of worship : 10948 N. Central Ave. (fonnerty City Life Church) Tampa, FL 38812 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11,2012 3:30P.M. t"'asT ll/lPTIST m:Jil01-atu.MGE .. U ... PRESf BY l K l I I 0 1 ( ; I n H. \ ,\11 :-..; I S l"lU l. S f'/ FREE EVENT!!! FREE FOOD!!! DOOR PRIZES!!! FREE ENTERTAINMENT!!! Cash prizes up to $300.00. Pre-register online at: http://fruitofglorvministrles.eventzilla.net to guarantee a seat seating Is limited! PRE-REGISTERED SEATING CLOSES AT 12:30 P.M.


Local communitv Receives Plus-Size Fashiin New Plavuround With Show 1 BI-U success i Special Needs Features BYLEONB.CREWS look. Sentinel StaffWriter "There's nothing more painful than being On Saturday, November 3rd, several organizations came together to provide a new playground for one Tampa community. In less than eight hours the play space was built at Temple Crest Park with the help of more than 200 volunteers from Foresters, the City of Tampa Parks and Recre ation Department, Friends of Tampa Recreation and non profit KaBOOM!. The new playground will serve thousands of children and their families in the community for years to come. The new playground also has special needs features and will eventually serve more than 7,500 children and their fami lies The new playground in cludes such items as a Glide Slide, Spiral Climber and Ver tical Adventure Tube. Internet Radio Comes .To Tampa BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer Melvin Jordan has been involved in radio for more than a decade. The Fort Myers na tive said he's always been a fan of all kinds of music, and his dream is to one day own a radio station. For now, Jordan will continue the success he' s enjoyed with his internet radio station, LIVE 36s.com. Jordan said the station has been up and running for 4 months now, and is broadcast worldwide. "I've gotten great response from listeners since I started broadcasting. "I set everything up, be cause music is my love, and I want to give the world great music. The station caters to a wide genre of music, including R&B, smooth jazz, neo-soul, Gospel and slow jams. Local DJ. Doc D is doing a live broadcast on the station from an area club. He broadcasts on Wednesdays from 10 a. m. until 2 p. m. The station broadcasts 24hours-a-day, 7 days a week, and Jordan said in 4 months, he's grown from being ranked #7,700 up to #932. "I'm a one-man-show right now and I'm enjoying every minute of it," said Jordan. "I went internet, because it gives me more creative control, and a much wider fan base. I hope this can be the gap filler to what WTMP nsoAM, and 1580AM listeners have been missing." Jordan said he's pushing hard now trying to get up a sta tion, and he's just waiting to hear from the FCC that every thing has been finalized. "I'd also like to start featur ing more ethnic music from the Caribbean, Africa, and other countries. "My ultimate goal is to give the people more than what they've grown accustomed to, and I believe internet radio is the future. If the government allows radio to become digital, things Will really explode." Jordan said on internet radio, you're not locked into a program format where you end up playing the same music over and over during the course of the broadcast. "Righ t now, I just want to give the people of Tampa what they've been missing, and what they really deserve." Visit www.live36s.com, and learn more about this cost free listening station. This Saturday from 8 a.m. until midnight, there will be a special show to celebrate the life of the late Gerald Levert. ($}=:.... WE NEED FOSTER PARENTS NOWI '' eeo'"' WE NEED YOU I WHEN YOU THINK OF FOSTERING THINK FAMILY ENRICHMENT CENTERI SATURDAY CLASSES BEGIN ON NOVEMBER 10TH EVENING CLASSES BEGIN ON NOVEMBER 5TH cALL (813) 237-2530 X28 FOR DETAILS GIVE A CHILD THE SAFE HOME THEY NEED TODAY! On October 27th, Exotic Elegance Plus Models, and Ra Ra Designs, joined for an annual fashion show featuring plus-size models at the Embassy Suites, USF. ridiculed because of your size. The truth is, g there are more plus size people out there than N others, so I think they need to pay closer attention to these women, and realize how glam orous they really are." Designer Rhonda Gray said this was their 8th event, and each year, the crowds get bigger and bigger. "Everyone was excited with the show, and the models performed like true professionals. "I was a little nervous, because they were wearing my designs, but the feedback I got was very encouraging." Ms. Gray said she's proud to see more attention being directed toward plus-size women, and also that these women have better self esteem, now that they know how good they Ms. Gray said a big part of preparing the models for the presentation is first convincing them they look good. "These women know they are gorgeous, but still have trouble with others judging them because of their size. Once you convince them that the people doing the criticizing are the ones with the problem, you see their self esteem grow." Ms. Gray has already started preparing for next year's fashion show, and promises it will be even grander. Saturday, November 10, 2012 6:30 p.m. At St. John Cathedral 401 E. 25th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 Bishop Eddie Newkirk, Pastor Asking The Community To Come Together For This Benefit Program. Sponsor: Father, Son And Holy Ghost! Co-Sponsors: Pastor Donald And First Lady Marie White Doug's Tires 5120 N 22nd St. Doutdas MiUer l813) 735-1626 "U c: m r-c;; ::::t m c


Anoth er h appy 8 3rd birth day-Nov. 12. 2012. Love, from y o ur c h i l dren: Willie B. Arstella, Ricky Linda, William a n d James. She will celebr a t e her birthday wit h f amily a n d frie nds. Her j o y in lif e ha s been singing gospel s ong s a nd helping oth e r s H News MRS. BERNELL BROWN 'OUR SONGBIRD' Help Needed For Christnlas Senior Gift Basket c a: Caregivers Helping &L Hand, Incorporated needs with their nth annual c( Senior Gift Bas for local seniors, nursing C homes and assisted living ffi residents. :::: Richedean Hills-Ackfounder of the organiza-a: said they need gifts for men and women such W as lot i o ns, shower gel bod y w as h s w ea t e rs socks and t ee ::1: s hi rts for me n and wom en, blanke t s f or whee l chair a:l :::: 0.. patients, hats pictures for walls, and most of all volun teers to sing and deliver gifts. Everyone is asked to come and see how their com passion and giving back to the community can brighten and bring joy to the elderly and disabled. We desperately need help filling the wish lists of thes e lonel y and confined e ld e rl y p e opl e," said Ms. Hills-Ackbar. The st uden t vo lunte e r s will deliver the baskets, sing, and play Christmas music. We are inviting you, your church, your school, organi zation, and staff to join us in making this holiday season special Join us in bringing a smile to the faces of the for gotten and see the tears of joy flow from their eyes." If you need more infor mation visit th e new website at www.Chh i ncvolunteers. .Qr&, o r call ( 8 1 3 ) 37 9 8966 o r ( 813 ) 4 31-1814. z w -J -J Tampa Celebrates The Holidavs :::: Th e City of Tampa Parks R e creation Departm ent w the Friends of Tampa Recreation Inc. announc e d z year s holid ay happen i n gs M a rk y ou r c alendar for c( gr e a t events that are C for the y oung a s w e ll th e y oung at hea rt. -J Tampa s Downtown on &L a n outdoor ice rink a t 6 p. m. on Friday, 16 at Curtis Hixon a t erfront Park. Skating is $10 for 90 m i nutes and in clud es the skates As part of opening day festivities a movie Raiders of th e Ark, will be shown in the park beginning at 7 p m 1-'nlnf'r\rn, candy and o ther c oncessions will be available Mayor Bob Buckhorn light the Christmas Tree F riday November 30. T a mpa s Tre e Light i ng Cere mon y begins at 6 p. m. Immedia t e l y followin g the l i g ht ing of the t ree will b e a free movie i n the park fea t ur in g The Grin c h Who Stole Christmas s tarring Jim Carrey. Santa Claus comes to town on Saturday, December 1 during Downtown Tampa s Holiday Parade presented by the Rough Riders and Santa Fest presented by tlie Friends of Tampa Recre ation Inc. The parade steps off at 11 a. m and features colorful floats marching bands, dance troops and of course Santa Claus. The parade be gins at Madison and Pierce Streets. New for this year is Tampa s Christmas Market. The Ch r is t mas Market will b e open on Frida y Novem b e r 3 0 a n d Saturday, Decem ber 1. T a mp a's Tree Lighting C e remony, S an t a Fest and Tampa Downtown on Ic e are held in Curtis Hixo n Water front Park located at 6oo N. Ashley Drive. For more info r mation please visit us on the web at www.friendsoftamparec.org, or on Facebook at Events in Downtown, or call 813-9665505. ( Lake & Florida Ave. ) $10AtDoor Advance2 for $15 -Call 813.293.2866 Alpho_ nsQ IN THE SPOTliGHT SAMANTHA Happy belated birthday goes out to this week's Spotlight feature, Samantha. We all wish you the best, because you are the best. Samantha is very much in touch with her future, and has set high goals for herself. She's also mindful of the people around her and what role they play in her future success. Samantha has a very serious side, but she also has a humorous side, that she only shares that with those closest to her. Samantha. celebrated her birthday among those closest to her, who are just as motivated and ambitious as she is. to Samantha, and once again, Happy Birthday. If you are interested in appearing as either a Beauty Unlimited or Spotlight feature, ple ase send y our photos and informatio n t o tclark@ flsenti n e l. c om. Correcuon: save Our Sons' Forum The r e was an error in an art icle about a forum to Save Our Children appeared in T u esday. T h e educat o r s a r e a ski n g that ministers call (9027-33 51) or e m aillewis.brins on sdhc.k12.tlus T he g r o u p n ee d s t o know ho w m an y peop l e plan to att e nd th e event


Movie R.eviews/Soaps/Horoscopes Flight-Denzel Washington stars as a pilot with a sub stance abuse problem, who has to land a damaged plane Don Cheadle had a good role in this drama. Must-see! Made $24M. (Budget $31M). **** Wreck-It-Ralph An old school video game character attempts to shed his bad guy image by escaping to another game. Well-written Excellent for kids and adults. Enjoyed it! No 1 at Box Office Made $49M. (Budget $165M) **** Cloud Atlas (2012) -Tom Hanks and Halle Berry star in this 3 hour epic film about how the actions of peo ple throughout the past, present and future impact one another. Sounds confusing, but you have to check it out, if you have time. Made only $18M. (Budget N I A).*** Paranonnal Activity 4 -There's nothing new in this fourth version of a ghost haunting anther family. The ending was pretty good, but the story needed more action Made $49M. (Budget $5M). *** Alex Cross -Tyler Perry plays a cop on the hunt for a hired killer called "The Butcher." It's hard seeing Perry go from comedy to action. "'The Butcher" (Matthew Fox) saved this movie with the way he was killing his victims. Made $23M. (Budget $35M). *** Argo Ben Affleck stars in and directed this true story about six U. S. workers trapped in Tehran after the militants seized control of the U. S. Em bassy. Affleck had to figure out a way to get them out. A 2nd winner for Affleck (he directed The Town) Made $75M (Bud get $44M). **** Sinister -A father (Ethan Hawke) comes across a gruesome home movie in his attic and realizes when he plays the move, the monster comes from the movie into his house. :The monster wants the kids. yery creepy and disturbing. Defi nitely, not for kids. Made $44M. (Budget $3M). *** Seven Psychopaths A writer/director (Colin Ferrell) sets out to audition seven psy chopaths for his movie. : He soon realizes the psycho& are closer to him than he A well-written, PulpFiction-type movie. Made $13M. (Bupget $15M). **** Pitch Perfect -A fresh man college student CAnna Kendrick) is forced by her 'dad to join the acappella team on campus. The semi-musical was very good. Made $55M. (Budget $17M). **** soaps Bold And The BeautifulHope accuses Caroline of play ing Thomas against Rick; Brooke trie s to keep Bill dis tracted from his current woes by taking him sightseeing in Colorado ; Rick and Eric com miserate about the direction in which Forrester Creations is heading. Katie experiences the consequences of her decision to abandon her family; Rick con fronts Caroline about her inten tions; Liam shares a piece of his past with Steffy. Liam ques tions Bill about the real reason why Katie left him; Katie re quests that Taylor contact her family and let them know she's safe; Bill enlists Justin to assist in tracking down Katie. Horoscopes Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Stay practical. An opportunity for an amazing bonus arises. You have more friends than you realized. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) -Career matters emerge. Stay current, and get the other side to do the talking. Release physical tension with exercise. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -You're entering a phase of thoughtful consideration, complete with tests. Write up your ideas. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) -Prepare to negotiate. Ask an expert for advice. Listen, but don't be stopped. Join forces Days Of Our Lives Daniel learns shocking news about Nicole; Victor tries to persuade Nicole to leave Daniel alone; Sami pays Jennifer a visit and winds up upsetting her; John tries to convince Sami to quit her job. Nicole goes to Jennifer's doorstep armed and dangerous; Victor implores Brady to stop Daniel from leaving town; Kristen as sures Stefano that her efforts to bring the DiM era clan together are on track. EJ seeks Kristen 's advice about Daniel and Nicole's betrayal; John gets a surprise when he arrives at the Horton Cabin; Maggie and Brady decide to be supportive of Jennifer; Daniel finds an en raged Nicole at Jennifer s house General Hospital Luke with a female to get the funding. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)It's getting interesting. Avoid distractions. Postpone a romantic interlude Form a strong working partnership. Aries (March 21-April 19) -Get back to work and make the big bucks. Rely on a friend to find the missing link or the error in the chain. Taurus (April 20-May 20) -Plan some fun for today and tomorrow. Travel is tricky. An older person presents alter natives. Add imagination Gemini (May 21-June 20) -There could be some confusion. Stick close to home for the next 2 days. Postpone travel in favor of study. Money is tight. can't shake his doubts about Duke. Duke shares a romantic dance with Anna. Will Johnny fall for Connie's advances? Emma answers the phone to Robin. Sam refuses to give up. Sabrina asks Elizabeth about the Nurses Balls of the past. Will Starr take Todd up on his invitation to move in with him? Ellie wants to be Maxie 's room mate. Young And The Restless Chelsea accuses Adam of hav ing an affair with Sharon while Summer launches the next phase of her revenge plot. Jill confronts Katherine, while Phyllis witnesses an intimate moment between Nick and Avery. Chloe tries to broker peace between Michael and Kevin, while Victor s warning unnerves Jack. Cancer (June 21-July 22) -You're entering a learning phase. Work to make friend ships stronger. If you don t have a business, start one. Leo (July 2:i-Aug. 22) The next 2 days could be prof itable Hold out for the best deal, and monitor expenditures. Erase clouds of worry. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You're empowered Wait until you're sure what the cus tomer wants before you give it. An old friend can help you real ize a dream. Postpone travel. Libra (Sept. 23-0ct. 22) Finish up old business and speculate on new directions with friends. Being thrifty takes practice and concentration. Respectfully proceed with caution. z m 3: m m :II -!D 1\) 0 ..... 1\) ..... (,.) I )>


a: w ID :::E w > 0 z ment Denzel washington's Fiiuhr Soars Above Box OHice Expectations UIWIJIII I-IIIlS Tl llslng cuentarv Lawson Denzel Washington's u.. acclaimed new film 'Flight' is > a: w > w c w ::J: en ::::i ID D.. z i= w ..J ..J ID ..J w z i= z w en 4( c a: 0 ..J u.. 4( I "':t ,... expected to score Oscar nom inations, but few prognosti cators expected it to open to huge box office numbers, since it was opening in a rel atively small1,884 theaters. But once again, the A-list actor proved that he is still one of the only truly bank able movie stars around. Flight opened to an esti mated $24.9 million, the third biggest opening ever for a movie opening in less than 2,000 theaters, it's per screen average of $13,275 was actually the highest of any of other film this week including the weekend winner kid's movie 'Wreck It Ralph'-and its A-Cinemas core rating suggests audi ences will continue to build buzz around the film with This film image released by Paramount Pictures shows Denzel Washington portraying Whip Whitaker in a scene from "Flight. positive word of mouth. This film's success book ends a strong year for Washington, who had of the biggest hits of his career with February's action thriller 'Safe House.' The popularity of 'Flight' adds to an impec cable track record for an actor who at 57 is arguably more popular than he has ever been before. WWW.FLSENTINEL.COM www.foc.ebook.com/Asentinel www.twitter .com/Asentinelb Lil Wayne is a sore loser, which makes sense because he has to pay the man he sued, over $2 million. W eezy lost his lawsuit against producer Quincy Jones, III over his depiction in the documentary The Carter, and he 's not exactly elated about the outcome. Young Money's fearless leader thinks he lost the case because jurors were "pissed off' that he didn t show up in court. His reasoning for skip. ping out was solid, being that he may or may not have suf fered two seizures in a 24hour period. Thanks to his absence, Wayne's lawyer was forced to show the jury a deposition video that likely didn't help his case. Instead, the 30-year old was reprimanded by the judge, and ordered to pay Jones $2,195,0_?. 00. $3399 7SOML $35 99 2af37SII 2aflooll Grey Goose, Ciroc Courvoisier VS Seagram, New Amsterdam $499!5 Seagram Gin/Vodka New Amsterdam Gin/Vodka $1899 1.75 ,.+ --6ttlrlt LiqHr New Mil 3001 Florida Ave. Ao,.roska Gin/Vodka 2 F Sft99 Or 7Mix & Match Kinky S1S99 Hypnotiq S1.899 Courvoisier S2299 Ra VS S2299 Grey Goose 2 of200 ll Hennessy 2 of 200 ML Jav-z Purchased Generator To Power His Lower lanhanan Aaanment Building Being neighbors with Jay-Z has its perks. During the post-Hurri cane Sandy struggle that left many lower Manhattan without power, the rapper/mogul brought in a gen erator to power his building. JAY-Z Katv Perrv And Rihanna Alleuedlv Have Falling Out Over Chris Brown Singers Katy 'Perry and Rihanna were once best buds, but they seem to be spending more time apart lately, and Chris Brown may be to blame. According to a source, Rihanna's decision to reignite her relationship with Chris Brown has caused "tension" between the two musicians. Like many other people around Rihanna, the source is afraid that "Rihanna is RIHANNAAND KA1YPERRY making a huge mistake and [Perry] doesn't want to be a part of it." TLC Planning 1stll .bum In 10 Years, Castln. g For IH1 Blopic Just over 10 years after the release of their last album, TLC is ready to get back in the studio. The R&B duo, announced during an appearance at the Moho Awards in the UK last weekend that a new album, and biopic are in the works. The record, which has no announced release date, comes just over a decade after the death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes who lost her life in a car accident. Given her untimely death, the remaining two members of TLC were said to be put ting together a performance with Lopes as a hologram, TLC but have yet to confirm plans to go forward with the idea In addition to the album, they are also auditioning ac tors to portray them in the forthcoming bio to air on VHL INFINITY BOUNC on Facebook and uK" oUr pacf tor a chance to win a FREE PART'(t


F ntertainment ::u 50 cent Admits Twmer Beer With 'Housewives IIATL' Bevoncelnd Jav-z Was A Farce In Cheer On BrooklYn Nets weather, Jr. had Twitter on Network Hlstorv fire. The former buddies were Last weekend Jay-Z ::D and Beyonce made an both going back and forth hit ting each other with disses appearance at the Barand it had looked like the clays Center in Brooklyn to celebrate the Nets sea'""' Money Team was all finished. However, 50 Cent re-FWYD MAYWEATHER JR. son opener game against vealed on his Twitter account And 50 CENf the Toronto Raptors. that it was all for play-play The couple was pho-'Tm sick of all this non-business with Mayweather's 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' tographed sitting courtse n se Floyd asked me to act adversary, Manny Pac-Season 5 cast members Kandi side, and appeared to be like we were fighting cause no quiao. Buruss, NeNe Leakes, Phaedra all smiles as they sup-Jay-Z and wife, Beyonce attend the game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors at the Barclays Center on November 3, 2012 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. one was paying any attention I know some of the things Parks, Cynthia Bailey, Kenya ported the team which Moore, and Porsha Stewart. J z rtl after his 60 days," 50 tweeted we do in hip hop for shock ay-pa Y owns. earlier this morning. The pubvalue are wrong. He J us t The Nets beat the Love them or hate them, licity stunt was well specuwanted some attention. Floyd it's undeniable that the Real Raptors 107-100. lated for a while, especially is like a brother to me, he after 50 Cent started doing added. ldris Elba Directs And Stars In New Music Video Mumford and Sons, the English folk rock band, have released the video for their new song Lover of the Light." It is directed by film star Idris Elba, who also appears in the clip as a man going through an emotional breakdown. Elba manages to keep the video visually light airy and filled with images of nature. Yet there are also dark and heavy feeling of loss and fragility. Elba hit American televi sion in 2002 in the award winning HBO series The Wire as the drug kingpin "Stringer" Bell. This isn't the actor's first time behind the camera. He is the current producer (and star) of the BBC's award-win ning crime drama Luther. Housewives of Atlanta are a powerhouse franchise. Season 5 of the reality se ries starring NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burruss, Cynthia Bailey, Kim Zolciak, Kenya Moore, and Porsha Stewart debuted Sunday night on Bravo and scorched ratings records, earning the net work's highest-rated season premiere among total view ers According to Bravo this was the highest-rated season premiere for the series among all key demos. A new episode airs Sun day, November 11 at 9pm ET/PT. Fri, Nov 16 7:30pm RUTI-II;CKI;RD I-IALL RICI-LAAD B BAUMGARDNt:R Ct:NliR FOR THt: Pt:RFORMING ARTS Tickets: 727.791.7400 www.RuthEckerdHall.com Become a member! Call727.712.2720 Group Discounts: 727.712.2717 McMullen Booth Rd., Clearwater twitter.com/RuthEckerdHall facebook.com/RuthEckerdHall J. Cole Announces Sophomore Album J. Cole broke his notori ous silence last night as he took to UStream to announce the album title and release date of his follow up to the critically acclaimed Cole World: The Sideline Story. His new album will be called Born Sinner, and will be released on Cole's 28th birthday, January 28th, 2013. r 0 ::D c ,.. en m z -4 z m r m c: r r m ::::! z ., c: m r u; X m c m < m -4 c: m (/) c ,.. z c 'TI J:l c ...... en I ,..


S orts N Wildcats Keep Moving On w m ::::E w > 0 z >;' C( c a: LL QUENTIN WILLIAMS ... B-CUQB BY TED TAYLOR On a cold, overcast Saturday afternoon weather-wise in Baltimore, and by the ejec tion of Coach Brian Jenkins, Bethune-Cookman heated up enough to' spoil 'Senior Day' for the Morgan State Bears, 24-13. A turnout of 2,187, saw the Cats rush for 259 yards while holding the Bears to 197 total yards. Morgan State scored first on a 4-yard run by running back Travis Davidson, but it was short-lived. On the next possession B -CU used a 24-yard field goal by Sven Hurd to trim the first quarter deficit to 7-3. Early in the second the Cats took the lead on a 5-yard pass from quarterback Quentin Williams to wide receiver Eddie Poole. With no time remaining on the clock, Morgan's Eddie Gonzalez booted a 32-yard field goal for a halftime tie at 10-10. The Cats are in command of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference race or the crown with a mark of 6-o. They play Savannah State Saturday evening on the road, which should lead them into the Florida Classic two weeks from now as the conference unbeaten leader. c ff Ravs Phchar Finalist For cv Young c z < c C/) w 1-> a: w > w c w ::J: C/) :::i m a. z i= w ...J ...J m ...J w z i= z w C/) < c a: 0 ...J LL The Tampa Bay Rays cel ebrated left-bander, David Price, is among three final ists for the. American League Cy Young Award. The winner will be announced November 141 h at 6 p. m. on the Major League Baseball Network. Price will be joined by Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers, and Jered Weaver of the Los Angeles Angels. Price, who finished the season with a 20-5 record, led the American League with a 2.56 ERA and tied Weaver for the m o s t wins Price was the run-DAVID PRICE ner-up in 2010 to Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners. Inexpensive Cars & Low-Payment, Great Cars, Nice lmenfoty CAU NOW! Contad: Tony Jones Office: 813-870-3333 Dired Line: 813-965--31 OS. Pre-Owned Blow-Out Sale < WORK BY APPOINTMENTS ONLY CARS AS LOW AS 2,887.00 I I-I ---------------BucsTolost Chargers Under new head coach Greg Schiano, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to be consid ered one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. The numbers the offense has put up in their last two games, and the coming out party of first-round pick, Doug Martin, have indicated a turning point in the team 's fortunes. If not for the amazing start of the Atlanta the Bucs would be right in the thick of the NFC South race. Right now, they are a game ahead of New Orleans and the Carolina Pan thers Playing the Chargers at home will be a special treat for the Buccaneer fans and every one will be expecting encore performances from Martin, quarterback Josh Freeman, wide receivers Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson, and a defensive unit that is finally get ting noticed by the rest of the league. When starting offensive line man Davin Joseph went down during the preseason, then later free agent guard Carl Nicks, some speculated the make-shift offensive line wouldn't be able to stand up against the defenses that the Bucs would be facing. However the adjustments have pro ve n to be pivotal and the unit has developed unity and cohesiveness. Fans are starting to return to Raymond James to see the Bucs now that they are winning games again, so no more black outs are expected. As the halfway point of the season approaches, everyone is optimistic that the Bucs will make the playoffs, and judging by the pla y of some of the other teams the B ucs sho uld fare pretty welL The crea m of the crop in the NFC right now are the Falcons, San Franci sco 49ers and al though they lost last Sunday, the defending Sup e r Bowl cham pion New York Giants. If the core of the Bucs can stay healthy for the rest of the season great things are going to happen for this team and per haps a return to the days of cel ebrations and a possible Super Bowl appearance in the near future. Ranlers' Slump Continues BY TED TAYLOR In what Rattler followers call the worst performance in years, Florida A&M fell to the Aggies of North Carolina A&T 16-3, on Saturday afternoon in Greensboro, North Car olina. On the day in which Florida A&M Coach Joe Taylor announced his retirement earlier, the Rattlers per formed in such a way the 6,346 fans in attendance and those on the radio broadcast were left wondering. The Aggies used two first quarter field goals of 27 and 30 yards, respectively, by Zach Cimaglia for a 6-o lead. The lead was cut in half by FAMU's Chase Varnadore, when he connected from 19 yards out. JOE TAYLOR FAMU'sCoach At 3-6, the Rattlers are assured of the first losing sea-son since 2007. The upcoming Homecoming game against North Carolina Central is pivotal for the Rat tlers to bounce back and sal vage what they can for the season. James Harden was 'Hun' Bv Thunder Rushing Him One day you re dreaming of championship rings with your buddies; the next you're stepping off of a charter plane as the face of a rebuild. Rockets guard James Harden can be forgiven if his head is still spinning after the Thunder moved him in a blockbuster trade just days before the start of the 2012-13 season. Over the last 10 days with his whole life turned up side down he' s signed an $8o million contract extension and keyed a nice start to the Rockets season. Still, it sounds as if he's not totally content with how the process played out. Harden wishes the Tlmnder hadn' t rushed him to make a decision during the final stages of contract exten sion negotiations. Why didn't officials give him longer than an hour to James Harden has plenty of reasons to smile after being traded by the Thunder. consider a final fouryear, $54 million offer before tradinghim? "Afte r everything we es tablished everything we had done you give me an hour? This was one of the biggest decisions of my life. I wanted to go home and pray about it. It hurt me. It hurt." "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself" (813) 248-1921


Steelers WR Brown likelv Out Against Chiels PITISBURGH The Steel ers will lik e ly be without re ceiver Antonio Brown when they host reeling Kansas City Monday night Brown sprained his right ankle early in a 24-20 victory over the New York Giants last Sunday and Coach Mike Tomlin doesn't anticipate Brown being available. ANTONIO BROWN Eagles' Coach Reid Never Considered Benching lick PHILADELPHIA Michael Vick remains the Philadelphia Eagles quarter back for now ... and for the future. Coach Andy Reid said he never considered benching Vick, he just wanted to step back and evaluate the belea guered veteran. Reid threw his full support behind Vick after practice and was ready to move for ward with him under center for Monday' s game at New Orleans (2-5). Rookie Nick Foles, a preseason star, re-MICHAEL VICK mains the backup. Vick, a four-time Pro Bowl player, has struggled this sea son and Philadelphia (3-4) has lost three straight games. PRICES GOOD FROM TUESDAY, NOV. 6TH TO MONDAY, NOV. 19TH. Hornets coach WIIIIIDIS Hh With $251 Fine For Concussion CODIDIInts Hornets coach Monty Williams took a swing at the NBA's concussion policy. The league has punched back. The NBA MONTY WILLIAMS announced Tuesday that Williams has been fined $25,000 for public comments that were critical of the NBA' s concussion policy" on Saturday. Williams was upset that star forward Anthony Davis, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft was unavailable for the Hornets' game against the Bulls because he had sustained a mild cpncussion after taking an elbow to the head. Williams unloaded before Saturday's game against the Chicago Bulls, saying, "Now, they treat everybody like they have white gloves and pink drawers and it's getting old. It s just the way the league is now." It's a man s game," Williams said. They 're treat ing these guys like they're 5 years old He desperately wanted to come (to Chicago), but he couldn't make it." STORE HOURS: MON -SAT 8:00A.M. 8:00 P M SUN 8:00 A.M. 7:00 P.M. Tiger woods' Orlando Home Gening Renovation Tiger Woods's estate in Windermere, Fla., the scene of his 2009 Thanksgiving car crash, is being reno vated. According to neighbors, the pool is being replaced with a new outdoor swim ming facility, a new deck is being added to the backyard, and a spa is being built. Woods moved to a 12-acre oceanfront estate on Jupiter Island in 2011. Former NFL Plaver David Boston Guiltv 01 Banerv WEST PALM BEACH, FL Former NFL wide receiver David Boston could face nearly three years in prison for punching a woman last year Palm Beach County prose cutors say the 34-year-old Boston pleaded guilty Mon day to aggravated battery He faces up to 35 months in prison at a Dec. 7 hearing. Authorities say B oston had been drinking at a Boca Raton home last November 4407 N. Nebraaka Ave. T41!1rnpa, FL 33603 Phone (8 ... 3) 237-687 ... QUAHTITY RESVi0. NO SALES TO DiALERS. NOT RESPONSIBlE fOil TYPOORAPMICAL ERRORS. PRICES 0000 WHilE QUAHllTIES LAST. NO IWN CIIECKS WE ACCEPT WIC CHECKS BETTY CROCKER .... ....., I )o


F unerals/Memoriams ,... 0 N a: Rosa Lives; nieces, Doris John-W son (Theodore), Karen Smith encouragement. ID (Dennis), Gloria Lives, Eureka iil Barnes, Latrina Barnes and She was preceded in death by: husband, Sam Christion; and mother, Luvenia White head. 0> Crystal Barnes; nephews, Frank Barnes, III and Tarvis Z Barnes; sister-in-law, Amanda She leaves to cherish fond and loving memories with: children, Teresa Christion, Ira Christion (Yolanda), Stephanie Christion (Jerome), William Christion and Clifford Christion; step-children, Sam Christion, Durlene Christion and Keith Christion; grand children, Jewell Barber, _Jr., Latonya Christion, Don Car rington, Imeshia Parkman, Latonya Parker, LataSha Parker, Jerome Parker, Jr., Clifford Christion, Jr., Tiffany Parker, Jarod Parker, Jamal Parker and Jaynieva Christion; great grandchildren, Ar'tei'neija Carrington, Jenya Barber, Jameshia Sanders, De monte Parker and Ja'Leiyah Sanders; brothers, Sterling Henson and Willie Robinson; sisters, Barbara Robinson, Marvia Parks and Debra Chambers; brother-in-law, Clifford Christion; 5 sisters-in law and 2 brothers-in-law; and a host of other relatives and friends. > Barnes; and a host of other reiatives and friends. -a: The visitation will be held at U. Aikens Funeral Home on FriMISS lAVERNE A. MOORE (COOKIE) A celebration oflife for Miss Laverne A. Moore (Cookie), will be held on Saturday, No vember 10, 2012, at 4 p. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29th Street, Tampa, with Minister Gregory Davis, officiating. Cookie, as she was lovingly called, was born January 16, 1954, to the parentage of the late Ernestine Johnson and James Moore, Sr. A Tampa native, she was ed> ucated in the public schools of ic( Hillsborougll County, graduat e ing in 1972, from Middleton i:C Senior Higll School. U. Cookie passed away peaceC fully into the arms of her Lord ::i and Savior Jesus Christ on No-vember 3, 2012, after a brief ill ness, surrounded by her loving c family. UJ She was preceded in death by: her stepfather, Leroy John1son; and brother, Johnny a:> Johnson. She leaves beautiful, hu morous memories to be cher W ished by: her son, Dwayne D. C Wallace; brothers, James W "Moses" Moore and wife, Marl: garee, Reginald Moore, Charles Moore, Algernon ID Johnson, Milton Johnson and ::J wife, Reneithia; sisters, Patrie.. cia M. Gray and husband, z Melvin of Connecticut, Sharon i= 0. Haywood and Gail Moore of W Tampa; nieces and nephews, :I LaShawn Jones and husband, ::J Levester, Reginald Bell and ID wife, Carmelita, Connie ...J w z i= z w UJ <( c a: 0 ...J u. <( co ,... Moore, Natasha Stallings, Shirley Moore, Regina Moore, Reginald Moore, Reynaldo Moore, Tiffany Brown, RaVon Bullard, Reneesha Johnson, Keenan Johnson, Courtney Johnson, Desmond Barrow, Renee Moore, Michelle Moore, Mark Moore, Tonya Moore, Craig and Nicole Moore; and a host of other nieces and nephews, cousins, extended family and friends, which in cludes the Bottom Crew and 2-2. Family and friends are re quested to meet at the funeral home at 3:45 p. m., Saturday, November 10, 2012. ABBEY'S AFFORDABLE CREAMATION Largo,FL C. P. Wilson, Jr., LFD. Fa I 0 ed ndO t d i:; .. 4 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Tampa, Fl33610 f'l".' (813) 232-8725 > ,, (813) 231 0521 w Let Our Family Take Care Of Your Famil y (!) "We Are The Key To A Fine And Quali Service MS. FEDORA ANTON Homegoing services for Ms. Fedora Anton, formerly of Trinidad, who passed away Monday, October 29, 2012, will be held on Saturday, Novem ber 10, 2012, at 4 p. m. at Aikens Funeral, Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Pastor Smith, officiating, with her nephew, Sean Jackson, eulogist. Fedora, a loving Trinidad native, leaves behind a loving family. Fedora had a special inter est in her nephew, Andre Anton, whom she had a hand in raising to be a fine young man. Fedora was preceded in death by her parents, Lionel and Lillian Anton. She leaves to cherish fond memories with: brother, Neville Anton; sisterS, Sylvia Akbar and Margret Watson; nepliews, Andre and Shawn Anton, Sean, Kevin and Mar lon Jackson, Richard and Daron Delas and Jack Watson; nieces, Sharon Jadoo, Tushera, Tony Watson, Jackie Watson, Marsha Watson, Watson; great nieces and nephews, Sade, Dave, Do minique,Shannon,Dayahana, Zakhilah, Ca'mello and Ja'leah Anton; Breaisha Moore, Aries, Miante, Janelle, Shawn, Mia, Imari and Julian Jackson; brothers-in-law, Mohammed Akbar and Julius Jackson; nieces-in-la_w, Linda Dorman and Kenyata Reid; best friend, Shirley Kenrick; good friends, Rosa Bratwaite, Claudia and Jackie; and a host of other rel atives and friends. The visitation will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Fri day from 5-8 p. m. The family will receive friends from 5:306:30p.m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the chapel for the service on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MR. ANDREW A. FLOYD, Jr. Mr. Andrew A. Floyd was preceded in death by his only child, Tracye Davenport; and grandchild, Antonio Daven port. Friend, Ella Davenport and family. MRS. VERA BARNES Homegoing services for Mrs. Vera Barnes of Tampa, who passed away Saturday, ; November 3, 2012, will be held Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 2 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Rev. Michael Neely, officiating. Interment will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Mrs. Barnes was born in Tampa, and attended the local schools of Hillsborougll County. She was preceded in death by: her parents, Frank Barnes; Sr. and Mamie Barnes; broth ers, Robert Barnes and Frank Barnes, Jr.; and 3 children, Charles Barnes, Helen Marie Barnes and Michael Bennett. She leaves to cherish her memories: 4 children, Shirley Abibo and husband, Dr. Victor Abibo, Michelle Barnes, Ho race Barnes and Carolyn Barnes; grandchildren, Anto nio Barnes, Horace Bellamy, Victoria Abibo, Christian Ben cort, Vera F. Barnes, Nicole Bennett, Shanavia Bennett, Michael Bennett, Jr., Adriana Bennett, Charles Bennett, Mik era Bennett, Jaylin Bennett and Horace Barnes, Jr., a host day, November 9, 2012, from 5-8 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the chapel for the service on Saturday. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MRS. JULIETTE M. CHRISTION Home'going service for Mrs. Juliette M. Christion of Tampa, who passed away Thursday, November 1, 2012, will be held Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 12 p. m. at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel, 2708 E. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Rev. Clarence Shepherd, offici ating. Interment will be in. Rest Haven Memorial Park Ceme tery. Juliette Christion was born in Mt. Pleasant, FL, to the late Luvinia Whitehead. She enjoyed cooking, garIN MEMORY OF Special acknowledgement to Aunt Marvia Parks from the Christion family for all of your love and support; and a special acknowledgment to our cousin, English Harris for your love and support. The visitation will be held at Aikens Funeral Home on Fri day, November 9, 2012, from 5-8 p. m. The family will receive friends at 6-7 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the chapel on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME JA'QUAVIAS DALOYD HENDERSON Aug. 1, 1990 -Nov. 9, 2011 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. One year ago today, my baby was called to be among the angels in heaven. He walked away from his earthly home, to take up residence in glory. Through prayer, faith and the grace of God, we have made it through this past year. Quavy, you are gone, but not forgotten. You will forever live in our hearts. We love you always and forever, your family and friends.


f unerals/Memoriams MRS. BRENDA JONES NICHOlS Homegoing services for Mrs. Brenda Jones Nichols of Tampa, who passed away on Friday, November 2, 2012, will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 12 p. m. at Mt. Zion Methodist Mrican Episcopal Church (Port Tampa), 7401 S. Kissimmee Street, Tampa, 33616, Rev. Walter J. Lassiter, II, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Brenda enjoyed fishing and gardening. She was preceded in death by: her parents, Roosevelt and Dorothy Lee Jones; and sister, Dorothy Dee Dee Jones. She leaves to cherish her memories: a loving and devoted daughter, Tracy D. Nichols and friend, Tim Rose; loving and devoted grandchildren, Kendonte', Tredonoven and Brendasia Nichols; loving and devoted brother, Harold Jones and wife, Betty; loving and devoted sister, Diane Jones; loving and devoted fi ance, Donald "Tony" Harris; loving aunts, Laurice Peterson and Shirley Marshall and Rev. A. Ragan, Jr.; loving uncles, Clifford Jones and wife, Betty, Eugene Jones and wife, Annie Bell, and Willie Lee Jones and Charles Sanders and wife, Carolyn; loving nieces, Brittany Jones and friend, William Medina, Tasha Key, Jinelle Jackson and Amanda Harris; nephew, Gary Sheffield and wife, DeLeon; cousins, Maurice Peterson and wife, JoAnn, Johnnie Lee Peterson, III and friend, Nicole Nelson, Gloria Hatcher White and husband, Oscar of Georgia, Maijorie Hill of Georgia, entire Starks, Hudson and Hatcher families of Georgia, Natalie Tripp andRemeisha Jones; devoted friends, Mae Gooden, Ruby Lee_Jackson, Wanda Wilson, Wanda Howard (Ron), Theresa Phelps (Albert), Paula Cleary, Ivory Solomon (Jeanette), Lillie Mae Hall, Patrick Denis, Lincia Mathieu (Robertson), Mary Reynolds (Charles), Doris Nichols and family, Kenneth Nichols, Danielle Rivera, Georgia Stringfield (Art), Henry Bradford, Judy Conaway, Edwina "Kitty" Sheppard, Howard Taggett, Clara Glenn, Lorene Baity, Louis Ladson (Sharon), Sylvia Jefferson, Ray Moore (Winifred), Harriet Doster, the entire Pinkney family, Lila Johnson Thomas, Saundra Gilchrist, Annette Ma'dew Brown, leshia Hunter, Monica Mallory (Roderick), JoLynn Harris, Sharon Scruggs (Esaw), Theresa Cannon (Gilbert), Regina Cross (Napoleon), Maxine Carter, Daisy Rose, Flagler and Shank families, Jarvis Glover (Clara), Bishop-Elect Michelle Patty (Deacon Jesse), Shirley Glover, Luis Garcia, Angela Bates, Jerry Brunson (Daft'any), Latrel Maloy (April), Amanda Harris, Facunda Arenas, Danny Osborne, Ronnie, Rusty, Ricky (Toni), Charles Harris (Raylene), Charlie Harris, Frank Isaac (Gwen), Maria Smith, Catherine Ball, William Macklin, Nesby Grant, Harriett Doster and Nevonne Page; former beloved co-workers, Sab rina Baskin, Carol Oler, Ronnie Sparks, Fannie Agee, Linda Martin, Edna Coleman, Latisha Parks and Ron Keen; and a host of other sorrowing family and friends and the Port Tampa Community. The visitation will be held on Friday, November 9, 2012, at Aikens Funeral Home from 5-8 p. m. The family will receive friends from 6-7:15 p.m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church on Saturday for the service AIKENS FUNERAL HOME MS. GWENDOLYN WUISE JOHNSON WRIGHT Homegoing service for Ms. Gwendolyn Louise Johnson Wright of Tampa, who passed away Friday, November 2, 2012, will be held Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 9 a. m. at St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 2504 E. Chipco Street, Rev. Bartholomew Banks, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Gwen was a native of Tampa and attended the public schools of Hillsborough County. She was a member of St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church. She was preceded in death by: her father, James Johnson; mother, Blonnie Baker; son, Tony Wright; step-father, Charles Baker, Sr.; stepbrother, Robert Lee Baker; and niece, Mentorial McCall. She leaves to cherish her memories: 2 daughters, Joyce Wright of Tampa, and Master Sergeant Sonya Black of the U. S. Army; 3 grandchildren, DiAvanti Bedford, Toni Wright and Taylor Wright; 3 sisters, Dolores Cox and Rubeana Johnson, both of Tampa and Shelia Johnson of Miami; 3 brothers, James Johnson, Jr. and wife, Dee of Gulf Breeze, and Joseph Black and Tharon Baker (Hueyretta) of Tampa; step-sister, Yvonne Baker; 2 step-brothers, Charles Baker and Norris B&ker; 9 nieces, Lo rane,Shalonda,Sherrie,Willette, Ambra, Felicia, Michelle, Tanil and Nordina; 6 nephews, Collie, Christopher, Jermaine, Tharon, Calvin and Anthony; 2 special great nieces, Kristal and Karissa; 2 special cousins, Hayward and Reatha; special aunt, Mandy (Dolly Baby); and a host of other nieces, nephews, cousins, other rela tives and friends. The will be held on Friday, November 9, 2012, from 5-8 p. m. The family will receive friends at 5-6 p. m. The family and friends are asked to meet at the church on Saturday for the service. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Cason Inverness. FL MR. CLARENCE JAMES BARNETI Mr. Clarence James Barnett, 65, of Springhill, FL, died Saturday, November 3, 2012, at his residence. He was born December 13, 1946, in Athens, GA, to the union of Eddie Houston Barnett and Pearline Callaway Barnett. He attended the p ub lic schools of Hillsborough County. He graduated from Howard W. Blake in 1965, where he was known as the "Dancing King." He was baptized at an early age at New Salem M. B. Church in Tampa. On August 18, 1967, he enlisted in the U. S. Army and served two years of active duty. He was honorably discharged and joined the U.S. Army Reserve in 1970, where he retired after twenty years. He received numerous honors. He was then employed by the City of Tampa Parks De partment for 34 years, as a supervisor; where he received many awards and certificates for his dedication and hard work. Clarence leaves to cherish his memories: wife, Scellar B.; daughters, Detra Dickson (Walter), Arlene Kelly (Keith) and Katina Barnett; grandchildren, Domoniqua (U.S. Navy), Gregory Williams, Keishawn Kelly, Jalen Norwood, Kavon Willingham, Aliah Kelly, Ariana Santana and Willie Hunter, Jr.; brothers, Leroy Henry Billups (Jeanette), Lewis Barnett, Charles Barnett, Jackie Barnett, Terry Barnett (Nellie), Gregory Barnett and Ralph Barnett; sister, Carol Barnett; brothers-in-law, Isaac (Doris) and Booker T. Johnson; sisters-inlaw, Louella Clarke, Doris Branton and Pauline Branton; nephew, Jermel Billups; niece, Undreya Billups; along with a host of nephews, nieces, cousins and sorrowing friends; devoted friends, Marco Penn and Willie Myers. He was an active member of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Springhill, FL, where he served on the trustee, greeter, senior missionary and campaign committees. FluBeral services for Clarence James Barnett will be conducted on Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 11 a. m. at New Hope M. B. Church, 14236 County Line Road, Springhill, FL, Pastor Freddie Hinson, officiating. Interment will be Tuesday, November 13, 2012, in the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell, FL. Friends may call at the New Hope M. B. Church, Friday from 5-7 p. m. Arrangements entrusted to: CASON FUNERAL & CREMATION SERVICES, Inverness. Those actions earned her a Doctoral Degree in Cosmetology from the Orange Blossom Cosmologist Association, prompting some to acknowledge her as "Dr. Dokie." c z m 3: aJ m :a Doretha's deep Christian faith was evidenced by her kindness, loving spirit and works at St. John Progressive 1\) 0 MISS DORETHA 'DOKIE' GRAHAM Celebration of life for Miss Doretha "Dokie" Graham, who passed away Saturday, November 3, 2012, will be held Satur day, November 10, 2012, at 11 a. m. at St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 2504 East Chipco, with the Rev. Dr. Bartholomew Banks, Sr., pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Orange Hill Cemetery. Miss Doretha "Dokie" Graham was born August 24, 1942, to the late Amiah and Dorothy Woodard Graham Jones. As a child, she attended Simmons Elementary School, located in her birth city of Plant City, FL. Doretha matriculated at and ultimately graduated from Middleton High School in Tampa, FL, class of 1960. "Dokie," as she was affectionately known as, continued her education through the Blake High School Cosmetology Program. It was there, under the tutelage of Mrs. Johnny Mae Williams, that Doretha developed skills that turned many disparaging heads of hair to stylish works of art. She also had an affinity for 'making magic' in the kitchen. Always motivated to succeed, Doretha worked tirelessly at various beauty culture venues and just as hard, if not more, on continued education. MB Church, founded by her grandfather, the late Rev. Andrew Mack Woodard. She faithfully sang in several choirs, taught Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Tee Shirt committee, sponsored the Keenagers and was a Boy and Girl Scout leader. Doretha leaves to cherish her memories: son, Romando C. Williams, Sr.; 4 grandchildren, Evan Lang, Marissa Holloman, Breauna Williams and Romando C. Williams, II; 2 sisters, Marilyn G. Sullivan (Walter) and Beatrice G. Overton (Peter); 6 aunts, Dessie Burnett, Roberta Anderson, Clydie Mae Hardy (Jasper), Gladys Graham, Mercedes Graham and Ethel Woodard; 2 uncles, Earl Jones and James Bennett; nephew, Mitchell A. Smith; 2 nieces, Eunice Watson and Mattie Smith; grand niece, Alayah Anderson; 5 grand nephews, Sinclair Ceasar, Nehemiah Ceasar, David Caesar, Michael Clark and Lorenzo Smith-Brown; 4 wards, Delatorrio and Keyiara Johnson, Ronda and Riceria Warren; additionally, there are a host of cousins, church members, classmates and of course friends, who will also miss Doretha as well. The visitation for Miss Doretha "Dokie" Graham will be held on Friday, November 9, 2012, from 5:30-7:30 p. m. at Everett -Derr & Anderson Funeral Home, 5117 N. 22 .... Street. The funeral cortege will leave from 2613 N. 21 .. Street on Saturday morning, November 10, 2012, at 10:30 a. m. THERE WILL BE NO VIEWING AFTER THE EULOGY ON SATURDAY. "EVERETT-DERR BIRTHDAY MEMORIAM 'BECAUSE YOU'RE LOVED SO MUCH' 'LOVE IS A WONDERFUL GIFr MR. EARL EDWARDS Remembering you on your birthday, Nov. 9 Earl, we miss your soft, gentle touch, your strong, helping hands and a calm, loving voice saying, "I understand .. But, most of all Earl, we miss your smile chasing our trouble away. You will always be our ray of hope on the cloudiest day Sadly missed by: your father, Leslie Edwards; your wife, Evelyn sisters and brothers; and special sister, Quenell Spencer; and the rest of your family and friends. .,6 1\) r-0 :a tn m z m r-aJ c r r-!!l z "a c aJ r-u; ::1: m c m < m :a -< -t c m CJ) c l> z c :a c


c a: lL c z < c en w ...... w > w c w l: en ::i I:D 0.. z i= w ...1 ...1 I:D ...1 w z i= z w en C a: 0 ...1 lL MR. WALTER THOMAS SMITH, SR. A homegoing celebration for Mr. Walter T. Smith, Sr., a native of Hazelhurst, Ga., and long time resident of Tampa, who passed away Tuesday, Oc tober 30, 2012, at South Bay Hosiptal, will be held Satur day, November to, 2012, at 1 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th St., Tampa, with Pastor Jeffery Johnson, offici ating. Interment }Viii be at Rest Haven Memorial Park. Mr. Walter Thomas Smith, Sr. was born September 6, 1944 He was the son of the late Mr. Paul Smith and Ms. MYr tice Johnson. He was born in Hazelhurst, Ga. and educated at Wayne County Training School, Jessup, Ga. He was em ployed with the City Of Tampa for nearly 25 years before re tiring in 1999 He was preceded in death by: his father, Paul Smith, mother, Myrtice Johnson; daughter, Patrica Ann Smith; grandson, WalterT. Smith, IV; and brother, James Perry. He leaves to cherish memo ries of him with: sons, Walter T. Smith, Jr. and wife, Joann, Walter T. Smith, III and Wayne T. Lanier; daughters, Dianne McPherson and hus band, Vincent and YaShanna Smith and husband, Donell; beloved sister, June Smith Crump; sister-in-law, Sadie Perry; brothers, William H. smith and wife, Dorothy, Joliet, II., WillieJ. Daniels and wife, Sheila, Tampa, Dennis Daniels and wife, Maeng, El Pasco, TX, and Gerald Smith; aunt, Ollie Miles, Macon, Ga.; 20 grandchildren, Marvin, Shawn, Patrica, Thomas, Charlethia, Walter, III, Jo quez, Waltazia, Wrayne, Cha'Keria, Brendan, Shianna, Nicole, Wayne Shine, Wayne Lanier, Rashad Lanier, Re nard, Rasbad Scott, LaDiesha and Jasmine; 25 great grand children; special friend, Sylvia Dickson; a very special friend, Richard Perry; and a host of nieces, nephews and other rel atives and friends. Visitation for Mr. Walter T. Smith, Sr. will be from 6-7 p. m. at Harmon Funeral Home, 5002 N. 40th Street, Tampa,. 33610. Friends attending the home going service are asked to as semble at the funeral home c h apel at 10:45 a. m. A HARMON BURIAL Canclely Space Luxwy Unausinc Metal 20ga. Casket Ncl'r4adlliolllll&milll Shopper's Discount Jackson MR. NATHAN EUGENE HAMPTON, JR. Homegoing services for Mr. Nathan Eugene Hampton, Jr., who passed away on November 3, 2012, will be held November to, 2012, at 1 p. m. at Oak Hill M. B. Church, 4202 E. Palifox St., Tampa, Rev. Victor Ball, pastor, and Rev. Anthony T. Brown, eulogist. Interment will be at Orange Hill Ceme tery. Mr. Nathan Eugene Hamp ton, Jr., was born to the late Nathan E. Hampton, Sr. and the late Viola M. Hampton Brooks. He was preceded in death by: his sister, Carla R. Hamp ton-Mitchell; and brother, Ho race Hampton. Mr. Hampton was a gradu ate of King High School in Tampa, and joined the Na tional Guard after serving in the Armed Forces. He was an Operating Room Technician in Atlanta, GA, for 18 years at Grady Memorial Hospital, until his illness. He leaves to mourn his pre cious memories: sisters, Doris Hampton-Jacobs (Roxie), Deb bie Phelps (John), Cassandra Carter, Cynthia Robinson and Bennita Gowins 2 brothers, Anthone Hampton .(Marquita), Tampa, and Jason Hampton (Monique), Hous ton, TX; 4 sons, Cory Hamp ton, Antwuan Hampton (Porabae), Jarmill l{ampton and Maurice Hampton; 3 daughters, Tameka HamptonWtlliams, Nayshmiab Hamp ton (Marconell) and LaNaysha Hampton; 6 grandchildren; 2 uncles, Fran Williams (Betty Jo), Tampa, and Larry Haynes, Newark, NJ; 6 aunts, Sadie Jackson, Tampa, Charlie Mae Walker, Lakeland, FL, Gloria Drain, Smokes, SC, Ida Haynes, Hampton, SC, Mamie Bowers, Savannah, GA, and Delores; 20 nieces and 18 nephews; friends, the Black family, Johnson family, Davis family and Hall family; and best friends, Robert Crawford, Otis Bell, Ronnie Caldwell and Wayne Williams; and a host of cousins and friends. Public visitation will be from s-8 p. m. at the church (4202 E. Palifox). The family will receive friends from 6-7 p. m. Family and friends are asked to assemble at the church for the service. Arrangements entrusted to Jackson Funeral Home. A JACKSON SERVICE e.1 f:-.?t. 36CO Tam .Florida 33610 Cf U GfZATfON Cremation Ftmeral L.uxmytm. ..... Shopper's Disc:owt Jones MR. CHESTER C. TAYLOR Graveside services for Mr. Chester C. Taylor will be held Saturday, November to, 2012, at 11 a. m. at Rest Haven Ceme tery, with Rev. Dr. T. W. Jenk ins, officiating. Mr. Chester C. Taylor passed away peacefully at his home on Thursday, November t, 2012. He was born on July 22, 1925, in Tampa. A veterim of WW II, he served 2 years in the U. S. Army. He was employed with Bag mor for so years before retir ing. He was preceded in death by: his wife, Alma J. Taylor; daughter, Nedra Jean Taylor; sister, Catherine Davis; and 2 sons, Ronald C. Taylor and Howard L. Taylor, Sr. He memories will be cher ished by: his sons, Donell Tay lor, Sr., Charles Taylor, Elcx Coleman, Sr. (Susan) and James Coleman, Sr. (Betty Jean); daughters, Linda Hunter (Kenneth, Sr.) and Dc orotha (Dee) Sutton; 3 nephews; a host of grandchil dren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, great nephews and nieces; and also other sorrowing relatives, friends and neighbors. 1be family will receive friends at Wilson Funeral Home, 3000 N. 29th Street, Tampa, from 5-8 p.m., Friday, November 9, 2012. Friends are asked to assem ble at Rest Haven Cemetery at approximately 10:45 a. m. The remains will be at Wil son Funeral Home. Jones Fu neral Home is in charge of the services. JONES FUNERAL HOME CARD OF THANKS ANDREW A. FLOYD, JR. The family of the late An drew A. Floyd, Jr. acknowl edges with deep appreciation, the many comforting phone calls, cards, prayers, food, flowers and many other ex pressions of kindness and concern shown to us at this time in the loss of Andrew. You reached out in so many ways and we thank each of you. May God continue to bless you. The Floyd family. MR. THOMAS L. BASS Mr. Thomas L. Bass of Tampa, was called home on Friday, November 2, 2012. Funeral services will be con ducted Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 11 a. m. at First Baptist Church ofWest Tampa, 1302 North Willow Avenue, with Rev. Rayford Harper, pas tor, officiating. Born on September 29, 1976, in Tampa, to Maynard and Joanne Bass, Thomas at tended the public schools of Hillsborough County. He grad uated from King High School in 1994 After high school, he continued his education at Florida A&M University. He had been working in the hospi tality industry for over three years. Thomas, affectionately known as "Tommy" or "TBass," was an avid sports en thusiast. As a youngster, he played little league baseball, basketball, and football. He continued to compete in sports through high school. He was a huge Miami Hurricane fan and enjoyed game rivalries with his big brother, Guye, who loves Florida State! Thomas was preceded in death by: his father, Jay May nard Bass; and his brother, Alton Bass. He leaves to cherish his memory: devoted and loving mother, Joanne Bass; broth ers, Guye Bass (Melva), and Norris Bass; sisters, Sheila Bass Bryant and Malesta Trot man (Elton); very special uncle, Sandy Weaver (Max ine); nieces, Jordynn Bass, Jayda Bass, Aleeia Spencer (Andrew), and Carla Bryant; nephews, Eric Bryant and Oscar Bryant; and devoted cousins, Cbarlott Delagall, Kirk Ellerson, Nettie Ryan (Nick), Gwendolyn Bass Kemp, Kimberly Coleman-Tavares (Frank, Jr.), Christopher Cole man, Sandy Weaver, Jr., Latonya Weaver, Vivian Weaver, and Camelia Rose mond (Henry). Thomas also leaves to che rish fond memories a host of other sorrowful family and friends. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, November 9, 2012, atRay Williams Fu neral Home, 301 North Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralbome.com MR. WILEY PARKS, III Mr. Wiley Parks, III of Tampa, passed away Tuesday, October 30, 2012. A homegoing celebration will be held on Saturday, No vember to, 2012, at 3 p. m. at Mt. Olive A.M. E. Church, 1902 W. LaSalle Street Tampa, pas tor, Rev. Gregory V. Gay, Sr., with Elder Michael Bryant as the eulogist. Interment will fol low in Orange Hill Cemetery. Wiley was born on Decem ber 16, 1960, in Tampa, to the parents ofWJ.ley Parks, Jr. and Elene Bryant Parks. On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, the Lord reached down from heaven and removed one of His precious angels from his earthly home, to be with Him in His heavenly home, where we take comfort in knowing be is resting. Wtley was preceded in death by: his parents, Wiley Parks, Jr. and Elene Bryant Parks; grandson, Nicholy Wright; grandparents, Wiley Parks, Doshie Parks, Eugene Bryant and Polly Bryant; and uncles, Willie Parks, Grady Parks, Eu gene Bryant, Joe Bryant, Willie C. Bryant and John Bryant. Wiley leaves to cherish pre cious memories: his wife, Ira Parks; sons, Wiley Parks (Emily) and Terrell Weaver; grandchildren, Miyab Parks, Azaria Parks, Kendrick Parks, Olivia Parks and Terrell Weaver, Jr.; siblings, Dora Parks (Maseyo), Willie Parks (Vanessa), Polly Parks Williamson (Albert), Ricky Parks, and Anita Bryant; nephews and nieces, De'Nairio Womack (Melody), Antonio Williamson (Estela), Ashley Parks, Sheneka Dooley, Lame sia Hamilton (Antonio), Bane sia Parks, LaSheka Parks, Porscha Williamson, Shanice Parks, Ricky Parks, Jr., Rick cern Parks, Arkese Parks, Tekiya Womack, De'Neiria Womack, De'Nairio Womack, De'Narjae Womack, Davion Anderson, Cam'ryn Williamson, Antonio Hamil ton, and Uriah Hamilton; aunts and uncles, Rbunett Sur ney, Clemmie Parks, Pauline Arline, Alice Brown, Moses Bryant (Betty Jo), Versie Hcn tion, Gracie Rambo, Pallie Mae Bryant, Simmic Mae Freeman (Joseph), Cornelius Bryant, Charlie Bryant, Robert Bryant, Leatha Mac Bryant, Rita Mae Bryant and Mary Brown; god brother, Nelson Surellcr; god sister, Antoinette Childs; devoted friends, Karen Wright, Julia Childress-Pauls and Russell Adams; and a host of other sorrowing cousins, great friends, neighbors and other relatives. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, November 9, 2012, at Ray Williams Fu neral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrusted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com


., :lJ thirteen grandchildren, RayF unerals/Memoriams MS. MARYA. WILLIAMS ('TOOTSIE') Ms. Mary A. Williams ("Tootsie") of 3312 West Lemon Street, passed away Thursday, November t, 2012. Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, November to, 2012, at 11 a. m. at Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, 2002 North Rome Avenue, with Rev. Dr. C. T. Kirkland, pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park. Ms. Mary A. Williams was a native of Madison, FL, and a resident of Tampa for so years. She attended Hillsborough County Public Schools and was employed as a supervisor at Sypris Technology. Mary was preceded in death by: her fathers, Chandler Williams, Sr. and Arthur Billingsley, Sr.; and sisters, Louise Westbrooks and Jeanette Williams Brown. She leaves to cherish her memory: her devoted husband, George Green, Sr.; 2 daughters, Kawana Green and Laytosha Green of Tampa; 2 sons, George Green, Jr. and wife, Sandra and Timothy Green, Sr. of Tampa; devoted mother, Pinkey Billingsley; 9 grandchildren, Marsheena Green, Richelle Edwards, Zalavia Brown, George Green, III, Kendonte Nichols, Timothy Green, Jr., Laneisha andAniya Green, and Emiyah Green, all of Tampa; 2 great grandsons, Charles, III and Chauncey Gunn; 9 brothers, Arthur Billingsley, Jr., John Billingsley, Sr. (Luciana), Chandler Williams, Jr., Willie C. Williams and wife, Patricia, James Williams, Richard Hill and wife, Lynn, Joe Collins and wife, Dawn, Steve Collins and wife, Felisha, and Antonio Williams and wife, Vanessa; 8 sisters, Johnnie Bell Billingsley, Glendale Moore, Glenda Jones, Ovieda Davenport, Vivian Miller and husband, James, Sheri Kennedy and husband, Anthony, Yolanda Denson and husband, Ira, and Mary Williams; 3 aunts, Minnie Hall, Inez Archie, and Lillian Austin; uncle, Henry Mitchell; and a host of nieces, nephews and cousins; special friends, Elizabeth Taylor, Elaine Rollins, Carolyn Burney, Angelina Robinson, Ethel Borders, Barbara Wright, the Wingo family, and Cynthia Echols; special nieces, Sonyette Alford, Neikeisha Williams, Jalecia Billingsley, Angela Garrett and Pinkey Billingsley; special nephews, Artaybuis Billingsley and John Billingsley, Jr. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, November 9, 2012, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrnsted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com nard, Reshard, Narada, Gre-Z gory, Jr., Greneshia, Treneshia, Greshawnta, m Gre'Yanta, Keaujay, Danae, S::: Mya, Tracy and .John Ashley llJ (Kattress); nineteen great m grandchildren in Tampa; two ::C sisters, Ruthie Mae Harper and Marion Hornsby of N 0 Tampa; two brothers, ...... Nathaniel Hornsby (Sylvia) of N MR. LEONARD HORNSBY (UNCLE SONNY) Mr. Leonard Hornsby (Uncle Sonny) of Tampa, was called home to rest on Wednesday, October 31, 2012. A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, November to, 2012, at 1 p. m. at Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church, 2916 Orient Road, Tampa, 33610, Rev. Eric E. Campbell, pastor, with Pastor Danny C. Osborne of God' s Side Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, officiating. Interment will be at a later date in Bushnell, FL. Mr. Leonard Hornsby was born March 24, 1942 in Tampa. He was educated in the Public School System of Hillsborough County. He accepted Christ at an early age. On April 25, 1964, he was united in holy matrimony to Mary A. Early for 48 years, and to this union 2 sons were born. Mr. Hornsby served in the United States Army for 7 years. He was employed with Thatcher Glass for 22 years. He was preceded in death by: his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zelmar and Ella Hornsby; sister, Ruby Coley; brother, Zelmar Hornsby, Jr.; aunts, Mrs. Willie Crawford and Eunice Howard; uncle, Leonard Hornsby; nephew, Artie Hornsby; cousin, Peter Grimsley; father-in-law and motherin-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Lillie Mae Freeman; sisters-inlaw, Beverly A. and Theresa R. Freeman; and brother-in-Law, Phillip L. Freeman. Mr. Leonard Hornsby leaves to cherish memories: a loving and devoted wife, Mary A. Hornsby; two sons, Leonard Freeman (Renae), and Gregory Tampa, and Arthur Robert Hornsby of Atlanta; aunt, Ruby Horn, Dothan AL; nine nieces, Sandra Davis (Julius), Sharon Simms of Tampa, Linda Harrell (Ray, Sr.) of Tennessee, Taylor Whitaker of Trenton, NJ, Chantal, Sheena, Shemeka Freeman (Roman) of Tampa, Tina Barvard (Reginald) of North Carolina, Stacie Freeman of North Carolina; great nieces, Nanci Harper of Tampa, and LaKeisha Sanford of Tennessee; seventeen nephews, Antonio Hornsby, Henry Giles, Jr., Perry Giles, Billy Giles (Tina), Chris Mahone and Rawn Hornsby (Samantha), all of Tampa, Corey Freeman, Chancey Freeman, Mack Freeman, Jr., Fredrick Freeman, Jr. cie), Jeremy Freeman, Damion Young, Phillip Freeman, Jr., Kenneth Freeman and Tylon Valdez-Freeman, all of Tampa, Dwayne E. Nurse, Jr. (Willie Ann) of Virginia, and Ray Harrell, Jr. ofTennessee; three sisters-in-law, Andreatha Freeman Nurse (Dwayne, Sr.), Mary Ann Young, and Tracy Valdez Freeman (Wanda) of Tampa; two brothers-in-law, Mack Freeman, Sr., and Fredrick Freeman, Sr. (Melissa) of Tampa; devoted niece, Linda Harrell of Tennessee; friends, Angela Gallmon (Felix), Alma Harris, Beatrice Lawson, Gladys Gilbert, Jimmy Smith; and a host of sorrowing nieces, nephews, cousins, great friends and other relatives. The remains will repose after 5 p.m., Friday, November 9 2012, at Ray Williams Funeral Home, 301 N. Howard Avenue. Arrangements entrnsted to RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME, Rhodes & Northern, Owners. www.raywilliamsfuneralhome.com BETTY P. WIGGINS Sunset 11-9-11 One year ago, you fought the good race. Your labors were long to make our community a better place. With forceful instructions, you said to laugh and don't cry. Trust in the Good Lord and you will get by. So, with a heavy heart, Wmter turned into Spring. The sun did shine, the birds did sing. But, oh how we miss your motherly embrace. Your wisdom, your style, your ever present grace. Our love for you, Mama will remain in our hearts. We're smiling again and that's a good start! Your children: Donald A. Brown and Deborah Randall. MS. CORA LEE BELL Funeral service for Ms. Cora Lee Bell, 81, of Tampa, who passed away peacefully while sleeping on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at her residence, will be held Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 11 a. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29"' Street, Tampa, with a..local pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Ms. Cora Lee Bell was born on June 1, 1931, in Tampa, to the parentage of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew (Janie Dyles) Bell of Calhoun, FL. She was educated in the public schools of Hillsborough County. Cora accepted Jesus Christ as her Personal Savior at an early age. She was an active member of St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church for many years before moving her membership to St. John Progressive Missionary Baptist church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Bartholomew Banks. She remained an active member there until her health declined. Ms. Bell was very active in her community. She enjoyed feeding the hungry, reading her Bible, making ceramics for family and friends, and most of allspendingtimewithherfamily. She did not mind helping anyone in need. She always called on Jesus, especially during her trials and tribulations. She was preceded in death by: her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew (Janie) Bell; and brother-in-law, Joe Fedrick. Ms. Bell is survived by: her loving and devoted children, Arthur Bell, Tampa, Henrietta Bell, Tampa, Vera G. Rajis, Philadelphia, PA, Roland E. Gooddine, Jr., Rochester, NY, Ronnie Vernon Gooddine, Tampa, Lee Andrew Gooddine and wife, Geraldine, Clearwater, FL, and Robertha Johnson and husband, Rodney of Tampa; grandchildren, Curtis Lee Frazier, Jerry Lee McNeal, Jr., Tonia and Steve Terry, Emeka and Rysheda Rajis, Alexis C. Rajis, Michelle Hilery and Felicia Marion; a host of great grandchildren and great great grandchildren; sister, Ora nee Fedrick; nieces and nephews including, Loretta White, Linda and Walter Goolsby, Carmen Cainbridge, Gail Williams, Roxanne and Wayne Cane; and a host of other nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Wilson Funeral Home on Friday, November 9, 2012, from s-9 p. m. with the family receiving friends in the chapel from 5 6 p. m. Friends are asked to assemble at the funeral home on Sat urday at approximately 10:45 a.m. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilson funerlabome.com M/SGT. (U.S.M.C., RETIRED) CHARLES WALKER, JR. A memorial service for M/Sgt. Charles Walker, Jr. (U. S. M. C., Retired) who passed away on Sunday, November 4, 2012, will be held on Wednesday, November 14 2012, at 11 a. m. at Wilson Funeral Home Chapel, 3000 N. 29'h Street, with Rev. Matthew James, officiating. Interment will follow at Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, FL, at a later date. He was born November 22, 1921, in Fort Valley, Georgia, to the parentage of Rev. and Mrs. Charlie W. (Pearlie James) Walker. The family moved to "11 Florida, where he was reared 1 along with his nine siblings in the Keystone-Odessa, Citrus Parkcommunity. M/Sgt. Walker was a graduen ate of Middleton High School m and.received a Bachelor's De-Z gree from the University of -t South Florida, following a 23 Z year military career, serving honorably during WW II and llJ the Korean Conflict. C: M/Sgt Walker was a memI ber of Bethel A. M. E. Church, I Rev. Beverly H. Lane, Pastor. !!l Hewasjoinedinholymatri-z mony to Rosemary McArthur "tt and to this union 2 children C: were born: a son, Charles and llJ a daughter, Victoria. I He was preceded in death en by: his son; wife; and 6 sibffi lings, James, William, Calvin 0 and Herbert Walker, Muriel Manning and Inez Richardson. M/Sgt. Walker is survived by: his daughter, Victoria Pinder and husband, Earnest A. Pinder, III; grandson, McArthur Walker; granddaughter, Clea George; 2 great grandchildren; brother, Mordecai Walker; 2 sisters, Curtiss W. Wilson and Mary W. Scott; 8 nephews, Bishop A. J. Richardson, Jr. (Connie), Herbert C. Richardson (Angela), Andrew Walker, Eddie Stevenson (Linda), Robert Walker (Susan), Dr. Calvin C. Walker, Jr. (Dorothy), Clarence P. Wilson, Jr. (Sanjo) and Wyatt F. Walker; 8 nieces, Colleen Shannon, Linda Arenas, Verna Love (Larry), Lil-lian W. Longs, Colleen Porter, M. Bernadette Brooks, Gail W. Arnold and Julia W. Orr (Eric); sister-in-law, Elsie McArthur; several grand and great grand nieces and nephews; numer-ous cousins including, the James family and the Rembert family; and other family members, including, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest A. Pinder, Jr. (Elvira), and Mr. and Mrs. Rick (Sab rina) Myers; and other relatives and friends. Friends are asked to assemble at the chapel at approximately 10:45 a.m. Wednesday. "A WILSON SERVICE" www.wilsonfuneralhome.com m < m -t c: m en 0 )> z 0 ., ::c 0 C) m N ...... I


funeraJ/Memoriams/Card OfThank.s woodv's MS. IRI SELENA SENATUS The funeral service for Ms. Iri Selena Senatus, whose life expired on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2012, at 11 a. m. at the Brown Memorial Church Of God In Christ, 2313 E. 27'h Avenue, Tampa, where the Bishop Matthew Williams, II, is pastor, and Elder Thomas Leaverette is officiating. Interment will be in Rest Haven Memorial Park Cemetery. Ms. Senatus was a native of Tampa. She attended the public schools of Hillsborough County. She was a member of ...., Brown Memorial Church Of C God In Christ, where she a: served as a member of the I.L Women's Christian Counsel. Ms. Senatus was preceded in < death by: her grandparents, Jimmy and Dorothy Walls; fa < ther, Cleveland Tinsley, Sr.; C and brother, Trease Tinsley. ffi She leaveS to cherish her ::l memories: 2 sons, Trava tBrown and Travis Gordon (Candice); daughter, Dorothy W Tinsley, all of Tampa; mother, > Ruth Actable; 2 brothers, W Cleveland Tinsley, Jr. and C Keith Tinsley; 2 sisters, Tanya W Brown (Patrick), and Margaret Clark; 4 grandsons, Trava, Jr., :J Antwan, Travis, Jr. and Jaylen; m and a host of nephews, nieces, ::;) cousins and friends. D.. The remains will repose on Z Friday, November 9 2012, i= from 5-9 p. m. at the Brown W Memorial Church Of God In :j Christ, 2313 E. 27"' Avenue, ::;) Tampa. D WOODY'S FUNERAL SERVICE ...1 w z t= z w CJ) a: 0 ...1 I.L CARD OF THANKS MR. WILLIE T. PEASE, SR. We, the family of the late Mr. Willie T. Pease. Sr., wish to thank you all for the many acts of kindness shown during our bereavement. For all the cards, calls, visits and food, we say thanks. The family. TIMElESS lOVE PAULINE JACKSON 11-11-11 It was just a year ago in time, but in our hearts it was just a moment ago. You never really get over the loss of your Mother. There is not a day that passes you do not think of her, miss her and even shed a tear. It is a timeless love ... MOTHER DEAR We pay tribute to a great mother who gave us her heart and soul in a way that strengthened our character and increased our faith. We are blessed to have had her in our lives and forever in our minds. GREAT MOTHER We thank God for blessing us with a great woman to be our Mother. Lovingly and respectfully your 11 children, 32 grandchildren and 48 great grandchildren: Twanda (Charles) Roberts, Shahidah Aquil, Madie (Henry) Crawford, Archie (Gail) Harrison, Mancel Harrison, Yolanda (Roger) Collins, Robert Jackson, Jr., Robin (Johnnie) Favors, Thomasina Bryant Warren (Elizabeth) Jackson and Dansenia (James) Gaddie. Unforgo They were there fur us and for our cotma:v.. Some couldn't wait to come home to the they loved. .. others gave the ultimate saaJtic Today, as evtty day, they remain uni101'2.C)ttQl FUNERAL HOME 3(0) N. 29th St. Tampa, R. 33605 (Ql) 605-3350. {813) 248-6125 Local Popular Cosmetologist Passes She pursued her dream of .. being a cosmetologist by attend ing cosmetology class at Blake School of Cosmetology Upon graduating, she became a cosme tologist and began her career in the salon with Mrs. Womack OOREIHA (OOKIE) GRAHAM Doretha (Dokie) Graham, a popular cosmetologist, humanitarian and Christian finished her journey here on earth on Satur day, November 3, 2012. She lived her life as a loving sister, mother, grandmother and friend. She was a people person and she treated everyone as she wanted to be treated. Being the oldest of 4 girls, she was like a second mother to her sisters. Not only her sisters, but all her family and friends. She was born on August 24 1942, to Dorothy and Amian Jones in Plant City FL. Later, they moved to Tampa where she graduated from Mid dleton High School in 1960 Later; she partnered with Mrs. Barbara Baker in their own salon, until joining with B-Beau tiful Salon where she retired from. She was a member of Orange Blossom and Unit 34 and Unit 1, where she held several offices. During her 40-year career, she made a loving impact on many people. She was a faithful member of St. John Progressive M. B. Church for more than 55 years. She served the Lord in many dif ferent capacities: singing in the choir, Boy Scout Leader #27, #168 and #744, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School Teacher and her most passionate work was with the keenagers of St. John. Sister Doretha, or Dokie, as she was affectio natel y called, was well known through the church and community. She will be missed F.Y.I. Exlllane Clllllla Onl-215 Due To Clntnlcdon The Florida Department of Transportation (FOOT) has changed the exit lanes on I-275 at Howard and Himes will change. Traffic will be required to exit from the left lane. The change went into effect Thursday (today) morning. The exit to Himes Avenue, will remain on the right side. According to FOOT, approximately 11,500 drivers use the Howard Avenue exit each day. Approximately 5,000 drivers use the Himes Avenue exit HIIIS118reu1b Ceuntv SChools Clesed Mondav The Hillsborough County School District has announced there will be no school on Monday, November 12. The schools will close in observance of Vet eran's Day holiday. No Tnsb Plcll Up an Veterans Dav There will be no garbage, yard waste, or blue box recycling collection service for residential customers on Monday, November 12, in recognition of the Vet eran's Day holiday. Garbage collection will resume on the next scheduled service day, Thursday, November 15, 2012, and blue box recycling & yard waste collection will resume for affected customers on Monday, November 19, 2012. Commercial services will run one day late through Saturday, November 17, 2012. The McKay Bay Transfer Station/Scalehouse will also be closed on Veterans Day. The normal schedule will resume on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. For questions or concerns, call th e City of Tampa Utility Services Customer Care at (813) 3481111, or visit the website at www.tampagov.net/solidwaste.


Crime woman Gets 1 Year, 11av In Student loan Fraud case SHANEVA BOYD ... Sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison A federal judge sentenced a 30-year-old woman to a year and a day in prison. She was accused of participating in a conspiracy to commit" federal student financial aid fraud. District Judge Susan C. Bucklew also ordered Ms. Shaneva Boyd, of Clearwater, to pay $77,364 in restitution and to forfeit substitute assets valued at $70,000. According to the plea agreement, in January 2006, Ms. Boyd and her husband, James lssiah Boyd, creat ed Graduate ASsistance and Consolidations, Inc. The purpose of the business was to help college students to apply for federal financial aid. Ms. Boyd was the com pany secretary. Court documents stated that beginning in late 2005 and August 2007, the Boyds committed student loan fraud by assisting indi viduals who did not have a high school diploma or its JAMES BOYD Waiting to be sentenced equivalent GED, fraudulent ly enroll for admission at St. Petersburg college. Once the individuals enrolled, they applied for federal financial aid. During the course of the scheme, Ms. Boyd allegedly caused false statements to be made on student financial aid forms and directed dozens of financial aid checks. The checks were mailed to addresses associated with GAC. Ms. Boyd and her hus band kept a substantial por tion of the funds. In addition to jail time, and the restitution, Ms. Boyd must also be on supervised released from prison for 3 years. She pleaded guilty in August 2012. Her husband pleaded guilty October 23, to conspiring to commit student loan fraud, committing stu dent loan fraud, and aggra:.. vated identity theft. He will be sentenced on January 13, 2013. II Ill CLEARWATEROn Tuesday, Clearwater Police reported receiving a tip regarding the whereabouts of wanted suspect, Preston Bell, 26. Bell was being sought for an incident that occurred early Tuesday morning when Bell allegedly pistol whippe Dooley was denied immunity under the state s Stand Z Your Ground law. --------------------------------------------OHicer Kills Armed Robben Suspect LAMONT BURGESS shot to death EBONY OLIVER charged with murder ST. PETERSBURG -At 1 a. Tuesday, a special St. Petersburg Police unit was working a commercial burglary pattern in the area of 62nd Avenue, North and 4th Street, North. During the surveillance, one of the detectives reported seeing an armed robbery in progress of a 7-11 Store at 6161 4th Street, North. The detective reported seeing two suspects, one of them armed with a long shotgun, robbing the clerks inside of the store. The detective notified other police units in the area and units responded to the location. The two suspects took cash from the business and ran out the front door. The suspects, later identified as Lamont Burgess, 36, and Ebony Oliver, 20, ran from the store into an alley behind the business. According to the report, a confrontation occurred between the detective and Burgess, who was armed with a shotgun The detective fired several shots at Burgess, and he was later pronounced dead at the scene. State & Fed. W. C. Calms *Certified by State All Job-Related In urles Change Treating ysfcians Collect Back Pay Hostile Work Environment W.C./ Race Discrimination .atkutco al c: r rz 'V c: al r-u; :::t m c m c: m en c l> z c ., :!! c


1 I Sellers Who Got Cash In a oavs tor their Housel Check for Liens Vje Agree on Price & Judgements Pick Up Your Check we Pav $500 Referral Fees for anv Real Estate Holle leads we Buv 813-675-7040 x22 -.kennvrushinghollebuvers.com lllr\111 --&llliiiiiM ..................... 2111.


=NO=VE=MB=E=R 9=, 2=01=2 B 'Bfack & 'Wfiite {jafaLeadS Into Week Of Services An evening of joyous fellowship took place on Saturday, October 13, 2012, 5 p. m. in the New Mt. Zion Life Center, 2511 E. Columbus Dr. Hosted by the Couples Ministry, the event led into a week of anniversary services Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. The Hat-Tea-Tude, a successful event in mid-September, kicked off the 110th Anniver sary Celebration of New Mt. Zion M B Church Rev. Dr. Walter J. Williams, Pastor Emeritus Rev. Allen Cusseaux, Minister. The versary was chaired by the Deacons and Deaconesses Ministries -Deacon David Lewis and Deaconess Clym Washington, Chair and Co-Chair, re spectively. Each year, the anniversary committee prides itself in coming up with a d ifferent ac tivity to involve the entire membership. This year it was the Black And White Gala. In addition to fellowshipping, those in at tendance enjoyed a sumptuous meal, a Word from Rev. Rayford Harper, Pastor of First Baptist Church of West Tampa, and several surprises Lead Minister, Rev. and Mrs. Aile., (Sherry)) Cusseaux at the Black And White Gala. Mrs. Clym Washington (co-chair) attended the gala. Mr. and Mrs. (Yvonne) Baham. Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Juanita) Burston. Mary Jones, (R), and her daughter, Vivian Davis. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Johnson. The Garvin family: Cecelia, Joseph and Jaela. Attorneys [Mr. and Mrs.] Henry and Barbara (Twine) Thomas at the gala. Mr. and Mrs. William (Barbara) Bell and their twin sons, Willie and William Bell attended the gala. Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Caroline) Jones Ms. Carol Lawrence. Mrs. Delores Taylor. Mrs. Ethel Cole. Wilma Garvin. Mrs. Marie Beard (right) and her son, Reggie Beard. Rev. and Mrs. George (Lo) Berry. Mr. and Mrs. David (Bonnie) Lewis, Co-Chair enjoyed the anniversary service. Sisters in attendance for the celebration: Geneva Stephenson and Mary Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie (Eartha) Daniels were in attendance. The James family: Sierra, Annette, Theron and Theron, Jr. enjoyed the anniversary service together.


iij Features i West Tampa Business leader savs Chamber's Plans Are Flawed z ).;' ic( 0 a: LL BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel Staff Writer West Tampa Black Business Owners Association President, Dr. Bennie Small, said after reviewing the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce 's plan for the redevelopment of West Tampa, he was angry. "You don t have to dig too deep to get the message that their plans are to get rid of all the African Americans from this community. "There s absolutely no men tion of any minority participa tion on any level and when the Chamber got together to make this plan, they didn t bother to invite any African Americans to the meeting." Dr. Small said it's obvious that the interests of this group are to change the infrastruc ture, history, and diversity of West Tampa, and at the same 0 time, make a huge profit off the 0: new developments. LL "When I looked at the boundary lines of their pro c( posed plan, it was obvious they want to redraw the existing 0 boundary. That's illegal. (/) "I've also received phone W calls from residents saying they've been contacted at their a:> homes personally by developers W trying to acquire their prop> erty." W Dr. Small said nothing has 0 been officially agreed on or put in place, but it appears develop (/) ers are trying to jump the gun. :::l We know the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce knows D. z ..J ..J ;:) D ..J w z i= z w (/) c( c a: 0 ..J LL BENNIE SMALL what's going on, and that's not the way it's supposed to be done. "I want the people to be pro active and be ready to respond to this before anything is carved in stone. This is the time for the community to get involved and find out what's going on in their community, and how do the y fit in." West Tampa Community Group Facilitator, Dwight Bolden, said he was also upset when he reviewed the Chamber' s plan. "The plan is inaccurate, and completely ignores the vision of the city's environmental study The West Tampa Chamber of Commerce's boundaries are dif ferent than those established by the city's redevelopment plan. I feel the history of West Tampa will not be a factor in some areas of their boundary." "Those businesses, and the existing one$, suffered tremen dous losses of half-a-million dollars from the time the ReLABOR & EMPLOYMENT LAWYER RODERICK 0 Fa Fonner U.s. Nmy Atty EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION WORKERS' COMPENSATION CIVIL SERVICE I UNION GRIEVANCE BANKRUPTCY -Chl!pter 7 ($500 & Up) 220 E. Mad1son Ste #1110 Tampa, Fl33602 www.fordlawf1rm.org (813) 223-1200 The l1lrinO 0(. .. .., cltcilion liMit ellol.lkl not ....... ecMty &fore dec:lcle. lllk us ">Send FREE lnfol'llw1lon about DWIGHT BOLDEN ED TURANCHIK publican National Convention started. And although the RNC is over, they are still suffering." Bolden said the tactics being used by developers are intended to force residents to move, and that includes residents of North Boulevard Homes. "When you're trying to dis place residents, the people liv ing in subsidized dwellings are most vulnerable. The other tac tic was to put pressure on the Black-owned businesses to make the churches and home owners even more vulnerable Ed Turanchik, Business and Dev elopment Chair for the West Tampa Chamber of Com merce, said they would love to talk to Dr. Small's group, Bolden's group and anyone else who wants to meet with the Chamber. I think what we 've submit ted is more of an economic de velopment strategy than a plan We sent it out to everyone who has an e-mail address, and there's nothing exclusive about it." Turanchik said they want the community to talk about and agree on what needs to be done to move the community forward. "I hope the response will be one where we can work to gether and move things for ward We don't want turf wars or for people to feel they are not included. "We're also not interested in people who want to shoot at us and do nothing." Turanchik said he wants to also go on record as saying the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce isn t involved in any way with the plans for the North Boulevard Homes Public Housing Complex. A meeting has been sched uled for Wednesday with the Chamber and members of the West Tampa Community Group. locallnist Panners With Children's ldvocacv Organization BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter In keeping with his promise to make sure children would al ways be a part of what he's doing, popular artist, Dwight "Lil Doc" Gooden, Jr. has formed an alliance he says is permanent. Lil Doc has partnered with "It's All About Kids, a children's advocacy organization committed to providing resources to children and their families who are in need of services that will emphasize education, literacy and social skills character development. "No matter where I am or what I'm involved in, I make it back to Tampa to get involved with the area's youth," said Lil Doc. "Either with Halloween o r Christmas, I try to give back and reach out to them, because I know they are our future." On Halloween, Lil Doc was at the Buzz Learning Lab at University Square Mall, handing out candy to the trick or treaters, and introducing himself to their parents. "Nothing makes me feel better than to see parents interacting with their children. On Halloween, I saw male and female parents with their chil dren, and everyone was happy, Lit Doc hands out treats to the trick or treaters at the Buzz Learning Lab. especially the children." Lil Doc said he has other ventures he's planned where the area youth will get involved, and all he asks is for the community to pitch in and do their part. "It will take all of us to make a difference in the lives of the children," said Lil Doc. "I'm happy to have people working with me who share my passion for making a differ ence, and all I can say is for Tampa to keep their eyes and ears open, because some great things are coming down." Lil Doc said he wants to thank "I t's All About Kids" Executive Director, Wanda Dela Rosa, and her entire staff for their dedication. 505 East Jackson St. Suite #303 Barrister's Building Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 387-7724 BANKRUPTCY Stop Foreclosure & Credlt.Ws Harassment REAL ESTATE LAW FAMILY LAW LAW OFFICE OF PATRICIA DAWSON, Criminal Defense, Family Law & Personal Injury Cypress Point Oflite Park 10014 N. Dale Mabry .Hwy, Suite 101 Tampa, F1orida 33618 (813) 386-5730 Fonner Hil lsborough Cotmty Prosecutor-DepuTy Chief ism ... dtcision ibllt shoold not be bll.'lod FREE wri1tt:n infOOllllion P.A. Arrested and Concerned About Your Legal Rights? Call Tanya Dugree (813) 418-5253 Payment Plans Avallable Wlth NO CREDIT CHECK PrOceedings, Sealing, Criminal Records and 1207 N. FrukHn St., Suite 214, Tampa, FL 33602 wwwAReasonableDoobt..oom


Features :!! Organizations Unite For AIDS Awareness BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter To mark the 2012 World AIDS Day, Clear Vue Enter tainment and Agency in asso ciation with Positive Runway, will be hosting a day of pam pering and education to raise HIV I AIDS awareness. To secure a place on the events, girls aged between 13 and 19 years old are requested to submit a 100 word essay, ti tled: How HIV /AIDS Has M fected My Generation. The deadJine for the essays is mid night November 16th via email to clearvueent@gmail com. Of the essays submitted, 10 will be selected as finalists Patricia McClendon, CEO of Clear Vue Entertain ment and Agency, said this is another way for awareness to be established. "In our accelerated efforts to stop the spread of HIV I AIDS, we utilize creative ways to help our young gener ation deal with issues that im pact negatively on their lives and to work towards an AIDS free generation." Clear Vue Entertainment and Agency are the authorized representatives of Positive Runway: Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread, a worldwide HIV I AIDS response cam paign that aims to bridge the gap in the global efforts to stop the spread of HIV I AIDS by speaking the same lan guage as today's young generFYI JUSTINA MUTALE ation in order to get the mes sage across. "In response to the Wash ington, D.C. declaration "Turn the Tide Together," Positive Runway and its part ners worldwide are organizing different events involving young people aimed at walk ing the virus out of our globe," said Justina Mutale, founder of Positive Runway. For more information, call (813) 385-2158. Free Thanksgiving Dinner For Those In Need No matter how bad the economy gets and how many people are unemployed and homeless, you will always find a small group of people willing to give what they have to help others. One ofthose groups are the Youngblood family, James, Sheilah, and Simone. Representing "Our Sister, Our Friends," an organization of faith and outreach, the trio will be serving free turkey dinners on November 18th at the Ragan Park Community Center, 1200 East Lake Avenue. Calling it a "Thanksg iving Buffet," the Youngbloods are welcoming any and all, young and old, homeless or not, to come out and enjoy a day of fellowship and a free dinner. "We will have a bouncy house, pony rides, face painting, and other events going on, said Mrs. Youngblood. "There will be representatives from the Fire and Police De partments, as well as some elected officials." Mrs. Youngblood said please allow them to treat you to a full dinner with all the trimmings. "We are excited to share our blessing with the community, so please come out and bring all you know." f,cl1.c.w lJ4.......... www.twitter.com/ FLSENT INEL B \.!5 Familv Seeks To Create < Awareness About Disease That m Claimed Their loved One BY LEON B. CREWS Sentinel StaffWriter Anyone who knew Deborah McNairCalhoun, knew she was a dedicated servant when it came to children and Hillsborough County's Head Start/Early Head Start pro gram. Almost immediately after graduating from high school in 1971, Ms. Calhoun was com mitted to the children of Hillsborough County, often spending her own money to make sure none of them was left out on the holidays. On January 27, 2012, Ms. Calhoun passed away unexpectedly. Later, it was deter mined she died from a disease known as Sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is a disease that affects many organs of the body, with the lungs being the most common target. The eyes, skin, and lymph glands are also involved. DEBORAH MCNAIR-CALHOUN Mrs. McNair. Now that we know what took her away from us, we want more people to know about the disease. It's mysterious and not talked Sarcoidosis can affect the liver spleen, brain, nerves, heart, bones muscles, and joints, and can also cause symptoms such as fever, weight loss, night sweats, and fatigue. The cause of the disease is unknown. about at all among African Americans. "T1 r Death from Sarcoidosis is rare, accord 0 Ms. Calhoun's mother, Mrs. Ruth McNair, and Ms. Calhoun's sisters, Ann and Linda Patrice, want to create awareness to the disease, and want to empower communi ties through outreach and education. ing to doctors, and usually occurs in patients :!:! with the progressive form of the disease and usually does not occur for at least ten to thirty en years following diagnosis. Mrs. McNair is asking everyone to check ::::! on Janine's Sarcoidosis Outreach Foundation z and Support Group to learn more about the J!! disease and to help create awareness. OJ "We still are mourning Deborah's pass ing, because it came so unexpectedly," said The support group can be reached at (832) 248-6621. Great linus And Queens 01 Africa The collection of artwork featuring African leaders and rulers has returned for public viewing at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Valued at more than $1 million, "The Great Kings and Queens of Africa collection of paintings was commissioned by Anheuser-Busch in 1975. The company has donated the entire collection to the UNCF, which will distribute pieces to 6 UNCF member colleges and universities. JAY Pn'lNY DI!SielHs Al.oJTA S"r1.ln Ill' S1'VH MULTJMIQIA. IIY'Htcrot4 MS. CYNTHJA 0. DlrrOH BUUoUO Wll.O WlNOa-llaANDON $QIIAU 1 BUIIoOUS a ...... Goi.D a DIAMOND S0U.C. Hu:.uaoaouoH COUNTY NMCP PIAN Youa MAONOUA IIWNT IU$. nN'rA JOANfOH Wli.UAMS DOOR PRIZES AND DONATIONS "-"'lnii"S llEv. EAal. a. MASON IIA.IUI.Y UNJVUI.SITY MilS. SUS MCAilntUil Dll. RK::tiAilD BaiKOII a MN. hA.Nels AI.EXANDR fl.OIU.DA M'EMOalAI. HaNIIlY UWlS Mtati'S CAR fi.OIUDA SIINTtNIL ML &.-. ltlnAU. Dll. tmrn:l'. haDIIItKtC SPJUNQRII.D COU.tql TAMPA Mil. MAUIUCil JA.CQON VISION 01' HANoloHY bt1Cht --. .._.--. HART HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY BRANCH NAACP P.O. Box 4166 Tampa, Florida 33677 (813) 134-8683 or (813) 419-7496 WWW.HILLSBOROUGHNAACP.ORG ::::! z "'0 c: OJ r u; :::z:: m c m < m -4 c: m en c )> z c :!! c


f>irthda Greetin s Happy 3rd And 4th Binhday c a: LL c z <( c f/) w :J t-> 0: w > w c w J: f/) ::J m :J a. z t= w ..J ..J :J m AMARI ON And AMAHD I hope that the innocent smile on your faces never fades away. You guys are absolute sweethearts. Happy Binhday 'PIP' Birthday wishes to my big brother. Keep your head up. Love, your family Happy Binhday STEIN Happy birthday, Stein. Love always, Candace. Walk-ins Welcome N. 34th Street ... 288 AMAHDAnd AMARI ON Wishing Amarion and Am8hd a very happy birthday. May God bless you guys to see many more. Love always and forever, Mommie (Nuke) and Daddy (T.O.). Happy Binhday JAMES And PENNY LEYSATH Happy birthday to my beau tiful wife, Penny Leysath, Nov. 9th. Happy Binhday DRICKA 11/9/1996 Happy sweet 16th", Fat Gurl!! May you be blessed with many more!! Love, mommy, daddy and Jayden. .Happy Binhday JESSICA And DAD Happy birthday, Jessica. From, your dad, Mickey Wingo. I'm so proud of all your hard work and determination and look forward to sharing in your future endeavors and success. MICKEY WINGO Love you Morer, with happiness and success. Mickey Wingo. 2218-34TH ST. SOUTH ST. PDE, FL 727-623-9875


PAM, COOKIE, KEKE, TURY, POOH, JESSICA And AREY Happ y birthday, "P-dub." May God bless you to see many more Hurry home so we can party lil

ar a: w m ::E w z Sunivinu The Shipwrecks Life is full of challenges. Some of these challenges can be foreseen and others occur at a moment's notice. It is not a matter of if a situation occurs, but when. Every be liever must have a plan to deal with unexpected occur rences. This week's lesson from Acts 27:1, 2, 33-44 tells of the events to which Paul and hundreds of others being shipwrecked. It tells us why they were on a ship, how they prepared for the dan ger, and how they survived. These are lessons that can make a difference in your last week's lesson, Paul is now being sent to be tried befor:e Ceasar. Paul's jour ney was to continue to Italy. The appointed day for his departure had come (vs. 1). There is a designated date for you to set out for each leg or phase of your life s jour ney. liff;. Q As a continuation from In verses not a part of this lesson, Paul being a pris oner, warned them of the danger that is to come. Upon hearing this message the people stopped eating as a result of worrying. Verse 33 tells that Paul instructed them to eat something be cause they had not eaten for fourteen days because they a: &L. Q z c( Q U) w ;::) ... w > w Q w ::z: U) :J m ;::) 11. z i= w ..J ..J ;::) m ..J w z i= z w U) a: 0 ..J &L. SERVICE TIMES Sunday School 10 A. M. Mom ing Service 1 1 :30 A. M E vening Service-7:30P.M Bible Studv Tuesday Evening Bible Band -7:30 P. M l11ursday Evening -YP\IVVI/ 7:30 P. M 1st And 3rd Friday Eveni ng Women' s Outreach Ministry 7:30 P. M MOUNT PLEASANT M. B. CHURCH 2002 N. Rome Avenue (Corner of Rome Ave. and Spruce St.) P.O. Box 4724 Tampa Dr C.' T.KIItdand, Pastor Tel: (813) 253-5714 *Fax (813) 254-1441 E-mail: MtPieasantMB@aol.com Devotion By Mt. Pleasant Praise Team EARLY MORNING WORSHIP AT 7:45A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL* 9:30A.M ..--MORNING WORSIIP 11 A. M. 1ST SUNDAYS 5 PMFamily Series Hour (B.T.U.) 6 PM-L.ord's (Comrnl.l'lion) TUESDAYS 6 PM Prayer Service 7 PM General Bible Study 7 PM Youth Bille Study TAPE MINISTRY Order On Une At Web Site Or Call Church WEB SITE: MtPieasantMBChurch.org 1-..u.., J.., I n lc-..11-.. I I altt were stressed and worried about the news they re ceived. Upon hearing of troubling news some people get in this place; they lose their ap petites and stop eating. Some will say that they can not think about food or eat ing during a crisis situation. Others find comfort in eat ing. Imagine the effects on the spirit when a person stops eating the Word be cause he/she received dis turbing news. Paul makes the point that it is necessary to eat because they will need their strength to endl.\re what is to come (vs. 34). Food gives your body the fuel and the energy it needs to be active and able to perform daily tasks. The Word of God, food for your soul, is necessary to give your spirit needed fuel to spiritually be able to do what is necessary. In any event you must not stop eating because you are Sunday School-9:45a.m. Morning Worship 11 a m. Evening Worship-5 p.m Prayer Meeting Tuesday 7:30 p .m. Visitors Are Welcome! &RACE liMY .SSIOIIIRY BIPI1ST CHURCH 3901 N 37th St 248-3n9 B.la 1'IIDMAS L IEED Pastor Early Morning Worship -8 A.M. Sunday School 9 : 30 A .M. Morning Worship 10 : 50 A M Bible Study Wed. -7 P .M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED worried about a future event. If God really wants to de stroy you He would not warn you of a forthcoming event. God tells you so you can make the necessary adjust ments to ensure your safety and prevent death. After they ate bread to gether, they were all glad; and they began to eat meat (vs. 36). They ate until they were full, then they threw the remaining food over board to lighten the ship (vs. 38). They got rid of everything that was no longer necessary to help pre serve their life. They were exercising their faith and trust in God that He would take care of them. Their pre vious fasting was out of stress and worrying; going without food now is out of trusting God for deliverance. Their journey ended with the ship running aground and being broken into pieces (vs. 41). Two forces worked together to cause the deIIPTISI' -e 12111. ........ (111) !!8-1191 struction of the ship: the sand (which held the ship) and the waves (that beat against it). In your life you will encounter sand that gets you stuck and waves that will crash against you causing destruction. The soldiers wanted to kill all the prisoners to keep them from escaping (vs. 42), but a centurion soldier spared their lives (vs. 43). To survive some swam (vs. 43), some held on to boards, and some onto broken pieces (vs. 44). When in your life you experience something catastrophic, grab hold to the broken pieces. That bro ken piece is able to help you float and stay alive. Grab hold of some of the remains of your life to give you a rea son to live. You may not have the whole ship, but you can make it on the broken pieceS. In many instances how you get there is not as important as just getting there! ....... 1!15UI. llfllltWtnM--Pmtr lerwlet, TIIS*Y-"-" .... .. tbiV.fiiiiiiJ.___-..; a11 Sll .. TltS.Q .. ,w ... w ... w ........ w J .... ...... .... .... BROWN MEMORIAL CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 2313 E. 27th AVE. (813) 248 (813) 2416902 WEEKLY WORSHIP SCHEDULE Sunday School ..... 9:30A.M. Sunday Morning Worship ... 11 A.M. Sunday Evening Worship ... .7:30P.M. Morning Prayer (Tuesday .. Friday) .... 9 A.M. Wednesday Night Worship ..... 7:30P.M. BISHOP MAmEW WILLIAMS P'astor "A Cllurch .._1118 Love Of God Flows And 1118 Holy m.t II In Full CollbDI." J ....,, ,...., 1-... I ',, 1 -..u.., I" I clu


r rogress Village News a of men? Johnson, James Church News November Birthday Celebrants Happy birthday to all the November celebrants includ ing: Michael Pascoe, Luella Collins, Lydia McNeal, Julia Roberts, Rose Dupree, Judy Williams, Jessie Gadson, Larry. Roberts, Barbara Hammond, Aritha Scott, Ted McNair, Bridget McNair Lockhart, Roosevelt" Jay" Moore (mem.), Sha-Ron Curtis Anthony and Shan non "Shay-Shay" Anthony. Wishes for a happy birth day go out to Mrs. Evelyn Mobley, November 2nd was"' her natal day. May the ., Lord bless you with many, many more birthdays and we wish you a speedy recovery, get well soon we miss you! Sick And Shut-Ins Pray for everyone, not only the sick and shut ins: Alfonso Lee, Ralph Williams, Marie Benson, Phyllis Akes, the Rogers family, Shirley Coles, Evelyn Mobley, Carol Pierce, Ar lean Evans, Marjorie Guest, Mary Monts, Elizabeth Bethea, Perethia King, Lena Daniels, James Green, Joe Williams, Elaine Hickman, Cora Monroe and John L Dixon, Sr. Pra>:er Request The following persons are asking for special prayer re quests: Johnson and Speeds' father, Walter Lee Williams' father and mother, Richardson's mother, Eunice Richardson and Joseph Harris. Condolences Condolences are extended to the entire Saffore family due to the passing of their loved one, Mr. Waymon Saffore. He will be sorely missed by those who knew him. Our deepest sympathy is extended to John L. Dixon and L1Yean Bailey and their families due to the passing of their grandson, Derrick Dixon. May each of you seek the Lord for comfort, guidance and strength during this time of bereavement. Congratulations Our congratulations are ex tended to Jaydin Hughey for induction into the National Elementary Honor Society at Philip Shore Elementary School. Good luck!! The 29th Street Church Of Christ, Brother Perry Johnson, Minister and con gregation, extend happy birth daywishes to theirmembers: Tatiana Manuel, Evett Speed, -Mariana Barnum and Fetricia Davis. My Brothers 2 Keep Prison Ministry Please write to MY2K Min istry, P.O. Box 89174, Tampa, FL, 33689-0402 for free Bibles and cards for Florida inmates. 'I Think. I Am' I am I think; I think I am and therefore I exist, but am I what I think I am; or some thing more than this? The world I know, I think to be exists as I believe? Or is there more than what I know? Than my senses can perceive. What can I know about this world, what truths lie at its end? Is that which knows the final truth within the realms But this I know, I do not know the final answers sought < and even though I do not know at least I had the aJ thought. Poem sent to this ministry to share with community from Willie Bivens (one of our incarcerated sons). Scripture (1 Cor. 3:10) "By the grace God has given me I laid a foundation as an expert builder and someone else is building on it, but each one should be careful how he builds." Thought For Today "If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." F.Y.I. Please keep President Barack Obama and this na tion in prayer. Call your news from sur rounding areas into Gloria McNair-Johnson at 813380-0341. 0 -"TT ..... 0 ::!! g CHURCH DIRECTORY (/) m z :j z m ..... Ill c: ..... ..... ST I JOHN CATHEDRAL 3401 E. 25th Avenue,Tafllla, FL (Comer Of34th St & 25th Ave. ) Phone: (813) 248-3737 Or (813) 24&-3651 Fax: 242-8076 Careline: 24&-HELP ._ EddllleziM, Sr. Pastor WEEKLY WORSH SCIIEDIIE 5ulldlr. 8:00 A. M. SPiriual EnOOhment 9:45 A.M. SUnday School/ OrierUtion 10:45 Worship Service (Youth Churd12nd And 3rd Sllldays) 12:00 Noon Prayer wiBible Study W.-...,: 5:30 P. M. Free Tutorial 6:45P. M Adult&Youth Mid Week Service Email Us At: stjministries@aol.com Mission Statement: A Clturch of the inner city reachingout to the community by minibtering to the whole man. Ministry: OOAH COMMUNITY, It-e./ l-OUSE OF LYDIA Weekly Activities Ctud1 SdlOOI 9:30A.M MorrW1g Vnhip 10 : 45 A.M 8tie 0&98 4:30 P M Ewning Vnhhp 5 P M Wect1eeday Pra)W Meeting 7 P.M 8tie study 7 :30 P .EW liT. U. M. B.. CHURCH,-. rw. ............. Or. Ill. WALTIII J. WIJ.IAMS Putor Emeritus Early Morning Worship 7 :55AM. Sunday Morning Worship 9 :3() Mom.ing Worship 10 : 55 A. M Wed., FamilY P M .J.\l\lES :\.l\l.E. Cllt:RCIJ OF l'ROCRESS \'1 1.1..\CE, 1:\C. saoa 86th Street South Tampa, F'lo:rlda 33619 (813) Service 7:30A.M. Church School -8:45 A. M. Morning Worship Service 10:15A. M. FIRST BAP1IS1' CIIUilCit CJ= PROGRESS VI L .. Progres1S BIYct, Tllllp8, FL 33619 "ChurCh Oftioe: (813) 677 *Pastor's Ol'fice : (813) 872-0389 Acedemy omoe: (813) 877-5988 Fax : (813) 672-0514 E-Md : ................. s.ntor T Melling Paator A41100hildran Worship Tmes 7:30A.M. a 10:55 A.M. Morning Worship 11:00 A M YPWW6 :00P. M Evening Worship 7 :00P. M !!l z (! m ..... c;; % m c m < m .... c: m (/) c ,. z c "TT ::!! c TUESDAY & FRIDAY Evening Service C) 7 :00P. M m ..... I Ill


en a: w Minister Isaac RuDin Celebrates 50th Birthdav, 40th Year In Music m Minister Isaac Ruffin was the guest of honor recently when he was recognized for his soth birthday and 40th year of music ministry > A celebration on October 19th was held at First Baptist Church of 0 Progress Village and the following afternoon at Mt. Calvary Seventh Z Day Adventist Church Invited guests were Mt. Zion Progressive M. B. Church Choir 0 of St Petersburg ; Steffon Vann, Paula Stevens, Davell Taylor, a: Natasha Williams, .Dr. Ralph Bennett, Copeland Family u. Singers, Gospel Music Workshop Of America, Tampa Chap ter; R. Anthony, Janice Nunn Nelson, Dana Mackey and many many more. (Photos by Julia Jackson) c a: Mr. and Mrs. Isaac (Stacey) Ruffin enjoy the program at Mt. Calvary SDA Church. z c( c en w :::1 .... > a: w > w c w J: en :J m :::1 a.. z t= w _, _, :::1 m _, w z t= z w en c( c a: 0 _, u. FIVE DAYS TO RESPOND PreNnted By Thureday Comin g In December 745 Inviting Fugitive Guest Star Wednesday The Eagle, Owner Of A ll The Land Am I My Brothel' a Keeper? 1012 Talking about GOD and His SON JESUS CHRIST: can you MY for tU,..100% tlult you knoW GOO and Hit Son JESUS CHRIST the nme you know your mother and hlltler? How often do you P4'*Y or ....c:t the Bible? How meny hoW's of the dly do you olw to GOO out of the 24-hour dey? Do you love GOO and Hie Son, JESUS CHRIST with all you '-11 Do you know the-*" of tee? Do you knoW tNit Hell II,... and HMwn II also ....rl Do you knoW ttMit .... the church and not the building? Do you know ttMit ctM.Irc:'-.... big Wll you luve yow u1va1t1on In the hllnd of your putor or print? C.n your putor or priHt get you Into 1he kingdom of GOD? Will you forOIW yow brottler hit .....,.._ 10 tlmM n Do you loYe your neighbor a youi'MII? I 8111 )u8t w.ming up. I have mo... to tell you ebout QOO, JESUS and the CHURCH. Thllnkt for your time Minister Ruffin with Alberta Jackson who sang the first song he wrote since being in Tampa. Comedian Steffon Vann was one of the guest entertainers. 26 Years Of Service Feed Our Children Minisbies, Inc. P.O. Box 290415 Tampa, R. 33687 (813) 784-1021 FeedOUrChildren.org Steve Marshall and Janice Nunn Nelson were the program coor dinators. Theses seasoned Ministers of Music are: Evelyna Richardson, Geraldine Nunn and Elvira Pinder. Reverend and Mrs. Angelo Jerald were among the guests to honor Minister Ruffin. Fran Price was one of the guests in attendance. I I .... ....... I .f/!1 I ''' .,_ .. ... ; ...... .. .. .. .. i .ill ....... -. ., I .. .1;. Dr. Jeffery Johnson of the 34th Street Church of God gave comments during the service. Genesis Worship Center November ft. 2012 00 4prn Tflt. Peace Pfwresalve Ml Tabor B. (fiJI'Ch 8. Backftrd-Braughton Sis. Braughtan-Green Braughtan-Brawn um mb'S 111 E 2711 E. 18th Avenue. Tampa, FL 33BOS


Altamese Comer Celebrates Her BOth Birthdav ; Family and friends joined Mrs. Altamese Comer recently in the dining hall of the 34th Street Church of God to celebrate her 8oth birthday (Photos by Sylvester Harris) Honoree Altamese Comer (3rd from left) with her family, Melvin Nelson, Sr., Sandra Carleston, Beverly Mosley, Carl Nelson, Sr., and Walter Comer, husband, seated. Niece and sister of honoree, Grandson, Melvin Nelson, Jr., did a popping dance for his grandEvelyn McFadden and Ira Mae mother's birthday dinner. Ellison: Rena Phyllis and Jackie B. were guests at the party. You're invited to ... A Welcome Service for --------------------------------------------aue'ttemple GREEN F ILY m 3: llJ m ll 1\) 0 ...... 1\) r 0 c )> en m z ::! z m r llJ c: r r z ., c: llJ r c;; :::t m c m < m -t c: m en c )> z. c C) m co I llJ


c a: u.. c z < c en w :::) 1w > w c w :I: en :::i m :::) D.. z t= w ...1 ...1 :::) m ..:. w z t= z w en ( a: 0 ...1 u.. m 0 .... w a.; GREAT LOW PRICES GetS Lbs. of Eaab of the Following 5 LB. lag Quarters 5 LB. CUt Cltiduln 6 LB. Drumstlc*s & LB. 'lntay Wings 1 Dozen Eggs FREE II II 11 1 Gallon II Fruit Punch With Plnhase of II With Purchase of $30.00ormore 11 $30.00cwmore ........... FIIIIIJPIIM. 11 ... Vdd .... ......., ...... MEATLAND WAREHOUSE 813-238-2089 BEEF OXTAILS II MEATLAND WAREHOUSE 813-238-2089 GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICESI TAMPA'S ONLY. MEAT WAREHOUSE SPECIALS lilY BY liE BOX BACK 11LIPIA CUT SA VIliS SPIRE RSH Warn .. -FlUS -10LB.BOX 2LB.BOX PERBM ...... & carrect prtcllg ..... 1-1/4 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. nutmeg 1/8 tsp. ginger 1/4 tsp. ground cinnamon 3/4 tsp. ground allspice 3/4 tsp. dried thyme 1/4 tsp. ground red pepper 6 lbs. skinless chicken 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil 1 can black beans, drained, rinsed 1large sweet potato, peeled, cubed 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup lime juice 2 tsp. cornstarch 2 Tbsp. sliced green onions DIRECfiONS: Heat oven to 375F. Spray 8" square baking dish with cooking spray. In a bowl, mix salt, nutmeg spice, all spice, thyme and red pepper. Rub mixture on all sides of chicken. In 12" nonstick skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat Cook chicken in oil 2 to 3 minutes per side, until brown. In baking dish, layer beans and sweet potato. Top with browned chicken. In a bowl, mix honey, lime juice and corn starch; add to skillet. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly. Pour over chicken in baking dish Bake 35 to 45 minutes or until juice of chicken is clear when center of thickest part is cut (180F) and sweet potatoes are fork tender. Sprinkle with green onions. CASSEROLE 1 Tbsp. olive oil 1-1{4lb. ground turkey 1 cup thick 'n chunky salsa 2 Tbsp. all-purpose flour 2 cans each cream style corn, undrained and black beans, drained, 1 Tbsp. chili powder 2 tsp. ground cumin 1{2 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. pepper TOPPING 1 box cornbread mix 1/3 cup milk 2 Tbsp. butter melted 1egg DIRECTIONS: Heat oven to 450F. Spray 13x9-inch (3quart) glass baking dish with cooking spray. In 4-quart Dutch oven, heat oil over medium-high heat. Cook turkey in oil 4 to 6 minutes, stirring frequently, until no longer pink. Stir in salsa and flour. Cook 2 to 3 minutes, stirring constantly, until slightly thickened. Stir in remaining casserole ingredients. Heat to boiling Spread turkey mixture in baking dish. In medium bowl, stir all topping ingredients just until mois tened (batter will be lumpy). Pour topping over turkey mixture ; gently spread to sides of baking dish. Bake 12 to 15 minutes or until topping is golden brown


:D a ehsess 0-'Dsflf etSssrotfl 1lut&Io ehtek6D md i>oUtees z 1-1j2lb. lean (at least So%) ground beef 1 package sliced mushrooms 1 tsp. salt tsp. pepper 8 slices provolone cheese 2 Tbsp. butter or margarine 2 onions, cut into wedges 2 red bell peppers, cut into strips 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped DIRECI'IONS: Heat oven to 350F. Spray 13x9-inch (3-quart) baking dish with cooking spray. In 12-inch skillet, cook beef, mushrooms, salt and pepper over medium high heat 7 to 9 minutes, stirring frequently, until beef is thoroughly cooked; drain. Place in baking dish. Arrange cheese over beef mixture, over lapping slices if needed. In same skillet, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add onions and bell peppers. Cook over medium-high heat 3 to 5 minutes, stirring frequently, until peppers are crisp-tender. Stir in garlic; cook 1 to 2 minutes longer. Spoon over cheese in baking dish. Separate dough into 8 biscuits. On lightly floured surface, pat biscuits into s-inch circles. Arrange biscuits over vegetable mixture. Bake 35 to 40 minutes or until biscuits are golden brown on top. 1-t/ 4lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch strips t/3 cup buffalo wing sauce 6 cups frozen (thawed) southern-style hash browns potatoes 1 cup ranch or blue cheese dressing t/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese (2 oz) 1 can (to oz) condensed cream of celery soup t/2 cup corn_tlake crumbs 2 Tbsp. butter or margarine, melted t/ 4 cup chopped green onions (3 to 4 medium) DIRECI'IONS: Heat oven to 350F. Spray 13X9-inch (3-quart) baking dish with cooking spray. In medium bowl, stir together chicken strips and wing sauce. In large bowl, stir together potatoes, dressing, cheese and soup. Spoon into baking dish. Place chicken strips in single layer over potato mixture. In small bowl, stir together crumbs and butter. Sprinkle in baking dish. Cover with foil. Bake 30 minutes; uncover and bake 20 to 25 minutes longer or until potatoes are tender and juice of chicken is no longer pink when centers of thickest pieces are cut. Sprinkle with green onions. m aJ m ::D Y' N c ..... N ., r-0 ::D en m z m r-aJ c r r-gJ z "U c aJ r-u; :I: m c m < m c m en c ,.. z c ., c ..... ..... I aJ


c a: IL. c z < c (/) w :::) t-it w > w c w :c (/) :::i ID :::) D. z i= w ...J ...J :::) ID ...J w z i= z w (/) < c a: 0 ...J IL. One Step Awav "Functioning in your set place is the key to a fulfilled life." Bishop I. V. Hilliard Empowered greetings. You are one step away from m:oving into your set place a place that has been designed for you to fill and be lllcbn,rnturh Ave. Tampa Fl 33610 813-37 4-9026 Open Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM w. can Bind Coftt'llp lmmediltefy t.ow Down Payments t.ow Plrym4mts fulfilled Don't let anything come to -rob you of your future be cause you are onl y one step away from experiencing the optimum conditions that God has planned for your life. You re just one step away from a simple solution to all the difficult challenges you've been facing. You're just one step away from your faith allowing you to stand steadfast when dis couragement comes to crip ple you with its grip. Walk in an unwavering fortitude of faith that says "I will not be moved from my set place." You cannot be moved be cause you are only one step away from your break through. You cannot be moved be cause you are only one step away from possessing your promise. You cannot be moved be cause you are only one step away from your overflow. No matter what comes to stop you, don't draw back be cause you are only one step away from victory. Connect with me by: Email: theQ:ueenofsuccess-@yahoo.com Follow her on twitter @queenofsuccesst Facebook: Selphenia Nichols. Call or text 813-956-ot85. FreeFaodJ whole Turkey per family with children register at www.FeedOurChi Date Tuesday, ovembe 13,2012' lime 3t00Dm -I:OOtlm Place: MLK RIGftltiHJ Cllltlr Madia Luther Kin& Junior BouiCNifd MOLINK iiiHEALTHCARE Are The Words 01 OniV One Witness or One Conftdendallnlormant Enough To Convict Someoneil As for a witness's motive to lie, two of the most common is sues that arise are: is a witness being paid to testify and does the witness expect anything in exchange for his testimony? Confidential informants are routinely and legally paid money for their time spent on a case, however, common sense tells us that money can dramat ically influence a person's moti vations. Many confidential informants are people who have been arrested and are awaiting sentencing. Prosecutors will never promise a confidential inform ant a specific sentence reduc tion in exchange for their testimony because they don't want to be seen as encouraging people to lie. However, anyone commonly involved in the crim inal justice system knows that sentence reductions are given almost as a matter of course to confidential informants or other witnesses awaiting sen tencing after they testify as a government witness. Regardless of whether the witness is being paid or await ing sentencing, the judge will instruct the jury that these two factors can be taken into con sideration when deciding if the witness is telling the truth. Take for example the federal case of USA v. Diego Vazquez, a drug conspiracy case out of the Orlando division of the United States Middle District of Florida. At trial two main wit nesses were testifying for the government: one was a confi dential informant who had been paid $23,000 and the other was a witness who was awaiting sentencing. During cross examination, prior statements by both wit nesses were uncovered and proved that they had originally made statements to the police that were dramatically different than their trial testimQny Also, both witnesses had significant motives to be untruthful: one had been paid $23,000 and the other one expected to either not be charged at the federal level or receive a sentence reduction if charged. Despite the nearly three hours of testimony by both witnesses, the jury appar ently followed the instructions of the judge by not believing these two witnesses and found Mr. Vazquez not guilty. The key to all of this is mak ing sure that your attorney uses these critical factors to your benefit. This is a risky strategy because people are found guilty based upon the word of only one witness if the jury believes that one witness. However, suc cess will rest upon your attor ney uncovering inconsistent statements and motives to lie and then effectively connecting the dots for the jury. Trust me, the prosecutors will not go out of their way to highlight the weaknesses of their case. Criminal defense attorney Tim Bower Rodriguez is a former Miami prosecutor, and handles exclusively federal and select state criminal defense tri als, appeals and post-conviction relief matters. Abogado Bower Rodriguez habla es paiiol. Bower Rodriguez, PA, in vites your criminal law questions by submitting an online inquiry on their website at www.bower rodriguez.com or contacting Bower Rodriguez, PA at 511 W. Bay St. #330, Tampa, FL 336o6 (813-384-7555). AcQIPt All Major Credit ATM and Debit S.. Jay For Hook Uplll


Brandon Golden Corral 815 Providence Rd. Nov. 15, 29 at 11:30 am & 2:30pm Nov. 23 at 10:00 am & 1 :00 pm Plant City Buddy Freddys 1101 Goldfinch Dr. Nov. 14, 28 at 1:30pm Seffner Country Inn and Suites 11551 Discovery Lane Nov. 8, 19 at 11:30 am & 2:30pm Tampa Golden Corral 6942 Hillsborough Ave. W. Nov. 9 at 11:30 am Nov. 16, 30 at 2:30pm Red Lobster 2625 East Busch Blvd. Nov. 10, 17, 24 at 11:30 am Tampa Buffet 3904 Sou1h Dale Mabry Blvd. Nov. 13 at 2:30pm Plus .. Savings from $15 to $50 Every Month in OTC Health Care Items based on plan selection (2)(3J Tampa cont. Piccadilly 11810 North Dale Mabry Blvd. Nov. 21 at 11:30 am Temple Terrace Golden Corral 11801 North_56th St. Nov. 20 at 11 :30 am Nov. 27 at 2:30 pm Sun City Center Dennys 3747 Sun City Center Blvd. Nov. 12, 19, 26 at 11:00 am Nov. 10, 17, 24 at 2 :00pm October 1, 2012 to Febuly 14, 2013, 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call Now 1-866-781-8755 rrvrroo 1-800-955-8771 February 15, 2013 30, 2013, Monday throogh Frktay, 8 am. to 8 p.m. October 1, 2013to December31, 2013,7 days a week, Sam. to8 p.m .. TIMUM HealthCare, Inc. www.youroptimumhealthcare.com Trust Attend one of our events and receive a $10 Gift card with no obligation toenroll. c: m ,... iii ::1: m c m < m ::::c -< -4 c: m en c ,.. z c "TT ::::c c Optimum HealthCare is a COordinated care plan wi1h a Medicare contract and a contract wi1h the Florida Medicaid program. Optimum HeathCare plans available are HMO-POS, HMO-SNP, HMO POS-SNP. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete desaiption ofbenefi1s. Benefits, fonnulary, pharmacy network, premium and/or co-payments/ co-insurooce may change on January 1 of each year. Premit.ms, co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles may vary based on the level of Extra Help you receive. Please contact the plar,t for further details. This plan is availcmle to anyone who has both Medical Assist3lce from the State and Medicare. (1) You must contilue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. (2) Umitmls, copays and restrictions may apply. (3) Amount varies by plan and county. (jHeallh PIM Customer Service domain groups simila' measures and the domain is assigned a star rating. Each measure sta: ratilg within a domain may vary. This domain consists of the following 4 measures: C34-Pioo makes timely decisions about Appeals; C35-Reviewing Appeals Decisions; C36-Cal Center-Foreign Language Interpretation and TIY!TDO Availability; C37 -Enrolment Timeiness. (j k.cordilg to the 2012 Medica'e Consumer Assessment of Heathcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) Survey, Optimlm HealthCare was rated "Excetlenr by plan members for Member's Overal Ratilg of Drug Coverage. Plans perfonnance star rating are assessed each year and may chqe from one year to the next A sales person wil be present with C) inbmation and applications (enrolment begils OCT. 15th); For accommodations of persons will special needs at sales meetings call1-866-245-5360. TIYITDD 1-8Q0.955.8771.This information is m available for free in other lquages Pleasecontact

Health o; a: w m ::E w z a: u.. c a: u.. Confidence Begins With A Beautiful Smile! Friendly Personal care Most Insurance Plans Accepted Zero Down Payment Plans Available Flexible and Affordable Monthly Payments Family Discounts BRACES FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN C AHOEL1.A TOIIINSON, Z GAIL C .IIICDONALJ), OC., c( wal<-tls & Ides Welocme Most hua'loeAcceP&d .Senia" CJti:zl!n Oisc:tults c en w ... fi: w > w c w ::1: en :::i m ::J D.. z Iii ..J ..J ::J m I ..J w z t= z w en C a: 0 ..J u.. m I o::t ..... Tampa (813) 209-0338 3911 N. Boulevard (1 Blk South Of W. Dr MLK Blvd. ) www tomltnsondentalcare.com Prevention & Education Extractions Crowns & Bridges Dentures Partials Root Canal Therapy Repair & Relines Gold Crown (ReaO Available "'Patient Relaxation -ctvonic lines$ Tl88tment Prmalf Care Spotts Pflysical8 Family Heallh -Pediamcs wGetiatfics Two Locations 701 W. MLK BLVD. SUITE 6 TAMPA, FL 33603 OFFICE: 813-238-3300 FAX: 813-238-3310 HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30 AM-5 PM 4941 E. BUSCH BLVD. SUITE 140 TAMPA, FL 33617 OFFICE: 813-985-2333 FAX : 813-989-8746 HOURS : MONDAYFRIDAY8AM-5 PM ACCEPTING: MEDICARE, HUMANA, UNITED HEAlTH AND MOST MAJOR CARRIERS, INCLUDING HEATHEASE, WELLCARE AND STAYWELL Is Your Slunmc-ant Other Mailing You FatP From your first kiss to your first time meeting each other's families, relation ships offer many exciting, and stressful, experiences. It can also be a stressful expe rience for your waistline as well. Researchers say that when people, particularly women, start a new relationship, they often adopt some of their partner's less-than-healthy behaviors. In addition they may cut back on workout time to spend more time with their new partner. Easy Steps To Avoid Relationship Weight Gain Stay Home More. Din ing out can be hard on both your wallet and your waist line. Save cash and some calories by eating at home. Be More Active To gether. Dates that involve more activity, such as danc ing, bowling, walking and skating, give you the opportunity to burn some calories and get to learn more abo_ut your loved one. Watch Your Portions. When you're going on a lot of dates, it's easy to get wrapped up in conversation and not notice how much you're eating. You might even order foods you nor mally wouldn't eat, such as heavy appetizers or decadent desserts. When you're out, be sure to put your fork down be tween bites, order healthy foods whenever possible, and remember to listen to your hunger signals. Drink Smart. Dating seems to revolve around food and drink. Meeting for cap puccinos and cocktails can make it very easy to consume hundreds of calories without even realizing it. So be mindful of what you eat and drink. Limit yourself to one or two alcoholic drinks, or go for low-calorie non-alcoholic options such as sparkling water, black coffee, or unsweetened ice tea. Don't Forget To Take Care Of 'YOU.' It's very easy to want to spend every free minute with your part ner. But, as hard as it some times is, both of you still need "me" time. Go to the gym, go to an ex ercise class, go for a walk."A truly worthwhile partner will understand the importance of your health ... and realize that it will make the relation ship healthier, too. Faith Felder, M.D. Call for an appointment (813) 231-5107


Is BoWed water And canned Food Making You Fatil Go Ahead .. laugh A new study recently pub lished in the journal Environmental Health found that commonly-found toxins in plastics are linked to both general obesity and abdominal obesity. 4 If you use plastic wrap, plastic ziplock bags, plastic containers for food storage etc., check the label to see if the product is BPA-free or not. I'm sure and increases m some of you have heard that laughter is good for the soul. Well, guess what ... i t is good for something. a type of white 3: blood cell that helps fight inl:J fection. Known as Bisphenol A or BPA for short, these hor mone disruptors have been primarily found in plastic, including plastic food and beverage packaging. 5 If you use a microwave with your food (which by the way, microwaved food is thought to have negative health effects), then by all means, do not microwave the food in plastic contain ers as it can increase the leaching of chemicals in cluding BPA At the same time, endorp:) BPA can be found as a component of some types of plastic bottles, and also in the lining inside of canned foods. The major offenders to look for are polycarbonate bottles (some plastics With the #7 symbol on the bot tom are polycarbonate, but not all) and also canned foods, since the lining of most canned foods contains BPA, which cari leach into food. The longer that a can of food sits on a shelf and the higher the temperature, the more BP A can leach into your food. The same can be said for polycarbonate bottles that contain food or drinks. How To Avoid BPA? 1. Try to always avoid canned foods as much as possible and choose frozen or fresh foods instead : Buy the ingredients yourself and prepare the meal the old fashioned way instead of re sorting to canned foods. Also, a better alternative to canned foods is products in glass containers. 2. If you do resort to using canned foods instead of fresh foods, try to find la bels that say that the cans are free ofBPA. 3 If you need tomato products, always avoid canned varieties and search for tomato sauces, pastes, etc. in glass bottles, instead (unless the can specifically states that it is BPA-free). Or just make your own tomato dishes from scratch with fresh tomatoes. 6. If you drink bottled water or water from reusable plastic bottles, make sure that it is not a polycarbonate bottle, or make sure that the label says BPA-free. If a bottle shows "PC" on the bottom, it is made from polycarbonate, so it will contain BPA In addition, sometimes aluminum bottles will con tain a lining that has BP A, so avoid these. 7. Never use plastic cups for hot liquids, as this can accelerate leaching of BP A and other chemicals, de pending on the type of plas tic. The something that I'm referring to is your immune system. Laughter is an immune system It decreases levels of stress hormones phins and growth hormones are re leased when we laugh, which in actuality benefits your im mune system response. So, go ahead ... laugh it up to get dual benefits for both your health and your soul. SHEEHY ANKLE & FOOT CENTER OF TAMPA BAY NEW Laser AntiFungal Treatment Diabetic Foot care & Shoes Anti-Fungal Hall Polish Ankle Foot Pain Dr. Paul Lawrence Sheehy, Jr., MMidiM a SUrgery Of TM Foot a AM.Ie Corns, Bunions, Hammertoes PodlatflSt Most Insurance Accepted Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield State o f Florida, CIGNA, Trtcare, Humana, UnltedHealt hCare, Clwnpus Board Certified Diplomat, Academy Wound Management 812 W. Dr. MLK Blvd. Ste. 101 TamP' FL 33603 813-872-8939 I \VWw.TampaFoot Doctor. c o m Cal, James H. Adger 'licenled ... :r-I..PLUS .813-458-6218 NAME O F B E NEFICIARY .JANE DOE M E D ICARE C LAIM NUMBER SEX 000..00..0000-.A FEMALE I S ENTITLE D T O EFFECTIVE DATE HOSPITAL (PART A) MEDICAL (PART B) 08-01.-2012 H E A L T H C A R E SIGN HERE _______ .... _.._,.,_. __ ... (" ,_" r.'\ O:Sl"() have Medicare & Medicaid You are _.. .. ........ 1-855-431-1609 (TTY /TD D) 1-800-955-87_ 7 _9. _________ __ 7 days a week 8:00 a.m. 8 :00 p.m. Oct. 15th to Feb 14th Monday Friday 8:00 a m 8:00 p.m. Outside dates mentioned www.floridahealthcareplus.com "TT r-0 i! en m z -4 z m r-aJ c: rr m :::! z ., c: OJ r-(j) ::::1: m c m < m -4 c: m en c ,. z c "TT c A Health PWI with a Medk:are contract. The benefit Information prcwlded tw:r-en Is a brief not a comp ehensiw: descrfpeion ol benefit. For more lniormallon please

Salute To Veterans Shaw-NufTalk extends a salute to all Veterans who have served our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard. Thank you for the service that you have given to the families of the United States of Amer ica. May the Lord richly bless each of you. Let's remember to give thanks and props to our veterans not just on No vember nth, but everyday! Congratulations, Auburndale High School Art Students Shaw-NufTalk extends congratulations to Auburn C dale High School students fE Ashley Singletary and c Raul Guzman. These stu dents were given the mu seum purchase award and 0 the Polk County School CJ) Board's purchase award at the Polk Museum of Art. tTheir artwork is being dis played as a part of the Pho w tography and Digital Art, K-12 exhibit until November c nth. The exhibit celebrates the talents of Polk County's CJ) young artists, grades K-12. Several young artists: Mal => orie Biggar, Miranda a. Carpenter, Victoria Hen derson, Ryan Nitsche, w Paschence Robinson, :j Samira Rosario, Emily :l Vice, and Sebastian Ze bracki, all who are students W at Auburndale High, are re sponsible for eleven pieces of z artwork being featured in the display. < Congratulations, AHS art C students, on a job well done! D: Keep up the good work! GO g HOUNDS! LL. Happy Birthday To You Happy birthday wishes are extended to: Elder James E. Williams, III, ofTampa, (Nov. nth); Pastor Bobby Shaw, of Lakeland, (Nov. 7th); Minister Grant Elliott, of Clearwater, (Nov. 8th); Lakeland gentleman, Larry Mitchell (Nov. 10th) and Artis Dukes, Sr., and Sharon Moore, of Lake land, (Nov. 12th). Other November celebrants include: Shelton Faison, II, of Plant City m (Nov. 13th ); Pastor Sheila I co Green, of Auburndale (No v ,..... w 14t h) ; Mother Christine (!) Mack, o f Clearwater, and Michael Johnson of Lak e-land (Nov 15th); as each of them celebrate another year oflife! May the Lord bless each of y ou with many more days of your lives! Happy Anniversary Fred and Sharon Moore Shaw-Nuf extends wishes for a happy anniver sary to Fred and Sharon Moore, as they celebrate their sixth wedding anniver sary on Nov. nth. May the Lord bless this union with many more years of Holy matrimony. Shaw-NufShout .. Out This week's Shaw-Nuf Shout-Out goes out to Celina Okpaleke, Presi dent/CEO of Faith Home Health, Inc. (FHHI) and We Care Services, Inc. (WCSI). The mission of these agen cies is to provide proper stim ulation of the spiritual, emotional and social being to contribute to a faster recov ery of a person's physical well-being. FHHI/WCSI are the newest agencies to collabo rate with the Lakeland Hous ing Authority to provide supportive services to the senior residents of The Manor at Washington Oaks and other Authority commu nities. Welcome to Polk County, Mrs. Okpaleke and the staff of Faith Home Health, Inc. Talk To Shaw-Nuf Shaw-NufTalk wants to hear from you. Share news and/or photos of your cele brations, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, civic groups, social clubs, re ligious organizations, and community news etc., with the readership of the Florida Sentinel Bulletin b y sending an e-mail to: shawnuftalk@yahoo.com or calling (863) 513-8437. Girls Inc. Ollakeland To Host 'Dance With Your Darling' Ball BY CYNTHIA E. ZORN-SHAW Polk County Columnist On Saturday November 10, 2012, Girls Incorporated, of Lakeland, will present its first Dance with Your Darling Ball' at the Florida Southern Col lege's Thrift Alumni Center. This special evening event will offer girls of all ages the op portunity to dress-up and share a special evening of fun and excitement with a male who serves as a positive role model (i.e. father, grandfather, uncle, etc.) in her daily life. KAY FIELDS, President/CEO Girls Incorporated of Lakeland The evening will include music, dancing dinner, door prizes and a silent auction. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Girls Inc. Operation Smart Pro gram and provide scholar ships for girls to attend the agency's after school and summer programs. Volunteers of the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise MBA Cohort 2013 will volunteer their time and expertise to assist with this inspiring fundraiser Sponsorships and donation opportunities are available. For further information contact Kay Fields, Presi dent/CEO at (863) 682-3002 Ext. 222. Women 01 Power Conference Held On Fri., Sept. 21st and Sat. Sept. 22nd, the Imperial Swann Hotel in Lakeland Florida was the host site for a celebration of women. "The Women of Power ... In Motion," Dr. B. J. Relefourd, founder and CEO, hosted 'An Unceasing Harvest Continues" to en courage the women in Lakeland and surrounding areas. On Friday evening, the Women of Power (WOP) OpenDr. B. J. Relefourd pre sented the Timeless Treasures Award to Lakeland retired edu cator, Vancilla G. Williams. Fay Butler, with her sister, Evangelist Nedra Butler, who delivered a powerful message during the Women of Power Conference. Psalmist Elder Desiree' Bon ner ministered during the WOP Conference. ing Conference Service was fa cilitated by Dr. B. J Relefourd. The speaker of the evening was Evangelist Nedra Butler. The conference closed on Saturday afternoon with an awards luncheon. Presentation of WOP awards were presented, by Dr. B. J., to WOP Honorees: Mother Frances Relefourd and Prophetess Laura Wiggs; followed by presenta tions to WOP Timeless Treasures: Dr. Pamela White-Wilson Hughes, Mrs. Sonji Coney-Williams, Ms. Vancilla G. Williams, Ms. Latha M. Speed, and Ms. Lena Pickett. Women of Power cannot be explained .it must be experi enced! The power scripture of this movement is 'But ye shall receive power.' Acts 1:8. The greeters and registrars welcomed everyone with smiles. Rosetta McDougal, a faithful Women of Power member. Dr. Pamela White-Wilson Hughes received a WOP Time less Treasures award during the luncheon. her son, AI'Monte Ford, at the WOP Conference Awards Luncheon. Retired Polk County educa tor, Latha Lee Murphy-Speed was also a recipient of a WOP Timeless Treasures award.


National News Sandv Didn't Stop New York Couple From Wedding One New York couple wouldn t let Hurrican e Sandy rui n their d rea m wedding Latisha and Baron Lattimore's house in B r ooklyn was flood e d with water up to their wais t jus t on e wee k befor e their destination wedding at O r lan do 's Wald orf Asto ri a hotel. We ddin g gown in hand and de t e rmin ed no t to l e t th e s torm cance l th e even t the couple pleaded with a ir line c omp a n ies to get t hem on a flight to Or lando, but all flights were can celed The two improvised a n d chartered a bus to O rlando with all So of their wedding guests. The weddin g went off with out a hitch Friday night, com-LATISHA And BARON LATIIMORE ple t e with a firework s di s pla y a s the min iste r sai d "You m ay ki ss th e b ri d e "We are j ust so very thank ful to b e h ere a n d t o be to ge t her," Latisha Lattimore said The couple p l anned to hon eymoon in Orlando but they cu t it short to go back to New York and help with cleanup ef forts. 2 Black Females Provide AHordable, Hiuh-Qualitv Extensions Each year, African Ameri can women spend m ill ions of dolla r s o n hair extensions and hair care products, contribut ing to t he multi-billion dollar bottom line of a market that is 90 percent owned and operated b y K o rezn businesses In recent years, there's b een an outcry b y the Afr ican Am e rican community calling for an investigation on the Korean domination of the market and many media outlets including Madame Noire have tackled this issue in the past. In spite of higher-than-n ormal ba r rie r s of en t ry t o en trepreneu rship in the Black h air care and weavi n g indu s tries, ve teran compa ni es l i k e Carol s Daughter, Du d l ey's Q and newcomers like Huetiful and c u rlB O X are wor k ing fever i shly t o recla i m owne r shi p of the b r o wn b eauty con ver sation. Joining those ownership ranks is Amizade Hair a new hair extension company founded by friends Michelle Morant and Kendra Austin that launched this past August. Gas Shonaues, Crowded Trains Make For Stressful Post-Sandv Commute In NYC A crowd gather at a service station with portable containers, waiting for gas pumps to open, Saturday, Nov. 3, 2012 in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that resolving gas shortages could take days. Police presence was increased at gas lines after arrests at gas stations over line jumping. NEW YORK Commuters streaming into New York City on Monday endured long waits and crowded trains, giving the recovering transit system a stress test a week after Super storm Sandy ravaged the east ern third of the country with NewYorkandNewJerseybear ing the brunt of the destruction. Trains were so crowded Monda y on the Long Is l and Rail Road that dozens of people m is sed their trains. With PATH t r ains b e twe e n New Jersey and Manhattan still out, lines for the fer ry in Jerse y City quickl y stretched to several hundred people by daybreak. One commuter in line pleaded into his cellphone, Can I please work from home? This is outrageous," but many more took the complicated commute as just another challenge after a difficult week. There s not much we can do We'll get there whatever time we can and our jobs have to understand. It s better l ate than absent, said Louis Holmes of Bayonne, as he wai ted to board a ferry in Jersey City to his job as a security guard at Manhattan s Sept. n -memorial site. Man Allegedlv Abandons 400 lb. Wile To Die In Her Home !< z 0 < m says Brooks was his wife s primary caret-aker aft e r she sustained a crushed pelvis and ruptured bladder in a 3: WARREN Michigan The husband of a 400-pound woman has been charged with abuse after her recent death. I:D m 2011 auto wreck. :::u Authorities are accusing Michael Brooks of allowing Yolanda ReeseBrooks to fester in a bed surrounded by her own waste. The 40-year-old woman d ie d o f mor b i d obe si ty and other i njuries last MICHAEL BROOKS week. The prosecutor s offic e Brooks is charged with co second degree abuse of a vulnerable adult. Prosecutor Eric Smith says Brooks' 1\) conduct was shameful. Reese-Brooks' fou r chil d r e n no w are l ivin g wit h a r e l a ti ve. PUBLIC NOTICESERVICE & FARE CHANGES The Bnlsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) will implement bus service & fare ebanges effective Sunday, November 11, 2012. CHANGES OR ADJUS TMENTS ARE B EING MADE TO THE FOLLOWING ROUTES R flfll< 1 6 Wqtm.rfymy. R flfll< JO-TOPm 'N Collltln/Aiiwrt. R flllte 3 4 K dl.!l!eronh Am!ae & Row 39-11gb /lgMkNalWeekday time schedule c hange Rolde 21X-Etlst Cmm(Jt E:qzrm -Reduced service from two a.m. and two p.m. trips to one a.m. and o ne p .m. tri p Row SOX-Cjtr&s Plri/CIII't'tllhttHHI E.:Qua,t -M erged with Route 61 LX. 'TI r Bow 61LX -NtHtlptqt c;-w .&iflrm Extended to serve CarroUwood Baptist <-'burch Park:-n-Ride and 0 C i trus Park. Park:-oRide BIJIIfllpa Flq Saturday service eli m ina ted. Flex zone expanded and route added. FARE CHANGES E very two years Hillsboroogh Area R egional Transit reviews its fare structure to detennine whether any changes are warranted. The last fare change took place in N ovember 2008. To address incn:ased opcratiooal COI!ds, such as fuel. decreased ad valomn mreoues aod bring HART fares into parity with ridership aod l'CMOie tnDds, the HART Boan:IIIJIIX'OV'ld the foiJowiog fin incmlses fur fisc:al year 2013. -----------... -------------------................. ........................... _,,_ .................... ......................................... &pRss $3.00 Expn:a Diloount $1.50 Fare $4 00 -----........... .. ------Local & Limited F.xpRss Discouol VISitor Pass/Group (Bulk: purchase of200 or more) Local & Limited Ex Local & Limited F..xpress Discount Expt:ss ADAPIIallb:Uiit FareC!!wJ New ....ce ...... wiB be anilahle er before Ne-w.ber 1, llll, $2 00 $6.00 $3. 00 $2 00 Sll.7S $ 9.50 F a re $65.00 $32.50 $95.00 $47 50 Fare $37 00 $18.50 $S3. 00 $4 00 $40.00 at wwwHART.orr. boud.,..., HART c.eo.er Scnke eaten er by ...a. Call tbc HARTinfo Line. Monday tbroush Friday, 6 am. 8 p.m. or Sabmlay aud Sunday, 8 a.m. s p.m. for further route iofotnUdioo and for trip planning assistance. BAR'111lfo Llae: (813) 154-HA.RT (4l78) TDD: (813) 626-9158 HART Hltkbon:lu&h Mil Tnnslt Authority HART operates its programs and servic:es without regard to race. color. aod natiooal origin in aa:onlaocc with Title VI of the CM.l R.igiD Act. )> (/) m z ::j z m r ll'l c:: r r m -4 z ., c:: I:D r c;; ::::t m c m < m -4 c:: m (/) c )> z c 'TI :!:! c


Nr-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'P"' 0 N o; a: w m w z >-a: c a: c z < c en w ::J 1> a: w > w c w ::t: en ::J m ::J Q. z t= w ...1 ...1 ::J m ...1 w z t= z w en a: 0 ...1 m CIO ..-INVITATION TO BID TO: ALL PRE-QUALIFIED BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received by the Board of County Pinellas County, Clearwater, Florida in the office of the Director of Purchasing, County Annex Office Building, 400 South Fort Harrison Avenue, 6th Floor, Clearwater, Florida, until December 11, 2012 @ 3:00P.M. and will then and there be opened and read aloud for the following: Services, Labor, Materials and Equipment Required for Construction of: Gooden Crossing Sidewalk & Drainage Improvements 123-0037-CP(DF) PINELLAS COUNTY, FLORIDA The engineering estimate for this project is$ 531,370.05 Awards of bids for construction services with an engineering estimate in excess of $100 000 00 will only be made to Bidders who have pre-qualified with Pinellas County for Road Street and Storm Sewer type construction (or those that have an FOOT equivalent prequalification in Drainage Grading or Flexible Paving) in the amount tha t equals or exceeds their bid Only those bids from bidders that meet pre-qualificat ion requirements prior to a bid open ing will be considered. Plans specifications and bid forms will be available on compact disk at no charge and may be obtained from Dav i d Fechter at dfechter@pinellascoynty org. Mail requests should be addressed to: Purchasing, 400 S. Ft. Harrison Ave., 6th Floor Clearwater, Florida 33756. "PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES REQUIRING REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROCEEDING/EVENT. SHOULD CALL 727/464 4062 (VOICEITDD) FAX 727/464 4157. NOT LATER THAN SEVEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE PROCEEDING. N Further information may be obtained by contacting the Purchasing Department, at the above address or telephone number 727/464 3311. Bid information may be obtained by visiting the Pinellas County Purchas i ng Department web site www.plnellascounty.org/purchase Any bids received after the specified time and date will not be considered. JOHN MORRONI, Chairman Board of County Commissioners JOE LAURO, CPPO/CPPB Director of Purchasing BLICATION DEADLINES UVOJUIUY Edition Thursday@ 12:00 P.M. Friday Edition Monday@ 12:00 P.M. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT RATE $10.00 1 Words And 60 For Each Additional Word Over 20 This Price Is Each Time You Publish Your Ad Summons/Ryan Franklin JacksonWhlte, Attorneys At Law, A Professional Corporation, 40 North Center, Suite 200, Mesa, Arizona 85201, T: (480) 464-1111, F: (480) 464-5692, E-mail: centraldocket@ jacksonwhltelaw.com, Attorneys for BMO Harris Bank N.A., By: Scott L. Potter, Bar No. 025157 In The Superior Court Of The State Of Arizona In And For The County Of Maricopa BMO Harris Bank N.A., as successor toM&I Marshall & nsley Bank, Plaintiff, vs. .... Ryan Franklin, an Individual, Defendant. Case No.: CV2012-094343 Summons The State Of Arizona To The Defendant: Ryan Franklin an individual. You Are Hereby Summoned and required to appear and defend within the time applicable in this action in thi s Court. If served within Arizona you shall appear and defend within twenty (20) days after the service of the Summons and Complaint upon you, exc lusive of the day of service. If served out of the State of Ar i zona--whether by direct service by registered or certified mail or by publicationyou shall appear and defend w i thin thjrty (30} days after the service of the Summons and Complaint upon you is complete, exclusive of the day of service. Where process is served upon the Arizona Director of Insurance as an insurer's attorney to receive service of legal process against it in this state, the insurer shall not be required to appear, answer or plead until expiration of 40 days after date of such service upon the Director. Service by registered or certified mail without the State of Arizona is complete thirty (30) days after receipt of service. Service by publication is completed thirty (30) days after the date of first publication Direct service is complete when made. Service upon the Arizona Motor Vehicle Superintendent is complete thirty (30) days after filing the Affidavit of Compliance and return receipt or Officer's Return. RCP 4, ARS -222, 28-502, 28-503 You Are Hereby Notified that in case of your failure to appear and defend within the time applicable, judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. You Are Cautioned that in order to appear and defend, you must file an Answer or proper response in writing with the Clerk of this Court, accompanied by the neces5ary filing fee, within the time required. You are required to serve a copy of any response upon the Plaintiff's attorney RCP 10(d), ARS -311, RCP 5. The name, address and phone number of Plaintiff's attorney is: Scott L. Potter, Jackson White, P.C., 40 N Center Street Suite 200, Mesa, AZ 85201, (480) 464-1111. Requests For Reasonable Accommodation For Persons With Disabilities Must Be Made To The Division Assigned To The Case By Parties At Least 3 Judicial Days In Advance Of A Scheduled Court Proceeding S i gned And Sealed this date: Jun 20 2012 Clerk Is/ Michael K Jeanes, Clerk By: Deputy Clerk.fs/ S Szakacs Deputy Clerk If You Want The Advise Of A Lawyer You May Wish To Contact The Lawyer Referral Service At 602-257-4434 Or Onl ine At www.lawyersfinders org. LRS Is Sponsored By The Maricopa County Ba r Association. A copy of this Summons and its accompanying Compla int may be obtained by contacting counsel for the Plaint i ff at the address shown on the Summons. INVITATION TO BID Pursuant to Chapter 69119, Special Acts, Laws of Florida, sealed Bids will be received by the Director of Pur-ehasing, City of Tampa, in his office until: 3:00PM ON 11127/12 AUTOMOTIVE PAINT AND BODY REPAIRS PRE-BID MEETING TO BE HELD 0 9:30 AM ON 11/13112 0 CITY OF TAMPA PURCHASING DEPT., 306 E. JACKSON ST., 2ND FL., TAMPA, FL 3:00PM ON 11129/12 OILS DIVISION Ill then and thereafter to be publicly opened and read. Bid documents are available at the Purchasing Department (Phone No 813 / 274-8351) It is hereby made a part of this Invitation to B i d that the submission of any Bid in response to this advertised request shall constitute a B i d made under the same conditions for the same contract price and for the same effective period as this Bid to all public enti ties in Hillsborough County. Dated: 11/9112 Gregory K. Spearman, CPPO,ECCM Director of Purchasing City of Tampa, FL 306 E. Jackson Street Tampa, EL 33602 II EMPLOYMENT Looking For A Select Few Individuals Who Are Willing To Learn How They Can Make An Extra $5 000.00 $10,000.00 Monthly Part-Time By Living Life On Their Terms And Also EARN An Additional $15,300.00 Yearly In Lifestyle Bonuses! II Interviews Are Be ing Scheduled So Call To Schedule Yours Today! (813) 758-5386 Or (727) 455-1537


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 21, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases. Which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s), violation address, code section violated, and legal description of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers 3rd Floor, City Hall, 315 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, Florida Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286. CASE I 12-o5396 FERNANDEZ, MARIA D. 2410 DURHAM ST., TAMPA FL SECTION : 19-58 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 42 LOT 17 BLOCK 6 190442 0000 CASE I 12-o5439 MC KINLAY, DAVID M 3215 W. DE LEON ST. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 1e-.9 AND 19-56 L I CATA AND NUCCIO LOTSBLOCK2 116750 .0000 HOF,DNNIS 2202 CORRINE ST., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 1e-.9 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 42 LOTS 13 AND 14 BLOCK 20 190666.0000 CASE I 12-o5884 ORT12, MARIA 2218 CHAPIN ST. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 1e-.9, 19 AND 19-232 EAST TAMPA BLOCKS 1 TO 42 LOT 21 BLOCK 37 190952 0000 CASE t 12 KREMER, JOHN T. AND KREMER, JUUE KO 909 W. CYPRESS ST., TAMPA FL SECTIONS: 19-26 AND 19 KNOWLES SUBDIVIS ION TO WEST TAMPA LOTS BLOCK 1 179805 0000 CASE t 12 TIMOTHY A. ZINK 1701 BAYSHORE BLVD., TAMPA, FL SECTION : 19-50 ADAMS ADDITION TO RICHARDSON PLACE LOT1 186218 0012 CASE 112 HO, SAMUEL C. AND HO, BICHNGA N. 5111 MARINER ST., TAMPA, FL SECTIONS : 19-49 1,ND 19-59 MARINER ESTATES LOT35 112622 0000 CASE I 12-12174 KOCSIS, JOSEPH AND KOCSIS, LISA 5123 E 8-DWAY AVE. TAMPA, FL SECTIONS: 19!49 19 AND19231 SCHLEY LOTS 1 2, 3 4 AND LOTS 6 TO 10 INCL BLOCK 4 AND LOTS 1 TO 5 INCL BLOCK 5 AND CLOSED STREETS ABUTIING THERE ON 160083.0000 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to v i olators of the City Code notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 21 2012 at 1 :00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases. Which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case number, property owner(s) violation address, code section violated, and legal description of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 315 E. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should any one have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286. CASE I 12M1 JOHNSON CONRAD D AND JOHNSON GISELLE C. 38UI W. WISCONSIN AVE. TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS : 5-104.3, 5-108.4 AND 5-105. 1 INTERBAY LOT 10 BLOCK 25 133218.0000 CASE I 12 LEE HYO KEUN AND LEE, KYUNG SOOK 3300 W COLUMBUS DR, -TAMPA, FL CODE SECTIONS : 5-104.3, 5-108 4 AND 5-105 1 MICHIGAN HEIGHTS LOTS 17 TO 26 INCL BLOCK 2 110427.0000 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing, they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING. INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD AT SAID HEARING. SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 14, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. to hear the below listed cases. Which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code Information listed below describes the case number property owner(s), violation address, code section violated, and legal description of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor City Hall, 315 E. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Florida. Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations. Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases, please call the Office of the City Clerk at (813) 274-7286. CASE t 12-c2442 EXCELSIOR ENTERPRISES USA INC. 8822 N. FLORIDA AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTION : 20 5 MANOR HILLS SUBD I V I SION LOTS 20 AND 21 LESS HWY BLOCK 2 99944 0000 CASE 112-G8841 TRUST 1708 DATED 02-2000 C/0 B. L MILLER TUSTEE 708 E. SENECA AVE., TAMPA, FL CODE SECTION : 19-26 CENTRAL HEIGHTS LOTS 13 & 14 AND E ALLEY ABUTTING ON W BLOCKB 95978.0000 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING As a result of being unable to effectuate certified mail notice to violators of the City Code, notice is hereby given that a Tampa Municipal Code Enforcement Hearing Master has scheduled a public hearing on November 14, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. to hear the below listed cases Which are in violation of the City of Tampa Code. Information listed below describes the case number property owner(s), violation address, code section violated, and legal description of subject property in that order. The hearing will be held in C i ty Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Half, 315 E. Kennedy Blvd Tampa, Florida Affected property owners will be given the opportunity to discuss the alleged violations Should anyone have any questions regarding these cases please call the Office of the City plerk at (813) 274-7286. CASE 112 JIMMY TREE SERVICE (NON-owNER) 2429 W PROSPECT RD., TAMPA, FL CODE SECT I ONS : 13-45 ( A) ( 2 ), 1 3-45 ( A) (3), 13-43 NEW SUBURB BEAUTIFUL W l> OF LOT 75 AND LOT 76 117589 0000 Please note that if any person decides to appeal any decision made by the Code Enforcement Hearing Master with respect to any matter considered at the meeting or hearing they will need to ensure a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT AND SECTION 286.26, FLORIDA STATUTES, PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES NEEDING SPECIAL ACCOMMODATION TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETING SHOULD CONTACT THE CITY CLERK'S OFFICE AT LEAST FORTY-EIGHT (48) HOURS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF THE MEETING. INTERESTED PARTIES MAY APPEAR AND BE HEARD. AT SAID HEARING. SHIRLEY FOXX-KNOWLES CITY CLERK "The Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself" 1 SentllwJBulletin AMF.IliCA'S IUREMOSTSEMI we:!K I Y (813) 248-1921 Drivers: Local, Great Pay And Benefits Home Every Day Paid HolidaysNacation 401K COL-A w/X End School Grads Accepted 866-358-3937 Experienced Driver Needed COL License Preferred 6:00 a.m. 1 0:00 a.m 1 :00 p.m 5:00 p.m. Monday Friday Clean Background Please Call (813) 545-9527 lmmecU .. te Openings Available HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE New Employment Opportunities ACCOUNTANT Ill II $53,435 00 CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE TRAINEE $24,752.00 ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICIAN II (GREASE MANAGEMENT) (RESTRICTED) $24,752.00 FACILITIES TECHNICIAN $34,361.00 HUMAN SERVICES SUPERVISOR $46,238.00 OFFICE ASSISTANT II $24,752.00 PRINCIPAL BUSINESS ANALYST (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) $53,435.00 PUBLIC RELATIONS I INFORMATION SPECIALIST II (CUSTOMER SERV) (NSH) $29,660.00 UTILITIES MAINTENANCE WORKER $24 876 00 See our web site at http://www.hccsb org or visit our office at: 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 17th Floor, Tampa, FL. Preference in initial apt. will be given to eligible vets & eligible spouses of vets. AAIEEO Employer "11 :a 6 z m OJ m :a !D N 0 N "11 r-0 :a tn m z m r-aJ c r r m :::! z "U c OJ r-c;; % m c m < m -t c m en ,. z c "11 :2 c C) m cp OJ


c a: u. c z c( c 0 w :::;) w > w c w ::z::: 0 ::::; m :::;) 11. z t= w ...J ...J :::;) m ...J w z t= z w 0 a: 0 ...J u. LEGAL NOTICES II 1.\;;;;;;11 =-=-=..11 II HOMES FOR RENT II HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AVIATI .ON AUTHORITY (AUTHORITY) RFP Purchase of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle No. 12-534-Q54 Sealed proposals for Purchase of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle will be received from firms by the Authority at Tampa International Airport Offices located at 4160 George J. Bean Parkway, Suite 2400, Administration Building, 2nd Level, Red Side, Tampa, Florida 33607 Solicitation documents and detailed requirements will be available on the Tampa International Airport website at www. tampaa i rport .com, About TPA, A i rport Business, Notice of Soli citations on November 2, 2012. TAMPA PORT AUTHORITY REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS NO. P-003-13 PORT SECURITY SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR The Tampa Port Authority (TPA) is solicit ing Requests for Proposals (RFP) from qualified Firms with commercial I industrial experience to perform all maintenance and repair services necessary to maintain the TPA security systems performing in peak operating condition. All interested firms will obtain a copy of the RFP Instructions and Submittal Documents and submit a completed response to the Tampa Port Authority 1101 Channelside Drive, 4th Floor, Tampa, FL 33602 Submittals are due by 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 21, 2012, and TPA will open Submittals at the same date and time TPA will hold A MANDATORY PRE-PROPOSAL CONFERENCE on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 9:00a.m. TPA will only accept proposals submitted by firms participating In the pre-proposal conference and tour. See Section A, Paragraph 1.1 of the RFP for details. RFP Submittals shall include a letter indicating the Firm's inter est and completion of the RFP Documents, including a Vendor s Questionnaire. Firms failing to submit the required RFP Documents may be deemed non-responsive. The RFP is available through the DemandStar System (www.demandstar .com) or through a link on the TPA web site (www. tampaport .com). TPA encourages the use of registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) firms to the greatest extent possible on projects and has a goal of nine percent (9%) SBE participation TPA will consider SBE participation when evaluating the Submittals. Questions concerning this RFP should be directed Donna Casey TPA Procurement Department, at (813) 905-5044 e-mail at dcasey@tampaport.com or faxed to (813) 905-5050 .Contact LaVora @ (81 Fax To: (813) 248 Or Email: ledwards@ftsentinel.com II II Daycare Workers/Driver Wanted Apply At: Kidz Cove II Learning Center Inc. 813 East 1 09th Avenue Call (813) 507-6000 Experienced Educational Research Specialist Needed Full Time Position Applicants Should Have An Advanced Degree In Education Call 813-231-9177 Musicians Wanted Base Player And Drummer Must: Have Transportation And Be Able To Practice On Weekends Needed For Upcoming Performance Manden (813) 735-3637 HOMES FOR SALE II Tampa -Thirty-Two II 2 Bedroom/1 5 Bath Units Includes 2,200 Sq. Ft Residence On 3.5 Acres Entire Site Is Fence With Electronic Entrance Gate $685,000 Call (813) 857-8354 FOR RENT II USF Area Townhouse Section 8 Accepted 2 Bedroom/2 Bath Includes: Washer, Dryer Dishwasher And Water $850.00/Monthly Plus Deposit (813) 379-1 000 Temple Terrace River Oaks 1 Bedroom Condo Washer/Dryer Included Covered Parking Gated Community $685.00/Monthly Call (813) 264-5464 (813) 265-2328 Evenings Condo -Pond View 4218 East Cayuga Street Near Busch 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Newly Remodeled $600.00/Monthly Only $795 00/Monthly Gated Community Available Now Swimming Pool, Laundry Water And Sewer Included Call 813-376-8787 (813) 390-4169 est Tampa Area Apartment 3 Bedroom / 1 Bath 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath Central NC And More 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 2336 West Spruce Street $800 00/Monthly Home 4 Bedroom/1 Bath Call 813 610-4518 CNH, Deposit 703 Belt Court Section 8 Accepted 4 Bedroom/2 Bath (813) 453-0123 1300 Sq Ft. Newly Remodeled USF Area Only $995.00/Monthly 13050 N. 20th Street Call 813-376-8787 2 Story 2 Bedroom Town home 3/1 -West Tampa Free Water Cable Ready, Tile Optional Washer/Dryer Family Room, Fenced Section 8 Ok Plant High/Blake Magnet Free One Month School District Only $685.00 $895.00/Monthly Call 813-22D-3633 Plus Deposit (813) 879-5959 HOMES FOR RENT II 1903 East Ellicott 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 3 Bedroom /2 Bath Home Fenced Yard Fenced Backyard WDHICHA WID Hook-Up $900 00/Monthly Tile And Carpet Deposit Negotiable Deposit Required Section 8 Welcome Section 8 Welcome Call (813) 381-()()62 Call (813) 728-3163 4401 North 30th Street (813) 732-5332 3 Bedroom House Bungalow CHA 3 Bedroom/1 Bath Washer/Dryer Hook -Up Bus Line, Large Yard CHA WDH $750 00/Monthly Refrigerator, Stove Plus Deposit $850.00/Morithly $500 00/Deposit Call (813) 238-2912 Call Dave (813) 610-0444 50th/Columbus Area (813) 936-8810 3 Bedroom/1 Bath 7008 N. Palmetto Lane Central H/A Like New WID Hook-up 4 Bedroom/2 Bath $750.00/Monthly Block House $500 00/Deposit Central NC, Tile Floors, Section 8 Welcome Refrigerator, Range Call (813) 526-6099 WID Hook-Up Fenced Yard $1, 175 00/Monthly Section 8 Welcomed Call Harold 813-293-2677


-n c II 1411 & 1413 E. Mohawk 7919 Lake Shore Drive Newly Remodeled 2 Bedroom/1 Bath WDH Courtyard Apartments $650.00/Monthly 1 And 2 Bedrooms Plus Depos i t Quiet And Peaceful Small Pets OK No Application Fee Section 8 Welcome Section 8 Welcome (813) 340-3085 (813) 774-1044 University Area Ybor City 12301 North 11th Street 3606112 North 15th Street 2 Bedroom/1 Bath 3 Bedroom $550.00/Monthly Upstairs Apartment Inc l udes Water $595 00/Monthly Two Months FREE $600 00/Deposit With $600.00/Security CHAAndWSG 813-971-0341 http : //assuredpropertycare webs com First Months Now Leasing Rent FREE Cinnamon Cove $50.00 Moves You In Apartments Excellent Rental History $299.00 Required Move-In Special Good Neighbors 1 And 2 Bedrooms 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Availab l e Now Apartment For Immediate Move Central A/C Section 8 Welcome 4005 North 34th St. #A Se Habla Espanol $550 00/Month l y Contact Us At Including Water (813) 971-5254 (813) 238-6353 MAKE YOUR HOME AT TAMPA N.A.P.F.E. TOWERS AFFORDABLE INDEPENDENT SENIOR APARTMENTS APPLICATIONS CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED 11113 N. NEBRASKA AVENUE TAMAPA, FL 33612 813-977-1663 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, GROCERY STORES, SHOPPING CENTERS, FLEA MARKETS, RESTAURANTS PLEASE CONTACT OUR LEASING CENTER 813-977-1663 TTYITDD: 711 OR VISIT 11113 N. NEBRASKA AVENUE TAMPA, FL 33612 Move In Special 1st Month Y2 Off Very Spacious 2 Bedroom/2 Bath $625.00/Monthly $300 00 Move -In Fee A/C New Tile/Carpet Call (813) 298-2499 North Tampa And Temple Terrace 2 And 3 Bedrooms From $750 00 WDH 0 Deposit No Application Fee Section 8 Vouchers Welcome 813-915-9787 Busch Gardens USF Areas Bad Credit? OK! Free Application NO DEPOSIT! 1 Bedroom Tile Floors Central Air Ceiling Fans $525.00/Monthly Water/Trash Included!!! Call 813-244-4551 Looking For An Apartment To Call Home? Whispering Hills Apartments 612 Bass Court Dunedin, Florida Taking Applicat i ons For : 1 Bedroom $462 00 $509 00 2 Bedrooms $487.00. $537 00 3 Bedrooms $546.00 $602 00 Call (727) 733-2169 For Income Guidelines IS) II DUPLEXES Sulphur Springs 1Oth Street/Eskimo 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Near Playground WDH $650 00/Monthly Plus Deposit Water Included (813) 254-4916 II 8614 North Alaska Street Belmont Heights #A Section 8 Only 2 Bedroorn/1 Bath Nice Area Water/Yard Service Included Rent $700.00 Monthly New Duplex For Rent 3215112 North 49th Street Apartment #D 2/1 H i ghland Pines Only $595.00 WID Hook-up Includes Water 813-695-8718 0 Deposit Required Section 8 Only Newly Remodeled Duplex 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Ready Immed i ately Clean And Beautiful Call (813) 917-4386 East Tampa Large 2 Bedroorn/1 Bath Concrete Block Duplex Laundry Hook-Up $600 .00/ Monthly Water Sewage Garbage Inc l uded Call (813) 967-6168 First Month Rent Free $50.00 Moves You In Excellent Rental History Required 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Burglar Bars 3023-B North 48th Street $575 00/Monthly (813) 238-6353 2 Bedroom/1 Bath Duplex Burglar Bars Fenced-In Yard $650.00/Rent Deposit Required (813) 886-6397 II ROOMS FOR RENT II Room For Rent Electric Water And Cable Included Call (813) 433-3290 For Detailed Information 1 Week FREE Rooms For Rent In Qui et Building At 2913 North 15th Street Tampa Stop By Or Call Henry (813) 727-Q151 Room For Rent Ybor Area A/C, Cable Phone Queen Beds Kitchen Ceiling Fans $75 00/Deposit $100 00 And Up Weekly (813) 317-9872 A Quiet Place To Come Home To Comfortable, Secure CH/A Ceramic Tile Cable Internet And Telephone 5 Minutes From Downtown Available Now (813) 245-7009 For Your Convenience The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Accepts I VISA" I Mastercam DEBIT Visa, MasterCard American Express And Debit Cards -.ca".,..,. VIa Phone m :!: m m ::D N 0 ...... N -n r-0 CJ) m z -4 z m r-m c: r-rm -4 z "tJ c: m r-c;; ::::1: m c m < m ::D -< -4 c: m CJ) c )> z c -n c C) m N ...... I m


Nr-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.,.. o; 11:;;;;;;;;;11 __________ 1:;;;;;;;;;11 II CARPET CLEANING II IIDONATION REQUESTII z >-"' a: &L c a: &L c z c( c en w :: .... w > w c w en ::::i m :: Q, z _, _, :: m _, w z i= z w en C a: 0 _, &L m I N N w Furnished Rooms For Rent Males Preferred Cable, Central Air Strictly No Drug Activity Allowed Must Be Employed Call {813) 965-5931 Belmont Heights Estate Area Private Home Fenced Yard All Ut i lities Paid Monthly Income Only $400 00/Monthly $ 200.00/Depos i t .Tony {813) 476-8496 West Tampa South Of 1-275 Near Armenia Furnished $400.00 $500.00/Monthly Includes All Utilities Cable & Personal Fridge Income/Employment Verification Call {813) 545-8074 Room For Rent Sulphur Springs Area Very Clean Close To Transportation $450.00/Monthly Plus Security Suitable For One Includes Utilities/Cable Available Immediately Call {813) 842-7902 Seffner Room For Rent No Drugs CHA, Share Kitchen And Bath $130.00/Weekly Mr. Austin {813) 362-7618 Miss Sarah {813) 27o-4047 Room For Rent In Nice Home 30 Years Of Age & Older Must Have Steady Income $1 00.00/Weekly $1 00.00/Deposit Jim {813) 237-1810 Beverly {813) 235-7934 Tyrone {813) 784-2000 II University Area Room Furnished CHA Cable Washer/Dryer Must Be Drug Free And Employed $1 00.00/Deposit Call {813) 293-1090 8511 N. Seminole Ave. Must See!! Nice Room For Rent Older Male Preferred All Utilities And Cable Included Call {813) 217-2462 Ybor Heights Large Furnished Rooms $120 .00-$140.00/Weekly Deposit Plus Security Plus 1 Week Rent Cable TV, Laundry Single, Drug Free Must Be Employed Call {813) 247-4724 APPLIANCE REPAIRS A Country Boy's Consultation 3809 North 29th Street Eugene {813) 85D-1643 Only Servicing: Ice Machines A/C Heat And Refrigerators, Stoves Washers Dryers $45.00Service Call All Work Guaranteed ATTORNEY II Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Or 13? $500.00 And Up Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford {813) 223-1200 Yiww.fordlawflrm.org African American Workers Compensation Attorney Job Injury? Call Attorney Roderick 0. Ford {813) 223-1200 www.fordlawflrm.org Beds Bunk Beds $150 00 Twin $60.00 Full $65.00 Queen $75.00 King $100.00 & Up Call {813) 31 D-0991 II BOOK FOR SALE II The Greatest Story Ever Told By: Jarvis Ball Is Now Available @ www.amazon.com www.createspace.com Or Call {813) 520-9234 For Your Copy II BOUNCE HOUSES II All New Bounce Houses Many Themes Call Us For Your Next Birthday Party Or Celebration. Delivered And Setup On Time. Call Now!! 813-444-2955 II BUSINESS OPS. II Nails, Braids Or Hair Salon Elegant And Beautiful Busch Boulevard Area Utilities With Electric Included $795.00/Monthly Call {813) 932-D516 Fast Growing Company Is Expanding Looking For A Select Few Individuals Who Are Willing To learn How They Can Make An Extra $5,000.00 $10 000 .00 Monthly Part-Time By Living Life On Their Terms And Also EARN An Additional $15,300.00 Yearly In Lifestyle Bonuses! Interviews Are Being Scheduled So Call To Schedule Yours Today! {813) 758-5386 Or {727) 455-1537 Affordable Carpet Cleaning Deep Scrub $55.00 Flat Rate Ca$h ASAP {813) 484-6757 Sunrise Carpet Cleaning Any 3 Rooms Only $60 00 1 Hour Dry Time Call {813) 38D-3837 To Schedule An Appointment II I Am Sam Holmes 88Years Old The Spirit Is Leading Me To Start A Church In Atlanta, GA To Save Souls. Any Donation Is Appreciated And May God Bless You {813) 359-3890 P.O. Box 311654 Tampa, FL 33680 ELECTRICAL II I I CLEANING SERVICE II Covenant Electric Video Cameras Alarm System II Veiga Cleaning Services 4202 Richmere Street Tampa, Fl 33617 Reasonable Rates For Residential And Commercial Properties Phone {813) 401-1213 Gloria Gass Director of Operations And Owner Glorlags s@gmall.com DNA TESTING Paternity Test We Come To You! Results In 3 Days Legal Or Personal Testing Payment Plans 24-Hour Service Monday Saturday DLM-DNA Testing Services {813) 928-2753 www.dlmservlcesusa.com Now Servicing Nationwrde 1-888-651-5777 II II II And All Electrical Needs Licensed Electrical Contractor Uc II ER0015461 Call {813) 52D-9234 FOR SALE Used Items Home Building Blocks Yard Stepping Stones PVC Pipe Truck Tool Box Small Tent Call {813) 359-3890 For Detailed Information II FORECLOSURE II Are You Facing Foreclosure And Want To Know How To Save Your Home Call 24fT {813) 28D-0588 For A FREE 30 Minute Consultation With A Lawyer Who Cares uThe Voice of Our Community Speaking for Itself''


.,. 2J 6 II II II JUNK CARS II II II II II II II z FORECLOSURE MEDICARE PLUMBING SALONS m 3: al m 2J Is Your Home We Buy Junk Cars Best Medicare Supplement Woodard's Plumbing Ms. Dee's ,!') In Foreclosure? And Trucks Plans! World Of Beauty N We Specialize In 0 37201/2 Dr. MLK Blvd. ..... Are You Or Someone CALL J.R. Medicare Does Not Faucets Leaks N You Know Facing (813) 966-3501 Cover All Costs Drain Stoppage $5.00 Off Any Service The Threat Of Foreclosure? Don' t Miss Cabinets Walk-Ins Welcome No Equity Or Value Junk Cars Open Enrollment Sink Installation In Your Home? And All Plumbing Needs Call (813) 247-4368 Unable To Refinance? We Buy Junk Cars, USA Benefits Group For An Appointment Trucks And Vans Ask Gary Call (813) 325-4643 I Can Help 855-807-8669 Lie# 022650 Contact Me Today Call (813) 784-8339 Nails, Braids (813) 280-0588 Or Hair Salon Need Money? 11 MORTGAGE II II REPAIRS II II II We Pay Top Dollar Elegant And Beautiful INSURANCE Busch Boulevard Area For All Cars S & H Painting Utilities With Electric We Pay More For VB's Is Your Home Trucks And Vans In Foreclosure? Included Need Affordable Complete Home Repairs Insurance? Call (813) 770-7188 Are You Or Someone Experienced $795.00/Monthly .,.. Now!! You Know Facing Carpenters, Roofers Call (813) 932-Q516 r Individual, Families, The Threat Of Foreclosure? Hauling 0 ::D Small Business No Equi ty Or Value *Health *Pre-Existing OK We Pay "TOP" $CASH$ Harvey (813) 463-6492 Expressions Hair Studio Up To $1 ,500.00 In Your Home? en *Life *Final Expense lnsuredlllcl 199701 m *Cobra Alternative Unable To Refinance? Quick Weave $40 00 z For Cars, Trucks, Full Sew-In $85.00 :j And More Vans, Motorcycles I Can Help Woodard Brothers z Basic Sew-In $50.00 m We'll Shop For Best Deal! Running Or Not Contact Me Today Residential Remodeling r (813) 280-Q588 Now Offering al USA Benefits Group With Or Without Title c: Carpentry Brazilian Fusion r 855-807-8669 24/7 r II II Room Additions m (813) 695-2438 Roofing, Drywall (813) 300-Q404 :j NAIL SALON z II II Plumbing, Ceramic Tile Michelle Stylist ., HAULING Sidewalks, Patios c: We Buy al And Hauling r Unwanted Vehicles Miss Angel Nail Tech All Micros $85 00 Cii Creative Designs ::::t All Junk Removal With Or Without Title Call Ell Body Plaits $65.00 m Licensed And Professional c Furniture, Tree Debris Any Condition, Make (813) 325-4643 Kinky Twists $65.00 m < Construction, Garbage Or Model Acrylics Nail Art Lie #022650 m Box Plaits $40.00-$55.00 ::D Or Anything Else We Pay Up To $20 000 00 3-D, Freestyle And More < And Offer Free Towing II II Sew-In Weaves $45.00 -t No Job Too Big Or Small (813) 703-4713 c: SALONS m Fast And Reasonable Walk-Ins Welcome Call For Appointment en Omar (813) 516-0847 c (813) 703-7297 Princess Parties & More (813) 567-1429 (813) 285-4674 MondaySaturday Mane Attraction )> 8:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m. Weaving Studio z II II Braids By Serina c I I II JUNK CARS LAWN SERVICE 1246-B. E. Hillsborough Ave. (813) 381-2105 .,.. ::D II II Home Of The $50 .00 Sew-In c PEST CONTROL Senegalese Twists "We Do Best For Less" Holiday Specials $100.00 I BUY JUNK CARS.COM MAC DADDY lawn Service Tuesday Micros $115.00 Top Dollar For Reasonable Rates $30 00 Relaxer Trucks, Vans And Cars Complete Clean-Up $25 00 Blow Out Box Plaits $85.00 With Or Without Title We Haul : Debris, Limbs Lawn, Termite Wednesday Kinky Twists $85.00 Running Or Not 24/7 And Furniture And Rodent Treatments $35.00 Weave-N-Go Bobs $70.00 Call (813) 344 4444 Phone (813) 245-9761 Pest Control Free Inspections Call 813-764-6946 Sew-Ins $75.00 CASH Payment Plans Available For Cars, Trucks II MASSAGES II Call Marvin And Vans (813) 549-2993 Free Hauling For An Appointment Lost Title OK Reconstructing Massages 13542 N. Florida Avenue Call (813) 626-5733 Suite #209A Or (813) 924-6255 c .:heoek ......... c:::> ..... God Bless Are You "Stressed Out c:;> .... F..-.::_, b -..c:a.lc. Tired Or In Pain"? ... Prices Starting At $30.00 rc:.llc.""" .... .. SUPPORT THE ... .................... C) FLORIDA SENTINEL Roshauwn Bivens, LMT Sent:lneiBulletin m ADVERTISERS www ...... ..........,a .... tfft-r .. cc:. ........ / N (813) 385-1361 FLSE,...,TI,.._,IELO w AMERICA'S l "ORHMOST SJ:iMJ WBflKLY I al


c a: LL c z ct c en w :;:) .... > a: w > w c w ::J: en :::; m :;:) a. z i= w ...J ...J :;:) m ...J w z i= z w en C a: 0 ...J LL Angellque's African Hair Braiding 4707 East Busch Blvd. Between 46th And 48th (813) 988-7037 Micros, Corn Rows Sew-Ins Dread Locs And Kinky Twist Booth Rental Available Fabulous Natural Hair .' Braiding Shop Lorraine 12909 North 56th Street #301 Specials Micro's $99.00 & Up Sew-In Weave $80.00 & Up We Accept Major Credit Cards (813) 817-8063 www. facebook.comllorraine .ma 1 Micros $99.00 $85 00 $55.00 II SPIRITUALIST I I Kinky Twist Sew-Ins Spiritualist Healer Advisor Corn Rows Stuff Twist $35.00/Up $40.00 True Woman Of God Can Help You On Love Marr iage, Business Sister Maya Can.Remove II Braiders Needed Call Kina 813 359-3098 Natural Hair Reigns N Style 813-221-5000 813-312-8883 Finger Locs $65.00 Loc Re-twist $45.00 Loc Extensions $85 00 Sew-In $125.00 Kinky Twist $125.00 Comb Twist $45.00 Hair Color $55 00 Hair Cut $8.00 Curly Twist $125.00 Now Offering Keratin Treatments $89.00 Now Hiring!!! Bad Luck, Evil Spirits (813) 379-1151 7512 N. Armenia Avenue Sister Grace 1907 East Fletcher Palm, Card Reader Spi ritual Cleansing Removes Bad Luck Evil Spells Restores Lost Nature Advise On Love/Marriage Health And Business Special Readings $5.00 Phone (813) 506-9239 SPIRITUALIST .; :' .. .. c...-..... .......... e._J ..... :h :: Call Dr. Cross 1-800-557-7767 If you are in the midst of a crisis, 1here is help for you. Loss of a loved one, bad-luck, sickness, job problems. You can be helped. o-.. ':; :' "' I I "' ,' O 1 j. 1 800 557 1167 call Dr Cross Now. Or. 1 800 55/ 1161 loll free have failed IIOTHBR GRIFFIN Offers Special Prayers And Gives Luck! Don't be discouraged if others have failed. I can help you overcome bad luck, evil influences, spells, unatural conditions surrounding you. Has your loved one changed? Are you in d i stress? Whatever the problem I can help in one visit. Satisfcation! CALL ME TODAY! 813-677-2971 4927 83rd Street I Pay cash In 3 Days For Your House Before I Buy Your House I Can Provide You With: 1. Proof Of Funds: Proving Have The Cash To Buy Your House. 2. References: Phone Numbers Of People I 've Bought Houses From Recently. Occupational License : That I Am A Legitimate Business Owner. Before You Sell Your House To Some Scrupulous Person Make Sure They Can Offer You The Same Credentials. Some Investors Make False Claims That They Have The Money To Buy Your House But Really Do Not. I Also Encourage You To Consult With Your Attorney Before Selling Me Your House Qr Anyone Else. We Value Our Relationship With The Community And Appreciate The Continued Support Over The Years. I've Helped Hundreds Of People Get Cash Fast For Their House Since August, 2000 I'm Here To Help You And Will Not Let You Down. Call Me For A Free Consultation: Kenny Rushing President Rehabber's Superstore Inc. 813 675 7040 Ext.11 Angel Ferguson's Word Processing Tools For Your Business Needs Business Cards, Brochures Business Forms And More Call813-516-4916 http://www.angelfergusonswordprocesslng com/ YARD SALE FLEA MARKET Bob's Fashion Jewelry Rosaries And Crucifixes Carolyn's Place Toys, Balls Bikes Fishing Rods And Tackle House Wares Used Furniture 7730 Palm River Rd. Space Available 7730 Palm River Road Yard Sale Saturday And Sunday 8:00 a.m. Until Flea Market Thursday Sunday 10:00 a.m.-6:00p.m. Call (813) 630-1600


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