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Employees Gain In City's FQrce (SEE STORY ON PAGE 6-B) Hatmakers Follow Conventions AdvertiserS _Invite You 110,000 READERS EACH EDITION Every Tuesday And Friday (SEE STORY ON PAGEJ.A) 25c And Worth More I VOL 40 NO. 32 TAMPA, FLORIDA, FRIDAY, MARCH'22, 1985/ PRICE 25 CENTS Cle rgy Pledges Funds ro NAACP Building '. }' "' t ... (SEE STORY ON PAGE 22-A) ; ..... \ Residents Homeless After Rain EDUCATORS HONORED BY READING ASSOCIATION ..\.& :!:! County Council .of Jnternational Reading Association's 1985 "Lele:;:-:!! 1iteracy" program, the award recipients were Dr. Hazel S. Harvey, left, and Mrs. Cindy iiuni, :-!:ht. Mrs. Betty Aikens, cen ter, Council President, made the presentation. Harvey a series of Handbooks For Parents to be used for the remediation of Assessment SkUis in communication. Mrs. Hunt. has worked with Parent Teacher Associations in promoting literacy. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 23-A) ARTS COUNCIL LAUNCHES SCHOLARSHIP FUND The buffet gala hosted by the Arts Council of Tampa-Hillsborough County Monday evening at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant was an effort to support the growth of the arts in the Tampa area and the training of professional perfor1 mers. It marked the beginning of the Council's Dance Scholarship Fund. Ar thur, Mitchell, second from left, Artistic Director of the Dance Theatre of was the guest of honor. With Mr. Mitchell are Arthenia L. Esq., left, and Charmaine Jefferson and Arthur Keeble, project directors.


I ... "'= = < "'= .: I'll -:c = c:l. = :; = I = ... = J5 Candidates For F AMU President Examined Closely By Committee BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer Br yant, "A vis ion i s so important because F AMU has to recapture its sense of mission." In addition to that, Bryant added that the candidate must be a communicator and a facilitator. "They must bring together all the elements that will make this a strong university. It (FAMU) has the grass roots support, but it needs to be more effective and united." Programs To Help Teen Mothers Often Don't Work, Researchers Say WASHINGTON At the to 19-year-old girls was 97 per annual conference of the 1,000 for U.S. blacks and 45 9 for the Chtld Welfare League of for U.S. whites much higher It's now down to four finalists in the race for the presidential seat at Florida A&M University, and all four finalists were interviewed by the Board of Regents' FAMU Presidential Selection Committee on Wednesday at the Tampa Airport Marriott HoteL America last week social th th 'f 2 For 14-year-old girls, the an e rates o 9 per I 000 researchers said many profor England and Wales .,6 for pregnancy_ rate above 5 grams to help teenage mothers ., per m the States don't 0 k b t 1 Canada, _3 for France, 14 for four times that m Canada w r u congress10na Dr. Wilbert J. LeMelle, Dr. She is also looking for "a bottom ability to make tough aides said Congress is unlikely to fund new approaches. Most of the programs were intended to help teenage PRICES GOOD MARCH 20 THRU 26 mothers care for themselves TAMPA and their children, finish high 8202 N. Florida Ave. 1908 S MacDill Ave h I b d 'd 3100 Gandy Blvd. 6943 W Hillsboroug h sc oo get a JO an avm 4021 W Hillsborough 2001 N. Dale Mabry at Spruce Charles Walker, Dr. Niara Sudarkasa, and Dr. Frederick Humphries were interviewed for an hour and 30 minutes, with the regents directing questions to the candidates and the candidates being en couraged to ask questions of their own. The finalists were also asked to give a 15 to 20 minute opening statement addressing issues such as their impressions of FAMU, their educational philosophy for the school, and to further elaborate on why they are best qualified for the job. decisions." Student representative Robert Westerfeldt would like to see a president wfth "academic distinction, courage and leadership. One who has the ability to create a unified and strong consensus behind FAMU among acadamia, the legislature, and another unplanned pregnancy. 3015 W. Kennedy Blvd. BRANDON 1711 Brandon Blvd ''The findings were mixed, 3727 E Hillsborough PLANT CITY 2812 E. Hwy. Sunday but disappointing overall," 1,* Superlounge & Pkg. Cocktal Lounge & Pl(g l said James Riccio, who HAPPY HOUR DAILY 4 til 6 evaluated Project Redirection, ___ -l a large, much-touted program Busch 24-12 oz. CANS 6 99 ROOMTEMP. 0 for young poor mothers. "I'm not ready to throw in Heineken 3 99 6 the towel," said Shelby G 0 "' Hayden Miller of Atlanta, a enesee 7.79 CAll the public. "FAMU has an historical role to play, it always had and it always will," but "the league researcher who found K b h "more optimistic, but mixed Onlgs ac er 3.79 results" in the evaluating pro-ABC B I grams. eer, A e 6.29 According to Frank Scruggs, a member of the Board of Regents and chair man of the committ e e, the in terviews have "gone extremely well. The candidates are well qualified, and their presence is a compliment to the integrity of our selection process and to the quali t y of FAMU. The committee i s expected to meet again next week in Tampa, to make a final deci s ion. Scru gg s explained that the candidate s elected by the will be brought b e fore th e State Board of Regents for final approval. Members of the FAMU Presidential Selection Committee are basically in agreement over the kinds of qualifications needed by the next president of the tradi tionally all-black institution school is plagued with many "If there were an easy solu problems," Westerfeldt addtion, like putting birth control ed. "We need to devote more in the water supply, that attention to choosing the right would be find," she s aid, "but president who will lead (the we don't have that, so the school) to academic distincquestion is what to do with tion it deserves, and (distincthem and their kids." tion) with other institutions." An anti-deficit mood, conAccording to the student s ervative resistance and liberal representative, the selection uncertainty make it unlikely process has been "really ex-that Congress will approve citing. All three candidates new approaches, according to (the committee had not interaides to three members of viewed Dr Frederick Hum-Congress who have introduced phries at this point) are imbills calling for changes pressive in different ways. The "I don't for a minute expect board will have a hard time ours to pas s the Senate, choos i ng (the next FAMU although it could pass the president), which is a nice proHouse," said Gwen Gam pel, blem to have." who works for Rep. Pete Stark Although interviewed (D-Calif.). separately, all four candidates Robin Nishimi said Rep. agreed on a similar plan of ac-Mickey Leland (D-Texas) tion if chosen as the next pre si-keeps down the cost of his pro dent: to upgrade academic posal by simply converting all performance while maintainresearch money to services, ing access, to provide more since "the problem has been university outreach to the studied to death." community, to. deal with the The two-year study released issues dividing various constilast week by the Alan Gutttuencies such as pay inequity macher Institute showed that and erratic promotion in 1981: policies, and to preserve the The pregnancy rate for university while at the same teenage girls over the age of 14 time bring in more money. was 96 per 1,000 in the United "I'm looking for creativity; and really a viable type of leadership to inspire, en c /ourage, and develop the real mission of FAMU in the 21st Century," explained Bill Maloy. "FAMU must be brought together and pushed forward." According to Cecilia Dr. Sudarkasa thanked the States, more than double the committee, and expressed her 45 in England and Wales, 44 in .. Canada, 43 in France, 35 in ROWIJSOfi.'S Sweden and 14 in the Netherlands. Bye Cliff The birth rate for those 150PTICAL CENTER 11620 N. Nebraska Ave. 1 lllocl< South c:J Fowler 972-1020 -,., ,;..I A PAIR I I I I I I I Includes Eye Examination I (Most Prescriptions) I I OPTOMETRIST NEXT DOOR 'I '25 EYE EXAM FOR GLASSES I '35 EYE EXAM FOR CONTACTS I -. I htl 6() FREE Buy One Pair Of Prescription GLASSES Get Second Pair /FREE (Plastic lenses Only) Offer Expires 3/31/85 appreciation in their s election proce ss "I think I have a fairly good unde r s tandin g of th e statu s of th e univer sity, the f i nancial and a c ademic challen g e, and I under s tand its r e lati o n s hip to the s tate univer sity sys t em," Dr Sudarkasa s tat e d adding that s h e hope s th e c o mmittee agree s with her that she would make a good pres ident for FAMU. LEGAL NOTICE This is to notify all persons concerned that I, James R. Stephens, will no longer be respon sibie ior any oebis iiicurred by anyone, other myself, after ciate March 8 ... p ='lfS. Signed: James R. Stephens. E & J Brandy 5.99 SmirnoH Vodka 5.69 AmareHo Di Saronno 11.49 Chivas Regal 13.49 Wild Turkey 101 rb. 9.49 Crown Royal Canadian 11.29 Fleischmann's G1n Pluasz 6 29 MFG. RBT. 0 Captain Morgan 6.99 Walker's Vodka 5.69 Beam's Black Labelarb. 7.99 Harvey's Scotch 11.9 9 BurneH's Gin 1 0.99 Philadelphia Blend Seagram's v.o. Canadian l'ttsS4 MFG. RBT. Rebel Yell Crawford's Scotch Gordon's Vodka Cella Wines Gold Peak Gallo Wine lAMBRUSCO OR BIANCO CMblls. Roae All Types Coke or Diet Coke Milk Sunny Flor.ido boi ry LOFAT MOST STORES 59. 2 9 99 oz. 16.99 13.99 12.29 10.59 4.69 4.69 5.99 1.29 2.15 6 PI(. CAll 750 ML 750 ML 750 ML 750 ML 750 ML 750 ML LTit. LTit. LTit. LTit. 1.75 LTit. 1.75 LTit. 1.75 LTit. 1.71 LTit. 1.75 LTit 1.71 LTit. 1.71 LTit. 1.5 LTit. LTit, LTit. 2 Lft Q


Women Follow Conventions To Display Their Hats For nearly twenty years, Mrs Eula Downs pressed clothes in a laundry. "I can press anything that is made," she says recalling her days in the laundry industry. But many of her dreams were about her traveling around the country with many hats. .. In 1969, that dream came true for Mrs. Downs as she had the opportunity to go to Memphis, Tenn. to a <;_onven-I; tion of the Church of God in Christ. The excitement of meeting people, traveling and then selling a hat that she had made gave Mrs. Downs a great feeling of joy. There came a point in her life when "I asked the Lord to send me someone who would travel with me." Through a friend who also made hats, Mrs. bowiW met Sadie Burrs BY GWEN HA fES Sentinel Managing Editor Now the women plan their schedules around the different church conventions that are held throughout the country, at least four times each year The ladies are in Tampa this week for the 71st annual session of the Progressive sionary Baptist State Conven tion of Florida which is in session at St. John Progressive Baptist Church. This is the seventh trip to Florida for the women, but the first to Tampa, It was through the assistance of Mother Maudell Fowler of Tampa and the Rev. Gaines of Orlando that the two ladies were able to bring their hat display to Tampa. "We always get permis,sion from the host pastor to set up a booth. We do that far in advanc e so we'll know where we have to go. We always meet nice people," Both ladies have owned h shops Mrs. Downs h operated several and Mrs. Burts has Loops Millinery i Chicago that is operated her children while she is on road. Mrs. Downs considers bei able to make hats by using th imagination, a gift from God "I've always been able to d things with my hands em brodier, sew without a teaching." Mrs. Burts was a Frenc Mrs. Downs states. cook in a restaurant for m than 10 years when at the in sistence of a friend she took course in hatmaking "and been dedicated to it GRAND OPENING SPECIALS MARION JONES ... Owner 2808 Tampa St. (Cor. Tampa St. & Warren) SUPERIOR BEAUTY SALON 229-0059 CURLS ....... '35 SHAMPOO & SET ... a SHAMPOO PRESS HAIR CUT .... '6 & C URL .. '12 COLOR. RINSE '5 ........... VIRGIN RELAXER ... '22 NEW GROWTH RELAXER. '15 PERMANENT TINTING (HAIR COLOR) .......... a & UP (CONDITIONING TREATMENT WITH SERVICE 55) SENIOR CITIZEN DAY SPECIALS,_ EVERY MON. & TUES. MARION JONES ... Owner MARY HERRON .. Operator (Former(y Of Bossa Nova) SPECIALS GOOD: MON.-THURS. ONLY OFFER GOOD: MARCH 25-APRIL 30 : Traveling by plane, train or bus, the women carry boxes and boxes of hats, and other accessories along with the s etup for their displays. "Peo ple think this is easy, but it's a lot of hard work and it gets to be expensive," Mrs. Downs adds. "We travel with 50 to 75 hats." Fortunately, the ladies often enjoy the comforts of a parishoner's home, but there are times whenthey are set up in a hotel. "Sometimes we will stay over (in the convention ci ty) a couple of days to do some shopping or sightseeing." Mrs. Downs, the mother of two children, and Mrs. Burts, the mother of 17 children, met each other in Chicago. However, since the death of her husband in 1983, Mrs. Downs has moved to Gary, In diana to be near her daughter. since The first hat I made lady offered me $35 for it but didn't want to sell it. Anot lady in the class said 'honey, let her have it for thaL Y can always make you anot one.' That's how I s tarted making hats for sale," Mrs Burt s explained. In addition to this being t livelihood of the two women, they also say it's even more a joy because the.Y love peop and love making hats. Mrs. Downs and Mrs. Burt will be at St. John Prog throughout the remainder this convention. Those who follow the conventions will them again next year with a new supply of hats in the most fashionable colors and the most recent styles Phone Your News 248-1 Sentinel Price To Increase April 2nd The cost of the Sentinel Bulletin will increase begin ning April 2nd from 25 cents to 35 cents per copy. The price increase is the first in six years, and was caused by continued increases in the costs of newsprint and labor during the past six years. Hundreds of agents and newsstands who handle our newspaper will share in the price increase. They will receive 5 cents of the increase per copy, and the Sentinel the other 5 cents .... Publisher. CREATION INTERNATIONAL 706-B W. BuHalo Ave. 221-3676 EASTER DRESSES LITTLE GIRL PANTIES TO MATCH DRESSES MADE TO YOUR STYLE (If Ordered In Advanced) \ PRICES VARY PASTEL COLORS TO CHOSE FROM WE ALSO SEW CLOTHING FOR Income Taxes HOWARD McKNIGHT Cert_ified Public Accountant Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8 AM6 PM = Q =-


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Settling Political Disputes When the person or persons unknown fired a bullet into the house of Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmon, the author of the majority opinion when the Supreme Court legalized abortion on re quest, they took another step in the escalation of t he abortion controversy. In the past year, the nuinber of bombings of abor tion clinics has increased dramatically and the rhetoric of the so-called pro-life activitsts has become even more shrill. The bombings and harass. ment of women trying to enter the clinics which are not always abortion clinics exclusively, are forms of terrorism. The anti-abortion forces don't want to face up to that fact. They have continually raised the in the con mct by picturing pro-choice advocates and women who get abortions as murderers. If they are murderers then some person who is mentally un balanced will get the notion that these murderers should pay for their crimes with their lives. Bombs kill indiscriminately and though none of the bombs have destroyed a human life at the time they damaged the clinics, it is just a matter of time before one explodes at a clinic that is full of staff members and patients. Even bombs timed to go off at other times can malfunction. The person who took a shot at justice Blackmon's house is a hypocrite. If aborting a fetus is murder then certainly taking a shot at a house that is oc cupied by two or perhaps more human beings is wrong. This violence represents what can happen when emotion replaces rationality in settling political questions. America has a sad history of people using force to settle jssues better left to reason and reflec tion. It is the duty of all the organizations fighting against abortion to fight just as vigorously against the use of violence to settle this question. If a human life is sacred then aU human beings should be protected from antagonists w.ho would use violence when debate has failed to sway an oppo nent. '. Rep. Rangel Urges Enforcing Drpg Penalties NEW YORK Rep. les Rangel, D-N. Y ., criticized the Rc:.gan ad ministration fw failing to say it will pfll'llll'e the nations who do not in sto,.... the a.w of illicit drUJt, aiilit this is the wr,..._, of to Bffi the of committee on drug controL In 1983, Congress passed a bill authorizing the president to suspend military and economic aid to nations failing to halt the flow of dtup ao'the USA. "When e caa:t a. we expm If fO k enforced," RanuJ-.. / / f King Parade Must Be Dignified A few years ago this writer se..Ved as the grand JDarshal as one of the original creators and organizers .of the first nual Martin Luther King commemorative pilgrimage. The memorial marc.. was featured in to ne sacred to King's memory. The lead en try was to be a symbolism marked by a mule-drawn w.agon bearing a Ob servers may well remember the widow in Black, casting a reflection of mourning. Such was followed by a collection of children walking to the beat of serious, solenin Aside from a few floats of apolitical depiction, the message was hopefully given that we as a people were still in struggle 'towards King's dream and ideas. It was uplifting in hope that the affair this year might return to the original projec tion. We have sucb hope as we see a local minister bas been selected to serve as this year's grand marshal. r: All are encouraged to get and help to phin an event we all can take pride in. William Raspberry ---------lllr -They Keep Dropping The WASHINGTON Ever is creating jobs in record Ronald Reagan;s land, numbers." slide re-election with blacks Then they dropped the other voting overwhelmingly for the shoe. Joblessness for blacks loser, we've been hearing increased by a statistically of racial polarization. The exsignificant 1.4 percentage planations include the nearpoints. Since January, civilian unanimous urgings of the 'employment for blacks fell by civil-rights leadership, visceral 174,000, most of the loss ab misgivings about conservatism 'sorbed by adult black males. in general and Reagan in par-That's not perception; ticular, ,and a difference in that's reality. "perceptions" of blacks and And yet Americans have whites. trouble understanding why It may be that the real exblacks refuse to stand up and planation is what I call "the cheer the continuing goqd other shoe." news. USA Today was bubblRead almost any report ing all last week with its dealing with economic or upbeat "Life Quality Index." quality-of-life indicators, and, The newspaper's poll sugno matter how upbeat the gested that 1984 came close to basic report might be, a few being the best o'f times. Four paragraphs into the account, out of five Americans were they will drop 'the other shoe: happy with their presentstatus "For blacks, on the other a?d their future prospeCts hand .. :.". afid with good reason. Their It ha,p' pened again the other iNcome was up; more than a day, when the La'bor Departthird of them won job promoment came .out with a report tions; Reagan was in the White that had Reagan administraHouse and all was well with tion officials positively chortlthe world. ing. unemployment But like most such surveys, edged in February this one gave short shrift to as America's continuing "the other shoe.". Low-economic vitality saw the creaincome; joqless or .'inarginally tiori of 300,000 new jobs. employed blacks {and those Indeed, the number of who presume to speak on their working Americans reached are aware of the an all-time high of 106.7 o!hef their. million. "We have seen a is exacerbated by number of positive th .cr,, }hat. nobody in indicators in recent to be paying it said the ecstatic Larry much attention. presidential The Labor Department's spokesman, .. but none is more Bureaq. ,of Statistics, reaMU.riaJ thair a drop in tl\erecent report, The _(Conu...-.... We would love to see tbe event expand covering all se;tions of the city. This can only be by depictions returning to old methods of King, himself. The people must get out of cars and off of floats and take their bodies to the where King led his flock. Imagine the constructive beauty of a sea of Black people emerging from east of Tampa (Belmont Heights) rendezvousing with a lack mass from West Tampa at the common apex, City Hall or the County Courthouse. Here, a worship can be conducted at the steps of government. Such an idea, my friends, contains the proper messages to be sent in such times in which we live. Black people, collectively, today are just as oppressed economically as they were during the days of King. We have nothing to parade about or frolic about. Our actions inust reflect the political con ditions in which we live. Of course, this will not receive the blessing of the powers that be. Oppressors love to keep things ineffective and orderly. While we find nothing wrong with the idea of "law and order." It must never take priority over ''freedom and justice.'' Next year when the nation honors King, officially, iil January, such will be the tone of such memorials. Churches will open their doors, people will be out in the streets on the old battlegrounds of the 60s and 70s. If Tampa is to lead the way, it had better get act together, or Black people here will become the laughing stock of the nation. The aim of the King com. memoration niust not become I or fall into the hands of "money changers." While we know that it will take money to put on any affair, the greatest need is that people are allowed to participate with as little financial cost to them as possible. Those who line the streets watching floats are the very ones we need in the streets. So let us not conduct yearly circuses creating and peddling ignorance to others. Let us do it right or not at all. April 4th is a tragic day in the lives of Black people. When Dr. King was. cut down that day in Memphis by an assassin's bullet, a piece of aU of died with him. must not do anything in our lives to prove unworthy of bis recopition.


A Lesson In Politics From the election past, when we all went to the polls (anyway), we can certainly see how politics play an important part in our life(s). Let's take what happened on our last election date. On March 12, 1985, not very many of us went to the polls and cast our votes. For whatever reasons we chose not to, let's definitely keep them a secret. Because nobody wants to hear it anyway. Further more, we need to learn a lesson in politics, relevant to our position in these United States. Lest we forget, these words came from -President Abraham Lincoln in January; 1864: "How to better the con dition of the colored race has long been a study which has attracted my serious and careful attention; he'nce I think I ani clear and decidedas to what course I shall pursue ... regarding it as a religious duty, as the nation's gu;udian viEW Your Money! But Not You If I never swim at the beach, want to know that I can if I to. If I never sit at the lunch counter, sleep in the hotel, eat in the restaurant or drink in the lounge, I want to be able to do so if I so desire. I want the reason that I don't do these things to be because I don't care to do so and not because of the color of my skin. The above kinds of attitude is exactly what Blacks have been saying all along to white establishments. We want the right to come if we so desire. I feel that it is only right that Blacks fight any attempts in any form to continue to discriminate against us simply because of skin color. This conversation comes to light in view of some recent discrimination charges against several night spots in the city of Tampa. I would like to think that the city of Tampa has come too far for these kinds of attitudes and discriminatory practices. I would like to think that race relationships in this city are too good for those establish ments accused of racial discrimination to be caught in that posture. Apparently there is no need to think that way. Unfortunately there are those mentalities that are still living in the age of "Niggers and Crackers", and do not know that we have advanced to the integrated modern day age of "Blacks and Whites". It's sad but it's true, white businesses still want Black people's money, but they don't want us. They want our business, but they don't want physical presence. It is unfortunate that it is but a lot of white businessmen would like to return to those days when all they had to do was take Biack people's money and pass it out the back door. They may as well come to realize that those days are gone forever. We will not stand to go back to those days. I have long advocated that Blacks build their own places of business and that Blacks patronize these places. No. I am not advocating a separate> economy for Blacks, nor am 1 suggesting that we go back to segregated races. What I am saying is that it is about time we contribute to our own destiny by grabbing a piece of our own economic system. It is about time that Black people become more than spenders in our economy. We need to own to sell and to manufacture. We need to take advantage of the billions of dollars that Black people spend in this economy. Black people spend $190 billion in this country and a lot of that money is spent at places where Black people are npt welcome. While I agree that Black people should be allowed to go anyplace we want to go and anyplace we can afford to go, I do not believe in spending my money anywhere I am not wanted. I don't buy that theory that my money is welcome, but I am not. We go together as a team, me ana my of thes e people who have so heroically vindicated their manhoods on the battlefield, where, in assisting to save the life of the republic, they have demonstrated in blood their right to the ballot." So you see, we came from a position to the position where we are today. The next election in May better see most of our votes cast. Let me tell you why. Consider this. Suppose, well, let's start at the beginning. First, on March 12, only Democrats voted because the Republicans were running unopposed. So, we had nobody to vote for. However, on May 14, Democrats and Republicans will be voting. Se cond, the most that candidate s who are to run agaianst each other in this next election could hope had better be "getting on the good foot," making themselves known. Because this time, we want to know who went to the polls. There will be a Democratic candidate and a Republican candidate. In our fair city, we are most ly Democrats, but some of us are Republicans. Besides, the Republicans are so few, we know who they all are anyway I'll be voting, Happy Spr ing! Peace Be Unto You. money. Discrimination is a dangerous and harmful thing. In any form, it's degrading to someone and discrimination should not be allowed to exist. I agree that legal actions must be taken to end discrimination and that is what is happening in Tampa now, and I have beeri around long enough to know how that works. They let you in, but create a distast ful evening for you. There are many other establishments right here in this town that have an opc;:Q door policy to all races of people and still discriminate against Black people. J have heard Blacks complain about the kind of treatment they have gotten from many of these so-called liberal social establishments. They complained about raised prices, being over charged, being ignored by waitresses, waiters and bar tenders, being rushed to finish a drink, and having these places of business close early (Continued On Page 11-A) [MY Let Us Lift Our Comniunity Singer BobbY. Womack in headquarters for th his latest recording causes N .A.A.C.P. Such an idea is some deep, far-reaching far past doing. To think reftections. "No MatterHow all of these years, th High I Get, I'll Still Be N.A.A.C.P. has always been Looking Up To You", is a renters. Let us support such an spiritual political sermon for effort by making a sacrificial us in the Black community. financial donation. Let This is especially true for those build strong Black of us in the community who stitutions. Institutions are aspire for, or are noted as primary avenues and .,n ........ ., whether we accept it or not -of power. leadership status. In one of his sermons, It d oes not take a genius to Rev. Abe Brown made apply Mr. Womack's song to a timely remark. "If we would political perspective, rather be true Christians", he said, than a one surround"We must do God's biddings. ing some romantic attach-We must above all love ment. another. Even the lowly While this capitalistic drunkard out there in the society is. one which strongly streets, we must love him and individualism and reach out to_ him." The same selfishness, there .is built into lesson is implied in Womack's the American moral fabric, song, ''No matter how high I historically, a strong sense of get, I'll ... We just can't love collective concern. our community and at the What has happened to same time scorn its Black people in this society for As we are about to ap, the past 40 years, proach another Easter, the psychologically, could create a whole new field of message is reflected so timely psychology. Black people in on the road to Calvary. As these United States are still Jesus was burdened with that being brainwashed by the most Old Rugged Cross, let us not vicious dehumanization in forget that he was scorned human history. And while with a crown of thorns, spat some of us as individuals find upon in rebuke. As they looked upon him hanging some means of escape through there on the cross, they were in wealth, education, and reality, looking down on him. recognition, we are ultimately The reflection was there, tied to the common destiny of a brutalized people: "As close you do it to the least of those, as sin and suffering join, we my bretheren, ye have march to fate a breath.'' done it unto me.'' There is so much to be done A people gui,ty of selective in Black communities concern will remain divided. i-.. throughout this land. Black people who sacrifice the com institutional weaknesses are moo interest in quest of selec common to each and every tive privilege is practicing the Black community throughout dangerous game of self this land b the exception of destruction. So let us think a few and heed. Let us lift as we It was noted this week that climb. Let us put the people after some 76 years; Blacks, first, all of our people. nationwide, are making an ef"Devotedly, Let Us Lift Our fort to build a national (Continued From Page 4-A.) didn't even attempt an explanati

""" He was a faithful member of Morning Star Baptist Church, ,, N' Beaumont. Other affiliations include: National Society of N Black Engineers, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, The American < ... rJJ ... (,.') IT'S Allffi7 Society of Mechanical Engineers. Awards and honors re-. YOU ceived: Honor student, U.S.F.; the U.S.F. Alumni Awards ABOUT l; 1978 and 1979; City Council Political Campaign Volunteer of Atlanta, Georgia. ROSE CRUTCHFIELD TO SPEAK IN PALM BEACH COUNTY Tampa resident and avid religious and secular theme speaker, Ann Sankey-White, has been invited to serve as the keynote speaker at St. James A.M.E. Church of Palm Beach County. The occasion is Women's Day, Sunday, March 24. The theme is "Christian Women Respond to God's Authority." Elsie Thomas is the Mrs. White previously serv as the 1984 presiding officer the Women's Day Activities St. James. Her presence and MRS. ANN SANKEY-WHITE participation was so well received that she has been asked to serve this year as the featured speaker. These involvements are only a few of many which Mrs. White has rendered service. She was the 1984 keynote speaker for the Missions and ...__ --Component of the Florida State Baptist Convention Jacksonville. She was the guest speaker for the President's eon of the Federated Association of Women and Girls Clubs of America (1983). She was the guest speaker for the MacDill Air Force Base Martin Luther King, Jr. Brotherhood Luncheon (1982). She was the coordinator of a missions workshop (3 days) for the Southern Baptist (1983). She was the guest speaker for the Annual Band Banquet for the Pahokee Elementary School in Pahokee (1984). To these credits are add ed her frequent speaking engagements throughout the Bay Area and in a variety of cities throughout the state. In the com ing months she will serve in the citi.es of Sarasota, Plant City, Lakeland, Jacksonville and Miami. Mrs. White is the wife of Gerald L. White and the mother of two children, Kyla Jimeece and Gerald White, Jr. She is employed as a counselor at the University of South Florida. She membership and an active service record with Baptist thurch of West Tampa. She serves the commumty through participation in numerous civic club projects. Her motto is "Improve to Serve." ROLAND DEERING FUNERALIZED IN TEXAS Roland Terence Deering, 29, third son of Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Deering, Plant City, was funeralized March 16 at Morn ing Star Baptist Church, Beau mont, Texas. Mr. Deering died at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Beaumont on March 13 after a brief stay. He was born in Forest, Mississippi and a 1973 graduate of Plarll High School, Tampa. Roland at tended the University of Florida and then served in the Artillery Branch ?f the U.S. ROLAND DEERING Army. He studied at the University of South Florida and transferred to Georgia In stitute of Technology, Atlanta graduating in June 1981. After Georgia Tech graduation, he accepted a job as mechanical engineer at Union Oil Company, Port Arthur, Texas. MacDILL GOSPEL CHOIR Seventh Anniversary Program Will Be Held SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1985 At 7:30P.M. At The MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE CHAPEL So, Come Out And Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord! TONY STRICKLAND BEN GORDON ... President Director FAMILY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Last Saturday evening friends and relatives enjoyed the hospitalilty of Margaret Danzey and friend, Alphonso Mur phy. They were treated to adelightful "Steak Out" in honor of several family birthdays. The honorees were: Dale Huff (Nephew of Margaret), February 3; Donald Harris (son), February II; Alphonso, March 12; Lovett Harris (son), March 26; and Margaret, March 3 Among those enjoying the affair were: Sherron Pyron, Cara and Yolanda Johnson, Thornell and Rose Floyd and son, Her man, James and Maxine Moore, John Frisbee, Alke Sanders, -Leroy Marshall, Larry Arenas, Ralph Williams, Bertha Frazier, Arnold Sullivan, Marion Sims, Vernon Sims, and Bill Jenkins. Also attending were Margaret's sisters-in-law from Adel, Georgia, Verlyn Sims-, Judy Jackson and Mae Huff and daughters, Loretta and Charese; and from Winter Park, wer e friends, Dolores Walker and son, Edwiit, Edna Cross and David Fesser. the Come And Be Greeted By CITY WIDE CHOIR UNION Convenes SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2:45 PM HOOD TEMPLE A.M.E. ZION CHURCH REV. NEAL, Pastor President ALICE MITCHELL Reporter Baha'i Faith Unitil)g the world One lieart at a time BISHOP PHII.LIP R. COUSIN MT. VERNON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH 1719 Green Street Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Bible Study, Tues. 7 P.M. Everyone Is Welcome Bro. Larry B. Horde, Sr., Deacon Sis. Patricia Horde, At The First Annual "I LOVE EDWARD WATERS COLLEGE BANQUET" MARCH 22, 1985 At 7:30 P .M. HOLIDAY INN CENTRAL, Ill W. St. BISHOP PHILLIP R. COUSIN .. Presiding Bishop II th Episcopal District A M.E. Church DONATION: $15.00 ATTY. FRED BUCKINE Speaker Tickets Available at the door COMMERCIAL FREE COMMUNITY RADIO GET THE POWER! FROM THE GOSPEL CLASSIC HOUR FM WMNFRADIO AMPA BAY'S #1 BLACK GOSPE MUSIC PROGRAM Every Sunday Morning 7:00 A.M.-9:00A.M. Every Saturday Night 6:00 P.M.-9:00P.M. WMNF ------...... ....................


BIG MUSICAL PROGRAM SUNDAY, MARCH 24 At 7:00P.M. HOLSEY TEMPLE C.M.E. CHURCH 3729 N. 15th Street REV. H. C. WILKES, Pastor On Program Will Be: :ruE SWEET ANGELS, SPRING HILL MALE CHORUS, HOLSEY TEMPLE ADULT CHOIR And PRAISE ENSEMBLE : < ZION HILL A.M.E CHURCH 260112th Ave. (At 26th St.) Observes ANNUAL WOMEN'S DAY PROGRAM SUNDAY, MARCH 24, J 985 Theme: "Christian Women, Today, Tomorrow, And Forever." ll:OOA.M. 7:00P.M. PROGRAM Features Various Choirs Of The City SIS. CARRIE J. HURST Chairperson MRS. ALTAMESE HAMILTON SIS. CORA PADGETT Co-Chairperson REV. W. L. TURNER Pastor Program Participants: Alma Morris, Lucinda Randolph, Gladys Felton, Sandra Felton, Ada Jones, Ida Randolph, Betty Maynard, Ethel Jones, Joyce Felton, Claudia Padgett, Shawnee Daniels, Sallie Holmes, Gladys Gilbert, Sharon Reed, And Bessie Montgomery. COME THE WITH THE FELLOWS OF KING HIGH SCHOOL EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT LOCATED ON THE CORNER OF 17th STREET AND 18th A VENUE IN YBOR CITY AGES 14 AND OVER THE CASTLE EXTENDS A SPECIAL INVITATION TO KING HIGH SCHOOL FEATURING TWO D. J. 'S This Week's Feature Iff; l.ftl'/'1' J ., THE E.S.Q. ltt-1l'.b Special Attraction THE JUNIOR LOVERS t.tf:Ji., ENTERTAINMENT DURING DANCE ADMISSION ONLY$ 1.50 MUSIC STARTS PROMPTLY AT 8:00P.M. R DRESS IRED! GREATER MORNING STAR MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1415 5th Avenue ANNUAL DEACONESS DAY SUNDAY, MARCH 24At 4:00P.M. Theme: "Christian Women Working Together." MISSIONARY GERALDINE WILLIAMS Speaker REV. E. WASHINGTON ... Pastor MRS. ARZADA MARION, President MRS. MATTIE HARRISON, Program Chairman The Tampa Metro Chapter ofTHE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF NEGRO WOMEN Sponsors Its Annual MINI FASHION SHOW & BANQUET SATURDAY, MARCH 23 at 7:30P.M. At The Travelodge Motel 2501 East Fowler Avenue (Across from Universily Mall Sears) PREMUSICAL SHOW, 7:00P.M. Fashions Provided By Casual Corners Shop -Narrator: MARIA CUNIGA MARTHA Fashion Coordinator and Assistant Narrator Fashion Coordinator Theme: "Walk Proudly In The Light ... QUEEN CONTESTANTS: DONATION: $15.00 DISMUKE And AL VEDA VERNON 2628 27th Avenue WISHING YOU A ST. MATTHEW M.B. CHURCH Rev.J. H Howell, Pastor Sunday sChool, 9:30A.M Worship, II A.M. & 5:45P. M. HAPPY BIRTHDAY r-; B.T.U., 4:45P.M. Prayer Meeting, and Training For rvices, Wed. 7 P M PEACE BAPTIST CHURCH 2607. 24th Avenue REV. JESSIE MANLEY Interim Pastor Sunday Scho9l 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, II A M. Choir No. 3 And Usher Board No.3 Will Serve BTU, 5:30P.M. Evening Worship, 6:30P.M. Mid-Week Service & Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7 P.M. Mrs. Lucille B. Johnson will observe her 81st birthday March 23rd She is a member of St. Paul A.M.C. Church where she served as a Trustee before being appointed to the Steward Board where she serves on the finance commit tee. She has been a member of St. Paul for 60 years, served as Sunday School teacher and superintendent. She sings in the choir, which she joined in 1925. and once served as ON MARCH 24TH At 8:00P.M. THE FANTASTIC SPIRITUAL WONDERS THE TRAVELING STARS And THE HARMONY WINDS Will BeAt GREATER MORNING STAR MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 1415 5th Avenue (OPEN DOOR) DEACON R. SWEET, Sponsor REV. E. WASHINGTON, Pastor THE GENERAL MISSION SOCIETY Of NEW SALEM M.S. CHURCH 405 North Oregon A venue Observes Its ANNUAL MISSION EMPHASIS SUNDAY, MARCH24At ll:OOA.M. Dr. Lyons Is Putor Of Bethel Metropolllan Baptist Chun:b Of St. Petenburx; President Of The Florida General Baptist Convention, Inc .; And Vke President Of The National Baptist Convention, USA,Iac REV.J. P. SAUNDERS ... Pastor MRS. MARIE H. WIMBERLY .. President The Public Is Cordially Invited To Attend. Other Participants: Margie Nickerson, Mary Hawkins and Jolin Heath. THE BAPTIST YOUNG WOMEN Will Present "THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" 6 P.M. THE TAMPA CHAPTER OF THE EDWIN HAWKINS MUSIC And ART SEMINAR Presents "MUSIC fROM THE WORD" Featuring: THE CHAPTER CHOIR IN CONCERT Under The Direction Of MAURICE JACKSON Also, A DRAMATIZATION Entitled, "Tli.EGOSPEL TRAIN" And Sacred Dance By CYNTHIA DICKERSON. SATURDAY, MARCH 23, At 8 P.M. At MT. TABOR MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 2606 Grace Street REVEREND DOCTOR T J. JAMES, Pastor LINDA MONROE, Chapter Coordinator. secretary and treasurer. was the first Office and was given the honor of Office Secretary Emeritus. She is a charter member of the Ladies Auxiliary. Mrs. Johnson is Daughter Ruler Emeritus of Bay City Temple No. 158 and a member of the District Regional and National Department of Elks. She retired from the Hillsborough County School system in 1954. She holds membership in the local, state and national organizations. She is affectionately known as "Aunt Cille" to many young people whose lives she has touched. Shantell Rovena Smith celebrated her 3rd birthday on Sunday at Lowry Park. There were 17 friends and playmates there tq celebrate, along with Felicity Smith, her aunt, and her cousin, Angelita Smith. Shantell is the granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Jean Smith and daughter of Mr. and Mrs (Brenda) Smith. EASTGATE COMMUNITY CHURCH 1924 E. Comanche REV. CLARK EVERETT, Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Worship, 11 A.M. THE PUBLIC IS INVITED. THE MIRACLE REVIVAL TEMPLE 290J N. Nebraalca Aven_,e Special Healing And Blessing Services Each SUNDAY At 11:30 A.M You Are Invited To Come Worship With Us Whatever Your Problem Or Needs May Be You Will Get Help In These S _ervlces. APOSnr E. LOCKHART Founder & Director God' s Minister Of Faith, 'Ifill Be: Ministering In Ev.,.y Service To Meet Your Needs. Prayer For The Sick And Afflicted t And Counselling FIRST MT. CARMEL A.M.E. CHURCH 4406 26th Street REV. E. R. WILLIAMS .. Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Evening Worship, 5:30PM Bible Study, Thursday, 7:30P.M. = Q :r


.c & I c "CC t:l < PHI BliTA SIGMA FRATERNITY Zeta Xi Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., will have their annual Recognition Toast March 24, at the Florida Mental Health Institute, West Conference Room, University of South Florida Tampa Campus. The event begins promptly at5 p.m. All are invited to attend. The event will recognize Tampa Bay's top high school seniors and the top college student s in the areas of academic and community accomplishments. THE GOLDEN RULE SOCIAL CLUB The Golden Rule Social and Civil Club will meet Saturday night, March 23, at the home of Ms. Ruby Harris, 4020 N. "B" St., at 1 p.m. Ms. Lottie Pickens is president, and Ms. Renner Haynes, reporter. THE VILLAGE TEN The Village Ten of Progress Village held there last meeting at the home of Margaret Silas. The recipient of the fund raising raffle was Laverne Stroud The new member welcomed was Gail Milton. After the meeting, a delicious menu was served. The next meeting will be held at the home of Marylou In gram, March 23. Mamie Johnson is the reporter. DON'T YOU WORRY CLUB The Don't You Worry Club is meeting at 8 p.m. tonight (Fri day) at the home of Lucinda Randolph, 1912 5th Avenue. ZETA AMICAE Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Tampa met at the home of Arnica Kate Carnegie. The main topic of discussion was the reunion to be held Sunday, March 24, at the AKA House from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Invitations are being mailed to all former members of Zeta Amicae to share this occasion Plans were also discussed briefly about the state meeting to be held in Orlando in May An Arnica was appointed to work with each of the various committees of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority's upcoming Debonaire Ball The next meeting will be held March 23 at the home of Arnica Geraldine Chastain. Enjoying Arnica Carnegie's hospitality were: Earon Cuffie, Corine Radford, Maxine Douglas, Fannie Rodgers, Mamie Dismuke, Barbara Southers, Chastain and Ernestine Ponder. Sorors present were: Willie Mae Cross, Emma Rockwell and Lila Nichols. Earon Cuffie, is the president, and Ernestine Ponder, publicity chairperson. AMERICAN BEAUTY CLUB The American Beauty Social and Civic Club will hold their monthly meeting on March 24, at 3 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Mary Catherine Ellenwood, 8311 Croton Avenue. Important business will be discussed. Members are glad to have Mrs. Eva Livingston and Mrs. Mary Catherine Ellenwood up and around after a brief illness in the hospital. Both are recuperating nicely at home. The February meeting was held at the 21st Avenue residence of Mrs. Ernestine Davis. Belated Birthday honors went out to Mrs. Maggie Wooden and Mrs. Mary C. Ellenwood. A delightful evening was enjoyed by all. THE NON PARIELS Mrs. Louise Brown, 2909 E Chelsea, will host the NonPanels Sunday, March 24, at 4 p.m. All members are asked to present and on time. The birthday honoree is Mrs. Ozepher Mrs. Dorothy David and Mrs. Mary A. Smith, the publicity chairman, were hostesses for the last two meetings. New of ficers were elected as follows: Mrs. Louise Brown, Pres ; Mrs. Cora Williams, Treas.; and Mrs. Barbara Reese, Business Manager. Two new members were welcomed to the club: Mrs. Rosa M. Hopkins and Mrs. Evelyn Johnson. BLAKE CLASS OF 1960 The Howard W. Blake High Class of 1960 will be meeting Saturday, March 23, at 6:00p.m. at the home of Norma Reese, 4301 E. Deleuil Avenue, Eunice Gibson is the publicity chair man ROSETTES SOCIAL CLUB Lillian Mobley was the hostess for the second meeting of the Rosettes' Social Club. The meeting was held at the home of the president, Martha Stewart. The dub discussed in length the calender of events for the year and finalized plans for the up coming whist tournament. A delightful s upper was served by the hostess and enjoyed by all The next meeting will be hosted by Mrs Stewart on March 30, and members will celebrate her birthday. Her day is March 20. Judith Welch, Reporter. FAIREST O.E.S. CHAPTER Fairest Chapter No. 13, Order of Eastern Star is chartering a bus for the Grand Session in Jacksonville, April 14-15. Any ber of P.H.A. is welcome to go along. For more informalion you should call Mrs. E. Gatlin, 251-2974; or Mrs. M. Gray, 251-4068. THE ORCHID CLUB INC. Orchid Delores Hammond will host this months meeting of the ladies of the Orchid Club Inc., Saturday night at the home of Orchid Barbara Small, 2624 Lindell Avenue The meeting is scheduled for 8:30p.m. Heading the agenda will be a report from the Cabaret Dance Committee headed by Orchid Connie Mustipher. Bus ine s s Manager Orchid Alza L. Stanislaus has mailed Dance Tickets to all Orchids for their May 11th, DOWN HOME SOUTHERN CABARET at the WEST TAMPA CONVEN TION CENTER. Orchid Mildred Siplin represented the organization at the opening ceremonie s of the Progress Village Little League, ac cepting the Spon s or s hip C e rtifi c ate and Agre e ment between the Orchid Club Inc., who i s s pon s oring the Junior Girl s Team and the Progress Village Lea gue. All Orchids join Benevolent Chairper s on Orchid Betty Walker in wis hing Orchid Thelma Sweet, who is at home recovering from foot sur g er y and Mr. Freeman Flowers, hubby of Orchid Clareatha, who wa s injured on the job and as a result had to have knee s urg e r y a very s peedy recovery. Vice Pre s ident Ann Glymph ho s ted the February meeting at her lovely 56th Street home Aft e r a s hort business meeting the ladie s enjoyed the deliciou s food s and b e verage s s erved by the host ess P e r s on s enjoying th e m s elve s wer e : Nell Wimbly, Alza L. Stanislaus, Thelma Sweet, Helen Johnson, Betty Walker, Barbara Small, Johnnie Garner, Viola Wallace, Delores Ham mond, Connie Mustipher, Barbara Faison, Mary Staples, Authorine Clark, and Mildred Siplin. PHI DELTA KAPPA The National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc. Alpha Omicron Chapter began the year in 1985 with great anticipa tion and enthusia s m. The meeting for January was held at the Morri s on Cafeteria at N. Dale Mabry Highway, with ho s tesses Ozie Brown, Jadie Miller and Marietta Pyles. Plans wer e made for Black His tory Program which was held at Greater Bethel Bapti s t Church The next meeting was held at Sharon's Place. The hostesse s were: Rosemary Walker, Grace Walker and Elsie Turner. Plan s were made for the Southeastern Regional Conference which will be held in Pensacola. Members enjoyed a delectable dinner at each of the Resturants. Two members of the chapter suffered losses. Mrs. Pearl Coffee, husband, and Mrs. Mary McCullough, father-inlaw. The third meeting was also held at the Morrison Cafeteria Final plans were completed for the Southeastern Regional Con ference and the Walking Doll contest whic h will be held March 24, at Potter Elementary School. 1HE BROWN BUDDIES SOCIAL CLUB M C. WILDER, President Invites You To Join Them On A CRUISf ro The CARIBBfAN 'And MfXICO For One Full Week Of Fun UAVING JUNf J6. Will Tour JAMAICA, MEXICO, COZUMEL, And GRAND CAYMAN, Aboard The Fun Ship, S S MARDI GRAS (Of The Carnival Line F'!eet). Full Price Includes Charter Bus Port Taxes, Sales Taxes, One Full Week Of Cruising, And Escort. $.549.00 Per Pe..Son, Quad; $699.00 Per Person, Dbl. For More Information Call: MRS. EVELYN BROOKINS, 238-6688 Older Women's League To Explore Issues The Older Women's League (OWL) of Tampa will h presentations on the league's six national agenda issues at their next meeting on Tues., March 26, at 5:30p.m., at the Women's Survival Center of Tampa, 305 Hyde Park Avenue. Issues to be presented are: Social Security, Pension Rights, Health In surance, Employment, Budget Cuts, and "Caregiver". Members will then choose which of these iss ues the Tampa chapter this advocacy group will work on. For more information plea s e call 251-8437. 1HE 29TH $1REET CHURCH OF CHRIST 3310 29th Street Bible School, 9:45A.M. Worsbip, 11 AM & 6 PM Bible Clases: Sunday, 5 PM Monday, 7 P.M Prayer And Song Service, Wednesday, 7 P.M. THE ROSETTES SOCIAL CLUB Sponsors WHIST TOURNAMENT At 1HE ARMErriA B& BrEMPLE SATURDAY NIGHT MARCH23 9:00 P ; M. to 1:00 A.M 1Hf PfNRCOSfAL CHOIR of HOLSfY TfMPLi A.M.f. CHURCH 3719 N. 15th Street Will Sponsor Their ANNUAL SPRING RA SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1985 from 4 to 6 P.M. BRO. ROBERT BLOUNT, SR. President REV. H.C. WILKES Pastor TAMPA COSMETOLOGISTS UNIT I PRESENTS THEIR QUEEN CONTEST ANTS MRS. ORMILUR KfLSfY The Annual CORONATION, HAIRSTYLE SHOW And DANCE fashions By: SHEILA TRESSA & TROUPE Music By: TERRY HILL BARBARA MOORf LYNETTE'S BEAUTY SHOP Sponsored By MRS. IRMA JONfS At "THE WEST TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER MARCH 30, 1985 9:00P.M. To 1:00 A.M. DONATION: $5.00 FreeCocktails 7.To8:30P.M. B.Y.O.B. ==:.I


IJ'S ALLrr=s?you ABOUT U:W CONGRATULATIONS Ronald E. Williams is congratulated for being named a 1985 United States National Award Winner in basketball at King High School. He was nominated by Henry Washington, King High School Basketball Coach. Ronald is the son of Ronald and Cynthia Williams. He is the grandson of Frank and Rosa Lee Shellman, ana Frankie Jones. ;} RONALD WILLIAMS THE WILSON FAMILY SINGERS Celebrate JOTH ANNIVERSARY At FIRST UNION M. 8. CHURCH 3707 E. Chelsea SATURDAY, MARCH 23, At 7:30P.M. And $UNDA Y, MARCH 24, 3:00P.M. ON PROGRAM SATURDAY: THE MacDILL GOSPEL CHOIR, Special CHORUS or FIRST UNION, ROMERO & CO., CLAUDIA NEAL, TRUE INSPIRATIONAL MASS CHORUS, MAUDE JACKSON, BRO. JAMES WARD, GOR DONAIRES, MT. SILLA NO. 3 CHOIR, NEW BETHEL YOUNG ADULTS, HOOD'S TEMPLE ZIONITES, EBENEZER MASS CHORUS, And CANAAN MASS CHORUS. ON PROGRAM SUNDAY: FRIENDSHIP or CARVER CITY CHOIR NO. 2 And The YOUNG ADULTS, FIRST UNION MALE CHORUS, 1'\'VILIGHTS GOSPEL SINGERS, MACEDONIA MALE CHORUS, ST. LUKE CHOIR NO.4, FIRST UNION CHOIR NO. I, GERALDINE HAWKINS, THE HOLY VOICES, LINCOLN GARDENS CHOIR NO. 1, FLOYD SINGERS, FIRST UNION CHOIR NO. 2, FIRST BAPTIST CHOIR NO. 3 or COLLEGE HILL, MT. CARMEL CHOIR NO. 1,'And MACEDONIA CHOIR NO. 1, Thonotosassa. MYRA WILLIAMSON, Manager DEACON COLEMAN WILSON, Director FAYE BAKER, Reporter 'THE NATIONAL SORORITY of PHI DELTA KAPPA, INC. -Alpha Omicron Chapter-Presents A Musical Theme: "Its A S,;,a/1 World In PhiDelta Kappa/and. The Walking Dolls Are: MARVIN LeCONNfR BRADDY ... Son of Mrs. Elolne Braddy and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Braddy, Jr. .. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Carter. CARLISSA PATRICI DOLPHY Daughter of Mrs. Carmen Dolphy and Mr. Lisman Dolphy \. k%." i f COURTNIY ClARA KIARSI ... Dau9hter of Mr. and Mrs Paul Kearse SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1985 4 P.M. At POTTER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Corner East Cayuga Avenue And 34th Street. --. . . . ... .._ .. MR. AND MRS. GREG V AULX Marriage vows were taken by Evelyn F. Steele and Gre_g Vaulx of Chicago, Ill., on March 16, at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Stella McDuffy. Minister James Miley officiated. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Vaulx. The couple will make their home in Tampa. PRESENTED IN CONCERT Richard Hale was presented in concert at Eastgate Com munity Church Sunday on March 3, at the 3 P.M. service. Hale, who has appeared in several movies and performed on radio and television, turned to Christ in 1982 and began to con centrate on songs of wotship and praise. He is now involved i n a full-time music ministry. Joining Hale in concert was such local talent at The Praise Ensemble, a quintet popular in the bay area. Maude Jackson sang her popular song of assurance, "His Eye Is On The Sparrow. The concert was sponsored jointly by Eastgate's Division of Church Advancement, which Otis Williams is director, and by the Division of Performing Arts, of which Earl Pate is direc tor. The Rev. Dr. Clark H. Everett is the pastor. TAMPA COSMETOLOGIST UNIT Tampa Cosmetologist Unit I welcomed the Educational Department of the Orange Blossom Cosmetologist Association to Tampa for the Annual Continuing Education classes, which was held March 16. Guest teachers were Mrs. Jeffrey McAr thur from Lakeland andMr. Ernest from Atlanta Some of the out-of-town guests were Mrs. Pauline Shaw, Dean, Jackson ville; Mrs. Mamie Rlcardson, chairman of Education, Lakeland; Mrs. Essie May Joyner, and Dr. Bassey, 1st Vice President of O.B.C.A., Orlando. The Unit is ready to present one of their best annual affairs on March 30, at the West Tampa Convention Center. The members in the unit are also getting ready for a long waited oc casion, the Dr. C.B. Ross Educational Building groundbreak ing on March-31 1985 at 2 p.m Everyone is invited to come out and share this joyous occasion with us. The next meeting will be held at Twilight Beauty Shop, 1905 N. Armenia Ave., 254-2807. Sharon Davis, reporter. GREATER MOUNT MORIAH PRIMITIVE BAPTISt CHURCH 1225 Nebraska A venue Will Present THE OI.D SHIP OF ZION SUNQAY, MARCH 24, At 7:30P.M. ELDER CLARENCE L. WARREN, Narrator l MO. EDDIE MAE JACKSON Soloist Soloist Musicians: BRO. DONALD BECK And BRO. WAYNE LEONARD A Host or Talent Or New St. Paul Temple C.O.G.I.C., Elder David Jones, P_.or; And Mt. Moriah P .B. Church. BRO. VICTOR COPELAND, Program Chairman Marriage:: _____.-. --- Licen_ s .es Eugene Ruebendolph DeBoles, 23, St. Peter s burg, and Andrea Yvette Lotte, 23, Tampa. Reginald Antonio McCray 26, Tampa, and Joann Marie Robinson, 25, Tampa. Monty Lee Montgomery, Jr., ZO, Tampa, and Debra Lestina Williams, 20, Tampa. Magloire Gustave, 29, Tam pa, and Eliza Irene Roserie, 31, Tampa. Gregory Alan Vaulx, 22, Chicago, Illinois, and Evelyn Francine Steele, 22, Tampa. Eric Devone Bush, 22. Tam pa, and Mary Lee Aiken, 17, Tampa. Kenneth Eugene Cutler, 27, Tampa, and Florence Ethlyn Antonio, 24, Antigua, Carib bean Islands. Broyce Rivers Mattox, 23, Ft. Hood, Texas, and Mary Elizabeth Napper, 20, Tampa. Willie James Robinson, 34, Tampa, and Mary Jean Green, 34, Tampa. Vernon Sharon Watkins, 30, Tampa, and Sharon Anita .Johnson, 34, Thonotosassa. Waymon Wilson, Jr., 21, Tampa, and Lucretia Lasharn Griffin, 19, Tampa. Wiljack Pierre, 31, Tampa, and Sandra Bradley, 19, Tam pa. Mark (\ent Miller, 23, St. Petersburg, and Serena Marcea Singleton, 22, St. Petersburg. Eddie Gene Daniel, 37, Tampa, and Jeanette Delores Jones, 37, Tampa. Leon Gregory Duncan, 22, Tampa, and Kathy Lavon McMillian, 21, Tampa. Carmichael Earl James, 23, Tampa, and Recevia Bianzar Smith, 20, Tampa. Fito Deravil, 23, Tampa, and Patricia Lorene Dixon, 19, Tampa. Dieueseul Joseph, 27, Tam pa, and Shirley Ann 24, Tampa. James Ferdinand Merritt, 28, Tampa, and Mae Linda Gay, 38, Tampa. Edward Parker, 51, Tampa, and Irene Tillman, 43, Tampa. Edward Lewis Harris, Sr., 39, Tampa, and Nedra cine Creary, 37, Tampa. Jacinto Viveros, 28, Tampa, and Kimerly Laverne Harris, 24, Tampa. Jimmy Lee Walker, 20, Tampa, and LaShann Sledge, 18, Tampa Joseph Jones, Sr., 6Z, pa, and Loretta Billups, Tampa. Mutants Epole Lumbala, 23, Tampa, and Osun Gu Olafemi, 22, Tampa. Tracy Eugene Givtns, MacDiU, AFB, and Ann Shank, 20, Tampa. Gregory Lane, 31, Tampa, and Delphine Lane, 26, Tam pa. Larry Darnell Grant, 25, Tampa, and Debra Ann Loadhold, 18, Tampa. --------IC IC ao (II f i = = -! = "''j :::!. I i ,. t :so s = l'li "C > C'J t't'l z .... z t't'l .. >


fl.) = .... -.= I c = < IN THE SPOTLIGHT ? ... TONYA A. DEAl, Born under the sign of Sagittarius, Tonya A. 1Jeal is a 19-year old, 5'4", sophomore Business administration ma-jor at the University of South Florida Tonya 's career goal is to climb the corporate ladder to the top in a successful corporation. Her of life "To remember that a day is not wasted, a memory ts made." Tonya is attracted to a man of character who is sincere, intelligent, honest, and not afraid to show emotions. She enjoys tennis, jogging, and meetin2 new people The star most admired is Jesse Jackson. Probably no one who's shivered through January 1st celebrations bundled up in parkas hasn't secretely wished that New Year's would happen in the spring Well, it may come as ll surprise, but there is a calendar fo1lowed by a growing number of people who celebrate New Year when the winter's over-! The Bahli 'i calendar was designed in the. last century to mark the beginning of a new spiritual age in the life of mankind. It has 19 months of 19 days each, nine of its own holidays, and its New Year arrives on the Vernal Equinox, March 21st New Year in spring: an idea the world is warming up to! ... and the first day of the New Year! GREATER CHOIRS UNION NO.3 Convenes SUN., MARCH 24, 2:45P.M. MT. SINAl HOLINESS CHURCH Chelsea & 42nd Street Elder James Cochran, Pastor The Public Is Cordially Invited. H. L. WILLIAMS President PEARL HARRIS ... Reporter MORNING GLORY M.B. CHURCH 7510 N. 40th Street REV. -P. L. HUMPHREY ... Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, II A.M. The Public Is Invited FIRST MB CHURCH 3707 E. Chelsea ;Pastor Sunday School, A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. .Evening Worship, 6 P.M. Prayer-Bible Study, Wed., 7P.M. NEW LIGHT MISSIONARY aAPrtSr CHURCH 3012 N. 22nd Str-t Pastor SUNDAY SCHOOL, 9:30A.M. MORNING WORSHIP, 11 A.M. ESENEZER M. s. CHURCH 1211 Scott Street REV. EZELL BERRIEN Pastor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Morning Worship, 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship, 6:30P.M. Bible Study/Pnyer, Tues., 7:30 Is Always Welcome NEW CANAAN M.S. CHURCH PRISON CRUSADE BUILDING 29th Street & 21st Avenue Pastor Sunday School, 10 A.M. Morning Worship II A.M. B.T.U., 5 P.M. Evening Worship, 6 P.M. First & Third Sunday Visitors-Are Welcome CHURCH OF CHRIST DAVID ATKISON. Minister SUNDAY: Bible Study. 10 A.M. & S P M Woi'Ship, II A.M. & 6 P.M TUESDAY: Ladies Study. 10 A M Regular Study, 7:30P.M. THURSDAY: Song Service & Prayer Meeting 7:30P.M. GRACE MARY M.S. CHURCH 390 I 37th Street Pastor Sunday School, 9:30 J\.M. Morning Service, II A.M Evening 5:30P.M. Bible Study, Wed., 7P.M. ST. JOHN M.S. CHUiiCH 3401l5th Avenue ELDER EDDIE NEWKIRK Put or ,Sunday School, 9 < 45 A.M. "Morning 11 A.M. Wed. 7P.M. REJIEARSALS: Youth, Tues., 6 P.M. No.1, Tues., "7:30; No. l &: Young Adults, Wed., 8 P.M. LIVING WORD CHRISTIAN CENTER Palm River Recreation Center 58th St. And Palm River Rd. "%<' PASTOR CLYDE F UV'VLLft Pnlse &: Worship Service-II AM Faith &: Delivennce Service -6 P M Come And Be A Part Of Our Wor ship Experience. Radio Ministry Each Saturday At 1:15 P.M. On WCBF (1010 am). 24th CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 1703 24th A venue Pastor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Worship Service, 11:00 A.M. Evening Service, 7:30P.M. Bible Study, Wed., 7:30P.M. Y.P.W.W., Fri., 7:30P.M. Wonted: CHURCH MUSICIAN Pho. 689-3023 Or COLLEGE HILL CHURCH I CHRIST .. Pas lor .. Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship. 11:00 A.M Y.P.W.W 5:30P.M. Worship, 7:00P. M Tues. & Fri., 7:00 NEW SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 405 North Oregon .. Pastor Sunday SChool, 9:30A.M Morning Worship, 11 A.M. BTU, 5:30P.M. Evening Worship, 7 P.M. Pnyer Meettni &: Bible Study ThursdiU', 7 P.M GREATER FRIEND.SHIP M.B.CHURCH 4413 35th Street REV. M. MURRAY .. 'lla ,stor Sunday School, 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship, II A.M. Evening 5 P M. Prayer Meeting, Tuesday, 7:30P.M. Visitors Are Welcome fiRST BAPTIST CHURCH Of LINCOLN GARDfNS i." 4202 Stre't Pastor., Sunday Schoof 9 :30A. M Each Sunday Morning Servlu, II A M Evening Service, 6 P .M. First And Third Sundays 8 T U., 5 P M Each Sunday Prayer & Bible Study At 7P. M


ND THE TOWN .... Matt Watkins and Lusheryl Walden greet the Sentinel photographer as he passes them on his way to a church ser vice in the Sulphur Springs area Shirley Golden and Linda Copeland .. St. Matthew Bap tist Church Anniversary. ABORTION: ABOM.INATION Jeremiah 32:30-35 -EZEKIEL 16:20-23 VERSES 20.21-MOitEOVER THOU HAST TAKEN THY SONS AND JJj.}'_D_AlJGHTERS WHOM THOU HAST BORNE UNTO ME AND THF.SF. HAST THOU SACRIFICED UNTO THEM TO BE DEVOURED. IS THIS OF THY WHOREDOMS A SMALL MA TIER THAT THOU HATH SLAIN MY CHILDREN AND DELIVERED THEM. TO CAUSE THEM TO PASS THROUGH THE FIRE FOR THEM. I. THE CRY OF THE UNBORN IS SWELLING THROUGH THE HALLS OF ABORTION CLINICS, REACHING OUT TO THE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY AND LAWMAKERS OF THE LAND, FOR HELP, AND FINALLY RESTING UPON THE BROKEN HEART OF OUR FATHER GOD. A. TODAY, MANY PRECIOUS LITTLE LIVES ARE VIOLENTLY BEING INTERRUPTED EACH YEAR IN OUR HYPOCRITICAL SOCIETY. THE POLICE MAY ENTER THE PRIVACY OF PEOpLE'S HOMES TO STOP THEM FROM ABUSING THEIR CHILDREN, AND THEN THEY USE THE SAME FORCE OF LAW TO GUARANTEE THE PRIVACY AND RIGHTS OF PARENTS TO GRIND UP, DISMEMBER, BURN AND MURDER, THEIR INNOCENT CHILDREN! BURNING THEM IN SALINE SOLUTIONS, MURDERING THEM BY INDUCING LABOR AND CUTTING THE CORD OF THE UNBORN CHILD AND LETTING THEM DIE, AT THE HAND OF AN ABORTIONIST! JEREMIAH 7:.5-BEFORE I FORMED THIIIN THE BELLY I KNEW THEE AND BEFORE THOU CAMEST FORTH OUT OF THE WOMB I SANCTIFIED THEE AND I ORDAINED THEE A PROPHET UNTO THE NATIONS. 11. ACCORDING TO STUDY, ABOUT ONE AND A HALF MILLION BABIES ARE MURDERED IN AMERICA, EACH YEAR, AND MILLIONS OF BABIES ARE UNIVERSALLY BEING SOLD EACH YEAR, TO BIG CORPORATIONS, WHO USE THESE UNBORN BABIES HORMONES TO MAKE COSMETIC CREAMS AND OTHER PRODUCTS. A. GOD SAID IN AMOS J:J3b....;. I WILL NOT TURN AWAY THE PUNISHMENT THEREOF BECAUSE THEY HAVE RIPPED UP THE WOMAN WITH CHILD OF GILEAD THAT THEY MIGHT ENLARGE THEIR BORDER. EZEKIEL 23:37-39THEY HAVE COMMITTED ADULTERY AND HAVE CAUSED THEIR SONS WHOI\.1 THEY BARE UNTO ME TO PASS FOR THEM THROUGH THE FIRE. PSAlMS .106:37-38 YEA THIY SACRIFICED THEIR SONS AND THEIR DAUGHTERS UNTO D EVILS AND SHED. INNOCENT BLOOD. I : MICHA 6:7b SHALL I GIVE MY FIRST, BORN FOR MY TRANSG. RESSIONS, THE FRUIT QF MY BODY FOR THE SIN OF MY i SOUL. I Ill. CHRISTIAN PARENTSI IF YOUR DAUGHTER GETS PREGNANT. PLEASE DON'T KILL THE BABY, SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU WANT HER TO GO TO COLLEGE OR ANOTHER FORM OF HIGHER LEARNING. ST. MARK 10:14, JEREMIAH 7:30-34, EXODUS 1:7-22 THE ENEMY WANTS TO DESTROY YOUR CHILDRENI CONFESS AND REPENT. TURN TO GOD AND RECEIVE FORGIVENESS. I JOHN 1:9 BY ERNEST WILLIAMS, PA$'T0R},,_ OPEN DOOR CHRISTIAN OPEN DOOI{ CHRISTIAN CTR. 1221 E. Columbus Dr. (Cor. of 13th St.) Tampa; FL 33602 Phone: 813/229-1082 Sunday School, 10 A.M. Morning Service, II A M Evening Service, 7 P M. Bible Study, Thurs. 7 P.M. Prayer Meeting, Tues ., 7 P M. ... The Public Is Invited ... -Shirley Golden & Linda Copeland St. Matthew Bap tist Church Anniversary. THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF COLLEGE HILL 3838 29th Street Sunday, March 24, 198.5 ANNUAL YOUTH DAY Theme: "/ Have Laid The Foun dation, BUILD ON IT." 11:00 A.M. Speaker Mrs. Dora Reeder and son, Robert at the University of South Florida Pre-Game Reception for Bethune-Cookman College Alumni. ( ANOTHER VIEW ) REV. STEPHEN NUNN ,, 3:00P.M. Service Choir Anniversary KENNETH DRY ANT Master Of Ceremony Guest Choirs Appearing Will Be: Praise Ensemble, Gwen's School of Music Inspirational Singers, Youth Choir of Mt. Pleasant M.D. Church, Youth Choir of Greater Bethel M.D. Church, Youth Choir of Frien dship M.D. Church And Many More. Rev. Young Glo,er, Pastor Bridgette Watson And Lucretia Evans, Chairpersons (Continued From Page 5, A) when there are too many Blacks present. Unfor tunately, white people still feel that if you get seven of us together, we are going to start a riot. I have come to one conclud I have come to one con clusion, and that is many Blacks like the way they are treated in many of our friend ly, predominantly. white places that cater to Blacks also. They complain about the poor services, and the special higher prices fo_r them THE PI IOTA CHAPTER OF OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY Invites You to the First Annual "OMEGA BY THE SEA A -ND,QN,THE SEA'' '... ,, A Booting Experience Saturday;'Marcfl t J0,/985 Ship: SPIRIT OF TAMPA Sails Promptly at 8:00P.M. Donations $15 To Support Scholarship FundTax Deductable For tickets and information contact 'Frank Reddick at 273-9496. BILLY'S GOLDEN COMB 1915Maln St. 254-1681 Easter Specials (Children) -'35 '25 Retouch -'18 Wash N' Set .......... ............. '8 Men Hair Cuts ................... '5 Children Hair Cuts .................. '450 they leave, but they can hardly wait to get enough money so they can go back and get their money taken from them. They love it. Let us continue to fight for the right to go anywhere money will carry us. Let continue to discrimination in any too. But let us not break doors down to spend our money where we are neither wanted or appreciated. Let us not forget, there are those in this town who still fear socializing between Black mates and white females. A person should be able to socialize with anybody he so desires as long as the other person has no objections .It is obvious that many do not share this feeling. "Try Jesus" Gifted To Help Others Free Counseling And Prayers For The Sick Healing For Mind, Body & Soul A Humble Child Tastes The Grace Of God Pl-se R-d Before Calling: James: 4C; I Corinthians: JlC; St. Matthews: JOC; Hebrews: JJC; St. Mark: 16C; John 7:4; Romans: 8: 14; John: 10 & 14C; John: 3C; Matthew: 19:16; James: 5:13-10; Missionary Juanita Ware, 1106 N. Albany Ave., 33607, 151-1660, Gr. Morning Star M.B. Church, Rev. E. Washington, Pastor, 1415 5th Ave., Sis. Naomi Edwards, Pres. Of Mission. Call Tues. & Wed. Anytime. i I !' 1:1"


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" ;: r SP RTSIDE, -.. f<.. RANDY ---BY 1{4NDOLP .. IQNISE)(---Toney Mack Snubbed By MacDonald One of the most prestigious Florida came to the tourna high school basketball games ment to see Toney do his is the MacDonald High School thing. Oh, there were those All-American Classic. High there who came to see their school boys across the nation hometown teams play, but look forward to being selected they still wanted to see Toney to play in this annual event. Mack. They had all heard of The game this year will be him and his prolific scoring played in Dallas, Texas, and feats. guess what, Toney Mack will Basketball fans jumped off not b e the r e. Say what? Toney bu s e s and out of cars.. with the Mack won t be there! You got que s tion where is Tone y to be cr azy! Mack or who is this Toney No I am not crazy, but those Mack? It was obviou s that people who pick the Macthey had all heard of him, but Donald All American team they wanted to see him. When must be crazy. That is MacMack finally hit the floor of Donald as in MacDonald the Lakeland Civic Center, he Hamburgers. Toney Mack was didn't disappoint a soul with left off the 24 man squad his play. Twenty-four man squad you Mack scored 32 points in a say? You mean there are 24 losing effort but left the crowd players in the nation better buzzing. Mack had scored 32. than Mack? Bull man! There points against a tall Miami aren't 24 high school players Carol City defense that was on the universe better than designed to stop him. The Toney Mack. Carol City team had been If there is anybody in the allowing opposing teams a United States who by now has season average of 42 points a not heard of Toney Mack, game. Mack by himself scored then he is the brilliant 6-5 scorjust 10 points less than what ing machine from Brandon entire teams had been avel'ag High School. Mack thrilled ing against the number one crowds with pattern one hand ranked state team jump shots from anywhere on Eve ryone I talked to was court and sent folks into stunned by the news that frenzies with his variety of Toney Mack was not a Macthunderous dunk shots. Donald All-American; People Mack doesn't only score, he stood speechless and gawked plays a complete game While open-mouthed at the news his 41 point per game scoring Mack was snubbea, If they average led the nation, Mack had selected an All-American also led comity players in reCollege team or an All-NBA bounding with 16 grabs a ball team, I could understand them game. How many players anyleaving Mack off. where average 41 points and But there is no way they or 16 rebounds a game? That in anybody can pick an all any itself is an All-American task. kind of team that recognizes Still, the hamburger people h f didn't think too much of our the skills and t e per orm: ances of a high school "Big Mack." They left him basketball player, and leave Jabbar Passes 33,000 Mark Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Los Angeles Lakers, who became the NBA's all-time scoring leader last season, passed the 33,000-point mark in Saturday night's game against the Los Angeles Clip pers. Teammate Earvin "Magic" Johnson scored 25 points and had 15 assists as the Lakers ex tended their winning streak to seven games with a 123-112 victory The Lakers, who clinched their fourth consecutive KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR Pacific Division title Friday Abdul-Jabbar, a 15-year night, beat the Clippers for the veteran, needed eight points to sixth time in six games this reach the 33 ,000-point season They have won 23 of milestone. He had six firsttheir last 27 games. The Cliphalf points, and the game was pers have lost 11 of their last stopped when he hit two free 12. throws early in the third quar ter. He was handed the ball King Hopes To Help and given an ovation by the Ribbs Turn Comer Sports Arena crowd Bo x ing impresario Don king has a new client to pro mote: Willy T. Ribbs, the USA's only black major leagu e race car driver Abdul-Jabbar finished the game with 16 points and now has 33,008. He passed Wilt Ch-am berlain on the scoring list last April 5. Chamberlain held the record of 31,419, a mark many said never would be broken. "My one goal I would to fulfill is to make a pointer," Jabbar said. Clippers' Coach Chaney was more ... n,nNrn.>t1 Saturday night about Magic Johnson than about Jabbar. Johnson played 40 minutes, making eight of 17 shots and sinking nine of his 10 free throws. He also had nine rebounds and three steals. "We're going to have to go back to the drawing board and try and figure out a way so someone can't drive the as easily as Magic did tonight," said Chaney. "W made some mental errors that cost us some points They keep running, and a team can't relax when they play th .Lakers." The Lakers outrebounded the Clippers, 53-46, an vantage that allowed them play their running game. "Tonight was a real tr sition game, the kind we to pllly,'' said Coach Riley. 'We made a lot of plays on the break. We had fast breaks in the first rv>rnnalone." Ribbs, who plans to drive Indy cars for Lotus this season has retained King to manage and promote his rising career. Like his new promoter, Ribbs is no stranger to con troversy. Outlaws,' Extend Trumaine Johnson's Suspension "I think I'm the only person who's been able to lay Don King's hair down. I call it the Einstein cut," said Ribbs Said King: "We're both pioneers, and we're going to ride our wagon trains together." NOW! NIGHTLY EXCEPT SUNDAYS 8 P.M. MATINEES, MON., WED., SAT. N O MINO R S MUST BE 18 DINE AT DERBY CLUB TEMPp, Ariz. Arizona Outlaws president Bill Tatham Jr. said Tuesday that disgrun tled wide receiver Trumaine Johnson "has been suspended indefinitely" -after hearing reports that he is about to jump to the rival NatioJlal Foot bali League. Johnson, one of the United States Football League's premier receivers the past two seasons, walked out on the Outlaws during their third day of preseason training camp here Jan. 23 over a salary dispute. last month. It would expire af ter Saturday's game at Tampa Bay. But Tuesday, Tatham the reporters ."we hav suspended Trumaine definitely. We have the league of that in the day or two. "He missed the last of (contract negotiation) ap pointments with us and we hear somebody from the San Diego Chargers an indirect third party has offered him a lot of moriey and he's listening." The Chargers own the NFL rights to the 24-year-old John son, a former All-American at Grambling University who caught 81 passes for 1, yards and 10 touchdowns the Chicago Bljtz in 1983 off the team. Toney Mack off. No wonder When Mack was busy scorpeOple are asking where is. the ing or rebounding, he was beef? Parade Magazine goof busy passing balls off to teamed also, but not as bad as the mates for easy layups or wide MacDonald folks. The y open shots. Which means that selected Mack to their third Mack was not a selfish ball team All-American list. There player who shot up all the is no way Mack should have balls. He passed the hall well. been third ream DERBY LANE ST. PETERSBURG He reportedly was denied a $260,000 advance .on his 10year, multi-million dollar con tract money Johnson said he needed as a down payment for his parents' ranch in Louisiana and he threatened to either sit out the season or be traded only to the USFL's New Jersey Generals. Tatham imposed a fourgame suspension on Johnsor' Whatever You Need Classified Has It. Defense was Mack's biggest weakness. I am this day writing to both While defense was Mack's Parade Magazine and Mac biggest weakness, he was no Donald's to find out what slouch on defense. He was exkind of criteria both use. I cellent at blocking shots, and would be willing to compare was among the county leaders Mack's record with any of in blocked shots. Mack came Parade's and Mac's all as close to being an all-around Americans and bet won't any ball player as any high school of them b e better. player in the country. The talk of the recently concluded state basketball tournament was Toney Mack. sCoring 40 points a game was common for Mack, but late in the season, Mack had chipped in games that read 63 points, 71 points and 55 points. Folks those kind of totals mean one is scoring. Thousands of fahs Some may be taller, some may play in bigger cities, some may play on teams with bette( records and some may have bigger scrap books, but none deserve to be a first team All American any more than Toney Mack. Mack wa s rob bed by a bunch of adults who s tuck him up and took his honors without usin g FOR PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL LEGAL SERVICES RENDERED COURTEOUSLY, EFF(CIENTL Y AND. CONFIDENT/ALLY, CONtACT THE l LAW OFFICES OF FRED 1.. BUCKINE AND CAROl. YN J. HOUSE PERSONAL (NJURIES WRONGFUL DEATHS PROBATE AND CRIMINAL 518 NORTH TAMPA STREET, SUITE 203 TAMPA, FI.A. 33601 (813J 223-2044


Tampa Athletes Of Yesteryear BY C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, III (A Wee"kly Series) Darryl Mitchell: First Of Belmont Little League Stars Th(!re are people who get in life early without pushing and shoving, and without making a fuss. They their work smoothly and "ly. Everything comes naturally to them. Some peo ple refer to these people as having a gift from God. It seems as if fortune is smili'ng on --t p em. Darryl Mitchell is a person that' fortune seems to smile on. His work or quest began early for In 1973, a tall, slim player stood on the mound in a championship waiting for a signal from catcher. He suddenly nods the catcher signaling that's the pitch he wanted to throw. Ht; soon winds up with a high k that will scare any batter hat faced him, but the kick 't the clincher. It was a blazing fastball which took the Belmont Height Little League to the World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Darryl Mitchell was the first twelve year o.ld bas eball star to surface in the Tampa Bay area. "It was an experience I will never forget," stated Darryl. "That opportunity and dream opened the doors of realization to players and DARRYL MITCHELL league that it was possible for' a team to ruake it to the World Series. Following our success, Belmont Heights made it a habit of going to the World Series." Early--in Darryl's career, he was playing all sports, even football and basketball, but baseball seemed to be the big one ; That was the orie that put him in the headlines, locally at first, for his accomplishments at Belmont Heights and four years later at King High : school. At King, Darryl played basketball and baseball from 1977-78. In 1977, standing 6'4", Darryl who played both center and forward averaged 13 points and seven rebounds a game. The next year, -his average soared to 17 points, and eight rebounds that con tributed to the Lions suc cessful 20-5 record. Darryl was noted for being a player who wanted to help every coach experience the feeling of. being a winner. Even though his basketball coach didn't want him to play baseball. 1-tis love for the game overpo wered that decision. "The baseball coach asked me to come out to play, because they needed me. Since baseball was more into my blood, I had to play,'' r'ecaHs Darryl. In his_ junior year, Darryl played 0 baseball one year for the King Lions. His talents were not used in pitching, but in hitting. Darryl was the second leading hitter on the Coach Bennett Schedules Mini:Camps -_Buccaneer coach Leeman has scheduled two IInln"i.;lln.lolli this spring for his "We've scheduled t his camp to give us a look {lt our veteran player s as close to the draft as team. possible," says Bennett. "We ln a departure from bad a significant number of Biiccaneer p ractice, Bennett's off-season surgeries and we first mini-:eamp will be apwill be -abfe to check their proximately 10 days prior to progress o iri time to adjust our NfL college draft, needs in the draft if necessary. for Tuesday, April It will also enable our 30th. All veteran Buccaneer coaching staff to complete players will bC!-required to work on our revised offensive report to Tampa on Thursday and dHensive schemes in .time April 18th with practices and to b.Sin._teaching players meetinas fully.'' Saturday April lOth. The Bucs will tlien hold a llh' -Got A _--0 Free Bankigg Service --_ for' Every \\brKing fuson .-: Under 70 Who Can Affotrl A SlO Deposit. Visit your nearest Sun Bank office and ask about our Individual Retirement Account. Member FDIC / 1985 Sun Banks. Inc Suhstantial penalty required for early withdrawal Early withdrawals may also be subject IRS penalty tax. full-scale mini-camp for aii pla}!ers, freshly drafted rookies beginnin5t on Thursday. May 9ti! and ex tending to Saturday, May ll; "Everyone's a rookie as far as our system is concernc:;d," says Bennett, : so we didn't see a need to hold a separate rookie camp this year I think rnini C1\IDPS are important especially in a coaching staff's first year so we are l90king forward to excellent attendance and con centration. Tampa Bay League MARCH .17 RESULTS Plant City, 18; Astors, 8 Tampa Tigers, 6, Tampa Giants, 4 Dade city, 10, 3 Tampa Lookouts, 9, Tampa Yarikees, 7 MARCH 24 GAMES tampa Lasers Vs. Tampa Giants V.s;1kandon Tampa Asttos Vs. Iampa Tigers St. Pete Vs. Tampa Yankees Dade City Vs. Tampa Lookouts Daughter Is_ Added To Payton Lineup CHICAGO -Chicago Bears' star Walter Payton and his wife, Connie, Friday added to their family lineup with the birth of Brittany Payton. Brittany weighed in at 6 pounds and 13 ounces at Nor thwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights. Bears; of ficials said baby and mother "are doing fine." The Paytons also have a son, Jarrett, 4. efferson Sets Si ts On Job. With Dallas PHOENIXIf the o Dallas Cowboys wa nt Green Bay wide receiver John Jefferson, four years ago considered among the best in the NFL, Packers' Coach Forrest Gregg says he's ready to deal. And Jefferson says he wouldn't mind returning to home town to finish his career. "At this point, if someone were to make us an offer that would help the Packers, I would be very interested;" Gregg said at the .NFL meetings. "I am willing to listen. John has said he is unhappy in Green Bay and doesiq _. waQC to play there anymore. We have been of fered nothing concrete or firm by anyone. But I am looking for help either in draft choices or players." Jefferson, 29, a free agent Feb. 1 after playing out his option;<:with .!le Packers. Green Bay retairied its rights by submitting a qualifying of-' fer. Cowboys' Coach Tom Landry has said hrs''No. l off season prioriry is to find a wide receiver. In 1983, Jefferson was the Most Valuable Player in' Pro Bowl after making a sliding !catch for the winning touchdown on a from Danny White. Land r y coached team with a .363 batting average, wi'th seven home runs. After graduation in 1978, Dar r .Y.1 accepted a basketball scholar s hip to Florida College. His t eam was honored to go to I .. ttte NLCAA Little College AthJetic Associations). In ihe merit, Darryl IS points and 10 rebounds a game, amr was voted or f the All-tournament team. 0 His sophomore year -was very impressive, averaging 17 points and 13 reboundS: "I was snatching everything off the glass (basketball backboard)," said Mitchell smiling modestly. "It became an art positioning myself for the t"ebotind was the key. I led the league in rebounds, and Oh, my scoring; that came naturally.'' lrt his junior year, Darryl transferred to Armstrong State College averaging 21 and 10 rebounds a game. "That year was one of the highlights in my basketball career. One game I went 17 for 23 from the field, and 6 for on the free throwline for a 40 point night. '' Darryl's senior year statistics declined to 1 S points and 8 rebounds a game. That reason was due to the team's inability of getting the ball to him. After graduation, Darryl came home to work for one year. His absehce from baseball .for five years started poundering in his mind about how he was detoured away from the game he .loved One hot Saturday evening; Darryl's brother, (an all-star hitter) asked him to the NFC team. "We had a very strong ing for him two years ago,' Cowboys' Vice President Brandt said. "Coach really liked him then. viously, his performance not very good the past year But we will talk to Green about him." There are questions Jefferson can still play. Last year, he caught a career -low 26 passes for 339 yards, with touchdowns. He had so pulled muscles, but his dedine already started. .. was1 unhappy in the shadow of Pro James Lofton and ap peared to have lost interest. If the Cowboys determine they want Jefferson; there are two ways to get him. They just could sign him outright as a free agent, but tflat would cost them two No. 1 picks as com take him to the Cincinnati Reds try-out. After arriving there, a sudden chill rushed through Darryl's body. The baseball fever was back after a five year lay-off. His heart started pumping with the excitement o-f -throwing a b _asel?a'll. The temptation was so great, Darryl waJked on the field to ask coach if l)e could throw. The coach looked at Darryl, standing 6'6'', 215 pounds, and decided to give him a try. He told he needed his glove and cleatsl to try out. :Oarryldrove town, returning., with equipment.-He came ''Cal'l believe walked on the mound ready throw after a" five year Anything could have ed, but Lgave it a tty.'' .... -.u_. Dairy : Darryl threw a few ches down _._-\ the strike 90 mph. The looked on in awe; 'wonat:!!rnttz where did this guy come Two hours later, they him. :>'> Darryl was set to against the California Farm team but was for the season with a muscle in his arm_ : 0 When the fall season ... .,. ....... around, Darryl was form. He compiled a record, with SO strike:outs. averaging 6.2 ,..,J,..<=:uu..,. game. Da,Jiryl average nHrh throughout a game is 89 mph His fastest was 92mph. "Hey, I've 0 opened the doors for others to see that it is possible for them to make it to the tie League World Series, DWight. Gooden opened doors for us to see that it possible to make 0 it in the Leagues,'' stated Darryl, and I am on my way, if I keep dedication, and faith in and God. I know my for success are waiting for to knock." Presently, If you want to him pitch, Darryl will throwing two innings m an tra squad game at Al field, Saturday at l p.m. .. .. i -.:,:.;


II). 00 0\ .... ''Support AdvertiSers'' AMERICA:S FAMILY DRUG STORE sale Prices Good Thru saturday, March 23rd. We reserve the right to limit quantities. see the yellOW pages ror the Ec:kerd nearest you. HERPES SUFFERERS C A P S U L E S 4 88 DIGITECH #IMO Reg. 5.99 ECKERD GMS YOU TWICE AS MANY REASONS TO USE SYSTEM 2 SYSTEMl ... .. -


JACKSON, MR. LEROY Mr. Leroy "44" Jackson, M/Sgt. Ret., US Army, pass ed away March 15, 1985 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C. Funeral service wiii be con ducted Saturday at 11:00 A.M. from the Beulah Baptist Institutional Church, 1006 Cypress St., Rev. A. Leon Lowry, Pastor, Dr. Henry J. Lyons, officiating. Entombment will follow in the Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Jackson was a native Tampan and had resided in Washington, D.C. since his retirement. He was a member of the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans. Survivors include: his devoted wife, Mrs. Laura B. Jackson; a loving daughter, Mrs. Sarah Hardeman; a lov ing grandson, Albert Hardeman, all of Washington, D.C. Two devoted sisters, Mrs. Thelma Smith and hus band. Theodore of New York City and Mrs. Beatrice At water and husband, James of Tampa; nine nieces; fourteen nephews; a devoted cousin, Mrs. Daisy Brown of Pitts burgh, Pa., and a host of other cousins and other sor rowing relatives and devoted friends. The remains will repose at RAY MEMORIAL CHAPEL after 5:00 P.M: Friday. THE FAMILY WILL RECEIVE FRIENDS AT THE CHAPEL FROM 7:8 P.M. FRIDAY NIGHT. The funeral cQrtege wiii form at 2912 St. John Street. Arrangements en trusted to BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). PUGHSLEY JACKSON, MRS. FREDRICKA DIANE LOWE Funeral services for Mrs. Fredricka Diane Lowe Jackson of 2310 Cherry Street, who passed away at St. Joseph's Hospital March, 9, as a result of a car accident, will be held Saturday at 1:00 P.M. from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, 2002 N. Rome, with the Rev. C.T. Kirkland, Pastor, officiating. Interment will follow in Shady Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Jackson was a native Tampan for 25 years, and was an employee of the Tampa Housing Authority, and a member of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. She leaves to mourn: a very devoted hus band, Mr. Jessie Lee Jackson; 1 son, Jessie Lee Jackson, Jr.; parents, Mr .and Mrs. Freddie (Cleo) Lowe; 4 loving sisters, Mrs. Kathy McCauley and husband, Mark, Mrs: Gail Harrison and husband, Ar chie, Mrs. Lavonne Jenkins and husband, Walter, and Miss. Karen Lowe; grand mother, Mrs. Aileen Lowe; 8 aunts, Mrs : Annie Lee Cobb and husband, Sylvester, Lake Hamilton, Fla., Mrs. Joyce Burney and husband, Ralph, Miami, Fla., Ms. Thelma Gamble, New York City, N.Y., Ms. Shi!ley Johnson, Thomasville, Ga., Ms. Ernestine Washington, Ms. Jessie Mae Williams, Ms. Eloise Lowe and Mrs. Gloria Jean Glenn and husband, John, all of Tampa; 6 uncles, Mr. Sylvester Washington, Mr. Nathan Baker, Alfred Parks and wife, Mr. Willie Lowe, Mr: Robert Lowe and Mr. Melvin Monroe; 1 great aunt, Mrs. Amelia Lowe; 4 nieces, Temeeka Thompson, Ayesha and Ayanna Harrison and Tonyata Thompson; 3 nephews, Reginald Hunt, Jr., Eugene Akin es III, and Ant wan Bynum; mother and father-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Willie (Annie) Jackson, Sr.; 3 brothers-in-law, Mr. Willie Jackson, Jr., Mr. Robert Jackson, Mr. Charles Jackson and wife, Janice; 5 sisters-in law, Ms. Annie Crawford, Ms. Qardie Seago, Mrs. Ann Seago and husband, Eddie, Misses Linda and Brenda NERAL & BURIAL FOR $1,865 SHADY GRoVE FuNERAL HoME & CEMETERY Limited At-Need OfferFuneral & Burial Special For The Low Price Of $1,865 Funeral & Burial 'For$J ,865 Special includes the following: 1 Removal of Deceased 2 Embalming (not required by law) 3. Core and preparation of deceased 4 Staff for Funeral 5 Staff for Viewing 6 Basic Use of Funeral Home 7. Funeral Home for Viewing CHARLES RELIFORD ... Owner 8. Funeral Home for Service 9 Service Cor 10 Hearse 11. Casket Shady Grove 12 Concrete Container (not Req'd by law) 13. Cemetery Space (Shady Grove Cemetery) 14. Opening & Closing of Grove 15. Chairs & Tent Set-up (Shady Grove) ELLIOTT C. BRUTON, LFD accordance with the FTC, if you do not choose the special price offering, we have a general price list that shows the goods and services we provide to our customers. You may choose only those items you desire. However, any funeral arrangement you select will include a charge for our services. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy .any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the 'reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected. Concrete Container is a Cemetery requirement. Funeral Home 23os N. Nebraska 221-3639 CEMETERY 4615 E. HANNA 626-2332 ======= ---------Jackson; godmother, Ms. Mary Toy; godsisters, Ms. Sharon Thompson, Ms. Dester Booker and Ms. Amber Barnes; godbrother, Mr. Samuel Washington; a host of cousins, a host of very devoted friends among whom are Ms. Norma Johnson, Ms. Sharon Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight (Marilyn) Brown, Mr. Robert Gibson, Mr. Johnny More, Malachi Bell, The York Family, Mrs. Sabrina McDcoo Sursft, Ms. Dorinda Jones, Ms. Joyce Volkman and Ms. Tammy Jackson and a host of other relatives and friends. The remains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathedrid after 5 P.M. Friday (today) and from 12:00 noon Saturday at the Church. The family will receive friends from 7 until 8 P.M. tonight (Friday) at the Funeral Home. The funeral cortege will leave from-2310 Cherry Street. THERE WILL BE NO VIEWING AFTER EULOGY. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. SHADY GROVE FREEMAN, MRS. LAURA B. Funeral ser vices for Mrs. Laura B. Freeman of 3418 E. Fern St. who passed away March 18, in a hospital wiii be held Saturday, March 23, at 2 P.M. from the Greater Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church, 1225 Nebraska Ave. with the Elder Clarence L. Warren Jr., Pastor, officiating. wiii follow in the Shady Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Freeman was a pioneer member of Mt. Moriah Usher Board #1, Deacon J.L. Warren, presi dent, she was also an active member of the Heroines of Jericho Tabitha Court #15, Ms. Gwendolyn C. Wiiliams, Matron. Survivors are: a very devoted daughter, Mrs. Clara F. Washington, a very devoted son, Mr. Wiiliam Freeman; 7 grandchildren, Mrs. Betty J. Ray & husband, David, Mrs. Margaret A. Threadcraft & husband, Alvin, Mrs. Cyn Mc Coy & husband, Mrs. PhyiJis Walker, Mrs. Constance Mar shall & husband, Donald, Mrs. Carolyn Barnard & hus band, Denfield, & Mr. Nathanial Brown; 6 great grandchildren, Ms. Cherease Walker, Ms. Alnena Thread Ms Lisa Threadcraft, Mr. Dana Barnard, Mr. Dar ryl Ray & Denfield; 1 brother, Mr. Charlie Bryant of Cario, Ga.; 1 niece, Mrs. Myrtice Wiiliams, of Cario, Ga.; a host of other nieces, nephews, cousins, and other sorrowing relatives and friends & neighbors. The remains wiii repose after 5 P.M. (today). The family wiii receive friends at the funeral chapel from 7 to 8 P.M., the cortege will ar range from 3418 E. Fern St. There wiii be NO VIEWING AFTER EULOGY. "SHADY GROVE FUNERAL HOME." 2305 NORTH NEBRASKA AVE. WILSON COOKLEY, MR. WILLIAM Funeral services for Mr. Wiiliam Cookley of 3417 E. Clifton Ave., who passed away 10 a local hospital, wiii be held Saturday at 1 P.M. at Beulah Baptist In stitutional Church with the Rev. A. Leon Lowry, of ficiating. Interment wiii be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Sur vivors are: his wife, Mrs. Elouise Cookley; children, Mrs. Barbara Hymer, Queens, N.Y, Dr. Jean Stewart, Tam pa, and Mrs. Gwen Hamer, Bronx, N.Y; grandchildren, Tam mara, Anthony, Stephanie, Sherilyn, Johnette, Michelle, William, Tirian, Delicia, and l)eloria; brothers, Mr. Louis Cookley and wife ofBeaufort, S.C., and Mr. Nathaniel Cookley and wife of Vero Beach; sisters, Mrs. Rose Burney, Mrs. Nancy Idlette of Vero Beach, Mrs. Carrie Gayden, Miami, Mrs. Edna Perry and husband, Vero Beach, Mrs. Alberta Preston, Miami, and Mrs. Doretha Reese, Vero Beach; uncle, Mr. Sammy James and wife, Min nie, Goulds; a devoted niece, Mrs. Emma Forbes; a devoted nephew, Mr. Joe ldlette and wife, Bernice; devoted cousins, Ms. Agnes Barnes, Ms. Hazel Johnson, Ms. Naomi Jones, and Ms. Lou Jean Jackson; a host of other nieces, nephews, and cousins of Vero Beach and Titusville; devoted family friends, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colding, Mrs. Rose Mary Hannah, Mr. O'Neal Henry, Mr. Robert Cole, Mr. Joe Bell, and other relatives and friends. A native of Vero Beach, FL, Mr. Cookley had resid ed here for the past 60 years. He was a retired employee of Hartstone Concrete Products Co., and for several years was the former owner and operator of Bill's Gulf Station on East Hiilsborough Avenue. There mains wiii repose after 5 P.M. Friday at Wilson's Funeral Home and the family wiii receive friends from 6 until 7 P.M. at the funeral home (Continued On Page l8-A) AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Cor. Buffalo Ave. & 28th St. 232-8725 We're The Key To Fine Service I -


(Continued From Page 17-A) chapel. THE REMAINS York, NY; also "Crowd IS". WILL NOT BE VIEWED He was a resident of Tampa FOLLOWING THE from .1980-1982 and was a EULOGY. "A WILSON'S member of Tyer Temple SERVICE". United Methodist Church d ur DILLON, SR., HON. ED MUND CONSTANTINE Funeral services for Hon. Ed mund Constantine Diiloit, Sr. ing the pastorate of the Rev. Cubell .fohnson. He returned in December, 1984. The remains will be sent to Monrovia, Liberia in care of the Grace Brownell Funeral Home. "A WILSON'S SERVICE". of Liberia, will be held Sunday SEA y, MRS. MABLE LEE at St. Luke United Methodist Funeral services for Mrs. Church, White Plains, Mable Lee Seay Liberia, West Africa. The St., who pasSed away in a local Rev. Nichol Boyd, interim hospital, will be held Monday pastor, and the Rev. Charles at 1 P at Peace Progressive Neal, district superintendent, Primitive Baptist Church with will officiate. Interment will Elder Joseph Jefferson, of follow in the Ricks-Dillon ficiating. Interment will be in Cemetery, there. He is survivShady Grove Cemetery. Sur ed by: his wife, Mrs. Laura vivors are: her husband, Ricks Dillon, Monrovia, Charlie Seay, Sr.; 2 Liberia; a daughter, Mrs. Mattie Moore and husband, Laura Dillon Williams and Robert and Maggie Patterson son-in-law, Ayo Williams, and husband, Willie, all of Robertsfield, Liberia; 3 sons, Tampa; 4 sons, Willie Seay, Mr. Justin T. Dillon, Augusta, GA, Jlmmie Seay Monrovia, David G. Dillon of and wife, Dorothy, Tampa, Tampa and Mr. Edmund C. Charlie Seay, Jr., Americus, Dillon, Jr. and daughter-inGA, and Johnny Seay, Tam law, Ruthie Paul, of Largo, pa; 24_J'ran dchildren; grand FL; 8 grandchildren, Misses daughters, Mary Laster,. Gianna, Leslie, and Etrenda Haroldlyn Knowels, MicheUe Dillon of Largo, Miss ChrisDennison, Tara De.nnison, tianna Williams and Mr. Wilma Patterson, Sherry PatST ANDBERRY, MR. BOZO Funeral services for Mr. Bozo Standberry of 2101 Ola Ave., who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 1 P.M. at Wibon's Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. A. Grif fin, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: his wife, Mrs. Nell Standberry; children, Nathaniel Smiley, Mobile, AL, Willie Earl Standberry and wife, Betty, Charles Davis.. Standberry, Yvonne berry, Richard Stand berry, Michael Stand berry, Betty Standberry, all of Tampa, WUbert Stand berry, New Orleans, LA, and Robert Standberry of Tampa; a host of grandchildren; 1 sister, Mrs. Ida Mae Standberry; a host of nieces and nephews, and ofher relatives and friends. /i native of Mobile, AL, Mr. Stand berry had resided here since 1960. He was a Baptist and retired employee of TM ILA #1402, Perry C. Harvey, Jr., pres. The remains will repose after 5 P.M. Friday at the funeral home. The funeral cortege will arrange from 2310-32nd Ave. Apt. 419. "A WILSON'S SER VICE". Samuel A. Williams of terson, Tina_ Seay, Rhonda Robertsfield, Liberia, Alvin Seay, Yolanda Seay, Katina Dillon, Dillon, Seay, Ann Seay, Geari Seay, Eliza Dillon; a host of foster Sesha Seay, Sharon Seay, children, among whom are, Gloria Seay, and Clementine Miss Ivy Zaradine, New York Seay; grandsons, Edgar Clark City, and Mrs. Jacob Ricks, and wife, Jache, Fort Worth, Brooklyn, NY; a host of Texas, James Lassiter and THOMAS, MRS. ROSA sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, wife, Quincy, Columbus, Ga., LEE }'uneral services for nieces, nephews, cousins, and Willie Patterson .Jn, James Mrs. Rosa Lee Thomas, 3618 friends. Hon. Dillon was a Seay, Jimmy Seay, Jr.; Jimmy E. Wilder Ave., who passed in. native of Owens Grove, Grand Seay 111, Vedia Seay, Carl a local hospital will be held County, Liberia. He Seay ; Cory Seay, Jimmy Seay Saturday at 3 P.M. from the was a member of the House of IV, Michael Seay, and John New Progress M. Baptist Representatives for the Seay. A host of great grandChurch with the Rev. E.J. Republic of Liberia, and serv-children; 7 sisters, Julia wlllbuns, Sr., officiating. In ed as Magistrate Judge for Dowdell, Anna Dowdell; Ida terment in the Shady Grove Firestone Territory for 12 Mae Hall and husband, John-Cemetery. Survivors are: years. He also served as nie, Mary T. Gibson, all of daughters, Mrs. Nettie Curator for Montserrado Jacksonville, Irene Dowdell, Spencer and husband, S/Sgt. County, and as Commissioner also .of Jacksonville, Rosa Lee Joseph, Fort Benning ; Ga : for the township of White Je_ nkins, Belle Glade, and Mrs. Annie Grace Darling and Plains. He served in the Dessie Mae Dowdell of husband, Johnny and Ms. Liberian Army for 15 years, Americus, GA; a very devoted Myrtle E. Williams; mother, and retired a8 Major General. friend, Walter Rouland, Mrs. Nettie Williams; grand.: He was a graduate of Liberia Americus, and also a host of son, Wallace Spencer, Fort College and the UniYersity of friends of Americus. A native Benning, Ga. and other Liberiafromwhichhereceiv-ofLeeCourity,GA,Mrs.Seay relatives. A native of z ed the B.S. and L.L.B. moved to Tampa 2 weeks ago. Mulberry, Fl. and has r.o;l degrees, respectively, imd The remain s will repose after 5 here for a number of years. ": 1 began his law firm in 1958 in P.M. Sunday at Wilson's Mrs. Thomas was a member :I:. White Plains, Liberia. Hon. Funeral Home. ','A of Choir No.2 of her church. IN MEMORIAM MARIE WHITE Departed 23, 1981 God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the dif ference. Even though you are gone, you will neve' r be forgOtten. Precious memories of you lingers on like a sweet fragrance. Your children: Shirley W. McCullough, Keith White, Samuel T. McCullough Sr., family & friends. IN MEMORIAM In memory Jim George. Gone but not forgotten. You are sadly missed by the entire family. Departed this life on March 22, 1983. IN MEMORIAM In memory of my loving husband, Rev. Bossie Watson who passed March 25, 1979. Gone but not forgotten. We all still remember your smile and kind words of consola tion. We miss you. We all will still hold you in our hearts. Sleep on and take your rest for hard labor done here on earth. We will meet you. Teresa L. Watson, wife; children, grandchildren, daughter-in-law, sons-in-law and other relatives. OF THANKS The family of Peggy Patricia Ann Harris acknowledges with grateful appreciation the kind expres sions of love and sympathy shown from friends and relatives during the passing of our loved one. Special thanks to the staff of Wilson's Funeral Home, Florida College of Business and Nursing Class '85 and Mt. Sinai Holiness Church, also the family attending nurse, Mrs. Ruby Williams. (Continued On Page 19-A) BY: BRYANT & WILLIAMS Ray Williams Funeral Home 1417 N. Albany Ave. 2.53-3419 "When Understanding Is Needed Most" rr-"--------Free Consult Coupon---------.. For Property, Probate, Estate Planning or Business Need$ Consult: THE RICHARDSON LAW OFFICES (DC, FL. MD, lA) "Where Ordinary People are Special" T Carlton Richardson. J.D., LL.M. Attorney/Owner 223-7075 2310 N Nebraska Ave., Unit # 1 Tampa, Aorida 33602 DC/MD : (202) 34 Celebrating a Decade of Professional Services 1975-1985 Coupon i.Eurrlasting fltmnrial 3601 Swann Ave. -Crest Building Tampa,. Florida 33609 The t=inest Way To Express Devotion and Remembrance BRONZE-GRANITE-MARBLE ; BRONZE COMPANION ; 36X13 $850.00 NO CHARGE: DATES 3 WORD PHRASE EMBLEMS LETTERING FREE INSTALLATION ALL CEMETERIES .... BRONZE SINGLE 24Xi2 $550.00 -::a Dillon was a 33rd Degree WILSON'S SERVICE". The remains will repose at the r.o;l Mason of the Mt. Moriah Wilson's Funeral Home after GRANITE MEMORIALS FROM $295.00 Lodge, Kakata, Liberia, 248-:, 192l 5 P.M. Friday. "A Terms .. -873-2156 CoiiTodoy .... ............


County's Public Defender Takes On Added Responsibilities Woman Injured In Accident Dies "While standing in the court room sometime last year I realized that I had become a competent lawyer, I had arriv ed a s an attorney," exclaimed Hillsborough County Public Defender Donald Westfield. He wasn't the only one to realize his accomplishment s and abilities. Westfield's s upervi s ors saw these s ame positive attributes, and went on to promote the 30-year-old Miami native to the po s ition of Divi s ion Chief of one of the five felony divi s ion s in the c ount y I am respons ible for overseeing the work product of the other attorney s (four other defense attorneys) in the division," Westfield explain ed. "I have a responsibility and obligation to assist with cas e problems that might arise." These problems might in clude helping to find the law that applies t o a parti c ular s ituation keeping up with change s in the law, and help ing with client relation s hip s. ''There are s o many criminal cas e s and procedures," Westfield ex plained. "It is important to k e ep eve rything flowing a long a c c ording with law, m a kin g use o f the judicial resources and making s ure people g e t in div idual attention." F o r We s tfield thi s i s a p os itive s tep in his car ee r. "It i s in a s ense sa ying how (hi s WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Service" Phone: 241-6125 PUGHSl.EY FUNERAl. HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired PHONES : 247-3151 or 247-3152 BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer DONALD WESTFIELD supervisor.) feels about my skills and work product," the Florida A&M University and University of Florida College of Law graduate stated. "It is an expression of his con fidence in my abilities." He quickly added that "seldom, as a professional; do you receive feedback on your performance." According to Westfield, the po s ition as Division Chief will have no impact on the amount of cas e s assigned to him. "I s till will be representing client s," the three-year public d efender explained. "The p os ition added re s pon s ibility. It will require better time management (becau s e th e re a r e ) more administrative thin gs to do within the office." We s tfi eld feel s good about his new po s ition becau s e it s till allow s him th e opportunity to work with his fellow attorney s and with the client s "I forese e no chang e (in his r e lat i on s hip with the other public d e fend e r s ) b eca use o f th e na ture o f what w e do," he s t a ted The r e i s a lot of co hesiveness a mon g the at f o rn e y s, it' s us d e f e ndin g our clie nt s and p ro te c tin g them. W e dep e nd on e a c h o th e r a lot within the office, w e rely on HILLSBOROUGH CREMATORY j 131. 2 17th Street. No. Direct Services Low Prices Fully Licensed State Regu Ia ted No Membership, Fee '250 Complete Open 7 Days A Week Call 24 Hrs. 248-2266 Or 247-4148 the resources everybody brings." In an earlier interview Westfield stated : "The benefit (of his job) is I make the extra effort to have an impact on people going a stray." He recently said that some of his clients have called to let him know they have turned their lives around. "It enough to keep you going. "I like being the underdog then come out winning," he revealed "It is a reflection of what my life has been The young man is now look ing forward to opening his own private practice. "I am also looking forward to getting married and s ettling 'down," he stated. "I finally feel a part of the Tampa c;om munity.'' CARD OF THANKS Family of the late Mrs. Kit tie Kirkland wishes to express their appreciation of all acts of kindness shown to us during the illness and passing of our loved one. Special thanks to Rev. M.C. Johnson of First Baptist and Bryant Funeral Home Devoted niece, daughter, and family. CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Richard Williams s incerely ap preciates the many prayer s, flowers, cards, donations and other expres s ions of sympathy s hown during our bereave ment. It is gratifying to know that the lpss is shared by so many. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the un(lersigned, Charles J. And Carolyn A. Hill, intends to ref(ister the fic titious trade name, Jiko Saba with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough County, Florida, Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the undersigned intends to engage in the business of Food Preparation & Selling at 4917 78th St., South, Tampa, Florida, 33619. Dated this 20th day of March, 1985. Charles J. Hill Carolyn A. Hill Sole Owners According to a spokesper son at St. Joseph's Hospital, Ms. Tevis Huggins died Wednesday, March 20, of in juries sustained in an accident early on March 9. Ms. Huggins was a passenger in a vehicle driven by 26-year-old Jessie Lee Jackson when the vehicle was Drug Arrests According to police reports, Gregory Keith Thompson, 18, 2912\12 E. 22nd Ave., was ar rested and charged with traf ficking in heroin at 1802 E. Chipco. Thirty-nine-year-old Clif ford Kea, 1717 E. 17th Ave., was arrested and charged with possession of heroin and co caine while at the same ad dress While at 2306 Liberty St., police arrested 33-year-old Jonathan Fredricks, 11312 N. 5ist St., and charged him with the delivery of cocaine. According to police report s Mark Avery Hamilton 19, 305 E Franci s wa s arrested and charged with pos s es s ion of marijuana while at 1-275 and E Floribra s ka Arrested and charged for possession of marijuana at N. 22nd St. and E. Shadowlawn Ave wa s 42-year-old Neville Chamberlain Clark, 5413 87th St., according to police report s. struck on the passenger's side by a vehicle driven by Major Allgood Of MacDill AFB. Jackson's wife, Mrs. Fredricka Lowe Jackson, was killed in the accident. Huggins and Jackson were admitted to St : Joseph's Hospital. He was released from the hospital earlier this week. The accident occurred at 3:52 a. m. when Allgood parently fell asleep at the wheel and ran through a red light at the intersection of Col umbus Dr. and MacDill Ave Spot A,_dvertlslng Works. Go Classified OAK HILL FUNERAL HOMI 5016 N. 2;2ad Street Phone No. DIG N IFIED S E RVICE WITHI N TH E M E A N S OF ALL. Is More Than Just A Word With Us. To Place Cancel Or Correct CLASSIFIED ADS Dial 248-2825 or 248-3033 41,33. It may make a difference to all eternity 88,32. whether we do right or wrong today. 90,66. 4v Seat-COVERS and Cornplete Auto Cleaning and Detail Specialize In : Seat Covers Carpeting Door Panels Heodllnlng -completelnterl()r Car Wash I t DANNY NORMAN Having Started In Virginia Over 35 )'rs. Ago, Sure To Get The Job Done. Call 253-2927 Jor Stop By 1603 N. Albany (Cor.Green&Aibany) I FREI Estimates Have You Been Injured In An Automobile Accident Or By A Motor Vehicle And It Wasn't Your Fault? Call: KA YDEL.L. 0. WRIGHT Attorney At Law 254-4623 THE WRIGHT BLDG. J JON. Armenlo Tompo, Flo. 33609 (free Porlclngl ATTY. KA YDELL 0. WRIGHT Divorce Probate & Wills DWJ Automobile Accidents (Free Consultation) Wrongful Death (Free Consultation) Medical Malpractice (Free Consultation) F all Do g Bit esiiii(FiiriieiieiiCiioiiniisiiulita;t;ioin;i)iiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili iii;iiiiii 1:1 1:1 t!. = = = .; ""C = c::r Cll 1:1" tD Q. > = Q. "'rl .. = 0 =-s 1:1


CLASSIFIED AD HELP -WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HAIRSTYLIST WANTED Part time jan it 0 ria I, Restaurant work. Must be Must be licensed. Full time. $5.00 / hour. Immediate openneat and dependable Female No following necessary. Apply ings for males 253 2 539 after preferred. Apply in person at at Becky's Beauty Salon, 5004 L,....;1;,;;2_n_o_o_n_. ________ -f Betty's Cafeteria, 4013 N. 9 E. Sligh or call 985-6337. Experienced cleaning per. 34th Street. Seamstress needed for men clothing store. For further in formation call 626-3938. PLUMBING SERVICE MAN Minimum 3 yrs. experien1:e. 1---------------ICall 238-4348, ask for CITY OF TALLAHASSEE RETIREMENT OFFICER Michael. f: ll.-------------1 sonnet wanted part-time and ai AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER Written aptitude test. No full-time. Call between 3-5 P.M. 239-1452. aviation experience required, CRUISE SHIP if 30 or younger. Specialized JOBS! experience for ages 31-35. For Great income potential. All informationsend postcard occupations. For information before April 30 to : FAA, call: (312) 742-8620, ext. 339. P.O. Box 26650, AAC-80 1------------1 (FI.8), Oklahoma City, Okla. HELP WANTED 73126. Career Civil Service. Bar Maid and Waitress Equal Opportunity Employer. needed at Grace's Place, 2502 U.S Citizen. N. Albany. 254-1440. Call for more information. RCHITECTURAL TECHNIC1A Immediately availablt position in the Tampa Regional Offi'c e of the South' s largest and most respected architectural, engineering and planning firm f o r a with a minimum of two years' ex p eri ence in production of design development and constructio n docu ments. Good drafting skills and graduation from a technical school offering a two year degree or equivalent_ experience Please telephone Ms. Curry at (813) 872-6672 to arrange your confidential interview. REYNOLDS, SMITH AND HILLS Architects-Engineers-Planners, Incorporated 1715 North Westshore Boulevard Suite 500 Tampa, Florida 33607 RS&H has positions available at otner locations 1n architecture. engineering and urban and regional planning. Should you wish to pursue a career opportunity with us, pleas.e send your resume to Doris Petersen, RS&H, P.O. Box 4850, Jacksonville, Florida, 32201 RS&H e ncour ages qualif ie d min o rities. women veterans a n d h a ndi cappe d ind i vidual s t o apply EOE /AA COMPUTER SALES PROFESSIONAL You know as a computer sales professional, just how important 1t is to represent a company that has visibility, a worldwide repu and image expect you to think indepen dently-to be a self starter who is capable of inventing new ways to approach ne\v markets. A minimum of 3-5 years com puter sales experience is required. You must have a l;'roven track record of structunng sales &s ,.,_ ,_a ,., "" of>' ,_a "'""" ..... A V ,,..,. ._,.. Business .,f-f'Q of Your Own. We are seeking a distribution of our Business Services. This i s an Excellent Opportunity with a Creative Innovative Company in an Exciting Industry. Must Have Excellent Sales Recon ; J Business Experience Unquestionable Integrity and Ambition. We Provide Outstanding Training and a Total Support Program Investment Required To learn rriore about this Unique Opportunity Call 1-824-2047 POLICE OFFICER TEMPLE TERRACE Progressive Tampa Bay Area City now accepting ap plications for Police Offier. An excellent opport, pnity for a law enforcement career. Salary $14,643 to $23,296, plus liberal benefit package. Applicants must be 19 or older, have valid Florida driver's license, high school or G.E.D. diploma, pass psychological and physical ex am, and undergo extensive background investigation. Must have the ability to com municate effectively, write comprehensive reports and work rotating shifts. Certified and Comparative Compliance Officer acceptable with verification. Applications are available in the City Clerk's office (first floor) Temple Ter race City Hall/Police Depart ment, 11250 N. 56th Street, Temple Terrace, Florida 33617. Salary $1,972 $2,671/Mo. BA Degree in Bus., Public Ad min., & Finance. 4 yrs. pension administration exp. Con tact, Employment Office, City Hall, Tallahassee 3230 i. 904/599-2000. EOE/At\, ACCOUNTING CLERK II To work with patients' ac counts. Requires U.S. educa tion with coursework in book keeping or accounting plus 2 years clerical accounting ex perience Prefer 3rd party knowledge and familiarity with Physicians billing. Apply: Hillsborough Com munity Mental He idth Center, 5707 N. 22nd. Street Tampa. EOE. SECRETARY To the Assistant Superinten dent's office. Good typing speed. Shorthimd a plus. High school graduate with a minimum of 1 year experiei'!Ce. Go od references. $402 $590 bi-weekly. Mail completed State of Florida application and copy of high school diploma to Hillsborough Correctional In stitution, P.O. Box 878, River view, FL 33569. AA/EOE. ENGINEERS/ HYDROLOGIST The Southwest Florida Water Management District is recruiting for several engineer JOBS FOR AFDC RECIPIENTS Call Florida Employment Project, 237-1893. F .OR SALE CARPENTERS I HANDYMEN 2 bedroom frame house on R-2 lot 50x100, off 1-4, $4,500. 248-5444. EXECUTIVE HOME 3 bedroom/2 bath home. Owner financing. Very clean, new wall to wall carpet. Sun-Belt Realty ,Inc. Assoc. ln.c. Realtor MONEY T ALKSI 3103-26th Ave. CB house, 3 bedrooms / 2 baths, fenced yard. Call Mr. Irving, 258-5151. GREAT FORECLOSURE Concrete block home, 4 bedrooms/ 1 bath. Tampa Pa,rk Area. Asking $50,500, I t down payment, $500. PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPERS I 4803 Nebraska Ave. 237-6415 and hydrologist positions ERA THOMAS C. HILLS ranging from entry to Sr. CONSTRUCTION AND level, in our new surface and Real Estate water management and Local Member of regional analysis programs. Tampa MLS Opportunity to work and grow Call our professionals for a in a dynamic challenging en-FREE Market Analysis. Don't vironment. Excellent positions undersell your home. New available for highly motivated financing available at below individuals. Competitive market rates. salary and benefits. TO SEE IS Submit resume, transcript TO BUY and salary requirements to: Large 3/2, quiet S.W.F.W.M.D. neighborhood, 1720 sq. ft: 2379 Broad St. w/central -heat/air and lg. Because with the right company behind you, you know you can count on success never being faraway. You knock on doors that open, make calls that are answerea, and meet instant recognition wherever you go. What you will also get is variety. You'll have an opportunity to present our numerous systems options to just about every kind of commercial business strategies and successfully imple menting them. A professional presentation and strong comml,l nications skills are extremely important. Knowledge of Digital hardware is desirable. Brooksville, FL 33512 3-car carport. Call Herb, Realtor Assoc.' eves. 963-0036. B A INVESTORS And Digital has the kind of highly visible quality image that you want to travel with. wrote a good piece of the com puter's history. A continuous ded Ication to innovation has done well by us. In just short of3 dec ades we have become a $5. 6 bil lion company. down 'number 84 on the Fortune 500 list. are currently looking for a Sales Professional to present our full range of products throughout Digital offers sales professionals a career, not just a job. In addition to a competitive starting salary and comJ>any car, we offer gener ous benefits that include stock purchase, medical, dental and retirement plans Ifyou are interested st;eing just how far our quality 1mage can take you, please send your resume to j. Vernon Peterson, Dept. 0319' 3942, Digital Equipment Corporanon, 5775 Peachtree DunwoOdy Road, Suite lOOD, Atlanta, Georgia 30342. are an affirmative action eco me Large 9 BR's/2 baths, com-Firefighter With The City Of Tampa The Pay Is Outstanding: $17,062.24/Per Year pletely furnished and presently occupied. For Sale. Owner motivated. Priced at $26,000. Call Ms. Brown, eves. 248-1172 Immaculate 2 bedroom/1 Y2 batb condo with pool and clubhouse facilities. Temple Terrace area. Linda, Realtor Assoc., 621-2021 days; 988-3649, evenings. 1506 MOBILE 2BR's w/bath, frame, newly Hillsborough Community College Provides A Fire renovated, w/w carpet, Science Course Which Will Your Ability To dining room. Large Bome A fenced back yard w/porch. For More Information, Coli: $31,900. Call Rhonnie, eves., Paris Yon Lockette 238-9428. the Tampa, florida area. employer. ___ J..,_ L mama t a I TM City Of Ttlm/'(1 EEO REAL ESTATE co. .... 5118 N. 56th St. PERFECT INTERACTION Suite 111 f-o .. 621-2021 ............ .. .. .. .. .II ;, (Le Totimeau Center) <: !!).,


----CLASSIFIED ADS-DIAL 248-1921-CLASSIFIED AD DEPT FOR SAI.E FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS NEAR STORE HOUSE FOR SALE 13" TV 19" TV RENT ROOM FOR RENT 223-2181 3 bedroom/1 bath home. CARVER CITY AREA Rent-To-Own $4.98/week Eat in kitchen. Panel laundry 3 bedrooms/2 baths, w/w Immedi-ate installation. Immediate installation. Room for rent, kitchen room, fenced. yard with carpet,_ intercom and burglar First week FREE. Easy small First week FREE. Easy smail facilities, utilities paid. workshop, carpet. Central. alarm system, family room, weekly payments. Call Renpayments. Call RenEmployed, single only. heat/air. 237-1625. central H/ A, immaculate contacolor' 238-1982 or 932-8607. tacolor' 238-1982 or 932-8607. 251-4620 or 247-3581. Sun-Belt Realty,Inc. dition. Must see. GO Assoc. Inc. Realtor TEMPLE TERRACE RDY S Unfurnished 4 bedroom AIR-CONDITIONING & MONEY TO LND house, 2501 19th St. FHA Home. Low down 4 bedrooms/l1/2 bath, new HEATING Mortgage Loans up to 877 595 1. payment. Small monthly pay-w/w carpet, central H/ A. ImAll appliances oil, gas, elec$15,000. No Credit Checks. 1------..... menL Quick occupancy. Call maculate condition. trical, refrigerators and Tom P. Martino, Inc., ROOMS FOR RENT for free information. CLAIR-MEL freezers, ice machine, ale, Realtor $40/week & up. Call WALT BREWER REALTY 3 bedrooms/1 bath; w/w washers/dryers. Call 2018 E. 7th Ave. 229-0514 after 5 p.m. 933-6621 carpet, central H/ A, freshly 223-9233. Ph: 248-6111 3615 N. 22nd St. a----0-W_N_N_O_T_R_E_N_T---t painted inside and out. lm___ -t 2 b d 0 t 1 nd HOME IMPROVEMENTS e ro m ap a c a 2 bedroom frame home, maculate condition. BEAUTY SALON Quality work. All types. -heat, $285/month, $150 2010 E. North Bay. Complete-WALLACE z. BOWERS 2271 E. Hillsborough d o 't Ut"l't" 'n I ded Repairs, remodeling, and new ep Sl I I les I c u ly remodeled, nice yard REALTY (Eastgate Plaza) construction. Class A license Section 8 accepted. Call Gary, $28,000, $2000 down. Terms 1302 N. Nebraska / 239-3404 contractor. 238-3244 or ----arranged. $350 / mpnth. Call ..,_ ____ 2_2_9_-2_3_7_6 ___ ....,. Wigs Complete Hair 988-8551 : .. 238-8814; after 6 p.m., MISCELLAnii:LJP,u::!ll Care 681 716 6 .... ------------1 Nexus Products RENT Private Investor will conh==========:;-1--.,....---------:-1 Furnished room for rent, kitchen facilities. 237-2808. FHA 235 sider any situation. REWARD Furnished room for rent, 1--A-p_a_r-tm.-e-n_t_ _a_v_a_i-la-. -b-le-.-tll Gov't Assistance Homeowners only. 963-0565. utilities paid' $35 /week. Government subsidized. Cen"or:! New h::::a':/starting Thrift Shop selling out. $5-$500 237-1770. tral heat/air, carpeted. F prices as low as $J8 500 Everything must go!! Make 2 bedroom duplex unfur-Johnson Court Apts., rLJ Down payment as low as offer. 5906 40th Street. For Your Junk Car nished, a l e, carpet, burgiar --...... $ 1,200, monthly payments ap...;;;2,;.38;;..;.16,;.9;.;7.;.. _______ -1 Fast Free Pickup bars. 4701 21st. Avenue. ::. .. 884-3384. = prox. $266. For more informaPARKING LOT SALE 626 6124 Unfurnished 2 bedroom !!.. tion call Herbert Fisher Real-LET'S GET MARRIED EFFICIENCY FOR RENT apartment. $200 per month Cc ty, BRIDAL SHOP $55 / per week. $50 deposit. (includes water). 2801 5. 2113 S. Dale Mabry All Women's Utilities paid. 247-7034. Durham. Call Tom, 248-6112. d h i MONEY TALKS! Sun ay, Marc 24, 9a.m. i Health Cenrer SECTION 8 APPROVED ;' 2 I f I 8 4 p m 'U.fllllllll' Of ROBLES PARK AREA ots or sa e. uy one or 1 A 1 have five 2 bedroom apart' buy bo'h 31st St and Colum New and used wedding, Clll/6 /1 North T 507 BAKER bus Dr., '$250 on each bridesmaid and prom gowns i r" ampa, ments for rent. Three in USF We have 3 beautifully $ 0 02/ th W d and veils, $5 $50. l i ? -I Inc. area, one in Ybor City remodeled 1 BR/1 bath apartand 1 5. mon e o 237-6985 not check anybody's credit. LEGAL {formerlyTompoCounseling 1--------------1 ments, large rooms, w / w 985 7794 & Abortion Center. Inc ) Nice 2 bedroom apartment, carpet, $275 $300 / month. : Notice is hereby given thatthe Board of County Comunfurnished, located at 1903 1------------A SWEET DEAL 3 R/1 lots, priced for quick sale,' size 52 X 156. Good tion. Contact Bay Area Managers, Inc., Harold H. Lee, Associate. 237-1866, evenings 879-5865. 235 1-two bedroom and 1-three bedroom FHA 235 units available. Brand new CHA, carpet, util. rm. Let Uncle Sam help pay your mortgage payments. First come-first served. Call Fred Berry at 231-2191; eves. 247-2611 or Pat Void at 689-2131. WEST TAMPA 902 Newport. 3 BR / I Y 2 bath, family room, oil heat, large LR & DR, high and dry, corner lot. Call Fred Berry, Associate 231-2191, Eves, 247-2611. SEFFNER ACREAGE One of a kind Seffner. acreage sale. l.Sacres (610ft. x 215ft.) on north side of lnterstate-4, with other boondary and entrance on Sligh Avenue (near Kingsway Rd). See sign and layout at en trance. Price? An unbelieveable $9,500. Owners will accept one-half down and easy terms on balance at 120Jo interest. Call Fred Berry, Assoc., eves. 238-4111. 5810 N. 40th Street, 231-2191 812 E. Hender$0n. Suite A, 223-6233 FREE PREGNANCY TESTS E. Columbus Drive. Rent FOR RENT missioners, Hillsborough Birth Control Clinic weekly or monthly. Call Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath County, Florida will receive Pregnancy Terminations 876 3633 home in Palm River with ceoup to, but no later than 2:00 (Awake or Asleep) tral heat. Rent $390 monthly. P.M., Tuesday, April2, 1985 Confidential Counseling 2102 PALMETTO For further information call sealed bids for the following: Apartment for rel\t, 228-9183 between the hours of REHABILITATION OF OPEN :Mon.-Sot. $325 /month. $200 deposit. SINGLE FAMILY HOMES 961-7907 223-5it4. 1:00 and 8:00P.M. BID NO. 107-85 415 FOREST ST. & Each bid shall be filed with 14704 N Florida Ave. 3110 11th AVE the Hillsborough County 2 bedroom duplh, stove, Purchasing Department, Jrd r refrigerator, A/C, carpet, Floor, Rooin 309, 800 Twiggs FREE Pregnancy Tests burglar bars, washer / dryer Furnished rooms for rent, 1807 Columbus Dr. & 2215 ; 2nd Ave. Clean and reasonable. 238-3244 and 988-8551. Street, Tampa, Florida on or (Early Test Available) h!)ok-up.621-4166, after 6 before the hour and date ABORTIONS .m. 1-------------1 designated above, after which time bids will be open-Individual Apt. for rent by week or by ed and publicly read aloud in Nitrous Oxide Available month. 254-3212 or 989-0271. Nicely furnished J bedroom apartment for single person only. Quiet Northeast area. Near bus stop. 238-8046. the Conference Room of the r-:7r= lif-""' 1 APT. FOR RENT Purchasing Department. 1/ '.9111 \J 1 bedroom, living & dining The Contractor must comYWf1111Mf rms., bath_ and kitchen. 1-------------llll ply with the requirement. or f \ 'lltt!iu I 247-2014. II 0 N-DELAwARE 24 CFR 135 regarding equal I 1 bedrooms. Gas ap-3 bedroom / 1 bath apart-employment opportunities I Quiet adults prefer-ment. Section 8 OK, for businesses and lower inL_____; $300 / month. 876-6500. come persons in connection Birth Control Clinic Sign 247-4300. with this project. 251-0505 MONEY TALKS! Inspection of work sites, 1302 s. Dale Mabry 1 and 2 bedroom apts for I'LL PAY YOUR RENT plans, specifications and ALL rent, a/c. I&M Apts., 1002 You pay only what you can other necessary details to bid CTR. OF.TAMPA Lemon St. 258-5151 afford. If you are on a fixed complete job ,nay be obtainincome (Social Security, SSl Nice clean private rooms for or Welfare) and 65 or older, ed by contacting the Housing r 1 1 nice c ean workmg peop e. call now for a furnished effiAssistance Department, 9350 1 f h d Bay Plaza Blvd., Suite 109 Pnvate, reasonab e, urms e ciency apartment. !Jnd all utilities included. 237-6985 Tampa, Florida, Telephone 254-3975. 623-2881. & 1 BR apt., $125/deposit, as low as SUPER RENTALS $50/week including water, 1 bedroom apt. close to > = Q, "or:! .. = Q =The Board .of, 19lunty Commissioners the right to reject any and all bids; to wave irregularities, if any, in any the bid which in.. the judge-\ ment of the Board will be in the best in.teres,t ... o f Hillsborough County. garbage & sewage. 223-4600, Waters Ave., $75 / weekly, fur_ ask for Dan. nished. Utilities included. Board of County Commissioners -' ; Hillsborough CoWtfy, .; Florida Luxury duplex, central C"l air/heat, w/w carpet, stove & to'! refrigerator. 2 bedrooms, $300/month, $175 deposit. to1 Move-in. Call Bess, eves. 239-1793. THOMAS C. HILLS PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPERS O REAL ESTATE CO. 4803 Nebraska Ave. z ....... .... .L ...... ....


-= c = \.!) I .. "'c:: = < Tampa Ministers Pledge To Support Fund To Purchase NAACP Building Several Tampa minister s met with the Rev. J. C. Hope Wednesday morning at a breakfast at the Holida y Inn Central tp discu ss the proposed purchase of a "home" for the national office of the NAACP. Those in attendance seated from left to right are: the Rev. G. E. Edwards, Rev. W. Hender son, Miami; Rev. J. C. Hope, Detroit; Rev. J. H. Howell Rev. Alex Harper and Rev. J. L. Stephens. Standing are: Rev s J. W. White, S. L. : Maxwell, J. E. Wright, Sr Miami; C. L. Batchelor, Roosevelt Robinson, Jr., B J. Lane, E. B. Williams, Lamat:Randall, and H. C. McCray, Jr. .Also in at!endance were, seated from left to right: Rev. J. J. Miller, Rev. C. T. Kirkland, Bob Gilder, Pres1dent, Tampa Branch NAACP; Rev. James M. Mario n, Rev. Henderson Powell Carl McDaniel; standing in the rear are: Rev. Frank Williams, J. E. Atkins, Rev. Willis Crum.'c. J. Barnes, and C. C. Reaves. The oldest civil rights organization in the United States has been in existence since 1909. Now into its 76th year, the organization the NAACP -.... has never had a place to call '1home." For many years the national headquarters rented space in uptown Manhattan and up un til a few years ago paid in the neighborhood of $500,000 annual rent, the Rev. J. C Hope,. nationar chairman of the Religious Affairs Commit tee of the NAACP explained About two years ago the na tional headquarters moved its offices to Brooklyn "where we're in an inadequate facility and paying more than $300,000 a year for rent," the minister said "The move alone cost upwards of $155,000." R e v. Hope has been in Tam thi s w e ek to meet with the BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor minis t ers of the Progressive Missionary and Educational Baptist State Convention, Rev. Dr. James C. Sams, general president. On Wednesday, Rev. Hope addressed the ministers at a breakfast at the Holiday Inn Central and on Thursday he addre.ssed anot_ her gathering at the con vention site at St. John Progressive Baptist Church. According to Rev. Hope, the national office has secured a site in Baltimore that is five stories high, will have ade 'quate space, and can be pur chased for about $3 ,million. "As coordinatof of the religious leader s hip, we're a s k ing each pastor to pledge and pay $1,000. Thos e who pledg e and pay the $1 000 will receive a plaque that will go in the lobby of the headquarters; those who pay $500 (their names) will go in the golden circle; those who pay $250 will go in the silver circle," Rev. Hope said. He added that he is pleased with the response received in Tam'pa. The Baptist Conven tion donated $1,000 on Thurs day and has pledged $100,000. The Detroit cbmm: unity has already donated $50,000 and Atlanta has donat, ed $30,000, he said. "The $1 ,000 is not a lot of money Blacks in America have a lot of money ... Black Am' erica has profited fn;>f!l ihe struggle s of the NAACP and so has White America. We should have no pro. blem s get ting this money rai s ed this year," Rev ; Hope explained : NAACP State Pres ideni Joel Atkin s and The R e v. J. H Howell chai r man of the Tampa Branch Religiou s Af fairs Committee, commended the mini s ter s for attending Wednesday's breakfas t and for pledging their support to an organization that has alway s been supported by the chur c h. According to Tampa Branch NAACP Presid e nt Bob Gild e r a buildin g fund account ha s been set up at Community F e deral Sa v ing s and Loan Association. "We will need about $4 million to get the building needed We ne e d the help of the e ntir e religi o u s community in Tampa t o do our part "We are g oin g to m a k e c ontact with the churches, hur w r don't w ant them to \ \ : til, :'" We're a-.kiflg till' lll L forward and do tlte11 p ; 111. Gilder s aid Campaigning throughout th e Unit e d State s, Rev. Hope i s headed to Columbus Ohi o and will return to Tampa in mid-June a s gu est s pe a k e r of th e NAACP's Freedom Fund Banquet. lt \11I32. Ornamental Iron. 24 Hour Service 621-4034 Res idential Financin2 Arranged Bars Railings H{t\'1\ L JOH: SO-.: ... Owner Fin' Esrapes \\ clding s Ornamentals Licensed Insured Bonded Free Home Security Tips YOU WANT A JOB!!! SELL FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN NEWSPAPER EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY! ADULTS AND TEENS WELCOMED. BECOME A NEWSPAPER AGENT OR CARRIER. AGENTS OR CARRIERS ARE NOT OUR EMPLOYEES. 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Rains Leave Some 5 BURGLARIES Reginald Isaiah Stone, 31, 2109 E. Ellicott St., reported to police that an unidentified suspect broke into his residence and fled the scene with $30 in cash and $700 worth of jewelry. According to police reports, an unidentified male suspect burglarized the Lil Savoy, 1504 N. Nebraska, and fled the scene with a television set valued at $500. The incident was reported by Joseph David Collins, 45, 1255 Joed Ct. Jewelry vaiued at $215 and belonging to Ms. N-ancy Denise Watson, 22, 3210 N. St., was taken by a suspect, according to police reports. Ari unidentified suspect broke into the home of Lawrence Edward Odom, 35, 2309 N. 12th St., and fled the scene with $160 worth of clothing and personal items, and stereo headphone s valued at $49. Ms. Viola Stubbs, 47, 417 E. Hugh St., reported to police that a known su s pect burglarized her home and fled the s cene with a television set valued at $450. It was reported to police that an unidentified s uspect burglarized the Children's Discovery Day Care 2110\12 W Buffalo Ave and fled the s cene with $1 ,295 worth of merchandi s e. The report was made by Darnell Dickinson, 32, 3104 Sandspur Dr. Two Video Cassette Recorders valued at $1,200 and belonging to Hilton Dalton Mason, 49, 509 E. Amelia, were ta_ ken by an unidentified suspect, accord ing to police rep orts. An unidentified suspect, ac ding to police reports, hrnLcP intO the residence Of Norvick Gale Sesler, 46, N. 32nd St., and fled the with $70 in cash and $35 uJnrlth of video tapes. Ms. Juanita Jacobs, 38, E. Caracas St., reported police that an uspect burglarized her and fled the scene h $580 worth of jewelry. According to police reports, unidentified suspect broke the home of Ms. Jewel KPrmon Christmas, 39, 6409 N. 32nd St., and fled the scene with a Video Cassette Recorder valued at $850. THEFTS Robert Manuel Serra, 35, 110 W. Hanlon, reported to police that a known female suspect fled the scene at 111 W. Hanlon with $234 worth Of merchandise. The merchan dise was the property of Roosevelt Pierce, no known age or address. June Peak, 54, 4121 Nassau, reported to police that an unidentified suspect fled the scene at 2010 St., Apt. 678, College Hill Homes, with a refrigerator valued at $249. According to police reports, an unidentified male suspect fled the scene at the corner of W. Warren and N. Nevada with $90 in cash. The money was the property of James Ed ward Marritt, 44, 402 W. Park Ave. Jewelry v lued at $4,200 and belonginglO. Ms. Shamekit Chiids, 29, 646 Tanglewood Dr., Clearwater, was taken by a known male suspect who fled the scene at the corner of Lake and Cen tral, according to police reports. A stereo and equalizer valued at $300 was taken by an unidentified suspect from a vehicle belol!_gil!_g to Ste_phen Dwight Mention, 29, 213 E Park Ave The incident occur red in the victim's driveway. An unidentified suspect fled the scene at 2613 N. 21st St. with $100 worth of cassette tapes taken from a vehicle owned b y Ms. Barbara Ann Smith, 37, 2613 N. :itst St. ; according to police reports. A known male suspect fled the scene at 4608 27th Ave with two Pit Bull Dogs valued at $200 according to police reports. The dogs belonged to Marvin Pringle, 44, 4608 27th Ave. They were taken from the victim s front porch. Ms. Thelma Beatrice Ed wards, 39, 3705 Deleuil reported to police that a known suspect took $800 worth of jewelry from her home. George Pittman, 37, 2535 W. Main St., reported to police that an unidentified s u s pect took a $600 tool from Truck Driver Injured In Freeway Mishap Residents Homeless According to police spokesman Johnny Barker, 29-year-old William Leroy Henry, 6408 34th St. was ad mitted to St. Joseph's Hospital after crashing his truck into the median wall on 1-275 near the Florida Ave ex it on Wednesday during early morning rush hour. Henry allegedly lost control of his truck around 7 a.m. after the concrete-filled mixer which was attached to the truck, broke loose and slid in to the southbound lanes on the interstate. Police are unsure how the mixer broke loose After hitting the median, Barker explained, the .truck turned over ori its side. Thursday's heavy rains almost left 95 families living in Rembrandt Apartments homeless after some roofs collapsed. According to Tampa Hous ing Authority Executive Direc tor Juan Patterson, roofing contractors had stripped off the protective surface and were about to replace it when the bad weather made up. "The combination of the rains and the unprotected roof surface was more than the roof could bear,'' he explain ed. According to Assistant THA Director Ben Flores, "At least three of. the roofs caved under the heavy rain. Several others are leaking bad ly." Tampa Electric reported was forced to shut off its power to the complex around 3 p.m. because 'or the water problems. Patterson explained that most of the families were able to either stay _in their apar t ments or find shelter with friends and family. The local Red Cross reported that they are expec ting up to 70 people at its tem porary shelter, located at the Community Center in the Cen tral Park Village housing pro-Leads Barmaids' eud To Shooting Incident According to a hospital spokesman, Henry's injuries According to police reports, Chelsea and 34th St. An arguwere minor but he was kept in 27-year-old Charlotte Parker, ment started when the suspect the hospital overnight for 4301 46th St., has been ar.. accused the victim of obsefvation. The Tampa resirested and charged with ag. too long on her break. 3: > = N dent did suffer a broken leg. gravated battery for allegedly Using a .38 caliber revolver Police Officers on the scene shooting 35-yeir-old Erma H. which was kept behind the f= reported that traffic was backKendrick, 3502 E. Chelsea St., bar, Parker fired twice at, the ed up for more than 90 Tuesday afternoon, March 19 victim hitting her once in the f minutes until the roads were at 12:35 p.m., in the Hanky stomach and once in the butftl cleared. Tonk Bar. tacks. Kendricks is listed in Barker added that noone Police spokesman Johnny stable condition at Tampa e. else was injured in the acciBarker explained that both General Hospital. !' dent, and Henry was not women are barmaids at the The suspect is being held at ; charged. The truck was owned tavern, located at the corner of the Hillsborough County Jail. ""' company __ J_a ...... .. g I'll ::r the back or a truck owned by Murder ed Wom 0 Co a. Goodyear Truck Tire Center. a P The theft occurred in the NEW YORK Abigail driveway of the victim's home. Powlett 's flag-draped casket .$ It was reported to police was banked in flowers and the that an unidentified suspect fl-organist played "Abide with ed the scene at 2615 7th Ave. Me" as family, friends and t with cassette tapes valued at fellow officers said farewell to $24 and a jacket valued at $60. the first New Jersey The items were taken from a policewoman slain in the line car owned by James Johnson, of duty. 59, 1135 Fairmont St., ClearThe highly-decorated Plain-water. The incident was field police officer, killed dur. reported by Leonard Rhodes, ing a hostage situation last 27, 1135 Fairmont St., ClearThursday night, was back in water. the church she loved and ABIGAIL POWLETT It was reported to police among those who loved her that an unidentified suspect flClose to 350 people packed ed the scene at the corner of the Mount Zion Baptist Arrawana and Tampania with Church in Boonton, N.J., to Aram Sterling of Boonton. $30 worth of books and $70 honor her memory, while out''Abby was a wonderful worth of clothing. The items side 2000 cops from the trichild. She was clearly were taken from a vehicle state area stood at attention, outstanding individual," owned by Edward Deon some wiping away tears, as the recalled. Vinrette, 19, 3004 45th St. service was piped over "She was such a very sweet, A known male s uspect, ac. loudspeakers compassionate girl...We are cording to police reports, fled As Officer.Powlett's widowgoing to miss her very, very the scene at 906 ed m otht>r her estranged husmuch." Apts., Apt. 199, with $140 in. band, her two young children At the service's end, honor cash The money was the proand her two brothers ,eomguards from the Newark, perty of Leroy Johnson, 30 fv.tcd one another, the Rev. Plainfield and Hac 906 Oakhur s t Apts., Apt. 199. T.J. Baptiste of Mount Zion police departments A bicycl e v alued at $50 and t..M.E. Church in Plainfield arms as the coffin was bo > = =-::!. I RICKY. WILLIAMS belonging to Willie Holland, called for an end to vio:l.ence. slowly from the church. 59, 1509 N. 22nd St., wa s "The time ha s come for this The casket was then taken taken by an unid e ntifi e d sen s eles s killing to stop," he to Ever g r een Cemeter-y in s u s pe ct ; who fled the s c e ne a t s aid. Morristown, a firin g College HiH Pharm acy, 3503 ''The nation and tht; !:h:.::-ch squad police bugler s N 22nd St.; acc ordin g to are g'.!!!!) Gr falling to do what s ignaled a f i nal salute at the Attorney At Law CRIMINAL DEFENSE (Felonies, Misdemeanors, Traffic And Juven ile) PERSONAL INJURY & WRONGFUL DEATH Police report s must b e done to eradicate the grave s ide !".. vaiued at $100 and curse of drug s alcohol and Mr s Powlett a three-year belonging to Ms. Ann B. other evils veteran of the Plainfield force, "'= Thomas, 17, 2901 N. Dale Speaking of the 33-year-<;>ld was killed when she and her ATTY RICKY E. WILLIAMS Mabry, was taken by an officer, Rev. Baptiste said, partner responded to a report l'r'l unidentified suspect, accord"She lived a Christian life, of a shooting at a Plainfield o-1 :;;:ii.LS & PROBATE SOCIAL SECURITY & EMPLOYMENT LAW 237-1659 400 E. Buffalo Ave. (Cor. Of Buffalo & Central) MON. .FRI. 8A.M. To6 P ing to police reports. The became a member of the apartment complex theft occurred on the victim's church, sang in the choir and She was grabbed by a gunfront po r ch :1ow she is in the hands of the man as she got out of her car, Lord." and then with gun to her Among those in the crowdhead fOrced to kneel and :C SAT. 9 A.M.-12 Noon wir'JID ed church was Mrs. Powlett's yell to fellow officers that she ...... .JI:


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. 40YEARSSERVINGTAMPA FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1985 SECTION Workshop To Improve Police, Relations Termed Successful "This is one of the best residents of Tampa. workshops I have participated The Rev. was one in," stated the Rev. Frank of approximately 45 invited Williams at the end of Thursguests who attended the day's session of the w()rkshop workshop held March 13-15 at designed to improve relations the Robles Park Auditorium, between Tampa law enforce3305 Avon St This section of ment agencies and minority to_wn was chosen to bring comWorkshop participant s from the Tampa Police Dept. were: Officers M. W. Keys, S. D. Taylor, B. and Cor poral J. C. Thompson. Rayford B. Allen and Charles Hicks. Deputy B. F. Edwards of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office and the Rev. Frank Williams. Ida G. Walker, Loujean Williams, Tbomas Hargrett and Ollie Williams. BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor munity residents into an area r plagued by high crime rate, high rate for black teenagers and young adults, street-corner drug dling and a large public hous ing development. Rev. Williams who has at tended workshops of this nature before said "I'm learning more the criminal justice system as a citizen, and from what I've heard (at the workshop), both (the citizen and the justice system) could stand s ome im provement. "Sometimes the problems could be resolved much quicker if we'd let those who know the law interpret it for us while we listen," he stated. The minister added that in other workshops he'd like to see a mass audience that would involve more people. "We don't want to program anyone out by thinkin g of our s elve s only. We want to be able to help those with whom we are associated," he s tated. The theme of the workshop. was "A Working Partnership : Police and Community Uniting for Justice, Pubiic Safety and Effective Crime Control." Spon s or s included the City of Tampa, Office of Community Relations, in cooperation with : the Tampa Police Dept. and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, under the auspices of the Florida Commission on Human Relations. Participating organizations included the George Edgecomb Bar Association, Tampa Urban League, Black on Black Crime Prevention Task Force, Tampa Heights Neighborhood Housing Ser vice, Tampa Baptist Ministers Con.Jerence, and Tampa Chapter NAACP. as work in the community," Others participating were he said of his participation in the R.obles Park Crime the wor,!tshop. Prevention Office, several FacilitatQ_ r Dr. Sandra neighborhood crime watch Wilson was pleased with the organizations, Community response. "We are here to Awareness Task Force, and work out an agenda where Black Community Control people can dialogue together. Coq1mittee. We hope this is not just Participant Thomas another workshop. We hope Hargrett waS"' involved so that to go beyond the talking stage he could better; not only his and present an action paper community, "but I'm con"Those of us who have been cerned w ith how crime watch involved for a long time see can work with the .community the change" with law and law enforcement joining inent agencies, "but there i s forces." room for improvement she An inmate from the Tampa continued Community Work Release Dr. Wilson said the size was Program SPRY said, "As a kept small purposely "so that crime watch group, we make everyone could participate appearances wherever the senior citizens, teens, doors are ope n ed to let people ministers. Everyone would be know how to protect able to take part in the role themselve-s. We tell of our ex. playing, discussion s and film periences. We do get involved presentations in the community as we are a Other workshops are plano part of the community, as well ed in the near future. The three-day discussions included participation from Otis Anthony, representative from the City of Tampa; Dr. Sandra H. Wilson, vice president, Hillsborough Community College, facilitator; and Askia Muhammad, Office of Community Rela tions. Peace Corps Celebrates Black History Month WASHINGTON Peace Corps commemorated Black History Month with a month-long se ries of events honoring Its own Black family. Displayed in the lobby of its Washington, D.C., headquarters were pictures of former Black Peac;e Corps Volunteers and staff Pictured in front of the display are Oeft to right) C. Payne Lucas, director of Africare; Carolyn Payton, bead of counseling serVices for Howard University; Loret Miller Ruppe, Director of the Peace Corps; and George Carter, Director of Administrative Accounting for IBM's national headquarters in Tarrytown, NY. Lucas, Payton and Carter were staff members at the International develop ment agency. The display is now part of Peace Corps' minority recruitment campaign.


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charges against him. He could BookSays Some Top s. African s THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON see that Je sus was no rebel > He would lead no insurrec-Whites May Have Black Ancestors tlon. BY REV A LEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church Attempting to get the Jewish leaders off his back Pilate told them simply, "This man is no criminal. Brought To Triai. ............ .-John 18:1-19:16 Deluded/Probably. A Rain in the neck for Jewish leaderYou call a victory in a battle in which you. actually lose the war a Pyrrhic victory. What do you call a defeat that ac tually is a victory? Our lesson for this week focuses on just such an event, for while Christ was suffering abuse at the hands of His enemies, He was actually mar ching on to victory. Some defeat .. and sorne victory? In terestingly, when you read the story closely you realize that everyone comes away convinc ed that they have won the vic tory. Only Jesus is defeated -He's on the way to the cross. Except that the perspective of history reveals how wrong the enemies of Jesu s were. They had prematurely claimed the victory, seeing Christ heading for Calvary, loaded down with a In a manner stranger than fiction, God in his Sovereign power was overrul ed and the Cross became the symbol of victory. Is God us ing the same tactics today? Can He turn the cross of persecution into a victory of the spirit? Or should we call it a victory of the Holy Spirit? Two trials had taken place, each designed to prove Jesus guilty of death. Witnesses for the prosecution had been heard, but none for the defense. The final witness was Jesus, Himself -and HIS words were declared to be blasphemy. He left the room with the shouts, "Death, death, death," ringing in His ears. The verdict had been unanimous So while the death penalty had been decreed by the Jewish authorities, an uneasy truce stayed the execution. The Jews could not carry out the execution Roman approval was needed. ship? Undouqtedly, and one Jesus is taken before Pilate. suspects Pilate silenHy hoped Who was this enemy of the Jesus wo utd give them a lot people? Pilate wanted to see m o re pain. He had his belly Jesus. If Jesus was subversive full of their bickering and He could not be tolerated. complaining! Hoping to catch Jesus off But Pilate failed to satisfy guard. "Are you the King of the Jewish leadership. Even a the Jews?" whipping that laid openJesus' Jesus responds with a play back -.did not satisfy them. on words, "Do you mean their Finally he brought out Jesus King, or their Messiah?" with;'t(crown of thorns, wearPilate brushes aside the ing a purple robe-the color of question of Jesus, pleading ig. the kingly robe. Nothjng, norance of Jewish beliefs. however, appeased the blood Then he presses his point thirsty leadership. This "im the Jewish leaders had brought poster," who called Himself Him in. Why? What had He the Messiah, had to go. done? Again Pilate openly Jesus first establishes the asserted, "I find no fault in fact that He has no design s on him." But if the Jewish a throne on earth. Pilate must authorities want to take mat have breathed a sigh of relief. ters into their own hands, they Obviously this character in can crucify him. Yet that's ex front .of him wa s not a leader actly what they DON'T want of a rebel band. He mu s t have to do they want Him con been cau g ht in the middle of demned, by a civil court. some inter-leader s hip power History would look more struggle! kindly on them if that were the "My kingdom is not of this route taken world." "Ah, this man is no So you, Pilate, they said, do danger to Rome. Let's get rid not find Jesus guilty of subver of this case and go back to sion. Yet according to our bed! Just a quick doublelaws, the Laws of Moses, He is check. But you are a king, guilty and worthy of death, then?" because our witnesses say He All he wants to do is get it said that He was t)le Son of over with. And maybe he d I Go. could bui d a case on an This news scared the unguarded admission from superstitious Roman. A mystic Jesus. he could handle. Even a It is important to notice that mistaken zealot ... but one who Jesus does not back off at this claimed to be Son of God? point. He does not give Pilate Pilate began hi's retreat. the silent treatment, or dismiss He re-e:xamines Jesus. He his questioning as frivolous. attempts t () Jesus, He meets the questions head"Don't you know 1 could have on In response to the final you crucifieq?" Jesus' sharp question, He gives a response is measured and rather straight forward clear, "You would have no testimony. power at all over me unless it Pilate was convinced that were given to you from Jesus was innocent of .the above." Come OneCome All To WILLIAMS ONE STOP Pilate finally yielded to the pressure of the people and gave Jesus up to be crucified. Ana with that Jesus seemingly went down to defeat except that He had won the verba.! battle with Pilate. No He was Y2 Bar-B-Que Chicken Rib Sandwich-$2 85 Lg Cuban Sandwich Fish & Fries Skins Deviled Crabs Boiled Peanuts HotDogs $1.95 Slob-$9.40 $1.49 $2.59 Bog $1.00 75 Bog $1.00 85 $1.25 4104 N. 22nd St. 239-1872 ANTHONY'S TIRE SALES *New And Used Tires Mag Wheels *Immediate Tire Repair l ast Service .c,""''\ __ ::=: __ u __ -__ t .. ). ''Low Overhead Keeps Our Prices Down'' 2348 W. Columbus Dr. (CornerOfArmenia) 251-3594 not defeated. He fulfilled his mission. He had come to bring truth and He had been a living witness to the truth to the end. NQ.TICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAJME NOTICE IS' HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, Rev. Larry Crumbley; intends to register the fictitious trade name, Greater Bay Area Telephone Repair Ser-vice, with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough County, Florida, Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statues, 1953: that the undersigned intends to engage in the business of In stalling & Repairing Telephones, at 3802 Y2 -29th St., Tampa, Florida. Dated this Jlth day of March, 1985. Larry Crumbley Owner JOHANNESBURG, South grounds for retaining the Africa Many of South ed Marriage Act and the 1m Africa's leading whites, inmorality Act because there is eluding politicians who insist no racial purity anyway," says onmaintaining "racial Hans Heese, _the book's purity" here, may have black author and a prominent ancestors, a new book claims. Afrikaner academic. Even though the book will Heese's critics have objected not be published until later that he does not distinguish this week, angry debates have among different branches of a occurred in Parliament over family, not recognizing that members' racial background, some may be white and others a Pretor,ia city councilman colored, as persons of mixed punched another for sugrace are officially known here. gesting he might not be 100 Heese, whose book lists percent white and 16 members more than 1,000 Afrikaner of the .ultra-right Herstigte. Nafamilies, including his own, sionale Party are going to sue that grew out of interracial the book's author for libel. marriages, has tried to avoid "It makes my blood bo.il-direct confrontation with all these lies about us; said those angered by his research, Pretoria City Councilman Piet but he acknowledges that the Rudolph, who grabbed book will undoubtedly pro another City Council member, voke even greater controversy Ernie Jacobson, spun him after its publication Thursday. around and hit him twice on The families 'listed read like the jaw last week after Jacoba Who's Who of Africaner son noted in a council debate dom. According to one con that the Rudolph family is one servative count by a reader of of those mentioned in the the book, at least 18 white book. members of Parliament had "I just could not control African or Asian ance s tors, myself any longer, but I have and perhaps so did Pr-es ident no regrets," Rudolph added. Picter W. Botha "The ancestry of the The angriest reaction so Afrikaner cannot be questionhas come from Andries P. ed." Treurnicht, leader of the ConCurrent efforts to repeal servative Party, which opposes laws that prohibit interracial any relaxation of South and sexual relations Africa's apartheid policies of in South Africa give added strict racial separation political importance to the "I am proud to be white," controversial book, Group Treurnicht told Parliament, Without Boundaries, which is hotly rejecting suggestions written in Afrikaans. that his ancestors might have "There are no historical included Africans or Asians. Black Bishop Nominated For Episcopal Post YORK -Four can didates named Tuesday for the Episcopal Church's top po s t include Bishop John T. Walker, the first black ever nominated. A successor to Presiding Bishop John M Allin, 65, will be elected at the 3-million member church's governing convention .Sept. 7-14. Walker, 60, of Washington D.C., is a Georgia native who taught aca theological college in Uganda. He's one of eight black bishops among 180 ac tive Episcopal U.S. bishops Other nominees for the 12.-year term are Bishop Ed mond L. Browning; 56, of Hawaii; Bishop William Carl Frey, 55, of Colorado; and Bishop Furman C. Stough, 56, of Alabama. Jac Rabie, a leading member of the colored, or mixed race, House _of Representatives in South Africa's new tricamera Legislature, had aroused the ire of Treurnicht and other Conservatives by suggesting that most of them, perhaps 15 of the 18 conservatives of Parliament, were of mixed race, citing the new book as evidence. The first known interracial marriage in South Africa, bet ween a European settler and an Indian woman, occurred in 1656, Heese said, and the first marriage between white and an Afrian took place in 1664. Many of the first interracial marriages were between whites and Indians or Malays brought to Asia to work in the Cape settlement. But increas ingly there were marriages with native Africans. 248-1921' I 713 A S. HOWARD AVENUE ... 0 OPEN SUN., MON., THURS., FRi. 10 AM-6:30PM CLOSED-SATURDAY BEAUTIFUL V-NECK SWEAT SHIRTS ................ '6.95 LATEST STYlES PULlOVERS ...... ................ '9.95 BOY' S DRESS PANTS"& JEANS, 8-20 ........ .95 UP MEN'S FASHION JACKETS ...................... '18.95 MEN'S BAGGY PANTS, SIZES 27-42 ...... : ...... '9.95 UP MEN'S 100% POL VESTER CONTINENTAL & .BELT LOOP PANTS 28-60 ...................... '6.95 UP MEI)I'S SUITS (36-58} ...................... LOW PRICES LEATHER LOOK AND PARACHUTE PANTS .......... '9.95 MEN'S WORK PANTS ............................ '6.95 MEN'S FANCY JEANS ......................... '6.95 UP 1(1 = :r ('!) I = = -;:r -= = =" Cll =('!) c. > = c. lo!'l ::!. -


.c 0 = ""' I = = = I = = ....... : ... Spe aking Of Nutrition Good and Quick! .................................................................... .. Since March has been designated Nutrition Month, E11t plenty Of fresh fruits and vegetables. Frozen and canned products can you'll be able to learn a few good facts to help you eat better and live healthier be nutritious too, but be sure to check the lables for their sodium and sugar conlives. Making sure you eat right is very important. This month, the American tent. Dietetic Association is conduting a campaign to urge Arner:icans to eat better. *Cut down on foods rich in cholestol, such as egg yolks. For those of you who work and are pressed for time, don't feel you have to *Limit your sugar, salt and alcohol intake. give up nutrition just to save time in getting the evening meal on the table .' One rule of thumbs to follow is to include the Basic Four in your meal planoSome solutions to managing your time in the kitchenis to cook one pot meals ing. The Basic Four groups of food are grain foods, milk and dairy products, or casseroles, or do the majority of your cooking on the weekends. Make doumeats, fruits and vegetables. ble batches, freeze extra servings for later meals. There are endless short-cuts The recipes here are to give you some helpful ideas on how you can provide for busy cooks, just don't short-cut on the nutrition. Try to follow these quick, good tasting, nutritious meals for your family. guidelines when your meals: VAL Vegetable Chowder 1 cup chopped onion 'h cup sliced celery 2 tablespoons butter 1 large peeled potato 1 CI:JP (2 medium) pared, shced carrots 2 cups water 1 beef bouillon cube 1 teaspoon salt h teaspoon crushed basil leaves ;., teaspoon pepper 1 1f2 cups (1 medium) halved zucchini slices 1 cup (7-ounce can) whole kernel corn and liquid 1 tablespoon flour o/3 cup undiluted Evaporated M -ilk 1h cup (2 ounces) shredded sharp Cheddar cheese Shredded sharp Cheddar cheese (Makes 5 cups) Saute onion and celery in butter in. Dutch oven just until tender. Cut potato into 1/2 -inch cubes (about 2 cups). Add potato, carrots, water, bouillon cube, salt, basil, and pepper. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat, cover, and boil gently 30 minutes. Stir in zucchini and corn and liquid. Boil gently 30 minutes. Combine flour with small amount of evaporated milk. Stir in remaining evaporated milk; add to v-egetable mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until mixture just comesto a boil. Remove from heat; stir in '12 cup cheese until melted, ladle into serving bowls. Sprinkle tional cheese on top, if desired. 1 With Spring Vegetables 3 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 tablespoon dried basil 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 pound asparagus, cut in V2-inch diagonal sl.ces 2 large tomatoes, chopped 1 medium-size zucchini, sliced V.. incJt thick 2 green onions, cut in V2-inch lengths 8 ounces mushrooms; sliced (2 V2 cups) V2 cup chicken broth 1 teaspoon salt I spaghetti, cooked and --1 tablespoons Heat oil in large skmet. Add basil and garlic; stir o seconds. Add asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini and green onions. CoDtt over medium-high heot, stirring often, 8 to 10 minut.s. or until asporoe-i5 otmost crisp-tender. Add broth Gftd ...._Cook; stirring occOfionally, 5 tes until Of,. :.= 10re ...,._ heat to add hot and ParmeSM, f.,. w.ell to mix. ......................................... Oriental-Style Beef And Vegetables Serve in bowls over rice, with pan juices spooned on top. 1 pound fresh spinach, coarse stems removed One 1 Y4 pound boneless beef round steak, sliced crosswise in thin strips 6 ounces fresh snow-pea P()ds, trimmed, or 1 package (6 ounces) frozen 6 large green onions with 2-inch green tops, cut in 2-inch pieces 4 large (4 ounces) mushrooms, sliced 1/4-inch thick V2 cup beef broth Y4 cup soy sauce 1 teaspoon minced garlic (optional) 1 teaspoon ground ginger ; 1 teaspoon granulated sugar ( Put spinach in a deep heavy skillet or Dutch oven; scatter ) beef, then vegetables over spinach Mix remaining ingre1 dients in a small bowl; pour into skillet. Bring to a boil high heat. Reduce heat; cover and simmer 5 to 6 minutes uh-til vegetables are crisp-tender and meat has lost its red col or. Makes 4 servings. Stir-Fried Spinach And Mushrooms Serve with flank steak and potato wedges. V.. cup vegetable oil 1 V2 cups sliced onions 1 tt)aspoon minced garlic 1 teaspoon minced fre!lh gingerroot 1 teaspoon curry powder 1 V2 cups thickly sliced mushrooms 2 pounds spinach, thick stems removed (8 packed cups) V.. teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add onions and cook 10 minutes or until well browned, stirring occasionally. Remove with slotted spoon to paper toweL Add garlic, gingerroot and curry powder to oilin skiilet. Cook, stirring, 1 minute. Add mushrooms cind cook qbout 3 until mushrooms begin to wilt, stirring often. Add spinae!) and, stirring constantly, cook 3 to 4 minutes until wilted. Season with salt and pepper; top with reserved fried onions. Serves 4. Creamed Peas And New Potatoes 3;4 cup water v.. teaspoon salt tions, us'irig 1'14 cups milk. Pour over vegetables; toss coat. 4. Peach Melba Sundaes A speedy and irresi s tible dessert, I 10ourice quick thaw frozen raspberries, thaw ed 1 tablespoon orange juice or orange-flavored liqueur 1 16-ounce can cling peach halves, drained V 2 pint vanilla ice cream, I cup In blender or food pro cessor whirl raspberries and .orange juice until blended. Spoon 2 to 3 tablespoons raspberry sauce into in dividual dessert bowls. Arrange peach halves cut side up in place small scoops of ice cream on peach halves; top with remam1 raspberry sauce Makes 4 servings. Healthy Nutrition Tips *Don't snack on junk foods. Some good munchies are: cheese and crackers, dried or fresh fruits, unsalted nuts. *Drink plenty of. liquids. Instead of drinking sodas, drink plenty of water, fruit juices. *Add fiber to your diet. Some sources of fiber are: bran cereals, unpeeled apples, chick peas. *Don't skip breakfast. A balanced breakfast redlarges your body and helps to main tain your blood sugar at a nor mal level. 8 smaU new potatoes, well scrubbed ant quartered NOTICE!! J V2 cups green peas 1 envelope (.. or 1 ounce) white-sauce mix i v.l cups milk Bring water and salt to boil in medium-size saucepan. Add potatoes, cover dnd sim mer 10 minutes or until almost tender. Add peas; simmer 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Drain well; put in heated serving dish; keep worm. In same saucepan prepare sauce oca.ding to dKec-KING. 3501E. Hillsborough. 238-9024 r OPEN ON SUNDAYS 2 P UNTIL 10 P.M. Stop By And Visit Us After Church


. YOUR BEST VALUE HOME TOWN SERVICE PRICES GOOD AT PRICES GOOD: 3/21-3/27/85 FOODWAY CONTINENTAL .FOODW A Y I 7611 Causeway Blvd. 623-1031 OPEN: MON.SAT. 8-9 IBP .Hog SUNDAY 8-7 Chitterlings 10 Lb. Bucket WE ACCEPT USDA FOOD STAMPS AND WIC CHECKS NOt RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPO ERRORS QUANTITY RIGilTS RESERVED Te.nder Pork $ Riblets ... toLb.Box 7.59 Southern Chef $ Smoked Sausage ........ to Lb. Box 11.99 Flander's $ Beef Patties ...... 5 Lb. Box 5 .49 Fresh Chicken Gizzards ... ...... 5 Lb. Tub 52.99 _;


Employees BY PATrY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer For some City of Tampa the good life is get., ting better everyday. This might be especially true for 16 black employees and two employees who were ... ..., ...... J promoted within the city's police, fire and parks departments. M. E. Washington, Max Parker, Jr., J. M. Ware, and T; R. Mitchell have all graduated from the classrooms at the City's Police Academy to the streets as Tampa Police Officers. Each has been assigned to a squad within a specific district, for 14 to 16 weekS of additjonal training and evaluation. According to former Chief of. Police Robert L. Smith: uniformed police make up the primary force of any police Due to the broad DEBRA MOODY RONNIE E. SHIPP range of responsibilities, the uniformed officer is the most visible member of law enforce ment and greatly influences the image of the profession itself." All four officers had dif ferent careers before joining law enforcement: Washington worked as a data entry operator at MacDill Air Force Base; Parker was self ell)ployed; Ware worked as a security officer for Zayre's Department Store; and Mit chell was employed by J. C. Penney's, Hillsborough Com munity College, Metropolitan Insurance Company, and Montgomery Wards Depart ment Store. Sgt. B. R; Holder was elevated to the pO$ition of Police Lieutenant. He is now the principal assistant to a shift or subdivision com mander, and participates in managing directing the nn. .. r<>tin.n of a or subdivi-J. M. WARE KIM BARRINGTON sion in the Tampa Police Department. Lt. Holder received his A.A. degree in Political Science from HCC in 1977,, and has taken additional law enforcement courses from the University of Tampa. He is an active member of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Minority Offic::ers Council of Defense. Twelve individuals were promoted to various positions within the City's Fire Department. Bobby L.. Wafhington assumed the responsibilities of Automotive Repair Center Supervisor; He previously the Fleet Mechanic Supervisor II. W 11shington is now directly responsible for the maintenance of all firefighting In his new position, W announced the i f ,____ l v swa T.R.MITCHELL B.R.HOLDER RONALD TAYLOR promotion of Reginald J. Walker and Benjamin Walker to Fleet Mechanics II. Their duties include maintaining and repairing automotive, con struction, and special vehicles and equipment. "They both are -capable and qualified individuals," Washington stated. Debra MoHHy and Kim Bar rington have joined the ranks as firefighters. According to their supervisor, J. 0. Bates, their duties not only include LUKE A. COUNCIL E f I 4'> REGINALD J. WALKER fighting fires bu't also: r ... .,,.ll __ ing victims in car accidents, administering first aid, per forming CPR, and and maintaining fire paratu_ s and equipment. Betty A. Coleman and dre M. Walker are the ment's new tors. They make sure isting structures; and facilities! under construction, with the fire prevention dinances; and they have (Continued On Page 7-B) The Great Rev. Mako SPIRITUAL READER, HEALER, .\ND ADVISOR Tells put, preseaNDd future. He kDows111l, tells all. If you are sick aDd Ia .,_d health. Kaow yoar eaemlesl Is. year loved oDe drtftlaa away? Do '. you need moaey? If you have 11 Curse or Bad Spell he aiD lielp you the bad lu ,ck. ODe visit t;an maybe solve all your problems His specialty Is gett1111 t lle sick well and reaDltln$ tbe loved ones. LUky Days aad Numbers are &InD. ,. IF YOU NEED HELP HESiTATE COME. BY HIS OFFICE OR CALL 134-1241, 119 W. HILLSOOROUGH AVE. 4 BLOCKS WEST OF 1-75, TAMPA. BUS RIDE FROM CUP THIS AD FOR A SPECIAL READING


Black Employees Make Gains (Continued From Page 6-B) authority to issue permit s and vio lation notice s. But Coleman's and Walker's duties don't end there They also conduct fire prevention p _rograms for school s and busine sses; assist in fire investigations by ob taining evidence, providing written r epo rt s, and testifying during legal proceedings; ar rest arson sus pects; and par ticipate in the surveillance of s u s pected arson target s. Walker graduated from Florida A&M University in 1976, and worked for with the City's Fire Bureau. According to Fire Captain a M. Patriecio, Luke A. is now a Junior c. "Firefighter Council was ted to this position u"'-Cl'use he met all qualifica tions," Patriecio stated. "He is the priver of a rescue module vehicle, is responsible for the care and maintenance of the vehicle, and is responsi ble for the safety (and care) .of persons in the vehicle while driving to and froin alarms." Charles L. Brown and Ronald Taylor have been pro moted to the position of Fire Captain. Their job duties range from training arid evaluating a company of three to four employees, determining a course of action during emergency sit uation s, and making s ur e the Fire Prevention Ordinances are MICHAEL HAUGABROOK obeyed. Promoted to the position of Driver Engineer was Ronnie E. Shipp and R. E. Johnson. According to Fire Captain Clifford E. Church, "Ronnie possesses a sound working knowledge of hydraulics, which is essential to operate pump equipment in a manner which provides proper water pressure to firefighters." Both men ''respond to alarms by following set procedures-verifying addresses, starting the (fire) vehicle, turn ing on lights, sirens and radios; selecting an appropriate route, using proper precautions, and parking (the fire truck) at the best location to insure availability," Church' added. They also perform the dutie s of a Fire Captain, and help maintain the fire ap paratus and tool s. And last but not least, Michael Haugabrook was proBAHAMIAN DIET i; L .iM .. Answer The Census Sunday, March 24 Every household in Tampa s hould have received a census questionnaire on Thur sday These que stio nnaire s are to be completed and s hould go back into the mail on Sunday, March 24, or so on thereafter. If you didn't received a form, please call 228-2970 through April 5. Tampa and Jersey City, New Jersey were chosen as test sites for the 1990 Census. The Tampa site will be used to check on how to automate many of the clerical jobs tradi tionally involved in taking a census. Tampa was also chosen because of its signifi cant minority population and smaller number of institu tions, dormitories, and other group iiving quarters. Whether you received the long or short census question naire, .it's important that all questions regarding every in dividual in your heusehold are answered. In for.ma ti on gathered from these forms is confidential. There will be 20 questions on the short form. Only one in five households will get a longer form containing the 20 basic questions plus 46 addi. tiona! questions about members of the household. Sample que s tions will in clude: How many rooms do you have in your living quarters?, What is the month l y rent?, Do you have a t e l ep hone in your livin g quarters?; Since February I 1985 has this person a ttended regular school or college a t any time?, When was this per so n born?. Does this person have a physical, m e ntal or ot her health condition which has la s ted for 6 or more monmoted to Auto Equipment Operator II with the City Parks Department. felt that Mr. Haugabrook is. a good worker and has a very good attitude toward fellow employees and supervisors," Parks Super visor Johnnie J. Harrison ex plained. "His interest in the work has shown tha f he has gopd potential for further ad vancement.'' Haugabrook now operates a variety of heavy trucks, con struction/maintenance equip ment, and performs minor maintenance services to vehicles. The graduate of South Georgia College in Douglas, Georgia served in the U.S. Air Force, and worked for Joseph Chatman and Son subcontrac tors BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor ths?, Has this per son been married more than once?; que s tion s regarding the job and job duties, and incom e of each individual in the househoid are al s o included. Using the theme for Tampa, please be counted in the 1985 census. 11 Years After It Began, Discrimination Suit Ends TAVARES An 11-year legal battle over a discrimination claim against the School Board in Central Florida's Lake County has finally ended with an agreement to pay $940,000 in cash to 11 black plaintiffs. The lengthy delay since the suit was filed in 1973 was caused by the death of the judge hearing the case, the opening of the suit to other plaintiffs e 'ach time requiring new court action -and years of other legal about fine points of the law. In addition to the cash set tlement, the school board has $1.07-million in legal fees to pay, and more bills are on the way. The long dispute ended Tuesday night after months of negotiations. U.S. District Judge Charles Scott, who died in May 1983, had ruled that the board had discriminated against blacks in its hiring and promotion policies. Court action since had focused -on a settlemenL Walter Berry, the lead tiff, said Thursday he is glad to see the case end but has reservations about a settlement that includes no court supervision of hiring practices, a provision the School Board flatly rejected. "It's not a total victory for us because we do have some concerns, and we're not sure whether those concerns are going to be met," Berry said. "We don't know how the county elected officials are going to move ... to try to im prove the number of blacks working in the county." Attorneys for both sides were preparing for a hearing in the court case Monday when agreement was reached. "Eleven long years-that's a landmark," said Supt. Fred die Garner. "I dori't think anyone can accuse us of rushing into a settlement." The settlement must be ap proved by U.S. District Judge Howell Melton of Jackson ville, who plans to hold a hearing Blacks Start Boycott Of Jobs, Stores In South Africa City PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa Tens of thousands of blacks boycotted work and shops Saturday at the start of a three-day "stayaway" to protest increases in bus fares and gasoline prices. Police spokesman Lt. Cecil Vermaak said there were minor incidents of stone throwing and arson, but no major violence in the stoppage by residents of Port Elizabeth's black townships. At the main entrances to New Brighton, the largest of this Indian Ocean port city's segregated townships, almost no traffic passed through police roadblocks Sipo Hashe, sec retary of the Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organization, which called the boycott, said it was ''100 per cent successful so far." He and others said it was the first tirue a strike had succeeded on such a scale in the industrial, eastern CaJ)e Province. The protest left downtown white retail deserted. Hast{e said it had given notice to whites "of what we are going through, that the people are suffering." ., INC. ICFC025588 "It's Home Improvement Time Again" Sewer Replacement Sewer Cl-nlng Water .H-ters Sinks For All Your Plumbln_ g Needs. MICHAEL R REEVES CALL REEVES See Yellow Pages 238-4348 = = e =-:


Church Affairs ... N' "'

.............................................. Court Throws Out Bokassa Welcomes His 55th Child COUNTY, FLORIDA One of the many wives of against the high cost of school o< CIVIL DIVISION Judge's Bias Case deposed Central African uniforms. 3: NO. 85 3922 Republic Emperor Jean-Bedel Bokassa has repeatedly > DIVISION P DETROIT A federal Free Press published Aug. 26. Bokassa has given birth to the denied charges of brutality := ST. LUKE AFRICAN panel has dismissed a bias In tlie interview, Feikens exiied ruler's 55th child, the and cannibalism made agaipst @ METHODIST EPISCOPAL complaint against U.S. discussed the city's handling f.amily announced on Friday. him. CHURCH, INC., assignee of District Judge John Feikens, of a lawsuit seeking to elimiThe child, a boy, was born THE CITY OF TAMPA, who was accused of judicial nate pollution problems at the on March 3 at Meulan Castration Is Ruled Out FLORIDA misconduct because of a racial city's water and sewage treatHospital near Paris. Bdkassa remark attributed to him in a ment system. has lived in a castle near the Complainant vs. Lots 17 and 18 of Block 9 of May's Addition to Tampa, Less right-of-way for road, with street address of 2422 17th Avenue, Tampa, FL Defendant NOTICE OF SUIT TO ALL PERSONS AND CORPORATIONS IN TERESTED IN OR HAVING ANY LIEN OR CLAIM UPON THE LAND DESCRIBED HEREIN: You are hereby notified that the City of Tampa, Florida by and through its assignee, St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church, has filed a complaint in the above named court to foreclose delinquent special assessments with in terest and upon the parcel of land set forth below, the aggregate amount of such special assessments in 563.00 (Five Hundred and Sixty Three -Dollars) with interest and penalties, against said parcel of land, described as follows: Description of Land Lots 17 and 18 of Block 9 of May's Addition to Tampa, ac,:orOIIIU! to plat tbereof recor Book 1, Page 59, Public Records of Hillsborough County, Florida, less that part lhPr'PfflfoJrP deeded to the City Tampa and recorded at Of Record Page 66 on December 1962, with street !iddress of 2422-17th Avenue, Tampa, FL. Date of Assessment Amount February 1, 1972 .... $435 .00 September 15, 1977 ... 128.00 Total; ......... $563.00 In addition to the amounts of the assessments on the parcel of land, interest and penalties, as provided by law, on such delinquent special assess.: ments, together with the costs and expenses of this suit, are sought to be enforced and foreclosed in this suit. You are hereby notified to appear and make your de. fenses to said complaint on or before the 30th day of April 1985, and if you fail to do so on or before said date. the complaint wiD be taken as confessed by you and y'ou will be barred from thereafter con testing said suit, and said par cel of land will b e sold by or der of court for nonpayment of said assessment liens and in and penalties thereon and tbe costs and expenses of this suit. IN WITNFSS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my band ; affixed tbe official seal or court this lJtb day of March, 1985. CLERK, HILLSBOROUGH CIRCUIT COURT newspaper interview. French capital with several of The Sixth u.S. Judicial Cir-Feikens was quoted as his wives and 16 of his children cuit Council i1n Cincinnati, in a saying: "One of the things we since 1983. He has complained 13-3 decision, found no have to give black people is the that he cannot support his h I time to learn how to run home and huge family with grounds for t e comp amt brought by the Rev. Jim projects like the Water and only a $660 monthly military Holley, a Detroit Baptist Sewerage Department." pension. minister, and the predomi-The 16-member council The former emperor was nantly black Wolverine Bar agreed with Feikens that the deposed in 1979 in a French Association. comment had been taken out backed coup, and sentenced to Feikens, chief federal judge of context. In its opinion, the death in absentia in the Cen" of the Eastern District of council also noted Feikens' tral Afncan. Republic on Michigan, was acc used of tong and courageous leadercharges of torturing and kill making a racist remark in an ship_ in the civil rights ing about 100 schoolchildren interview with The Detroit movement." who took part in a protest ANDERSON. S.C. Three men who were originally given the option of castration instead of imprisonment for raping and torturing a young woman were resentenced Friday in Anderson, S.C. to maximum prison terms of 30 years each. The resentencing was or dered after the South Carolina Supreme Court ruled castration violated c stitutional safeguards against cruel and unusual punishment. "The National Urbait league has always stirred Blatk Amerita's emotionsrunning tite gamut from bitter rage to the tenderest organization-as only he can. joining him are Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis. singers Cissy Houston Phipps, and many other stars.' love." -Tony Brown Be sure to watch Tony Brown as he presents this dramatic chapter : "National Urban League : The First 75 Years: It's a lesson in Black history you won't want to miss Seventy-five years ago, the National Urbi m League movement started And it hasn't stopped yet. This week, Tony Brown celebrates the past present and future of this major civil rights !oiiJ L...-----------Brown's .r-------------, 1 IOUILIIOIUS For SS-1/3 off the regular price-gel o subscription to I I ''Tny lr.W'Jel" I!!&IH. For just 99 more, a I recording of "Lift Ev'ry Voice and I Add S1 for postage and handling. (N.Y. residents add I 1 appropriate soles tax ) Send check or money order to: 1 TOIY IIOWJ PIODUCTIOIIS I 1501 Broadway, Suite 2014, New York, NY 10036 I I Or phone your VISA or MC Acct# to: 212/575-0876 I L Please allow 4-6 weeks lor delivery. Offer expi res 12/31/ 85 _____________ _. Pepsi and Pepsi-Cola are regist e red trademarks of PepsiCo. Inc .. Purcha se. NY Journal WEDU Ch.: 3 March 31@ 1 P.M. WUSF Ch.: 16 March 30@ 3 P.M. See lor yourself Check your local public television listings lor dates and times of Tony Brown's Journal. Don t miss it. Sill = fll


an oc .... M' N :: u Cl:: < ... < Q Cl:: 1'1.1 = = .... S .hopper Workshop At Yb ,or Library Learn how to be a wise shopper, at the Ybor City Branch Library, 1505 N Nebraska Ave. Alice Williams, Hillsborough Coun ty Agricultunil Extension SerBlack MBA Association Awards Scholarships SAN FRANCISCO Six Black Graduate students are the 1'984/85 recipients of a total of $18,000 in scholar ships granted by the National Black MBA Association. Taylor of Stanford University. Each received a $3,000 scholarship and were chosen from over 100 applicants from around the United States. A special $1 ; 000 scholarship was also awarded to Marcene D. Mitchell of Stanford Universi ty. vices, will present a workshop for homemakers, with helpful hints on how to plan inexpen sive and nutritious meals. The workshop is scheduled for 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, April 11, and is free of charge For more information, call the Ybor City Branch Library at 223-8497. East Gate Branch Does your neighborhood gang have a lot of talent? Can you sing, dance, play musical instruments or do skits of a comic or dramatic nature? Well, get your act together and be ready to show-off at the -The scholarships were awarded duririg the Sixth An nual NBMBAA Conference and Exposition in San Fran cisco October 3-7, 1984.-Geof frey Wayne Davis of Indiana University, Gladys Hart DeClouet of the University of Wisconsin, Gabrielle Elise Simrris of Harvard University, Karen Natalie Jones of Atlan ta Univesity, Elizabeth Sessoms Wilkerson of StanThe recipients were judged East Gate Branch Library, on the basis of scholastic ex-2311 E. Hillsborough Ave., cellence, personal interviews when they present a Talent and community service, a twoShowcase on Monday, April page essay describing "your 15, at 6:30p.m. All local acts strategy and approach for are encouraged to participate entering the business communFor more information on this ty as an employee or en_ free, fun program, call the trepreneur given current naEast Gate Branch Library at ford University and Robert D tiona! economic conditions." 238-5468. Kash N' Karry Expo March 22-24 Bring a big appetite to the Kash n' Karry Food and Nutrition Expo, scheduled to place at the Curtis Hixon Civic Center on March 22-24. The weekend extravaganza that just. about Pvrvl"'ntilv should be able to his hunger with the many freebies-ranging from yogurt to corn curls; pizza to pop-that will be given away by exhibitors. Along with all of the food samples, there will be coupons merchandise giveaways at will be one of the biggest food fests in the Southeast this The hours are: Friday, noon to 9:00 p.m.; Saturday, 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.; and Sunday, 11:00 a m.-6:00p.m. More 'than 180 food, beverage, and industry-related companies will fill the exhibit space that required use of the entire exhibit hall in the Curtis Hixon Civic Center. The Expo is sponsored by Kash n' Karry Discount Supermarkets. -With special disc dunt coupons available at all Kash N' Karry Supermarkets ; ad mission will be $2.50; without the coupon (which is free of charge) admission will be $3.50). Children under 6 wili be admitted free. EMPIRE PAINTS Moved To 3602 7th Ave. TAMPA, FLA. 241-2301-247-3719 KEYS MADE 39 Up __ .... ________________ PAINT LATEX .... $2.79 OUTSIDE WHITE .. $6.49 ROLLER PAN SET ............ $1.49 Ea. 3" BRUSHES .............. 49 SALE PRICES GOOD WITH THIS AD ONL YIUI Tampan Gets Spot In National Magazine Tampa native AaroQ Wilds, President of wilds In vestigative Patrol Services, Inc a security services com pany, is one of the businesess featured in Tlie Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 1984 annual report to shareowners, customers and employees. The two-pagl! spread shows security officer John Wilds at a construction site, Wilds, and a brief statement from Wilds. To Place Cancel Or Correct CLASSIFIED ADS Dial or 248-3033 >) BOSTON -Ms. Loretta Davis, United Negro College Fund Voluntary General Chairwoman, presents a plaque to Gary L. Countryman, President of Liberty Mutual Insuran ce Company in Boston, Massachusetts. Countryman was honored for his outstanding leadership as Boston's Honorary Chairman of the 1984 UNCF Telethon, "The Lou Rawls Parade of Stars." MRS. FAYE SPIRITUALIST READER Overcome Troubles And Conditions Bad luck, And Evil Influences Win At love And Romances! Can Help With Overweight Problems And lost -Nat-ure. One Visit Will Convince You. She Can And Will Help You. 2207 E. BUSCH BL YD. PH: 933-9440 TAMPA, FLA. Florida'_s Biggest Rent-To-Own Festival GIVEA-WAY BALLOONS POPCORN COKES 13 in. Color Portable 13 1st Week's Rent 19 in. Color Portable 19 1s-t Week's Rent 251n. Color Portable 25 1st Week's Rent REGISTER TO WIN A 251N. COLOR CONSOLE 1319 E. Hll Ave. 238-6461


>) AREA BLOCK CLUB NEWS Miami To Host Scientists COMMUNITY SERVICE BRANCH OFFICE 712 W. ROSS AVE. PH. 223-8600 MELVIN STONE, BRANCH MANAGER TEMPORARY JOBS 223-8600. We have applicaYou can help take the 1985 tions here at the Branch Of Census of Tampa by becoming fice, 712 W. Ross Avenue. a temporary U.S. Census ATTENTION SENIOR employee for a few weeks. CITIZENS Census work is interesting and Senior citizens interested in important to Tampa and to applying for the Silver Pages the nation. The Tampa census Program (a ne\Y discount pro is part of the planning program) should call or come in gram for the national 1990 .to the Community Service count. Branch Office. You will be All census jobs are ternable to receive your temporary porary. Once you meet the discount card at the time that qualifications, pass a written you apply and your permanent test, and are hired, you will card and your free directory undergo training (for which will mailed to you at a later you will be paid). Your hours date. can be flexible. Census worker VISION ANn DENTAL pay rates around $5.00 an PROGRAMS hour. Most census workers are The Community Develop-also reimbursed for car ment Vision and Dental Promileage and other authorized grams are now in operation. expenses. Services include the following: If you are interested, Vision: Eye examinations and please contact the Community eyeglasses Dental: De_ntal exService Branch Office at tractions, fillings, cleanings. "FREE GLASSES Paid For By Medicaid Call: Dr. L. A. Martinez Optometrist 876-6085 Dentures: Dentures on a limited basis. Interested citi:z;ens may ply Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. BRANCH OFFICE-' The Community Service Branch Office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call or come in to submit neighborhood complaints, referrals to local agencies for assistance, job inMIAMI More than 1 ,600 ethnic minority students and faculty conducting biomedical research at colleges aQd universities throughout the United States and Ruerto Rico will meet in Miami, March 31-April 3 at the nation's largest forum for minority scientists. Called the Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Symposium, the scientific conference, now in its 13th year, is being coor dinated this year by Florida A&M University of Tallahassee and funded by the Division of Research Resources, National Institutes of Health. The symposium is an annual activity of NIH's Minority Biomedical Research formation, or to make recom mendations for pro-, jects/programs. SPIRITUAL ADVISOR True Psychic Born With Power. Will Satisfy You In One Visit. Has Loved One Turned Against You? Are You Unhappy, Discou raged, Infiuenced By Evil Spell? I Can Succeed Where Others Have Failed. Call Today. Weekdays After 5 P.M. On Weekends. 1(813) 677-2971 The Doctor's In ... 8a.m. to 10 p.m. tNel}day 1 No appointment necessary. M.D. on duty. X-ray and lab. 2810 W. Buffalo Ave .. Tampa across f'om St. Joseph's Hospital 13210 North ; 30tttSL". tampa north Hospital 877-8450 977-2777 206 E. Br a nd o n Blvd .. Brandon 681-5 5 71 2600 U.S. Hwy 19 North across from Countryside M a ll 799-2727 Support (MBRS) Program, which funds biomedical research activity at academic institutions with a track record of training minorities in the biomedicaJ sciences. Organiz ed within NIH's Division of Research Resources in 1972, the MBRS Program exists to increase the involvement of ethnic minority faculty and stud.ents in biomedical research. prominent scientists will deliver plenary session lec tures at the opening of this year's symposium on April I. Dr. George V. Hillyer, pro fessor and Chairman of the Department of Biology at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, will discuss his research into schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease prevalent throughout much of the tropical world. Dr. Hillyer's research has made him one of the leading authorities in the world on schistosomiasis, in cluding its spread and possible control. Meharry Medical College's Dr. Julius Jackson will information on his research in to the factorsthat control the expression of silent genes that make up regions of unknown genetic import.ance on certain chromosomes. Dr. Jackson, whose research endeavors have been. recognized through a number 'of honors at a very young age, is professor and Chairman of Microbiology at AUTO INSURANCE UP TO 25% DISCOUNT "Come Where Service Has Been Our Policy For 30 Yrs." A. F. Kilbride Ins. 4.501 Nebraska 238-8814 I Meharry Med1cal College. Dr. James L. McGaugh o the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University o California at Irvine will on the Neurobiologica Markers of Memory McGaugh has been selected as the George Willis Memorial Lecturer for this year's Sy.m. posium, a presentation named in honor of a deceased Minori ty Scientist Administrator in DPR, who was instrumental in beginning the Minority Biomedical Research Support Program. Two panel discussions will examine unique aspects of human health problems during the Symposium. On Tuesday, April 2 at 6:30 p.m., four panelists will examine "Circa dian Rhythms, Motion Sickness, and Human Perfor a look at the field of Chr9nopharmacology. This new but fast evolving field studies the various affects of administering fixed doses of drugs at different times during the 24-hour cycle. Panelists in clude Dr. Charles A. Walker, dean of the Florida A&M University College of Phar macy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Dr. Paul Naitoh, head of the Environmental Physiology Department and Supervisory Research Psychologist at the San Diego Naval Health Research Center; Dr. Michael H. assistant professor of Environmental Physiology at the School of Public Health of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston; and Dr. Charles W Winget, a research scientist at the Biomediccal Research Division of the NASA/ Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, <;atiforriia. I 248-1921 l : all wedding packages complete with wedding album mon-fri sat phone 3:00-8:00 P.m. 11:003:00 P.m. 273-9331 -.... "" = > 3: > n = w ... IC QO Ul f = = e. 8 ii = c::r fll ::r a.


Loyal Padgett supporter, Leonard Walters, took his stand March 12 urging persons to get to the polls and vote. A District 4 resident, Walters was unable to vote for the candidate, but he urged others to cast their vote. .. Robert Jacobs, Dee Williams, Grace Stennis, Rubin Padgett Victory Party. Ronald Coffie, Dorothy Grimes and Joyce Ray Rubin Padgett Victory Party.


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II) QO ..... N' N = u c:x: < a c= !) a >" < Q c:x: -..;;:::;: "" ?' f#oi OJfomen Great Teeth Keep You A common misconception: As we grow older, we will eventually lose our teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our teeth were meant to last a lifetime. Says Irwin Smigel, D.D.S. and of Dental Health, Den Beauty: "Anybody who -""''""' reasonable care of their and lives in an area where the water is fluoridated should be able to keep their teeth for a long, long time." It's only through neglect a lax cleaning regimen that gum disease is likely to set in and threaten your teeth. True, heredity plays an im portant role, and some people, by virtue of their genes, do have healthier gums and teeth enamel than others. But through daily brushing and flossing, along with regular visits to the dentist, you can keep one ahead. of periodontal disease even if dental problems do run in your family. -GENERAL CARE AND UPKEEP: Treat your teeth as a vital part of your body wor'i thy of extraspecial care aqd atil tention. Daily maintenance is the place to start: brushing = your teeth twice daily once =in the morning and again after .5! the last meal of the day. Give too that will .:ut down on the plaque that can build up there. It's best to use a soft toothbrush as opposed to the hard variety. Harder brushes don't cover the surface of the tooth as well and tend to skim over crevices. If you've never flossed before, now is a good time to start. Be aware, you may ex perience some initial bleeding until your gums get ed to this unfamiliar pro cedure. Even more effective than flossing is the use of a toothpick or Stim-U-Dent wooden stick to poke between teeth and massge the gums at the same time. You should be able to insert a toothpick at the gum line in between every pair of teeth without causing any bleeding. PLAQUE: THE DENTAL PLAGUE: The number one instigator of gum disease is plaque. Plaque is an invisible film full of bacteria that, when combined with sugars from the food we eat, creates a tooth-decaying, acidic substance that attaches itself to your teeth, your gums and even your tongue. If left unattended, the buildup of plaque around the gums will STRESS AND YOUR TEETH: With studies pro viding the immeasurable damage stress can put your body through, it only follows that stress would also take a toll on your teeth. Stress can result in nervous clenching of the jaws and grinding of the teeth, which breaks down the surface enamel of the teeth and leaves them open to decay. Another common disorder attributed to stress is trench mouth -a condition of ulcerations and infection in the gums and mouth. Symp toms include bleeding gums and a foul mouth odor. It's often seen in students who are under particularly stressful conditions, and it should be treated immediately. NUTRITIONALLY SPEAKING: As with having healthy skin and a healthy body, you'll need to maintain a well-balanced diet to keep gums and teeth. Where sweets are concerned, it's a good idea to keep your sugar intake to a minimum and eliminate sugar-based mints and gum com pletely. ,i tongue a gentle brushing __ E_m_e_r_g-en_c_i-es ______ __ cause them to inflame. DISCOLORATION AND THOSE "PEARLY WHITES": Contrary to popular belief, teeth come in an assortment of hues, in cluding varying shades of white, yellow and gray naturally. So wishing for your teeth to be perfectly white may be asking too much. This is not to say that if you've notic ed some discoloration you should not have your teeth checked out. Disease, certain medications or other un natural sources may be the culprit, and you'll need a den tist to find the cause and mine a remedy. Stains frC>m drinking coffee Skidding is undesirable but controllable. Practice the countersteering technique on a large, icy, deserted parking lot. are ""''"r<>lhi rt>n'IOVIII dentist but'they will come back as long as the staining Blowout: Do not brake! Steer straight ahead, resisting the car's tendency to swerve off in one direction. Look for a level place to land that's well Motivation Booster substance continues to be us off the road and has good ed. visibility in both directions. SOLUTIONS TO COMSkidding: Do not brake! MON DENTAL. PRO_ : Remove your foot from BLEMS: Keep in mind, no the accelerator slowly and matter what a dentist does in countersteer in the direction of the way of remedying dental the skid. Gently does it. problems whether it's fill-Failed Brakes! Quickly ing, caps, bridges, bonding or Organize your daily pump your foot up and down replacing missing teeth :-15. schedules so you have on the brake pedal. Im. nothing can be considered tru.. p ; mediately shift to a lower gear. ly permanent. Only your bme to eat. ut eatmg m-natural teeth are made to last a Holding the locki ng .... 'to perspectiv' e as k" l"fet1"me. Whatever apparatus mechanism, use your par mg 0 something yQu do at cer-brake in an on-and-off mothe dentist uses to correct a lis time goes on. Here's a look at some of the most common dental problems and their solutions: Root-canal therapy: When an infection invades the nerve -or pulp -of the tooth where the blood vessels are located, the tooth may, at first, be particularly sensitive to cold. Later, if left un treated, it will become sen sitive to heat. Root canal is usually required. Crowns, caps and bridges: Crowns, also known as caps, are made of porcelain and designed primarily to beautify and protect damaged natural crowns (the part of the tooth above the gum) due to injury, disease or simple wear and tear. Bonding is a fajrly new procedure in dentistry and is used to improve the ap pearance of the teeth, fill in gaps, adjust the alignment of the teeth and more. Porcelain veneers-a very recent development in den tistry ---' were basically developed for aesthetic pur poses. They are thin slices of porcelain that can be bonded to the teeth and are generally longer-lasting than resin bonds. Extraction these days is generally considered to be a last resort. With all the major breakthroughs in dentistry, it's not very often that a pro blem is so bad that nothing can be done but extract the en tire tooth and root. The excep tion to the rule is an impacted wisdom tooth that actually lodges in the jawbone as it is trying to grow in. ........................... $39.95 I'U::UcJULII o o o o o o o o o o o o $ 17 Relaxer. ................. .......... $22.50 Hair Coloring .......................... $15 Haircut & Style ..................... $10.50 Shampoo & Set. ......................... $8 Operators: Nadine, Annette &Ann Walk-ins Welcome Open 1014 E. Cass 229-8324 ""' tain times. Organization tion. Side-swipe something to problem probably have to ......... .... li ..


a C :) a :#Oi OJfomen @n Successful Dressing His ready-to-wear suit, Dimitri; shirt Hathaway watch C -arher; hat, Burnetts' Headwear. Her suit and blouse (1.), Marzotta; jewelry, Kenneth J. Lane. Her suit (r .), John Meyer. Getting To The Gym: 4 Quick Willpower Boosts No matter how much we promise ourselves that we'll get a regular workout -at the gym or in exercise or dance class -we often manage to find an excuse for not g oing. Here, help on sticking with it. 1. Don't go home between work class! Relaxing at home can take the steam out of going out again. Ifyou have an hour to kill between work al'd the gym, stay at the office and catch up, or use the time to run errands. 2. Make a new "workout" friend, one that you only see at workouts. Skipping will mean missing out on the friendship. 3. Take a good look at your excerise clothes. Do you love them? If :not,_ find some you do. You'll be nfbre motivated to wear them. 4. Switch gym bags with a friend: She'll have your workout clothes, you'll have hers. If one of you doesn't show up, the other will be stranded without her gear. .... ,.. 23a-OU1 406 W Colu...U. J29-7905 What's The Impact Of Grief? Eight million Americans a year lose a close family The death usually disrupts survivors' life pat terns for a year or more, and leaves some people more vulnerable to disease or mental illness. A recent report by the Na tional Academy -of Sciences shows that the effects of death Oll survivors may linger for periods up to three years. Talking out your feelings after a loved one's death may be a key to emotional recovery and physical well-being, according to a study from psychologist James W. Pennebaker, Ph.D., at Southern Methodist Univer. sity in Dallas. The study found that surviv ing spouses of suicide or car accident victims who talked about the event with others had a smaller increase in health problems a year or more later than people who confided in no one. 5 Fashion Looks To Drop Clear your closet of styles out of sync with the natural lines of today's clothes -not so much for fashion as to get rid of what's unflatter ing, overdone. Old West: Prairie skirts are outdated now (unless you're on a ranch). Flashdance tears and bares: Fun once, not meant -to live forever. Cute kid: Puffy sleeves say "little girl." Less fnss is more sophisticated. Complications: If -you don't know how to put it on, Now Open 12-SP.M.-7450 ,..,,. .,,.,. ..... 62t-1.eo.t -. .. ...... ,,.,. ...... -BtJet,lltinf! Sot : Fashions Under The Influence Of The Orient model is for spring in a glistening Chmese red raw sdk Jacket w1th matching up-brim bat accented by the fitted skirt and bold accessories. Fashion news this season broadcasts an Oriental influence intertwined with a Parisian flair, reports the March Ebony. Like _a breath of fresh a'ir, spring fashions are feminine, sexy and flirtatious with a tremendous amount of creativity, vitality and a touch of playfulness. Now there is no longer a hint of the an drogynous menswear looks that were in evidence lastfall. Accessories are also very im portant this season with a variety of hats, low-heeled shoes and eye-catching jewelry making headlines. So throw off your winter drabs and put on the new spring _fashions! Nutrition Builder Put protein in perspecessential components of a tive-it's only one of the well-balanced diet. ----------Women need about 44 it's too extreme. grams of protein a day Early Qt_Jarterback: First generation shoulderpads (circa 1978) too much of a good thing. A little liffis flattering; a lot, jarring. (that's about 6.3 ounces of meat o r meat substitute a day). But many of us eat up to 1.00 grams a day. Hair Beauty Salon 2305 E. Hillsborough Ave. GAm PLAZA) 237-8923 HOURS: MON.-WED. THURS.:SAT. 8 A M -8 P.M: .... s rre ervice Hair Under The S1,1n" All Type Curls : $40.00 (with Perm Retouch _shampoo_ & _. ........................... $6 & IJi. Hair Cuts ............... : ............. .... ... ... $6. : E(!rly Bird Specials Monday 4 Wedaesday Only Curls '38 Retouelt '1. 5 LIIte ApjHJintments Upon Sf'illl ReqtuSt AU Work f 1:.1 :I ;&; = -a :I I fl 1:1"


I c "0 = < cQ: By Dr. Charles W. MorJmportant Questions And Answers About Sex i't,is column is a continuaoriginates from the fact that of some of the many, the genital area and the anus "cuv letters received on the are the places of exit for body of sex. My responses waste. There are, also, the letters.-religious pronouncements "Dear Dr. Faulkner: against oral sex. This area of I have reason to believe that the body is, however, often girlfriend has herpes cleaner than the mouth. You I noticed some sores must decide for yourself-if you certain parts of her body. I are able to tolerate the two questions: How can I hi!;torical taboo against oral sure if she has herpes, and sex. There is no soun<;l medical -'"". 1 it have come from argument against it someb<)dY else? Mr K., Buf"Dear Dr. Faulkner: NY." I fantasize a lot about sex Mr. K.: when I sleep and while I am Although you can have sex awake. Sometimes my fan safely if you engage in intertasises are 'way-out' and most course when herpes is in remispeople would think of them as sion, a mistake in timing can strange What do sexual fan transmit this highly contagious tasizes mean? A.M. Hart disease : If you want to know ford, for certain whether your Dear A M.: friend has herpes, ask her. If It would be difficult .to you are not satisfied with her believe that a normal, emo answer, demand that she have tionally sensitive individual a physical exam by a physidid not. have sexual fantasizes. ciao. If she refuses, you can Just as you fantasize about the engage in sex only at your own beautiful lady or handsome risk. There is no present cure man you wish to be with, you for herpes, even though there are apt to fantasize about the medicines to treat it. Some sexual encount er you wo uld are "carriers," they like to. have because sex js, contact the herpes virus often, the ultimate expression without catching it, but they of affection. By their nature, can pass it on to someone else fantasizes are strange who can catch it. If you are or, 'at least, unusual. You are that you do n ,ot have not lkely to fantasize about virus, it is obvious that eyery events. friend picked it up from What do they rpean? Such someone else, if she has it. fantasizes could have many, "Dear Dr. Faulkner: different meanings. Some, You den't get into the sex follow: Being seduced (or gritty in your articles and seducing someone) suggests about the reality of sex, the desire to take charge or be as oral sex. Is oral sex taken charge of by someone ? Inquisitive, Daytona else; Raping "8r being raped Fla often sugge a ..desire to Inquisitive: break down resistence with Heretofore I have focused power and force. Since rape is the general topic of sex and itself essentially violent, this the most common issues fantasy might a deep related to it. Recent studies want t o project .or accept sexsho.w that percent of the ual violence; Being naked or popu lation engages in qral sex. exposed to someone who is far back as 1948 research might suggest that one wants Kinsey showed that 60 perto be revealed without the concent of our better-educated straint of clothing Nakedness citizens indicated their occa. is the initiation of the sexual participation in oral act. These, of course, are bur So, this category of 5exual brief .a nd llery inter 1 s very popular. pretations. Enjoy your fan-Can Be Risky Soaking in a whirlpool bath at your health club can be a relaxing way to end your workout but it also may increase your risk of developing skin infections. The Vermont Depart. ment of Health recently reported 74 outbreaks of infection around the country associated with whirlpool use. The primary symptom of infection was skin rash; other symptoms included conjunctivitis, fever fatigue and headache. The researchers caution that whirlpools pose a greater risk of contamination than swimming pools because there are more bathers in less water. How to safeguard yourself? Ask your health club how often it tests its whirlpool water, and don't use it unless it's checked at least once an hour. At last 110 need to [)J E T ... -. refr u!l lr;st' ; r ight sa f r ly, "'"'" : .. .... .... -.... ALOE HEALTH CENTER 2269 E. Hillsborough East Gate Shopping Ctr. 237 fampa, Florida 33610 Hours: Tues.-Fri. 10-5:30 Sat. 10 3 couples indicate that they engage in oral sex as a E'D T .. .T A RD S Of varying and re,.,. .1"1 juvenating a dying relationship. is it O.K. fd t one partner 0 Remodeling Service to bring the mouth into con. No Job Too Small tact with the genitalia of the p t C t other? For unclean persons, Bill JOg arpen ry the dangers can be herpes and Room. Additions veneral disease. The Dry WaiiNew Homes psychological difficulties are Roofing_ '".)}'A;,T .. R Ic. K EDW. ARDs another matter, however. r Although many people par Air Conditioner Repairs .. Ow,er ticipate in and enjoy oral sex, Evangelist Edwards Is Back In lusln .... the historical taboo lingers. Call Me Credit Terms Available. oral sex is regarded. as 1st John J:tl, But Whoever Has The Worlds Goods and &hold His "dirty," "abnormal" an. d And Closes His Heart Against Him, How Does The Lo v e of6od Abide In Him? "subhuman." Yet, it is con-JST&1NDMORTGAGESAYAILABLE tinually used by Qlillions of Ask For Mr. The dirty concept Bus. 137-6900 Or Res. After 6 .P.M. Facing The Teenage Problem o-K/(fuy EDWARDS If The Tides Turned Prevention is the real an swer to the teenage pregnancy epidemic. When some girls realize that the biggest harm is done to them (their bodies) and an innocent baby, maybe they'll stop allowing them selves to become victims of one moment's pleasure traded in for frustration and heart break. After some of you read this article you may become upset with me. But at this point, if you become upset and this helps you to think straight, so be it. Attention All Girls! Before you have sex with your boyfriend, think about a few things: What if you should contact VD or herpes and then on top of that become pregnant? I hope you realize that if the young man you're sleeping with is in school like you, and has no job like you, when it comes time to deliver that baby, he won't be in pain like you. Did some of you young ladies realize that some of these young men are running a race? Yes! Some of them are trying to see who can get the most girls pregnant by the time they graduate. Did some of you notice how after you become pregnant they no longer desire you? But a:s.long as they could get a free thrill and a chill they stayed with you. Sure these young men tell you "I love :you and let's go all the way.'' But how many go with you all the way todeliver, all the way to your parents,all the way to provide care for that babyHOW MANY ?? When are you teenage girls going to wise up? When are you going to figure out that you, as the girl, are left "holding the bag" and the boy, well, he's off. to get another victim. Another point that is so ridiculous and so senseless is that some of you have a baby from a guy and he does nothing at all to help you and "his baby", and you lay down and have another baby from him. What is your purpose? If we, as a community, want to see the tides turn, then it's high time we got up off our seat of do-nothing and do something! We'd better get back to basics: Parents, stop allowing your daughters to wear makeup, nail polish, heels, and hose until they get to be a certain age. Ages 12-15 need no makeup at all. No heels hose till 13. No dating alone til 17, depending upon the maturing of your teenager. Above all, girls stop having sex until you marry! Hold on to your virginity, for it is a prized possession. Young iaciies wise up and stop 1<01 .111111,_ young men use you. Ifyou've already had one baby, don't turn around and make the same error again. Just A Thought What if all the teenage girls having babies would nave option t9 leave the baby with the baby's father to raise and she is free to go on her way. This would mean that the boys would now be full-time fathers and they would be the one to change diapers, fix bottles, apply for welfare, drop out o school, etc. Do you suppose this would prevent some o these teenage pregnancies? Write me, what do you think? Kathy Edwards, c/o Independent COGIC, 3101 E. Lake Ave., Tpa, FL 33610. Kathy Edwards is not an ex pert in teenage problems, has done research on problems. BRONZESTA VARIETY STO.RE 3503-A E. Hillsborough 237-8637DISCOUNT PRICES TAMPA PARK Plaza, pharmacy . J497 N. Nebraska Ave. : ... 224. Eu/1 Time Pharmacist I.ESTER HENDERSON Assist an( MRS. GI.ADYS SAI.E$ Mon. SOt. 9 9 P.M. Sun. J :00 7:00 P.M. .Otltitr Servfc .. : Jto.toe Stom,.. Worlrmon'a Compensation Wel.ltt Loa ,.,._rom Available "orlffo S.ntlriel Newspaper Tampa Tribune Newspaper Y Out,l of.. Comlftun#tyl


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Dunbar Center Holds Folk Festival The Dunbar Sixth Grade Center held its Second Annual Folk Festival March 14. The theme was "Know Your Neighbor.'' A short program wa s held before the audience was given the opportunity to visit the severa l different countries that were re p resente d by each classroom. Mrs. Jacquelyn Overton is the Principal. Representing Egypt with their teacher, Mrs. Brenda Thomp!ion, are: Ann Marie Shanel Simmons, Michael Hancock, Tracy Tengel, Troy Arch, and Jay Huffman. orida Offers 28 Minority Scholarships GAINESVILLE -To at tract high-caliber black transfer students who will soon be graduating from Florida community colleges, the University of Florida is of fering 28 new minority scholarships. ''We are offering the Minority Honors Scholarships this year because in the past we have not placed that much em phasis on ou' r transfer students," said UF Admis sions Officer John Boatwwright. ''The areas we have concentrated on primari ly are the high school seniors and graduate students. We fouhd f:We were jumping over the transfer students -we never made it to the students in the middle." To qualify for the $750 scholarship, a student doesn't necessarily have to be a whiz only a good student, especially irt a non-traditional area of study for blacks, said Boatwright. The requirements are a B average, an associate of arts degree and acceptance at UF. But Boatwright stressed that the scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance and not according to need. "We wanted this scholar ship based purely on academics," said Boatwright. "Students need recognition that they have done well. After all, academics is what it's all about. We hope the scholar ship will be an inspiration to Kindergartener. Ahisha Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Garcia's class. HCC Student Wins Engineering Scholarship Jeffrey Webster, a student at Hillsborough Community College's Dale Mabry campus, has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship to the School of Engineering at the University of South Florida. Webster, who has a 3.9 point average, plans to pursue a degree in E lectrical Engineering after completing his two-year Associate of Arts Degree at HCC. students that had originally planned to come here and to attract students who were planning on going elsewhere." One of the top candidates for the scholarship is willa Patterson of Tallahassee Com' munity College. A 31-year-old engineering student, Patterson returned to school after work ing for a few years on oil rigs off the coast of Louisiana. She described herself as being "a jack of all trades" while work ing on the rigs. Her duties in cluded testing wells, firefighting training and operating a crane. The deadline for applying Is May l. Students can get infor mation from the dean of students at their co mmunity or junior college, or they can contact John Boatwright, Ad mis s ion Officer, 135 Tigert Hall, University of Florida; Gainesville, FL 32611, IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY,FLORIDA PROBATE DIVISION IN RE: ESTATE OF PAULINE ALLEN a/k/a PAULETTE ALLEN, File Number 85-134 Division EAST Deceased NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION The administration of the estate of PAULINE ALLEN, deceased, File Number 85-134, is pending in the Circuit Court for Hillsborough County, Florida, Probate Division, thet address of which is Hillsborough County Cour thouse, P.O Box 1110, Tam pa, FL 33602. The names and addresses of the personal representative and the per sonal representative's attorney are set forth below. All interested persons are required to file with this court, WITHIN THREE MONTHS' OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTI CE: ( 1) all claims again st the estate and (2) any objection by an interested son on whom this notice was _served that challenges the validity of the will, the qualifications of the personal representative, venue, or jurisdiction of the court. AtL CLAIMS AND OBJECTIONS NOT SO FILED WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. Publication of this Notice bas begun on Friday, March 1, 1985. Personal Representative: DONNA A. ALLEN KENT A. ALLEN 2173 N. W. 3rd Street Pompano Beach, FL 33069 Attorney for Personal Representative: LAW OFFICE OF THEODORE N. TAYLOR, P.A. 111 E. Reynolds St., Suite 4 P .O.Box 2133 Plant City, FL 34289-2133 (813) 752-5633


ACROSS 1. "FACING THE RISING _,OF OUR NEW DAY BEGUN ... 4. "I.IFT __ ... (BEGINNING OF ANTHEM) : 9. 3rd WORD OF ANTHEM il4. Poetic word 15. The __ Theatre of Harlem 16. "Ready __ here I come!": i wds : 17. 4th and 5th WORDS OF ANTHEM 19. Rasping chest sound Monogram for "Body & Soul" saxophonist Hawkins 22. Suffix denoting origin 23. Border on; touch 24. "Preacher" __ of Baseball 25. Clubs for Lee Elder 28. Semi-precious stone 29. Radio button 30. lOth WORD OF ANTHEM 31. Long underwear of old: Abbr. 32. Bill Cosby's nickname 33. Brooke &: Bradley, to pals 34. Jacob's wife (Bib.) 35. Father, in old Rome: L. 38. Compass direction 6th & 7th WORDS OF ANTHEM 41. Monogram, star of "Timbuktu" 42. ___ behavior, straying 44. Kunta Kinte's playmates? 45. Hawaiian gift to 1 travelers ; 46, Part of Organi zation of African Unity: Abbr. 47. Tenn. power agcys.: Abbr. .q __ 49. __ Angelou, poet/author 51. Scotland native 52. Jesse Jackson's quest in the Democratic primary 53. Jarreau and Hibbler 54. "Afternoon of a __ ": Debussy 55. Leo "The __ Durocher 56. Pryor's letters 57. Not a copy: Abbr. 58. "RING WITH THE HARMONY OF 62. Slide for laundry 64. __ cuisine, menu words: Fr. 66. Inspire reverence 67. "-makes waste" 68. "Good __ ,'' TV series 69. "TILL VICTORY IS __ DOWN 1. "LET IT RESOUND, LOUD AS THE ROLUNG __ 2. Ornamental vase 3. Foster's "Old Uncle __ 4. Emulates Lerone Bennett at Ebony Magazine 5. Weathercock 6. A language taught at Marva Collins' school: A&br. 7. Short sigq-off for famed singer Charles 8. Author, "}'oxes of Harrow," and family 9. Electrical unit tO. Resource of Liberia 11. "Gather Together __ My Name": Angelou 12. Popular bot beverage (export from Ghana) 13. __ Waters, famed actress 18 "SING A __ FULL OF THE .. ,20. "La Cage __ Folies" (Movie) : 23. 8th & 9th WORDS OF ANTHEM 24. "LET OUR REJOICING ." 25. __ CARA, star, "The Medgar Evers Story" 26. Freedom-__ (60's civil rights worker) 27. Light switch positions 28. of office sought by Jesse Jackson 29. Biblical verb 31. Alabama is in the "Cotton __ 32. Still-running popular Broadway musical 34. Popular food fish 35. Office Jesse Jackson seeks: Abbr. 36. Della _, singer I actress 37. "HIGH THF; LIST'NING 39. Plantation in "Gone With the Wind" 40. "Be __ and help me out": 2 wds. 43. Wilkins and Campanella 45. Parking facility 47. ... FAITH THAT THE DARK PAST HAS_US" as. .. hope in their brains rather than __ in their vei .. s": Jesse Jackson 49. "LET US __ ON .. /' SO. Kappa--. Psi Fraternity 51. Gay, to a Frenchman 52. Lionel Hampton's instrument, for short 54. "-at last": MLK, Jr. SS. lllnmination, for short 57. Baseball's Mel 58. -imd Abner", old radio show 59. Uncooked 60.A_' sword 61. Ct'aving, hankering 63. "SING A SONG, FULL OF THE HOPE THAT THE PRESENT HAS BROUGHT __ 65. Three-toed sloth (C)MCMLXXXIV Puzzle Syndicate All (Answers TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL PREVIEW How Far Should A Woman Go? Was Vanessa Williams the son's image," she says. "You victim of a conspiracy? Can can be intelligent and a posing nude be a detriment to businesswoman and still do a model's career? What ethical this (pose in the nude) too. responsibility, if any, do Black Vanessa and I are aiming modets have to Black people? towards the entertainment These and other questions are dustry." posed to a variety of models, However, Dina McMillan, a agency heads and experts on model for a top New York the upcoming edition of agency, the Pat Evans TONY BROWN'S JOURModeling Agency, rejects the NAL. idea of posing nude and feels Pat Evans, formerly one of that her obligation to the New York's top models and Black community overrides now head of her own agency, her professional ambitions. gives first hand details about McMillan relives the terrifying an alleged conspiracy against nightmare of a kidnapping by Vanessa Williams. a phony agent. McMillan's real-life agent, Also featured is Michelle Pat Evans, says that these Wright, a 1980 Miss America potentially. dangerous finalist and the first Black situations can be prevented if a Miss New Jersey. One month model follows professional after Penthouse magazine advice. published nude pictures of TONY BROWN'S JOURVanessa Williams, the former NAL is the nation's longest Miss New Jersey appeared running and top-ranked nude in the October issue of Black-Affairs television series. Gallery, another men's It has been sponsored by Pepsi magazine. Cola Company for ten conWright told Tony Brown secutive years. The program that she has absolutely no will be seen in this area on ""' regrets about posing nude. WEDU-3 at 1 P.M. on Sun= "At this stage things can come day, Mar. 24, and on WUSF!; about and not damage a 16 at 3 .m. Saturday. & Q. S.O.S. Band Goes With 'Just The Way You Like It' TabuiCBS recording artists The S.O.S. Band have been cer tified Gold for sales of more than 500,000 on their latest album Just The Way You Like It. It's the group third Gold LP, join ing the debut S.O.S. (1980) and On The Rise (1983). Just The Way You Like It bas already spawned three suc cessful singles, all written and produced by the team of Jimmy Jani and Terry Lewis: the title track, "No One's Gonna Love You," and the current bit "Weekend Girl" now "On The Rise" up the Black Singles charts in Billboard and Cash Box. The S.O.S. Bamd is Gold, on Tabu/CBS Records and that's just the way we like it. Horace Mann Band Judged 'Best' On March 2, (Saturday), Horace Mann Junior High School's Advanced Band per formed in the Annual StrawbCrry Festival's Youth Parade, held in conjunction with the Hillsborough County Fair, at Plant City. The Band marched and per formed, in the Youth Parade, to the tune ofGeorge Benson's (The Original "Drifters" recording) "On Broadway". Thousands of spectators lined the parade route, as the band played along many plauds and comments were made regarqing the band's appearance and energetic spirit. As a result of the Festival judges' scores/comments, the band was declared "Best Band Entry (lst Place)." The Band Director is LeRoy L. Flemmings, Jr. > = Q. ::!. ...


. i ) ) J .. ... ... ..... = = I i = = j ,IJ Entertainment Ain't Misbehavin' Opens Tonight 'Ain't Misbehavin',' the gusty, razzle-dazzle musical saluting one of America's first black superstars, Fats Waller, opens tonight at the Italian Club, 1731 E. 7th Ave. Curtain time is 8:15 p. m. for the March 22-24, 28-31 and April 4-7 showings. Among those who will participate in the StageWorks pro duction are: left to right, top photo, Danny Hernandez, a hair designer; Clayton Grant, a senior at USF and the campus' Homecoming King, makes his musical production debut; Ma jid Shabazz, a professional drummer who operates the Open Letter Culture Center; and LeRoy Mitchell, Jr., well-known for his acting and singing roles. In the photo below are Stephanie Roberts, left, a secondyear Fine Arts major at USF who appeared in her first role at 16 (USF's Westside Story); and Grant. Pre-photos for the pro duction were taken by David Burgess. Prince To Appear In Lakeland Recent Grammy award win frince will be appearing at the Lakeland Civic, Center on Friday, April 5. Those of you who didn't to take the drive to assee during the work. when Prince appears April 3-4, or you didn't to spend Easter Sunday Miami's Orange Bowl when will appear there, can make. for the cheduled appearance in Lakeland on April 5. Also featured during the 8 p. m. concert will be Sheila E. and of course, Prince's entourage of the Revolution. Tickets go on sale Saturday (tomorrow) at 10 a. m. at all Select-A-Seat outlets, including Curtis Hixon Convention Center, and Tapes, Record Bar, The Players at Tampa Bay, USF University Center, and Robinson's. Slash Appeared With Tricker Twins Vanessa Surfaces In Mail-Order Catalogue v ANESSA WILLIAMS NEW YORK Vanessa Williams, who lost her Miss America crown after it was learned that she had shed her duds to star in a set of torrid pictures, has put them back on and may now be found demurely gracing the pages of a national fashion catalogue. Leafing through the recent line of Royal Silk, a New Jersey-based mail-order firm, we spotted Vanessa's familiar form on Page 17 as she loung ed in something called Willow "a swank tank-dress that cruises the body in luxury style." Gerald Pike, veep at Royal Silk, confirmed that Vanessa had done two shootings for his company and had been paid "in the five-figure range that most celebrity models command.'' Royal Silk also has utilized the talents of Inman, Kelly Emberg, Carol Alt and others in the past. "To the best of my knowledge, this was her first modeling assignment (since the Miss America debacle)," said Pike. "She modeled outfits that are priced between $15 and $80. She was pleased with her fee and we were comfortable with it. But as to whether we will use her again depends on how the clothes move." Melba Moore To Solid Gold In Thursday night's live concert by the Tucker Twins in MELBA MOORE the Gasparilla Room of Curtis Singer Melba Moore to coHixon Convention Center, the host Solid Gold, week of band joined them on stage was March 29th. Guests include Slash. The Commodores, Madonna, Members of the band are: Survivor and Shenna Easton. Cecil Delaughter, Michael Solid Gold airs in this area Graham, Desmond, Saturday evenings at 6 p.m. on Graham and Warren Brooks .WTOG-Channel44. Arnold Suffers After Being Mugged On City Street In a story written by series star Gary Coleman, Arnold has emotional problems after being mugged on a New York street, in "Street Smart, on NBC-TV's "Dif'rent Strokes" Saturday, March 23 (8-8:30 p.m. NYT; closed-captioned). Following the incident, Ar nold pretends he wasn't affected. But it ta-kes a psychologist and a demonstration by the pplice on how to be streetwise to bring out the hid den truth. The program will air in this area on WXFL-TV, Channel 8. SENTINEL'S TOP 10 ALBUMS 1. Solid ...................... Ashford & Simpson 2. New Edition: ..................... New Edition 3. The Woman In Red ........ ........ : Stevit; Wonder 4. Swept Away ........................ D1ana Ross 5. Chinese Waiis ...................... Philip Bailey 6. -Purple Rain ........................... Prince 7 Suddenly ......... ; ................. Billy Ocean Midnight Star 8. Planetary Invasion ........ 9. Emergency .................... Kool & The Gang 10. Nightshift ............................ Commodores (C) MCMLXXXIV Puzzle Syndicate All Rights Reserved saaeworks presents "'".. ,, (\o; .. Directed & Choreographed iJ by Ric Castillo ., March 22-24, 28-31, April 4-7 8:15 Curtain he n Clullt, 1731 E. 7th., Thor City 3) 248-5064 for reservations $9/.$4.50 Senior Citizens & Students w/Valid I.D. Sun. & Thurs. Only AIN'T MISBEHA VIN' The New Fats Waller Musical Show ila.'d & t higinaUy Din><'ted by lli<'IIARD MALTBY JR. llniOIIIlll) to) thr !'llanhall&l'l Th ... U'W' {luh c lliJ(inal i y pruclun>cl on Broadway hy Emanuel Azenberg. OMha Epstein, TheShutwr1 OrJ!Ilnizaliun, Jan<' Gaynor A Ron l>antto-


Entertainment Artist Feature _The Gap. Band The GAP Band has plugged the ears of the world with many hits throughoW the years and has earned respect and admiration from their col leagues The GAP Band has a repertoire of solid hits !ike "Vpefl Up Your Mind (Wide)" and "Shake" from GAP Band I; "Steppin' ", "Oops (Up-side Your Head)" and "Party Ughts" from GAP Band II. Ronnie Wilson, the oldest brother says, "the GAP Band J s filling the spaces between musical forms, filling the holes and the gaps within the entertainment world." The GAP Band also fills the top chart slots with hits like "Burn Hubbe r" (a #I R&B a'nd Pop single) and "Yearning" (a top 10 R&B /top 40 Pop single) from GAP Band III. .., CHARLIE Such versatility and winning musical style reflects the GAP Band's heritage and ex perience. The group, (Ronnie, Charlie & Robert) grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are the sons of a minister, which paved the way for their first musical exposure as members of their father's church choir. The group, GAP Band, was founded by Ronnie. Wilson. says, "the name GAP Band came to be as a result of an acronym of three main arteries at the heart of Tulsa's Black business cpmmunity ... Greenwood, Ar cher and Pine Streets While playing in local clubs, the Wilson Brothers met and befriended Leon Russell, a rock 'n' roll star, record pro ducer and native of Tulsa. In 1978, all three Wilson Br()thers had come to the at tention of record producer Lonnie Simmons. Signing the band to his Total Experience Production Co., Simmons and the Wilsons entered into a creative collaboration that has brought the GAP Band to the forefront of the Black and Pop scenes. The GAP Band IV album led the GAP to yet another level of success. The first RONNIE single release from GAP IV, "Early In The Morning" started the million-selleralbum on its musical magical way "We were able to refine our abilities and bring out the best in all of us,'' explains producer, Lonnie Simmons. The GAP cut explosive tr51cks like "You Dropped A Bomb On Me" and "Talkin' Back" (GAP IV), built on the GAP's irresistible uptempo style found on previous cuts like "Burn Rubber," "Humpin' and "Oops (Upside Your lledd) (GAP III), and con tinued to develop their knack for wrought love songs like "Season's No Reason To Change" and "/ Can't Get Over You" also found on GAP IV. Fans of the hit "Yearnin' "reveal in the GAP's mastery of ballards on such cuts as "Lonely Uke Me" and "Stay With Me" and the heartwar111ing ode-to women, "Outstanding" which leaped to #1 and remained at -. ROBERT WILSON that. position on the charts for several weeks. The first and se cond singles from GAP IV, respectively ''Early in the Morning" and "You Dropped A Bomb On Me, reached #1 and #2. positions on the R&B charts soon after their release and remained in _those spots for many weeks. GAP IV was listed as the only R&B record in 1982 to be certified atinum by the I I I fj I Music A Whirlwind Week For Actress, Singer Sheryl Lee Ralph!!! SHERYL RALPH Sheryl Lee Ralph, the all "J american' "Dreamgirl" celebrates two major career milestones. Her single "You're So Romantic" on the New York Music label entered the R&B Billboard charts with a bullet this week, putting her in the of such music greats as Prince, Madonna, and Diana Ross. In the same week NBC announced that it's exciting new mid-season series Codename: Foxjire, in which Sheryl Lee stars as Maggie the cat burglar, will run_ another five episodes!!! RIAA and remained on all chartsin the U.S., Europe and Japan for one straight year. In January, 1983, the GAP em barked on their first European tour which included England, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. "Jam min', the title of GAP Band V album, was pro duced by Ronnie Wilson, liis first production effort for Total Experience Records. He says, "this album is a little dif ferent, due to the European sound and persuasion we in-corporated into our music." GAP V had its share of hit singles, such as "Party Train," Shake A Leg" and someday We'll All Be Free." From the earliest years of GAP's career, due to their uni que style, form and sound, this act had been able to suc cessfully present a firm fusion of Pori appeal. The first released from their current album, GAP Band VI, 1984 masterpiece, is en titled "Beep A Freak," which promises to be another chart breaker for the GAP Band. Other potential hit singles are found in such other composi tionsas "Video Junkie, "I Found My Baby" and "Weak Spot. This is the first GAP band album released through the Total Record EYES t:A,.IMII'It:U Dr. Wallace Hay OPTOMETRIST Paying Customers & Medicaid Accepted 1945 W. Buffalo Ave. To Tour With Murphy Capital recording artist Lillo Thomas, upon hearing he would be touring with Eddie Murphy, was celebrating the exciting news at a New York night spot recently. Helping the handsome singer celebrate, was lovely actress Lisa Ruffin. The pair is said to have danced into the wee .hours to Lillo's latest album All Of You. Company distribution deal with RCA Records and Tapes and promises to continue the hot, hit-rnaking path of suc cess for the inimitable GAP Band. ORDER NOW! Limited Edition Lithographs (22x30) 510 Portraits Graphic Designs can: RON WATSON Commercial Artist 875-3409. .. g' =-.tfj Q. Q = rll




900 lTV MoroRoal IS People 30 E ric 45 coml!nr 1 000 lTV Lot'sMako Murphy In IS Program-ADoal TIM Morning 30 mlng SaloOfTIM Sally Jessy 45 Century Rapll .. l 1 1 00" WIIHIOf Ryan's IS Fortune 30 Family 45 Foud 2rs :: '!ws f!ws 30 Allin TIM 45 Famllr 1 00" DoysOf AHM/, IS !?ur Lives $hll ron 30 45 200" Another OnoLito IS World To Llvo 30 45 Santa Gonoral !'ospltal Barnaby Jones Pol leo woman '!;BXI '!ws Mr. IIOivodero Rockford '!On SOli Flies Off TIM Rack Miami Moft Vko r,touston I TlcTac o;&ll Grl lth An lng For Dick Van Money Dyko $25 ... f!awlllde r.tramld J or's Wild Prlco IS !llgllt West ILovo "force :!'1lo estloss As TIM Tllroo World !IMgos rurns Guiding '!Troop .,.y. Hour J!o-Man '!ws Knots Jocquos 9oustoou Jim Gonorol Hour TlcTac DoUgh Mows Mows f:U-5H Mr. Bolvodoro l!nson OHTho Rock Mon Mows Sceoby DH '!llltron Dukes Of !'uzard WKRPin Clncln11atl Lovo Boot Stove Spurlor S.C. T.V. 44 !l-P.M. laroaclcasl daytime March 23. 1985 800 Wrlto JS Course 30 Write 45 Course 900 MoglcOf IS Watercolor 30 Gourmet 45 Cooking 1 0 00 Mr. GrMn IS Thumb 30 Pointing 45 Coromrcs '11 00 011 IS Pointing 30 Joy Of 45 Pointing 1 2 00 Now York's 1 S Moster CIMts 30 Con-Do 45 Clinic 1 00 Frugal IS Gourmet 30 This Old 45 House 2 00 House For IS All Sa.sons 30 Lop 45 Quilting 3 00 Pot Action IS Llno 30 NowToch 45 Tlmos 4 00 A Passion 15 To Protect 30 45 H 5 00 Santlmontol 15 Journeys 30 H 45 600 15 30 45 800 Movie: 15 "Tho 30 Music 45 Mon" 900" IS 30 45 1 30 45 .z_ --Jackson Flvo Kids, Inc. Pink Ponthor Alvln&TIM Chlj!munks Kldd Vldoo Mr.T Tarzan Movlr. "Look What's HOj!penod To Rosemary's Skiing World Cup Finals Sportsworld (Jolnod In !'rogrossl PGAGolf Panasonlc us Vegas lnvltotronol Nows Nows Hunter News Youth -. L ... &You -vmo Allegro Super friends Super friends Mighty Orbots Turbo TNn ScoryScooby Funnies izlttlos ABC Wookond Lavorno & Shirl! Movlr. Bo!IWII_I!I Sl$0,8110 Lito Boor Open Nows ABC News Finder Of Lost Loves News 11 Saturday Movie : "Vondena 1 2 H .. ... --=r.= Breath -J5kkboxlng Of Lifo J50ioldoscope : : li"AWXLT Plinoromo Cont'd Modi col VIewpoint Got Along SuperGong friends Dungeons Turbo IAliWTOG .,..y. Tom And Jerry J!HtiK:IIH _'l!,oHron AnaDrogons TNn Bugs Bunny ----=s .. -upormo--nRoad Runner "Kung fu Lair :: 9-nsplrocy" Scooby DH Loovo It Mysteries To BHvor Scary Scooby Stor Funnies rrok Pryor's Ploco Movlr. "Tho Girl Who Como Gift )!l'roppod" Eost Regional Fino I From Don lot Movlr. "TIM !Winger'' Providence Movlr. "Arrlvodercl Blue !;'night lzlttlos ABC WMkOnd Amorlcon Bandstand To a. Announced or.1Raclne NH A Win tor Notlonols Bowl Sl$0,8110 LlfoBaor Open Wide 44 !l.P.M. Movlr. "PSI Kung ru "cas Nows YourCIMilce For Tllo Film Dance Fovor Bonny Hill Airwolf

.... = =i: ;;. 0 > !-< z ww ww Kash n' Karry Nutrition & Food Expo FRIDAY-MARCH 22 12 Noon-9 PM 23 SUNDAY-MARCH 24 11 AM-6 PM at Curtis Hixon Hall Children 6 and under-free If you are concerned about nutrition for yourself and your family you 'll want to see the hundreds of exhibits film presentations demonstrations hear lectures and even sample food. take home informative brochures. and maybe even win a color television! Five Star Meats ***** LEA N CENTER CUT BON ELE SS Chuck Roast ...... ***** BEEF ANY SIZE PKG. Ground Beef ........ ***** LEA N CE NTER CU T Rib Pork Chops LB 1.97 ***** tiONEL ES S F\:JLL CUT Round 197 Steak ....... LB ***** TENDER. JUICY Sirloin 2.57 Steak ...... LB ***** TENDEA JUICY T-Bone 3 37 Steak ....... LB ***** HOLLY FARM S US O A GRADE A FRESH LB.57 ***** HOLLY FARM$ US 0 A GRADE A FRES H Chicken 69 Drumsticks ... LB. ***** HOLLY FARMS US 0 A GRADE A FRES H MIXED 49 Fryer Parts . L B ***** US 0 A C H O ICE CE NTER CUT SHOULDER BLADE 1 99 Lamb Chops LB ***** US 0 A C H O I CE WHOLE L EG S (SEMI-BON ELESS S2 7 9 LB 1 179 Leg 0' Lamb ........ L B ***** MI L K FED SHOULDER BLADE 2 09 Veal Chops ...... .LB r 32 O Z HEBREW NATIONAL WH OLE OR 1 49 Pickle Halves 12 O l H EBR EW NATIONAL ,. KNOCKWURS T O R 0 Franks ........... 2. 9 r 12 O l HEBAE'::" NATIONAL 2 69 r OZ HEBREW NATIONAL 2 9 .4 ,'\IV L ANO 112 OZ PATTIES 517 9 LB I 2 39 Link Sausage "'oz PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, MARCH 21 THRU WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, 1985 IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. ZEPHYRHILLS AND DADE CITY spring savings Exhibits, prizes... Food & beverage samples from scores of nationally known food manufacturers. Thousands of food coupons given away daily. Free door prizes Informational brochures Films & demonstrations. Meet special guests: Miss Florida 1985. Lisa Valdez ; soap opera stars Ellen Dolan. Jordan Clarke Emma Samms. Ellen Wheeler. Brian Patrick Clarke & Charles Keating; television personalities Jimmy Dean & Kathie Jackson ; Miss Florida Citrus. Vickie Carver. strawberries r Parkay 61 r 1 29 RED. RIPE (FLAT EA) Quarters Jelly "<, .'::., -;ltY, 176 99 : .:::;t : ... /;: t5raw9ernes 0 Singles 0 Marmalade tfp: t. i t14 .iHiD'rl 59 les CT. PAK 16 oz JAR 99 !"Size Wize 1:19 YH!Jggies 8 58 whrLEE d g Vegetables D1apers .... ppe 85 r 24 oz SLI1CED 29 r Topping ....... Pickles T1ssue ....... 83 produce ........ 99 .. ___ r v;;i;iyEAT O R BEEF 1 gg r 880-0NION. REGULAR OR SMOKEgg .. .69 c) Pack 12 oz Sauce ... ..... Asfresh 179 TASTY. RIPE. TURBANA BRAND paragus LB. Q Pack 120Z1.99 .... ; LB 29 59 frozen food Q Ham ...... LB1.49 H IALFGACLLON LADYLEE 149 rorange 159 ce ream . n Jul'ce V' EA Lenten Values 12 OZ -10Q


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