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. THA May Have To Pay Campbell s200,00 QiEE STORY {)N PAGE 3) All The 35C I ullefrn FLORIDA entinel News Fit To Print AMERICA'S -SE,Yii-WEEKLY ..... ':-110,000 READE .RS EACH EDITION Every Tuesday And Friday VOL. 40 NO. 49 TAMP A, TUESDAY, MAY 21, 1985 PRICE 35 CENTS Kids Delight 2,000 At May Day Man, 27, Killed After Struggle DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY PRESENTS JABBERWOCK Jabberwock '85 was presented by the Tampa Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorori ty, Inc. Saturday evening in the auditorium of Jefferson High School. Besides the spectacular showcasing of young talent, there was the coronation of the King and Queen of Jabberwock, Joseph Cambridge, .lr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cambridge, and Floretta Stewart, daughter of Mrs. Veronica Glispie and Attorney Delano Stewart. The children were crowned by County Commissioner Rubin Padgett, left, and Delta Soror E. Jean Bolden, right. (SEE STORY ON PAGE 23) MAY DAY KING AND QUEEN CHOSEN The climax of the John E. Brady Memorial May Day Festival Saturday evening at the University of Tampa Pepin Rood Stadium, was the crowning of the 1985 King and Queen, Joaquin Harvey, son of Ms. Belinda Broadnax, and Del Marche Milton, daughter of Ms. Brenda McAllister, from College Hill Day Nursery.


! Media Panelists Debate Participants Of Police/Community Responsibilities During Forum Relations Workshop Host Reception BY PATTY ALLEN Omali Yeshitela (Joseph .c Q = I Sentinel Staff Writer Waller), founder of The Burn-The mass media-whether ing Spear Newspaper, with Harris. it is radio, television, newspaper' magazine' "The cs>ncerns of a par newsletter, or book has ticular class, the ruling white been the source of information class, has control over the for the American people. But media,". Yeshitela at the sam hme, it has been He mentioned criticized bias aJ!l inachas ston. es With situation m Nicaragua, curacy. 1 ,... A si e t' : o F most recently. m d xt. t rAee t ly deb atedi+. P hlladelphj a where police me 1a exper s "'.....-tiL-, t" th "Doe' s he media tell o mned an en Ire e ISSUe hb h d t t t th t h?" fbr

.............. ................................................................ e 00 N urser.ies, Kindergartens Provide Laughter For 2,000 Supporters BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor Some 2,000 supporters were in attendance on Saturday evening at Pepin-Rood Stadium of the University of South Florida for the annual John Bnidy Memorial May Festival. Entitled "This World Is A Rainbow," the event sp-onsored by Kid Mason/Perry Harvey Sr. Recreation Complex of the Ci ty of Tampa Recreation Dept. and Inner. City Day Care Centers. Having been cancelled on May 11 because of inclement weather, Saturday's weather provided an opportunity for the children to ''strut their stuff." From the youngest of tod dlers to the five and six year olds, the children danced and marched to many traditional May Day tunes. And, they en joyed doing it. Many of the youngsters did today's latest dances, while others used the traditional May Day dances. The array of colors they wore let the audience know that the world is indeed a rainbow. Following an opening ceremony conducted by Cub Scout Troop No. 795, crown ing of the king and queen and introductory remarks by Gary Hunnicut and Donald Saltzman of the Tampa Recreation Dept., Ms. Eve Maria Hall took charge as mistress of ceremonies. Group A of Helping Hand Nursery and Kindergarten started the program off with a rendition to Simon's Rain bow, followed by Color Your Attitude by Tampa United Methodist Center. The five year olds of Helping Hand (Group C) marched onto the field and danced to Rainbow Prep. St. Matthew Child Development Center did Clapping Over The Rainbow, Washington Child Care Center, The Cycle Wash and the traditional Chimes of Dunkirt was done by Little Angel Day Care Center. Teens of Kid Mason Center did some modern dances, one of which was to the tune of We Are The World. Another traditional May Day song, Kinda Polka was performed by the children at Aldridge Child Care Center. Musical Rainbow was done by Goup B of Helping Hand, and We Are The World was done by College Hill Nursery. The staff and children were draped in a flag with the colors red, black and green, and carried shakers of the same colors to iltustrate their dance. The May Pole Dance was done by Perry Harvey Park participants. Ms. Cynthia Brady, daughter of Mr. Brady, presented special awards to the directors of each nursery /kindergarten. Those honored included: Mrs. Altamese Brodie, Helping Hand Day Nursery, Inc.; Mrs. Daisy Washington, Washington Child Care Center; Mrs. Delores W heeler, HiU Day Nursery; Mrs. Beatrice Williams Black, Little Angel Pre-School; Mrs. Leila Aldridge, Aldridge Child Funeral Sprays Y2 pnce. $80 sprays for $40, $60 sprays for $30, $SO sprays for $25, $20 sprays remain the same price. All family sprays $40 and under. Deloris the Florist 5808 N. 40th St. Thomas C. Hills Construction Estate Tired Of Paying Rent? Now's The Time To Buy A New Home. Let Our Professionals Show You How Easy It Is To Turn This Year's Income Tax Return Into A Dream Come True; A Brand New Home For Example: Our 1040 Model 3 BR's, Separate Dining Rm., Breakfast Bar, Central A/C, W/W Carpet. P/1 Payments Starting As Low As $380/Per Month. RT-7 Model 2 Bedroom Homes. P /I Payment As Low As $339/Per Month. Selected Lot Included. Minimum 5% Down Payment. ForMore Information Call: -62J-202J Tampa Exceed Housing $200,000 Authority Fees For Campbell May Case 0 > -< The grievance filed by former Tampa Housing Authority employee; James Campbell two years ago may eventually cost the authority well over $200,000 in back pay, fringes and attorney fees, director Juan Patterson stated. Back pay alone may ex ceed $60,000. By a 4-2 vote on Friday the commissioners voted to reinstate Campbell to the housing authoirity staff. The commissioners went against the recommendation of retired Judge James F. Bell, hearing officer for the Campbell grievance. Campbell's case began in September 1983 when he was informed that because the authority was "financially distressed," and overstaffed, he had not been recommended JUAN PATTERSON to continue in his position as director pf Housing Manage ment. Howev :er, Campbell never believed that hislayoff was due to a review of his per formance, lac'k of need for the position or less seniority. He believed that the layoff was due primarily to political in fluence. A former 11-year employee with the City of Tampa, Campbell was not pleased with his layoff and took the necessary channel to file the grievance which eventually led to his case being heard by a three-member hearing panel of the Board of Commissioners Care; Mr s Margie Nickerson for St. Matthew Child Developmental Center; and Marilyn Merida for Tampa United Methodist Center A special was presented to Ms. Brady by Donald Saltzman for her support and participation in rhe the May Day Festival. Weather Report E: Partly cloudy a 20 percent thundershowers 86. Low, 66. -Chance o shower. High 8. Low, 67. -Warm High, 87. Low BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor AITY. WARREN DAWSON (Leonard Garrett, Priscilla Adelman and Gilbert Her nandez. The hearings became bogg ed down for several months and it was suggested that the hearings be conducted "by a person who is apart from the Board of Commissioners. From mid-June, 1984 to mid December, Hearing Officer Bell heard some 1 ,650 pages of testimony and 51 exhibits were offered as evidence. cast by Hernandez and chair man Glenn Barrington. Campbell's attorney, War ren Dawson said he was "delighted that a majority of the commissioners reached a fair and decision in this matter." According to Patterson, the board's decision means that he will have to "find or create" a position for Campbell com parable to the position he held previously. The position of Housing Management Director eliminated in the Feb. 1985 reorganization. He added that the housing authority Is presently operating on an "ex, tremely tight" budget, and whatever decisions are made regarding the reinstatement and negotiations are subject to the approval of HUD which approves the authority's budget. "This will put a finan cial burden on the housing authority," Patterson said, "and it may send signals to other employees" who have been laid off. Patterson is to make a report to the board on May 31. Campbell said he "ap preciates the board for making a just decision .. and that they took the time, patience and courage to review all of the facts before making a decision." In a report dated Feb. 12, Hearing Officer Bell recom mended that the decision to lay off Campbell be reaffirm ed by the Board of Commis sioners. In his report Bell wrote that he could not deter mine that Ben Flores had been influenced when he recom mended that Campbell be replaced as director of Hous ing Management. He also stated that,he could not : con clude ... that Rubin Padgett "ran the show", at the Tampa In a brief conversation with Patterson, Campbell pledged his full support and cooperafD with the aut 248-1921 ; I'll Housing Authority. He was To Place Cancel but one of five commissioners." Or Correct > = ... However, in last Friday's CLASSifiED ADS meeting the commissioners I decided to'take a vote on Dial reinstating Campbell with fou,r 248_ 2 _825 of the commissioners in favor = of it Ann Porter, Margaret Or a Fishe r Garrett and Albert =' Lubeck, the tenant represen-248 30 tative Dissenting votes were 33 ::: = I'll ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR TWO PERSONS. MUST BE AT LEAST 2 J YEARS OF AGE, PERSONABLE, NEAT FROM HEAD TO TOE, AND HAVE AUTO. EXPERIENCE PREFERRED BUT NOT REQUIRED. SALARY PLUS COMMISSION COMPANY BENEFITS OFFERED. APPL. YIN PERSON: DAIL. Y 10 A.M. TO 1 P.M. 2 P.M. TO 4 P.M. FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 2207-21ST AVE. TAMPA, FLA.


rll c 0 .... .c 0 = Party Blacks USPS 202 140 Switching By Is Not Likely The Republican Party's "Operation Open Door," an attempt to get 100,000 Democrats to switch to the Republican Party in 100 days, scored a triumph recently in Michigan when it persuaded Wayne County Executive William Lucas to switch his af Housing Board Corrected An ANN PORTER There is a spectre which clouds, hovers over, the road forward where collective pro gress for the masses of Black people are concerned. Those clouds have been created, not by the old thunders of tradi tional racism, but by a new evil hatched of the old. Such evil has shown itself, most em phatically, recently in Philadelphia; such evil has shown itself in the presence of men such as Clarence Pendelton, a Reagan ap pointee and Chairman of the Injustice JAMES CAMPBELL filiation over to the GOP. Lucas is a highly successful politician and his 1. move gives the crossover effort some credibility. It has been difficult for the Republicans to get black politicians to switch and getting Lucas is quite a coup for them. U.S. Civil Rights Commis sion; such evil has quietly ooz ed itself into the broader spec trum of American life in the form of tokenism, Black showcase politics; the "first Black" concept. 'i .c rll .... ::c = c .... = = I c .... c The argument the GOP used on Lucas and the one it has used on other black politicians is. that the Democratic Party is one that does not represent the American people but rather narrow special interest groups. This is a curious assertion coming from a party that has all but rooted out dissent and diversity within its own ranks. What makes the Republican argument even more implausible is the fact that unlike the military-industrial complex and other big business special interest groups which have -their shopping lists filled by the GOP, blacks are told that they must leave the Democratic Party for one that promises them no special consideration. In our opinion, switching in the future will be done by individual politicians and others who cut deals with the Republicans, but the likelihood of blacks leaving en masse is verly slight. Leaving a party where they have made some headway for one where they will be almost invisible, is not likely at all. Grow-ng Death Rate For Black Babies Linked _To Budget Cuts William Raspberry Some In I Insensitive Apples Administration WASHINGTON -It ference. -won't do, I said the other day, A close cousin of the Simply to go on looking at the reacInsensitive is the Pomme tionaries, the racists, and Politique. This strain may racially insensitives who keep itself be free of bigotry or any turning up in the Reagan adfeeling of racial supremacy but ministration as occasional bad still will quite deliberately say apples. It's time, I said, to pay the word or make the gesture some attention to the man in that encourages those who do charge of the barrel. harbor such feelings. PPs To which, a reader responds: behave this way not because "All those apples didn't get inthey are, for instance, anti-to the same barrel by accident. black but because they view They didn't get into it as a blacks as politically result of conscious selection unavailable and therefore exeither. Apples just naturally pendable. The struggle for freedom and justice in this land now faces psychological dimen sions. The tactic now deployed by the power structure DR. FISHER gravitate into the barrel in Two other look-alikes are ly could render asunder the which they are comfortable the counter-Revolutionary apvery people oppressed The with the other apples." ple, identified by its deep-dyed torch of oppression has been With that important insight, belief that the civil-rights and passed into the hands it may be worth a minute or social reforms of the '60s and elements of the oppressed, two to look at some of those '70s constituted a wrongheadthemselves. apples. ed revolution and its almost-It is a breath of fresh air to "Appalling,'' "horrible" bewildering aspect of the The most numerous variety religious commitment to undo finally have read something and "abominable" are words tragedy is that paying for in the Reagan barrel (a variety the damage, and the Porno positive here which defies used to describe the rate, and. prenatal care is 2 to 10 times that includes Reagan himself) Filosofico, whose foregone analysis. The there are signs that it is getting cheaper than shelling out is the Simply Insensitive. distinguishing feature is a munity should be proud worse instead of better. thousands of dollars to try to These apples are distinguished tendency to philosophize certain lll'embers of the Board The Reagan administration, keep babies alive in innot by sour-spiritedness but by about rules while remaining of Commission of the Tam which won cuts and freezes in cubators. their inability to understand indifferent to results. Housing Authority. Last week funds for poor mothers and Poor Showing group sensitivities. They can When pressed, the PF will that board, which includes says the country will The World Health respond with genuine charity claim to prefer good results Black representation of 3 out meet a national goal of Organization, using 1980-1981 to the plight of an individual (racial intergration of the of 7, voted to reinst the disparity between figures, ranks the United but cannot understand the workforce, for instance) to dismissed, official Ja -"'n""and black infant deaths. States 20th in infant mortality group reaction to a symbol bad ones, but given a choice Campbell. Even more distressing is that rates behind countries like like Bit burg or a code phrase between fair rules and fair outBecause of the political blic health officials, Sweden, Japan, Great Britain, like "states' rights" or "law comes, it will go for the rules overtones which might ysicians and politicians Spain, Ireland and Canada. and order." every time. If a rule that is been misinterpreted, this what is needed to keep Among major industrial counWhile, as individuals, they crafted to sound race-or sexumnist was hesitant in ..... ,, .... 5 babies alive: Ensuring tries America ranks 12th. may have been ori the losing neutral nevertheless produces with the circumstances of a pregnant woman sees a In 1982, 42,401 newborn inside of some issue or political results that favor white males, Campbell's dismissal and early and continuously, fants died in the United States. battle, or castigated for their the result may be deemed unloss of his livelihood d o inedical instructions The national infant mortality political views, most of them fortunate, but the rule must the recent campaign for ""' refrains from smoking, rate was 11.5 per thousand, have never been members of a not be ty commission seats. We """ and drugs. with a 10.1 rate for whites and victimized group, and they Even expert apple-sorters maintain such a posture for ... ... the .... most ... l9.for blacks .............. tendnotto .. ..... (.Co .. ntinned .. On .. ._.s.) ......... (ContinuedOn .. _.ll) .. lll


--Milestones Are Progress, Not Pain This week in history is a milestone in the aviation department. For on May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew non-stop to Paris. Also, on May 21, 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly the {\tlantic. All of this, of course, could not have been possible without the talents of Orville and Wilbur Wright who on May 22, 1906, were granted a patent on the airplane. As We congratulate Mr. Rubin Padgett in his vic tory of becoming the first elected Black County Com missioner, let us be reminded that these and other milestones to make in the futu re are essential if we are to respect our history. Such is the case of what has happened in Philadelphia. This too, was a milestone. To this author ,:Jf represents the first true of ill thought and cruelty ever in flicted on a group of people regardless of race, creed or color. Nothing short of slavery and imprisonment, mind you. VIEW Still, it is true that Mayor Wilson Goode's decision should be his and his alone. That is, he should take full responsibility as head of the ci ty. To this day, no one really knows what M.O.V.E. means and what it stands for. What were this group of people do ing and living in a so-called middle-class section of town anyway? Why did they dress and carry themselves in a West-Indian/ Rastafarian manner when they in truth are not West Indian or Rastafarian? The piper needs What Happened to be paid, ladies and In Philadelphia gentlemen, and unless we are careful, We can try to cover A little over a week ago, the nation watched in shock the holds Goode responsible, but fiery burning of 61 row houses some do : I can't help but on Osage Street, in wonder i_f the city Of Philadelphia, Pa. The billowPhiladelphia was sending a ing clouds of smoke lit up by message to black radical the raging red glow of a rapidgroups of all kinds. Were they ly spreading fire has clouded advising the world that they what really happened on that would kill a mosquito with an day. Many conflicting stories ust axe. explaining the how and why of prior to the bomb exploding The Philadelphia incident the fatal fire on Osage Street that sent flames racing dewn was a terrible, terrible tragedy. been offered. the block. The raging fire But there is a lesson to be Osage Street is in the heart brought national attention to learned from such a regretable of a black section. The radical the street dilemma. incident that left elevenpeople known as MOVE, residQuestions like why didn't dead. ed in this neighborhood and negotiations with MOVE cohFirst, the police department many complaints (by tinue longer than it did? Why should do a better job of neighbor-s) to both the police drop a bomb on those people? knowing about a radical group department and the Mayor's Was the situation that dire? prior to such an incident. In office were made about the acWhose decision was .it to use a Philadelphia, the department tions of the MOVE group. bomb anyway? Didn't they had not done their homework The MOVE group was acknow a bombing would cause on MOVE. MOVE was not as cused of a number of unusual a fire that could heavily armed and was not the actions. In addition to being spread to the other houses fortress it was suspected to be. accused of being violent, they nearby? And finally, the big This could well explain but, were also accused of harassing question was whether the not justify, such a powerful the area residents, being filthy establishment was trying to offensive by police. The se-and having strange eating teach blacks a lesson? cond thing is that the police habits. : We may never know the need to do a better job of stuThe Mayor was under consanswers. dying their options before tant pressure to do something The man who is taking the making such a drastic deci-Teacher Unions Must Become Professional Organization, If .... (Part Two) Teaching as a respectable profession will be surrounded by all forms of misgivings, un til such time as the trade is willing to accept and demonstrate, that the product it produces can be scientifical. ly measured. Such a misgiving prevails in the merit pay fiasco presently ongoing in Florida. The public, and rightfully so, is sick and tired of pump ing money into systems which can't, in its judgement, give accountability. While it is dif ficult to evaluate the total col lective characteristic of a learned pupil, as can be the hard products of industry, there are certain skills and developments which can be ascertained by prescribed stu dent testing. The problem rests in creating tlie methodology. Teachers, themselves, must develop those or that method(s). Some years ago, this writer ran for president of the now local teachers union on a plat form surrounding a "New Professionalism." And while we knew we couldn't win, for desegretation was relatively new then, we were impressed with the respectable nucleus of teachers who were willing to embrace the ideas put forth. The present local teachers union, in my judgment, is tak ing teachers for a political ride and doing nothing to enhance the field of education as a this one up and/or overlook the situation and its conse quences. The truth remains the same: We make decisions sometimes that affect a great number of people, aside from ourselves, and when we do, we must weigh every angle. That's why milestones are made from progress, not pain and suffer ing. And anyway, we have been guilty of openly abusing one another for too long. Sure, let us remind one another when we are wrong, but, must we vehemently attack one another? Every other group of people have.a common bond, when will we find ours? When we do, you best believe it will be another milestone. Peace Be Unto You. credible profession. It muzzled itself on all of the critical i issues faced by education over u. the last 20 years. On school desegregation, Hi ., h ,f\rrno Classroom Teachers Assoc:Ja- tion demonstrated but lukewarm approach, if any at all. Personally, on one critical issue, it sold this writer down the river in a significant case affecting all teachers in regard to promotional rights. The case was left to die natural death an the steps of the Florida Supreme Court. Per sonally, thousands of dollars have been lost in salary over the years. -It appears that the only pro grams which will ever be ac cepted, regarding teacher evaluation and student pro gress, are those which can :;2 readily identify Blacks as being inferior. The national if teacher examination was final= ly defuncted when Black i teachers began to pass it. The recent test surrounding = present merit pay plan flunked 5. -too many white and didn't do what it was supposed a to do regarding Black participants. What the authori in education here in Florida, :: l"ll seemingly, are trying to say, =-fD that they want a plan a. eliminates the majority of work force. The recen ... guideline for the merit .idea was to eliminate 75 percent of those tested. ; Hopefully, some school systems will finally take the initiative and, locally, launch a. sincere and vigorous program which would result in a ? positive method of teacher evaluation. Personally, I know I f that such is possible. A joint effort by the administration and the local. union in Hillsborough County is cer tainly worth a try. There is already intact a local testing component in the ad ministrative structure. There is on hand among the teacher and administrative ranks the quality of personnel to get the job done. It's a matter whether the total profession is big enough, heartwise and attitude-wise. Until such comes to past, parents and students will remain the big losers. =-cs-= about MOVE. brunt of the pressure and the sion. [' Nearly two weeks ago, the responsibility for the incident In arriving at a decision, William RaSpberry police department showed up is good guy, Mayor W. Wilson both the humanity of the deci_ on Osage Street and ordered Goode, who is black. As the sion as well as the publicit y (Continued From Page 4) Hard-Core Racist apple, the MOVE group out of their Mayor of the city, many peothat such a decision would br-sometimes have trouble whose anti-black bias is pur-fortified compound. They pie hold him responsible for ing. In Philadelphia, and on distinguishing between 'the posefully pursued and (often) defi e d police and an exchange the action of his police departOsage Street, the investigation Counter-Revolutionary and. baldly articulated. Unlike the of gunfire resulted. ll became ment, regardless of the degree g oes on. the Porno Filosofico, as in the C-Rs or PFs, who s ay they obvious that MOVE was not of his inpu t Goode ha s In the meantime, the real case of the deputy attorney don t like the WAY things going to leav e on their own. ed to restore the homes on answers may be buried under general for civil rights. Is his have happened, the H-Cs They were not going to go Osage Street. the debris. push to reo-pen settled make it plain that they don't p ea cefully and were ready to Goode was making a lot of We should all be painfuH y affirmative-action or school like WHAT h as h a ppened, put up a fight. good things happen in aware that we can't let any desegregation cases an attempt and they will support any ap-The police department Philadelphia as its first black organization impose upon the to turn back the clock (the proach that promises to undo decided they had to do Mayor. He was considered to rights of others and must take mark of a Counter-it. something. They had to end be doing a good job by the preventive actions. revolutionary) or an instance One last word: If you really the stalemate. The decision population of Philadelphia as Whatever You of the let's-have-fair-rules" want to knowyour apples, you "= was made to bomb the MOVE a whole. The Osage Street inci-and-the-hell-with-the-results have to examine them one at compound. Then the confudent has tarnished Goode's Need attitude (of the Porno time. When they're all in sion started. image. Filosofice)? same barrel, it's awfully hard "'l Oiillsaiigiie.isli_ oil_ .. !111 ...


" Health 'The And Education Children Our Association Presents Greatest Gifts' BAY AREA CHAMBER MEETS THURSDAY fll = Q .... .c Q = c 'C = < 'C .c fll .... .= = = .... = = I .5 = r)l CIS ED BROWN DR. MIRIAM STAMPS The Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. will its monthly membership meeting Thursday, May 23 at the Umver sity Restaurant, 1902 E. Fowler Avenue, (just west of the University Square Mall & Freedom Savings & Loan). The meeting will begin with a social hour, 6:15p.m. through 7:15p.m, and will culminate with dinner and a 7:15 p.m. through 9:30p.m. There will a $9 charge for Guest speaker will be Ed Brown, director of purchasmg for the Federal Construction Company of the Associated General Contractors of Florida. Brown will discuss contract oppor tunities with Florida contractors. Others scheduled to address the chamber are the Columbus Company (formerly Cone Brothers) and the Florida West Coast Purchasing Management Association, an organization of the major buyers for the private and public sectors. Membership plaques will be presented to chamber members who have not yet received them. At the April meeting, Dr. Miriam Stamps, a member of the faculty at the University of South Florida, spoke to chamber members and guests on marketing techniques in small businesss. MT. OLIVE STEWARDS The Stewards of Mt. Olive African Methodist Episcopal Church of Plant City observed their Second Annual Steward ship Rededication Services recently The keynote speaker was of the Mt. Olive Stewards, Samuel Snowden, who brought / a beautiful message whose con tents involved in all His subject, "Christian Stewardship, enlightened lis teners on Christian Respon sibilities. The No. 2 Choir of Mt. Olive brought beautiful praises unto God in songs This program was highlighted by the Stewardship Services, which included a Candlelight Ceremony.. A Recommitment Litany led by Lawrence Klep, Rededication Prayer by Rev. A .L. Truedelle, Pastor. CLEARWATER BRANCH NAACP The Branch NAACP has its 1985 Annual Gala Summer Banquet to be held this year at the reknown Kapok Tree Inn, Booth Road, Clearwater. The Fund-Raising Committee, co-chaired by Willie Brewton, Sr., and his son-in-law Calvin V. Crews, has made plans for an outstanding star-studded evening. Highlighting the banquet will be the guest speaker, T.H. Pool, Sr., President of Florida State Conference NAACP Branches and National NAACP Board Members. Leading local musicians will provide entertainment. The purpose of NAACP fund-raising is to provide funds with which to continue to fight vestiges of discrimination based on race or color The NAACP is responsible for most of the gains made in eradicating racial discrimination in America, such as voting rights, public accomodations, unitary schools (Continued On Page 7) JOYCE BOGLIN On Sunday afternoon, April 28, the New Place, a Tampa United Methodist Center facility was tran s formed into a spectacular setting at which time, The Health and Educa tion Association of Tampa, Inc., presented, "The Children: Our Greatest Gifts in Review /985 ", coordinated by Helen .Long and Darlene Butler Ethel Jones is general program chairman. This extraordinary ex travaganza provided oppor tunities for an array of more than eighty beautiful children and youths ranging in age 2 to 14 years to entertain a stand ing room audience who responded most appreciative ly. Numerous artistically ar ranged live plants, service of Ann Sullivan of Plants to Travel, accented the well decorated auditorium. Dale Green served masterfully as announcer. Joyce Boglin and Rita Seate were excellent in their role as commentators during the afternoon. In her brief remarks, Doris Ross Reddick, president, quoted, "The children are a gift from God, they are his IMMOKALEE MRS MARY TOWNSEND .. Reporter Sunday School began at the usual time at all churches in the community, with the superintendent s and teachers at their po s ts. The lesson was reviewed by the pa s tor s Morning worship services began at First Baptist Church with the officers in charge of the devotion. The No. One Ushers and Choir served. The sermon was by the Pastor Evening services began at 5 p.m. the officers in charge, the same ushers and choir served Many visitors were present throughout all services. The funeral of the late Mr. Jerry Smith was held Wednes day at the Barrett Funeral Home in Ft. Myers. The Everyone Is Cordially Invited To Worship funeral of the late Mrs. Ruby Wilson was held Saturday in At Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church, In Plant City Ft : Pierce. Stone Brothers Sunday, May 26, 1985 Funeral Home was in charge. The funeral of the late Mrs. 11:00 A.M. Speaker; Mrs. Mary Helen Hill of Susie Belvins was held SaturGuest Choir : Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church Plant Ctty day. Cunningham Funeral Guest Soloist: Miss Francine Jones, Plant City Home was in charge in Ocala. ...., 3:30P.M. Speaker: Mrs. Minnie Lou Wright of Plant City Our sumpathy to each of these "" Come And Share This Joyous Occasion With Us. families. reward." The essence of her challenging message was, our children live that which they believe Therefore it is our to give the something to believe In., Children participating were: Michael Williams, Ronnie Kall Swaine ; Roa s Ark Center, IIana Lundy, Kimberly M. Cabrera, Anika Mariama Myers, Katasha Robbins, James R. Bell Jr., Christopher Williams, Corky Jovonn Bryant, Ladonna Green, Sharmell Curl y nn Gainous, Ellis Thomas, Nicole Fitzpatrick, Kina Copelapd, Aurelia Ridley, Chi mere D. Lindsay, Megan William s Edwin Jason Anderson, Mic hael Shine II, Jeanette Baily, Tamela D. McKennon Carl Griffin, Lillian Paramore, Crystal Simmons, Christopher Williams, Boy Scouts of America Troup #30. Erica Pride, La Ronda Parker, Deteasha Diann Green, Erica Foster, Tiffany Malery, Tammy Green, Elika Yoshai Kani Allen, Taneicia Jackson, Patrice Gardner, Deitrah C. Felder, Davetta D Hill, Tamara Gatlin, Neidra Thomas, Benisha Copeland, Deela Young, Veronica Seate, Sharonda L. Lindsay, Dietra Lamet Singleton, Takeela RITASEATE Randolph, Tamika Miller, Andrea Alexander Adrianne R. Wilson, Ayanna McBride, Fran Paramore, Sean Kins ey, Sterling Green. Chari s e Williams, Harmony Choir, Marquenta Foster, An dra Lundy, Kevin Nobles, Elizabeth Nobles, Earnesha West Sharonda Carswell, Jones, Monica Mabry, Lillian B. McDonald, Tanya Ballard, Kisha Copeland, Travia Deni sie Anderson, Gregory Seate, Leila Williams, Clifford Joseph Singleton Nati s hia Shine, Taneicia Jac k s on, Ed dyssea s. Living s ton, Joy Griffin Cedric Gatlin, Alva Nicole Simmons, Falisha Barr, Tanacia Jackson, and Christopher J : Moore. THE CUPIDETTES CLUB, INC. Presents Their JOTH ANNIVERSARY BALL Saturday, May 25, 1985 At Teamsters local Union No. 79 5818 East Buffalo Avenue B.Y.O.B Cocktail Hour, 9-10 P.M. Dance, 10 P.M.-2 A.M. DONATION: $5.00 Semi-Fromal-TAMPA BAY COUNCIL OF THE FAMU PHARMACY ALUMNI Presents A NIGHT AT THE RACES AND DANCE Friday, May 24th, _1985 8:00 P..M. Son's Of Italy Hall (3315 Lemon Street) Scholarship Donation: $_5.00 Auction Of Prizes ;..;, MRS. FRANKYE WORTH REV. A. TRUED ELL Please pray for the sick and ... ............ Following The Races


and open housing. The will be held on Saturday, June 8, beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets may be obtained from any Clearwater Branch of ficer or board member or call447-4280, 442-6877 or 441-1283. The Rev. Walter C. Campbell is president of Clearwater Branch. ALLEN TEMPLE MALE CHORUS All members of Allen Temple Male chorus are asked to meet Tuesday, May 21, at 8 p.m. This is a special meeting concerning the lOth Anniversary. L.N. Brown is president, Alfred Dickinson, secretary, and the Rev. J.D. Stonom, Pastor. FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES Volume Services the food and beverage concessionnaire for Tampa Stadium is currently offering fundraising opportunities to any non-profit organization with a strong desire to raise funds for their activities. Org:!nizations will earn a commission of sales for providing the necessary manpower to operate their location Volume Services will provide all merchandise and operational information and supplies. Your members can work year round to help achieve your organizations financial goals. Start today and prepare for the 1985 Buccaneer season. For more information call (813) 877-5314 at Tampa Stadium. THE SMARTIES From left to right are: Marvin LeConner Braddy with mother, Ms. Gail Elaine Braddy, Felita Carter with mother, Mrs. Rose Carter, Carlissa Dolphy with mother, Mrs. Carmen Oolphy. The National Sorority of Doll" contest. The delegates Powell, Ethel Bryant Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Alpha who attended the Southeastern Marietta Pyles. Omicron Chapter held its Regional in Panama 'City, also Hostesses in March were: meeting recently at Bob's gave their reports. Mary McCullough, M Lighthouse in TarMembers attending were: Boone and Delores Smith. J: n Springs, with Annie Edith Johnson, Minnie Whar-The Chapter held its Roberts and Ruth Lambright ton, Jody Miller, Essie Rober"Walking Doll" contest at as hostesses. son, ldella Smith of ClearPotter Elementary School. Complimentary reports water, Rosemary Walker, Ozie The contestants were: Marwere given on the "Walking Brown, Pearl Coffee, Janie vin Braddy, the winner, Engagement Announced Carlissa J;>olphy, Feli Carter, and Courtney Kearse. The participants on gram were: The Pebbles Koop, The Helping Hand and the College Hill Nursery. ... IC = = f'D I!; = -The last monthly meeting of the Smarties was hosted by Chrizzell Davis at her home. After a fruitful meeting, Mrs. -This is one of the five point programs o( the sorority: the ; annual Scholarship Fu!1d Rai s -= ing Effort. Davis s erved delicious soul foods. Enjoying the evening of fun afte r the meeting were: Smarties Ruth Walker, Gloria Lovett, Mildred Williams, Audrey Spot ford, Carolyn Williams, Eartha Lewis, Dorothy Clemmons, a nd Lorraine Williams. All who attended were thrilled. The children of the =-f'D Sympathy was sent to Smartie Elouise Bell who was out of the city attending a relative's funeral. nurseries were wonderful. c. Guests attending were: Claude Rhanes, Willie Williams, Mary Wiggins, Cecil Walker, Natalie Davis, Donald Lewis, Monica Davis, Jamaal Cox, Marion Walker, Sam Shields, Phennie Hudson, Howard Spotford, and Rennie Wilson. The May meeting will be at the home of Smartie Bell. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK ACCOUNT ANTS The National Association of Black Accountants, Tampa Bay Chapter, announced that Ramona E. Henderson, President Elect of the National Association of Black Accountants, and President of Asset Management International, Inc., will on "Entrepnmeurship Accounting for the Difference" at their 4th annual scholarship and awards banquet, May 31, at 7 p.m. at Rusty Pelican, 2425 Rocky Point Drive. The donation is $17. Call Kathryn Forbes, 963-0134, Tampa; or Andrew Smith, 539-2849, Pinellas, to make reservations. HOW TO WEAR FRAGRANCE IMPRESSIVELY Fragrance experts shared with me tips on how to create a magnetic aura of beauty around us, Cleopatra style. er fragrance impression and enjoy ment and will keep you scented longer," adds Blaumei ser. To layer start at the bath with per fumed soap and bath oil. Follow with MAXINE JOSEPH I Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell C. Joseph, of Warner Robins, Georgia, announced the engagement of their daughter, Maxine to Daryl A. Aikens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aikens of Tampa. Miss Joseph is a Federal employee at Warner Robins AFB. Mr. Aikens is a Civilian Electrical Engineer at Warner Robins AFB. wedding will take place, June 15 in Warner Robins. "Always test fragrances in the afternoon because our sense of smell sharpens as the day progresses," says Avon's Edward Blaumeiser interna tional fragrance authority. "And," he emphasizes, "try only three at a time. More would 'confuse' our nose. scented body lotion or skin softener BAPTIST FELLOWSHIP CENTER, INC. and, then perfumed talc. Announces Before dressing. spray or splash ANNUAL BACCALAUREATE on cologne lavishly from head to toe Then. for real fragrance shimmer. And dot perfume, the riche s t form of COMMENCEMENTSERVICES liquid fragrance, on pulse spots-Sunday, May 16, 1985 At 3:00P.M. Courtney Kearse and mother, Mrs. Brenda Kearse. Having selected the scents you en jc:,' and which express your style and yottr ri1any moods, make sure to wear the1." in the experts' word for wea ing one fragrance in different forms. "Layering will give you greatbehind ears and knees. inside wrists At NEW JERUSALEM M.B. CHURCH and elbows. on neck. And remem-sr. PfTfR ClAVfR CHURCH ber, touch up your scent as often as New York A venue, Presents In Concert your lipstick-both fade eventually. GOlDMAN, Fragrances such as Avon's Vivage, Sunday, May 26 At 5 p.M. for daytime Fantasque for nighttime. and Soft Mu s k. for any time, At Performing Arts Auditorium are available in many forms that HCC Ybor Campus t!'j < f'D = f'D l:'-1 make layering easy and a unique -Reception To Follow beauty experience. from the inside, OONATION : SIO.OO "'C out. To try them. just ask your Avon ($S.oo 12 Yrs. & Under) > Representative If you don't have one, G"l call 1-800-85o-8000. (Benefit Building Ful)d) t7"l .! "" Miss Ford is Beauty and Public RfV.ROOSfVflTROBINSON DR.GfORGfW.SADlfR,JR. TicketsAvailableFrom t7"l Relations Manager, Special Markets Guest Speaker Regional Director church Members (223-7098) < .. .. ........... ....


= e MR. AND MRS. JAMES YOUNG Mr. and Mrs. James (Rena Mae) who were married in Tampa on May 19, 1954, celebrated their 31st wedding an niversry at their residence, 3618 E. Caracas Street. The couple ,has four children: Phyllis A. Young, Sgt. Morris 0. Young and wife, Michelle, and 2nd Lt. Willie J. Young, and wife, Sharon. They illso have four grandchildren. IT'S ROSE CRUTCHFIELD MR. AND MRS. JOHNNY BUIE Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Buie celebrated their first wedding an niversary May 6. The anniversry party was at the American Legion Hall. MARRIAGE WORKSHOP A one day workshop called "Marriage: The Early Years" is being held Saturday, June I froin 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Family Ser vice, 205 W. Brorein St. The cost is $20 for individuals and $30 for couples. 8rian McEwen, MA and Lucinda Zagnol, MA will lead this workshop for individuals or couples contemplating marriage or in their first year of marriage. They will focus on the stages and conflicts in the early days of married life and the ''real'' and "ideal" expectations of themselves and their partners. Participants should dress casually and bring a bag lunch. Reservations are required and should be made by calling Melissa Baird at 251-8477. MUSIC UNDER THE STARS Big Band music will be heard Friday, May 24th at 7:30p.m. in Lowry Park Bandshell when the Don Francisco Orchestra plays the Music Under The Stars concert series. For almost 40 foot years, the 14-piece Don FranCisco Orchestra, whose members ::t: range in age from 30 to 60, has continued its rich legacy by :::2 blending saxophones, trumpets, trombones, clarinets and a o-.l rhythem section, creating ballroom dance music that includes >-l standards like "People Will Say We're In Love", "After The Lovin' "and "New York, New York." 7 _/' I / Retha Singleton and Betty Brown at the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Ball. The Frat:tcisco Orchestra used to play Sunday afternoon tea dances at the old Centro Espanol ballroom in Ybor City but recently have been making younger audiences swing at events such as the Artists and Writers Ball at the C1,1ban Club in Ybor City. It isn't just a swing band though says Arn de Camp, the bands leader, we play ballads, rumbas, waltzes, "jump tunes" and even polkas. When somebody is talking about how they love the big band sound, they're talking about the fullness, and that's what big band is all about. So pack your picnic basket and the kids, come over early for a good seat. All concerts are free and sponsored by The Arts Council of Tampa/Hillsborough County with assistance from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and The Florida Alliance For Arts Education, Tampa Cable Television and The City of Tampa. If you can't be there watch the concert on Tampa Cable Channel 12. In case of rain call: 223-8615. 1985 ADULT YOUTH FAIR A special Youth Fair for adults is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29th, at the Franklin Street Mall. The event will provide information and demonstrations about activities for youngsters this coming summer. Booths will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Participating agencies include the Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation Department, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tampa, City of Tampa Recreation Department, Police Athletic League; Suncoast Girl Scouts, and the Red Cross. Personnel will be on hand to answer questions and provide information. Join us on Tuesday, May 29th, on the Franklin Street Mall for the 1985 Youth Fair for adults. find out what is available for your children this Summer. SEMIFINALIST IN 'TEEN' MODEL SEARCH the Gillette Company, a 1985 Mazda automobile, a vacation CREOLA SHEPPARD May 19th was a big day for Mrs. Creola Eva Sheppard. She celebrated her 90th birth day. Mrs. Sheppard is the widow of the late Rev. C. H. Sheppard, Sr., and the mother of 15. She has 39 grand children, and 42 great grandchildren. She is the sister of Mrs. Audrey J. Waterhouse. For 37 years, Mrs. Sheppard was the devoted and faithful Sunday School Superintendent at Spring Hill Missionary Bap tist Church, where the Rev. Willie R. Brooks is pastor She relinquished these duties when she became ill. to San Francisco to select an entire Levi Strauss & Co war drobe, and a number of other prizes. 'Teen's' Great Model Search has attracted more than 225,000 entries since its inception in 1981. Many of the past winners and finalists have gone on to sign }Vith major modeling agencies after their involvement with the cempeti tion. The contest is open to teenagers ages 12-18 in the United States and Canada. Entry forms are available in current issues of 'Teen'. THE MASS CHOIR OF LINDA SWILLEY LOS ANGELES Linda Swilley, 15, of Tampa, has been chosen as a semifinalist in 'Teen Magazine's' 1985 Great Model Search, one of the nation's biggest annual hunts for new modeling talent. She now becomes eligible for selection later this year as a contest "super" semifinalists, the next step in winning the competition. This year's Great Model Search winner will appear on the cover of Teen and win a $5,000 modeling contract with COLLEGE HILL C-HURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 6414 North 30th Street Will Present Their SPRING CONCERT : Saturday, May25, 1985 At 7:30P.M. DEACON RANDOLPH JOHNSON ... Minister Of Music Bishop W. E. Davis, Pastor I You Are Cordially Invited To Come Out And Share In This Evening Of Praise And Fellowship.


AROUND THE TOWN .. :. Melvin Daniley and Mrs. Lessie Taylor Daniley at Mrs. Marie Wimberly's Birthday Party. "tt > C'l z ... Nellon and Marion Watson Watson-Toombs Wedding. z .................................................................................


. til :s t> 'C .= til .... :s == .... :; = I = .... = LEGS 49'1b. BONELESS BEEF BONELESS BEEF TENDER BEEF FAMILY PAK CHUCK ROAST $12Cfb. CHUCK STEAKS $ 39 T-BONE STEAKS $189 GROUND -BEEF-.991b lb. lb. Lykes $129 SLICED BOLOGNA Lykes Reg. or 9 BEEF WIENERS Meaty Pork NECK BONES 39( lb. Fresh Western 39( lb. PIG FEET FRESH WHOLE FRYERS 491b. Good For Bar-B-Q LAMB RIBS 591b ATTENTION CHURCH 3 lb. Down Baby SPARERIBS $149 lb. LEAN FIR'ST CUT PORK CHOPS 99 ( lb. SUGAR CURED TENDERIZED SMOKED HAMS Whole 79( lb. Fresh Sliced BEEF LIVER 391b. Large Whole SPARE RIBS 30 lb. case GROUPS, RESTAURANTS Baby Jibs & Down SPARE RIBS 30 lb. case S26.9S S43.9S SI.9S S12.7S S13.SO Large Meaty TURKEY NECKS 30 lb. case Select Western OX TAILS 20 lb. case Lean Firsl Cut PORK CHOPS 10 lb. Box Fresh Hog CHITTLINS 1 0 lb. Pail S10.SO StS.9S S10.7S and CIVIC GROUPS Fresh Pork NECK BONES 30 lb. case Fresh Lean PIG EARS 30 lb. case ASE SALES! Fresh Lean PIG TAILS 30 lb. case Hickory Smoked SAUSAGE 10 lb. Box Lean Meaty TURKEY WINGS 30 lb. Case $4.99 S12.SO St4.SO COUNTRY STYLE 1 MARGARINE 3 1 lb. S 19 Rolls 0 : ; All Flavors 3 6 01 $ 1 LA YOGURT ctn .. ; 99< Heileman's old style PREMIUM BEER .. I Geisha SMOKED OYSTERS .!li& ,.:t.:f' Imported CORNED BEEF $499,i!z. case 69(nAT -CAll 89(12oz. can All Flavors RITZ DRINKS 6uNS 51 ARMOUR'S POTTED MEAT 3 $1 CANS BUSH BLACKEYE 3 3POEOAS $1 CANS Heilman' s Premium OLD STYLE. BEER 6 12 oz.-$1_29 pak Bush SPAGHETTI WITH TOMATO SAUCE Spoghtl t 3 $ 1 300 ... cans Henny P 'en DOG FOOD 4 Iall $1 Cans No. 1 Fresh WHITE PASCAL Vine Ripe TOMATOES POTATOES CELERY IOib. $149 Bog 29( Lorge Stalk 39(1b. To $169 FUDGESICLE Box I I ..... L'!l Monte All Flavors TOMATO'. HAWAIIAN. FAB CATSUP PUNCH DETERGENT 89(u ... Bottle 69( can $169,ianl lox Iberia SHOWBOAT I & BEANS 3 300 s1 -CANS TOMATO SARDINES 3uNS $1 Table Treat Whole Kernel CORN 303 $1 Cans TABLE TREAT CUT GREEN BEANS 3 303 $1 CANS LOUISIANA HOT SAUCE 4 $1 I DELMONTE TOMATO SAUCE 4 Soz. $1 Cans Golden Ripe BANANAS 25\. For Roasting RAW PEANUTS .69(1b. SWEET YELLOW CORN 7 EARS$1


Buy One At Our Reg. Low Price And Get A Second One At Price Foster Grant ?& Panties 99(: AIISizes SHADES '199 THONGS 99C: LIPSTICK&NAILPOLISH 59C 21 COUPONS _t COUPONS -----------T--------. .--.... CAREFREE I RIGHT ONI PLASTIC I BUTTERFLY MOISTURIZER; ACTIVATOR : CAPS I CLIPS .SUMMEREVE :ALCOHOL I .PAPER I SUREROLLON DOUCHE I I TOWELS DEODORANT I 39C I I __ 1 __ SIGNAL I COCOA BUTTER I pANTY : IMPULSE .MOUTHWASH; SOAP : HOSE I SPRAY 49C 3/" I 69C .... 88C W/Coupon 1 39C: Ea. W/Coupon I W/Coupon I W/Coupon 1CKS&COMBsEARRINGS; BANDS ; GEL Asst.Colors I ACTIVATOR 19C I ... I 3/59C I ., W /Cou on I W /Coupon I I Tube p .1 W/Coupon I W/Coupon I4xi' ..---------1-----------r--HAiR---CHA(.NS & : COMET I TOOTHBRUSH; I 3/99C 19C : .ROLLERS JB/nch 14 1 14 Oz. Can 1 W/Coupon 1 1 99 C W/Coupon r W/Coupon W/Coupon .... ..... ---------..... WITHCOUPONSONLY I CIGARETTE LIGHTERS ALL BRAND 75 c: 3/'1 CIGARETTES 1 PLAYING CARDS 39C: Deck Pack .ELECTRIC CURLING IRONS 39C: '199 SALE GOOD AT BUDGETYBOR CITY ONLY 1632 E. 7th Ave. 1502 7th Ave. Next To Kress Bldg Across. From Blue Ribbon 247-5656 248-6894 Black American (Continued From Page 4) there is a time that this com munity needs healing, it is 3: now. > There was little doubt, per< sonally, in my mind that w James Campbell was a victim ... of injustice. This writer was Sl! present and sat through .... several sessions of the hear ings. There also was on hand copies of a collection of testimonials and communi ques relevant to the case. Black leaders, those in public and private positions of power, put there in the name of Black representation, will be monitored in terms of their effectiveness. Effectiveness in terms of how their impacts positively upon masses of Black people. The Black community again should laud those members the housing board who had the courage to render justice to James Campbell and his family. This comer hands a special bouquet to board member Ann Porter for offering the !I motion to the board in behalf f of Campbell. Those board 1 members, including the lone 11 white, Albert Lubeck, !. demonstrated against political a, expediency over individual E. suffering and injustice Black leaders ought well heed some wise counsel the world wrought two scores ago a under the terror of Nazi Germany. Listen to the Jews those yesteryears: a tends to corrupt; absolute t_!lj power tends to corrupt, absolutely." "01!! We enter tomorrow with new beginning in government. The new member board contains an > perienced new face in the perl son of former housing commissioner, Rubin Padgett. Mr. ? Padgett is the first Black elected and is the choice of the majority of Black people in his district. That must be respected. However, no one is beyond candid advice. Hopefully, Rubin will benefit from his success by learning from his past experiences, become wiser from his mistakes, and gain a broader understanding of the concept of mission which opportunity provides. On that note, let us as a community embark upon a successful healing process. Let us wish all well in the journey ahead .. together! OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICfl'llOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Melvin Hinson, Sr., intends to register the fictitious trade name, M&M Custom Cleaning, with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough Cou n ty, Florida, Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the undersigned in tends to engage in the business of Cleaning Commercial Of fice Buildings, at 2020 E. Han. na Ave., Tampa, Florida. Dated this 26th day of April, C"l 1985. t'r1 Melvin Hinson, Sr. Melvia Hinson, Jr. Sole Owners t'r1 ................ z


PAGE TWELVE Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! PRICES EFFECTIVE MAY 19-22. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED COPYRIGHT 1985, WINN-I)IXIE STORES, INC., TAMPA. This ad applies to the following Florida counties only: Desoto, Hardee, Hillaborough, Highlands, Hernando, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Sarasota, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and the city of LaBelle. Check your local paper for specials in your area. V.S. CHOICE W-D CUBE STEAKS 5-LBS. OR MORE

N SAVE 304! LIMIT 1, ALL GRINDS ............... $}69 KOUNTRY COOKIN' ....... tfi!:. $}89 ,) SAVE UP TO 70! UMIT 1, THRIF1Y MAID .100% PURE AA GRAPEFRUIT JUICE OR .......... $}19 SUNBEL T WHITE OR YELLOW ......... 2 $} 09 SAVE 32C LAND 0' LAKES MARGARINE 1, ... .. ..... DELI-QUALITY GENUINE VIRGINIA BAKED LB. DELI-QUALITY WHITE OR YELLOW $}39 DEU-QUAUTY SWIFT'S BUTTERBALL Turkey $}99 Half Breast ............... Lb. DEI.J.QUAI.llY SEEDED RYE, ONION RYE, OR Pumpernickel16.oz. 99 Sliced Bread ................ Loaf BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE FRESH BAKED Italian or 99 French Bread .. Check our address list below for Deli-Bakery location nearest you. QUARTERS 2.1-LB. $} PKGS. SUPERBRAND Party 69 Ice .................... ... Bas BANQUET REG. OR HOT & SPICY Fried $299 Chicken ........... DANos .... : ............. HARVEST FRESH RIPE Cut Lb. 25 Watermelons HARVEST FRESH tb. 29 TAIIPA -lttclltr PI 130 W Flttclltr Awt.; -11161to Pl1ti. 2221 E HiNIIIoroutlt A.; -ntorNr Plol 3110 S M...,ltt., Avo.; ..Cinllynl-Sloop. Ctr 1180511oflrllbAwt.; e4015E Hillo ... outltAvo. ; ._,..., Riv PI 7440 Polin Riv Roo --Port. Sloop. Clr .. 3818 W Hilllllortutlt Awt.; P-Sloop. Ctt .. 2540 -ooclloU PI 1402 S-Rd.; Hl430 11 .,_, Awt.; .__of C...-t 13123N .DoltM*J;niiPUTEIIUCEHT ..... TorriCtSIIop.Cir .. 822558thSt. ;Lun-H11451SunniPIo;IIAIIOOI--.. RowSioop.Ctr .. I43._ ...... Awt.;llfNIII.H11orth&,...SIIopC1r .. 702S R.574 ; lUI em-Sun City Cllllor. APOllO IIACIIHApollo Boldl Sloop. PI U S 41 a A .... Bdl. IW; IIVEIMEW H11ivorNr Sloop. CIT .. U S 301 a& ....... Rd.; PUll em. _...., WYol .. 2502 Jill R ... ., Pllwy.; IIIOIJU'IUE HS-PI U S Hwy. 41 a S R 577; ... Wor PI 13017 Cort1t lllwd .. IIME em. eo City PI 813 N 7th St.; HD'* Villllo, 1710 S Hwy. 301; .,_ 11&1. H$tlrint Hill Sllo!o. Cu 7407 Sll'int Hill Dr. ; ZII'IIYIIIIIUI--IIISIZI Sloop. Ctr.: S R 54aAIIonRd.;lAIIIMD e101 S. FloriHAwt.; --Viii .. U .S. 12 a c-Nt Rd.; ..--S.o. 3183 U S M aKnilllla&rilllrl; ...._. Clwiltino'PI 8802 S Florido Awt.; WIIITiliiiA--int HMoll 120 ltd St. S W ; HVilllfl PI 1130 lltcU-Hwy.; *& .... Pl1to. S R 540 a CYII' 6-lit; IMT1IIt-Hlortow Moll 1050 li.Bro ... or; AUIUMOAU -mpiol PI 318 HIWondolt lllwd. ; lAil WAUl HloUWoltl PI S R 80Wost MAllEI em. -linos City PI 1703 HinlonAO.;IIIIIHIAIIDI COUIITY-HLIU PIICidSioop. Clr .. US. 27 aTSt.; HBOO Sotwint Squ";o; HT-Squo Sloop. Coot. 1030 S E loltiWiow Dr. ; HA-Squo. U S 27 8 Comoll. STAR 1*1 PRECEDING ADDRESS INDICATES DELl-BAKERY LOCATION. SUPERB RAND GRADE A WHITE -MEDIUM EGGS DOZ.88C Wino Dixie Is an Equal Oppor tunity Employer for both men and women. Contact the Tampa Urban League or our Human Resource Dept., P.O. Box 440, Tampa, Florida 33601. AD Stores Open Monday thru Saturday, 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. Open Sunday, 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. d p.!f puy saD.L AJOJA:-fl paqS!IQDd U!J31fDU(OJUflUOJS "8(.!1 S861


II) oc 0\ .... .... N ;;. < > < Q riJ filii ;J HOROSCOPE TAURUS (April 20-May 20): The search for prestige and social recognition puts emphasis on business and pro fessional affairs. Observe the rules of ethics. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Travel, teaching, lecturing, publishing are just some of the interests that would fare well under current aspects CANCER (June 21-July Laws relating 'to corporate business affairs, insurance, in heritance, taxes or property will have some significance at this time. LEO (July 23-August 22): Cooperative endeavors should prove to be very successful. Look at the positive side in relationships. Meet people half way SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Placing too much emphasis on the "home beautiful" creates an uneasy atmosphere for family and friends. SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Your perception qf reality can. become distorted. Pay atten tion to the details as well as the glaring facts CAPRICORN (December 22-January' 19): An optimistic attitude toward business af fairs points the way to fame and fortune Be ethical in business dealings. AQUARIUS (January 20-Febniary 18): You are under a good luck aspect and things come easy to you. Keep your feet on the ground. VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Your ., awareness of safe health prac tices could be put to good use ...r: in a community teaching pro gram. PISCES (J'ebruary 19-March 20): You will pro bably find yourself involved in institutional work of some kind. Be discriminating with your help and sympathy. :I LIBRA (September E-1 23-0ctober 22): Reasonable ARIES (March 21-April 19): You become genuinely concerned about the happjness 'i i -:E :I = = = I = = financial speculation should prove to be quite profitable under current aspects. Avoid excess in all things. and well being of friends as your circle of awareness ex. pands. 'Teens In Distress' Airs Wednesday Every day, an average of 13 young people are driven to such depression that suicide seems the only relief. Hillsborough County has the seventh highest rate of teen suicide in the nation. In 1984. the Pinellas County Suicide Africa Aided To Tune Of $6e5 Million NEW YORK "We Are The World," the hit record by some of America's hottest singers to help the hungry, reaped its first royalty harvest Thursday in the form of a check for $6.5 million "I'd be happy to take that," USA For Africa President Ken Kragen said with a big smile as AI Teller, senior vice president of ColumbiQ, Records, handed the check at a press con ference in the CBS room in Manhattan. Hotline received almost 700 calls from teens considering suicide and asking fo1 help. As the rat e of teen suicide has tripled since 1955, it is being called an epidemic. "Teens In Distress." pro duced by WEDU and under written by Horizon Hospital explores factors and preven t ion measures for teen suicide. It will air Wednesday, May 22 a t 9 p.m. on Channel 3. Dramatic vignettes and inter views with teens and their parents will help to pinpoint the pressures that threaten the emotional health of today's teenagers The program will be hosted by Chris Collinsworth, w i de receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals A panel of area ex perts will d i scuss warn i ng signs and intervention measures. They will also provide crisis in tervention couns elling and referral during t he *Sentinel's Top JOSingles 1. We Are The World U.S.A. For Africa 2. New Attitude .. Patti Labelle 3. Rhythm Of The Night .... Debarge 4. You Give Good Love .... Whitney Houston 5. Fresh ...... Kool & The Gang 6. In My House. ; ..... Mary Jane Girls 7 Rock Me Tonight ...... Freddie Jackson 8. Suddenly ..... .... Billy Ocean 9. Everything She Wants ........................ Wham 10. Freak-A-Ristic Starr F call-in segment of the pro gram "Teens In Distres s i s par t of Channel 3's participation in National Menta alth Month. This program i s an ef fort to s t em the tide of emo tional di s tress i n young people TV GUIDE i n the Bay area. An i nformed and involved community i s the key to promot ing mental health. WEDNESDAY MAY 22, 1985/ BROADCAST ----15 30 Farm DIY 45Wulller 800Siiimt 15 StrNt 30 N 45 N 9fsSt:-30. k 1 o= 15 ......,_ 1: ... 1 1 00 15 N 30 N 45 H 1200 N 15 N 30 N 45 N 1 00 D 1 5 N 30 N 45 N 200 15 30 45 3 00 llidiiC 15 campany 30 .2-1 45 centact 411i1Siiiiiii 15 Stnet 30 H 45 H 500 Mlitii 15 30R= 45 Rai!IMW 6 00 &:nus 15 30 BUll_. 45:=. 700 15 Lallrtr 30 NIWIIIIur 45 800 Wlli 15 America 30 Pnflltl 45 lnlltture Sinta Lit'sMika A Dill Sill Of TIM Wliiil Fortune '!"' Allin TIM Days !!Ur LiftS Aiiilliii !""'d lirnaby loclifii'tl JPlll .. '!BCNIWI l'amiiY FIIHI Sill Of TIM C.tury Ciiby Shew David Lttflrmln 44 Club Fat Albert Dick Van Great Space Dyke Coaster Tic fac Andlt J?.Onahue Doulh Grl flth Anyt lng For I Love Mont ; Lucy MurPhy In ss;ooo Jim Eight IS TIM Morning r.rmld Silty JIIIY Ja tr'l Raphltl Wild ':lcn's Prlc.li Wlf-!i ____ ----.Jmir. liob ap! !light Wil Biltz Newhart Family r,test Family Divorce FIIICI F.ud Court ... PutH I Love ':[.n's DaUas Plus I Lucr. Op! Move : Loving H "Gun All ':lr r=ury-,--. -All M/, Movie: S:"' ..... TIM esfless ;; S:hil ren Command H Oiii Llfi Aifhi Thru One Llfi ra Live World Jo Live !urns Giiiiial Guiding J;, Troop Gineral !;'ftiiHII !:-lght ttospltal '!Obottcll tones Hour Hour SCooby !)btzlne !:"agazlne Doo Inspector Voltron Pille. J!twl chid Tlcfac Star !torv Dough Jrtk TllrH's WI Company HlllbU Its '!8WI Dlff'rent Tao close Strokes For Comfort Good Times Wliiil Of News Fortune Ellflr Carol ThrH's \ talnmont Burnen Co11111any liftli Mignum, Bittle Of Tile !"' Of Tilt Network Network Stan Stars


ryor's Gift To PEORIAIrate parents of graduating Bradley University student s bumped from a motel register when Richard Pryor's movie crew extended its stay, will stay at other motels paid at the comedian's expense. Pryor will pick up the $2,700 tab for lodging four dozen parents at other motels, said publicist Victoria Horsford for Pryor's Indigo Productions Co. "It was a lightning bolt out of tpe blue," said Elizabeth Roffol, manager of Jumer's Castle Lodge near the Bradley campus. Roffol's lodge told the parents earlier this week that there was no room at the jnn, though some had paid for their reservations as early a last fall. Parents Plays Well In RICHARD PRYOR The news caused "very ruf fled feathers" for many of the inconvenienced parents, she said, adding that refunds for those prepaid reservations were available. Roffol said the 47 rooms reserved for parents and attending the gradua tion at Bradley Saturday would be occupied by crews filming "Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Cailing." The film marks Pryor's debut as a director. He also co wrote the script and stars in the semiautobiographical picture. Pryor, born and reared in Peoria, returned two weeks ago for. his first professional appearance in the industrial ci ty in central Illinois. Filming was to finish Thursday, and crews were to head back to Los Angeles Friday. But that schedule was moved back by two days. One parerit, Bruce Johnson of Chesterfield, Mo., a St. Louis suburb, said he was "ex tremely put out." -wHERE THE ACTION IS ... Your action man was play ing softball at the Skyway Park with the cool employees at GRACE'S PLACE. Can you imagine the Lady Grace pitching softball and you_r ac tion man the catcher!! They were showing their apprecia tion for each other. Marjorie and Marlon Lewis were over joyed that the emplpyees were happy Some of the many folks enjoying themselves were: Mrs. Minnie Lee Wilds, Bobby Wilds, Annette Terry, Steve Washington, George BY ALBERT LEE CHUCK & NINO Bob's Market HAS JAMES BOND FINALLY MET HIS MATCH? u Shaw, Sheldon McNeal, ward Jackson, Maria Stampp, Mable Cannon, Hill, Diane Wrice, Gloria ALBERT R. BROCCOLI Presents ROGER MOORE a s IAN FLEMING'S JAMES BOND 007.. AYIEWroAKILL Starring TANYA ROBERTS GRACE J ONES PATRIC K MAC NEE and !CHRISTOPHER WALKENI Mus i c by JOHN BARRY Producti o n Designer P E T E R LAMONT Associate Produce r T O M PEVSNER Produced b y ALBERT R BROCCOLI and MI CHAEL G. WIL S O N Directed by JOHN GLEN Screenplay by RICHARD MAIBA U M and MICHAEL G WILSON Find out Friday May 24th don, Dan Showers, Tasha Hill, Sallie Hubert, Dan Gor don, Steve Mention, Alice Huff and Selena Lewis. All in all it was a great time for everyone. The menu was the best, with ribs, chicken, tossed salad, and your favorite refreshments. Thi s coming weekend will be Memorial Day weekend One of the cool spots to check ou t i s the ROYAL SHOP, located on the of Armenia Ave. and Beach St. The y really get off. What 's so good is they are having a Memorial Day part y starting at 2 P.M., Monday May 27th. There will be free food in cludin g a swinging fish fry, with all the trimming s The NEW LOUNGE, is get ting it together for the heavy (Continued On Page 22) FREE GLASSES Paid For By Medicaid Call: Dr. L.A. Martinez Optometrist 876-6085 > = c. .. = 0 .... =-.... 0 = l:ll


: S PORTSI_ DJF: VVill Not Rejoin Bucs Two veteran defensive NFL football player s, s ay s j W backs will not be re t urning to Bucc a neer head c oach Leeman L j 'J RA. INfi). \ ( ........ member o f the Bucs s ince t heir c hara c ter and I know they'll ;: BY RANDOLPH KINSEYIIIIIII inception in 1976 did not pass do well in t h e f uture. They The Marvels Of Michael Jordan a recent physical e x aminati o n have se t a high s tandard o f and will be formally waived c ornerback play for tho s e that Everybody who knew anything at all about ba s ketball knew that North Carolina' s 'All-American guard Michael Jordan would be a star in the NBA. The only question was how long it would take for him to find his game Jordan was the second player taken in the 1984 col lege draft behind Akeem Ola juwan. Houston blew it by taking Akeem over multi talented Jordan. Jordan was named College Player of the Year in 1984. Jordan. has just been named Player of the Year in the NBA by the Seagram Company. c There was no doubt that Jor dan would be the NBA's rookie of the year. All the .= awards Jordan will get this c year he deserves. r= The flashy, high leaping, high scoring guard was llfl in stant star in the NBA. Larry I Bird said that Michael Jordan c has more natural talent than anybody he has ever s een "= Compliment s like those are common. Veteran ball players constantl y marvel at the man y fll talents and the many moves Jordan displays. Even the big guys in the league shake their heads at Jordan's ability. He stands 6' 'C 5 Yz'' but can leap and score ,! with anybody. He is tough mentally and physically and is. very smooth and quick. Jor =. dan averaged 28 a ball .S! game as a rookie. It should come as no sur =; that Jordan is the NBA's player of the year. Larry Bird of the world champion Boston .S! Celtics finished second behind ; Michael J. Jordan is the first black basketball player to be Gi among Seagram's top ten finishers for 'player of the year.' The winner of this award is calculated by computer. The 's overall skills and his contributions to his team are taken into consideration. In the rookie of the year competition, Jordan outdistanced Olajuwan by a score of 57 Yz votes to 20 'h. The presence of the former Tarheel doubied attendance at Bulls games : He did this by leading the Bulls in scoring, re bounding, assists, steals and breaking six Chicago Bull single season records. To top off his fine s eason Jordan led the NBA in total points scored; made the all stars starting lineup and will no doubt make the all NBA team The NBA started awarding the rookie of the year award in 1953. Since that time, 22 blacks have won that award. In 1980, Larry Bird won the award, not without controver. sy over Earvin 'Magic' Johnson. Since that time, Dar ryl Griffith, Buck Williams, Terry Cummings, Ralph Sampson, and Michael Jordan have all won the award. We usually think of the big dominating centers as a fran' chise or a person who can take a losing team and be the wheel on which the team revolves in to becoming a winner Jordan isn't the big guy, but he is a franchise. In just one year, the jumping jack has put new life into the long suffering Chicago Bulls. David Greenwood, a 6-8 power forward from John Wooden s ba s ketball factor y at UCLA came t o the Bulls with can' t miss s tardom label s all o v er him Greenwood has been dominated and silenced until this year. Fired up by the presence of Michael Jordan Greenwood had his best year ever Inspite of Michael "Luke Sky Walker" Jordan and all of his superman antics, the Bulls still need a good center. They have got t o find a big guy who can dominate the inside both offensively and defen sively. Should the Bulls get a center, you haven't seen nothing yet. Jordan will become the most awesome of fensive threat in the league. Jordan is a very accurate, long range shooter as weJl as in close. He has a variety of ways to get off a shot and he is an excellent free throw shooter. No folks, Michael Jordan isn't a future star in the NBA. He is already one. Not since Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, has a rookie had the impact that Jordan has had on the EXAMINED CONTACT Dr. Wallace Hqy OPTOMETRIST Pa y ing Customers & Medicaid Accepted 876-8491 TAMPA BAY BUILDERS HOME REPAIR AND REMODELING SPECIALIST LIC. 034997 BONDED AND INSURED CALL OR COME BY FOR FREE ESTIMATES shortly. Norri s Thomas 30, c ome a f ter them here to live up an eight-year NFL v eteran to." has announced his intention to "Mike was a great cornerback who never s eemed to get Washington was a starting the recognition he deserved, cornerback for the Buccaneers says Bucs' President John (mainly on the right side) since McKay. "He had great timing joining the team in 1976. He and intelligence. They said he played in 104 game s and of the team's inaugural 1976 was too slow but no one ever started in 97 for Tampa Bay. season He suffered a neck ingot behind him. Norris came He finished his Buc career as jury in the first game of the in here in 1980 and did a good the team's second-leading all-1984 season and did not play job for us. He was one of the time interceptor with a career thereafter last year. toughest competitors the Bucs total of 28. An All-America at "Thomas played three have had. They gave of the University ofAlabama, he seasons with the Miami themselves and played a big was. drafted in the third round Dolphins (1977-79) before part in the s uccess of our of the 197.5 draft by joining the Bucs prior to the defense." Baltimore. He spent 1975 on start of the 1980 s ea s on. He Washington continues to the Colt's injured reserved list was Miami's s tarting left correside in his hometown of before joing the Bucs in a nerback in his three year s there Montgomery, Alabama with trade shortly before the start and teamed with Wa s hington his wife, Veronica, and their 'Mo ses Out as the Buc s C9rnerback four daughters. Thomas s tarter s in 1981 and 1982. makes his home in Edwin Moses, the Olympic "Mike and Norris were fine Pascagoula, Mississippi. champion and world record-holder in t-he 400-meter hurdles learned that he had a sprained ligament in the right knee. He was told not to hur dle for three weeks, though he could run on the flaf. Moses hurt the knee last Fri day while work ing out in Sao Paulo, Bra z il. Dr. Anthony F. Daly Jr., an orthopedic surgeon in Inglewood, Calif. examined the knee and prescribed ice and sound therapy. The injury means Moses will not run in the Bruce Jenner Bud Light Class1c May 25 in San Jose, Clif., and probably riot in the Arco Coliseum Classic June 8 in Los Angeles a new meet of which he is -chairman. Orange Blossom Classic Returning to Mianii TALLAHASSEE __.:.. After a two-year stopover in Tampa, the Orange Blossom Classic will reportedly return to Miami's Orange Bowl. The Miami Hearld reported in its Saturday editions that Florida A&M will play Morris Brown College in the 53rd annual Classic at 7 p.m. on Oct. 19. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADENAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Terri Cowen, intends to register the fictitious trade name, T's LaUnique Hair Designers, with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough County, Florida, Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the under signed intends to engage in the business of Beauty Salon, at 2704 N. Howard, Tampa, Florida. Dated this 13th day of May, 1985. NEED HoME REPAIRED Want Your Bills & Mortgage Paid Off WE DO ANY KIND OF WORK LARGE OR SMALL ADD A ROOM ROOFING, FLOORS WINDOWS FENCE, PLUMBING ELECTRIC, ANY KIND OF REMODELING Pay Only One Small Monthly Payment CALL TONY VECCHIO 258-6161 T&M BUILDERS-2104 E. 7th AVE. ACROSS FROM COLUMBJA REST AU RANT FHA-HUD Has acquired numerous properties that are for sale for cash, warranty, in their "as-is" condition. The houses are sold on a sealed bid basis to the highest bidder. 1.:1 EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY. A LiST OF AVAILABLE PROPERTIES IN HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY IS PUBLISHED EVERY SUNDAY IN THE CLASSJFIED SECTION, .TAM PA TRIBUNE, UNDER GENERAL ESTATE. PINELLAS, WEST PASCO, SARASOTA AND MANATEE COUNTY PROPERTIES ARE PUBLISHEp EVERY SUNDAY IN THE CLASSJFIED SECTION, ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, UNDER GENERAL REAL ESTATE. BUYERS MUST OBTAIN THEIR OWN FINANCING. FHA-HUD will pay a portion of the closing costs if requested in offer to purchase. PROPERTIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FHA INSURED LOANS. Properties may hove possible code Violations. TO SEE AND BID ON THESE PROPERTIES, CONTACT AN. FHAHUD PARTICPATING BROKER OF YOUR CHOICE. Bids will not. be accepted directly from a bidder. All bids MUST BE submitted through a real estate broker.


.......... ])wHAT. HAPPENED IN sPO:Ris;r .. sehitonIif'Running For .. ___ ... 1968 Summer Olympic Games NFL Humanitarian Award ped in a shot with 20 seconds in Mexico City. Lewis' winn_ left in the final period. Game 5 ing efforts was 28-9 1/4, one Tampa Bay Buccaneer Allpast five years. Last year, he will be pla y ed Wednesday of his bes t jumps ever under Pro defensive end Lee Roy was one of three finalists, but night at II :30 p.m. in Los any conditions. Selmon has won just about the award was won by S a n Angeles. every award a football player Diego Charger placekick e r Brandon High basketball star Toney Mack was named National Player of the Year by the National High School Athletic Coaches Association. This award is given to the Na tion's Best High School Basketball Player. ,..,,..,,.., The Philadelphia 76ers fought off the Boston Celtics' run in the fourth quarter to win 115-104 in their best of seven NBA semifinals playoff series. Andrew Toney finally started producing by scoring 26 points and Maurice Cheeks played his usual good game by hitting 22 points. Charles Barkley had 15 points and 20 rebounds to help the 76ers control the boards. The Boston Celtics lead the series 3-l and Game 5 will be played in the Boston Gardens Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ,..,,..,,.., All-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul Jabbar scored 29 points and blocked 4 shots to help the Los Angeles Lakers win a close game over the Denver Nuggets 120-116. James Worthy was also the. hero in the game when he tipDoug Williams and the Arizona Outlaw s (5-8) beat the Portland Breakers (3-10) 30-21. Williams tossed two touchdowns passes and Luiz Zendejas added three field goals to lead the attack. ,..,,..,,.., Herschel Walker, and Bill Johnson, two of the league's premier runningbacks met head on Sunday. Herschel Walker won the performance contest(l42 yards rushing, 106 yards receiving and three touchdowns), but Bill Johnson's (98 yards rushing, 46 yards receiving, and three touchdowns) efforts won the game. The Denver Gold went on to upset the New Jersey Generals 28-24. Carl Lewis cam e close in his bid to break Bob Muhammad Ali talked about boxing and his seven daughters and did a magic trick at a Peking news con ference for Chinese reporters. He spoke against banning boxing, saying there was a racist motive in the effort to ban the sport. "Black people are now in control... All the champions are black Many of the promoters and managers are black. When we had all white. champions, they never talked about stopping boxing." Of his daughters, aged 6 to 17, Ali said, "I bought me a big long shotgun to give all the boys who come looking for my daughters. Child Care Certification Progra111 Become A Certified Child Care Worker Or Improve Your Present Skills By Enrolling In _Hillsborough Community College's Child Care Training Program (Coursework Meets State And Local Requirements LAST CHANCE TO EARN A ,FLORIDA HEALTH AND REHABILITATIVE -SERVICES (HRS) CHILD CARE TRAINING CERTJFICATE BEFORE JULY 1. CREDIT AND NON-CREDIT COURSES WILL PREPARE YOU FOR THE 20-HOUR HRS TRAINING PROGRAM. ENROLL TODAY! CLASSES WILL BE HELD AT THE HCC CAMPUSES LISTED BELOW. CONTACT THE CAMPUS NEAREST YOU FOR DETAILS. Dr. Alma Hires Dale Mabry Campus P.O. Box30030 Tampa,. FL 33630 (81!1) 879-7222 Sylvia Marlon Carley Ybor City Campus P.O. Box 75313 Tampa,. FL 33675 (813) 247-6641 Fred Webb Plant City Campus 1206 North Park Road Plant City FL 33566 (813) 223-1761. (Tampa Exchange) (813) 754-1561 (Plant City Exchange) can win. But one honor that Rolf Benir s chke. has managed to elude him is Selmon was cited for h i s the Byron "Whizzer" White work with the United Negro award, an annual College Fund, the Ronald humanitarian honor presented McDonald House and the by the National Football Easter Seals. He was also League Players Association recognized for carrying his and the Better Boys Foundaanti-drug campaign to schools tion of Chicago. and civic groups. Selmon has been nominated The winner of the award by the Bucs every year for tl;le will be announced June 16. Holmes Wins Unanimous Decision Over Williams Heavyweight champion Larry Hollnes won an unanimous decision over Carl "The Truth" Williams in a scheduled 15 round heavyweight championship bout last night. Carl "The Truth" Williams, 25, (16-0-12) came out smoking, flickering quick left jabs that kept Holmes off .balance throughout the early rounds. Holmes soon his form with lefts and over-hand rights that opened up a cut over Williams left eye. While being accused of thumbing Williams, Holmes came on strong in the last five rounds with a flurry that staggered Williams in the final seconds of the 12th round. Holmes won nis 48th fight with no losses ari.d needs one more win to tie Rocky Mar ciano's record df 49 wins and no losses. Larry Holmes only trained for three weeks for this fight, but fought with a champion's heart. All through the fight, the NBC sports commentators seemed to favor Williams, but the judges saw the fight dif ferently by awarding Holmes the Phone Your News 248-1921 tro,y. By Joe Black A passage in the Book of Matthew tells us : "There is nothing covered up that will not be uncovered; nothing hidden that will not be made known. What you hear whispered, you must shout from the hofsetops Those words encourage me to continue provoking Black J)eople into positive action via my "By the way" commentarie!? My "rap"is not intended to enhance my popularity. but rather it is an attempt to encourage Black people to try to resolve some of our problems. A few years ago, the NCAA proposed that all incoming college athletes have a minimum score of 700 on SAT exams Immediately. some Black groups and individuals yelled racism. I sometimes think that we are conditioned to shout foul before we think about the particular situation. In this instance, if racism is being practiced, it is being done by those Blacks who are seeking preferential treat ment for these athletes. Colleges and universities are educational preparation centers; they are not athletic training grounds. Our young men should be attendtpg school to acquire the education that will make them com petitive in today's job markeL Instead of money. they use their athletic skills to defray the costs of the college schooling. Their skills in the sports arena are not a substitute for education. My daughter and other Black females must score 700 on the SAT; why not claim racism when the Black student is not an athletic hero? Tho often these young men put in four years of playing "ball" and consider classroom studies to be insignificant, time-consuming projects. So after four years, we have athletic stars who do not have degrees, and they can' t use their sports talents to pay for their edu cations. And sad to say. most of them do not get professional contracts so they join the legions of people who blame racism for their inability to make it in society. Was it racism or Black Americas failure to impress upon them that they must also use the minds that God has given them? J8el?ladt Vice President Greyhound Corporation i -... e. ;:s .-. ,. '""" .J) =-H tb ""f .. 1." (',) "' > :s Q., Q :I" s: Q :s "' ..,. ._ ________________________


CIC c:l'l .... .... M fll = e .... .= e -= fll = "C .= fll .... = =-= .... = = I = .... = z .... .... !-< :t: .... .... Green Food Supermart (Lincoln Grocery) 3801 29th St. PH. 248-8821 WE GLADLY ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS --1 0-LB_.. JlllllfJ,.. liM,.. -------.. HOG CHITTERLINGS HOLSUM BREAD 2 LOAVES $100 PIG FEET 3 LB. BAG $100 WHOLE CHICKEN 69C: Lb. BEJ;F LIVER 99C: Lb. .... ,.. VIGO LONG GRAIN RICE 5 LB. BAG ,.. 'Ill NECK BONES 3Lb. BAG $100 .., PORK SKINS $100 .... ROLL LEAN RIB TI-PS 69C: SPRING WATER 99 C: Gal. .. ASSORTED LUNCHEON MEATS 3 PKS. SPARE RIBS $159 Lb. CASE '4295 MEMORIAL DAY WEEK END SALE <


.... .. = .. = .. .... .. ... .. .. .. IN MEMORIAM CARD OF THANKS WILSON FRAZIER, MR. CLARENCE Funeral ser vices for Mr. Clarence Frazier, of S604-32nd St., who passed away, Thursday. May 16th, will be held, Saturday, May 2S, at 1 P.M., at Antioch Baptist Church,' Hampton, South Carolina, with Rev. B. Sanders officiating. Interment will be in the Antioch Cemetery. Mr. Frazier was a native of Hampton, South Carolina and a resident' of Tampa for the past 28 years. He was a retired employee of the City of Tampa Engineer ing Department. Mr. Frazier was an active member of the St. John Lodge Hight #30, Bro. KingS. Waters, W.M. of the International Masons. He leaves to mourn his homego ing: a loving and devoted wife, Pearl Frazier; 2 sons, Frank Frazier of Kansas City, Missouri, and Mettie Lee Frazier and wife, Jackie of Tampa; 3 daughters, Leola Mayo, Edna Gatlin of Miami, and Viola Brooks and hus band, Arthur of Tampa; 7 grandsons, Nathan Hampton, Jr. Frank Frazier, Anthony Hampton, James A. Mayo, Kenneth Mayo, Samuel E. Ch.apman and Michael Frazier; 4 granddaughters, Pearline Frazier, Doris Lewis and husband, Jessie, Nitra Frazier and Carla. Hampton; 1 great grandchild, Jessica Lewis; 1 brother, Walter Frazier and wife, Mary of St. Petersburg; 3 sisters, Clara B. Davis of Connecticut, Mary Phillip of Savannah, GA, and Evelyn Broomfield of Hamp ton, SC; 1 sister-in-law, Sadie Campbell and husband; 2 brothers-in-law, Eusau Cochran and Jacob Cochran; a host of nephews, nieces, cousins, other relatives and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel fro!" S to 9 P.M. Wednesday evening. The family will receive friends at the Chapel from 7 to 8 P.M.; at this time, services will be conducted by St. John Lodge Eastern Hight #30. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME." CREAL HARRIS, WALTER, JR. -Funeral services for Mr. Walter Harris, Jr., age 48; 4219 Eas t Idlewild Avenue, who pass ed away last Thurs day, will be held Wednesday, May 22, 198S; 7:30 P.M. at Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness (Knollwood Con gregation, SOlS-17th Street), George Thompson, speaker. The body will lie in state at Wilson's Funeral Home to day, Tuesday, S to 9 P.M. Mr. Harris was born in Tampa and was a lifetime resident here. He was employed as a Bus Driver for the Hillsborough County School System and was a U.S. Army Veteran. He is survived by: his wife, Mrs. Mary Harris; a step-daughter, Miss Rhudine A. three step-sons, Paul L. Creal, his wife, Mrs. Annie L. Creal, Patrick A. Creal, his Mrs. Jacqueline Creal, all of Tampa; Ernest E. his wife Mrs. Ida Creal; Atlanta, GA;_ father, 'Mr. Walter Har ris, Sr.; one sister, Mrs. Margaret Lowe, Tampa; 3 brothers, Alva Sims and wife, Mrs. Edith Sims, Norfolk, Virginia, Edward Sims and Preston Sims and wife, Mrs. Debra Sims, atl of Tampa; mother-in-law, Mrs. Cleo Jor dan, Orlando; 22 grand children, a number of devoted friends, including, Mrs. Wen dolyn Sims, Tampa and other relatives. CREAL FUNERAL HOME, St. Petersburg is in charge of arrangements. 1 248-1921] FUNIRALS BY: BRYANT & WILLIAMS Roy Williams Funeral Home 1417 N. Albany Ave. 253-3419, "When Understanding Is Needed Most" PUGHSLEY fUNERAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired PHONES: 247-3151 or247-3152 A CALL TO AI,.L SENIOR CITIZENS Senior Citizens You Are The Winners! OAK HILLS FUNERAL HOME 5016 N. 22ncl Str-t Tampa, FL 33610 Is Offering All Senior Citizens A "SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT" 30% OFF ON All FUNERALS Call William J, Johnson And Elliott C. Burton, RYANS, MR. BAILEY Funeral services for Mr. Bailey Ryans, 4224 E. Osborne Ave., who passed at his residence will be held Thursday at 3 P.M. from the New Mt. Zion M. Baptist Church with the Rev. Lester Carter, of ficiating. Interment in the Shady Grove Cemetery. Sur vivors are: daughters, Mrs. Bettye Grant and husband, Willie, Mrs. Alsiene Maura Baltimore, Md. and Mrs. Dora Dixon and husband, Wayne; grandchildren, Mrs. Shawn Myrick and husband T1m, Shannon Maura, San Bernadina, Ca., Gary Maura, Baltimore, Md. and Derek Dixon; two great grand children; sister, Mrs. Rose Ed wards, New York, N.Y.; nieces, Mrs. Addie Minor A1ken, S.C., Mrs. Viola Blocker and Water bury, Ct., Annie Mae Williams, Aiken, S.C., Mrs. Eva James and husband, Mat thew, Mrs. Patricia Edwards Nurse, New York, N.Y., Mrs. Shirley Davis and husband, Walterboro, S.C., Mrs. Emily Coaxum and, husband, Newark, N.J., Mrs. Mary Ann Stubbs, Detroit, MI; nephews, Mr. Robert Ryans and wife Ch1cago, ILL, Kenneth Edwards, New York, N.Y., Mr. Mosdell Richardson and wife, Charlotte, N.C., Mr. Bernard Richardson and wife, Newark, N.J., and Bennie Richardson, Newark, N.J.; sisters-in-law, Mrs. Helen Paschall arid hus band, Walter and Mrs. Marilyn James and husband Bill; a number of great nieces: great nephews, cousins and other relatives. Mr. Ryans was a native of Trenton, S.C. and had resided in Tampa for more than 40 years. He was a former employee of Superior Fertilizer Co. The remains will repose at the Wilson's Funeral Home after 5 P.M. Wednes day and at the church after noon Thursday. THE CASKET WILL REMAIN CLOSED AFTER EULOGY. The family will receive friends from 7-8 P.M. Wednesday. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." SHADY GROVE FUNERAL HOME 2305 N. Nebraska 221-3639 and CEMETERY 4615 E. Hanna 626-2332 Complete Burial f 'or $705 Add ,.()() for Sl'r>krs on and add IIIII for all Sl'rvkcs al'llr J f).m In memory of our loved one William 'Mack' Bagley who passed one year ago May 20 1984. We miss you so the tears still flow beyond ttie gathering, our love one finds happiness and rest, and there is comfort in the thought that the loving God knows best. In our hearts always, wife, meces, nephews, cousins and friends. IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of Mrs. Queen E. Woods who passed May 23, 1975. We love you, but God loves you more. Sadly missed by husband, Isaac Woods; daughters, Betty Thomas, Verda Hamilton Rose Turner and grand: children. IN MEMORIAM In memory of our mother and grandmother, Mrs. Annie D. Williams who past away on May 21, 1983. For even though you're gone, the memories of you still linger in the hearts of those who care. Sleep on Mom, you have earned your rest. Children: Idella Jackson, George and Annie Suttle, Inez Newton and Jerome Lawson. The family of the late Mrs Carrie Belle Redfern wishes < thank relatives, friends and neighbors for flowers, cards, > food and other acts of kind< ness shown during the Joss of our loved one. Special thanks to Rev J .H. Adams and the choirs of Tyer Temple United Methodist Church and Wilson's Funeral Home. Coy Redfern and Philon families. DEAl'H NOTICES PUGHSLEY HOME FUNERAL Mr. Neigal N. Miller, 5950 Silver Star Rd., Apt. 235, Orlando, Fla. Mrs. Dorothy lona Wright, 2925-21st Street WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME Mrs.Hurley Felton, 1508 Y 2 Fig Mr. Robert M-organ, 8321 Allamanda Mr. Bailey Ryans, 4224 E. Osborne Ave. AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Mr. Charlie L. House, 8529 Tidewater Trail Mr. Clarence Frazier 5604-32nd St. Mrs. Beulah Deshazor, 2101-28th Ave. #240 Baby Montyca Bostick 2121 Riviera Ct. Mr. Jessie Salter, 2609 N. Highland Ave. RAY WILLIAMS FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Ada Alexander, 1306 Kay St. Mrs. Mary Lee Scott, 21.02 Union St. Whatever You Need Classified Has It. WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Service" Phone: 248-6125 AIKENS FUNERAL HOMF. Cor. Buffalo Ave. &: 28th St. 232-8725 The Key To Fine Service ROGERS FUNERAL HOME PHONE 239-3101 Or 2584764 4605 34th Street LADY ATTENDANT "WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS." > = Q. ... I = Q =-NOW ANNOUNCINGt MR. ILLIOTT C. BRUTON Formerly lkerlsed. Funeral Director Of Shady Grove Funeral Home Here In Tampa, Is Now Affiliated With OAK HILLS FUNERAL HOME "'tl 5016 N. 22ncl Str-t > Tampa,FL33610 1"1 Mr. Is Stiii _Offering The Same First Class Servke He Hos Given Z CHARLES RELIFORD The_Resdents OfThs Community For Many Years He Con Be Reached B Z 237-8500 Or 237-5477 Collmg: Y 1"1 ...... .& .. Funeral Directors For Information: 1"1 z


.... .... .. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. =-1 ;; F.;;l :.:.. ---1 ,.. tiiLP WANTED HELP WANTED Lll!lllll \&IAUYI:ft 11...11!!1 ft I 11...11!!1 ............. .;.;_ Experienced cleaning per-Need Hairdresser and sonnel wanted part-time and WANTEDit Barber with expedence ..C full-time. Call between 3-5 Need not have following. 621-1175. IP-r., _M._i_39_-_I4_5_2_. ------1 Contact Hair Dazzlers Beauty Salon. 237-8923. Parttime janitorial, f-; Barmaids and waitresses ...... $5.00/hour. Immediate openWill train. Apply at Grace's SUPERVISING ings for males. 253-2539 after Place, N. Albany NURSE 12 noon. Avenue. To assist physician in CRUISE SHIP managing small clinic. Hou..S JOBSI 7-J, Monday Friday. ReSECRETARIES. Great income potential. All quires current licensure, and 1 Year profes5ional hospital or Positions available Ot.-cupations. For information rail: (312) 742-8620, ext. 339. clinic nursing experience. Start for qualified profes-at $17,929 annually. Excellent sional secretary with benefits. Send resume and excellent skills 60 NEW BEAUTY SALON NOWOPENl cover letter to: Hillsborough WPM typing required Correctional Institution, and shorthand preNeeds Hairstylists for booth rental. Call 247-2425, 10 a.m. -J p.m. Box 878, Riverview, FL 33569, fer red. Exc e 1 i c n t before May 23 1985 salary and benefits AA/EOE programs available. NOW HIRING SELL AVON Come grow with us! Good $$$; No experience Seafood company has imf'-j -.tocessary' Jackson Heights, mediate opening in our pro= Bl!bilont Heights and College o H"ll cessing area Good starting ; a s areas. Call Manager, Pat salary (night shift offers JO a;,D_A_.b_k_ey_,_23....io8-_8_1_28_. ---"""'4 more). Excellent benefits and .1:1 BABY SlniER fringes. Q NEEDED Apply in person 9 -1 I:Q Mature woman needed for p.m.f Monday thru Friday. Send application or resume to: Lladi Tolley .ICIIBIIallonallank P .0. Box 25900 Tapa. FL 33630 .R!CR!B mornings and nights. For Must bring SQcial Security more information call Card. Singleton Seafood, 5024 EqcMI()pportUnityEmployer I 884-0840. Uceta Rd., Tampa. EOE -c -------------1 M/F. MECHANIST/and 'C CNC POSITION VACANCY Mill and Lathe to set-up and ANNOUNCEMENT run clean shop, a/c plant, Position: Counselor/ Ad:S good pay, overtime, insurance visor, College of Education, = and more. Call: University of South Florida. H&S Responsibilities: Swanson's Tool degree in Education, exCompany perience in K-12 teaching and "C 541-3575 in advising teacher education EOE students at the University i .. ------------I level. Nine-month, half-time, JS UNIVERSITY non-tenure earning po8ition, INSTRUCTOR. ARCHITECTURAL CONSTRUCTION ENGiNEERING TECHNOLOGY HCC Candidates invited for the pQsition of Instructor-Architectural Construction Engineering Technology. To start Fall Term (8-22-85). Minimum qualifications: A.F.D.C EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY FREE PLACEMENT REFRESHER TRAINING WORKSHOPS SPECIAL SERVICES CLERICAL MAINTENANCE Now Open: CASHIER PRODUCTION ASSEMBLY FOOD SERVICE DATA ENTRY APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED: Monday Thru Friday 9:00A.M. -l:OOP.M. OR CALL 237-1893 APPLY AT: 6416 North 30th Street I I TIRED OF UNEMPLOYMENT? GIVE US A TRY! WE CAN SOLVE YOUR EMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS WITH A FREE l2-WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO TEACH YOU HOW TO START AND OPERATE YOUR OWN SMALL BUSINESS. YOU COULD BE IN BUSINESS IN 12 WEEKS. All YOU NEED IS A SKILL OR A GOOD BUSINESS IDEA OUR TRAINING PROGRAM WILL DO THE REST INCLUDING ASSISTANCE IN STARTING YOUR BUSINESS. TO QUALIFY, YOU MUST BE 21 OR OLDER, A RESIDENT OF HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY AND LONG : TERM UNEMPLOYED OR A VICTIM OF A LAY-OFF OR TERMINATION. CONTACT: STIA SYSTEMS & ASSOCIATES 7402 N. 56th Street, Bldg. 900 Suite 907 Tampa, Florida .33617 (813)989-1096 THIS PROGRAM IS FUNDED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. If OF SOUTH FLORIDA beginning August 9, 1985. e Tampa, Fl. Applications are Salary $7 ,6.00-negotiable. :; Invited for the position of Send letter of application Budget Analyst in the division and resume to Dr. Mel Bachelors Degree in a technical field (engineering, technical education, etc.) and Masters Degree in any field. r 1 of University Budgets. The Villeme, Director, Student oo: position will have responsibiliPersonnel Office, College of ty for the $100 million annual Education, UniversUy of educational a nd general South Florida, Tampa, Fla. budget, including major com33620. municatlon in problem solving According to Florida Law, eli services to seven colleges in applications and meetings G: numerous support divisions. regarding this position are This position is one of several open to the public The dESigned to develop manageUniversity of South Florida is ment, competency leading to an equal opportunity/affirpromotion intQ middle mative action employer. Dt! lDagement position. Minimum qualifications in clude: a Bachelors degree in Accounting or Business Ad ministration and 4 years pro gressively responsible ex p.erience in Accounting or Fiscal Management using computerized system. Salary will commensurate with experience and qualifica tions, but will not exceed $26,826. Expected starting SERVICE. WORKER SUPERVISOR HCC Responsible for scheduling and supervising the work of custodians engaged in the cleaning and custodial maintenance of College buildings. Minimum Qualifications: Must have experience in residential construction, com mercial construction, con struction estimating, and con struction applied statics. Must have experience in mechanical and architectural drawing with not less than 12 credit hours in one or both. Starting salary based on education and experience. Ap plication deadline: June 20, 1985. Please call (879-7222, ext. 230) for HCC application form or send let ter, resume and any suppor ting papers to: Director of PerSonnel COMMUNITY COLLEGE Personnel Dept. 39 Columbia Dr. (Davis Island) Tampa, FL 33606 EOE / M-F da t e, June 14, 1985. T o apply, plea s e submit your current resume, and re ferences of three persons who are knowledgeable of your qualifications by May 23, High School graduation and (4) years in custodial work--including at least one year as a lead worker h;:::=========:::;1 1985 to: J.P. Karp, ASsistant Director, Division of Universi ty Budget, USF, ADM. 201, 4202 Fowler Ave., Tampa, na. 33620. The University is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Ac tion Employer. or foreman. Salary range:$10,316 to $14,528 (plus excellent benefits). Application deadline: May ll, 1985. Apply at: HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE Personnel 39 Columbia Dr. (Davis Islands) Tampa, Fla. 33 EOE M/F To Place Cancel Or Correct CLASSIFIED ADS Dial 248-2825-or 248-3033 POLICE RECRUITS The City of Tampa Is looking for Black persons, both males and females, between the ages of 11 and 35 who are Interested in being employed as Police Recruits. The starting salary is $11,000 Recruits will be elevated to Police Officers at $18,541 annual salary upon satisfactorily completing necessary training. No experience needed, but you must be a high sehoolgraduate and In good physical conditlon;: Apply between the hours of 8 A. M. and 1 P. M. POLICE COMMUNICATION TECHNICIAN I (Pollee Dispatch Work) Start $5.30 an hour. High school graduation. Must be able to work rotating shiftS including nights, weekends and holidays. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) Individuals are encouraged to apply. Employment applica tions will be accepted until further notice. RECREATION LEADER II Part-time, 20 hrs/wk. $5.50 an hour. H I S diploma plus 6 hours college coursework in Recreation or P. E., 3 hrs. college English and reasonable ex perience In recreation that includes some experience planning and organizing recreation activities. A college transcript is requested. Apply between the hours of 8 A M. and I P. ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN I (TRAFFIC) Start $13,83i a year. H I S, preferably with I year of college in traffic engineering or related subjects (strong Algebra background), and reasonable technical experience in trafric engineering. signal timing ex perience required. Knowledge of Apple II micro computer and Mac Tran s software esse111ial. Apply by 5 / 31/85 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 1 For more information: Contact the EEO Office, City of Tampa, 306 .Jackson St., 7th Floor North, 223 8192. EEO/F/ M / H FOR SAI.,E VETERANS VA. No Money Down. No Closing Cost. Fast Occupan cy. Free Information. Call Walt Brewer Realty, FOR SALE VACANT LOT Size 53 x 117. Quiet neighborhood. Call Cora Mar tin, 223-5214 or 231-1866. Bay Area Managers, Inc.


CLASSIFIED ADS .-DIAL 248-1921-CLASSIFIED. AD DE.PT HOUSE FOR SA-LE FHA 235 PROGRESS VILLAGE Need a gift for someone WASHERS/DRYERS West Tampa. 2/1. Sold in G 0 V E R N M E' N T BEAUTIFULLY special? Fast gift service for all in 1 year. > as-is condition. For $26,000. ASSISTANCE REMODELED occasions. Will wrap and 248-5385. Emer2ency I. < Phone 685-7290. PROGRAM 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, stucco deliver. (813) 681-1581. Jean 1------------4 New homes with starting cement block, new roof. VA-Y. Andrews, Mary Kay ConCOUNTY WIDE NEW HOME prices as low as $38,500. $0 down, FHA $ 1SOO down, sultant. TREE SERVICE $35,0003/1 on large corDown payment as low as s42o/month. $37,400. 1-------------1 All types of tree work. Free ner lot near playground. Gar$1,200, monthly payments ap876 0780 Remodeling by Curtis Estimates. Insured. rett Realty, Inc., 875-4865, prox. $266. For more informa1-------------1 Woodard. Specializing in in238-2801 eves., 870-3299. tion call: COZY terior or exterior carpentry. t------------.. HERB FISHER Free estimates, easy bank We buy Homes and Lots 3 BR/1 bath home, good REALTY 3 bedrooms, cement block, financing. Licensed and bond-For Cash. 2 1 C 11 Central heat/air, wall to wall ANTHONY&. cond1hon, years o d. a 879-1933 ed. 2404 N. 34th St., 248-3424. Cora Martin, 223-5214 or 1-------------1 carpet, garage, near Temple ASSOCIATES 237-1866. Bay Area Managers, Terrace and close to schools, Thrift Sale. galore. REALTOR Progress Village. 2 bedroom h d b c 11 Inc. with additional room, can be s oppmg an uses. a Fri..' Sat.' and Sun. 6304 N. Nebraska Rhona, Realtor Associate, Everything for house and 237-5011 h made third bedroom. Corner Spacious 3 bedroom/2. bat eves., 238-2532. family apparel. Corne.r Cen1 d lot. Fenced-in yard. Central HOME IMPROVEMENTS frame house. Remode e tral and Adalee. In front of enclosed porch, new carpet, air/heat. Low down payment. 2 bedrooms/1 bath. Large Robles Lake. Quality work. All types. throughout. 3405 12th 681-7166, nights; 238-8 81 4, kitchen, low maintenance. Repairs, remodeling, and new Avenue. $54,000 terms. CaD days. Nice starter home, priced to CHURCH FOR construction. Class A license 237-1747, after 5 p.m. 1-------------+ sell Call Rhona, Realtor Consisting of three contractor. 238-3244 or. ------------4 Associate, eves., 2J8-2532. buildings located on nearly 988-8551. GREAT LOCATION 3 BR/2 bath home W/cartwo acres in Tampa. Call Ron 1 Residential and commercial 3 BR's, Cent. H/ A, inside port and fenced yard. As is BeautJ"ful bu"ld"ng lot 105 x Rampolla, Assoc., 885-5614. I d f 1 $25 000 loans on homes. Let us he p laundry room fncd. yd. A con Jhon or on Y 106. N1"ce area, open. to SMITH & ASSOCIATE C II f 23 1625 solve your financing pro-great buy at $39,200. Call for a or detaJ s 7 reasonable offer. Call Walter, BROKER blems. details. 237-1625. SUN BELT REALTY Realtor Associate, 'eves., NICK'S GROCERY W.R. BERRYHILL SUN BELT REALTY Assoc. Inc., Realtor 238-2532. & MEATS Lie. Mtg. Broker r:IJ Assoc. Inc., Realtor Immaculate home. Tender T-Rone Steaks 98< a 2 -LOTS 3 bdrm./1 bth., family ea. Center Cut Pork Chops 1---...;.. __ __,; _____ .. g. Low As room1 completely fenced, SO< ea. 5902 N. 40th St., MONeY TO LEND !!. $200/Down Zoned residential, high and beautJful'!cirtuhlr porch with 238-1697. Mortgage Loans up to .:,. If dry $5000 each. Owner will swing. Appraise $42,500. H==========-i $15,000. No Credit Checks. =-. you are overcrowded or carry at 12% with substantial being displaced, you rday Call Rhona, Realtor FREE Pregnancy Tests Tom P. Martino, Inc., ;= l"f p t down. Call Bess, evenings, Associate, eves., 238-2532. (Early Test Ava"lable) Realtor :-. qua 1 y. ermanen mcome re239 1793 .. quired Lever Real Estate, BAY AREA MANAGERS Spacious home for large ABORTIONS 2018 E. 7th Ave. 626-6689. family. 4 bedroonts/2 baths, Ph: 248-6111 _J family room, fenced yard. Individual Counseling t------------.. g; NO QUALIFYING FHA Home. Low down Owner very motivated, Call NitrousOxideAvailable Available immediately. t S 11 thl Rhona, Realtor Associate, V%fiT' \ .1i AUTO-HOMELIFE 2 $5,000 and take over paymen ma mon Y pay23 8 2532 .71 FAST CLAIM SERVICE ment. Quick occupancy. Call eves., RATES FOR GOOD AND payments. 3 BR/2 bath. 3 year for free information. JIRRELL L. COOK 1 old block home, Central WALT BREWER REALTOR Heat/ Air, 3720 Mistwood REI\LTY 933-6141 i 1 Drive 933-6621 MISCELLANEOUS INSURANCE Call owner, 685-0297. .___ THOMAS C. HILLS ATTN: INVESTORS CONSTRUCTION AND Gross $8,100 yr. Low Real Estate downOwner Finance-House Local Member of Private Investor will con-sider any situation. Homeowners only. 963-0565. Birth Control Clinic 251-0505 1302 S. Dale Mabry ALL WOMEN'S HLTH. HAMIL TON AGENCY 1720 North Nebraska Ave. PHONE : 229-1879 > = c. :s. arid Duplex-Zoned C-1. For Tampa MLS defails call 248-6111 or Call our professionals for a 248-6256, evenings. FREE Market Analysis. Don't TOM P. MARTINO undersell your home. New SHINE BRITE CTR.OFTAMPA Professional hair weaving and nail designs. Personal ser-r REWARD Inc., Realtor vice. Call Sunshine, 935-7315. -2018 E. 7th Ave. financing available at below 11-------------f market rates. Going somewhere special? DUPLEX I HOUSE 3 Units Zoned Commercial-located 105-107 22nd St., So. Ideal for business plus income, owner finance. Call Herman Bradley, 248-6256, eves.; or 248-6111. TOM P. MARTINO INC., REALTOR 2018 7th AVE. LOTS FOR SALE Priced Right. Convenient in good neighborhoods. $1,000 down, owner finance or will build to suit. Call Herman Bradley, 248-6111; ofc. ; even ings, 248-6256. TOM P. MARTINO Inc., 2018 E. 7th Ave. Beautiful 2 bedroom/ 2 bath home on over-sized corner lot. Must see to appreciate. Call and make offer. Loretta, 621-2021; eves. 237-1855. REAL ESTATE CO. 5118 N. 56th St. Suite Ill 621-2021 (Le Tourneau WEST TAMPA 3 bedrooms/1 Yz bath, con crete block. Asking $43,000. $500 down. SOUTH OF GANDY 3 bedrooms/2 baths, duplex, asking $44,000, $500 down. Free Facial. (813) 681-1581. Jean Y. Andrews, Mary Kay Consultant. 1974 2-door Opal, automatic. transmission, new engrne, asking $800 621-8483, anytime until 11 p.m. GORDY'S A1R-CONDITIONING & HEATING All appliances oil, gas, eJcctrical, refri,erators and freezers, ice machine, ale, washers/dryers. Call 223-9233. CLAIR-MEL CITY LAWN 3 bedrooms/1 bath. ConSPRINKLERS crete block. Asking $30,000. Save money by doing it Bank financing available. yourself, with professional 2 bedrooms/1 bath, near help. For additional informa-1Sth Street and Hillsborough, tion, call Leon. Johnson, Health Center Of North Tampa, Inc. (formerly Tol"l)po Counseling & Abortion Center, Inc.} 3 bd./2 bath double asking $28,600. Bank financ259-1062, after 4 p.m. PREGNANCY TESTS garage, CHA, Formal dining. available. t-----,7 8-C-H_R_Y_S_L_E_R __ -4 Birth Control Cli'nic Florida Room, fenced Tow.n & Country StationPregnoncyTerminotions backyard. 2475 sq. ft. Drive (Awoke or Asleep) $5-$500 For Your Junk Car Fast Free Pickup 626-6124 EXCEPTIONAL DISTRIBUTERSHIP AVAILABLI For person who der$nds $50K plus annually. We offer a legitimate relationship in the concession equipment business wlticb is family orientated. You. need credit/ character' sales exp. helpful but not necessary. $23,500 req. (finance if qualified). Call Mr. Ballard 813-968-4947. wagon. Brown & Gold 4 door; Confidential Counseling by 4109 LaSalle St. (off Lois). ale, power steering and win>-l Reduced to $69,000. Owner d $700 d t k <' OWS, an a e over OPEN : Mon.-Sot ..... _., <: paying $2,000 closing tost. payments of $96/month; 961 7907 0wner considering all offers. PROGRESSIVE balance approx. $1,200. Call :::::;:";..'::':'.i-. >-l Call Sue Kirk, office, 4803 Nebraska Ave'. 253 0257 b 212 S -< or go Y 14704 N Florida Ave. ns Ia NJicJr 885-7468; home, 968-4714. 237-6415 A ",_CZIWID o ...................... .................. ...... .. .. ..


.... BURGLARIES According to police reports, unidentified suspects broke in to the City of Tampa's Recrea tion Park Storeroom, 4505 E. 21st Ave., and fled the scene with $150 worth of jerseys, basketballs, softballs, and one volleyball. Mary Alice Fuller, 23, 3511 E. McBerr)"' St.; reported the incident. Willie Simon Byrd, 69, 2124 Spruce St., reported to police that an unidentified burglariz ed his home, and fled the scene with a chainsaw valued at $75. A 13" color television set valued at $125 was taken from the home of Odell Lee Smith, 46, 148 W. Columbus Dr., by an unidentified suspect, according to police reports. By prying down the fll burglary bar at. one window, = an unidentified suspect broke into the home of Ms. Yolanda ;a Harrison, 28, 2616 E. Palifox St., and fled the scene with a oS portable T.V./radio valued at li $200, according to police 707 N. Delaware Ave., by an unidentified male suspect who fled the scene at the south east corner of S. Howard and Ken ndy Blvd., according to police reports. While visiting the home of Ms. Joann Davis Lett, 37, 3104 E. 24th Ave., an uniden tified suspect, according to police reports, fled the scene unobseyved with a revolver valued at $52 and $160 worth of jewelry. DRUG ARRESTS According to police reports, Charles Hudson, 18, 248 Broad Ave., was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana while at the corner of N. 28th St. and E. 29th Ave. Police also arrested Riccar do Williams, 37, 2110 Cano Ct., and charged him with possession of marijuana while at 2113 E. Columbus Dr. While at the corner of N. 16th St. and Rodney, police arrested Ralph Johnson, 33, 2246 18th St. So. St. Petersburg,' and Jeffrey Ber nard Wimbley, 22, -320 Kingston, St. Petersburg, and charged them both with possession of cocaine. Arrested and charged with possession, sale, and delivery of marijuana while in the 3400 block of Chelsea, according to police reports, was Sam Jones, 35, 4202 Kenneth Ct., Apt. 102. According to police reports, John Edward Morris, 27, 4217 E. Ellicott, was arrested and charged with possession, sale, and delivery of marijuana while at the corner of N. 42nd St. and E. Chelsea. Twenty-year-old Leonard Anthony Benton, 5707 N. 34th St., and 45-year-old Benjamin Mungin, 4313 ,E. Chelsea, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana while at 1947 W. Main St., ac cording to police reports. Arrested and charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to deliver was 21-year old Eugene Hopps, 505 E. Francis St. According to police reports, the suspect was spotted at 1906 E. Columbus Dr. reports, 1 Merchandise valued at $219.95 was taken by an WHE,RE THE ACTION IS ... unidentified suspect who c broke into the home of Ms. Valerie D. Johnson, 29, 435 't:l = Gould Ct., according to police (Continued From Page 15) weekend. They will be having Area are checking the swing the best for less at their double ing club out. Just the other disco piace. It's a go for you to day your action man met ten hear the D.J. Jay Jay. lovely foxes from Bradenton < reports. t> 't:l -= fiJ -= = =-= -= = I = = 00 THEFTS It was reported to police that an unidentified suspect burglarized an automobile belonging to Melvin S." Green, 30,212 S. Church St., Apt. 17, and fled the scene with a $200 car stereo. The incident occur red at 212 S. Church St. Unidentified s uspect broke i nto a v an belonging to Ruben Jordan, 70, 1716 St. John, and fled the s cene with a $200 television set plus $120 worth of other miscellaneous items, according to police reports The theft occurred near the victim s residence. Ms. Elsie M. Fletcher, 20, 1002 W Lemon, Apt 306, reported t o police that an unidentified s u spect fled the s cene at 218 Nordica with a $200 washing machine. valued at $40 and $45 in cash were taken from Ms. Advena Templeton, 68, r Don't forget the MANILA and the Sarasota area. They LOUNGE; it's heavy in the are dynamite. Ybor City area. Many people See you next week and tell a from all over the Tampa Bay friend where the action is ... Ricky E. Williams Attorney At Law (SV2 Yrs. State Attorney's Office) and Wrongful Death Acc1dents, Shp & Fall, Railroad, Boat & Motorcycle Acc1dents, Defective Products, Uninsured Motorists). Criminal Defense (State & Federal Court) (Felonies, Drug Cases, Misdemeanors, Traffic:, OWl and Juvenile). Divorce_ Custody Support LASSIFIED MISCELLANEO SYLVIA WIGS & BEAUTY SALON 2271 E. Hillsborough (Eastgate Plaza) 239.=3404 Complete Hair Care Nexus Products FOR RENT AD DEPT FOR Large 1 bedroom furnished close to busline. bedroom efficfency, clean quiet. 101 E. Sitka, month. Section 8 0. K. Tom, 248-6112. TOM P. MARTINO Inc., Realtor 2018 E. 7th Ave. Columbus Dr./ Florida Ave. Furnished, neat, clean and Nice clean private rooms for reasonable. 238 3244 clean working people. t------------reasonable, furnished 2 bedroom apartment, a/c utilities included. and heat, $285/month, $150 3615 N. 22nd St. Call Gary, 9-5, 248-1848; after 6 :m. 879-5515. Section 8 acSECTION 8 ONLY 1 bedroom home, 7820Y2 N 13th Street. Call 237-1371. ROOMS FOR RENT 3 bedroom house for rent Pay your own u'tilities. 2205 E 17th Avenue. Call da Large furnished rooms with burglar bar door, near Florida 248-2210, after 6 Avenue. Newly remodeled. 1-9_8_5_-8_4_8_0_. -------Bathroom and kitchen 2308 9th Ave. privileges. $45/week plus $15.00 deposit required. -3813 or 253-2539. 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, 2 baths, carpet, a/c. Section 8 only. 237-8637 ------------1 or 248-9091. MONEY TALKS! 1---.-----------.. 1 and 2 bedroom apts for 3 apartment, t, a/c. I & M Apts., 1002 $250/month. St. 258-5151. 251-5592 Modern 2 bedroom apart ment, upstairs, for rent, con-apt. jus crete block, air-conditioned, remodeled, convenient carpeted, $65/week, .,or washer/dryer, carport. $260/month Water included. tion 8 0. K: Call Herm 5906 N. 40th Street. 238-1697. 248-6112 or 248-6256, eves. TOM P. MARTINO or Business Space for inc. Realtor rent. 500 sq. ft. Water 5906 N. 40th bedroom duplex. A / C, St. 238-1697. Stove, Refrigerator, Carpet, hook-up. 1807 E. Columbus Dr. Burglar Bars. 621-4166, after 7 Neat, clean and reasonable, p.m. refrigerator and cookinga.;..----------facilities. 238-3244. LEASE Brand new 2 BR CA&H OPTION Crpts, energy efficient. 3404 $5,000 down $1,000 54t_h St Water / sewer paid. month. Town / Country A 626-3359 or 626-8446. 1 acre. 4 bed, 2 bath ; near port, beach, schools 'J:' bedroom / 1 bath house, 884-8824. $425 / month Costa Developers FOR RENT 223-5214 Small apartment by week or ., _____ ...;;..;... ___ I month. 932-2856. APT. FOR RENTi 2 bedroom, carpeted; air conditioned, in Sulphur Spr-HOUSE FOR RENT Si75/month. 972-2513. 4 bedroom house fo r rent E. 38th St., plus-deposit. 986-4325 247-7379. Furnished rooms on Ave., neat and clean, reasonable, refrigerator and 2 bedroom duplex apt. for cooking facilities. 238-3244. $275/mo., $200 deposit. t----------own utilities. 2532 W. Efficiency & 1 BR apt Walnut. Days, 248-3791; after $125/deposit, as low a-6:_3_0,_, 9_8_5_-s_4_s_o_. ------t $50/week including 2 BR duplex apt. for' rent, garbage & sewage. $275/mo., $200 de)losit, Pay ask for Dan. own utilities, 1532 W. Walnut.I-----Y-B ... O_R_C-IT_Y __ Days, 248-3791; after 6:30 call 3015 N. Sanchez: 985-8480. Large 4 BR house, large kit1 bedroom energy efficient chen, wide hallways, 1 bath, apartment. Completely fur-carpet; ceiling fan, $390 nished, with air condition. 2 month plus $150 deposit fee weeks free rent. 1003Y 2 E. (includes water and garbage), .L ........ a Go by then cail 1 year lease. 886-1954 or 988-2114.


.. / ...... ................................................................................ Woman Fatally Shoots Fire Victim Dies Dies After Falling Boyfriend During A Struggle Off 0 f Garba. ge Truck According to police reports, yesterday afternoon, allegedly E. Virginia Ave., perished in 3: 27-year-ol.d Michael Reed, tried forcing his way into an an early morning fire at his According to Florida > 8402 Mulberry Dr., Apt. B, open door and a kitchen winresidence. Highway Patrol :Officers, < was fatally shot in chest by dow after Grant refused to Police spokesman Johnny 45-year-old Robert Morgan, his girlfriend after he tried to allow him inside. According to Barker explained that the 8321 Allamanda Ave., Probreak into their home yesterpolice reports, the two were blaze, which was observed at gress Village, died on Friday day afternoon at 6:35 p.m. observed struggling while the 1:25 a.m Tuesday morning by after being bumped off the Charges are against victim, was making his a police unit, destroyed the rear of a garbage truck in 26-year-old Sharon Grant, through the kitchen window residence The fire is believed which he was riding near Plant same address. Police stated that two shots to be accidental. City. It was reported that Reed wer:e fired from a .22 caliber Fire units extinguished the It was reported that a car, and Grant lived together at the rifle, but only one bullet hit blaze at 1:45 a m driven by James "Henry Mulberry Dr address until a Reed after he had gained entry Williams, 108 S. Kingsway week ago. into the house. He died upon Edmund explained that Road, Seffner, collided with The viCtim, who arrived at arrival at University Com Reginald was under duress the truck on U.S. Highway 92, the house with his brother munity Hospital. from so many directions that just east of Plant City. stantly. Jurors. Reggie Selected White's For Trial Judge Terrell Hodges took justice by lying under oath, lyMonday morning to question ing to a federal grand jury and prospective jurors about their threatening the family of aU. belief, personal lives, connecS attorney. tions in other litigation and A majority of the jurors .[IUS.IIU;ss aSSOCiatiOnS in an efquestioned Were residentS Of to have an impartial jury Pinellas County, with a few s,c<:Hc;u to hear testimony in the from Polk and Hillsborough fedenil trial of 29year-old County A jury of nine women '-c:g,gJ c: White and three men was seated White is on trial for a Monday afternoon prior to ber of fe deral charges opening s tatements by the at... ,h,, h ob s truction of torneys White's attorney Jack Psychic.-Spiritualist Madame -Ann Solve s all life's problems of Love, Money, Health, Bad Luck. Removes Evil Spells and Curses Gives you Lucky Numbers and Day s Answers all your questions. Madame Ann can and will help you!! Results Where Others Have Failed. 6025% N. Dale Mabry 1 blk. N of Hillsborough Frank's Ornamental Iron 24 Hour Service 627-4034 Residential Commercial Financine Arranged Burglar Bars Railings 1-"in E s capes Stairways Weldings Ornamentals Licensed Insured Bonded 875-4697 Bus Stop No.40 t :. JOHNSON .. Owner free Home Security Tips THE G REAT MAKO SPIRITUAL READER : HJ;ALER, AND ADVISOR Tell s past, present and future. He knows all, tells all. If you are sick and 'in bad health. Know your enemies! Is your loved one drifting away? Do )'OU need moDe! ? If you have a Curse or Bad Spell he can help you break the bad luck. One visit can or maybe solve all your problems His specially is gelling the sick well and reuniting the loved ones. Lucky Days and Num bers are given. lF YOU NEED HELP DON'T HESITATE COME NOW, LATER MAY BE: TOO LATE CQME BY HIS O -FFICE OR CALL 134-1241, ll'l W. HII.LSBOROUGH AVE. 4 BLOCKS WEST OF 1-75, TAMPA. BUS RIDE I ROM ANYWHERE. CLIP THIS AD FOR A SPECIAL READING he oftentimes did not know Morgan was knocked off of what he was saying when questhe truck and was killed in Williams was with improper passing. tioned by federal officials Assistant U. S Attorney John Fitzgibbons said the truth of the various tales didn't matter, but what mat, ters is that White lied under oath White gave one set of statements last May and came back later i n the year to recant those statements for which he is being tried According to Judge Hodges, the trial shquld last two to three weeks. The trial will not be held Thursday and Friday of this week because of prior commitment s by the judge ; nor on Monday which is a national holiday AUTO INSURANCE UP TO 25% DISCOUNT "Come Where Service Has Been Our Polic_y For 30 Yrs." A. F. Kilbride Ins. I 4.507 Nebraska 238-8874 SPIRITUAL ADVISOR True Psychic Born With Power. Will Satisfy You In One Visit. Has Loved One Turned Against You? Are You Unhappy, Discouraged, Influenced By Evil Spell? I Can Succeed Where Others Have Failed. Call Today. Weekdays Af ter 5 P.M. Anytime On Weekends. Daily BlesSings. 1 (813) 677-2971 Man. Runs Over Police Car In Stolen Tractor According to police reports, 39-year-old William Henry Walker, Jr., 4806 Shoeshone Ct., was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, at tempted murder, fleeing and alluding police, and grand theft. Walker allegedly stole a 1985 max tractor, valued at $86 ,000, from 4515 W Cayuga at 1 a .in. this (Tues day) morning While traveling east bound on Tampa Bay Blvd from Dale Mabry, the ran over a pursuing police car head-on. Both officers were temf'Jorarily trapped inside their cruiser, but were treated and released from Tampa General Hospital. After the impact, stated, Walker contin traveling east bound Brodrick. Shots wer e fired police but the suspect was prehended unharmed at corner of Sophia and St. after stopping the vehicle No other reported. 50.15. Industry, economy, honesty and kindness 66, 70. form a quartet of virtues that will never be improved upon. 66,44. FREE Estimates Portable Welding Shop Work Fabricating Burglar Bars Ornamentals Metal Staircases General Repairs Commercial 237-1770 YES! We Can Solve Your Plumbing Repair Servlce. Remodeling New Installations MICHAEL R. REEV ES Electric Sewr And Drain-Cleaning For AU Your Plumbing .._.ds Call REEVES PLUMBING COMPANY 238 #CF25588 I -


To Larmon's For The Credit Y ou Deserve Even No Down Payment.On Your Favorite Phi leo Or Crosley. TheBigPhilcoPriceCutlslike Croslev@ cro s llery Money In The. Bank When You Buy Now J I FROZEN GOURMET SHELVADOR C 5,, 2 diagonal TRIM SET Super ENERGY ECONOMIZER design Illuminated water and ice valet Foldaway wine rack Champagne see-thru butter and cheese com partment, crisper and meat keeper with ad justable temperature control Automatic ice maker and removable ice storage bucket The refrigerator that automatically makes Ice cream And many other chilled and Illuminated water frozen foods and ice valet Super ENERGY ECONOMIZER design Glide-out meat pan Twin glide-out crisper Split cantilever shelves A.C.T. Control (Auto-Lock Channel Tuning) Qne:-Knob Electronic VHF/UHF Tuning Lighted Channel Indicator Efficiency 300 Solid-State Chassis 100 Tripotential Black Matrix In-Line Picture Tube (2511 Diagonal) cabinet tlnlsh of oak grain vinyl on hardboard Equipped with a dynamic 411 wide-range speaker. Swivel base. Dimensions: 271f 11 H, 331f II W, 171f II D (plus 311 cup) Phil co 211 1 Lightweight Color Portable I 30"Model Infinite Heat Setting Signal lights Large Elements Removable Surface Units lift-Up, Spill-Catching Cook Top Spacious Storage Drawer Removable Oven Door Chromed, Self-Lock Oven Racks Thick, Energy-Saving Insulation Two-Piece Broiler Pan Four Leg Levelers Waist-High Broiler PLUS : Standard Clock Window Oven Door with Interior light Cro Slev AUTOMATIC I J WASHER AND DRYER Quality features coinbined with technical engineering and design make Crosley products a profitable investment. WASHER : 181b. Sp6cial Edition 2 Speeds 3 Cycles Single Knob Control 4-Way Wash Action Cold Water Wash and Rinse Cool Down Spray Heavy Duty Motor Commercial Grade TransmiSsion Available in White Only .FROM---- ModeiCW1800 '399 Console Color TV '499 Portable Color TV '399 Freezer Uprig-ht. '699 '299 '499 '399 Freezer Chest '349 WE CARRY .OUR OWN ACCOUNTS Ph: 247 471 DRYER: Large Family-Size Capacity Timed Dry Air Fluff Cycle 110 Sq. Inch Lint FiHer Heavy Duty Motor Available in White Only Available in Electric Onlv


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