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Young Doctor Comes Home To Practice All The News Fit To Print VOL-. -40 NO. 80 --_:/ FLORIDA r I entinel ullefiD AMERICA'S SEMI-WEEKLY '\.,_ 110,000 READERS EACH EDITION Published Every Tuesday And Friday TAMPA;-FtORIDA FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1985 PRICE 35 CENTS Firm Helps THA Meet Tenant Needs (SEE"STORY ON P iGE 3-A) Woman Set Afire 'Stable' 1 (SEE STORY ON PAGE 23-A) POLICE DEPARTMENT'S WEST TAMPA SECTOR 'A' OFFICE CELEBRATES GRAND OPENING The City of Tampa and the Tampa Police Department celebrated the grand opening ceremonies were, left to right, Bernie Cimino, Mayor Bob Martinez, opening of the West Tampa Police Sector 'A' Office on September 5. Both Chief Don Newberger, Lt. B. R. Holder, Officer M L. Grant, Charles Davis Police Chief Don Newberger and Tampa Mayor Bob Martinez view this and Public Service Administrator R L. Smith. (See Story, Page 2:\-A). development as a means toward curbing ihe crime rate in that area.


........................ ........................................................................ .. 5 Officials Ask IC Parkgoers To =: l;lil = l;lil !-< =l;lil 00 .1:1 c = I c Since Riverfront Park open-BY GWEN HAYES ed a few years ago, it has been Sentinel Managing Editor the 'hangout' spot on Sunday According to Spoto, the afternoons for black main complaint the departt eenager s They have gathered ment has encountered has t her e to meet and make been parking. On Sunday the friend s, enjoy the facilitie s at park will host the'first ever' for the lis ten to their the recreation department -a and JUSt relax. Two y ears ago f t th th D L B .. ree c 'P .cer w1 e azz ewts rmson and Larry Har-B d d 1 an an P'ca groups. nson started a sum !!ler basketFestival Productions i s bringball league that some ing the concert in behalf of of the p q pular players the S hl"t s cit c 1 z rewery. y. "We're doing all we can to Sunday, August ... a put on a first rate, large scale disturbance broke out concert," Spoto said, and and two persons were arres f ed. "we're hoping this is the first Several of Tampa's city .of-of many. The park (River-cials including Angelo front) has the space to handle _._..., .. ,._..,, district supervisor for sucfi an activity and we have Tampa Recreation Dept., the crowd So there should be Saltzman, director of the no problems." department, Bob Spoto added that the rules assistant to the of the park will be enforced, rn .. police dept. official however, and no alcoholic Lt. B. J. Curry, and Bobby beverages will be sold. 1 Bowden, director of com-To accommodate parking, munity affairs, met to discuss the City of Tampa Recreation that problein and any others Dept. has secured the south lot that concerned the park and adjacent to Riverfront Park complaints by nearby (the old Phillips Field) for residents. parking and it will be patrolled City Council Approves Total Cleanup After The Storm BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor 'g For several months residents < have taken it upon themselves longer than five feet and, if possible, tied together in bundles that will be easy to handle. No building materials will be picked up by the collec tors. to conduct cleanup campaigns in their individual com ::s munities. At the same time, the Tampa City Council has t been after the Sanitation Department to conduct a total community cleanup campaign Following the effects of last weekend's storm, the city is forced to cleanup several areas and therefore, has decided to cleanup the whole city. c = = 1 c c J.l Cll On Thursday, the Tampa City Council approved an emergency cleanup effort following the effects of Hurricane Elena that has trash and debris in several areas of the city. According to Otis Anthony, deputy assistant to Robert Fierro, director of the Sanita tion Dept., the cleanup carppaign will begin in those areas hardest hit by the hurrricane. Anthony also stated that refrigerators and larger ap pliances and other items will be removed, but the residents are to call the Sanitation Dept. at 877-6031. There is also a special service line that resi dent may call with questions about this special effort, 223-8670. OTIS ANTHONY ... Asst. Director To assist in this effort, which is estimated to cost bet ween $750,000 and $1 by police. The y have also secured the lot adjacent to the Spartan Sports Complex which will al s o be patrolled by police officer s Spoto and the other city of ficials are asking those who at tend the concert to please : respect the residents in the : neighborhood and their pro perty. "This is a community function and we don't want tbose who don't hay e the in terest of the community at heart to disrupt those who come to have a good time," Spoto explained. He also added that there will be several police officers available in hopes that there will be a minimal amount of confusion, traffic and they will be there as a deterent to anything that may occur. City officials are also re questing that if there are pro J:?Iems and police officers at tempt to make an arrest, ''please let the officers do their job and if you disagree with what has been done there are proper channels to take. We can make an effective use of the police, if the community shows an interest." The concert on Sunday, which is free and begins at l p. m. (parking lots (free) open at 11 :30), will be held on the soc cer football field in the park. "It's a fast-paced concert and will start on time. There will be no lull time," Spoto stated. Park officials are making use of area youths and stagehands to assist with the concert. Any revenue taken in will be donated to the Sickle Cell Foundation. "This (Riverfront Park) is a \l{lique park and is special to of us. There is none other like it in this city. We should all take pride in it and make it the city has contracted with three private firms: Industrial Waste Services, Waste Management, Inc. and GSX of Florida, Inc. Anthony also suggests that residents call the special number before they begin placing trash out so that it will not have to sit out by the curb for a of time. Anthony also stated that the free pickup of storm damage material begins immediately and all trash must be placed at the curb by October 1. No trash will be picked up from alleys. Anthony said no specific time could be set a s to when trash will be picked up f rom different parts of the city be c ause it is not known how long it will take for the crewmen to move from one area to another All debris should be picked up by mid October, however. Certified Public Accountant In this cleanup effort, residents inay also put out home furnishings, such as old sofas, mattresses, chairs, Y:z Years Work Experience With IRS Delinquent Tax Return IRS Representation On Audit And Collection Problems Computerized Accounting Service Management Consultation Preparation Of Loan Packages HOWARD McKNIGHT Respect Residents the best park in the city," Spoto s tated. "What happened two Sun day s ago can be avoided and in DOG 8202 N Fl o n d a Ave 3100 Gandy B lvd 4 02 1 W H ill sborough 3015 W Kennedy B lvd no way had anything to do with the Summer Basketball League game that had taken place," he said. R DAILY 4 til 2 4 1 2 O Z CANS 9.99cASE 6.99CASE 6.29CASE Old Milwaukee 2 4 1 2 OZ CANS S UITCASE ABC Beer, Ale 12-12 oz CANS ICE COLD LabaH's Canadian s 1 2oz.BOTLs. 3.99 Sun Country CoolerPLUS$1MFG.RBT. 3.49LfR. St. Pauli Girl Holland s 1 2oz.BOTLS. 3.99 Lord Calvert 5.99 7 : E & J Brandy 5.99 7 : AmareHo di 11.29 Southern Comfort PLUS$iMFG.RBT. 5.99 7 : Martin's V. V .0. 6.79 Kessler Blend 6.69 nR Bacardi Rum 7.59 LTR. Gordon's Vodka 5.99m Ancient Age Brb. Gilbey's Gin PLUS $1 MFG. RBT. Seagram's Gin PLUS$2MFG.RBT. 6.99nR. 6.59nR. 'hilaclelphia Blend 59.2.0Z. Black Velvet Seagram's Vodka PLUS $2 MFG. RBr.11.49 Don Q Rum PLUS$3MFG.Rsr.1 Ten High Bourbonsnoz. Scoresby Scotch PLUS$2MFGRBT Gold Peak CHABLIS. VIN ROSE RHINE, BURGUNDY 4.69dR. 5.99L;. 4.79M Gallo Cella CHABLIS. PINK CHABLIS, RHINE. BURGUNDY, REO ROSE, VIN ROSE Lambrusc o Of' B ianco Bartles & Jaymes WINE COOLER 12 OZ. BTLS. Coke Milk Sunny Florida Dairy REG. OR DIET 1. 19 LfR. LOFATMOST 2 15 STORES GAL. GOOD SAT.. SEPT. 7 HEAVEN 579 HILL BOURBON LITER LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER W COUPON I GOOD FRI.. SEPT 6 RON RICO 599 I I RUM liTER liMIT PER CUSTOMER W ,CfiUPON GOOD FRI.. SEPT. 6 I IMP.ITALY 399 t.s LTR I I UMIT TWO PER W !C8UPO.:.J I GOOD MON .. SEPT. 9 I INGLENOOK 3 79 I CHABUS 1.5 LTR I LIIIIIT TWO I'U CUSTOMER W !COUPOII GOOD TUES .. SEPT. I 0 CARLO ROSSI479 RHINE mR liMIT TWO PER CUSTOMER W tCOUPON -----!!!j GOOD TUES .. SEPT. I 0 R&R 649 I CANADIAN UTtR I LIMIT DIIE PER CUSTOMER W /COUPON carpet and there is no limit on the quantity of material s that can b e put out. Res ident s are a s ked to c ontainerize a s much m a t e rial as possible. GOOD SUN .. SEPT. 8 J E. Hillsborough Ave. (Tampa} I IN AREAS OPEN SUNDAY I 237-4496 GALLO-CHABUS 319 T r ee limb s and s hrubber y that is out s hould be no I BLANC 1.5 LTR. I Hours: Mon -Fri. 8-6 Sat -10-3 !!!!!; -----------


.. Start Practice Of M edicine Authority Organize Their Work James Odell B r ookin s left BY GWEN HAYES Tampa in 1969 after he Sentinel Managing Editor graduated from Middleton High School to pursue a career 24-hour phone number is in medicine. However, it was 238-3566. always his intention to return Dr. Brookins to his hometown to practice as mternal and adult mediCine a physician. "an area particular!; After his studies at Florida blacks with hypertensiop ar A&M University where he thritis, diabetes and heart received a B. S. degree in diseases can get treatment biology in 1974, Brookins he said. Dr. Brookins chose entered Meharry Medical ternal medicine as his speciali School and graduated from ty because as a student that there in 1980. area interested him more than It was the positive image of others. his father, the late Dr. James Among the services offered 0. Brookins, that inspired him in the. office will be screenings to want to be a doctor, the for diabetes, routine physical young man says. After provexaminations, and job or ing that he can be an inspiraschool physicals. He will work tion to others in the field out of four of the area's James 0. Brookins M.D., P: hospitals, and plans to serve as A. has come borne along with an informational digest for the his family, to open an office community by being available for the practice of medicine. to answer any questions about The office, which opens on any diseases. September 16, is located at 825 This office site was chosen W Buffalo Ave. Open house because "it's important to be will be held on Sept. 15. The accessible to the people, good '2301 f. Hillsborough Ave. 238-0351 406 W. Columbus Drive 229-7905 ho s p it al s a n d the c olleague s w ho will work wit h y ou Dr. Brookins say s he has an interest in the state of blacks health wise, especially black IJ;1) between the ages of 18 airc}_55 who very seldom go to the doctor for checkups. "Be'sides black-on-black crime, hypertension is one of the main killers of black males," he said. ''It's going to take the wife, mother or some other close family member to urge them to get a physical ex amination before they become ill," he said when asked how to get men to go to the doctor. Prior to coming to Tampa, Dr. Brookins served as medical director and staff physician at the Morton Com prehensive Health Services, Tulsa, Oklahoma, a posi tion he accepted in April, 1984. His service here, where he served 6o-70f1Jo of the in digents in Tulsa, was part of a two year commitment to the National Health Service Corps. Prior to that, he was a staff physician in adult medicine at Morton. He also had an opportunity to attend several national meetings con cerning issues of health care His residency training and internship were done at Meharry Medical College in Inte r nal Medicine, and was a student instructor there. Dr Brookins has extensive experience (three y ears) o f emergency room experience, and e x perience wo r king with elderl y, "who are often neglectep and misunderstood." }le would like to project a positi v e image to the youth of Tampa as he was invol v ed in the community in Tulsa. "On Sundays a group of phy s ician s would play basketball with the youth and that gave them close contact with role models." His wife of ten years, San dra, a '74 graduate of F AMU with a masters in guidance Now Open nn Sundays 12-5 P.M. 7450 Palm River Road 626-1404 Palm River Plaza '"i0:J"v_ e_VI-1.7 BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer The Washington, D C. con sulting firm of Jorgensen Assoc., Inc. is working on im plementing a preventive maintenance plan at the Tam pa Housing Authority, in an effort to help the authority organize their maintenance jobs and meet the needs of the tenants. According to the Mayor's Executive Assistant Bob Mor rison, the City of Tampa has allotted $100,000 towards the research and implementation of this plan. "Jorgensen will examine not only the work order system, but also setting up a preventive maintenance pro so that the authorit y can begm to work toward cat c hing BOB MORRISON problems before they occur he explained. "The consultants will work hand-in-hand with the aut?ority and its staff to begin to Improve its ability tO res pond to the \ needs of the tenants who deserve quick and q u a lit y s e t vice wherever possible," Atty. Morrison ad ded. THA Executive Director Juan Patterson stated that the Preventive Maintenance pro gram is "multi-faceted. It computerizes the work order system at the housing authori ty, and generates various reports on the preventive maintenance plan and the dai ly work plan for landscaping Atty. Morrison further ex plained that the program JUAN PATTERSON w?ic.h is effectively working withm several city depart counseling from Tennessee ment s calls for pro v iding a State will assi s t him in the of-complete inventor y of the e a s office manag er. O t h er v ariops part s which m a ke-up a staff per s ons will i n clud e a housi:ng unit. nur s e and medical a s sistan t. Once y ou know what you Dr Brookin s is the son of have in a unit, when the la s t Mrs. Evelyn Brookin s and the time repairs were done on an brother of twin s Ronald and item in that unit, and what t he Donald, Dwight and his s i s ters normal useful life of that item are Barbara and Carol. (Continued OnPage 11-A) RI CARDO G ILM O R E GEORGt:t::LARK ROB E R T MORRI S O N MORRISON, GILMORE & CLARK, P.A. ATTORNEYS AT LAW 1516 8th A venue Tampa, Florida 33605 (813) 248-6866 Prepared To Offer The Service You Deserve > = c. ..


Member of notional Newspaper Publishers Assc iation (NNPA). and Am+ algamated Publishers. Inc. New York. Seventy percent of the murders which occur in the United States start as fights. This grim statistic came from a recently released study entitled "Lethal Violence in the United States Over 17 Years." The report examines several thousand homicides which took place from 1965 through 1981. There is a lot which can be learned from the study and used to help avoid such murders in the future. First of all, if most such killings spring from fights, it only stands to reason that unnecessary fights should be avoided. There are many ways to steer clear of needless brawls. Ignoring verbal slurs is one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary physical confrontation. Fighting only in the event of self-defense is another method that can be used to keep the peace. A voiding stupid traps that some males put themselves in by trying to prove their manhood through starting fights may keep more of them out of hospitals and graveyards longer. It was revealed while talking to a local doctor last week that a most unusual case w .. as worked on in a local hospital recently when a 6 ft. 5 inch, 220 pound construction worker suffered a crushed forehead when he attacked a smallish (5 ft. 7) auto driver dur ing a traffic dispute. The little man was a karate ex pert and crushed the larger man's head with one karate kick. Using a civil tone, kind words; an understanding behavior and respectful manner can help to avoid such squabbles. These attributes do not mean that the person who uses them is weak. In fact, it takes a very strong person to keep her /his senses when someone else is not using his/hers. By controlling tempers, many of us can, in fact, prolong life. It is crucial that more of us think of avoiding needless confrontations and thereby reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths, because the grief which occurs after such affects loved ones emo tionally, financially and otherwise. We all must remember there is nothing more precious on earth than life.' It should not be taken for granted, nor should it be wasted in senseless quarrels and subsequent fights. Minority Business Development Preparing For Business Week Conclusions On Economic Series Over the past twelve columns in a series, we tried to point out some shortcomings, as well as, offer some positive suggestions in the area of economic development in the Black community. Surely, there were points of and hopefully there were perspectives of" which there may well have been concurrence. Howeyer, let us hope that some serious conscientiousness was created and will prevail, resulting in some direct action. A recommended action to 1 be taken was the Church business cooperative idea. Hopefully, some brave ministers will have found merit in the concept and will take the necessary steps to at least continue deliberation among a collection of church ministers in our midst. The major concept such an economic series would hope for as a desired outcome, is that we as a people come to realize that is is the economics of life upon which all other things are based. Strong economic institutions are the foundations upon which a people rise or fall. All other such institutions are no stronger than the economic foundation. A subsequent ideal brought forward, as well, was the special tax district concept. The idea of giving the oredominantly Black legislative district, which elect ed the \ county's first Black in the pe,rson of Rep. James Hargrett Jr., special tax privileges, is a significant key to economic upward mobility for the inner-city Black com munity. That, in commensurate with the Church Cooperative idea, could make wholesome things hap for Black people here in the county. ( Letter To The Editor ) All of this, mind you, is an acute departure from the poverty program concept old. Everything is self-help, pure boot-strap philosophy. The only tax involved would be the people of the district, voluntarily taxing themselves to improve the quality of life among themselves. No idea is more democratic and American than such. The idea is not exactly new. Up north, surburban rich school districts tax themselves to improve the quality of education in their district beyond the state minimum funding. So-called ghetto districts ought to be allowed to do the same. Basketball League Directors Set Record Straig ht About Disturbance TAMPA The some people. If Riverfront (Lewis Brinson and Larry Park is, to continue to be the Harrison) of the Riverfront 'leisure spot' on Sunday, then Summer Basketball League we must pull together and stop would like to set the record the inappropriate behavior. straight about the disturbance Remember, if you're not part that took place on Sunday, of the solution, then you're Aug. 25, at Riverfront. part of the problem. Remem-It was broadcasted by several television stations and written in several newspapers linking the disturbance to our tournament. Those reports were inaccurate and were not the results of an eyewitness report. Our championship game had ended approximately 30 minutes after the broke out. We put a lot of effort and work into this league in order to provide an outlet to the thousands of people who flock to the park every Sunday af ternoon. Anyone at the game, and there were hundreds, can verify the fact that no distur bance took place during the tournament. We will not take the blame for other areas' inefficiences. However, we would like to encourage the public to refrain from such behavior because it only provides an excuse to close the park on Sunday, in which I'm sure would please ""part of the problem. Let's act instead of react and cut the foolishness out now! Once again to the public, we had nothing to do with the disturbances and we hope to see all of you back during the summer of '86 at Riverfront Park. Lewis Brinson Larry Harrison Directors Open House At Tampa General Black people are not as poor as their communities look, The problem with Black people in communities such as Tampa and Hillsborough County is that they lack the political institutions and machinery to organize their wealth and ,human resources. Once we get that, we are on our way. So let us put personality and personal likes and dislikes aside. If we are big enough to Tampa General Hospital look beyond the personal and will host open hou s e on Thurs-think collectively, we would day, Sept. 12, 7-8:30 p. m. in have overcome a giant hurdle. the hospital's Rehab Center, A man is never any bigger than second floor dining room that which is in his heart. His Local nurses are especially vision will never extend light invited to attend and to take beyond his mental grasp. advantage of the continuing Limited to the narrow range; education courses offered this he perishes in darkness. fall: RN Refresher Course, ofWhat we do with our hearts fered to RN's who lack recent and minds among ourselves is hospital experience; Critical the key to every dream to be Care Nursing Course, a 13 fulfilled. As Martin Luther the community who have exweeks course held on MonKing spoke to us in one of his emplified true minority days, 4-8 p. m. to introduce many wonderful'sermons: business developments. experienced Med/Surg nurses "One day we will/earn that Highlights of the week will to the knowledge necessary for the heart can never be totally The Minority Business The awards ceremony and be marketing and procurement Critical Care positions. This is right if the head is totally < Development is preparing for open house will be held on workshops to be held in the also a refresher course for wrong. This is not to say that its Minority Business DevelopSept. 30, 5 p. m -8 p. m in Amphitheatre on October 1 Critical Care nurses preparing the head can be right if the ment Week Celebration which the Sun Bank Building Arnand 2. for CCRN certification. heart is wrong. Only through 0 will be held locally Sept. phitheatre, 315 E. Madison Thomas Huggins is coorFor more information on the bringing together of head ""' 30-0ct. 4. The national Ave. with the awards prodinator of the business week the open house or fall courses, an.d heart intelligence and (5 celebration is the following gram beginning at 5. This procelebration. For more inforplease call 251-7456 Kathy goodness-shall man rise to a .. w.eek ..................... g.ram .. willhonorm .. inorit.iesin .......... c.ali--27......... Ar .. nold .. isthecoordinator ...... fi.uifiiUm .. eritof ..


SHERNA (Part One) tion. Be it voting, proposing, supposing, imposing,or Some Of Us Do Speaking of instilling com munity pride, let us say that, well, it's gonna have to begin at home. For many of us, we make our homes in public housing, better known as, Tampa Housing Authority. Others of us, if we're not buying a home, we're either sub-leasing or perhaps renting with the option to buy. At any rate, we should be thankful to have a roof over our heads. All of which should bring us to the conclusion that "a man's castle" is still "his home (or hers)." We should be thank ful. Some of us, unfortunately, are not. In other words, just because we live wherever we may live, does not mean that we shouldn't take care of our surroundings. Throughout our various communities and neighborhoods, massive cleanup functions and ac tivities are underway. Everyone needs to participate in his/her community cleanup campaign(s). It is essential for not only the beautification of where we live, but, most im portantly, for the growth of our community. What businessman or HER VIEW. BY RANDOLPH One High School Principal Is Not Enough Institutional racism is a what-have-you, justice is topic seldom, if ever, ex-defined by race by the plained in the media or in majority. Racial integration educational institutions in this as seen by Dr. King and land. Most people, Black and others, was the social arrange white alike, often are confused ment through which man in the analytical comprehen-would lose his racial sion of such. The situation as prejudices. Such was a it is unfolding in South Africa c red i b I e psycho I o g i c a I today makes for an excellent hypothesis. So came the opportunity for discussion and Selmas and the Birminghams, understanding. and the Montgomerys -of the Here in America, Blacks Civil Rights Movement. his right mind would want to being in a minority, were vicLiking to the demonstrations invest in an area where its tims of an absolute majority in in South Africa today, the community is uncaring about this so -called democracy. violence is similar but the ends its surroundings? Numbers mean power, are quite different. If we are individual political power, and Black Blacks duri'ng America's homeowners, then, we are inAmericans found themselves Civil Rights Movement were dividually' responsible for on the short end of the stick, fighting and dying for reforms what our properties look like. population-wise. As a result, a within the existing system. On the other hand, if we live in program of integration was Black Africans today are public housing, it is a two-fold embarked upon. Led by men fighting and dying for a comresponsibil ity. That is, public such as Martin Luther King, plete new system a housing has a responsibility as Jr. and organizations such as revolutionary purpose. The well as its tenants. the N.A.A.C.P., Blacks enissue in South Africa is not the I don't know about anyone tered the second half of the desegregation motive, it is the else, but, when I'm riding 20th century unified upon a issue that the majority (20 around in my car in some of course of action to desegregate million Blacks) are subjugated our less fortunate and less the total fabric of American by the minority (5 million well-kept areas of town, I am life The idea was to eswhites). Once that issue is distressed. cape the element of absolute satisfactorily resolved, then I am distressed because for majority created by racial the total population will have as long as I can remember, prejudice. A simple definition to determine the political some of our communites look of "Absolute Majority is: A question involving system of the same. Are the slumlords situation where the majority government. Will society be that were active in the 50' s and controls and oppresses a arranged along the lines of The que s tion that haunt s a 60's still slum-lording or inority by using race as the political democracy and Jot o f blac k s in the what? Jac k s o n Height s lo ok s p t imary and ultimate rationale capitalism or will it adopt Hill s borough Coun ty School for political and economic acanoth j er idea the bigg e s t sport in One would th1. nk that Sys tem is whether or not there H1 s borough County It i s th e like ruthless territor y Some of America, by virtue of her are s ome unwritten quota s for h bla c k personnel? So man y s port t a t co sts th e mon ey, it our p r ojec ts or publi c housing political creed, would be the i s the s port that makes the dwellings look no mo r e than world s leading foe of South black teachers express this fear terms of h money and it i s the s port that less than that. Africa, today, under her to each ot er, but are very or not a black is already at that t f h careful to keep that fact from school. They know it i s all ge s mo s t 0 t e attentiOn. We're gonna have to get present system However, let S chool adm 1n1 strators for fear And guess what? There is only "on the good foot." While us not forget that America was right to have two white Deans o bl k h d f tb 11 h of losing the 1 r 1obs or lo s 1 ng a ne ac ea 00 a coa c other communities are conceived, hypocritically, in but not two blacks They have Th t f t t b bl favorable pos 1 t 1 0n that allow s 1 a ac 00 IS pro a Y prospering and looking all racial pre)udice and went on to earned that it is all right to d tal B t d f or advancement comcl en u It oesn t pretty, ours remain constant. institutionalize racism in her have two white assistant prin-1 k t d a1 There are teachers who have cipals but not two blacks 00 00 comcl ent to many. Dirty and ugly, that is. Some early conception as a nation. expressed opinion s the school If there is no quota system, The apparent unwritten quota of us do care about where we That heritage stands in the system operates on the princi then why do blacks feel if sys tem extends even into the live. As a suggestion to our way. It make it difficult for Pie of rewardl ng the chosen h ranks of student s One only area community(S), why don't this nation to accept this t ere is a black there already, h t 1 k t th h few and to heck w 1 th the rest. as 0 00 a e onor socle-we take all the people that present great truth which then there is no need to apply? t th t d t G Hl .llsborough County has one y, e s u en overnment don't care about where they stands in the door of her life. Maybe the school administrab d h h 1 d of the best school systems in tion does not intend to be 0 les t e c eer ea ers, the live and put them all in an area Many white Americans such as the nation in my opinion. That that way and maybe the adchorus and the various social of town where they can live in-your Ronald Reagans and does not mean that the system ministration is totally unaware club s. their own filth? Sound s good Jerry Falwells feel the pangs is without its ills Much im-of the fact that s o very many I s that because of an unwritto me, then, they can all be racial treachery to impose provement can take place in blacks feel that way. ten quota system? I don't filthy and dirty together, upon white South Africa the our system. A liberal allotment of Dean know, but it certainly looks because they do deserve one very genius of the American Quotas for blacks may not positions have been set aside that way to me. Sometimes we another and each other. In the Creed as born in "Bibles" be a realization and may strictfor black people. Without find that we do things subcon meantime, let's clean up our such as the "Declaration of ly be coincidental. However, checking the records, I would sciou sly for so long until it communities and rid ourselves Independence" and the "Conthe quotas seem to be too real be willing to say that besides soon becomes the Jaw, the of this filth Peace Be Unto stitution of the United to be a mere coincident. A sore black classroom teachers, custom and the way of doing You. States." (To be continued). spot with me is still the there are more black Deans things without anybody ever r_! absence of a representative than there are black anything saying a word. J Dl f J f I number of black principals on else But of course, there is a Administrators and school I erry s scoun ewe ry I the high school level. reason for that. Black students teachers ought to be sure that I After Labor Day Special/ 1 I certainly hope that system create most of the discipline there are no unwritten quotas, I September 6-September 14th 1 is not saying to blacks that we problems, or so we are told. no chosen few and promoI Bring This Ad In And Receive 1 have our one and that is that, It is only logical that we tiona! policy that relics heavily 1 because one isn't enough. discipline black children who on experience, qualifications 1 30% OFF II Likewise, I certainly hope the create discipline problems with and proven ability to do a I system isn't saying to us that black Deans. The job of Dean good job. Anything In Showcase 1 only one black in this entire is very vital to the day-to-day I am positive that if the em-I I county is qualified to hold operation of the schools. But phasis of Hillsborough counI Person Spending The Most Money 1 such a position. If you are saylet's not get black teachers to ty's school system feel that I During This Period Will Receive A 1 ing that, then all black people feeling that the position of they will be dealt with fairly I 1 should be insulted. Dean is all there is to look for and that they can move upI FREE NAME PI.A TE I Black teachers speak of and as high as it is possible to ward th t 11 I m e sys em, 1t w1 Hurry Before Offer Expires. 1 in schools for posigo unless you become one of defint I k f h 1 h 1 e Y rna e or appler I 4806 Nebraska Ave. 237-0701 I sue as Deans, assistant the chosen few. employees and more efficient llprinc.ipals .. an .. d.lguidance ..... w .. ithoutadoubt,.f o.o.tballis ... ................... = ; !!. I = = ii' ; > = Q. ., I = Q =-Q. = = "'


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS ROSE MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR CO-WORKERS And FRIENDS fll = Q -= Q = I AREATHA DANIELS Birthday wishes go to Areatha Daniels who celebrated her special day along with family and friends on Sept. 4. Her parents are James and Eartha Daniels and she is in headstart at William's Elementary. Mrs. Robinson is her teacher. Today is Sharon Rena Tolliver's birthday, September 6. She is a member of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church, and is presently a substitute teacher for Hillsborough County Public Schools. She works on her evenings at the Hillsborough County School Board as a Data Entry Technician She has been a model for Candy .and Company for 2 years and was selected in the Top 10 of Tampa's 10 Best dressed, 1985. This outstanding young lady is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Tolliver, and the granddaughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph. Jacqueline V. Gauntt will be her 19th birthday 248-1921 ST. JOHN M.S. CHURCH 3401 25th Avenue ._., ELDER EDDIE NEWKIRK .. ;PASTOR Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Morning Service, l l A.M. HOLY COft'MUNION Bible Study, Wed., 7 P.M. Rehearsals ell. Youth, Tues., 7 P.M. "-l, No.2 Tues., 7:30; No. l : Young '-'' Adults, Wed., 8 P.M. ;: : Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiii;. Gauntt, and grimddaughter of Eugene and Willie Mae Richardson. Mrs. Rosa Lee Wright will celebrate her 82nd birthday JACQUELINE GAUNTT on September 10. She will be sharing the special occasion with her family and dearest friends. Jacqueline is the daughter of Eddie and Mary MRS. ROSA LEE WRIGHT ANNUAL WOMEN'S DAY PROGRAM FIRST MT. CARMEL A.M.E. CHURCH 4408 North 26th Street SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, At 11:00 A.M Participants: MARY MAY, V. M. RAN DOLPH, OLLIE RUTLEDGE, ROSA BRINSON, ALICE MONTGOMERY, VALERIE BRADLEY, SYLVIA McRAE, CAROLYN JOHNSON, DORIS BROWN, MATTIE SMITH, PAULINE CAPERS, ELLA McNAIR, ARNETTE LANGSTON, CLARA PARAMORE And LOUISE RICHARDSON. MRS. LENORA THORNTON MRS. NOREEN FINKLEA, Chairperson MRS. lOELLA HANNER, CORINE LANGSTON, LYDIA SIMMONS, And ELOUISE RICHARDSON, Co-Chairpersons. REV. E. R. WILLIAMS, Pastor ANNUAL DUAL DAY OBSERVANCE SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1985 MT. ZION AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH 7401 KissimmeeAT Idaho, Port Tampa Theme: "Christian Men And Women Working Together For Unity In The Church. Speaker: HELEN CANTY Co-Chairmen -SERENA BYTHEWOOD And EVELYN MASH A REV. W. McCRAY, Pastor Participants On Program Include: Catherine Williams, Elizabeth Green, Cory Jones, Bernard Viking, Helen Long, Harriett Scott, Yvonne King, Winifred Whigham, Glori a Jackson, Christine Love Clarence Bar nes, Maxine Doug/as, Kelly B. Williams, Russell Person, Betiy Bell, Julio M. Nunolly, Delo Foulk And Dr. F A. Smith. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, At 4:00P.M. ST. LUKE A.M.E. CHURCH 2709 25th Street REV. C. D. DIXON, Pastor This Service Will Be Held For The Following Brothers: REV. R. A. RANGE, BROTHERS GORDAN SAPP, JOE KASEY, GINEY BAKER, JAMES ODOM, SAMUEL SUMMERS, PRESTON WILLIAMS, ODELL STROUD, KING S. WATERS, ARTHUR LEE IVERSON And SAVAGE SHUMATE. You Are Invited To Come ---------------GRANDPARENTS DAY SEPTEMBER 8, 1985 2:30P.M. SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH 509 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL \ COMMUNITY cORUS REV. J, B. MOTT Program Director DEA. EARL MASON Choir Director ZION HILL AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH 260 I I 2th Avenue & 26th Street ANNUAL. FEL.L.OWSHIP DAY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1985 4:00P.M. "MIS"i ZION HILL" CONTEST Contestants: CARRIE LOFTON BETTY JONES VANELLIA RANDOLPH KATHY WILLIAMS 11: 00 A.M. Speaker EVANGELIST "Joy" BYRD Program Joyce Felton, Leslie Donaldson, Bettye Greene, Corrie Lofton, Ann Porter, Barbaro Johnson, Gerri Hill, Gwendolyn Blanco, Pamela Robinson, Corrie J Hurst, Melinda Scantling, Dorothy Newton, Hannah Vicks, Brenda Sip/in, Goevido Bird, Yvonne Robinson Mamie Turner, Michelle Mitchell, So/lye Holmes, Naomi Cliott, Dorothy Wilder, Clarice McLean, Jessie Davis, Lauro Swain, Vonellio M Randolph. Daniel J. Swain, Verde// Mitchell, J. D Newton, John Robin son, Henry Witcher, David Robinson and Johnny Green. REV. WALTER L. TURNER, Pastor METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH OBSERVES WOMEN'S DA SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER8, 1985 1012Laure/Street REV. A. Z RUSS, Pastor 11:00 A.M. Speaker 5 MRS. ANN SANKEY-WHITE MRS. ETHEL M JONES MRS. HELEN DAVIS Introduced By: And MRS. CARRIE SPELL MRS. CALLIE JOHNSON Appearing On Program: FRANCIS DAVIS, EVELYN MOBLEY, CHLOE CONEY, JANICE ROYAL, BETTYE BAKER, CLAUDIA HARRIS, ARTHENIA BROWN, And Other Ladies In The Community. EVENING PROGRAM At 5:00 P.M. -MRS CURTISS WILSON, Mistress Of Ceremonies; Soloists: DORTHENIA JACKSON, BEVERLY GARRETT, JACQUELYN CHANEY, And Other Participants. --------------------


})J'Z;\ DIES IN DETROIT ,.y-1 .;:" ,-------___..t:=s, ... ;;-..._ -,., -; :or-p-.::: F{)-.--------r:IJ ,; p 7J To Be A Child Is to Know the Fun of Living; ; To Have A Child Is To Know the Beau= Phone Your News 248-1921 INSTALLATION SERVICES FOR GEORGE MARTIN Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church 2204 N. Highland Avenue Tampa. Florida Wednesday, September 11th At 7:00P.M Solid Rode first United Evangelical Baptist Church REV. DONALD HORNE, Pastor Thursday, Sept. 12th At 7:00P. M Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church Rev Herbert McFadden, Pastor Friday, September 13th at 7 :00PM Greater Bethel Baptist Church Rev Oscar Johnson, Pastor Sunday September 15th at 3 P.M New Salem Missionary Baptist Church SIS. SYLVIA BEACHAM Rev Jasper Saunders, Pastor CHAIRMAN OF THE INST ALLA T/ON SERVICES The Annual Men's Day Celebration Will Be Observed At The Historic St. Paul A.M. f. Church, 506 E. Harrison St._, Tampa Florida, September 8, 1985. BROTHER ARTHUR ALLEN, CHAIR PERSON: BROTHER WATSON RAGIN AND BROTHER LEON DREW ARE CO CHAIRPERSONS. MEMBERS OF THE MEN S DAY COMMITTEE ARE AS FOLLOWS: BROTHER ROBERT GARD NER, BROTHER ROBERT SAUNDERS, BROTHER LUCIOUS DAVIS, BROTHER LABRON REDDICK, BROTHER WARREN DAWSON, BROTHER ROBERT EDWARDS, BROTHER DON C WILLIAMS, BROTHER TED TAYLOR BROTHER RICHARD AND BROTHER BEN GRIFFIN ARTHUR ALLEN THERE WILL BE TWO SERVICES, THE MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE BEGINS SHARPLY AT 11 A. M. THE SPEAKER WILL BE BROTHER ABRAHAM BROWN, FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR OF THE PRISON. CRUSADE. THIS PROMISES TO BE ONE OF THE BEST MEN'S DAY PROGRAMS EVER PRESENTED AT HISTORIC ST. PAUL A. M. E. CHURCH. MUSICIANS, CHOIRS, SOLOIST AND GUESTS OF NOTE WILL BE ONE HAND TO MAKE THIS AN EVENT TO LIVE IN YOUR MEMORY AS WE PAY TRIBUTE TO GOD, CREATOR OF MAN MADE IN HIS OWN IMAGE. OUR THEME IS "Accepting The Challenge And Call To Christian Commitment." REV. S.C. WATERFORD, PASTOR DR. WILLIAM V. BANKS International Masons and Eastern Stars of Tampa held services, Aug. 28, at 4303-34th St. in tribute to the passing of their beloved Founder and Supreme president, Dr. William V. Bapks, who passed Aug. 24, and was funeralized Aug. 29 iiJ. Detroit, Michigan. King S. Waters and Theodore Johnson were in charge of the services. District Grand Matrons helping to coordinate the services were Martha Darrigo, Georgia Owens and Jeanetta Magee. Others attending services were: Rev. Caleb Bachelar, Albert McKinsey, Russell Goldsmith, Carl Webbs, J.D. Davis, Cabera, James Robin son, Annie Jackson, Ruby FABA CONFERENCE The Florida Association for Behavior (F ABA) is holding their Fifth Annual Meeting and three-day workshop September 4-6, at the Tampa Marriott Westshore. The purpose ofF ABA i s to promote the use of effective and humane behavior analysi s procedure s in education, training, and rehabilitation facilities throughout the state. The Behavior Modification staff from the 1. Clifford Mac Donald Center in Tampa will be making two presentations dur ing the Workshop. They are titled "Decreasing Screaming Behavior with Time-Out and DRO", and "The Use of Vaca tion Days and Positive Reinforcement to Decreasing Running Behavior". A tour of the 1. Clifford MacDonald Center is also iriduded in the Workshop agenda. Participants will1 be visiti ng the Center on today, from 8:30a.m. to 10:30 a.n). HEALTH AND EDUCATION 1ASSOCIA TION The Health and Education Association of Tampa Inc., will resume its regular monthly meeting for the 1985-86 calendar year on Monday evening, September 9, at 7:30 p.m The meeting will be held at St. Paul United Methodist Church Resource Center, located immediately behind Roa's Ark, 3309 N. 15th St. All members are encouraged to be pre sent and on time. Mrs. Eura Lee Adams is the publicity chairperson; and Mrs. Doris Ross Reddick, president. Harold and Doris Reddick will host the meeting. NATIONAL WOMEN COUNCIL OF NEGRO 00 n> = ; I = e. ;:r Weaver, Sammie Bethel, Edith The local chapter of the National Council of Negro Women White, Beatrice wAilMl hoEldciths firsht for 1985-86, Sunday at St. Paul tlj Lillian Mobley, Frances Meurc egmmg a p.m. < Cloud Barbara McGill Cathy "-All members are encouraged to be present and on time. Elec.$ and Norma J King "-tion of officers will be voted upon, and installation services will immediately follow. All members are to_.wear black. The coun---,-H'!"'I-SA-RA-H-LA-WR--IN_C_I_..., cil expresses deepest concern for council members Clemmie SENIOR MISSIONARY James, who lost her sister; and Ann Williams, who lost her SOCIETY Of father during the summer break, and also to past president, > GRIArERMT. CARMEL Ellen H. Green who underwent surgery. S, A.M.I. CHURCH Hostesses for the meeting are: Euralee Adams, Johna B. Sponsors Andrews, Jessie Artest, Willie Mae Baldwin, Irene Bedford, :!. "TINY TOT anq Florence Blair. WEDDING" SUN., SIPT. 8, 5:00P.M. At The Church Reception Will Follow In The Lower Unit. DONATION: $2.00 CITY WIDE CHOIR UNION NO. J SUNDAY, SEPT. 8, At 2:45P.M. ST. 'JOHN M.S. CHURCH 34012Sth Avenue ELDER EVDIE NEWKIRK Pastor Speaker: ELD. CLARENCE WARREN HOMER HEMINGWAY, Pres. FLOYD HUNTER, Reporter EMMANUEL M.S. CHURCH 2204 Highland Avenue ... Pastor ; S!Jndoy School, 9 :30AM. ;Morning Worship, I I :00 AM. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Thursday, 7 :00P. M GWEN'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC 2426 f. 8uHalo Avenue PHONE: 236-871 J REGISTRATION FOR 1985-86 TERM WED THURS., 2:00-6:00 P.M. SATURDAYS, 9:00A.M.-5:00 P.M. Spaces limited FIRST COME FIRST SERVED SEPTEMBER 3-14 PEACE PROGRESSIVE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH 2628 East Lake Avenue Will Be Rendering Their Usual Sunday Morning Worship Service For This Week On SATURDAY MORNING, SEPT. 7, At 11:00. ELDER JEFFERSON And His Congregation Will Be Rendering A Worship Service At The MT. ZION P B CHURCH Of Quincy, SUNDAY MORNING, SEPT. 8, At 11:00 A.M. Where The REV. GREGORY JAMES Is Pastor. ELDER JOSEPH JEFFERSON ... Pastor All Persons Going Along With Them Are Asked To Be At PEACE PROGRESSIVE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH On Sunday Morning At 4 : 45 AM. The Bus Will Leave The Church At 5 :00AM. Returni11g The Some Day. I n> = Q =-t'!1 e: o = fll


fll = 0 -;;c 0 = I c "CC = < fll Q,l = E-t': Q,l 01>, "CC' Q,l .c fll -::s, = == Q,l = = I Q,l = -= Q,l oo. = IT'S All ABOUT TUCKER-REAVES FAMILY REUNION The first Tucker and Reaves Family Reunion ha s history. The scene was the Hall of Fame Inn, and the event is rated a tremendous success ;. Ruth Hicks was general chairman. The other committee s were chaired as follows: C. Lois and Monica Mack, Souvenirs; Angela Taylor and Monica Mack, Children's Entertainment; Lois Hicks and Ruth Hicks; Program; Karen and Michelle Tucker, Registration; and Jetie Brown, Food and Transporta tion. There was a special dedication to two deceased member s who had wanted the reunion so badly, but did not live to see it materialize; Walter Tucker, who died June 3, 1982, and Mildred Tucker, October 1982. YOU ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Brooks, Opa Locka; Catherine Barne, Brooklyn, NY; Patricia Tucker and Melvin Tucker, Gardena, CA; Hilda H. Anderson and Wilma Skinner, Dayton, OH; Larry Tucker, and Gail L. Tucker, Bartow; Felmer Tucker, Daytona Beach; Tyrone T. Tucker, Lakeland; Gale Tucker Stancil, Mulberry; Gladys Tucker, Bradley; Juanita Fisher, Margaret D. Smith, and Margaret Doyle, Miami; Mrs. Rossie Craine, Webster; Reaves Mumford, Miami; Aretha Thompson, Brooksville; Clifford Reaves, Miami; Rochelle Gonzales, Brook sville; Ken neth N. Brooks, Tarewa Terrace, NC; Carrie Lois Mack, Tampa. William Wright, Jr., Brooksville; Charles and Alicia Roberts, Tarpon Springs; Calvin and Bernadine Tucker, Los Angeles, CA ; Sarah B. Greenlee, S. Boro NC; Jennie Reaves, Miami; D. Franklin Reaves, Tallahassee; Tank Reaves, Miami; Mr. and Mrs. James B. Tucker, Carson, CA; Lois (Tucker) Grady, Derrick Tucker, Georgia M. Tucker, and Yvette Tucker, Philadelphia; Gladys S. Hart, and Jonathan Hart, Largo; Karen L. Tucker, Sah Diego ; Edna M. E. Scott Stewart, Patricia Stewart, Wanda Stewart, Dorrell Stewart, and Glenn Tucker, Lakeland; Elvi E. Henry Matthews, Los Paulio Burgos Candelario, 21, Tampa, and Caridad Mercedes DeLatorre, 25, Tampa. Alan Carr Smith, Jr., 27, Tampa, and Angela Lynn Allen, 19, Tampa. Walter Kenneth Nelson, 19, Tampa, and Margaret Emelde Stoddard, 30, Tampa. Bosie Solomon, Jr., 26, Tampa, and Clarissa Gant, 23, Tampa. Preston Gerald Woods, 20, Tampa, and Bobbie Jean Daniel, 21, Tampa. Joseph Farrington, 24, Tampa, and Evelyn Degray Jackson, 28, Tampa. Clarence Anderson, 28, Tampa, and Kathy Marie 25, Tampa. Angeles ; Evers E. Ruth W. Hicks, San Diego;. Calvin T. Brooks, Brooksville; Frank and Mary Sue Rich, Ocala; Mildred Thames, Flint, Mich .; D'Arcy and James Miller, Latice Miller, and Saraya Miller, Platka; Alvester E. Rutha Sermon, and Lil AI E. Ashley, Daytona; Cheryl A. Sermon, Orlando, and Evelyn T. Sermon, Daytona Beach. Cl,tin King Wong, 25, Tam pa, and Carolyn Arrander Hemley, 23, Tampa. \ J Carrie Tucker, Tampa; Lelia Reaves, Orlando. The Friday night banquet and program was dedicated to the two oldest surviving members: Mrs. Carrie Tucker of Tampa, and Mrs. Lelia Reaves, Orlando. On Sunday morning the group worshipped at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Brooksville. The service was in memory of Walter Tucker, Sr., who passed December 23, 1952, and in honor of Carrie Reaves Tucker, both faithful members of Bethlehem. The guest list for the Tucker-Reaves Family Reunion includ ed: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Farmer and Wanda Preston, Willow Grove, PA; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Preston and Brett Preston, Philadelphia, PA; Mrs. Leola Reaves, and Mr. and Mrs. James (Leala) Collins, Orlando; Percell R. Knighton, Detroit, Mich.; Bernice Olive, Compton, CA; Leonard Tucker, San Diego, CA; Earnest D Sims, Jr. and Carlena R. Sims, Miami; Betty Hervy, Los Angeles; Oviedo Burks Miami; Mr. and Mrs. Otis Williams, Indianola, Miss.; Doris Edwards and Rev. and Mrs. Irvin Tucker, Compton, CA; Karl L. Tucker, San Diego; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Louis Nubin, Riviera Beach; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Taylor, Miami; Mr. and Mrs. Willie J. Brooks, Brooksville; Arthur M. Tucker, Jr., Mrs. Dianne Perry, Mrs. Ada Tucker, Anthony L. Tucker, and Clarence A. Tucker, Philadelphia; Rep. Jefferson Reaves, Miami; Willie J. Brooks, Jr., Brooksville; Harold and Joan Tucker, Lynwood, CA; Ida Barnes, Passaic, NC; Linnette Grant, Brenda Wright Cason, Brooksville; Mr. and Mrs. George (Jettie M .) Brown, Tampa; Jennie L. Wright, Brooksville Representative Jim Hargarett, Monique Mack and Monica Joyce Mack, Tampa; Augtrie Banks, Gerald Porter, and ''FUTURE MISS B-CC" CORONATION RESCHEDULED Bethune-Cookman College National Alumni -Tampa Chapter invites the general public to share its sixth annual Future Miss B-CC Coronation Program. The program, postponed due to Hurricane Elena, will be Sunday, September 8, at 4 p m. in Ragan Park on Lake Avenue near 15th Street. Vying for the title will be Cissi Thomas, Sherea Mosley, Nicole Henderson and Akilah Graham. Admission, prizes and refreshments are free and the $100.00 "give-away" drawing_ __ will be held. St. Petersburg-Tampa Chapter Of LINKS, INC. Summer Gala Rescheduled To: SAT., SEPT. 8, 1985 7-12 Richard Ervin Hall, 17, Tampa, and Amelia Shanell Evans, 16, Tampa. Tommy Lee Sims, 19, Tam pa, and Diane Faye Arnold, 18, Tampa. Brad Bennett Belgrade, 23, Temple Terrace, and Darlene Elizabeth Douglas, 29, Temple Terrace. Roscoe Ridley, Jr., 34, Tampa, and Joyce Marie Ridley, 33, Tampa. John Wesley Young, 51, Thonotosassa, and Lillie Cor etha Mitchell, 31, Thonotosassa Reginald Stephon Hendry, 21, Tampa, and Cora Ann Williams, 27, Tampa. Charles Collins, 47, Largo, and Paulette Elaine Durham, 31, Largo. Lleywdane DeDone rowell, 22, Tampa, and Sanders Lee Richardson, 22, St. Petersburg. Jerald Marcello Stone, 25, Tampa, and Ernestine Feleshia Ellis, 24, Tampa. Roland Terry Hall, 30, Tampa, and Emma Marie Bolton, 30, Tampa. Baha'i Faith Uni til)9 the w o rld ... One ti eart at a tome B.E.E. Gregory Banks, Miami; _T_::am::p:a:; -..!:==========:; PUASA.Nr CHAPfL CHURCH BLACK ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES 261SCHIPCO Rev S.C. Lawson Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Iuesda Class MeelinR 7 :30 P.M. fiR$1 UNION M8 CHURCH 3707 ... Pastor Sunday School, 10 Morning Worship, II A.M. Evening Worship, 6 P.M. Prayer-Bible Wed.,. 7P.M. Baptist Fellowship Center," Inc. 505 E. Palm A venue OPENS FOR THE 7985'86 SCHOOL. YEAR SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, J985 GEORGE W. SADLER, JR Director For Further Information Call: 223-4844 Presents PARTY TIME HAPPY HOUR On FRIDAY, SEPT. 6TH THE INTERCHANGE MOTEL 1 AND FOWLER AVE. ADMISSION $3.00 5:30P.M. Until CASH BAR Hors-d'oeuvre LIVE D.J. -SILVER


Parents! Give Your Child A Good Start f N& W Early Childhood Learning Center Call 248-9940 2709 34th Street Piano Phonics Pre-Reading Reading Math Computer Dance/ Drama Excellent Kindergarten Program Ages 2-6 Professional and Trained Staff Now Enrolling For Fall Term MRS JEWEL WARREN, Director USHiRS FOR ST. PAUL A.M.E. MEN'S DAY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1985-At II :00 A.M. ST. MARK NO. J, Nathaniel Cannon, President MT. TABOR NO. J, Mr. Cooper, President MT. TABOR NO.3, Charles Gilbert, President FAITH TEMPLE NO. J, Mrs Mary Smith President NEW MT. ZION, Mrs. Esther Pugh, President ST. LUKE A.M.E. NO. 2, Judge Favors, President GREATER MORNINGSTAR NO. J,Mrs. A R Biggins HOLSEY TEMPLE C.M.E. NO. J, F. Clayton, President GREATER BETHEL NO.2, Leonard Dean President MT. OLIVE A.M.E. NO. J, Young Johnson, President ARTHUR LEROY ROBERTS Captain NEW MT. ZION M.B. CHURCH 2511 E. Columbus Drive 83RD PRE-ANNIVERSARY OBSERVANCE SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, At 7 :30P. M. SIS. IEL VIR A PINDER Chairman SIS. LIEANNA R. ROBINSON Co -Chairman SIS. CAROLYN WATSON Publicity Chairman RIEV. LIES TIER CARTIER, SR. Pastor Please Join Us In This Joyous Name. RfV.C.P.IEPPS 'And The Congregation Of MI. Olive M B Church Will Be In Occasion In The Lord's EDITH LANGSTON And THE GOSPEL MET$ Of Plant City Will Celebrate Their 22ND SINGING ANNIVERSARY And 5TH YEAR IN FULL GOSPEL MINISTRY SUNDAY, SEPT. 8, 1985 3 P.M. NEW PHILADELPHIA 1002 E Buffalo Ave_nue 8 P.M. -CHURCH OF GOD BY FAITH On Knight Street, Plant City Special Guests: THE SENSATIONAL VOCALAIRES Of Riviera Beach, FRANCINE JONES SOUTHERN TONES, TRAVELING STARS, GOSPEL CONSOLATERS, GOSPEL COMMANDERS, HARMONY WINDS And Other Groups And Soloists BARBARA WIGGS secure monies to construct a Parish HalL The current Parish Council President, Dr. Sandra Wilson Sheehy, is working diligently along with the Parish's team captains. These captains serve as liaison between the Council and team members. Those presently. serving and their teams are as follows: Jasper, Betty Jo Hayes and Helen Thompson (cocaptains); Sapphire, Ruth Brady; Emerald, Desiree Ephrom; Onyx, Barbara Wiggs; Carnelian, Helen Mor rison; Goldstone, Dr. John Hewitt; Beryl, Sandra Sheehy; Green Goldstone, Theresa Warren; Zircon, Jeanette Trotter; and Amethyst, Eunice Martinez Mrs. Barbara Wiggs and members of "Onyx" are spearheading a Mass in honor' of their patron Saint, St. Peter Claver, on Sunday, September 15. This ten o'clock Mass will replace the 8:30 and 11 a.m. masses. Friends of St. Peter Claver are invited to attend. Mrs. Wiggs and the members of the Parish salute Mrs. Helen Morrison (organist, liturgist), Mr. James Jackson NO. 5 CHOIR UNION SUNDAY, SEPT. 8, 2:45P.M. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Of LINCOLN GARDENS 4101 Palmetto REV. J. A. STEPHENS, Pastor All Choirs Asked To Be On Time DEA. SEARIGHT SULLIVAN ... President SIS. LOUISE GRANT, Reporter THE ORCHID CLUB INC. On Sunday, beginning at 10: 00 a m., the ladies of the Orchid Club Inc. will gather at Lowery Park for their "Annual Family Picnic", where the Afghan raffle will terminate. All are looking forward to this annual affair as this will be the first get to gether for some since June. Orchid Barbara Faison heads this committe, assisted by Or chids Viola Wallace, Mary Staples, and Annie Hines. COAST GUARD ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS The United States Coast Guard Academy has announced that it is now accepting and processing applications for ap pointment as Cadet, U. S. Coast Guard, Class of 1990 Ap plications are being accepted for both men and' \ women. Ap pointments as Coast Guard Cadets are tendered solely on t he basis of an annual .nationwide quotas. Applications for ap pointment must be submitted to the Director of Admissions, U. S. Coast Guard Academy, prior to December 15, 1985. Candidates must arrange to participate in either the College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing A s sessment (ACT) prior to or including the December 14, 1985 administration for the ACT, and the December 7, 1985 administration for the SAT. The competition for appoint ment as Cadet is based on the candidate's high school rank, performance on either the SAT or ACT, and leadership poten tial as demonstrated by participation in high school extracur ricular activities, community affairs and/or part-time employ ment. For further information write: Director of Admissions, U.S Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT 06320 or call (203) 444-8501. MIDDLETON CLASS OF 1950 Middleton High Class of 1950 will meet Sat., Sept. 7, at the home of classmate Paul Culver, 2801 N. 20th Street, at 7 p.m. The president is asking all metnbers to be present and on time. Business is important. Plans for the "Buc-Bash" trips to New Orleans on Sept. 23 and Miami, Oct. 20, will be finalized. Birthday celebrants for the month of September are: Florence Minger, Sept. 5; Frances Jennings, Sept. 15; and Mary Williams, Sept. 24. (organist and media consul tant), and Dr. John Hewitt (lector and spokesman for both masses) for their exper tise in ensuring the success of Parish functions. The ultimate goal is to erect a parish hall. This parish hall will not only serve as a land mark in the community but will also enhance the lives of the girls and boys who will be future citizens of this com munity, tomorrow. Mrs. Wiggs and the members of the Parish salute Mrs. Helen Morrison (organist, liturgist), Mr. James Jackson (organist and media consultant), and Dr. John Hewitt Oector and spokesman for both masses) for their ex pertise in ensuring the success of Parish functions. FAMILIES THAT PRAY TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER DEACON And SISTER T. C. PITTMAN MT. VERNON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH Are Proud To Announce That It Is Time Again To Get The Six Families Together Again To Sing And Praise The Lord. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, At 7:30P.M. NEW PHILADELPHIA M. B. CHURCH 1002 East Buffalo Avenue They Ha .ve Added A New Family Group From Ft Pierce, THE VOICE OF THE SOUL Along With EDITH LANGSTON And The GOSPEL METS, THE PILGRIM JUBILEES, Special Guest -THE MALE CHORUS Of NEW GRESS, SIS. WYATT And Her Daughters Of Orlando, THE GOSPEL TRUTH Of Orlando, And THE HARMONY WINDS DONATION: $4.50Advance; $5.00 At The Door. 1719 Green Street Sunday School 9:45A.M. Mdrning Worship, 11 AM Bible Study, Tues., 7 P.M. Everyone Is Welcome Bro. Larry B. Horde, Sr.,'Deacon Sis. Patricia Horde, Sec TOP HATTERS CLUB THE TRAVELING STARS PRIE-ANNIVfRSARY PROGRAM SATURDAY NIGHT At 7:30P.M. (HURCH 01 Tlte APOSTUS Hwy 301 & Jackson Rd. Sponsoring A Disco Dance Friday, September 6, 1985 Time: 9:00 Until Place: Cuban Hall Patio Music By T:he Mighty Potman And His SISTER MITCHELL, Pastor SUNDAY NIGHT At 7:30P.M. Admission$5. 00 Sophisticated Funk Machine PfNTIECOSTAL CHURCH 26th Street & Osborne BISHOP COL E MA N, Pas tor G r o up s Of Th e City Will Be On Program. > = Q. lofj :::!. I = Q ="' cs = fl) '"0 Ci M 2 2 M C h ildren$2 0 0 I Under 7 FREE B.Y.O.B. DONATION $4.0 0 F R EE FO O D ..


rl.l c 0 .c 0 = I *KIMBERLY Y. SWAIN* This is Kimberly Y. Swain, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Swain. Rom under the sign of Aquarius, Kimberly plans to graduate from U .S.F. in December with a B.A. degree lit Political Science. Her career goal is to one day ser ve as a Supreme Court judge. Kimberly is 21-years-old, C 5'4", aild enjoys cbeerleading for the Tamp a Bay Duecaneers, swimming, aerobic dancing, and playing tennis. "CC Her philosophy of life is: ''Live life day by day and have C faith in making each day a happy one. Kimberly is attracted to a man who is personable, ambitious, loves life, and one who bas a strong will for hap= piness and romance. Her favorite star is Bill Cosby. to OUR FAITH OVERCOMES THE WORLD Part 9 1 JOHN 5:4-5 PRAISE GOD, AS SOLDIERS IN THE ARMY OF THE LORD, WE "CC RECEIVED THE SHIELD OF FAITH. OUR DEFENSIVE WEAPON. EPHESIANS 6:16. :; 1. ACCORDING TO STUDY, THE SHIELD WAS ABOUT 14 FT X 2 :iS FT MADE OUT OF WOOD AND COVERED WITH A TOUGH = LEATHER. AS A SOLDIER HELD IT BEFORE HIMSELF, IT =PROTECTED HIM FROM SPEARS, ARROWS AND FIERY DARTS. THE EDGES OF THE SHIELD WAS SO CONSTRUCTED THAT AN $ ENTIRE LINE OF SOLDIERS COULD INTERLOCK SHIELDS AND MARCH INTO THE ENEMY LIKE A WALL. THIS SUGGSTS THAT "3 WE ARE NOT IN THE BATTLE ALONE. = II. IN PAUL'S DAY, ARROWS DIPPED IN SOME INFLAMMABLE ...!. SUBSTANCE AND IGNITED WERE SHOT AT THE ENEMY. TODAY, SATAN, THE DEVIL SHOOTS FIERY DARTS AT OUR .$ HEARTS AND MINDS. FIERY DARTS OF LIES, BLASPHEMOUS ; THOUGHTS, HATEFUL THOUGHTS, DOUBTS AND BURNING DESIRE FOR SIN. IF WE DO NOT QUENCH THESE DARTS, THEY r:IJ WILL LIGHT A FIRE WITHIN AND WE WILL DISOBEY GOD. WE NEVER KNOW WHEN SATAN MAY SHOOT A DART AT US SO WE MUST ALWAYS WALK BY FAITH. USE THE SHIELD OF FAlTH AND LEARN HOW TO A VOID SHIPWRECK IN YOUR JOURNEY OF FAITH. 1 TIMOTHY 1:18-19: ''THIS CHARGE I COMMIT UNTO THEE SON TIMOTHY, ACCORDlNG TO THE PROPHECIES WHICH WENT BEFORE ON THEE, 1 THAT THOU BY THEM MIGHTEST WAR A GOOD WARFARE HOLDING FAITH AND A GOOD CONSCIENCE WHICH SOME HAVING PUT AWAY CONCERNING FAITH, HAVE MADE SHIPWRECK." Ill. MANY PEOPLE'S FAITH HAS BEEN SHIPWRECKED, RUINED, LAY DORMANT, BECAUSE THEY HAVE FAILED TO LISTEN AND HEED TO THE WARNINGS OF OUR SPIRITUAL METEOROLOGIST, THE HOLY SPIRIT WHO KNOWS WHERE THE STORMS, WINDS, WAVES AND THE DANGERS OF THIS LIFE ARE. ST. JOHN 16:13. THERE ARE THOSE WHOSE FAITH HAS BEEN SHIPWRECKED BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO LET JESUS CHRIST BE THE CAP. T AIN. OF THEIR SHIP AND END UP ON SINKING SAND, THE .CEBURG OR THE ROCK OF DESTRUCTION! REMEMBER, IN ST. MARK 4-36-41, JESUS REBUKED THE STORM AND THE WIND CEASED AND THERE WAS A GREAT CALM. PSALMS 46:1-2, REMINDS US THAT GOD IS OUR REFUGE AND STRENGTH A VERY PRESENT HELP IN TROUBLE. THEREFORE, WILL NOT WE FEAR THOUGH THE EARTH BE REMOVED. AND THE MOUNTAINS BE CARRIED INTO THE MIDST OF THE SEA. ATTENTION TAMPA BAY! THANK GOD FOR SPIRIT-FILLED, FAITH-FILLED CHRISTIANS, WHO KNOW HOW TO PRAY AND REBUKE THE HURRICANE AND STORMS OF LIFE (ELENA). ST. MARK 11:23-24 OPEN DOOR CHRISTIAN CENTER FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 1221 E COLUMBUS DR. Sunday School, 10 A M. Morning Service, II A.M. Evening Service, 7 P.M. B ible Study, Thurs., 7 P M Prayer Meeting Tues 7 P M ... The Public I s Invited .. P ... Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship (1st Sun.), 5:30P.M. Prayer & Bible Class, Tues., 7:30P. M 24th AVENUE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST 1703 24t h Avenue l ELDER HARRY Pa s tor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Worship Service, 11:00 A.M. Evenina Service, 7:30P.M. Bible Study, Wed., 7:30P.M. Y.P.W.W.,Fri., 7:30P.M. Wonted: CHUifCH MUSICIAN Pbo. 689-3023 247-1037 COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF CHRIST .. P asto r .. Sunday School A M Morning Worship, 11:00 A M. Y P W W P M Enning Worship, 7 :00P.M. Tues. & Fri. 7:Q!I P M THE 29th STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST 3310 29th Street ... Mini s ter Bible Sc hool, 9:45A.M. Worship, II AM & 6 PM Bible Classe s : Sunday, 5 P .M. Monday,1 P.M. Prayer And Song Service, Wednesday, 7 P.M. GRACI MARY M.S. CHURCH 3901 37th Street t c : ELDER THOMASJ. REED .. Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A. M Morning Service, II A.M. Evening Service, 5:30P. M. Bible Study, Wed., 7 P.M. The Public I s Invited EBENEZER M.B. CHURCH 1212 Scott Street .. Pastor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Morning Worship II A.M. OlfDINA TION SllfVICI For BRO. BERNIE MAXWELL And BRO. J.D. STATEN SUNDAY At 4 l> .M. OF CHRIST W Nassau Street Tampa, Fla 33607 DAVID ATKISON, Mini s t e r SUNDAY: Bible S tudy, 10 A.M. & 5 P .M. Worship,11 A M .&6P. M TUESDAY: Ladies Study, 10 A.M Regular Study, 7 :30P.M. THURSDAY: Song Service & Prayer Meeting 7:30P.M. LIVING WORD CHRISTIAN CfNTIR Palm River Recreation Center 58th St. And Palm River Rd. PASTOR CLYDE F. BOULER Prais e & Wors hip, 11 AM & 6 PM Come And Be A Part Of Our Wors hip Experience. Prayer For The S ick And Needy At E a c h Se rvice FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF UNCOLN GARDENS 4202 Palmetto Street ELDER J A STEPHENS .. Pastor Sunday Schaal 9 :30AM. Each Sunday Morning Service II AM. Evening Serv ice, 6 P M First And Third Sundays B T U., 5 P M Each Sunday Prayer & Bible Study Tuesday At 7 P M MORNING GLORY M.B. CHURCH 7510' N. 40th Street REV P L. HUMPHREY .. Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, II A M. The Public Is Invited NEW SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 405 North Oregon REV JASPER P SAUNDERS ... Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, II A M BTU, 5:30P.M. Evening Worship, 7 P.M. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study ThursdiiJ' 7 P.M. G Rt:ATER FRIENDSHIP M B C H URCH 4413 35th Street R EV. M M URRAY Pastor S _unday School, 9 :45A. M Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Evening Worship, 5 P M Prayer Meeting, Tuesday, 7:30P.M. VisitorsAre Welcome PEACE BAPTIST CHURCH' f U0724th Avenue REV. W. F. LEONARD ... Pastor Sunday School, 9:30A.M Worship, CHOIR NO. I And USHER BOARD NO.2 Serving. BTU, 5:00P.M. Evening Worship, 6:00P.M. Mid-Week Service & Prayer Meeting, Wedne s day 7:30P.M. lilt. REV. JAMES S HEPPARD Pastor Sunday Prayer Services-9:45A M S unday School 10 AM Sunday Praise Worship. 11 AM lst & 3rd Sunday B.T.U. 5 PM Evening Worship lsi Sunday Only:At6PM Visitors Are Always Welcome, EVENING STAR TABIIfNACLI BAPTIST CHUifCH 3716 E. Paris .. Pastor S unda y Sc hool, 10 A.M Mornin g Serv i ce, 11 A.M. Night Se rvi ce, 6 P M. Prayer Me e tin g, Thurs. 7 P.M.


.................. ........................................................ Appoints Two Consulting Firm 16 In HRS Adult Foster a Comm. To The Padgett Charter Review Board Home Program To Be Honored is, then you begin to anticipate problems and you will be Hillsborough County the community for ou prepared to deal with any proresidents who have opened treatment. blem," the executive as s istant their homes to former mental Without this County Commissioner Reubin Padgett appointed At ty Arthenia Joyner and Fred Reddy thi s week to join 12 other county re sidents in reviewing th e county ch arte r, in order to make recommenda tion s for change s said. patients will be honored for based program and the "As the authority begin s to their service to the community type atmo s phere it provide s .-:_;:.anticipate problem s before at 10 a.m. on October 18, at HRS officials state that man y they occur, they can buy needthe North Boulevard Recreaformer psychiatric patients c:P\ Reportedl y the newl y form C h a rter Re v iew Board will ed material s in larger volume tion Center, 214 North would have to live in s tate ::;; because now the s y s tem will Boulevard, Tampa. hospitals, nursing home s or an f:: give a schedule for Sixteen persons will be inappropriate natural home ARTHENIA JOYNER s tud y all phas e s o f g o ve rn m e nt. The y will al s o ha ve th e pow e r to s end amendment s of t h e c h a rter to Hill s borough County v oter s in a ref e r e n dum. All 14-member s will s erve for a year without pay. replacements recognized at the annual s etting "This should help the ceremon y and will receive cerRecipients of this award inauthority get away from ever y tificate s of appreciation for elude Mrs Clemmie Abbott, respon s e being a cri s i s There serving in the Department of Mrs. Gloria Oxner, Mr. a nd s hould al s o be a s i z able s a v Health and Rehabilitative Se r-Mrs Johnny Jones, Mr. and ing s, f o r THA, Atty. Morvices (HRS) Adult Foster Mrs. Charlie Davi s Mr. and rison conclud e d Home Program during the last Mrs. William Minter Mrs h f ifteen y ears. Delores Anderson, Mrs According t o t e e x ecuti v e There ar e n1' ne tyfour (94) M Ch b M assistant ''A s trong tenant agnora am ers, r and education program will be i nadult foster homes in the Mrs. Robert Butts Mrs stituted to let the tenants know county that care for more than Gladys Gollins, Mrs. Ethel what are the proper uses" of one hundred and twenty (120) Davis Mrs 'Regina Grayson items in the unit and that clients, mo s t of whom are and Pearl Smith, Mrs. there will be penalties when elderly. Some living in the Dorothy Heath, Mrs. Merida the unit is not u s ed in the mathomes have been patients Martinez, Mrs. Barbara FRED REDDY Atty Joyner has a Politi c al Science degree from Florida A&M Univer s it y and a law degree from the Florida A&M Law School. She is now in private practice in Tampa, and is the former president .of the National Bar Association. ter it should be. in local and state psychiatric Roach, Mrs Emma Roberts, Patters on stated that the ___ !G' FREE GLASSES research and planning phase Residents Get began on Sept. 1. The pro00 gram should be put into effect After The Storm in six or seven months = = = !!.. Paid For By Medicaid Call: Reddy has Bu s iness Ad mini s tration degrees from the University of South Florida, and is a former employee of the Florida State Employment Service "I'm glad, and I look for ward to having the program," Patterson stated "This is one of the greatest helps the hous ing authority has ever received from any source. We can help ourselves provide a better level of service to the tenants, Dr. L. A. Martinez Optometrist 876-6085 ALLY MOTORS 8704 NORTH FLORIDA AVE TAMPA, FL. 239-3533_ "DRIVE AWAY THE SAME DAY" CALL US YOUR APPLICATION BY PHONE PH: 239-3533 OR 237-1945 1983 CHEVROLET MALIBU WAGON BEIGE 1982 PONTIAC GR. PRIX 1983 MERCURY MARQUIS 1981 PONTIAC GR. PRIX 1982 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1980 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME BROUGHAM 1982 CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 1982 G.M.C. TRUCK SIERRA CLASSIC 1500 1978 FORD TRUCK RANGER 100 1979 G.M.C. TRUCK SIERRA 1980 FORD L. T. D. CROWN VICTORIA 1981 V.W. RABBIT CONVERTIBLE 1981 BUICK LaSABRE 1979 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1983 CHEVROLET MALIBU WAGON BLUE 1982 TOYOTA COROLLA SRS 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE CALL US TODAY "PRESENT THIS AD" FREE B& W TELEVISION WITH EACH PURCHASE LOW DOWN PAYMENTS BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor Several areas of the city were considered lucky follow ing last weekend's storm threat. But what the storm left behind as it traveled on up the west coast may be even more devastating for resident in communities of West Tampa and beyond. ""',Each evening since the storm, the city has been h i t with thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. Some residents are saying that the rai n that (ell Tuesday evening in tbe western part of the city was more than that that fell over the three days of the storm threat. A re s ident of the Carver City / Lincoln Gardens com munity, Bill Forde, said that the front portion of his home, which is located at Lois Ave and LaSalle, was drenched with about four inches of water. The water reached the bumpers on cars in his driveway. Forde said he did not realize the rainfall wa s as heavy until it began to come inside his home. There were neighbors, I = :. s he said, who had water throughout. their home, especially those persons with add-ons that are level with the carport. He added that his home wa s not completely drenched becau s e of a twoinch step up. Even though there wa s a heavy rainfall, Forde said the water drained off rapidly "I believe that the drainage system was unable to hold that much water at the time it wa s falling," he said. Another Carver City resi dent, Mrs. Loretta Ingraham, said her home, which i s built up did not feel the effects of the heavy rainfall. "There are several low-lying areas out here," she said, "but we're just fortunate ihat our property is built up." As of Wednesday several stalled cars stilled lined the street in that along Westshore > = c. .. I = = Class For Parents Of Toddlers Babies don't come with directions! Parents of young children often feel at a loss as to how to deal with a toddler in the "Terrible Two's and Three 's". Northside Community Men tal Health Center can help! "Pin Down Some Ways to Parent Your Toddler" is a ten hour class designed to help the average, frustrated and/or exhausted pre-school parent because the aim is to_ improve the maintenance operation. "The staff's reaction is also very favorable," he added. "We welcome it." manage a young child. The class will meet Mon days, beginning September 23 at 7 p m at The Commons 14039 N Dale Mabry: Building A. There i s a fee. Call 971-0338 to register. Weather Report zy Today Partly cloudy with a 40 per cent chance of rain high 90, low 75. Saturday Partly cloudy with a 30 per'tl EYES EXAMINED CONTACT LENSES cent chance Of after;... Dr. Wallace Hay noon showers, high ;; OPTOMETRIST 89, low 76 l"'l Sunday -Partly l"'l 876-8491 cloudy and warm, high ..


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I l J 'J JNf ][l1{ moreso than in sports, must RANDOLPH KINSEYdevelop new and greater student-the bulk of Black e Buccaneers Prepare For reputations now and in the students in their enrollment. 1:11:: future." Let us not kid ourselves If coach Leeman Bennett Wildcats:t,pen their season this From Part I, Sept. 3, 1985 Unlike past years, the brighter ... ..... to know what his Tamweekend against the UniversiThings have changed and minds among the Black college Bay Bucs are made of, his ty of Central Fla. This should times have changed, but too student ranks do not crowd first game of the season be a mismatch contest as often we act and think to the college of education. They tell him. Sunday, the record setting quarterback freeze, if but a minute of the pursue the more lucrative take on the defending Bernard Hawk passes Central times of yesterday. In many fields where the monetary a! Division champion Florida into a coma. Word is ways we tried to say the same rewards are greater. With the Chicago Bears. The Bears are Central Florida is still trying to surrounding the great football exception of a few, the college favored by many to win the develop its and fortunes on F AMU and other of education is made up of division championship again. Cookman has one of its better former Black football college the average and slightly below On defense, the Bears teams. powerhouses across the South average students Black and operate from a basic four man The Seminoles of Bobby in bygone years. white, alike. By the same front that. allows them to conBowden and Florida State If FAMU went 0-10 for the DR. FREDERICK HUMPHRIES token, while some of our more their opponents with a opened last week with an imnext ten years, we ought not brighter students attend fortude of formations. The press1ve win over Tulane. The ever be embarrassed. What, demands that schools such as merly all-Black schools such as have one of the best 38-12 win was good for FSU, however, is most embarrassing FAMU set the goal of FAMU, most such Black in the National Footbut it was not as impressive as about my Alma Mater and becoming the greatest teacher students tend to opt to the rll League. The Bears also many people believe. After all, similar Black sister schools training centers to be found major. universities across the feature one of the League's Tulane is Tulane. across the South, is the anywhere in the South, and South, if but for prestigious most pangerous running This week, the Seminoles horrendous poor rate of the nation. In the new age in reasons only. So just as in :ij 'Walter Payton. will travel to Nebraska to take failure of Black college which we live today, the Black footbaU, academically, Black Quarterback Jim McMahon on the powerful Cornhuskers. students on scholastic and race can ill-afford the absence colleges do not get their share of3; more than capable as a A win there by any score will achievement tests. This is or serious decline of Black of "blue chippers" anymore. e> rlasser and throws deep to be impressive. The Seminoles especially true in the college of teachers in classrooms across Another shortcoming of the = receiver Willie Gault. have a lot of young talent on education in universities such this nation. Black community, long 'the Bears have a lot of their team and the potential as FAMU. It was marked this new needed remediation, is the "I and will test the Bucs for a good team. These players Compared to other schools school year, most noticeably growing apathy and disconWhen the final must grow up in a hurry and in Florida, Black students in by veteran Black teachers, the sciousness of a sense of .. "CC = < = '3 = I .5 = 00 blows, Coach Bennett especially against Nebraska. predominantly Black colleges declining number of BlackS on heritage among Black college know that the pre-season In Florida's game bf the score astronomically low, perfaculties here in Hillsborough graduates today. The most no fluke. week, the powerful Gators and centage-wise. Now that potenCounty. No doubt, the same selfish breed such schools as The Bucs will go into the talent-laden Miami Hurricanes tial teachers must pass a can be observed in school F AMU ever produced are Bears game with an offensive hookup. Last year's game was teacher certification test, the districts across Florida, as a these sons and daughters, that has had little oppora pip that was not decided unpresence of Black teachers in whole. today, who are direct bene facto work together as a til the game was over The public classrooms across this Instead of worrying about tors of the suffering and a defensive line that has winner of this game just may state, and the Soutb will Rudy Hubbard and football, sacrifices of those of us who ineffective up until this rate out as the best football surely diminish. That, ., my let us diagnose, then remedy made civil and human rights a new mixture of team in Florida. friends, poses a greater the poor state of affairs in reality in the 60s. Personally, and a realigned TITANS READY calamity than poor football FAMU's College of we do. no see that devotion and fensive secondary. The TO ROLL records. Hopefully, newly education. Let us summon Dr. idealism against injustice depth chart is thin Two seasons ago, the Tamselected president of FAMU, Humphries, encourage and today in the character of so is the list of quality tunpa Bay Tech Titans were Dr. Frederick Humphries, will support him in developing today's Black graduate. backs behind workhorse known all across the nation. not fall victim to the old footyoung men and women who FAMU and her sister Black James Wilder. They were known because of ball and frolic which have can pass such tests -schools certainly have a From all indications, it aptheir losing reputation. It is premeated the mentality of too becoming great scholars in the challenge in this regard. pears that the Bears will have a believed that the Titans had many of us. basics of communication, So let us keep football and field day against the Bucs. The the longest losing streak in the The impendi-ng crisis reading in particular and all such sports in their proper Bucs should arrive back in nation. Well, things are now mathematics. perspective. Football does not town 0-1 late Sunday night looking up. veteran observer of high If those such critics of necessarily make men. Men with Coach Bennett more conLast season, the Tech Titans school football pulled my coat Coach Hubbard advocated are made by strong-minded fused than ever before as to won not once, but five times. to Gaither High School. I was firing teachers by the test gymnastics, moreso, outside what kind of team he really Does this mean the Titans are told that Gaither has some failure record, as football of the arena of athletics. Marh on a roll? From all that is betroops on hand for their se-coaches are subject to tin Luther King couldn't run h STATE COLLEGES ing demonstrated, t e answer cond year. Based upon my dismissal based on the perthe 'hundred, perhaps in 14 IN ACTION is-yes! This football season, source, I will put the hat formance of football teams, seconds; nor could Malcolm x Coach Rudy Hubbard is try-58 boys are out for the Titan squarely on Gaither's head. the college of education at make two points even if he was ing to delay his swan song at football team. That is a very Gaither is co-favorite with F AMU, and other Black under the basket. But Paul Florida A&M University by positive sign. Plant and King to win the schools, would damn near be Robeson could do it all, putting together an impressive You see there was a time Western Conference. So there cleaned out: Robeson was an All-American season. The coach took a giant when the Titans didn't get 58 Gaither, go do it! Let FAMU and other Black in all both and step in that direction last week boys out for practice in three colleges of the South, develop academics. Let there be a great when his team demolished an years. Tech is no longer the I I new reputations of greatness. stride for excellency in the out manned Kentucky State stepchild of the county. VictYl As the university has done in most principled and principal team 52-12. Led by potential tories will no longer be easy lill32 its college of business things. All American running back when you play Tampa Bay. Tony Barber, the Rattlers were Hail to the Titan family and keep up the good work. awesome. In Hubbard's case, I wonder if it is a case too little too late. The Bethune-Cookman As usual, the favorites to win the Western Conference championship is Plant and King High Schools. One BEFORE YOU VALUE YOUR INJURY ..... CONTACT FRED l. BUCKINE TAMPA BAY BUILDERS Attorney At Law STATE CERTJFIED-CLASS A Personalln1ury & Wrongful Death GENERAL CONTRACTORS < LICENSED. INSUREDBONDED FREE Consultation By Appointment New Home Construction Evenings And Weekends Room Additions 711 N. FLORIDA AVE. SUITE 225, Remodel & Repair ... President ;:J. FL 33602 __ 4_4._ ............


E v er wonder what happened to The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo? Well, you can quit wondering F orget about him Now meet t h e g u y who's t aking all of Las Vega s to the cleaner s. The Man with the Gifted Right arm. Dwight Gooden. wag er i ng on games Goode n star t s "He s a bettor 's delight th e be s t thing to happen to them s in c e Sant a C lau s," s ays Fra n zi, w ho establi s he s th e odds for the B ar b a r y Coas t. "Whenever h e pitches e v er y five days, the y got a pay day coming. What's more, he's doing it without so much as rolling the dice, playing blackjack or throwing any money into the s lot machines. In Gooden's outing aga i n s t S a n Diego when he broke Bob Fell e r 's record b y b ec om ing the younge s t pitcher in majorleague hi story to win 20 games -if you wanted to be t on him, not only did you haye to put up $110 to win $ 'ioo, but you also to spot the Padres two runs. For anyone to collect on Gooden, ttfe Mets had to win by more than two runs. The weather conditions were so bad, Gooden left after six innings with the Mets ahead, 4-3, but they finally won the game, 9-3, again mak ing winners of all those who backed Gooden 'Magic Visits Tampa The Mets' 20-year-old crown jewel, owner of a 20-4 record and a major-league leading 1. 78 earn-run average, has been playing off so con sistently and so heavily every tinie he pitche s that the s ports books in L as V ega s have re v i s e d t heir e ntire sys tem of ac cepting be t s o n him T h ey've change d t o cut d ow n on their he a v y lo sses In s tead of quoting a price on Gooden as they do with all the other pitchers in both leagues, the oddsma. kers now oblige Gooden bettors to spot the other team a given amount of runs every time Gooden ches. Ken Epstein, part owner of the Barbary Coast Hotel in La s Vega s doe sn't s eem over l y c oncerned about all the mon e y hi s c a s ino ha s be e n paying out because of Gooden. We don't care," he s aid. "It's good for business. Customer relations are a big part of our operation. You can buy a customer dinner and can show him a good time, but the best thing you can possibly do for him is tell him just bet on Dwight Gooden." DWIGHT GOODEN Other casino owners in Las Vegas go along with that. "More money is bet on Gooden consistently than pro babl y an y other pitcher who ever lived," says Jac kie G a ughan at the El Cortez. Gaughan has be e n making odds nearly 50 year s and i s one of the cit y' s mo s t highly regarded handicappers "We can't make a price high enough when he's pitching," he says. "That's why we've all had to go to runs. ''The only other pitcher I can ever remember who we ever had to get runs with was Tampa Athletes Of Y esteryea r BY C. BLYTHE ANDREWS, Ill (A Weekl y Series) Coach Billy Reed: Talented Players Make A Good Coach When you speak of the great Tuskegee was due largely to coaches in the Tampa Bay other Tampa players such as area, the name Billy Reed will "Big Man" Pittman and surely surface during the conRadio Red who also attended ver sation. Tuskegee. Reed stayed at Coach Bill y Reed is known Tuskegee for one semester b y hi s pla y er s and peer s a s bebefore deciding to transfe r to in g a man w ho s tand s up for FAMU where h e played footwhat he b elieves i n I f y ou as.k ball and bas eball. For four him about hi s s u cc ess duri ng years Reed wa s the Captain of his c oaching career, Coach the bas eball team and made R ee d w ould probably reply the All-Conference SAIC mode s tl y Believ e it or not, team. In his s enior y ear, Reed talented players make a was drafted into the armed High School. With each new coach." services for two years Once he activity and environment, even Like s o many other coache s was honorably discharged though you may have inspirawho have coached s ome of Billy Reed Reed returned to FAMU to tion and knowledge it is often Tampa's greats, Coach Reed complete his education. necessary to gain additional lis t of player s on the high the state. Whene v er an oppor-From 1957 until now, knowledge to meet c hanging sc hool level e x ceed s an y coac h tunity arose for him to adReed's legacy a s a c oach i s a condition. Reed 's motivation in th.e We s tern Conferen c e vance a step higher in his life, part of Tampa's history. "Life to se e k additional knowledge Coac h Rt:ed' s knowledge of Reed was the fir s t to always is a cycle that starts at one made him a better coach. sports goes back 38 years when act accordingly. From point and usually ends at that After coaching so many he played football, basketball, 1946-49, Reed stood out as same point. For example, outstanding athletes in his and baseball for the Middleton one of the most talented and clothes we used to wear in the career, the obvious question Tigers His love and dedicaintelligent players on his team 60's, were worn again in the was asked. "In baseball, who tion for sports were proven by His leadership late 70's, explained Reed. do you feel were your best his long walk from Middleton developed on the football field "My athletic career started at four players? Coach Reed (Belmont Heights) to West while playing the center and Middleton and eleven years smiled and said, "I know who Tampa (Kennedy and N. fullback positions and on the later, the cycle brought me you think I'm going to say Boulevard) daily. "Even basketball court while averagright back to Middleton. I was first, but, he was the one who though I was raised in West ing 15 points per game Both always taught that the best made it big. My top four are Tampa, my teammates and I in football and basketball, thoughts that are very new, are Casey Sheffield, Dwight used to walk home everyday of Reed made the All-State team the best thoughts that are very Gooden, Jose Alvarez and the year, from the football two years straight. His old. For knowledge is the proVance Lovelace. Those guys season in the fall to baseball baseball career was astoundduct of experience made my coaching career season in the summer, we all ing, but during the 40's, MidDuring the first few years of easier. Let's .face it talented wanted to play. So walking dleton only played 4 to 6 Reed s coaching career, he players make a coach. A home was never a major games a year Most of his learned the basics of being a coach's job is to choose and dilemma for us, recalls Reed baseball career was spent playcoach. He soon be c ame Midanalyze the player s, then Like thousands of men and ing locally with the Tampa dleton's head coach in 1969 teach them method s of making women who gras p t he oppor-Rockets and Pepsi-Cola With the leader s hip, Reed led their skill s better. I don't con tunity to make the upward Giants the Tigers to a undefeated s ider my s elf a gre a t coach but climb in ( thos e day) the land After graduation, Reed wa s s eason in 1970. a good coach. I'm a co ach o f unlimited opportunity, offered two scholar s hip s to Afte r integrat ion s hut down who coac hed g r eat play er s Reed's reputation a s a talented attend Tuskegee In s titute and Middle t on Reed' s career wa s such as D wig h t Gooden, brothers, Vance Lovelace Tom Taglorini, Jos e Alvarez, Ralph Kyle s Alfred Sanchez, Andrew James and other s Those guys were t he best, remembered Coach Reed There ru:e tho s e who have talent and knowledge, but the y don't succeed. Although they know what to do and how to do it, they don't feel like doing it, because there is nobody around to inspire them. '' That is one of the main pro blems with athletes. They need a push to get their foot in the door. Dwight Gooden worked hard at his profession to get his foot in the door. Now kid s look at Dwight as a role model. They see fame and for tune can actually be obtained with God-given talent _and hard work. It is wonderful to have someone such as Dwight' = ; I = = = = fiJ =Q. trl < = fiJ > = Q. ... I = Q =-s; = = fiJ to s ay "That kid started from "0 Belmont He i ghts Little League > (which R eed helped to organiz e) moved up to ..., Hill s borough High S c hool and :;: n o w he's a phenomenon. >-i Beli eve m e, It 's a thrillmg f eelin g z player preaded throughout FAMU. Hi s d ecis ion to attend mo v ed o v er to Hill s borough Cas e y She ffie ld t h e Crum ................................................................................... >


.. ...... .. ............ ........ .............................................................................. Richard Wood Reflects On His Years With Hues 1 = BY PATIY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer As the Tampa Bay Buct caneers enter into their lOth season in the National Foot > ball League, they leave behind < many of the familiar names 9 which the fans grew to love 1 during the team's early years. One of those being former .. "0 = < fll = c ;,. defens ive star linebacker, Richard 'Batman' Wood. Wood no longer wear s the and white jersey management refused offer him a new contract. sitting on the bench for years, 1983 and '84, he ......... J.uo;u to call it quits with the and became a free agent. He now wears a green and jersey as the Assistant Coach and Junior Coach at Tampa "-i1L1 .1Ullc High School. Wood works part-time with Security Investigative Services. The 32-year-old graduate ,... from the University of Southern California has happy memories of his active years on the Buc roster. "I loved every minute of it," Wood stated. "When I put on that unif.ortn and out there on that field I \ vas having {lin." But when hefeflects on how his career ertded abruptly, those memorie s turn sour. According to the native of Elizabeth, New Jer s ey, his troubles started prior to the 1982 NFL strike, when .he ask. ed management to renegotiate his contract. Wood stated that he was asking for $150,000. At the time, he was making $80,000. "I was asking them to giv e me what starting linebackers in the NFL make," Wood said. "I felt that I had done more for that team," Wood reminisced. "I lead the team in for five years, and I did r-:l; Richard Wood is striving to become No. One again with the not miss a game (except fGr the first game of the 1976 season, when he was acquired from the Jets). What more can a guy do? "All I was looking for was compensation for what I had done (which also included helping the team win their division championship twice), and what I will do," the 9-year Buc veteran further explained. "It was evident that I had given my wholeheartedness to that team Wood, who was also a player representative during the strike, explained that he was disappointed in former Buc Coach John McKay's at titude toward him. "The man l worked with for 13 years (four years at USC), my heart to for 13 years, pushed me out of the way," Wood said, shrugging his shoulders in disbelief. ''That man showed his true color.'' But Wood quickly added, ''At least he gave me the op portunity to play I just don't like the way it ended. I was cut short in my career." 'Batman' Wood plans to stay in Tampa with his wife, Karen, and their two kids, Rachelle, 3 Yz, and Marlon, 17 months. As coach of the Tampa Catholic Crusaders, he has a definite goal in mind. "I want to teach these kids to give 110% in football and in life; and to do the best y ou can do if given the opportunity,'' Wood stated. "I hope to be a positive influence in "0 I Tampa Catholic Crusaders. Tbompson Departure Is Another Chapter In The Doug Williams Nemesis = = I = -= 00 DOUG WILLIAMS By RUDOLPH HARRIS (Sports Analysis) years, Thompson (hold on to your hats) was beaten out for the number two Buc quarter back post by one Alan Risher, who played last season as Williams' backup with Arizona of the USFL. Only Nemesis, herself, would be -so devious and cunning to have such a script written. Nemesis isn't through yet. Coach John McKay, who liberalism failed the true test of courage, is now gone from It has all of the mysterious t he coaching ranks. He did not and super-natural developfully stand behind Doug, and ments. The demise and aclet us not forget the cruel and companing trauma of the unusual happenings surroundTampa Bay Buccaneers surely ing guys like Richard Wood. must be dictated by the godLeroy Selmon is not around dess of vengeance, Nemesis. this year and may well decide This week the Bucs cut that the last chapter in his quarterback Jack Thompson career has been written. And if your what I mean. Poor Jack Thompson, to have his life caught up in such a trauma. Jack may well go on to become quite a good quar terback, elsewhere, but never at Tampa Bay. Nemesis may well spare him now, removing the curse JACK THOMPSQN who was brought in to replace in spite df guys like Hugh Back in the Bucs menthe fearless, courageous, Green yet on-board, the Bucs tality, they see Steve Young as talented, and outspoken Black decorum remains haunted for licking this Williams "thing" quarterback, Doug Williams. a winning spirit. Tampa Bay once and for all. While The Bucs refused to negotiate may prove this year that they DeBerg is a good quarterback, < a contract with Williams' are worst off than they were in he is not a Doug Williams. The agent, opting rather' to obtain 1976 and 77. The goddess, Bucs believe that Young has somebody's life." He added that he is also thinking about "getting into the agent business, to help these young guys." According to Wood, "I can think of so many things we can do for the community, if we pool our money together.' Wood, who has been a winner all of his life, has accepted the fact that he might not ever wear the Super Bowl ring But he hasn't given up. "I want to be a winner on the sports field and in life Wood stated. "I thank that I've made it through, and I've got my strength and good health." Now's your chance to take advantage of excellent real estate values offered by HUD. Important Information must obtain their own chase. financing for all sales These properties may contain code violations. Please contact a realtor of your choice to see or bid on any of the properties listed. PROPERTIES ARE FOR SALE FOR CASH, WITHOUT WARRANTY, IN .THEIR "AS-IS CONDITION. AND ARE :NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FHA INSURED lOANS. HUD reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any infor mality or irregularity in any bids. Bids wi,ll not be accepted directly from a bidder. All bids MUST BE sub mitted through a real estate broker. ; HUD will pay a portion of the closing costs if requested in offer to pur-Case No. 093-206509 093-213981 LISTING DATE: August 30, 1985 TAMPA Address 6509 Clifton, W. 14102 Winslow Place Price 42,000 60,000 BR / Bath 3 / 1.5 3/2.5 All sealed 11nd identifiable bids on above properties must be date stamped in the Tampa HUD office by 4:15 pm, September 9, 11)85. The Bid Opening date at the Tampa HUD office on this offering is 9:00 am September 10 1985. LIST.NG DATE: September 6, 1985 093-195099 5128 Chatsworth Ave. 50,500 3 / 2 093-205018 10102 Pine Trail Ct E 40,000 3 / 2 093-205548 8505 Willow St N 22,200(LBP) 2/1 093-199373 660733rd St. N 33,500 3/1 All sealed and identifiable bids on above properties must be 'date stamped in the Tampa HUD office by 4:15pm, September 16, 1985:>The Bid Opening date at the Tampa HUD office on this offerino is 9:00 am September 17 1985. .. 093-213210 093-199075 093-201987 093-218873 093-224472 093-199494 093-199719 093-202378 093-220886 093-194770 093-218435 093-198607 093-205851 093-216059 093-202770 093-218641 093-222274 093-220520 093-217647 093-202121 093-205161 093-204899 093-204342 093-211323 093-213835 093-204563 TAMPA 1007 E Bay St. N.(l)uplex) 16020 Dawn view Dr. 10103 Enchanted Oaks 802 Frierson, East 1009 Genessee St. E. 2912 Highland Avenue, N. 4006 Idlewild 3011 Jefferson St. 14317 Knoll Ridge Dr. 3711 Meadowbreeze Dr. 2829 Morgan Street 1208 Palifox E 9220 Patterson Street 10912 Tailfeather Ct. 10206 Turtle Hill Ct. 4307 Walls Place 321 West Street 815 Woodlawn Ave. W. 8614 9th Street N 3113-16th St. 620441st Street LAKELAND 3206 Old Tampa Road LUTZ 1957 Drive 538 Windjammer Circle SEBRING 110 Virginia Ave. WAUCHULA 35 Chamberlain Blvd. 31,900(LBP) 3 / 1-2/1 53,650 2 / 1.5 43,850 2/1 29,1SO(LBP) 2/2 39,500 2/1 21,600(LBP) 3 / 1 20,000(LBP) 2/1 21,400(LBP) 3/1 63,000 3 / 2 38,000 2 / 1 22,400(LBP) 3/1.5 21,850(LBP) 2/1 27,900 2/1 62,900 3 / 2 39,000 2/1 46,000 5 / 2 25,000 2/1 30,000(LBP) 3 / 2 20,950 2/1 23,250 3 / 1 20,300(LBP) 3 / 1 25,400 2 / 1 50,000 2/2 59,900 3 / 2 32,500 3 / 1 12,700 3 / 1.5 (LBP) Indicates $500 escrow deposit for elimination of lead base paint hozard. HUD Thompson from Cincinnati at Nemesis, certainly knows how the "exceptionalities" to "'-l a salary equal to what Doug to work her stuff. The old duplicate if not excel Doug was asking. On top of that, the folks used to call it, being Williams. Well, we'll see Bucs sweetened the pot with a root-worked Somebody had about that. Bring the bh! DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING "'-l number one draft choice to better bus the entire Buc Mormon on! AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT :DUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY boot. After two mise r able a g g reg a ti on to "Center Hill", (Cc:mt i nu ed O n Page 21-A) 700 TWIGG S STREET, TAMPA, FLORIDA 3 3601


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(1.) c Q -.... .c Q = t' 'C .c (1.) -::s = c .... -= = I c -.... c rJJ < z BRYANT& WII:LIAMS HARRY CHESTER, SR. Funeral services for Mr. Harry Chester, Sr., 2113 Gray Street, who passed September 4, will be held at' 10 A.M. Saturday from RAY WILLIAMS MEMORIAL CHAPEL with the Rev Drayton, officiating. Entomb ment will follow in Lang's Cemetery, Brooksville, FL. A native of Sparta, GA, he had been a resident of Florida since 1925. He leaves to mourn his passing: a devoted wife, Mrs. Mary J. 9 daughters, Hazel Hampton, Jernice Martin, Mary Sumbry Juanita Ford and husband, Jerome, Jackie Lewis and hus band, James T ., Evelyn Cot trell, Margaret Chester, Har riet Allen, and Alice Anderson and husband, Frank; 5 sons, Harry Chester Jr. and wife, Catherine, Bennie Mack Chester and wife, Melvouise, Robert Sumbry and wife, Olivia, Leon Chester and wife, Andri and Eric Chester; 26 grandchildren; 13 great grand children; a brother, Andrew Chester and wife, Exie Lou; sister-in-law, Margaret Williams; dear friends, Percy Henderson, Clyde Thompson; nephews and nieces of the families of Willis, Chester and Lawson of Brooksville, Lakeland and Tampa; and many sorrowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose at the RAY WILLIAMS MEMORIAL CHAPEL after 5 P.M. Fri day. The family will receive friends at the Chapel from 7 to 8 P.M. on Friday. The funeral cortege will form at 2113 Gray Street. Arrangement entrusted to BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). OAK HILL LEROY DAVIS loving and devoted wife, An nie Lou Davis; two daughters, Mrs. Irene D. Tillman of Tam pa, and Minnie Gray and hus band, Willie of Orlando; 3 brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Davis and Mr. Robert Davis of Philadelphia, PA, Mr. Joseph Davis of Washington, DC; 5 grandchildren, Mr. Rudolph Franklin and wife, Mary, Mr. Johnas Tillman and wife, Marcia both of Tampa,' Mr. Ronnie Gray and wife, Margrett, Mrs. Wanda Smith and husband, Razzie, both of Orlando, Mrs. Debra Hunter and husband, Kim of Houston, TX; 6 great grands; one brother-in-law, Mr. Roosevelt Kennedy of Orlando; 1 sister-in-law, Mrs. Earline Hollanda and hus band, James of Orlando; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and other and friends. The Lily White's will have there services on Friday from 7 to 8 P.M. at the chapel. The family will also receive friends at the Chapel at this time. The funeral cortege will arrange from 1603-6th Ave. OAK HILLS FUNERAL HOME. PUGHSLEY NELLIE SIMMONS lo v ing and de v oted hu s band Mr. Lonnie Simmons ; 1 brother Mr. Johnnie Rufus Simp s on Hamilton, GA; 1 niece Mrs. Verdell Reid hu s band, Gonza and s on, Lee Lee Reid all of' Atlanta, GA; 1 nephew, Mr. Jame s Loui s Simpson and wife Mildred and family Decatur, GA; 2 sisters-in-law, Ms. Lola Mae Simpson La Grange, GA and Ms. Queen E Simpson; 1 niece-in-law, Ms. Mae Frances, La Grange ; GA and other relatives and friends. The remains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathedral after 5 P.M. Friday (today). PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. B. J. SUTTON 12 noon at the Chur c h on Saturday. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. WILSON MRS. ZORITA BAKER Graveside services for Mrs. Zorita Baker of 2303-9th Ave., who passed away in a local nursing home, will be held Saturday at 10 A.M. at Memorial Park Cemetery with Pastor Ernest Williams of the Open Door Christian Church, officiating. Survivors are: a son, Titus Walker and wife, Sarah, Tampa; grands, Titus Walker, Jr. of New York City, Serina Walker, George Philip, and Philip, all of Tampa, Gwendolyn Walker, Washington, DC, Wilton Walker, Raleigh, NC, Arthur Walker, Michael Walker, and Andrew Walker, also of Tam/ pa; 1 great-grand, Tashmaw, New York City; and other relatives and friends. A native of Jacksonville, Mrs. Baker moved to New York in 1946 where she resided for 37 years prior to moving here in 1981. The remains will repose after 5 P.M. Friday at Wilson's Funeral Home where the family will receive friends from 7 until 8 P.M. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." Homegoing services for Deacon B. J. Sutton of 4815 N 36th Street, who passed away Monday will be held Saturday at 1 P.M. from Peace Progressive M.B. Church, the Rev. W. F. Leonard, Pastor, Rev. J. C. Goins, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Deacon Sutton was a native of Oakfield, G4 and was a faithful member of Peace Progressive M.B. Church, a member of the Deacon Board, a member of the No.2 Choir and a member of the Armettia B & B Society Lodge No. 2, Mr. Judge Favors, He was a retired employee of the Seaboard Coastline Railroad. Deacon Sut.ton leaves to mourn: a loving and devoted wife, Mrs. Gertrude Sutton ; 1 daughter, Mrs. Catherine Everett; 2 goddaughters, Mrs. Marietta Lee, and Ms. Sandra Kilpatrick, Minneapolis, Minn; 13 grandchildren, Mrs. Jeanette McDowell, Ms. Bar bara Thomas, Ms Victoria Phillips, Mrs. Angelette Barnes, Ms. Charlene Everett, Mr. Joenathan Sutton, Mr. CHARLES HAWKINS Thaddis Sutton, Mr. Jewel Funeral services for Mr. Atkins Jr., Mr. Aundre Davis, Charles Hawkins, 914 E. Lake Ms. Betty Everett, Mrs. Ave., will be held Saturday at Cherry Jenkins and husband 11 A.M. from the College Hill Reese, Ms. Lenora Davis, all Church of God In Christ, of Albany, GA, and Mr. Elder Charles Davis, of Homegoing services for Robert Everett, Atlanta, GA; ficiating. Interment in the Mrs. Nellie Simmons of 22 great grandchildren; 4 Shady Grove Cemetery. Sur1210-9th Avenue, Apt. 6 who great-great grandchildren; a vivors are: his wife, Mrs. An passed awily Friday, will be host of nieces, nephews and nie Laura Hawkins; daughter, held Saturday at 1 P.M. from cousins; 2 sisters-in-law, Ms. Mrs. Debra Jean Green, Greater New Salem Primitive Cleo Butler, Jacksonville, and Detroit, MI; stepdaughters, Funeral services for Mr. Baptist Church, with the Elder Mrs Mamie Butler and husDabrina, Donnie, Mary Mills Leroy Davis of 1603-6th Ave., R. H. Howard, pastor, ofband, John, Newark, NJ; and Sandra Mills and Emma who passed away August 28, ficiating. Interment will be in among devoted friends, Mr. Key; stepsons, Robert and Eliwill be held Saturday, Memorial Park Cemetery. Lovel Williams and wife, An-jahKeyandEIIisMills;sisters, September 7, at 2 P.M. at Mrs. Simmons was a native of nie Pearl, Rev. Jessie Manley Ruth Baker, Ernestine Greater Morning Star Baptist La Grange, GA and had residand wife, Sue Deacon JohnHawkins, Bronx, NY, Gloria Church, with the pastor Rev. ed in Tampa for a number of nie Robinson and wife, Hawkins and Maxine E. Washington, officiating. years. She was a faithful Carolyn and Deacon Willie Hawkins, both of New York, ren, OH; 3 grandchildren ; a great grandchild, a number of nieces, nephew s, cou s ins and other relatives. A native o f Duncan, Miss., he had re s ided in Tampa for 27 years. Mr. Hawkins was also a member of ILA 1402, Mr. Perry Harvey, Jr., President The re mains will repose at the Wilson's Funeral Home after 5 P.M. Friday. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." MR. CLARENCE McMILLAN Funeral services for Mr. Clarence McMillan of 6603 Oakview Terrace, who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 11 A M. at New Progress M.B. Church with the Rev. E. J. Williams, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: a sweet and devoted wife, Sis. Gloria B. McMillan; 1 daughter, Pollynesia S. McMillan; 3 sons, Clarence, Jr., Steven Ar mond McMillan and Reginald Merrell; a great niece, Tiffiney McMillan; mother, Sis. Turner Mae McMillan; 5 brothers, Ret. M/Sgt. Roy McMillan and wife, Mary, Woodbury, GA, James McMillan, Tampa, Joseph McMillan and wife, Ruby, Benjamin F. McMillan and wife, Melinda, and Samuel McMillan of Valdosta, GA; 4 sisters, Bennie Lee Phillips, Annie Ruth Leonard, Anga L. McMillan, Valdosta, GA and Ernestine Carter and husband, (Continued On Page 19-A) OAK HILL'S FUNERAL HOME 5016 22nd St Phone 237 8500 ''S er v ic e i s more than jus t a word with u s William J Johnson. l.F.D. 50 yeors experience Services start at $1395 Complete Mr. and Mrs. Hill Owners :r:. Interment will be in the Myrtle member of Greater New Salem Porter and wife, Dorothy and NY; sisters-in-law, Madine ::a Hill Memorial Park. Mr. Primitive Baptist Church and other relatives and friends. Hall, Pensacola, FL, Alice Davis was a long time resident was a member of the Gospel The remains will lie in state at Caldwell and Emma Cotton, of Tampa. He was retired Mission Prayer Board. She Pughsley Cathedral after 5 Warren, OH; brother-in-law,


.................................. with Elder sammie McQueen, IN MEMORIAM IN MEMORIAM S (Continued From Page 18-A) Frank; 2 uncles, James Williams and Willie K. Williams; 4 aunts, Charlie Mae Steward, Pearlie M. Roundtree, Cornelia Bryant, all of Georgia, and Clemmie Bryant, Cocoa Beach; 1 great aunt, Bertha Miller of Georgia; 3 brothers-in-law, Willie, Lamar and wife, and Randolph and wife, all of Tampa; 2 sisters-in-law, Annie and Brenda Bryant, Tampa; 22 nephews and 13 nieces; a host of other relatives, a devoted friend, Robert Lewis, Jr., and many other friends. A native of Valdosta, GA, Mr. McMillan had resided here since 1963. He was chairman of the Trustee Board, a member of the Male Chorus, and served as a musician at his church. A U.S. Army veteran, Mr. McMillan was a 16 year employee of the United Parcel Service. The remains will repose after 5 P.M. Friday at Wilson's Funeral Home and the family will receive friends from 7 until 8 P.M. at the funeral home chapel. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." ESSIE MAE NEAL Funeral services for Mrs. Essie Mae Neal of 2912-19th Ave., who passed away at her residence, will be held Satur day at 3 P.M. at Wilson's Funeral Home Chapel with Elder Dorrie Reaves, of ficiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Sur vivors are: a devoted husband, Leander Neal; grandchildren, Betty Williams, Larry Colston and wife, Audrey, Theresa McNish and husband, Otis, Marie Colston, Lercita Fields and husband, Stevie, and Donald Colston; 18 great grandchildren; 3 sisters, Marie Bone, Bradley, FL, Theresa Anderson, Mulberry and Rosanna Williams, Bradley; and 1 brother, Samuel God bolt and wife, Marge; 6 nephews and 6 nieces; devoted friends, Mahalia Thomas, Thelma Creal, Stella Bowens, and Sis. Lillie Robinson, all of Tampa, and other special friends, including Pattrian Smith of Mulberry, and Pierce Daniels of Tampa; and other relatives and friends. A native of Lloyd, FL, Mrs. Neal mov ed here in 1947 from Keysville. She was a member of the Church of God Pillar and Ground of Truth W ithout Controversy, Keith Dominion of Thonotosassa The remains will repose afte 5 P .M:. Friday at Wilson's Funeraf Home. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." MRS. TESSIE BEATRICE SIMMONS Funeral services for Mrs. Tessie Beatrice Simmons of 4106 LaSalle St., who passed away in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 2 P.M. at Wilson's Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Oscar Johnso n, Jr., officiating. In terment will be in the family plot at Shady Grove Cemetery. Survivors are: a loving husband, John H. Sim mons, Tampa; 4 stepchildren, Aid on J. B. Dosey of Califor nia, Gloria Green, Betty Sim mons, Tampa, and George Simmons of New York; 3 sisters-in-law, Thelma Dubose and Lydia Simmons, Tampa, and Sadie Simmons, Washington, DC; 2 nephews, Richard D. Williams, NY, and John C. Williams, Tampa; 1 great nephew, John C. Williams, Jr.; a host of cousins of New York; and a host of neighbors and friends in the Carver City area. A native of Augusta, GA, Mrs. Simmons was reared in Tam pa; lived in New York for a number of years, returning here in 1974. She was a Baptist and a retired Licensed Prac tical Nurse. The remains will repose after 5 P.M. Friday at the funeral home, and the family will receive friends from 8 until 9 at the funeral hOme Chapel. "}_ "aJ..:>V1'0 SERVICE." MAMIE WADE Funeral services for Mrs. Mamie Wade of 1716-4th Avenue, who passed away at her residence, will be held Saturday at 1 P.M. at Friendly M.B. Church of which the Rev. Willie L. Webb is pastor: officiating. Interment will be > in Memorial Park Cemeter y Survivors are: a loving hu s band, Mr. George Wade; 1 son, Roosevelt Smith and wife, Emma; 3 grandchildren, Anthony Smith, Denver, CO, Nina Harrell, Roosevelt Smith, Jr.; and 4 great grands, all of Detroit, MI; 1 sister, Mrs. Mary Smith, Quincy, FL; nieces and nephews, Edith Brown and husband, Levi, Newark, NJ, Flossie Jones, John L. Baker and wife, Myr tice, James Ed Baker and wife, Mattie, Fred Douglas Baker and Horace Baker, all of Quincy, Earkie L. Milner of Tampa, Annie Bell Sapp, Quincy, Christine Folor, Eva Shimon of Miami, Lois Cooper, Sherile Mack of Orlando, Beulah Volay of California, Calvin C. Wade, Jack Cooper, aiso of Califor nia, Edith Knight and Trudy M. Martin, Quincy; a host of grand and great grand nieces and nephews, and other sor rowing relatives and friends. A native of Bainbridge, GA, Mrs.Wade had resided here for the past 35 years and serv ed on the Deaconess Board of her chuch. The remains will repose after 5 P.M. Friday at Wilson's Funeral Home and the family will receive friends from 6 until 7 P.M. at the funeral home chapel. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." IN MEMORIAM In memory of Mr. Francis Xavier James who this life, Sept. 6, 1965. And in time there'll be reunion far sweeter than words can say, with those who have gone on and await us in this land of endless day. Sadly missed by James, Lewis, Brady and Belin families. 248-192l l WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Service Phone: 248-6125 FUNERALS BY: BRYANT & WILLIAMS Ruy Williams Funeral Home 7477 N. Albany Ave. 2.53-3479 .. .. .. Is Needed Most" PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired PHONES247-3151 or247-3152 SHADY GROVE FUNERAL HOME 2305 N. Nebraska 221-3639 and CEMETERY 4615 E. Hanna 626-2332 Complete Burial For '725 Add $100 for services on Saturday and add $100 for all services after 3 p.m. CHARLES RELIFORD .. Owner In loving memory of our mother, Mrs. Lillie Francis who departed this life, Sept. 3. 1980. To you mother who never bore a child but gave of yourself, your. earthly substance, your love, compas sion and guidance to so many of us. We miss you, but realize you're in a perfect place, in perfect love and perfectpeace! Sleep on and take your rest. We love you; but God loved you best. The Wright, Haywood and McKinnie families. IN MEMORIAM In memory of Claudy G. Horne who departed, Sept. 7, 1981. God put His arms around you and left sadness in our hearts, but our love and prayers will follow you as long as we're apart. Sadly missed by your father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Horne, son, Jason Horne and other relatives. IN MEMORIAM Deacon Wesley 0. Beal, gone but not forgotten. DEA. W. 0. BEAL 1887-1983 Loving children: Loretha B. Glenn and Belton Beal. AIKENS FUNERAL HOMf Cur. RuHalu An. & 2lhh .-.i. 232-8725 We re The Key To Fine In memory of Marise L. Tolbert, who passed September 4, 1976. Because of all the beautiful things that the Lord created it seems he made you best. Even your me;nory is beautiful as you lay in the Lord's arms to rest. What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know 1 Sadly missed by husband, Arthur Tolbert, children, sisters and friends. IN MEMORIAM ALBERT JAMES (Buddy) NELSON 00 = :;-!!. I = = ;:;= '=' Cll =Q. The hurt is still with us. But .:! God will take care Your sister, brother and family. CARD OF THANKS The family of the late Mr. Louis Massey wishes to thank all of our friends and neighbors for their support and prayers during our time of grief. Special thanks to Mt. Tabor M B. Church, Rev. T. J. James, Pastor, Rev. Harvey Nicholas, Rev. J. M. Marion, New Philadelphia M.B. Church, Elder Dan Davis and The Prayer-Warriors of St. Petersburg, FL, and Bryant and Williams Funeral Home. May God forever bless and keep all of you. Wife, Mrs. A. M. Massey and family. CARD OF THANKS famiiy of the late Curtis McDaniel wishes to express our appreciation to our friends, neighbors, and New Salem Baptist Church of Hyde Park, for their prayers and other acts of condolences shown to us during our bereavement. > = Q. ::::!. I = 0 =-Q. = = Cll ,The McDonald Williams families. and' ;:/ l .l ,:. ."{ CARDOFTHANKS ""' The family of Vera Williams > thant

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And t ike the com petitor he is, Doug flirted with a lasting wheel chair out in Oklahoma, playing six or seven games in 1983 with bata tered knees. But, he is alright ; now : The Mandingo is healed. He's back; like Porgy and = Bess: "Bess you are my 5: woman now." Let us wish Thompson well ; now. Perhaps his fortunes will multiply ten-fold. You know God allowed Job to be used. But he cautioned the devil, but don't kill him." You know the story; After all Job went through, He was restored. Job ended up with more cattle and sheep than he had previously owned; a richer man he became. Guyana Leader's Body Preserved By Soviets GEORGETOWN, Guyana The Health Ministr y an nounced that the body of the Guyana s president, Forbes Burnham, was sent to the Soviet Union to be embalmed for permanent viewing. The ministry said the technical expertise and facilitie s needed to complete the embalming process were not available in Guyana MEL ABRAMS, M.D. Ear Nose & Throat Disease Disea s es Of The S i nus Announces Even ing Appointments Now Available Call For Free Hearing Test Medicare Assignments Accepted 971-3450 13550 N. 3ht St. Suite 331 (Acr-Fr-Unlw Comm. Hospital} > = c. .. -------------ton premises. 231-4745. 1716 E. COLUMBUS -Z-I'Oc.<>O/'' SPIRITUAL F h d t f 2 ual urms e ap or rent, Furnished apt. for rent, 2 Jr. """t:Y ADVISOR large bedrooms, $240 month bedrooms, livingroom {JJv-d (Jo--M;r-o/ Jer-o-ice.r True Psychic Born With plus $150 security deposit w s f y moves you in. Call 238-6667. w/fireplace, dining room INCLUDING PAP SMEARS, VD SCREENING, Power. t atts y ou In ._, w/french doors, kitchen. 2 ALL METHODS OF BIRTH CONTROL One Visit. Has Loved One SECTION &.ONLY! DR's (12x18) & bath ; All Turned Against You? Are t"" Large 3 bedroom home, 811 rooms completely furnished & SOUTH TAMPA NORTH TAMPA You Unhappy, Discour--l E Conover 237-1371. carpeted, burglar bars, dead 251_ 0505 961-7907 aged, Influenced By Furnl.shed 3 bedroom' bolt locks, off street parking. Evil Spell? I Can Succeed 1302 S Dale Mabry 14704 N Florida Ave. Wh Oth H F "I d Trailer in Seffner' kitchen Landlord pays water. sewage M ember of Nati onal F ormerly T ampa Counse li n q ere ers ave at e .., & garbage. A dolts only. No Abortion Federatio n and Abo rtion Center Call Anytime. ..t'o" facilities, male or female elder_621-!mcul security deposit. 2 54-3528 1 -.. _-n 1 1 (813) 677-2971 : .... -0 .. ... ............


I Grand Op,ening Sale r:IJ BUDGET M OVED TO NEW LOCATION 1502 E. 7th Ave. PRICE -= I COUPON Hair Rollers (Across From Blue Ribbon) ----------------,----------------1 STORE COUPON I STORE COUPON I .LADIES :PantyHose l PANTIES 69( 69 C Reg.Size t Knee Hi's : I Limit2PAIR 2 For oo : I COUPON I ELECTRIC : Incense I CURLING I Sticks : IRON 59( l $299 : : I 2/'loo I --------< 0 BUDGET BEAUTY SUPPLY 247-5656 ... 1502 E. 7th Ave. YBOR CITY ACROSS FROM BLUE RIBBON PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE 247-5656 .. _______________ Not-Re-spo-ns.lb-le.ForTyp-og-rap-hi.ca.IE.rro-rs. ________________ _,


City Opens Police Sector Office In West Tampa Attending the opening ceremonies for the West Tampa Police SeCtor 'A' Station were, from left to right, Max Rodriguez, Cpl. Dave Queen, and L. Anthony Collins. In keeping with plans to bring the crime control func help revitalize West Tampa, a tion to the neighborhood level, new Tampa Police Sector "A" and develop a more positive Office located at 1801 N. and direct relationship with Howard Ave. -began operacitizens," stated Police tions today (Friday) Sept. 6. Don Newberger. "The establishment of this "We are confident that our additional sector office 1s an efforts to deter criminal ac-of our efforts to tivities and improve interac25,64. The nation that bas the schools 90,77. bas the future. 55,33. Ladies Consignment Center 4049 Henderson Blvd. Hours: (West Of Dale Mabry) M Between, Lois & Neptune -F: 11-6 -\.) Sat.: 10-5 872-9180 minr ';) We Have A Large Inventory Of High Quality Low Priced Clothing For Men, Women & Children OTHER LOCATIONS: Temple Terrace Horizon Park lrancton Fowler Frank's Ornamental Iron 24 Hour Service Residential 621-4034 Commercial Financii12 Arranged Bars Railings 1-'in Es<.apes Stairways \\ Ornamentals Licensed Insured Bonded RA'K L JOHl'iSON ... (hnl'r Free Home Security Tips tion betweeh the police and our citizens will be greatly enhance'd by this additional service facility," the Chief fur ther stated. Commemorating the open ins of this new Sector "A" Office along with Chief Newberger was Tampa Mayor Bob Martinez. The mayor reportedly endorses and sup ports the sector concept of police service as a proven method of increased crime control. He also indicated that this approach to offering a total police service has brought the police and the community closer together, and is cert.U -ly another step toward the city meeting its commitment to im prove the quality of life for all its citizens. According to the sector con cept, these offices are located in areas thought to enable the greatest access for the public to police service. It provides police with immediate oppor tunity to address existing pro blems. The West Tampa Sector Station will be staffed daily with uniformed police of ficers, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The telephone number is 254-3485. "We are pleased that pre sent resources enable us to expand the sector concept, which bring the police service closer to the people it serves," Chief Newberger Ricky E. Wi -lliams Attorney At Law (SV2 Yrs. State Attorney's Office) Personallniury and Wrongful Death (Vehicle Accidents, Slip & Fall, Railroad, Boat & Motorcycle Accidents, Defective Products, Uninsured Motorists). Criminal Defense (State & Federal Court) (Felonies, Drug Cases, Misdemeanors, Traffic, OWl and Juvenile). Divorce Custody Support See Our Ad In The Yellow Pages (Pgs. 129 & 139) 400 E. Buffalo 237-1659 Elderly Woman Dies In Mid-Day Collision charged with running a red light. He was traveling north on 40th St. at approximately 35 or 40 miles per hour. Seay According to police spokesman Johnny Barker, 60-year-old Josephine Brown, 314 E. Patterson St., died as a result of injuries sustained in mid-day accident on Tuesday, Sept. 3, at the corner of 40th St. and Chelsea. Barker explained that the woman was a passenger in a 1974 Lincoln Continental driven by Jim Seay, Sr., 34, 314 E. Patterson St. was traveling west on E. Chelsea, and had entered N. :" 40th on the green light. Brown died at the scene of the 12:50 p.m accident. Police reports state that the Lincoln was struck on its right side by a 1980 Mack" Truck/Oil Tanker Rig driven by William Sheldon Pilcher, 52, of Plant City. Pilcher was Woman Set Is In Stable Jim Seay, Jr., 3, 314 E. Patterson St., and Dorothy Brown, 27, 314 E. Patterson St. (both passengers in the Lincoln), were admitted to Tampa General Hospital in critical but stable condition. The Mack Truck is owned by National Oil Company of Hallandale Fla. On Fire Condition I According to police The victim was admitted inspokesman Johnny Barker, a to Tampa deneral Hospital's known suspect, who is curBurn Unit in stable but guard rently being sought by police, ed condition, and with second is accused of allegedly dosing and third degree burns over lf 26-year-old Shirley Colver, 20% of her body. 4408 N. 48th St., with gasoline According to Barker, the 5i' then setting her on fire with a couple was ;involved in a !!. lighter. domestic altercation. The = The incident occurred at 1 suspect fled on foot in an 5:: a.m. on Thursday, Sept. 5. unknown direction g. Two Arrested After Hold Up At Amoco Gas Station According to police reports, 37-year-old Willie A. Wim bush, 1903 Y2 W. Pine, and 33-year-old Dennis Leon Col lins, 1308 State St., were ar rested early this (Friday) mor ning at the corner of Scott St. and Maryland, and charged with robbing an Amoco Gas Station, located a:t 501 E. Hillsborough Ave. The rot> bery occurred at 3:35 a.m. Lt. Sam Jones related that the suspects entered the gas station, and confronted the owner with a small handgun. No injuries were reported, and the amount of cash taken has not beeQ determined. Both men are in custoqy at Hillsborough County Jail. F"EE BLESSED MONEY PRAYER CLOTH 113-231-1163 Typesetter Needed MUST Type 45 Words Per Minute. Apply At The: Florida Sentinel Bulletin 2207 21st Avenue MondayWednesday And Thursday 9 A.M. -12 P.M. RELIEF FOR "HIGH BLOOD SUGAR ARTHRITIS Amazing New Natural Method That Can Help You. 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FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 40 YEARS SERVING TAMPA FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1985 SECTION B March, Prayer For Today NAACP Vigil Set The Tampa Branch NAACP will hold a march and prayer vigil on Friday (today) at 5:30 p. m Participants will line up for the march at River front Park at 5 p. m. and march to First Baptist Church of West Tampa, 1302 N. Willow Ave., Rev. M. C. Johnson, pastor. Marchers will leave the park, go west on Cypress to Willow, and north on Willow to the church. Refre shments will be served at the church. The Rev. Ben Hooks, National Director of the NAACP, or his .represen ta tive Joe Madison, National Political Director, will be a participant, along with several local officials. The purpose of the Freedom March and Prayer Vigil will be to lend support to the freedom seeking as well as the starVing and oppressed persons of Africa and the est of the world. t The NAACP is asking for disinvestment in South Africa on the part of the city, county and the State of Florida. The group is also asking the "Thank God It's Friday" young executives who normally spend this time at happy hours to spend an hour marching and praying for freedom. So far there has been tremendous response, Tampa Branch NAACP president, Bob Gilder stated. All church groups, eivic organizations, fraternities, sororities as well as any other groups or individuals who believe in freedom and justice are invited to attend. NAACP Says APARTHEID MUST Ge ,.. STOP RACISM In SOUTH AFRICA. Early .. Start Helped Young Man Realize His Life-Long Dream a young boy growing up in.tt'fampa, firefighters always "fascinated" Ronald Mon tgomery. "I have always been in terested in firefighting, even through my early years," he explained. "Everytime I saw a fire truck, I would break and run to where the truck would go," even at the risk of getting in trouble with his mom. Today, 21-year-old Mon tgomery is on his way to fulfilling that life-:long dream. This past summer marked his completion of seven years of preliminary training with the Tampa Fire Department's Ex plorer Unit No. 274. According to Melvin Stone, an advisor with the Explorer Post and an Inspector who works with the Tampa Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau, "The Explorers is a group of boys ages 14 to 21, who are interested in becom ing future firefighters or paramedics. It is sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. "We prepare them for BY PATTY ALLEN Sentinel Staff Writer career development because they learn all areas of fire ser vice," Stone stated. "If they choose this field, they will have the working and inside BETTY A. COLEMAN .. Explorer Advisor .-,. : Ronald Montgomery flisplays awards he re<:ehred the Fire Unit. models to upcoming youth, and the importance of God." Montgomery was an original member of the Ex plorers, he joined the group on Sept. 17, 1978, and was the first to complete the program. He served as Youth Leader Advisor, and was recognized for his outstanding work. "Ron displayed loyalty and devotion to the Post," Stone explained. "He was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. He should go far in whatever he chooses to do." In December of this year, Montgomery \ will complete his 240 hours training at the Tampa Fire Academy at Hillsborough Community College. MELVIN STONE .. Explorer Advisor ''I plan to become a firefighter paramedic," stated the young man, who is cur rently working as a Certified Nursing Operating Assistant at Tampa General Hospital. Montgomery added that he is interested in furthering his education at the University of South Florida. According to the I 981 graduate of Chamberlain High School, !hrough his work with the Explorers, "I learned it (firefighting) is more than what it seems. It is a lot of work." But that didn't deter him. "I always did what I thought was best," Mon tgomery stated. "And by put ting God first in whatever I do, I feel that everything will be alright." American Legion Carmicheal Legree Post 167 Installs Officers For 1985 -:anrni(:heal Post 167 were recently elected and installed for 1985 as follows, from left to right, Harvey Glymph, Com mander; Tommy Simmons, 1st Vice Commander; Cornelius Mucherson, 2nd t .,. t 4( t.,t-Vice Commander; Clifford Parramore; Adjl!fant; AI Davis, Service Officer; and Earl Davis, Sergeant-At-Arms. The Post Home is located at 2504-29th Street, and the program includes activities for the youth and senior citizens.


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JACKSON, Mississippi Malaco recording artist, The Williams Brothers has just completed the first ever gospel concept video. The video was filmed and produced entirely on location in Canton, Mississippi by Telemedia, a Mississippi based television and video production com pany. The video is based on the ever popular song "I'm Just A Nobody". Recording for Malaco Records of Jackson, Mississ ip The Williams Brothers tly held the number one position for several weeks on gospel concept video by The Billboard's national gospel Williams Brothers will pave charts. The album, "Blessed", the way for more videos as which contains the song and well as broaden the horizon now video, "I'm Just A for gospel music. Nobody" is one of Malaco's yo-----""'-oa greatest gospel successes to I TI1l@-I date. Born and reared in rural '------------Smithdale, Mississippi, The NOTICE OF INTENTION Williams Brothers has been TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS performing since 1960. Their TRADE NAME unique style and showmanship Notice is hereby given that has earried them twelve top ten the Fred Miller albums and two Grammy intends to register the fienominations titious trade name, Sunrise "/ 'm Just A Nooody" Maid Service with the Clerk of FUN FUN-FUN the CircuU of Hillsborough County, Florida Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the under signed intends to engage in the business of Maid Service at P.O, Box 585, Ozona, Fl. 33560. IT'S BOWLING TIME AGAIN The Hitters & Missers Invite You To Their Organizational Meeting Saturday, Sept. 7th 5 P.M. Bowling Time 6 O'clock REGAL LANES (On Armenia) MEET US THERE! ROD McCARTY IS THE PRESIDENT Dated this 30th day of August, 1985. Fred Miller Sole Owner The Doctor's ln ... 8a.m. to 10 p.m. tNeryday No appointment necessary. M.D. on duty. X-ray and lab. 2810 W. Buffalo Ave .. Tampa 8 7 7-8450 across fr om St. Joseph s H ospita l 13210 North 30th St.. Tampa 9 7 7-2 7 7 7 north ofV.A. Hospital' 206 E. Brandon Blvd .. Brandon 681-5 5 71 2600 U.S. Hwy 1 9 North across from Countryside M a l l 799-2727 BY REV. A. LEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church One of the important con. cepts modern management uses is that of setting objec tives. Many books and articles have been written on "managing by objectives.". Businessmen have discovered that those companies that set long-range goals, and that work toward reaching them are the most successful. Set ting goals for Christian living is also important. The Apostle Paul knew that if he was to be successful, he had to focus not upon his past, but on the future. He said, "One thing I do, forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead. I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." Humanly speaking, at this stage in life Paul could have said, "I have reached my goal! I have served God with great results and have fulfilled my purpose." The attitude which says "I've arrived-I've made it," is an attitude which stops all present and future activity. Someone has said, "T)le day you stop learning is the day you start dying.'' That statement has a lot of truth in it. If you think that you have reached the fulfillment of your ife you have no reason to be living. No new knowledge to learn, no new skills to be tried, no new people to meet, no new mountain to climb you might as be dead. Paul could have felt he had completed his task. Much had truly been accomplished. He was now in jail. But it's a great example that even while he is imprisoned, Paul does not forget his own personal goals to know and share Christ. He also does not forget his love and concern for others even in the churches he helped establish. So even while in prison, Paul is busy writing as evidenced by the books of Philippians, Ephesians, and Colossians. '!'he goal of Christian maturity is to be more and more like Jesus. Our minds must be set on this quest regardless of the criticism of distracting spirits along the way. It was important to Paul that the Philippian Christians had the same mind this goal. The path of was straight, but even knew that some brothers sisters would go astray. Paul used his own life as an example for others to follow. Not because he was so great, but because his God working in him was great. Paul was personally concerned when called brothers and sisters went off the deep end spiritually speaking Thes ''enemies of the cross" brought tears to the eyes o Paul. Notice the vices Paul states that lead to their spiritual their God was their belly; they minded earthly things. The fruit of such activity is destruction. The enemies the cross are a negative exam pie in the Philippian Can they be anything less our own society? The quest for maturity lead us to the source of faith: Jesus Christ. Paul couraged the Philippian Christians to keep their eyes on Jesus. First of all, their citizenship (and ours) is in heaven. Our ultimate allegian ce must be to the One, tht: only One, who is able to save us and bring our lives to com pletion In fact, He will bring all things to completion time. Indeed He is Lord! Finally, we must recognize that our goal for Christian maturity can only be reached if we "stand fast" as Paul wrote to the Philippian Church. Paul does not suggest > = Q. ::::!. that we just grit our teeth and 1 "endure" life. We are to C":l rejoice in the Lord-always. !l There is much to be done t:= we run this race. We are to S. unselfish witnesses, we =" be clearing our minds of t'!'j d e: corruption of this age, an concentrating on those .......... .,_ c" which pure. But how is ; possible? Did not God promise peace. He will be us every situation. We need panic and fret. Christ the Lord is our Guide to maturity. Let us trust, lean and depend on Him. The Goal is set high because the stakes are high. Jesus gave h1s life for us. What more can we give to Him, yes, what more could we possibly give to Him-but our lives.


foodway Q 1 761 1 Causeway s lvd. 623-1031 liP Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-9 Sunday 8-7 PRICES GOOD: SEPTEMBER 5 SEPTEMBER J J, J 985 1111 SAII//ISS ARESIIEAT fll = Q Iowa Western Beef Blade-Cut Chuck Roast 99 Lb. : Iowa Western Beef Sunnyland Tray Pk. Sausage tt. $129 a tes ........ Fresh Premium Fryer Drumsticks 79C Lb. Thompson Seedless White Grapes Lb. 49 j ) p r,:..,.-= I/ } ..-,..! ,. l rL !'{ Large Flavorable Cantaloupes 83C Each Lykes Whole Smoked Picnic Hams 69 Lb. Oscar Mayers 1-Lb. Pkg. Bologna. s139 Iowa Western Beef Pot. Roast $119 Lb. Chicken Beef Mac/Cheese & Turkey Banquet Pot Pies 120z. 2/51 Pillsbury Big Country Biscuits 120z.Cans 2/51 Gordon's Crunchy Fish Sticks \ $199 12 Oz. Style Bread Limit 6 20 Oz. Loaves 3/ $ 1 Libby's Deep Brown Pork N' Beans 140z.Cans 3/51 White House Apple Juice 320z. Size 79 All Flavors Kraft Bar-B-Que Sauce 180z. 99C All Flavors Pillsbury Plus Cake Mixes 18.5 Oz. Pkgs. 89 All Flavors Kal Klan Dog Food 23.5 Oz. Cans 2/99 Reg./Light Old Milwaukee 120z.Cans B All Flavors 24 Pk. Suitcase eer Pet Excel Yogurt Motor Oil 80z.Cups J/$1 Qt.Can 69


By Valerie John son-Food Expert ,.----Cooking rBy The For everything there is a season and every season there is a feast. Here are some not-to-difficult recipes to prepare that spotlight the foods that are at their peak for the month of September. are nutritious and inexpensive. The month of September brings an abundance of apples and pears; the vegetables of the month are eggplant and spinach. Check out the recipes for this bounty. Learning to cook by the calendar helps you to serve meals that VAL Florentine Rich Quiche Make s 1 (9-i n c h) qui c he 6 to 8 servings 1 egg 2 cups cooked rice 2!3 cup finely grated Swiss cheese 1 package (10 ozs.) chopped spinach 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 3 eggs V 2 teaspoon salt 1 cup ( V 2 pt.) cottage cheese Y4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 6 tablespoons heavy cream or evaported milk 3 drops hot pepper sauce Y4 teaspoon nutmeg 1. Preheat oven to 350F Grease a 9-inch pie pan. 2. In medium bowl beat 1 egg. Add rice and Swiss cheese; stir well. Spread rice mixture evenly in prepared pie pan, making a crust. Refrigerate until ready to fill and bake. 3. Cook spinach as directed on package. Pour info strainer and press out all liquid. Add butter to drained spinach, set aside. 4. In medium bowl beat remaining 3 eggs, stir in salt, cottage cheese, Parmesan cheese, heavy cream, hot pepper sauce and nutmeg. When well blended, stir in spinach. 5. Pour filling into prepared rice crust. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until firm. 6. To serve, cut into wedges. Editor s Note : To make ahead. 1 Prepare crust early in day and refrigerate until needed. 2. Prepare filling ahead and refrigerate until needed. 3. Assemble pie just before baking. We suggest this make-ahead method to help prevent a soggy crust. Baked Bose Pears Half Shell Makes 6 servin gs. 3 fresh Bose pears Lemon juice Choice of Fillings (see below) V 2 cup water V 2 cup packed dark brown sugar 1 tablespoon butter or margarine V 2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 Preheat oven to 350F Halve and core pears. Brush with lemon juice. 2. Place pears in shallow baking pan. Fill centers with your choice of filling. 3. Combine water, sugar, butter and cinnamon. Heat to boiling, stirring until sugar dissolves. Pour over pears. 4 Bake pears for about 30 to 40 minutes until tender. Baste once with syrup. Serve as accompaniment dish at or as dessert. Fillin gs: Raisin: Combine 2 tablespoons raisins, 2 tablespoons c h o p pad a lmonds and 2 tablespoons orange marmalade. Mincemeat : Use / 2 cup p repared mince m eat. Cranberr y : Combine 2 tablespoons chopped f res h cranbe r ries and '/2 cup s trawber ry jam. T i p s F o r A ppl e s Bake() Apples With Raisins Makes 6 servings. Clear cooking wrap with foil edges 6 (2V 2 to 31bs ) medium Rome Beauty or Greening apples, washed and cored 6 tablespoons dark brown sugar 6 tablespoons raisins 6 teaspoons butter or. margarine 3;4 cup orange juice, apple juice or cider 1. Preheat oven to 400F. line a 2'12 -inch -deep baking dish with enough cooking wrap to enclose apples, plus 3-inch overlap. 2. Place apples on wrap; fill centers with 1 tablespoon each of brown svgor and ra i sins, and 1 teaspoon ter. Pour orange juice over all. 3 Double-fold plain. edges, making 3-inch overlap; double-fold foil edges to seal ; pierce top of wrap 6 times with meat fork. Bake 25 to 30 minutes, or until apples ore fork-tender. 4. Serve worm with syrup from pan. Super Easy Eggplant Makes 4 to 6 servings. 1 to 2 lbs. 1 V 2-inch chunks unpeeled eggplant or zucchini .3;4 cup vegetable oil 1;4 cup vinegar V2 teaspoon salt V 2 teaspoon ground mustard Y4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 small clove garlic, crushed 1 Thread chunks of eg gplan t on skewers or bamboo sticks. Place on gr:ill or broiler rack. 2. Combine oil, v inegar, salt, mustard, pepper and garlic in a small covered jar. Shake well. Makes 4 servings. 1 large eggplant Vegetable oil Baked Stuffed Eggplant V 2 lb. lean ground beef 1 can (6 ozs.) tomato paste 1 egg, slightly beaten 2 tablespoons finely chopped onion 2 tablespoons finely chopped green pepper = 1 garlic clove, minced V 2 teaspoon salt S. Y4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 5i' V 2 cup dry red wine !!. I V 2 cup plain whole milk yogurt = 1 can (8 ozs.) tomato sauce 5: V2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese 1 Preheat oven to 350F ; 2. Cut eggplant in half, scoop out pulp, leaving shell intact '"C and-finely dice eggplant pulp. = r:l' 3. In a skillet, brown eggplant in oil and odd beef, turni = until browned. Drain off any fat if necessary. 4. Stir in tomato paste, egg, onion, green pepper, garlic, ;_ salt, pepper, red wine and yogurt. Heat thoroughly, but not boil. Spoon mixture into eggplant halves, top wi "'-.._tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Place in baking d a and bake for 45 to 55 minutes until bubbly and eggplant tender. Ratatouille Makes 8 s ervings. 3 cloves garlic 1 lb. (6 medium) zucchini lib. (4 large) green peppers 1 lb. (3 large) yellow onions lib. (1 medium) eggplant 2 lbs. (4 large) tomatoes 3;4 cup vegetable oil or olive oil 2 teaspoons salt Y4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1. Prepare vegetables for sauteing: Slice garlic thinly, cut zucchini into '1.-inch-thick slices, green pepper into 1/ 2 -inch-wide strips, slice oni ons thinly, cut unpeeled eggplant into l-inch cubes and peel and quarter tomatoes. 2 In Iorge skillet, hecit '14 cup oil. Add garlic, zucchini' and green pepper. Saut e 5 minutes, stirring. Remove to a bowl. 3. In additional /.cup oil, saute onion and eggplant for 5 minutes, stirring. Add to zucchini-green pepper mixture. 4. In ;,. cup oil. saute tomato quarters for 2 minutes, stirrina. ;... 5. Turn all vegetables into skillet with tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper; stir gently to mix. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat and simmer covered 10 minutes. Uncover and simmer 5 to 10 minutes, stirring once or twice, until liquid is practically all absorbed. Vegetables should be soft and tender, but retain their i ndividual identity. Serve hot or cold. Ca r a Mich ael' s Skillet S ausag e 'N' Potatoes > = Q. .. I = = =-= = rll 3 Br ush salad d r ess ing on eggplan t c hu nks. Grill, 4 to 5 Cara made th i s up o ut o f w h at she on c e had in t he fre e zer in c hes from hot coals turni n g Her hu sband l i kes it so much ther e s n eve r enough left for h er. and basting u ntil lightly W hen s e rvin g cu t ap-* Ap p l e s too mealy to browned and tender, a b o u t 3 1 p o und Polish s au sage sli ced Y4i n ch t h i ck pies try t o sel ect va r ieties be enjoyed raw ma yb e t o 4 minutes per side. 2 ta blespoons vege table oil that do not brow n: such cooked in sweetened Edit or's No te: Great with 1 pack ag e <24 ounc es) f ro z en p o t atoes O Brien 1 c up chopped fresh or frozen oni on s as golden Delicious or s auce, or use them in a grilled meats or chicken. 1 t ea s poon lemon-pepper s e as on ing Cortland. Or as soon as stuffing. apple is cut rub with Cooked apples that In a large nonstick skillet cook sausage over medium heat lemon juice. have lost their shape can about 3 minutes until browned. Remove with slotted spoon "0 \:J:1; Add oil to skillet and heat over medium-high heat. Add > When raw apples are always be turned mto a potatoes, onions and lemon-pepper seasoning. Cover and too hard for eating, use sauce or used in a pud-cook 10 minutes or until potatoes are golden brown and '"1"1 for cooking: i.e. apding or casserole with 248-1921] tender, stirring once. Stir in sausage and heat through. :; ............... ........ .. ................................ l:


.... IC 1:: lilil s 00 fl.) = Q --.c Q = I -.. = < fl.) = 1"-1 .... "CC .c .fa ,.Q = =-= :; = I = = 00 CIS :r----5606 N. 40th ST. Ph. 238-9120 USDA FOOD STAMPS ACCEPTED lOO% Ground f OPEN MON.-SUN. 8 AM TO 7 PM (STORE HOURS) (PRICES GOOD SE.,T. 6 THRU SEPT. 14) / Fresh Ice Packed Cooking Good Beef ...... Lb. '119 Or / "545 5 Lbs. For ... FRYERS 59C Lb. Western Select OX TAILS '119 Lb. ., USDA Choice >c R 'IB STEAKS Q z $329 ::) ., Lb z Ill USDA Choice A. 0 CUBE STEAKS 0 '199 Lb. z USDA Choice Boneless : CHUCK ROAST '149 Lb. :. Pork Sale Lean Meaty Neck Bones .. Select 4 Lbs. '100 P, g $ 4Lb0o Feet.. 1 Hog Mawslh.49C: Pig Tai Is .. Lb. 49 C: TURKEY WINGS 59C Lb. TURKEY NECKS 49C Lb. 10 LB. BUCKET Chitterlings $499 100 USDA FOOD STAMPS ACCEPTED Ground Chuck .... Lb. '169 Or '795 5 Lbs. For ... Western Corn. Fed PORK STEAKS '149 Lb. lean Meaty Beef SHORT RIBS '139 Lb lean HAM SLICES '149 Lb. lean HAM ENDS 99C Lb. Pure Pork, Beef Or Italian LINK SAUSAGE '189 Lb. z 0 0 ., rn z .,. c z c ,. -< .,.


Corporate NEW YORK, NY Find ing a career opportunity in the corporate world can be one o f the most challenging ex periences today's Black college graduates will face. Often companies will not hire college because they lack ob experience, and without an ctual corporate job, cannot hope to gain the needed experience. How do you break this cycle between classroom and the \forld of work, and how does business and industry concur rently fill their job openings with new, energetic and qualified minority talent? Thanks to Pepsi-Cola's Minority Intern Program now in its third year college students are offered the op portunity to gain marketable skills and exposure to the business world while earning a competitive salary. This summer, 50 minority college students, from more than 30 colleges and univer sities, eight of which are predominantly black schools, are participating in the pro gram. To be eligible for the 13-week Pepsi-Cola Minority Internship Program, students must have completed their sophomore year and have demonstrated academic ex cellence and leadership skills. Interns accepted for the pro gram are first enrolled in a company orientation program covering system-wide opera tions and are then assigned to one of many functional areas, ranging from sales and manufacturing to finance and personnel. Pepsi-Cola Company also offers a $2,000 scholarship to Generation those interns who have excell ed which is matched by a $2,000 scholarship to each winner's school. Last year, the company awarded 18 such scholarships. For further information on the Minority Internship Pro gram, contact National Col lege Recruiting Manager, Pepsi-Cola Company, 700 Anderson Hill Road, Building 6/1, Purchase, NY 10577. Helping minority students close the gap between classroom and the business world is the primary goal of the Pepsi-Cola Company's unique corporate intern ship program. Pictured are some of the SO undergraduate interns from 30 colleges and universities, eight of which are predominantly Black schools participating in this summer's program. Broadcasting Lures Founder Of Essence NEW YORK Since he founded it in 1969, Edward Lewis has built Essence Com munications Inc. into one of the 50 largest black-owned companies in the nation, with estimated sales of $25 million this year. But for some time, Mr. Lewis recalled, he had been thinking of expanding the closely held concern -of which he is chairman and chief executive -into broad casting. Those thoughts came to fruition last week, when a group made mainly of black investors, Mr. Specializing In Credit Problems!. Ask For Your Buick Friend I.EE M. TYLER 4400 N. DALE MABRY PHONE: 872-7746 COME SEE ME TODAY! ST. PETE CALL: 443-7883 --------------------Lewis's company which publishes Essence, the month ly magazine for black women agreed to buy television station WKBW in Buffalo from Capital Cities Communications Inc. for $65 million. The deal would result irt the largest black-owned TV station in the country. The investors have formed a new company, Queen City Broadcasting Inc. to be headed by 1. Bruce Llewellyn, the chairman of the Philadelphia Coca Cola Bot tling Company and the former head of the Fedco Foods Corporation, the New York supermarket chain Other f n vestors in the deal include Donald F. McHe nry, t h e former United States Ambassador to the United Nations; 0. 1. Simpson, the former pro-football player who is now a TV commentator, and the 1 ackson brothers of singing fame. Mr. Llewellyn will have the largest stake in the new com pany, which will be more than 70 percent owned by minority group members. But, Mr. Lewis said, Essence is what brought the investors together Last May, Mr. Lewis said, he began talking with Capital Cities officials about buying one of the broadcast outlets the company would have to sell to complete its pending merger with the American Broadcasting Companies. He later reported on his discussions at an Essence board meeting, when Mr. L:

.. .... ........ .................................... .. 001 .... Founder Of Black Firm Is New York Man Of Year ..c =:: = 00 The American Jewish Congress announced that Travers J. Bell, Jr., Chairman of Daniels & Bell, Inc ., a member of the New York Stock Exchange, will be presented The 1985 New York Man Of The Year Award. Bell is the founder of Daniels & Bell, Inc., the first and only Black owned firm that is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, established in 1971. The American Jewish Congress cited many distinguished in dustry credentials of Bell, including him being an American Stock Exchange of ficial for the last four years and a former member of the National Association of Securities Dealers Busines s Conduct Committee. The American Jewish Congress also hailed Bell for his long standing commitment in working with the city's and metropolitan region's minorities, particularly in the area o.f business development. The award will be presented to Mr. Bell at a benefit dinner in New York's Waldorf Astoria at 6 p.m on Septem ber 12. Community Safety Fair Main Street Shopping Center, located at 11780 North Dale Mabry Highway, is hosting a Community Safety Fair on September 7, 1985. Numerous safety exhibits and special presentations will be f d atured from noon until 5:00 Pfll The center is planning a well-rounded, fun-filled, educational day with areas of interest for all ages. New Automatic Intercept System "Currently, when a PUSH GETS ANHEUSER-BUSCH SUPPORT Playing a key corporate sponsorship role at the 14th National Convention of Operation PUSH, Inc., was Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. The company sponsored a Gospel Fest Salute to the Rev. AI Green, the former rhythm and blues great who now preaches and sings the and the company sponsored the government affairs luncheon at which New Mexico Governor Tony Anaya was the keynote speaker. A check from Anheuser-Busch Companies, was presented to PUSH officials by Wayman F. Smith III (2nd from right), vice president of corporate affairs. From left are the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, founder of Operation PUSH; the Rev. Mrs Willie T. Barrow, national e x ecutive ..:i dlrector; and Gary (Indiana) Mayor Richard G. Hatcher, a member of the PUSH Board of .. Directors and past president of the board. In acknowledging the support of Anheuser-Busch for Beginning this month, some General Telephone customers will hear a new voice if they dial a number that has been changed the voice of a computer. According to com pany Vice President-Public Affairs Bob Cromwell, the new Automatic Intercept System (AIS), will provide customers with faster' more accurate response to intercept calls. customer dials a number that has been changed, an operator intercepts the call, asks what number the customer was calling, and reads the new number. With AIS, electronic equipment will identify the number called and a computer will give the customer the new number," Cromwell ex plained. PUSH, Rev. Jackson also called attention to the company's sponsorship of the "Lou Rawls "g Parade of Stars" telethon which has generated more than $25 million for the United Negro __ __ u_s_H __ co_n_v_e_n_tJ_o_n_w __ __ ________ 248-1921 African Weaving On Display Tired of the High Cost of Hospital Protection? GAINESVILLE University of Florida employee Michael A. Perkins admires some samples of African weaving on display in one of the university's art galleries. African fabrics are often deeply symbolic, conveying philosophical meanings. EDWARDS Tallahassee (904) 222 Central Life Insurance Company of Florida Can Help. Save! Save! Save! Save! HCP ISO (NoFrill s P lan) Our plans provid e you with trul y l o w cost zation cove r age Wt; provide a health care package that includ es H os pital R oom a nd B oa rd Surgica l Maternity. I nten s ive Care. Emerg e ncy Room Coverage o r our n o frill s plan ( H C P /50) for th e ultimate in s aving s ( See r a res b e l o "). No long-di s tance serv i ce: we ha v e offices throughout the sta te to serve yo u Our r epres entati ves give p rom pt. efli cient, a nd courteo u s service. We can make yo ur pre mium co nvenient. W e will even have a co mpany repr ese nt ative come to you r h o me if you de s ire to pic k up your premium. Age SJO/day $ 5 0 /day SJOO/day $ 1 50 /day .Plan Plan Plan Plan Up t o 24 S 3.75/ mo. S 4 .58/mo S 6 .67/ mo S 8 75/mo. 30 4.92 6.4 2 1 0 1 7 13.92 40 6 .25 8.58 14. 4 2 20.25 64 9.42 13.75 2 4.58 35.42 Remodeling Service Flcx i -Max tso Ag s3o'"'' sso'"'' S IOO/"'' s"o' "'' (Standard Plan) Home Offi ce 1400 N Boulevard Tampa. Florida 33607 (813) 251-1897 (Hom< Offo) (813) 254-3962 (Oio13 sus Miami Drywall (305) 757 Room Additions 10 Locations Throughout FloridaA t:l 237-6900 Call our agent iii your area Today!/V


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.c: c:> = c ."CS = < fll :s c jl> "CS .c: fll -:c :s == :; = I = = Hearings For Hillsborough County Residents Who Disagree With Tax Assessment Taxpayers who feel their property has not been properly assessed have recourse to a hearing as announced by the Hillsborough County Proper ty Appraisal Adjustment Board. Pe t itions for a hearing must be filed on or before Sept. 17, 1985, for valuation purposes and on or before Sept. 23, for issues involving denial of aR exemption or denial of an agricultural classification. Forms are now available at the Hillsborough County Court house, Room 214-E, between 8:15 a.m. and 4:55 p.m. on weekdays. A $15.00 filing fee is required for each pet i t ion. Clerical assistance and a notary public will be available to aU persons needing help in Room 214-E. Petitioners will be notified of their scheduled hearing within ten days of the hearing date. For further information, call the Publi c Response Cen ter at 272-5900. Plant C i ty residents may call the Hillsborough Count y Court house in Tampa and ask for the Public Response Center TWO DOCTORS HONOREDDr. Roselyn Payne Epps (center) and her husband, Dr. Charles H. Epps, Jr. (right), gather with Thelma Perkins Oeft), community relations consultant to CIBA-GEIGY Corporation; Dr. W. Montague Cobb, the distinguished medical educator and author; and Dr. Frank Douglas, executive director of clinical biology research in CIBA GEIGY's Pharmaceuticals Division. Dn. Epps, who are both professors at the Howard University College of Medicine, were honored by CIBA-GEIGY. as the presenters in the second annual W. Montague Cobb Lecture Series at the National Medical Association's convention in Las Vegas, Nev. VA To Offer Special Incentives To Employers Hiring Disabled Vets eligible for this incentive program. Payments may not be made to public employers, including federal, state -and local agencies. Employers who wish to par ticipate should contact the Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling Officer at the nearest VA regional office. Florida's Delegation Votes To Oppose Apartheid TALLAHASSEE Florida lawmakers attending the recent National Con ference of State Legislatures v oted iri support of a resolu. tion that condemned South A fri c a for i t s apartheid system of racial segregation and call ed for U .S. sanctions against that government, according to a Hillsborough County legislator who attended the four-day annual conference in Seattle, Washington. Rep. James T Hargrett, Jr., D-Tampa, Chairman of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators (the state's black caucus), explain ed that the resolution "called on all peoples of all races of all countries to unite in halting and resolving the violence in South Africa And it further urged the president and gress to impose 'strict and im mediate sanctions' on the government of South Africa,'' he added Hargrett said the anti apartheid resolution originated at a November 1984 annual conference of the Na tional Black Conference of State Legislators (NBCSL) held in Los Angeles. Having taken a position on the controversial issue, the na tional organization of black state lawmakers voted to "for ward the resolution for introduction" at the annual meeting of the National Con ference of State (NCSL), which recently con cluded in Seattle. But the item came up for a vote only after a compromise had been reached with the NCSI.:, leadership, who agreed to support a somewhat milder version of the original measure. After much debate, the compromise language fail ed, and the original resolution containing much stronger language was brought up for a vote. Rep Hargrett, however, had already done his homework among members of the Florida delegation to "en sure that the State of Florida voted the right way. And the Florlida v ote had been consis tent 1in each effort. State Clarence Mitchell III, man of the National Conference of Legislators, summed Florida action: Sen. chair Black State up the REP. JIM HARGRETT "Yes, Florida certainly stood up and took a solid po si tion both times on the right side of the issue s aid Mit chell. "And I know for a fact that Rep. Jim Hargrett was in strumental in winning the full support of the Florida delega tion in favor of the anti. apartheid measure." Despite a solid effort by Florida and 34 other states, the resolution, requiring three quarters of the 50-member body to pass, was three votes short of the mark on the final vote. It failed. Despite the outcome, Hargrett says the symbolism can not be overlooked "It is encouraging and very positive nonetheless to have it recognized that the State of Florida stands in opposition to the deplorable system of apar theid in South Africa." WASHINGTON -The placement of disabled veterans Veterans Administration will who have completed training offer special incentives to em-but who may be difficult to players hiring certain disabled place due to their disabilities veterans in an effort to or lack of experience. The "bridge the gap" which has payments can cover up to nine prevented some from being months of work experience or employed; on-job training to enable the Officials Discuss Combatting Illicit Trafficking VA Administrator Harry N veterans to adjust to and Walters said that despite inmaintain employment. WASHINGTON The Heading the U S. delegation Washington the Minister aqtensive placement efforts, Under a written agreement Hon. Pearnel Charles, were William Von Rabb, U.S. vised U.S. officials that the some disabled veterans who with the employer, v A will Minister of Public Utilities Commissioner of Customs, gove r nment of Jamaica is are well-trained and otherwise pay for direct expenses that and Transport, held discusand other high officials of the seeking the relief of fines imqualified for employment may result from hiring the veteran sions in Washington with the U.S. Customs Service. posed on the airline, and that not be able to secure emand which do not exceed oneU S Commissioner of the necessary documents will Ployment. A lack Of. work exCustoms 'and other U.S ofOn the Jamaican side were be filed within the time permithalf of the wage paid to other h 1 H. E perience, an employer's employees in the same or ficials, to resolve outstanding Minister C ares; 1s x-ted. special training requirements, similar jobs. issues attendant upon the recellency Ambassador Keith He advised them of the or the nature of the disability cent seizure of an Air Jamaica Johnson; the Solicitor General government's program to Only private sector em1 f J M K th R t can contribute to severe players, including non profit P aTnhe. d d th f 0 amruca, r. enne a-combat the production of placement problems, Walters ey lscusse e mes lmtray; the President of Air drugs in Jamaica, the recent Z said agencies and organizations are posed on the airline and ways Jamaica, Noel Hilton; and Dr. Civil Aviation amendment at Special provisions of the of increasing cooperation betEarl Carr of the Embassy of providing for the destruction f-c. A s vocational rehabilitation -;;J; -ween the U.S. and Jamaica in Jamaica. of illegal air strips and other program allow payments to @G'J, 0'0 the fight against the illicit trafmeasures to combat illegal d A h .................... ............. .. .. ........... c.


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............................ ........................................................ .................... .... ..c 00 ;;; < Q {I) = .: I -... -= = < 5 Cl.l = = I Cl.l .5 = Cl.l riJ COPING By Dr. Charles W. Faulkner Stop Making Yourself Feel Bad We can make ourselves feel terrible by simply criticizing ourselves. If you tell yourself you are dumb, you will feel ust as bad as you would if someorte else had called you It's even worse since know you are not dumb, quite intelligent. So why yourself dumb? Let's look at some negative, irrational statements that ac tually make us feel bad: A. "I'll never be able to stop smoking B. "I think Lee is a no good, son of a ___ C. "All I need is drugs to get myself together." D. "There is no point in even trying to make my life better." Now let's look at some ways to counter the above negative, irrational thinking with po s itive, logical reasoning. You can Stop Smoking: No one smokes all of the time You don t smoke when you sleep or conduct other chores. However, when you think that you can t stop, you don't want to attempt to stop; you don t forth t he effort to stop. are things that you real can't do, such as jump off a 15story building and survive. That's l ogical thinking. So, you simply don't jump. The same goes for smoking You think you can't, so you don't try. The way to stop smoking, stop over-eating or break any t is to tell yourself that can do it. Then decide to whatever i s in your best in Think logically. Tell yourself the truth. Then do it! Lee may have his faults but he is, also, a human being. Thus, he could not, possibly, be a S.O.B. When you think Lee in these negative terms, angers you and makes it iml)vo.:uuu;; to deal logically with im. Perhaps Lee did something that you didn't like. But he has the right to do what he wishes as long as it doesn't break the law. You may not like his behavior, but he does have the right. Once you realize this, you are able to ex ist happily in spite of Lee's bhavior. and stop torturing yourself emo tionally. Think logically and positively. THE You may thinkt you have a need for a crutch such as drugs or alcohol. But it's only a thought. It's a desire and not a need. It has become tradi tional and habitual for people to consume drugs or alcohol when they feel they have a pro blem. But you need only shelter, air, water and food. Many people falsely say that they have a need for something simply so they will have an excuse for using it. When you realize that you can reason better when your mind is clear and your health is good, without drugs or alcohol, you'll know that you don't need a destructive crutch. Think logically. You have more control over yourself than you give credit for. It's a simple matter to throw in the towel and let the world pass you by when you fail. Failure in the past does not necessarily mean that you will have only failure in the future. If you have a consistent pat tern of failure, you must be doing something wrong. Now is the time to alter your behavior and find another way to approach your life. You may need another plan so that you don t repeat the s ame mistakes. Don't allow yourself to get locked into a "losing s yndrome. If y ou perceive of y ourself as being too f ar gone t o c hange, you will not take the s teps that are neces s ary to get your life back on t rack There is no mysterious force t hat has decided you will be a f ailure forever. The person who controls your life is you. If you continue the same pat tern of behavior that has led to failure in the past, it will pro bably lead to failure in the future. You have the power to change and control your own destiny. First, however, you must stop thinking of yourself as one who is locked into failure. That is illogical think ing which is not fair to yourself. Try a new approach to your life. It if fails, try another one until you find the right one. Think logically and be successful. [248 .. 1921 713 A S. HOWARD AVENUE OPEN SUN .. MON., THURS., FRI. 10 AM-6:30PM CLOSED SATURDAy Facing The Teenage Problem BY KATHY EOW AROS Good Credit -A Great Asset As previously stated, good credit is an asset. Again, once credit has been established it's important to keep it in good standing. Watch your credit card ac counts. Once you've charged so much, then. cut back until you pay a substantial amount on the account. If necessary, leave your credit cards in a safe place at home so that you won't be tempted to use them when you go out. Don't allow others to. use your charge cards. If they have ruined their own 1=redit, they may not mind helping to ruin yours. Also, when you make credit card purchases it's a good idea to request your carbons back. Sometimes people that are dishonest have been known to get the carbons from the trash and charge items to other people's accounts. Always check your statement when it comes in and compare your receipts to the statement. If they do not match up bring it to your creditor's attention in writing. Be careful in co-signing for others. Before you co-sign for someone, read the COI\!ract c arefully. You should krww h ow much debt you re gettirig i nto if that person that you're signing for defaults ori the l oan. If y ou co-sign and they default then you will have to p ay the debt. Al ways balance your c hecking account. S ometimes, r eturn c hecks are c aused due t o adding errors or d eliberately writing a check when you know you don't have the money in your account. As stated in the previous article you can go to jail for writing bad checks. If you cannot control your account, you may want a parent to keep your extra checks and let them help you keep up with it and help you to balance it. Also, don't allow others to use your checking account. In other words they may want you to write a check for them and give you the money later. I would not ad vise you to even start that. If you do write one make sure you have the money to deposit into your account right then. Because if a check is returned on your account the bank will look to you to clear up the AUTO (Part III) matter, not the person you wrote the check for. When your statement comes in you should balance your ac count by putting down the amount on the statement, add any deposits not credited on the statement to that figure, deduct all outstanding checks, the figure you get should mat ch that in your check book. Heat Stroke Heat stroke the most serious of all -is caused by excessive ac cumulation of heat in the body. It is identified by an extremely high body temperature. The skin will be flushed or red, very hot and dry. Heat stroke is a grave medical emergency and treatment should begin immediately. The danger comes from the high temperature, which can (Also don't forget to deduct any monthly fees and/or ser vice charges.) If the figure you reached does not match your check book then go back and figure what you did wrong. For more information, you may write me: Kathy Ed wards, c/o Independent COGIC, 3101 E. Lake Ave., Tampa, FL 33610. "cook the body' temperature and internal organs. The first step for treat ment is to place the vic tim in a tub of cold water. If this is not possi ble, attempt to lower body temperature whatever means available. Wrap the body in wet sheets and use fans to move air across the body. The key is quick reduction of body temperature and proper medical attention. SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS AT Bay Area Managers, Inc. P.O. Box 11986 Tampa, FL 33680 2107 E. Osborne Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33610 FOR BUYING A HOME APPRAISALS NEW HOMES INVESTMENT PROPERTY CALL OUR PROFESSIONALS James T (Jim) Hargrett, Jr., President SELLING A HOME PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LOTS COMMERCIAL PROPERTY AT: (813) 237-1866 Hair Dazzlers Beauty Salon 2305 E. Hillsborough Ave. (EAST GATE PLAZA) 23 7-8923 HOURS : MON. -WED 8 A.M. -6 P M ., THURS -SAT 8 A M. 8 P M "We Service Every Hair Under The Sun" All Type Curls $40.00 (with cut} Perm Retouch *BACK TO SCHOOL SALE* INSURANCE BOY'S LATEST STYLES SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS. LOW PRICES UP TO Shampoo & Set .... ......... ........ $6 & Up '16-'20.50 BOY'S DRESS PANTS & JEANS, SIZES 8-20 .. ...... '5.95 UP Hair Cuts . .. ........... ..... .......... $b = MEN's 2-Pc. wALKING suiTs ................ : n uP 25% Early Bl.rd Speclals MEN'S BAGGY PANTS, SIZES 27-42 .... : ....... '9.95 UP DISCOUNT MEN'S 100% POL VESTER CONTINENTAL & Monday Tuesday & Wednesday Only BELT LOO "Come Where Service Has P PANTS 2860 6 95 UP Been Our Policy For 30 '(uris '38 Retouch '15 ><: MEN'S SUITS (36-60) ...... ............... LOW PRI(ES Yrs." LEATHER LOOK AND PARACHUTE PANTS .......... '6.95 Late Appointments Upon Special Request MEN'S WORK PANTS ............................ '6.95 A. F. Kilbride Ins. All Work GuarantPed .. ..... ..


utthereS one taste Benson & He ____ Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That C igarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. Lights: 10 mg "ta(.' 0.7 mg nicotine-100' s : 16 mg "ta(.' 1.0 mg nicotine av. per cigarene, FTC Report Feb.'85. .., := s > o< > = c. .., I = 0 =-s = Cll


For Talented High School Seniors MIAMI .:._ Dancers,, offers all $3 million in scholarships and singers, musicians, actors, aryouth cash awards, scholarinternships designated by colliiic tists and writers -if you are a ships and" the chance to be leges, universities and profeshigh school senior this year, named a U.S. r Presidential sional arts institutions. consider registering for the Scholar in the Arts. All applicants to ARTS are 1985-86 Arts Recognition and Registration for the ARTS screened through a rigorous Talent Search (ARTS) of the '86 closes on October 1, 1985. evaluation process. Depending National Foundation for AdAll young artists who register on the field in which they vancement in the Arts. for ARTS are also eligible for enter, applicants must submit FAMU Ba nd Performs examples of their work on audiotapes or videotapes, on For Tallahassee Community or on mm. the case of wntmg, manuscnpts must be TALLAHASSEE -The marching One-Hundred along submitted. In addition, apFlorida A&M University Band with the Maas Bros. Teen plicants must provide recompresented two public perforBoard. Attire was westernmendations from teachers and mances for the community wear for the teen board other professionals familiar during the last two weeks of members and full uniform for with their work. the summer session. One was a the 30 band members who parARTS registration forms video-tape for Maas Brothers ticipated. are available by writing or calldepartment store in the GoverThe video presentation can ing ARTS, 300 N.E. 2nd S nor's Square Mall, and the be viewed in Maas Bros. Avenue, Miami, Florida :: other was for a sales meeting department store 32 305) 347 3043 C 3 Members of the band 331 ( opies for the IBM Corp. of the ARTS Prospectus, The video, filmed in Bragg demonstrated how they use which contain ARTS registra 5 Memorial Stadium on the their instruments, and how tion materials, have also been FAMU campus, featured the they perform and play in-mailed directly to high ... T he Customer Is Always Right? schools, teachers, art organizations and other inI i Positive customer relations is the key to success for any C I consumer-oriented business. And in order to achieve a good employee-customer relation ship, staff members should be properly trained to handle various situations. "1:1 I'll .... ::c = =-j = i l -= = That philosophy is the focus NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS of an upcoming seminar to be sponsored by Hillsborough Comm.unity College. "Positive Customer Impact," a training program for all em ployees who deal directly with customers, will be held from 9 a.m. until noon, Wednesday, September 18th, at the Tampa Airport Hilton on N. Lois Avenue. The cost is $35 per person. terested groups and in dividuals nationally Founded in 1981, the Na tional Foundation for Ad vancement in the Arts is a nationally-supported, non profit organization. struments at the same time. They went from slow mar ching directly into fast mar ching using approximately 16 steps and 4 quick blows from the mouth to predict when to make the change-over. The music performed for the IBM Corp, was "I'm From FAMU, "and "Give Me That Old F AMU Spirit. Dr. Julian White was on the scene. Women Of Empathy Black girls grow to be ... ... Blackwoman, Blackwoman The crown of Creation Stronghold of our generation. Pure in the Hearts of our everlasting love The strength of our people existence Beautiful is you. Blackwoman, Blackwoman Can't you see You were once used like the dirt of An overworked wheat field Placed below your dignity Our women of empathy? Blackwomari, Blackwoman You are a strong minded woman The nobility of a sweet intimate being. You are. You are the spirit of our spirit beautiful queen. Crystalized in the borning Of your Blackmen's dreams So magnanimous to the white lady's proposed superiority Because you and I know You are the prosperity of zest. Blackwoman, Blackwoman Can't you see You are a bliss of standards The desires of your Blackman's love And not one harmony less Our women of empathy? Alec D. Jones 164-801 Lima Correctional Facility P.O. Box 4571 Lima, Ohio 45802 I = .... = CIJ TRADE NAME !'IOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, Frank Johnson, intends to register the fictitious trade name, Frank's Ornamental Iron, with the aerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough Coun ty, Florida, Pursuant to Sec, tion 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the undersigned in. tends to engage in the business of Steel Work, at 9609 Williams Road, Thonotosassa, FL Dated this 17th day of July 1985. Because the topics ad dressed include such concepts as anticipating problems, gaining self-confidence, learn ing how to be flexible, and thinking like a professional, the seminar would benefit secretaries, receptionists, supervisors and operators as well as salespeople and clerks. The program will be conduct ed by Diane Pryor, Director of the Professional Develop ment Programs, a national corporation with offices in Orlando. 'travel Marshall's Pen stalk rare species of birds at this 18th century great house on a 300acre wildlife sanctuary. Ricks Cafe Dive into the crystal water and snorkle in and around the caves at this famous attraction. Then go to the bar for a sensational sunset and a specialty of the house. Frank Johnson Sole Owner For more information, con tact Dr. Alma Hires at 879-7222, ext. 354. TRAIN FOR SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Math And Verbal By Competent Professionals September 3-October 3 At The Mathematical Discovery Institute 971-5639 C.O.G.I.C. Development Child Care Center 64 J 6 North 30th Street Will Be Accepting Registration For New And Returning Students For The Fall Term Between The Hours Of 6:30 A.M. Until II : 00 A.M. Monday Through Thursday And Friday I :30 P.M. Until5: 30 P M After Care School Pick-Up Available. Please Contact Me At 239-3161 MRS. RASHEEDAH STEVENSON The Jamaica Experience By JAMES RANSOM Negril: Seven Miles Of Beach Lose yourself on seven glorious miles of sundrenched beach. Or enjoy the sporting life go sailing, water skiing, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, para-sailing, wind surfing and more. There's so much to do in Negril. Lovers Leap find breath taking romance at this cliff WIN A TRIP TO THE BAHAMAS! that plunges 1 ,600 feet to the sea. Milk River Bath soothe yourself at one of the worlds most therapeutic spas. Treasure Beach collect fish stories from the fishermen in the village at one end of this beautiful south coast beach, shells at the other end. Enjoy total relaxation high in the cool tropical mountains where you can golf on a beautiful course, walk for hours through lush foliage or ride horseback along miles of deserted roads. An original British settlement, Mandeville still maintains the tranquility and quaintness of yesteryear Information on Jamaica gathered from the Jamaica Tourist Board and from personal experience Looking Ahead: More on Jamaica, then, "Ski! Who Me?" JAMAICA $199 J Duys 1 Nights


A Famous Black Celebrity Scope l BY EUGENE EDWARDS j oo 0 Singer, Nightclub Performer And Actress Y UR i she is blessed with a lot of ,basic practicality. At times she lA H 0 ROS c 0 p E ) has to be on guard against !" danger from unreliable friends .... and love affairs, also troubles I through unfortunate, deci1f- Ul sions, changes and events. There is a stellium of planets in the sign Libra They are Neptune, Mars, Moon and Venus This configuration adds a good deal to the forcefulness of her personality and it enable s her to portra y t h e t y pe role s s h e's no te d for as e x empli f ied i n t h e mo v i e "Hallahlujah Baby". This also acce ntuates p e rsonal charm, attraCtiveness a nd popula r i t y .The pla n e t s i n Libr a Sextile Pluto, i n Leo gives h e r the impetus t o e xcel in drama an d showm an sh ip. W i th the strong em p hasi s in the air sign Libra, her career takes percedence over most other interests. FREDA PAYNE Freda Payne was born in Detroit, Michigan. As a singer she accompanied and toured with Quincy Jones, Duke Ell ingtons' orchestra, worked with Billy Eckstine and Bob Crosby Freda appeared in numerous over America, where she captured her audiences with her grace and styles. She was a recording artist with the Invictus Record Company for several years. As an actress, she has appeared in several TV shows. Born on September 19, 1944 with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo opposed by Uranus in Pisces, Freda's need for security is accentuated and Venus in romantic Libra the sign that it rules is the key to her chart. It gives her a love for fine arts, music, poetry, singing, drama, opera and all refined cultured amusements and social functions. This also guaranteed that she would through these HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST: Columbia / Entertainment Music Compan y recording duo the Weather Girls (Martha Wash on left; lzora Armstead in center) appeared on the "Tonight Show" recently with hostess Joan Rivers, before joining her on a national tour. "Weli-A-Wiggy" debuts at #80-bullet this week on the Billboard Hot Black Singles chart, from BIG GIRLS DON' T CRY, the new Weather Girls LP The promotional video for "Weli A -Wiggy," guest-starring Gene Anthony Ray of "Fame," was added last week on VH-1 and other outlets. Recent television news coverage of the Weather Girls has included WNBC's ''Live At Five" and WABC s "Morning Show," both in New York; and CBS-TV network's "Nightwatch" from Washington, D.C. Upcoming for the Weather Girls in early-September is an Asian tour of Kuala Lam pur, Indonesia, Tel Aviv Bangkok, and Hong Kong Honors For Cosby Show, But Not The Star When the Emmy nomina tions are released, you can ex pect to see lots of kudos for "The Bill Cosby Show" and not one for its star But it's not because the comedian who has the highest popularity, or Q, index ever recorded -is being snub bed by the Academy of Televi sion Arts and SCiences. It's just that Cosby has a ''long-standing personal preference in not accepting awards or nominations, or competing against his fellow spokesman for him explained. Although Cosby has ac cepted three Emmy awards in the past for the 1960s show "/Spy"he did so "because at another time in his career he felt differently about it," the spokesman explained. And although Cosby has re quested that his name not be submitted for consideration, ''this belief does not extend to the show or its cast, and in that regard he hopes they win many awards." Another star who scoffs at the Emmy procedure a.Dd many have complained about the way the nominations are drawn up -is Michael Lan. don, star and producer of the NBC show ''Highway to Heaven ." Explained a spokesman for Landon: "Mike never submits the show, because he does not believe in competition among actors. He also says he hates to wear a tuxedo But you can expect scads of other stars to don their best black-tie finery to attend the awards, which will be held Sept. 22. And among the stars you can almost certainly expect to see nominated is Farrah who shed 'her dilmb :blonde image with her blockbuster performance as an abused wife in the NBCTV movie ''The Burning Bed." Mary Tyler Moore is sure to be nominated for her role in the ABC movie, "HeartCANCER (June 21-July They'll be glad you did 22): Have heart if progress SAGITTARIUS (November seems to be coming too slow to 23-December 21): Be con s er please y ou Y our effort s will vative now with y our s pend pay o ff i n t h e l ong run Tr y a ing In the near fut ur e you little kin dness wit h s om e one should b e seein g loved o nes who m you feel opp o s e s y ou. you have n o t seen f o r quite Get rid of t h at wanderlust feelsom e ti me. \ The time to buy ing. It is much better to stay new clo t hes is now. You would put a nd work towards improvdo well to \ concentrate on ing your curre nt situa ti o n. q ualit y rather t han quantity LEO ( Jul y 23-A ugust 22): Buy i nt e r ch an g eable items. Resist te mp tati on to s pend CAPRIC ORN ( December money on i t ems you don t 22-Januar y 19): If y ou e nvy need Spend time with friends someone who has learned to you enjoy. Stay away from live a little, follow their exam those who irritate you. This is ple. You can make your life a good week for friendship fun if you want to. Take steps and romance. Someone will be to being a health improvement arriving from a distance within program. Moderate exercise, a the next week or so. Their visit carefully planned diet and lit will be delightful for you. tle or no drinking will make VIRGO (August you feel much better 23-September 22): Be selective AQUA-RIUS (January in choosing your friends. 20-February 19): Take things a There are those who could bit easier this week Spend damage your image if you some time in quiet mediation associate with them Cultivate to plan your future Get t ho s e who share your h i gh y our s elf into a better phys i ca l moral s and high ideal s. Im-c o n d i t i on. Exercise and prop er pr ove your liv ing quart ers b y diet will do wonders for you making t hem neat and clea n PISCES (February Fin d a pla c e f or e v er y t hing 2 0-March 20): Take ca r e o f and kee p eve rythin g in its you r health. Summer will b e place. f illed with enjoyabl e acti v i t ies. LIBRA (September Get into shape. Plan y ou r 23-0ctober 22): Seek ways t o w ard r obe wisely A short t r ip increase y our i ncom e. S tay this weekend could be ex wit hin y our spending limit. t remely enjoyable Comb i n e This c ould be an e x hil arati n g busin ess with plea s ure. This week filled w ith f u n and should be a financial ly r ewar adventure. Ta k e gr eat care in ding peri od your pers on al appear ance ARI ES (March 2 1 -Ap ril You are bein g watched b y an 20): C hoo s e y our friend s w i th i mportant per s on. gr eat d i scrimination a s there SCORPIO (October are tho s e who would take ad23-November 22): New friends vantage of your generous giv e you a new outlook Your nature. Excitement runs high self-image is on the upswing. this week as you prepare for You know better than ever the the most enjoyable vacation direction you want to go with you have ever experienced. your life. Honesty is the best Get wardrobe and other item s policy, even though it may down to the bare essentials. seem painful for a brief moTAURUS (April 21-May ment. Level with someone. 20): Treat others as you want sounds; as is her co-star, James Garner. Miniseries like "Fatal Vision" and "A.D. are likely to rack up heavy nominations, as is "Jewel in the Crown," the "Masterpiece Theater" series that ran on PBS to be treated. Be patient with older family members Ignore criticism. You have nothing to as long as in your own mind you are doing the right thing. A planned reading pro gram is essential for you now Books on positive thinking,' religion and those with subject matter related to your field of endeavor should be included in your list.' GEMINI (May 21-June 20): = :r !!. = c -f'D ... = ;. ... riJ =f'D Q. > = Q. ., I C"l f'D = 0 =-; = riJ "Miami Vice, ; the hottest hit next to the Cosby show -of last season, will pick up several nominations, as will "Moonlighting, the bright ABC detective series starring Cybil Shepherd that premiered last spring. And don't forget perennial winners like "Hill Street Blues" which has already won 25 Emmys and "St. Elsewhere," which will dominate the drama series Keep your eyes open for new business opportunities. A pro motion could be forthcomin g "'= if you remain alert. Hard work > pays off. Make plans now for ;; accomplishing a major goal 2 this summer. You are on th '"' right course for achieving whatever your heart Success is assured if you want gl to work for it. Z


j ,IJ Entertainment Kids Quiz Someone should fill in the difficult words for young children. ACROSS 1. Everyone (We __ went home.) 4. Reply (You know the __ .) 7. Like (Do __ you are told.) 9. Burden (He has a heavy __ .) 10. A male person. 11. Grow old (Women don't like to tell their __ .) 12. The self. 13. One time (you only live __ .) 15. Conjunction (Either __ neither-nor.) 16. Pronoun (He, __ it.) 18. Our planet. 20. Insect that makes honey. 21. In the direction of. 23. Rim (Walk on the __ of the grass.) 26. Negative answer. 28. Continuous pain (I have a head __ .) 30. Past tense of arise. 32. Near (I will be __ home.) 33. Extremely (The summers are __ hot.) 34. A large plant. 36. Part of to he (Jane -the winner. ) 37. Pronoun(_, she, it.) 39. Same as 15 across. 40. Made from (Our house is made __ brick.) 41. Wall to hold water. 43. Coming after all others. 47. Same as 21 across. 48. The plural of this. 50. As much as is needed. 51. Same as 20 across. 52. Always (I will love you for __ .) DOWN 1. Nearly (I __ went with you.) 2. Anything that is lent. 3. Type of knife (The doctor used a __ on the boil.) 5. The dark period of a day. 6. Same as 52 across. 8. An indefinite number ( __ people eat snails.) 14. Individual (To __ __ his own.) 17. A mother chicken. 19. Past tense of her. 20. Superlative (good, better, _.) 22. Cereal grain (Horses eat __ .) 24. Not wet (Bring a __ towel.) 25. Depart ( __ went, gone.) 27. A number (4-3 = __ .) 29. Level (Put your chair __ with the others.) 31. Eat away (Water will __ top soil.) 32. Space between rows of desk. 35. Rub off ( __ your name.) 38. Later in time (Lets play __ school.) 42. Objective of I (That belongs to __ .) 44. Article (I ate __ apple.) 45. Conforming with fact (Is that __ .) 46. Large pan or bucket (Wash the mop in the foot __ .) 47. Article ( __ fair is soon.) 49. A pronoun( __ she, it.) 51. Exist (To __ or not to __ .) (Answers On Page 21-B) 148-1921 lj Ann Solves all life's problems. Answers all your questions. Madame Ann 1=an and will help yo u Results Where Others Have Failed. 602$ Y, N. Dale Mabry t Blk N. Of Hillsborough 87$-4697 Bus 40 Bill Cosby To Perform For WASHINGTON Bill Cosby will perform a major benefit concert for the National Council of Negro Women at the Kennedy Cen ter in Washington, D.C. on September 26th. "An Evening With Bill Cosby" will be the inaugural event celebrating the NCNW's 50th Anniversary. The date of the concert not only coincides with the begin ning of the conference of the Congressional Black Caucus, but it also marks the premier of ... The Cosby Show" 's 1985-86 season on NBC. Both Bill and Camille Cosby have been long time suppor ters of the NCNW. The spirit of volunteerisrn the Cosby's contribution represents is one that the NCNW hopes will help the organization reach its goal of one million new mem bers during its golden anniver sary years. Jazz Drummer 'Philly Joe' Jones Dies PHILApELPHIA P:bJ.IIy Joe Jones, a leading modern jazz drummer, died of a heart attack last Friday at his home in Philadelphia. He was 62 years old. Mr. Jones was a hard hitting drummer who gave a spacious sense of swing to his ensembles. His combination of deep-toned tom-tom and bass drums. with subtle swirls of cross-rhythm on cymbals was widely imitated. He was a member of the trumpeter Miles Davis's influential mid-1950's quintet, with the bassist Paul Chambers, the pianist Red Garland and the saxophonist John Coltrane. Joseph Rudolph Jones adopted the name Philly Joe to distinguish him from the pioneering jazz drummer Jo Jones. As a child, he was a featured top dancer on "The Kiddie Show" on the Philadelphia radio Station WIP. He began performing professionally serving jn the Army in World War II. PHILLY JOE JONES TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL PREVIEW "BLACK MEN AND AIDS" Craig Harris (above), a member of the Black gay community, appears on a special edi tion of TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL investigating AIDS. Almost 60 percent of the AIDS cases in Maryland are Black, reports Eddie King of the state's Health Education Resource Organization. Also on the program, Dr. Valiere Alcena refutes the theory that AIDS began in Africa. America's longest running and top-ranked Black-Affairs television series has been sponsored by Pepsi-Cola Company for ten consecutive years. Televised on the nation's public television stations, the program will be seen in this area on WEDU-3 at 1 p.m. on Sun day, Sept. 8, and on WUSF-16 at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 7. Fall Clinic Series To. Feature Home Decorating Beginning, Saturday, September 7, 12:30 noon, WEDU-TV, 3, Ruth Ann Fowler, Home Economist, University of FloridaHillsborough County Exten sion, will present a 17 week series involving a variety of subj.ects in Home Decorating. Can Do Clinic has been a popular program for 8 years with Ms. Fowler as producer and instructor, involving a great variety of homemaking skills. The 1985 Fall series feature "How to Skills" in d ing your own Horn Decorating. Included in the series will be Wood Furniture Refinishing, Chair Seat Caning, Horne Col or Coordination, Home Ac cessorizing, Using Quilts and Heirlooms in Decorating, Furniture Arrangement and Decorating Your Home for the Holidays. An instruction book wil be available by ordering through WEDU. *SENTINEL'S TOP IS ALBUMS* 1. Rock Me Tonight .............. Freddie Jackson 2. Whitney Houston ....... : .... Whitney Houston 3. Single Life ........................... 4. Who's Zooming Who ................ Aretha Franklm 5. The Night I Fellin L ove .............. Luther Vandross 6. Fat Boys Are Back .................. The Fat Boys 7. Around The World In A D a y .................. Prince 8 Patti Labelle ........................ Patti L abelle 9. A Little Spice ................. ..... Loose Ends 10. Glow .............................. Rick James 11. Electric Lady ..................... Con Funk Shun 12. Alexander O'Neal. ............... Alexander O'Neal 13. Jesse Johnson's Revue ............... Jesse Johnson 14. City Life ...................... Boogie Boys 15. Only 4 You .............. ........ Mary Jane Girls


.................................................................................... New York Introduced To D.C.'s Go Go Sound Hall And Oates Single To 6 Little Steven VanZandt stands by as hit-making producer Arthur Baker congratulates Chuck Brown, aka The Godfather of Go Go, backstage at Irving Plaza following a no-holds barred two-hour set introducing New Yorkers to Washington, D.C.'s raging Go Go funk sound. Pointer Sisters Step Into The Ring With 'Dare Me' Video NEW YORK -The Pointer Sisters have completed filming the video to "Dare Me," the first single from their new RCA album Contact. Produced by Simon Straker for Pendulum Productions in association with Planet Video, "Dare Me" was directed by the Pointers' long time record producer Richard Perry and Michael Chapman. Chapman, who was the cinematographer for the Robert DeNiro film POINTER SISTERS "Raging Bull" as well as "Taxi Driver" and "The Last Waltz,'' also acted as cinematographer on the video Like "Raging Bull," the "Dare Me" clip has a boxing theme arid was filmed at the famed Main St. Gym in downtown Los Angeles, where parts of th'e brutal movie about Jake LaMotta were filmed. The ambitious video finds the Pointers playing Malcolm X Saga Yields An Op-era NEW YORK There have been many plays written about Malcolm X, the charismatic black pride activist of the 60's-but never an opera. The New York City Opera will change that with its world premiere of X in September of 1986. X, by contemporary com poser and pianist Anthony Davis, covers a 34-yea r period beginning in 193 1 when Malcolm Little was age 5 and ending with his assasination in 1965. The book is by Christopher Davis and libretto by Thulani Davis. Rhoda Levine will direct and NYCO Music Director Christopher Keene will conduct. X, developed by the American Music theater Festival in Philadelphia, will be produced there as the final developmental stage prior to its world premiere at City Opera. three roles associated with the fight game. They are first seen entering the training facility as three shady looking, mustachioed manager-typed, all sporting the swankiest suits and high stepping into the ring where they confront a prospective .. mark, who in fact is none other than Olympic gold medalist Mark Breland (actor Steven Bauer also makes a cameo appearance). The girls' look, and lead vocalist June Pointer's aggressive vocal, perfectly match the fighting spirit of lyrics like "/ wanna take you on. Then they change costumes and genders Benefit UNCF, Live Aid NEW YORK -RCA Records has released ''A Nite At The Apollo Live ('The Way You Do The Thing s You Do'/'My Girl')" as the first single from Daryl Hall and John Oates Live At The Apollo With David Ruffin and Edd ie Kendrick. Champion Entertainment,_ the duo's management, has announced that all Hall and Oates' pro ceeds from the single will be split between the United Negro College Fund and Live Aid's African relief projec t. The new Hall and Oates single and album were re cord ed on May 23 as the closing performance of the "Apollo Week" celebration, which commenced with the extraordinary Apollo television special hosted by Bill Cosby. Hall and Oates were expressly chosen by the Apollo's new ownership to be the first act to headline the refurbished and reopened landmark theater because of the duo's unique DARYL HALL JOHN OATES -) -> = >; ability to blend their black and white musical influences. That concert also the first public at the new Apollo was a benefit for the United Negro College Fund, and the charita6le donations from the sales of the single continue Hall and Oates desire "rl ;to repay the black community for its inspiration. "The Way You Do The = Things You Do" and "My 5i" Girl" are two of Motown's !!. most enduring classics, both t1= by one of its best loved acts, E. The Temptations. David Ruf;-fin and Eddie Kendrick wer the two main vocalists of The ""= Temptations, and the group = was a major influence on Hall 5'; and Oates. Since playing : together at the Apollo, the two a_ duos reprised the performance at Live Aid and are currently preparing to join forces again shortly when Hall and Oates take on production of Ruffin ,..;j and Kendricks' next LP. Jayne Kennedy Expecti'ng First Child > HOLLYWOOD Actress and entertainer Jayne Ken nedy and her husband, actor Bill Overton, announced that they are expecting their first child at the end of this year. The announcement is the fulfillment of a long expressed desire by Ms. Kennedy-Overton to have children. News of the impending birth was especially heartening to the couple because it could mark the end of her battle with en dometriosis, a disease affecting the female reproductive system also known as "careerwoman's disease." The pain ful and debilitating illness can strike women who delay childbirth towards later years and can result in more serious complications unless treated. While birth control medication and surgery are treatment alternatives, the best cure rate is brought about by the hormonal changes from pregnancy. Statistics arso reveal that women suffering from the disease have a 60% less chance of becoming pregnant. Ms. Kennedy and Mr. Overton were married last May in private ceremonies in Bermuda. = Q. lorl ... "CC > C'l t'r'l to become three extremely physical exercise instructors, leading the boxers in "Beat /t"-like, punchy dance move s enliven by a break dancer per forming stunts with a jump rope! The final segment of the clip feature s the Pointers more >-l or less as themselves, gloriously dressed a s the hot-looking z chicks that make up a prize >-l to

.......................................................................................................... : Denise LaSalle Sweeps Five Star And 9.9 Enjoy -.. Jackson Music Awards Successful Launchings DENISE LaSALLE JACKSON, Mississippi Campbell Mo st Outstanding N ew Arti st Unity One, B est Recordin g b y a Single Arti st Denise LaSalle for "(Don't Mess With) My Tu Tu ", Best Recording by an R&B Group Formula V for "Part Time Lover, Full Time Fool", "g Denise LaSalle literally swept < the recent Jackso n Music ri> Association A wards at the Jackson Coliseum Ramada Inn Ballroom in winning three ;:. of the four categories s he was nominated in at the 11th Annual event. Album of the YearJohnnie The Malaco recording artist Taylor for "This Is Your won the prestigiuos EnterNight", Songwriter of the tainer Of The Year Award, Year George Jackso n for Female Vocalist Of The Year "After Hours Joint" (per Award, and Best Recording formed by Johnnie Taylor), By A Single Artist Award, fo r Producer of the Year-Tom her hit si n g l e recording my Couch and Wolf Stephen"(Don t Mess With) My Tu son for "This Is Your Night", Tu", which is currently a top Be s t Engineer -Wolf t en record on the pop Music Stephenson for "This Is Your charts of Great Britian and\ Night," "Love Talkin" holds the number six position (Denise LaSalle) and "Playing on Jet Magazine's weekly Top _For Keeps," King Mo Twenty Soul Singles listing. Memorial Award (for outA total of 19 categories standing support to local honored the singer.s, entertainer)-Joe Shamwell, songwriters, producers and Pop Disc Jockey of the Year other s in the Jackson music in-Jay Dubard, and Jingle of 9.9 dustry at the awards ceremony the Year -Joe Shamwell for NEW YORKTwo brand album, is currently bulleted at numerous ads at influential held July 15th Ballots to Stardust. new groups, Five Star and 9.9, #1 on the Billboard Black stations, like WPLJ, Z-100, determine winners were cast Two other artists earned are currently garnering charts and at #72 on Pop and WRKS in New York. Five by member s of the Jackson double awards in this year's tremendous attention at radio, charts. Star is composed of three Mu sic Awards Association, a event, Little Milton Campbell, retail and video outlets and in The video of this song is besisters and two brothers from local non-profit organization as top male vocalist and top the press as a result of two ing programmed on VH-1, the Pearson family. composed of locally affiliated musician, and local Jack s on well-orchestrated RCA V-66 in Boston, and many During their current West entertainers, record ex nightclub performer s These Records' campaigns. With other local mu sic video shows Coast trip, they taped Dance ecutives, so ngwriter s, pro-Days, as best pop group and their initial East Coast up and down the East Coast. Fever (airdate September 7th), ducers, promoters and disc best jazz group. response growing stronger On August 16th, they per-American Bandstand, and jockeys; and tabulated by a Malaco Record s topper each day the two acts were formed at the National Re co rd Solid Gold, as well as J.D.'s l ocal accounting firm to Tommy Couch along with the : showcased in Los Angeles on Mart Convention in Pittfor Nickolodeon and New declare the winners in eac h labels eng ineer/produ cer were August 27th at The Palace in a sburgh, Pennsylvania, and York Hot Tracks. Since arriv respective category. reneat winners from the wa rmly received concert with they taped an appearance on ing in L.A., they've made Winners in the various p r evio u s years awards event as special guest star Nona Hen-Dance Fever on August 24th. radio and retail appearances, categories were as follows: top record producer and best dryx. In Los Angeles for their and have performed live at Entertainer of the Year engineer respectively. Originating from Boston, Palace show, 9.9 are also Silk's in San Francisco and at Denise LaSalle, Female Ms. LaSalle who just 9.9 (Nine Point 9, i.e. almost engaged in a busy schedule of the aforementioned Palace Vocalist of the YearDenise returned from a trip to the perfect) were discovered and West Coast press and promoshow. 0 LaSalle, Male Vocalist of the United Kingdom where s he produced by Richard tiona! int erviews. The s pecial guest sta r at that Year Little Milton Campperformed her hit single "My "Dimples" Fields. The three Five Star has already had so ld-out show, Nona Henbell, Pop Group of the YearT u Tu" on all the popular lovely ladies who make up 9.9, two Top Twenty singles in the dryx, is enjoying conspicuous f-< These Days, R&B G roup of television shows of Great Bri-Margo Thunder, Wanda United Kingdom from their success at the moment with her the Year Wynd Chimes, tian is currently touring and Perry, and Leslie Jones, have debut album, Five Star. The current si ngle "If Looks ;:: Jazz Group of the Year performing with her revue been singing together since first of those, "All Fall Could Kill, You'd Be Dead On f-< These Days, Country Music around the count-ry, and playhigh school. Their hit single, Down, "has just been released Arrival." The video of this Award -Mark G ra y, Player ing to SRO crowds at each "All of Me for All of You," in the United States, and song was shot in London and of the Year Little Milton e ngag ement. from their s elf-titled debut already has picked up will soon be in distribution. ............................................................................................


.......................... .......................................................... Jam With The Dazz Band For Free This Sunday TV GUIDE 0 00 .... .... 19 ..... s ..... ..... A ..... o ..... 7 00 '!;oday Good CBS Morning Inspector Good .44 Kids 15 Morning News Gadget Morning Club Cl'l 30 Farm Day America Tranzor America The Dazz Band is comprised of: Pierre DeMudd Trumpet, Fluegelhorn, Lead and Backgro und Vocals; Bobby Harris Alto and Tenor Saxophones, Background Vocals; Sennie "Skip" Martin III-Trumpet, Lead and Background Vocals; Eric Fearman Guitars; Kevin Kendrick Keyboards; Kenny Pettus Percussion, Lead and Background Vocals; Isaac Wiley, Jr. -Drums; and Michael Wiley-Bass. Schlitz Malt Liquor will pre sent a "bull jam" with the Dazz Band at 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sept 8 at Riverfront Park. The concert is open to the public and free of charge. The Dazz Band comprised of eight talented musicians gained national recognition in the early 1980s for the hit single "Let It Whip." With the Grammy award for "Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group" to spurn them on, the Dazz Band toured with groups like Cameo, Rick James, the 0-Jays and Kool and The Gang. The Dazz Band was formed in 1974 and has since produced albums such as "Invitation to Love," "Let the Music Play," "Keep It Live, "One on One," "Joystick" and their latest product, "Jukebox. "The Dazz Band is con sidered one of today's leading R&B groups evidenced by 'Jukebox's' climb on the charts," said Michael Porter, brand manager of Schlitz Malt Liquor. "We're pleased to have Schlitz Malt Liquor on the same stage as the highly ac claimed Oazz Band." In addition to the Dazz Band, Tampa-area group, Obsession, will provide enter tafnment at the "bull-jam." Stevie Wonder Lists His Favorite Artists When Stevie Wonder sits down for daily piano practice, he never sings his own songs. Instead, he plays songs by his favorite artists: 45 Weather ----;-------45 Company Jerry s::::ara ---r?,oiiahue--c"HTPs ___ 30 Anything For 45 Money 1 0 -n --30 Voyage Of Sale Of The Sally Jessy Joker's Dollar 45 The Mimi Century Raphael Wild Man 1----1'"00Master whHIO Ryan's Tennis wTiif,------AngTe ____ ___ Happ_ y 15 Roger's Fortune Hope U.S. Open Wild Days 30 Todays All-Star West All-Star Divorce 45 Special Blitz Blitz Court 1200 Sesame News Pulse I Love Ryan's Dallas 15 StrHt Plus I Lucy Hope lO AlllnTht Tennis Movoe: 45 Family U.S. Open "Charlie --oo Matinee Days-of All"!l, -----f:::::.. 115 AtTht 9ur Lives Chil rtn lO Bitou Gondolier" 45 -2r Another One Lift woncr.r ---!'\!Lift ;ro Live Woman To Live lO Cinema II 45 Showcase l -----OOPO!kiDOt Barnaby General Swett General !;!tat c tf 315 Door Jones !;t41spital .Sea !;!spital 30 VoyaJ: Of ':.llntstones 45 The imi Trapper Cannon He-Man -Hour coo y Doo lO Inspector Voltron 45 --5---ooMiittr Pollee 1 Dream Tic Tee--., IS Rogers !tory Jeannie Dough Trek 30 Personal Three's News 45 Finance Company 6 00 Personal '!ws News News Diff'rent News Jtffersons 15 Finance .. Strokes 30 Business Ntws ABC News Good News Private 45 Report Times Benjamin -----7--oo MacNilr Family WhttllJr sas News Benson WKRPin 15 Lehrer Feud Fortune Cincinnati 30 Newshour Salt Of The People's EnterCarol Three's Baseball 45 Century Court tainmtnt Burntn Company Detroit -goo Washington Bugs iunntl" ster T gers 15 Wttk Ri er MadWorl Vs. 30 Wall street Cartoon No Place Cartoon Seanle 45 Wtek Preview Like Home Preview Mariners 90l!Shakespeare Motown Benson CBS Movie: .MoVii: ____ Benso n---,---15 Plays Revue "Margin For "Marco 30 "The Comedy Off The Polo" Off The 45 Of Errors" Rack PartS Rack lO-*" Miami Life's -------------amy--------News ---Vice Most Graham Embarrassing Crusade Moments News News Twll1jlif _______ News----Maude ___ Zone lO Lalenight ABC News Newlywed Night ABC News 45 America Night Nightllne Game Gallery N i ghtline Bizarre cas Movie: -Montriaux-------rrveoii ---'ilc'on ;:svenoali11 Rock Hollywood Friday Festival News Y,egas Night VIdeos ollywood SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7, 1985/ BROADCAST -@WEDU ( P9SJ @WXFL I NBC) (AOC) I CBS) ( k\dependertt ) @)WXLT (ABC) (-t) 1 2 00 Profiles Tarzan ABC Wee end Tennis David ABC Weekend 44 R.P. M y.s. Open 45 Clinic & Shirley Bandstand A,R, u1:ing e n te -d-1' 30 Louisoana ;rapes" Ethiopia: AHRA 45 Cookin' Famont Drag -----ooOiiTii------,-------,,2 15 Money "Tha Inter" 30 Victory necine 45 Garden Project" ---3-.. 30 New Tech Florida Florida .45 Times State State ----o

= = .c = = I Cl ... VE $50 to $200 on the purchase of any other item or group in the store with your sleep set purchase at the regular piice! Quilted Queen Medium Firm 312 Coils (based on 53" 75" size) 13 gauge high grade steel coils 38"75" S3"x7S" 60"x80" 76"x 80"' Polyfoam corners Top quilted to v polyfoam Cotton filling with palyfoam topper $5()00 '251}90 $6500 5291}90 $7500 '39911> $9()00 8CiClc:.odt4. Slumber Pedic Extra Firm 312 Coils (based on 53"x Four side stabilizers 75" size) Top quilted to V o palyfoam Scientif ically dnigned Durable rayon sateen t iclc spirals for maximum support 76"x80" Extra Firm 352 offset coil unit (based on 53"x75" size) 13 gauge high grade steel wire coils Tempered high carban st .. l sprint unit Side Supparts Top quilted to 'h" pafyfoam Flex--alalor '391}90 $1 ()()00 '529'" S1 0500 Imperial Elegance Extra Firm 364 Bonnel Coil Unit (based on 53"x75" size) Extra Side Supparls 13 high grade steel gauge coils 38"'x75 53"x7.5" 60"x80" 76"X80" Cover has I paly -foam on both sides Cotton filling topper Flex-a -lator '391}90 $1()()00 '47CJ90 $12000 5699113 $15()00 All Finest Quality Bedding Badcock's Famous Money-Back Guarantee Outstanding Values WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF SELECTED SLEEP SETS Bassett's Excel Royale Extra Firm 325, 13 gauge, 6 full turn stHI wire co i iJ (based on 53"x75" s i ze) luitro-lon, puH quilled ticking l4" Polyfoam topper Independent supported side stabilizen GUARANTEE Badcock bedding is manufactured in our own factory by skilled craftsmen or to our specifications. Every piece of Badcock bedding is GUARANTEED to give satisfaction or your money back! 8'"9 At Beuletld Free Delivery Free Set-Up Bassett's Satin Classic Extra Firm Royal Heritage Our Finest 325, 13 gauge, 6 full turn steel wire coils (ba..ct on 53"x75" size) Dauble barder poly propylene mesh Flanged construction Cover has I palyfoam layers on bath sides Foam corner guards '491}90 $12500 '591}90 60"x80" $15000 5779'" $18()00 76"x80" liTAiliiH 1104 660, 15 gauge continuous steel wire coils (based on 53"x75" size ) Imparted Belgian Damask cover Flanged construct ion Cover has I palyfoam layers on bath sides Foam corner guards f'UitNITUJtE AP'P'LIANCES e f'LOOit COY EltiNG e HOME ENTERTAINMENT Fmoue Double GUARANTEE Of Complete Cuetorner Stlafctlon or Your Money Back. BlOCked by your locl Hler nd by lhe Bodcack Carportlon. OVER 200 STORES SERVING THE SOUTHEAST 1315 E. 1fH AVE. 2704 E. Hillsborough 4712 N Armenia Ave. 1219 Franklin St. 703 S. Evers 501 Robertson 6621 Memorial Hwy. Plant City


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