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FLORIDA entiae .. / f 110,000 READERS EACH EDITION TAMPA,FLORIDA .Ff:tiDA'f,, 14', PRICE 35 CENTS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AMERICA'S FOREMOST SEMI-WEEKLY 41 YEARS SERVING TAMPA, FLORIDA Black History Edition: civil Rights Leaders Talk .About Past Young Mom Dies Rushing To Fire (SEE STORY ON PAGE 4-A) Valentine's Day Means Love To Kids (SEE STORY ON PAGE 11-A) Haitians Celebrate Their Freedom (SEE ST9RY ON PAGE 3-A) Thought For Today .. Love is the most precious gift. It can cause one to level mountains or build mans.ions. .. .-,._. .-(SEE SECTION J,l) __ ... _______ .. NEW MOUNT N OBSERVES FIRST ANNIVERSARY The Rev. Lester J. Carter, Sr. celebrated his first anniversary as pastor of New Mt .71on Missionary Baptist Church with three services on last Sunday. The Rev. Johnny Clark deUvered the 11 a.m. sermon, Rev. Eugene Saunders brought the 3 p.m. message, and the Rev. Norman Frances of New Orleans, LA, pastor of St. Stevens Baptist Church, Algien, LA, brought the 7:30p.m. message. Rev. and Mrs. Carter, left, are shown with Rev. and Mrs. Frances after the night service. Grace Moore and Lola Sumpter served as chairpersons. The theme was "putting on the whole armor of God."


City Attorney Declded Early To Profession Enter The Legal S During the second semester :;-' as a high school senior at King High School, Anita K. Bing did an internship as part of a ,; course of study with Judge C. < Luckey, wl)ich provided her Q an opportunity to come in i contact with officials of the Police Dept., Sheriff's Office and other attorneys. She \Vas already leaning towards this profession, but this experience insured her that she wanted to enter the legal profession. After completing her undergraduate work at the University of South Florida, matriculating at Florida State University to obtain dual degrees, MBl'\/ Juris DocBY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor ATTY. ANITA BING torate (April '85), Ms. Bing Atty. Bing credits her went on to pass the bar exparents with a great deal of amination on her first try support in all of her (2,060 took the exan;1 with her) endeavors. Now that she is no to legally become an attorney longer studying, Atty. Bing of law. She attributes her sueplans to get her professional ; I cess at passing the bar on the wardrobe together (she has :Si first try to not having to work been sewing since 5th grade), while studying. "Many get back into an exercise pro-:3 students are already employed gram, visit some friends, and while studying for the bar, and get involved in some comThree ago, was hired with th e City of Tampa's Legal Department as a City Assistant Attorney and has been designated several rotating responsibilities, "which affords me a broad base of knowledge." She becomes one of five women on the City's staff of nine at torneys. "I enjoy my work here," she said in a recent in terview. "I have an opportuni ty to meet influential people in this area. It (the City) is a great place to begin your law career." Even though the legal pro fession is still dominated by men, Atty. Bing believes that women have proven that they can do the job as well as men. "We are making advances for others," she stated. 40"7o of her graduating class consisted of women. In addition to the legal ex perience she is gaining, Atty. Bing, the daughter .of Ms. Altaire Bing and E. L. Bing, is also getting experience on a that's very hard," she stated. munity projects. ........ ---.... -----.... .... .... Crimes In Tampa Outweigh Percentage Of Blacks Living In Community c = WALl SHABAZZ i The Black community only .5 comprises 120Jo of the total City c population. However, more half the crime committed involves blacks, Wali Shabazz, Coordinator for the Crime Prevention Program with the Greater Tampa Urban League stated. BY GWEN HAYEs Sentinel Managing Editor continue to rise. The City will have to have the foresight to deal with this increase of crimes that include robbery, as sa ults AS we deal with the population increase., we must also deal with the crime," Shabazz said. He also stated that as the city grows, no community will be safe from crime. ''It's going to take a total community effort -churches, educators, business people, sQCial service agencies, athletic folks, enter tainers all must poll their resources and fight crime in the same manner the organizers of cri,_me prey on the innocent." attributes this influx of'crime to a "lack of respect for God and man. Nothing is more important than the reverence for God and the respect for man. We've got to (Continued On Page 27-A) Shabazz did an. end-of-year study with the Tampa Police Dept. from records he had also been keeping on the number of black-on-black crimes commit ted within the city. His study reveals that more than 70 homicides occurred within the city. Thirty of those were black on black crimes, 18 were homicides that bad black of fenders or victims, and 48 were homicides that involved blacks. I "Homicides are final," Shabazz stated, "and they highlight the problems we are confronted with ... and the negative lifestyles." But the figures for the City of Tampa are in line with the na tional statistics that reveal that - Gandy Blvd 6943 W Hillsborough t. >71 W Hlilsborough 2001 N Dale Mabry at Spruce W Kennedy Blvd BRANDON 1711 Brandon Blvd. .' i E Hillsborouah PLANT CITY2812 E Hwv 92-0pen Sunday 508 S R 574, SEFNER & Pkg Cocktail I Stroh's Miller Beck's HAPPY HOUR DAILY 4 til 6 REG. OR LIGHT 24-12 OZ. CANS REG. 12 12 oz. sons. ROOM TEMP. ROOM TEMP. GERMAN 6-12 OZ. BOTLS. AmareHo Di Saronno Bailey's Irish Cream E&J Brandy Boulaine Schnarps Harvey's Bristo Cream Wolfschmidt Vodka Relska Vodka Gin Captain Morgan Ron Rico Rum Gilbey's Gin PLUS $2 MFG. RBT. CRICKET LIGHTERS 2PK99( committed in the age group of 0 16-35 are black on black. "This is something we are experienc ing all over America. "As the city becomes more -

Tampa Haitian Community Celebrates Tampan Says Changes Made Were Overthrow Of Duvalier .Regime Not In Sense We Thought : BY IRIS B. HOLTON bJ As the American black celebrates February as Black History Month, the members of the Haitian community who have migrated to America, Canada and other parts of the world are also celebrating. They are celebrating the overthrow of the Duvalier regime that has been in control of the French community for the past 28 years. According to the Rev. Pierre Presler Dorcillen, Sr., a mis sionary for the Haitian com munity housed at the Tampa United Methodist Centers, the overthrow began when three high school students were killed in an independent city after complaining about being hungry. Their parents pro tested, and these demonstra tions spread throughout the country and eventually forced President-for-life Duvalier ("Baby Papa Doc") and his army out of the country. His father, "Papa Doc", con trolled the country until his death a few years ago. Many of those who have migrated to this country have already made preparation to return to their homeland, and there are others who have no in tentions of returning to the country not to stay anyway. According to local news ac counts an Eastern flight out of BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor REV. PIERRE P. DORCILIEN, SR. Miami on Thursday was filled to capacity and more than 40 persons were on standby to return to the country. "A lot of the Americans seem to think that because of the fall of the president many will return to the country," says Lionel Heriveaux, a Tampa resident who left Haiti 28 years ago. "Most of the Haitians c ame here for economic reasons and they still won't have many of their basic needs food, money, proper shelter because he (Duvalier) left the country with more than $200 million. They won't be return ing right away. I !2301 f. Hillsborough Ave. 406 W. Columbos Drive_ Jean B. Eugene left the country beforethe yourig Duvalier Mrs. Essie Mae Reed doesn't. took control of Haiti. Eugene make excuses for her bluntness has been in the states for 19 or her outspokenness. Nor, .:>;:ears. The only way he will does she feel that she deserves to the country is if he many of the unpleasant things becomes affiliated with a large that have taken place in her life company and goes there to train throughout the years. others in some type skill. A HaiMrs. Reed contends that she tian coordinator for the feels "if you wanted to be a part Catholic Social Services Center, of it, then get up and do Eugene said, "most of the Haisomething." And, that is exact tian here are U. S. citizens and ly what she has done. they 4on't want to give that up. She has been very active in However, the Rev. Dorcilien, improving the living conditions a four-year Tampa resident and of the residents of the Tampa a resident of the states for 12 Housing Authority. In fact, she text. And, she contends, years, is one of those who is said, "I am the person who did she has been critized making preparation to return to a hell of a lot to improve the liv-threatened because of the country. ing conditions here. But it has unselfish caring and serise "It's been 28 years since gone back to the way it was or fair play. > we've had no heed om," the worst." Mrs. Reed said that she heavily accented man stated. The mother of five stated that served on many boards hoping "The people are rejoicing, she sought public office in the that those changes would allow they're happy because it's early seventies. During the time, other blacks an opportunity to something they've been praying she did not feel that there advance. "I was fight in the late lo!'l for," he said. Many will return should be a filing charge to run sixties and early seventies for to regain the property that was for m1,micipal office. Mrs Reed changes to be made and our oo taken from them under the said she sued the state and kids can't get ajob today. It's a g Duvaliers, and others will stay won Because of this, citizens shame that the good people in 5 here until they are sure things seeking a municipal office can this town don't know what's goare getting better. now run by petition ing on." Cc The minister believes that in Today, however, it appears to Her philosophy has alw ays E. time political conditions will get Mrs. Reed that "we are going been to try and maintain dignity ; better, "and hopefully the out backwards. They would and class. She said, "1 don't 5 financial conditions. With his rather put thieves and rogues in want to gain worldly things and departure, the people will be office than an honest person." lose my soul." = able to do great things." She further stated that she The longtime public housing 5!::: Rev. Dorcilien will return to "walked and canvassed the resident said she has never r;; = start an evangelistic ministry Legislature to get a represenwanted to be more than anyone "to teach against the evils of the tative for the tenants on the else. However, she feels that she c. country." He plans to return on Tampa Housing Auth?rity can still be classy and poor. March 14, and his first issue "i!l Board. The Mayor She quickly states that she be to crusade for children to-._ someone who doesn t hve m was not educated in the school take care of their educational public housing. You cannot systems-. as much as in the o-3 needs by establishing a school, speak out foi' people in public church. "And the church ; working with the elderly and housing unless you live there always told me that we are our poor, build centers in different day ,by day." brother's keeper. I believe in areas of the country and She continued to say that the helping the havenots. .. Poor establish churches. "We have to laws she and others fought for people always have to prove do these things because the were made but others have themselves. Poor people are as young are the Haiti of tomorcome along, ':lprooted them, far behind today as they were in > = c. lo!'l row." and put them m another con1967," she CO!_lEluded. He is appealing to the religious community to assist with the rebuilding of the Haitian community, and the Reagan administration ''to (Continued On Page 26-A) Now Open Sundays .. ,1 /2-5P.M. 71150 Palm River Road 626-1404 RICARDO GILMORE MORRISON, & CLARK, P.A. ATTORNEYS AT LAW_ 1516 8th Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605 ... I n> j r 238-0351 -229-7905 L /l,eiyllu"nf! ':You .A'eetl ioi ':Yom Palm River Plaza I (813) 248-6866 "0 > G"'l to'l .., :I: ::= Prepared To Offer The Service You Deserve f:i .................. .. .rl> 1.' < : '' v


t SUBSCRIPTION RATES t + $31 Per Year Both Editions. $17 Per Year One Edition. : t PHONE: 248-1921 + ............................... : volunteer Drug Testing Should Occur To Save Lives Recently some members of the New England Patriots football team agreed to undergo voluntary -= e;! drug testing. It was discovered that six of them had = some traces of drugs in their system. Some had evidence of marijuana in their systems and others c;,:, showed some usage of cocaine. Their names were leak1 ed to the press and much discussion has occurred as a ;: result. National Football League commissioner Pete -g. Rozelle s&id that the results were forcing the NFL and the Players Association t? incr 1 ease efforts to reach an :l agreement on a drug testmg p an = We feel that the testing should not be limited to the players only. It should include the owners, manage. ment, concession proprietors and everyone else directly liil involved with the sport. Although this is a very sensitive, explosive issue, it J nonetheless, is so important .that it must be faced directly to reduce the spread of drugs and save lives. We agree to some extent with both Rozelle and Gene Upshaw, head of the Players Assoc. First of all, i : Rozelle is right in trying to institute some sort of drug testing procedure in the NFL. We prefer that it be = = volunteer but if that doesn't work, mandatory testmg i should be tried even if the courts have to rule on its ; constitutionality. Why? Because many young athletes c:::: are slowly killing themselves with an assortment of drugs cocaine, pills, alcohol, etc. ci Much of the damage is being caused because dif ferent drugs are mixed in the body. It also doesn'thelp when a doctor prescribes medicine for an illness which is legitimately affecting the athlete and the sick pers on takes other drugs with it. Our country cannot continue to downplay the fact that dope is ruining the careers and lives of many young people, including those in sports. And, unless we do something to stop it, the number of human casualties will continue to grow. On the other hand, Upshaw is correct in implying that the names of the drug users in the Patriots case should have remained secret, and that they should be treated like sick people and guided towards health in stead of being treated like criminals. Users also should be encouraged, but not forced, to name their drug supplie rs. They are the ones who should be publicized, indicted and jailed. Something must be done because the country is paying too high a price for drug damage. The old saying, "what you see is what you get," is < tinged with wisdom. We see that illegal drug use is out of control in our country. It's causing more wreckage ;;J than a marathon demolition derby. It we don't begin to see more effects to limit the plague of drugs, t5 thousands in our current generation of young people < will be destroyed. Will Life In Haiti Change? (Part Two) In. under the pretense of being invited, President Woodrow Wilson sent U.S. Marines into Haiti. Order was restored and the U.S. occupa tion would last untill934. What is significant here is that, from the very beginning Haitians resented and resisted this oc cupation. The American government took over Haiti's : revenue and forced the Haitians to pay off foreign investors. This was significant for the real U.S. interest would be served. That is, to replace foreign in vestments with American private investors. For most of the i9iO's the Haitians fought the American occupation from the hills. With resistance crush ed, the American plan would be formally put in place. What had happened to the Haitians under European exploiters would become even more vicious. Francois Duvalier would defy the Kennedy Administration and explore a wider range of wordly economic ventures in an attempt to. diversify and strengthen the Haitian economy. Belabored by internal strife and opposition from the left and right, usually encouraged by competing foreign interests, in 1969 "Popa Doc"was forced to renew relations with the U.S. on America's terms. In the meantime, earlier in 1934, U.S. Marines were withdrawn. But not before a loyal Haitian arrny had been recruited and trained and placed under a government loyal faithful to America's interests. A Report To The People By RUBIN PADGETt Under the American arrange ment, a small Haitian middle class was put in place. These up perclass mulattoes gained most of the benefits from the American private investors. Things did not remain stable, as hoped. In 1946, arrny officers took control of the Haitian government. Riots broke out, and in 1950 Haiti elected as President, an army officer, Paul Magloire. Magloire ruled for six years, with rioting and internal dissent forcing him from power. Significantly, Haiti's second greatest enemy was found in the fact that no government had ever been installed which tried to say or do anything in the in terests of the Haitian people That factor was primarily due to ynwarrented foreign in fluence and manipulation. County Commissioner District 3 ; The County Commission ap pointed members to the Hous ing Finance Authority on February 5. Of the five ap pointed, two members are Black. They are Herbert R. Fisher, a real estate broker, and Dr. Israel Tribble, Executive Director of the McKnight Pro grams, Florida Association of Colleges and Universities. Others appointed were William J. Goaziou, former Budget Director for Hillsborough County and now with Garrison Channel Place, Inc.; Jane Per digon Martineau and Stephen F. Hanlon, an attorney. The Commission appointed Mr. Hanlon as the first chairman of the HF A. This authority is responsible for administering this county program. The Board of County Com mission has authorized the authority to sell up to $50 million worth of tax free bonds to supply financing for low cost Mother Is Killed Racing Home To Fire OKLAHOMA CITY -A 22-year-old woman speeding home from work to find out if her children had escaped injury in a house fire was killed when she ran a stop sign. Fire Capt. Jim Jones said Lavertta Mucker's toddlers were home alone and started a fire Sunday in a front bedroom while playing with matches or a lighter. The children were unhurt. mortgages to low and mediumOn the ppsitive side, the income families. However, it is American saw some not anticipated that we will highways constructed, a receive the full $50 million. number of schools and hospitals It will probably be a built, and a sanitation program minimum of 6 months before set up which saw the Island the bond money becomes eliminated from yellow fever. available. When it is available, Beyond that, life for the average the HF A will advertise all the Haitian did not improve. This specifics in newspapers, and is reflected in the fact that Haiti will give names and phone can count only 300 doctors and numbers of who to contact for but a dozen or more hospitals. additional information and for Most of the people are illiterate making application for the Most of the people are still far housing loans. ming on land which is barren. My office has received The best land is owned by those numerous phone calls from whose interests are intricately ci. tizens interested in applying. tied to foreign exploiters. Unfortunately, the wheels of Because of poor diet and lack of government turn slowly and I medical care in rural areas, the regret the lengthy process that's average Haitian lives 40 to 45 required to get it implemented. years. In 1977, some estimates In other action, I appointed had the figure much lower, 33 Ms. E. N. Cusseaux to represent years. Mind you now, the con me on the Community Action ditions described refer to the Board. Ms. Cusseaux is well Haitians who maintain the qualified and will be a valuable historical African physical contributor to the CAA. characteristics dark and One of the things I would like Negroid. to see happen is a library;for the About 5 percent of the people Thonotosassa area. I have been of that Island nation are mulat meeting with a group :of intoes (a mixture of Negro and terested citizens who have formwhite ancestry). This group oc ed a "Friends of the copies positions in the upper Thonotosassa Library" associaclass spectnim. They live com tion. While it is still in the fortably in modern homes and preliminary "talking stage", I are prosperous merchants, doc am hopeful that needed aptors, and lawyers. It is behind provals will be granted at the this back drop that "Papa appropriate time so that it will Doc" sought to rule. "Haiti, become a reality within the next 1969 and Beyond" to be year or so. published in Tuesday's edition. I leave this thought with you: The new American relationship "the greatest danger for most of will be explored, fashioning a us is not that our aim is too high continued life of exploitation of and we miss it, but that our aim the Haitian people (to be con-is too low and we reach it." tinued).


'If There Be Sorrow' "For a long time, it was assumed that slavery had vir tually destroyed the Black fami ly. But such was not the case. There is evidence that there was a striving family life among the slaves, and that even when families were broken up through sale and other disrup tions, the bonds of love, affec tion and concern between hus band and wife, parents and children remained strong .. Nat Turner's wife, Cherry, was privy to all his plans for the greatest uprising in our history. Arid the plantation where she lived which was separate from his was the only one he spared iri his "jihad," for fear that she and their three children would be punished .. "What happened to this passionate commitment to family? ... The explanation lies in two words that go hand in hand: racism and economics ... How are we to J'NOTHER VIEW' Is Prostitution Prostitution Recently, I received a letter from a person that dealt with prostitution. The question in the letter was, is prostitution prostitution in all .instances? The letter carefully pointed out several classes of women who engage in sex for money, their method The letter asked could method and purpose make the will sell her services to a difference between prostitution customer strictly to get the and non-prostitution. money she needs. When these First, the letter pointed there times arise, the woman neither are the prostitutes that parade takes to walking the streets or the streets of Nebraska, looks for house calls, she simply Hillsborough Avenue and other places herself in a position streets of the city in search of where she can be approached by any customer that requires or a potential customer. may need or want their services. The question is whether or These 'ladies of the evening' use not that is prostituting? The the money in some cases to supquestion is whether or not the port themselves and in some third kind of lady is any difcases to support their children. ferent from the other two. In other cases, the money is There is still a fourth kind of used to buy drugs and alcohol. woman who surely does not These women run the awful risk consider herself a prostitute at of catching VD or being raped, all. The letter questioned beaten, maimed or even killed whether or not these women are by some maniac killer. prostitutes. These women Then there is the call girl. engage in sex with men, but These women sell their services never request money. It is to customers who may need always I need a dress, I need the them by 'appointment only'. rent to be paid, the car to be fix These women are highly seleced or something of the nature. tive in who they deal with, and These women neither walk they know in advance who their the street looking for customer will be, never do these customers, they don't look to women walk the streets make house calls, they are soliciting customers. usually hard workers and they Are these women prostitutes? don't intentionally try to put Are they any better off than themselves in a position to get the first class of women? picked up or approached by the Then there was the third class customer. The sound of offer of 'sex for hire', in which the ing them money for sex is very single parent or divorced parent offensive to them. who is the head of the The question is whether or QOusehold. The mother works not these women are pro hard to be the sole supporter of stituting? Are women who fall herself and her kids. In spite of into this category any better or all the hard work and diligent any different from those who efforts, sometimes the mother fall into the other three classes runs short of money. of women? In those times, the woman Webster defines a prostitute Like the men of science who's great inventions brought forth the American Industrial Revolution, the real captains who ran the show were your unscrupulous and demeaning gullible profiteers and politi cians. Such a syndrome now hovers over the space venture reflected in the attitudes of those who call the shots at NASA. What may unfold as the in vestigation surrounding the tragedy of January 28 con rescue our community from tinues, dare not add or detract what has been called its "tangle from the sacrifice made by that of pathology"? Perhaps one of dedicated crew of seven. Like the ways is for us to look back the inventors of old, they were at our history even as we go fornot creators of the misguided ward ... Their (Black family) decisions which ruined the great commitment to one another, humanitarian possibilities of their ability to work together works. against the common enemy can The scenano surroundmgt serve as important models for that decision to launch1 us today. The sexual equality "_Challenger" that fateful mor they practiced can instruct and mng _turn out to be but sustain us as we struggle another md1ctment of the cruel Black men and women to ty of these times. Values which overcome the distrust faultfind this nation today spelling finding and stridency 'that so economic progress at the ex often mar our attempts at compense of the nation's lowest municating with each other. one-fifth, have called upon such Their ex;ample might help us human sacrifice as the space achieve a more reasonable and program will, perhaps, never productive dialogue... run out of the talent willing to ''Think about it ; Those longfly. The ru:rogance of_conquest ago slaves made a conscious and never considers the pnce concerted effort to maintain the means. Unfortunately, th1s 1s family in the face of a brutal the. psyche which governs this and inhuman system. We, their nation today. : twentieth-century descendants Documents are m place wh1ch can do no less Ms. reveal that the tragedy which Marshall "Ties' That Bind befell "Challenger" were a well 'We are so blessed 'to warJled possibility. While the have "Black History may well P?int in and "Valentine's Day" in the other d1rect10ns the pomt of same celebratory month surrounds the sealing When the man (love) in my design for the space shuttle life and I began our courtship he gave me a book of poems by Mari Evans. In this book, he circled three poems, one of which I share with you today : "If There Be Sorrow." If there be sorrow, let it be for things undone ... undreamed, unrealiz. ed, unattained to these add one: Love withheld restrained. (Thank you, Rich). Peace Be Unto You. as a woman who engages in pro miscuous sexual intercourse for money. It would appear to me that any women who engage in sex for money is guilty of pro stitution, accor ding to Webster dictionary. But who am I to judge? SPIRITUAL READER AND ADVISOR Don't Be Discouraged If Others Have Failed. I Can Help You Overcome Bad Luck, Evil Influences, Spells, Unnatural Con ditions Surrounding You. Has Your Loved One Changed? Are You In Distress? Whatever The Problem, I Can Help You In One Visit. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call Me Today. 1 (813) 677-4109 Dally Blessings rocket boosters. And while it is expected that the most prestigious of the space family will exonerate the NASA hiearQl chy, the report by a young =budget analyst, Richard Cook, is disturbing. If a seal defect did, in fact, cause the leakage which caused the explfsion, then the cost factor as mentioned by Cook to repair the damage looms indictable. The question has to be raised: Was the possible risk worth the jeopardizing of human life? Another factor which will surface has to do with time table alid delay. This projects the questioning toward military objectives, the space program as it relates to Strategic Defense Initiative and "Star Wars." Over the last four or five years, = and moreso, over the last two, shuttle flights notably aci>C celerated. Were these stepped !!! up flights motivated by military :; objectives, with civilian attractions as reflected in the presence g of individuals like teacher, : Christa McAuliffe, a mere disguise? Christa McAuliffe = was a teacher of American History. With such in common, g surely she would appreciate such inquiry. Mrs. McAuliffe = would be concerned moreso than of anything else of those !:'!' greater human values which are far more superior than space and conquest. Science investigates and gives I ; us knowledge which is power. BJ.1t there is a power in our humanity, cosmic in nature, a which gives us wisdom and character and values. The two ::! need not be rivals. Martin Luther King, Jr. expressed that 1 concept so clearly and eloquent' ly before departing this earth. Such values are being cast aside t:=' today, primarily through and by c the attitudes and actions of the 5 cruel, evil, and demeaning politics of our times. e I ... (;' I FEET HURT?


........................ r on=org3niiat_fon ....., -\.:) ROSE CR\ITCHFIELD Stephone L. Jones, 21, ; -: Tampa, and Sonia M. = VICKERS FAMI Thomas, 18, Tampa. !:: O.B.C.A. SHOP OWNERS GUILD LY MEETING Burgess s. Griffith, 39 READY FOR MINI TRADE SHOW :-.. : \ .. The Vickers Family Reunion Meeting will be held on Sunday Tampa, and Constance A. Mrs. Sharon Davis, Feb. 16, 1986 at 4:30, at 4219 East Powhattan Ave. We are asking Meyers, 23, Tampa. Chairman and that. all members please try to attend the meeting. Arlee Vickers Troy D. Guillory, 24, members met at). Mrs. Marion president; Maxine Larkins, secretary. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jones' abode an& finalized the DISTRICT LAy ORGANIZATION and Linda Waddell, 25, TamO.B.C.A. annual Shop Owner's I Hayward J. McCievin, 35, Guild Exotic Fabulous Fashion, Tampa District Lay Organization will hold their monthly Tampa and Lillian K. Johnson, Sophisticated Hair Styles of meetmg, on February 16, 3:30p.m. promptly, at Bethel A.M.E. 37, Tampa Fantasy, Parade. of Stars Church, West Tampa. Robert Wright is president, and Joy Kenneth C. Griffin, 30, TamPageant and Talent Show, to be Felton, reporter. pa and Gloria V. Franklin, 24, held at the Quality Inn East, FOR WIDOWED PEOPLE Tampa 2905 50th Street, Tampa, Isaac Hunter, Jr. 26, Tampa February 16 at 8 p.m. New Beginnings for Widowed People will get together on and Mae Frances Reed 25 Some of the show parFebruary 16th from 3 to 5 p.m. at the River's Edge Club, 2802 N. Tampa ticipants are Ms. Bessie Darling, Kinyon Avenue. They will have a White Elephant Swap, so bring Jay A. Brown, 24 Tampa MRS. ORMILLER KELSEY Ms. Cloe Cabrera, Ms. Leona wrapped item and come join the fun. Call 884-6466 for further and Joycelyn E. Williams, 18, CHAIRMAN tyne Goosby, Meloney Wininformation. Tampa field, Kensley Smith, Mrs. CHATTIE MARTIN OES CHAPTER Ocie L. Walker, 27, Tampa Lenora Brady, Jimmie Padgett, Mrs. Cynthia M. Biady, Tanya Chattie Martin Chapter 246 will hold their second meeting of and Daphne A. Edwards 27, HI.II and Tasha. the Ne Y t 3404 34 h s Tampa w ear, a -t t. They are asking that all members Committee members are Catherine Lawrence, O.B.C.A. please be present. Chattie Lee Martin is Worthy Matron and Willie Carl Butts, 37, and Beautification Co-Chairman, Mrs. Eula Bostic, Program CoAudrey Odom, Reporter. Patricia Ann McKenzie, 25, Chairman and Mrs. Ormiller Kelsey, O.B.C.A. State Shop Tampa Owner's Guild Chairman. All of the O.B.C.A. Shop Owners Craig S. Smalley, 24, Tampa Guild annual 2-day mini trade show, workshop and educational AT HUMAN RELATIONS BREAKFAST! and Charisse Y. Bums 19, Seff.c seminar activities will take place at Quality Inn East. The public is ner o invited to attend this gala affair Sunday night. Tampa Bay Buccaneer Linebacker Jeff Davis will be the George B. Engram, 26, Tam= featured speaker at the National Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week pa and Shena Ree Clark, 21, Awards Breakfast Feb. 15, 9 a.m., at the Ashley Place Hotel. Seffner SICK BENEFIT CLUB Sick Benefit Membership Qub will hold its monthly meeting I Wednesday night at 8 p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. ..: Brown, 2338 Arch Street. .. "= INTERNATIONAL MASONS AND STARS = < The building fund meeting will be held Monday night at 8 p.m. at the Masonic Hall, 4303 34th St. New officers will be elected. Please be present. t' The breakfast will honor the winners of a poster contest conCharles E. Vonador, 33, ducted in Hillsborough County secondary schools. The original Plant City, Barbara A. Keys, posters made by Junior and Senior high school students depicted 32, Plant City their impressions of what is meant by the week's theme "To Anil Eglais, 27, Tampa and to achieve! to contribute." Yesmin L. Negron, 22, Tampa National Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week (Feb 16-22) is sponRoger L. Daniels, 23, Tampa sored each year jointly by the Hillsborough County School and Sheryl Y. Carneigel, 20, System and the National Conference of Chirstians and Jews. DurTampa ing this week, students are taught that respect for the rich diversiPierre M. Moreau, 27, Dade ty of our nation is vital to the preservation of American City, and Cherly 0. Penix, 28 democracy. Dade City ''URBAN LEAGUE SUNDAY'' -= .c .... :E = == .... .!! i I = .... = 00 .. Sunday, February 16, 1986 7:30P.M. New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church 2511 East Columbus Drive, Tampa, Florida 33605 REV. LESTER CARTER, SR., Pastor In Support Of The Black Family Master Of Ceremonies DAVfBROWN Gospel Commentator RadioWTMP TOMMif ROBINSON Co-Chairperson Benefit: The Greater Tampa Urban League Speaker Bethel Metropolitan Baptist Church St. Petersburg, Florida GOSPEl. CONCERT Black Agenda Coalition Choir New Mount Zion Mass Choir Tampa Mass Choir RfV. ROOSfVfLT ROBINSON Chairperson Membership Dri v e Master Of Ceremonies Gospel Commentator RadioWMNF \ fMMA WILLIAMS Co-Chairperson Contact: 229-8 J J 7 RECEPTION: 9:00P.M.


WISHING YOU A BIRTHDAY MISS ROSE The Pittman family had something special to celebrate on Monday, Gasparilla Day. Feb. 10 was the birthday of Mrs. Dorothy Pittman. She was 36-years-old. On Feb. 11, her husband, George celebrated his 38th On Feb. 21, their RETHEMA D. PITTMAN daughter, Rethema Denise Pittman will celebrate her 18th birthday. The Pittmans reside at 2535 W. Main St. LaTOYA DAVIS LaToya Yvonne Davis will be celebrating her 2nd birthday on February 15th, but her birth date is' the 17th. LaToya is the .... of Lisa Davis and the of Annie Mae Davis. She will celebrate with her brother, James Keaton, Jr., and family and friends at home. HENRIETIA RAGLIN Henrietta Raglin will be celebrating her birthday on February 16th with her 4 lovely children. She is the daughter of Elder and Sis. Odell Glover and a member of the New Macedonia Baptist Church. Relatives and friends are wishing Altonio J. Harris a Happy Birthday. He will be 2-years-old February 14. Altonio celebrated with family at the Florida State Fair on Sun day. He is the son of. Ms. Verlecia Black, grandson of Mrs. Lucy Carnes, and the grea grand nephew of Mrs. Willie Mae Wilson. ALTONIO J. HARRIS S/SGT. TERRY GAY and wife, DONNA February. Terry has been in the U.S. Air Force for 5 years and is presen.t ly stationed at Patrick Air Force Base in Cocoa Beach. He was recently awarded the Air Force Achievement 1Medal and the Humanitarian Service Medal. Family and friends will join them in celebrating their an niversary and birthdays with a special party in Tampa at Donna's mother's home, Mrs. Bet ty A. Henley on the 22nd February. Terry is the son of Mrs. Bennie L. Hines of Tampa and Mr. Johnnie Gay, Sr. of Orlando. if = ; fl> I f (Ricky) HUNT Eric D. (Ricky) Hunt, son of Elder and Mrs. H. H. Hunt (Loretta) will celebrate his 16th birthday on Sunday, February 16th. A member of the Unity M.B. where his father is the Pastor, Eric serves on the Young Adult Usher Board and a member of the Male Chorus. E fiC attends Chamberlain High School and being athletic, he runs track and a member of the Chamberlain Chief's football team. Eric has a sister, Brenda and brother, Henry III. TIABEmEL Happy 11th Birthday and a Happy Valentine s Day to Tia Bethel. She is the daughter of Carolyn Bethel and Billy Bethel. She attends Gorrie Elementary and is a member of First Baptist Church of West Tampa. Tia will celebrate her birthday on Saturday at the Tampa Skating Center with her sister, Tifany afid many friends February is a very special month for Staff /Sergeant Troy Gay, his wife, Donna and their JY2-year-old daughter, Ebony Shante'l. Not only is Valent i ne's Day their 5th Wed din g An niversary, it is also Donna s f ather birthday, Mr. Henry C. Henley Sr. of Tampa. Terry will be celebrating his 25th birthday on the 22nd of February and Donna will be turning 2 4 on the 24th of VAN KING fl> = -= = r:r flj 1:1" a fl> loo3 = fl> flj > = Q. Van "King Flirt" King Will celebrate his birthday Sunday, ::!. 16th. He is one of the popular entertainers of the I Tampa Bay area. The Lakeland native currently lives in Sarasota, and is on stage every = Sunday night at the Manila Bar. S. Friends, fans and relatives ex1:1" tend best wishes. Congratulations Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Joe (Syndi) Williamson on the birth of their newborn son Bryan Joseph, who was born on Wednesday, Feb. 5 ; weighing 7 lbs. and 14 oz. Bryan is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs Jerry and Barbara Jackson Mrs. Shirley Williamson. Bryan has one sister Danielle. -EMMANUEl. M.S. CHURCH 2204H o = flj "C > .. Pastor C'l Sunday School 9 :30A.M. t"rl Morning Worship, 11: 00 "' S T U ., 5 :00P. M Evening Worship, 6 :00P.M'. t"rl Prayer Meeting & Bible Study Z Thursday 7 :00P. M .._ ________ ,., >


! PIMEG Students t Attend Symposium-----The 23rd Annual Junior ... Science, Engineering and cr::l Humanities Symposium was f5 held at the University of Florida, Gainesville, February ::; 2-4. Representing Suncoast Q ; DECARLO 'WALKER PIMEG at the Symposium were ; DeCarlo Walke rand Jearl Lett. Hundreds of selected high :::: school students statewide were in attendance The three-day .c: meeting was concerned with 'Q science, math and engineering = and their interrelations with the humanities. The symposium pi provided a program of visits to scientific laboratories, talks with scientists, and a series of c seminars and lectures. The students and their sponsors 'g were highly impressed and < motivated by the proceedings. DeCarlo Walker is a senior at :l Gaither High SchooJ and the daughter of Mrs.. Beatrice c .c: fl) -::s = 0. = ... = = I 'ii = = Walker. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Silver Spurs, An chors, FBLA, Sp-.h HQj}or Society and Suncoast PIM'aO Student Group. She attends S L Matthews' Church. JEARL LETI Jearl Lett is the son of Mr and Mrs. Marcella (Stella) Lett He is a sophomore at Jesuit High School where he is a member of the basketball and football teams. Jearl is Business Manager for Suncoast PIMEG Student Group He attends St. Peter Claver Catholic Church. Both students will share their experiences at the PIMEG Stu dent Group Meeting on March 5. Henry Fraze is President of Suncoast PIMEG, Inc. Gamma Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc is the volunteer program coor dinator. FIRST MT. CARMEL A.M.E. CHURCH 4406 N 4 6th Street (26th S f. & Emma) WALTER L. TURNER Pastor Sunday School-9:00A.M. Morning Service -11 A.M. Mount Zion A.M.E. Church Of Port Tampa Rev. Nathaniel McCray, Pastor 7401 Kissimmee Street The Public And The Many Christian Friends, Are Cordially Invited To Hear The Rev. Alvin Tyson Of St. James P .B. Church, Mulberry, Florida, Formerly Associate Minister Of Mt. Moriah P .B. Church Of Tampa. His Congregation And Choirs Will Accompany Him To Render Service At 3:30 P.M. Sis. Ruby Lee Jackson, Chairman J 9th ANNUAL HOLY CONVOCATION Of The Church Of God In Christ Jurisdiction Of Southwestern Florida Bernice Richardson ... State Supervisor Women s Dept. Bishop W. E. Davis, Presiding Bishop W. E. Davis ... Presiding Bishop and Host Pastor Meeting Starts Mon., February 17th Tbru Sun., February 23rd Dr. Mattie McGlothen ...Opening Speaker At College Hill Church Of God In Christ Diana & 30th Street The Rev. Jesse Jackson Coming Saturday, Feb. 15th Tampa Theatre Doors Open At 2 P.M. -Adm. FREE Florida Black Agenda Coalition Mass Choir, Under The Direction Of Jean Sheard And Fred Black, Will Furnish The Music. Everyone Is Invited Businessmen, Pastors And Civil Rights Leaders Rev. Jackson Will Be Focusing On News Around The Nation There Will Be A Luncheon Saturday At Noon At The Midnight Express (Tampa Park Plaza) for Ticket Information And Reservations Contact: Atty. Warren Dawson, 248-1_173 Sponsored By: Florida Black Agenda Coalition, Inc. With The Rainbow Coalition, Dr. Henry J. Lyons, Executive President; Atty. Warren Dawson, Program Chairman.


MT. TABOR MISSIONARY BAPTI$. T CHURCH 2606 West Grace Street to Observe HOMECOMING DAY Sunday, February 16, 1986 10:45 A.M. Family United In Christ'' Dr. T. J. JIUiles Chairperson Pastor A cordial Invitation Is extended to ail members, former members and friends. Dinner will be served following the Morning Worship Service. TAMPA ALUMNAE CHAPTER DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. Proudly Presents QUEEN OF HEARTS CHARITY BALL (Midnight Breakfast) Saturday, february 15, 1986 9:00P.M. 2:00A.M. At The Lincoln Hotel Grand Ballroom Theme: ''Forever, For Always, For Love'' Attire: Formal Donation: See Any Delta Soror For Tickets. For Further Information, Call 961-4293. PAM HUGHES Chair GWIENDOL YN LUNIEY Co-Chair GLORI DINE McNAIR, Chapter President Northside M.S. Church 5706 N. 40th Street Tampa, Florida 33610 The Pastor's 25th Anniversary REV. J. JORDAN, Pastor OpeningFeb. 18th 23rd 7:30 Each Night Tuesday Nlgltt Rev. W. R. Brooks, Pastor Of Sprlaa Hill M.B. Church And Con&J'elation, Rev. Robert E. Reese, Pastor Of PUarlm Rest M.B. Church And CongJ'elation, Choir And Usliers Will Serve. The Jor daa Chorus And Pastor's Aid Board Will Be Ia Charae. Wednesday Nlgltt Elder J. A. Stepheqs', Pastor Of First Baptist Church Of lincoln Gardens And ConlJ'elatioa, Choir And Ushers Will Serve. The No. 1 Choir Aad Women Auxiliary Will Be Ia Charae. Tltursclay Nlflltt-Elder C. J. Long, Pastor Of First Ualoa M.B. Church And CongJ'elation, Choir And Ushers Will Serve. The Deacon Board And Young Adult Choir Will Be In Charge. Frfday Nlflltt -Rev. R. Robinson, Pastor Of First Baptist Church Of PrOlfress Village. Congregation, Choir And Ushers Will Serve. The Angle f o. I And II Usher Boards Will Be In Charge. Mornlnfl l l :00 -The General Church Will Be In Charge. Sunday Afternoon 3:00 -Rev. S. D. PoUard, Pastor Of Mt. .... ___ nd M.B. Church, Congregation, Choir And Ushers Of Palmetto, Fl. Will Serve. THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON BY REV. A;:rLEON LOWRY Pastor, Beulah Baptist Church against the cultural practice of ; many groups, clans, and even 6 nations where revenge is carried. on from generation to, generatin, from father to son, etc. Imagine what Jesus must : = feel about the violent events in Northern Ireland, Lebanon, > _____ -and Latin America and the: a e eace... ..... .. att ew : ; ; Wh h '""' Luke 31, 34 _36 Philippines. ere are t e: ,_. Peace: derived from the Latin word pac or pax; akin to the Latin word pacisci to agree, contract; (1) freedom from civil clamor and confusion: a state of public quiet. (2) a mental or spiritual condition marked by freedom from disquieting or op pressive thoughts or emotions: calmness of mind and heart: serenity of spirit: (3) a tranquil state of freedom from outside disturbances and harassment; (4) harmony in human or per sonal relations; (5) a state of mutual accord between govern ments; (6) absence of activity or noise; quietness; (7) one that makes, gives, or maintains tran quility. So says Webster. In reality What is meant by the blessed life of a peacemaker. In this Sermon on the Mount Jesus goes beyond the oeuteronomic and Levitical prescriptions, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," yet he is not saying that there should be no justice and fairplay. Jesus goes beyond even this. He was full of grace and truth. His capacity to forgive the un forgivable was astounding. And guess what? This may surprise you, but a disciple of Jesus is called to demonstrate that saine spirit of Christ's love, grace and mercy toward others even if it means hardship and persecu tion. Now that's heavy! peace can more easily be found Let's face it, the Christian in a dictionary than in the life ethic of love, mercy, and peace experiences of many people toin the midst of evil and conflict day; it's easy to define, but hard is not very popular today to acquire. What then did our even in the the church. Why Lord mean when he said, should we attempt to live such a "Blessed are the peacemakers life? Look at the 48th verse. We for they shall be called the are to be perfect, even as our children of God?" Actually, Father in heaven is perfect. none of the foregoing definiRevenge is out of the question tions fully cover the deep meanfor the disciple of Christ. Evil ing of peace one finds ... and must never be met with evil. The gives in our Lord. biblical word perfect can also The English word, carry the meaning of whole or peacemaker is made of two--, complete. In this sense a disciple basic words, peace and maker. 'of our Lord is to be whole or Along with the meek, the complete in God. We need to hungry, and the merciful, Jesus think and pray hard and long proclaimed that the before we take any action of peacemakers were blessed. To vengeance toward those who be blessed in the biblical sense, have clearly violated and ofis to be found "happy" or in fended us. This goes against the favor with God. Jesus was real"American way" of life where ly saying that the peacemakers lawsuits have reached an are the Sons of God, women are epidemic proportion in our included. courts. This principl'! goes A VALENTINE DANCE Sponsored By AMBY & CRUSINE SOCIAL CLUBS February 14, 1986 9 P.M. Untli Cuban Hall Patla Seventh Avenue & Thirteenth Street Donation $3.00 BYOB Mae Washington Pres. of Amby Club Eula Jackson Pres. Of Cruslne Club Friday, Feb. 14,1986 Cupidettes Valentine Dance W. Tampa Convention center Cor. Columbus Dr. & MacDill Ave. Cocktail Hour-10-11 P.M. Hors d'oeuvres B.Y.O.B. Donation $7.50 peacer.nakers? Are we really peacemakers? :C How much time are we willing to give to others for the sake of Are we willing to give to those in need? Are we willing to love our enemies? Are we will ing, like Simon of Cyrene, who carried the cross of our Lord, to carry the cross for others? Our Lord was attempting to teach us that the concern for peace must begin with us. We must love our enemies even though they mistreat us, says our Lord, reminding us we should treat people the i way we want to be treated. He cilso set no limits on the demonstration of love, in fact, He wisely insisted that love must extend to people we don't :!2 like. Wow! That's heavy stuff. !D If we limit our love to those only who love us, what = significance does it have, how g. much weight does limited love l!. can:y, love only for friends, C., kindness only to family? That's 5. -easy. sa_ Peace costs something. Let ; me blow your mind, how many of us have money in a bank for c:: the specific purpose of helping g: others who may come to us in a ;. time of real need? How many of !. us have our or a personal charity or benevolence fund for tbis You never thought of ,S that and right now you are say ing, "Outrageous, the man must be joking." Surprise! Sur; pfise! I am sincere. Many of us have lost a > cultural heritage and biblical S, mandate that our "poorer" ancestors used to practice. Dear readers, beloVed Christian :friends, let's stop looking for I something in return for our C':) ''kindness, generosity, $a. benevolence." God promises to = reward us with a reward far S. greater than that some reci=" pients of our largesse can ever confer or give. Let us ask God .... for the love that brings peace to moments of conflict. Always, if possible, appropriate, resolve to communicate love to "your enemy." the D-L.:::.'Faith J:MIIId 1 I Unitil)9 the world .... One near! at a time 1 Forln/ormallon Coli: 837-2775 EBENEZER M.B.CHURCH 1212 Scott Street REV. EZELL BERRIEN Pastor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Evening Worship, 6:30P.M Bible Study / Praye r. Tues., 7 :30P.M.


(IJ = Q = Q 'Q -' I -;. .C: < -' "l DORIS ELISSA REVERA This is Doris Elissa Rivera, daughter of Ms. Alicia Alvarez and member of St. Lawrence Catholic Church. Doris enjoys music, dancing, photography, art, reading, and spectator sports. She wants to prove that women of color, can be intelligent, successful, and attractive. Doris' philosophy of life: "People should not be afraid to dance to the beat of a different drummer, to try to persevere through adversity, and walk a mile in someone elses shoes Doris likes a man whoknows his own mind,_ bas a sense of humor, and is compassionate. Her favorite star is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, because be bangs in there. I '= DEACONESS DAY '= '!a Mt. Sinal A.M.E. Zion Church :s 2909 N. Nebraska Ave. 1. Dr M G Mitchell, Pastor -= -... ... ... = 'Q Tbeme : 'Searching For Continuous Laborers To Send Into The VIneyard. Luke 10:2 Sunday, Feb 16, s P M = The public is cordially invited. :: .. Choir, ushers and congregation of F irst Baptist Church of Lincoln Garden will accompany the pastor. .. -"-< z r.ol Elder John Stephens .. Speaker Sis. Mortho Coli, cholrmon. Sis. Henretto Jodcson, Acting Deoconess Pres. ond Co-Cholrmon. Mother Mlssle Dry, President Deoconessloord. The Women's Day Celebration Will Convene On Sunday, Feb 1 6 1986 Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church 109 So. Dakota Sunday School At 9:30A.M. Presiding-Sis. Mary F Clark Sis. Mamie Williams Guest Superintendent Sis Son;a Mitchell Guest 'reachersSis. Martha Neal, Sis Sylvia Mobley & Sis Ethel Cole II : 00 A.M. Worship Service Theme: "Women Oir The Way" Progrom Portlclpants: Bessie Jones, VIrginia Paige, Gina Randolph, Ruth Hall, Stephan i e Carmichael, Jackie Dupree, Gwen F ields, Flfl Glymph. Reglnlo Henry Deborah Holmes Sora Shular, Juanelle Solley Jean Andrews, Bernadette Yee S i s : La Tanya Johnson, Chairperson Sis. Juanelle Bailey, S i s Jaunlta Green S i s Ruth Hall Co-Chairpersons f-1 DR. JUANITA EBER, ATTY. r.ol Rev James H Simon Pastor Member Of Ebeneze r Baptist Church REV JAMES M. MARION I .. Pas tor Sunday School, 9 :30A. M. Morning Worship, 11:00 A M Evening Worship (1st Sun. ) 5:30P.M. Prayer & Bible Class, Tues. 7:30P.M. 24th A VENUE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST ,. .. J1Q) El.DER HARRY A. SCOTT ,JR. ... Pastor Sunday School, 9:45A M. Worship Service, 11:00 A.M. Evening Service, 7:30P.M. Bible Study Wed., 7:30P.M. Y.P.W.W Fri. 7:30P.M. Wonted: CHURCH MUSICIAN Pho. 689-3023 Or 247-1037 COLLEGE HILL CHURCH OF CHRIST Pastot; .. Sunda y School A M Morning Wonhip, 11: 00 A M Y P W W., P M Evening Worohip, 7 :00P. M Tues. & Fri., ELDER EDDIE NEWKIRK PASTOR Sundoy School, 9:45A. M Morning Service, J J A .M. Bible Study, Wed., 7 P .M. Reheorsols Youth, Tues., 7 P.M. No. 2 Tues., 7:30; No. J; Young Adults, Wed., 8 P M. CHURCH -C)f CHRIST 1312 W Nassau S treet Tampa Fla. 33607 DAVID ATKISON SUNDAY: Bible Study 10 A.M. & 5 P.M Worship 11 A M & 6 P M TUESDAY: Ladie s S tud y 10 A .M. Regular S tudy 7:30P M THURSDAY: S ong Service & Prayer Meeting M. fiRST UNION M.S. CHURCH 3707 E. Chelsea FRIENDLY M.S. CHURCH 1901 Central Avenue i REV E L. NAILS .. Pastor Sunday School 9 :30A.M. Morning Worsh i p 1 1 A.M. Even ing Worship, 6 P M Prayer Meeting Tues ., 7 :00P. M B ible Study, Tues ., 7 :30P. M 'GRE ATER FRIEND SHIP M B. CHURCH 44 1 3 35th Street REV. M. MURRAY ..llastor Sunday School, 9:45A.M. Morning Worship, II A.M. Evening Worship, 5 P M. Prayer Meeting, Tuesday, 7:30P. M. Visitors Are Welcome NEW SALEM MISSIONARY f IAPTIST CHURCH 405 North Oreaon ... Pastor ... Pastor Sunday School, 10 A.M. Sunday School, 9:30A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. Morning Worship, 11 A.M. E W b' 6 p M BTU 5:30P M. venmg ors tp, Evening Worship, 7 P.M. Prayer-Bible Study, Wed., Prayer Meeting & Bible Study 7P.M. \ Thursday 7P.M. / THE 29th STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST 3310 29th Street .. Minister Bible School, 9:45A M. Worship, HAM &i 6 PM Bible Classes: Sunday, s P.M. Monday 7 P.M. Prayer And Song Service, Wednesday, 7 P.M. GRACE MARY M.B. CHURCH 3901 37th Street t .. ; c : y ELD t: R J REED ... Pas t"r Sunday School 9 :30A.M. Morning Service 11 A.M. Evening Service 5 :30P. M Bible Study Wed. ; 7P.M. The Public Is Invited. FIRST BAPTIST OF I.INCOLN GARDENS 4202 Palmetto Street Pas tor Sunday School. 9 :30A. M Each Sunday Morning Service. I I A.M. Even ing Serv ic e 6 P M Firs t And Third Sundays 8 T U .. 5 P M Each Sunday Prayer & B i bl e Study Tuesday A t 7 P M MORNING GLORY M.S. CHURCH .. .Pastor S unday School 9 : 30A.M Morning Worship, 11 A M The Public Is Invited NEW CA-NAAN M.S. CHURCH JAMES SHEPPARD Pastor Sunday Prayer Service9:45 A.M. Sunday School -10 A.M. Sunday Praise Worship -11 A.M. 1st & 3rd Sunday I;I.T.U. 5 P.M. Evening Worship Ist Sunday Only: At 6 P.M. Visitors Are Always Welcome. EVENING STAR TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHURCH 3716 E. Paris REV. C. H. SHEPPARD ... Pastor Sunday School, 10 A.M. Morning Service 11 A.M. Night Service, 6 P.M. Prayer Meeting, Thurs. 7 P.M.


Valentine's Day -Is Heartfelt And Sp ecial To Students Day, there is joy and happiness "Valentine's is a very special By JULIA E. JACKSON Once again we are enchanted with a day of celebration. Webster defines Valentine as a "sweetheart, chosen or com plimented on St. Valentine's Day; a greeting card or gift sent on this day." Many take part all over the world sending the many cards, and giving of chocolate candies. Some Tampa Bay students took time to share their Valentine's message, ''What Does Valen tine's Day means to me?" Willie Steen, Greco Jr. High School: "To me Valentine means loving and caring for people. Getting candy for my nice, thoughtful parents. My favorite is Teisha Peoples. My parents are Quin sola Jefferson, and Walter Sloan." Tasnee LaChae D!lniels, Buckhorn Elem., 4th grade: "Valentine's Day is a special time to show my friends what they mean to me. I do this by giving them a token of my friendship, like a Valentine card or Valentine candy. My favorite Valentine is my niece, Victoria LaChae Daniels." Tasnee is the proud daughter of Rev. and Mrs. H. L. Daniels, and grand daughter of Mrs. Mattie L. Daniels. Wendell Williams, Thonotosassa Elem.: "It is a day when people give gifts to their loved ones and notes to say You Are Cordially Invited To Attend \ WORSHIP SERVICE$ At 4706. 47th St. (& Muskoyee Ct.J SEMINOLE PARK APARTMENTS (Managers OHiceJ Morning Service, Sunday 10 AM Bi'bl'e Study Vfed., 7 :30P. M "'""'' r-ree To Come And Worship With Us, To The Glory Of God. Mother And Founder: GOLDIE SANDERSON MELVIN SANDERSON Minister It Reporter ---------------------Mt. Sinai Christian-Mission Of St. Pete Mt. Sinai Gethsemane Mission Of Tampa MRS. FANNIE EPPERSON. President Sunday, February 16, At 3 P.M. At The Home Of MRs:cALi.IE NEAL 23 J 3 Grace Street MISSIONARY GLADYS (Howard) STEBBINS Director And Founder MRS. DOLLIE M. BROWN, Reporter The Tampa Urban League Extends A Hearty Thank You To Each Person In Attendance At Friday Night's 28th Annual Ebony Fashion Fair At The Beautiful Egypt Temple Shrine. The 2, 000 Plus Patrons Experienced This Year's Theme ''Body Language'' With The Quick Stepping Troupe Of Twelve, Including Twin Brothers. Special Thanks Are To Joe Rath Of American Airlines And Bob Smitherman Of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. The Door Prizes Spon sored By These Agencies And Winners Were: Willie Thomas Silver Fox Fur Stole & Hat; Shelton Richardson (2) Round Trip Tickets To Hawaii; Violetta VegasFashion Fair Cosmetics; Gwen MillerFox Fling For Highest Ticket Sales. Susie M. Padgett Name Entered To Win '86 Thunderbird. The Executive Committee With The Help Of The Members Will Now Prepare For The Up coming Southern Regional Conference To Be .. Held In Tampa In Early Apri1, 1986. during this day. My Valentine is day. In many ways. I'd like to 8 my whole family." spend my Valentines with my > "I Love You." "My Valentine is my mom and dad." Wendell is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Willie (Ovetta) Williams, Jr. Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. George Floyd and Mr. and Mrs. Willie D. Williams. Dycart School, and employed at the Fla. Sentinel. "Valentine means to show the person who you love the most how much you love them. My favorite Valen tine is my mother and father : He is th e proud son of Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Davis and grandson of Mrs. Lettie Davis Diaz: "Valentine's Day is a time for love, kindness, and giving. It's when people send notes to each other My parents are my Valentine. I hope my parents choose me as their Valentine, Grade Mary ates: "Valentine's Day means a lot because people show they care and love each other. It shows you can spend time together. Mrs. Beverly Lane's 4th grade class of Egypt Lake Eiem. School, LSD class did not sharing their thoughts on Valen' tine's Day. Sue Blackburn: "Valentine's means a lot to me because my parents are with me. They cherish me and I cherish them. That means a lot of love to me." Tiffany Johnson: is a day for caring. When Valen tine comes, most people go shopping for Roses, new dresses, makeup and cards. They also go shopping for the one love. On Valentine's Stewardess Board #2 Temple C.M.f. SIS. ANN SANICIY WHITI Speaker Will Observe A Post Volentine's Teo Sunday, Feb. 16, 4 P.M. Eddie M. Williams, Pres. Rev. H. C. WUkes, Pastor The Public Is Cordially Invited To tten Ceremony Of The Independent Church Of God In Ch_rlst On Saturday, February 22, 1986, 10:00 A.M. 3101 E. Lake Avenue This Event Will Mark The Beginning Of A Greater Effort To Reach Out Further Into Our Community. This Will Not Be Just Another Church, But Will Include A Community Swim ming Facility And Home For The Elderly. Coine Help To Make It A Success Pastor H. L. Simpson And Members mother and father too. We'll -< have a whole bunch of fun things to do. Having ice cream, and being together under the big hot sun. Then I'll say. Happy > Valentine's Day." Ieisha G9rdon: "Valentine's Day is a very nice day. A day to love peOple. Peo ple like your family. Valentine's Day because you do arts and craft. I like to make hearts on Valentine's Day!" I = :r I = a 5. -Newsome: "I like to do many things on Valentine's Day. I ; want to be with my mom and '"CI dad Because they are someone = who I always can count on. I g; love Valentine's Day." ;. Todd: "Valentine means to me a time Q. = fll for caring, loving, and being 1 nice to everyone. Some kids t::"J think you should give one to fb-their girlfriend or boyfriend. But what I like to do, is give everyone I know a Valentine card. But my Valentine is my always use for Valentine. There's some for love and some for rhymes, there's some for having fun. There's even time for Hap PY Valentine's." Leanne Taylor. = = =-. = = fll "Cl > 4th Grade Eric Nettles: ;; "Valentine is a day to have fun tol and joy and to love one another, and to o-;ve lots of -<:: eo tol. Valentine cards away." z (Continued On Page 13-A)


Deltas Plan Queen Of Hearts Ball ..; .... Tampa Alumna Chapter of >Delta Sigma Theta Sorority will sponsor its annual Queen of ;;J Hearts Charity Ball and Mid= night Breakfast on Saturday, February 15 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. The gala will be held at the Lincoln Hotel Grand Ballroom. Q ; "'" ..... .. "C MT. VERNON PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH 1719 Green Street Sunday School, 9:45 A.M. Morning Worship, 11 AM Bible Study, 7 P.M. Everyone Is Welcome Bro. Larry B. Horde, Sr., Deac:on Sis. Patrida Horde, Sec:. ; l PEACE BAPTIST CHURCH 2607 24th A venue 7 Pastor Sunday School, 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship, J J A.M. Goins Chorus And Usher Board No.3 Serving. BTU 5:00P.M. No Evening Servlc:e Mid-Week Servlc:e & Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7:30P.M. ..=, = -:-----::-----Proceeds from the ball will benefit sorority's Judge George Edgecomb Scholarship Fund. Delta awards scholar ships each year to deserving graduating seniors for academic excellence. ,:;);;/. Committee members shown in the photo from left to right include Yoland Lee, Jackie Williams, Gwendolyn Luney, co-c)lair; A.tp,:t Bush, Felecia Williams, Joyce Canion, Donna Hardy, Linda Hires, and Pat Dennard. Not shown is Pam Hughes, chair and Gloridine MOTHER EDDIES WILSON The CityWide Mission Prayer land Will Have Their Annual One Day Session At Beulah Baptist Institutional Church Rev. A. Leon Lowry, Pastor February 25, 10:00 A.M. The Doors Will Open At 9:00A.M We Are Inviting The Saints Of God To Come And Bring A Sinner Or Bac:ksllder To This Glorious Fellowship. It's A Time When Many Of The Prayer Bands Of This City Come Together To Lift High The Name Of Jesus Christ. Many Ministers And Pastors Will Be On Program. So Come And Feast To With Us On This Day. Thank You For Your _spiritual SIS. EMMA LEE CARPENTER, President SIS. MARY B. COCHRAN, Vlc:e President McNair, chapter president. their generous support and exHughes expresses gratitude to pects the 1986 Gala to draw a the Tampa Bay Community for capacity crowd GOD WANTS YOU WELLI -PART 3 PROVERBS -3 JOHN 2 IN THIS WORLD TODAY, SICKNESS AND DISEASE IS CLAIM. lNG A TERRIBLE TOOL OF HUMAN LIVES. IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT MEDICAL SCIENCE IS DEMONSTRATING IT'S GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS, DISEASES PERSISTS TO RAVAGE HUMAN LIVES ALL OVER THE WORLD. THE TRAGEDY IS THAT THESE SICKNESSES AND DISEASES AFFECT THE BODIES OF UN TOLD THOUSANDS OF CHRISTIANS, WHILE PREACHERS AND TEACHERS, INFLUENCED BY THEOLOGICAL TRADITIONS OFTEN STAND BY WITH WORDS FROM THE PIT OF HELL, ASSURING THE VICTIMS THAT IT MUST BE GOD'S WILL FOR THEM TO BE SICK AND DISEASED; AND THAT IT WORKS OUT FOR THE BEST BECAUSE GOD IS TEACHING THE VICTIM SOME LESSON IN HUMILITY AND THAT THEIR SICKNESS WOULD DRAW THEM CLOSER TO GOD CHRISTIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS, THAT'S THE DOCTRINE OF DEVILS. THAT IS NOT THE TEACHING OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. LET US NOT FORGET THAT GOD WANTS YOU WELL AND SATAN WANTS YOU SICK AND DISEAS ED. CERTAINLY THOSE WHO ARE SICK NEED A PHYSICIAN AND EVERY RELIEF FROM SICKNESS AND DISEASE IS ORDAIN ED OF GOD. TELL ME, ARE YOU SICK, DISEASED, DISCOURAG ED AND DEFEATED IN LIJ.'E? REMEMBER THAT GOD LOVES Y O U AND CARE S ABOUT YOU. LET US NOT FORGET THAT WHAT I S IMPOSSIBLE WITH MAN I S POSSIBLE WITH GOD S T L UKE 1 8 :27. WHA T MEDI C AL SCIENCE CANNOT DO DOCTOR JESUS, THE GREAT PHYSICIAN, CAN! HE HAS NEVER LOST A PATIENT. I REMEMBER THE WOMAN WITH THE ISSUE OF BLOOD FOR TWELVE LONG YEARS? ST. LUKE 8:43 SHE HAD SPENT ALL HER LIVING UPON PHYSICIANS NEITHER COULD BE HEALED OF ANY. ST. MARK 5:24-34 (KJV) READ "AND A CERTAIN WOMAN WHICH HAD AN ISSUE OF BLOOD TWELVE YEARS, AND HAD SUFFERED MANY THINGS OF MANY PHYSICIANS; AND HAD SPENT ALL THAT SHE HAD AND WAS NOTHING BETTERED BUT RATHER GREW WORSE. "WHEN SHE HAD HEARD OF JESUS, CAME IN THE PRESS BEHIND, AND TOUCHED HIS GARMENT." FOR SHE SAID, IF I MAY TOUCH BUT HIS CLOTHES, I SHALL BE WHOLE." "AND STRAIGHTWAY THE FOUNTAIN OF HER BLOOD WAS DRIED UP; AND SHE FELT IN HER BODY THAT SHE WAS HEAL ED OF THAT PLAGUE. AND JESUS, IMMEDIATELY KNOWING IN HIMSELF THAT VIRTUE HAD GONE OUT OF HIM, TURNED HIM ABOUT IN THE PRESS, AND SAID, WHO TOUCHED MY CLOTHES?" "AND HIS DISCIPLES SAIDUNTO HIM, THOU SEEST THE MULTITUDE THRONING .THEE, AND SAYEST THOU, WHO TOUCHED ME? AND HE LOOKED ROUND ABOUT TO SEE HER WHO HAD DONE THIS THING." "BUT THE WOMAN FEARING AND TREMBLING, KNOWING WHAT WAS DONE IN HER, CAME AND FELL DOWN BEFORE HIM, AND TOLD HIM ALL THE TRUTH. AND HE SAID UNTO HER, DAUGHTER, THY FAITH HATH MADE THEE WHOLE: GO IN PEACE, AND BE WHOLE OF THY PLAGUE." NOTICE THAT SHE WAS HEALED ON THE BASIS OF HER FAITH IN DOCTOR JESUS THE GREATEST PHYSICIAN. HEBREWS 11:6, READ. OPEN DOOR CHRISTIAN CENTER FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 1221 E. COLUMBUS DR. Sunday School, 10 A M Morning Service, II A.M. Evening Service, 7 P M Bible Study, Thurs 7 P M Prayer Meeting, Tues., 7 P.M. .. The Public Is Invited .. p AMS Beulah Baptist Institutional Church Salutes PILGRIM REST M.S. CHURCH The Black Family feb. 16, At I I O'clock Services Dr. Israel "Ike" Tribble Will Speak Sunday, Feb. 16, At Beulah Baptist Church As A Port Of Their Week Long Block Family Series He Will Give A Very Provocative And In. teresting Speech He Will Give Some Interesting Solutions To Begin To Attock The Problem Of The Block Family. Dr. Tribble Is Currently The Executive Director Of The McKnight Programs In Higher Education In Florida, Which Are Administered By The Florida Association Of Colleges And Universities. Dr. Tribble Comes To This Position With A Wide Range Of Experiences In Higher Education, The Community And The Private Sector. Dr. Tribble And His Family Hove Been In Tampa For Only A Short Period Of Time, A Little Over One Year, But Already His Presence Is Being Felt Throughout The Com. munlty. He Is Married To Ms. Velma Monteiro And Has Two Lovely Daughters. Sunday, february 16, I I:OOA.M. Sunday Services: ._. Guest Speaker: Dr. Israel "IKE" f-< Executive Director McKnight ..,. Foundation In Higher .................. ....... -.................. _.-... ............ -............ 4202 Nassau Street, Carver City Observes Black History Day and Church 11:00 A.M. Mr. Rudolph Harris Sunday, february 16, 1986 3:30P.M. Rev. VV. CnrnoDnltAr And The Congregation Of True Love M.S. Church Dea. William Davis and Mrs. Rosie L. Davis Chrm. Program Participants: Students from the Center For Excellence, Pilgi"im Rest Site, Mrs Betty Jones-Coordinator Tonight, Feb. 14, 1986 Pre-Anniver-sary Service. Rev. Robert Cooper, Lakeland, Fla. and Congregation.


POST. SUPERBOWL BASH Day Is To Students !2 ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INC. favorite Valentine in my mother." Anequa is the Announces New Date For POST SUPER BOWL BASH It Is FEBRUARY 21, 1986 From 10 P.M. To 2:00A.M. wEST TAMPA CONVENTION CENTER 3005 West Columbus Drive Prize SEA ESCAPE CRUISE FOR TWO B. Y .0.8. I FOOD '86 IS YOUR BEGINNING YEAR FOR RICHES AND PROSPERITY Come And Join THE REV. STEWART A. ALEXANDER AT THE THEOCRATIC CHURCH Now Holding Services At: 1226 E. 7th Avenue Sunday Mornings, 11-12 Noon We'll See Y.ou There! AL.UMNI AND FRIENDS OF. FAMU JOIN THE FL.A. A&M AL.UMNI ASSOCIATION We Must Support Our Own ANNUAL DUES-$20 ADDRESS, ______________________ UTY _______________ STATEa:... ___ ZIP __ PHONE NO. ________________________ SOCIAL SECURITY NO. __________ Make Check To: FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOC. P .0. BOX 11214-Tampa, FL 33680 For Information Call NORRIS COLLINS At 879-0372. (Ad Paid For By Mr. Charles (Chuck) White-Alumnus) OPEN DOOR CHRISTIAN CENTER FULL GOSPEL CHURCH CO-SPONSORS THE JIMMY SWAGGART CRUSADE FEBRUARY 27-24, 7986 TAMPA U.S.F. SUN DOME Senices begin at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 3:30 p.m. on Sunday All seats are FREE. For transporta tion to the meetings, call: 229-1082 Or 238-0104. l e L.ay Organization Of Allen A .M.E. Church Sponsors Annual Founder's Day Banquet Sot., Feb. 15, 7:30P M In The Lower Unit OfThe Church. DIIMIRRITT ... Speaker .. Other Parllclpants .Are: Rev James Mitchell, .Winifred Whigham, Curtis Sampson, Curtis Wilson, Lisa Daniels, Rev. J D Stoliom Ellen Robinson, Rev Jessie Brown Al&.rta Jackson, Willie Larkins, Jr., Gloria Bailey Mary Allee Snelling, Sorenla Dillon, Delenla Dillon, Veronica Dudney. Grace Clarke and Ellen Robinson Are Co-Chairmen For The Ban quet. Banquet Commftt-: Cora B Larkins, Minnie Mitchell. George Ellis Clifford Brady. Hayward Brody. John Clarke, Eloise Bell, Catherlen Fergueson, Fred Gardner, Doris Fisher, Rayzetta Dillon, Rebecca Green, David Hicks, Elizabeth Tyler Miriam Rivers, Essie Surrency. Kate Felton, Irene Scarborough, Estelle Avery. Fannie Jackson, Carrie Hayes And Aretha Snelling. daughter of Cheryl Russ and Emilio Ricks. Her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert := (Louise) Russ and Mrs. Minnie .v Ricks, West Tampa Middle School: "A time of love and sharing. Sending flowers and candy to your loved ones, making my mother a special Valentine. My MRS .MOGUL DUPRII The A. Leon Lowry Club Extends A Special In vitation To The Entire Beulah Baptist Family To WorshiaWith Us In Celebration Of Our 30th Anniversary On Sunday, February 16, 1986 At The 11:00 A.M. Semce. Mrs. Jennie L. Webb President 4th Grade Ingham: "Valentine's means a lot to me and my family. I love my family and my family loves me. Valentines is a special day, when people love each other." Frederick S. Pirone: "Valentine's Day is the d ay when you can be my friend. Nobody is sad or mad. Everybody is glad. Nobody is crying, everybody is smilin Would you, could you, PLEASANT CHAPIL A.M.I. CHURCH l615CHIPCO Rev. H. McNeal Harrla, Pastor Sunday School, 9i30 A.M. Morning Wonhlp, 11 A.M. Tuesday Ous Meedng, 7:30P.M. In Cele __ Of Black History Month February 16, At 3 P.M. The Jr. Women Mission ;, ;Society Of & Spring .Hill M.S. Church Sponso.-s': A Program. The Guest 'i, WUI Be, Role Model t i TECO l\dministrator Mr. Leslie Is Invited To Help Us Pay Tribute, To All Black Americans. The Church Is Located At 704 East -.1 'S Humphrey St. 'Jr: Sis. Marilyn Coffie, President; Sis. 115111 MILUR, JR. Marilyn Spivey, Sec.; Rev. W. R. Brooks, Pastor. r The Public Is Invited To The FIRST ANNIVERSARY Of Elder Claude E. Holmes, Jr., Pastor Of Loving Hill P.B. Church Joe Ebert Road, Thonotosassa, Fla. Wed., Feb. 19, 7:30P.M. Sun., Feb. 23, l1 A.M. &3 P.M. if you would, but you Be My Valentine." 41Wi;> .t"-, 4th Grade "Valentine's is a day of love, joy, kindhess, fun, hope, kisses and hugs. My favorite Valentine is Mrs. Beverly H. lo!j Lane." F f 1:1 = I. I = = -tD s. ""=' = c:r fl} 1:1" Kasmyu1e Hayes attends 8. Peter aaver. To Kasmyene, "Valentine's means love and happiness. She also says her ,$ favorite Valentine is ... everybody." She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James (Gwen) Hayes. Her grandparents are Ms. Georgia > Covington, and Annie Hayes. 5. lo!j .. I tD = Q / 1:1" ; 1:1 Lauras Day Care and he is 3 fl} years old. Noah express that "Valentine to me means ... Love, and my favorite Valentine is my mommy." Noah is the son of Gay L. Keaton and Noah Keaton Ill, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Ernestine) C, Odom, and Mr. and Mrs. Noah and Irene Keaton. "The Harmony Winds 6th Anniversary Sermonetts" Roman 10:15-And How Shall They Preach Except They Be Sent? As It Is Written, How Beautiful Are The Feet Of Them That Pruch The Gospel Of Peace And Bring Glad Tidings Of Good Things! REV. E. J. WILLIAMS ELDERJ.JEFFERSON The Harmony Winds Are Asking Everyone To Come Let Us Rejoice And Feast On The Word Of God Delivered By Three God-Sent Minlsten. Rev. E. J. Williams, Pastor, New Progress M.B. Church Elder Joe Jeffenon Peace PNroaresslve P.B. Church, Elder Clarence Warren, Pastor, Marolt P.R. Church, 7:30P.M. Sunday Evening At The ew Progress Chun:h, Located At 3307 Sbadowlawn.


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How Their Styles Affected Our Lives Ebony Fashion Fair Draws Overflow Crowd As we all know, the fashion trend of the eighties were worn in the forties and fifties The styles that were long forgotten are now coming back in style. The baggy pants, the natural >' wavy or flat-top haircuts, and < the more conservative look have Q become the traditional look that will stick around for the next twenty years. Trendsetters People who are projected i n the spotlight ar.e usually the trendsetters. Movie stars, singers and past and present leaders usually set the fashion trend for different age groups. Eddie Mtirphy, Lionel Richie, or Philip Michael Thomas. Their flashy style of dressing appeals to everyone The business wear is a power ful verbal instrument, setting the stage for actions and in teractions. Past and present leaders such as Martin Luther MICHAEL JACKSON King, Jr., Malcolm X, or Jesse l lie younger generation Jackson and Louis Farrakhan whose ages range from 12 dressed for impact. Their aD through 30, are influenced by pearances determined the type stars such as Michael Jackson, of responses they will receive A nENTION TO THIS AD What's Your Problem? Have You Lost Your Love One To Another? Is Your Husband Spending Money On Somebody Else? Down On Your Luck Can't Make Ends Meet From Week To Week? If The Answer Is Yes, Phone Me, The Man. No Case Too Large Or Small. Guaranteed Help The Minute You Call. Phone Me Now In New York At (914) 9611648. ASK FOR THE MANI during a speech. Dressing flashy or for impact is up to the in

Bernard King On 'Miami Vice' Lionel Manager Split HOLLYWOOD After five DALLASMichael Jordan didn't take the part because years, the song has ended beturned down the part played by hurt," Jordan said. tween superstar singer Lionel Bernard King in an upcoming Funny, Jprdan plans to Rkhie and superstar agent Ken episode of Miami Vice. return today from a 14-week Kragen, the man credited by King portrays the disillusionabsence due to a broken foot. many with havjng lit the fuse ed son of a crooked judge, King, meanwhile, isn't expected that rocketed Lionel's career. played by Bill Russell. Jordan to rejoin the Knicks until next Kragen is also president of was offered the role first, but season because he's USA/Africa relief. said he couldn't accept it rehabilitating his knee. The official reasop: Kragen is because there was physical r / I so busy with his Hands Across scenes involved. 248 .. 192 1America project that. he's not -:;;::;;;;; able to manage Richie. When push came to shove, SENTINEL'S TOP 20 ALBUMS Richie apparently gave an 1. Promise ........ .. Sade ultimatum: Me or the project. 2. In The Square Circle .... .Stevie Wonder Ken chose the latter. 3. As The Band Turns On .......... .Atlantic Starr (But there are whispers th;tt 4. The New Zapp IV U .. Zapp Richie was irked when Ken pro5. Color Of Success ..... Morris Day posed dumping "We An: the 6. All For Love .... New Edition World" for a new song for 7. Krush Groove ...... Soundtrack Hands Across America, the 8. Friends ............ .Dionne Warrick human cross-country chain 9. Street Called Desire ..... .. Rene & Angela planned for May 25 to raise 10. The Night I Fell In Love ; Luther Vandross money for the needy.) 11. Restless .................... .... ...... Starpoint Doing their best to_ smile, 12. Whitney Houston .... Whitney Houston both agreed on a statement: 13. Members Only .................. BQbby Bland 'Ken Kragen has announced his 14. Rock Me Tonight ........... Freddie Jackson resignation from the manageIS. Romance 1600 Sheila E. ment of Lionel Richie." 16. Ready For The World ..... Ready For The World And now Richie spokesman: 17. Radio ............................. L. L. Cool -"We have no further comment. 18. TaMara & The Seen .. TaMara & The Seen But when you have a new 19. Maurice White ... Maurice White album, when you're planning a 20. Emergency ................ Kool & T/:le Gang w(.)rld tour. Tampa Bay Area Chapter ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Will Meet At ST.PAULAMECHURCH 506 Harrison, Tampa, Fl Saturday, February 22, 1986, 5 P.M. New Members Welcome JIT SlnfRS SOCIA&. C&.U8 Presents A DANCE fOR THI ZODIAC SIGN Of PISCES fRIDAY, MARCH 7, 9:00P.M. Until Music By GOOD FOOT WELLS DONATION: $3.00 fRff fOOD Some 01 l'hoae Celebratln8 Are: H-Allen, Wallace McDoaald, Clifford Parramou:re, Boone, Harold Carter, Stanley Nelson, Fred die Lowe, Bettye B. Kitchen, Rita Jackson, Cblcqo; Lillie Nelson, TaUabuaee; Hazel Brown, Lola WIHiams, Connee Schumoa And Mauzey Coachman. Come And Help Us Celebrate Tampa Bay Social Clubs In Auoclatlon With The Yellow Jackets Little &.eague Pre Valentine's Weekend Extravaganza An Evening Of Jeafts Fit For A Queen FEBRUARY 14,. 1986 LABOR TEMPLE PopularD.J. B.Y.O.B Priz..es DONATION: $5.00 FREE COCKTAILS, 9-10 P.M. (Benefit Of The Yellow Jacket Little League) Sponsorini Clubs: Sip Brothers, Las Amigas, Friendly 15, Inter-City, Blue Flames, Lady Gent, Rosettes, And The Yellow Jackets Booster Club. I -; .::s Cll


p 0 etry ============== love and appreciation although extremely appealing. dividuality. You maintain a cer..; you have the basic nature of a AQUARIUS (January. tain aloofness even though you 'N loner. An acerbic sense of 20-Febmary 18): Although you show a great tolerance for the humor helps mask your gentler always relate strongly to others, weakness of others. =======Prose GUIDE FRIDAY -FEBRLJ_ARY 14,1986/ BROADCAST : Valentine's Day rn=u =: fiJ = ... .c: i My heart and soul are filled with for a special friend that I admire, ? Through day's of joy and minutes pafn, to Ion this friend will by my aim. Beautiful and charming you may be through my eyes that isn't all I see, I send this message with you in mind, Hoping on this day, you'll be my Valentine. REGGIE GOOSBY *YOUR* HOROSCOPE -I PISCES (Febmary 19-March Try to get a grip on your ;: 20): Compassion is your moodiness, or at least stay dominating trait ; and a good home alone when you feel a low 8 00 lidy l!ltctrlc 15 30 Stcrtt City 45 9 oo Siilime 5triit 15 30 45 1 0 00 lduc flonl 45 11 00" 15 30 45 .. 30 ITIWXR I..!U(N8Cl II UlU(AJC) Good Morning Murphy In Thi Morning S.lly Jessy RphHI IRIWTVT \!:il (ca5) CBS Morning !fws 'tic Tee DOugh Wild l!ilce Is Right \Bil(-) "f.hunderCts M.A.S.K. j Gordon & The Wrrlors




The Little General The Plant City Raiders are 22-0 and perched a top of the pollsas the number one ranked 4A t eam in the State You can Whatever You Need Classified Has It. FANTASY CARPETS V ALENTJNE SPECIAL! CARPET THE WHOLE HOUSE GOOD '799 BEnER '899 BEST '999 NOW! NIGHTLY EXCEPT SUNDAYS 8 P .M. MATINEES, MON., WED., SAT. 12:45 N O MINO R S MUST BE 18 DINE AT DERBY CLUB DERBY LANE ST. PETERSBURG Jt. One should not forget, as well, that if Doug Williams does come back into the National FootbaU League one day, it will be via Hugh Culverhouse. He still is the property of the Tam pa Bay Buccaneers. So there are the variables which could make for a healing process toward the damage done to fan relations and the franchise. This corner does believe that Mr. Culverhouse will move for thrightly in trying to resolve this dilemma. The franchise, as Mr. Culverhouse sees it, is for the fans. No owner, even outside of the bus i ness angle, would love anything better than to keep and maintain a very positive relationship between the fran chise and the fans. Such should not be too difficult here in Tam pa, provided aforementioned undertaking is worked at under an atmosphere of respect, and a commitment of good wiii Rudolph Harri s. Doug Williams and daughter, Ashley. INJURY DEATH DUE TO ACCIDENTS?? FOR COMPLETE, CONFIDENTIAL & PERSONAL EVALUATION OF YOUR DAMAGE'S AND LOSSES CALL : 223-2044 711 North Florida Ave. Suite 22j FRED L. BUCKINE Attorney CALL: 223-2044 Tampa, Fl. 33602


AIKENS KYLE L. CARWELL Graveside services for Baby Kyle L. Carwell, of 3101 E. Frierson Ave., who passed away Wednesday, February 12, will be held Saturday, February IS, at 1:30 P.M. at Shady Grove Cemetery, with Pastor Roy W. Williams, officiating. Interment will follow. Kyle was a native of Tampa. Survivors 'are: his Velina Worthy; father, Kelvm L. Carwell; 1 brother Kelvin, Jr.; his grandparents; several aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. The remains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home from S to 9 P.M. this evening. The family will receive friends at the Chapel from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. this evening. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME." MARGARET H. LEWIS Funeral services for Mrs. Margaret Hampton Lewis, of 1412 Armwood Ct., who passed away Sunday, February 9, will be held, Saturday, February IS, at 11 A.M., at Greater Mt. Moriah P .B. Church, l22S Nebraska Ave., with the pastor, FJder Clarence Warren, Jr., of ficiating. Interment will be in tbe Shady Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Lewis was a native of Ocala, FL and a resident of Tampa for 68 years. Survivors are: a devoted friend, Mr. Eddie Atkins; a very devoted and dedicated daughter, Mrs. Vic toria Hammond and husband AI of Tampa; a very devoted and dedicated son, Mr. Wallace Taylor and friend, Gwendolyn; 1 stepson, Mr. Raymond Taylor, Sr. of Cairo, GA; S grandchildren, Ms. Linda Ellis of Alachua, FL, Ms. Darlene Mitchell of Tampa, Mr. Joseph Taylor, Mr. Raymond Taylor, Jr. Ms. Patricia Taylor, all of Catro, GA; 1 great grand daughter, Ms. Mahogany James of Tampa; 2 sisters, Mrs. Annie Bell Calhoun and Mrs. Sadie Lee Jackson, both of Tampa; 3 brothers, Mr. Frank Mr. Hayward Hampton, Sr. and Rev. Nathan Hampton, Sr. and wife, Carolyn, all of Tampa; 1 sister-in-law, Mrs. Charlie Mae Hampton of Tampa; l god daughter, Mrs. Alean Calhoun of Tampa; a dear friend, Willie White; and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other sorrow ing relatives and friends. The re mains will repose at Aikens Funeral Home Chapel from S to 9 P.M. this evening. THERE WILL BE NO VIEWING AFTER THE EULOGY. The funeral cortege );Viii arrange from 1027-12th Ave. "AIKENS FUNERAL HOME." t BRYANT& WILLIAMS PATRICIA L. KING Ms. Patricia Lee King, 1912 Ferrell Court, passed away February 7, at a local hospital. Funeral services will be con ducted Saturday, February IS, at 1 P.M. from the Deliverance Tabernacle, 3S23 N. 22nd St., with Pastor Roy Davis of ficiating. Entombment' will follow in. the Shady Grove Cemetery. Ms. King was a native of Auburndale, FL and a resident of Tampa for more than 2S years. She leaves to cherish her memory: 3 devoted daughters, Melissa Ann, Nuyen 3 sisters, Georgia Jamison, Hat tie Brantley and Nannie Brantley, all of Philadelphia, PA; 1 daughter-in-law, Rosie Bell O'Neal of Tampa; 2 adopted daughters, Audrey Smith and Iona Shennette; 26 grandchildren; 38 great grand children; 3 great-great grand children; a host of niecr:s, nephews, cousins and other sor rowing relatives and friends. The remains will repose at the RAY WILLIAMS MEMORIAL CHAPEL after S P.M. Friday. Arrangements en trusted to BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Williams Funeral Home). PUGJ-ISLEY FLORENCE H. WHITE Lee and Kahila Premice King Mrs. Florence H. White, 219 her devoted mother, Mrs. Ma..; S. Dakota Ave., passed away Florence King; 1 brother Mr February 13, after a lengthy illWilliam H. King; 4 sisters: Funeral services will be Pamela Jean King, Veronica conducted Saturday at 2:30 King Blakely of Tampa P.M. at Memorial Park WUhemina King and husband: MATTIE (Randolph) Cemetery with Rev. J. A. Clarence of Washington DC LARRY LEE Simon, officiating. Mrs. White and Shelecia King Adey;mi of Funeral services for Mrs. was a native of Marion County, Miami, FL; 2 uncles, James Mattie (Randolph) Larry Lee of FL and a pioneer citizen of the Patterson and wife, Flo, and S918 N. Rome Ave., Apt. 12, Hyde Park Community. She Arthur Patterson, both of Tamwho passed away February 7 was a member of the Lily White pa; 4 aunts, Gertrude King of will be held Saturday at 1 p .M: SBA, Lodge #8,_ Mrs. Bernice Detroit, MI, Emma Cobb and fr-.om First Union Missionary Lee Robinson, President. Surhusbnd, Charlie of Miami Bap,ist Church, with the Rev. vivors include: 2 devoted sons Ethel Bryant and C. J. Long, Pastor, Rev. J. H. Mr. William L. Turner and Johnson of Tampa and a host Thompson, officiating. Inter wife, Dorothy of Jacksonville of other sorrowing relatives and ment will be in Memorial Park FL, and Mr. Charles J. Whit; devoted friends. The remains Cemetery. Mrs. Lee was a of Tampa; 3 devoted daughters, will repose at the RAY native of Meigs, GA and had Mrs. Favorletta Johnson of WILLIAMS MEMORIAL resided in Tampa for a number Tampa, Mrs. Etta Mae GarCHAPEL after S P.M. today. of years. She was a member of rison and husband, Horace of The funeral cortege will arrnge First Union Missionary Baptist New York, NY, and Mrs. Leanfrom 211S Nassau St. Ar-Church. Mrs. Lee leaves to na Owens and husband, rangements entrusted to mourn: 3 sons, Mr. Joseph F. Lawrence of Rosedale, LI, NY BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray Larry, Jr. and wife Shirley 13 grandchildren, William Williams Funeral Home). Mr. Herbert Larry wife' Turner, III, Veronica Turner, Edith, and Mr. Robert E. Lee: Bernadette. Jackson and busall of Tampa; 2 daughters, Mrs. band, Fabian Turner, Michael Helen L. Freeman and bus-Turner, Rudolph Garrison, band, Freddie and Mrs. Lillivee Carol Ivy and Evelyn, Wells and husband, Felton; 13 and Timothy Garrison, grandsons; 2 devoted grandMannette F. White and Monica daughters, PFC, Mrs. Brenda F White; 13 great grandY. Brown and husband, Sgt. children; a host of nieces, Chris Brown, Korea, and Ms. nephews, cousins and other sorCynthia Y. Wells and son relatives and devoted James L. Murray IV j fnends. The remains will repose brothers, Mr. Sam Randoiph at the RAY WILLIAMS Mr. William Randolph, both of MEMORIAL CHAPEL after S Pompano Beach, FL and Mr. P today and on Saturday Tracey Randolph, Atlantic Ciunbl 1 P.M. THE FAMLY CARRIE L. O'NEAL ty, NJ; a host of nieces WILL RECEIVE FRIENDS nephews, among a devoted AT THE CHAPEL FROM 8-9 Mrs. Carrie Lee O'Neal, nephew, Mr. David Randolph P.M. TONIGHT. Friends are 4807-88th Street S., passed Delray Beach, FL; a host of asked to meet at the Funeral away February 12, in a local cousins, devoted friends, Home at 2 P.M. on Saturday. hospital. Funeral services will among whom are: Mr. and Mrs Arrangements entrusted to be conducted Saturday at 11 Joseph (Willie Mae) Larry Sr : BRYANT & WILLIAMS (Ray A.M. from the First Baptist and other sorrowing Williams Funeral Home). CtJUrch of Progress Village, and friends. The remains will lie Rev Roosevelt Robinson in state at Pugbsley Cathedral Pastor, Rev. W. J. Glover, of: after S P.M. Friday (today). ficiating. Entombment will The funeral cortege will leave AIKENS FUNERAL HOME Cor. Buffalo Ave. & lith St. 232-8725 We're The Key To Pine Service PUGHSI..EY FUNERAl. HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive 14s Desired PHONES: 247-3151 or 247-3152 -follow in the Shady Grove from SOl James St. Cemetery. Mrs. O'Neal was a PUGHSLEY FUNERAL native of PinevUie, GA and a HOME in charge. longtime resident of Tampa Survivors include: her devoted husband, Mr. Mabry Lee O'Neal; 4 devoted daughters Rudeen Reid and husband' Peter, Hattie Dykes and bus: band, Charlie, Vera James and husband, Charlie and Evelyn Bradshaw Jerry; KATIE WATSON Funeral services for Mrs. Katie Watson of 1021-7tb Ave., Apt. D, who passed away February 7, will be held Satur day at 1 P.M. from Greater Mt. Moriah P .B. Church with the FJder Oarence Warren, Pastor, officiating. Interment will be in Shady Grove Cemetery. Mrs. Watson was a native of Boston GA and has resided in for over SO years. She was a faithful member of Greater Mt. Moriah P .B. Church and a member of No. 1 Usher Mrs. Helen Woody, President, and also was a member of Lily White Lodge No. 11, Mrs. Rossie Mae George, President. She leaves to mourn: a loving and devoted friend, Mr. Louis White; Tampa; 4 children, Mrs. Thelma ;' Green, Mr. Fred White and wife, Juanita, Mr. Willie White and wife, Mary, and Mrs. Geraldine Fagan and husband all of Tampa; 30 grandchildren; 2S grandchildren; a host of rueces, nephews and cousins 1 sister-in-law, Mrs. Wardes, Tampa; and other sor rowing relatives and friends. '"c::l The remains will lie in state at Pughsley Cathedral after S = P.M. Friday (today). The fami& ly will receive friends on Friday a_ evening from 6 until 7 P.M. at the Funeral Home. The funeral cortege will leave from a 2S08-14th St. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME in charge. WILLIE RHEA CRUTHCFIELD Cll Funeral services for Willie Rhea Crutchfield of 1917 St. Conrad St., will be held 2 P.M. Saturday at the Twenty-Ninth Street Church of Christ 3310-29th St., of which Cross is minister, with Maurice Davis, minister of the Sixth Street Church of Christ Lakeland, officiating. Inter: ment will be in Sunset Memory Gardens. He is survived by: his wife, Rose; daughter, Carolyn Finley and husband, Arthur, Luxembourg, Germany (Europe); son, William Rhea Crutchfield and wife, Rhudine, Tampa; grandson, James C'l Finley, Luxembourg, Germany t'Pl (Europe); granddaughters 1-l Cheryl Finley, Ohio University Athens, OH, Tomia Crut: Z chfield, Atlanta, GA, and Antoinette Crutchfield, Tampa; o brothers, Harry Crutchfield and Z t'Pl (Continued On Page 22-A) >


Julla Santiago, Levin Arm/ wood, Jr., and John H. Arm-A Memorial To g (Continued ; wife, Lucille, Detroit, MI, Oaude S. Crutchfield and wife, Tommie, N'ashville, TN, Carl Crutchfield and wife, Inez, also of Nashville, and Oarence Crutchfield of Detroit, MI; sisters, Margaret Ashworth and husband, Grady, Detroit, MI, and Hattie Bryant and husband, James Harold of Lebanon, TN; an aunt, Daisy Lee Little, Louisville, KY; and numerous nephews, nieces, and friends. A native of Lebanon, TN, Mr. Crutchfield had been a Tampa resident for many years. He was an FJder of his church and a retired salesman for Ehle Barber and Beauty Supplies. He IS was a veteran of World War II, .g having sened honorably in the =a U.S. Army. The remains will repose after 5 P.M. Friday at -5 Wilson's Funeral Home and e after 10 A.M. Saturday at the = church. The remains will not be i viewed after the eulogy. The 1..:;1 family will receive friends from I 7 until 9 P.M. Friday at the Funeral Home. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." = KATIE DA-WSON :; Funeral senices for.. Mrs. Katie Dawson of 2610-llnd Ave., who passed away at her :.9 residence, will be held Saturday i:i at 11 A.M. at New Mt. Zion M.D. Church with the Rev. Lester Carter, officiating. Interment will be in Memorial Park Cemetery. Survivors are: cousins, Dorothy Thomas, Cor nelius Johnson, Anthony Harris and wife, Mrs. Mamie Forte, Alma Newsome and husband, John, Emory Forte and wife, Carrie, Clarence Forte and wife, Yvonne, Alfred Harris, the Bouler family, and a host of other relatives and friends, in cluding Ruth Jackson, Ophelia Henry, Rev. and Mrs. Foster Ganin, Andrew Morgan, the Lovett family, the Forte family, and the Lee Strickland family. A native of Orange Heights, FL, Mrs. Dawson had resided here since 1914. She sened on the Usher Board and Pulpit Aid < Boards of her church, and was a member of Lily White SBA, 0 Lodge #6, Mrs. Hattie Dallas, ;:: Pres. The remains will repose after 5 "P.M. Friday at Wilson's f-4 Funeral Home and the family will receive friends from 7 until ;:: 8 P.M. at the Funeral Home f-4 Chapel, during which time, final rites will be conducted by the Lodge. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." FRANK GOGGINS Funeral senices for Mr. Frank Goggins, 2602-llnd St., who passed in a local hospital, will be held Saturday at 1 P.M. from the St. James P. Baptist Church with the Rev. J. L. Rivers, officiating. Interment in the Memorial Park Cemetery. Sunivors are: his wife, Mrs. Daisy Goggins; daughters, Mrs. Patricia Lanier, Lakeland, FL and Mrs. Deloris Reed; son-in law, Mr. Richard Reed; step son, Mr. Alexander Proctor, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; sister, Mrs. Lena Goggins, Newark, NJ; nephew, Mr. James Redding, Newark, NJ; two sisters-in-law; 10 grandchildren; 10 great grandchildren and other relatives. He was a native of Macon, GA and a longtime resi dent of the Bay area. The re mains will repose at the Wilson's Funeral Home after 5 P.M. Friday. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." MR. HENRY P. ARMWOOD, SR. Funeral senices for Mr. Henry P. Armwood, Sr. of 2912 N. 26th St., who passed away in a Wash., DC hospital, will be held Monday at 1 P.M. at Wilson's Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Rece Tucker, pastor of Pleasant Seat Baptist Church (Maryland), officiating, assisted by the Rev. A. Leon Lowry. Interment will follow in the Armwood Cemetery (26th Street and 26th Ave.). He is surwood, m; sisters-in-law, Mary Armwood, Gladys Armwood, Ruth :.1,Armwood and Clara Bradford; a dear cousin, Melba Street Jones; and a host of other relatives and friends. A native of Tampa, Mr. Armwood returned here a year ago after residing in Wash., DC for a number of years. He attended Bethune-Cookman College, Xavier University, Washington and Lee University, Howard University, University of Penn sylvania, Robert Terrell Law School, IUld received a law degree from American Universi ty, Wash., DC. He was a World War II Army veteran and a retired real estate specialist with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Wash., DC. The remains will repose after 5 P.M. sunday at the Funeral Home and the family will receive friends from 7 until 8 P.M. at the Funeral Home Chapel. "A WILSON'S SERVICE." IN MEMORIAM In memory of Mr. Arthur Lloyd Poe, who passed away Feb. 13, 1985 in New York City. Arthur, although you are gone, your memory Ungers on just like the fragrance. of a rose lingers when it's gone. Your kind and enduring ways are with us still in the hearts that love you and you are loved and always will be. Mrs. catherine Warfield Poe, Our son, grandson, nephew, brother and uncle. On Your Birthday Sug! You were Valentine, a Rose plucked from our midst for now. You're missed. There couldn't have been DO nicer per bom than you on this You and Cupid were as one the roots of loving, caring, and sharing. You were Valentine stands for, sweetneSs, humble, gentle, goodness and much more. Your love touched so many lives, and the memories lingers on. We all loved you very much So Valentine on your birthday, Feb. 14, a bright flower that will shine forever in our hearts. No one can ever take your place. Farewell Valentine, for now, never goodbye, we'll meet you 'some day in the sky. From Madear, Daddy, Bug, sisters, brothers and the rest of the family. IN MEMORIAM (Continued On Page 23-A) In memory of Sargeant Hubert Palmer, February 15 WILSON'S 1969. FUNERAL HOME grandchildren. God forgives a hidden tear a 3001 29th STREET 2 48. 1921 silent wish that you were he..;. "Ou B r usiness Is Service" Mrs. Delmus Palmer, mother '248-6125 I SHADY GROVE COMPLETE FUNERAL. & NOW 'J99S Owned & Operated By CHARLES RELIFORD, JR. The Following: 1 20Gouge StfJ'Iill Casket 12. Removal Of Deceased (1st Closs Choice Of Colors) 2 Family Spray (Real Nice) 3. Program (We Use The'Besf Printer In Town) 4 .. Sealed Vault (Not Required By Low) 5 Space (Shady Grove Cemetery) 6 Openmg & Closing Of Grove 7 Choir & Tent Set-Up 8 Family Cor 9 Hearse 10. Service Cor 1 1. Police Escort 13. Embalming (Not Required By Low) 1 4 Core & Preparation Of Deceased 15. Stoff For Funeral 16. Stoff For Viewing 1 7. Basic Use Of Funeral Home 18. Funeral Home For Viewing 19. Funeral Home Or Church For Service 20. Two Death Certificates 21. Filing Claims tor Insurance & Social Security Benefits. SHADY GROVE funeral Home 2305 N. Nebraska 221-3639 ,Cemetery 4615 E. Hanna Ave. 626 vived by: his wife, Gladys, Armwood; a son, Henry P. Armwood, Jr. and wife, Betty; 2 grandsons, Henry P ., III and Shawn, all of Wash., DC; a brother, John H. Armwood, Sr.; nephews and nieces, Walter A. Armwood, III, Levin Arm wood, Sr., John H. Armwood, Jr., Johanna Armwood Santiago, and Jarmalla Armwood; HENRY Licensed Funeral Director grandniece and grandnephews, .. .1


CARD OF THANKS IN MEMORIAM GERTRUDE B. THOMAS Departed, February, 1928 EVA BROWN HAMILTON Departed, Sept. 8 1971 ADA BROWN LOMAS Departed, Feb 14, 1980 Your prayers i and guidance continue to remain with us. We IN MEMORIAM BISHOP JOHN H LEE F eb. 15, 1985 Love lives on in memorie s when time has eased our sor row ... Love lives on and warms our hearts brightening each tomorrow Sadly missed by family, saints and friends I -I O -AK HILL'S HOME 5016 22nd St. Phone 237 -8500 ser vice i s m o r e rha n j usr a wo r d with us. '" W illiam J Johnson, l.F D.' 50 years e x p erie n ce S ervices st a r t a t $ 13 95 Comple t e M r and Mrs Hill O w n e r s PEARL BROWN HOLMES Departed, Jan. 10, 1975 ROBERTA W. BROWN Departed, Jan. 1,1983 owe our success to you. Sadly missed: The family. IN MEMORIAM A Time To Remember EMPSIE B. WILDS To there is a season, and a time to every pur pose under the heaven. At this time we remember our beloved Empsie Wilds and the time of mourning her physical demise. Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward Yes, we shall all meet again. Jetie B. Wilds, Sr. and fami ly. FUNIERALS BY: BRYANT & WILLIAMS Roy W illiams Funrol Hom J4J7 N. Albany Ave. 253-3419 "When Unde r standing Is Needed Most" IN MEMORIAM EUNICE YOUNGBLOOD Although its been two years since we have felt your loving embrace, or just seen your lov ing smile, i t seems like only yesterday we were all together having a family gathering. Although we miss you dearly and our hearts yearn just to hear your voice, we know that God needs you more and that now you must rest. Rest now mother, for soon we shall have another one of our great family gatherings. In loving memory: your kids and family. IN MEMORIAM In but loving memory of Mr. Will Oair who departed this life, Feb. 12, 1985. We all love and miss you. We will remember you always in our hearts. Family and friends. IN MEMORIAM In memory of m y loving hus band Nathaniel Brown who departed on Feb. 11, 1983. Sadl y missed b y your wife, Victoria Brown; children and grandchildren. IN MEMORIAM In loving memory of Mrs. Addie Mae Fate, who departed this life Feb. 17, 1985. You are sadly missed by your daughter and family! IN MEMORIAM MRS. ALMA JOHNSON Departed Feb. 13, 1985 Her life is a beautiful memory, her absence a silent grief, ....--She i s asleep in God's beautiful garden of sunshine and perfect peace. She left behind a beautiful memory, A sorrow too great to bear, But to us who loved and lost her-Her memory will always be there. Sadly missed: Robert Johnson, husband; children and family CARD OF THANKS I The family of Mrs. Minnie Manning acknowledges with grateful hearts all acts of kind ness rendered during her illness and subsequent demise. May our Heaveniy Father bless each of you. Allen Lester Manning and family. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Raymond Braxton/Jerry Woodson, intend to register the fictitious trade name Brax ton-Woodson Bail Bond with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough County, Florida, Punuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: that the undersigned intends to engage in the business of Writing Bail Bonds at 3703 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa, Florida. Dated this 31 day of Jan., 1986. Ra y mond Bra x ton Jerry Wood s on CLARENCE BAIT f The family of the late Mr. = := > := Clarence Baity would like to thank their many friends and neighbors for all you 've dQn during the passing of their loved one. Flowefl, cards, telegrams, foods, etc. A special thanks to Aikens Home and staff, Rev. Oscar Johnson Elder R. H. Howard Bro. Eugene Johnson, Rev Roland Oliver Rev. Young Glove-:, FJder Joseph Jefferson, and all other program parti cipants. May God bless each of you = Mrs. FJizabeth Baity and g. family. CARD OF THANKS f -The family of the late Rev. James H. Harris wishes to ex, ; press sincere appreciation for your prayers, cards of sympathy and every act of kindness ex tended to them in their hour of sadness. A special to Rev. Oscar Johnson Jr. and Greater Bethel Baptist Church. May God bless each of you. ,S Mrs. Wanda M. Harris. "'= = I c::r ;..{ .Q. Remembering VIOLA WELLS (1889-1983) > = Cl. A mother's love .is sincere, inspiring, intense, untiring. A mother's love endureth forever. Her family, Julius Milligan, I Wilma and Jessie Rivers, Will C"l and Fronie Wells, Gertrude and Willis Lovett, Silas and Lucille t= Wells, Audrey and Robert a Dawson, grandchildren ="' 8 I I r L IEGAL NOTICE Notice i s hereby g iven tha t the Board of Cou n t y Com m i ssioners, County, Florida will r e c e ive up to, but no later than 2:00 P.M., Tuesday. March 4 1986 sea led bids for the following: BID NO: 066 -86 REHABILITATION OF SINGLE FAMILY HOMES Each bid shall be f iled with the H illsborough County Pur chasing Department, 3rd. Floor, Room 309 800 Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida on or before the hour and date designated above, after which time bids will be opened and publicly read aloud in the Conference Room of the Purchasing Department. The Contractor must comply with the requirements of 24 CFR 0 135 regarding equal employment opportunities for businesses and lower income persons in connection with this project. Inspection of work sites, plans, specifications and other necessary details to' bid complete job may be obtained by contacting Housing.Assistance, O.C.E D 9350 Bay Plaza Blvd ., Suite 109, Tampa, Florida 33619, Telephone 623-2881. "' > C"l J:!'l -1 The Board of County Commissioners reserves the r ight to reject any and all bids; to waive irregularities, if any, in any tool bid, and to accept the b i d which in the judgement of the Board will be in the best of Hillsborough County. :I: := Board of County Commissioners t"1 J:!'l Hillsborough County, Florida


.............................. ii ............................................................ ..__c_-LA_SS_I_F_I ....... A_LT-2.....,4""""'. 8....,.-.:_ ........ ;;. HELP WANTED ; HELP WANTED HELP WANTED FOR SAT.R FOR SAT.R S=CII: CRUISE SHIP JOBS ----TRUCK DRIVERS BELMONT HEIGHTS BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED ..,. Great income potential. AU PARniME Must meet DOT re-Nice 2 bedroom/1 bath Brandon, 3 bedroom/1 f:. (oc3 cupations. For info, call: Eas.-y Must have1 it good home. Priced to sell! 2603 zbeart0h,ds0t1u1accrsodc0emwnen' tFb8IoAck5 15v00 A 12) 742-8620 ext. 339. ., iifiF.' nvang an past emp oyment 28th Ave. Contact owner after ____ ;,_; ____ ....;_.f-"7'""':'". __ ....... -...... __ 1 record, t ye!lr semi-tractor 5 p.m., Lakeland, FL 1-686down, $460 a month, $46,900. I! J _, trailer experience. Apply in 5688. 876-0780. Pl-e-nhd SGI.ttspenon person at: 69ot Anderson 5ll:i MAI\tUFACTURING -II $47,900 and up, 3 multi-family Sa1es .person needed to 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday SELLERS t Go d h fl Et-IGINEER anvestmen o cas ow, market cemetery property and Friday. EOE. We buy house and pay top MACHINE SHOP possible assumption, package 'Vaults and caskets -t-------------1 dollars. Fast Easy Condeal. Owner needs sale. Call opportunity for (women preferred). Market a VOCATIONAL INSTRUCTOR fidential. We make up back indlvidu 'af with methods and product a .nd service that 111 payinent, any situation con-Don, 985-0216 processing experience. Should everyone will buy sooner or Electrician to mahitain sidered; you can rent back. MAYJOHNSON REAi.TY be familiar with N.C. machinlater. Leads provided daily. state institutional electrical MIDLAND REALTY, Inc. ing tooUng and fixtnring. We Must have transportation. system. $7.17 per hour.NEW HOME ONLY $39,900 are a modem machine shop Will train. Call, Charles Minimum high school plus 4 Spacious 3 bedroom biock with extensive work in high Reliford at Shady Grove yean experience. Good NO. OF HILLSBQROUG, H home, comer Jot, central air, tech aerospace field. Send Funeral Home & Cemetery, references. Personel Office, RIVER asking $5,100 under .FaA apresuane to: 3 Hillsborough Correctional (OH 40th St.) praisal. 1401 Morton. Tony H&S SWANSON 6 2 : 6 2 3 -Institution, County Road Concrete block 3 Broker, TOOL COMPANY 1-----.;.....-----1 672. Call 634-5541. bedroom/2 baths / iot 50x125, .. 9000-68th St., North ACADEMIC EOE/ AA. $50,000, $500 down, low closANTHONY & ASSOCIATES, Pinellas Park, Fl33565 ADMINISTRATOR 1----------...... ing cost. Biddipg date ends 1 EOE Serves as Assistant Informa-ON CALl, RN's Feb. 13th. Lordt{ Und,rwood, 237:;011 tion Center Manager in large Tampa Heights Hospital eves. 621-4175. COMMUNITY WORKER university computing center. has on call positionS available GARRm REALTY ONLY $ 1 ,000 DOWN$10,858 yr. US plus 1 year Requires predominately infor registered nurses with a 2 bedroom : block holtie only exp. involving the deUvery of dependent work with users of multi-disciplinary approach. $18;000 with Si;ooo. down; health or soci_. services. computing services from the We offer a 150Jo on caD dif-FOR SALE 2720 E. 12th Ave. T ony Apply by 3:00 p.m., MonAdministrator CommunUy; If-interested, please 2 bedroom_ Muniz, Broker, 872-9948: day, February 24. Provides software training call 813-237,-2268 o r Apply duplex; carpeted, good inANTHONY & A$SOCIATES .SERVICES period. Master's degree in apin penon to: come, 603 W. Euclid Ave., 1 237-5011 $15,600 yr.'\ College degree propriate disciplhie and 2 Tampa Heights Hospital block north of Columbus t-----------.. witb major course work in years relevant experience re4004 N Riverside Dr Drive and North Poulevard Sociology, Psychology, qDtred. Large host systems FL 33603 876-7614. An oversized lot for sale, Guidance and co unseling, supp 'ort (C_ ICS, MARK IV, ____ ....., __ ...., __ -1 64x198, $8000. C _aU Bess, 'COUNSELOR 1 .-9 Education or 1 yr. ANSWERIDV) and PC ex55000 to. -assume non-23.9-17 3: daytime. exp. in social, health or aging perience desirable. FIT position available in al"f FHA 3 237-1942. i staruno salary negotiable: outpatient. Mental Health qu I yang mortgage. serv ces. e een ter Duties inc11de pro BR's/1 bath concrete block A I b 3 00 Mon $24,500-$27,366. Send resume .. ________ .......:....,4'""" .... pp y y : .p.m. viding case and wen landscaped day, February by 2/20/86 to: Director, __._, th ...... ft yard pillS carport and utility Veterans no money dpwn: HILLSBOROUGH University Computing Ser-erap..,.., a ercare No closing cost Own a home COUNTY CIVIL SERVICE vices, SVC 409, University of clients. Requires AA degree in room. and rent For info: 818 ZCick St. South Florida, Tampa, FL a Service Discipline. t-----"""""'.....,f-----1_, MIDLAN_ D RE4LTY, -. Tampa, Fla. 33602 336 Prefer knowledge of comYBOR CITY -..... """' 20. 1 1 munity resources for. the Duplex oood 1 ncome '-935-203;J Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Equa e Employer. 0 rt nity E 1 mentally ill. We offer .full property. Live free while ren"2 ppo u mp oyer benefits. Apply Hillsborough ting one side. For infor call: HANDYMAN -"'" CommunityMental Health WALLACEZ.B .OWERS ,$500 Down / f"" C t 5707 N 22 d s t fix up and a P-;E en er, n ., REALTY = Homema k _er/ Nurses Aldes Tampa, FL 336to. EOE 229_2376 beautiful 3 bedroom for you .to live .5 FOR SALE $275/month Why rent --:: Position presently available in Hillsborough County. We BELMONT HEIGHTS you can buy. Call quick! 3 bedroom/1 bath home, =a have full and parttime assignments with flexible schedules. 3 bedroom/1 bath home, remodeled inside and MIS REALTY Transportation, proof of insurance alld valid Flo'!.dadrivers well-kept,-near stadium beautiful ceramic tile in license required. downtown, shopping; has bathroom & kitchen, real 4 bedroom/ I y2 bath, : ;-:::_. .,. a: carpet, utility room, f" 1 "th t"l .,.,_ ; arep ace w1 quarry 1 e ment block, new carpet, rene. 1 We offer full package including medical and den-range/refrigerator; $375 a foyer; interior walls freshly in-th fi til t 1 $150 ed yard, in Highland Pittes; oo tal insurance and automobile allowance. mon ; rs as P us sulated, new carpet, new roof; call security deposit: CaD to see: f d d 1 t $385 monthly Gi; Interested appUcants should : ence yar on corner o 3 bedroom/l bath GeraldIne. S. Wh Ita 52x106 ft. FHA/VA financino 1 "' mohland Pines, $335/monRea tor accepted. $32,600. 228-8224. e HOME CARE AMERICA 873-1972 SECRETARY II .. Start $13,998 A Year. H/S Graduation And Reasonable Progressively Responsible Seeretarial Experience. Ability To Type Rapidly And Accurately. A Of Shorthand/Sp"'edwriting Skills To Qualify. For Pos1t1ons That Require Taking And Transcribing Dictation: 4023 Arlnenia-Suite 404B thly. Call 837-5675: -MIS REALTY Ofc. 873-8311 HANDYMAN'S SPECIAL Eves. 253-6061 3 bedroom house PLUS ...... duplex, 3016 Sanchez, Ybor t----F_O_R __ ..... ... You can own this 1400 sq. City, 535 000 .00. Positive cash ft. house on large lot, with just fl 0 w. Call 2 00 7 2 2 bedroom !IPt., a/ c and $3,195 down and monthly heating, Yborpayments of $570. Call 839-5763 or 839"1320 $285/month, $150 886-5507 to see. 1-----------1 Call: _886-6397 after 6 :30 : .WHY RENT? 3-year-old 3/2 clb home large inside utility room, ceramic tiles, t/b/a. Assume 10.450Jo Bond money. Buy this neat well-kept APT./DU.PLEX:.' home, nof\heast Tampa; 3 FOR RENT-, bedroomA/1 Must see! West Tampa Brand new Call Maude Couzens, 2/1 with all new Associate. W I'D hook'-ups, Lovely 60' by 160' lot, ready Geraldine White, Realtor 884-1046. for your dream home. All 873-8311 PROGRESS VILLAGE utilities .available. SeiUng to t-------------1 311 ; FAM. RM:.-,. < FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTA<;T: you for oniy '12,900. 2 bedrooms/1 bath frame, w/wcarpet, fttcd I ne!lr downtown, totally yd., $450 mo. + Sec. Dep. JO: HN w. DA Nlfl. Pub with 2-COP Ucense Also 3/1 newly fncd. ,_, with or without the real estate d $400 0 BEAUTIFUL y mo. + Sec. Dep. Sec-' which also has 3 rental units. Completely refinished 3 tion 8 considered. -Call Deputy Director Of Administration Business only, $79,000. bedroom/1 bath, central heat 685-4357 Z City Of & air, nice yitrds with trees in 1---------.. -r..iL ..... Hair salons: Buy one .or Seffner area. House for rent, 5210 S. ovJo 3J 223 8192 more. Call for details. Dan WALLACE Z. BOWERS St.,. Progress Village, 181 McNab Assoc. 886-5507. REALTY OMNI RELJY "ORP-o $400/month, $2o0 ,. 1302 N. Nebraska ................ .. __ .. ... ... .. .. ... -....


FOR RENT. NEW DELUXE APARTMENT Equipped kitchen, central air & beat, washer/dryer, w/w carpet, 2 large bedrooms and beautiful landscape. Call 870-1309 After 5 p.m. New restaurant for rent, Gold Nugget, 2502 N. Howard. 876-7614. FOR RENT -2104-B Palmetto 2 BR/ bath, CHA, util. rm./wasber and )dryer book up, $325/mo., $200 223-5214. FOR RENT 2909 JEFFERSON ST. "'!!..l' bedroom furnished apart-. .,.,-f #.: me'Qt, $220 monthly or $60 weekly; security deposit required. 22'9-7133: 251-3610. MISCELLANEOUS HOME REPAIR SPECIALiST Carpentry Painting, etc. Licensed Bonded -Insured Free Estimates Days, 932-0291: eves 988-6422. MISCELLANEOUS INCOME TAX PREPARATION Fast-accurate-convenient. Call: George Nix 677-7930 3 bedroom/1 bath, 25th Ave. and St., $280 per MONEY TALKS! montb.634-8639,after6:30, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY. AVIATION 1 and 2 bedroom apts. for ....,.6..;,8..;,1..;;..1..,5...;.3-.. ______ -1 AUTHORITY rent, ale, I&M Apts., 1002 APTS. FOR RENT INVITATION TO BID -------------1 Lemon St. 258-5151. 29 1 6 18th Ave.,. 1 Sealed bids will be received for the Hillsborough County 2 bedroom apt., Section 8 1-------------t bedroom, Section 8 qualified. Aviation Authority by tbe Rurcbasing Manager in tbe ceowelcome. 962-0821 after 2 bedroom apt. Must see in$250/montb. c.n 251-4214 tral offices of tbe Hillsborough County Aviation Authority 5:30 p.m. side recently renovated, after 7 p.m. located on tbe third floor of the Landside Terminal, Tampa a.-...;.---------1 new wall-to-wall carpet. Fe,nc-1 bedroom apt. for rent, International Airport, until (Da!e) Apartment for rent by week ed yard, quiet street. Will )lc$350 per month, utilities 27, 1986, at wbicb time and place all proposals received or month. Call 885-4519. cept Sec. 8. $275 per month. eluded, 3018 Tampa Street, will be publicly opened and read aloud for following --------------1 962-0821 after 5:00p.m.: u -pstairs apt., close to project at Peter 0. Knight Airport located Tampa, Light Industrial Building ...,. __________ ....,. downtown with bus stip Vz, Florida: for rent, (2) 25x60 units, 302 APARTMENT FOR RENT block away. Call 251-4214 HCAA PROJECT NO.: 9830; PROJECT DESCRIP-N. Oregon. Call 237-4618. Large two bedroo m, fur1 ...., TION: Overlay of Runway 17-35; WORK DESCRIPTION: 302 E. OSBORNE nished, 1716 E. Columbus For sale or rent w/optionPreparation surface, Bituminous overlay and! Drive, $240.00 month plus to-buy. 3 bedroom bouse, pavement marking. : Furnished apt., 1 bedroom, $100.00 deposit moves you in. $300/montb plus a refundable Bidders are invited to submit proposals for this work 00 A/C, adults, $4S/week, S 70 238 6667 security. Progress Village, info the proposal forms provided in tbe Contract Documents; deposit. 932-5528. 1--_..;.... 1 ca 1: 677-7301. other proposal forms will not be accepted. Bidder qualifica-: Apartments for rent, nice and clean. 238-3244 or 988-8551. ROOMS FOR RENT tion forms must be included. _I Ybor City & Fla. Ave. MISCELLANEOUS A pre-bid conference will be held at the HCAA Board 1 Columbus Dr. Areas NICKERSON Room on February 18th, 1986, at 10:00 a.m., located Clean, comfortable, fur. INCOME TAX & on tbe third floor of tbe landside terminal at Tampa Internanished, includes utilities and NOTARY SERVICE tiona) Airport. All questions relating to the contract will be Apartments for rent ranging cooking facilities. 238-3244 or Will be closed for 2 answered at that time. Attendance by all proposers at the from $275-$300, carpet, cen988-8551. weeks due to Illness. Will pre-bid conferen ce is mandatory. Proposals submitted by tral beat and many extras. .,_;...;;.;....;.....;.;.. ______ Bidder not in attendance at the Pre-Bid Conference will not 972-2513. HOUSE FOR REN"{ Re-open April 1st For be accepted. House for rent, 211 W. Amelia, large 3 bedroom, corner Ola and Amelia. 238-3244 or 988-8551. Buffalo & Florida Business. Tbe complete examination and understanding of the con3 bedroom/2 bath nJce 3113 E. Columbus Dr. struction plans, specifications, contract documents and. site clean house, big yard, carpet, 248 2306 ,tbe proposed work are necessary to properly subm1t a large iiving rooin, utility d C t t-........ ---------t proposal. Construction plans, specifications an ontrac room; $345/month plus When the banks stop we Documents are available for or may be obtaiil----------------1 deposit. Adults only. Call start lending moneyll Propered from tbe office of Klmley-Horn and Associates, Inc., 5 bedroom house, $150 933-1279 8 l&.m.-9 p.m. ty owners only. 963-0565. 5444 Bay Center Drive, Suite 135, Tampa, Florida deposit; rent. $350 per moritb, ..... f d bl ) t Cb ks I U YBOR Sell Avon! .Make good 33609: for fee of t25.00 (non-re un a e per se. ec arge vingroom and din. i 1 bedroom/1 bath duplex money and win prizes. shall be made payable to Klmley-Horn and Associates, ngroom, carpet throughout tbe entire house. This is a unfurnished, utilities not inCall Pat, 969-0206 or Inc f eluded, $50 week, $100 securi-238-8128 A certified or cashier's check on any national or state rame buDding in Jackson :Heights. Call 247_1864 ty. Drive by 2306 -13th Street, bank or a proposal bond on the form found in the Contract N tb Apt then call Documents in tbe amount of not less than five percent (50Jo) (home); 884-2595 (work). 93o2r 3077 ditions, all types. Licensed of the total am ount bid, made payable fo HiUsborougb _____ .....:,--1 Contractor. Quality work 4808 N. 22nd County Aviation Authority, must accompany each proposal 2 bedroom bouse for rent, Nice 3/2 house for rent, as a guarantee that tbe bidder will not withdraw bis proposal $365/montb, $100 deposit. '$375 month, $300 deposit. HOME LOANS for a period of 60 days after opening of tbe bids, and in the 677-4622 Call237 1747 after 5 pm. Private money-instant event the contract is awarded to tbe bidder, he will, within 2 bedroom dttplex, $65/week, 903 E. St. Clair. WEST TAMPA approval-credit not important. 15 days after Notice of Award of his bid, enter into a con: NORTH "A" Fast friendly service! Tampa tract with the HUisborougb County Aviation Authority and 2 bedroom furnished apartcall Ted, St. Pete furnish the required Performance and Payment Bonds faUment, $230 monthly, plus. log wbicb be shall forfeit tbe amount of the proposal bond --------------t deposit, back yard, 1 child, SIGN PAINTING as Uquidated damages. The Proposal Bond and the Perfor2 bedroom house, 1022-15tb small pet. 251-3610. Art layout and designs, mance Bond and Payment are required to be secured from Ave., quiet neighborhoods, ---t camera work, film stripping, an agency of the Surety, wbicb agency shall have an burglar bars, oil beat, $250 per plate making, printing from established place of business in tbe State of Florida and be 1 bedroom apartment inonth, $100 deposit. Call S i 8 lifi .t standard forms to 4-color produly licensed to conduct busin ess tberei,. rent, ect on qua all D d Bob, 871-4558: 253-2962 $250/month. Call 251-4214 cess. If interested, c : ava Each proposal submitted shall be placed with attachments 2 bedroom/1 bath, first ., MONEY TO LEND envelope shall be plainly marked on the outside with: 1 and 2 bedroom duplex, month rent free, $300 moves Mortgage Loans Up To "Bid for Overlay of Runway 17-35, Peter 0. Knight you in; 2602 24th St. Call stove, refrigerator, air, carpet, s2s,OOO Airport, Tampa, Florida: and with the name and address of 932 1337 burglar bars. 415 Forest 11-------------1 Avenue. Very clean. Call No Credit Check tbe bidder. Each pr,oposal shall be delivered to tbe ROOMS FOR RENT Large furnished rooms with buglar bar door, near Florida Ave.,. newly remodeled bathroom. Kitchen privileges; $45/week plus $15.00 deposit required. 221-0304 or 253-2539. SECTION 8 2 bedroom/1 bath, refrigerator and stove, central ly located by grocery store. No pets. lOU Armenia Ave. 989-9525: 875-2694. Nice clean rooms for rent, for nice clean working people, all utilities paid, $35 $45. Women welcome. Call: 254-3975 or 961-2458. 6214166 after 6 pm. Fast Service Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Post Office Box TOM P. MARTINO 22287, Tampa, Florida 33622. If mailed, the proposal shall 1 large bedroom apartment INC., REALTOR be sent by certified/registered !ftail with return receipt refor rent, livingroom, large kft-2018 E. 7th Avenue quested. eben, Utb and Columbus. We 241-6111 Tbe bidder must supply all information required by tbe pay water, Ught and garbace. bid or proposal form general contractor for this pro-689-9155. ', LOW INTEREST ject must do 75% or more of the total work with bis own 1 & 2 bedroom apartments MORTGAGES forces. for rent, $350 per month, Call Us! We Can Help! Tbe Hill!iborougb County Aviation Authority reserves the utiUties included; 3018 Tampa ACCURATE-MORTGAGE right to waive any informalities or irregularities in or reject St., upstairs apt., close to BROKER any or all bids or to readvertise for bids and to award or downtown with bus stop Vz 14540 N. Florida Avenue. refrain from awarding the contract for tbe work. block away. Call 251-4214 Call Alan, Lie. Mtg. Bkr., after 7 p.m. 963-0565: nights 963-1956. NEW DUPLEX 211, central heat, Ale, burglar bars,$325, $150 securi ty. Section 8 ok. 2617 32nd Ave. 626-8208. HOME REPAIRS Remodeling Painting Paneling, Floors Windows Doors Screens. "Call Me Last and Save" LOUIS BENJAMIN (813)239-1486 County Aviation Authority By: Adelaide G. Few Chairman Hillsborough County Aviation Authority .., = e I ; = = ;= ""= = I'll =Q. t!!1 < = I I'll I > = Q. .. i I -' = c:> =' c:> = I'll


i .. ,...; = must obtain their own' chase. .4_!;,;<. financing for all sales. These properties may 1 f violations. contact a. rea tar o your HUD re?erves the right to reject any cho1ce to see or b1d on any of the 11 b'd d to f properties listed. or a 1 s an r. w_a1ve an_ y 1n or, PROPERTIES ARE FOR SALE FOR malitypr 1rr-:gulanty 1n any b1ds. CASH WITHOUT WARRANTY IN Bids will not be accepted directly THEIR,"AS IS" CONDITION AND, ARE from a bidder. All bids MUST BE sub-1 'NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FHA INSURED through a r':'al estate '--" LOANS. It IS stron_gly that b1dders .HUD 'II t' f th 1 not subm1t oHers s1gmf1cantly below w1 pay a por 1on o e t::. os1ng t 'f ted ff t the hstmg pnce as they w1ll not be ,cos re9ues 1n o er o puraccepted. LISTING DATE FEBRUARY 7, 1986 Cue No. Address Price BR/Bath TAMPA 093-207444 7330 EXeter Way 41,000 3/1 093-124472 1009 Genessee Street, E. 19,850 111 093-111773 6703 Glen Forest Ct. 38,000 111 093-114837 1518 St. John Street 35,000 3/1 093-115617 4405 Stonehedge Road 59,500 3/1 093-111731 1341 Walklkl Way 30,000 3/1.5 093-111174 311 West Street 11,400' 111 093-110520 815 Woodlawn Avenue W. 13,000 311 DUNDEE 093-116714 217 Lincoln Street 23,350 3/1.5 LAKELAND 093-113604 1638 Providence Rd. 30,900 4 / 1.5 093-204995 511 Daughtery Rd 45,000 2/2 VALRICO 093-214688 3811 Parkside Dr. 62,350 311 All sealed and identifiable bid s on above properties must be date stamped in the Tampa HUD Office by 4:15 p.m., February 18, 1986. The Bid Opening Date at the Tampa HUD office on this offering is 9 : 00 A.M. February 19, 1986. NEW LISTING LISTING DATE FEBRUARY 14, 1986 093-101103 3180 FoxLake Drive 51,000 3 / l 093-181661 7117 Limestone Lane 30,000 3/1 093-173687 44.10 Lurline Circle 45, 000 311 093-114196 1801 Park Drive 30,000 2/1 BRADENTON 093-194901 100117th Street E. 41,500 3/1.5 LAND O'LAKES 093-106641 291 Penny Circle 36,500 3il 093-113181 320 Penny Circle 37,500 311 RIVERVIEW 093-117661 10810 Balm Riverview Rd. 53,000 4/l SARASOTA 093-118581 1510 Oak Park A venue 45,500 111 All sealed and Identifiable bids on above properties must be date stamped In the Tampa HUD Office by 4:15 p.m., February 14, 1986. The Bid Opening Date at the Tampa HUD office on this offering Is 9:00 A.M., February 15, 1986. EXTENDED LISTINGS. Properties listed below are available until sold or rellsted under 10 day sealed bid period: 093-116111 093-101657 093-108318 093-149513 093-191764 093-107891 093-116611 093-111410 093-187170 093-193758 093-126416 093 093-109108 093-107979 093-106034 093-101618 093-100315 093-110886 093-117436 093-114579 093-198676 093-116639 093-103764 093-114611 093-111858 093-106413 093-106819 093-194158 TAMPA 41099th St. N 1109 -lOth Avenue, E 5806 12th Street S. 6605 -llnd Street 64ll-14th St 3207 17th Ave 1605 Albany N 915 North Bay Street, E. 1910 Central Ave. 5120 Chatswqrth Ave. 11319 Cloverstone Dr. 7105 Cove Hill Ct. 3156 Fox Lake Dr. 9050 Hickory Circle 1113 Ida St. E 505 James Street E. 8116 Klondyke 14317 Knoll Ridge Road 4609 Lake Ave. E 708 Lake Ave. E 1619 Maple Ave. lOll New Orleans E 1707 Olympia Road 6334 QuaD Rldae Drive 3101 Sandspur O.W. 6701 INVl-SS 1610 Reagan St. : LAKELAND l8,000(LBP) 3/1 l5,000(LBP) l/1 31,000 3/1.5 30,900 3/l 34,700 3/1 18,000(LBP) 3/1 31,500(LBP) 3/1 13,000 2/1 30,000 4/1.5 48,500 3/l 60,000 3 / l 66,000 3 / l 50,950 3/l 50,000 3/l 30,100(LBP) l/1 l6,000(LBP) 3/1 38,500 3/l 58,500 3/l lO,OOO(LBP) l/1 15,000 3/1 37,800 3/1 l5,000(LBP) 3/1 38,500 3/1.5 59,900 3/l 51,500 3/1 66,100 llfl 20,000 J)'l 31,000 312 093-204802 1218 Cinnamon Way 44,500 l/2 2/1 3/2 8/4 f-o 093-181910 3115 Crutchfield 25,000 "'-l 093-214251 5922 July Street 42,500 \.!) 093-199977* 422 Oakleaf Drive 110,000 everybody in the country." Do valier's Decline And Fall Linked To His Outlaw In-Laws "The Bennett family certain ly created problems for him," acknowledged a businessman bloody than in the 14 years his who knows the family quite father held power. well. "The father-in-law was a The beginning of the end of Jean-Claude Duvalier's rule in Haiti can probably be traced to 1980, when the young president for-life went against his mother's wishes and married Michele Bennett, an attractive, strong-willed divorcee and the daughter of Ernest Bennett, a struggling coffee grower. Though Haiti remained the big factor in the deterioration of poorest nation in the Western the situation." Hemisphere, Duvalier's rule When the end came, an never was threatened until the airline, auto dealerships, an Bennetts moved in. export-import company and Personal Wealth ''The marriage was a disaster for him," said a longtime foreign resident of Port-Au Prince. In his first eight years in power, after succeeding his late father Francois (Papa Doc) Duvalier at age 19, Jean-Claude actually had achieved a small measure of popularity. While marred by repression and human rights abuses, his rule was far less and With their access to the palace, the Bennetts ran roughshod over everybody in piling up untold personal wealth. "The Bennett famiiy is Public Enemy No. 1 on everybody's list," a Western diplomat observed recently. "His (Jean Claude's) father-in-law is hated at all levels. The elite in a lot of countries like to rip off the poor but here Bennett is ripping off Michelle Duvalier shown dining in New York in 1984. UNCL-E SANDY part with your illusions. 55,31. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live. 90,11. LAND 0' LAKES 093-106638 287 Penny Circle 093-106629 320Penny Circle SEBRING 093. -197907 5003 Regency Drive 37,500 37,500 43,000 TEMPLE TERRACE l 093-116717 4601 Puritan Road 093-118241 1031654th Street N. 37, VALRICO 093-101391 31.6 Silverhill Dr. 55,100 WINTER HAVEN 093-104787 1119 Fairfax St. NE 31,900 ZEPHYRHILLS 093-100891 W'fl'lkmar (7,5!J8 @ HUD :OUI\L HOUSING DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING OPPORTUNITY AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT 3 / 2 3/1 3/1 1/1 3/1 3/l 3/l 4/3 1r coffee interests were among Ernest Bennett's many businesses. He also was able to drive many competitors out of business with the special customs benefits and other privileges accorded him because of his ties to the palace. Hard-Pressed Masses What little respect Jean Claude had achieved was ex pended by the Bennett family excesses and the blatant corrup tion of so many of the cabinet ministers as the Haitian masses became ever more hard-pressed. On Friday, Duvalier and his wife were on a plane to France. Bennett had left the country on his own. In a suburb of Port Au-Prince, mobs attacked Bennett's auto showroom and related businesses, stealing BMW's and carrying away of fice furniture and window frames ''This makes me happy,'' said one man who was watching. "They forced the people to react in this manner. They're hungry. Now they will go to work and eat." Tampa llaitian (Continued From Page 3-Al select someone who would tinue the democratic proces s:' and keep the American 'p' ofic y alive." Those who wish to vide assistance may contact tfle minister at P. 0. Box 75529, Tampa, FL 33675 or by calling 247-4229. The Haitian: community will hold a celebration on Sunday at the Tyer Temple United Methodist Church, 2-4 p. m., along with a motorcade through the city, to gain support of the community. Weather Report zy Today Partly cloudy and cool, high 67, low 52. Saturday Partly cloudy with a 500Jo chance ofrain, high 64, low 48. Sunday Sunny and cool, high 67, low 52. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGISTER FICTITIOUS TRADE NAME NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned Oscar D. Nelson, Jr., intends to register the fictitious trade name Nelson's Handyman Service with the Clerk of the Circuit of Hillsborough Coun-. ty, Flotidi' Pursuant to Sec tion 865.09, Florida Statutes, 1953: tht the undersigned in tends taengage in the business of Hoe Repairs .at 807 S. Howard Ave., Apt. lis, Tam pa, Florida. Dated this 24th day of January, 1986. Oscar D. Nelson, Jr. < *(THIS IS A QUADRAPLEX, 4-Ul'IIITS) 700 TWIGGS STREET, TAMPA. FLORIDA 33601 Sole Owner


Voter Registration Deputizing Crimes In ,A -Glance Back In The Sentinel' Session Termed A Success (Continued From Page 2-A> < BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor More tlian 40 persons were deputized on Tuesday night when they attended the first training session at the Martin Luther King Center. Mike Banister of the Supervisor of Elections Office conducted the training. "We will be conducting a training workshop for those who were deputized so that we can follow through on our ef forts to register 10,000 or more persons," Bob Gilder, chairman of the Hillsborough County Voter Registration Coalition stated. He added, "we need more volunteers, but unfortunately we can't train but 35-40 per sons at a time.'' The next training session will be held at the King Center, 2300 N. getback to basics." And he said :, OrOPOon, -on Tuesday night, the community cann,9t expect 20 Y -e the government and t>Ofice to do ears Ago with many students attending. = Feb. 18, at 7 p. m. The classes were designed to !:! "We are appealing to the everything to solve these proFeb. 12, 1966 help students in their churches, civic groups, frater;:;< blems. subjects. The project was nities and individuals to .:}{\formation released by Members at Hood Temple A. itiated by RoseL. Duhart, ""' out and help us get the -chtef Don Newberger of the M. E. Zion Church invited all of Girls at the !tChool. Politl cal clout we ..i-d to bn'ng Tampa Police Dept. indicates friends to attend their church about the Changes We d 1 n that there is a definite increase ""' when they observed "Friends of Hl .llsborough Gilder in overall crime. "There are ap, 00 li f Hood Temple Sunday." stated. proximately 2 more po ceo fleers on the street today than Mrs. Reynolds designed the ''We were impressed with there were five years ago," costume for the Ballantine Beer the number of people and the Chief Newberger said. Float. The costumes were enthusiasm shown towards Discussing the causing facbeautiful. Mrs. Reynolds was this effort," Gilder said. "We tors, Chief Newberger said, one of Tampa's outstanding had people from all walks of "the increase in the commission fashion designers. life from maids to bankers. of crimes can be attributed to a A nice tea was presented by A true cross section of this large degree, to inadequate funthe Lily White Junior Lodge community -educators, ding for prosecutors and No. 5, at their Temple. The aft k d d 1' o fair was well attended and much rue nvers an re 1g1 us judges, and insufficient jail 0 le really turned Out for enJ'oyed. Janice Nunn introducpe p space, resulting in many ofthis effort.'' ed the speaker. Marilyn H h t d fenders being immediately Maynor, the speaker, gave an e IS urgmg t ose mteres e released on their own in participating to please conrecognizance and/orreturned outstanding _address. on t t h t 251-0228 o tt nd "Education of the Youth of ac 1m a r a e to the street following a shorter Our Race." ]uesday night's meeting. period of confinement than a Tutorial classes held at 10 Years Ago Feb. 17 VVoodrow AJexander,capped his 1Oth year anniversary as route salesman with Frito Lay, by winning a 1926 Huckster truck in a drawihg held at Ybor Square. His wife is Mrs. Martha AJexander, and daughter, Glynis. The ACCA, Association of Culture, Communication and Action award e d several during an affair spopsored, outstan ding services ;. to George VV. Joh1.1 VV. VValters presented an award to Quintina Gued for her portrait of Dr. Reporter Nee-ded charge warrants.'' Booker Washington Jr. High "Until we understand the School were on the upswing concepts, we will continue to be victimized by a small percentage statistics reveal that 100Jo of the of--the population," Shabazz black population commits Martin L. A 1927 Rolls Royce, a 1912 T -Model Torpedo Roadster, 1914 Ford Roadster, and a l932 Ford were on display at a show sponsored by the Florida VVest Coast Chapter of the Antique Auto Oub of America. The event was held at the University Must Have Knowledge Of English Language. said. National Urban League black-on-black crimes. Must Have A Car. 24 Hour Service 621-4034 Square Mall. i Good Appe-arance Necessary, With Some Typing Skills. Residential Commercial Coast Guard Seaman ....... VVillie R. VVilliams, son of Mr:s. Rose Lee VVilliams, was graduated from training at the Financin2 Arrange(\ Burglar Bars Railings E. JOHNSON1 ... Owner Apply At The Florida Sentinel Bulletin Firt Escapes Stairways"-Weldings Ornamentals '-. Licensed Insured Bonded Free Home_ Security Tips Coa8t Guard Training Center in Cape May, New Jersey CARS/TRUCKS AVAIUBll FOR SAll. All DRASTICAllY RIDUCII. \ :NO RUSONABll DFIIR RlfUSID BRAND NEW 1986 SPECTRUM FROM '6395 / '98. .. PERMONTH MONTH CLOSED END LEASE. FIRST MONTH' S PAYMENT AND $100 SECURITY DEPOSIT $1000 TRADE ALLOWANCE OR EQUITY PLUS TAX AND TAG AT DELIVERY -1986 CAMARO FROM '9975/'156 LEASE PER MONTH STK 167.17. MONTH CLOSED END LEASE. 1ST MONTH' S PAYMENT $175 SECURITY DEPOSIT $1000 TRADE ALLOWANCE OR EQUITY REDUCTION PLUS TAX &TAG AT DELIVERY 1986 NOVA '6999/ '1 0718 LEASE PER FROM MONTH STK 15286 MONTH CLOSED END LEASE. 1SR MONTH' S PAYMENT $125 SECURITY DEPOSIT $1000 TRADE ALLOWANCE OR EQUITY REDUCTION PLUS TAX & TAG AT DELIVERY. 1986 MONTE CAROLO FROM '9999/ $162 LEASE PER MONTH STKI6002 MONTH CLOSED END LEASE 1ST MONTH' S PAYMENT PLUS $175 SECURITY DEPOSIT $1000 TRADE ALLOWANCE OR EQUITY REDUCTION PLUS TAX & TAG AT DELIVERY. 1986 CAPRICE FROM '1 0,695/ '181 LEASE PER MONTH MONTH CLOSED END LEASE 1ST MONTH' S PAYMENT PLUS '200 SECURITY DEPOSIT '1000 TRADE ALLOWANCE OR EQUITY REDUCTION PLUS TAX & TAG AT DELIVERY '83 MERC LYNX 2 DR. 1184145 '4488 5.5% FINANCING AVAILABLE OWN THE BEST FOR LESS! HUGE SAVINGS 6 NEW '85 CHEVY G-20 FULL SIZE CONVERSION VANS BY TRA-TEC *AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS WITH APPROVED CREDIT $2,570 CASH OR TRADE EQUITY FOR 36 MONTHS FINANCING. GOOD THRU 2-18-86. TRUCK REDUCTION SALE! OVER 38 NEW '85 TRUCKS SOLD AT HUGE SAVINGS. ALL '85 MODELS MUST GO. 7. 9% APR GMAC FINANCING AVAILABLE ON MANY SELECTED MODELS.




FLORIDA SENTINEL BULLETIN 41 YEARSSERVINGTAMPA FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1986 SECfiONB Civil Rights The times the struggle I --... And now 25 years later Photographic& featuring the works of Robert Sengstacke




History Of B lack Tam_ pa When Dr. Martin Luther King emerged on tbe national scene Tampa was not sufferiag from a shortage of black Social ly conscious individuals such as Ed D-vis, Bob $.1--erU,,I .rancisco Rodriguez, Matthew Gregory, Leon Lowry, Judge George E. Edgecomb, Ms. ;Mary Alice Dorsett, and Bob Gilder were part of a vocal group of people "bo saw Black Tam pa through tbe period of segregation and into a better,. more n society. From the 50's up to tbe riots of 1967 on Central Avenue, blacks bad struggled peacefully, democratically, and ; diplomatically -for a better life. There were boycotts and demands for job training by tbe Young Adults, a very well organized group of young people whose purpose was to seek social justice and tbe '"" elimination of discriminatory practices. There were marches aild sitins at lunch counters. It bas been 2.5 years since many of these strug.... gles began. In some instances tbe struggle continues. I There were meetings concerning methods to increase jobs for blacks and to request federal aid for black cblldren. ___..,._ ,,_._ Tbe administrator of tbe Metropolitan Development Agency, Mr. Alton White, threw bis hat into tbe political arena, thus becoming tbe first black to run for mayor. Although bis was a losing bid, it marked an era of promising political activity that bas seen Rev. A. Leon Lowry elected as tbe first black school board member. Tbe development of this first successful blac:k candidacy had historical links to tbe candidacies of Francisco Rodriguez, who ran for local office in 1955; Jim Hamn\ond, ran for the election board in the When the U.S. Supreme Court declared in 1944 that the white primary was not in accordance with the Constitution, a system was devised to exclude Tampa Negroes from municipal elections through t he establishment of the White Municipal Party. In 1974, Alton White became the first black -lo seek the office of Mayor of Tampa. !!. The following blacks have run for political of fice in Tampa and Hillsborough County: Francisco Rodriguez, Delano Stewart, Warren Alton White, Reverend A. Leon Lowry, Davis, Mary Alice Dorsett, Essie Mae Reed, Jim Hammond, Sylvia Grinan, Evelyn Wilson, Clifford Paramore, Otha Favors, Dorothy Harmon, and Reverend G J. Oates. I latter 50's; and Warren Dawson, ran for state representative. Other black candidates for public office were Attorney Delano Stewart, Ms. Essie Mae Reed, Ms. Mary Alice Dorsett, Ms. Sylvia Grinan, Evelyn Wilson, Clifford Paramore, Otba Favors, and Henry Davis. \ Tbe struggle of these pioneers paved the way for the election of I Jim Hargrett, Jr. as State Representative; Rubin Padgett as County Commissioner; and Perry Haney, Jr. as City Councilman. As black judge -of Hlllsborough County, Judge George E. Edgecomb, far right, earned the support of other Tampans. Others pictured with him are Oaudia Sllas, Atty. Warren H. Dawson, Sandy Freedman and Helen G. ::::!. 977 2777 799 68J.5571 684 George E. Edgecomb was to this post 1 the first qlack judge in in 1973 by Governor 1 Hillsborough County and Rubin Askew. ESSIE M. REED Whatever You Need Classified Has It.


... ...; ... In 1977, Jud_ge Perry Little beca1n:e the second black judge in g ; Hillsborough County. .... .... ... I "1:1, C fllr = tJ .Cr fll ..... .c = i =-I c l .... ..... =; In 1964, Tampa created a Commission of i: Community Relations to ; : extend the work of the pioneering Bi-Racial Com. mittee. In 1964, James S. Hammond, an electrical contractor and a promi nent civil rights activist, was nominated to head the commission of Communi ty Relations. In the 1976 General Election, there were 6,351 black males and 9,774 black females who voted. There were 9,462 registered black male voters and n ,611 registered black females. Therefore, in the 1976 election, 67f1Jo of the registered black males voted as opposed to 71 fiJo of the registered black females. REV. A. LEON LOWRY Reverend A. Le. on Lowry, a well-known minister and civil rights leader in Tampa, became th e first black to win a T $1.00 YOUR INCOME TAXES DONE BY COMPUTER '-: SEE YOUR RESULT BEFORE YOU .L.CCEPT CALL FOR APPOINTMENT NOW! 626-7865 public office in Tam pa/Hillsborough County when he was elected to the school board ih 1977 l In September, 1960, the city of Tampa's efforts to get a suit asking for the integration of city parks and playgrounds dismissed proved futile. On Thurs day, September 1, 1960, Federal District Judge George Whitehurst overul ed the city's motion to dismiss. In 1960, there were 762 registered black in Tampa. In 1960, the Committee OR Greater Opportunities Through Wise Use of the Ballot, whose membership overlapped with the Super low prices NO Hidden Extras NO Deposit NO Installation Fee Henry Bohler, Rev. A. Leon Lowry, Clarence Fort, and Atty. F. discuss next to promote integrating city parks in Sept., 1960. Francisco Rodriguez 1955. was the frst black to run Francisco Rodriguez for public office in Tam-was t p e leading NAACP pa. He was a 9andidate for Florida and in the Board of RepresenTampa m the latter 1950's tatives (City Council) in. and ectrly 1960's. NAACP, was the prime voter registration drive organizer of the successful among blacks Blacks In Government PERRY HARVEY JR. SAM MEEKE AUTO WHOLESALE 5901 N. Florida Avenue COMPLETE LINE OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN CARS & TRUCKS' -* Leasing And financing Available Councitmari' BOB MORRISON Asst. To Mayor VCR NO lqng term commitmeht When you rent any 2 pieces, TVs or VCRs, you get Qff the monthly rental of the lower pnced model, or rent one $5.99 per week normal rate piece at super low Rentacolor rates. IMsed on month#y rental of $10.83. monthly rental of $25.95 CALL NOW! H7(hY4Y.S I 327-195 1 .. !'j!'l l>r 1\ r'l 1) 1'1 '1 l!H. r ; < }-.: "t 1\r' '1111 ( ol( d!f r lrrlljt.r \rt 1


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______ ;;. Any history of the black community of Tampa that fails to inClude the life, businesses, meetings, parades, and joy of the center of black life for years, is not a true histocy of Black Tam pa. Central A venue had aiLclasses of blacks talking together, danc lilif ing, laughing, arguing, and what to outside > obse"ers the happy life of a people who had .muCh to be unhappy < about. According to Ms. Watts Sa.derson, the wife of the unofficial mayor of Central Avenue, the exciting !itories told about the street, the hotels, the bars, and restaurants were true. When Florida A&M played in the Orange Bloss om Classic, Central Avenue would burst with music, pride, and decoration l The people als o celebrated a football gamed called the Tilt of the Maroon and Gold, which was Bethune-Cookman's game. internal ari.d extern81 forces to create a meaningful life for themselves, their children, and for generations to come. The ex perience of Black Tampa was a qualitatively different experience from that of most whites or other ethnic groups simply because historical circumstances dictated that they create a community from a tradition of slavery combined with discrimination as opposed to the immigrant experience of other groups. Nevertheless, Tampa's citizens enjoyed all the human elements of struggle, trials, work, entertainment, family' and comThe History of blacks in Tampa is a history of a particular people under unique conditions, at differing times, who were motivated by munity pride. They were laborers, nurses, maids, businessmen, social pioneers, Pullman porters, cooks, teachers, doctors, and lawyers. '[here were individual and collective successes as well as failures. The historical continuum of Tampa's black community developing into an independent, politically influential, self-sufficient community is still unfolding. c ."Q = < Hair Dilzzlers' Beauty Salon 2305 E. Hillsborough -1ve. 237-8923 (East Gate < Hours: Mon.Wed. 9 A.M.-5 P.M.; Thurs.Sat. 8 A.M.8 P.M. ''We Service Every Hair Under The Sun'' All Type Curls {w/ Cut) '40 Shampoo & Set '6 & Up Perm Retouch -'16 '2010 Hair Cuts'6 Early Bird Specials (Mon. Tues. & Wed. Only} Curls (Complete)-. '3-8Perm Retouch-. '15 Shampoo & Set '6 r: = We Also Do Hair Weaving ate Appointme'ilts By Special Request All Work Guaranteed Central Ave. was the place where Tampa's black busineSses ,.;ere located. This sce-:ae"i.1!, from a' _______ __ : to Central Avenue waS the heart and of 'Q the black community, and I .c:: there were over 32 I ;i businesses which were = owned and operated by : blacks. These businesses ; : included several insurance = I = = I of small retail stores. On May 17, 1930, city i authorities took over the companies, a newspaper and publishing company, restaurants, and a number management of the Clara Frye Negro Hospital, 1619. Lamar Avenue, and Dr. J. A: White was appointed s_uperintendent. Mrs. Clara Frye, a black nurse, was the private operator of the hospital for twenty years prior to the tran sfer. The all black Middleton High School was named in honor of Mr. George S. Middleton, a black man who was a former postman and businessman in Tampa around 1930. Cyrus T. Green was a leader and spokesman for the Tampa Urban League in 1930. The Cyrus Green Pool, located near 22nd Street in the Belmont Heights area, is named in his honor. Charlie Moon, the con troversial owner of ''the Moon'', a bar on Central Avenue, fed many poor 1g the years of Oepression. Businessmen Moses White, left, and Lee Davis, right. Representotlve James T. Hargrett, Jr.Was the firsf Black State Legislator elected from Hillsborough County. He won the District 63 seat in a special elec-. tion on October 5, 1982. While serving as State Legislator, he has been appointed to serve on five powerful committees: Community Affairs, Tourism and Economic Development, Appropriations Com-mittee. This is a great honor for a Junior Legislator. He.began his career ih finance in 1965, shortly after earning his BA from Morehouse and MBA from Atlanta University. At the time he was hired at Community Savings and Loan Association .in 1969, he was the youngest managing officer in the history of West Coast Florida Savings & Loan Institutions. Among his exemplary civic affiliations include membership -in_ the Florida Housing Finance Agency, Tampa Urban League, 'Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, and the Hillsborough County Democrat Executive Committee. Sponsored By -Wallace z. Bowers Realty 1302 N. Nebraska Ave.-229-2376


. .. ''' [ B uttet Sugar Sweet potatoes, flour and For most of us, they're only ingredients. But for Mary McLeod Bethune, who founded Bethune-Cookman college by selling sweet potato pies, these common staples were the makings of a great college-and a great future-for Black people. llfJ allowing Mary Bethune's redpe for success, Black colleges and universities are making the most of the talent, intelligence and determination of thousands of students. In this unique environ ment, students are encouraged to fully express all of their abilities. As scholars. Athletes. Musidans. Leaders At Black colleges, there is no ceiling on achievement; no goal is too far-fetched. nd from the graduate classroom to the corporate conference room, that spirit of resourcefulness and achievement is a lasting benefit to the graduates of Black colleges and those who live and work with them. Is it any wonder that, though they enroll only 16% of Black college students, Black colleges produce 37% of all Black college graduates? hen you're considering colleges, why not consider the ones that gave us Martin Luther King, ]t, Thurgood Marshall and Andrew Young? If you're out to make something spedal of your life, Black colleges can really get you cooking. AMERICRS BLACR COLLEGES General Foods Corporation salutes Black colleges and universities for their unique role i n produdng many of America s fmest dtizens and leaders This food for thought is brought to you by the following fine General Foods brands : GENEAAL FOODS Kool-Aid Post Raisin Bran Crstal Ught Sanka Minute Rice Open Pit Cool Whip General Foods Country Time Post Honeycomb Log Cabin Tang Shake n Bake Birds Eye jell-0 lnternaticmal Post Pebbles Maxwell House Brim Stove Top Ronzoni jell-0 Pudding Pops Coffees c 1985 General Foods Corporation 00 = :r !!. I = = ; > = =.. I = 0 =-.... 0 = fll


DR. AND MRS. MARTIN R. SILAS The following black J .Anderson, and Dr. Carl doctors and dentists had Norton. offices on Central Avenue: The law offices of Dr E. 0. Archie, Dr. black attorneys Francisco Reche Williams. Dr. P A. Rodriguez and William A. Ervin Dr. Martin R. Silas. Fordham were located on Dr. L.A. Howell; Dr. M. Central Avenue. = = .a:: = = -.. = < Dr. David E. Smith held Open House for hiS dental office and among those who attended were: Raymond Gordon, in chair; Gayle and Wllma Gordon; and standing in the rear Dr. Smith, Rev. W. H. Gordon and Mrs. Rosalyn Gordon. Mr. "Kid" Mason "2 Fendall was the owner of a : multi-purpose store on Central Avenue. Kid = Mason Recreation Center, .5 located at 1101 Jefferson ,i Street, was named in his "a honor. .c:lll On April 25, 1960, two 'i blacks, Robert Moore and -= Russell Person, became the first blacks to be train eli ed by and drive buses for Tampa Transit Lines. In June, 1960, Susie Turner became the first black cashier to be employed by the Big Barn Fo od Store, 8th Avenue and 22nd Street, as a result of black pickets. ln 1959, clothing store owners, Harold Wolfe, Robert Thomas, and Cody Fowler met with a group of blacks consisting of Perry Harvey, Sr., C. Blythe -Andrews; Jim Hammond, Elder Van field, and Reverend A. Leon Lowry. This meeting led to the development of the Bi-Racial Advisory Committee. MEET THE NEW TEAM. AT THE EASTGA TE STORE 10% off PH: 236-5928 The Finance Committee of Central Life Insurance Company met in 1959. Pictured are: N.H. Mar tin, E. E. Broughton, Dr. A. R. Jackson, James Hammond, and Margaret Blake Roach. At T_he Academy Of Beauty Care & Nail Technology We Will Train You In A Few Short Weeks To Become A Certified Skin Specialist And Nail Technician Also Of fering A Full Specialty Course. Day & Evening Classes Call For Information: 886-4190 Or 886-4820 7512 Paula Dr., 104, Tampa, FL 33615 (Located In The Town N Country Area. ) A SPECIAL SEMINAR FOR SMALL; MINORITY AND WOMEN OWNED BUSINESSES "How to Get Government Contracts and Subcontracts" Thursday, February 20 Federal, State and Local Governmental agencies contract for millions in products and services every year. Learn about purchasing and subcontracting opportunities bid and proposal preparation, the SBDC s INFO-BID pro gram and what it takes to obtain government contracts. TIME: 6 :30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. (Registration) 7:00 p m 9 : 00 p.m. (Seminar) PLACE: Holiday Inn 2701 East Fowler Avenue Tampa COST: FREE (PLEASE REGISTER IN. ADVANCE TO RESERVE A SPACE) Contact the SBDC to register. In Tampa, 974-4274 In St. 893-9529 College of Business Administration University of South Florida


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! ducation---------;;. There was the lawsuit of Manning vs. the Board of tion of Hlllsborough County brought by black parents who alleged f:i that a racially-segregated system existed 'Yas in violation of Constitution. However, in SRite of this,..uity}.ihere were people such as Rudolph Harris and Otha Favors who opposed to the phasing out and closing of Tampa's all black schools. Rather than in tegrate wit)l white schools, they preferred to upgrade existing black schools so that the community social structures which revolved around the black schools could remain intact. plan. Don Thompson High School, an all-black in stitution, _was established in 1945. It was orginally a warehouse on the corner of Constance and Morgan that was converted into a high school. In 1956, the school was closed, and the students, along with the principal, Mr. U. R. Thomas, were transferred to the historic Blake High School, named in honor of ,,4 ""'"" 4"": cv""".;;c Professor Howard W. SylVia Grinan wltb Harold Reddick. Blake. ; 1 In 1965, Sylvia Grinan faculty of the University Before desegregation .s. became the first black of South Florida on a procaused the phasing-out of = l woman of Cuban descent fessionallevel. black schools, Blake and integrate the teaching In 1971, The Middleton High School, as ;:: ranks of the public school Hillsborough County black institutions, were i system in School Board employed members of the Big Nine :County. Mrs. Orman the plan for integraSouth Athletic Conc!1 taught at the Ybor School tion'of the schools to proference. Black schools I at 5th Avenue and mote racial balances and were not allowed to comc Nebraska. eliminate white and black pete againsCwhite schools In 1966, Mrs. Eva flight. Mr. E. L. Bing was iri athletic events. "CC Pride became the first charged with the respon Blake High School black to integrate the for this was still a predominately black institution in 1969 (integrated) State Cham. when it won the Clas s 3-A pio.nship ..--------to: 'i ..:: .:! .= = c: -.!t = = I l ;:::: c: HARTline Honors Black lfistory Month! -, ) !J -' l rv 1'-Jl ... ,.... :\ PJme: 254-HARl


In 1958, a lawsuit of system violation of Hillsborough High Sch9ot. In January, 1950, a Manning vs. the Board or_-the '.ct oday are named in her group of Public Instruction of Ms. Teresa a honor. .; white citizens pleaded with Hillsborough County was black native Port Tam 9-avi.s, P. ident of the school board to pur brought by black parents pa, won the Silver Medal Life l nsurance chase eight lots behind who alleged that a for tire U.S. Olympi c: Company from the latter Meacham Team in the to the fight School and convert them system existed m Ms. Manuel was a member fer equalization of black into a black playground. Hillsborough Count. Y of the Olyjnpic Relay teachers' salaries in the schools and that this Team, so the rel tys at early 40's. Jake Gaither, tbe history-making coach of A. S. (Jake) Florida A&M University from 1937-1973, became the only CQ.j;lch in history .-to recei-v college football's Triple Crown Award in January, 1975. Mr Gaither was also tpe National ...,-.,.,ua.u .l'. V'IIlU,"Ln.u Hall I = = lnl9o9,a black man was on top of the world. he Florida State g. Teachers' Association was the name of an all-black The man -was Matthew Henson.. statewide teacher's As a member of he planted the : .. American flag at the North Pole on April 6th, teachers were members ot \ t.Qe Hillsborough unit of : Henson is one of many black AtnericaQS tQ. b rak new : this organization which ., The second book pu.. hlished by. a woman in erica was written was active from 1890 to 1966. Mr. Garland V by a black woman, Phillis Wheatley, in 1773: She was commended Stewart, one of the early b p d llT. h. black assistant 'Y resi ent vvas. lngton. superintendents of the In 1893, at Provident Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Daniel Hale-Hillsborough county Williams performed the first successful heart operation. Schools' the Seventeen years ago, Thurgood Marshall was appointed Justice to the Supreme Court by President Black History Morith is a time to honor accomplished men and women of the past And a time to look ahead fu many accomplishments in the future. =::-:-:..::::. _..._ --. --------INSURANCE UP TO 25" ... DISCOUNT "Comt Service Hu ;: Been Our Policy For 30 Yn." A. I. ICII.rlde Ina. ._, Netwa.lr


I THE TIGERS OF MIDDLETON HIGH SCHOOL In the 1970-71 school year, Middleton High School won the integrated Western Conference Championship in football, basketball, and track. Middleton High School was phased out after that Black coaches in Tam pa such as Big Jim Williams, Abraham Brown, Billy Reed, Bill Bethel, Oscar Johnson, Charlie White, Ben Moore, Arthur Smith, and Alfred Barnes made outstanding athletes out of many young blacks. Coach William Bethel confers with a Tiger at Middleton High Schoot "g BLAKE HIGH SCHOOL YELLOW JACKETS In August, 1977, Dr. Coach Abe Brown instructs a Yellow Jacket at Blake High School. 1 < ----"iilllll ________ .. "" _," ________ _, _____ Photie-. -Your News 248-1921 Walter Lee Smith, a black seventh president of Tampan, became the Florida A&M University. t' -= fl.l -:E = =-= -; = I = = BRING THIS AD IN FOR THESE SPECIAL BU,YS1 Golc:l Expressions 1508 E. 7TH AVE. 248-9078 Save for Vale_nfine's Dayl Playboy Bunny Earrings '10 Saint Rings '3900 Any Purchase This Saturday Will Register You To Win 'JOO OrA '200 Cash Chain Playboy a unny Rings '2399 Chains $ J so While Supply Last '4800 While They Last BASIC JEWELRY REPAIR & SOLDERING DONE WHILE YOU WAITI JEWELRY REPAIRS


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-= I c Some of ihe young "g black men from Tampa < who made it to the ranks of professional football = are John L. White, Theodore Washington, t Israel Lane, Rudy Sims, Earl Edwards, Bobby "= Paine, Lloyd Mumford, Carlton Oats, Nathaniel Terry, Andre White, and = Leon McQuay. The musical tradition :5 of Tampa owes much to the man and woman who '3 = taught music and vocals to i young black Tampans at .5 Booker T. Washington, = Middleton, Blake, and Just Jr. High School. They ai were Michael Rodriguez; Mr. Bobby Felder, Jennie B. Glover, Mr. T. H. Simpson, Ms. Cook, and Mr. Walter Turner. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEUING OF' MEMBERS OF COMMUNITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF TAMPA NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the annual meeting of the members of the above named Association will be held at the office of the Association at 1493 Tampa Park Plaza, Tampa, Florida, on the 21st day 1986, at the hour of 2:00 o'clock P.M. of said day. The business to be taken up at the said annual meeting shall be: 1. Consideration and voting upon report of officers and committees of the Association; 2. Consideration and voting upon ratification of the acts of Directors and Officers of the Association; 3. Election of Directors to fill terms expiring; 4. Such business that may legally come before said meeting. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Dated at Tampa, .Fiorida, on the 24th day of January, 1986 JESSJ. YADO, Ill Secretary Community. Federal Savings and Loan Association of Tampa Phone Your News 248-1921 .. ASK I For Your Buick Friend I.EE TYI.ER COME SEE ME TODAY! 4400 N. DALE MABRY PHONE: 872-7746 ST. PETE CALL: 443-7883 a a e e a a o a o o o o o a o o o o o o a a a a a a a o a a a o o a o o o o o a a a a e a a a o a a o o REVMOTHER BLACKSTONE [ Guarantees Help in 3 hours I Got bad luck, voodoo? Do you have a hex on you? Do you have a pa-in in your body and the doctors say there is nothing wrong with you? Do you want your loved one or sweetheart back? Do you suffer from lack of money? Do you want to win in everything that you do? Do you drinking problems? Did your husband or wife leave you and you did not know why? One letter will convince you that Mother Blackstone can help you. She can help in love, marriage, business, health, divorce, lawsuits, luck, happiness, money. No power on earth is greater than her power. God gave her the power to heal and protect. She solemnly swears success where others .fail. Write or call and be helped as thousands did: So call, come or; write today: Please send self addressed envelope to Rev. Blackstone, Rt .4 Box 636, Thomson, Ga. 3082_.: Call: (_.0..) 595-3nO. ELEANOR & CHERRYI. (Formerly Of, Becky's Beauty Solon) Have Relocated To: HIS & HER BEAUTY SALON 37J3 E. 34th St. (Next ToFrench Quarters} Opening Special


L Being Black in America: A Real Picture Remember yourftrSt real history lesson? PHOTOGRAPHED BY KEITH HALE. An Black photographer Mr. Hale is currently on staff with the Chicago Sun Times. Over the years his work has appeared in major publications including EBONY and ESSENCE. The photograph below is of Mr Hale 's daughter and her great grandmother. When Grandma used to sit you down and talk about her life she wasn't just telling tales. She was following a long line of Black historians who passed their precious know ledge from generation to generation using the most expressive instrument created The human voice. This knowledge is power. Because when you know where you come from you know who you are. Our grandparents knew this. So did W : E.B. Dubois, Sojourner Truth, Carter G. Woodson and Martin L.uther King. They also knew how it was that this knowledge continue to.. be handed down Black History Month is a teminder for us to learn froin the past because it positive ly affects the quality of our future Anheuser-Busch appreciates this fact. We have an ongoing commitment to forging part nerships with Black organizations across the country which are involved in preserving the Black cultural heritage. And we've brought Black history into the community through our Great Kings and Queens of Africa art collection. A real picture of being Black in America includes all of us The future rests on people of all races working together to make our common reality one we can all be proud of. Building a future in partnership with the community. ,.. ANHEUSER-BUSCH COMPANIES Anheuser-Busch Compa nies is the parent c ompany of AnheuSer-Busch, Inc. brewers of Budweiser e. Michelobe, Michelobe light Budweise r e light Nabxallight. Busch, lA ... Michelob Classic Dark beers and Ki!l8Cobr3 Premium Matt liquor ff = :r fD I = e. = -= = =" fll =fD ;Q, In 1971, busing was 1 forced upon the students of Hillsborough County to obtain a federally man dated 20/80 ratio. Also, = =the busing meant that there was no more Mid dleton High Schaol or Blake High School, both formerly all-black. These schools became junior high schools. Among those who protested were these parents who carry signs to voice their concerns #1 ro Ann Solves all life's problenii. Answers all your questions Madame Ann can and will help you! Resulls Where Others Have Failed. 6025 y, N. Dale Mabry i Blk N. Of Hiilsborough 175-4697 Bus Stoo No. 40


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.. .. ._._w---A .-4. ... .-4 Thanksgiving Dinner At Booker If you were a student at Booker T. Washington Jr. High School in 1963, maybe your face is among those who enjoyed the Thanksgiving Dinner most kids looked 15. -::c = .s. = = I forward to. --Reeves Plumbing 3818 N. 40TH ST. UNIT D. TAMPA, FL 33610 l .lTU'-DJ'U:.. .... R REEVES ; i ;:; I FAUCIT UNSTOP DRAIN WA fiR HIA fiRS C GARBAGI DISPOSALS ICI MAKIR LINI PLUMBING FIXTURIS GAS PIPING INST ALLID Now Visa & For' All Jour Piumblng Mastercard .. -.. CFC025588. PLAZA LOUNGE 3001 North Howard Ave. (At the corner of Columbus Drlve) NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Hours: 11 a.m.-3 a.m. HAPPY HOUR -7 p.m.-9 p.m. Leroy Anderson -Manager 251-9433 Blacks have to celebrate our heritage. Many years ago members of Phi Delta Kappa Sorority, Inc. celebrated Black History Week. Pictured are: Leonie Robinson, Floretta Jackson, Minnie Wharton, Mollie Boone, Edith Johnson, Barbara Show, Eisa Harris, Janie D. Washington, ldella Smith, Mary McCullough, Langsto!! Tampa lnlemalional Airport SPECIAL DISCOUNT REUNION RATE Special Reunion Meal Package (optional) Complimentary Photo Album & Hospitality Suite PERSONALIZED WELCOME BANNER REUNION TO REMEMBER Discount Tickets for Busch Gardens & Adventure Island Bus Pick-up from Hotel for Disney World & Epcot l\J\: T ampa I n t ernational Airport 4500 Cypress St., Tampa, FL (813 ) 8 79-4800, Extension 7701


______ From 1955 through the 1960's there were organized actions promise for a select few who were in a position to enjoy its benefits. ;] emanating from the black community to rectify injustices and adThe J!eriod in Tampa following the riots saw more federal monies I vance the state of the community. lhe riots of 1967 were come btto the city and county coffers to aid in solving the problems response to local conditions and to rebellious events on the national of unemployment, sub-standard housing, community relations, level, and happened partly because the hopes and, that education, and law-enforcement. < had come alive as a result of the Civil Rights Moyedfent.ojlly held On August 15, 1974, Berry, Abe Segenger, Sam the East Hillsborough McKinney, and Sims Tribune reported that Holloman. Mr. W. 0. seven miles south of Plant Beal, the sop of Mr. City, there is a community Alfred Beal for whom founded by eleven Bealsville was named, is homesteading black still alive today and resides families 114 years ago in in Bealsville, Florida. The black population in Tampa rose from 31;275 in 1950 to 55,000 in 1970. The 55,000 figure represented 200Jo of the ci ty's population. ApproxiJl1.ately 50% of the entire black population was classified as poor 1865. The heads of these families were: Peter Dex ter, Roger Smith, Jerry Stephen, Robert Story, Bryant Horton,-Nep Henry, Steven Allan, Ike On September 14, 1960, 18 stores accommodated blacks without fanfare, ac cording to a very carefully constructed In 1960, Clarence Forte, a 20-year-old community was in southeastern Hillsborough barber and president of the NAACP Youth Coun cil, organized the first sit-County for black residents. It became known as Village in demonstrations in Tam pa Caprice Classic BroughaiD There's coiJJfOrt in knowing you haven"t COIIJpTOIJJised. Let s get it together ... buckle up. ------=== ---------------------._ Stretch out, sit back relax. In Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham, you've got the room and luxury to do all three. Because while some other higher-priced luxury cars are downsizing and losing some of their stature, Chevrolet Caprice Classic remain s the Uncompromised American Classic. Caprice Classic's new Brougham interior with its plusher carpeting and bodysculptured pillowed seats _offers the kind of room and comfort you'd expect from a full -size sedan When it comes to ride and performance, Caprice Classic lives up to your expectations. Its uncompromised smoothness offers a limousine like ride And Caprice's powertrain parallels the design of premiere world-class luxury cars. Treat yourself to a test drive and you'll realize when you can get all this in Caprice Classic Brougham, for a Chevrolet price, why compromise? CAPRICE CLASSIC. THE UNCOMPROMISED AMERICAN CLASSIC. ;;;; --== .:=-=:.;;;; .-:=.:::;;;:= m ----------------------_., -------. --'!!!!:::".!!!! .!!!! !!!. !!!!!!! -1 > = =lo!'l .. I -


I '5 ,I:J = = =a = I = = 1967 Riot Destroys Central Ave. Businesses .. Ruins Life, N orman s Barber Shop, Laundromat and Grocery Store at comer of Central and Scott Sts. in 1967 riot. Severe Fire Blacks Out Portion Of 22nd St. On June 11, 1967' a section where 69o/o of the major riot exploded in the families had an annual' in Central Avenue area adjacome of under $3,000 and cent to the downtown where the unemployment business district of Tamrate for black males was pa. It was triggered by a 10%. Black youths were white policeman's fatal assembled into shooting of an unarmed paramilitary units called black robbery suspect, the "White Hats" to Martin Chambers. The patrol the neighborhoods disorder followed recent after law enforcement incidents surrounding authorities were charges of police brutality withdrawn. Rioting first broke out in a Louise's Boutique Hat's & Hair Care Products 4404 E. Hillsborough Ave. 621-1588 Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 A.M.-9 P.M. Everyday Low Prices In Hair Supplies Right On Curl .- 8 Oz. 73 8&8 Super Gro 4 Oz. '3.59 Just So Curl Activator 32 Oz. '6.99 Spring Hats Have Arrived, & Winter Hats Are ( 100Jo OF. F .... -.-. G (LI -NCOLN GROCERY) C A T QUALITY AND LOW PRICES EFFECTIVE DATE: FEB. 14-18 FIRST CUT EXTRA LEAN SLBS.ANDUP EXTRA LEAN BEEF SLBS.ANDUP y .PORK TENDERLOIN PORK CHOPS BRISKET STEW LB LB.,. WEHAVE ,, 99 LB. ........ RABBITS BEEF RIBS t------------tl RIB ST]liPS BEEFKIDNEYS SHORT RIBS BEEF TRIPE 99C BEEF TONGUE St 49 .. ( LB. PLEASE ASK AT OUR COUNTER --LB.._. __ STORE HOURS MONDAY -SATUR .DA Y 8 a.m. TO 7 p.m. SUNDAY 8 a.m. TO 1 p.m. WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS ADDRESS: 3801 N 29th STREET Tampa, FL 33610 PH: 248-8821 I


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Notes); and ; Jolly .-4 Black bands and in-dividual groups that developed in Tampa in clude: Bobby Felders, Kenneth the Symphony 7, :f{:ufus, ChaJdes Russell and : the Ms. Janice Nunn Nelson, a native of Tam pa, was crowned Miss Black Florida for 1973-74 and placed third in the Miss Black America pageant. Ms. Nunn Nelson toured Germany representing the United States with the USO Kings, Beacham Tampa's the city and a Congressman on and the House Rockers, one occasion. Among those pictured are: Perry Harvey, Jr., Sam Horton, Ira Blossom, Marion Red Clinton of the Melody Cabrera, Jerry Harvey, Perry Harvey, Sr., Nelson Griffith, Michael Rodriguez, Congressman Sam Makers, Frank Sherman Gibbons, Charles "Goosby" Jones, Rev. C. S. H. Hunter, Bob Gilder, Rev. F. G. Hilton and Loren-zo Brown. The Florida Col Band was an a utgrowth .of the ,g Nighthawks with such = as Nat and Can nonball Adderly and Jen-! nie B. Glover. From the Florida Collegiates came Charlie Brantley and the c; Honey Dippers; Michael I Rodriguez, Frank Sher man, Johnny B. Neil, Frank Amarro, Cotton k (All Stars) ; Henry Red Clinton, Andy Gamp n, Jack Simmons, Jennie B. Glover, Otto Graham, Bobby Felders (Sky Liners), Kitty Daniels, Joe Dasher, Simptons, Manzy Harris (Mumbo Combo), Bop Jackson, Andy Gurrip Martin (The Jamsters) Michael Rodriguez (Sharps and Flatts), Koot Robinson (Midnight Aces), Charles Kennedy, Chico Arenas, Zulema, J. Darby and the Barrons, the Lavelles, the Miracalettes, Jackie Williams, Cynthia An thony Brenda Hilliard, The Montereys and the Dolls, Ernie Cal, Ernie Zeke Vann, Ray Charles, the Deveatations, Plum Nasty, Unlimited Power, and Mighty Good and Strong .

A Group That Dared To Dream! Orange Blossom Cosmetology Association's Dr. Cathlean B. Ross Building Salutes Black / .... History Month !< = -< ... ... i "" '!D f 1 '1:1 1:1 I = = I fi' ,1:1 = c:r I'll 1:1" =-< = I'll > 1:1 =-"" ::! I = e 1:1" ..... e .1:1 .I'll "'d > G"l tol .., tol z .., .., ::r: tol tt'l


I The black population in as poor. biacKs m Tampa from ,.... Tampa rose from 31,275 The Black History 1824 to 1978 The project ..; ,.... in 1950 to 55, 000 in 1970. Research Project of Tamheadquarters is currently = The 55,000 figure pa/Hillsborough County at HUisborough Com represented 200Jo of the ci"". which began in October of munit y College's Ybor 1 ty's population. Approx-1977, was the first attempt Campus. i mately 50% of the entire to research,. and :.write a black population w as hi st pry of Inf o rm a ti on and photos on t hese pages have been t aken from Sen; ti ne l fil e s, Black Tampa: The Roots of A People and Black Tampa: A Collec t ion o f Historical Facts. President Kennedy Visits Tampa rll = Q :s .= The famous Kennedy smile was exhibited by the President shortly after his arrival at AI Lopez 'Q Fi eld via heUcopter. The President spoke briefly to nearly 9 000 people who jammed the f ield for a = gUmpse of the first President to ever visit Tampa. The occasion was the commemoration of the first commercial rught in the U. s. from St. Petersburg to Tampa. Second from right is Congressman Sam Gibbons, who introduced tbe President. i rl: = t'i ... 'C ,.: i :C: Presi d ent J ohn F. K enned y became the first U. S P resident t o = =. : visit Tampa. Th e c ro w d o f more than 9 000 who jammed AI Lop e z Fi e l d h a d n o i nd i cat i on t hat President Kennedy w ould die at t he hand s of a n as s as i n onl y a few days late r. = C l 00 = ;;J 0 Hun d red s of Blacks i md Whites ga t her a t AI Lo p e z Fi e l d t o list en t o Pre si den t John F. Kennedy. T he commemoration of the firs t commerc i al flight i n the U. S. from St. Petersburg to T ampa w as the occasion of the visit. MS. "S" MAGIC TOUCH BEAUTY SALON 3608-A 15th St. & Lake; Hours: 9 AM-5:30PM Saturday, 9 AM-3 PM PH: 248-6769 VALENTINE'S SPECIAL BB CURL '40 PERM .... '25 PERM RETOUCH '20 MEN & BOY'S HAIRCUT '3 & '4 STYLE CUTS '3 & '8 w SHAMPOO & COND 'JO a ___ to President Kennedy during his only visit to Tampa. A few days after his depar ture, the President was gunned down in Dallas, Texas. However, his words, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,'' has remained with America since the President's un timely death. Whatever You Need Classified Has It. President John F. Kennedy spent a few moments at AI Lopez Field wbile in Tampa. He is pictured during a moment of prayer. ALOE VERA JUICE (ANOTHER MIRACLE!!!) Mr. G Q. of Tampa says: "My stomach pain is less since drinking the Aloe Vera Juice from the ALOE HEALTH CENTER. ALOE HEALTH CENTER 2269 E Hillsborough East Gate Shopping Ctr. 2 37-1575 'hl mpa Florida 336 1 0 Hours: T ue s .-F ri. 10-5:30 S a t. 10-3 Pearl's Beauty Salon Is Now Located At 1611 E. Louisiana Ave 232-8415 Open House Sunday, 'Feb. 16th 3 p.m.-6 p.m. Special Discounts On: Styling, Weaving, Shampoo & Set Curls, Monday thru Saturday 2/17-2/22. Call now for appointment. You Are Welcomelll ASSO C IATED CARPET MILL OF FLA., INC. 5605 So. Westshore Blvd Tampa, FL 3361 6 PH: 839-1080 WHOLESALE CARP E T S COLUMBUS ALLADDIN VINYL SALEM BARRETT D OMCO A RMSTRONG CONGOLEUM Fin a nce Ar rang ed On Lo ca t i on G ua rante ed Install ation St. Pete rsburg Junior College (SPJC) p resents a FREE pedonnance of J Februa,y 24, 1986 7:30 p .m., Fine Arts A uditorium SPJC CleaJWater Campus Drew St. (Drew St. and Coachman Rd) A new production by Atlantis Productions, who last year brought "From Harlem to Broadway" to SPJC. This musical revue features the music made famous by some of the greatest Black performers ever us for an evening of top no t ch musical entertainment highlighting such great stars as Ethel Waters, The Ink Spots Ray Charles, Billy Eckstine, Aretha F r anklin and Nat "King" Cole. YOUR COMMUNITY COllEGE-HERE TO SERVE YOU F o r info rmat i o n o n acade mic pr og r a m s and o ther services availab l e a t St. P e t ersb urg Junior Colle g e write Admissions. St. P etersbu r g J unior College P .O. Box 13489. St P ete rsbu r g FL 33733.


OFFICIAL RULES 1 .. ...... _,. Enlet' this .-ps1alles bycompletino 1he entry 1o1m in or your name, address, city,Zli> code and phone nllllber on a 3" x 5" piece paper. Mail your en1ry P.O. Box 4486, Roidsville, NC 27322-4486. II .... .,.. '-,...... .. ..,. .. Enlar as often as you wish, but each entry must be h-illon and 1n a separa!e, stamped enl!!iope. Entries or emolopes lhalhM been prinlld by machine or compul!! areunaa:op!ab!e., 2 Fo!J' pill pnze winllefS loul-yoar college scl!olnlips $25,000 w each), 100 fifst prize WlnneiS of "Rise 'N Fly,'' 5 ,000 second prize commemorati'" Dr. Martin Lutfler King Jr. pins, and 10,000 lhild prize WllllefS commemorative Dr. Martin LLhorhees Colleoe Wilberforce University Wiley Colleoe Xavier Linoversity 8 Winner or assognee of scholarship must deplele 1he scholarship fund wi1111n four years from date use. 9 The scholarshop wiH be presented to LtiCF, who win 11M! 10 1he school seloclld by 1he wonner or assogneo. The school wiH pay for 1he winner' s or assignee' s tuttion, room, board and books 1n accord'""" with 1he procedures normally foHowod by 1he ca11eoe or urwersi1y for dispensing scholarships Ill students-Total value of each of the tour grand proze scholarships os exceed $25,000. 10. Th1s .-pstalile, NC 27322-4-487. (WashinQ1on stale neod oot affix poslage ) EnwrThe Coca-ColaCompanys 100,000 4 $25,000 college scholarships, 100 "Rise 'N Fly:' black trivia games, 5,000 commemorative pins and 10,000 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. posters to be awarded Send $5.00 to: Commemorative Pin Offer, Suite 0059 Del Rio, TX 78847-0059. Get this commemorative pin celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s historic Have A Dream" speech before the Washington Monument on August 28, 1963. Purchase price includes a donation to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Allow up to eight weeks for delivery. Offer is being fulfilled by Carolina Fulfillment Services, P O Box 1555, Winston-Salem, NC 27102. Offer expires December 31, 1986. lf = ... .... = a I = = ;" :r ., ;. -.... C'll =-a. ; .... : c = .C'Il


Florida Sentinel-Bulletin: For People Inspired Become Candidate Love Her To s BY IRIS B. HOLTON V oice Of The Community Since 1945 It has often been said that as = a race of people, the Black American has advanced by leeps >and bounds. And, one could < support this theory by itemizing Q the gains that have been made. iii! However, for every one in dividual that feels this way, T,CJ,mpa Bulletin was force dignity and self established by Rev. M. D. esteem among the Potter in 1915, and the memhers of the black Florida Sentinel was communh_, who had been established by C. Blythe living under the rule of Andrews in 1945. The discrimination for so long. Bulletin merged with the Along with regular news, Florida Sentinel to become many religious and social the Florida Sentinel functions were recorded. Bulletin on April 31 ,'1958. Since that time the Senthere remains another who feels that progress has been minimal. This year marks twenty-fifth anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement; an issue that remains close to the hearts of many of Tampa's citizenry. One such individual is Mrs. Mary Alice Dorsett, a long time participant and observer of the political arena of this city. When questioned abou t the pro gress of Black women politi cian, Mrs. Dorsett stated, "that the progress for a Black woman in Hillsborough County is still r:IJ minor, very little, or none at g all." -AtiCE DORSETI -. From its inception, the tine/ Bulletin has con desire of the Florida Sentinued to meet the needs of tine/ Bulletin to reinthe black community and that throughout the years, she was and still is propelled by her sense of caring for others. Arid that she was prefactorial in leading the black woman to seek political office is of little or no concern to her at this point in her life. Mrs. Dorsett sought office for the first time in 1965 because "of my love for the people and the wisdom that God had given me, I could have Mrs. Dorsett waS the first made laws and supported laws black female to seek an elected that would have been beneficial .c public office in Hillsborough to the Blacks and Whites. County in 1965. And, while she "I was able to see the wrongs was unsuccessful in winning the on the part of the Blacks and votes, she gained the knowledge wrongs on the part of the 1.;1 necessary to venture into the Whites. And I have the I politicai arena again. foresight that God has given me keep them informed or many changes from how many blacks are registered to when the neighborhood little league team meets. The Florida Sentinel Bulletin has always been involved the struggles of Tampa's black communi tv. c Mrs. Dorsett stated that she to have been strong enough to sought public office approx make an impact on this "CC imately six times and though she society she said. DOBBS JACK McCONNELL STETSON WHITT ALL & .SHON KANGOL _5 never won the election; she conShe further recalled the many --.. tends that she is not out of the times while campaigning for of race. Mrs. Dorsett says that she fice that she has given of herself is not driven because of the unselfishly, campaigned at all prestige or other accolades times of the day or night and t' associated with holdirig a never openly sought donations. political office. Rather, she is Her reason being that if elected driven by something that few then she could feel free to "vote "CC can understand unless they, too, my own convictions." Spr!ng Star '. '-0:: 1w CCI )> HATS ; ,! are driven by the same force. Mrs. Dorsett stated that some That driving force, the twenty years ago when she took :iS longtime Tampa resident says, the plunge into the political is the fact that she cares for her arena, she was seeking ''first' fellowman and "there is no class citizenship and the kinds place that a human can go that I of improvements that I sought & would not go to try to touch the'n, I don't I = him or her." Mrs. Dorsett feels any, thmgs are stlll the same. 0 z z m rr-. j 248-1921 l Corrununity Leadership. Business Expertise. the We've got bright combination. The bright way to bank. Member FDIO 1985 Sun Banks, Inc. -a::: c:a ..... 0 <' Z z 0 w IVI VI -t m -t VI 0 z :I: -t -t r-Qa VI :I: 0 z )> z 0 r- 03 ::::0 0 )> z HAT 8 FASHION JEWELRY BRIDAL HATS uu INCRE o -leLE MILLINERYACCESSORIES 03 Feahlon ecceaaorlea for men end women m U.S. '11 N. end CUMW Ad. .... 581 (Courtyard' ShopfMS) ). We offer personalized [211ghta Nortlt of CountryaicM Mall) :::a ...., Downtown CINrwe.., sizing, trimming and color Hrs.: Mon .. ru ... wec1 421C .. vlend8t. d 10 M 6P M 0 coor lnatlng. ... 'CINrwetr, FL 33515 0 VI H .... : Mon.-SeL Thurs. & Fri.: 10 A.M.-9 P.M. 1111 Z 0 BRIDALS JACK 'McCONNELL STETSON WHITT ALL & SHON KANGOL


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Avon, in celebration of its 100 years of fragrance history, has cre ated Devotee Perfume Brilliance and breath-taking loveliness are its qualities The scent is adventure some and spicy, with an unfolding of floral tones to adorn you day and night. Devotee is a view into the very future of fragrance fashion and packaging. Its beautiful lead crystal bottle embed,ded in a gold-toned pillar i s a limited edition, destined to become a collector's treasure. Devotee is a tribute you can give yourself of present to other special women, in Perfume or Spray Cologne. Ask your Avon Representative about it soon; the Perfume is only available for a lim ited time. If you don't have a Repre sentative, cal\800-858-8000. Ms. Ford is Beauty & Public Rela tions Manager, Special Markets for Aoon Products, Inc. ,. More three decades ago, a yqung Tampa man assumed ttre. 1 ,Professional role of Field Director for the NAACP, succeeding Harry T. Moore. While serving in that capacity, Robert Saunders has played a signifi cant role in the shaping of historical Black Florida. Today, a quarter of a centtiry after the recognized birth of the Civil Rights Movement, he reflects on the progress of Tampa. Saunders also acknowledges the pluses and minuses of Tampa's Black historical contribu tions. Saunders began his career with the NAACP in 1952, with major emphasis being placed on increasing black voting power throughout the state. At the time he came aboard, there were less than 3,000 registered black voters. "The first thing we did was obtain a $5,000 grant to conduct a voter registration and education drive. ,.. ''Despite what many say, it was the efforts of the NAACP BY IRIS B. HOLTON BOB SAUNDERS that showed the need for single member districtirtg .... By work ing in conjunction with other major organizations and the late Morris Milton, and led by then state president Charles Cherry, we did a magnificent job that culminated in single member districting." Saunders further said that as far as education is concerned, ; Openlngsll COGIC Developmental Day Care Center Early Childhood Developmental Program Certified Teachers After Care Supervision Class "A" Lunches Summer Program Parent-Teacher Organization 6414 N. 30th St. (813) 239-3161 Fee: '27.00/Weekly Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6 A.M.-5:30 P.M. THIS BOOKLET CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU PLAN .TO PAY FOR COLLEGE. .THE NEW G I. BILL PLUS THE NEW ARMY COLLEGE FUND CAN BE WORTH UPTO $2S,200TOWARDYOURCOLLEGE EDUCATION. Here's how it works: Rrst you contribute to your education $100 per month for the first full12 months of your enlistment. Then the government contributes-up to $9,600. That's the New 0.1 Bill. With the New Army College Fund, you can add up to $14,400 more! (See table below. ) lHENEW lHE NEW G. I. Bl1 ENUSTMfNT PU).S 1HE NEW NIMY G.I.Bil.L COllEGE RJNO 2 years $9,000 $17,000 3 years $10,800 $22,800 4 years $10,800 $25,200 L And the rewards of being a soldier go far beyond earning money for college. You'll also learn self-reliance, discipline, team-work and pride. So when you do get to college, you'll be able to get the most out of it. For more information about this new program and how yqu can qualify for it, see your local Al:'ffiy Recruiter today. Or call toll free You'll find out that paying for college through the Army pays off in more ways than one. ARMY. BE ALL YOU CAM BE. "we have not reached the pinnacle of success and many ... blacks don't understand discrimination or how to }den... : tify it. Prior to 1964, there was 01 no law that mandated the end of. racial discrimination and employment. The only thing we had to rely on was the Presi dent's Commission on Fair Employment Practices.'' He further said that it was the NAACP who filed suit against Tampa Electric Co on behalf of black employees at the firm. Another area in which the NAACP was instrumental, Saunders said, was bringing about Black city bus operators. "Prior to 1956 or about, buses in Tampa segregated and there were nb black drivers. Carl Helding, former manager of the Transportation Depart!= ment, met with Rev. A. Leon Lowry and myself. We worked f out an agreement that resulted in black drivers being hired in or ; !t about 1960. He further said that the g' original school desegregation ;= suit was filed in or about 1958. The 5th Circuit Court of Ap ; peals reversed its decision and loCI = I remanded Tampa Judge Bryan c::r Simpson to render a decision. As a result of that suit, (Anf drew L. Manning, etc., vs. The Q. Board Of Public Instruction Of Hillsborough County), the schools in this county were placed under mandate in 1972. He further said that a suit was = filed by the NAACP in or about 1965 against both Tampa > General Hospital and St. = Joseph's Hospital on behalf of = black doctors. Saunders acknowledges that :discrimination exists today but 1 said it is "very subtle." One of the often used reasons for not hiring Blacks, women, Hispanics, the handicapped, the f American Indian, and the Asian ;. Pacific Islanders is to say that one is "over-qualified" for the !:: job. Saunders said the Civil g. Rights Laws don't deal with be= ing over-qualified, but with fll one's ability to perfoiln the job. Another statement that is often made, he said, is emphasis placed on the Affirmative Ac tion Plan. "Title 7 does not ad dress the intent, but the "affect of past discriminatory practices. The law doesn't deal with the intent, but the adverse affect," he stated. He also said that there is a great need for Blacks to become licensed contractors. Saunders further said minority business persons should take advantage of the programs devised to assist blacks and other miniorities receive their fair of the county's business. "C ''Minority businesses should avail themselves to take advantage of the community 1-J resources that the federal funds :;; are providing to assist them in becoming qualified .... There is 1-J a need for more venders to provide goods and service s to the county. That is where the long ;i term economic benefits come Z into play," he concluded


PRICES GOODi 1111 SAil/ItS! \ ARE tiRE/IT -----.i Blade Cut Chuck Roast Lb. 5139 Lykes Reg./Thick Sliced n $167 Bologna 16 oz. Pkg. Shurfine! I B f Boneless I s I Lykes Loin Or Rib End Smoked J siew Beef .. Lb. $199 ugar Pork Chops Lb. $139 g :e -------------------... ;;J "'I ..,_ ___________ ,. r.; 8 5 Lb. Bag Beef Boneless ; i Beef Ground N.Y.StripSteak .. Lb.s299 79 j ..,.c_h_u_c_k_.________Lb_._5_1_6 9 ... L k n I Limit 1 w /'10 Or More II Y es Inner Food order ExCluding Tobacco Lykes Com Beef P t H $199 I B k t $199 ar y am Lb. ._.;. ____ ..... ____ .,! r1s e Lb. i .. s.!!::;:n \ I' Delmonte Stewed/ ,. Whole Noodles To matoes 14 Oz. Cans .. .c: Large Xraft Grape 5 j $1 Nectarines Jelly 30-Pkg. 2/99 : 180z.Jar 89 = Lb = = J.l Red Or Thompson Seedless Grapes 89 lb. Florida Green Cabbage 23 Lb. Large Asst. Red/Blue Plums 89 Lb. ..-.-.. ,_ White Cloud Bathroom Tissue 4-RoiiPkg. 99 Delmonte Tomato Ketchup 32 Oz. Btl. 99 Delmonte Tomato Sauce 80z.Cans 4/$1 White House Natural Plus Or Apple Juice 480z. Jar 99 All Flavors Kraft 8 Oz. Btl. 79C Fireside Chocolate Chip Cookies 18 Oz. Pkgs. 99 c J i Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes t6oz.Pka.99CPurina Thive Cat Food 18 Oz. Size 99 C Delmonte Lite ., Fruit Cocktails 160z.Can 79


1--------From V al'S ---=;.... ___ __ Hentatge Of BlaCk Cooking In giving honor to Black History Month, this article is being dedicated to the heritage of Black Cooking. One city rich in this tradition is Memphis, Ten-in their mouth watering recipes. Below are several recipes that show off the Memphis flair for cooking. Try in cluding some of these recipes when celebrating Black History Month. neslee. Upon their visit, The Kraft Cooking team learned a valuable lesson in black history by sighting how our Memphis sisters and brothers preserved our heritage VAL Try these tantilizlng treats from the of some of our weD-known black stars. From The Kitchen Of 'Taste Of Honey' A lllack-Eyes Peas: Parboil 1 y, Date Nut Bread: Combine 1 c. finely chopped dates, 3 tbls mdtgarine or butter, 1/2 c. sugar, 'h c. honey _and 1 c. boiling water. let cool. Sift 3 c. flour, 'h tsp. salt, 1 'h tsp. baking powder, 1 y, tsp. baking soda. Add to date mixture. Stir in dry ingredients % c. favorite chopped nuts. Bake at 350 in well greased, floured loaf pan (9x5x3) for 50-60 min. or until done. Buttermilk Biscuits: Sift 2 c. flour twice with 1 tsp. baking powder, 'h tsp .baking soda, 'h tsp. salt. Add y, c shortening. Combine %c. buttermilk and 1 tbl. light corn syrup and add to mixture Mix well and turn onto lightly floured board. Knead with fingertips. Roll or pat into 'h -in. thickness and cut. Bake at 450 for 12 min. Serve hot with honey, butter on a chilly morn ing. Enriched White Bread: Scald 2 c. milk and cool. Mix with 2 tsp. salt, 3 tbls honey, 3 tbls. soft shortening and 3 c. flour. Beat thoroughly. Gradually add 3 more cups flour to make soft dough. Knead on floured board for 8 to 10 minutes. Place in greased bowl and cover; let rise in place until dough doubles. Punch down and leave for 15 minutes. Place dough in two greased loaf pans. let rise until double again. Bake for 40 minutes at 4000. From The Kitchen Of Max Robinson Shrimp Scampi: Prepare marinade by blending 1 c. ive oil, Y2 c. dry white wine, 'h tsp. oregano and 2 cloves crushed garlic Add 2 lbs. shelled and deveined shrimp; cover and refrigerate 4 to 6 hours Stir occasionally. Broil shrimp and marinade 4 to 5 inches from heat in preheated oven for 7 min Turn shrimp and broil another 10 min. Serve shrimp with marinade. >cJ lbs. smoked bacon ends for 30 min. in enough water to cover. Wash and soak 1 lb. peas. Add peas, 1 lg. cut-up onion, 1 clove garlic, several red pep per pods and 'h tsp. dry mustard to meat. Boil slowly 3-4 hrs. Salt and pepper to taste. Fr.om The Kitchen Of Linda Green (From duo Peaches B And Herb) Curried Rice (top) : Prepare according to directions on box of Uncle Ben s Indian Style Cur ried Rice. When almost done, dice and stir in a 4 oz. can of peaches and juice from a 4 oz. can of mandarin Sprinkle in Y" tsp. paprika Cook until rice is tender. Mixed Greens with Ham: Pick and wash thoroughly 3-4 bunches of turnip, mustard and collard greens. Set aside. Par-boil a lb. of ham in 4 c. water. Add chopped green onions, fresh garlic, red pepper, a pinch of baking soda and salt and pep per to taste. Add greens and cook at moderate heat 1 y, to 2 hrs. Peach-Banana Gelatin Mold: Add 2 c. boiling water to 6 box of cherry gelatin. Stir until gelatin dissolves and add 2 c. cold water. Pour half into a mold, add about 6 sliced peach halves and refrigerate for 15 min. Pour in remaining gelatin and refrigerate until firm. Serve on lettuce with banana and mandrain orange slices. Quickie Cooking Tips *If you're too much mayonnaise to tuna or chicken salad rescue the situation by adding more chopped *If your pancakes stick to Phyllis' Melt 3 tbsp. shortening and 2 oz. unsweetened chocolate in large saucepan; cool. Stir in 2 well beaten egg yolks, then 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 1 c. sugar, 1/2 c. all-purpose flour and 'h c. pecans. Beat 2 egg whites until stiff; blend into mixtur ,e. Spread batter in well-greased 8x2x2 in. pan. Bake at 350 F. for 30 minutes. Cool. Melt in a double boiler 16 oz. white chocolate and spread on top of brownies. Cut them into one-inch squares and garnish each brownie with pecans and sliced fresh strawberries' the griddle they contain 7,. enough shortening ; *If your tomato sauce istoo thin, stir a few tablespoons of seasoned Italian bread crumbs into the pot. It will give your sauce body. *If you 've scorched the but ter -don't thrQ_w it away. Pour it over hot vegetables. Stash Of Staples Assorted cans of soup Bottled salad dressings Butter or margarine Canned fruit Frozen vegetables Chicken broth Milk Onions Peppers Oyster Fritters: Mix 1 c. flour, If.. ts p. pepper, a dash of nutmeg, 'h tsp. salt and Y2 tsp crushed garlic. Add y, c. oyster juice, Y4 c : milk and 2 beaten eggs. Blend well. Add 1 med. can chopped oysters and a tbls. chopped onion. Drop fro m s poon in-... ..on.. pope.r,.,toweJ.,..,_,_ I = :r




Porch Been A g Insurance Part. Of Black Heritage BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor come to your home, if that's what you want, and talk on a person to person basis, wherein some other companies have gotten away from that.'; Rights Activist Recognlzes Progress; Areas To Improve Upon Purchasing insurance has always been a part of the heritage of the black com munity. Even though in years gone by blacks were only allowed to purchase the 5 and 10 a week burial policies, we made sure that each member of the family was covered with that small premium. Today, there are many forms of insurance blacks are able to purchase and one com pany that has served blacks since its inception in 1891 of fers many of these services. Chipoletti said among the services offired is a cost-free policy comparison service revamp their program and give them the best for t)le money they're putting f Eddie Watson, an agent for the company, stated that many clients are concerned about losing portions of1their finan cial investments. "With us, they don't have to worry about that because we're a very stable company. S. S. 'Chip' Chipoletti, District Manager of the Life Of Georgia Insurance Co., Tampa office, says the com pany offers a variety of ser vices to accommodate any need. "Banking institutions can only insure a person 1s in vestment_ s for a certain amount, then they must use another b ank. With us they can use one i nstitution and not have the worry of losing money." he said. Mr. Bosco, director Qf Community Relations, Rev. Francisco Rodriguez, Dick Greco, and Bruce Waldo, Resource Coordinator for TECO, are photographed during Povery Week, May 18-24th. "We are one of the few in surance companies that still provides in-home service," Sales Manager Andrew Williams explained. "We still MEL ABRAMS, M.D. Ear, Nose & Throat Disease Diseases Of The Sinus Medicare Assignments Accepted 13550 N. 31st St. Suite 331 From Unlv. Comm. Hospltol) 971-3450 ANDREW WILLIAMS ... Sales Manager/LUTe Chlpoletti stated that there are many other incentive plans that will allow potential clients to make their dollar go a longer way. The company also provides a guide to health in surance .for persons on medicare, as well as those who live on a fixed income. In addition to pnvate, health, financial security planning services, the company also offers many other services to individuals and businesses, especially those with 2-24 employees. (See company's advertise ment in this edition.) Life Of Georgia Life Insurance Co. 26 J 7 W. Kennedy 877-5358 As is the case with any major there are always those in dividuals who choose sides. This does not exclude the often addressed issue of Black pro gress in Hillsborough County and throughout the country. During the month of February, even more attention is drawn to this issue because this the Black History Month. One native Tampan, Rev. Francisco A Rodriquez, took a few moments to share his views on the subject of pro. gress. According to Rev. Rodri' S. S. "Chip" CHIPOLETTI ... District Manager Contact One Of Our Agents For Information About Our Financial Security Planning Service (FSPS) JOE VARSALONA EDDIE WATSON ... MBA ROBERT BROWN for Detailed Information Of Our Services Listed Below, And Others, Call Or VIsit Our Office Todayl STEPHANIE HICKS Photos Not Available JOHN WILSON MICHAEL WILLIAMS IRA (IO!h %) BOE (Business Overhead Expense) Income Disability Replacement Group Insurance Universal Life W !Computer Comparison Insure Up To Age 80 We're l.oolclng f.or Career-Minded Persons BY IRIS B. HOLTON that all Blacks needed was a chance .... Integration has had a there are many supporters negative effect. of the argument that little, if "Before, Blacks couldn't live any progress, has been made in anywhere in Tampa, but we had Hillsborough County within the a oneness. Today, we can live last.twenty-five years. However, anywhere and we lack that Rev. Rodriguez' opinion differs oneness. We have also lost from that statement. those who are talented and have He feels that Blacks, as a something to offer to the com race, "have made tremendous munhy. Because of the open progress; it's almost like waking housing, Blacks have moved from a nightmare." He confrom the traditional black areas tinued to highlight those areas and the young blacks have lost of progress, and also gave an role models," he said. equal \'lew of the areas in which He continued to state that he he feels the need for improve-feels the Black family is not ent remains. vanishing, "but we are about to 'The field of employment, have a dichotomy and those social acceptance, public acBlacks who are poor will remain comodations, and housing are poor; those who are ignorant all open to those who are willr:emain ignorant. ... We are prepared. These areas were creating a Black elite that will be unheard of twenty years ago. of service to themselves : America has taken on a comRev. Rodriguez further said pletely new image. Twenty years that "it is incumbent upon ago, we could not have critized Black institutions to come forth / South Africa because we were with tutelage programs and the f) doing the same things And chw:ch, in part, has not ass urn-;..;. ariother example is the homage ed the role it should. There is paid to the Rev. Dr. Martin some hope in the drug related Luther King, Jr., by our entire programs .... that is a form of positive In addition, he said many progress," he said. Blacks are not able to take adRev. Rodriguez worked for vantage of the opportunities many years as the Special avallable because of a poor Counsel for the Southeastern education and poor finances. In Region of the National AssociaRev. Rodriguez' opinion, there tion for the Advancement of is a great need for improved Colored People. And during his e-ducation; role models, tenure with that organization especially males; .the return for more than twenty years, he the famlly as a stronghold; and can recognize the areas that still tbe church to assume a domineeds improvement. nant role." The NAACP and other The pastor of St. James AME organizations worked diligently Church of Progress Village, he "and by the force applied, gave is married to Mrs. Beatrice most Blacks the impression that Rodriguez. The couple are the all we had to do was to remove parents of five and grand the wall. And we really believed parents to eleven THE .... .. 713 A -S. HOWARD AVENUE OPEN SUN., MON., THURS., FRI. 10 AM-6:30PM CLOSED SATURDAY Ph: 251-5165 MEN'S 2 PC. JOGGING SUITS .... ................. '1491 MEN'S LATEST STYLES LEATHER COATS ...... LOW PRICES BOY'S DRESS PANTS & JEANS, SIZES 8-20 .......... '59 UP -MEN'S LATEST STYLES LEATHER LOOK COATS .... '129 UP MEN'S BAGGY PANTS, SIZES 27-42 ............. .. UP MEN'S 100% POLYESTER CONTINENTAL & BELT LOOP PANTS 28-60 ........................ '691 U MEN'S SUITS (36-60) ...................... LOW ..... -,,.. MEN'S FANCY DRESS SHIRTS .............. MEN'S WORK PANTS ... .............. ___.......... '69 MEN'S FANCY . .... '691 Up r.r. = -:; I = = -:;


.c: Q = I :"' I -... '""' "CJ = : < = r-. t> "CJ -= rll :E = == -= -= = 'ell 1986 CHEVETTE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, 1.6 LTR., l" Engine Tinted Glass, A / C Sport Mirrors AM/FM Stereo, Cloth lnt ., Front & Rear Chrome Bumpers, Undercoating Int. & Ext Protection Package. '700 DOWN. Drive Out Price No Hidden CharQeS (1!)7 183450 60 Months '145 .. 1980 CHRYSLER LEBARON 2 DR. AT, AC, PS, PB, Black With Red Interior 25,000Act. Miles '2,800 1982DODGE DIPLOMAT 4 DR. AT, AC, PS, PB, Grey With Maro()n Cloth Interior '3,800 1983 CHEVROLET CAMARO BERLINEnA AT, AC, PS, PB, PW, Pl, T-Tops AM/FM Stereo, Tilt & Cruise White With Gold Velour Int '7,800 WILLIE DAVIS President 1986 NOVA "' SPEED TRANSMISSION, Air Conditioning Undercoating, lnt. And Ext. Protection Package DOWN. Drive Out Price No Hidden Charges. 15"? '8,2901 1985 BUICK SOMMERSET COUPE AT, AC, PS, PB, Tilt, Grey/ W Blue Cloth Interior '8,700 1 BUICK REGAL4DOOR AT, AC, PS, PB, Tilt & Cruise, AM/FM Cas Maroon With Grey Cloth Int. 1",000 Miles '8,200 1984 CHEVROLET CELEBRITY 4 DR. AT, AC, PS, PB, light fern In Color With Matching Cloth Int. '6,000 BlJT A GMQUAUTY SERVICE PARTS 81NIIAL MO'IOitl COIIfOIIAJIOM 1 CAVALIER "'SPEED, MANUEL TRANSMISSION, 1.2l TR, l" Engine, Tinted Glass, Body Side Molding A / C Power Steering, AM Radio Heavy Duty Battery Cloth lnt., Undercoating Int And Ext Package aoo DOWN (1808)'9,14612 983 BUICK SKYHAWK 4 DR. AT, AC, PS, PB, Tilt.-AM/FM Stereo, Two Tone With Blue Cloth Interior. '5,600 1984 FORD F150 4x4P/U "' Speed, PS, PB, AM/FM Cassette, Brown In Color, Custom Wheels & More. '6,600 1978 DODGE TRADESMAN CONVERSION VAN Blue With Captains Chairs & Couch '2,600 Brand New 1985 TRUCKS In Stock! All Being Sold Below Factory Invoice. 1980 PONTIAC LEMANS 4 DOOR AT, AC, PS, PB, Blue With Match i ng Cloth lnt 33,000 Actual Miles '3,200 1985 CHEVROLET C-10 P/U Brown, 6 Cyl., 3 Speed, Actual Miles '7,300 1983 PLYMOUTH HORIZON 4 Door, AT, AC, PS, PB, Cruise, Blue With Blue Cloth Interior. '3,400 CALL FOR DIRECTIONS 949-1106 FL 33567 MILE N. OF S.R.


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