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Couple Blessed With Triplets : (SEESTORYONPAGEJ) All The ( News Fit To Print VOL. 40 NO. 69 35 AMERICA'S SEMI-WEEKLY _.,._ .......... 110,000 READERS EACH EDITION Every Tuesday And Friday TAMPA, FLORIDA TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1985 PRICE 35 CENTS G ospel Jamboree Set < : To stir Young .' 5 Project Drug Dealers Busted STORY ON PAGE 27) BAKER-LOPEZ NUPTIAL VOWS EXCHANGED Nuptial vows were exchanged by Bertha Louise Baker and Vincente Julian Lopez Jr. Saturday afternoon at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, with h Father Joseph O'Keefe officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Oifford Baker are t e bnde s parents. The groom is the son of Mrs. Martha Sastre. The couple will reside in Tampa. f SHAWN GILBERT WEDS REGINALD CONDRY The wedding of Shawd Patrice Gilbert and Reginald Andy Condry took place Saturday afternoon at Highland United Methodist Church. Elder A. L. Robin son, pastor of Refuge Church Of Our Lord, perfon.1ed the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Betty Jean Gilbert. The groom is the godson of Mrs. Willie Mae Glover. Mr. and Mrs. Condry will make their home in Tampa.


Study To-Fin d-, _Out Some Kids Do Better Than Others "The Center for Excellence involved because h is with improving the performance of .. ," she said. Five such ers, created the Foundation, have created throughout the state. Their goal is to create a t ai black community network to ;: 248-1921 : 40,U. Industry, economy, honesty and kindness a quartet of virtues 16, 77. that will never be improved upon. 88,55. --------------------ThotnasC. Hills -Construction And Real Estate We Have Many Different Floor Plans To Choose From, With Interest Rates Starting As Low As 9.500Jo. We Have An Ample Supply Of Single Family Homesites Ill f!xcellent Areas. For More Info Call: f '"'" Commissioner Padgett Meets With Affirmative Action Council BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor


RetreaL : Jamboree Will Stir _9ouple Is ;Blessed [ Up The Talent Within Youth BY GWEN HAYES With The Birth Of Triplets Sentinel Managing Editor For the first of BY PATTY ALLEN "You get use to having three < We've all been told that each of .us has some kind of talent, even though many of us do not know .what that talent is. A group, of young Chris tians believes that each of us has blessed with a gift, and that gift does not necessarily have to be one that makes us a renowned interna tional figure. Sharlett Dunnigan Collins' Sentinel Staff Writer children to take care of. The _pregnancy, her doctor saw first thing you do is put them Unlimited Gospel Expres sions is presenting the 1985 Youth Retreat Jamboree beginning today, July 30, through August 4 at New Philadelphia Baptist Church, 1002 E. Buffalo. The theme of this year's retreat is "Stirrint: Up The 11lCII Is U 'ithin You." JUDY PETERSON ... Guest Artist According to Ron Rosson, the jamboree is aimed at educating youth in the religious and cult ural history of Gospel music. Youth com posers, directors, soloists and musicians will play an impor tant part during the retreat as they stir up the gift within them. Rosson adds however, "all youths don't _possess the gift of singing, playing an instru ment or writing songs, .but they are talented in other ways ways they may not know nestled in her womb. But on a schedule, and you keep it when the sixth month rolled that way until they are inSharlett and her. husdependent." band, Buck Sgt. Dwight ColSharlett's husband Jis an tins, Sr., were surprised with eight-year veteran in tJle U.S. the doctor's discovery of Air Force. He works as aQ another pair of legs. Ammunitions Specialist, and The triplets, two girls and a the family is stationed in Colboy," were born by Caesarian orado Springs, Colorado. section on Oct. 27, 1984, at Both are Tampa natives Wilford Hall Medical Center Dwight is a graduate of in San Antonio, Texas. They Hillsborough High School and were three months early, so Sharlett graduated from JefRON ROSSON .'.Director about. the children stayed 2 Y2 months .._ ___ .....,. ferson High School. They've "We. feel that the .retreat in the before their ... DWIGHT COLLINS,' SR ... been married-six years. will provide an opportunity parents could bring them The proud grandparents are for them to find out just what home. "The girls are identical," Mr. and Mr$. Arthur (Juanita) that talent is. It is something "I love children," the Sharlett pointed Only Dunnigan, Sr., and Mr. and that will last in this community mother stated, their weight separates the two. Mrs .,Willie tMinnie) Grey : and be a footstool for others / 'b.ut l didn't think I would Dwight Jr.'s hazel eyes set him The young mother, who to show their a.ll these.'' apart from his sisters. worked in a Child Care Center stated. First to arrive scene "According to Sharlett, in Colorado Springs before was Denia, we1ghmg one there are twins on both sides getting pregnant, stated that Several topics. _of interest pound and 15 ounces. She is of the family. Her children are she is anxious for her little be discussed during classes now a healthy 14 pounds. Next the first set of triplets. ones to grow up and start that begineach afternoon at 6 was a sister Dwiena, weighing Although it wasn't a comwalking. Her plans are to stay p. m. two pounds and six ounces. plete surprise, Sharlett stated at home with them until they A treat for the closing of the retreat is two concerts that will be held Saturday and Sunday, free of On Saturday, Francme Jones of Piant.City .will be in concert along with "the Sunset Gospel Singers of Belle Glade. This is a of young men age 5-16 who sing acappella. This is ttie first year the 30-year-olq group have a .. youhg lady singing with them. Once the youth reaches 16, he must move on and make room for a new joiner. On Sunday at 3:30 Judy Peterson of Vero Beach will be in concert. The Stillman College student is one of the leading voices in the concert chorus, and is a Dean's List student. The culmination of the Youth Retreat; will be the 5210 Florida Ave. 239-3400 (Next To Post ()ffice) Seminole Heights Cheapest Party Trays The middle child now that you aren't fully pFepared are four or five-years-old, then outweighs her older sister by when there is a multiple birth. go back to college to obtain a two pounds: And last came "You never get everything nursing degree. dad's namesake, Dwight Jr., you need when you have more "AU-in-all, they enjoy play weighing two pounds and five than one child," she explaining with each other," Sharlett ounces. Dwight has grown to ed, "you go broke trying." said, "and I enjoy playing 15 pounds. Sharlett further explained with them." FOOD STAMPS ACCEPTED In Town! 40-20Z. BEEF PAniES 24-40Z. PEPPER STEAKS 5LBS. CHICKEN WINGS 5 LBS. GARCLA JUM, HOT DOGS ; AUGUST SPECIALS '5.99 '7.99 '4.69 '7.99 12. 70Z. DELMONICO STEAKS 5 LBS. GARCIA SMOKED SAUSAGE 20-40Z. RIBEYE STEAKS 5 LBS. MIXED CUT PORK CHOPS ECONOMY SPECIAL 76 5 OZ. HAMBURGER STEAKS 518S. CHICKEN (Except Split 51BS. SMOKED SAUSAGE OR HOT DOGS 2 LBS. GROUND BEEF 51BS. FRENCH FRIES l LARGE (46 OZ.J PIE '16.50 '8.79 '15.79 '9 AUG. SPECIAL .99 beginning of many other pro jects for Unlimited Gospel Ex, pressions. One of those is the start of a Christian nightclub, "an outlet for youth to spend time with their friends in a Christian atmosphere. Young Christians do date and have friends, and play games like others in the secular world. Our Christian games will all be for fun," states Rosson. Fall activities of the group include a Christian Fellowship Though Gospel Music and a songwriters seminar. Unlimited Gospel Expressions is a non-profit foundation headed by William Sanders, whose primary goal is to pro mote Jesus Christ through the ministry of Gospel Music. $60 PER WEEK 5180 Security Deposit Plus First Week's Rent Moves You ln. All Utilities Paid By Apt. Owner. Fla. Sen.tinei-Bulletin 248-J92J ---------= 0 -:r -c; = r;,J


. ;.... : USPS202-140 Published every Tuesday and Friday by Florida Sentinel Tampa Bulletin Publishing to 22

.. [MY '8 l Rudf: j j Black Inner-City Needs Mandatory __ Job Concept In commensurate with the between the crime and job QIO current attack ori the drug and programs in the city to impact Ul crime problem which have upon the problem effectively permeated Black communities After all, crime, in a real in Robles J>ark, Belmont se, is actually a socio We Need Good Role Mod On July 31, 1914, Marcus her students and her proft$ Garvey founded the Universal sion. A friend of mine a few Negro Improvement weeks ago showed me a letter tion in Jamaica. Ironically, in the newspaper written to World War I began three days Aiin Landers. The letter was earlier, July 28, in 1914. written from a teacher to Ms. Heights, and other localities in economic problem. Tampa which could have as Of coure, someone may well well been named, focus should cry that any degree of be ptlt, simultaneous, on the datory employment infringes unemployment picture in these upon our individual liberties communities. guaranteed by the Con This is especially true for stitution of the United States. While watching my favorite Landers referring to her quit rnalist on his show, "Ttiny ting the teaching profession Brown's Journal," Sunday because as. she put it, she was afternoon, I was moved by his "burnt out# Sbe furthet: went young men, Black men, beBut, under a state of emergen..:"... it tween the I!Jes of 16-35. It may cy; locally, sucb a policy can would bave be,ep like to be .one well be found that such inbe implemented. And in this of her students. But, I can say dividuals, especially those regard, those Black. com-and concern for one of his on iri the Jette{ to reveal the in former teacher.s and his alma adequacies '9f the mater, Garett High School. education system, co-workers, Mrs. Johnson Norman, students and parents. In ucator and humanitarian, essence, she had "had that I know what it feels like to unmarried heading no in a state have people around you that household, make up the bulk 'emergency '"T crime-wise as of the criminal and potential well as job-wile, at least where care about you enough to want tQ .,that yQu dO criminal element. Many of such young Black males are to me because of her enough" of the whole thing. oe<;;ause you can do My these young men, unfor-concerned .. only regret to the. writer of the tunately, have been .school It bothers me that there and love to boih Listening to Mrs. Norman, I afore-mentioned Jetter is that dropouts, and have DO skills seems tO be a serious Jack viEW for the job market. Then too. creativity and determination !D she did not have the dedication the attitude of their parents, among the leadership, both fi:J and love that it took to sustain esPecially mothers have not public and private, in d(.aling the "inadequacies" of the contributed to the developwith problems in Tampa ::. public school system ment of these young Black Black community Personally, Yes, public schools do have men as good, potential a million and one ideas co me inadequacies and those same husbands and responsible to mind which could positively E. inadequacies can be seen father head-of-households. impact upon the problem. But ; much more clearly today in a Mall)' well-intended Black those of us who could : p ::. low-income and 'poverty mothers are. auilty of brain and heart to the problem area(s), better known as our protecting their sons in this seldom if ever are consulted !! A Thorn In The. Side Of Justice: j Federal Judg.e Alcee Hastings is in the news again, and what's new about that? Hastings has been in the news on a regular basis since he became a Federal Judge. This time, Hastings made the news by refusing to remove himself from a case that led to him be ing accused of conspiring to accept a bribe in order to fix a case of an accused criminal. To mariy, they' may remember. Judge Hastings most for his celebrated bribery trial where he beat the system by defending himself and then being adjudicated not guilty of the charges. Whether or not Judge Hastings was guilty is a mQOt question now. The ver dict in that case is on the record as "not guilty". Hastings has been a pain in the side of the Federal Judicial System ever since he became a federal Judge. The first pro blem Hastings presented was that he never forgot his blackness or the background from which he came. In the eyes of rnany, Judge Hastings has never conducted himself in the isolated, stiff shirt manner of a high-ranking. Federal inner-city where tbe majority regard. They will allow them appointed to such ... of students are low-income, to lay. around the house positions, where we can do i poverty and often times, forever, givillg them spending something, by the locahvhite a, r below It _is .. an :in'" money and everything else power t'!l valuable scene and a priceless they caa lllafford. Personally, the idea of. runundertaking to behold a in the name of being a. ning for public office is fast ,5 who is so by cUing mother. becoming a reality. The idea his-bet profe5sion to instruct, It is these young Black men has become a growing, c: educate and yes, mold our who'easily fall prey to the. drug tially burninl ambition, and it and earkingpins, becoming "junkies will not take too much urging > ly hves, gtven all the made. and pushers" in the illegal before my hat will be tossed in 1:1 Judge. quacies of the system. Yes, drug marketing process. There some political ring. Per-a. chosen to be Alcee Hastings sometimes we do expect too n1ust be a coordinated effort sonally, I refuse to die until I much of our teachers. have made such a political efwhen he is not. acting as Yes, we do need to ask, the time that we have with fort. Federa.I His friends "who's raising the children?" them. While there may well were his As parents, we have jobs. My mana and my daddy critical unemployment elec. ted to soc1ahze w1th h1s-An. d, 1 t 1 s true that one can bl f d h love me. While this is true, l pro ems 10 var1ous parts o s, w. erever he so succeed without want to thank and the nation, here in Tampa the destred. This was frowned 'parents" and a lot of money. acknowledge the teachers in job market is far from being upon. But, no matter what, if we my life -who loved me and exhausted. Such young Black J:Iast!ngs don't. have good teachers or drove me: Richard F. Pride, males become statistics of a dlsdam for smts ttes. good role models, we could Mrs. Abraham Brown, Mrs. the cnmmal court should well very often appeared 10 pubhc risk it all As parents we must Martinez (Martinez's be. to hold and that our cannot Cleaners), the late Mr. George a JOb. Such would be d'. 'd 1 f h J d' 1 .do 1t all. We must learn that Carr, Coach Burgess (Plant a to many lVI ua s t e u ICia Almighty God bestows upon High), Mr. Kenneth Yglesias, famdles, and the commumty considered tha! a us the gift of maternal and and last, certainly riot least, as a whole. m the face _to thetr ttme paternal (motherly and fatherprofes. ly) love so that we can use it Mrs. Joanna Jones TokJey. 1t slon ... TheJr feehngs. meant for the good of our children. They may not have koown Madam e to Judge Hastmgs .' He we must learn that. our then, but, I want them to A was hiS own man know 'that their nn children are with us except for oedicatioit stiJI rings in my Stt.ll another problem Judge a short time and tnat it is up to ll'fel.l"ne. "-rhe Lord shall Solves all life's problems. Hastmgs presented th t h Answers all your quesllons. a e US to see that they do better preServe thee from all evil: he Madame Ann can and cnhclzed beeause they can do better in shall preserve thy soul. will help you! JUd1c1aJ. system for 1ts ResullsWhere Others discrimination and treatment still a thorn in the side of the The Lord shall preserve thj Have Failed. of those who fell under the Judicial system. Hastings wcmt' going out and thy coming in 6025 '!. N. Dale Mabry classification of the unfor. one step further. He'is one of from this time forth, and even I Blk. N. Of Hillsborough tunate From liis seat as a President Reagan's,. biggest for evermore," Psalms 121: 7, 875-4697 federal judge, Hastings all too detractors. He has traveled ___ ;;:::;==:, I often championed the causes arating the countrycriticizing _of grass root people. the 'economic and social He championed the causes philosophies of the president .. of the powerless often to the Judge Hastings is a very acembarrassment of those who complished speaker. He is paid him. The world knows, citing, spell-binding, influen. you don't bite the hand that tial and in great demand all feeds you unless you don't kinds of groups on all TAMPA BAY BUILDERS HOME REPAIR AND SPECIALIST LIC. 034997 BONDED AND INSURED want to eat anymore. Hastings political, social and economic "' soon became very early in his ieveis as a speaker. -His con... President > CALL OR COME BY FOR FREE ESTIMATES judica!' career "an ungrateful stant subjects center around 251-2585 Or 251-8754 ;; .nigger." the lack of justice in the courts Hastings was a thorn and is (Continued On Page 12 ) 1005 W. PLATT ST., TAMPA, FLORIDA 33606 r


ROSEMARY ROBINSON-WILLIE JACKSON WED DING Mr. and Mrs. Willie Jackson with their parents just minutes after the marriage ceremony. Rosemary Robinson and Myrick, Marianna-' and.' The ringbearer was nu .... Jackson were married Daphne Freeman, Arizona. : Roderick L Robinson. The June IS, by Rev. George E. The groomsmen were: Todd. miniature bride and groom at Union Hill Baptist, Speights and Bruce Bryant, were Christina Crawford and in Marianna. The Tampa; Rudolph Freeman, Bakari M. Robinson. -=,.,., ... n,nn a canllelight Fort Meade; lames Berrien Songs sung at the wh1ch place. al III, Wimauma; Earl Robin were: On .The Wings of Love, p.m. The son,Robinson,. Up Where We Belong. Jn ,...,,prp Helen Bullock, Cynthia Richard Bei.J, Marianna; Kevin separable. You and 1. The. Gwen Warren, Tampa; Roach, Miami; Victor Ander:-' Lord's Prayer and Flesh of My St Pete; son, Jacksonville; William P. Flesh. The Unity candles were _....,a"''auuJ Dav1s, Jackson, Jr., Atlanta. The lit by both mothers and the Fer.9andmo best man was : J : bride and groom: The recepBeach; M1a Anthony, Bartow, Jackson, Ft. Mea,de. tion was held at the National Ferrell The flower airls. were: Guard Armory. The usual son, Mananna. The LaTae and LaKesia Hunt, rituals The bride's atrons were: M _argena an4 Yyette gown was designed and sewn COAST LUNG ASSOCIATION The Gulf Coast Lung Association will be relocating its Tam-pa office to 6501 North Himes Avenue, Suite 103. Ed, Tokarz, Program Administrator for tl).e Hillsborough County office said he will be able to begin serving the Tampa Bay community immediately, adding that people wishing in ai formation on stop smoking programs or on asthma, bron chitis, emphysema or other lung disease can call the new office at 877-LUNG or Wr-ite to Ed Tokarz at' 6501 North Himes t Avenue, Suite 103, Tampa, Florida 33614. There is no fee for these services. COLLEGE ALUMNI Tbe Tampa Chapter /B-CC Alumni held its monthly meeting the home of Alumna Beatrice WUUams Black. Vice president Molberi Scrivens conducted the meeting in the auo, ..... ... of the president, Helen Young, who was attending the Lupus Convention in Dallas, Texas. much exciiement about plaris prospective students orientation program to be held at Mamie Washington's home4610 Snook Drive, August II, at 4 P.M., by her with assistance from Cynthi a Davis In attendance and friends from Fort Pierce, Fort Meade, Tampa, Panama City and Marianna. The parents of the bride and groom are Mr. Jacorium. Robinson, -Mrs Mary L. Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. William P. Jackson, Sr Wishing You .A Happy. Birthday Miss Rose Family Officers At Reunion Banquet Members of the Bowers family assembled in Tampa for their annual reunion. The banquet was on Saturday at the Sheraton Hotel. Bay Area officers present included, left to right, Con stance Bowers, vice president; David W. Bowers, Sr4, presi dent; and Ruth A. secretao. IMMOKALEE MARY TOWNSEND .. Reporter School began at the T9WilSend, president of Qsual time at all churches with White Lodge No. 137 the staff at their posts. The home from the Naples '-..VJII-1 lesson was timely taught by the munity Hospital and teachers and reviewed by the ing very good. pastors. After -the Sunday Mrs. Carrie Roberson School, all were in services at member of Lily White .... v, ....... ,. Allen Chapel A.M;E. Church No. 137 is in the Naples celebrating their Men's Day. mmunity Hospital. She wil Rev. Bradley is pastor. have surgery on Thursday Rev H.A. Wade, Mrs. Please pray for the sick Mary Ashley and Mrs Mary the shut-in. -Hurry! Hurry!! Hurry!!! : ro flt!J Orcltld Club. Inc. "THRIFT SA I.E OF THE CENTURY". SATlJ1lDAY! 9:30A.M. P.M. At The BETHUNE HIGHRISE COMPLEX 1515 UNION STREET flm & Cltlclcen sOndwlcltes -Sodos Plants 8or8olns Golorel UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL SOCCER CLUB Presents > BIG FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAl. At Tlte LABOR TIMPLI l5209th Avenue, Ybor City, Tampa On FRIDAY, 2nd AUGUST, 1985 For The First Time In Tampa Bay ROOTS HI POWER And His "VIDEO HITS" WILL BE PLAYING All THE LA TEST REGGAE, CALYPSO, AND SOUL MUSIC. CURRIED GOAT AND RICE MANISH WATER Adrnlulon $4.00 9 P.M. Until?? RECORDS & T-SHIRTS WILL AWAY EVERY HOUR. Admissions/Recruitment Officer Roberto Barraaan will be HA..,.eRS CLUB .......... u slide presentations of Bethune-Cookman College. Any 1' 1 1 Iii interested high school graduates, former and current B-CC Sponsoring A Disco Dance students are invited to attend. DELORES HARDY Plans for Future Miss B-CC Coronation Program were acted On Wednesday, JUly 3j : Saturday, August 3, 1985 upon. The program will be September 1 at Ragan Park auditorium at 4 P M ; Everyone is invited to attend. Mrs. Delores Hardy will be Time: 9:00 Until Members were urged to attend weekend activities of the celebrating her birthday On National Alumni Convention in Daytona Beach July 26-28, at hand to wish her a "Happy Place: Cuban Hall Patio the Holiday Inn Surfside. Birthday" and participate in B-C C commencement exercises coincides with convention the festivities of the day will be Music By The calendar. her loving husband, Lensy Mighty Potman Alumni present, enjoying hospitality, were: Mol bert Hardy; children, Kathartio And His Scrivens, Arthur Allen, Hayward Brady, Joyce Cannion, Neal, Ralph Davis, Trecia Jackie Kinsey, Linda Norman, Betty White, Mamie Davis; grandchildren, Latoya Sophisticated Funk Machine Washington, Harry Morris, Lucille Morris and Beatrice Black. Neal, Cheo Neal, Hukeem B. y .O.B. Donation $4.00 V>_ ___________ _.._________ Davis; sister, Melvena Moore, 9 10 tf Phone Your News 248-1921 .and cousin,: Terry vann !ii:=;;;C;;o;ck;itiaiii;;H;o;u;r;;-;;;;;;;;;;;a .. ................ lii


Famu Prexy To Speak At Urban League Dr. Frederick S. Humvolunteer service, scholarly T'S ALLIEW phries, newly appointed distinction, stimulating the I =' YOu !< President of Florida A&M development of Black talent, ----.... c.. University in Tallahassee, will medrihtorious .vohltuntde:r service ABOUT (, serve as guest speaker for the an uman ng s a ..,...acy Tampa Urban League's AnThis shcty-third year nual Equal OppQrtunity Dincelebration is sponsored by the ner, on Friday, August 16. and In.dustry The dinner will be held at the of the Tampa Urban Holiday Inn Airport, 4500 League. The Council is. comWest Cypress Street, at 8:00 posed of local government and p.m., and will be preceded-by business representatives. The 6 30 t' 1985 dinner committee coa : p.m. recep Ion. Prior to becoming FAMU's chairpersons are Renaul Abel eighth president, Dr. Hum-of Anheuser-Busch and Gail phries served as president of WilliaiJ:1S of the Hillsborough Tennessee State University. County Office of Equal EmThe native Floridian holds a DR. F. HUMPHRIES ployment Opportunity : Bachelor of Science. degree from FAMU and a PH.D. the University of Pitts. In addition to ROSE CRUTCHFIELD Janice Wright and Andrew Daniels, Jr. were married July 22 at the home of the bride's 'family The 8 P. M. ceremony was performed by Rev. Harney Nichols, Associate Pastor of. Mt. Tabor M. B Church. Those present at .the event included: Mrs. Annie J. (Wright) Hh:ks, mother of the bride; George Hicks, her step'.. father; Mrs. Daisy Tliorpe, grandmother; Beverly; having taught on the univer. sity level, Dr. Humphries has se.-ved as vice president of the Institute for Services to ... da, Angela and Charlotte, L-------..-----11 sisters of the bride; Sonja Lemons, maid of. honor; and Education. This year's dinner will join the National Urban League in commemoration of its "Diamond Jubilee.". The. theme of the event, "Honoring Yesterday Challenging Tomorrow," is appropriately patterned after the National Urban League's theme for 1985. During the dinner program, awards will be presented to .... nrrnr.,tions jllld individuals have made significant to the Tampa League an:d other social ., rv1.,. .. agencies. Additionally, The Rev, Newberger of the ndividual awards will be resented for distinctive Tampa Police DepaJiment at recent Police-Community Rela tions Program. GRAND OPENIN. G SAI.E Authorized Dealer For Black Hills Gold 3310 W. Cypress St; Phone: (813) 870-0321 Customized Casting Seiko Watches DENNIS H. BLANCO MANAGER Jew.elers 33% : -ro .$o%. .. Off All Angel Skin Cornel ian Lapis htory Bf!ads 14 And 18 Karat Goid Bracelets Bangles "'. J Chains And Diamond Solitaire ... t'dY, 4 Color Rings 'W' OPENING OF ..._.__ 0 PROCLAIM THE ... 1AY OF VENGEANCE OF OUR GOL I \ JANICE HT friends, Tonya Akins Gloria Johnson, Gladys Howard, Pam Cooke, Ann Gooden and others. The new Mrs. Daniels will be with her husband who is in the Air Force. TWENTY -SIX RECEIVE DEGREES Twenty-six graduates received degrees from Golden Gate .-University's Fort Myer campus on Tuesday, July 9, at the Fort Myer Officers Club, during the University's annual commen cement exercises. Mr. R T. Kingman, Director of Public Relations for General Motors' Washington Office, delivered the commencement address to the 1985 graduating class President Otto Butz, officiated in the conferring of the degrees. Golden Gate University is a private, non-profit, accredited "'C:: university with its main campus in San Francisco and off= campus prognuns at various military installations throughout f. the U.s. :r SAND CASTLES AND BEACH GAMES !. "{he Tampa Recreation Department is sponsoring a fun day of sand castles and beach games at Ben T. Davis Beach on ,Juesday; July 30th from the city's playgrounds ate_ competing in sand castle building and various games in, eluding tug-of-war, frisbies, and relays. ,; The day is a make-up of the previous 5and sculpture contest -'!' which was cancelled due to a storm and the Annual Mud > Decathlon, which has been suSpended this year due to the water I:S restrictions. c. The sand castles will be judged and awards will be given to the winning playgrounds. Youngsters participate through their local playgrounds. The public is invited to enjoy the fun. The activities take place at the east end of Ben T. Davis Beach on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. STOP SMOKING SEMINAR Over 3,000 people have stopped smoking in the Tampa area over the last few years with the Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking. Classes have been conducted in the J. C. Penney Company Meeting Room; Hillsborough Community College for the IBM Company; at Disney World for the Disney em' ployees; and on television in other areas. Over 20 million people have stopped smoking by the use of the Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking in recent years. The next Day Plan to Stop Smoking will be presented in the library of the Tampa First Seventh-Day Adventist Church located at 822 West Linebaugh Avenue (at North Boulevard), on August 5-9, from 7:30p.m. until approximately 9:00 p.m. Those who attend will be ex-smokers. with the worst of the problem licked by the following weekend. The. Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking consists of films, lee. (ContiiiuedOn Page 9f ----... HELP SEND A CHILD TO CAMP rhe Youn: g Adults Of ST. MATTHEW M. B. CHURCH Will Sponsor A Fashion Show And Gospei-Rama (And Baby Contest) Fashion Show Sat .. Aug. l, 1985 7:30P.M. St. Matthew Child Development Center 3716 Lake Avenue Admission $3.00 Gospei-Rama And Baby Contest Mon., Aug. S, 1985 7:30P.M. St. Matthew M.B. Church 2628 27th Avenue -,;, > C'l M ., ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TOWARDS OUR TRIP TO THE M LOUISIANA. STATE BAPTIST YOUTH ENCAMPMENT < ..


.................................................. .......... .......... .. .. .. : CALVARY SEVENTHDAY ADVENTIST JUNIOR .ACADEMY A .ND PRE-S CHOOL/KINDERGA RTEN ... ; The Ta..:.pa Adve ntist Church had its beginning the .. REG I ST. R A. J l 0 N .,. fall of 1919. Mrs. Mattie Stevens, the wife of FJder F. H.' Stevens who was the minister in charge of the church at that time, was the first church Khool teacher in Tampa. The founder, Mrs. Stevens passed in 1974. Mrs. Stevens sensed the need of givin& Christian .ecluQtien to tlifchildren around the chu.rch an4 also others: Most of tile attending at that time were her own eces aatl other relatives. Mn .. t;eme Randall, a present member of Mt. Calvary, was one C?f its first pu.,...rt th..,...e, there was no permanent for the church. Rented houses were the church; therefore, the OS first church Khool was in a rflfted house. : ; Shortly after 1911, the chufch buiftliag was erected IIIUI the balcony of the church became the school for a while,lthen later the school's location was again inoved to rented hollses. In 1917, a small brick building consisting of 1 a small haU and 1 restrooms was built on the adjoining property of the churth with a small piay ground. ThF two room school wils intended for two teachers, but quite a few times only one was required to teach all eight grades. From 1917 to about i950, the school went through many financial struggles, but the school door remained .' ., In the years from. 19i7 w 1971 (11) teachers served. One kindergarten and 011e (I) on in 1969. In 1971 I .._ ....__ two teachers one teacHer's -ai!e moved from 1111 Scott Street to 3111 E. Wilder Avenue -Mr!! : D.oris C. llarde.man, Mrs. Catberirie M. Monford and Mrs. Evelyn Streeter. -.. 't If.'. '. Pre-Schooi/.Kind .erlaraten Department had its beginning in 1981, with two teachers accommodating less than 30 students. At present, the average enrollment is 75 with a staff of six qualified teachers and teachers' aides. From 1937 to 1985, Mt. Calvary has graduated over 167 stuCI.ents. Although Mt. Calvary did not graduate aU who attended throughout the years, many, many sons and daughters around Tampa and others areas of tht! U.S.A. became a part of Mt.Calvary's rich history. a two classroom situation, Mt. Calvary Junior AC$demy and Pre Sc)looi/Kindergilrten currently comprises ten classrooms, two offices, a library a modern-equipped cafeteria where breakfast and lunch melds are served, a gym/auditorium and a faculty and staff consisting of t7 dedicated workers. The history of the school is still in its making. From its 40ACORN" stage, it -is advancing into a strong "SPREADING OAK": "TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE f!AS DONE" ,, AUGUST 4, 3:00 ro 6:00P.M -' Join Us For A Tour .. Of The-' lncludln'g Refresh ments.;StaH Will Be Present To Answer Your Questions. FIRST DAY 9F SCHOOL AUGUST 19th Mo n.Thurs., 8:30 To 3:00P.M Friday 8i30 To 2:00P.M. 'MRS. ELISA YOUNG .. ,.Principal BUS SE RVICE .AVAILABLE I -. Dlsc;f)un' OHered. CALVARY SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST JR. ACADEMY FOR GRADES K-8 r w The School That Believes In The Education Of The Head, The : Hands The 3111 E. WILDER-(5 blks. South of Hillsborough) 238 .. 0433 TRAVEL WITH MT. CALVAR ... TO THE 'COLORS OF KNOWLEDGE \ .. MT. CALVARY-'SEVENTH-DA Y ADVENrsr scHoOL .. .. PRE-SCHOOL-H0UttS/I'AI.M 6 P.M. YEAR-ROUNO P ,RCGRAM HOT LUNCH AND BREAKFAST AFTEfi SCHOOL CARE :,= GRADUATION. I PLANN_ED SUMMER PROGRAM YGROUND 4's KINDERGARTEN CURRICULU M INCLUDES: .. ALPHA TIME (READING READINESS) PALMER HANDWRITING READINESS, MATHEMA_.TiCS AROUND US (MATH READINESS) FOrmulating plans for the enrichment of the curriculum and beautification of TERRY -c..: !-< classrooms (including carpeting of classrooms which has been accomplished). -""-\. :C are. left to right: Mrs.' Rose Moore, Bookkeeper/Sec. Treasurer and Home and -C) School Association (P. T .A.) Leader, Elisa Young, Principal and 7th and ? \ 8th :teacher and Mrs. Mandy Green, School Board Chairperson. // J H) Wol C) I < ., /t( .............. .. .................... ., ; :




I'll' = = .... .c I FRESH WHOLE FRYERS 49(1b. CHICKEN LEGS BONELESS BEEF1 CHUC { $1'49 lb. p_watney Ref. or Cheese GREAT DOGS 99( pkg lykes SMOKED. SAUSAGE lykes Spiced 1/a Pork Loin PORK CHOPS 5129 lb. CENTER$169 CUTS : 1 LUNCH MEAT .... LYKES SMOKE HAM .HOCKS 39fb. F .RESH POl It BRAINS 39fb 1-lb. $149 pkg MEATY PORK NECK BONES '29fb. ATTENTION cHURCH ",.., ........... ,v lb case $27.50 LARGE MEATY TURKEY NECKS .......... JO lb case $9.90 GROUPS, RESTAURANTS. and CIVIC GROUPS 31b. Down Baby SPARE lb case $41.50 SELECT WESTERN OX TAILS ............... 20 lb case $15.75 FRESH PORK NECK BONES .............. JO lb case $1.70 LEAN FIRST CUT PORK CHOPS ............ lO lb box $10.75 FRESH LEAN PIG EARS ................... 30 lb case $13.25 FRESH WESTERN HOG CHITTLINS lO lb pail $4.99 CASE SALES! FRESH LEAN PIG TAILS ................... 30 lb case $11.50 HICKORY SMOKED SAUSAGE ............. lO lb box $12.50 .FRESH SMAll PIG FUT.. ................. 30 lb case $9.50 LARGE MEATY TURKEY WINGS ........ 30 lb case $11.50 FANCY LONG GRAIN CHINITO RICE 101b $299 bag Kratt's BAR-B-QUE sAUCE lloz. 89<. BoHle n n :1 Ill SPRITE, TAB OR COCA-COLA -. 3 QIMrf lettles$1 ...... O.,.Sit Deodorant Soap PALMOLIVE I Showboat PORK and BEANS 3.300$1 cans 1 White POTATOES ggc WHITE SEEDLESS GRAPES 69(1b. All Flavors $1 LA YOGURT 3 Pet. Fla.lo-Fat MILK gallon jug Dish Detergent JOY LIQUID .22.oz. 99( BoHle Old Milwaukee BEER 612oz$169 cans Geisha WHOLE OYSTERS 99c loz can TAIU TIIAT CUT GREEN BEANS 3 303$1 CGitS SWEET RED PLUMS 59(1b; Table Treat TOMATO CATSUP 32oL 69< BoHle Dixie Lily MEAL or GRITS Sib $119 Bag Ant & Roach Kil BLACK FLAG $149 11 oz. can Dixie Cristal SUGAR Sib: $159 RITZ CRACKERS $139 l-Ib Box OIL Butane Cigarette .LIGHTERS 1 ; SARDINES 3flat$1 3 for $1 I TABLE TREAT 4 Who Kernel or Cream 3c;'\1 .FlESH TENDER OKRA 69( flew Crop SWEET' POTATOE s 4 .. $1 lbs. cans Spanish Style TOMATO SAUCE 6 loL $1 cans FRESH COLLARD GREENS Large 99C lunch


............................ 20-Year-Oid Becomes Bay CANDY-N-COMPANY FASHIO N SHOW Area Model Of The Year BY GWEN HAYES Sentinel Managing Editor Although the audience was not as large as anticipated, the Bay Area Model of the Year competition was of such caliber that Tampa residents can look forward to the same kind of competition next year. Six young ladies competed for the title of "Bay Area Model of the Year," however all realized that only one of the m could win. A t the end of competition,. the judges sele cted Lexie Campbell as the Bay Area Model of the )'ear She will be leaving this weeken d with her local spon s or Mrs. Delores Roberts, other s affiliated with the pageant for New York to com pete in the International Model of the Year contest. Lexie, a volunteer with community radio station WMNF (.88.5 PM) in the news and pro duction departm:ent, has an A. A. degree in journalism. The 5'8" beauty is a can d i d ate for Big Sisters of Ame rica, and just was among 200 young ladie s to be one of 14 PaflFsetters to repre sent the Irfdianavlis 500 Grand Prix. ... IC QO. Ul She enjoys reading, spring board diving, playing the piano, modern dancing and biking. Weighing in at 112 pounds, Lexie has an interest in television and radio broad casting and one day hopes to become a producer. 'She also wishes to be ranked among the top 10 black models in America. Sybil McFarlane, Ruth Rose and Beverly McLeish. One thing that is important to her "is getting closer to Jesus Christ. I put Him first in life and that mean s everything else will fall into place." The Tampa native suggests that one puts "trust in God, belief in self and all things are Lexie is a freelance model. IIJ = = l!. I = = Prize8 .for the \vinner total more $8,000. She'll get cash, modeling contracts, modeling scholarships, cosmetics, membership to a spa, jewelry, lifetime member ship with Premu International Motion Picture Productions, Jo-E1, casting director, Glenn Premu, executive director. The firm is committed to do at least 10 major movies in Florida and Lexie will have an Denise and. Shola ldris and Lillie Nic h ol s. :;, opportunity to screen test. Other winners were: Jackie Robinson, first runner-up. The 22-year-old Orlando _resi dent is a freelance model. Jeanear Pourids, 23, was cond runnerup. The Tampa resident is an accountant with Dana _Roehrig in St. Petersburg. The third place runner-up was Alphanette Stubbs, 22, a Tampa ,resident employed with Eastern Airlines and Tampa Cable. Sponsors of the modeling competition included: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,John Casablanca Model Agency, Premu International Motion Picture Productions, J. C. Pawn Brokers, Evelyn Stewart Modeling Agency, Models LTD, Mademoiselle Spa, Budget Health and Beauty Supplies, Pepsi Cola, Penny BEPrDT Your Place For Fruit & Vegetables! Open 7 Days a week Mon.-Sat.: Sunday 84 PRICES GOOD.THRU THURSDAY, AUGUST 1 0 FOOD STAMPS ACCEPTED Saver Grocery, Gardens, Hawaiian Tropics, Florida Commercial Movers, WMNF Radio Station, and :;. Tampa Cable. NDER SMALL KRA 49C TEXAS RUSSET BAKING WATERMELONs'1._49 POTATOES L:s 69C 2117 E. 237-8356


: ...... __ W_i_ll_ia_m_ _R"'!""""a_s.;;:;...,pb_ e_r_ry ___ l ANOTHER VIEW >c (Coatiaued FroiP P8Je 4) 5 But rti-st, you understand, morally. """ the government must move to The danger is that the .J: 0 = protect the blacks who are in -' government, once again too in negotiations froin clever for its own good, wilJ black radicals bent on try to negotiate with its own murdering them. The sOuth .handp_icked '' African ambassador-designate rendenng Herbert Beukes sought to worse than (Coadaaed From Pqe 5) for the diji!ldvantaged, racism in the United States and the shortcoming$ of the president. Now wait a minute nigger! ; You have gone too far! The president is t he top man in the United States and the number one man in federal govern ment. You don't criticize him. make that point on ABC -T V's Tht governmen t "Nightline" show Fortun a tewhiclf black_Jeaders have ly, the Rev .Alan one Qt majori t y o f of the brightest new opposi. black SOuth Afncans men tion leaders in the country, like Nelson Mandela and was also on that show to point Walter Sisulu, imprisoned out that the blacks being killed since the early 1960s, or by blacks are not Nobelist Tutu who "moderate s and bridgemay be m pnson before the builders but' men suspec t e d of current unrest is over. being i9for If South Africa's whites mants and quislings. really are ready for peaceful Being a Federal Judge, Hastings' appointment is for life. Only three th i ngs can get him out of office. They are retirement and that isn t on the judge's mind, resigning and that is out, death and the Judge appears to be in ceDent health; and impeach change (as opposed to buying Negotiations, in fact, may time to retain their absolute be the way out of the .turmoil power), they know how _to do and injustice in South Africa. it. The fear is that they will, as The ruling whites cannot be has' become their sorr y e x pected _to concede voluntarily any principle approximating custom, do too little too late one-man, one..vote But just as blacks in charge of what was then Rhodesia were willing to negot i ate a reserve of pol i t i cal powe r to the w h i te minority so might t he w h;tes in c h arg e of South Africa se e the wisdom o f negotiat i ng a settle merit with the b lack .majority. 248-1921 SPIRITUAL ADVISOR ment. Impeachment is the process by which .an offical can be removed from public office because of a crim i nal act or It seems the system haS.dec i ded the way to silence Hastings i s to get him on a criminal or misconduct charge. So far efforts hav e been fruitless In the meantime the judge I The prospects 'for such an c negotiated outcome increase ey.ery acknowledgement, -,:s implicit or otherwise, from the = ruling minority that ihe prese nt" situation is unt-enab le, :l p o litically, militafil y a n d True Psychic Born With Power. Will Satisfy You In One Visit. Has Loved One Turned Aga i nst You? Are You U n happy Discou a ge d I n f lu e n c ed B y Ev i l' Spell? I C an S u ccee d Where Others Hav e Fail e d. Call A n ytim e 1 Daily Blessings 677-2971 is no les s kinder no l ess vocal and no le s s critical of the j ud ici al s y s tem, the f ed eral g overnment and P res i dent Reagan Skins crawl and bodies tremble at the thQught of. Alcee Hastings, an unwanted pain in the side of the judicial system = E-t .... '1:S .J: fl) .... :c = =-= .... -; = -; = i In st ead o f trying t o pro-Be A PartOf History In The Making At BETHUNE-COOKMAN COLLEGE Daytona Beach, Florida DEGREE GRANTING AREAS 1985-86 BUSINESS Accounti n g B.S. Busin ess A d m i nistra tio n B.S. Business Educat io n B S Hospi t ality M a nageiTM!n t B S M a r k eting B S M anage m ent B S H uman R esources M anagement B S EOVCA110N Elementary Edilcatton B.S. Exc....,....l O.lcl Education B S Phyolcal Educallon B S Psychologv B S 'HUMANmES Eng l ish B A Modem lang u ages B A M ulic B A Rel igion a n d Phil050phy B A Spee c h Commu n ications B A SCIENCE AND MATHEMATI CS Bio l ogy B S C h emisiTy B S C ompu t er Sc ien ce B.S. M ath e ma tics B.S. M edical T ec h no l ogy B S Nursi n g B S PteEngineering SOCIAL SCIENCES Hlstooy B A Political Sc ience B A Soc i a l Studies Education B A Sociology B A Crimina l JUSiice B A. 'PteEngin

Mr. and Mrs. Herman McCall, Lawrence Bradley Beatrice Bradley, Soria and Benjamin Soria. MEDICAID ACCEPTED We Take The Bite Out Of Dental Care Costs! Teeth Cleaning (REG. $15 SPEC. THRu B/31/85) 510 ('I hr. appointment with Licensed Dental Hygienist) Full Mouth s can X-Ray ...... .... 518 (Panoramic-Maxilla and Mandible, film) Crowns/Caps (PER TOOTH) ....... _each5199 (Porcelain with non-precious metal) Deluxe ............ set 5385 (Complete Upper and Competelowet) Partial Dentures ........... each 5245 (full cost partial with two chrome clasps, Upper or lower) Fillings (PER SURFACE) 515 (Amalgam, on.; surface or Composite resin, one surfoce) BRACES ONE FAIR PRICE FOR ALL REGARDLESS OF TYPE OF BITE PER $100 MONTH down INCLUDING 12% A.P.R. OR FULL CASH PRICE: '1095 Comprehensive orthodontic treatment of the transitional dentition, or treatment of the permanent dentition. Martin R. Crytzer Certified Orthodontist; Member, American Association of Orthodontists. Town & Country DENTAL CENTER 888-6868 I A OF SOUTHEAST DENTAL CENTERS 8370 W. HILLSBOROUGH AVE. JUST EAST OF WEST HILLS PLAZA -BETWEEN SCOTTY'S & PONDEROSA DENTAL INSURANCE ACCEPTEDNO CHARGE FOR PROCESSING Open Six Days A Week Evealaa Houn Available (PRE-AUTHORIZA liON REQUIRED) Joel S. Gorb/lk, D. D. S. Rudolph T Liddell, D. D. S. No Appolotmeat Needed For Emergencies prices ore minimal fees and do not indude x-rays. Additional Expense may !a:S] be incurred, depending upon individual conditions. Tony Collins, Attorney Kaydell Wright and Troy Collier at th.e reception at the Morrison, Gilmore Clark Law Offices. -------------------Your News 248-1921 > = Q. :s I = Q -=-Q. -. -cs


I PAGE FOURTEEN Fla. Sentinel-Bulletin Published Everv Tues. And Fri.Gel BotftEdit!ons TUESDAY, JULY 30. 1915 A GRFATWAYTOSA\IEI For every .00 you spend, we'll double. three manufacturer's coupon offers! to Purc:haH 3 Coapo .. ; Parc:haH -6 Coapoaa; etc. U .S. CHOICE W-DBRAND BOTTOM ROUND ROAST Coupons up to SOC value will be doubled Those valued from SOC to .00 will have a maximum redemption value of .00. Coupons over '1.00 will be redeemable only for face value Double coupon offer excludes retailer or free coupons, cigarettes or tobacco coupons or refund certificates. Coupon value cannot exceed the value of the item MANUfACTURERS COUPON W-DBRAND FRESH PURE GROUND BEEF 5-LBS. OR MORE LB.99C WE'll liGHT FOI YOU! .....-=. -a -PRICES EFFECTIVE JULY 28-31. QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYRIGHT 1985, WINN-DIXIE STORES, INC. TAMPA. This ad applies to the foHowing Aorida counties only: Desoto, Hardee, Hillsborough Highlands, Hernando, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk Sarasota, Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and the city of LaBelle. Check your local paper for specials in your area. v SAVE.32<: UGHT CHUNK STYLE PACKED IN OIL OR WATER STARKIST TUNA n ..


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"Miss Upward Bound" at the University of South Florida for 1985-86 is Angeli& Wilson, the charming and talented daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles (Ruby) Wilson, who is featured above in swimwear at a university pool. The vivacious young lady vied for the title with eight othen in general appearance, intellect, talent, evening attire and swim wear. Her talent presentation was a vocal rendition of "On the Other Side of the Rainbow. Miss WUson : is a senior at Leto High School. Her hobbies are singiqa1 playing the piano and g reading. She hopes to attend Spelman College, Atlanta, Ga. and major in accounting. Her am bition is to become a Certified PubUc Accountant. She attends Baldwin Temple Church of the Uving God. Other contestants were Misses Benisa Forte, Plant City High, first runner-up; Simone .S Hillsborough High, 2nd ru-.ner-up. Other finalists were Mia Colston, Kathleen High, & Lakeland; Angela Freamon, Selphina Nichols and DeCarlo Walker, all of Hillsborough High Sehnol. I The contest also featured a "Mr. Upward Bound" contest. Anthony Sampson of Kathleen High School, Lakeland, won the title. Krfkor Plant City High, was first runner-up and Danny Polson of King High School was second runner-up. C The Mr. & Miss Upward Bound pageant is an annual event at the University of South Florida during the six-weeks Summer Residential Pageant Contestants Visit Veterans' z ...,., f-< ===='==''=-c. The 1985 Miss Black Florida Pageant visited the James A. Haley Veterans' Hospatal. during their week of competition. They entertained the patients in an auditorium program and then visited patients throughout the hospital. They were led by former Miss Black Ameri;a, Janice who served as the Pageant's Talent Coordinator. Mr. Noble Sissie, who is the Pageant Director, has arranged to bring these lovely young ladies to the Hospital each year for the past five years. The ladies are pictured with Mrs. Nelson (at the piano) who also served as their music director and accompanist. VA photo by Art Nelson. At Police-Community Relations Program ANNOUNCING OPENING AUG. 5TH Little Chi,dren In The World Daycare Center Located At Pilgrim Rest M.D. Church Corner Of Lois & Nassau St. Curriculum Peabody Early Hot Lunch & Snacks Ages: 2 To 5 And After School 879-1259 Or 879-0445 MARY H. BUIE, Operator License #CT-300-P YES! We Can Solve Your Plumbing Problems! Repair Service Remodelh1g New Installations i R. REEVES Electric Sewer And Drain Cleaning For All Your Plumbing Needs Call $ REEVES PLUMBING \ COMPANY Good Thru July 30th .2 38-4348 ICF25588 NEED HoME REPAIRED. Want Your Bills & Mortgage Paid Off WE DO ANY KIND OF WORK LARGE OR SMALL ADD A ROOM, ROOFING, FLOORS, WINDOWS FENCE, PLUMBING, ELECTRIC, ANY KIND OF REMODELING Pay Only One Small Monthly Payment CALL TONY VECCHIO 258-6161' T&M BUILDERS-2104 E. 7th AVE. ACROSS FROM RESTAURANT MONEY .!'' Kids Are You Looking for Extra Spending Cash for The Summer? Sell The Florida SentlneiBulletln Every Tuesday And Friday Adults And Teens Welcomed $ ''TIME IS ADULTS AND TEENS WELCOMED SENTINEL EXAMPLE CHART FOR AGENTS: PAPERS 25 50 100 200. 500 1,000 AGENT COST 55.00 510.00 520.00 540.00 5100.00 5200.00 PROFIT FOR AGENT 53:75 57.50 515 .. 00 530.00. 575.00 5150.00 "Time .. Is Money" So, Call Nowllll for More Information Contact: CIRCULATION MANAGER

utthereS one taste theyagreeo Benson & Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. lijlts : 10 '!lQ ta(,' 0.7 mg ni:otine-lOO's: 16 m1rmr.to mg nicotine av. per cigarette; FTC. Report Feb.'B5. -. t:, .-: #', -:. .... I ff 1:1 ; = c ft ; -= c fl) 1:1" a. E c > = I r ,1:1"


J,IJ Entertainment Kids Quiz !1------= Q .... := Q = Someone should fill in tht; difficult words for _young children. _.) 52. Positive answer ( __ I ACROSS c 1. Move on foot (I you can.) __ to work.) 53. Same as 9 across. 4. Going to (I pass DOWN my test!) 7. For what cause (___ 1. Part of to be (He did you go away.) --here.) 9. Length of life (What 2. Do over (I must do the is your __ .) dishes __ .) 10. One in cards (I had a 3. Pleasure time (You work two and an __ .) or play, at your __ .) 11. Article (___ well Not hor or cold (The is dry.) water was __ .) 12. Move with wind (My 5. Frozen water. boat will __ soon.) 6. Show the way(___ us 13. Get meaning of writing to your hideout.) (I can __ well.) 7. Part of Who( __ pen 15. 1st digit (9-8 = _j is this.) 16. Part of to be (Today 8. Female chicken (Our __ Monday.) __ laid an egg.) 17. Part of to be (I __ 14. Part of do ( __ this nine years old.) thing work?) 18. Part of do (How __ 17. Following (Your's is this work.) __ mine.) 20. Smokeless tobacco (My 19. Same as 27 across. brothers uses __ .) 20. Future action (I __ ci 21. All (My Dad shaves miss you.) I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I __ day.) 22. Color (Our flag is 23. In the direction of _. _, white, and blue.) 1. Taurus is considered a positive sign, true or false? Phone Your News 248-1921 (I went __ town.) 24. On (Pull the blanket 25. Employ (___ your __ your head.) black pen.) 25. Plead (I __ you 26. Part of to be (We to go.) __ twins.) 29. To the inside (He went 27. Always(___ !lt your __ the house.) service.) 30. Consume (We sup28. Move on vehicle (Let's per.) __ to town.) 31. Same as 9 across. 31. Same as 26 across. 33. Cereal grain (I like 34. Extended length (Your bteai.) arms are __ .) 35. Same as 15 across. 37. Direction of rising sun 36. Mesh cloth (His ball (Atlanta is __ of Dallas.) hit the __ .) 39. Essential (We all 38. Before long (School will __ to eat.) __ be over.) 2. In Chinese Astrolog", a rectangular chart is used in stead of the tradi\ional cir cular one, true or false? 3. Name the United States President who had his horoscope mounted on a chess board next to his bed and con sulted it each morning as he awakened. 4. Hank Aaron the all-time Great Homerun King of baseball was bora under which sign? 42. Past tense of take (I 40. Female deer (A __ has ANSWERS __ a short cut to school.) no antlers.) 44. Not dry (My seat is 41. Pronoun ( __ all passed.) Sn!Junby 't __ .) 43. Ruler (The lion is JI3Aasoo}l aJopoaqJ. 45. Pronoun (_._, she, it.) __ of beast.) anJJ. ''Z 46. Pronoun (He, she _.) 44. Interrogative pronoun 3Sf8J '1 *Sentinel's Top JOSingles 1. Rock Me Tonight .... Freddie Jackson 2. You Give Good Love Whitney Houston 3. Raspberry Beret ... Prince 4. Freeway Of Love ...... Aretha Franklin 5. Can You Help Me .... Jesse Johnson 6. Hang On A String ..... Loose Ends 7. Attack Me With You Love ; ... Cameo 8. Fresh .. ; Kool & The Gang 9. Sanctified Lady ........................ Marvin Gaye 10. Take Me Home ....... : .. Lisa Lisa THE GREAT REV. MAKO SPIRITUAL READER, HEALER, AND ADVISOR Tells past, present and future. He knows all, tells all. If you are sick and in bad health. Knows your enemies! Is your loved one drifting away? Do you need money? If you have a Curse or Bad Spell he can help you break the bad luck. One visit can or maybe solve all your problems. His specialty is getting the sick well and reuniting the loved ones. Lucky Days and Num bers are given. 48. At this place (You can ( __ is your friend.) 't ) 47 p t of th foot (H $ d IF YOU NEED HELP DON'T HESITATE sa ar e e pot A vertising d ) COMENOW,LATERMAYBETOOLATE 49. Article (I ate--apple.) steppe on my -- W k COME BY HIS OFFiCE OR CALL 234-2241, 219 W HILLSBOROUGH 50. Negative( __ you can't 48.Same as 45 across. Or S AVE. 4 BLOCKS WEST OF 1-75, TAMPA. BUS RIDE FROM go.) 49. Like (Do I say.) Go Classified..... ANYWHERE. li5iil liOiiniiilyone-tiiiimliei.(liJ.icilhiiieiiated-1See-AiiinaswersOnP-agiieli2ii711)--l--------------------l.jiiiiiiiiiiiiCiLiiPiiTiHiiliiSiAiiDiif"ii0iiRiiAiiSiiPiiEiiCiiiAiiLiiiiREiiAiiDiiiliiNiiGiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-l


Actor Scatman Crothers -Has Lung Tumor LOS ANGELES Actor Scatman Crothers, whose roles have ranged from a telepath in The Shining to a magical senior citizen in The Twilight Zone, has an in operl!ble tumor behind his left lung; his publicist said last week. Crothers,. 75, who is in in tensive care at Beverly Hills Medical Center. in Los Angeles, underwent surgery Monday morning following a two-week stay and will under go chemotherapy, publicist Jerry Zelenka said. "He's doing fine. He's com municating fine. He's reading. He's doing anything you or I can do," nursing supervisor Rosemarie Essler said Tues day. ''The tumor behind the left lung," Zelenka said "Evidently it's in such a posi tion that it's hard to cut out, and.thedoctors felt it was best just to leave it there because if they had taken it but, it could have killed him." He said he did not know if the tumor was cancerous. "He's taking it very well," Zelenka said. "He's a very religious man. He's not ready to die, but we don't think it's at that point." Denise LaSalle Headed For Pop Success JACKSON, TN Malco recording artist, songwriter/producer, and en tertainer par excellent Denise LaSalle, has just returned from a highly successful tour of the United Kingdom where her current single release "My Tu Tu" is the number three record on the -top music charts of Great Britian. She also ap peared on the "BritisH Soul Train" television show, and "Top Of The Pops" the num ber one television show in Great Britian which is the equivalent of the highly DENISE LaSALLE popular "Solid. Gold" television show here in has also been picked and listed America, while on her tour .of in quite a number of other in the United Kingdom. dustry trade she.ets and The single "My Tu Tu ", is a publications, while her single single released from her "My Tu Tu" from the album current Malaco album "Love that's currently one of the hot Talking", which has been top ten tunes in Great Britian, listed and constantly moving seemingly is suffereing from up on the Jet Magazine album air play and exposure here in chart, almost immediately afthe states. However, if the ter it was released. The album history of single records going Presents The Fall Classic Fashion Show 1985 KNOCK01:1T SERIES Boxing great Muhammad Ali congratulates the cJt of "What's Happening Now!!" on the start of production. Ali enjoyed the taping of !!how with studio addience before meeting with the jubilant cast. They are, from left .to nght, Anne-Mane Johnson, guest star Theodore Wilson, Haywood Nelson, Ernest Thomas, Ali, Shirley and Fred Berry. "What's Happening Now!!", the premiere first-run senes Columbia Pictures Television in association with LBS Communications, Inc., wall begin aarmg ., fall of 1985. It follows the high-spirited youths of the "What's Happening!!" series as they ff __ Former tage, Star Dies At 76 pano at the age of 12 from her on completing her degree from e. When Estelle Rolle Evans was a child working in the fields of her father's Pompano it seemed unlikely she would one day act on stage and in television and films. "Outwardly, we considered her as rather timid, not outgo ing," said her sister Zilpha. Sawyer. "But she started working, and then liked it more and more." Mrs. Evam, sister of televi. sion star Esther Rolle, died Saturday of cancer in New York City. She was 76. Mrs. Evans' film credits in cluded The Quiet One, The Learning Tree and as Calpur nia, a black servant helping to ,raise Gregory Peck's children in To Kill a Mockingbird. The oldest of 18 children, Mrs. Evans moved to Pornnative Hanamas. During Hunter College, studying ;" -planting and harvesting time, speech and drama. :;the whole family worked in the During that time, a strong "'= vegetable fields. movement began to interest g. Then, ",Pompano was a blacks in theater. Mrs. Evans i= small town where. everybody was recruited to join the first :r knew everybody else," Sawyer class of the American Negro a, said. But, "my family was so Theater. Among her S my insisted we classmates were Sidney Poi not to live too close to and Harry Belafonte. .:! y ody else." Although raising tw After attending Florida children, Mrs. Evans quickl c: Memorial College, Mrs. Evans began picking up roles in worked as a first-grade teacher theater, films and local N > in Pompano from 1929. to York television. She had not S, 1935. She moved to New York worked reeently. City in 1935, after marrying Survivors include a son, ? her childhood sweetheart, Charles; a daughter, Martha I Walter, now dead. Steele; three granchildren; one In New York, she taught broth-er; and six sisters. elementary school and worked Services were at 10 a.m. -Saturday at the Po_itier f Funeral Home in Pompano. It 5r was Mrs. Evans' wish to be buried there. New Series F9r Senior Citizens Playmakers To Hold Auditions o = C'-1


August 1-7 This Weeks' Major AspectS 6th Mercury Square Saturn 3rd Venus Oppose Neptune Sun Trine Moon 4th_ Venus Trine Pluto Sun Trine Uranus Sun Oppose Jupiter "Thou will be done on Earth tis in the Heavens" LEO During the early motives. Trends on the 6th part of this period you have a hints this is a time to get away responsibility to set a good exto a quiet retreat. Be wise to ample, especially on younger forces that may be working minds. A friend could put the against your interests. Seek damper on a pet project on the truth to a personal problem. 3rd. Accept any negative AQUARIUS Plan sOcial' responses gracefully. Aspects affairs early during this on the 6th suggest that you period; write financial ar could be lucky now. New rangements Savings can be associations look promising. used well now. On the 3rd, A sport or hobby project earns there could be a secret attrac honorable mention. tion and exciting liappenings. .. VIRGO This is a time to The solar trends around the take extra care of your health 6th sussest you stay in the and watc!l your step. Try not background for the present. to take_ business beefs out on You could worry over dress or E your family. You have little decorum. Don't pay attention lattitude for self-expression to fads, trying to keep with now The 6th will be better, friends. however expansive plans are PISCES _:. Be cautious in especial} if they relate the business and industrial to your home, family or basic area now. Allow an extra security. Investigate any pro. margin for error. Higher-ups positions. may seem unreasonable. The UBRA There are ways 3rd is the best time for con out of. obstacles, but you'll ferences. You can strike pay have to use brainpower this dirt on the 6th. Make requests week especially on the 4th. of parents or supervisors. It is Assume there is an answer. A also a good time to meet pea friend could be helpful on a pie, perhaps even forcing your test or wriiten project. Lunar way: into !l group. Go to a aspects the 6th hints that sports event if possible. this is a good day for comARIFS Be wiling to listen inunicating : Advance advertis-to opposing views now. Weigh ing, publicity goals, contact all 'd -ecisions carefully. legal experts. You _will have a Postponement of a trip or chance to enhance your communication may be knowledge. desirable, especially on the SCORPIO This week 4th. Keep in-laws happy now. favors colinting assets and There is an enjoyable ex liabilities; you can weed out perience indicated on the 6th, strong arid weak points. Your involving sport or position and responsibilities travel. Use present opporprotect you from claim by tunities to extend your sphere creditors. The Sun-Moon of influence. Retract your trend on the 7th indicates that horns on the 7th. this is a good time for purchasTAURUS Solar patterns ing and gaining financial suggust this is a time to enlist favors. Income may increase. the cooperation of others in a You could attract attention at fmancial way. Someone may a ask yo for a loan or favor so SAGJrrARIUS -Don't be prepared. The 3rd can be expect too much of others dull unless you think of now, You can carry on single... something special. However, handed and you may have to. the 6th is a day for large WEDNESDAY 1"2\wibu \.i!.JIPBS) Day 45 Weather 9 00 Pelka DOt 15 Door 30 Toclar.s 45 Spec al 1 000 Reading 15 Rainbow 30 Pe-rheUH 45 11 00 Mister 15 Rogers 30 Tocrays 45 Spec;oal 15 Shop 1 2 00 Wooclwrigllt 30 College For 45 Canines 1 00 Mystery! 15 "Reilly: 30 Ace Of 45 Spies" 2 00 Smithsonian 15 World 30 45 R 3 00 Polka Dot 15 Door 30 Po-rllouse 45 45 H 500 MISter 15 Regen 30 Reading 45 RaiRboW 600 OCMRUI 15 H 30 Business 45 Repert 700MiCNell 15 Lellrer 30 Newslleur 45 H 8 00 Natliiiil 15 30 H 45 900 liHii 1SPHple 30 H 45 1'0'\WXR. l.!!..ltNBCJ '!oday s::ta "arbara Lit's Make ADoal Sale Of The Century WhiiiOf Fortune News Allin The Family Days Of !?ur Lives Another world Barnaby !,enes Rockfil'd Files AIIIRThi Family "!,ax I PomiiY Feud Sale Of Tile Cotury Alih .. yfe, FidSOf Life Taxi St. !'flsewllere TV GUibE lift\WTSP \!.!!}I ABC I Good Morning I?,Onahue Murphy In The Morning Sally Jessy Raplleel Ryall's Hope All-Star Blitz All My fhildren One Life To Live Gineral !;tospital Pelke !to?' Wliiil Of Fortune Peeple's Court lidiiP Rell Summer Action Si AIICI Sell Rye On HellywMCI JULY 31, 1985/ BROADCAST IR'IWTVT @Wrig-----CBS Morning lnspecter Good 44 Kids News Gadget Merning Club '!ranzor Tic Tac DoUfll Anything For Money m;ooo Pyramid Joker's Wild Price Is !light Pulse f.lusl Young And ;p.e Restless AsThi World !urns Guiding Hour lncridlbli !;tulle Whet !""t 1 Love "Village Of The Wonder Woman Hardy BOys, NucyDrew l!ebetedl J!iws I Dream Of JeaRnle TllrH's '!-witched Cempany News 6Hf'nRt ,, ... nter taiR_,.t Hireshlma,, Plus Yean casMiVIii "TweKIIIds 9fLeve" Newtv-cl Game clsMiVIii ''TIM Ivery Stntces Goocl Times l!iftiiR ca,.. '!ilak Mev. ''Devil .... Diiiihue Jim leer All-Star Blitz RyaR's Hope All My fllilclren One Life !oLive Ginerel !;tospltal Heur Tic Tac Douth News lidii1 Rell SUmmer Actlen I!JiisfY. Fat Albert Tom& Jerry Six Millien Dollar MaR Happy Days Divorce Ceurt Dallas Movoe: "SwHt Smell Of SUccess" f;!eathciiH Sciiby Doo Y,ottrn star Trek Jms Private BHjamiR WKRPIR CinciRuti Barney Miller ... ... AUGUST 1, 1985/ BROADCAST -: ', .. It is wise to listen through, if undertakings in which the they offer a word of. caution. resources of other people are .. ;. Keep your image bright. indeqsable. Combinations of Aspects on the 6th suggests three can pay off. this is a period to arrange your GEMINI -Be extra careful affairs in accord with your this week especially on the 4th most ardent desires. Use it Past agreements come under wisely. Take advantage of strain and second thoughts. your ability to counsel others. Trust your basic instincts, however. Lunar trends on the ;;..: :6th suggests that it's a good 1-o th1s you w1ll di5':ov.er day for making up and achiev areas are _off hrruts ing a broader outlook. Real m a literal or figurative sense. estate could bring profits 1-o. i Move with in Take steps to clear up a debt e: "IRVIsien Of Tile Body work and play. I( things t or an obligation to another. & .n .. s m oo .. th l y ... r e e x a m l n e ... CiA._N.CiEiiR._ .... T.hiis .. jje.riioid .... iili ........... .... R .... ................................ ......


Piston Star Isiah Thomas Gets Marrie4 :F AMU Seeking Athletic Boosters TALLAHASSEE Florida A&M University's in terim athletic director said Monday that his top priority will be to make the school athletic program, wh!ch had a $770 000 deficit .last year, a solvent operation. Sterlin Adams said he believes that is possible with an aggressive marketing strategy to enlist booster support. ."My priority is to make it fiscally solvent,'' Adams said at a news conference. "I also will stress the develOJ>ment of EXAMINED Dr. Wallace Hqy OPTOMETRIST PuJing Customers & Medicaid Accepted 176-8491 w.l!uffolo Ave. the student athlete in the academic sector and work toward a base for the future plans and development of the program." Roosevelt Wilson said in June, after a at the school, that he wotRISve the job as athletic director ; Contributin/to the_ frustra. tions were a 3-7-1 football season, the $770,000 deficit after football ticket sales and booster support sagged, and a lack of state funding. Adams, who started work last week, said he expects. his 1 stint as athletic director to .end in about a year, when a perina. nent director is named. He also will be executive assistant to F AMU President Frederick Humphries, paralleling jobs the two men held at Ten nessee State University. ; -.. > PONTIAC, Mich. eluding Herb Williams of the diana University and occa< Detroit Pistons star Isiah Indiana Pacers. sionally dated there. c. Thomas married tprmer Thomas told the Detroit Although they were engaged diana Universityf' classmate Free Press he decided to ex-last summer, word didn't leak Lynn Kendall Friday at Our elude the news media to keep out until January. For a long Lady .of Sorrows the ceremony private. time, Thomas refused even to purch in Chicago. reveal Kendall's name to tlie wedding party consisted Thomas and Kendall, OOLu news media. She is an airline o( 10 couples, including 24 will honeymoon in Hawaii stewardess. Thomas' six brothers, two and live in Thomas' home in "She's special to me," childhood friends, Los the Detroit suburb. of Thomas said. "It's not like I Angeles Lakers star Magic Southfield. want to lock her in a closet, Johnson and Dallas Mavericks The two met six years ago in but I do want to have a normal forward Mark Aguirre, a the Chicago area, where both private life ... just like childhood playmate of grew up. Both attended Ineveryone else has." Thomas in Chicago. Thomas' brother, Mark, was best man. Thomas is the youngest of 11 children. Pistons General Manager Jack McCloskey along with players, coaches and a number of front-office people were to attend the wedding, along with several NBA s, in-Maurice Lucas Signs With Lakers Former-Knick power for ward Maurice Lucas has sign ed an offer sheet with the Lakers. The two-year ..... guaranteed deal is for ah estimated S3sp,ooo per season. Lucas, 33, $700 last season with Suns, whc;> refused to pick up his option year at $650,000. The' Suns, who have the- right of first refusal, are not expected to the offer but will try to get some compensation. Meanwhile, first round draft choice, A.C. Green of Oregon State, left the Lakers after four games itl the pro summer league because of dissatisfica tion with : contract negotia tions. Dicke rson Won't Report To Rams LOS ANGELES Unless the Rams contact Eric Dickerson's financial advisers, it likely the star running back will be a holdout when veterans are requireCI to report to training camp. > It's been a, month since the :s Rams have spoken to DickerC. son's advisers Jack Rodri, attorney David Epstein and ex-boxer Ken Norton. I Despite the of a holdout by Dickerson, who wants his contract extended or = renegotiated, the Rams have S. not budged from their n-o-= comment, no-meetings s tarice. "The Rams have .made no attempt to contact Us,-" Rodri c; said. "There's rio use in kid 5l ding ourselves. A holdout Free Physicals The Tampa Eagles Football, Inc., will give free physicals on August 3, l p.m. at the Ybor City Boys & Girls Club, located at 2806 N. 15thSt. For further information, call 248-1585. see your dull faded hai r become younger look i ng dark and lustrous. WON'T IIW 0"' 011 WASH OUT JTIIAU IIAIRtOLBIIIJIG' Today1 IIAY 8E USED 8Y liEN 011 WOMEN BLACK STRAND 3 youthful looking shades JET .LACK, .LACK, 011 IIDWN STRA"b PRODUCTS CO.


'"'.:o 0 .. ""' ""' Z' J,..l; J,..l < c.. 'FREE GLA'SSES Paid For Sy Medicaid Call: Dr. L. A. Martinez Optometrist 876-6085' Attorney At Law Persona llnj"ury & Wrongful : : :'? FR_EE, By Appointment ,. .. Evenings And Weekends -. 711 N FLORIDA AVE. SUITE 225 TAMPA. FL 33602 ..


......................................................................... IN MEMORIAM AIKENS PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME 3402 26th STREET As Impressive As Required As Inexpensive As Desired PHONES: 247-3151 or 247-3152 AIKENS FUNERAL Cor. Buffalo Ave.&: l8tb St. 232-8725 We're The Key To Fine Service WILSON'S FUNERAL HOME 3001 29th STREET "Our Business Is Service" Phone: 248-6125 ROGERS FUNERAL HOME PHONE 239-3101 Or 258-0764 4605 34th Street LADY ATTENDANT WE GIVE THE BEST FOR LESS." WILSON MRS. LOUISE CREAL BENJAMIN 248-1921 IN MEMORIAM In memory of our loved one, Rev. A. D. Tyson, who slept away; July 29, 1984. Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood our hearts. Devoted wife, Mrs. Corine Tyson; and daughter, Sarah. OAK HILLS FUNERAL HOME Baby Boy Cook, 6711 Johnson Ct., Apt. 103 Mrs. Willie Mae Bunion, 2505 E. Caracas Ave. John Brown, P. o: Box 574, Tampa, Florida. PUGHSLEY FUNERAL HOME Mr. Joseph Green, 2609 fGenessee. 1 AIKENS FUNERAL HOME HENRY JOYNER July 31, 1982 JEAN JOYNER July 10, 1964 Memories of our loving parents, JEAN and HENRY JOYNER, grow sweeter each day, for they are the embodiment of our love, our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations. Because of them, we are what we are today, and we are sincerely grateful. These humble remembrances are symbolic of1 our love, ad iniration and appreciation for their guidance, precepts, and loving care. l Their Children: Arthenia, Sonja and Booker T. To Place Cancel Or Correct CLASSIFIED ADS Dial .248-2825 or The family of the late Mrs. Lucile V. Hammond 248-3033 acknowledges with grateful appreciation and heartfelt SHADY GROVE. thanks all expressions of sympathy and the many acts of FUNERAL HOME kindness extended to us during 2305 N. Nebraska the passing of our mother and 221-3639 grandmother. and CEMETERY Your words of consolation, 4615 E. Hanna Mr. Bobby Lee Tucker, 1001 31st Avenue. many beautiful cards, flowers, 626-2332 telegrams and food were greatComplete Burial For = > c. o< (N .... IC CIC (II = Q =-... ... Q = 'fll Mr. William H. Green, Jr., FUNERALS BY: 4204 Nassau St. ly appreciated. We are $705 .' ., :; BRYANT & WILLIAMS Mrs. Albertha Ladson, 2912 thankful for the love of real Add .m10 for senices on Ray Williams Funeral Home llst Avenue. true friends and neighbors. Ia) and add .1i lOti for all scnkcs Z 1417 N. Albany Ave. 'SHADY GROVE FUNERAL The Hammond Family: :.l'llr .l p.m. 253 HOME James & William & CHARLES RELIFORD "When Understanding Ela1'ne Rob t & Lo d ... '' Baby Girl Sharp, 4210 E. er u1se an ""' .................. ............. lewild.


...................................................................................................... CliO 0'1 .... CLASSIFIED ADS-DIAL 248-1921-CLASSIFIED AD DEPT ;;.. HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED 'HELP WANTED FOR SALE ::; CRUISE SHIP JOBS Live-in cook needed for AVON Par tt i me J a nH or i a I,. Beautifully Remodeled >=' Great income potential. AU Boarding Home. Non-Wants you to sell where you $5.00/hour. Immediate open3 bedroom/1 bath, cement < occupations. For information drinkers only. 247-6756. work or in your ings for males. 253-2539 or block, new roof. VA $0down, Q call: (312) 742-8620, ext. 339. neigltllorhood. Call Now! Pat, 229-2939. FHA $1500 down, SEEKING EMPLOYMENT? 238-8128. L-.-C-'o_o_k_p_l_u_s_H_o_u_s-ek_e_e-pe-r-,-4 $380/month, $37,400. ;;;J SYSTEMS Sign Up With Us Today! 876-0780. CRUISE SHIP JOBS! $3.60 per hour. Must have COORDINATOR We're lookin;_ for exf' University Technical for Great income potential. All rst aid or willing to study. WEST TAMPA Services temporary and permanent occupations. For information Call 225 1317 9=30 a.m. 5 Newly remodeled 3 / 1 in Responsible for implemenignments. call: (312) 742-8620, ext. 339. p.m. nice neighborhood. Owner tation, maintenance, and Secrtttaries $5.50/hr. Is It True You Can Buy financed. Only $1,500 working knowledge of various Typist $4.50/hr. Jeeps for $44 through the U.S. down, $350 montb. Pay off Experienced seam tress n 10 ars Fo more ,nfor software packages that are usClerks $4.00 I hr Government? Get the faCts to1 ye r h wanted at Cleaners, mation call eves. ed in administration and Data Entry $4.50/ r. 3209 E. Hillsborough. day! Ca111-312-742-1142, Ext. t-------------1 academic application The Word Processors $6.00/h'r. t-----------:--:--:-1..:.99::::;24::;::..._ ________ -1 position has respo nsibilities 2811 W. Kennedy Blvd., N. Full time licensed hair I for application software in104A LADIES!! stallation under CICS, MVS Dunmore UnLtd. dresser needed at Becky's Make big money selling naand VM as well as data securiPersonnel Salon, 5004 E. Sligh Ave. tionally advertised perfume to ty and integrity. Serve as 873-7726 985-6337 your neighbors. Full or parttechnical consultant to in for-1 ----.... ____ -1_ time. Call for details; Mr mation systems development r Mature; experienced Brewer. 254 2167 analyst and academic users. SENIOR SECRET ARIES janitorial personnel for the A VON Coordinates activities of the (HCC) Greater Tampa/St. Pete areas. Looking for an opportunity technical services team con-HCC immediate openings Positions open from maids/lo make money? Join the sisting of a Computer Systems for Senior Secretary positions. janitors to supervision. Exnumber one Beauty Company Analyst Supervisor and Com-Duties involve advanced cellent pay and benefits. Full earn.S.OJn.nW>ll "f'.Ut puter Systems Analyst. stenographic and clerical and part-time openings. Bachelor's degree in relevant responsibilities and functionMonday-Friday betwee field and a minimum of 3 ing as an administrative aide & 6 pm at: years relevant experience to the unit supervisor. ROYAL SERVlt.' beyond the bachelor's level re-Minimum Qualifications: 2907 N. Florida lb ... quired. Preferenc e will be High school graduation (or (Tampa) l given to applicants who equivalency) and 3 years of 273-9042 ) possess: 5 years professional secretarial/clerical & typing ..,_ ____ _. .... _____ experience, 2 of which at a experience ( or comparable TRANSPORTATION y 'C supenisory level; background amount of training & ex. DRIVER \ in.MVS AND CICS Systems; perience). Also, must type 60 $5.21 hrly. 'g Knowledge of SAS and inforwpm and lake dictation at 80 passenger vehicle_)-';); < matics products, including wpm. (Tests required). transporting clients to f MARK IV, ANSWER/DB, Application deadline: July from designated locatlo1 :l and MARK V. Salary range: 31, 1985. H.S. Grad. (or GED) & AS $200 DOWN If you are over-crowed or being displaced, you may qualify to buy a house. Perma nent income is required. GL & Auoc. Broker 626-6689 DON'T RENT FOREVER Nice 3/ 1 quiet ,neighborhood, clean, only $28,000 with $3,000 down 8016 N Alaska. For more info Herman, 248-6112 (days) '18-6256 (eves). OM P. MARTINO, : REALTOR :. 2018 E. 7th Avenue ( INVESTORS gross $9,000/year, down. Spacious 4-unit bldg. Excellent rental C all Herman, 248-6112 4 ys) or 248-6256 (eves.) ) qM P. MARTINO, Inc. r REALTOR :s Fl. driver's llcen: $21,110 $38,000 open (starPlease call Personnel Office t' ting salary negotiable up to Ext. 230) for apability to 4' $29,560 based on experience). pointment to take typing & feur's llcenae. ."\. 1 ----=-CARVERCITY 2018 E.. 7.th Avenue Send resume by August 8, shorthand tests. Apply by, .--..--. sAtE "2 1985 to: HILLSBOROUGH Hlllsborougt. County .1: Director University COMMUNITY COLLEGE Department of' Employee MONEY T ALKSI :5 Computing Services Personnel Dept. Relations, 412 Madison 460637th St. -; SVC 409 USF 39 Columbia Drive Str-t, Room 1003, Tampa, 3 bedroom frame/1 bath. a.. Tampa, Fl. 33620 (Davis Islands) Florida 33602. No qualifying. 258-5151. 1::1 AHirmatlve EOE Tampa, Fla. 33606 OUTREACH COUNSELOR GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD ..!! i "5 i 1::1 rl ;: OPERATION HIRE J ... .. .----.1 IIT-!:...( . Orlando, Florida 32102 Apply for either by 3:00 THAN RENT D o uble s in gl e room for r e nt Mu s t b e workin g p e opl e, single or toup l e For mor e in form a tion call 2 48-5 5 85. Zf-.1 ....... .. ..... ....... ......... ....... p.m., Friday, August 2. 2,3 and 4 bedrooms .low ADDRESS, _______________ ...:._ ____ Htllsborough down payment. Free informaJ--------------crrv ______________ ..-ruAT"'t:.._ ________ County Civil Service tion F urnish ed room s for r e nt !-< PHONE< L----;.___;.....: ____ :...._ ___ .....::. .. _____ ,......;.,_,_ -----;-: 925 Twiggs, Tampa, Fla. WALT BREWER '1216 1 2 th Av e Cl e an and ... ... .... .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... : ... ... ....... ... .. .......... ........ 33602 REALTY r eas on a bl e, refrig e rator cook .. .. .............. .L ...... ........ .... .-.=..


ROLLING HILLS APARTMENTS Brm. Apartments Towri Homes Cable Available Welcome Ask 'About Our Special 621-7083 Sligh & 50th St. -------:g-reb Rw::;:;fj .8Tesb /nkr IMMEDIATE RESULTS J NO NECESSARY fLUX1k Of< tMiup, mUou& aoadaUe fJo-m#e-I :r t!j. c::a. c; = Cll INCLUDING PAP SMEARS, VD SCREENING, "C Bid documents may be ob-ALL METHODS OF BIRTH CONTROL > tained at the office of the Hillsborough Area Regional soum TAMPA NORTH TAMPA ..; Transit Authority located at 251-0505 961-7907 4305 E. 21st Avenue, Post Of-1302 s. Dale Mabry 14704 N. nortda Ave 1"1 flee Box 5067 Y 33675, betNamber o1 NatioDal Formerly t .... pa CoUDMiiDCJ ween the hours of 8:00 A.M. Abortion Federation and Abortion c...... -

................................ .... .... ........ .. ., ADSDIAL 248-1921 'Informer' Slain By Blacks through the townships. ""' Moments after President Feared That She'd Be Killed P.W. Bothaannouncedastate > MISCELLANEOUS Ml US of emergency last Saturday, 5 K W A-THEM A, South work for the white minority her death was replayed on "" Will c'onsider an) situation. Roseline Maki government. The accusations South African television. Homeowners only. 963-0565 Skosana, a young black .made against the woman could It shocked television au-. Cll ;: TO GAMBLE AND WIN Forctetails send $5.00 Bw1iness Manager, James P.O. Box 824, Fla. 33601 .. MONEY TO LEND Mortl(age Loans up to 15,000. "io Credit Checks. Tom P Martino, Inc., Raaltar 2011 E. 7th Ave; Ph: 248-6111 Behind In Ho111se Payments? I Can Help! Call: 855-5133. l4 Hrs. '77 Plymouth Gran Fury Loaded! Ex-detective's car down, full price $795. Orange Motors, Ave. 229-0549. We buy Homes. Any 'L.unu tion. Any Area. Tam P. Martina Inc., Realtor 2018 E. 7th Ave. 248-6l11 GORDY'S AIR-CONDITIONING-& HEATING All appliances oil, gas, ectrkal, refrigerators and frt'ezers, ice machine, ale, washers/dryt'rs. Call 233. If yoll have been planning weight, now is the time it. Call 677-3944 1 and order regory's Bahamian Diet 'II be glad you did. MORTGAGE LOANS No Credit Check! Tany Muniz, Jr. Licensed Mtg. Bkr. 6304 N. Nebraska Ave. 237 11 (days); 963-1956 (nights). woman who was savagely not be--.confirmed. diences in the United States beaten and burned to death in and Europe and momentarily -''ll front of television cameras, Word spread quickly that weakened international supLoaded, automatic, power feared for months that she the woman was an informant, port for the black struggle steerfag, air stereo, sport would be killed as a police ina brand that virtually assured against apartheid in South wheels. Sl<. Small down 'formant, her mother said Friher ; death in the tense atAfrica. payment. day. has hgripped the Nobel Peace Prize winner ALLST TE MOTORS Oozens. of blacks su rroundtowns ps smce t e governBishop Desmund Tutu, speak11 237 219 ed her at an anti-apartheid ralment began its crackdown on ing days later at the funeral of political unrest. AUTO-HOME-LIFE ly last Saturday and accused young bla.id in rioting, FAST CLAIM SERVICE her of being an informant. As Skosana's gruesome death said that h leave South RATES FOR GOOD AND TV cameras taped the event, invoked more shock than any Africa if another of BAD DRIVING Maki was brutally beaten by incident in 11 months of racial black-against-black violence RECORDS the angered mob and. was violence that has swept occurred. "' INSURANCE burned to death. A visit by a police officer to HAMIL TON AGENCY the woman's home was ap" parently witnessed by young 1720 North Nebraska Ave. blacks, who have turned inPHONE: 229-l8 7 9 creasingly violent in recent months toward blacks whQ RESOLUTION NO. 8355 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, FLORIDA, SETTING A PUBLIC HEARING ON THE SIXTH AMENDMENT TO THE YBOR CITY UR BAN RENEWAL PLAN, URBAN RENEWAL PROJECT NO. FLORIDA R 13. WHEREAs. under the provisions of Chapter 571904, Special Acts of 1957, Laws of Florida, an Urban renewal plan may be modified at. any time; and WHEREAS, City of Tampa has recognized that bstantlal changes have taken place in Ybor City and that the Urban renewal plan for Ybor must reflect the changes; WHEREAS, there has been to the City Council review and approval the sixth amendment to the Urban renewal plan for tbe project dated July 22, 1985; and .WHEREAS, the Hillsborough City County Planning Commission has submitted to the City Council its report concerning this amendment to the Urban renewal plan for the project area and has certified that the amended urban renewal plan to the general plan for the locality; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF,. THE OF TAMPA, Section 1. That the City Council hereby designates Aug. 29, 1985 at 10:30 A.M. o'clock as the date alid time for public hearing by the City Council of the City of Tampa on the Sixth Amendment to Urban Renewal Plan for Ytior City, Urban Renewal Project No. Florida R-13. Section l. That this public hearingliball'le held pursuant to the provisions of 6 (c) of Chapter 57-1904 of the Special Acts of 1957, Laws of Florida. Section 3. That the purpose of this public hearing shall be to consider the Sixth Amend ment of the Urban Renewal Plan for the Ybor City Urban. Renewal Project. Section 4. That the appropriate notice pursuant to the provisions of Section 6 (c) of Chapter 57-1904 of the Special Acts of 1957, Laws of Florida, be published, and said notice being in the exact form attached hereto and made apart hereof as Exhibit "A". Section 5. That the Clerk of tbe City of Tampa hereby directed to have a of this Resolution published least thirty (30) days before date of said public hearing. Section 6. That.... the dinance proposed fc-. which this public hearing is being called shall be held for public inspection in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Tam pa from the date of this Resolution until the date of the proposed hearings above se.t out. Section 7. That this Resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adop tion. PASSED AND ADOPTED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, FLORIDA, ON JULY 25, 1985. SANDRA W. FREEDMAN CHAIRMAN, CITY COUNCIL ATTEST: FRANCES HENRIQUEZ CITY CLERK NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON THE SIXTH AMENDMENT TO THE URBAN RENEWAL PLAN FOR THE YBOR CITY UR BAN RENEWAL PLAN FOR TRE YBOR CITY URBAN RENEWAL PROJECT NO. FLORIDA R-13 ""rhe City Council of the City of Tampa, Florida will hold a public hearing on the Sixth Amendment to the Urban Renewal Plan for the Ybor City Project area on Aug. 29, 1985 at 10:30 AM .o'clock, at the City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, City Hall, Tampa, Florida. SANDRA W. FREEDMAN CHAIRMAN, CITY COUNCIL Exhibit "A" RESOLUTION 'NO. 8356-H RESOLUTION TING THE 29th OF AUGUST, 1985, AT :30 AM O'CLOCK, AS DATE AND TIME FOR PUBLIC HEARING RE THE CITY COUNCIL, FOR THE CITY OF TAMPA,. FLORIDA, TO APPROVE' A DEVELOP MENT PROJECT FOR YBOR : CITY URBAN RENEWAL RE-USE PARCEL 29-A, WHICH PROPERTY IS MORE PARTICULARLY DESCRIBED HEREIN. WHEREAS, A Sixth Amendment to the Urban Renewal Plan for the Ybor City Urban Renewal Project, No. Florida R-13, was ap proved by the City Council of City of Tampa by resolution No._, adopted on day of _, 1985, in order to carry out an urban renewal project in the City of Tampa; and WHEREAS, A prospective developer has requested that a portion of the property be made available for private development for use as a retail complex and other. associated commercial uses; and WHEREAS, The commer cial land uses would be con sistent with the present zoning, the Ybor Revitalization Plan and the Horizon 2000 Land Use Plan, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL, OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, FLORIDA: Section 1. That the City Council hereby designates the day of Aug. 1985, at 10:30 AM o'clock, as the date and time for public bearing by the City Council of the City of Tampa to discuss the proposed development plan for Ybor City Urban Renewal Re-Use parcel 29-A., which proper(y is legally described as lot 1, l, and the East 1/2 of lot 3, Block 70, Map of Ybor City, accor ding to the map of plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 1, Page 11 of the Public RecQrds of Hillsborough County Florida. Section l. That this public hearing shall be held pursuant to the provisions of Section 6 (c) of Chapter 57-1904 of the Special Acts of the 1957, Laws of Florida. Section 3. That the purpose of this public hearing shall be to consider the proposed developmental plans for City Urban Renewal parcell9-A so that such rna&" be used for: a. General retail office and other associated uses fer re-use parcel No. as further described in said amendment. Section 4. That the propriate notice, pursuant the provisions of Section 6 of Chapter 57-1904 of Special Acts of the 1 Special Acts of Florida, of Florida, be published with said notice being in exact form attached and made a part hereof. Section 5. That this pu hearing be held on the day of August 1985, 10:30 o'clock in City Counci Chambers, Third Floor, Hall, Tampa, Florida. Section 6. That Resolution shall take immediately upon its tiori. PASSED AND BY THE CITY COUNCIL THE CITY OF TAMPA, FLORIDA, ON JULY 25, 1985. SANDRA W. FREEDMAN CHAIRMAN, CITY COUNCIL ATTEST: FRANCES HENRIQUEZ CITY CLERK NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING TO APPROVE A DEVELOPMENT PROJECT FOR YBOR CITY lJRBAN RENEWAL RE-USE CEL 29-A; CITY URBAN RENEWAL PROJECT NO. FLORIDA R-13 The City Council of the City of Tampa, Florida will hold public hearing to approve development project for Ybor City Urban Renewal use Parcel 29-A on Aug. 29 10:30 AM o'clock, at the Council Chambers, 3rd City Hall, Tampa, The proposed would allow commercial uses for a portion of parcel 29-A being lots, 1, and the_ East half of lot 3 block 70, Map of Ybor City, as recorded in Plat Book 1 Page 11, of the public of Hillsborough County, Florida, lying south of 9th Avenue and between 17th and 18th Streets, Tampa, Florida. EXHIBIT "A"


Comics tfo YVI>EXTER AND WANDA i/ GRIFFIN <9 AFTER ALL THAT SWEAT I LOST 15/h!I.INSTEAD JoJo NOW I HAVE TO GAIN TO GET BACK ON SCHEDULE! ANDSTRA& I'M STILL OFF SCHEDUL ITH THIS DIET sooK,1 Y Arrested For Trafficking Suspects Possession, Delivery, In Drugs SINK .OR SWIM?. Officials of the Tampa Police Dept. are hopeful that the arrest of several subjects for delivery, possession and trafficking in drugs will slow the supply of drugs in Tampa's public housing com plexes. Robles Park, Ponce DeLeon and College Hill _., ....... be affected by the ar rests. Residents in Robles Park and in the Belmont Heights _,..,nmmunity have complained to police officials and other ci-ty officials regarding the open supply of drugs that float in their communities. Officials have vowed to do whatever they can to halt the supply, however since the .officers do work undercover, residents are not familiar with what is being d0ne to curb the drug traffic. The arrests came one day after the City Council asked that police protection in Robles Park be beefed up on the complaint of residents before the council. The arrests Friday .night were the culmination of a three-months investigation by the tactical division of the Tampa Police Dept. Since January, more than 500 charges have been lodged and drugs valued at more than $850,000 have been seized from arrests in public housing. Those arrested were: GREGORY GASKIN AKA Greg Johnson ... In Custody Donald C Washington, Ji, 3706 N 29th St., trafficking in heroin; Gregory Gaskin, 28, 4703 N. 30th St., trafficking in heroin; Kenneth Madden, 28, 2713 E. Ida Ave., trafficking in heroin. Arrested for possession, delivery and trafficking in co caine were: Edward Prendes, 27, 5653 Louis XIV Ct.; and David Alan Faedo, 25, 2919 W Heiter Ave. Also arrested in connection with the investigation was: Eugen Manuel Anel, 44, owner of Leon's Package Store, 3702 N. 29th St. He was charged with dealing in stolen property. Warrants have been issued CLIFFORD 'PAINTER' KEA AKA William Kea .. Wanted KENNETH MADDEN AKA "Hollywood" In Custody I DONNIE C. WASHINGTON .. In Custody for the arrest of James Sterling Jackson, 35, 3703 N. 29th St., also known as "Dump", for trafficking-in heroin; and Clif ford Kea, 40, 1717 E. 17th--I :r \. lfs never too latl" 10 ltam how to swim_ just call us and up for a Cro5s American Red Cross JACKSON ,...1!1.,....,.._.. .. AKA "Dump". Wanted Ave., known as "Painter", for'trafficking in heroin. More arrests are expected as the investigation continues. Residents with information on the whereabouts of the suspects or information on other drug activities, are advis ed to call 225-5767. '.'J't '7 ,,, .. ---------....... -:riwr,l": '/;.Afllo--...i!l---I IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE I : FLORIDA SENTINELBULLETIN I I DELIVERED TO YOUR EACH I I WEEK, PLEASE FILL OUT .THE I I SUBSCRIPTION BLANK BELOW. : :SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE DELIVERED BY I I I 1 MAILONLY. 1 : ... 6 Months _Only $17 1 Year Only $31 I .. I I I CIRCULATION DEPT. Subscription By Mall I 1 P 0. Box 3363 Payable In Advance, fncloe I 1 Tampa, Fla. 33601 Money Order Or Check I Frank's 1 1 Ornamental Iron 1 NAME 1 I I ADDRESS .A.PT. I I 24 Hour, Service 62 J -4034 I CITY STATE ZIP I Residential Commercial 1 (NollelundsGnOnSuto<"P"ons' I Financin2 Arranged I IF SENTINELS ARE NOT SOLD WHERE YOU SHOP, PLEASE I RA'K t:. Jou,so:-.; I ASK THE MANAGER IF THE STORE WILL CARRY THE SENTINEL I Bars Railings ... ownrr I TO ACCOMMODATE THEIR CUSTOMERS. I > = Q. :::!. I .C"l n> -Q = Cit.! in Escapes Stairways \\ 1 1 FOR SERVICE CALL THE CIRCULA .TION DEPT. 1 1 0 t I Free Home rnamen (113) 248-1921. J Licensed Insured Bonded Security Tips ...... .. .. .. ..... i


IMPERIAL ZE5 7 Pc. IMPERIAL 6G5 Plush padded seats ? bocks in rich tobacco colored, leather look, vinyl with a beautiful wood laminate table measuring 36"x60" with leaf. WE CARRY OUP. OWN ACCOUNTS 247:471.1 STEWART 651-SOFA-LS .SOFA,CHA & OnOMAN CARAWAY6000


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