Institutionalized on the margins

Institutionalized on the margins

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Institutionalized on the margins an organizational history of the preparation of teachers of college composition
Giberson, Gregory A
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[Tampa, Fla.]
University of South Florida
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National Council of Teachers of English
Modern Language Association
Conference on College Composition and Communication
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ABSTRACT: The preparation of new college teachers of composition has been a disciplinary topic of interest as well as an institutional concern since the establishment in the late 1800s of the modern English department. In this project, I offer a critical history of the treatment of the topic of the preparation of teachers of college composition by the three most historically significant organizations to English as a discipline and Composition as a field of study within that discipline: the Modern Language Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. By analyzing the treatment of the topic of preparation college teachers of composition by the major publications of these three organizations during their formative years, I provide a topic specific history of the marginalization of composition within the discipline and its organizations.This project expands on the work of individuals such as James Berlin, Albert Kitzhaber, Stephen North, Robert Connors, and others who have written on the historical marginalization of composition within the discipline and Academy and offers a more specific interrogation of the position of composition within the discipline and the Academy in general. In my work, I argue that the contemporaneous founding of the modern English department and the Modern Language Association allowed for the institutionalized relegation to a low status of composition and teachers of composition. That institutionalized low status eventually lead to the marginalization, fractionalization, and specialization of a group of composition scholars who believed teaching to be a central concern for the discipline, and the development of NCTE and eventually CCCC. I further argue that a similar fractionalization and specialization within these smaller groups has left intact the institutionalized notions of status that led to their formation in the first place. I conclude by suggesting that in order to raise the status of composition in the discipline and the Academy it is necessary to address the sources of that marginalization directly as opposed to fractionalizing and specializing in reaction to it.
Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2004.
Includes bibliographical references.
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by Gregory A Giberson.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Giberson, Gregory A.
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Institutionalized on the margins
h [electronic resource] :
an organizational history of the preparation of teachers of college composition /
by Gregory A Giberson.
[Tampa, Fla.] :
University of South Florida,
Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2004.
Includes bibliographical references.
Includes vita.
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Document formatted into pages; contains 172 pages.
ABSTRACT: The preparation of new college teachers of composition has been a disciplinary topic of interest as well as an institutional concern since the establishment in the late 1800s of the modern English department. In this project, I offer a critical history of the treatment of the topic of the preparation of teachers of college composition by the three most historically significant organizations to English as a discipline and Composition as a field of study within that discipline: the Modern Language Association, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the Conference on College Composition and Communication. By analyzing the treatment of the topic of preparation college teachers of composition by the major publications of these three organizations during their formative years, I provide a topic specific history of the marginalization of composition within the discipline and its organizations.This project expands on the work of individuals such as James Berlin, Albert Kitzhaber, Stephen North, Robert Connors, and others who have written on the historical marginalization of composition within the discipline and Academy and offers a more specific interrogation of the position of composition within the discipline and the Academy in general. In my work, I argue that the contemporaneous founding of the modern English department and the Modern Language Association allowed for the institutionalized relegation to a low status of composition and teachers of composition. That institutionalized low status eventually lead to the marginalization, fractionalization, and specialization of a group of composition scholars who believed teaching to be a central concern for the discipline, and the development of NCTE and eventually CCCC. I further argue that a similar fractionalization and specialization within these smaller groups has left intact the institutionalized notions of status that led to their formation in the first place. I conclude by suggesting that in order to raise the status of composition in the discipline and the Academy it is necessary to address the sources of that marginalization directly as opposed to fractionalizing and specializing in reaction to it.
Adviser: Debra Jacobs
National Council of Teachers of English.
Modern Language Association.
Conference on College Composition and Communication.
Dissertations, Academic
x English
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.
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PAGE 100

9 r ;r*r r.rrrrrr.5rrr r rrrr.rrrrr! rrr,5r ; r8:*rrrrr.5r rrr rrrrrrrr r& rrr rrrAr.&rBr.rrr *rr.rrr rrr .rrrrr&rrr$ rr rr5*rrr(r.r r*rr rrrrr.rrr 3r I >& rA2138B rr 'rrr.5*rrrrrrr& rrrrrr rrrrrrrrr rrrrrr rrr rr*rrr !r*r.r rrrrrrrr&rrr rrrr&r rrr.rrrr&rrrr r.rrrrr rr $rrrrrrrrr rr .5rrrrr rrr rrr

PAGE 101

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PAGE 102

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PAGE 103

9:r rr rrr.5*r.&*r >rrr rrrrr&r.5 rr'r>*rrrrr89=2r.5rr r 5rrrrr.5r.rrrr >r .rrr.rrrrrr.r rrr rr*rrrrr.5rrr r rr*r&rrrr rr rA993811Br $*rr89==r.5r 5rrr.rrrr.rrr r*r rr.5rrrrrrr r rrr&rrr&r rrr rrIrA8<8B r *rr89=:r.5*rnrrrr.r. 5rr*rrr r*rrrHrr*Irrr rrrrrnr rrrrrrrH&rrr r*rrr r&rrr.5*Irr.rrr rrrrr rrrr r >& rr ,rr.5rrrrrr.r *r n*rrnrrrn*r *rrrrrr rABrrrrrrr rr# rr r.5rrrrrrrr *rr

PAGE 104

9?r &rrrr&*rrr.r rrrr r&r3rrr.r rrrr rrrrrrrr rrr r .&*rr.rrr.rrrrr rr.5*r .r.rrrrrrr rrnr5rr rrrrrrr .rrrr .rrrrrrrrr rrrr r +& r rrrrrrrrr rr rrrr89=:r*rr.5rrr rrr r.5r rr&rr&rrr.5rr r r.r*rrr.5rrrrr rr rr.r.rr*rr rr rrrr.rrr rrr !rrrrrMr rr rr *rr.rrrrrrr(r rr.5r rrr&rr rA8<9Br rrrrrrrrr& r.&*r.rr rr rrrr.rrrrrr rr.r rrrrrrrrr rrrrr

PAGE 105

9/r rrrr&*rrrrrr. rrrr rr.rrrrrr r r'r*rrr!r*rr89=8r.5r rrHrrr .r*rrr&r.r*rrrr rrrr >&rrrrrrrrr IrA<8B rrr rrrrrrrr. rr.*rr >rrrnrrr r'* rr.r.rrr .rr.r.rrr.rrr rr rrrrr(rrr rrrr.r r r$*rrrrr rrrr .r5rrr.5r&rrrr rrr rrr*rrrrr rAHrr&r.rIB rr rr.rrrrrr rrrrr r( r*rrr.5rr.r &rr.rrr r.r.rrr.rrr rr.5rr &rrNrrrrr.rr rr.r rrr.5* >& rrrrrrrrr rrr.5rrrHrr Ir .&*r&rr rnrrr.rrrrr nrrrr rrrr*r&rr r.rrr &r.rrr#*rr rrr.r rrrrr r

PAGE 106

99r r2nnnnnn!n !n r89=0*rrrrr%&rr rrrr>r rr>rr5*rrrr' r'*rr>rr r.rrrrr.rr rrr( rr rrr(rrr3&r rr&rrrr rrHr5rrr!rrr rrr rr!rrrrr rrrr rrrIrA2B rrr* rr!rrr r.rr&rHrDr5.rrr rrrrr rrrrrrrrrr5r rrIrA2B rr r*rH,r(rr D*rr.rrD r&rrrrr r&rr5rrrrr.r IrA23=B*rrr r"rr.rrr&r r rr rrrrrrrr rrr.rr r*rrrrr;.r65r%&*rr% &rr*rrr %&rr. rrrrrr.r rrrrr rrrrrrrrr&r rrrr &rrrnrrr rrrrr rrrr rrrrr&r rrr HIrrr&rrr rrrr

PAGE 107

811r rrr.rrrrr r r*r rrrr.rrrr& *rrrr*r *rrr rrDrrrrrr.rrr r rr*rrr*rr.rr.r rrrrrr rrrr rr*r r.rr.r .rrr*rrrrr*r r.rr#r rrrr3r rrr&r >rrrr*r*rrr rnrr5rr rrrrrrr&r rrrrnr rr rr5rr!rrrr rrrrrr rr.r rrrr*r rrr rrrrrrr*rrr& rJr&r rKrrrrrrrrr r.rr 5rrr.rn r,rrrrr rr rrrr r,rrrr rr rrrrrrr r,rrrrrrrr.r rr rrrrrr rrr r rA8

PAGE 108

818r rCrrrrrrr rrr.r r.rr*r*rr& *rrrrr rrrr.rrrr. rrrr.rDr rrrr rr&&r rrrrr rrrrr.rrr rr.rrrr 33r.5rrr*rrHrrIr rrrr r&rrrrrrrr r rr r.rrr*rrr.rr &&r rrr r*rr rrrrrrr rrrrr&r&r& rrrr &r.rr rr&rr& rrrr*r *rrrr&rrr r rrrrrrr&rrrr rrrr r*rrrrr89=&IrA91B rr .5Dr &rrrrrrrr rrr rrr&rrrr. rDrrr rrrrrrr rrr rrr rrrrr&rrr. 5r rrA8Brrrrrr r

PAGE 109

810r r&rr.rr.5rr*r r GrA0Brr r&n,#+# !rn *r.rrrrrr # r##r# rrr&rrrrr GrA
PAGE 110

81rDr Drrr *rrrrrrr*r.rr nr>rrr rr rrrr.rrr.rrr r*rr .5rrrrrr.rr.r. rrr rJr r r rKr$rrJr r r rKrrr nrrr rrGrrrrrr r

PAGE 111

812r rrr *nn rrrrr>rrr &rr rA91Br rrrrGr.&*r r*rrr rrr*rrrrrrr rr.rrrr rrrrrr.rrr r.rnrr rrrr.rrrr rr.rrr &rr.rrrr&r. rrrrA rrr*rrrrrrrrr rrr53 r&rrrrr. rr.rrr rrr*rrrr.r. rrr nrrrr*rrrr&r rrrr&r rrrrrrnrr 5r.r rr*rrr &rrrrrrr.rr rrrr rrrrrrrrr rrr rr;#Er&rrrr+ rr*n.n !n# "rrr&rrrrrr r>rr.r rr&rrr >> rrr rrr*rrrrr&r rrr*r *rr*rrrr rr.r&r

PAGE 112

81=r rr&rrnrr. rrrr r5rrrrrrr rrrr rrrrrr.rr rHrrIr r&rrrr3r* rrnr&r &rrrrr&rrrr r rrr rrrr&rrrr rrrr rrrrrrr.rr rr&rr rrr#r rrr89=8*r@rrr"5r%&rr r&rrr rrrrr rr rrrrr rr.rrr.rrrr *rrrrr rrrrrrrr r.rr rr rrrrrrrr3* r3*r&r rrrrr#r rrrrr .rrrrrrrrrr.r &rrrrr rrrrr rrrr rr.rr rr.rrr.rr.rrr rrrr .rrrr&r r rr*rr3 rr.r rrr*rr Hrrrr rr&rrrrr rrr rrrIrA2B r&*rr rrrr rrrrrr*r nrr

PAGE 113

81:r rrrrr&Gr.&*r.rr rrr Drrrrrrr &rrr rrr*rr.rrr!r rrrr rrrrrrrrrr rrHr .rrrrrrrrrr 5rrrrr rrrrrrnr rrr(Ir Arrrr.r r *rr.rrrr.rr&rrrr5rrrrr3 rA
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PAGE 114

81?r r&rrrrrIrA2B r.& *rrrrr rrrrrr*rHrrr .5rrrJKr rrrr.rrrr rrrJr r r rKr rrr&&r>3r.5IrA=3:B r rrrr r>rrrrrr3r r.rrrr rrrrr*rrrr nrrrrr rr5rrr.rrrr3 rr rr.rrrrrr rrrr rr rrrr rrr.r rrrrrrr.r rrrr rrrrrrrrr r r*rrrnrrrr rrrr r.rr.rrr.5rr rrrr r*rrrrrr rrr rr rrr.rrrrr rrnr nrrrnrrr&r rrrrr r&rrrrr rrrr.rr nrrrrrrr rrrrr rr*r.rrr>rr !rrrr nr.5rrr rrrrrrrrrrr rr rr!rrrrr* rrrr.r

PAGE 115

81/r &rrr%&r.rnrr rHrrrr rrrrr#rrr rrrr rr&r!E'r#IrA, 5rHIr82B rr rrrr&rrrrr& rr*rr ,5rrrrr.rr& rrHrrr rrrrr*r.r rr.rrr rrrr'r#rrrrIrAH Ir82B rrr rrr*rrrrrr *rrr .r(&r 8 rr!rr3rrr r.rr rrrGr 0 rrrrrr*r*r rrrr rrrrrrrr.5r rr.r &Gr < rrnrr.rrDrrr r 5rrGr 2 rrrrrrrrrr rrr Gr = rrrrrrrrrr rrrr r rr rrrrrA8=Br

PAGE 116

819r CrDr*rr.rrrr &r*rr rrrrrrr.rrr rrrr r r,5Drr.rrrr .rrr *rr.rrrrrr rrrrr rrrrrrrr& rrrr rrr*rrr5rrr rrrr rrrrr.rrr rrrr rrrrrrrrr rr r *rrrrrrrrr Dr!rHIr rrrr.rrr&r r&r r>rrrrrr rrr r .&*r,5rrrr*rr rr*rrr rrrH*r&*r3&r rrrrr 3rrrrrr.r 5rr!r >IrA8=B rr,5rrrr r.rr Drr.rrr*rrrr rrrr rrr> rr,5rrrrrrrr r r rrrrr.5rrrrr r*r rrrrrrr>rrr rr r.rr*r5*rr*r *r

PAGE 117

881r r&*rrrrrrJr r r rKr ;r>rr rrr rrr rr r(rrrr*r*r*rr*rrr*rr* r r*rrrr&r rA8?38 /Br rrrrrrrrr rrrr.5rr rrrrrrr rr.r rr*r.rrr.rr(& rrrrr .r&rrrr.rrrrr rrr rr.r& rr,5Dr.r rrr rr.r&rrr rrrr rr +rrrr*rrrr5rrr rrr rrr&r5.rrrrr r.*r &rrr*r&r&r&r rr r5rrrrrr.r rr rr rA89Br ,5rrr>r&rrrnr rnr3 rrrr%&Errr *rrr rrrr .rrr*r.*rrrr r*rr .r*rrrrrrrrr r r,rrr *rr*rrr&&r r.rrrr

PAGE 118

888r rr.r*rrr,5rr rr&r.r .rrrrrrrr&r &rrr&rr rrrr.rr.rrr rr&rr rrrrrrrrr rr.rrrr r rr"rr>r.r*r&rrr rrr rrr *rrrrr%&rr*r r %&rr-*rrr%&rr r# rrrrr rrrr*rr& r.rrr rrrnrr rrr&rr.r .rrrr&rrrr rrr&r rrrrrrrr rrrr rrrr*r#.rCr rr.r rrrrrHr&rrr !rrrrr 5.rJr r r rKrrrrrrIrA 0=B rrrrr rrr&rrrr.rr rrrr r.&*r &rrrrrrr rrr389=1r5r r!r&rrr.rr&&rr rrrr &rr.rr.rrrr 3rr#*rrr rrrnrrrr rrrr r

PAGE 119

880r rr-nrnrrrrr rr.r rrrrrrr&r rrrr *rrrr&rrrH rrrrr r.5rJrrrrK *rrr5rr rr*rrrrrrr r.rIrA89=B r -nrrnrrrrrrr rr rrrr.rrrrr. rrrrrrr .rrr.rrrr.r rrr rrrrrr& rr rrr.r rrrrr5r,5Drr rrr r'rr &rrrrrr.*rr.5r rrrr rrrrrrr r-nrrr &rrrrrrrr&rnr rrr&r rrrrr&rr rrrr rrr rrrrrrrrrr r>rrr rrrrrrrr rrrrr r)r$.nrr!r%&rr89== rrrrrr Hrrrrrrrrr rr.r> rr rrrrrrrrIrA011 B r$.nr.r&r rr.rrrrrr>rrr rrrr rrr

PAGE 120

88*rr rr.r rrrr.rrrr rrrr n*rr.rrrrrrr rrr rCrrrrr&r*rrr&r rrrr rrnrrr.rrr rrrnDrrr rrrrrr.*rrrr rrrr rrr.5rrrrrrr rrr r rrr89=2 rrrrr&rr rrrr rrr.rrrrrr nDrrr nrrrrrrr r.rrrr rrrr.r rrr rrrDr

PAGE 121

882r >rrrr*rrrrrr rrrr rrrrrrrr rrrr rrrrrr r.&*rr.rrr rrrrrrrrrrrr r rr89=?*r#.r$*rrrr@& r%&*r.r &rrrr5rrrr&r rrrrr rr.rr rr*r rrr rr*rrrrr3* rnrrr r.r&rrrrrr rr.rrr rrrr rr$Dr 5rrr>r rr*rrrrr.r&rrr n*r*rr5r rrrrr5r5rrrr& rrrr 5r&rr rrrr* rrrrHrr rrrr&r&rrr &rrrrr rr.rJr&Krrr rrrrr rrIrA:?B rrrrr(rrr rrrr rrHrrr&r5rrr rrr *IrrH&rr*rrr *rr!r .r.5rrrrrr.r>r r5rr rr.r*rrr>rr& rrr5Ir A:?B rrrrrrr5rrr *rrrrr rrrr&rrrr.5r rrrr

PAGE 122

88=r r!rrrrrr& r *r$rrrr rrrrrrrr rrrr rrr rrrrrr nrrr rrrr5rrr rr rrrr rrrrrr!r5rr rrr rrrrrrrr.rr. rrrr *rrrrrr*rrr r*r.rr *r.rr.r&rrrr rr n rr$*r.&*rr nrrrr rr.rrrrHr*r& rrrrrrr *r.rrrrrr>*r rrr&rrr rr(rrrr*r*rr& IrA:?B r *rrrr*rr r&*r*rr(r rr#r*r.rr.rr5r rrrrr .r$rrrrrr rrrrr rrr.rr5r rr*rrrrr.rr rrr rr$rrrrr rrr.rr rrrrrrrr# r$rrr rr.rrr.rr rrrrHrr rrrrrr*Ir.r rrr !r r.r A:/B rrrr rrrrr rrrr

PAGE 123

88:r #rrrr rr rrrr rrrrr&rr rr&rr rr rrrrr r.rrr rr*r.rrr5rrrr rr*rrrr &rrrrr.rr rr.rr rrrrrrrrr rrr .*rrr.r5.*rrr.rrr rrr rrrrGr$Dr*r.& *rrrrr rrr#r'r.rr rrr r *rrrrrrr rrrrr r rrrrr#rr.r rrrrr rr*rrr*rrrr rr&rr rrrrrrr(Grrr *rrrrr#r rrrr.rHrrrr nr*IrrH.r rrr&r5rr.rrr.r.r .r5IrA:/B rrr *rr.rrrrr*rr rrrr.r.r rrrr*r.rrr rrr rrrrrr.r$ rrrr r *rrr&rrrrrr rrrrr rCrrrrrrrr>r rrnr rrrrrrr rrrr

PAGE 124

88?r rrr$r&rrrrr !rr&r.r r r

PAGE 125

88/r rr!-"(nnnnn n+ (nn+n*!n r&rr&r&rrr rrr rrnrr&rr rr&rr #rrrrrrrrr rrrr rrr.rr rrrr *rrnrrr rrrrrrrr rr*rr rr&rrrnrrrr r r,r rrrrr*rrr&r> rr.r rr&r&rr.rnrr r.r(*rr rrrr,rrrr r(r $ *rrrrrrr&r rr r(r r #./ rrrrr.rrrr rrrnrr.r rrrr rr#r rr&rrr rr.rnr *rrrr*rrrrrr &r*r *rrrrrrrr rrrr &*rrr.rrrnrrr. 5rrrrr rr

PAGE 126

889r .&*rrrrrrrrr rrr rrrrr.rrnrr& rnr.r rrr.rrr.rrr*r rnrrrr rrrrr.r.rr& rr&rrr nrrrrr> rrr rrrr nrrr.rrnrr rrr&r rrnrrrrrr rrr&rrr rr.rrr.rrn r'rrr.rr r&rrrnrr.rr rrr.rr.r rn*rrrrrrr rrr rrnr*rrrr rrrrr nrrrrrrr nrrrrrr .rnrrnrrr rr,rrr#rrrrr 5rrrr rrrr8/11*rrr+r r.rr rrrrr.rrr r*r rrr*rrrr rrrr rrrr! rrr"rr #rrrr rr*r+rrrrr rr#Dr rrrr.rrrr rrr.r rr#r&rrr&r r+ rrrr rr.rrrrrr.rrH &rrr

PAGE 127

801r rrrrrrIr rrrrrr rrACr>>B rrr.r r.rrr r rrrrr*rr.rr> &rrrr rrrrr rr 'rrrr+*rrrr rrr&r.r rrrr.r*r.rrrr rHrrrr #rrrrIrAC*rH@ Ir
PAGE 128

808r .rrrrrrrrrr rrrnrr &rrrr rrrrrrr$*rr* rrrr rrrrrrrrr rrrr rrnr.r&rrrr&r *rr*rrrr rr# rr*r.&*rrr r&rr&r .rrnrr.rrrr rrrr rrrrnr r*rr. rrr .rrrr.rnr. r+rrrr r rrnr&rnrr# rrrr.*rr +Drrrrrrr3 r.rr nrrrr.rrn rrrrrr rrrrrrr rrrr+r .r.rrrrrrr&r r rAr *rrnr&rrrrr rr+ Br rrrrr#rrr; rrrrr #*r.rrrrrnr r.rrr rr# r,rrrr& rr;#*rr rrrrrrrr rr &rrrrrr.*rr.rrr rnrrr rr.*rrrr*rrrrr rrr rrr#rrr&r.rr rr.rr r

PAGE 129

800r rrrr*rr.rr rrr rrr;#rrr&rr rrr*r rrrrrrr.rr rrr*r ;#Drrrrrrr.r rnr.r rrr+Drrr rrr.r r ;&*rrrr;#r&rrr rrr.r &rr r'rrrrr.r rrrr.r rrrrrrr*r *rrr *rrrrrrr r.rrrrr rrr&rrrr rrr;#Dr > r.&*rrrr.r;#Dr nrn rr rrrr*rrn rrrr rrr&rrrr rrrr+Dr rrr.r&rrr rr.rr rrr.rrrr.r rrrr. r -r'rr,r+5r5rrrrr rrr nn nr rrrrrrrr+r rrrDrr Drrrrrrrr *r'rr+5r rrrrrrrr# r+rr+rRr rrrH,&rrrr5rr rrrr*rr .r>rrrrrrrrr rIrA8/B >> r&*rrr *r+rrrHIrrrrr rrH*Irrr

PAGE 130

80rrr &rrrrrrrrG rrrrrr>r Errrrr#r.rr rrr nrrrrrrrrr rrrn r Crrrrrr(r nnnr rr89<9rrr rrrrr rrrrr&rrrr rr#*rrr>rrrr rrr r .&*rrrrrr r.rrrr5rrr rrrrr rr.r rrrrr # r.&*rrrrr rrr*r#r.r r.r+ r$*rrrr&*r rrrrr

PAGE 131

802r ;#r.rrrrrrrr rrr rr.rrrrrr .rn*rr rrrrrrrr rrr;# r rrrrrr rr;#Drr3&r rr Dr5rrrrrrrrrr rn*rr*rr.rr &rrrr rrr.rrnr *rrrrr*r rrrr r*r rrrrr rr&rrnrn*rr rrr rr rrrrrrr*rrrr. rrrrr r.rrrr# rCr rnrr rrrnrr.rr rr.rr *rr.rrrrrr r*rrr rrrrr.rrr(rr> rrrrrr rrrnrr.rr rr#*rrrr r,rr.rrrrr rr.rr nr.rr*rrrr nrr rrrnrrnrrrr. rr&rrr rrrr.r&rrr rrrr rrrrrr r.&*rrr rr r

PAGE 132

80=r rrrrrrrrr rr .rr*rrrrrrr.rr rrrr.r rnrrrr.r rrnrr rrrDrrrDr rr.r#rrr r rr%*rrrr r&&r!rr rr.rrrrrr rrrr +r*rrrr'rr+5 r rrr n*rnrrn* rrrrrr !rr&rrrrr rrr nr*rrrrrr rrrr rrr#rrrrr r+rrrr rrrrr.rr rrrrr r&r>rrr&r.rr rr"r r5rrrrrrrr r*rrr rrrrrr.rrr( rrr *r.rr r(rrr(Dr>r.r&r &rrr r.&*rrrrrrr rrr.r rrrrr#rrrrr rrrr "n r! *r.rrrrr rrrrr#*rrr r&rrr rrrrr*rrr rrr.rr rrrrr.rrr >> rrr.*rr

PAGE 133

80:r 333rr+r rrr rrrrrrrr!r r.r*r rrr.rrrrr r3rrr Dr.r*rrrr rrr rrrrrrrrr r r r#nnnnn!%nnn !n r Drrr.r&r.rr r&rr r.r rrnrrrr rr*rr&r rrrr.5rrr* rrrr r rrrr*rrrr rr35r rrrrrEr rrrrr rrrrr r.&*r rrrrr rrr3*rnrrr r.r&r rrr.rr rrrrrrrrr rrn )r! rr rrrrrrrr#r rrrr r#rrH.rrrr rrrr rrrrIrA,B rr rrrr r*rrrrrr&.r.r rrrr #rrr.rrrrrrr r&rrrDr

PAGE 134

80?r rrrHLrrr. rrr.r rrr&*Drr rrL rrrrr&r #rrrrrr.DIrA,B r rrrrrr*r r.rrrr!r.r5rrr >rrr*rr.r >&r*r.rr5r!rrr rrrr rrrrr&*rrr*rr rr.r>r rrr#rrrrr. *rrrr.r .*r.rrrrr. rrr& *rrrrrr.rr r rn rr&rrrrr.r.r!r rrrr r.*rrrrrr rrr rrrr+ rrrr rn rrrHr;.rLr,DrC5rrr r%5r"*IrrrA.rr.rr .rrr*r .r.r5rrrrrrrrr rrr B*r&rrrrrD*r r.rrrD*r r.rrrrr rrrrr >> rr rrrrrrrrr rrr Er&rrrrrrS r Srrrr r,rrr 5rr rrrrrr.rrr NrAr r5r&rrrrr.rr &rr

PAGE 135

80/r rrGrr.*rrr.rr Br A+Br &*r+rrrr5rrr rrrr 5rrr5.rrr>rrr r.&*rr rrrnrrrr.rr &rrrr rrrrrrr >rr(r .rnrr.rrrr r rrrr +Drrr r'*rrrr rrr rr.rrrrrrr> rrr rrrrrrrrrr rrrrr rrrrA.rrrr rr.r&rrr r"rrr.3&rr.B r$* rr!r r.rrr5rrrr rrr.rr rrrrrrr nrrrrr .rrrrrArr rrrrr >*r.rrrrrrrrr rrr rr&rrrr8/11Brrrr rrr.r rrrrrrrrrr r rr.r rrrr.rrr nrrr *rrrrr011
PAGE 136

809r rrrrrrr.r r&rrrr rrrrrr*r.rrr rrrr &&rrDr rrrr&r*rr.rrrrrr! r&r.rr rrrrrr r,rrr rrrrr.r rrrrr r.&*rrrr 5rr rr.rrrrr rr rr rr.rrrrrr nr.rr rr#rrrrrrn Drrr rrrrrrrr r'rr +5rrrrr.r.rr r.rrrr &rrrr>*rr.r rrrr.r .*rrrr*rrrr r.rrr r rr*rrnr.rrr.rr rrr #rrrrrrr+r r %*r+rrrnrrrr rr5rrrr rrrrrr!r.r rrrnGr rrrrrr rr'rr+5r *rH5r3r rrr#rrr rJr r r rKr.rrrr rrrr*IrA2<0B rr 5rrrrr .rrrrrrrr rrr.rr rrr&rrrr rr#r r

PAGE 137

8<1r .&*rrr5rrrrrr r.r*rrr rrrrrrr!r rrnnrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrr rrrrrrr rrr nrr&rr#rrr rrrrrr rrrrr811rrrrDr > rrr.r rrr&rrrrr r0 rrrr r&rr&rrrrrr .5*rrrr rrrrrr r*rr&r rr&rr rr&rrrrrr rrrrr nrrrrr.rrrr rnrrr .rrrrrrrnrr r rrr nr*r.rrrrrr rrr rrrr&rnr5r rrrrr rr rrr&r.*rr*r rrrr #rrr*rrrr.rr rrrnr rrrr&rn rrrrr rr.rrrrrr.r.r rrr.5rr &rrrrrrrrr rrr*r

PAGE 138

8<8r .rrr.rrnrrrrr rrr nrrrrrr rrrrrrr &&rrrrrnrrr rrrr rrrrrrrr .rrrr rrrrrr# rrr.rrrrrrrr nr.rr rrrrnrrrr &rr.rrr rrrrrrr*r rrrr r.rrrr.rrn r rrrr rrrr&r.rrr rrrnr r.rrrrr&rn rrrrr*rr .rr.rrrrr.rr rrrr rnrr.r.r rrr rrrr nrrn*rrrr r.rr.rr rrnrrrrr nrrnr rrrr.r&rrrrr.rrr r rrr nrrr&rrr.rrr r&rrrr rnrrrrrn r.rrnr rrrr#r$rrr rAr+Br.rr .r&rrrr.5rrrAB rrrr rrrrn rCrr*rr .r&rrrr rrnrrrnrr&r rrr

PAGE 139

8<0r rrrrrrrr nrrr &rr&rrrr rr.rr rrrrr#r.r& rrrrrr &rrr.5rrr.rr rr

PAGE 140


PAGE 141

8<2r H,rrrCrrrrr rr#NIr' r rC5r Hrrr#*Ir@ rrrHr' rr#r *Ir) r rrHrrr rr*Ir rC r ;rHrrrrrr# *Irr r r rrrr(r nnnr r.rrrr;#rr 89<9*rrrrrrrrr rrrr rrrrrrrr rr*r.&*r rrrrrr#*r.*rr r*r.rr .rrrr+ rr& rrrrrrrrr. rr$ r,r H@rrrrIrrHr r*Ir r,r H,rrrrrrr *Ir@ rr H$5rrCE$5rr"*Ir) rrH rr;.rC*r$r rrrCrrrrIrr r r r& rrrrrrrr rrr *r$*rr rr

PAGE 142

8<=r & $rr>r$Dr.5rHrr Ir nrn r0r A898rrrrrrrr rA! r$.*r @&r=28B r rrrr.*rCrr r$DrHrrr rrrrrrrrr 3r *Irrr5rHrrrr& &rrr rr>*Irrrrrrr. r>rr rA,r/2B rr

PAGE 143

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PAGE 144

8 r$rr*rC*rr# rHr r$rrr rr Ir nnnr r80rA89=8Br<<13<= rr$*r rH.rr,rrrr#rr NIr nnnr r80r A89=8Br<2:32? rr.*r) rHrr r# Ir nnnr r 8 r$r>rrrrrr rrrrr(r rrr rr>& rrr.rrrr(rr.rr rrrrr >rrrr.rr.r r r

PAGE 145

& rDrrrrrrrr,5 r; r8:rrr rrrrrrrHrrr "*I r.rr.r.r 5.rrrrrr(rrrrr rrrr r&rrrr.rrr& r.rrrrr r r.rrrrr rrr5rr rrr,5rr rrrr&rr rrr*rrr >r&rrrrr. rrnrrr .rrnr rr>& rHrrrrrr*r.rr rrrrr rrNIrAr28B rr>& rr89=:r.5Drrrr&r rrDr r*rrr.*rDrrr rrr r& rrrrrr r#rr n #rrr*rr.r!r r rrrr.rrrrrr rrArr.rrrrrrrBr

PAGE 146

8<9r rrrrArr.rrr rr rrB r A8<9B r >& rr89=0r.5rnrrrrr.r r>r.r rrrHrIr.r.r r.rr rr89=2r.5r!rrrrr rrr rrH rn&!!r# 0r% +r0rr0r!/2 rr89=:*rr.5rrr&r rrrrr5rrrr rrrr .5 rr>> r*r@r$ rHrrrrr r'r Ir r0rA89=8Br<3: GrC*r#. rHrr Ir r:rA89==Br0=3/ Gr@*rr, rHrrr rrrr %&rr Ir r:rA89==Br891392 Gr-n*r rHr%& rr -rrrrrrr# Ir :rA89==Br8923011 Gr $.n*r) rHrrrrr r Ir r:r A89==Br011312 Grn*r$r) rHrr rrr"!r %& Ir r/rA89=?Br889308 r r

PAGE 147

821r >> r 'Drr+5DrrH&rrr rr@&rr rrrr#r$Irrr r0112r nn nr rrrr!rrr.r+rr&r rrr rr5rr#r"rr Drr.r r rrrrr+rr rr899?30118*r'rr +5rnrrrr5rrrr rrr r.rrrrrr rHrrr rrr#r*Ir.rr rrrr &rrr rr>> r$r'rr+5 r rr>> rrrrr.rrrrr rr$rr r5rrr.rrr.rrr r&rr.r rrrrrrr. r*rrr n*rrrrr r *rrr*rr rr.r*r.rrHr,*Ir r*r r

PAGE 148

828r ,5rr *r@r" rHrrr #r Ir r nrn 0rA8983> r C*r)r,*r) r r*rr r$r$ rHr%&r*r rr#rrr%& Ir r! r r C5*r r +$ r;.r65r*r8/99 r

PAGE 149

820r r$ r nrn r:rA898?Br=/3:8 r *r@ rH@rrrr%&r rrrr r% I rn $%(1!& r# r @rC5rr)r rrCM 5*r8998 r==3/2 r .*r) rHrrr# Ir nnnr r8*r)r rH,rrrCrr rrrrr r#Nrrrrrrr@ Ir nr n r0rA898> r *r) rHrrr#rrrFr rr" Ir r0r rA8//:Br:83?< r*r)*r r rHrrr#rrr rFrrr" Ir r r! r0rA8//:Br>>&3>>> r

PAGE 150

82rr3r rr Ir r nrn r8/rA8909Br=/939< r *rr; rHr#>rrr rrrr rrr,5r.rr' Ir nrn r0rA898

PAGE 151

822r 333 rHr%&rr-rrrrr rr# Ir A89==Br8923011 r -*r@r# rH,rr;.rNIr nnnr r01rA89=/Br??3 r/1 r+*r#*rr+rR rHrrr r$(rr Ir r nn%! r# r#r+ r+rF*r8992 r r883<9 r*r) rHr$rrr+rr rr#rrr r Ir r! r3>>& r *r,r# rHrrrrr r# Ir r8?rA8910Br r&3>> r333 rHrr$rr@ Ir r8=rA8911Br>>3>>> r *rr r" r nrn r0A898
PAGE 152

82=r ;*r rC rHrrrrrr r# Ir nrn r=r rA898:Br::=3?1 r;*r$ r r, 40n!#( .n! rrCM5*r89/? r ;*r#r rHrr$nrr rr Ir r nrn r8rA8980Br=<03<: r *rr rH;r$r@!rr#rr rr'r r6 Ir nrn r2rA898=Br0<83<= r *rr$ rHr;.rrr# Irr nrn :rA898?Br r=?=3/< r*r"rC*r r rHrr rr rrr"Dr Ir r22rA899
PAGE 153

82:r 5*rCr rH.rr$r,r rrr,E8/=93 r89?1 Ir5rr+ r<38: r333 rHrrrrr#&&r Ir r$ % rA'r8998Br<:3=1 r 5*rCr rr$r+*r r #nnr $ r r;.r65r>r%*r0110 rH@rrrrrrrr rrr# Ir r nrn r=rA898:Br013<0 r @*rrHr'r Ir nnnr r8
PAGE 154

82?r 333 rH,rr,r,rrr# Ir 1rn+0 r8?rA8919Br r81301 r333 rHr$rrrnrrr; r Ir# r r nrn r8rA8980Br2:3/ r $*r#.r) rH&rr$rrr r Ir /r rA89=?Br:?3?0 r$*r r+ r" r nrn r0rA898
PAGE 155

82/r *r) r rHrrrrr Ir nrn r r=rA898:Br22?3=? r*r@ rH$5rrCE$5rr" IrrrCnr r38: r*r@*rr,rCn*r# r r$r)r rnnr5.6#/ rr*r0110 r ,*rC r &)& / ;.r65r$D*r8918 r ,*r$ rH@rrrrrr rCr# Ir r5rr+r8?30? r,5*rr@ rHDDrrL$&Drr" rrr+5rr rrr r r81rrA89=9Br00:3<1 r 333 rHrr%&rrrr rrr r Ir nn#! r2rA89=
PAGE 156

829r 6*r-rC5 rHrnrr r"&rr rrrrrr" Ir5rr+ r:<3?2 r r

PAGE 157

8=1r r

PAGE 158

8=8r !!n,nn2! n !n!n nrn 344563789 nr344567: r;rr.rrrrrrr 3473C*r# r *r r rHrrr+ rrrr rr" Ir r:rA8/98Br>&3>> r r347;C*r# r rHrrrr+r rrr r Ir r?rA8/90Br3> r r34796373; r;rr.rrrrrrr r nrn3739C*rr rI$rr' Ir nrn r0rA898rrr rrrr rrr,5r.rr' Ir nrn r0rA898

PAGE 159

8=0r >rrABr >*r)r rH,rrrCrr rrrrr r#Nrrrrrrr@ Ir nr n r0rA898
PAGE 160

8=rrABr 3734 r "*r)rF rHrrr rrr# Ir nr n r?rA898/Br<003: r r37376;; r;rr.rrrrrrr r r37;9@*r)r' rHrrr#r r Ir nr n r80rA890rr3r rr Ir r nrn r8/rA8909Br=/939< r r379:69; r;rr.rrrrrrr r

PAGE 161

8=2r >rrABr 3799*r$r rHr$r$rrrr# rrr r Ir nrn r00rA89<
PAGE 162

8==r HrrrrrM rr@rr r,5r; r8: Ir r
PAGE 163

8=:r $.n*r) rHrrrrr r Ir r:r rA89==Br011312 rr37<8n*r$r) rHrrrrr"! r%& Ir r r/rA89=?Br889308 r r37=9C*r)r" rHrr$rrr +r%&r rAB Ir r82rA89:r*rrr.r rrr rr.rrrrr*rr.r rr rrrrrr rrrrr rrrn r

PAGE 164

8=?r !!n,r*!!n2!* !n !n C*rC rHrrrr@&r rrrr rrrrrr Ir 5rr+ r C*rr" rHrrrr &rrr rr Ir5rr+r0<<328 r333 rHrCrrr;.rrrrr r IrCr r8<30: rC5r"*rC rH+rr+r;.r rrrr r Ir ## r01rA011r rrrr'r, Ir r<0rA89?1Br2=39 r C*rr, r r30r # r%r;#*r r89/: rC*r*r r rHrrr &rrrr r%&rrn IrC.r28830/ rC*rr' rH,rrrr Ir $ r8
PAGE 165

8=/r >r.rABr C.*r$r *r r *r r r$!( 8! n+%n r.r#*r0110 r 5*rr+5 rHr'rr rrr,r r Ir r<9rA89//Br<2?3=1 r "*r&*r"r r@*rr r)r$. rrHrr rrrrrrrr%& rrn Ir $ r r81rA89/:Br=839 r#*r$rC rHr*r*rr' Ir5rr+r0883 r08 r#*r-r# rHrrrr# Ir r<
PAGE 166

8=9r >r.rABr *r@ rHCrr.rrr rrrr,r r Ir r0/rA89??Br8<2321 r 333 rH%r"&rrrrrr, r IrCr8380 r &*rr) rHrrrr Ir .r nr30 r81 Ir r5rr+r/:39: r*rrC5*rrr"& rH,Dr% rrrNrr rrr'r# Irr $r! r?rA899:Br=93?0 r Hrr)rr#rr r Ir r00r rA89?8Br<1<38< r*r> rHr;rCrrr$& I rCr88?302 r 333 rHrrrr# Ir r0=rA89?2Br=03= r *r-*r r rH&r+r rrrrr rr Ir r;#(# n#nn r# r r-r r+. r$.r;.r'*r899< r0=83 =9 r *r"*rrr#r$. rHr rrr r Ir r<
PAGE 167

8:1r >r.rABr -*r r r$(7r!, 7 Nr;.r65rrrr%*r899/ r -r*rr rH#>rr#&r;3 rr Ir r 4 r?rA0110B r -r*rr *rr"&r rHr$ rrr rrr Ir 4 rr?rA0110B r -*r rHrr Ir rnrr06 nn r<1rA0110Br88?3/? r -*rr rHr;.rrr,rC5* r*rr Ir r r<r%*r0118 r *C*rr&*rr$rC rH# r3Crr rrr+r$rrr$rr# r Ir r rnr(1!!!n r/rA0118Br8/93018 r

PAGE 168

8:8r >r.rABr *r,rrr rH*r*r rrrr rFrrrrr, Ir5r r+r0003<0 r >*rC rHrrrr, rrrr r$rrr$. Ir nn#($r $ r# r@r,*rr)5*rr$r+. r, r r.*r0111 r08<30< r*r rHrrrrr rrrr'rr r, Ir n *$ r
PAGE 169

8:0r 5*rCr *r$r+*rr@r'5 r #nn r $()r r;.r65r r>r%*r0110 r@*r rHrCr,rrr r r Ir n *$ r01rA0118Br
PAGE 170

8:r.rABr $*r-r rHrrrrr *r,rNIr5rr r+r0/3<9 $*r$ rHrr"&r rrrr rrr. Ir .rnr30 r81rA89/0Br8:389 r $*r rHrr#&rrr rrr r Ir .rnr30 r8=rA89/?Br2*r938< r *r rHrrrCrr r%rr,r,r r, Ir nrn r# r"r r@*r"5r$*rrr6*rr$ r% r;#*r899/ r8093 r<: r*r@ rH$5rrCr"r, rr#rr r'36rrr#r# Ir nr! r<2r rA0118Br:3<1 r*r rHrrrr r Ir 4 r?r rA0110B r,*r. rH,rrrrr rrr rrrF.rrrrr Ir 5rr+r r21329 r333 rH$&r;.rrr,rr*r, rr-.*rr r,rr,rr-. Ir $ rr82rA8991Br:<3?8 r r

PAGE 171

8:2r >r.rABr ,*r.rr-r". rHrDrL$ rrrr r$rrrrrrr,Dr rr r,rrrrr Ir r ;#(# n#nn r# r-rr r+. r$.r r;.r'*r899< r89302 r,*r$ rHrrrr@ rrL$5rr rCE$5rr"D IrrrCnr8/308 r r333 rHr@rr#rrrr I 4,& nr*nn r<9rA89/9Br2/3== r

PAGE 172

C%r#r%@r rrr&rrC rr#rrr rrr rr#r.rr@rrr nrrr %&rr5 r,r.5rrr rrr %&rr$r'*r r&r&r.rrrrr rr&rrr rrrr"rrrr. r rrrr r"rr*rr.5rrr& rrr rrrnr;#rr'r' r rr r rrrrr&rrrr rrr rrrrrrrr r;rr rrr#rrrrrr rr rrrr5r&.rr rr(rrr #. rr rnrr06nn r3 r.r"r)rr5rrr n1r,(r30 $+r!# *rrrFrrr$r @ r rrrr&rrr r$*rr .rrr.rr.rrrrr r


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