Florida red tides

Florida red tides

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Florida red tides public perceptions of risk
Allen, Sara E
Place of Publication:
[Tampa, Fla.]
University of South Florida
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Subjects / Keywords:
Social amplification
Halo effect
Harmful algal blooms
Natural hazards
Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning
Aerosolized toxins
Dissertations, Academic -- Geography -- Masters -- USF ( lcsh )
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ABSTRACT: This research integrates the theoretical implications of risk perception, the social amplification of risk, and the role of place-specific contexts, in order to explore the various perceptions surrounding Florida red tides. Florida red tides are a naturally-occurring event, yet most scientists agree that they are increasing in frequency, duration, and severity. This has profound implication for public health, the local economy, and the biological community. While many of the negative impacts are not easily controllable at this time, some of the secondary impacts can be mitigated through individuals' responses. Unfortunately, public perceptions and consequent reactions to red tides have not been investigated. This research uses questionnaire surveys, semi-structured interviews, and newspaper content analysis to explore the various perceptions of risk surrounding red tides. Surveys and interviews were conducted along two Florida west coast beaches, Fort De Soto Park and Siesta Key. Results indicate that the underlying foundations of the social amplification of risk framework are applicable to understanding how individuals form perceptions of risk relative to red tide events. There are key differences between the spatial locations of individuals and corresponding perceptions, indicating that place-specific contexts are essential to understanding how individuals receive and interpret risk information. The results also suggest that individuals may be lacking efficient and up-to-date information about red tides and their impacts due to inconsistent public outreach. Overall, particular social and spatial factors appear to be more influential as to whether individuals amplify or attenuate the risks associated with red tides.
Thesis (M.A.)--University of South Florida, 2007.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Document formatted into pages; contains 182 pages.
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by Sara E. Allen.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Allen, Sara E.
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Florida red tides :
b public perceptions of risk
h [electronic resource] /
by Sara E. Allen.
[Tampa, Fla.] :
University of South Florida,
3 520
ABSTRACT: This research integrates the theoretical implications of risk perception, the social amplification of risk, and the role of place-specific contexts, in order to explore the various perceptions surrounding Florida red tides. Florida red tides are a naturally-occurring event, yet most scientists agree that they are increasing in frequency, duration, and severity. This has profound implication for public health, the local economy, and the biological community. While many of the negative impacts are not easily controllable at this time, some of the secondary impacts can be mitigated through individuals' responses. Unfortunately, public perceptions and consequent reactions to red tides have not been investigated. This research uses questionnaire surveys, semi-structured interviews, and newspaper content analysis to explore the various perceptions of risk surrounding red tides. Surveys and interviews were conducted along two Florida west coast beaches, Fort De Soto Park and Siesta Key. Results indicate that the underlying foundations of the social amplification of risk framework are applicable to understanding how individuals form perceptions of risk relative to red tide events. There are key differences between the spatial locations of individuals and corresponding perceptions, indicating that place-specific contexts are essential to understanding how individuals receive and interpret risk information. The results also suggest that individuals may be lacking efficient and up-to-date information about red tides and their impacts due to inconsistent public outreach. Overall, particular social and spatial factors appear to be more influential as to whether individuals amplify or attenuate the risks associated with red tides.
Thesis (M.A.)--University of South Florida, 2007.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text (Electronic thesis) in PDF format.
System requirements: World Wide Web browser and PDF reader.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
Title from PDF of title page.
Document formatted into pages; contains 182 pages.
Advisor: Graham A. Tobin, Ph.D.
Social amplification.
Halo effect.
Harmful algal blooms.
Natural hazards.
Neurotoxic shellfish poisoning.
Aerosolized toxins.
Dissertations, Academic
x Geography
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.
4 856
u http://digital.lib.usf.edu/?e14.2267


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PAGE 100

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PAGE 101

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PAGE 102

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PAGE 103

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PAGE 104

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PAGE 105

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PAGE 106

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PAGE 107

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PAGE 108

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PAGE 109

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PAGE 110

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PAGE 111

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PAGE 112

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PAGE 113

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PAGE 114

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PAGE 115

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PAGE 116

;-= ?$%2$ n6nn" n "-n 8 n%nn--==-<. nn5-->>-<>8n%nn--,.-=, n@;=--?N nn0-;@.-;.n5---.-+? #n005-;.@-;+nOn--.?->@ nnnnn5-;+?-;> Nn-;-n%n

PAGE 117

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PAGE 118

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PAGE 119

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PAGE 120

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PAGE 121

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PAGE 122

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PAGE 123

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PAGE 124

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PAGE 125

;;< ?$%+$ n0 n rn+A rn +A Dn':,n':,n ':, Pn;+E>--F;-E>@@F,+E>,.F *;+E>--F.E=;,F,?E=.>E;---F n#5nT->#r'"nnnn0nn#n nn nn0nnnnn0nnn0nn' 0nn0nn nn%nnnnn n%n %'0%%nnnn nnn# 0nnnnnn nn0nnn 0nnnnnn %nnnnn0 nnn@;.nnn nnnn0nnn0 nn0nnnnn 0nnn2nnnn nnEn-;-n%nFnn nn nnnnn%n /n0%nnn nnn0nn

PAGE 126

;;= ?$%9$ n;n60n 6 4&&(Dn':,n':,n': Pn;?E>.;F,;E..@F<.E?.>E;---F n#5nT,?>@5%nT-;-En-;-n%nF nnnnn0 n@;@nn nnnnnn0nnn n%2 nnn%n0 %0nnn%n nnnnnn ?$%?$ n0 n60n 6 rn+A rn +A Dn':,n':,n': Pn,@E.<.F+E>,+F<.E?.>E;---F n#5nT,,+>5%nT-;< nn5nnnnnH n2nnnI0n nnnnnnnnn nn%nn%nnn %n'n%nn%nnnnn nn nnn'nn0nnnn0nn %nn nn0nnn nn@;+0n

PAGE 127

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PAGE 128

;;? ?$2A$ n0 n!nn rn+A rn +A nnD n':,n':,n':, Pn;>E<+>F.E=;,F,,E=--F *,F;-E>@@F<>E;---F n#5nT--;=5%nT-+; nnnn&nnnn nnn n0r nnnnnnn0n %nn nnnnn0nn!n n/n' n0nnnn%nnn n%n0 nnnnnnnn %0 nnnnnnnn0nnn %nnn n0nnn%n0 n%n/nn nnnn nn!n nnnn%n/n0n nnn !n nnnn nn0n %nnnn'nnn nnnnn

PAGE 129

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PAGE 130

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PAGE 131

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PAGE 132

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PAGE 133

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PAGE 134

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PAGE 135

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PAGE 136

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PAGE 137

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PAGE 138

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PAGE 139

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PAGE 140

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PAGE 141

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PAGE 142

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PAGE 143

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PAGE 144

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PAGE 145

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PAGE 146

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PAGE 147

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PAGE 148

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PAGE 149

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PAGE 150

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PAGE 151

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PAGE 152

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PAGE 153

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PAGE 154

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PAGE 155

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PAGE 156

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PAGE 157

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PAGE 158

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PAGE 159

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PAGE 160

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PAGE 161

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PAGE 162

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PAGE 163

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PAGE 164

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PAGE 165

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PAGE 166

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PAGE 167

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PAGE 168

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PAGE 169

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PAGE 170


PAGE 171

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PAGE 172

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PAGE 173

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PAGE 174

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PAGE 175


PAGE 176

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PAGE 177

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PAGE 178

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PAGE 179

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PAGE 180

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PAGE 181

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PAGE 182

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PAGE 183

;.; n2(E#nF @C,;,;+=;<<>:n +C,C,-->."<->#n0nnn +C;?C,-->?;,,##n +C,>#.;+nnnn ;-C,C,-->;.+@nn ;-C;-C,-->.#,=,#W#n ;-C,,C,-->;(<@=6nnnn'nn ;-C<;C,-->.*Wnn n2n ;;C;,C,--><(?<-0nn'nn ;;C,?C,-->;;#,-+#W#n ;,C;.C,-->;(<<@"%nn 5nnn ;,C<;C,-->;.>=Pn0M%n ;C;#=>?(50 ,C;-C,--??#<+@'nnn C,?C,--?;(?@=;%nnn

PAGE 184

;., n2(E#nF .C;>C,--?<<-+ n("0 n .C,;C,--?.#=->nn @C;C,--?;!=>-Bnnnn @C;?C,--?.<@-!nn'n n @C,@C,--?.#<-.#W#n +C>C,--?;(,+-nnnW +C@C,--?>#?;<"nnnn +C;+C,--?<(<<<2nrnnWnn'W +C,=C,--?;?<.#nn ;-Cn ;;C,=C,--??>.<)n%n\nnWnn n;+,;5,--? ;,C
PAGE 185

;.< n2(E#nF &.8n4 > n .nn&.n <*n0$nrnnnn nDnn .C,C,--=(#; >>,' ,C;C,-->(;;,+*n0$nrnn nn ,C;;C,-->(#,=(;;,<*n0$nrnn0 nnn "<@;=nnn' nn (#; ?;@ n52rnn''nn' nnn =C;(B;=+>nnO)n ?C;-C,-->#@?>;8nnnn0n nn ?C,+C,-->;, 5nnnn n nn .C;.C,-->#@>?> nn5n0 nn0nnn' n @C( ;><. (n0%5nn nnn @C,-C,-->,,,,Pnn%n +C;C,-->(;>=@nnWn%n n2M +C;!<,=-(n(11 +C;@C,-->#,?=nnn5!nnnn'n''n nnnnn(0n ;-C;C,-->;??> nn5' nn /n ;-C;.C,-->;,?;; nn'nn5nnnnnn n

PAGE 186

;.= n2(E#nF ;;C,C,-->;.;+ nnnnn5nn'n n %nn00 ;;C+C,-->;?.< 6nnM5) n n'nnn*nn W% n ;,C+C,-->(#,;>,(nr2n0nn ;,C<;C,-->(;?-@,-->5:$)68:4!W: :4 ;C;?C,--?;;><. 66P64:48B4:*5)(nn0n%n0 nn'nnn ,C,C?C,--?!;>=,#nnn n ?C@;(n'n0 n ?C,@C,--?".;?@nn ?C,;C,--?(;@+? 0nn0nn5:n% n2nWnnnn @C.C,--?;-=;> n0n5n1nn%nn n0W n @C,;C,--?;.+.nnW0nr @C,>C,--?(=.=-)W/0#nn#n n0 +C;C,--?#,?=>!Wnnnn +C;
PAGE 187

;.> n2(E#nF ;-C,@C,--?(;.-< 00058(% Bn(!;.,"n'n ;;C,-C,--?(;; nnn%n05 nn 2nn"nn0n ;C,.C,--.;?<= nn588( n ,C,>C,--.(#; .?+00nnnM =C@C,--.#,>?nn5n0nn%n n' nnnnn0n %n >C?C,--.( ,=+#nM"%n$n#n n ?C;?C,--.!;?-+nnnn .C,-C,--.;@-. #nn!nUn5nn nnnnn"0n 1n

PAGE 188

;.? n07-4 n &$ 44n;C;.C,--= Hnnnnnn n0nIG]nn nnn nnn 2nnn n] C,--= Hnnn55n n nnnI >C;+C,--=*n ;;C,+C,--=Hnnnn 12I ,C;@C,-->HnnnI =C@C,-->*n ?C,,C,-->*n .C;C,-->Hnnnn%n ''nnI .C=C,-->*n .C@C,--> Hnnn%nIGH nn%n%nnnn' n%nI .C;HnnDnI .C,,C,--> H(nnnn'0nnn n;;nn %nnn(n%' nn0n0 nn0I .C,@C,-->Hnnnn nnI @C=C,--> HnnnIGHn0nn0 n'' %nnnnn0%n I @C;-C,--> HD4Wnnn nnn'D!Jn #'nW%nnVEn Fnn2' Wn2nDIGH2nI @C;=C,--> Hn2nnnn n'0nn nnn' nnnn n'nnn 2nn0n' nnnWnI @C;@C,-->*n

PAGE 189

;.. n2#E#nF @C, Hnn2nn,-->Wnnn0 n%nn n<-nIGHn n2IGHn n0nn2nIGH/nn %IGH nnnnn0 nnnn 2I @C,?C,-->*n +C,C,--> Hnnn'n nnnn n%n0n0nnnI +C;?C,-->HEnnFnnnI +C, H!4!#rnnnE 5nF n/nn%/n%4 n2 nnnnn '0nn 'nI ;-C,C,-->*n ;-C;-C,-->HnnnI ;-C,,C,-->*n ;-C<;C,-->*n ;;C;,C,--> H2n'0'n nn%n n%IGHn n nnnn"#IGH 4nnn 'nnn 0nn4 nnn1nnn nnn%n n"#'nn %nnnn %nnnn0nnn1n nI ;;C,?C,-->*n ;,C;.C,--> Hnn'nn'0n =-nEnnF nI ;,C<;C,-->*n ;C;'@;0nn nnnI ,C;-C,--?H8nDnnn I
PAGE 190

;.@ n2#E#nF >C,?C,--?*n ?C,;C,--?Hnnn nnnI .C@C,--? H6nnn0nnnnnn nn%'n nrn0nnnnn nnnI .C;>C,--? Hnnn'/nn%' n2 nnnnnnn n'n nnn'nnn nn nn%nnI .C,;C,--?H/nn%'nn nnnI @C;C,--?*n @C;?C,--?*n @C,@C,--?*n +C>C,--?HnnnnnnnI +C@C,--?*n +C;+C,--?HnnnIGH'n nI +C,=C,--? HEnnFnnnn n nn0nnI ;-C
PAGE 191

;.+ n2#E#nF &.8n44n HnnIGHnnn5 nnnIGHn nnnnn0nnIGHB nnnnn n2nnn0n0n00n I ,C;;C,-->*n Hnn\n0n%nn0nn' nnnn0 nn2nnn IGHnnn nn0%n 4 nnn' nI HnnnIGHnn nnn nn;--55nIGH nnVnn nnDIGHIGH0nn% nnn %nn%nnnnIGH nn00 %'nnnIGH IGHPnn0n'n 0n9Dnn29n nnI H)nnn0 nnnn"IG H!nIGHEFnnnn nnnn 2nnnn'n 0nn nnn2IGHn nn nI =C; H%nnnnnn0 nnn" n22nIGHnn nI ?C;-C,-->Hnnnnnn nn%nIGHnnI ?C,+C,--> Hnn2nnnIGHnn 2n nnnnn n55 nIGHnn n%nn I .C;.C,--> H0nn00nn nnIGHnn nnnnnn n0n IGHn%5nn 0n%n EF0*nn nI @CHnnnnnI @C,-C,-->HnI +C;C,--> H2nIGHnn nnn%n nnnn0nn'nn nnn nnnI

PAGE 192

;@n2#E#nF +C;*n +C;@C,--> Hnn'nn'n n"#IGHn %0nn nn0nnIG Hn0n2nn%n IGH:n'W nn%nnn5n n%nn%n n0nW&I ;-C;C,-->HnnI ;-C;.C,--> H2nn" n2 IGHnn n'nnnn n n0nnn nn'nn%nn %'n0nn nI ;;C,C,--> H6nnn0n'n nnnn nnnn]G]n nn n0nnnn 0nnnn %n0nnnnIGH4Wn n nnn0 nnIGHnn0n nnnnn n%n nn' )(I ;;C+C,-->*n ;,C+C,-->*n ;,C<;C,--> HnnnnIGHnnIGHn nIGH4n nnnn0 nnIG Hnn,'---5n5nn1nI ;C;?C,--?*n ,C,C?C,--?Hnnnn,-->I ?Cnn n;
PAGE 193

;@; n2#E#nF @C.C,--? Hnn'nnn2 /nn%IGHn nIGHnn nn' G0nnnnn0' nn nnnI @C,;C,--? Hnnn9/nn%IGH(nn nnnnnn 0nn6nnnn0n nnnn 00nn nn%nI @C,>C,--?*n +C;C,--? HnnWn%nn%n nn" n2n4'nWnn nI +C;'+,nnn n2nnnIGH6nn00 0nnn 'n;;C,n %nnnnn nnnn0 nn nnnnn0IG H)'nn n'n'n0n I ;C,.C,--.*n ,C,>C,--. Hnn2nn' n' nnn2nn0n nnIGH IGHn%nn%n nnnn'n nnn5nn %nI

PAGE 194

;@, n2#E#nF =C@C,--. Hn%nnnn5IGH nnn%nnn EnnFI >C?C,--.*n ?C;?C,--.*n .C,-C,--. H!n1n0nnnnn 0n nnnn nn nn"n nnn 2nn0n'' nn nnIGH0nnn nnn%n I


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