A mixed methods approach to examining factors related to time to attainment of the doctorate in education

A mixed methods approach to examining factors related to time to attainment of the doctorate in education

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A mixed methods approach to examining factors related to time to attainment of the doctorate in education
Wao, Hesborn Otieno
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[Tampa, Fla]
University of South Florida
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Subjects / Keywords:
Survival analysis
Dissertations, Academic -- Educational Measurement and Research -- Doctoral -- USF ( lcsh )
non-fiction ( marcgt )


ABSTRACT: Over the years, the time that students take to attain the doctorate, particularly in Education, has been increasing. Given the cost incurred in preparing students, the decrease in years of productivity in the chosen professions, and other opportunity costs, this trend is of great concern to students, the university, and society at large. This dissertation examined the timing of doctorate attainment and the factors related to this timing. Using secondary data (N=1,028 students), discrete-time multilevel hazard analysis was employed to determine the relationship between various factors and the timing of doctorate attainment in a College of Education. Complementary to the quantitative analyses, four student and two faculty focus groups and four follow-up student interviews were conducted to identify factors perceived to influence time to attainment of the doctorate (TTD) in one College of Education at a state university.Discrete-time multilevel hazard analysis revealed that the median TTD in Education was 5.8 years; students were most likely to attain the doctorate in the seventh year. In each year during the observation period, students' master's grade point average (GPA) score at admission, percentage of female students in the program, and mean graduate record examination (GRE) quantitative score in the program were each positively associated with the odds of doctorate attainment; whereas the size of the department housing the program was negatively associated with the odds of doctorate attainment. Female students were more likely than males to attain the doctorate in each year during the observation period, however, the difference disappeared when clustering of students into programs was considered.According to students, the way program expectations and requirements are communicated, the nature of the dissertation committee formed, and dissertation topic chosen each had a strong association with TTD. Faculty perceived that whether a student enrolls part-time or full-time, the amount and quality of academic preparation received, and the nature of academic guidance, mentoring and supervision received, each had a strong association with TTD. Both students and faculty concurred that the nature and arrangement of program tasks and resources and the desire to work and attain goals despite obstacles encountered had strong associations with TTD. Implications for policy and practice and suggestions for future research are discussed.
Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2008.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Document formatted into pages; contains 242 pages.
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Includes vita.
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by Hesborn Otieno Wao.

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University of South Florida
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Wao, Hesborn Otieno.
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A mixed methods approach to examining factors related to time to attainment of the doctorate in education
h [electronic resource] /
by Hesborn Otieno Wao.
[Tampa, Fla] :
b University of South Florida,
Title from PDF of title page.
Document formatted into pages; contains 242 pages.
Includes vita.
Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2008.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text (Electronic dissertation) in PDF format.
ABSTRACT: Over the years, the time that students take to attain the doctorate, particularly in Education, has been increasing. Given the cost incurred in preparing students, the decrease in years of productivity in the chosen professions, and other opportunity costs, this trend is of great concern to students, the university, and society at large. This dissertation examined the timing of doctorate attainment and the factors related to this timing. Using secondary data (N=1,028 students), discrete-time multilevel hazard analysis was employed to determine the relationship between various factors and the timing of doctorate attainment in a College of Education. Complementary to the quantitative analyses, four student and two faculty focus groups and four follow-up student interviews were conducted to identify factors perceived to influence time to attainment of the doctorate (TTD) in one College of Education at a state university.Discrete-time multilevel hazard analysis revealed that the median TTD in Education was 5.8 years; students were most likely to attain the doctorate in the seventh year. In each year during the observation period, students' master's grade point average (GPA) score at admission, percentage of female students in the program, and mean graduate record examination (GRE) quantitative score in the program were each positively associated with the odds of doctorate attainment; whereas the size of the department housing the program was negatively associated with the odds of doctorate attainment. Female students were more likely than males to attain the doctorate in each year during the observation period, however, the difference disappeared when clustering of students into programs was considered.According to students, the way program expectations and requirements are communicated, the nature of the dissertation committee formed, and dissertation topic chosen each had a strong association with TTD. Faculty perceived that whether a student enrolls part-time or full-time, the amount and quality of academic preparation received, and the nature of academic guidance, mentoring and supervision received, each had a strong association with TTD. Both students and faculty concurred that the nature and arrangement of program tasks and resources and the desire to work and attain goals despite obstacles encountered had strong associations with TTD. Implications for policy and practice and suggestions for future research are discussed.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
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Co-advisor: John M. Ferron, Ph. D.
Co-advisor: Robert F. Dedrick, Ph. D.
Survival analysis
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Dissertations, Academic
x Educational Measurement and Research
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.
4 856
u http://digital.lib.usf.edu/?e14.2554


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PAGE 100

1< -n-r n F,,nrJ+;GG1H $ -rrrr $nnn$rn nrrnr* "nr$$ n,n-rr rn,n-r8+nrr rn$r* 7?r#nr#r r-r-nnr $nn( *nr+ nr&rnr $n$$rn # F-.J6+/00>H-n* r$n$ n## -rrnr-r$ n-nr(nrF%Hr-r -C*1 rnF6Hr-r -nrC*1r+C*1 r*rrn $rnr-r -$r+n nr%rFn;0rnrHnr6rFn$rnrH* nnrnrnr nrnr* n$n$ &# -rrnr-r r-r*rn %r+rnr!0/ !@+-n@**/+1*0r+r$+ -r*$rnrF-nrr %rr rr6rH-rnrr rr$n-n r*

PAGE 101

1> 3 K5##B##: Q-.6F/00>H nrrrrnnrn nrnr nrn*r+nrrn r$n+rn -nrnnrnr* nnn+n F**+nr$rH # F**+nrr$HF .J6n+/000H*"n + r+nrnrnF-nr -rn-nrnrrr %r8-nrnrrnrrr 6rH-n nrnFnrr% rnrr6 rH-rn*-rnn n-2rr"EF/000H nnrr-r rnrn*n nrnnnnrrn$"r3?* 3+ # -n-rnr-n-rn $$-n r-rrrrnnrnrr*3nrrnn .nrnrn+ %##?# F**+, nnnrnr H-nn* +nr+r-r nrn rr*nrrnrn nr$r$-+r n:nrn nr*%-rnr nn rrnrn nnnr -r *!rrnNnrnrQ rn nnrrn F!n+;GG0+*;
PAGE 102

11 nrF**+rrn-n r$nrr$n rrnnH+FHr nrrr rF**+rrn-n rrrnr$ n$rH*rrr-r$nrnrn-nr r-nnr* ##7nn" =$-rrrnn n rn-rrrrrn rrnr* 3n+nrr$--rn nrrrnnnnr$NrrQnr rrnnrn* n'nrnn $nn -Ern+ n$nnnr +r$--rrn rnrr$n *rrrr nrnrF7n+/00 0H+r$Nrnn nr+QnNnr+ nrn rnrnrQFrJ "n-+;GGC+*@H* $nnnr+ nrr$-nrnr -nnrr*$n nnr r$nrnnnnrr rnEr$* "# %rnrrnnrn B F**+ n nnH-r$n nnrnrn rrr$-*rrrnr nrrnr

PAGE 103

1G $nrr$-r*%r+ rnrrn$ r$-r$-rnnn-r$n r$-r* r$-r$-r n-rr +,nr$ rn+nn-rnnnnn r+r n,n*5+r$ r-r&nrnn rrnnrnnr nrnn*r &+rrrnn,nnn-nn -nrn-r n -rrrn-, r n*:n, rnrn+n n-rrrn nrn$rnnr nrnrn*3nrrn nrnr+ n-rrrnn& rnrrnFn rnn nHnnFrn nH,n F nH*%rnrrnn rnrn8 nrn78 r$-rnnn rnnrrn-3 +r$* rrnnrrn$ nn r*:nnrnnrn r-+r rrrrrnnn rnn rnnn&rr$-* -rrn nnr8n-$r+n --r* r-nrr rnn nr+r nrrn+n n

PAGE 104

G0 F)2H*rrn+n nrnnrnr+Inrr rr$,--nnr -r*rn.nn-& --nr-r$-n-,nr *nn-& rn$nnn+n n+nnn*r rnr-r,nrrrn rr$-*rn rrrr&n&+rnrnn +rn$n-nr *nnrn r$--r'nrnrn $ nn+rrr+n rnnrn$$nr nrn*%nrn -nnrrrr n*rnrn +r-rrnn r nnrrn* rnr nrn-rnnrrnnn n-r r$-nn,rrnnn $rrrnr r$-En+$ rn-rn$n r$-*nrrnn-rnnrr nrnrnr* !r-rrn$-n r,-rrn*nrn n-C0 nnnr-r$r$-nn, -@0nBCnn-&r$-*3r n+nrnrn& ,rr$r+r&-r nnrnrn n-rrrrnnrn rrn*

PAGE 105

G; (nn!E 5nN'OrPnn nrn$n n-nr$rn-n -nrrnQF)nrr+ ;G
PAGE 106

G/ n$n-rnn nrn nnnrrnEnrnn n*$r rrn$nnrnnr n-,+rn -rnnn$r n*nrnr rn nrnn +n, n n-nrn$rnn nn*nrnr rnrn-$r-$ rn nrnnnr+nr+-$n -$+nrnr -n,+N!+-nn-n Qnrrn r-nrr+nrnrn,+Nnr*Q5n&$r $nr-rnn$rr nrn$* "n.nnr nnr,n rnrrn rnrrn-nnr n+r-rnrn-r n--nnrrnrnn nnrnrn n*rr-rnrr -n-rr nnnrrr$rn r$rn"n "r*nrnrr.n+ ,-+ ,rnn* #n !r-r,nnrn nrF+:+ "H+-rrnn rn$,rnnrn F6H*nnr +n-&

PAGE 107

G@ rnrnrnrn-n*5n nrnr rnnnnr+r-r nFn )rH,nrrnn nrr n*3n+nrnr,r nnnnn nrn--r n* =$-rn.nr rn rn+-nr nrn-n nrn-r *nnn-nn n F**+ n--nnr rr8nr+;GGCH #nn F**+n-r-nrnr rn-86nJ7+;G1CH-rr* 5#7n nrn$r$--rn rr* %rn n-r nn$rnn rr+--'n& $rn* r-rrnrnn nrn rErnrrnrr$ n*-$ rrrrr ,nn+ n+-nr+nr,n*5+ ;;nrrnrn $rnrr$-rnn r.F**+nr.nH nnrrnn +n&r $ *nr-rnrr$ nr ;;N%Qn-n rnrrrrr

PAGE 108

GB rrn*rnr nnrnn-r n nF**+rE-nrH+ n nF**+nnrrrE rrnn$nn rH+ nn nF**+nnnrHFJ r+;GGBH*n-nnr -rnnr nnrn*3r +-rnr n F**+H*3nr+ nrnr+nrn n rn-rrnnrnnr r*3nrrn. -r,r$rnn $n+rrr nnnrn %E nrrnnrrrE rnnnrFn, +;GGBH*nr+n nrrrnrrr $-+r-rnrnnr nrrrrr nr nrn* $n$r n &+ nrnnrnF**++n +nn+rnrH rnr*-nr+nnr r$n nnrrnnn+r rn n*rrrr rnnr -r*rrn n+rrr nr &r-r-r +-r rnr*3n+r-n r$n&,rn rnr nnr *$$n$

PAGE 109

GC F**+r -n rHrn F**+nrn H+r$*-n-r nr.r -r+nrr+r -nrN;Qn rnr nrnrN0Qnr-*rn nnrnnrF n Hr F n HrF-.J+/00@H* r&rnr-r nrn r+-rr&rnr nrnr*rn r&rnr+ B' F**+rnnrnnr-nnr r H-rnrr% r+rnr&rn r+ F**+rnnrnnrrrn rr H-rnrr* :-n. rnnr$$nr+-. F/00@Hrrn n$ :r .n rnr-n .nrn n+ nnrnn nrnr* nnn+.-rrnr nnnr+r r,*rr,nr nn-$ *nr+n+r .nrN"nn+QC0+ rnrnrr,n10* rn

PAGE 110

G< nrn-rr,&nrrrnnnnr .+N"nnQ10r* %+10Tn nrn-N"nn*Qrnrnnnrnrrn nnn-nnrr(FHrr,/CT-rr $nn-+ FH-rr,-/CT >BTnrnn -+FH-rr,r rnr n>CTrn nn-*r$n+nrr nnr rFn/CTH+C0T+r rFr /CTH+nn-nrnr nrnrnr (6I $r%I$r nnr, .n n $n $+ r:-F;GB/Hn n-nrrnnrrnnnr nrn $* r-&7r$F;GG>H+n $n rr$+nn $ $n $rrr rr*+:r F/00B+*;;;H.Nr Qn r.rrr nrr$nn2&6r,F/00CH n nr,n nrnn rnnnrr$rn nnnr*

PAGE 111

G> n%#nn%### nn-rnn rnr nrn $nn(r n+rnn+$ r+,rr$+, rrr+r,+ r+nn-&rr+rr +r,rn+ rnrrr+n.* n* !# (n# F**+nn-nrn-$ r$-H+ n# F**+rEr$ nrnH+$nrrnF** +r$nr$ nrnrn&,r nrnH-rr,* nrnrn-rnn$ rInrnrn+r rrrnnrr nnnnFH* 7#n nnr+nrnInrr$ -nnr+ n-rrn$rrnn nnnrrrr nnrn,nrnrn n$r $ n*nr+rnrnn nrnn+n nr-,*nn nrn*r$--rn rnrn n*nn-r$--r nrn-rn rnnrr*rr rnnrrrrnrrnrr &nrn*

PAGE 112

G1 5n!# $nnnrnr-, rrr nr,nnrnn +n+r r*rnrn $n$ r,rrr-r$+ nr +nrn nNn$nrQF6 nJ7+;G1CH* E nrn-$nr+ -rnr nr-rr$ nnn*nr +rr +rrrrnrr nrr(rn6% rnrr rrn-nrnrr*E9 rr+-$F**+ rnrn rrrrnnn rHnr$ F**+nrrrEnnrr nn$-n$rnrH *n$n$+nr +nnnr nrn-nrnr nnrn rrrr+r nrnrn,r nrn+nrrrInrnrr (%E rrrnrnr nrn++ nr$+$. nnnn

PAGE 113

GG rn$n*n$rr rrrE$-n+ n-nrn+ rrnrr$n F**+ #n nH+nrnr-nn+ nr+Nnnrrnrrn+rDQ 7rnnn$rn-$-$ rnnrn $-n*3n+rrr. nr-r nnrnr,$rnnr n* & -nr-r+-nrnrrn nrr rrnrrnnr+rnr -rrr*rrr $r-rr rn-n-rrnrrF Jr+;GGBH* 4##r rnrrrrnrn rn+rrr rn*3n+r$-rn$nnr nnn-rr -rn$nrrnrn n* % rnrnr-r*r+ rrrr -n&rnrnr n*rnr+ nrr+nnn rnn+nrr nrnrr-rr *n,rrrn+ rnnn-r$nr rrI nnrnr+rnr+ rrn*%n+-

PAGE 114

;00 nnrrn+rrrr$ n-rrn rnnrr$-nnnrr rnrE rn*+rrrnrnrn&,rn nrnn$rrnn n!E rrrnn -rn .n*rnrn$rrr nnrnr$-n-nn $rn$r*% ,r-rnr n#n ++r nr$nrn rE$nr* 7?##% $-r$$n$ $nnn *rnnn&rrn$ ,$rnn rrrn8r-rnr rnrrrr$rrn$,8 -n rnrnnrn$, n* r' n-.F/00@H+n nr. nnrrnrrn nr+n $nnnrn-nn ,rn*3 $+ .F**+r .H-rnrnr nrr,n nrnnrn-rn

PAGE 115

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PAGE 116

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PAGE 117

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PAGE 118

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PAGE 119

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PAGE 120

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PAGE 121

;0> ;/ 7:rnn:BF0*;HU 0*0B Kr@ &/*;>F0*;CHU 0*;/ &/*B@F0*//HU 0*0G KrB &;*1@F0*;F0*/CHU 0*@; Kr> &;*0>F0*/BHU 0*@B &0*<>F0*@@HU 0*C; Kr1 &;*C1F0*@1HU 0*/; &;*0CF0*B1HU 0*BB KrG &;*C1F0*C;HU 0*/; &0*GBF0*
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PAGE 122

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PAGE 123

;0G +.%2A?n! n@F;@Hn-n$ nnnr -r nErI*5r nnr$nrnrrIrn-r rrnrnn nnr* ;@7:rnn:HU 0*0B &@*<0F0*/1HU 0*0@ Kr/ &/*CBF0*;BHU 0*01 &/*1CF0*/@HU 0*0< Kr@ &;*GHU 0*;/ KrB &;*<@F0*;@HU 0*/0 &;*HU 0*@C Kr< &;*;1F0*;1HU 0*@; &0*G@F0*/BHU 0*@G Kr> &0*1CF0*//HU 0*B@ &0*B/F0*@/H 0*<< Kr1 &;*@1F0*@>HU 0*/C &0*1@F0*B1H 0*BB KrG &;*@GF0*C0HU 0*/C &0*>/F0*
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PAGE 124

;;0 ;B 7:rnn:HU 0*;; KrB &;*<@F0*;@HU 0*/0 &;*>;F0*;CHU 0*;1 KrC &;*;BF0*;@HU 0*@/ &;*0BF0*;>HU 0*@C Kr< &;*;1F0*;1HU 0*@; &0*G@F0*/BHU 0*@G Kr> &0*1CF0*//HU 0*B@ &0*B;F0*@/H 0*<< Kr1 &;*@GF0*@>HU 0*/C &0*1/F0*B1H 0*BB KrG &;*@GF0*C0HU 0*/C &0*>0F0*
;H 0*C0 0*;GF0*1>H ;*/; 7 0*000/F0*0;H ;*00 0*000/F0*0;H ;*00 ?r 0*G@F0*C;H 3" /@ /@<@*C &/66 /@B/*>FaL0H /@@>*/FaL0H * X*0C8%L%rrrnr87Ln FrnrnrH ?rL-&rnr$rrr rn866L6n,nn 3"L,,3nrn"rrn8aL &/66-nr-$ nFn;-nr nrH* +.n2A(-;75rn! nCF;CHnrnnnnrrE7! nrn*n&n r7!nr-n-r nn0*>0nr0*1/ nn$nr +r$*nrn+ nnnnr$r nr-nnrnn n$rnrEnr-/*0;Fn rHnr/*/> F$nrHnn-nn rnrnrE nr*%+r7!nr n+rnn nnr*

PAGE 125

;;; ;C 7:rnn:HU 0*;; KrB &;*@F0*;CHU 0*;1 KrC &;*;>F0*;BHU 0*@; &;*01F0*;F0*//HU 0*@1 Kr> &0*1>F0*//HU 0*B/ &0*BBF0*@/H 0*HU 0*/B &0*1CF0*B>H 0*B@ KrG &;*@1F0*C0HU 0*/C &0*>/F0*<;H 0*BG Kr;0 &0*>CF0*>;H 0*B> 0*;;F0*1>H ;*;/ 7! 0*>0F0*/CHU /*0; 0*1/F0*@0HU /*/> ?r 0*G0F0*C/H 3" /@CC*> /@CB*G &/66 /@@@*>FaLG*0H /@@0*GFaL1*
PAGE 126

;;/ ;< 7:rnn:HU 0*;; KrB &;*<@F0*;@HU 0*/0 &;*>/F0*;CHU 0*;1 KrC &;*;CF0*;@HU 0*@/ &;*0BF0*; &0*1HU 0*/C &0*>1F0*B>H 0*B< KrG &;*@GF0*C0HU 0*/C &0*<0F0*<;H 0*CC Kr;0 &0*>;F0*>;H 0*BG 0*;;F0*1>H ;*;/ 7? 0*000BF0*00;H ;*00 0*00;F0*00;H ;*00 ?r ;*0;F0*C/HU 3" /@F;>Hn-r-n $ nnnrrn7 $nrn*nrn;*00nn$ nr*

PAGE 127

;;@ ;> 7:rnn:U 0*0@ Kr/ &/*CBF0*;BHU 0*01 &/*1>F0*/@HU 0*0< Kr@ &;*GHU 0*;; KrB &;*;F0*;CHU 0*;1 KrC &;*;BF0*;@HU 0*@/ &;*0BF0*; &0*1CF0*//HU 0*B@ &0*B/F0*@/H 0*<< Kr1 &;*@GF0*@>HU 0*/C &0*1@F0*B>H 0*BB KrG &;*@GF0*C0HU 0*/C &0*>/F0*<;H 0*BG Kr;0 &0*>0F0*>;H 0*C0 0*;H ;*;> 7= 0*00;F0*00;H ;*00 0*000BF0*00;H ;*00 ?r ;*0;F0*C/HU 3" /@<@*< /@<@*; &/66 /@B;*
PAGE 128

;;B ;1 7:rnn:HU 0*0B Kr@ &/*;1F0*;CHU 0*;; &/*BBF0*//HU 0*0G KrB &;*1BF0*;F0*;GHU 0*;B KrC &;*@ Kr< &;*B;F0*/0HU 0*/B &;*/0F0*/CHU 0*@0 Kr> &;*0>F0*/BHU 0*@B &0*<1F0*@@HU 0*C; Kr1 &;*CGF0*@1HU 0*/0 &;*01F0*B1HU 0*@B KrG &;*C/H 0*@1 &0*;@F0*1>H 0*11 %M 0*/>F0*;/HU ;*@; 0*@@F0*; 0*10F0*@0HU /*/@ ?r 0*1GF0*C@H 3" /@C/*> /@C/*@ &/66 /@/1*>FaL;BH /@/<*@FaL;@H * X*0C8%L%rrrnr87!LrE7! nrnFrnrnr 7!nrH8?rL-&rnr$r rrrn8 3"L,,3nrn"rrn866L6n, nn8aL&/66-nr$nFn;-n rnrH DA7 #4n !5 n-rnr $rr n+N 5## n##:& n n#n#### A.2':.%2' n:.2#? n:.n2 #n:.2 n: .2;75n:.2 ;%# n:n.2;B n F +Qrnr&$n$r-rn $rn

PAGE 129

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PAGE 130

;;< ;G 7:rnn:*0CF;*/@HU 0*00/ Kr/ &C*@/F;*BGHU 0*00C &<*@F;*//HU 0*0/0 Kr< &@*G>F;*C0HU 0*0;G &C*0;F;*/@HU 0*0;G Kr> &@*HU 0*0;< KrG &B*;/F;*C>HU 0*0;< &C*;BF;*@;HU 0*0;< Kr;0 &@*BCF;*GF0*/F0*0CH ;*01 0*/BF0*0GH ;*0> &0*0GF0*0BHU 0*G/ 0*0>F0*;1HU 0*G; 0*<@F0*G>H ;*11 ;*@F;*B>H 0*1B 7? &0*0;F0*00BH ;*00 &0*0;F0*00@H ;*00 7= 0*0;F0*00@HU ;*0; 0*0;F0*00@HU ;*0; ?r X0*000;F*H 3" /@;C*C /@;>*C &/66 //>C*CFaL<>H //>C*CFaL
PAGE 131

;;> /0 7:rnn:F0*<;HU 0*0/ Kr@ &@*/@F0*BCHU 0*0B &@*C0F0*CGHU 0*0@ KrB &/*1GF0*BCHU 0*0< &@*0/F0*C>HU 0*0C KrC &/*B0F0*BCHU 0*0G &/*@ &/*;@F0*B1HU 0*;/ &;*>GF0*<;HU 0*;> Kr1 &/*HU 0*0> &/*;0HU 0*;/ KrG &/* &/* Kr;0 &;*G/F0*1@HU 0*;C &;*;/F;*00H 0*@@ 7! 0*1BF0*/F0*0BHU 0*1B /*@/HU ;B*@ 7= 0*0;F0*00/HU ;*0; 0*0;F0*00/HU ;*0; ?r 0*1/F0*C/H 3" /@0>*B /@0G*B &/66 //>G*BFaL<@H //>>*BFaL

PAGE 132

;;1 nrnr,nnnrnrnr -rrr* D.%2Ar'n! %.nr+rr+rr nrnnnr rnrnr-rrnr -nr*"nrnnr-n $n$rF**+7!nrH rnr&$n$r+ nn$nrF ;GH rn-nn nr.n r-rnr-n* F/0Hn;&.nr -n-&0*;@FnHnr &0*;>F$nHn nnnnr $r*nrn+;&r .nrn-;/TFnHnr;
PAGE 133

;;G F;GHn-rnrEIr $r-n rnn nnr*+ rnr-rn nr nnnnr $rrnn rnr-n-rn+nr nrn* D.n2A74# 7n! "nrnnr-n$n$rF**+ 7!nrH rnr&$n$r+nn $nrF;GH r$rn -nnnr rnrnr *%+ F/0Hn-+nn nrE7! nrF ;75 H-nrnr&$n$rF**+.n rn rnrO.P7 $nr rnrO ; PH+;& rn rnr-nnnnnnr $r/*@
PAGE 134

;/0 D.2A(55n 7n! "nrnnr-n$n$rF**+ 7!nrH rnr&$n$r+nn $nr;G nrn -nnnr nrn r*-nrnn+ nrnrnnrrnr -n-n+nnr nn nnr$r+nrn rn* D.2A(;75r7 n! nn-n$n$rF** +7!nrH rnr&$n$r+nn $nr;G n-nrnnnnr 7!nrrnrF7!H*+n nnrnr+ rnr-r7! nrn-n rnn nnr$rrn nrnr-r7!nr -n-* D.2A(;$%#r 7n! "nrnnr-n$n$rF**+ 7!nrH rnr&$n$r+nn $nrF;GH n-nrnnnnr 7$rnrn* +nrnrn+ rnr-r7 $rnrn-

PAGE 135

;/; -nnr nnnnr$ rrnnrnr-r 7$rnr-n-* D.2A(;r 7n!! "nrnnr-n$n$rF** +7!nrH rnr&$n$r+nn $nrF;GH n-rn -nnnr 7 $nrrnr* F /0Hn-+nnn rE7!nrF ;75 H-n rnr&$n$rF**+.nr nrnrO n' P rnrnrO PH+rrn-nnnr 7=nr nrnr*;&7 $nr-n -0*0;nnnnnr $rn nn$nr* nrn+;& nr7 $nrn-;Tr nnnnr$r nnn$ nr+nnnn &$n$rF**+rE 7!nrH-nrnr&$n$rF**+ rn rnrO P.nrnrnr O n' PH*3nr -nr+rrnr7 $ nr+rnn nnr$rrnr +nrnrn* nn+GCTnnr nrnn;*0

PAGE 136

;// F**+O;*00/+;*001Pnrnn $nH rnnnnr $r* r#5# /;rnrn -n$r nnnrn n* /;r# rnr5n "nrn rnr"nrn rn # 6n $ 6n 6n $ 6n % %*F/H %*F/H %*F1HI5%FGH %*F1HI5%FGH I 5%F@H 5%F@H 7 Y %FBH Y5%FBH 7!nr Y%*FCH Y%*FCH Y%*F1H Y%*F1H 7?nr Y5%FH Y5%F>H 7 # Y5%FGH Y5%FGH &%*FGJ;0H &%*FGJ;0H Y5%FGH Y5%FGH Y%*FGJ;0H Y%*FGJ;0H 7 Y5%FGH Y5%FGH 7! &5%FGH &5%FGH 7? &5%FGH &5%FGH 7= Y%*FGJ;0H Y%*FGJ;0H *NQLnn-n N ./ N&Qn$$rn -+r$ N%*QLrnnnnr F X*0CH N5%QLnrnn nnr nrrrnrNF/HQ n/nn 6n-rVE7+7!+7?+7= rnr$ 6n-rVE7+7!+7?+7= rr$ .L.nrnr-r.rr nrn .Lrnrnrrn rnr -Lrn-r nr Lrnrn r

PAGE 137

;/@ n=$ /A4rn7 "#!! nrr$ n-rn nn F**+r -nrH-r rnnrnrn n F**+n rnH-rrnn rn-rnr.nn F6HnrF%H* $n$ rF-n n$+$+nrrHn rFnrH*nr+nr nn-r rr+NnQ(FHN 3rn-n n-3-nnnnr +QFHN3E$r& n-3-nn+QFHN3n OnP,n-nr nr*Qr n$ rnn-nr-nr, n-nn( -nnr,nrn nrrn-nnn* nnr$ ,nr& nrnnnnr(-n,r& nnnnnr n-rn-n$ r&nn* nrr(nn -nnr nnnr*

PAGE 138

;/B A !!. !!2n rnnrnn nnr r+r$*"n$+r n6 nr+nr +-n* ,-n$nrnnr nF=n; H+nnrn -r n+@0Trnrnn nrrnn+-r/0T rnnn*% N3-$r+QN-OrnrPn$r3 nn,nr+QN3nn,rn 3-nnn -n-Q-rn n*N3 n-n'n(3-nnr,+nnrnr -nrQN'nnnrnnrnrrQ -rnnn* %N'nr&n+QN -$rrnAnr +QN3nnnrrQ -rrnn -rNn # OPOnPr-rQnn* n6 nnrn -r:*nrn-n nnr+rrn rn$r*rnn-n-r: -rrnrr+ -rnr-n-rrr r*rnr rn/1nC@F ( L@1*>0F ( LC;>H*nnnr-n rn

PAGE 139

;/C -nr-rnnr+'nrnn: *3n+nrn nnrr nr-rn nnrrnr*,n rnnrrn nrr$nF =n1H+>0Tn6 rnnr* Ar!!.r!!2n rnrnrnnn$ rr+ r$*"n$+% n+-n +rrr+-n *%$$rn rnnrrnnr +-r;@Tnn* %nnnr+r-Cn>r+ -r-n-n-r:-r rnr$r* nnrrrn/@n <;F ( LB;H8rE7!nr rrn@*0nB*0F ( L@*>/H87?nrrrnC00n>00F ( LCC0H8 7=nrrrnC00n<<0F ( LC/>H* rrnr %nnnrrnr -rnnr* ?rnrnrr nnr -rnnnrrnr* "rnnr rnnrr$n+n n% rnnr+@1Tnnr+ r;/T-r --nnr*r-rnrnrnF L@H rnrn-r rrr*

PAGE 140

;/< $rrn$nrr nnn nnr*3n+/*"nnrI!r (nrnrnnn nr ;(N3E$,nnnrO E#!! PQ /(N3-nnrn3E$n-nrr nnrQFnH ;/N%Qn-n rIrrn-*

PAGE 141

;/> //FnH r rn nFH n%F;/H 1*"n (rrnrnn nr ;(N3,nnn($nQ /(N3nnn-n-rn-nr,nrQ G*!rn (n-rnrrrn n ;(N%nrn$nn Q /(N3r-nr,rn3n n-3nQ FH ;0*nr, (nn-rn nr ;(Nnr,nnrr$O #!! PQ /(N3n-nr,nrnn3 nnnQ ;;* (nnnrr $ ;(Nnrrn$rO "n PQ /(N3-nn$r%nrnQ FH 7#5% ;/*7n&nr (%n--n $n ;(N =#n% &rn&nrQ /(N3-nQ ;@* (nEnn ;(N3rnnrnnr rnrQ /(N3-n.,$+-$+ ***Q ;B*n$n (rn-nr,nn nr ;(N3-&n$+&Q /(N3--rnnrEQ ;C*!rn ($rnr nr;(NKnrnn+nn, nrE-nr,Q /(N3r.nE-nr,+ n!**Q ;<*%& (rnnn $ ;(N3+7n93E$Q /(N3nn,rnn3$r nnQ ;>*%r (nnIrnrrr nnr ;(N3nrnnnr rnrQ /(N3r$n,r,+3$r 'nrnr***Q &# ;1* (rrnnrnn nnrnr ;(N3nr+nnrn3n ,Q /(N:r-nr,-n'n', Q ;G*6$ (n'nrnnEF* *$nrH ;(N3-rn$nrrr O E PQ /(N6$FrrHnnQ /0*%nnr (nrnrn+rI nr-nr, ;(Nnrrnn-$rnQ /(Nn,nrr+n-n rnnDQ

PAGE 142

;/1 4Br'.4r2!rn rr+r .F%Hn rrrn rnr-nnr( rrnr nr+rr%+$$ r*/@r%+ nrrnrr,FHr$ rnnnFnHnnrrn nrn*:n n%+F**+6% nHr$r nrFN"nn+QNn+QN% rrQH+nnnr FN"nQH+nrnnrFNn$n QHrnnn8nnrFN!rrnQH+rn nrFN$+Q N"nnrI!r+QNnQH+nrn nrFN7n&nrQH+-n nnnrFNnr,QNQH+ rnrFN+QN6 $+QN%nnrQH-rr$ n$nrnn8nnnrFN!rnQHn rrnnrFN+Q N!rn+QN%&QN%rQH-r r$n$ nn-* rnrrnnrn -r nnrF**+nr n$rn -H+nrn$r nnrnrrn n*nr+ N3-rn$nrr rQ-rN6$ +Qrnrrrrn -nrrnn*

PAGE 143

;/G /@ 4Br'.4r2! rn4; 3(3n "nF L;1H 6"F L;0H %"F L1H % n % n % n F*H 5n ;*"nn C0 10 %rn C0 <; nr C0 G@ %rn >0 1G %rn <@ 1C %rn F*H r# ;*$ // /1 nr /0 /< nr /C ;1 /*"nnr @G C1 nr @0 C0 nr C0 1 G1 %rn >0 1G %rn 11 G> %rn C*!rn ;; ;0 /0 /< nr & & F*H ;*nr, @G C1 nr @0 C0 nr C0 0 nr C0 <; nr @1 B; nr F*H 7# ;*7n&nr @@ @1 nr & & & >C G; %rn /* ;/ ;1 ;0 C /C ;1 @*n$n <; 11 %rn 10 G> %rn @1 B; nr B*!rn ;> /@ /0 /< /C ;1 C*%& < @ ;0 C & & & <*%r ;; ;0 /0 /< nr & & & 33(r ;* BC >0 nr @0 C0 nr /C ;1 /*6$ @B B1 nr C0 <; nr /C ;1 @*%nnr @@ @1 nr /0 /< nr C0 CTH+nrFNnr+Q/CTXX>CTHnr-,FN +QX/CTH* &r %.F%HL 5rnr-nnrr ;00 nrnrrnFH J &!r,FHL ; /Y ;00 5 J -r Lbn-n.r .n n -Lbn$. nF nH 5LnrnrnF H.

PAGE 144

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PAGE 145

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PAGE 146

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PAGE 147

;@@ rr--r*%r $nn,+-Nr n-nr n+Qnr+nnrn ,+-n,+-rnnr-n *:Nr -rnnrn rnr-nr,+Q? -nnnr-nr, n* r> ?$-nnrrnrrn *%r n-rrnrr+ rrnr-nr,+rnr+-nnr$nrrn nnnr r,(N3$rn-rnn rn-r,+-3$,n$*Q? $-nr-nr,r rnr$r$+;1rnrr rr-nr r,(Nr-nrr-rn rnnnrn*Q?E -,,nrr nrnrrnr nrnrrnnr(NA nnnn,7r,n3$ n-nr,nrrnA3'nE ,OPn, nrnrn*Qnnr ?Ernrrn, nrrrn r*n-$r+rrn-n rrnrrr nrr rnr*%n n$n$r rn'rn n++r (Nr-nr,nrr$ *Q *$rnn--n nrrrn+ ?n3rr+n $rrrnr

PAGE 148

;@B nrrrn-n-rn*3n rn-n$n$nrrnnrErrrn'nnrn rn'nrrrn-nr,+?$rnnrn(N3 -nnn3Ernn rrnn-nr,+n nn ,-n nnrnr*Q:r n-nrnnrnrn nrErrrn'+? Nn n nnQN n nr*Q5n Nnrnnnnrn$ $+Q+n-$r+n rnrnrrn nrr*%-$rr$rnr* *rrn,rrn nr+ ?nn-nr,-n rrnr-nr,*% nr-rnrrn -n-$rrnNrrn*Q$rn nn-rr+nr ++-n nNn-nrn *Qnnrn? -r.( 3-'rA-nrn -'n* --n93 E,n-n-n,*3 'E*3-n3$3nE, ,3En*3E'9 ?-$rnnrnr r-r* rnrrr -r+r$r-nrrn *%rrnnr

PAGE 149

;@C n-nrnrnn n$nrn-nnr r+rrn-rn$ (N-rn-n$rn-nn$rn rn--nr,n*Q ( *r+?-$rn$ n nnrn*%r n$nnnrnrn r$nr(N3nn-n*Qn-$r+rn$n -n-r (Nn $rn-3nn 3E Rr,, 3-rn$r*Q n-$r+-r-nr rn$(N3nE, 3-,n-n-n rn$*Q+ ?-rnrrnr(N3,n3EnnnOP n3$nrn,3 En*3$n$nr-r*Q ;#n *?rr,Nn&nrQn $ rrnrrnr*!rnrn, +n -nrr+n-$r+Nn3E n*Q %nn(N3$n ,-3$R3 rnnr+r;nr*Q &#> nrn?+nnr++N$ nn nrrr+Qrrnr Nnrn*Qr nrnnrr+ r+r-n nrnnnrnrn*: rr,+? ,rn+n-$r+r rrEnn -Nnrrrnnr n*Q

PAGE 150

;@< "A7#.7n2 !n-BG-n !0@+rnr r%r*rE7!+7$r +7 $nr n-r@*B0+C00+<00+r$* nnrrnrnnr*nn nnrr nnr(N3Enn Ann-nrr,n n-n*Qnr$-+ !nnnr+ rnn,+r$n *!nrnrnrrn rnnrnn( N3-,'nr rnnrrrnnr$r rOnrP3n $n$rnr*Q!nn nrn+rr+rn rnrnr$r n*-nnrnnnnnrnrEnrn* r> !nrnrn$r-rr -rr+ rnnn*n nrnnr-rNr n-nn$n$ ,OrP'n rRnn$n$rnrn *Q!nnn-r nnrnnr-r$r,n-n 'r+rn ,n-n*n nr-nr,r nrnrn +Ernr nnrrr rnnrn rnr-nr,*5nN!**rnr ,nrr+Q

PAGE 151

;@> rrnrnn nE ,rn*nr+rrr nnNr -rnnrQnr nn,n$ $nnn,nr$,rn* *!n-$rnnrn n nr(N3r -r&+n&nn-& Rrr-rn*Q"nr nnnr+!nr rnn(NAnnn+ rn-r-9rrnn$rrn -n,rrn rnn*3+-nrn DQ *3nrnn+!n n$ -n-rn$r-n+$-n nNnn, rr ,$n+nnrrn*Q: n$rnn,rn ,&nnr+!nnr nrn rnr*r+nrn!nEn rrn$, r nnr(N3n r**nrn -Er*3$rn,9Q!n rn-n r-nrrn,n nr(Nn -r,n*Q$$ +!nnrn$ rnnr -!nE(N 3$rrOP3-,n rn$3-r n,nr*Q!nEnn$n$ -nn(N3-nn nrArnn -n

PAGE 152

;@1 rA,nr rrn9Q !nErn$r rnrrNn E$*Q ( *!rn!nEn$nnnnr rn nnrrnn(NAr*3nnnn rn*3-nr-rnnn 3-r*Q!nn nrn$nnr-r nrnrr* ;#n *n!nnr rn nnr+-rnn r(Nnnn, n+ rn--rnrOnrP$r*Q$ rr +rrr+r +$Nn,-$n Qn+-n nnrnrr* "+A(.7n2 r-@G-n! ;0+rnr r6r*rE7!+7$r +7 $nr n-r@*C0+C00+<00+r$* rrnnr rnnr-rr *nnrrnnr -+N3-!;0-n nR +nrn-n.+n$ r*Qn r$-+r-:+$, rnn* *r---rr n -rnn*$nr ,nr(Nr*:n

PAGE 153

;@G rnrnnr3nn-*Q3 rrnr+nn, nrnr-r r(N3rnnn$ A3-nrnr*Q r> nrrn-rr nrn-nn+r$r$nr rn--rr-rr+ rrnr NrnOnrPQn nrnn,rr(N3 r.3-Ernr*Qr!;0 rrnnr-nr,+ -n,r rnr !;0--nr n(N3nr&nr -nn*3nrnn&-r--+ n-rnn nrrnr*Qrn-n$ r,n-rn nr!;0*rrrr rnnr-nr,n nr(N3nn,nr+ r3nrn-3 r$nrn&nr-3 -*Qnrn rn$nnrnN&n rQr$rn rrrn'* *nnr$-rn $nn --nnnrrn+n -n$n$r$*r rnr-nnr rnn*r+n -nnrn n(N rr$rnr$ n-nnn-nn rn3$rO-r$ P*Q%n+n n+rnrn+r nr$n(N

PAGE 154

;B0 OnrPr$3r nnn*Q+. nnr *%nnrEnr-rnn n(NOrPE3r3n&rA n$rn--rn3 rn&r9%nOnP nn-rn9Q3-+n-$ r+nN-r rnrnrn r*Q6,+ nnrr-rrnnr-r ,nr nn n*rEnnr-nrn,nrnNQ nnr,(Nrr-3 Rn,n-+,nrn3nE$n+n,+-n$r nnr,*Qnrrn n-rnnr-n nrnn,-nr,nrn'* "nnnrnrnn nrnr+ r+N3nnnnnr!* *rnr+3--nn nrnnrn3 $rnn3n-r n*QrnnrrN ,Qrrr* ( *r-n.n, n rnnr(N3E$rn *Qnrn+ -r,rnr(N3r nrn,On -nr,nrnP3n nn,rnn*Q r+n-$r+rnnr n,

PAGE 155

;B; rnnr(N3E nEn-A nrnrnrn-*Q $&nrn rnr(Nrn-3$, nn rrR3Ennn&n*3' nn-nr,*Q nrnn,-rnnn-nr,+r rnn(NA nnnn+rrn, nnn-nr,nn*Q ,--nnr-rnr rnr+r -nNnn-nOnrP[n$ rnrn*Q ;#n *rrnrn&nr -nr,+ ,nn-nr,*N3nnr nrO-nr,rPrn' nnrnn-nr,*Q,-r$r nn--rnrn'n-nn-nr,+rN5n+3 $E+nr+nO rrrPn-rnn,nO r$-Pr*Enn ,-3ErQ*r r--nr, nr$n,rnn,-nr,* "DA(.7n2 rr-CBn!;0+rnr r6r*rrE7! +7$r+7 $ nrn-r@*C0+C00+C00+r $*rnnr -rrr*rrE nn'nnnrrnr N*Qr+nn,n&r rnr'n* r rr,nrn;1rnr rnnrn-rn, nr*r3rrr

PAGE 156

;B/ n"r-rrnrr rr(N3-r "r*3,r-r, *3+3Er,n$n$ *Q$rn"rnnrnn -rrrEr$n$rn$ *6r;1rnr nNrnn$rn!**rnrQ rrr r+ rrnnrrnnrrn r(N-Enr nnn*Qn$n $,n&r nrNn$nrnrQrn*rrEnnr rnnr-r(N nrn-nnn rr+rrnr, rn-n***3 3n3r,rr *Qnr$-+ rr-:+$r nrnrnrrnn* *3rnrrnr+rrr n3r nrnrnnrrn( N-nr+ rnrnnr+nrn rnrnn3 nr-n,nr*Q6r+ 7-nnn n-nn,nr$*r rnrn nrn3r-r$nrE n(N3Enn,O-P nn$nr+rnr3E ,n,+-nnDQ rrnrnrnrnr r$ FNr-nnrn*3nE,nrr rn,nnrn+ nrnnnrnQH*nrn rr+nrnrn$ nrnn$r-N-n rnrn

PAGE 157

;B@ nQrrrnrrnr-r r*%-n nnr*rrnr n-r$nr OrnPrnnr-nn rnrnr*%n+ nrn$nr.n% nrnnn rrnr.n nr-n $r(NKnrnn nnnr -nrrn*Kn$OnnP *Q r> rrnr rn& rnnr+rrrrrnr rnr$n$r( Nr-n-nr,r r+',nr+ nnr rn*Qrr-nrnnnrrn$ rnrErr rr(N3nE,$r r nnrr3, n*3,-nr,rrrn'nnrnn-nr nr3nE,O P$nr*Q 6,r+rrnrrn-nr (N3nn, nrOnP3E3-rnr *Qrrrrrnr nnrrnrn$n$nr .n nnr$rr(N7$n$rr nr.n 'nrr*3-n-R3n E,3-n$*Q *rrnrr-nrnn nn (N-nnn3 rnn+3E,3 nnrn3nnn rrQN3-rn rnn-nnrn-' nnr

PAGE 158

;BB n*Qrrn-nrn' nnr$-nnnrnnrnr* %nn-rnnrE nnrnrn'nrr rn*nrr+ rrrn-rrn (N3$n-rnn ,nnn ,$nn*Q%n ,NnnnQ-nr N-rn$n*Qrr $rnrnnr $nn(N!,n nrrOP$rn nnrnnnrrn*Kn nrnnn*Q *%rnr+rrErnr -n r-nr,n-*n-$r+-$r -$ r$(N3E,n-n3,nr$nn$*Q rrnrn-nrNnn$ Q( 6,3-r[rnn$rrn *%*rnrn!** rnrRr$-33nn *%n+rnn 3-nr3 nr n3 #n n*r+3n,n3 ,r+-nnD5n-,rnn OPnrnr*3,nr n* rrrnnrN rn&$ -n*Q%rr$ $rn rnrnr rnnrrn$rrrn rrnrrn nr-nnrnrnr rr-n

PAGE 159

;BC 'n*rrErnr-rn nr--n, nr*:rr-rr ,rn rr+nn,nnrnnr nr* %rnr+rr-nrnrr nnr -n$r*:rnnr-n rnrnrrr+nn,-nr-n -rnrnnr( N3,'rR-nrr n*3nnrr-$***3n -rn+nrrn*Qn-$r+rr-rnnrnr n(N:nr3*3 nnnn-*Q rrn-N$rnr$Qn n, N,rnn-nr nnR-nEn nr,n*Q%nr r,(N3' n3n-rn-nnnn *Q )E *rrrn-nr,F**+n Hrnr r$nnn,r nnr(Nr3 nnnr-nr,+-nr,OP7r*3n$r-*Qn-$r+n-r -rr n n(N3-n n-nr,-7 r$n$rn3-n+rnn*Q3nrrn $n-nr,+rr nnn n$n$(N3n,r ,n 'nn -7nn nnr$*Qrr

PAGE 160

;B< .nnrnrr'n(Nnr-nr,nr+'nrr$n$rn --rr*3O $rPEnnr-n$ *Q r4rn7"# !! /Cr.nnr r$-rn -nnnr .F%H .F3%Hnrrn nrn*:n% 3%+EF6%nHr n-r nrFN"nn+QNn+QN%rrQH +nnnrFN"nQH nrnnrFNn$nQHrn nn-* nrFN!rrnQH+rnnrFN$ +QN"nnrI!r+Q NnQH+nrnnrFN7n&nr QH+nnnr FNnr,QNQH+rnrFN +QN6$+QN%n nrQH-rr$n$nrn n-*+nn nrFN!rnQHnrrnnrFN +QN!rn+QN%&Q N%rQH-rr$n$n n-*

PAGE 161

;B> /Cr5!n!! rn4; r %.F%H 3%.F3%H 3(3n "n F L;1H 6 F L;0H % F L1H "n F/
PAGE 162

;B1 rnH-rrnn rn-rnr.nn F6HnrF%H* rnnnnnn -nrrn$* A !!. !!24# rnrnnnr n *r-rrnnrnnrnnr* rr$rnr-;1n@G r rr$nr*r$ rn-@0n;00 rnnrnrn&r /0nnn* $r+rnC0T+/0T+;CT+ ;
PAGE 163

;BG nnnnr+n nr rnn+/CTnn+ /CT-n-rr,* Ar!!.r!!24# nnrnnnr n (-nrnnr-nnrn nr*r r$rnr-1;Cr -nr r$nr*r$r n;@n;00rnn rnrn&r;/@Cnnn *$r+rnr /CT+/@T+/@T+/GTnrn +rr+$+ r$+r$*rn nrrnnr+$r rnnnn F;00TH+r& rrrn n+-nnrnrn n*"r nnrrnnrr$ +r& rr rnnr+/CT-N&+Qrnnnr* $rrrn$;0 -rrnn nnnrn*3n +/@GF1@ 6;C<%Hnrn@0 rr-r$*/< rrnnn />rrnnrnnn nr.rr*n -rrnn rrnnrn*5 nF**+N+QN+Q N:rr+QNrn+QN3$n$+Q N+QN7n!r& $+QN%+QNrnQH-r nnrn*

PAGE 164

;C0 /< n&#!4 #4; r rn nFH n%F;/H FH 5n" ;*"nn (rnrnrn r r ;(Nrn&-,nrnQ /(Nnnn'nr-rnr nrQ /*!rrn (n nrrn r$ ;(N%nn$n-r+ n-n-Q /(N-nr,-nrn'+nn& nrQ @*%rr (rInrrrnrr, rnr ;(N3r rrrn@ rnnr-nr,Q /(Nn,rnn r$rnrQ B*rn (rrnFHnrr& F!H ;(N-nn!I+n+'nr rQ /(N!r&OrnPn-n-Q C*n (rrnrnn nn ;(Nnn$nnnrn nQ /(Nnnn+rr n -rQ FH r#" <*n (nnrIrn ;(N%nnr$r+nn nnr***Q /(NA$rn-nr,nrrn nrAQ >*$ (+nrr$n ;(Nn-nnrO #n PrQ /(Nrrr-nr-n -nr,-Q 1* (%En-rnr-nr,Inr rn ;(NnE$-,nO PQ /(Nnrn-n r r***Q G*:rr (nrr-nr,rr rn n;(N:rrnn-n r$nnQ /(N:rrrnr Q ;0*"nnrI!r (nrnrnnn nr ;(NrnrnrnnnnrQ /(Nnnrn+3,+n$ nQ ;;*"n (rrnrnn nr ;(Nrnnr, n--nnnnQ /(N$rrEr$O rPQ ;/* ($n$ n&,rn 3$n$ ;(N3nEOnPn $Q /(N***n$nnnrr3***Q ;@* (rE$-nrn r ;(Nnnrn nrnAQ /(N"n-***Q FnH

PAGE 165

;C; /*nr, (nn-rn nr ;(N'n+nr nrnAQ /(N:n-nr,nrnr rnOn-PQ ;1* (nnnrr $ ;(N$rnnnrnrn nrQ /(Nnrrnnr $rnQ FH 7#5% ;G* (nEn ;(N$rnrn -Q /(N"-nrD3nE,n-*Q /0*% (nnrnnr ;(Nn-nrr&$nr Ar$rQ /(N:'-rIO nrP***Q /;*7n&nr (%n--n $n ;(Nrnr-nr, Q /(N$rrrnR,n--r -nQ //* (nEnn ;(N3nQ /(NKn,Q /@*n$n (rn-nr,nn nr ;(N%Errnr$ Q /(N%Ernrrnr$ Q /B*!rn ($rnr nr;(N%nnrrnn-rn n-Q /C*%& (rnnn $ ;(Nr$rnnn %333Q /(N***rnrnnrr rQ  /<* (rrnnrnrn nrnn ;(N3+rn nErnrQ /(N$nrn+nE $Q />*6$ (n'nr$nEF**+ $nrH ;(N6$r-Q /(N6Q

PAGE 166

;C/ 4Br'!4# />rr .F%H nrrn rr,FHr$rnn n-FnHnn rrnnrn* :nn%+ F6%nHrnrnr FNrn+QN%rr+QN!rrnQH+n nnrFN$QH+n rnrFNQHrnnn -*-nnr FN"nnQNnQH+$nnr FNn+QN+Q N:rr+QN!rn+QNrnQH+ $rnnrFN+QN%+Q N7n&nr+QNn$n+QN%& QH+nnnrFNnr,Q NQH+nrnrFN6$ QH-rr$n$ nrnn-*+$n nrFN"nnrI!r+QN"n+Q N3$n$+QN+QN7nr&$ QH-nrnnr FNQN!rnQH-rr$n $nn-*

PAGE 167

;C@ /> 4Br'!4 #4; 3(3n "nF L1H 6"F LBH %"F LBH % n % n % n F*H 5n ;*"nn @1 C0 nr /C /G nr C0 CB nr /*rn <@ 1@ %rn >C 1B %rn C0 CB nr @*%rr 11 G1 %rn >C 1B %rn ;00 G< %rn B*!rrn >C G; %rn ;00 G> %rn C0 CB nr C*n C0 >/ nr >C 1B %rn /C ;< F*H r# ;*n @1 C0 nr /C /G nr C0 CB nr /*$ >C G; %rn C0 <> nr ;00 G< %rn @* /C @0 nr /C /G nr /C ;< B*:rr @1 C0 nr /C /G nr C0 CB nr C*"nnrI!r ;@ ;@ /C /G nr /C ;< <*"n ;@ ;@ & & & /C ;< >*3$n$ ;@ ;@ & & & /C ;< 1* ;@ ;@ & & & /C ;< G*7nr&$ ;@ ;@ & & & /C ;< ;0*!rn @1 C0 nr & & & >C 1B %rn ;;*rn @1 C0 nr & & & >C 1B %rn F*H ;*nr, @1 C0 nr /C /G nr C0 CB nr /* C0 >/ nr C0 <> nr C0 CB nr F*H 7# ;* C0 >/ nr /C /G nr >C 1B %rn /*% /C @; nr & & & C0 CB nr @*7n&nr @1 C0 nr /C /G nr C0 CB nr B* ;@ ;@ /C /G nr & & & C*n$n C0 >/ nr C0 <> nr C0 CB nr <*!rn ;@ ;@ /C /G nr & & & >*%& /C @; nr /C /G nr /C ;< 33(r ;* >C G; %rn >C 1B %rn >C 1B %rn /*6$ C0 >/ nr & & & C0 CB nr &&r.8N&Q -nrnIrn &%Lr %.FrTH8L !r,FrTH &nL%rnnn+-rnFN%rn+Q >CTH+nrFNnr+Q/CTXX>CTHnr-,FN +QX/CTH* &r %.F%HL 5rnr-nnrr ;00 nrnrrn J &!r,FHL ; /Y ;00 5 J -r Lbn-n.r .n n -Lbn-$. nF nH85Lnrn rnFH

PAGE 168

;CB "r'!4# /1r.F3%H nrrnr r,FHr$rnnnFnHnn rrnnrn*: nn3%+ F6%nHr$ rnr FNrn+QN%rr+QN!rrnQH+-n nnrFN$Q N!rnQH-nrnrFN7n&nr QNn$nQH rnnn-*-nnrF N"nnQNnQH+ $nnrFN+QN"nnrI!r+QN3 $n$+QN+Q NrnQH+-nnnnrFNnr,QN QH+nrnnr FNQH+-nrnrFNQN6 $QH-rr$n$ nrnn--rn nnnrnnr FNn+QN"n+QN:rr+Q N7nr&$QHnr rnnrFN%+QN+QN!rn+Q N%&QH-rr$ n*

PAGE 169

;CC /1 "r'!4 #4; 3(3n "n F/@GH 6" F1@H %" F;C nr @*/; <@ nr /*rn >*GC 1> %rn <*0/ >B nr 1*G> GB %rn @*%rr ;>*< G1 %rn ;<*> G> %rn ;>*G G1 %rn B*!rrn 1*>G G; %rn ;@*@ 1> %rn <*B; 1; %rn C*n /*G@ B1 nr <*0/ >B nr ;*/1 C F*H r# ;*n 0*1B G ;*/0 ;< 0***/@ 1/ %rn 0**3$n$ ;*<> @@ nr & & & /*C< B1 nr 1* ;*<> @@ nr & & & /*C< B1 nr G*7nr&$ ;*/< // & & & ;*G/ @@ nr ;0*!rn B*;1 >1 %rn & & & <*B; 1; %rn ;;*rn /*G@ B1 nr & & & B*BG >< %rn F*H ;*nr, @*@C <@ nr /*B; @> nr @*1C >0 nr /* @*@C <@ nr B*1/ CC nr /*C< B1 nr F*H 7# ;* /*0G @G nr ;*/0 ;< /*C< B1 nr /*% ;*/< // & & & ;*G/ @@ nr @*7n&nr C*0/ 1@ %rn ;*/0 ;< >*0C 1> %rn B* 0*1B G ;*/0 ;< 0*1 %rn B*1/ CC nr @*1C >0 nr <*!rn 0*B/ / & & & 0**%& ;*/< // ;*/0 ;< ;*/1 // 33(r ;* @*@C <@ nr B*1/ CC nr /*C< B1 nr /*6$ @*>> >/ nr B*1/ CC nr @*/; <@ nr &&r.8N&Q -nrnIrn &3%L3%.FrTH8L !r,FrTH &nL%rnnn+-rnFN%rn+Q >CTH+nrFNnr+Q/CTXX>CTHnr-,FN +QX/CTH* &3%.F3%HL bnrrrnrr ;00 nrnnrH J &!r,FHL ; /Y ;00 5 J -r 5LnbnrnFH8 Lbn-n.r .n n -Lbn-. nFH

PAGE 170

;C< r44#7"# !! /Gr.nnr r$rn -nnnr .F%H .F3%Hrnnrn*:n %3%+F6 %nHrn-r nrFNrn+Q N%rr+QN!rrnQH+nnnr FN$QH+nrn nn-*NQFrH-r $n$rnnn -n%8-rN!rnQFn HN7n&nrQ Nn$nQFrnH-rr$n$rn nn-n 3%*-nnrFN"nnQ NnQH+nnnr FNrnQH+nnnrFNnr,Q NQH+nrnr FN6$QH-rr$n$nr n*+-nn nrFN"nQN7nr&$QH -nrnnrFNQ N!rnQH-rr$n$ nn-*

PAGE 171

;C> /Gr5!!! 4#4; 3(3n nn-n r %.F%H nn-n 3%.F3%H "n F L1H 6 F LBH % F LBH "n F/@GHU 6 F1@HU % F;C*3$n$ & nr & nr 1* & nr & nr G*7nr&$ & & nr ;0*!rn nr & %rn %rn & %rn ;;*rn nr & %rn nr & %rn F*H ;*nr, nr nr nr nr nr nr /* nr nr nr nr nr nr F*H 7# ;* nr nr %rn nr nr /*% nr & nr & nr @*7n&nr nr nr nr %rn %rn B* nr & C*n$n nr nr nr %rn nr nr <*!rn & & >*%& nr nr 33(r ;* %rn %rn %rn nr nr nr /*6$ nr & nr nr nr nr &&r.8N&Q -nrnIrn &N%rnQrnnnn &NnrQnrnnn &NQ-,Innn

PAGE 172

;C1 +Arn-n4 #7 nn-rn n+N )#nn n-n#%# nn: Qrn&-n-r nrn-rnr-n r*3+ -r$n$rn+nr+nr nn-n nnr .F%H .F3%H* n-@0+nrn +-nnr-nnr +rnnn*rnn -nr # nnrn nn-rn nrn*nr+ N7n&nrQ-r$n$nr nn-n nrn$n r$n$rn nn-n3%*%r+N%r rQ-r$n$ rnnn-n*r nn-nr n FHnn--r nrnnrFHnn-rnr nrn-nn rnFH*nr+ N"nQ-r$n$rnn n-n nn-n*%r +NrnQnr nn-nn*

PAGE 173

;CG @0!!!rn n4#4; nr %n7rn n7rn % F L;1H 3% F/* nr nr %rn nr 1*"nnrI!r nr nr nr G*n nr nr nr ;0*!rn ;;*%& nr ;/* ;@*%r & & ;*"nn %rn %rn nr nr /*n %rn %rn nr nr @*"n %rn %rn B*!rrn nr nr %rn %rn C*$ nr nr %rn %rn <*%nnr nr nr & & >*rn & & %rn %rn 1* & & nr nr G*rn & & nr nr ;0* & & nr nr ;;*7nr&$ & & ;/*!rn nr %rn ;@*:rr & & nr ;B*% & & nr ;C*3$n$ & & nr ;<* & & nr N&Q-nrnI rn &r %.F%HL 5rnr-nnrr ;00 nrnrrnFH J &3%.F3%HL bnrrrnrr ;00 nrnnrH J &N%rnQrnnnn &NnrQnrnnn &NQ-,Innn

PAGE 174

;<0 r#rn-n4#(%-7 rrn@0n-;@nrn r$-rn-* nrFN%rrQHnrn rFNn$nQH-rr$n$ rnnn-*-n nnrFNnQN"nnrI!rQH +-nnnnrFNnr,Q NQH+-nrnrFNQN6 $QH+nrn rFN7n&nrQH-rr$ n$nrnn*rrnrFN!rn+QN% &+QNQH-r r$n$nn-* nnnn;@ nr-* r *:nr$ rInrrr nrr,rnr+-rn n-*%E nnrnnn(N rrnnr -$nOn-rPn +QN3-n r,nrnr,+ QNrr-Ernnn $rnrr+QN-$ rrr-r+Q Nr-n$rrr+QNr nnrrnrrnr+ rrnrnnrn+Q N$n R-n,r*Q%n nE(N rnE$nn+$n ,nr-rnr+Q Nr rrrnr& rnr-nr,+QNnr rn$rn,r n +QNnr rr$rrr*Q

PAGE 175

;<; n+Nrnnn -rr,n-*Q nrr6rnr nn -rrrr$ E$n( Nrn-nr-nr, rnQNnr$ nr3nn-+3$ Enn*Q%rn6 rnrrrrr$ rrnr( N-R-r rn-rnr rnr$nrOP r$nnr$ -Err*Q rrr -rr,nrn 6rnr(N-rn rr$n,rnr$ +-nEOnP rnr+QN-n,rnn r$rnr+QNn r,nrr$-nrnn Rnr*QN-r rn,rnn+rnr+ n,r +$rnrr nr*Q r$nnnrrnr "nrn nnrnrnrr r+nrr$nr nnrr(N3n nnnr rnnrnrnrRnnr$ r+QNnOrnrnrPn n$rnrn nrnrnn ,nr$r+QN3,? rrn-r$n nrnrnrnrn-r nnr*,rnrn-

PAGE 176

PAGE 177

;<@ )E> :nnrr n-r nnr+nrnn-* n6rnr n-nr,&+rnr nnnr(N3 -nr,Onn-n-P+QN3 nr+$ rnnnrn OrnP*Qnr+ %rnrnr-nr,r &nrn-nr,nrr nnnr(N3n-nr, nrn+3n nnQN3-nnrrn3 nr-nr,*3 rnrnrr *Q+-n+rn *%*r+nnr-nr,+n rn--nr,n nnnnrr* 3nr+n-$r+-nr,n$ nnn nnr(Nnrrr'n+3n$ !**nnnrrn n3nnnrr r -*Q%nnr rnr-rnn rnrnr r*rnnr-nr,n 7N-nr,nr +Qrr;Bnn+-nr,nNr$n$rnr*Q r -,n nnrrnrn n-nnnn&-nr,* 4> :nnrr nn nrr$+nr nn-*r-r r,rrnnrn 6%rnr-r ;Brr-r$-+6 rnr

PAGE 178

PAGE 179

PAGE 180

;<< nR,n--r-n+QNr n-nr,+Q Nnn,n-n-nrn r+Q NnnOnnP n-,nr*Q ?7> %r$nn r-nr n--r-nn nnnrnrrrn-r r$nnnrr n-nn*n%rnr -rrr.nnrIrrn(N3 rnr+QN-rn nnrrnnrrnrr nrn+QN3nE,3 n$nn+QNOnnrP-r$r nnr$***n nnr+-nnr+-+rr+--nnE n+'$rnr$+QN3, nnnr*Q nnnrnr-n nnnrn+n6 rnr,nnrIrrn nrrn-(N3E$ ,nnnrQNrE$n nrr-rrnn -nR-rnrn-nnr*Q%& nnrnrrrn+n-$r+ rn(Nr-nr nr-nr,-nn-nr +nnr'9Qrn% rnrnE n(Nrnrnrnn nnr+QNrn rnnnr***nn $+QN%nOnnrPnr nr+QN"nrnr nnnr+QN rrn$n nnr+QN-nr,nnr+Q Nnnrn+3,+rn$ n*Q

PAGE 181

;<> 5%#> %nrrrn nrnE nnrnn-*% -n$n nr,rnnnrn nnrr n-nrnnrnrn *%rn6rnr nnnrnnrrrnr (Nrnr $r+O3Pnnr+QN3n 3$n,nrrn n-+QN5nnnnn***+Q N3$nnnnrn nr3nE$rnn *Qnnn rn%nnrn nrrrnrFN 'nrrnnrnrrn-, n-,+QN3-nn 'nr$nr+'nr$nr-nn +QN3r nQH+nn$n nrrrnr(Nn # nRrnnEn+ EnnEn3E-nr,n+QN "n# n,n+Q Nn+3Enrn*Q rrr nnnnrnn r*nr+,n$rnNrnQnrNn rr-nr,nr rnnrQrn-nr, rrnnn* 7> %r$ -$ rnrnr nn-*!rn rnr,nnrr nnr, nnrrn$r-nr, nnn*nr+ n+NnOPrrnn-r nn-n-*Q

PAGE 182

;<1 %r+rn rnnnr (N3r.n E-nr,+OPnn !**nrrr-nr,nr+Q NKnrnn+nn ,nrE-nr,+QNnnr -nn-nr 3-nnrnn !**Q r#> %r$rn nn $n n-*r& n$n rr+ ,&nrnrn nrr ,n,nnr ,rn(N3n n,rnOrrn nPn3$rnnQ N3n7n+3E$9Q %$n$ rrrn'& n(NrOPn Ennr. $n$ rrrn'+rr*Q%r+ n,n& nnnr-nr,FN r$rnnn %QHn nnr-r&n rnrr(Nrnrn nrrrQ NnE$rn,O rnP$nr,*Q @#> %r$E nn -nn-*7r rnnnErnr*rrnnr nrnr& nnr+rn%rnr

PAGE 183

PAGE 184

;>0 --rnrnr r -rnn(N3 rnrnrnr-3'n* n-$nn *-r$nrnnn-nnQN3 E,3-rr+3,3$nrnn,n +nn$n*Q *nrn+rrn rnn nnrnnn-+-r r$n$ nrnn*%EF**+N Knr$nrn -nnnO Pnnnrnrn -rn'QH EnF**+Nnn$ n$rnnQHnnn-n*5$n rn6 rnrrnr nn$nrn n(N3E$r&n3-nn+QN3En n-3-nnnrrnrr nnr-nr,+QN6,nOP r&n-nnnrrnn ,nrQ Nn$n$&rr+3$ En$rnr*Q %r+nrnEnrnnr nnn(N,n,r nRrnrr nr*Qr$-F!nH+ rn%r+n nrnn. rrn(Nnn nrnn-rr nr*Q%nnE rnnrrnrn nnnn (N,rnnrn +nrnrn

PAGE 185

;>; n+,+QNnnnnnrnnn nnrnn$+QNn $nrrnn+n$+ nr,+QNn rnnr,n-n rnr*Q6 r-nn rn.nrn rnn(N3r n-nn-3nnnnr+-nn-3-n'n *Qn-E n(N-nrn$n,n$rr$nR -$rnr*%*nnrn nnrr!**rn*Q *rr$rr nrn nnrrnnn+rnr+ r$nnn*n +Nrnnn nrnr rn&&,rn$ rnnnnrnnrn*Q rrrrnrn nrrrErrnr*"rrn nnrnn+ nrn+-nr(N $-nnn n+QNnr$n+QNn-nr,nr+QNr r+QN-rrn$ n$n-r*Q nnN,n rrn$nr rnnnnn$ rn$n n*Q%6rnr nrrn-r n(Nnnrnnr-rn+ n+-+nrr+-rn

PAGE 186

;>/ nnrn--nEnn OrrP+QN nrrnnrnrnnnn,+ QNnnr$r r-rrn*Qn-$r+ rn% rnrnn$(N'nrrn nr+33 r+QNE$-rnr -n-nr,nrn rn+QNrn3-nr,r+n&nrRnr -nr,nnr+QN -n+3r ,-nE,r n3rnr*Q 7 *rn-n n rrnr$rnn n--r r$nnnnr*!rr n,$rnnr nn-r,rr,* n r,+n rrnrn nnr*nrn+ 6rnrn&r r(N$rn-r rrnnQNnn$n -rn-n-*Q nrn6rnr( N3nErr-r $+QN-, nn-rrn+QNr OP3Err nrO-rrnPQNO rnPr-rn nrr*Qn$rn +rr -rNr rrn+n' rn+Qnr-rrn rn-rNn -rOPrn,rnn r+QN$n$rrrn

PAGE 187

;>@ nrnnrnr-+Q N-rnr OPnQ--r rrn* 5n *r$+nr +r$ n+rnnn--r r$nn nnr*nrn nr$( Nnrn+nrn+QNnnr nrOPr rnrrnnrOP,n ,+QNrr r-nr-n-nr,-+ -'r9Q rNnQNrn$,n nrO,nPQNn OPnrr r*Qrrn%rnrr n-$;; n-n-rrr* rOnrPn ,r,nErnr*-,+ r,rn n+nnn nnnrrnr* 5$6rnr nn rn-$r(N3n rnOrnr-nr,P+3n nrn+-nn3nnD+QN3r nnnn+ nnrnrn+QNrnnr 3r'rnnr$ n-nn-nn+QNnn nnrnrn*Q rrn$-n rnrr+ r$-F!nHrn%rnrn( 3-n,nr!** ++rrr,r ,Nn$Ern$

PAGE 188

;>B nr*Qn$ rnr+NnrnrnnrQ-$nrnNrn$nr n-rn*Qn$Nrn+n$ rn$nr+nnn-+n-rn nQn nnnrr-nr,nn nr& rrrn*+-nn nrr rnrnr nnrnrnE* r# *%r$nrnrn +r+ nr-nr,+rnnn-rn rn+nr-*%% rnrrnrr$rn nnr(N3nnrrnnn-rnn+QNnr rnnn-nr,-$rnr+Q Nnrrnn-$r n+QNn,nrr +n-nrrnnD+Q Nnrn$rr.(nn r,+n+nr $n,nDQ ## *r$rnn rn nn-(N-nnr& nr&+n+'nr r+QN-$-& -nn$nr r&r+QNr&Orn Pn-n-*Q rEnnn& rn(n%rnrr &-r6rnr+nN$ rnr&*Q

PAGE 189

;>C 5n *r$En-r nr-nr, rnnrnn-+rn+nr -*n6 rnrn$ n-rnr-nr,nrrn(N nE$-,n OnrP+QNrnn $rrnr$r rnr+QN, nnrrnnrrr nnnrrn-n nrQNnrn -nr r $rrrnnrr nn*Q -rnrr$-F?+: r$rHr$-n rnH(N'rR3 ,nnrr rR$nrn$--r*nOPrn$--rr OrnP+n,n-9Q *r$rnnrnrr -r rr$nr$n$$ +nrrn$ rnnrnn rnn-+-r n+nr-*n $-nr,n rrrrrnnr $ (Nn-$nr O$Pn$-nrnn /&@r rrnnnD+QN$nnr +--nn r*Qrn"nn nrrnn-nnr +rr+n rn$ $(

PAGE 190

;>< Nrn$n$rnrnrnrn$ $nrrQ Nn-nnrrn r*Q 5 *rNQnrn+ r$n$nrnn*Knr-rr$ nnrnrnrr* rn6rrr,+N r$rnnnr-Qrrn%r nN$rn-rn -*Q 7& *%r$n-rnr rrn n-n-+ -rr$n nrrnn-n r .+r$*Ern-n$rrrn $rnn,nrn-n$n rn(Nr rrrrnnr rn+QNn$-nr r+nnnnrr r+QNrn$rn -rnrnrrr, n+QN-r -rnrnr+n nrn,OP rnr*Q%nr(NnrnO rP$n nQN3 O'nPr-nr, rrrn3 nn-3n*Q:nnn-&n $rn--n nr+rn nrnnn n-rrnr-rn*

PAGE 191

;>> %r 3 $nnn+r &$ r$(FHnC*1r+FHn -rn,nnnr$ r+FH-n&$nr+ rE7!nr+-r rnn nnr+FHnr&$nr +rI+n+7 $rnrn+7 $n rn+-rn rnn nnr+FHrrnr& $nr+rn+ 7!nr+7 $nr+-rr nnnnr+ FH$rnr&$nr(rnr.+ r.+rn +n+7$rn rn+-rn rnn nnr* 3 $nn+nrn nn-&$ r$-r$-nnrFN"n nQNnQHn nnrFN"nQH-rr$n rnn-+-r N!rrnQFH+N$QFnHN %nnrQFrH-r r$nnrn-* nrn+nnr +r$rnrFNrn +QN!rrn+QN$QH -rr$nrnn-8 -nnr FN"nnQNnQH+-nnnrF NrnQNQH+ nrnrFNQH-rr $nnrn*nn-N%+QN:rr+Q N3$n$+QnrNQ

PAGE 192

;>1 -*+n r$N%rrQ Nn$nQnrnn-8N n+Q"nnrI!r+Q Nnr,+QN+QN+QN6$+Q7n &nrQnnr n-8N!rn+QN%& +QNQn n-*N%rQN7nr&$ Q-rr$n n+r$*

PAGE 193

;>G "!?(3%"#%%35 "r?nnrn*r+ rnnr r-nr,r.* 5+n $ $nnnr nn-rrn &n&rFH*'nrnnnn $ $nn rr*5+--r nrnr rnnnnn $rrr*+ nnrrn nnrrrr* !rnr-nr, ,nnnr r n*nrnrrr rnnr+r nnrn+n+ n*r$ nnr+ +n$ rrrFHnrn nrnr+FH nrnn-nnnnn rnnr$n rnFnrH+FHnrnr rnnn* rnnn-n rnnnr nnrrn *rnnnrnrr rnr nnnr*nnr-$ -nn + + n-rrr;*

PAGE 194

;10 %rn$r+n+nn ,rnn n*3 $nnn +r& $.r++nn n.rF**+ n-nrnnnr H$nF**+ ,nnrn rnnrnrH -rnnn-,rnr rF$&;nrH rrF$&/nrH-rrn nnnr* nn+--rnrnnrn+ -nr rnnrnnnr nnnr n$r;0&rnr$nrn* nrnnF;GG@H+r nnrr nnr+--r+n +nn+nrrn*% -$rnnrrnnr-r nrnr rnrnnrnF$. *++n+nn+ rnH+-n *nn++n +-n.nn$n rn rnrnnrn*3 $nnn+ nrn$ r$--rnn nrr$nn*:nrnr -nFr .H rn nF.H+nrr$ nrn-r nr.n+n+nn+ rn&FnrH*

PAGE 195

;1; %rn=$ (n!!n)rn( E#5 r&$.rr$ -C*1 r+nn-"$EF; GG0HnC*1/r*:n nnn*r -r n,nnnr$ r"$n,nn nnnr-r ++$r* rn##n! 5 r&n!5 nrnr-rnnrn+ rnnnnr rr;0&r nr$nrn*-rC*B<* /rnr+ r$*"nrnnrErE 7!nr+rnnnnr +n-$r+$n -rnrnr&$n$r-nrn rE7!nr+ nr rnnnnr r;0&rnr$nrn rrn+nr rn$ n+nrrnnr%EF/00@H n-+n -%Ernrnn rn*%+-nnn nn+n+nrnnrnr nr+-rnr,-r -nnrrr$r rn$r*3 +r-n$ nnnnr$r

PAGE 196

;1/ rrrrr+n$r+$r.rn rnrr* rn r-nrnr-nr nrnn$ .r*$ r$nr-nrn -*n-$r+n rrnn-rnrnrn -nr+n+ $nnn,nn $r rrnr+nrrn rn$n* ?n!5 nnrnr-rnnrn +rr+ +nrnrrn-rn rr ,nnnnnrnrn +n-"$E F;GG0H-rr-n rn*3r%rnrEF/00CH--r rnn nr,nnnr-r +rr -rrnn, nnnr*%rnrE +n-$r+nnn nnnr* 55nn!5 nnrnr-rnnrn +r-n$ n-r nnnnr *r:rEF;GGGH &--n rn *EF;GGGH-rnn ,rnrr -r

PAGE 197

;1@ nrnrnr*"nrrn rn -nnnnr F"$+;GG08%+ /00@H+rr nrn -rInr&$ n$r* (-;75rn!5 rnrnrnnrn+Er E7!nrn$rnnn nnrrr ;0r*nnnr :rEF;GGGH$nr-rrn$ rnrn+nnr:rE&-rrE 7!nr-nn $nrnr+n+ nn :rE-nr,nnnnnr nr* ;$?;r5nn! 5 5r7$rnrnnr7 $nrn -rn nnnr* rnr-:rEF;GGGHnn nr-rrn $rnrnnnnr %rnrEF/00CH 7$rnr-nrnnnr *+ n-$r+nnnnnnr 7##4n!5 7r'n!5 "nrnnr-n&$n$rF**+ rE7!nrH nrnr&$n$r+r rnr.-nn

PAGE 198

;1B -n nnnr*+ -n-%r%n,EF/00;Hr +-r.nnnr rnr-nr -+nr:nEF;GG/H-rrrrnr-r n-nr 7r$rEF;G11H-rnr. -rnrrnr* r'n!5 "nrnnrErE7!nr n-nrnr&$ n$rF**+rn7 $nrH+r .nrnrnrnrnnnnr rnrrr ;0r*r-r rrr rn-nrrF:r+;GGG8:r+ /00B8:nJ:n+;GG18 J%n+;GGG8rrr?rn+/00;H*3 +nrnrrr+ rrrrr.nIrnn-n rnnn $ nr$nrrnr* 7-#?n! 5 "nrnnr-n&$n$rF**+ rE7!nrH nrnr&$n$r+r rnnnnnnnr rnr*n-$r+7r$rEF;G11H nrrrrn-rn -rrrnr*

PAGE 199

;1C 74#rn7n !5 "nrnnrErE7!nr n-nrnr& $n$rF**+.nrn rnr7 $nrH+rn rnrn$n-n nnnrr r;0r*7r$rWF;G11H rn r-rnnnrrrnr rr* 7-(55nn! 5 "nrnnr-n&$n$rF**+ rE7!nrH nrnr&$n$r+r-n rn -rnr nnnr*5rn $nn nr$rn-rnrE nnnr* 7-(;75rn! 5 "nrnnr-n&$n$rF**+ rE7!nrH nrnr&$n$r+7! nrrnr-n rnn nnr*rr r$-nr n-rnrE 7!nrnnnnr 7(;$%#rn! 5 "nrnnr-n&$n$rF rE7!nrH nrnr&$n$r+7?nr rnr-n rnn nnr*rr

PAGE 200

;1< r$-nr n-rnrE 7$rnrnnn nr* 7(;rn! 5 -n&$n$rF**+ rE7!nrH-n rnr&$n$rF**+.nr nrnr rnH-rnrn+ 7 $nr rnr-n$ rnnnnr rr;0&rrn* rrr$-n rn-rnrE 7 $nr nnnnr* %rn=$ ;#7n %$+n+nn+In rrnnnrr nnr*rnrn $+r+ nnrn-rnrn +nr nnrnrnnrn*!r$nrr nrnrn*%r F/00BHnEnnrr nnr-rn $n*3%nEF;GGGH+r<0Tnr rrnnrrnnrF**+ rnrrnr rn$nE,H+rrnF**+rn nnrrrn$H rn-rnrn-rr*

PAGE 201

;1> 5n"4 rnrrn rnnr nnn*3 n-r -rnrErr+rrn+ rnnn* nnrnnr-rr$ nrnn-* rn!! % $nr$ rnrrrn rnr,rnr-rnn -*-nnrnr rrr( # *rnrnrnn+ n$-rnrnrnr -nr,rn -rnrrn,nnrnr,+r+n&+ +rnrnn+rr+ *%nr .nr-nr,rnrr rr8r $nnr8 rn$nrn'$++rnrr r+ 'rr8nr r$rnn -&*r rrnr rr nr-nr,+nr+rn n rnn+nn+n nnnr* rrnrr$+-r$ nnnr nnr-nr,rn Ernnn8,n nrnE,rn8 nnn rn$rn rr$*

PAGE 202

;11 rr-:rEF/ 00BH-Nrnr QOrrP-rnnnn nnrF*;;/H*%F;GG1H n+Nrnrrrrnnr n&nrnQ nNnQF*>H* nn+ rrr+$n nnr* n!! rnnrnr nrnrn r r-r$nnr n-*7r+ -r$nnr rnrn r rrnr r*!rnrnrn n$rn-*%nrnrrn$ nnnrnr r +rn--nr nrnEnrn8n rrn$ n%E 8nrrn nnnrn8nrnr -n, nrnrn$nrInrr* nrn nnrr+ nrnrnrrn rnr rn nrnF:r+/00B8:nJ:n +;GG1H*3rnnrnnr rrnrr r rnrnrrrn F:n-J+;GG/8 %n.r+/00
PAGE 203

;1G !n!! rrnrnn nn-r$n nrn-*% $rrr n-(FHr &n-nn n+FH,nnr +FHnn nrnrnrrn+FH En+nr+nr $nr$rn+FHr nnrrn$r -n+FHrnFH rr+FH nn-rnn* rnr-r n+-nr,nnr+ $nn nrn-rnnrrnn rrF:r+/00B8:n-J +;GG/86.+;GGC8r*+/00B8% r*+;GG1H* 7n!! n nrrn r$-r$ nnrn-* nrrn nrn nn-rrr,* r-2&6r,EF/00CH -,nn nn+nnrr +nnr-r,-r r$rrrn-rnnr nn* ##rn!! rrnr&nr&+ r$+-rn n-*7r+rnr -r&rn

PAGE 204

;G0 nr-rr$nrnrr nrnr-r -nn*-r$nF:r+;GGG8 :n-J+;GG/8%r *+;GG18%+/00@H+&rnr$nnnrrr* r#"4 %nrnrrnr nrnr -r*3nrnnnr+ $r$+nnrIrnr+nn* nnnrnnr -rr$nnrn* n!! r-+-r r$rrn rnnF'nrrn nrHnrnrn n-+r$n n-*% nn--nr nn(FHrrn nn$+n--nnr n r$nn+FH -$rrRnnn+ rnr+n$r ,n-nnrnrrr+FH rrnn n-rnn+FHr $n r$rn*!rnr nnn,nrr -n+rn$,+nn n+-n-nr,nnr$-nr rnr-:rEF/00BHr -rn rnnnr-nnnnnnr

PAGE 205

;G; r,EF;G11H-rnr n+nnrn+-nnr nnr*3nr+ %-r.F;GG>Hnr-nr n-nrn rrrn-n rr* 5nn!! +nr+r$n -rr$n nrn-*nr n$r*r+ # n$(n$nr$-nr rrnrrn -rnnrN,*Q%n +, n (n$nr rn$,nr,n nrrn$n*r+, n (n$nrn,rn $-rnr -nr$nn*nr+ n n-r$(n$nr rnnrn+-rn r$-$r-nr Nrn$Qnr-*7r+$ rr., nrn-nnnr* "n-r+r,F;G11H rn +-n rnn rnn+rn$,n nr$ ,rn+rn nrrn*!r$nrr n-nnr-nrnrn$ $r +rn+ -rnrF:n-J +;GG/85rJ"r+;GG@H*

PAGE 206

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PAGE 207

;G@ 5nn!! %En-rnr-nr,Inrr n-r$n nrn-* $ n n-r rnF**+$-rn rr rn+ nHnr n F**+$-rnnnr n -rn nnrH*r $-n$n$ nrnrrn$+nr -5r"rEF;GG@H--n r$nr-nr,+ +rn-rrr rn nnnnnr+rnr 7&n!! rr$n-rnr rrn n-n-+ r$n nrn-*rr n--n$ nrn$rnrnrr nn $nrnrrnrnrnn-n $rrrn* nn-nEF;G
PAGE 208

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PAGE 209

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PAGE 210

;G< rnnr$n& nr-r& -nF**+n-nn
PAGE 211

;G> n!! 'nr$nrE-r r$nnr n-*$nrrr-rr $*$nr r$rnn *rrnrnn nn-rnr*3-r$ -nnr $nrnrn-n nn*r*EF/00BH nn-nr$& -nr$nr+n-rrnrnrnr&n* r#rn!! nrnnnF**+ rn+r+nr nr-nr,H-r$n rnn-* rrn--n$n nr-nr,n nnrrnn-n, $nnr*%nr r-rnrn F**+ Hnr nrnnnrnrnr *"n-+6.F;GGCHn ,n$nr -nr,nnnnnr %-r.F;GG>H rrEnnnr-r -rn-nrr* 7#$"#47n %5n!! 3+nrr$nn-rrn rnnrn*!rnnrrr nrrnE nrnrnrn n-rnnrr nn$r-nrnrn *%nrr

PAGE 212

;G1 nrn--rrnr n+r:nEF;GG rEn-n r nnnnnrF $ H+r$n nrn-F $ H(nn %rnr-rr/0-rn n6 rnr-r@0nrrB0*!r r+r+* 5n> n$$r E7nr-rn rnnnnr +rE7!nr-F $H* -nr $ nnN rQnrNn n-nr,Q-nrErnr* "nn :nrn $nn n+nnnn-r(FH rnn nnrrr;0 rnrnn -nnrnr-n nr+nrrnr8FHrE7!nr-r

PAGE 213

;GG nr,nnnr rr;0&r nr$nrn8FHr.n rnrnrn-r nnnnr rnrrr;0&r8FH rnr-rrrn rrnnnnr rr;0r8 FHr7 $nr rnrrnrnnnnr n;0r* %r+nrn $nn+nnnn-rr-(FH n r$rrnnr FN"nn+QNnQN"nQH-rr nnnnrnnrFN$QHn rnrFN%nnrQH-r nrn-8FH # r$-nrn nrFNrnQN!rrnQHnn nrFN$QH-r rnn-+-r-n rnnr FN"nnQNnQH-nnr nnrFNQ NrnQH-rnrn8FH %nn # r$nrnnrFN% rrQHnrn rFNn$nQH-rrnn+-rrn rnnrFNn+Q"nnrI!r+ QN7n&nrQH+-n nnrnnrFNnr,QNQH +-nrnrFNQ N6$QH-rnrn*

PAGE 214

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PAGE 215

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PAGE 216

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PAGE 217

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PAGE 218

/0B rnrnn-r$ nnr n-*3,nr nnrnrn nnrnn n*rrn -nr,nnr+nr nn n(nnn+nn-r n+n-nnn$rn nrnrnnr+nnEnr* 5n:(nr $-r$nnr n-+r -nrrnrr*n -$r+nr-r n$r*r+$-$rn $rn $nr-rnnr--n rrnrnr rn*%n+,nrn-r$ -$n$$n nrErnr*n rnnn rn-$+ n-rnnr+ rnn rnnn+rr nr-r nrrnr *r+n-r nnn,+ n nnr r,nrnrn$ ,n$ nr$,rn $*%nnr$rn --*n rn+rn+ rnrn$rn+

PAGE 219

/0C rnrnnrr nrnr+,+ $r*$ $nrn -nr,n-rrnrn-rn* --rr $rn nnrnn-+n nrr+r$n n-*r nn n$rnn+rr+r nr$n$rn$ rn-$r rn$rn nn-*%En+n-$r+ nn&n&n rnF$Hn&n&rn FnH*7$n[ &rnrr nrErnr+n rn-nr,nnr$nr nr* rr&rn$nrnr ++nn-r r+nnrnn*!nn n+rn+ rnrnnrn$ nrn Ernr*nrn+r rnnr r-n(rn$,+ -+ rErnr+nnn nrr*rnr +-$+ nnr$$*3 nnnE -nr,nrnnnnrnnr*

PAGE 220

/0< rn( n$n-r$nrnn -*%-n$ n-nr,rnn rnnnrr nn-nnnrr -nr,*r -nrr+-rnn n$-n$n r-r$r*n &rn$nr rnnnr+n -rnr-nnn nrrE rn*"n$r+r rnrnrnnrn rnnrn*%nn r-r$nr nnrnrn$n rnn* 7$rnn$nnnn r+n $-nn$$rn rnr*nr+r rrnrnr-n$rnr,F**+r+ ,nr+,+-Inrr nnr+ nrnnH-rr $nrr r-nrnr nnr-: rrrnnn$r nn* 4#"#F :nnnnr-r$nnr n-+ rnrrrr r$nrn nrnr.nnr-$-n rnnnnr *n-$r+n.n,n nr.nnr

PAGE 221

/0> rnrnnrn rnnr*!r+ nrn$nnrnnr nrnrn+rr rn+nn+$rrn *3+nr nnrnrnrnrr nrnrr nr-nr,rnnrr& rF**+rnH* 4#<%#nr#r rnnrnrn -r$n nrn-*%n+ rrrr -$rn&+ rnr,nrrn n+nrnrnnn nn-nr,+rrn nnr*+n+ r+rnr nnrn-rn* 7$nn+r+rn nnnrnn+$r Ernrn nrrn$nn&nnnr+nr +-nrnnrErn$n-nr nrrnnr En$nrnr n* 6nrnnrrr nnrrn nrn+nrnn$r*:n $ $r rnr$rnrnnnnrnnr n$nnnr *nnr r$-nnrn$rn

PAGE 222

/01 #rn r$rrrnnn n+n"n nnn$r+rr nnr$r. nnr*3nr-nr+ rnnnn$ nn$F-.J)nn+/00
PAGE 223

/0G !$ nnn $nn n n$r-r&n++r$ rnrnn nr$nrn*$-r nnr$* rn-&$rn$r $7!nr nnn&nrE7!nr rnnrrrr*3 nr&$rn$r nnnr$rnr rnn$rnrrn -nrn$rr rnnnnr 5nn#$%# n-r -r. +rn r$n*%$r $r-r$-r-nr$*&$ $rr&nr& r+$7!nr+ rn rr+r-rn n*rr& $$rnrrnr&$$r r+n rnr&$$rnnr rnrnrE rn$+n r+-rnrnn+ -r-nr$ nn,+-rrnr nn-nnr* E(###@'n5# nn--n$rn -r-rn rnr+r+nrrnn rnn+r

PAGE 224

/;0 rnr-r-rnrnnnr *nr$nrr rr-nnnnr, r&$.r -rrn-r-rnr $nr*3 .rr+-nnrnr$r nnnrr nnrnrrnnrFH* rnn$+ rn+nr,rn$nr rrnn nnr,nnr nnrrn-rnnnnnnnr* (##r##(###@'n5# %nn-nnnrn nnnrnr+ r+nrnr-rnnr*: nnnrnrn+ .rr+rrrn rnr&$NrnQNnrnQ*rrr rn& .rnr-rn r,nnn+r,nr&rnrnn+nrrn$*nnF;GGBHnrn nn8n-$r+r nnrr-nr ,$n* &(# rnnn nnr+rrrr nnrnnn'nr n +rnn+r ,nn* 3rn-n ,n+-r n+-nrrr nnnn*

PAGE 225

/;; "$F;GG0Hnrrn nn+ n-$r+r+nrnr-nnr* (%#"! r$n rnn rnnr+,nnrn rnnn*n-nn nnDn -nr$$nn -rnnDn-n rnn rEr+n$n+ nnrnDnrn nrrnrE rrrn'nrrnDrr nnrrrr n$nrnrnn* (%#"5n r$-r$nn rn-+ nr nrrrrrn nr*rrr rnrrrn-$nn Dn-r$nr -$Dnr-r nrn rnDnr$nr D3n+n$r nrDnrnrr Enr$nrD n-n&nrnn&$&$nr rrnD-rn nrn$nrn -$* ##n"nr nnn-n nn nrnnEr rrrr*3

PAGE 226

/;/ nnnnr nn+ nrnnnnrn *%nrn nnrrr$nnr rrn*3nrn nnr, n$r& *nrrn $nn nrn.nrr$n nnrn* &#rn nrrnrr -rn $ $nn+r $*rr rnrnrrn+$ nr-r-r rnn-nnnr +-nn nnrrr* -n$n$ nrn+nr+nnr$r n&nnr+rn rnrnnnn nrF$rH* 3r,n$rrn r+$r+nnnnnrr-n rn* n$rrnnr rnrn* nrrnn $nnnr *nrnrr nn* $rr+ nrnrn rrnnnnrnnn nrnn* -nnrrrnn rnrrnnr rnnnnr+r rn*

PAGE 227

/;@ 5"% +)*+J:,+*F;G1>H*n E++ nr$rnnnnr* @n:1 F;H+ @[;B* ,,+*F;G>@H*3nrnnr nn,nn r*3:*5*!rn$J",+F*H+ rn# F*/<>&//1H*:(,2n* n+!**F;G1/H*r&nnr nnr* r## (n# + /+ +<;&G1* n+!**F/00;H* #A#n# n 5-r!r,+"(%* r+6*+J"rr+%*F;GG>+rH* !n-nnA" n:::n #n n *"rnr!n%n+#$r n:r "n+?n$r+"*F3"nrn n%r$5n* BBB n+*"*(nnnr#$r :r+"**F;GGGH*nnrErn r*&n rr* 7# F#35n*GG;>>CBH*

PAGE 228

/;B :r+6*6*F;GG0H*nnr( rn-rnr rrrnnnnr* @n:+/ + @ !rrnr n rnn+%rn+"*F3"n rnn %r$5n*@B1G/CH :-+*6*F;GB/H*!rnrr( nnr$ rn* !L#5%#nr#7#:+ >+;<@& ;1@* :r+*F;G>>H*%&(n-r nrn$nr* 7## + 8D +;G;&/;C* :r+**F/00BH*nnn rnrn nnnnnrr r* 7# F#35n* @;@@C<1H* :+)*!*+Jr.r+:*%*F;G1CH*n nnnrn rrrn* n:33 +B1C&CB0* :+)*!*+Jr.r+:*%*F;G1>H*n nnnrn rrrn* n#:/.2 +;CC&;1>* :rn+:*F;G<0H* ;nn,nr *5-Knr,+5K(7r-&

PAGE 229

/;C :rr+)*:*+J+)**F/000H*r.n $nrrn nn*3)*"*%rF*H+ @nA@n%E n F?n*;C+*/<1&@@1H*5-Knr,(n!r* :r+6*+:+*+J7r+6*F/00;H*r nrn$rn-nr,( $rnnnn nr'n* L# #r#r:/D F/H+/G@&@0C* :n-+7**+J+5*6*F;GG/H* "7> *!rn+5)( !rn#$r!r* :n+*6*F;GG&GB* :r,+)*"*++*+JK+!*F/00/H*% rnrrnrnr( nD 7#@n:+/ F;H+;C&/G* "rr+**+5nr+*+J"+*:*F;GG@H *"nr(%rr nnnrnn rn* L# @n:D: ;/@&;@G* "$+)**F;GG0H* ,#'nn#& n #nnrrn+r$r#$r +* "n+*F;GG1H*r.nrr$ -. rrrn* L#<#r:/D +/<>&/>C*

PAGE 230

/;< "n+**F;G>/H*rnn F-nH* L# #r#r:.r921D: ;1> & //0* "rn+:**F/00CH*&n&r (rn-nn-nr, nnr* 7# F#35n*@;>n#n nA"#n *nnrrn+ #$rn+* ,+"**F/00@H* 5n##nnn # #> #+!$%#$r+ !$* n+2*+J%,r+**F;GG<+rH* rnA, En### *!rrn rnrnn+5-Knr, +5K*F3"n rnn%r$5n*@GG@B;H .+5*2*+J6n+K*%*F/000H* rn $ rr*35*2*.JK*%*6nF*H* nn,n $ rrF/*+*;&/1H*n,+"(% )r+%*6*+r+**+J"+:*!* F;GGB+/G&);H* rn nnA"nK M *!rr@Bnn nnnr3n r+5-r+6F3"nrn n%r$5n* B01@B>H )r+%*6*+r+**+J"+:*!* F;GGGH*$nrnn rr* n:/8 +@>C[@G0*

PAGE 231

/;> )r+%*6*+r+**+J"+:*!* F/00/H*nr$nn nrrnrn* !L#@n:1+.+2: CCC& C1;* )r+%*6*+Jn+*)*F/000H* rnnn ## *nnnr3nr7r3$ !r*F3" nrnn%r$5n*BBC #$rn r%*5(2-nn5%+r*F 3"n rnn%r$5n*B@C@0CH* r+"*2*+Jn+*F/00>H*"rr nr$rrn&n $n(-nn,n* 7##(n:/ F/H+ ;/;&;@1* $+)*F;G1G+r;CH*6n nrnnrnr* #@n +;@&;B* +*+,n-+**+Jn+"*F;GGG+ rH* 5n#n nn#nnA4 n## n& *!r rnr nr nn+nr+"*F3"nrn n%r$5n* B@0BG;H* rrr?rn+K**F/00;H*rnr &n&r nnrnnnrn& rrrn* L#@n:1 F@H+@B;&@<>*

PAGE 232

/;1 +*+J'.+3*F;G>CH* 9#:n:n%A5n n *+(n&* 7rrn+*F;GG;H*6nn ("nnnr rn* 559##:1 +C0&1G* 7r$+)**+Jr+?*F;G11H*$nn nrrrnr* !L#@n:30 F/H+;<@[;1G* 7n+"**F/000H*%n3nrn3nD %Ernnnnr rnrn* !@n:+ F/H+;GG&//>* 7n+"**F/00CH*rnnr nnrrn( 6nrnnrr* !L#@n:1.2 +<00* 7n+"**+Jnr+**F/00;H* 5A)&nn#n#%n#n *!+"(rnr rrnr!-"rnn* 7r+2**F;GGC+rH* 5nnA5 nn59 *!rrnr nrnn+%rn+" *F3"n rnn%r$5n*@1/;B@H* 7r+)*"*+"r+?*)*+J7r+**F; G1GH*n-rnr-nr, nr&n$n* n##n7# 5#:// F@H+ /CC&/>B*

PAGE 233

/;G 7rn+**F;G1CH*rnr nnn n(nrrn nnnrr n&r*rnr3r n+ D F05n## n###nnn *!rr nrnrn n+%rn+"* F3"nrnn%r$5n*@1>0@@H r+**+J2.+)*F;G>>H*nn r* L#@ n:D8 +r/00 *5nn%[ 5nr"n*n+"* r-&7r$+"**F;GG>H* )-nA5B#n B#n> nnrrn+#$rn%n nr+nr* nr+*:*++**++?*+J+ 2*F/00>H* ,nrAr *"n(5nn r"r*Frnr$rn n%r$n rnnr+n5"nrr (5%+53+ #%+5+#%+5%*H*

PAGE 234

//0 3+**F/00@H*nrnn rn$nrnr& rn(&$rr& nrr* @n:DD +B@@&B@G* 3+*3*+J)r+%*6*F/00/+)H* 5#n#n ##,nr *!rrB/nrn nnnr3nr+nrnn+" 3$,n$+5*?*+J%,+%*6*F/00>H*%E rrnnr rnrnrr n(n* @n:D8 F;H+G@&;@C* )nn+*:*J-.+*)*F/00BH* nrr(rr r-nn* n# + ++ F>H+ ;B&/<* )nrr+%**F;GH* !n-n# *# nnrrn+#$rnrn+rn 2&6r,+!*F/00CH*!r$rrrn nnnnnr( 7# F#35n*@;G<@GBH* 2$r+*F;GG>H*%Wn-r rnrrrnnr @ n+GG+B>&C1* 2r+7*7*F;GG
PAGE 235

//; 6-+*F;GGGH* (En##%n #nnrrn+#$rn +*r$ rG+/00<+rn(II---**nI-I 6.+**F;GGGH*6,rnrn nn$nr nnrn(+r r* @n:D F/H+/@@&/B<* 6+5*6*+J-.+*)*FrH* nnnnrr > #nA"#L#( n# 6.+2*F;GGC+rH* 4#n#n n#n *!rrn rnrnn+%r n+"*F3" nrnn%r$5n*@1/;B@H* 6n+K*%*J7+*7*F;G1CH* #B *5-r!r,+"(%* 6n$+:**F/00;H* "!A!nB nn#n *6+(n-J6* 6,+**F/00BH* (###n# *5-r!r,+"(%* +M*+J+)*F;GGGH*rnnn$ (n-n nnnrnrnD n##n 7#5#:/ +@
PAGE 236

/// n+:*7*+5n+)*%*+J5n+"*?*F/00;+ H* #n n#nn#n *!rr 5n"nn!rnnrnn rnF5"!H+nn+ r,+:*F/00/+H* rn#nn n *!nrrnrn r !nnnn+"n+36*F3"n rnn%r$ 5n*B>;BB/H* -+)**F;GG/H*#r$ $rr* @n n: +/>G&/GG* r+**+J"n-+)**F;GGC+5n$rH* 4#n# nn#> !rr nnnnr%nr n+rn+6* 6+7*F/00&;BG*

PAGE 237

//@ n,+"*F;GGBH* 7##n *n,+"(%* r+!**+:r+6**+J%r+)*F;GGG H*!rrnn $r* @n:D +@CC&@>;* .,+%*K*+J,+*)*F;GG;H* nnnnnrrn nn* 7#7#An7: +;GG& ;/@* 5n%nn*F;GG1H*%rn-nr ,nnr rn*5n%nn($nn %nr%* F3"nrnn%r$5n*B/>G<&B0* -.+*)*+J6+5*6*F/00>H*? $rr( nnrnD #nA"#L#( n# + D/ +/@@& /BG* -.+*)*+J6+5*6*F/00>H* nr $n-r* #nA"#L#( n# + D/ +;0C&;/;* -.+*)*+J+"*F/00@H*r-n r,nr. n*3,,nr+*J+"*F*H* @n%E&nn #n%#> n,+"(%* +**+Jr,-+*%*F;G1C+rH* #nn nn *!rrnnnr3n rnr+!nr+*F3"nrn n5n*@;/G@/H

PAGE 238

//B !+*F/00H* (##%#A&# n n *F@r*H*5-Knr,(rnr:r"n!r* !n-+)**+J+:*)*F;G1 !rrnrnn nnr3n rF3H+5-r+6**F3"n rnn%r$5n* @>@<@@H* nn+%*6*F;GGC+H* @##nA5#'# n n::nn En# *!rr

PAGE 239

//C @Cnrnnnnr3 nrF3H+ :nn+*F3"nrnn%r$5n* @GG@B;H nn+3*F;G>/H*?nr-r-rnn n.nnr.n* r#n:D: /C1&/>0* n+*?**F/00/H*nrnr$ L#@#: 3 +C11&CGB* %n-,+*J:rrnn+)*F/00@H*" $* #@#:1 +G0C&G/@* %r+**F/000H*"rrn&,& +r$r+ rnnr(rr nn++ $nr+rr$n* @n:D/ +C@>&C10* %%33*F/00H*%Ernnrn nrnrn nnnrrn* 7# F#35n* G10/>B&/;* %r+)*)*+J%n,+**F/00;H*%nnnr!**nnDnnnn,-,D !L#@:+ F/H+@1*

PAGE 240

//< %+:*F;GG1+rH* !59 ( 5n#n# F !rrnr n rnn+%n+"*F3"n rnn%r$ 5n*B/B0&;C>@* %'r+*+J:n,r+*F;GG@H*%rrrnr .nr-n$ rr* L#9#r:/8 +/@>&/CG*

PAGE 241

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PAGE 242

//1 #+!**+J!nrr+%**F/00/H*n-n r nD#rn nr* @n:D+.2 +/0G&/@B* #*%*rn6nr*F/00<+H*r$ rG+/00<+rn (II---**n$InIrrIn/C;01;* +)*:*+J%r+)**F;GG;H*rnrn-(5-nnr rnnrrn* n#:/ +B0>& BC0* +)*:*+J%r+)**F;GG@H*3$ n+n+r rn$r(nn+n-n+ r&r$$* L##n##7# + /.2: GC/&G
PAGE 243

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PAGE 244

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PAGE 245

/@; :(3nr"nnrnr%nn -&3r$0-,12)1-3-,12),120)11124356 nn-nrnrn n-rnrnn-n,r r,rr*!rr *3nnnr+, rrr* r 7 nrnnnr nnn nnrn 2(8 (nrn 3rn9:r 7 "nnn+M#$r n-r+n-nr nnnrrnrnr *nr$rnrn+n ,nnr-nr nrrn*rnn nrnnnr "nnnnrrn *$rrn nrrn-nnnr -nn$n rnnnr Knrr nr nrI-rnnr "nnn*3nnnnr+ n-,nn&n&n r$--rn-r rnrnr rrr-nrnr$ nnn,nnnr *r$--,nnrnnr -nrr*5n r,rn-nrr n r$-*rr$"n"rF !#% Hnr nr$nr-nn nn-rrr* Kn-nrrnr +n-$r+,rn rnrn$r,n-n-nr nnnr "nnn* nr.rn+nnr n%r$+ 3n$-:nr+n r$nnM$r+ rnrrn*3$ nrn+ nrn$-n-rn nrr-nnr nrnrnrn n*nnnn rnrn+3-, -rnnr -rn*-rnr @r* Knrnnr $nrnrrn-r-* 3 nnnnnr+nrn-r-+ r-n* 3n$ nnnrr rn-n,rrr+ n n$nnr3r "nnM#$rF !# % H*3n$ nnrr nrrr+nrn+ F !#% Hnr$F #nn H*,n* 3$rnr rnn$rr*3r r nn,n-r nnrrr+ +r,+$n$r eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3rn0;(rrr0;(rrr 3r3,nr rrrnr*3 rr,+3r$ nn,rr nn*3$r$n nnnrn,-* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 3rnrrr-r rr

PAGE 246

/@/ "(3nr"nnrnrn 7rn 0-,12)1-3-,12),120)11124356 nn-nrnrn n-rnrnn-n,r r,rr*!rr *3nnnr+, rrr* r 7 nrnnnr nnn nnrn 2(8 (nrn 3rn9:r 7 "nnn+M#$r n-r+n-nr nnnrrnrnr *nr$rnrn+n ,nnr-nr nrrn*rnn nrnnnr "nnnnrrn *$rrn nrnnnr -nn$nr nnnr* Knrr nr nrr-n r-nnr" nrnrn$ r$nnrn*3n nnnr+n-,n nnrnnrn-$ nrrrnn*Knr rnrnrrrrnrnr$ ,nnnr*nr n-nrr*5n r,rn-nrr n*%nn rrrn+nr-n n-rn-nrrnn-& r$-r$-nnrnnr* Kn-nnrrrn r+n-$r+,r nrnrn$r,n-nnrnnnr n* nr.rrrn+nn rn%r$+ 3n$-:nr+ nr$nnM$r + rnrrnrr*3 $nrn +nrn$-nrnnrr-n nrnrnrnrn n*nnn nrnrn+ r-,nnnrnnnr* Knrnnr $nrnrrn-r-* 3 nnnnnr+nrn-r-+ r-n* 3n$ nnnrr rn-n,rrr+ n n$nnr3r "nnM#$rF !# % H*3n$ nnrr nrrr+nrn+ F !#% Hnr$F #nn H*,n* 3$rnr rnn$rr*3r r nn,n-r nnrrr+ +r,+$n$r eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee 3rn0;(rrr-0;( rrr 3r3,nr rrrnr*3 rr,+3r$ nn,rr nn*3$r$n nnnrn,-* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee 3rn rrr-rr r

PAGE 247

/@@ (%rnr3rnnn%n 7rn 3"%#5"#%7#! 7nnnr-nnn* ,nnrrnr nrn*nr+nnr r*Krn r6*rnn$n$r nrnnr nnrrnrnr$ nnnn,rn n-rnn nrnnr*%nrnrnrn$r,n-nnr nnnnr n*n+rnnr nr,nr-rn nrn* Knr$-rnrnnr r-n$rn $rnnnnrrnr*%n rnr&n&r FH+nrrnrr*rnr nr-rnrnnr, nr+rr+rnr nrnrnrr $rrn-nrr nn+3r nrn,*3r n,nr$nrF %n Hrnnn*3nnr+r+nrnnr+rnnn* rnnn+rnrr nrn*n $nnrn+nrnr*:rnr n-nnnrnr*3 nrnnn rn+3,$r r-nnn nnrnnnrn* n-nnnr-nnr r,*3rn+, n+ ,r$rnnnr *K-,n* :nr-+3-n,nnn$r nrnnr+--$ nnrnrnn*F ;n nEnn H*nn$ nnr-D F nnnnNn nnEnE H*,n*

PAGE 248

/@B (%rnr3rnnnn 7rn 3""#6K"#%7#! 7nnnr-nnn* M+rnnrr "nnn*r*K+n rnr*rr nnrn-rn rn*,nnrrn r*$n$rnr nnnrrnn rrnrnr$ nnnr, rnrn nnr*%nrnrnrn$r,n-nnr nnnnr* n+rnnrnr ,nr-rn nrn* Knr$-rnrnnr r"n-n$ r-nnr*%n ,nnrnrnrrn*rnr rnnnnr+rr+ rnrnnnr nrnrnr r$rrn-nr r* nn+3r nrn,* r n,nr$nrF %n Hrnn n*3n-nr+r+nrn n-r+rn nn*rnnn+rn rrnrn* n$nnrn+nnrnr*:rnr n-nnnrnr*3, $rr-nn nnnrnnn rn*n-nnnr-n nrr,*3rn+, n+r$rn nnr*r*K-,n* :nr-+3-n,nnn$r nrnnr+--$ nnrnrnn*F ;n nEnn H*nn$ nnr-D F nnnnNn nnEnE H*,n*

PAGE 249

/@C (%n7rn=nn 3"%#5"#%7#! =n( 6$rnrn nnrrrnrn -nrn* 3rnnr=n( ;*nnrrrr rnrn$nnrrnrD /*n-$In$-n D rn=n( @*r'nrnnrnnrr rnrD B*n-nn,nnrn D C*n-nnD 2=n( <*,,nn+,n nrnr n,nrIn* ":## > >*nrn+,rnrn rnnn nrIn* 1*3--rnnr nn nnrnNnQNrn+Qn-nnr nDF H G*3r-rnr'nrnn nr+--n nD =n( ;0*rnnnEn-n rnr nnnnr*3 r-$ nrn-n,nD &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

PAGE 250

/@< 7(n7rn=nn 3"%#5"#%7#! =n( 6$rnrn rnnn -nrn* 3rnnr=n( ;*:nrn-+-nn r$n$n nrnnrnrr D F )#nF H /*n-n$n F;Hn$D rn=n( @*r'nrnnnrrr nrFHnr rD B*n-n+$r+nnrr $rn nrnrD 2=n( C*,,nnrr-+, nnrnr nr$,,nrIn ":## > F 7nn% ## 8 @n?#n E H <*nrn+,r nrnr$ nr(rnnrInnnnr *F5n( )n#n H >*3--rnnr nn nnrnNnQNrn+Qn-nnr nDF H 1*3r-rnr
PAGE 251

/@> (%nn-&3r$-!rnnn 3"%#535?3 *Hn$nrnnr"rD 3n+-D G*Hn--rn-rrn nnr"rD ;0*Hn--rn-nrnr $rn"D /*H"rr%rr( ;;*H:rrn-nrrnrrr rnnr-nr,* ;/*H3nrrnr+n-nr-nr, rnn* ;@*Hn-rn-nrrnrrrD @*Hn$n( ;B*Hn-nrnnr-nr, nnrrnrD ;C*Hn-r-rnnn rDF nnnF H ;<*H-nrnrnn$nnn F n%# HD ;>*Hrrrnn$n nrD B*H7n&nr ( ;1*HnnrnrnD r-n* ;G*Hn-nn nrnrD /0*Hrnrrnnrr nD C*H"nn( /;*Hn--rrnrr r nnnnD //*HnrnrnnDF )nF H /@*Hn-nrrnrnr r rD /B*H:n-n,n-n-nnrrnr+ -nn$'nD <*Hn ( /C*Hn-nn-nrrnn D /<*Hnrnnnn DnDn-DD /1*Hn-nnn-r nnrnD /G*Hnrnnnr-nn rnnD #A @0*Hnr-$+ n* @;*H"n.nr rNnQnrNrn+Qn-nnrnnn, nnnrD @/*HrnnnEn-n rnr nnnnr*3r n-nr n-n,nD ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ =4->615 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

PAGE 252

/@1 3(%rnr3rnnn%n n-&3r$3"%#566&#!35?3 7nnnr-n*,nnrr nrnn-& r$-*rnrn+n rn3-n,n, nrnrr*Knr$-rn rnnrr -n$eeeeeF #n ##:&#:? nE n H*rnrnr-rnrnnr nnrnnr +rr+rnr nrnrnr r$rrn-nr r* r+3r n,$nr F %n H rnnn*VE3-rrn rr$-*rnn r$-+rn,nr Inrr nn r*n$nnrn+3r nn-nrnr r$-*:rnrnnn n-rnr* r$--nn nr-nnrr,*3rn+ n+,nn rr$-* :nr-+3-n,nnn$r nrnnr+-$nnrnrnn*F "## nnEn?nn >5n ?B H*nn$ n nr-DF nnnnNn nn EnE H*,n*

PAGE 253

/@G )(nn%!r 0)111240-=1::?1,5401(eeeeeeeeeeeeF 7H,(nrn 3n@
PAGE 254

/B0 2(nn!r 0)111240-=1::?1,5401(r"nnn M#$r ,(nrn 3n@
PAGE 255

/B; 6(%:,rn3nrn 3"%#K %#5!3"3!53535% ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ;*Knrn(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee /*KnrrI(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeF >>:)#:9#E#> H @*Knrnrn(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee F >>:r#n.7>>2:5n#n. n>>22 B*Krrn-rnrnr (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee C*KrJrnrFnr+nr rrrnrH(eeee <*Knr7n(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >*Knr$7!nrn(eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1*Knr7?r%nrn(eeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee G*Knr7=$%nrn(eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;0*nnrrnnr (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee F**+n+7I+nr+n+ $+nI+*H ;;*Knrrnrnnn rrnrDKeeeee5neee ;/*KnrrFH$nrnrrD Keeeeeeeeee5neeeeeeeee

PAGE 256

/B/ (:,rn3nrn 3"%#K "#6K!3"3!53535% ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ;*Knr!n(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee /*KnrrI(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeF* *++*H @*Knrr(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee F >>:rnn:r#n: *H B*Knr"rr,(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee F >>:57:57:7 :> H C*Krrn'nr(ee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <*5rnr$nrn$ -r(eeeeee F H >*5rnrnnn$ rnrn&r(eeeeeeeeee 1*5rnrnnn$ r$r(eeeeeeeee G*rn-rnnrnn nn-$D FHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeFHr eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee FH$eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeFHr $,eeeeeeeee 5n(,rFHYFHYFHYFHL;0 0T*

PAGE 257

:## nrnr$:nrEr nrn#$rn 5rnF2Hrn"rr 3rnr$nrn#$rn %nnrF#%H*n n"r!nr*rrE!**rnr #$rn%n nr+r*n-nr-nr, nr3 nr3rnr!rF33!H+ rn"rnr r+$n++rF "H+rr nrr nrnnnFH* r*n$$n$nnr$ rr-r+ -$$rrnrn n nrrr$-$rn'nr


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