Numerical heat transfer during partially-confined, confined, and free liquid jet impingement with rotation and chemical mechanical planarization process modeling

Numerical heat transfer during partially-confined, confined, and free liquid jet impingement with rotation and chemical mechanical planarization process modeling

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Numerical heat transfer during partially-confined, confined, and free liquid jet impingement with rotation and chemical mechanical planarization process modeling
Lallave-Cortes, Jorge C
Place of Publication:
[Tampa, Fla]
University of South Florida
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Subjects / Keywords:
Steady state
Transient analysis
Conjugate heat transfer with spinning boundaries
Slurry abrasive particles
CMP temperature distributions
Dissertations, Academic -- Mechanical Engineering -- Doctoral -- USF ( lcsh )
non-fiction ( marcgt )


Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Title from PDF of title page.
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Document formatted into pages; contains 295 pages.
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Includes vita.
Statement of Responsibility:
by Jorge C. Lallave-Cortes.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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002029667 ( ALEPH )
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E14-SFE0002968 ( USFLDC DOI )
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Lallave-Cortes, Jorge C.
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Numerical heat transfer during partially-confined, confined, and free liquid jet impingement with rotation and chemical mechanical planarization process modeling
h [electronic resource] /
by Jorge C. Lallave-Cortes.
[Tampa, Fla] :
b University of South Florida,
Title from PDF of title page.
Document formatted into pages; contains 295 pages.
Includes vita.
Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text (Electronic dissertation) in PDF format.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
System requirements: World Wide Web browser and PDF reader.
Co-advisor: Muhammad M. Rahman, Ph.D.
Co-advisor: Ashok Kumar, Ph.D.
Steady state
Transient analysis
Conjugate heat transfer with spinning boundaries
Slurry abrasive particles
CMP temperature distributions
Dissertations, Academic
x Mechanical Engineering
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.
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PAGE 100

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PAGE 101

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PAGE 102

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PAGE 103

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PAGE 104

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PAGE 105

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PAGE 106

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PAGE 107

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PAGE 108

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PAGE 109

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PAGE 110

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PAGE 111

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PAGE 112

n >B n &nr!nnn!n0n!nnn nnnn%nn! nn!n nnn!nnnnnn n'&n r%n<&Bn0n'nnnn<&12&n "n;n#+n0nn :O?n rnnIHn4&=n :/?n r!H4nnnnIHn4&=n:/?n )&<&B&An :O?n 1n<=(A5013nHn>&>(14&>(14=n<<<&43=13An nA&2(14&n r!nnn%nn nn!n%nnnnn1< ==&nnnn1<==n n'nnnnnn !nn2>4nn1B44n&n r!n'nnnn n4&43==O&n(nnn n%nn!n nn,n% n!n nnn! nn!.n nnn !$n!nnn!n!n&nr! nn!nn n nnnnnn1<==n&n nnnn

PAGE 113

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PAGE 114

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PAGE 115

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PAGE 116

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PAGE 117

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PAGE 118

n 53 n nn!n'nnn!$n n !n!n%nn nn'&nn=&44144413441=441B441>443444 !n9:! 99:9=444 B444 >444 14444 13444 1=444 1B444 1>444 34444>nn:" <8;&?= nn).H3&BA714K=n nn).Hn2&25714KAn nn).H3&31714KA !nn).H3&BA714K=n !nn).H2&25714KA !nn).H3&31714KA nn).H3&BA714 K= nn).H2&25714 KA nn).H3&31714 KA!nn).H3&BA714K=!nn).H2&25714KA!nn).H3&31714KAn n=&=n('nn%nn!n nn'n !n "n%nnnn n !n nn !nnn : H3&B2n%IH4&A?&n nn=&=nn!n'nn%nn' n!nnn nnnn"n%nn n nn!!n).n%nn n&nnn%nn!n'n n%nn !n"n %&n(n!n nn:n"n%?n n!nnnn'n n!nnn!nn!n ''n!nnn&n !nnnn"n%n!n !n'nn!nn nnnnnn!nn&nr! n%!'nn!n'n

PAGE 119

n 5< n nn!nnnn!n'n n%nn'n!nn &n 4 =4 >4 134 1B4 344 3=4 3>4 <34 rnn).H3&BA714K= rnn).H2&25714KA rnn).H=&A2714KA rnn).H<&3<714KA rnn).H3&31714KA ).nHn3&BA714K=).nHn=&B714KA).nHn3&3714KArn).nHn3&BA714K=rn).nHn=&B714KArn).nHn3&3714KA).nHn ).nHn2&>714KA).nHn<&3714KArn).nHn rn).nHn2&>714KArn).nHn<&3714KAn n=&Annnnn nn%n%n nnn n !n nn!nn nnn).n %n:"H1A44n H3&B2n%IH4&A?&n nr!nnnnn!nn nn !nnn nnnn%nn nnn=&A&nnn%nn!n n%n%nnn!n n !n!n'nnn nn).n%nnn=&A&nn nnnnnnnn !n.n !n!nnn!nn nn%n!nnnn !!&nr!nnn!nn"H1A44n! n nnnn%n!n nn!nn,&n 'n!n nnn !nn!nn.nn !n!n' nn).n%&nnn%nn

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n 5= n !nnnnn !n!nnn!nn nnn!n!nnnn' n,nn!n &n r!n'nn%nn!nn n'nnnn n).n%nn!!nnn n" n%nn! nnn =&B&n(n!n).n%nnn3&BA714=nn3&31714An!n'nn %nn!nnnn%n n'n32&1AOnn!!n "n%n:"H1A44?nn1<&15Onn n" n%n:"H2A4?n !nn 'nnn34&12Onn&n 4 = > 13 1B 34 3= 3> 4&)U44A&)K4A1&)K4=3&)K4=3&)K4=<&)K4=<&)K4= +n9:+ 99:94 <444 B444 5444 13444 1A444 >nn:" <8;&?= nn"H1A44 nn"H2A4 nn"H1444 !nn"H1A44 !nn"H2A4 !nn"H1444n n=&Bn('nn%nn!n nn'n !n ).n%nnnn n !n nn!n nn: H3&B2n %IH4&A?&n n r!nnn.n!.n'nn!n nnn nnnn%nn! nn n=&2&nn

PAGE 121

n 5A n 4 34 =4 B4 >4 144 134 1=4 1B4 1>4 344 44&A11&A33&A<<&A==&AAA&ABB&Ann!n:;n 99:9 4 4&4A 4&1 4&1A 4&3 4&3A nnn%nn#: n %H4&3 %H4&= %H4&B %H4&5 %H1&3 %H1&A %H3 rnn%H4&3 rnn%H4&= rnn%H4&B rnn%H4&5 rnn%H1&3 rnn%H1&A rnn%H3 %InHn4&12 %InHn4&<< %InHn4&A4 %InHn4&2A %InHn1&44 %InHn1&3A %InHn1&B2 n%InHn4&12 n%InHn4&<< n%InHn4&A4 n%InHn4&2A n%InHn1&44 n%InHn1&3A n%InHn1&B2n n=&2nnnnn nn%n%n nn n!.n !n nn!n nn:"H1444n ).H3&BA714=n H3&B2?&n nn!nnn!n%nnn!n.n nn nn!nn&n r!nnnn n%nnn=&2nn n!nnnn!n nn!nn n!n.&nnn%nnn!n !n'nn !n!n!nnn nnnnIH<&2A&n r!.n.nnnnn nnnnnn nn !n!n.&nnn! nnnn nnnn%n%n nn!n!n%nn.n !.nn4&B4nnnn!.n%I H4&A4nn!n!n'n !nn!nn'n %nnn!nn &nnn%n%nn n!nn !n!n

PAGE 122

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PAGE 123

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PAGE 124

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PAGE 125

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PAGE 126

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PAGE 127

n 141 n nn!n!&n(n!.n' nnnnn nnnn!nn !n! n&nr!n7nnn nnnnn%n! n'nn!n.nn nnn!n.n!n'n &nr!nnnnn !n"!nn&nF34Gn !nnnn, nn'nnn.&n A > 11 1= 12 34 3< 3B 35 4&434&4=4&4B4&4>4&14&134&1=4&1B4&1>4&3 "n:<= *,*n%n #n: <1< <1> <3< <3> <<< <<>*,%n#:,
PAGE 128

n 143 n 4 A 14 1A 34 3A <4
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PAGE 129

n 14< n DnF=G&nn nnnnn n,n!nnn n!nnnnnn.nn' n$$nnnn&nn =&1=nn!nnnnn! !n%n !n!nn n%n!n7nnn+'n nD%%nF44nH3&1n n=&1=nnn!!nn!nn n !nnnn DnF=Gnn7nnn+'nnD% %nF1BGn:"H1A44n ).H n%IH4&A?&n nnn!nnnn nnnn n n !n!nnnnnn% nnnnF15Gnnn.n !n n&nr!n'n!nnn n!nnnn n#2>4>nn!n .nnnn %nn"n%nn

PAGE 130

n 14= n n!n7n nn !n!n7 nnnnnn F15G&nr!nnnnn'n! nnnn n nn!n n-nOnnHn::!nn!7?I!7? 144&nr!nnn nn!nnn4&=1OA&AnYH1714K=n ).H3&BA714K=nYH13An ).H2&25714KAnYH=3A nn!nF14G).nHn ).nHn3&BA714K=).nHn2&>4714KAn n=&1Annn%nn !n nn!nF14Gnn n).%n:"H1A44n H3&B2n%IH4&A?&n

PAGE 131

n 14A n (n!nnn!nn%n nnnn !nF14Gnnnnnn nnn !n nn!n .nnn! nnn=&1A&nr!n nnnnnn %n nnn!n-nOnnHn::nn?I?n. 144&nr!nn nnnn.nn !nn' nnn<&3AOn !nnn !n&nr!nnn%n nnnn13Ann=3An"#n n !nn'nnn<&=5Onn31&>
PAGE 132

n 14B n 9nn!nnn!nn nn' nn'nnn!n 'n!nn&n(n!n nn!nnnn !nn'nn%n%n n!nnnn nnn=&1B&n(nnn!n' nn%n n'nnn nn!n'nn$$ nnn%n).n %nn"n%nnnnn !nn!nnn nn,nnn&n(n n!n%nn!nn nn%nnn!n n-n 'H"4&<>Annn).4&451n nn4&=nn4&411=n nn4&3Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:=&1?n r!nnn!nn'%nnn !n -n==An^"^n 1>44n3&BA714=n^).^n3&31714AnHA&=5n4&AAn^ ^nA&4n332&Bn^ ^nB52&A&nr!nn %n7n n.nn#8nnF1 ==Gnnnn$$n n,&nr!n('nn%nn n!nnnnn n!n!n7nnn=&1n n!nnn'nn !&nr!nnnn!nn' nn%n nn-n OnnHn::'nn'?I'?n. 144&nr!nn% nnn n'nn%n'nnn!n nnU15&B
PAGE 133

n 142 n n!nnnn!nn!nn n!nnnnn nn&nr!nnn n7nnn nn!nnnn n4&413nnH4&44Ann4&13>n !n !nnnn!nnH4&<<5&nr! nnnnn!n!nn n!nn!nnnn'n!n! n%nnnn!n n nnn!n%nn!n n!nn&n(nnn n!n!.nn!n!n%nn nn!n!nn &nr!nnnnn!n% nn!.n!nn &nr!n!nn%n nn!nnnn 7nn!nnnn!n.&nn 4 4&4A 4&1 4&1A 4&3 4&3A 4&< 4&
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PAGE 134

n 14> n n=&1>n! n!n'nnnn %nn!nn nnnn&nr!nn n%nn !nnnn !n!nnn%n%&n r!nnn%nnn %nnnnn!n7nn!n n&nC!nn!n nn !n&nr!nnn %n! nn!!n'nnn nn!nnnnnn nn% n!nn ,nn.nn&nr!n nn!nn!n!n!n nn'nn!!n!nn nnn'nnn!n nnnn n' !nn!n &nr!nnn%nn nnn=&1>nnn'nn nn:n?nnn !nnn!nn7nnIH4&4=nn!nnn!n nnn!n%nn'n !n &nn 4 1B <3 => B= >4 5B 113 13> 1== 1B4 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:9 +1 "H33A "H=A4 "HB2A "H544 "H1344 nHn4&<<5n'nnHn14&3> nHn4&1A=n'nnHn14&=< nHn4&453n / nHn14&51 nHn4&4A1n / nHn11&25 nHn4&41An / 'nnHn1B&3A nHn4&44An'nnHn31&ABn n=&1>nnn%n%nn nn%n:"HA44n ).H3&BA714=n H3&B2nn.n n%IH4&An H13An.DI3?&n

PAGE 135

n 145 n r!nnn!n7nn%nn%n n !n!n nn!n nn!n'n nn!$nn !n!n %nnnn'&nr!n'nn n7nnn !nn7nnn!n nn7n nnn!nnn nn%n !n nn!n nnnn"n%nn! nnn=&15&nr!nnn 7nnnnnnn !nnn nn.&n(n7n!n nn' !n !n nnn!nn!n &n(nnnnnn!nn nn!nnnn'nnn!n! nnnn!nn !nn%n$nn!nnn &nn 4 4&43A 4&4A 4&42A 4&1 4&13A 4&1A 4&12A 4&3 4&33A 4&3A 4&444&454&124&3B4&<=4&=<4&A14&B44&B>4&224&>A 9:nn#: r7 r7"H>44 r7"H1144 "H13A "H=A4 "HB2A "H544 "H33A "H1344 7:?n"nHnA44 7:?n"nHn>44 7:?n"nHn1144 7:?n"nHnA44 7:?n"nHn>44 7:?n"nHn1144 7nKn :?n"nHnA44 7nKn :?n"nHn>44 7nKn :?n"nHn1144n n=&15nn7nn' nnn"n %n:).H3&BA714=n H3&B2nn.n n%IH4&An H13An .DI3?&n

PAGE 136

n 114 n n%nn!n!nnnn!n!n nnnn n nn!!n"n%n%n!n!!n' nn!nn!nn!n!n ''n!nn&nr!n7 nnnn !nnn !nnnn!n n!!n!nn.nn nn!n&n 4 = > 11 1A 15 3< 32 <4 <= <> 44&4A4&14&1A4&34&3A4&<4&44"nHn1144n n=&34n('nn%n'nn n"n%n :).H3&BA714=n H3&B2nn.n n%IH4&An H13An.DI3?&n nn=&34n'n!nn'n n%n'nn'n "n%n !n nn!nnnn nn&n(n7n !n'nn%nnnn!nn nn!nnnn n !nnn!n!n'n n!nnn&n(n!!n "n%nn!nnnn' nn!nnn !nn!n''n!nnn! nn!n'nn

PAGE 137

n 111 n %&nr!n%'nnn !n!n 'nn%n"!nn!n F5Bn5>Gnn+nn&nF<5G&nn 4&44 4&43 4&4A 4&42 4&14 4&13 4&1= 4&12 4&15 4&33 4&3= 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B 9:nn#: "H13A "H=A4 "HB2A r7 r7"H>44 r7"H1144 "H544 "H33A "H1344 7:?n).nHn 7:?n).nHn1&<3714K=7:?n).nHnB&B3714KA7:?n).nHn 7:?n).nHn1&<3714K=7:?n).nHnB&B3714KA7nKn :?).nHn 7nKn :?).H1&<3714K=7nKn :?).HB&B3714KAn n=&31nn7nn' nnn).n %n:"H2A4n H3&B2nn.n n%IH4&An H13An.DI3?&nnn=&31n! n!nnn!n n7nn 'nn!nn7nn n!nnn7 nnnn!nn nnnn !n nn !nnnn'n).n%&nr!n 7nn !n!nn nnn!nn,nn!n! nn:$Hn%nH?&nr!n nn !nnn!nn.nn !nnn!n! nnn nn!nnnn!n!n nn!n!nnn !nnnnn&nr!n7 nnnn!n nn !nnnn!n n! !n!nn.nnnn

PAGE 138

n 113 n !n&nnn%nn!n!nnn! nnnn nn !nnnn!n!nnn n%nnn!n).n %n&nr!nn%n!nnn n'nn!nn n!nn!n''n!n nnn !n!nnn!n nnn!n.nn!nnn). n%&n 4 A 14 1A 34 3A 4&444&4<4&4B4&454&134&1B4&154&334&3A4&3>4&<1 9: 99:9 +,)+,)( +,)( +,)( +,)( ).nHn ).nHn3&BA714K=).nHn1&<3714K=).nHn>&><714KA ).nHnB&B3714 KAn n=&33n('nn%n'nn n).n%n:"H2A4n H3&B2nn.n n%IH4&An H13An.DI3?&n nr!n'nn%n'n !nn n'n).n%nn nnn=&33&n(n7n!n'n n%nnnn!nnn n!nnnnn !n nn!n!n'nn !nnn&nr!!n!n n!nn!n'nn %nnnnnnnn n).n%&n(n!n).n %nnn nnB&B3714An!n'nn%nn%nn

PAGE 139

n 11< n 'nn34&>1On !n!n"n%nn.n nn2A4&nr!n%'n nnn !n"nn&nF=BG&n (!nnn!nn!n n!nnnn!n !.nn!n.&nnnn!n n7nn'nn !nn7nnn!n nn7n nnn!nnn nnn !n nn!n nnnnnn=&3<&nr!n n!.nnn!n n%&nnn%nn!nn !n!.nn!n.nn!n nnn!'n!nnnn &nr!nnnnnn nn!n !n!n&n 4 4&43 4&4= 4&4B 4&4> 4&1 4&13 4&1= 4&1B 44&42A4&1A4&33A4&<4&<2A4&=A4&A3A4&B4&B2A4&2A 9:nn#: r7 r7"H1144 "H13A "HB2A "H544 "H1344 7:?n%InHn4&A4 7:?n%InHn1&B2 7:?n%InHn4&A4 7:?n%InHn1&B2 7nKn :?%InHn4&A4 7nKn :?%InHn1&B2n n=&3
PAGE 140

n 11= n (n!nnn!nnn n nnnnnn !!n!nnn!nnn!n!n n!n nn!!nnn nn !n!n.&n > 13 1B 34 3= 3> 44&4B4&134&1>4&3=4&<4&
PAGE 141

n 11A n r!nnnnnnn n!nnnnn n=&3A&nr!nnn nn nnnn'n !'nn!!n&nn nn!nn!n nnn!nnnn!n!n nn!nnnn !n !nnn!&nr!n!nnn! n!n!nn%n nn!nn'n! nnn!nn&n nn%n%'n!nnn!'nn n !n'n!nnn nn!!nnn!nn.n nn !n!nnn!n !n'nn! n'n!n! n nn%n!!n!n &nn 4&44 4&4< 4&4B 4&45 4&13 4&1A 4&12 4&34 4&3< 4&3B 4&35 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&2 9:nn#: r7 r7"H>44 r7"H1144 "H13A "H=A4 "HB2A "H544 "H33A "H1344 7:?n 7:?n( 7:?n+' 7:?n 7:?n( 7:?n+' 7nKn :? 7nKn :?( 7nKn :?+'n n=&3Ann7nn' nnnn n:"HBA4n).H3&BA714=n%IH4&An H3&B2n nn H13An .DI3?&nn n

PAGE 142

n 11B n n!nnn!n7nn n!nnn!nn!n nnnnn n !n%n!nnn%!n 'nn&nr!n!n'nn! nnn%nn!n n!nn&n(nn' nnn!n!nnn n!nnnn!n!!n!n '&nr!n'nn!n 'nn!nnn!nn<4
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PAGE 143

n 112 n n=&3Bn! n!n%nn'n n%n !nnn!n 'nnnn!n&nn! nn!!n'n!nn nnn!n!nn'n! nnnnnnn n!n'&nr!n'nn %n%nnnn 'nnnnnn!nn! n'n'&nn n n%nnnn. n! n!n nnn!n!n %n%nn!n!.&nn=&32n n!nnnn%n :?nn!nnnnn!. &nr!nnnn%n :?n nnn!nnnn!n55&55O nn!nnnn n%n'n!nnn &n(n!n!.nnn'n !nnn!nnnn&nr!n nn%nnn !n.n!.nnnnn n!n%nn!n&n 4 4&3 4&= 4&B 4&> 1 44&34&=4&B4&>11&31&=1&B1&> nn"n:; n 9: /0 /&$ 1 (++'n n=&32nrnnn!nnn n!nnn'nn nn.n!.n:"H1144n).H1&34714=n H3&B2n nn H13An.DI3?&n

PAGE 144

n 11> n 'n!nnnn!.nn n!nnn!n !nn&nr!n!n'nn !nnnnnnn n!nnn!nn!n n&nn.nnn !nnnnnn n!n 'nnn!n!n&n n=&3>nn!nnnn!n! nnnnnn nn"n%&nr!nnn!n n!nnnn!n "n%n&nr!nnnn.n nn!n !n!!n n nn n!n%nn!.&nn 4 4&1 4&3 4&< 4&= 4&A 3A4A442A4144413A41A44 !n9:!9:n n=&3>nrnnn!nnn n!nnnn"n %n: H3&B2n n).H3&BA714=nn.n%IH4&Ann H13An .DI3?&n nn=&35nn=&<4n! n!n'nn! nn !n!nn nnn&nnnnn n!nnnnn!nn!n nn!n!nn n nn!n%n!nnn!n n.&nn

PAGE 145

n 115 n n n n n n n nn=&35n!nnnnn :"H1144n).H1&34714=n H3&B2n n.n n H13An.DI3nnn%IH4&A?&n n n n n n n n nn=&<4n!nnnnn :"H1144n).H1&34714=n H3&B2n n.n nn H13An.DI3nnn%IH1&B2?&n n

PAGE 146

n 134 n (nnnn!n!nnn'n n n n nnn!n!n!n n&n(n!n!nnn nnnn!nnn n7n!n nn!nn nnnnnn!'&nr!n nn!nnnn=&35n n nnnn=&<4&n(n! nn!'nnnnn=&35&n r!nnnn!.nnn! nnn'nnn nnnnnn!n n !n!n&n Cnnnnnnnn!n 'nn%n n 'nnnnn!n'n n).n%n"n%n nn%nnnnn!n n!nn!nn !nnn7nnn,n nnn!.nn.nnnn nn'&nn 4 A 14 1A 34 3A 4A141A343A )99 999n n=&<1nnnn'n n%nnn=&3n !n nn&n

PAGE 147

n 131 n n=&<1n'nn!nn% n! nn'nn %nn!n'nn%nn% nn=&3&nr!nn!n %nn!nnnn%nnn! n n-n 'H1&5BA n "4&<>2Ann).n4&451nnnn4&3Annn4&41nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:=&3?n n'n!nnn'n n%nnnn !n'nnnn n&nr! nnn'nn!n n&nr!nnnn!nn 'nn%n nn -nOnnHn::'nn'?I'?n. 144&nr!nn% nnn n'nn%n'nnn!n nnU14&A>Onn1<&>
PAGE 148

n 133 n "#1nnn5%#nn*! n1$7nnn8r"# nnnr!nnnnnnn,n nnnnnn nn nnnnnn nnnn %nnnn nn'nn %n'&n(n!n 'n'n%nn! nnnA&1 &nn n nA&1nEn'n%nnn n,nnnnn n !n nn!nnn:"H1444n H1&An).H1&=3714=n %IH4&3A?&n nnn%nn!n!n'nnn nn!nnnn n!n,&nr!n'nnn!n,n nnn!nnnnn !nnn!nn&nr! n!nn.n!nnnn

PAGE 149

n 13< n !!nn!nnnnn !n! n n!nnnn!n n.&n(n!n!nnn%n nn!n'nn%n &nnn%nn!n!n%nn! .nnn!n&nr!n n% n!n%nn$nnn nnnn !nn n'nnnn!n!nn '&nr!n7nn!nn nnnnnn n!n&n nA&1n! n!n'nnnn %n%nn nnnnn nn"n%nnn nnnn13An"#&n(nnn %n%nn!%n !n !nn.nn!nn&nnn %nn! 'n!nnnn nnnnn!n.nn !n!nn'nnnn%n n!nnn&nr!nnnnA&3n 'n!nnn nn !n,n'n:n" n%?&n(nn"n%n !nnn!n!n n'nn !nnn:!n!n nn!n7n?nnn nn!nn!n!n!!n 'nn!nnn!n.&nr!nnnn!n 'nn!n%nnn !nn'n nn!nnn!n .&nr!n!.nn!n!n %nnn !nnnn! nnnn&n nA&3nnnn! nnn" n%n%n !nnn 'n&nn n

PAGE 150

n 13= n 4 3= => 23 5B 134 1== 1B> 153 31B 3=4 4313=32 nn!n:;n99:94 4&45 4&1> 4&32 4&1nn%n#: n "HA44 "H2A4 "H1444 "H1A44 "H3444 rn"HA44 rn"H2A4 rn"H1444 rn"H1A44 rn"H3444 n nA&3nnn%nnn nn%n nnn nnn"nn nn !nn1n:%H4&44 ('n''nnrn n! 'nnn :DI3n/? n).H1&4B714K< nn).H4&444<2>n nn).H4&4443BA !nn).H4&4414Bn !nn).H4&444<2> !nn).H4&4443BA ).nHn1&4B714K<).nHn<&2>714K=).nHn3&BA714K=!n).nHn1&4B714K714K=!n).nHn3&BA714K=n nA&
PAGE 151

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PAGE 152

n 13B n r!nnn%!'nnn !n!n nnnnC .nF313=32 n"nnInn%4 4&< 4&B 4&5 1&3 1&A 1&> 3&1 3&= nnr &!2+,)( &!2+,)( &!2+,)n( &!2+,)( &!2+,)( $%2+,)( $%2+,)( $%2+,)n( $%2+,)( $%2+,)( ).nHnB&B3714K=).nHn3&BA714K=).nHn5&=B714KA).nHnB&B3714KA).nH<&<1714KArn).HB&B3714K=rn).Hn3&BA714K=rn).Hn5&=B714KArn).HB&B3714KArn).H<&<1714KAn nA&=nnn%nnn nnnnn n nnn).n%nn n n!nn1n :"H2A4nJH<&A=7143n4>?&nnA&Bn! n!nnn %n%&nnn%n n!n nn nn nnn%n%n nn !n22n4>nnn&n(nn!n! n !n!n!n'n!!nn& n

PAGE 153

n 132 n 32A <44 <3A 313=32 n"nnI +Knnr/ (##9(n:H1&35? D(r)"n:HA&=5? K22n:H3<&BB? #K2>4>n:H13=&==?n nA&Annnnn nn:"H2A4nJH<&A=7143n313=32 n"nnInn% (##9(n:H1&35? D(r)"n:HA&=5? K22n:H3<&BB? #K2>4>n:H13=&==?n nA&Bnnn%nnn nn:"H2A4nJH<&A=7143n
PAGE 154

n 13> n 4 31 =3 B< >= 14A 13B 1=2 1B> 1>5 314 4313=32 n"nnI nn nn% 4 4&4B 4&13 4&1> 4&3= 4&< 4& +Knnn r nn n n+n +n +' rnnn rnn rnn+n rn+n rn+'n nA&2nnn%nnn nn%n nnnn !n nn!n nn:"H1A44n JH2&4>7143n
PAGE 155

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PAGE 156

n 1<4 n #8nnF1==Gnnnn$$n n,&nn!n%nnn nA&>n!nnn%nnnnn nn !nnA&1&nn 4 > 1B 3= <3 =4 => 4>1B3=<3 n('nn%n('nn%n' 1&12^]^A&<<:"H1A44YHA44_H332&B? 1&12^]^A&<<:"H1A44YHA44_H332&B? 1&12^]^A&<<:"H1A44YH13A_H332&B? n13A^Y^A44:"H2A4]HA&<<_H332&B? 332&B^_^B52&A:"H2A4YH13A]HA&<n('nn%nn nn'nn&n nr!n'nnnn!nnn n!n!nn'nn nnn"n%nnn n&nr!nn 'nn'nnn!nnn' n!nnnn nn,nnnnnn n.&nr!n,nn% n nnn!nn'nn!n nnn !n!nn nnnn'nnn!n$ $nnnnnnn !n&nn 9nn!nnnn!n'nn!n nn n!n 7n .nnn%n0nn" nF2AGnnn:22?nn !n&nr!nn nnn!n' nnnn,n

PAGE 157

n 1<1 n nnnn.n:).H ?&nr!nnnnn!n 7nnn!n7&nnA&5n n!n'nnnn %n%nn!nn n%nn!nn !n!n n'nn!n7n&nr !nnnn!nn 'nn%n nn-nOnnHn::'nn'?I'?n. 144&n n!nn!nnn7 nn:!nn nnn3&=BOnn<&<3O?nn nn $nnnnnn !nn!nnnn &n(nnn!nn%n n%n#nn&nFB5G&n 344 3=4 3>4 <34
PAGE 158

n 1<3 n nn!n'nn!nn&nr !n!nnn!n n!n'nn%nnn" n%n,n"n%n nn%&nn 4 344 =44 B44 >44 1444 1344 1=44 1B44 1>44 3444 3344 344<44=44A44B44244>44544 "n%n"('nn%n 'n nn%!nF<=GH324 nn&F2 nn&F2nn# H324nn# H=44nn#n nA&14n('nn%nnn 'n"n%nn ).n%nn!nnn'nn nn7n,n &n n r!nn!nnnn n!n7nnn!n 7&nr!nn nnn! nn'nnr,nn<2An<<1n n<34n/nnn'nnnn>2n324nn =44n'&nr!nn "n%n n.nnnn'nn n3B444&n(nnnn!n %!'n!nnn'n'n: ?n!nn%n-n1=4n=>4nn2<4n "#nnn!nn%nn>2n324 nn=44n'&nr!n.n!n nnn14nnn!.nn3&A=nnn nnn242ArBn(nn

PAGE 159

n 1<< n n !nn'n!!n!n' nn131&=nDI/&n(nnnn A&14n!nnn!nnn!n' nn%nnnn n&nF&<=O&nr!n 'n !n'%n7nnn 'nn'nnnn!n %n%nnnn &nn1&7#nnnnn8r" nn r!nn%n!n!nn! nnnnn,n nnnnn.&n nA&11n! n!n'nnn n%nnnn nn%nn n"n%nnn nn n:).H=&3A714=?&n(nnn %n%nn!%n!n !nn .nn!nn&nnn%n n! 'n!nnnnn nnnn!n.nn !n!nn'nnnn%nn!n nn&nr!n'nnn !nnn!nn.nn%n%' nnn"H2A4nn !!n n!nn%nnI`n4&Bn%n!!nnn !n!nn! n

PAGE 160

n 1<= n "n%nn1444&nr!nnnnA&11n 'n!nnn nn !n,n'n:n" n%?&n 4 1A <4 =A B4 2A 54 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 n"nnI nn% 4 4&4= 4&4> 4&13 4&1B 4&3 4&3= 4&3> 4&<3 4&
PAGE 161

n 1
1G&nn nA&13nn!n'nn%nnn nn"n%n n nnn!!n).n%&nn n%nn!n'nn %nn !n"n%&n(n!n n n:n"n%?n n!nnnn'nn! nnn!nn!n ''n!nnn&n! nnnn"n%n!n n%nn !n).n%n:n nn !n!nn n.nn?&nr!n%!'nn!n 'nnn!nnn n!n'nn%n nn).H1&A3714=n!nnnnnn n
PAGE 162

n 1&A 1<&A 1>&A 3<&A 3>&A <<&A A442A4144413A41A44 !n9:! 99:9 +,)+,)( +,)n( +,)( ).nHn ).nHn=&3A714K=).nHn1&A3714K=).nHn1&4B714K=n nA&13n('nn%n'n !n "n%nnn ).n%nnnn.n !n nn!n nn: H3&4n %IH4&3A?&n nr!nnn!nnnn n,nnn nn!!n"n%&nn!n nnn n%'n!n!n !nnnn%nn !n"0).`n4&11nnn%n.n n !n"0).Pn4&42&nn% n!nn%!nn!n nnn nnn!n'nn'n n%&nr!nnn%!'nn n !n!n7nnnC nn&nF<>Gn !n!nnn,nn n"n%n nnn!$ n!n n&n

PAGE 163

n 1<2 n r!nnnn!nnn%nnn nnnn nnnA&1 13 1B 34 3= 3> <3 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:;99:9 +,) +,)( +,)( +,)n( +,)( +,)( +,)( ).nHn ).nHn=&3A714K=).nHn3&1<714K=).nHn1&=3714K=).nHn1&4B714K=).nHn>&A4714KA).nHn2&4>714KAn nA&1
PAGE 164

n 1<> n 4 4&41B 4&4<3 4&4=> 4&4B= 4&4> 4&45B 4&113 4&13> 4&1== 4&1B 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:; nn%n#: +,)( +,)( +,)( +,)n( +,)( +,)( +,)( ).nHn ).nHn=&3A714K=).nHn3&1<714K=).nHn1&=3714K=).nHn1&4B714K=).nHn>&A4714KA).nHn2&4>714KAn nA&1=nnnn %nnnn.n !n nn!nnnnn).n% n:"H2A4n H<&4n %IH4&3A?&n n r!n!nnn%nnnn nnn%n !nnnn'n,nn! n!n.n&nr!nn 'nnnn%n !n7nn n'nnn,nn nnnnnn'n' nnn!nnn!n.&n r!nnn.n!.n'nn!n nnn nnnn%nn! nn nA&1AnnA&1Bn'&nn !nnn!n%nnn!n.n nn nn!nnnn "n%nn1A44nnnnn
PAGE 165

n 1<5 n 4&43A 4&4A 4&42A 4&1 4&13A 4&1A 4&12A 4&3 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:; nn%n#: n 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) %InHn4&3A %InHn4&A4 %InHn4&2A %InHn1&44 %InHn1&3A %InHn1&B2nnA&1Annnn %nnnn.n !.n !n nn!nnn:"H1A 44n).H1&A3714=n H3&4?&nnD!nnn nn!nnn n!!n nn n%&nr!nnn7nn!n n!nnn!n.nn nn!n n nnn!nnnn!n&n nn%nn!n!n.n!.n 'nnn !n!n!nn nnnn IH4&BA&nr!.n.nnnn nnnn nnnn !n!n.&nr!n nn%nnnnA&1Bn !nn !n!n'nn.n! .&nnnnnn'n!n!n n%nn'nn!nn!.n nnnn !n!!n n%nn%nnnn' nn!n%n&n

PAGE 166

n 1=4 n 14 1A 34 3A <4
4&5 1 nn!n:; 99:9 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) %InHn4&3A %InHn4&A4 %InHn4&2A %InHn1&44 %InHn1&3A %InHn1&B2n nA&1Bnnn%n%nn nn.n!.n !n nn!nnn:"H1A44n).H1&A37 14=n H3&4?&nn)!nn$$nnn: ?nn4&3AnnAn nnn nn!nnnnn!n.n &nr!nnn$$nnn nn!nnnn nnn%n %nnnnnn13An"#nn:).H =&3A714=?nn"n%nn 2A4nn! nnnA&12nnA&1>&nnn%n n!n!nn!!n nnn!nn%n %nnn!nn &nnn%nn!nn!!nn n%nn!nnnn %n !n!n$$nn%!nnn!n! n.n: H4&3A?&nr!nn nn!nn.nnn! !n!n!n%nn ,nn!n!nn.nn' nnnn'nn!nn nnn''n!n&n

PAGE 167

n 1=1 n 4 4&4< 4&4B 4&45 4&13 4&1A 4&1> 4&31 4&3= 4&32 4&< 4&<< 4&4&51nn!n:; nn%n#: n ]H4&3A ]H4&A4 ]H4&2A ]H1&44 ]H3&44 ]H<&44 ]H=&44 ]HA&44n nA&12nnn%nnnn.n !n nn!nnnnn$$nn nn:"H2A4n ).H=&3A714=n%IH4&3A?&n n 4 = > 13 1B 34 3= 3> <3 A3 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:;99:9 ]H4&3A ]H4&A4 ]H4&2A ]H1&44 ]H3&44 ]H<&44 ]H=&44 ]HA&44n nA&1>nnn%n%nn nn.n !n nn!n nnnn$$nnn n:"H2A4n).H=&3A714=n %IH4&3A?&n

PAGE 168

n 1=3 n (n!n$$nn'n nn!n.n: H4&3A1?n!nnn%n &nr!nnnnnnn!n n'nn!nn.&n (nn!nnnn!n,nn nn'nnnn!!n!n 7nnn% nnn n.nn!%nnn &nr!nnnn%nn nn H1nnn!n!n n!n'n !n!&nr!n$$nn nnn H3nnnn 7nn!nn,n n !n!n nn nnn!!n!n n&nr!nnnn!nn n%n'nnnn !n H3&nr!n%'nnn !n!n'n n%nnnnF2=Gnnn n,nn !nnn.&nn 4 4&4< 4&4B 4&45 4&13 4&1A 4&1> 4&31 4&3= 4&32 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:; nn%n#: n .445&". 6.$+ / 4":H1&35n).H<&<714KA? :HA&=5n).H1&A3714K=? :H3<&BBn).H1&A714K=? :H13=&=n).H1&2714K
PAGE 169

n 1=< n nA&15nn!nn nnnn n!nn .nn: ?n !n!n! nn!n!'n%nn n'n!nnnn n:4>?nnn"n%nn1444 &n)'n!!n!nnn : ?nn!nnn n nnn4>&nnn%nn!n%!nnn nn!!nn nn%nnn !n#2>4>nn22&nDn nnn'nnn nnn!nnn!n .&nr!n nnn'nnnn nnnn IH4&BA&nn 4 14 34 <4 =4 A4 B4 24 >4 54 144 114 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:; 99:9 .445&". 6.$+ / 4":H1&35n).H<&<714KA? :HA&=5n).H1&A3714K=? :H3<&BBn).H1&A714K=? :H13=&=n).H1&2714K
PAGE 170

n 1== n nA&34n! n!nnnn %n%&nnn %nn!n#2>4>nn!n!!n nn%n'nn n !n n4>n! n!n n'nnnn%n n%nnnn'nn 'n !n&n(n'n!n nn%n%nnn nn%&n!nn%nn nnn!n!n%n nnn'n!n'nnn!n &nn .nnn nnn !nnn&nF>4Gnn !nnn%nn n n!!n'n&nr!nnn %nnn!n %nn!.nnn!n n%n'nnn!n &n 4 1A <4 =A B4 2A 54 14A 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51n"nnI nn% 4 4&4A 4&1 4&1A 4&3 4&3A 4&
PAGE 171

n 1=A n r!nnnn nnnn%n %nnnnnnn nnn:I?nnn!n 7nn7nnn nn !n nn!n .n nnnnnA&31&nr!nn n nnnnnnn nnn'nnn n!'nn! !nnn"n%nn1444n n).n%nn=&3A714=&n "nnnn:$n!.nn!n .?nnnnnn!n7n n,n&nr!nn%n n'n! n!n!n 'nn!nnn!n!n7n %n!nn!nnn &nnn%nn!nnn! n!n nnn!n n7nn!n!!nn!nnn n!n.&nn r!nnn'nnn nnnnnnn n!n'&n(n!n!n 'nn!n!nn !n!nn%n nn!nn n%nnnn nn!nnnnnn &nr!n'nn!n'nn!n nnnnnnnnn nn nn!nnn !n'nnn!nnn nn&n nn 'n%n!nnnnnnA&31n nnn !n n!n '&n(n!n!n'nn nnnnn%n %nn%&n 9nn!nnn!n .n nn'nn 'nnn!n'n!n n&n(nnn!n' nn%n n'nnn nn!n'nn$$nn nn.n!.n).n

PAGE 172

n 1=B n %nn"n%nnnnn !nn!nnn nn,nnn&n(n n!n%nn!n nnn%nnn!n nn 'H1&52B3 n 4&41nn "4&2An ). 4&111n :%I? 4&4An 4&B5nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn:A&3?n n'n!nnn'n n%nnnn !n'nnnn n&n9 nnnnn n n!nn nn%n!n%nn' n!nnnnn!n n n&nnA&33n'n!nn % n!nn'n n%nn'nn%n n%nnA&3&nn 4 A 14 1A 34 3A <4

PAGE 173

n 1=2 n r!nnnn!nn'n n%n nn-n OnHn::'nn'?I'?n. 144&nr!n'nn%n'nn!n nn1<&>OnnU1A&O&nr!nnn!n n'%nn-nA44n^"^n1A44n= &3A714An^).^n1&4B714=n4&3An^ ^n AnHA&=5n4&3An^%I^n1&B2nn332&Bn^ ^nB32&B&nn!n%nnnnA&33n !nnn%nnnnn n n%nnA&3&nr!nn 'nn'nnn!nnn' n!nnnn n,nn !nnnn .&nr!n,nn% n nnn!nn'nn!n nnn !n!nn nnnn'nn!n nnn!nn.nn!n $$nnnnnnnnn!n &n r!n!nnnn!n'nn!n nn n!n n .nnn%n+!$nnrnF BGn..'nn&nFB>Gnnnn &nF12Gnnn !nn%nn !nnn&nr!nn n nn!n'nnnn,n nnn!nnn nnn!n7&nr!n!n nnnnn %nnn!nnnn n"n%nn! nnn A&3<&nr!nn! nnnA&3&12Onn+!$nn rnFBGn !nB&B2Onn..'nn&nFB>Gn n !nB&2AOnnnn&nF12G&nn nn

PAGE 174

n 1=> n 14 1B 33 3> <= =4 =B A3 A> B= A442A4144413A41A4412A4 !n9:!nn9n:9 ).nHn ).H +!$nnrnFBG ..'nn&nFB>G nn&nF12G nn).nHn1&4B714K=nnnn).nHn1&A3714K=n:).nHn n:).nHn n:).nHn 'n nA&3Gnnnn&nF12Gn !nnnn nn"nn).%n:H1&3nn%H4&&=4On' &nn!n!n $nnnnn!n nnn%nn!nn nnnn&nn

PAGE 175

n 1=5 n "#4n)nn5%#nn*! 4$n#nnnr!nnnn,n!nn nnnn n%nn nn,nnnn n!nnn.nn n!.nnnnnnn nnnn n%nnnn nn' nn%n'&nr!n 7nn-n'n nnn,n" n%n7nnnn ).n%n'nn.n!.nn n$$nnn&nn n nB&1En'n%nnn n,nnnn n.n !n nn!nnn:"H=2 An).H=&3A714=n IH4&An H4&An%IH4&A?&n n (nn'n'n%nn! nn nB&1&nnn%nn!n!n 'nnnnn!nn nnn!n,&nr!n'n

PAGE 176

n 1A4 n nn!nn,n7nn!nn nnn!n!nnn n!nn&nr!nnn nn!nnn!n%nn !nn54&n(n!n!nnnnn nn!!n'n n,n !n!nnn&nnn%n n!nn!n%nn!.n n nn!nnn n!n nn'n nn!nnn!.&nr!n nn%'nn!nn'n!n nnn'n n !nnn nn!n&nr!n'nn!n 'n$n! nn%nnnnn n'nn!nn nnn7nn!nn&nr!n% nn'nnn!n 'nn!nnnnnn nn!n.&nnn%nn 'n!nnnnnnn nn!n.nn!n!n n'nnnn%nn!nnn &nr!n!nnn%'n n!nn'nnnn !n !n7nnnn&nF12G&n nB&3nn!nnn!!n% nnnnn.n nn !n!n,n.n!nn n!n.n !nnnnnnn n13An"#n:).H=&3A714=?&nnn%nn!n!nnnn nnn!n &nr!nn!.nnn!nnn .nnnnn !nnnnn n&nr!n%!' nnnnnnn nn'nn!nn!n nnn!nn'n!n n$nn'n &nD!nnnn!nnn n%!n n n n!nnn nnnn!.&nn!n nnn!nn' nnnnnn!!nn nIPn4&<<
PAGE 177

n 1A1 n n n!nn!!&nn! nnnnn'nn!n nn!nnn!nn.nnn nnnnn !n!n nnn'nn!nn n!nn&n(nI n4&An!n nnnn'n !nnn n!nnnnnn !!n%nn7&nn 4&4B 4&4> 4&14 4&13 4&1= 4&1B 4&1> 4&34 4&33 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;,n:@<= 1IA 1I= 1I< 1I3 3I<
PAGE 178

n 1A3 n !n.&nr!nnnn!n'nn! n%nnn!nn'n nn!nnn!n.&nr!n!. nn!n!n%nn n !nnnn!nn nn&n(nnn %n%nn!%n!n !nn .nn!nn&nnB&1G&n 4 14 34 <4 =4 A4 B4 24 >4 54 144 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4A 4&1 4&1A 4&3 4&3A 4&< nn%n #: n "H334 "H
PAGE 179

n 1A< n ''n!nnn&n! nnnn"n%n!n n%nnn !n!n nn.nn&n 3 = B > 14 13 1= 1B 1A43343544>A4534554 !n9:! 99:9 +,)+,)( +,)n( +,)( ).nHn ).nHn=&3A714K=).nHn1&5<714K=).nHn1&3A714K=n nB&=n('nn%n'n !n" n%nnn ).n%nnnn.n !n nn!n nn: H4&An %IH4&AnIH4&BB2?&nn nr!n%!'nn!n'nnn! nnnn!n'n n%n nn).H1&3A714=n!nnnnnnn=3An"#&nn n%nnn!n!n'nn% nnnnn!n!nn!n "n%nnn!n'n nnn!!n"n %&nr!nnn!nn nnn,nnn nn!!n"n%&nn!n nnn n%'n!n!n !nnnn%nn !n"0).`n4&13=nnn%n.n n !n"0).Pn4&453&nn% n!nn%!nn!n nnn nnnn!n'nn' nn%&nr!nnn

PAGE 180

n 1A= n %!'nnn !n!n7n nnCnn&nF<>Gn !n!n nn,nnn"n%n n nn!$n!n n&n 4 14 34 <4 =4 A4 B4 24 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:; 99:9 4&44 4&4= 4&42 4&11 4&1A 4&15 4&33 4&3B 4&<4 4&<< 4&<2 nn%n #: n "H334 "H714KArn).nHn rn).nHn3&1<714K=rn).nHn1&4B714K=rn).nHn=&3A714K=rn).nHn1&=3714K=rn).nHn2&4>714KAnB&Annn%nnn nn%n nnn.n !n nn!nn1n nn).n %n:"HA=4n H4&3An%IH4&AnnIH4&BB2?&n nr!nnnn!nnn%nnn nnnnnnB&A nnn"n%nnA=4nn n$$nn: ?nnn4&3A&nnn%nn!nn nnnn%nn n nn'n!nn nn !n !nnn nn !n!n"n %n&nnnnB&An! n!n n!n).n%nnn n n2&4>714An!nnn%nn%nn'n n3=&43Onn!n nnnn%n n'nn>&<=O&nr!n!n nn%nnnnnn n%n!nnnn

PAGE 181

n 1AA n 'n,nn!nn.n&nr! nn'nnnn %n !n7nnn'nnn, nnn!nn n!n'n'nnn!nnn !n.&nn 4 A 14 1A 34 3A <4
4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&43A 4&4A 4&42A 4&1 4&13A 4&1A 4&12A 4&3 4&33A 4&3A nn%n #: n +1 +3 +< += +A rn"H334 rn"H< %InHn1&3A %InHn1&B2 rn%InHn4&3A rn%InHn4&A4 rn%InHn4&>< rn%InHn1&3A rn%InHn1&B2n nB&Bnnn%nnn nn%n nnn.n!.n !n n n!nnn :"H=A4n).H=&3A714=n H4&AnIH4&BB2?&n nr!nnn.n!.n'nn!n nnn nnn%nn! nnnB&B&nr !nnn nnn!nnn n!n nn!nnn!n.&nn n%nn!n!n'nn !n!n !nnnnnn nIH4&AA&nr!n!.n.nnnn nn nnnnnn !n !n.&nr!nnn%n n!n!n !n!n'nn.n! .&nnnnnn'n!n!n n%nnn'nn!nn!. nn!nnn !n!!n

PAGE 182

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PAGE 183

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4&51 nn!n:; 99:9 4 4&3 4&= 4&B 4&> 1 1&3 1&= 1&B 1&> 3 nn%n #: n (##9( D(r)" K22 #K2>4> rn(##9(nnnnnnnnnnnnnn rnD(r)" rnK22 rn#K2>4> :H3<&BBn).H1&A4714K=? :H1&35n).H<&<4714KA? :HA&=5n).H1&A3714K=? :H13=&=n).H1&24714Knnn%nnn nn%n nnnnnnn!n .nn:"H2A4n H4&An %IH4&AnIH4&BB2?&n nnB&>nn!nnn nnnn %nnn!nn .nn: ? n !n!n!nnn n:4>?nnn" n%nn 2A4&n)'n!!n!nnn: ?nn!nn.n nnn4>nn!n!!n nnnn n!n !n n'&n(n! n!n nn%nnnn!n nn!n.&n#2>4>nn !n!!nnn%n'n'n!n nn&n(nn!n

PAGE 184

n 1A> n !n!n'n!n nn%&n! nn%nnnnn !n!n%nnn!nn 'n!n'nnn!n &nn .nnnnn n !nnn&nF>4Gnn !n nnn%nnnn!!n 'n&n 4 > 1B 3= <3 =4 => AB B= 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:;99:94 4&4< 4&4B 4&45 4&13 4&1A 4&1> 4&31 nn%n #3 33 3 n ( +' + rn( r rn rn+' rn+n nB&5nnn%nnn nn%n nnnn !n nn!n nn:"H>2An ).H=&3A714=n H4&An%IH4&AnIH4&BB2?&n nnB&5n! n!nnn nnnn %n%nnnnnn nnn:I?nn n!n7nn7nn nnn !n nn!n .n&nr!nnn %nn'n! n!n!n 'nn!n!n7n%&n n! n!n nn n!nn$nnnnn! n!!nnnn !nnnn !n!nn &nnn'n! nnn

PAGE 185

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4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4B 4&13 4&1> 4&3= 4&< 4&
PAGE 186

n 1B4 n !n!nnnnn!.nn!n n,nnnnnnB&3&n *n!nnnn nn !nnnn!n!!nn nn!nn.n n n! nn&nnnn !nn!.nn!nn nn nn!!nn'nn!n nnnnn!!nn n''n!n&nr!nnnn !n%nnnn%n !!n n !n!nnn .nn&n 4 = > 13 1B 34 3= 4=>131B343=)9n999:9n nB&11nnnn'n n%nnnB&1n !n nn&n n nB&11n'n!nn% n!n n'nn%n n'nn%nn%nnB& 1&n(nnn!n'n n%n n'nnnnn nn!n'n nnn$$nnnn n).n%nn"n

PAGE 187

n 1B1 n %nnnnn!nn! nnnnn ,nnn&nr!nn! n%nn!nnnn %nnn!n n-n'H1&5=3>3 nn4&1nn "n4&2An ).n4&1nnn4&2nn :nIn?nn4&4Annnnnnnnnnnnn:B&1?n n'n!nnn'n n%nnnn !n'nnnn n&n9 nnnnn n n!nn nn%n!n%nn' n!nnnn!nn n&nr!nnn'n! n nnn'n!n &nr!nnn!n7n nn n!nnn'nn 'nn%n !n!n&nn n!nnnn!n n'nn%n nn-nOnnHn::'nn'?I'?n. 144&nr!n'nn%n'nnn nn1A&1
PAGE 188

n 1B3 n 4&n#nnnnn8 nnB&13n! n!n'nn!n nnnn !nnn%n%nn n"n%nnnn nn32An"#n:).13H1&5<714=?& 4 1A <4 =A B4 2A 54 14A 134 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4A 4&1 4&1A 4&3 4&3A 4&< nn%n #: n "H334 "H
PAGE 189

n 1B< n nnn!nnnnn n !n!n!.nn!n!n %n&n( nn%nnn% !n!nn&n(nnn nB&3n!nnnn,n nnn!.nn!n nn nn!nnn'n n !nn nnn!n&n nB&13n! n! n!nnn%n %nn'nn nn:n?nnn!n nn!nn7n nIH4&4Ann!nnn!nn nn!n%nn 'n!n nnn!nnn!n nnnnI4&BB2&n (n!nn!nn%nn nn!nnn 'nnnnnn!n.&nr!n nn!n7nn%n n%nn !n!nnn!n n n!n'nnn !$nn !n!n%nn nn'&nr!nnn n%nn!n7nn!nn nnnnnnn n!.n!nnn!n!.n n!n!n%nnnn !nn n%&nnn%nn!n n n'nn"n%n :"H334nn?nnn%n nnn'nnnn n!n.nnnn !n!n n&nr!nn%nn n "n%n!n,nnn nn! n nn'n%nn nn!n.&nnB&13nnnn! nnn"n%n %nnnn'n&nr!n%' nnn !n!n'n n%n0nn.!nF22Gnn+n n&nF<5G&nn nB&1
PAGE 190

n 1B= n nn nnnnnnn13An" #nn).3H=&3A714=&nnn%nn !n'nn%nn !n" n%&n(n!n nn:n "n%?nn!nnnn 'nn!nnn !nn!n''n!nnn &n!nnnn "n%n!nn%nn n !n!nnn.n n&nr!n%!'nn!n'n nn!nnnn!n n.nn!n'nn%n nn).1H1&3A714=n!nnnn nnn=3An"#&nn 4 3 = B > 14 13 1= 1B 4344=44B44>441444 !n9:! 99:9 +,)+,)( +,)n( +,)( ).1nHn ).1nHn=&3A714K=).1nHn1&5<714K=).1nHn1&3A714K=n nB&1
PAGE 191

n 1BA n nnn!!n"n%&nn !nnnn n %'n!n!n!nnnn%n n !n"0).1`n4&11 32 1 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4B 4&13 4&1> 4&3= 4&< 4&714KArn).1nHn=&3A714K=rn).1nHn1&=3714K=rn).1nHn2&4>714KAnnB&1=n)nn).1n'nnnn%nn n nn%nnnn .n !n nn!n n1n:"HA=4n H4&An%IH4&AnIH4&BB2n).3H=&3A714=?&n nr!nnnn!nn.nn!nnnn n nnn!nnnn!n nn%nnn nnnnnnB&1 =nnn"n%nnA=4nn

PAGE 192

n 1BB n n$$nn: ?nnn4&A&nnn%nn!n!nn n%nn!nn'n!nn4 nPIPn4&Onn nB&1=Lnn!n).n%nnnn .nnn nn2&4>714An n!nnnnnnnn 13An"#n:).3H=&3A714=?nn!nn n.&nr!nnn nn%nn'nn 14&>AOnnnB&1=nnn"n%nnA= 4&nr!n!nnn %nnnnnnn%n! nnnn'n ,nn!nn.n&nr!n n'nnnn%n !n7nnn'nnn,n nn!nnn!n 'n'&n nB&1An! n!nnnnn! nnn.nn ,n !nnnnnn!n nn.nnnn %nnnnn %nnn"n%nn A=4nnn$$nn: ?nnn4&A&nnn%nn!n nnnnnnnn<2An"#n n:).3H1&=3714=?nn!nn

PAGE 193

n 1B2 n n%nnn nn' n!nnnn !n nnnn !n!n"n% nn! nnnB&13nn !nn.nnnnnn nnn!nnn nnnB&1=&nn 4 14 34 <4 =4 A4 B4 24 >4 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4= 4&4> 4&13 4&1B 4&3 4&3= 4&3> 4&<3 4& nn%n #: n +1 +3 +< += +A +11 rn"H334 rn"H714KArn).3nHn=&3A714K=rn).3nHn1&=3714K=rn).3nHn2&4>714KAn nB&1An)nn).3n'nnnn%nn n nn%nnnn .n !n nn!n n1n:"HA=4n H4&An%IH4&AnIH4&BB2n).1H=&3A714=?&nnnB&1An! n!nnn nn !n!n nn!nnnnnnn nn<2An"#n:).3H1&=3714=?nn n !n!nnnnn!n! nnnn'n ,nn!n.&nr!nnn%n n%nn'nnA&53Onn!n nnnn%n n'nn4&=4OnnnB&1ALnn !n).n%nn!nnnn nn nn1&=3714=nn!n nnnnnnn13An"#n:) .1H=&3A714=?nn!nn

PAGE 194

n 1B> n n.&n 'n7nnn nnnA44nn2A4n"#n :).3H1&4B714=nn2&4>714A?n !n!!n'nnnn nn n'nnn%n nnn!nnnn!n n&nn!nnn!n nnn'nn !n!n n&n(n!n!!nnnn !nn.n:=nnBnnnn !n%n.?n!n!n%nn nn!n!n%n.nnn n n n%n!nnnnn !nn.&nr!nn nn %nn!'nnn!nnn!n n&n 'n !n!n nnnn!nnn:IH4&BB2?n!nnn7n%n!nn .nnnnn!nnn n!nnn!n nn!nnn!n .&nr!n!nnnn n nnnnnnn&n r!nnn%!'nnn !n!n%' nnnnC .nF
PAGE 195

n 1B5 n 4 2 1= 31 3>
= 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&43 4&4= 4&4B 4&4> 4&1 4&13 4&1= 4&1B 4&1> 4&3 4&33 4&3= 4&3B nn%n #: n +1 +3 +< += +A rn"H334 rn"H< %InHn1&3A %InHn1&B2 rn%InHn4&3A rn%InHn4&A4 rn%InHn4&>< rn%InHn1&3A rn%InHn1&B2nnB&1Bn)nn!.n'nn nn%nnn nn%nnnn .n !n nn!n n1n:"H=A4n H4&An).13H=&3A714=nIH4&BB2?&nn+n!n nnn!nnn!n%n n!n.nn.nn!n %nn%nn!n'n nn!nn!nn !n!nnn%n!n.n!n !n!n'nn.n!.&nn n%n%'nnnB&1Bn!n'n nn!nn !n!nnn.n!.&nr!nn %nnnnn nn%n!n%nn n!n !n!n&n(n!nn nnnnn!n7n %nn!nnn'n n%n'nnnn nn&nnn!.nnn nnnnnn!! nn!n7nn!nn n !n!nnnnnn nn!n7nn!nn 'n &nr!nnnnn nnn! nn

PAGE 196

n 124 n nB&1B&nr!n%nnn!n! nn'nnn !nn!nnn%n !n! n'nn!.nnnn n!n!nnnB&1B&nn n%nnnnB&1Bn!n !n !n!n'nn.n!.&nn nnnn'n!n!nn %nn'nn!nn!.n nn!nnn !n!!n n%n'nn%&nnn%n n!nnn%n n n%nnnnnn! n7nn!nn%!nn !!n %nnn!nnn !n nn.n!.&nr!n!n nn nnnn%n% nnn!n!.&nr!n !n!nn%nn%n!.n n&nFA=Gnn,nnnn n.&nn nn$$nnnnn: ?nn4&3Ann1n nn n nn!nnnnn!n.n &nr!nnn$$nnn nnnn%nnn nnnnn nn13An"#n:).13H=&3A714n=?nn"n%nn544nn! nnn B&12&nnn%nn!n!nn!! nnnn!nn %n%nnn!nn &n(n!!nnn%n n!nnnn%n !n!n$$nn% !nnn!n!n.n : H4&3A?&n

PAGE 197

n 121 n 4 5 1> 32 1 54 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4= 4&4> 4&13 4&1B 4&3 nn%n #: n ]nHn4&3A ]nHn4&A ]nHn4&2A ]nHn1&4 rn]nHn4&3A rn]nHn4&A4 rn]nHn4&2A rn]nHn1&4n nB&12n)nn$$nnnnnnnn%nn nnn%n nnn.n !n nn!nnn:"H544n%IH4&An).13H=&3A714=nIH4&BB2?&nn(n nn% n$$nnn n'n nnn nn!n,n'nnn!nn !!n!nnn &nnnnnn'n. nnnnn n!nn.nn!nnn n!nnn&nnn%n nn!nnnB&12n'nn H4&3A4&2Annn!n !nn H1nn!!nnn%nnn!n .&nnnB%nnn%nn !nnnn%n'n n !nnnnnn nn%'nn H1&nr!nnnnn n !n !nn% nnnnn n&nr!nn7nn n !n!nnn nn n'nn nn!$n

PAGE 198

n 123 n %nn n,nn!n!n.&nr! nn%nn7nn!n nn!n!n%n&nr!nn nn !n!nnn ,nnn nnnn &n(n!nn'n n%nn nn!.nn, nn!&n9n!n !n!n!nnnn%n. nnnn!nn'n nnnn&nr!n%nn!n nnnn!n nnnn%&n(n%!n.nn nnn'nn % n.nnnnnn nnn!nnn !nnnnn nnnn &n nB&1>nn!nnn nnn!n n .nn: ?n !n!n!n n!n!'n%nnn 'n!nnnnn:4>?nnn"n%nn2A4&n)'n! !n!nnn: 13?nn !nnn.nnnn n nn4>n n!n!!nnn nnn!n!n n'&n( n! n!nnn %nnnn!nnn! n.&nn

PAGE 199

n 12< n 4 3A A4 2A 144 13A 1A4 12A 344 33A 3A4 32A 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4A 4&1 4&1A 4&3 4&3A 4&< 4&
4> rn(##9(nnnnnnnnnnnnnn rnD(r)" rnK22 rn#K2>4> :H3<&BBn). 13 H1&A4714 K= ? :H1&35n).13H<&<4714KA? :HA&=5n). 13 H1&A3714K=? :H13=&=n).13H1&24714Kn)nnnnn !nnn!n.nnnn n%nnnn n:"H2A4n H4&An %IH4&AnIH4&BB2?&n nnB&1>n! n!nnnn %n%&nnn %nn!n#2>4>nn!n!!n nn%n'n'n!n nnn&n(nn! n!n!n'n!n n n%&nr!nn%nnn n n !n!n'nnn %&n(n!!nn%nnnnn! n!n%nnn !nn'n!n'nnn!n &nr!nn .nn nnnn !nnn&nF>4Gnn# nn&nF>1Gnn !nnn n%nnnn!!n'n &nn

PAGE 200

n 12= n 4 1A <4 =A B4 2A 54 14A 134 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4A 4&1 4&1A 4&3 4&3A 4&< 4&
2An ).13H1&22714=n H4&An%IH4&AnnIH4&BB2?&n n nB&15n! n!nnn nnnn %n%nnnnnn nnn:I?nn n!n7nn7nn nnn !n nn!n .n&nr!nnn n nnnnn 'n!'nn!!n& nr!nnn %nn'n! n!n!n' nn!n!n7n%&n n! n!n nnn!n n$nnnn n!n!!nnnn!n nnn !n!nn &nnn'n! nnnn %nn!!nn 'nn!nn$nnn!n!!n !n'&nr!n nnnnn%n %nn!n nn

PAGE 201

n 12A n nnnnn!nn!n 'n'&nr!n'nn 'nnn'nnnnI4&A3A&nr!n'nn7n %nn!nn%nnn n nn!nn&n(nn n !nn n!n'n: ?n! nn!!n7nn n%&nnnnn!nn n%n%nn n'nnnn:n?n nn!nnn!nn 7nnIH4&A4nn!nnn!nn nnnI4&B<&n !n n !n!nnnnn nn!nnn !n!n nn!nn.nn!n%n!n nn'nnnnn nnn!nnn!nn' nn!n!n%n n!n!n!n!nnn!nn .n&n +7nn.nnn:I?nn4&3nn4&2An n nn nn!nnnnn !n.n&nr!nnn .nnnn!nn nnnnn %nnnnnn13An"#nn).13H=&3A714=nn"n%nn=A4n n! nnnB&34&nr!nnnnB&34n 'n!n!nnn nn !n!nnn!n .nnn:I?&n r!nnn !n!nnn nn!.nn!nn,nn nnnB&3&n(n!nn!.nn! nn nnnn!!nn 'nn!nnnn nn!!nnn''n!n &nr!nnnn!n%nn nn%nnnnB&34&n r!nnn%nn !n!n nn.nn&nn

PAGE 202

n 12B n 4 > 1B 3= <3 =4 => AB 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51 nn!n:;99:94 4&4= 4&4> 4&13 4&1B 4&3 4&3= 4&3> 4&<3 4&3 n202 nn "n4&2An ).1 n4&4=BAn).3 n4&4=2nnnn4&B5nn :nIn?nn4&4Annnnnnnnnnnn:B&3?n n'n!nnn'n n%nnnn !n'nnnn n&n9 nnnnn n n!nn nn%n!n%nn' n!nnnn!nn

PAGE 203

n 122 n n&n(nnnnn%!n .nnn!nnn n &nn 4 < B 5 13 1A 1> 31 3= 4313= )9n 999:9 n nB&31nnnn'n n%nnnB&3n !n nn&n n nB&31n'n!nn% n!n n'nn%n n'nn%nn%nnB& 3&nr!nnnn!n n'nn%n nn-nOnnHn::'nn'?I'?n. 144&nr!nn'nn%n'n nnB&3n'nnnn n1=&2BOnnU1<&4>Onn!nnn n%nnnn &nr!nn'nn!nn'n nn nnnB&<2O&n r!nnn!nn'%nn!n n-n714An=&3A714=n^).3^n2&4>714An4&3An^ ^n1n4&3n^I^n4&2AnHA&=5n 332&Bn^ ^nB32&B&nn!n%nnnnB&31n!n nn%nnnn

PAGE 204

n 12> n n nn !nnB&3&nr!n nn%nn'nnn!n nn'n!nn&n 4 =4 >4 134 1B4 344 3=4 3>4 <34 4&51 nn!n:;99:9 nnA4n 144n 344n 9$nn&F===AGnA4 9$nn&F===AGn144 9$nn&F===AGn344 "nn&F=BGnA4 "nn&F=BGn144n nB&33nnnnn7 nnn%n %nnnnnnn n.n !n nn !nnn:r,H35nH4&4443A=nn%H4&44BnnnIH4&3A?&n nnB&33n! nnnnnn %n%nnn nn !n!n7nn% n%n9$nn&nF==n=AGnn nnn"nn&nF=BGnn'n n&n(nn.n !nn !n7nn<3.DI3nn%nnnn n,nn nn nnn?nnnnnnA4n14 4n344n"#n n&nr!n n nnn,nn:r,?nn35nnnnn:n?n !n7n'nnnnn4&4A1n&nr! nn.n!nnnn

PAGE 205

n 125 n 4&=4B=nnn!.nn4&44B&AAOnn33&42On !n n'nnn13&<OnnA&41On !nn 'nnn1=&5O&nr!nn%nn !nnn nn !n!nnn%nn' n%nnn&nF12Gnnn,n n'nnn.&nn!n" n%nnnn nnnn!n'nn n1<&1=O&nr!nn n !n!nnn%nnn !nn.&nn4(nnn#nnnnB&3
PAGE 206

n 1>4 n n!nn!nnn!n nnnnnn &nr!nnnn7 nnnnn!n nnnn4&41BnnH4& 4A1nn4&4An !n!nnn n!nnH4& 31 44&14&34&<4&=4&A4&B4&24&>4&51nn!n:; 99:9 4 4&1 4&3 4&< 4&= 4&A 4&B 4&2 4&> 4&5 1nn%n#: n +1 "H33A "H=A4 "HB2A rH4&
PAGE 207

n 1>1 n r!nnn%nnn%nn nn!n7nn!n n&nn! nn!!n'nn nnn!nnnnn nnn% n!nn, nn.nn&nr!n nn!nn!n!n!n nn'nn!!n !nnnnn'nnn!n nnnn n !nn!n&nr!nnn% nn7nn!nnn!n .nnnn!nnnn! n%nn!.nn &nr!nnn%nn nnnn!n!nn n%n%&nn 4 B 13 1> 3= <4 4&3= 4&< 4&
PAGE 208

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PAGE 209

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PAGE 210

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PAGE 211

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PAGE 212

n 1>B n n'nnnn n&n(n nn' n%'nnnn ''n!nn&n(n!n. nnnnn4&2An n4&3n!n'nn%nn%nn 'nn1>&42On !n!n"n n).n%nn.nnn=A4nn=&3A 714=n'&nD!n!nn nn nnn4&2Ann4&3An n!nnnn.n nnnnn nn!n!n7 nnn!nn n%n>&5BO&n r!nnnnnnn n!nnnnn nB&3>&nr!nnn nn nnnn'n !'nn!!n&nn 4 B 13 1> 3= <4 44&4B4&134&1>4&3=4&<4&4&A=4&B 9: 99:9 4&44 4&4= 4&4> 4&13 4&1B 4&34 4&3=nn#: +,)+,)( +,)( +,)( n n( n n n n+ n+' 7:?n 7:?n( 7:?n+' 7:?n 7:?n( 7:?n+' 7:? 7:?( 7:?+'n nB&3>n('nn%nn nn'n !n nnnnn:"H>2An).H3&1< 714=n%IH4&An H4&An nIHn4&BB2?&n n

PAGE 213

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PAGE 214

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PAGE 215

n 1>5 n %nnnnn!nn! nnnn nn,nnnnn n!.nn.nnnn nn'&nr!nn!n% nn!nnn%nnn!n n-n 'H1&5=3>3 n202 nn "4&2=nn ).nn4&1nnn4&2nn( %I'2021n( I'2021n 4&41nnnnnnnnnnn:B& 4 )99 999 n nB&<4nnnn'n n%nnnB&
PAGE 216

n 154 n n% nnnn'n nn!nnn5&31Onn U1<&B1O&nr!n'nnnn n nnn=&5>O&nr!n 'nn!nn'%nnn! nn-n33An^"^n544n 2&4>714An^).^n=&3A714=n4&3An^ ^n1&4nHA&=5n332&Bn^ ^n<2B&2n4&3An^%I^n1&B2n4&3n ^I^n4&2Ann4&4=An^^n4&23&nn!n%nn nnB&<4n!nnn %nnnnn nn !n nB&<&nr!nn'nn 'nnn!nnn'n!n nnn!nn !nn&n (nnn!nnnn !n !n7nnn9$n n&nF==n=AGnn'nnnn!n n.nnnnr%nB&1&nrn !n !n!n7nn!n% nn!nnn -n H<3n.DI3n"H3<>nr,H35nnH4&4A1nnH4&34<3n nn%H4&44B
PAGE 217

n 151 n n!.&nr!nn%!'n n%'nn nnnnn,n !n n!n%.nnnnn%n %nnnnn &nn!nnn7 nnnnn n$nnnn n!n'nn% nn nnnnn%nnn%n n&nn r%nB&1nn%nn% n7 nnn9$nn&n F==n=AGnnnnn:r,H35nH4&4443A=nnIH4&3An%IH4&13An!HH4&4A4>n?&n n n n +nnA4n"#nn nI!n n )7 n n 1&>n15<&=4n1>An=&<=n 3&1An1BB&ABn12AnA&42n 3&2n14n1AAn1=&1=n n+nn144n"#nn n n )7 n n 1&>n312&A>n31An1&15n 3&1An152&<5n34AnB&<5n 3&2n1A3&2>n1B5n14&B3n n+nn344n"#nn n n )7 n n 1&>n3B1&45n3B4n4&=3n 3&1An33=&>Bn3=5n14&2<&<3n nn('nB&51n

PAGE 218

n 153 n "#A"*"n)"n*! A$)(n!nnnn)#nn n nnn!nn nn!n%nnnnnn #n&nn2&1n! n!n nn7nnnn n%nn!nn 'nnnn nnnJH1AnI&nnn%nnnn2&1n!nn %nnn!nnnn!n 3n&
PAGE 219

n 15< n n :?n n :%?n n :?nnn2&1n+nnnnn nn:?n!n%n nnnn'nn nn:?n JH1AnIn:%?nJH<4n Inn:?nJH2AnI&n

PAGE 220

n 15= n 34
4 5A 114 13A 1=4 1AA 124 K1K4&2AK4&AK4&3A44&3A4&A4&2A1nnnI n nn'n&n!n: I3/?352 35> 355 <44 <41 <43 <4<+nrnrn:/? 1A 2A 1A 2A r 1A r 2A r1A r2A n) rn)! nJH<4nI nJH2AnI !nJH<4nI !nJH2AnI r nJH<4nI r nJH2AnI rnJH<4nI rnJH2AnIn n2&3nn nnn n%nnn!n n'nnn!nn nnn%n nn nnn n&n n n2&3n! n!nn nnn nn %nn!nn!nn' nnn!nn nnn!nnn!nnn!n nnn!nn'n nnn n!nn n nn!nn!nn %nnn2&1&nr!n%nnn n%nnn!!n n nnn!nnnn !n nn nnnn n2&3&nr!nnnn%nn nn nnn nnI H4&2n n!nnnnnn !n! nnn!n nn nnn!nn nnn!n%. nnn!n n%'n%n# nF1=2G&n(n%. n nn.nn!nnn

PAGE 221

n 15A n n!nnn!n!nnnn nnn!nnnn!n nnn!nnn&n r!n!nn'nnn nnnn nn !!nnn!nnn!nn nnnn!nnn nn!nnnn%!n&nr!n n!nn'nn 'nnn1<4nn3=n:DI3/?&nr!n'n'nn!n!nn' n nn!n nn!nn n 7nnn=<&B=nn==&11n :DI3/?nn nn!!n nn&nr! nn!nn'n n'nnn124nn<4n:DI3/?&nr!n'n'nn!n!nn 'nnn!nnn!n n n7nnnA1&3An nA1&5A:DI3/?nn nn!!n nn&nr! nnn nnn2&1nnnnn %nnn2&3n'n!n!n nnnnnn%nn !nn !n!nnn !nn'&nnn!nn' n!n!n!nn'n nn!!nn!nnn!n! n%nn !!nnnnn n!n'n!nnnn n nn% n!n nnnn&nr!nn nn!!n''nnn !nn%nn'nnn12&31Onn n n!!nn&nn nnnnn !n+n n&nF131G&n n2&
PAGE 222

n 15B n nnnn nnnn %'nnnn!!nnn !.nn=4n nnnnn nnnJH>AnIn !nnn nnnn nH4&=nnnnnnnnn344n n<4n "#n'&nr!n!nnn n nn!nnn!n n%!n!n nnnnn!n nnnn%n!n nnn!&nnnnn 12&3=n.n!n!n7nnn!n n'nnnn:nH=&15&>n.DI3?nn!nnn n!nnn !n nn&nr!nnn!nn nn=1&<2n.nnnn!nn nn nn!nnnn'%n! n7nn14nn3<&=n:.DI3?nn!n nnnn!nn' nn&nr!nnnn !n nnnnn=1&<2nn12&3=n.n n 7nnn>&3nn<&>An n'nn!nnn!n n n&nr!n%nnn n%nnnn!!n nnnn!nnn !n!n7nnnn&nr.nn n!nnn nn7n!n!n#""n nn%nn nn32OnnAAOnn!nnn nn!n3nn=n8.nn nn7nnnnn &nF13=Gn !n!nnn1nnn/n n!n#""n%n2O&nnnn 2&
PAGE 223

n 152 n 34 =4 B4 >4 144 134 1=4 1B4 1>4 344 334 3=4 K1K4&2AK4&AK4&3A44&3A4&A4&2A1nnnI n nn'n&n!n: I3/?352 35> 355 <44 <41 <43 <4< <4= <4A <4B <42+nrnrn:/? 1A 2A 1A 2A r 1A r 2A r1A r2A n) rn)! n1H12&3=n. n3H=1&<2n. !n1H12&3=n.n !n3H=1&<2n. r n1H12&3=n. r n3H=1&<2n. rn1H12&3=n. rn3H=1&<2n.n n2&4Onn%!nnn12&3=nn=1&<2n.n 'nnn!n!n n nnn!nn&nr!n'n' nn!n n!nn'n nn!nn n7n nn=<&<3nnA=&<3n:DI3/?n nnnn12&3=nn=1&<2n.n'&nr !nn!nn'n n'nnn31Ann<4n:DI3/?&nnn!nn'n!n!n n!nn'nnn %nn'nnn>AOnn%!n

PAGE 224

n 15> n nn12&3=nn=1&<2n.n'nnn !n!n nnnn!n n&nr!n'nn'nn!n! nn'nnn !nn n7nnnA<&41nnB A&<2:DI3/?nn!nnn !!nn'&n n!nn' nnnnnn n!nnnnnn n% n!nnnn!n nn%n&nr!n'n!n n'nn%nn nn !n!nn7n .n nC.nn&nF132n13>G&nn r!nnn%nn!n n nnnn n !nnnnn1Ann2An "#nn! nnn2&=nn2&=%&n r!nnnnnn n nnn%'nn!.nn=4n nnnnnnn nnn :JHB4nI?n !nnn nnn: nH4&=?nnnnnn<=&=>n.n!n nn'%n !n7n:nHB1=&1n.DI3?nnnnnn1A4n"#&nr!nn n nn%nnn2&=n !nnnnnnn A&Annnnnnn!nn nn!n13n
PAGE 225

n 155 n n :?n n :%?n n2&=n+nn nnnn n%nn n nnnnn-n:?n H1An"#nn:%?n H2An "#&n n (B1 (B( (B$ &CC &CA ) n ) r) n D 8 (B1 (B( (B$ &CC &CA ) n ) r) n D 8

PAGE 226

n 344 n 34 =4 B4 >4 144 134 1=4 1B4 1>4 344 K1K4&2AK4&AK4&3A44&3A4&A4&2A1nnnI n nn'n&n!n: I 3 /?352 35> 355 <44 <41 <43 <4< <4= <4A+nrnr:/? 1A 2A 1A 2A r 2A r 1A r2A r1A n) rn)! n H1An! nH41 n!n 1 !nH2Anr nH1Anr n41rn1 rn H2Ann n2&Annn% nnn!nn'n nn!nnnnn%n nn n nnn&n nr!nn nnnn nnn!nn!n n'nn%n n!nnnn!n 7nn!nnn!nnn!nn nn%!nnn n !nnnnn1Ann2An "#nn! nnn2&Ann!n n!nnnn2&=nn2&=%& nr!n%nnnn %nnnnnn: ?nn2An"#nn!nnnnn nnn: ?nn1An"#nn! nnn2&A&nr!n nn n%nnnn nnn nnI nH4&>n n!nn nnn !n!nnn!nn n nnnnnn n: ?nn2An"#nnnnnnnn: ?nn1An"#&nr!nn!n

PAGE 227

n 341 n nn2An"#n'nn!n!nnn!n %. nn'n!n nnnn%n!n!n &n'n!nn!nnnn nnn1An"#n nnn!n nnn!n%. nn %'n%n# nF1=2Gnnnn n4&>3Annn!n
PAGE 228

n 343 n n'nnnn!n! nnn!.nn! nn n2&Bnn2&2&nr!nn%n n!nn!nn'n n nnnnnn n nnnBAnIn !nnn nnn: nH4&=?nnnnnnHn3>n.nnn' %n!n 7nnnAnn11&BAn.DI3n !nnnnnnn1A4nn=4 n"#&n n2&Bn! n! n!nn%n n!nnn nn n !n!nnn!nnn! .&n 35B 352 35> 355 <44 <41 <43 <4< <4= <4A K1K4&2AK4&AK4&3A44&3A4&A4&2A1nnnI n +nrnr:/? r 144 r144 r 12A r12A r 3A4 r3A4 n) rn)r nH62 n rn H62 n r n2 rn H2 n r n H22 n rn 22 n n2&Bnrn%nn!n nnnn%nnn !n!nnn!.&n n r!n'n nnnnn2&B nn!nnn n 7nnn355&13n355&>Bnn<41&1An n/nn!n%'nn !.n: ?nn344n134nn=4n n'&n(nnnn2&Bn!n n

PAGE 229

n 34< n n%nn!.nnn nnnnnnnn n!n'n nnn!nn!n' n%!n!n%nnn &nr!nnn!n'n n nn!n!n'nnn n!nn!n!nn nn!nnn%n&nr!n nn!n'nnn!n nnnn!nn'nn &nn 4 3A A4 2A 144 13A 1A4 12A K1K4&2AK4&AK4&3A44&3A4&A4&2A1nnnI n nn'n&n!n: I 3 /? 144 144 12A 12A 3A4 3A4 n) rn)! nH62 n !n H62 n n2 !n H2 n n H22n !n 22 n n2&2nnn!nn'n n%nn!nnn nn%nnn!n! nnn!.&n nn2&2nn!nnn!n!n n'nnn nn nn!.nn&nr!n' n!nn'n nn!nnnnn2&2n nnnAA&51nA4&B3nn=>&55n DI3/nn!n'n!nn'n nn!n%nn nnn=B&=5n==&1
PAGE 230

n 34= n 344n134nn=4n n'&nr!n'nn!nn' nn %n n!!n!n!n'n n!n n'nn%n 34&3BOn1=&21Onn3=&B5Onn!nnn!. n: ?nn344n134nn=4n n '&nnnnnn n#!'!nF1=BGnnC.nF132Gnn !n!nnn!nn!.n n!n!nnn n!nnnnn nn nnn n!n!nn'nn!n nn7nn!n%' n&n n2&>nn2&>%nn!nn n%nn!n n nnnn n!nn nnn144nn344n"#&nr!n nnnnn nn nn%'nn!.nn=4n nn nnnn nnnA4nI nnnnnn3=&&An.DI3nnnnnnn<4n"#&n n2&>n! n!nnnn nnBnnnnnn n!nn nnnnn!n3n n%n! nnnnn=&An nnnnnnn 344n"#&nr!nnn7nnn nnn!n
PAGE 231

n 34A n n :?n n :%?n n2&>n+nn nnnn n%nn n !nnnnn-n:?n H144n"#nn:%?n H344n "#&n n r!nnnn!nn!nn 'nn %nn!n nnnnn n!nnnnn ) n ) 8 r) n D (B. (B( (B& (B$ (BB &CC &CE &CAn ) n ) 8 r) n D (B. (B( (B& (B$ (BB &CC &CE &CAn

PAGE 232

n 34B n 144nn344n"#nn! nnn2&5nn!n n!nn%n nn2&>nn2&>%&nn 4 1A <4 =A B4 2A 54 14A 134 1
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PAGE 233

n 342 n nn'nn!nnn n!nnn&nr!n'n nnn!n nnnnnn nnn344nn144n"#n n7nnn<&=n<&Ann4nn1An:DI3/?&nr!n 'n'nn!n!nn'n nn!nnn!nn n7nnn<>&4AnnB=&4<:DI3/?nnnnnnn144n n344n"#n'&nr!nnnn! !n''nnn!n n%nn'nnn1A&4BOnn34&B2On n nn!!nnn &nn (n nnnnn H144n"#nn!n%. nn nnnnn4&2AnPnI n & n1&n 'n!nnn!nn nnn!n%. nn%'n %n# nF1=2Gnn! nn!n nn nn%nnn2 &5nnnnnnn344n"#&n r!n!nnnn !n!n nnnn&nF1<3Gn!nnn!n !nn'nnn !n! nn&nr!nnn!n n'nn!nnnn!n nn!n!n !n!nnnn!nn n!nn'nn!n

PAGE 234

n 34> n !n%nn!.nn!nn! nnnn!!n!n!n !!nnnn !n!nn n!nn%!n!n!n nnn&nr!nn! n nnn nn!n nnn&nnn n%n%'nn!nnn nnnn !nnn!nn nnnn!nn n n&n+nn nn!'n%nn%n C.nn&nF132n13>G&n 4 4&B 1&3 1&> 3&= < <&B =&3 =&> A&= B 41A<4=AB42A5414A1341Gnn n2&14nnnnnnn nnnn nnn nn !n7nnnC. nn&nF13>G&nnn2&14n! n!nnnnn nnnnn nnn!n%nnnn! nnn!n7n .n %nC.nn&nF13>G&n(nnnn2&14n! nnn!n7nn nn%n%nC.nn&nF13>Gn !n!nnnnnn

PAGE 235

n 345 n &nr!nnnnn nn nB4nn>4nInn !nn 'nnnB&53Onn=&2&B5Onn A&A2On'&nn!nn nn !nn'nnn nn2&1
PAGE 236

n 314 n r%n2&1n('n%nnn!nn 'nnn 7nnnC.nn&nF132Gnn n#nn n'%nn!n7nn!n&n n n nA&nn)rnnnn!n!n n'nnn %nnnnnn#nn nnnn!n n)#n&nn2&11n! n!n7 nnnn n%nn!nn'nn nnnn nnnJH<4n I&nn!nnnn!nn n!nn!n nnn n!nnnnnBn nnn%nnn!n nnnn!n3n
PAGE 237

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PAGE 238

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PAGE 239

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PAGE 240

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PAGE 241

n 31A n 4 34 =4 B4 >4 144 134 1=4 1B4 1>4 344 4A141A34 rn:?Dn!nn&n!:DI3/?4 14 34 <4 =4 A4 B4 24 n!nn&n!:DI3/? 144 3A4 n 144 n 3A4 U 4DJnH<4nI DJnH2AnI JnH<4nI JnH2AnI(0r) )n :?nn 4 1= 3> =3 AB 24 >= 5> 113 4A141A34 rn:?Dn!nn&n!:DI3/?4 2 1= 31 3>
PAGE 242

n 31B n n2&1&B1Onn nn!!nn n &nr!n'n'nn!n !nn'nnn!nn nn!nn n 7nnn3B&>3nn35&15nDI3/nn nn!!nn nn &nr!n!nn'n nnn2&1<%nn!n!!nn !nn!n!n%nnnnn n nn% n!n nnnn&nr!nn nn!!n''nnn !nn%nB&>BOnn5&>nn3<&52nDI3/nn nn!!nn n&n n2&1=nn2&1=%n! n!n7nn nnn %nn!nn'nnn nnnnn12&3=n.n:3&A?n n=1&<2n.n:B?n'&nr!nn nnn nnn n%'nn!.nn=4n nnnnn nnnJH>AnIn !nnnnnnn nH4&=nnnnnnnnn344n n<4n"#n'&nr!n!nnn nn!nnn!n n%!n!n nnnn!n nnnn%n!nn

PAGE 243

n 312 n nn!n!&nnnnn12& 3=n.n!n!n7nnn!n n'nnnn:H=&1=5&Bnnnnn nn!nnnn!nn&n nnnn!nnn144n n!nnnn n!nn2nnn7n n!nnnnnnn!n13n n=n8.n&nn n n n :?n n n :%?n n2&1=n+n nnnn nn%nnn nn'n-n:?n12&3=n.nn:%?n= 1&<2n.&n n

PAGE 244

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PAGE 245

n 315 n n !nn2&1A%nn!n13n8.n nn!nn!nnn n n7nnn3&Ann nI H3Inn2&31nnn!n n&n(' n nn nn4&2=n3&3=nn4&B5nn n nn!nn!n nn nn3Inn1n'nnn nnn12&3=n.nn! nn n2&1A&nr!n nn n! nnn2&1Ann2&1A%n nnn=&AnnBnn'&nn n'nn n!n n %nnn!n!n&nr!n nnnnn nnn!nn:I H1?n n nnn%nnn !n !n!n nnnnn2&1An n2&1A%&nr!nnnn !nnnnI H2I>n nn%&nr!n%nnnn !nnn n!nn!nnnnn nn%!n!n nn !nn&n(nnn!n!n n!n#nn!nnn nnnnnn!n nn!nnn!nn%!n!n %nnn,nnn!n n&nr!nnnn n !n!n!nnnnn n!nn%. nn !n!n&n'n!nnn nnn!nnn !n!n%nnn!nnn7n n !n!nnn&n('n nnnn1&2Bn<&<>n n1&B3nn nnn!n n!n nnn3Inn1n 'nnnnnn =1&<2n.nn! nnn2&1A%&nn

PAGE 246

n 334 n 35B 35> <44 <43 <4= <4B4A141A34 rn:?Dnrrn:/n?4 1&A < =&A B 2&A 5 14&A 13 1<&A 1A 1B&A 1> 15&A 31 33&A 3= 3A&A 32DKnrnn 9 rn( /? 344 134 =4 =4 134 344 r) ): nI H3IrnI H19 rnI H3I<9 rnI 4;<9 rnI F n n :?nn 35B 35> <44 <43 <4= <4B <4> <14 <13 <1= <1B 4A141A34 rn:?nDnrrn:/n?4 3 = B > 14 13 1= 1B 1> 34 33 3= 3B 3> <4 <3 <= =4DKnrnn 9 rn( /? =4 134 344 =4 134 344 r) ) rnI H3I< rnI H2I> rnI H1 9 rnI H3I< 9 rnI 4;< 9 rnI F n n:%?n n2&1Anrn nn% nn nnn nnnnnn! n13n8.nnn nnn'n-n:?nH12&3=n.nn: %?nH=1&<2n.&n

PAGE 247

n 331 n 4 14 34 <4 =4 A4 B4 24 4I H1 n U r) F)n :?n 4 A4 144 1A4 344 4I H1 nU r) F)n :%?n n2&1Bnrn n!nn' nnnnn nn!n13n8.nnnn nn'n-n :?nH12&3=n.nn:%?nH=1&<2n.&n

PAGE 248

n 333 n r!n n!nn'nnn !nnnn n n'nnnn! nn n2&1Bnn2&1B%&nn2&1Bn n!n!nnnn!n'%n! n7nnnnn!nnn n!n n!nn!n nn!nn n!nnnnn'n !nnn!n%n&nr!n' 'n!nnnn nnnnnnnnI H3Inn1n'&n n2&1B%n! n!nnnnn2&1B n !n!n!nn'n nn nnnnnn nnI H3IG&nn r!nnn%nn!n n nnnn n !nnnnn1Ann2An "#nn! nnn2&12nn 2&12%&nr!nnnnn nnnn%'nn!.n n=4n nnnnnnn nnn :JHB4nI?n !nnn nnn: H4&=?nnnnnn<=&=>n.nnn' %n!n 7n:HB&B1A&
PAGE 249

n 33< n nnn5nnnnn nn!nnnn!nn &nnn!nnn nn!nn>nnn 7nn!nnnnnnn nn!n13nn
PAGE 250

n 33= n 35A 35> <41 <4= <42 <14 <1< 4A141A34 rn:? Dnrnr:/n? 4 4&< 4&B 4&5 1&3 1&A 1&> 3&1 3&= 3&2 < <&< <&B <&5 =&3 =&A =&> A&1 A&= A&2 B B&< B&BDKnrn 9 rn:/? 144 3A4 144 3A4 r) ) U $&0rnH1Anrn H2An9rn H1An9rn H2Ann :?nn 35B 355 <43 <4A <4> <11 4A141A34 rn:? nDnr r :/n? 4 4&< 4&B 4&5 1&3 1&A 1&> 3&1 3&= 3&2 < <&< <&B <&5 =&3 =&A =&> A&1 A&= A&2 B B&< B&BDKnrnn 9 rn:/? 144 3A4 144 3A4 r) ) rnH1Anrn H2An9rn H1An9rn H2An U ( 0 n :%?n n2&1>nrn nn% nn nnn nn nnnn nn-n:?n"nn nI H1nn!n13n8.nnn:%?n"n nnI H2I>n n!n
PAGE 251

n 33A n n2&1>nn2&1>%n! n!nn% nn'nn nnnn n 'nnnnn!n13nn nnnn4&>Bn n/nnnn!n nnnn nnn4&BAAnnn!nn n!!nnnn!nnn nnnI H1&n(n'n'n n nnnn>&ABn n n%nnnn nnn1An"#n'n!nA&52nn nnnnn nnn2An"#&nr!n nn n7nnnn 4&>Bnn/nnnn!n nnn nnnn4&BAAnnn!n !!nnnnn!nn nnnnI H1&nn n2&1>%n! n!n!n'nn nnnnn nnn: H2An"#?n n7n1&AAnn n nnn nnnn1An"#nn!nnn !n n&nr!n'n'nn nnnnB&Bnnn nnnnn!!nn&n n2&1>%n.n!nn n nnn%'nnn2 &1>&nr!n nn n7nnnn4&B4Ann/n nnn!nnnn nn nnnn4&<1nnn!nnnn! !nnnn!nnn n&nr!n nnn!n13n8 .nnnn2&1>nn%n1&An

PAGE 252

n 33B n n!!n!n!nn%'nn! nnn!n!n13n8.n nnI H1nnn!n'n%nnnn!n %.nnn!n nnn!n&nnn!nn!nn!nn!nnnn !n nnnn%!n!n &n(n!n n nnnnnn nn H2An"#n n nnn %n!nnnnnnnn1An" #nn! nnn2&1>nn 2&1>%&n n2&15nn2&15%n! n!n nnn! nn'n nn!n13nnnn2&1>%&nnnn2&15 nn2&15%n! nnn!nn 'nnnnn! nn n2&1Onnnnn!!n n nnn'&n r!n'n!nn'nn n!nnn!n13n8.n nnnnnnI H1n n%n32&22nn15&=2nDI3/nn!!n n nnnnn! nn n2&15&n

PAGE 253

n 332 n 4 34 =4 B4 >4 144 134 1=4 1B4 1>4 344 334 3=4 4A141A34 rn:? Dn!nn&n!:DI3/?4 1A <4 =A B4n!nn&n!:DI3/? 144 3A4 n 144 n 3A4 D H1An D H2An H1An 41 U $&0) r) n :?nn 4 3A A4 2A 144 13A 1A4 12A 344 33A 3A4 32A <44 <3A 4 144n!nn&n!:DI3/? 144 3A4 n 144 n 3A4 D H1An D H2An H1An 41 U( 0 ) r)n :%?nn n2&15nDnnnn!nn 'nnn n nnnnn-n:?n"n nnI H1nn!n 13n8.nnn:%?n"nnnI H2I>nn!n
PAGE 254

n 33> n n2&15%n'n!n!n!nn' nnn!nn n%n2&33Onn<&13Onnnnn!! nn nnn '&nr!n'n'nn!n!n n'nnn!nn n!nn n7nnn =4&3=nn<1&n.nnn'%n!n7nn nA&3Bnn13&<4n.DI3n !nnnn nnnn1A4nn=4n"#n' &nn!nnnn!n nnn! nnn2&34n!n nnn!nnnnn nn5nnnn%nn n!n nn!n13nnAn8.n nn!nn&nr!n!n nnn !n!nnnn n&nF1<3Gn !!nnn!n!n n'nnn !n!n n&nr!nn'n!n!n nn!n!!nnn %n!nnn!n!n!!nn nn!n%n&n (nnnn144nn!nnn n5nnn!nnnn nnnn!n
PAGE 255

n 335 n nn!n%&nnn!nn nnn!nnAn nn!nnnn!n nnn!n nn!n13n
PAGE 256

n 3<4 n r!n'nn nnnn n2&31nnnnnn I H2I>nn!n1n8.nn n7 nnn<41&<>n<41&5>nn <4<&1 <44 <43 <4= <4B 4A141A34 rn:? Dnrr n :/n? 4 1 3 < = A B 2 > 5 14 11 13 1< 1= 1A 1B 12 1> 15 34DKnrnn 9 rn( /? =4 134 344 344 134 =4 r) ) n :n nHn=4n rn nH134n rn nH344n 9 rn nHn344n 9 rn nHn134n 9 rn nHn=4n F n n2&31nrn nn% nn nnn nnnn!n1n8.n&n nn2&33n! n!n n!nn' nnnnn nnI H2I>nn!n1n8.nnn!n nnn !.&nr!n'n!nn'n nn!n%nnn

PAGE 257

n 3<1 n n2&33nn nnn3>&A1n3=&15n n34&43nDI3/nn!n%'nn !.n: ?nn344n134nn=4n n'&nr!nnn'n n nn!n!n'nnnLn! nn'nn!nnn &nr!nnn!n'nn n!n nnnn!nn 'nn&nnnnn n !n!nnn#!'!n F1=BGnn+.nn&nF1=>Gn !n!nn n!nn!.nn!n !nnnn!nnn nnnn n nnn!nnnn! n nn7nn!n%' n&nn 4 34 =4 B4 >4 144 134 1=4 4A141A34 rn:? Dn!nn&n!:DI3/? 4= 13 34 nH=4n nH134n nH344n n n2&33nrn n!nn' nnn!nn nn!.nnnnnnI H2I>nn!n
PAGE 258

n 3<3 n r!nnn%nn!n n nnnn n !nnnnn12Ann3A4n" #nn! nnn2&3
PAGE 259

n 3<< n nn!nnnnnnn= nnnnnnn!n nnn!nnnn!nBnn5n8 .n&nnn!nn nnnn>nn nnnnn!n 3&1 3&= 3&2 < <&< <&B <&5DKnrnn9 rn:/? 144 12A 3A4 144 12A 3A4 r) )rnH144nrn H12Anrn12 9 rn H144n9 rn H12An9 rn 12 U 10 n n2&3=nrn nn% nn nnn nn!nnnnn nnnnn I H2I>nn!nAn8.n&nnn2&3=n! n!nn%n n'nn n nnn!n!n nnnn!nAn8.n nn!nnnn'n nn&nr!nn

PAGE 260

n 3<= n 'n nnnnn2&3=n nnnnnn: H3A4n "#?n nnn%n3nn nn&n( n'nn'n n nnn<&B3nn n nnnnnnn144n "#n'nn1&BAnnnn nnnnnn3A4n"#&n r!n nnn7n nnn4&=&n(nn nn !n!n nnnnn nnnn3A4n"#n n nnn%nn !nnnn nn144n"#nn! nnn 2&3=&n 4 34 =4 B4 >4 144 134 1=4 1B4 1>4 344 334 3=4 3B4 3>4 <44 4A141A34 rn:?Dn!nn&n!:DI 3 /?4 1A <4 =A B4 2An!nn&n!:DI3/? 3A4 12A 144 n 3A4 n 12A n 144 D H3A4n D H12An D 144 H3A4n 12A 144 n n2&3Anrn n!nn' nnn!nnn nnnnnnnI H2I>nn!nAn8.n&n n

PAGE 261

n 3
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PAGE 262

n 3 1&3 1&B 3 3&= 3&> <&3 <&B = =&= =&> 41434<4=4A4B424>454144 rn:? n)nnrnn 9 rn:/?n JnH<4nI JnHAAnI JnH2AnInn2&32nnnnnn nnn!nnnn !nAn8.nnn!nnn nnn: H1A4n"#n H<4n"#nrH352n/n9H4&=nH3=&n.DI3?&n n

PAGE 263

n 3<2 n r!nnn .nn!nnn n!nnn nn n%nn7nnn!n 7nn nn!nnn %nnn!nnn n nn%nn!nn % n7nnn&nn nnnn%n n%nnnnn$n n!n!&nn!nn !n'nn !nnnn nn'nnn&n r!n'n!nn'nn nnn%nnn!n nnnn!n%n nn#nnn n!n7nnnnr%n2&3&nr%n2&3n('n%nnn!nn 'nnn n#nnn'%nn!n 7nnnn nn!n&n n n

PAGE 264

n 3<> n "#Ennn!nn E$5%#nn E$$n#nnnnn'nn%nn!nn n%n nnnnn!nn' nn"n%Lnn!n 'nn!n%nnnn! .nnnn%n n'n!nnn&n nn!nnn!n !nnnn nnn!nnn %n%&nr!n'nn%n nnnn'nn %In n4&A4nnnnn!nnn !.nnn!n %n!&nr!nnnn7n!n %n%nn !n!n n.&n(n'nnn! n!!n 7nn'nnn !.nn$$nn&n(n n! n'nn! n!!n n7nn%nn nn!!n' nn%nnnn n!.&n9n!n!n!nn n !n!!n!n'n nnnnn%n !!n!nnnn nnn!nnn n !n7nnn!nn nn!n&n(n nn nnn%n n!'nnn nn%n&nr!n nn'nn %n'nn!nnn%nn nn&nn

PAGE 265

n 3<5 n E$&nnn#nnn(n%nnnnn%n'n n!nnn &nr!nnnn nnn%nn !n!nnn!nnn!n nn!nn!n%n nn&nr!nnn!n7 nn%nn%nn !n!nnn!n nn!n'n nn!$nn !n!n%nnnn'&n(n!! n"n%nn!n nnn'nn!nn n nn.nn n!n !n!!n nnn n!n% nn!.&nn !nnnn!n!nnn nnn%nn !n "n%&nnn!n7n nn!nnnn!n "n%n&nnn!n nn!n!nn nnnn nn!n nnn!n!nnn &nr!n'nn%nnn nnnnn n).n %&n(n!n).n%nnn nnB&B3714An!n'nn %nn%nn'nn34&>1O&nr!n nnn.n!.nn n!nnn'nnn nnnnnn !nn !n!n&n(n!!n!. nn!nn 7nnn!nnn !n! nnnn!nnn!n !nnn&nr!n'nn %nn!!nnn!n.&nr!n nn!nnnn! n'n!n!n nn %n !n!nnnn!n nnn%n!n!n 'nn!n&n(n n!n 'nn!nnn

PAGE 266

n 3=4 n nn!!n'n!nn nnn!!n7nn !n!nn'n!nnn& n(n.nn !n!!n!n 'n!n!nnn&nr!n nn'nn%n n!nnn n'nnn nn"n%n).n %n!n'nnnn %&nr!nn n%nn nn&nE&nn5%#nn E&$nnnn8 r"#nnnr!nnnn n!nnn%nn n!nnn! nnn nn!n n-n "n%nnnnn nnn&n n!n"n%nn!nn !nnn%n 'n'n!nnn&n+ n!nnn!n nnn'n!nn' nn!n&nnn!n nnnn!nnn %n%n'n'n!nn nn7nnn.nn!!n nn !n!n!n %nnnn!n nn nn'n&nn n !nn!!n!n'n nnnnn %nn!nn&n!n nn%nnn!n !!nn%n&nnn 'nn%nn n,nnnnnn. nnnnnn"n %n).n%nn%n$$ nnnn!n 'n&nr!nn% n nnn'nnn!n

PAGE 267

n 3=1 n nn34&OnnU1A&O&nr!n nnn%n n !n' %nnnn 7n&n

PAGE 268

n 3=3 n E()nn5%#nn E($n#nnnr!nnnn nnnn%n nnnnn"n%n nn.n!.n$$n nnnnn!!n .nnnn nnnn&nr!n nn"n%nn !nn!nnn%n' n!nnn&nn nnn!nnn% n%n'n'n!nn nnn).`n2&4>714A&n(n!!n.n!.n'nnnn %nnnnn!n n&n(n!n$$nnn nnn H4&3Ann1n!n7nnn% n nn n!n!nn,nnn !n!n!n'n&n(n nnnn.nnn nnn%nnnn n!n.&n(n!!nn%nnn nn!n!n%nnn 'nnn'n!n'nnn!n &nnn !n!!n !n'nn n!n n !n!nnn!nn nnn%n!nn! n&n(nnn'n n%nnnn,n n'nnnnn nnnn"n%n).n% nn$$nnn nn!n'nnn nnn.nn&nr!n n% nnnn'n nn!nnn1A&1
PAGE 269

n 3=< n E(&nn#nnnnn8nr!n nnn%nn%nn! nnnn!n n'&nn 1&r!nnn"n%n%nnn n'nn%n n!nn!nnn' n!nnn&n 3&n).13`n2&4>714Ann!!nnn!n!nn n%n nn nn'n!nn n&n <&(n!!n.n!.n'nnn nnn!n n&n =&nnnnn!n$$n nnnnn H1&4nn4&3&nn A&(nnn.nnn n!nnn%n nn&n B&(n!!nn%nnnnn!n! n%nnn 'nnn'n!n'nnn!n n&n 2&nn !n!!n!n'n n n!n n !n!nnn!nnn nn%n n!'nn!nn&n >&(nnn'nn%nn nnnn"n %n).n%n:).1n).3?n$$nnnnn!n 'nnnnnn.n n&nr!nn n% nnnn'n nn!nnn1=&2BOn

PAGE 270

n 3== n nU1<&4>O&nr!nn'nn!nn' nnnn nnB&<2O&n 5&r!nnnn%n n n'%n7n &nnE((nnn#nnn(n%nnnnn%nn% nn!nnn!n n'&nnn%n! n n!!n'nnnnn!n nnnnnn n% n!nn,nn.n n&nr!nnn"n %nnn!!nn'n n!nnn!n!n!n ''n!nnnnn !nnn&n n!nnn!nn!n nnn!n7nn n!nnnn!n"n %n&n(n!n).n%nn n nn2&4>714An!n'n n%nn%nn'nn32&=2O&n( n!n$$nnnn nn1nn4&3An!n'nn% nn%nn'nn13&21O&n r!nnnnn:I?nn!nnnn!n n.n n n!nnn n!n''n!nn &nr!nnn.n!.nn! n7nnn!nn n !n!nnnn!nnnn!'n!nn n&n (n n!n'nnnn! !n'n!nn nn7nn !n!n n'n!nnn&n(n .nn !n!!n!n'n n!nnn!nn!n nnn!n!nnn &nr!nnn'nn

PAGE 271

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PAGE 272

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PAGE 273

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PAGE 274

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PAGE 275

n 3=5 n !n F1Gn!n"&nn#&n+n#&nrn"&n n+!%C n&na('n #$nn'nnn+nr !nn #%bn#.n+&&n/$n(&nrn/& &nn#7n/&n)nnnrnnn%!n(n'&n<<2n&n131n 155=&n nF3Gn/nJn3441=55n15B=&n nFAGn!!n@&&nanrnnn"n nbn rnn'&n34n&n354n1524&n nF2Gn#$n&)&nn/&&nn"%nD&(&n a)nnn%nn nrn!nnnn bnnrr !nnr.n'&n3n&n343=&n152=&n nF>Gn(!n/&nannnnnn+! nnEnn!n (!bn"#"$rnn'&n3=n&n11<4n 15>2&n nF5Gn,n&#&nnn@&na)7n' nn+n!n#n nnnn(nn#n n+bnn r%n!r &%n nnnr!n)nn&n 3BA3>2&n n

PAGE 276

n 3A4 n F14GnnX&nn!n&&nann nnrnnn*n 7n+bn !nr'nn n !(n'&nBn&nA35&n nF11Gnn+&nnC&n#,n(&+&nn nD&&#&nan nn nrnnn-n(n' bn)$" rn !nn'&n3n&n1A2152n15>5&n nF13GnDnX&+&nn@&nn,n&#&nanr n% nnnn nnnn+n+n !n*n DnrnnDn n71n+nn!n+n"bn nn!nn'&n<3n&n2n&n15&n nF15&n nF1=GnDn&&nE.n"&nnn&& nan''nnrn nnn+nnnnnnDn n*nEn bn !nn'&n113n&n>5554An1554&n nF1AGnEn&r&nn&&nnE.n"& nan''nnrn nnn+nnnnnn nDbn nn!nn'&n<=n&nn1551&n nF12GnnX&n!n&&nn%n&+&na ''nnrn%n nnnnbn !nn'&n13n1551&n nF1>GnDn&&n"!n+&nnn& &nan)nn nnn+nn+n !n+ nnnbn !nn'&n11An&n1n&n14B11An155<&n nF15Gnn&)&nnn#&"&nann nnrnnn!n nnnnn!nEn bn !nn'&n131n&nA53A52n1555&n nF34Gn"!n#&#&nC+'n(&&nnn &)&na,nnrn nnnnnn!nn% nbn" !nn*n'&n
PAGE 277

n 3A1 n F31Gn!!n&nn+!n+&/&nan 'nnnrn 9'nn#'n+nnnn/nbn n" !nnn'&n<5n&nAn&nA<1A=5n3441&n nF33Gn"n+&nn/&nn&nn(%nC &na"nnn nrnnnE!nD!bn!r%rnn !nn'&n1Bn&n1n&n1A=1A2n3443&n nF3n&n>
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PAGE 278

n 3A3 n F<3Gn/!n&nrn&&nn!n&n&na nn#nrnnn "n.b !nn'&n>1n&n5A14=n15A5&n nF<n152>&n nFn&nA=4A=Bn 15>B&n nFn&B&n nF<2Gn#$n&)&nC.n"&+&nnC!n0&nar nnn #nnnnrnnn"n .n !nnbn!'rn'&n11GnCn+&n#$n&)&nnn& &+&na n0n%n!n nnnnnn"n+nn1nCn nbn nn'&n11>n&nB1B2n155B&n nF<5Gn+n&nMnX&r&nn+!nD&nan nrn!nn n"n.n*nnnbnn//r !nnnn&+&n/n+nn#!n )n/,n/n'&nAn&n==A=A4n155 >&nnF=4Gn+n&nnMnX&r&na)7n+ nnnrnnn.n "nnnn)'nnn rn)!n%nn nbnr !nn'&n2n&n=n&n 3<13=An3444&n nF=1GnnM&&nn+!!nM&"&na''nn rnnn"n Cn#!n.n !n"nn bnn !nn(!nn'&n1n&n52144n3443&n nF=
PAGE 279

n 3A< n F==Gn9$nC&nnC&#&nn!n(&na)7 nn!n nnnr!n nn9'nn$n+nn" n.n+bn0%nnn'&n<=n&nAABABAn344<&n nF=AGn9$nC&nnC&#&nn!n(&na)7 nnnrnnnr!n nn n'nn" !nn'&n13Bn &n3n&n1>=153n344=&n nF=BGn"n&n!n(&nnnC&#&na( nnnn+nnnn nnnn9'nn"n .nn,n )n !nn !n)'bn nn !nn'&n=>n&n3A3Bn&nA153A34=n344A&n nF=2Gn'n&n/n&nnC&)&n n&nnXn@&na)7n +nn!n nnr!n'nnn" n nnnn n"n'n+bn!'rn'&n132n&n1n&n 333335n344A&n nF=>GnCn+nnnCn#na(nn nnnrnnn r!nnn n9'nn"n.n%n! nn#!bn !nn'&n13>n&nAA4n155A&n n

PAGE 280

n 3A= n FA=Gn!.n&n$nr&nC n0&nn#n /&nan'nn nrn%n" nn"nn bn" !nnn'&n<4n&n1n&n>2141n155B&n nFAAGn+$!n+&+&n+$!n)&#&n+' n9&nDn&n&&nn DnD&&nannnnn#n n+bn nn!nn'&n<5n&n5n&n1511153n&n2B22>4n1555&n nFA2Gn"!n#&#&nC+'n(&&nnn &)&na(nnrn ,nnrnnnnnbn!r%rnn !n'&n1=n&nGn"!n#&#&nC+'n(&&nnn &)&nan#nn ,nnrnnnnn nnnnnn +n$$bn" !nn'&n<>n&n1n&n=ABBn3444&n nFA5Gnn&/&n+nD&+&nnnarn' 'nnrnn(nn 1n'&n13Bn&n1n&n1A5123n344=&n nFB4Gn+!n&nn"n0&na)!n n"'nnrn%n n#nnnbn nn !nn'&n=2n&n>5n&n1211121>n344=&n nFB1Gnn&&nDn#&&n/nM&#&nn&M&n n&&nnnM&&nan rnC!'nnn+nn"n##n .nD!nn*n "nnbn1n'&n135n&n=n&n =44=14n3442&n nFB3Gn##n&&n#n&+&nn*!n9&(&na nnnn E%nnnnrnn( nnn+n !nn n7bnr2!nn !nn'&n3n&n353355n15BB&n nFB<==n15BB&n nFB=Gn/n#&nn#%!n&na+nn!n nrnnnbn*n'&n1An1524&n n

PAGE 281

n 3AA n FBAGn#$.n&nn+%n)&na nn nrnnnnnn nnr nnnnnnn$ $nnn!bn nn!nn'&n1An&n34523142n1523&n nFBBGn+ n)&#&nnDnr&&nanr nnnn nn+nbn nn!nn '&n1>n&nA52B4An152A&n nFB2Gn+n&"&nn&#&nn#,n(&+& nannnrn nn(7nnnbnn rnn'&n1Bn&n1=>1A=n1522&n nFB>Gn..'nE&)&n.'nC&0&nnrn )&&nannn(7 nnnnnCbn nn !n'&n31n&n5n&n112A11>=n152>&n nFB5Gn#n&&n+n&n(!n&nn0nr&na n''nnrn nEnn+nnn nnnnn%n bnr3r !nn !nnn'&n3n&n==1==B n1554&n nF24Gnn+&nnC&n#,n(&+&nn nD&&#&nann rnnnn+nnn1-n)n n+n!!n bn!r rn'&nB5n&n3BB324n 1551&n nF23Gn#n9&(&n/n"&&nn&&nn# !.n&(&na#nrnnn nnn% nnbn nr()%n'&n<2n&n3n&n1=<1A=n155<&n nF2An&n141145n155=&n nF2AGn0n+&E&nn"n"&nann+ %nnnn nrbn !nn'&n112n&n=n&n>21>22n155A&n n

PAGE 282

n 3AB n F2BGnD%%nC&D&nn#n&&na+n!n nnnn rbn)n !nn'&n3Bn&n14A112n155A&nnF22Gn0n+&E&nn.!nC&na$$0 n)nnnn nnrbn nn!nn '&n<5n&n1=n&n351A353Gn$n&(&nn0n+&E&na n n)nnnrnn nnbn !nn'&n115n&nB<4B<3n 1552&n nF25Gn$n&(&nn0n+&E&na(n+ nn!n nnnnn n+%nnb nn!nn '&n=1n&n>5n&143A14<=n155>&n nF>4GnnM&n0n@&M&nn#n&&na" !n% n!n"'nn n!nEnnnnn nnnn! n%nbn $n'&n1>n &nBn&nA>AA54n1552&n nF>1Gn#n&&n@!nJ&nn+&&nn0nr&na nnrnn "'n)n !n+%nnnn n%nn3&nn nn+nbn nn!nn '&n=4n&nBn&n1=511A44n1552&nnF>3Gn(%@n(&C&nnn&na)nn n!nnnrn %nnn+%nnDnbn !(n'&nn155>&n nF>23n155>&n nF>=Gnr$n&M&n+n&M&nn!n&&na n'nnn rn*nnnr%n+n bn" !nnn'&nn&n54<53=n1555&n nF>AGn!,n(&nn'!n&&nanr nnnn(7 nnnn+n$$n -nr!n"nn *nEnbn" !nnn'&n<5n&n>n &n222>44n3441&n nF>BGnnn&M&nn0n+&E&na%n) nn0$n nnnn+%nn b nn!nn'&n==n&n1>n&n<=21<=>4n3441&n n

PAGE 283

n 3A2 n F>2Gn"!n#&#&n,n&nnn"& nannn r!n#nnn(nn!nD. nbnnr nn0%n(+#)n n9nn&n114n3443&n nF>>Gn!n/&nnMnM&nar!nn nrnnnn nnn !nCn)bn !nn'&n 13An&n3n&n3A43ABn344<&n nF>5Gn+!n&nn+!n#&(&"&na#7n' 'nnnn!nn +n%nn+nnbn" !nnn '&n=An&n5n&n>>2545n344=&n nF54GnJ0n&n@!nX&nMnD&nnM n@&nan +nnn+nnn bn nnn*n'&n12n&nn&n=n&n<1A<<2n344A&n nF5n&n1n&n>351n344B&n nF5AGnr!n+&n!n(&nn.nD&&na)7 n(nn n E$nnnr!nnnnn+ nn" nn'&n114n1551&n nF5BGn"!n#&#&nn!n(&nan+ nnn nnn rnnnr!nnn'nn"n. b nn!nn'&n
PAGE 284

n 3A> n F5>Gn"!n#&#&nn!n(&na(nn nn)'nnn nn(,nnn$n"n.b n nn!nn'&nn&n <=n&nB51241n344A&n nF14&n nF14=Gn+ n&#&n#.n+&&nn0 n"&&nrr 4nn!nDnn+n nM.n 1552&n nF14AGnn0&nn!(&na(n#nnDn+nEnn#n "'n"nn#bnnn'&n<1n&n14n&n 14BB142Gnn&nnn&(&na#n"' n#!nn!n #!n!-nr!nn#b !nn :'&n1=n&n3n&n1131<
PAGE 285

n 3A5 n F145GnC!n"&(&na)nnr nn+ n"!nn!nn +n!nnn%nbn*nn'&n >An&n3A>3B=n15B<&n nF114Gn+n"&&nan(nn!n n n !nn+nn #n*bn!'n'&n11=n&n=>A=53n1553&n nF111Gnr$nn+&r&nn+%n)&na+n"! n)nn+nCn %bn6!nnn'&n14n&n<<=<<>n15B2&n nF113Gn!n&na+!n#nn n%nn"!n +bnnrnr nn'&n1>=n&n 1n&n141<1433n1524&n nF11Bn &n23n&n>42>13n1523&n nF11AGn!n&na(nr!nn#7n% bnnrn rnn'&n1>Bn&n=1n&n=31=<4n1523&nF11BGn)n&0&na(n0nr!nnn %n !n"n "!bn6'!rn'&n141n&n>1=n1525&n nF112Gnrn&&na+n"!n)nn n%-nr!n n n#!bn6'!rn'&n14An&n=A>=BAn15><&n nF11>Gnn0&nn!(&n0!n+&nn+%!!n0&na(n%n# nn #n"'nn!n#!n!n: #?bn !nn'&n1=n&n3n&n=4B=12n3441&nn nF115Gnr!.n&0&nCn&&n+! n&D &n0n"&&nn0nD&&n ar!nn!n#!n$ n+n n#n Cnn%nr!bnrrn'&n1=>n &n=n0342031=n3441&n nF134GnMn&na#n#nnnn nb !rn'&n=
PAGE 286

n 3B4 n F133Gn"n&nn!nr&nnnr%nnn '&nABBn&n1AAn1555&n nF13A0>>n344=&n nF13=Gnn@&nC.n&n/!n&nn! n(&nr rn'&n1A1n&n2n0=>30=>2n344=&n nF13AGn#!'!n+&n@n&n/n(&n/ n(&nC%n#&nn+!n"&nrn6n'&n>n&n5n03=1n344A&n nF13BGn#!'!n+&n0n&n/n+&nE 'n#&nn/n(&n rrn'&n1Anr 'nnn'&n344<3n9nn9n131Bn344<&n nF13>GnC.n&nn@&nn!n(&nrrn '&n1A1n0AA5n344=&n nF135GnD!n&n#'n&nnCn&rrn '&n1A4n0321n344<&n nF1<4Gn+!n&n!n&nn! n(&na)nnn rnnnnnn#b nr 6-n'&n2n&n14n0333033=n344=n&n nF1<1GnDnM&&nn&nn#&+&nnrnD &r&nnrn rnnn'&nA3n&n1233n155>&n nF1<3Gnn&nnM&&nn!%n&&nrrn '&n1=Bn&n11n&n=3=n1525&n n

PAGE 287

n 3B1 n F11A54n155<&n nF1<2GnD!n&#&nrnnA!n&n#0 n nM.n344<&n nF1<>GnCn(&&n1555nan#nn, nnrnnn nnbn!&&nn*' nn+!nnrn &n nF1<5Gnn+&&n344Ana#nn#nn nnn!n #!n!bn!&&nn0n nnr!n 0&n nF1=4Gn!n&(&&n%71rnn+nEn nM.n &n32nn34An15>=&n nF1=1GnZ$.n#&&n n3n&n!nDnn+n nM.n (7n1n&nBA2BB4n155<&n nF1=3GnEn&&nnnC n+!n#(n!n1=n&n3<<3B=n1 55<&n nF1=n&n1n&3n15>B&n nF1==Gn9 nr&(&n3443nan#nn ,nnrnn nnnnnbn#+nr! n*'nn+!n nrn&n nF1=AGn#n&n nn!n'$%n n )n !nn'&n1<&n1B4n(nn nM.n1522&nnF1=BGn#!'!n+&"&n3442nan9$ nn%n'n n!n#!n$n:#?n bn!&&nn *'nn+!nnrn&n nF1=2Gn# n0&nnnn!r3r%nr r4(&>11n.nn nM.nnn ('n#nn344=&nn nF1=>Gn+.n(&/&n0n&nDn&n/n(& nn(!n#&n nn'&n<4n&n13n&n1A341A3Bn3441&n nnnnn

PAGE 288

n 3B3 n ##n

PAGE 289

n 3B< n ##n,75%#nn nrnIn0*")n0))"(r9n+)r9nnrn rn n nrnIn9r+nnrr r!"r!" r !r##$r#% r % r% r#$r r !r #$r!"% nIn)+n:13<=?nnnn!rn!n#rn#n"rn"n&n rr

PAGE 290

n 3B= n ##n,514?nnn n%rn%n$rn$n'rn'nrnnrn!nrnn!rn!n#rn#n$r

PAGE 291

n 3BA n ##n,
PAGE 292

n 3BB n ##n,
PAGE 293

n 3B2 n ##n,
PAGE 294

n 3B> n ##n,
PAGE 295

n 3B5 n ##n,
PAGE 296

n 324 n ##n,!&r4" nr 4"n4#r>nn 4 $('nIn*rn)n0))"(r9n(n"*nnrnn**r>** *(*rn nnnn

PAGE 297

n 321 n ##n, 7nn5%#nn r(nn r(nIn0*")n0))"(r9n+)r9nrn rn n nr4&nIn9r+nnrr r#&r#& r#&% r % r% r r nIn)+n:13
PAGE 298

n 323 n ##n, 514?nn%n$rn$nrn!n'rn'n rnIn#9)n+*"()nCMn9r+nnnnn#n%n&nr((!In#)+n)0)+nrnnrr !r rn!n#&! r &rn#nrr !r rn"nrr%#!r rn&n#&! r &rn

PAGE 299

n 32< n ##n,
PAGE 300

n 32= n ##n,
PAGE 301

n 32A n ##n,
PAGE 302

n 32B n ##n, ** *(*r

PAGE 303

n 322 n ##n,7)nn5%#n n r(n @nr(nIn0*")n0))"(r9n+)r9nnrn rn n nrnIn9r+nnrr r$r$ r$# r"&&!r" r r r# r r r # r$ In)+n:13<=AB2?nnn!rn!n#rn#n"rn"n&r

PAGE 304

n 32> n ##n,51411131<1=?nn$n'rn'nrnnrnnrn!n!rn!n#rn#n$rn#n&r

PAGE 305

n 325 n ##n,
PAGE 306

n 3>4 n ##n,
PAGE 307

n 3>1 n ##n,
PAGE 308

n 3>3 n ##n,
PAGE 309

n 3>< n ##n,
PAGE 310

n 3>= n ##n,nrr*12345*rn"&r*12345*rn&###nIn"9C)#n)+"r9n(n#)r9nnrr(nInr#)+r)n")+r("rn(r(nC(+)n*rnnr(n!!rr( nn&>!r4" nr 4"nr>n#n 4 &(&nrnnr>n# %& &&#nIn*rn)n0))"(r9n(n"*nnrnn*#*r>** *(*r

PAGE 311

n 3>A n ##n,n*#n*@n*#n**"n*n*#n**"nn*rrr

PAGE 312

n 3>B n ##n,7"*"n)"n* In9*"(n)n9"n0(#Crn3&<&1Bn(r(C(+)n3&<&1=nnIn)r)"nc04=cnn54+43+/-A45+4-4.3**InE)"r)+nnA4534:.54234.//5;,0234+""%%A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+"!$%A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+""%%'A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+""%%'A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+" %A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+"#$!A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+""%%'&A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+""%%'&A4534:.54234.//5;,0234+"&%!.//5;,0234.54234.2534+,20/-;+B+349*.C+B+*/77 +43 ""%%2:,+D*:*20E-42:,+!*B*20E-4!2:,+#*F*20E-4# 5/323,/0In)0)+nn4;E4.54234.40345!?/,03+*A4534:**A4534:!**A4 534:#* 9,025.25.4;E4.54234.40345!?/,03+*A4534:**A4534:!**A4 534:"* 9,025.25.4;E4.54234.40345!?/,03+*A4534:**A4534:#**A4 534:&* 9,025.25.4;E4.54234.40345!?/,03+*A4534:**A4534:&**A4 534:"* 9,025.25.4;E4.54234+352,EG3*A4534: **A4534:%**A4534: '* *A4534:$*4;E4.54234+352,EG3*A4534:$**A4534: *4;E4.54234+352,EG3*A4534: **A4534:!*4;E4.54234+352,EG3*A4534:$**A4534:#*4;E4.54234+352,EG3*A4534:'**A4534:&*4;E4.54234+352,EG3*A4534:%**A4534:"*

PAGE 313

n 3>2 n ##n,
PAGE 314

n 3>> n ##n,
PAGE 315

n 3>5 n ##n,&2&=n")"9)++0n*rn) "In")nnIn"9C)#n+)r*nn#r(r@In9r**#n)rr)+n@*** @

PAGE 316

n 354 n ##n,(nnnrnnr>nnIn+rn9n#(r)"(+n"9)"r)+nnnnn**rnnrnn**rnrrn**rnnrrn**rnnnnn

PAGE 317

n 351 n ##n,
PAGE 318

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PAGE 319

n 35< n ##n,+
PAGE 320

n 35= n ##n,76nn%n,n#n nn r%n&1nnnnrnnnn<&1&n#)+n +@)n *#C)"n9n ))#)r+n #)+n r)#n +()rMn (r9"n n<3<&1B<2An B=72Bn=>B=n<3<&15ABBn 1&3An n0nnnnn 1&A513&2551&2A5% # # # $ !1!3 !&nn1 r
PAGE 321

n 35A n ##n,214< >&4BA14< 4&411% # # # $ !n n(nnn'nn'nn nnn<&1
PAGE 322

"" n&n'nn n%nn#$n n"nn'&n


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