The role of trust in judgment

The role of trust in judgment

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The role of trust in judgment
Hudspeth, Christophe Sage
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[Tampa, Fla]
University of South Florida
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Dissertations, Academic -- Philosophy -- Doctoral -- USF ( lcsh )
non-fiction ( marcgt )


ABSTRACT: In this dissertation I defend five claims about trust: 1) trusting and trustworthiness are conceptually but not causally connected; 2) trust is risky; 3) trust requires good will; 4) trust is a two-part relation; and 5) trust is an interpretative framework. A concern for trust often appears in discussions about testimony and the expectation of truthfulness; Bentley Glass, John Hardwig, and Jonathan Adler each address the role of trust in science while assuming a necessary connection between trusting and trustworthiness. I argue that this conception is untenable because a justification for one fails to suffice as a justification of the other. I show, instead, that it is our assessment that links trustworthiness to trusting. My second claim, that trust involves risk, is contentious. I argue that the common understanding of risk as harm, which is held by Russell Hardin, contains the more technical understanding of risk as uncertainty, which is suggested by Niklas Luhman.Trust is risky precisely because it is inherently uncertain. Annette Baier argues that failing to recognize a distinction between trusting and action associated with that trust leads us to accept accounts of trust that are too broad. I argue that trust is to believe that another is concerned with your well-being, has good will, because she is concerned about you and not that it will necessarily benefit her in some way. Seeing trust as good will allows me to advance my fourth claim, that trust is a two-part relation, because trust is the assessment of another's good will towards me. Trusting another is believing that the other's good judgment will include concern and consideration for my interests because they are my interests. My fifth point follows naturally once trust is understood to be a risky, two-part relation requiring good will: it is an interpretive framework.Our trust in another sets the tone for understanding her behavior such that we take her actions as either supporting or blocking our interests. This account takes the capacity to trust to be the foundation for, rather than merely an outgrowth of, our judgments.
Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Document formatted into pages; contains 279 pages.
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Includes vita.
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by Christopher Sage Hudspeth.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Hudspeth, Christophe Sage.
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The role of trust in judgment
h [electronic resource] /
by Christopher Sage Hudspeth.
[Tampa, Fla] :
b University of South Florida,
Title from PDF of title page.
Document formatted into pages; contains 279 pages.
Includes vita.
Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text (Electronic dissertation) in PDF format.
ABSTRACT: In this dissertation I defend five claims about trust: 1) trusting and trustworthiness are conceptually but not causally connected; 2) trust is risky; 3) trust requires good will; 4) trust is a two-part relation; and 5) trust is an interpretative framework. A concern for trust often appears in discussions about testimony and the expectation of truthfulness; Bentley Glass, John Hardwig, and Jonathan Adler each address the role of trust in science while assuming a necessary connection between trusting and trustworthiness. I argue that this conception is untenable because a justification for one fails to suffice as a justification of the other. I show, instead, that it is our assessment that links trustworthiness to trusting. My second claim, that trust involves risk, is contentious. I argue that the common understanding of risk as harm, which is held by Russell Hardin, contains the more technical understanding of risk as uncertainty, which is suggested by Niklas Luhman.Trust is risky precisely because it is inherently uncertain. Annette Baier argues that failing to recognize a distinction between trusting and action associated with that trust leads us to accept accounts of trust that are too broad. I argue that trust is to believe that another is concerned with your well-being, has good will, because she is concerned about you and not that it will necessarily benefit her in some way. Seeing trust as good will allows me to advance my fourth claim, that trust is a two-part relation, because trust is the assessment of another's good will towards me. Trusting another is believing that the other's good judgment will include concern and consideration for my interests because they are my interests. My fifth point follows naturally once trust is understood to be a risky, two-part relation requiring good will: it is an interpretive framework.Our trust in another sets the tone for understanding her behavior such that we take her actions as either supporting or blocking our interests. This account takes the capacity to trust to be the foundation for, rather than merely an outgrowth of, our judgments.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
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Co-advisor: Stephen Turner, Ph.D.
Co-advisor: Brook Sadler, Ph.D.
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Dissertations, Academic
x Philosophy
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.


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8; nnrr)rr nr&nrr n1rHr)In nr&r&r)'6 rrnrr@ r'6nr. nnr@rr rn1rnnrrn 11n'1 &rr nrrr r r1n rrr r'6r6nr@ r1n&r1 nrn1&r r r)'n rn n1rrn r)n'6 r@ rrrrrr'6rr)r n n 1rnr1 Ern nrrr1n rrrrnr r)'n6 nr@ rnrrr)& rr nnr)6 nr@rrrE6 n)1nrr)1rn rrr' rnr =r)*n&1r nnn nr

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98 r1r)r1rnr $nrr'>r rr)nnrnE r1rn nrrrrr rr'1r 11)A6rr $r?nnrnr rrrnrA &rrr1) =n 4)#& nrH@1 rn@I9.1rrnr rrr?nr'4n& B=n"#r r)" 1nrr '(nrnrr nr%1r1r n1rnr Sr@rArn rnrr@ r&1rr1n rH1I1r 11nrHI'6 r1n 1n'6 rn rrr1r n nrr r@r&1r rr1nr1'r rnnr& r5r&n1n nrrr 7-Trr&1rn)r 1'r1n r,r1n1 1rr7r 1n'(n& r1rrr' +r1n1 nrnr nnr&1r r ,r& 9.6r'


99 rnnrr 1rn n1'rnn 11rr rrrr1' rrrrrrn rH AI9,r&1rr) r1rnrEr 1nrrPnr@r1rrr r)&rP)r nrr@rn'1 & nrrnr r?rnrr1& ) rrnrr@ rnrr&1r6rr .Errnr 1n&n1& r' )r@rn nn+n) r'rnn r rrnrH) rrr n'I9:6rn1r n)r)r@r nn nErn111r#n@ nr n'>r rr&1 &r n)r r@rn nnnEr r 1nr)n1)rrr n1 r' n)nrrnnnn1r nrE >&+&Brrr '1 &1n nrn1r rrn1rr nnrn'@n6 n &)1rrr 9,6r'9:n)&LrQr#nnn& L../'


9/ n'rr&n n)&r1r rrrnnnnr rnr' H6n(Gr&< 1Pr)@r nrDrr 1n'I97r rr&&r1r rrrnnn'n&r @&n&rr &1)rnn 11rr' r&1 &n 1 rr r@ rr&rnn&rr @rEHrr1rrr &rr&r rr"r r rnnnrr@r rnnrEHrr nnn "'I98n)@n nnrnr&6n &n61r)r rr rrrr rrr@rr' 4n)@n&r@rr r1rnr rn&rr1rrr rEHr@rr n rrr r1rr&rr 97+nr6r'%.,-'9;+&L+LrBnL &L nr 87&'5G5/;:D%,8'98n>&Lr+ =nBn&L nr 8.&',G5/;.D%58,'


/1r1rr'I99nrr1 r1rnrn1r )n1n &61r r%rn6r rrrn 6rr r'&r nrrnr nrrr'6n r&16rrn r&rr rr")r r)1nrr r)r1n '!n&rn rr r rnr n' &rn)&1r r@r nrr) nE)H1n rr 1 )111rI9/6r&n& nrr) rnEHr)n rrr1r1r &rr 1rnnrr r 'I/-rn)@r nrrrrn&1r&1 &1nnr)r rn') rn1 EHrr rnrrrn&nr rrrrrnr nnrr'I/5n&rrrr r r nn n' rrrr rr)n 99n)&LrQr#nnn& L../'9/Brrr&L4#rn&L nr 89&'.G5/;9D%57;'/-6r'/56r'


/5 rn1E1n)n rrn r &rrrn' @rrHnrr1 )r rr"r 1 rrrrI )rr'/.rrrr rrrrr r '(n&rr r )1rrn nr%rrr1 1r '6 r rn)rrr% r nrrr n 1rr?rrr n nrr '(nrrrEHn 1r rnr r 1rrnr r 'I/,&1nn rrnr1r?nr r)rrrr)E H n 1 n 1)nrr 1rr)r rr rnrAI/: ,# r@r1n r)n r1rrEr1 n nr' rrrr 1n Er nr'1 &rr rnr'&r r r1rn rrrrrn11 rrr /.6r'%578'/,6r'/:6r'


/. n rnrrr E1r n 1r1rn '!n& rr1nnr nrnrE1)1r rnr rnn' rrnrrr 1n&r1r r'>rr&nr 1nr&rr1rr rrnr rnnr'>r rrrrrrEr rnn n rnn rr&r&r '6r&r nr'61n Pr@rrr1r n rrErn n1rnr rrr' r@rrr)&1 &r nn nrr nr'6r rrr )11rr '2 rr rn&rr1 rr nrrrr rn11r &1rr r r'66

PAGE 100

/, 1nrrrr r)r r'r1n n'66)11 r6nrE 6rn6 )11rnrnn rr1r'4&6 rn6r & r& rrrr'2r 1& rnr @ r 1rr nrEr nr'&1 rr &r@ r1rrnr'6& rrr r rnr&1rr1 r@rrr)r r' #n >r)rnn1r nnr1r nnrrnnr rrrn r11'6&r &nrnrn r r1 1rn1r rnrr n1rrrn1 rrrrrr rn'1 &nrnr nr&1 n1rnrrr 1'rn r? n nrrnr'

PAGE 101

/: nrnr&n
PAGE 102

/7 r&nnrnnr 'nr&rr& r1Enrr1) 1'& rn&1 n r)11 E1 )1&1r n6 )1n6 n &6nr r )rK6)r %n rrrH6nn r6 GnD nn'I/7>)rr@ rrrErr rn n 1rr'!&r r1r rnE6n1r n6 nr r@'(n &rr1r Ernr&rr nr r&rrnr 1rnrrrrn'4 rnrrn 1rn nrr rn&H1rnr& rrr'I/;61r@rrrn nr r'nrr nrrrnr 1n1rnnr nnr1nn rrrErnH6 nnn n1rn r rn'I/8 /7r& n &;7'/;6@n1rr'6rn Srrrn@&1r&rr1 r r&6n1r rnr'/8r& n &79'

PAGE 103

/; r@ rrrrr rnr )1'(rrnr1 )1&nrr rnr'! r&rr)1 rHnn@nrnr& 1rrn rrnrrn'I/9rrrrrnr r r%Hrr) 1nrr rn r &rrr rn rr rnr& r'I//rnrn rr rr 1rrrE6n r r6 1r r n6r 1n r1rrr 5n 1 rrn r r nErrrrnn rn' r rrn rn1nn'(n rrrrrnn $r1rn rn'nr1n rrnr1 rnnn1r
PAGE 104

/8 nnr6nn n&r' r@rrr11'!r& 6nnrr 1r1nrrnrr n1rE6nn r(rr r)r n1 r n6)1(rrr rr'rrr rrnErrnnrr rr rr rn rrrr '&6nn r1r1nrrrr nnE6n r 1rr n rrrr 6 nrr r '6n r@nnrnr r r &1r&rr &rrr '(nrrrr rn r Grrr@nDr1r nr1rr r'6r rnr rr'r&6 r n
PAGE 105

/9 r6rrn&nr nrr rrrr1rn nr' -n !n&6nrn nnr r'!<&6rr 1r1r)r 61n1rn6 rn 6)11r &6 1rrr '61rn 1r n6 nr'rr&6)r& rnr'6 r)n "r 1nn&rn nrn& r n'6rnr 111)111nr nrn rnr 'rrn r Hnr rrrrn1rnr n@r)'I5--r )nrrn r)n1rrr 1'Brrr@+n)
PAGE 106

// rn1n n1)1 r111r '6rrrrr nnr11rr rnr )rH r)r1rr<) @rrr1r rr rnrrn&1r) 1rn1 1)rr'*r)rnn nrrr rr")rnnnr rnrr n1r"'r nr $nrrrr")r1rnr $nrrrnr'6r &1n$nrrr nrn1r$nrrr r")r'6&n rr")rr n1)rrnr'6 r&r?r

PAGE 107

5-rnr)n'6$ rnr rrnrrr)' rrr nr rrnrrr rnrnr'!r& 1?@n1rnr 11n)rr'rr nSrrr1r nnrn' rrnr nnrrrEn r1n1)n &rr1 r1)r'5-51 & r1n 1nrr$nrr1 r nn1rrrnr' nrrrr 1rr")&r& nrnrr 1n1rn")'(nr) $nrrrnr1r n")&1rn1&1 $nrrrnr $nrrrrn1& rrr1rn1)r rr'r& $nrrrn1r r$nrrrnr1r 1)rr rn1n $nrrrnr'& n rnrnrr 1rrrrnrnrr rr1)rr )rn'r)rrr nrrn' rrr&1) r&r 5-5>rrrr &r1rr1 rr rrrrEn nrr'

PAGE 108

5-5 nnnrrH rrn1'I5-.!<& rr(&rrr rr'6n 1n(&rnr rrnrr Enrrnrr nr'6rr(1r rrrnnrr(1 rn")'rr r1rn1 n'611rn rrrr )rrr r1rrn'rr r1 n)rrrn 1n) nn1n)rr 1r& 1r&1r1n) nr 1n' *r)1r&1rrr1 rr1n 1rnr 1nr1'n &nr 1rrrr&1 n)rn&r nrr'rrn rr )rr &r&r)rr %Hrr)Or rr'I5-,6r rn1)r&r& rr 1)rr&rr r nr 5-.r& n &;.'5-,6r'&;,'

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5-. )1r
PAGE 110

5-, rrr1r r)rrr nrErrrr rr 1r rnrr1r nr'(nrr r1nnn rrnrr rrrr 1rr)' >rnrrr rn&$nrrr )rrrn1r nrr rr n' 2 n1rn)rr r 1rn)rn&rrr nnr rr 1n )1'rrrrr r@rnnr )1'r rr r&rrr1 r&nr 1n r r)1n &r)1 1nr rr) rr' rrrr?rnrn
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PAGE 112

5-7 r?'*n@rnrr rnn rnrrrr rn &rrnr&r' *n@rrnrnrrr rr&rnr nn rr rn1&r) n &)rnnrrr nnrr nr r r rnrr r r rr")r'6 rrrr rn&n1r rrr n nr$ r rrnrrr 5-8=r)*n& &$% G=1J)%'>r&5/8/D&:'

PAGE 113

5-; 1rnr$'r rr $nn r 'r1r nn 5-96r'&;'5-/+r)& n$!)rr G=1J)&='J'&'''%Br)r&5/98D'

PAGE 114

5-8 rn nr&*nn11n n'nrr)' *n@rrr1rn$1 '"Cn?n Hnrrrnrn'I55,6rr*n@ 55-*n& &$% &;'5556r'&5/'55.r+&'& $! G=1J)&=J&%(' ()1&5/99D&/8'55,"Cn?&Ln&n&r6 r&L:,'

PAGE 115

5-9 rr&r rnrrr rrnr nrr1rE1rn &rnnrn& rrnrr rnr rrnnrr r)n '*n@rrr&1 &r 'nr n rnrrrr1r rrn r)r(r'rrr$nr r r nrrr1'6& n@rrr nrrrrE1r H1r 1r< )r'I55:6rn rrnn1 rr rn1rn '*nr1rn r 55:*n& &$% &;'

PAGE 116

5-/ rn @ rr'Hn r&I*nn&Hrn1 @)1 &rnn nrrn1 5576r'55;()& .$!nr&*r&.# '558*n& &$% &5/'

PAGE 117

55n rr1rr11 r rr rnrrrrr r rrr rrr<)r rrrrr' !rrrrn1r< r11r&1 '# rrr1rnn$nrr 1rrrrnr < 6nn r r'!rrr rr rnnrrnrrn r?'nr&& r rrr
PAGE 118

555 !rrr1n1r r?n 1rr11rr 1r nnrrr n'r&n1n Hn1r rrrrrnn'I5.-rrrnrrrrrr nnr 1nr1rnr rr r'nr rnrrrr rr rrr' >nrrrnr 1n11r 111r'rn&n *n@n&r n'rrr&rn& 11'(nPr@ r*nrrr n'6rr)r 1rPnr@rPn r@'*n@Pr@r nrr11rnr' rrr1rnn r11)1n &1r1 rr1r&nnr nrr'& 161rnrr nr1r16 rrPrr@ 11rn r6nr'6r rr nrr 6rr)rrrr 1rrr$n r)rnrrnrr n1'6rrn 5.-6r'

PAGE 119

55. r6)1rrn r1n6)1 r@rnrr1r rr1'(nrr nrrnrr r r n'6 )1 rrnrrr 1nr1r r'r&1 1n1 rr
PAGE 120

55, nrrnr'( n&nrnr *nn1n)n$ 1rrr nrrnrr1r1 nr nn r)rr'4nnrr rnrr1n 1r)rrnrnr& 1' (rrr1n rr r&r *n&H
PAGE 121

55: n1nrr n n&*n&1n nnrnr'Jnn n r rnE1n r n rr rnr rnrrr nn'nnr n& rr nr'rrrr1r rrr1 nrr rr1r r1rrrn' !6 J&rrrn r)rn rEHMNnrr 1 nr
PAGE 122

557 61nrnr nrnr rnnn1r n&1r1nrr <1@
PAGE 123

55; nnrr
PAGE 124

558 nr nrr1rnrr)'I5,5rr1r6n rr(@rrrE r1 nrr)&( 6r'(n&rrr rr1r r 1rr)n r& n nn'rn rr$nrrr nrnr n'rr ) nrrn rn&rrnr :n(@& nrrrn1rr)nr )rrnrrn rr' (rrr? 1nn )n n'nn1rr rrr:' =1&1 &6nrr nr rrrn'n nrrr)r nrr& 1rrH nrr rI5,.r nrrrr 1rr rn 1rnEHnrr rr 1n&n r1&r &@1r 'I5,,nrrr nrn1 1r rrr rr rnrn1 rrr) rrrrrrn r'rr1r rrrnn r &n1 rr' 5,56r'%:;5'5,.(r& !&/r$nr &5-:'5,,6r'&5,;'

PAGE 125

559 (r@rr6n6r 1rnrrrr1nr n r rnnrrr'( nrnr n1"r1r nnrrr&r 1rr1rr1' 1*n (rn &&n 1rr'!r&(r*n nr r n rrrr' nrnrn rE*nr r1r 1r(rrn nrrr n1nrrr rrn '6rnr rr rnr1r1rrrr nrnn' %n >1nrr& r1r6n r?rnrnr& n & nr'61rn n$;&n !!' rHrnrr rrr1G nDrr

PAGE 126

55/ 1 n'I5,:nrrnrr&rr rrnnrn& rrnn n'(nnrr nr rrr nrr nEr nr nr nrnr r nr)r rrrnr'6n r) rr1nrr nnn& nr1nnrr& nrrrr n'(n&rrnr r rrrnrr& r)nn rrrEr6 n11r G1r D6nr' n1 nrr& '6rnr rrn6 n r rr' &r6r nr r1 "r6 nn'01rn1r&1rr n&1& 1&n'r)1r1n1r &rr&n n'&r &&6r nrr r6nn r1'>rr)r& &1n11nn nEn&1nn&r6 rn1rrr 6nn'(n&1 rr n'r& nr)rn1n nnrr 5,:'!!& '&r'n '.# G=1J)%4
PAGE 127

5.rrnr rn n'rn rnE1& r1r1rrr nn
PAGE 128

5.5 r1rrn rnrnr nrr' 6&rrrr1r)nrr&6rr rnnr &r)r n11 rrnrn1r'6 1 r@ nrn;rn1r &1 rnrr rGn1rrn rr 1) nrD'61n rr 1r

PAGE 129

5.. 11nnnrr' 6rr1nrr 1nr'!n&11n r rrr 1r 1r. 1 nn& r11nn rr' r rnrr)&rrr 11rr r1rnr rrrn1E r r&1 1rrr rrr@r &nrrr n'rnrrr r rr<'

PAGE 130

5., &'6r6n&1r(r& 1rn &r)r< r'(rnH1 n&r&)rn r1n r r rr1 'I5,7r1r1 nrrEr 11nrn nnrnrArr &rr&nr "'$rrr )rnn 11%1nn)r )nrA 1)&&r n1)r nnrr'6 1rrn r)1nrn1rn rnnr r *# nrn1E6 nr n r rr1n'6 1nr nr1rn1r n&nnr rnn&r
PAGE 131

5.: nnr'4nnrn rr&r(r@& r)r nrr%r rr$n rrrr11 1rnr%r rrn&1rA >rnr rrrnr&n1& rn nnrr n"n'6r6 rrnE6nrrrn r r n"n' rr rr n1rrr @ rnr'!n&1rr r1rrrr r &n
PAGE 132

5.7 1rPnrr@nrA I5,;nr1nr rr rr"r r r n' rr111nEr nrrr r)rr r r r nr rrrr rr1rn n11nnrn 1' 6n&1r(r&1 rn1 rr rnr& 11@&rr rr1r1r1 nEnrr *r nrn 1rr '6r rrn1r 6n01 Hrnrn rn&r''&1rr rn1r&rnnrn n1r1rr n&nrr r'I5,8r& nrnrrr rrnrn1 n1rnr'4 nrr&1 nnrn111r r1r r n1r1rr 1rr 6rnrrrr) rrnr'rr rnrrnr) nn
PAGE 133

5.; rn'=<&1rrr rnr1 rrr rr&rr &1rrrn'& r rnr6n 1rrr r r<'>)r $nnEn nrr $nnn $nnrrr nnn'6 n1rrnrr r )$n1r 1r1n&rn1r r 1r1 6rrn&r r r&1(rr 1r)rr rrn& r1rnrn 'rrnrr )n nrrnrnr nrr r r rEr 1r& n&nr nr'(rr 1 )n n1r 11r)r rrnnr 'n&n&rr nr rr r$nrrr'rrr1r rrn1 r 1r1n'6 (r@rrn1r$ %rrnrn 6rr r rrrrnr (r@rrr1rnrrr 1 1nnrrr' n*!rn

PAGE 134

5.8 HMNrr((rrnr r11nG5D 1r1rrr&G. D1rrr &G,Dnr r1r rnnrI5,94rnr rrr rnn Ennrnrr rr'(@rr&r) &rr1r(r@n& n6&nr (n) rrrrr1 rr1 1r 11r1rrr rrnr%rrrnr &r)r& r 1r'&nr)rrnr& r)rrr& 11rr&r) '&nr)r& r r1 n&1rr? rr r1 rnEr "r &nrr& rrrr1<'6 r1rrnr) rr1rr&n& r&nn rrn1rr)rn r'6rr1) rr rnn&1rr$n nrrrE r1rrr1rr& 1)rr nrr'6&n rr1rr rrr'> # rrrnrrnrr r 5,9*!& &n$.''! &557'

PAGE 135

5.9 rrrrrrnnr &&rrrn rrrnrrnrrr nr '2 1 rrnrrn rrr rr rnrrnrr rnrrr 1nr'#&1 &r n nrrrrrrr rrnrn rnrnrrrnr rnrnrn rE61rrn n+ rrnHr '>1n& 1n nrr'I5,/rr&nr& r r1rr&n& rrrE rn1'>1r1r &rr11 nr&1 nr$n 'nr&+ r1n& r n'r nrr11r rrr1r 1n'+ rrn1 rrr&n*!) r1rrrr 1r r rr HMN n r1rn 1') n r%< rrr
PAGE 136

5./ rr1rHn nrnrrr rnr'I5:56&1 &1r1) r nr'4nr nrr rr? nr1 nnn &1 r#6@rnr :nr%Hr rrr 1nrnn 'I5:.rrrnnrnn rrr rr1rn nr1r' nrrr?nrn rrGrnD& 1r#6@rrH "rr r'I5:, nrrrr 1r r rrrrr'4nr nn rrrrnr' +rHr) )@r n rn n@rr nn@rr r'I5::4rr&1 nrn nn&
PAGE 137

5,r)%B%rrn r& & nEn n&&r nrnr rE 1r '5:7 r 0)r1 r1rrnn 1rr rr1 r E)1rr r rrn rr&n&1rr rnrrr'# rrr1rr rrrr '6nrr nrr nE )1rr rrr )rr) '&rrr rn1r nrnr rE)1rr n1r1rr rr n1rrr nrrr nr'0)r1r n
PAGE 138

5,5 nrrrr&1 & r Errr rr'I5:;rrr n' Bnrrnr n nr 1rnH&
PAGE 139

5,. r*n r)nrrnrr1r1 )1& n&1nn1rnn'>rrr n rrrrr nrr1)nnr 1r'6r& rrr nEnnr &1 &n1rnr; 1rr r '6r r nr< r r' r&rr1r rn;-Trr rrrrrrrr1n rrr rr' r1n< rrn1 rrr
PAGE 140

5,, rr n'6 rrr rnr rrr' &2r&nrnnr &nn1r 1r& &rn rn'6nr .rn)@r1nrr rrn11 rr1 '6rr rrnr rr&r1r 1nrn&n
PAGE 141

5,: 1rnnr 1nnrrMrN '&r&rrr rn r r rr1nnr &rr1n r rn'r&rr nrr& 1nrr'r@ rrr rrnrn rErnr n nrrn1 nn rr '&rn&r r'>r1 r1rn1r rrr1'r 1)r1 &rrnr& nrr'rr 1r n
PAGE 142

5,7 rr1Errr 1nrr' r =n1#r# & n1*rn $&n?rrVn&?nr?n?1r+'57: rrrr"n' >rrnr rn 1r rrrr n 1r n 1 rr' rn nrnnr% rr'41r rnr?'61 )r>r rrr%nr r&nr n 1&nrnn 1rnnnr1'r &rrr&r nr nrrr rEHMrN rr1 r6)1RI577>1nnrrnr r rrEr@nr r nrr r&n '(nrrrrn r@rnr 57:r>& nn &''!'&+4*rG( %4'r'& 5/-:D&.-'5776r'&.5'

PAGE 143

5,; rnn 1r nrr'>r )nr@r&1)1 11nnrr' r1)11n1 1rrE HMNn)rr "1nrn nr1r )nrr'I57;r r"1nrn1r rnr r1 rn n1r r n1r rrrn1' 4* r?rr r nr
PAGE 144

5,8 nrSn1rr n r@rnrrn'4r& rr)rr rrr )rrrnrnrrr nn1 rrnrrnr' &rnrr@ rnr>@r n nrrrn nrrnrrr1 rrnrn nrrr?r rSn'(n& 61rrr&)rrr r1rn r1nrS nnn1 rrHn1rrr r r rrI 1r r1r1 '578>nr r)rnrrr nnrrr r rrrrr nr'(nr&1 & 1 rrr Errr)r @rrrrn nr r r'&rrr rnrrrrrn rnnrErnnr nr'&rn1r rnr r1)1r rr 'r@nrnnrr nnrrr r rr&r r1rr )rrr '11rrrr @r rn 5786r'%,5'

PAGE 145

5,9 nnrr rrr)1r nnrnrr1r1r nr& rnr&n rr r rnGn&rr& rD' n7#(*rn n&1 &1rnr rrrn n r%r nrn'r nrrnr' rnn rnr1rnn r r1rr 'r@rr&r &)1r nn1rrnr rn'r1 )1nnn &rr1 )r rr'(n&r 1r1nn rr1rnr r r1r1 r1rrr&rrrn rr)r@nr 1rr'66r1nn 1rr r 6rn1rr rnnr r r1n6)11r 1rr1 11rrn1) r'(nnr rnE1n nrrrrr1'> n rnrrn n'r1nnrn nnnn)11 nn

PAGE 146

5,/ nr'>1n&rr r&nr rrrnnn 11n1 rr'>&r rrnr&1n nnn E11nnrr rrnrn 'nnn nr& 1rr&1rn &r rnn )r&1rnr &1r1rr rrn nr&1 nrr'1 r r& nnr&nr11 r11r' n n81 4nrrnr&nr@ r&1n rrr?r r r1r&1 n11r nr 1rrrr'+ rrnrrnr nnr r nnnnr rr rnr@rrrr rErnnnr r rrr r rrr$&$nn rrrrr rErr r&$n&r r 'r@rrn 1 n&r'1 &61rr rrrr1rrrn rrnrE

PAGE 147

5:rr1rrrnr r&1rrnr rnr&1rrn1n rr 1r@1r&1r nrnrrrn' rn$nrrrrr< 1r r@rrr 1rnrrE Hrnnrr& rrrr rr 1'I579rnr1nrnr r rr1rr r&r rrrrr rrn1'0? @r rr @rrn rrr1n r0? 1r rnr r 6)rrrrn n n281 r1r*rn 0? rnr1r r 0? nrr 1&nrrr &n1rn 0? 'r1rrn r0? 1rrr r )1 rn0? rrrnrnrE n r)1'6r<& 0? rn r1r&r n1%rrn rr'1 &0? 1r r1r rnrr' 579r&Ln1r&L5/'

PAGE 148

5:5 r@rnr n n281 &rrrr& r<<1r11r Pnr@n Err nnr rr r r n10? 0? @r n1rrr @rnr rr@r) 0? @rrn'(nrr rr @r r0? rrrrr Err1r @ r'6nrr rrr&0? r r@&rrr rn' r r @r r&r1r &)r rn1 )rr1nnn &1rnn rrrr)&1r1r 1n11r1r rrr0? @r'4 rn1 &r 1 1nn1r1n 1n rnr nnrrr1' !rrrrrr nrrn)n1 '66rrnr rnrrr 6rrr r&1rrr r rrn' &5 r&r&n1 rrnr' rrn&rrnr r)rr'(n& nrrr&n1r rE6

PAGE 149

5:. rrnnn1rn6 nn1rnn)1 rrrrrrr' 11r.&rnr rnnrr rn rrrn 1rnrEr@n) rr) nrn'!rrnr r&&rrn r1 r1'r rrrnr rr'1 & r6rnr rrn1 rrn1'6r1 )1r1 r&&6rnrrn nr'6&r n& nn1)r 11nn rrn1)rnr )rnrr rnr'nrrn "rr r@rE6nn )r1rnn rr"rr '57/r&r) nr &r@n& rn1nr' 6rr rnr1 r"r'6r nr@$r )"nrn rr$nn rr'6 rn)
PAGE 150

5:, )'rr&rn& rn)1n n1rr r )rr r r rn&rrrr
PAGE 151

5:: &(r rrnn&r1 n)r rrn&r< rn rnrrrr'r &16nnrr rn1r)r& rn 1$&nr )r'Jn1rr rrn r'&rr&rr &rrrrrr rrn1'6r1n rnr6 r1nnrrn 1rEr1nrr rr'1 &rrr nrn1& n&nn nn1EHr6 nn&n6nn n n'I5;561rnrnrn rn6 nn'r&nr) rr )1Er rn 1rr) r'rr r1r) rnr nrn)rnrr rrrn 1r1r)nnn' rrnr nrrrrrr &6nrr Dn )r1)rr&(D 1&D1 nr$Er&6 nrr n n1' &6nr n n1Er&6 5;5nr&Lr2
PAGE 152

5:7 nr nrn rrrnr rn' rrr 1r)rr '6rr rr)rr 1r rn&rrn&r' 6rr<1rnrn r)rr1nnrr) r'6n rn r n r 'rr rr nrr' rn)rnK rr@rnr& r1rr 1rrnr'6r 1rr&r& "rnr11 rr&1 #r rrr rnr nnrr rnnrr r@r'r&11rr 1r 1rn1rnnr1r rr '66 r 1rnn11 rn r1

PAGE 153

5:; nn'&rr nrrr 6nr n1n&r r&r rr1nr)r n rrr' rnnr rnrrrnrr rnn1 1nr 1nrrrr nnrr rnnnrr r'1 & rr1 n nrr r nrrnrr r r1n
PAGE 154

5:8 r rnrrrr nnrr'5;.6 1nrnrn rrnr1nr 1nnr'6 .1 rn )1rnr)rErr nnrnn' !n& rrrn r1rnn rnrnE* !rnHMNr rn11r rrnr rn'I5;,rrrn rnrr rnr rr n'6rn1rn rrE6r n1rnnn"rE6 rr rr1rnrrE6 rr $n6)nnnr&1 rrrn&6 1r;&rrn1n rnr rnrr1n n'2r rrrn nr &r1&n' *!nn&rrnrr 1 r
PAGE 155

5:9 rrrrEHrr rrnrr r? rPn@I5;7 rrrnrrnn rr r1rrr$nr n r'(nrrr 1E6n0n n nnr rn1nr 1n& &rr1 r 1nG1r" r1nD'2r1 &rnrr r)'n+ rrH 1 rr) nn 'I5;84nnrnn nr rr11'rrr rrrr1'r 5;7n&Lnnrr&L.;7'5;;0& nr&nn$n# #n!nr#! !nr&r#4 &5."5,'5;8+ r& -# &,5'

PAGE 156

5:/ r rr'6 rr&r r& 1rrrrr& Pr@r1 nnrEH1n rrrr & rrrr &nr rrrMnn nN'I5;9+ rrnrnrrrrr H1
PAGE 157

57r r1r r E &r r "rr rnrr' !r& rr$r& 11<& &r nr'=r rnrrr n1 n n rr'n nnr nr r1rr)' *!rnH n rrrKrr rr'I5851 1'1)1n rnnr& r rrr1rn 1r1rn'(nr&1 <&1r1r111r n1r1 rrr?'#> Hr&1rr r&1n rr &r nrn&nr rrrr1r $nI58. !rr&rrrn&nr 1 r)r r rrr'(1nn r r1r1 nn&rn&1r r1rn1 nr1rnr r1nr' rr?r nrEHrr1r)r& rrr& (4r#nn#! &+()rrG&='J'% n()&5//;D&5/'

PAGE 158

575 r1r1r'I58,!rnrn r rrn r)rr r1r r1rrrr1r r' nr#r nr@rnnr rnrrr r 1 'rrrrrrrrrrr EHnnr'I58:6 nn16r nnr rnr'r&1 6r nrrnr &6nn'r@rrr 6nn1nr nr 6nn1 1r'6&6n16 6r rrr6r rr r&r rrErr& 11n1nr rrn rrrr 'r rrrrr r1rr rrr'6&rnr&n rr&rrn& r1r rr rr'nr 58,r& )rrnnr &..5'58:r& n &5'

PAGE 159

57. n'=rrrr rrrrE1& &)r)n1n' rrrr rr1r rr@rnEHMN n"rnn nnr nrr n1rnrrn@n'I5876rr rn <)$nrr1 1n' nrrHMrNOr
PAGE 160

57, n'I58/6r rrr'6 6n6 rn rn61r 1nr1rEHnn r1r'I59rr6n )nnr nrn1r6 nrrr' rnn1r rr r1r6rn rrr r% rrn1rrrrr Kr r&r&r '1&
PAGE 161

57: rrnEnn1rr)r r r'(rnrrn )1r1rrn1rnr'> $nrrr)1 r r1 r)n r'!r& r$nrrr
PAGE 162

577 rrrr?rnrn nn 1rn r rnrrnnn r'!r& r&&rr&r n&H6nMNB)11r rIGrrr1nrrr )1rn D'(nr1nr)1 rrnr1r rrr rrr$' rrr rnr rnrr 6r rnr nrrnr 1rnr' 6&1 &1nr r r1n rr
PAGE 163

57; P6nn@r9r )@1rr nPnr1rn '@(nnrP1rnr nrn@r 1rPnn 1&@1rrrEr
PAGE 164

578 r 1r1nn1' r&1n1r 1rn1"r' (r1rr r&r&nn nn'r11r rr )r$n1rnr r'n *!rnHMNr nrnrrr r& rr&$nnrr'6r n1nn#rr )rn)11n r rr rr'I59, (rn rn& rr&n n '4rrrnr rrn r r 1r1"r'(nnrnr 1n rr 11r1rr r r'n&(r@ n&rrr1r1r nr)r nrr'rr)'66 rr r61r1r r r1rrr'6n rnnr r1rrr r&r1r rr&rrr rrr1 "rr'!n&r r rr1rrr rrG rDrr'&rr) 1rn 59,*!& &n$.''! &559'

PAGE 165

579 rnrr rr1r1 r1r +1rr11nn r1r 1r1r'>1 r 11r n1r1 n1r r1$nn nnr' r r)rr n1r1r 1r&1r rr1r '(n&*n&1 "rrnnr r &nrnr rrr'6rr nrr r1r rrnrn nrn1r rr r'r6 r1rrr1nr&6 )rrrr n'>6nr1r r1 rnnrErnnr nr nrn'nrrrr1r '(n&rrrr n1rrn'rn rn'r rrr1n rnE61n& &nrn '1 &61r< r&rrnr $nr'& )r$nrn rr1rrr1 nrr1'r&6r r r1r

PAGE 166

57/ rnr r$n1 E1r1r) rr1nn) r n1r 1n' rrrBrrrHr1 1 rr@$n& 1n r r1&1n1r )r r'I59:nrrrrr rrrr rnnrrnrr)n rr'nrnrr n'*!rrrn1 r1nHM1N6 nr1rr)r& 1&r&1r rrr'n&6n 1rn)))1 'I597nr&nnr&r rr& r rr1'6rrr 6nrn$n 1$n&r rn&rn @n1r' r $n1rrn$n n@1rrnnrr rnn r 1rrnr&r) n' )(#( (rrnr1r' 6n1&(r@ rr&rr$nr1r$ rn&rn&r 1'(n(rn1 E$nrnr 59:&L4#rn&L578'597*!& &n$.''! &55;'

PAGE 167

5;$nr1rn$nn n1n1n '>1nrn $nrr1Er $n'rnn& &1rr nr 1nrnE rr rn rrnr nnr rr1 'rr@r1 1 rnr nErW&1
PAGE 168

5;5 1nr1nnr r1 r'nr rnrr1 1nnn 1n1'(rrrr n1'(n&r rnn 1 rr11 rrnr 1r11rr1n r'61r rrrrrr1 rrrrn rr&r1'r rnr rrrn nrr
PAGE 169

5;. rn&rrn nnnn 1rrrn 1rnnr rr'>1rn rr r1rr rr1nrr nn 1nnrr(r@r rnr nrnE1nrn rr'rr 1nrrrnn 1nrrnr 1 &1rrrn rrr nnr r'> rr rrr rr1rr rnn1 % $n&n&r rnn'6rr 61rrnr) $n1r1r1rr)nE nrn1r nrrr1r1r' -r 4r(r@rr rHM1N6n &61r1'I5/r1rnr r1 rrr'5/5 1rr n1rrr rnr nr& &r& 11rn 1rn' rr&nr)1r&r 1rrrnrr 5/-(r& !&/r$nr &//'5/5rrr
PAGE 170

5;, r&rrrr Er&rn6rr nnrnrrr r rr rn' r1 $nrrrEn 1r6rr r16)1 &)1r r 1& 1r nr'r& 1 &1rr rrrr rE6 nr11rn rrr rr r nr'r 1r r Err rrr nrnn 5/.44Q=r& (7# GrEE=1J)%rr r &.--.D'

PAGE 171

5;: nrr nr rnrn E6 r n& r & 1r1rrr'6r n6r 1rr1r rr1)nr '&(r)rHM1N r11 n'I5/,(n(r@rrrrrrr 1nr nr&rrr11 11rn r n n nrrrn rn1r' (rr<&LGr%1r n"!
PAGE 172

5;7 r r 1r r r' (r nnr r rrnrnE)1r n$nrr r n16)n rr' (rrrnn r@ r'66nn 166 1nrnnr6<& )1n &n1r16 nrnr rrrnn1r Er&6n n16nnn &1rr )r1n 61&6rn rn1 n)'(r )n n nnr' rnr1 rr rr nE Hr1rn1n r rrn 1)r&1r & r&rnn11'I5/8 r&r<(r&1r )r1 r rr E1r rrr' &1 rnr nrrE rrr nn1nrnn r1r 5/86r'&5-5'

PAGE 173

5;; rnr r&r) r)&1r
PAGE 174

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PAGE 175

5;9 rrnrr '(rr n n1 11n rErrnr r)' (rrr&r&nr r)'!n&r nrrr)r nrrE HMNr nrr1rn r r nrrr'I.-5(r@rrr&r& 1r1n n rnr E1 &1r r1&11) 1)'>&11 r)nr& nrr &nrrr r?r1 n'6& nrrnrr & r .--6r'&5-.'.-56r'&5-:'

PAGE 176

5;/ nr&r1r1 nrn 1r)nn r'.-. nrrn&1rr n rrr rnrn1r r&rr (rHr nrr'I.-,6rr1 rr rn1rn'(nr rr1n nr1r nnn nnrrr1 &1rrnE rrrr' 1 &6r rr &r) n r11nrr n1r '(n&(rrn1 n&1 rrrEn r1n 1nr n1' 1rr r 11nrrnn rr rnErr r rr111)rr &rr1rnn rn 'rrr 1)1rn 1111nEr nrr6rr 1rr rr & rrr n&n6 rrrr rr'>n .-.(r1n'> &n& rr 1r n1r) rnEnnn rn1 '.-,(r& !&/r$nr &5-:'

PAGE 177

58r1nrn1 rr r'6rrrrr n1n 1n rrnrn1 E1rr 1r11rnr n11n rrr'(nn1 )111 n nrr1 rr rE1n11r 1 rnrrrr1 nnrnnr 'r)nr nn1nrrr rE6rnr rr1n6rn rrr61nn rr')rrnrrr <61nnr& rrrr1rr nrr1rrr 1r1rrn r' n& 4rrrrn rr(r n&Hrr& nr 'I.-:(r@rr r 1111 nr1 rrrnrnEnnrr r'!nrr (r@rr1r1r nrrr nrEH61rrnrr nr n .-:6r'&5--'

PAGE 178

585 1r1 &11r*)r ?rnr nr'I.-7&r rrr1nrnrr(r r1rrrr nr1r'r rrrn rrrrnrnH1I rrnrn nrH1Irr$ nr'6&(rn r rrnH"rG n(1r nrDIErr 1rrr1rrnr& rrrrnr< '.-;>&r (r@rnrr&1 rrn& 1 1n' n n&r1&nr$n 1rnr n1r'n$nr n1rnr n
PAGE 179

58. r rr rn1 nrr nrrnr) rr n'!n&r r rrnn &nrnr nrr1Enrn r1r'1r1 1 rr1n rnrrrnE nr r1)nn1 r1r' 61r1r r'n rr1""rA( $rnr nnrn$&$&r $'6&&n& r 1 &nr 1"rEr "rrr)r nrnr'

PAGE 180

58, &*, nrnrnr nr'# rnn 1 rn&rn rrr & rn
PAGE 181

58: r1rrr<' nrrnr nnrnrrn rr nrrrrn rn'!&nr& r)nn&
PAGE 182

587 1rrrnrr&r 1r1" r'4(r@nr n1r1r 1"r&nr'.5-6nnrr 1rr:' 4rn&1 &r0rn &r& n11rnrn1" rrn'r $rrnr1'!r& 1nrr0rr rn1"rE nr0@ rrr rHMNrn1 nnr&1rn 1r&1 r r'I.55r0r1n&& r r rr r&rnrnrrr& 11r1" rnnr'& nrr r&nrnr r1E rr1rnr n1'!rr rn n1n r)rr rnrn1r r rrrr nrr rr' rrrr 0Errnn 0rnnrn 1rnr @1"r1nr rK0r1n 1n' .5-(r& !&/r$nr '.556n0& #n!nr#! &'>'2r&,' G6rr%)n''&5//,D'

PAGE 183

58; 2 r1r1r n&1 &11r nnn'6nn r
PAGE 184

588 rnrn1r rr rn'r& rrrrr 1 nnr nr'r nr nr1r&&'6 )r rn&r )& HMNr&nn n&I1r6 n)rr&rn1 r& nr'.5.4&6nnrr &n& n)rnr'nr&r nr&1r rnr' rr &rrrnn &nr nrrn11 rnrrn1 Gr D'#r)0&r nrrrrrr&r1r rnr nn1Err) nrHMrN&r nnrnn1&n1rn'I.5,6r1r#r) 0nr&)r& 11rnr nn1nr
PAGE 185

589 =rrnnrrr
PAGE 186

58/ nr"r&1n (rr%r 1rr(rr rrr'! <&)(rrnrn r1rHr 1r(r & 'I.58#r&1rrnr #1r&Hr nn@ )1rn$nOn1r r)r 1rr rrrnr) n&I1r1 nnnrWr rr '.59n!)r n< "rn rrErrnr rHnr@ rnrn )n'I.5/!!n) (rrrGDnrn G(D)1rGD n'0 r+r&r)rn11 r@r& nHr1r r)nrn &rrnGrr" D'I..-+r@rr 1r@nrGD rnG(D r1rGD)rnr'#r $rnr Hrnn@W'I..5rrnrr rn nH
PAGE 187

59@n1rr&I1rr GDnnG(D rGD'...rr2r4Qr nrrrrrn nrnr r)rrEHMN$$ r1r&n< r 1r r)'I..,6r <&GDnG(Dnrr GD$nr GD<'6n rrrrrr '2 rrrr !&1rrr?r@ r&nrrr" rrEHn r 'I..:#r(@rr1r r1r rnErnrHr r r r rP@r@r nrI..7& nrrrr
PAGE 188

595 r1nrn rr'n"rr rrnn &!! r rn
PAGE 189

59. rr1)&n n1"r1 rnnn $rn'r rr1"nrr $n$ 1rnrnE6nrr rn 1r$6n $1rrr rn'rr 11r r rn1r r 1' r@rrr1"nr1r rrrr n&nr&1" rrn
PAGE 190

59, (!# # rrH6nnn6r)r rrnr) rr rn'I../#)rrrnr rnnrr nrEnrnr r1rnr rr rrrrr' &r rrrrrr rrH6nnnn rnr'I.,-nrr&r@n& r nrr1rr rErrr 1r)nrrn1r rrrn rnrn'6rr nrrn& rrrr&) r r rr")r'>1n nrrrr rrrr' >&rn&nr r'r16 nrnrrn6 rn rnnEHMNnnr nr r1rrrn1 'I.,5r@n&&r
PAGE 191

59: nrr n rnErnrr 1rnrrr' 4r@n&16 nrn6r nr 1rrnr'6r& r rnr)1 rnr r'> )1nrn) 1rrr' >6nr&6)16nrn )16nrr nr'01r nr nr'!n& )1r1nrnr'6 nrrr6)11 nn1nnr))1 rrr rr'nrnr)1 rnn& rnn' >r@r n rr$nrrr n1&nrr $nrrrrn1' nr rn6r nrn r6nn'#r n rr rrr 1r r r n rr'rrrr r' nrr$nrr$nrrr n1rE1 $nrrrn1rrn< rnrn1r r
PAGE 192

597 4r@n&nr1< rEHnnn nr6nnrrn6 nr1 nnrr1rn n'rr&nrr .,.6r'.,,6r'&,8'

PAGE 193

59; rrrn>1r rnnrr& 11rr)n rr&11r rnnrrE1n n'>1r r1n&1r1 n&nnr'(n 1nnrrr rn1r nr Enr1rr 1rrrn'> rnn1 r rrrn&1rr1r rrrrrn n1' >r r@nnr r1 E1rnn1 r'>) rr n)1)11 rn'4n rrnr11r? n1r)n n'>)rnrr n11)1 Er1)1r1 n' r(rr > &rrr1r r nn )1& rrrHMNnrr r)1'I.,:>)1 nrrr)rr 1 nr '(nrr1rnn rrn' .,:nr&Lr2
PAGE 194

598 rH" r'I.,7r1r$nrrn rn1r) rErr rnrn$r 1 r'r" ) rrrnE
PAGE 195

599 (r&1rr 1r& nrrr'1 (r&r )r&
PAGE 196

59/ WEr1nW1r rY1r rr' r@rrrH1nr 1rr& rnr 1r 1 rr'I.,9rrrr rr nrr&n r $rr rrrrr rrrr'r nrnrn1 nnr )r1"rrrrrr rn&rrn' 4r)rrrr &r&1n1 nr1rnr r'r&r6r nn =r! r"6n6 .,96r'

PAGE 197

5/nn& n6rnn1r r' rnrr r r 1"n1 n<1r1r1$nrrn '>
PAGE 198

5/5 nrnrY Wnr1 r 1rnrr rr&& 1nrnrr rr'rn n 1r1r$nrr r r r1r$nrrr& r)rrr' (rr&1 &rn' 4r@n1"nrr nnr' =r1"r1n n1"r1 nnrrn nrr'(1" r" r'rn 1"nrrr nn r' (-(rr r@n&1rrn11)1 n& rrrrrn'n )r r1 1rrrn
PAGE 199

5/. n1r'r11r rrr&r) r&rrHrr) n'I.,/ 6>@r1 rr 1'>rrrrr< rrrrrr rn n)nrrn r'r@rrr& r 11nrrr&nr r r' 1r"Prrr@rr r1n r)r r'.:-rr r&r &nn1r 1 rnEr nH1rr nn r&1n r r'I.:54nr&rnnr 11 nr1r'> nrrrr r1nnrrr r 'rn&r@rrr rrr) 1nr rrr r nnr'4n rrr&&r11 r1&111r rnn'!rrrrr rr&H1rnnn r rrrP @r rI1rr1n rrrn'.:. .,/#'r& .r#nr$&! n Gr&'0'E=1J)% rr r&.--.D&5;'.:-rnPrrr@r rnr1r1rn r r'.:5r& n &,;'.:.6r'

PAGE 200

5/, r@rrrrrHrr )r nnr'I.:,rrnrrnr1 )'r rrrr1 nrr1r11 r1rr)rrrEr rr1 r1r1 rn r r1'6&r1rHrrrI )rr@r1 rr r% # rrr 'nn* rrr *n rrr rr9:;; !nnrrnnn rrrrr rn rr)rnn rrrrrrrr nrr' r@1 r1rnrrr rrr&r n1&n 'rrr1 )'>&r)r&1n &n& r1n r?rrr'r1nnr n&rr&n r rnnr nrrEn r rnrr rnn'#rrr r&1nr? rrr&r nn1nrrn&r rr&11 )rEHMNn r )nr'I.:7r1 rr .:,6r'&,.'.::r& .r#nr$&! n &5;'.:7r&Ln1r&L.8'

PAGE 201

5/: rn11r11r rArr 1r1r rn1 nHr "1nrnn r1'I.:;0r rnr rrr@ &1rr nrrrn' r1 n rrrrn rnrr)r 'rrr 11nrrr nnr'.:8rr nnr1H $nn'Inrr r r111 rn)r r r'(rn1 r)rr nEHrn1r 1rnrr)'I.:9 1rn 1rrr rrr rrr 1rrE rr n1rr)nn &n&rr)r r&1r1rnrr '(rnr& nrrrr nn1rrn nrrrrnnEHr 61nr&61r nrrr'I.:/(r) 1rnr) rr rnnrr r n r'&rrr n&rr
PAGE 202

5/7 r@rrrrn
PAGE 203

5/; rr r'(nr rr) rrrnrrr' ) 11r rn&n1rn nrr)1 rr rnr rr)r)E 1n $nrn' rP@r nnrnrn rnrn rnr@ n'!r& r )r'4n& rnrnEr rrH r1nrr r'I.7-4n& rnrn'B'4'Cnr&1rr &0r )@rrH@ r rrrrrr'I.7.!r&&r1r n'(nrrr1rn rnr)Ern rrnnrrrr rrr n'6rrr11 & &)1r& r r1rr r1nr11) n r& nr'(n n1 rr nr'!r& .7-r& nr'n' G21r&=''%r"&5/97D&8/' .75Z0r)& &'r&nrrG=1J )%nr ()&5/97D&/7'.7.>'B'Cnr''r& n%*# # &.'G=1J)%n&5/89D&;-'

PAGE 204

5/8 rrrrrn<&rr n1r )1 nrr r'6r r )1 r rnrrrr )1r r+' )rrrr )$nrrr'n rrn1r)1 $nrrr' nn1r1nnr 1r1n )1rrn1n'6n 1rn r $nrrrr rr1 n'6( n6 n( 6 nr &rr ( @$n'r& r rr)rr) )1n'& nr nrr&r nrr n n' >r111"rn 1r11 '( r rnrr&1 rnr "nr'nr nrP1n6 1A@ nrr&r <)r rr'rrr)r rrnr1' r r r1r1r n1rnr'n rrrrr1rr1n )rr'n& r&1n11rnr rrr

PAGE 205

5/9 n1'rrrrr r rr1n" rn"rrn)r' >1"r11 1)r 1r1rr '"rr 1n1n11nr nr"r r'>"rn1rn nr' rn@nn&1r& &n1r Hrr """n1'I.7,6nrr n1rnn1rr 1 rrr rn'rr r1 nrn nnr1nnrr '>1n& r &Hr?MnN'I.7:>1n nr rnr )'>)1r&r)1 1nr nrn111n)nr' (n1)1&r) 111r n1n 1n1rrn& 11nrrnr 'r rnr rnrn1rn@ rn1' r@$rnrrr r<'rrr? rnrrr)rrr rnrErrr n11r11rr rrnrrr 1)1r rnr rr '6n1 r11nnrn &)rr 1rr'(nnnr r1'>rn1rr .7,r& n &9.'.7:6r'

PAGE 206

5// nr)r1rrr rn rrrrnn nrrnrr1rrr rnrn n'6rrrrrrrr rr 1r nrrn '(nnrr6 1r rrr r)6)rr1r1 rr rnn1rr rnr)1 6 n rr1r'r&Pr@6 rnrr rrr 1)'&rr $"r)n)r r<1r1r 1rrr rr1r@r)%.Dr nr1r nr.Drr0? r< nr n1r' r n& &n"rnrr n11r"P1r r@rrrr rrrrr1 nnnn rrn1rr rn1rrr rn r rnr r&r r&r '4rn11n

PAGE 207

.-r1r &rr nnn'1 &6rn1 r n nnrn& 6rrnr n1rnr rnr )n rnnnrEr rnr&rr n1rrn r&n nn1 r' rnnnr r rr@<'6 n n81 r0? nrn 1r r rr1rr 1r 'r 1nn rn r'(nrn 1rrnnn1' r rrrr n1r" r n'r r n1nrn 1n&1rr 1r n rr'rn@n1r r nr 'r@rrr r rn11 r@rrrr 1r nrrrrrr1rrn nn 0? rr'rn nr nn nr r rr r1r1 rr'r rnr1 r1 nn'6 rnnrn r

PAGE 208

.-5 r 1n1rrrnr rr'61 r nn' 4r@n*rn0? n r n rr 0? @rrr1' rnr$nrrrrnr nrr rrrrr rrn'>rnr 11 &rr)r nrrr rn%r nrrn'r@ n)rrrn nrr r1n1rn rnn'r&6 r rr n n6r nr rnr'6r n1rrnrrrrr n'J& 1rnrr11111 rrr

PAGE 209

.-. 1nnrn1rn r'nnn nnnrn rrnr'> nrr1r r&rn n1r' n&1rnr& nr"r nn1r1r "r' rr1r" rE6r r rrWn 1r1 n"rr n'!"r6 rrn&)&1 r 'n) rrrEr& r)rrrr )1r)nr *r r'1 &rr r &1r r&)11r 'n)1rr rn1rn'r )@1rr1r rrrrErrn" r&n r)'6rrn&0 01nn nr))& rrr rrrnEr0 0r1rrnrr r'rnr1" nrrnrr rr nr0 0nnn1r r'r& rrr1"nrrrn nr r1r 1r01rn0 rn'!n& rrrn nrr rn 1nErrr

PAGE 210

.-, rr '( nrrnr1 1rn)1&1r nrr r'rrr&1 &rrnr1 rnrnrr 1r'6&r" nrrrrn 1r rnr" rn nrn1"r&r1r6 r n1r rnr&1 rn1r rrnr$& 1rrr1 rnrnr' =r1nnr r=E=r 1 r=1r r
PAGE 211

.-: 11 1rr1 'n=n=r nrn n)rrr nnrr")r rr<1n1rr 1r' rr0n0 r rnr10) rn1r nr0@r'6& 0r 0rr1r1r 1r 1 1rnnrr r1r 0rr'0r& <&nr'.770&&rr)n rr 1n<@'.7;60r 0 1r1r1r r1 nr r0 1r nrr r'(n0 )rr0@1r 1r1r)rr rn'(nr 0r 01r1 r r1 rr)nrr r1 n r0 1r1r'rr 1r1r &r$r &rr rr rnrr n'.780@r01r1 rrr0r 1r0@rnr r'60 r) 0r1rrrr rrr .77nrrnrr1rr r.7;nrrnrr rr?r.786n rr rr r r1r 1 &1r
PAGE 212

.-7 01rr r01r 1r1rrr rrrrn nrrrn 1'r&r@rrnr nr0 r1 0r1rrr nr1' >1rr@nr n rrnr @< n n 81 % % '=rrr*n))1) n H)rr&I1rrHr1 r'I.79*n)r rr n1rr)rn 11r rr*r 'rr rrrr r'1rrr nrrrE r1rr*n)4 r"11r 1 rr'*n) r& nrr'*n))1r r r r'n)1r rr r1rrn 1 r*n)n'*n))1 rE*n)@rr! H)rrr 1nr 'I.7/01rrn &1*n)n1nr r1rA1r *n)n'2 rr rr& nr r&rr r rrr'6 r@rnrn*n) nr1rrr .79*n&L>'L.7/6r'

PAGE 213

.-; )rr)r'(nrn @nn r?rr1nn n'>< rrr1'>n&n rr& n*n)r1"r&1 r'>r 1 11nn'rn r rnr rnrrrr1 r1nEHMN nrnr1r r&n1r 'I.;rnnrr 1n r&rr<1*n) &rr r@ r r1n1r1" nrr1 1(r@n n'(rnHr rr r&nr& nr r1)r1r .;-#r*n0r& n. &5'G=1J)&%[1&5/;,D'

PAGE 214

.-8 r'I.;5rrn r1r'> 1r?rr1"n rr1r r rrr 1rn'(r@ nn&n&rrr )'r&r&r" rr& 1 rrr rnr rrr@r rrr1n' 1n1r r@1"r' (nnrnrnr 11 rnn
PAGE 215

.-9 )rr)rr& r1n 1 rn1n rnn1 '2 r6 rr1 r1n rnn1 rr n&nr&rr rrr r1n6 rrr' #n11&r ( &)1 H1nrr r'I.;.>1n rnr r& rn 1rnr& rnn'+r r rr r rr&nrr 1r&r nrnr'nr (r@r r r rrrnr rrnr nrrn& nr r n&rn' 1n1rr rrE1611 r1r'n rrnr?r1 $nn1r& r116 1'rr11nnr1n nnnn& rn1r&r1n1 n1n'r HnI nnr rnr)rnn rrnr' .;.&+n&& n-n#r &./'

PAGE 216

.-/ rrrr&r r1rr rrEr4r> )\&r r&nA 1r '6 rr n r '( n&)rr rrr1 1r' r&rrrnrrrr n)rr & 1rnrr r'(n&r&& 1 r&rrn rn1nr nrEnn1n nrnr nr'r&r 6rrr6nr '#nr 1r1r &rrnrr&n6 nrr &6 r'6r r r rrnn1rr rnr nr1r)n r &r&11 1rn r' nr nrr r
PAGE 217

.5rn rr" rnr nrr)n r"r)r rn1 (1r 1r rr &(1rrrr rr' rnrrr rr?r1rr rr'6r@<&0? n nr rrrrr )'4 0? @&)r"rn&# )n1rr1 r #) r &<#)
PAGE 218

.55 nr'*r)1r&n rr rn& r rrr&1nnr1rr r'r@ "nrn&rn r&n"r&1 nr
PAGE 219

.5. 6rr< rn1r$n nr1n &%)rrr rn r)rr n&1$r r1nn &rr rrrr rnnn 'r&rnrr nrn1 rr
PAGE 220

.5, rr1rrr1n r6@'rrnrr< rrnnrr rr
PAGE 221

.5: !nrnrn r&1Pnr@r nrrr 1rnnn nr' r&nr&rnr<&r 1rnrnnnr n < rnnr r&rr< rr&rrrrr nr' r1rr rrr rrrnn !@nr nrnr@rr r)'6rr&r r
PAGE 222

.57 rK1rr rnrKrn r&r&rn'61 1&!n rnrnr rnnr '=nnr&n& 1rnr' 6&n r1nrr )rnrr nrn' rr nrnr rnnrrn r$nrrr n'!r nrr) 1rnrrrn nrrnr% nr&(r&r' rnrrrnrn' 1& nrnrnn1 nnrnrE1 nrrn'(r nrnH1rnn r'I.;;(rnrnnr)r E1rr r1rn rErr)rrr r'(rnrrrr &rrr'6rn rr r' r1rnrn rn' !rrnnrH rrrr rn'I.;8rrrrnrnr nrr .;;6r'&;-'.;86r'

PAGE 223

.5; rn'6rrP r rrr rn@rnr nrnr Hnr)& nn&nrn rn'I.;9rrn nrrrr'rnr nrnn1r rn&r)rnrn 11)r1&r1 r'rnrnr? rnrrrr '!rn&HMrNr rnnr&nn& rr1rrr rrrr'I.;/r nrn1 rnrn r1rrrrr'r nrrEr&rn rrrrr n1nr' rnr rnrn )' 6rr)rnr&r n&rrn nn11rnn rnnrr&rrn 1rrr'r? &rr& nrnrn '#&rr nr11! r&r nr r rrr$n1rr rn'r? rrrr&nr r&1rrn'(n nr"!rn rrrrr rrrn&rr rrnrnr' .;96r'&;5'.;/6r'

PAGE 224

.58 rnrrr n'rn& !&rnrn' (rnrnrrrr '>nr Hr rn r'I.8-rrnrn& !&rrn Err) rnH r r 'I.85r&11 r?rr1n r'rn nrnrr rrrn r'.8.(rn&&rnr '(rn r? rnn1r nr r& n& rr& r&n r1rn" r EH4)&&)r& r'I.8,rrrrr nrEP)r@r11r?r nrP)r@r rrrnnrr r11'>n r?rrrn P)r@r1rr nP)r@r1rr n'!!P )r@rnrr r nrrrEn )nnr?r r1)rn'P .8-6r'&;:'.856r'.8.rrrn r16rrrr 6nr rrrrr)rr' & 6nr1r nrnr1r r$nn1r'.8,!& '&r'n '.# &;:'

PAGE 225

.59 )r@rnrr r )11Er1rr rnr !@
PAGE 226

.5/ nrr 1)rnrn '(rn&1 rrr&n' (rnrrrr'4 r rn'rP1n @r rrrErrr 1n 1r'rrn r1n1nrnrr '>rn1 nrnrEnrn n&r r' (nr nrnr)rn1r !nr'6r nrr rnr'rr n)1rErr nrrrr 'rnrr1r rnrn nrnrrr rEHMNnrnr $nrrnrrnrn&n rrn&1rrr rnrrnrr 'I.8;>1r rrr1 rrrr
PAGE 227

..1 &nrnr?r rrr nr1Er?rrr rrrr r nrr r'r 1nr)rnnr n' rrnr&r rr&n)r n1rnrrrr r'!)r r"rrrr1nr nrr Er& r&r' rrrrrn )r nrnH1r rMrN &nnr n1 n'I.88! nrrrr'>6n nn16r rrrEr rr rr r' >6nnnn1Er nrrrr n'&rnr rrn1' nrrrr&rnn&&r nr&rr' nnrrr? n EHMNnrnOr "rr rrr'I.89"r&!n &r) nrn'rr1 rrr&& rr1rr" rrnr' rrrn1rrn rr1r n rrrrr1rnr rrn .886r'&/7'.896r'&/.'

PAGE 228

..5 rrr&rrrn nrr'01r 1n nr1r nrrrr nrn'nrnrn rHMrNnr @1rrrrrnr'I.8/ r 6"!nr rr(r@rrE nrnrr (r@nr 1r1n'2r nnrr rn1 n1rr rn r 1n' "!nr"r)(r@ nn r $nrrrrEnrnr" nr1nrr' r11n rrrn'4 "!nHMNnrrr& rr&nrnr) rrn1rr1r nr'I.9(r@rrrnrrr 1)rr1 nrr rnnr 1rrn' nrnnrrrr1r n1' !)rrr1n rnr)*n '*n@rrrr1n 11 rnnrnn rr1r1r .8/6r'.9-6r'&/7'

PAGE 229

... rr'r&1n r1r r nn1 r'6r $nEHn& n&rnrnr r'I.95(rrrr r$rrrr nrrr1r n&r & nnrr'6 r6n rWr n )16 r
PAGE 230

.., !&r)&r rr )rnrn rr rn@ rnrrrr nr'.9:r rrrrr nrnrrrn r rnr'r&1n nn nn) )r)r nrrnnr r '(n&rrr 1nnn nrn rr'r rr rn nrrrrnrrr) nrrrEnrnrr rr"rrnr )rrrrrr' "!nrrr)r r nEHnr$r &n'I.97 nnrn 1rrr rnr)'>rr r1rr nrEHMNnr r)& nrnr )1r rrn)1K'I.9;rrrrn)1r1
PAGE 231

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PAGE 232

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PAGE 233

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PAGE 234

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PAGE 235

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PAGE 236

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PAGE 237

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PAGE 238

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PAGE 239

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PAGE 240

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PAGE 241

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PAGE 242

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PAGE 243

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PAGE 244

.,8 #n rr rE)") .--9r r" nSn r@r'r(n& )r& r &1r n1 Pn@1rn&1n ") rrr n 1 rr'1 r r n r rr') &r& rrrnrrrr'> &n&rrn rrr n"rrr r1r1") >
PAGE 245

.,9 r r)rnr r1 r) 'r
PAGE 246

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PAGE 247

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PAGE 248

.:5 nr1n 5/;.rr rrrr1rr1 rr r "rr rrn rrrrnr rrrr'r nrrr1n1nrP rn1@1r nrP=&@1rr 1rr1n n)@1 r1r rnr'!n& r )1 r'(rrn&r 1rr rE1 r r1r n)rn rr1 1rrrr'(n& rrn&r1 1&r&r n&1rr1n rr rr' r)r&r1 r rr@r& n
PAGE 249

.:. (n rrrnr &1rr r1rrE)r rr'n rrrrr 1&1r1< r(rr r&1rr rr nn nn "r r'r rrrrr rr"rnr rrnnn rnrE nrrrrrnr rnn1'n1 1rrrrn1 rrrrnr' 6nnnrrr
PAGE 250

.:, nrrrrrrr nnrnrr'n r&r&rr@rr rnr rnrrr1E nrrrrr 1&r1&1nn rnr'r rnn.%r r1 rnrn1Grnr nn1D' rn)r && rrE1 nrrnr rnn 1rnrnE1 nrrn1 &r& rrnr'(n rrrrrr r rrrr' !r&1r&r&r 1nr n1r'#nr rn 1 nnrr6 r1n' nr&&rrr rn1'r nrr)$n r'n6$n1rn r r6n1 1rnr r r6 / r16n'nrr r r1nrr nnr n'!n&rrrr@r Hn

PAGE 251

.:: n1rrrn
PAGE 252

.:7 rrr rnrr< rrr rn' rnrn1r&1r nrnr 1r1r&rrr?r nrnr r&1r nrnrrr )(*+*/r' rnr)1r r 1r'6&nnn rr'( *rHnn1r 11r)&r nrrnr rr'I,5:n nr1 n@r r rnrn rr'rrnr nrr)'rrr&r) r6n&rnnr rnrn nr rPr)@'r) rnr'> rnnrr)r rrrr 1r)EH6&rrr r&n&6 )r)'I,57rnr&r&)1)r rr n$rrn& r1n) n'6r161r )rnrr)r 6nnnr&r& rr1r' nn&6&r)r&n rrnr n r'1 &6rr rrnrr ,5:(*&L42rn& L nrn!&rr :&'. G.--5D%588',57r&Lr2
PAGE 253

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PAGE 254

.:8 1rrn1nrnr rr1 r?n1nr nr r'6r1rn1n rrn6rn nrn1nr nr&& nrrn'*r# 9 rrr1nrr nrr nEHMrN&rrr&< rn1rrr) rrOr) 1r 'I,.-6rrn< r nrnnr&1rr r&rr nrrnrn r rr rr' rrrrr n n'(nr nrnrrn r r rnrr rnr nrnr1'6r 1rr1nrr )rrr6 1rnr1nrnr 1&1r 1nr'4&r r1rr1n r)r1n rrn 1r&1r1n rn)'661nrn rrr )r1nrrr r&rr1 1nnr1 )rn' ,.-*r'#&=nn)r)r&+ &Lr)nrr2<% 2
PAGE 255

.:9 rnnr r1r nr rr'Jnrrr r@rrr nrnrrrn 1n'4& rn&nrr) rrnr'( r&nr r n'Jnrr rr rE1 r rrn nn 1rr r1'66r nrrnn n6n nnr nr)6 'Jnr& 1rnn rr n rrnr1n rnnnr rrrrEr1nn 1n'rnr r&1 & rnrr) rrn'nnr Enr& 1r nr r rrrrrn nrr'&nr&1r r&11 r1 n 1'rn rrnr rr1rnrr rr n1nr1 rn1nrr' 66r r1rr1 n6n rrr rn &rn r1nr1r1 r'6 rn &0n@ r#rn@

PAGE 256

.:/ rrr ',.5nrn r11 rrr'1 & nrnr rr rrr r 1rrnErn rrrnrnr r'rrn1&rr r1rr nnr) r r n'6&1nrrr r1r1 r
PAGE 257

.7rrnr'>1 rrnrr1 r 1nrnr& 1r&rr<&1r Krrr@r'4n rnnr r&r rErn r'rr rr&rr rnrrrn rn1& rr 11 'nr rn r1rr r rnrrr rrr>>666' rrrnr nnr$n1nn r&n r&nr' 11r rr r n nr '=r 1nrnn r'r)rrn rnnnnrr rrrr rrnrnr n' )r nrr)r
PAGE 258

.75 rrrrrrrn r'rn nrnr nrrnrr nrnrr r n1nrn rrrrn'(rrn 1@H r&r
PAGE 259

.7. nrrrrr'6 n12r n(nr2rA&L "# nr 5/&'5G5///D%87'

PAGE 260

.7, r'I,./!!nHM 1Nrnr& 1rnrrr r'I,,-nrn rr rnr nrr rr 1r&rrr 1r1rn' >r&1rr r& nnrr+&1r rr 1nr nrrrn rn&nrnr& rn r rnr 1'6rr@<&rn r rr r1rrr rrr'n1 rn1r rnr rrr 11r 'n n E& rr & r1nr' r rr &n&H ,./6r'%8;',,-!& '&r'n '.# &5-7',,5'>r&L+&L &r#n(r :7G5/::D%5/-"/5'

PAGE 261

.7: rrr'I,,.1rrr r1 !&rr nr 11n 1rrn61r>r rrrrH r rnr rr r
PAGE 262

.77 n1r r"r)r rrr rrr rnn&!r n&Hnr n "rnr'I,,7!nr2rn (nr2rA&L8:',,;*&L42rn&L58/' ,,86r'%59-'

PAGE 263

.7; E 1r1r r&1r rn r1r1rn rn1'61 n1rn1rn nr61 nn1rnr nr' *r@nr&1r n n&nrrn n'n rnMNr rn1r1 '4>r@n&r?rr nr $r )1nr&r &r 1r rr '4nnr r<1>rr rE rnr r1rr11 r'611 rrnrrn111 nrr)Pr 1rn&@Pr
PAGE 264

.78 rrrnr'rr 1nrr r@rr1n nr1nn@ r' nr& r 6rr11rr< r@r(n) 1r1rr n)nr'(n)@r"r"1& r&)1r r'!n& r rn r1rrr'&rr n(n)Krrn< rrnn' 1nr%n nrnrnr 1r1n rnnr &n 1rnnr'41 n)rn(n)r 1rn)r*@< nr'(n& ,,9n&L(n)&LGr%r rn&5/9/D'

PAGE 265

.79 &r& 1"rr n rnr1rnn' 2nr $'61 $'6nn n &1r1n nr'(nnr r n'rnr(n)n rn(n)'rnrr rr1rr rr$ rn'6n rr1n rr &rr) 1$61rn rr'n&1r rr&1n nrrr' 41n1nr r1 1rn@
PAGE 266

.7/ r rnnrrr'(n1 rrnn rrr1rr rn'(rn& 5 n1 rr1r&1 rr1r1r rr nnnr r'rnrr >n$rn&0HMNn )nrr 12rn (nr2rA&L8:'

PAGE 267

.;rr r1nrrnn' r&n rrnnrrr 1' (@rr1rn( nr'rr <1n1 rnr 'rr11r1r rr'6&1 r&rr rrrr&rr $r r&1rrr rnr r'r1nnr61nr (@rrr1n 6'6&rr(@rrr rnrr 1r()rr'( @ r&r&r Er nr n(@n nrrr'r1n (@rn1 nr< nnr r1nn1)'6 r&rrr) n'1r)6 r11 r1rnr )nrnEr rnrnr rnr'(nr& nrrnrr nE1n rrn1r nnrr rn%rr nrrrrn rr'nr&&r rrr' >((rrrr rr nr'=1r) rnnrr&1r nrr'& nnrr&r

PAGE 268

.;5 nrn rnrrn rr n'nr"rr' rrn#rrrr'0 1nrrr nr r0n 1rrrr r1nr rrrrr n rr r E0n 1HrrOn 1nnn1& rn r1nnr rnr)'I,:-rn rrr0n rrn 1rr0@ rn1rr rr 1r r'0 rrr r 1r rrr 1rn)r' r r&r&r n&1n rn)',:5>n0&r r )10n @r r&1r rrn rnrnr n' r@rr1rn0 @rr >66 '(nr r$nnrr1 n1r'6 & &rr'

PAGE 269

.;. rn'nrrrr nnrn& n % &1Hr'11rr 'I,:.1 &nr01r r@ r1nr r r r@r 'rrr 1r@ rrnr rn n1 r'0rnrr 11 rr1 r1r1' 1r1r6rr1r )r rrnnrr6 1rnnnr 11)nrr'61 &6 rrr &LGr%r r&5/9,D',:,r& n &55/'

PAGE 270

.;, rr1r1r'(n rrn1r 1nr11 rn1r1' r&nrn&n r rrn1r nr$n1r1rn 1rnr) rn n',::1rn&&1r 1 nrr$n1r1r n'rr?r rnrr?r r1r rrrr'r r nn1n 1'*r)1r& rr1rrrr rnr nrnr E rr1 1rnn n rr1 1r& $nr n rr1rn'r? rr H"rn rI,:7n'(n 1r 1)r nr nnr' rrnnr nr nr 1P"r)@rn r'r&1 rnrr) nE1 n) 1rr) nrrr rnr'6nr rr nrn'(nr)1 nn '>)1 rr rn1rnr ,::6r'&5..',:76r'&5.:'

PAGE 271

.;: rnrrr nr'6nr rr )1rn rnrrr1nnn 11"rnEn r?rrr r'rr 1n r'2 rr rrrnrHnr '6 rrr&&r'I,:; nn &rr'> nr nrnr rnnrrrr)1 r'>1" rr (r@rHM1Nrrrn 1rrr 1rr&1rr n'I,:8>nr r&rnr& nnrrr 0n%HMN1rnnr rnrn'I,:9> r r rn'>1r rr1r&1 r1 rrn11nrr r rr nr rrnrn nr '>1r r rrr 1& nnr&1nrr'>1 rr rrr 1&1rnrr' 4rnnrnr nrrnr rr1 rr 1)'6r1)1 nr1nrr n)rr ,:;!& '&r'n '.# &5-8',:8(r& !&/r$nr &/9',:90&L>2rn (nr2rA&L8:'

PAGE 272

.;7 $n'r?rr1r1n) nrnrr 1r1nrnrrr r1r'6rnr nnn&&r nrrn '6r rnn< rr r&1r1r1 nr'rr1 r&6n&n61n &)rnrr
PAGE 273

.;; &2'Lr&n&01r'L n"#&nn /5&'7 G5//:D%.;:"87' r&#'L**Qr *rn%rrn n2'L55:r'r% rr&5/9,' (r&' !&/r$nr 'r&#'% r r&5//:' (&)'Lnr%2r (rrr'L6 ( )#r '*&.--7' (&' (rn&r#!. ' #r&='J'% nrr&.--8' (&$ &r#' r&# #'rn'L!# n(4n'L n(r#! .,&', G5//9D%:7/"8.' ()n&r' $(rnr '4<%4
PAGE 274

.;8 21&r'L)r'L5,-r'r %>('&5/9;' !n)&n'L4rnr'L 55;&':;:G.--8D%987"/-.' !r)&2r?'L"01'L &nnnr rn9 8,&',G.--;D%7/.' !n)n&!r' $nr4n#& '=1J)% !&5//7' +&r&' $! '=1J)& =J&%('()1&5/99' +r&0 r'L+n%6r rQrrr (nr2r'L "# nr :9&'5G.--,D%7,";:' +rr&0r'L6nrr r'L n(r"# ) ;/&'8G5/;/D%5:/5"/.' +&('L2r(rr'L rr 57-&',8-5G5/;7D%8' +r)&' n$!)rr '=1J)&='J'&'''%Br)r&5/98' +r&2' &rn4*$(#+r 'r%r rr&5/97' + r&n' -# '#E6%#+r"CnQr r & 5//9' UUU 'Ln&rn&!rr'L 8&'5G5//.D%5;",,' +n &&)"'Lr&r) &n%nrr r#)'L (rrr ;;G.--5D%;.," :;' r&n'Lr2Qr'4
PAGE 275

.;9 UUU #n!nr#! '>'2r' ,'6rr%)n''&5//,' UUU &&r'+n&r', '! n'6rr%)n''&5/ 9,' 0&!r?'Lr rr r r(nrnrn'L %SS111'$)r'Srr]nS r S])S S!0S--,4!-,nrr5-..5/;.' 0&!' n-$(!#n*! '=1J)% >'>'=&5/;/' 0r)&Z' 'r&nr r'=1J)%nr()&5/97' 0r&#r*n' n. '5'=1J)&%[1&5/;,' 0&'L>2r n(nr2rAL # nr 5/&'5G5///D%85"8/' 0&'L4('L5,:r'r r%*r nr'rr&5/7/' 0n& 'LrQr'L#r n*n6rr r & %SS''nSr S1r.--8SrS r"rS 0&1'Ln&n&r' L +1 7: G.---D%,.7"79' *!&n' &n$.''! '4<&0E r&#'%()1&5//;' *!&#'L2 nrLr rr#rnL6n% rr4 r1'L !r ..:&':G.---D% .55"57' *&('L42rn' L nrn! &rr :&'.G.--5D%585"9/' *nn&*'Lnr'L6 $4 &:7rn'r% n rr&5//9' *n&+'L>'LG'5.-r'D'r %1rn"!r&5/8/' #6&r' (#4$(!n '.'=&6'% r r=&5/9:' #r)& r#'&r)#0'L n!1 #r'L6 r &r0')&nr #* r&<< rrr&:-,'=1J)%n !nr&.--5X' #_r&+nr'L=nn%!+ r2
PAGE 276

.;/ #&*r'&=nn)r)r&+ 'Lr)nrr 2<%2rr' &0'5()'=1J)% ()&5//,' &Br' %r$(rn)r '>& '%&5///' Cnr&>'B'&''r' n%*# # '.'=1J)%n& 5/89' 1?&!r)' 3n '21r&=''&% r"&5/;-' &#r' nrr#$%n&n' '' n'n '5'=1J)%r()&.--:' &'&!!' '&r' n'.# '=1J)%4&r' nn ''!'&+4*r (%4'r'&5/-:' >&#r'Lrrr <'L nr 5-/&'5G5//9D%/:" 559' >r&214' r*$n)n 'r&#'%() r r&5/87' >r&'L+'L &r#n(r :7G5/::D%597".-;' >&n'Lr+ =nBn'L nr 8.& ',G5/;.D%585"8/'

PAGE 277

.8>&#' (4r#nn#! &+()rr' &='J'%n()&5//;' Jrr&r&r0?1&r#r& rnr'Lr nrrrrr% rQr1r Br'L r 58&',G.--7D%.87",-9' J&'!)&' n '=1J)%>r&5//.' Jn&6r#r'Lrrrrnr r'L6 nr&rr$( (n &rn*!&< r&8:7'#&# %()1n'& .--8' V)r&'Lr'L5-7rn 'r%1r n"!
PAGE 278

.85 (rr &2'Lr&n&01r'L n"#&nn /5&'7 G5//:D%.;:"87' r&2 &r&r n&r'n# (n 'n&r)' &nnr& ','4< M2'NE=1J)%4)' '4<&%&5/;.' (&#r&+r'Ln r'L6 -r4r &5".;%0n1rnr&.--5' (r&' &#n!$!! '#rr% r r#r&5/97' UUU (&#$#r,0 'r&#'% r r&5//5' (?& r'Lrr(r"r )"(r'L &($ &r#n !#n&n n#rr(r 5/9.G5/9.D%..8":.' (&)'Lnr%2r (rrr'L6 ( )#r '*&.--7' (&(' n.r.# '=1(n1r)&=''%n r r&5/9,' (&('&#)''Ln1r nrr 'L r!" 57&'6G5//:D%587' (&6' (.%$!# '5'=1J)%!& n+rn<&.--8' ()&*1'Ln=rr nr n#r 'L nr 5-8&'5 G5//;D%:,";5' (&$ &r#' r&# #'rn'L!# n(4n'L n(r#! .,&', G5//9D%:7/"8.' (r)&n'L(!rr%r r&rr&r'L n"#&r 79&'.G5//;D%,/9":.5' (rr&*'LrQr# nnn%'L nr 8/&'.G5/;/D%57;"79'

PAGE 279

.8. (r&##'&*'n'Ln&n 1r&( r !nr*1'L <#&. 5:/ G.--5D%58,7"95-' (&'Lrn1 !nn%2AL &nnr /&'5G.--;D%558",5' 1&*' n n!n=+n='>?; @>A;@ rE=1J)%rr r&5 //7' r&Brr'L&+nrrr n'L 5-&'.G5//7D%57," 7;' &r'Lnrr r'L )BC ,.&'5G5//9D%9." /9' &'L*r4'L n"#&nn 78&'59G5/;-D%799" /7' r)&rr0' -(-#rrn6 =1J)%(r()& 5//;' UUU !'n&r '5Br()'=1J)%Br ()&5//,' UUU n!n,n '5Br()'=1J)%Br()& 5//.' UUU (r'5Br()'=1J)%Br()&5/ /5' r)&n'Lrnr rn'L .&nn 5;&'5G5//8D%,8";5'

PAGE 280

.8, &'#'&'''L2= *% nrn'L &nn &nrrn :8&',G5/98D%:5,",:' 21r&'2'L*Brn'L n&nnr7 :.&'5;/G5//.D%:-," 5/' !&('L+ n r%r r2 'L &rrr7 55;&'.G.--5D%..7"7.' !n)&n'L>6>1r*rAL &nnnr rn9 87&',G.--8D%7,7' !r&+&*rr'L&n &n*rn%+r +nrrBn4r?r'L rrn59 7/& '5G5//;D%..' !nn&#r' n#n# &rnnAL6 $! &rr+&.5,",8'=1J)&=J& %(' ()1&5/99' UUU &' $! '=1J)&=J&% ('()1&5/99' +&r&r' $,-*nn 0n &n!nrrn'=1 J)%n&.--7' +nr& r' !*( '4<%4r rr>r'L )BC 5,&' .G5/8/D%5/8".58' +r&0 r'L+n%6r rQrrr (nr2r'L "# nr :9&'5G.--,D%7,";:' +rr&0r'L6nrr r'L n(r"# ) ;/&'8G5/;/D%5:/5"/.' +r?&+'L"(r=&==& +=A B'L 95&'5G.--5D%/,"5-,'

PAGE 281

.8: UUU 'L!r%nrrr rrr 'L &rnr /9&'.G5//5D%.7:";8' UUU $nr#n%# (nrr'L &rnr 5-,&':G5//;D%;7-";/' +r&#'L62< rAL n"# &nn /-&'5.G5//,D%;.8":/' +r)&' n$!)rr '=1J)&='J'&'''%Br)r&5/98' +r&'+'&+'+r?'L#2 rrr%rr nrr'L &rnr 5-/&'5G.--.D%87"/-' +r&2' &rn4*$(#+r 'r%r rr&5/97' + r&n'L"n&n&"2 'L 9&'5G5//,D%//" 5.-' UUU 'Ln&rn&!rr'L 8&'5G5//.D%5;",,' +nr&(' + (nr '5&r)rrr'*E=1 J)%n&.--:' +n&!n)'L=r?+r% rnrr&= 'L n"#rr&r 55&',G5//8D%57/' +n &&)"'Lr&r) &n%nrr r#)'L (rrr ;;G.--5D%;.," :;' r&n' &n!nrrnE'=1J )%n !nr&.--:' UUU 'r&'0'%r&.--;' r&'L(rrrr rr2r'L n(r rr ;9&'.G5/89D%..,".9' UUU 'L+1r66r'L n(rrr 97&' ,G5//7D%./5",-,' $&#r'Lnr)rr)% rr6nr'L 6rn&.--8' rr&'Lrrn'L &r#r&nnr7DA' 5 G.--;D%:7"8:' UUU 'Ln'L ("#&nn 9;&'.G.--9D% .5,",;' r&r'&2r'4Q' (n# %=&.--7' &r'Lrrn&r(r 'L ("# &nn 8.&'5G5//:D%;,"8;' r&&' !+*/r$(*"9.9!r &6r *rr'*E(%n[ 0n&5/97' n&''='L2rn'L n&nnr7 5-&':5 G5/;-D%,:,"7:' UUU 'Lnr nr'L nr 8.&':G5/;.D%.7.";7'

PAGE 282

.87 &*n'Ln%r*r) 14r?r rr2r'L n(r#! .-&'.G5//7D% ,8/":-,' n& r&*'(n' (5rn&r#! & 466>(1 +nr(% nrr!rr'L nr 5-5&',G5//5D%:9,"7-:' 0&'Ln!rr*r*r 'L n"#45 ,/&',G.--7D%:87"97' 0&>'&2'0<'Ln #rrr rnnnrr'L n"##r 5:&', G5/8-D%,78";;' 0r&'Lrrrr r'L &nn#rr :-&'5G5/8,D%7."79' 0r&rr'L2 nrnnr'L "#&nn /-&'5G5//,D%:/8"75;' 0&'L=nrr4 rn'L "# nr :,&'5S.G.--,D%,"5/' 0&'L!rnn"(rnr r 'L .(%()-&,.++&,3 ..& ';G.--,D%7;5"87' 0&rr#'&44Q=r' nr#) 'rE =1J)%rr r&5//;' 0&r)#&0')' -+1$ -(rn &n!nrrnE'= 1 J)%n!nr&.--:' 0n& 'L0r6r# 'L n"# &nn /,&',G5//;D%5-7".9' *&r'L!('L n"#&nn .,&'.5 G5/.;D%7;5"8/' *nn&*'Lnr'L6 $4 &:7rn'r% n rr&5//9' *&'L(n'L .7&',G.--,D%8;"9.'

PAGE 283

.8; *1r)r&'&r'#r& '(r'Lnrn%=1 rrrr'L n(r#! .,&', G5//9D%:,9"79' *1r&' r&1>r'Ln rr'L rr ;,&' :G5/97D%/;8"97' *1r&' r&1'>r'Lr r&r&n'L n rr7 .;&':G5/97D%:77"85' *1r&#r'L4!r 'L n&nnr7 ,-&'5.-G5/9-D%.,;" :7' *r&(2''L#'rr 6r 'L ;9&'.8. G5/7/D%7.8"./' *rr&' &n(n'#rr%r r #r &.--:' *)&&*' # 'n&r &'0'&=' >'Lr)!r'L &rnr* 5.8&'.G.--5D%.;8"9;' *r&2'L>Q>1rCnr r r)AL &($ &r#n !#n&n n#rr(r 5/9;G5/9;D%,8;"9,' #6&r' (#4$(!n '.'=&6'% r r=&5/9:' UUU r 'r&0E=1J)%rr r & .--;' UUU n4#!5$rr '' $ ##.r-n <#*n >EDD '=&6'%r r=& 5//-' #&)&'0r#nr'L2 6 n'L (rr7 :8&',G.--.D%7,:"7/' #&(&nrrrr r4 0&r r' L!)6rr'L "#r&rn FF' .G5//8D%5-5G.5D' #&+#'Lnr n'L n"# &r ;,&',G.--5D%9.-":7' #<&0&*1nr' r% '6rr%)&5//:' #r&r'L"rr"( n!nr 6rr4r?r'L n(r#! ,9&'5G5//7D%.:"7/' #&21!'Lrr2nr%B' r'L n"# &nn 89&'5-G5/95D%;--"-5' #+&Brr'Ln&21'L ("#&nn 9;&'.G.--9D%.,8"7:'

PAGE 284

.88 #r)& r#'&r)#0'L n!1 #r'L6 r &r0')&nr #* r&<< rrr&:-,'=1J)%n !nr&.--5X' #r&n&r' < &4r' L nr 9-&'5G5/;/D%;.";7' #r&'Lrr&6r& rr'L nr 5-8&': G5//8D%;5.":,' #_r&+nr'L=nn%!+ r2r&>0n $ &&nn#n '=1J)%Br()&5/9/' =r&n'&*r(n?=r'Ln r2r4rr% 6r 'L &r n .&':G5/9-D%,97":-:' 4&'L!rr&#nnn 2 nrrr 6r'L r#r&r &nn 5-&'.G.--8D%.78"8/' &+r'Ln&rnn'L n"#&rrr ;& '.G5/8;D%5./":.' r&1'&')'L>n A&+& 552Jnn'L rrrrn ,9&'5G.--/D% 5,:":7' r&rr'Lnrn'L &nn&*r(## .:&',G5//7D% .-.".7' n&n&r*'' n&r%#&## '=1 J)%4
PAGE 285

.89 &=r'L2rnr> rr'L (##H #(##>E;;I 8,&',G5//8D%:;/"98' r&0rr'L+nrr'L 58&':G.--.D%/7"559' &'L#>)'L 8;&',-:G5/;8D%78;"8/' nn&"n&'' r&r% '6rr% )n''&5/98' &' %n%+rn+n 'r&#'%() r r&5//9' 1r&'(' n#($(,#!! &nn rE=1J)&=J&%rr r &5//9' 1?&r'L4r r!rr'L nr 5-8&'5G5//;D%/8"5.9' r&' n&*# 'r&=''%rr r&5//8 r&'('Lnrrr%4*rr r 2'Lrrr *rr+'L n(r&rrr /,&',G5///D%;.7",;' )&#r'LBnn%*rr 2 !rr'L n"#&nn 89&'5.G5/95D%8:8";7' n&(' &nr'*E=1J )% n&5///' 1r&*'L2rn rr'L n"##r 55&',G5/;8D%,,7"::' &'4'Lnn'L &r#n(r 8/G5/89D% 9/"5-5' &r' nn$(nr '(n&'% > r1&5/9/' "#r&2'Lnnrn'L n"#&nn //&'5G.--.D%7,.":9' &2r#' n!# '=1J)%rr r &.--.' >&&nn'Lnrr& +n*&nr +'L n"##r 5,&',G5/;/D%,8-"9-'

PAGE 286

.8/ >&r'L!r&r& rrr4rr'L &rn ./&'.G.--5D%.58",;' >r&=r'Lrrrr rQ2r'L nr 5-7&'. G5//7D%.79"9,' >r)&1'&1*'(&#' 'Lnn4r n%#r6rr'L n(r#! .:&'5G5///D%//"55;' >rr&'LB=nS# rr#)rrQ nr%1=?r)&66r )! 6r rn*r&6(nAL (r"#rr r :8&',G5/99D%,77";.' >&n'Lr+ =nBn'L nr 8.& ',G5/;.D%585"8/' >&#' (4r#nn#% '&nrr' *E=1J)%nr()&.--:' Jrr&r&r0?1&r#r& rnr'Lr nrrrrr% rQr1r Br'L r 58&',G.--7D%.87",-9' J&Br'Lrr=r? r'L n(r"# r ;&'7G5/-5D%;9."/:' UUU 'Lnnr'L n(r"#r 9&'5 G5/-.D%79"8:' Jn&6r#r'Lrnr'L rnJ&rr 59&'5 G5//.D%;,"8/'

PAGE 287

nn ''n& r&1r r rrnn rnnr rrnr rnr nnr r n& r &rr1r1n&n& &&n&r&rr 1rrnn )


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