Green local governments in Florida

Green local governments in Florida

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Green local governments in Florida an analysis of sustainability and green building policies
Upadhyay, Naimish S
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[Tampa, Fla]
University of South Florida
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Dissertations, Academic -- Geography -- Masters -- USF ( lcsh )
non-fiction ( marcgt )


ABSTRACT: Sustainable development is increasingly being integrated within local government planning across United States. Many communities are attempting to translate this general principle into specific and measurable terms. The urban sustainability planning literature has mostly focused on descriptive case studies of pioneering cities that have been characterized as true innovators in their sustainability efforts. Noticeably absent from the literature, however, has been an examination of the sustainable development claims made by local governments undergoing 'green' certifications. This study evaluates the commitment and efforts of municipalities and counties of Florida within the framework of Florida Green Building Coalition's 'Green Local Government' standard through a web-based content analysis and a mailed survey. The findings indicate that local governments that have adopted this standard demonstrate a fairly high level of commitment to sustainable development. However, the adoption of specific local initiatives towards achieving this designation was found to be ad hoc and piecemeal. The findings also indicate that although some local governments have created novel incentive programs to promote green buildings, administrative, monetary and other barriers are preventing the growth of green building practice. Finally, the societal and economic aspects of sustainability were found to be insufficiently addressed in the local government initiatives as well as in the certification requirements.
Thesis (M.S.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Document formatted into pages; contains 109 pages.
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by Naimish S. Upadhyay.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Upadhyay, Naimish S.
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Green local governments in Florida :
b an analysis of sustainability and green building policies
h [electronic resource] /
by Naimish S. Upadhyay.
[Tampa, Fla] :
University of South Florida,
Title from PDF of title page.
Document formatted into pages; contains 109 pages.
Thesis (M.S.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text (Electronic thesis) in PDF format.
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ABSTRACT: Sustainable development is increasingly being integrated within local government planning across United States. Many communities are attempting to translate this general principle into specific and measurable terms. The urban sustainability planning literature has mostly focused on descriptive case studies of pioneering cities that have been characterized as true innovators in their sustainability efforts. Noticeably absent from the literature, however, has been an examination of the sustainable development claims made by local governments undergoing 'green' certifications. This study evaluates the commitment and efforts of municipalities and counties of Florida within the framework of Florida Green Building Coalition's 'Green Local Government' standard through a web-based content analysis and a mailed survey. The findings indicate that local governments that have adopted this standard demonstrate a fairly high level of commitment to sustainable development. However, the adoption of specific local initiatives towards achieving this designation was found to be ad hoc and piecemeal. The findings also indicate that although some local governments have created novel incentive programs to promote green buildings, administrative, monetary and other barriers are preventing the growth of green building practice. Finally, the societal and economic aspects of sustainability were found to be insufficiently addressed in the local government initiatives as well as in the certification requirements.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
System requirements: World Wide Web browser and PDF reader.
Advisor: Robert Brinkmann, Ph.D.
Dissertations, Academic
x Geography
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.
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PAGE 100

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PAGE 101

,8 &))&)$) (J(nn(&#I)(G+--8F 8#nn-$rn 2n $("rr"43 3"4rrnG+--7Fr3n rnr&nrrr n)+77:@-7(+'()J(#n(&)($ (3I& (JG+--BF2K $ n4 r6)r nr# n nn*nnr (8 rn(3G7,,=Fnrnr3 nr/G KF 8n!nn (,G:F(8B8@8,= '(&I$(""G+---F2n rn#n rK 8n!rnnn (<:,+rnrr(JG+-->F$rnN)@nn Y nnn 9nn (B8G7F(+,@8B $ nn(G7,,F3rn$r)5 rrrrr 4r3n@n4rr =8n!n&nn )n (+
PAGE 102

,: $r@#rGF n>nr &r"7=(+--,( rr CC///r@rCrrCn @n@rrn $r#G+-->I# #S7B@>> $r3 G+--,F nrn-nn) &rJ 7=(+--,(rr CC///r rC rZZr CrZC $(""G+-- #.$G+--BFrnrrN3 nrnr rn 8n!&rn*nnr (BF r rrn rn nnn rn /n nnn9nn B8G7F(78@+B )(G+--=nn$G+--:F nC!n' rr= &rr7(+--B( rr CC///rrnC$Cr CnZr[/

PAGE 103

,= nG+--BF &0 &rr7(+--B( rr CC///nCZnn$nrGF &rr7( +--B(rr CC///nnCCKnr-S\\ \\Inr7SInr+S $XnXrInr8S\\\\Inr:S\\\ \I =S=-Inr=S I!S/T+ %rnn$nrGF '*r &rr7(+--B( rr CC///nnCCK!S /C nn$nrGF #nn &rr7(+--B( rr CC///nnCCK!SC=8= > nn$nrGF nr#nn &r r7(+--B(rr CC///nn CCK!SC=8<8 r(6G7,,+F nnn!-($!#n n9n r(6G7,,,F n#nn 3r'C3 rnI'&G+-->F&/rn rrrr 8n!n (7=G7BF(7B>=@7BB= n(3)I.n(&JG+--+Frr rrnr &rn #n (8F)rr /n@ r 8n!&n&r (<+(8B8@8B> 6 ((I;r(G+--BFrn /nrn rrn &rn%rnr)/D G>F(:<,@:B+ 6(G+--:F)rnrr (r( rr %nn8n!&)n (+BG>F(<78@<8, 6(G+--@8<

PAGE 104

,< 4rrn$nn)rn4r rG+--BF %&%>n r!#nn &r#7(+--B( rr CC///nC5 KSnn@r@n 4(J)G7,,+J J()J+--:3 rrn #n rn3! $r 8n!n&nn)n (+8G8F(++,@+:7 .r$JG+--BF #nn-'$n $ G+ F/J2n.*'(./(JG7,,F$ nr "$nrrr$rG+-->F 9=#=!!*nrn r &r7(+--B rr CC///Cnr rrC rr "n(;2G7,,+F r = /?'' "rn(#G7,,+Frnn r rrnrr &rn 9nEn (:G7F(777@7+: /(./r(JG7,,,F #nnn-r r$ G7rF2r#$4n '(G+---Frnn rr rr rnnn !%!&& (78B(8@B rr(JG+---F n#n!-#n&r 3I 6r '(2&G7,,
PAGE 105

,> &(3nrIr nrrnG7,,>F rr%nCn-rn nnn nnrr ($& &1(n(&I.rn*(6G7,,BF6/r nr rrnr r nnn#nn (=B(<8@B7 &(2G7,,=Frnr rrK 8n! nn (,(8:8@8<7 &(2(2'n("G7,,r(#$G+--8Frnnn )!7 GF#n n rrrn nnG#rn#rr( rn(+-->F 3$nrrrG+--7Brrrn$nG+--BF 'n &rr7( +--B(rr CC///C/n 5K# r4#S88:-

PAGE 106

,B rrrn$nG+--BF &&$%n &rr7( +--B(rr CC///C# n 5K$ "4#S7B=+ rrrn$nG+--BF &&$)n#r &rr7( +--B(rr CC///C# n 5K$ "4#S+++ G+---Frr nrrrrnr #nn$r (B(7B-@7,;(G+--:Fnr !#nr>#n r( &rr7(+--B( rr CC///C C#rC-:-+n r 2(G+--+F'nrnr4 rr/r)rnJr n&r (>G7F(8=@:> 2'n("&(2G7,,F rr 15r2r(#G7,,8F n!n-&rnn n rnn /?'15r

PAGE 107

,, )#4$)

PAGE 108

7-$%%n8$94rnr rn $:,2,42&$2 9 &2$2,2;&$!-,',,$';$42& '2,9nnrrrrrn GFn%r rn nr4r rrn&/G4&Fr r3 4&rr r rrrr /n%r35rr%rnr rrrr rrrr/rr$r" $rrrn(r /rr rr nCrnr rrr rrr rrnrnnr n 0 nn (r rr n !!n (!n5 rrr r4& r(r r*D rrn E rnn4&nr rr! rrrr 4&n( r rrr nr nr3 nrr rnnrn/ nrn@' (/nnr rnr !r nr/nn /r3rrnr r rE/nnrrrr %rn rr rrnnrrrr r/rr nrr nrnrrr n4rnr(r n nrn*r r/nnn'nrr rnnrG$rC$rFr/ rn nn 2,9r%%n%% n rr3nnn n rr nrnr 9 7F+F3rn8FrnnrG1C# rrC rrrF :F$rC$r=F#r/r/ nr
PAGE 109

7-7 $%%n8$('n+ ))rn#G$@))#Fr nn $nrG$Frnr nnr$/r( $rrGr rrrFDn rE$Grr CC///nn CCK!SC=8<8 F 3rrr n r rn nC $r9r7+ rr nnrrrnn$ r nC nr $r 2,9r%%n%% n r31n (n>)+"n%r .%rrn %n%%n01.n rn9 <%?nr : n>9r$4rn!nrn' 6$rrnn$r n nrK n(r rnrr(n r$C$@))#rr rn nr nnr(nr rn r n( n rrGF/ r/ $r $39n)9!nrn0rnn6$rr nGr rrn n$Fr rn r @nrrnrr r$@))#C$rrK4 n nrrr n rrrnnrnn rrrrnn/( 5 rrnn( nrr nr r rnnrnr nr nnn 0 2@n nnn 0 ;n $n. n%%%n (%rn %n n+ nr(+ %%n ;nrnn n rn nnrn <':2'$2=,&,,,'=,2,,! 9 Drnn rEnL n rrrrr r r/rr rnrr rrrrr/

PAGE 110

7-+ $%%n8$('n+ M4rrn r rr /@/r( / r!nr( rnrr(n/rr( n ( n/r4r5 rr rnnr/nn r rnrr(nr r rn(nn nr%r3rr rr rrrr $rE rrnrr rnrr 2,9r% n .n%n 3rr3n 1n(nAB+%3 n%r3 1n"nrn%r .%r rn%n %%n.nrn9<% ?nr : nA9 #$rnn rrn rrrn( "C;rrrnrrn r(%r' rr rrrnrK4( n rrrrr n/n/rrr/r/nn rn(rrnr rr/nrr CCC ?ZZZ rr #r/ rnD9 6rnnn n$r Gnr r 9r+Fnn nrrr( $@))#$K4r/( rnrrr nn r$r n nK ZZZ?ZZZ 4?(rrn/r r r nE9 2rG5 rrFr% r rr rrr5r$rK nnrn/nn%r rrrnF9 2rG5 rrFr% rr rrr rr r5r$rKnnrn/nn %rrn/9 6$rrrr'nn rr nrn nC K4 ( nnrnn%r r'nrn/r /GFr n'

PAGE 111

7-8 $%%n8$('n+ ZZZ?ZZZ 4?(nr%r'nrr nB9 rnn rrrn rr r(!rGrL3)EMF rn n r$rr rnnr rK)5 nn/ n/n rn r/r$r $39

PAGE 112

7-: $%%n8!9!nrn%r n nrnr $r#G+-->I# #S7B@>> $r1nG+--,F &0#rrn &r J(7=(+--,(rr CC///rn rCnrC/'C5Z r $rnG+--,F rr@n &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC/// nnC/rCnC nCZ n $rnG+--BF #nn &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC/// nnCrC CrCrrZ n $rrrG+--BF *n5 &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///r rCCZZZr ZrZ $rrrG+--BF *n5&0 &rJ7=( +--,(rr CC///r rCCZ Z5rZ $r3GF #nn &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///rCrr@ n 5$r3 G+--,F nrn>nn) &rJ 7=(+--,(rr CC///r rC rZZ r CrZ C4&$rG+-->F )(=/??F",17 &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///CCrC4&$ZZ& nr+-->@78:

PAGE 113

7-= $%%n8!('n+ "@#$rG+--,F @#nr &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///CCrrZ n 1$rG+--BF )-nnr &rJ7=( +--,(rr CC///rnrC&CnC* =::*5=85/ +nn n* <<=++'*:rr=> /rr%C1#&nr +--B"-=

PAGE 114

7-< $%%n8'9!nrn%r n nrn"n &nn%rnn93/nnGF 'n%n &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///r/nnCrn$r#G+--,F #nnnr &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///C 5K S r rCn2'Cr nr$rnnG+--BF nn &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///rnnC1;)&")3C$r# rr"C$ r1C$nCrC:7BC#nr 5 $r6nn/G+--,F C &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///nn/nCC5r$rr"G+--BF (*nr &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///rC#nr 5$r1nG+--,F
PAGE 115

7-> $%%n8'('n+ 'n96nn$rG+--,F C &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///nnrCC"@#$rG+--,F *nr"$n#nn &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///CC "@#$rG+--,F &rJ7=(+--,( rr CCC/ C rnC4&$rGF rn#nn &rJ7=( +--,(rr CC///CC45r"r$rG+--,F *n &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///rnC rnC KZ S8=+(::7:,=IZS rnIZ S1&31$rG+--,F rnn%rrnn &rJ7=( +--,(rr CC///rnrC&CnC! :5/8n<<* !+=<5/r + !5'8+< 5r8r>>=%+C$nr$ 4 nrrn+7B-B F1$rG+--,F n &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///rnrCC2&)C rCrCnr rnn$rGF n &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC/// nnrCrnrC nrr r$rGF #nnn&rn# &rJ 7=(+--,(rr CC///rCrnr Cnr r$rG+--,F &rn)#n%n &r J7=(+--,(rr CC///rnC Cr

PAGE 116

7-B $%%n89!nrn%r !nrn"n 'nn9$rnnG+--BF n'nr &rJ7=( +--,(rr CC///rnnC1;)& ")3C$r# rr "Cn4 r# rrCnCr C+:7C#nr 5 $rr"G+--BF %n>!!nC#nn &r J7=(+--,(rr CC///r C%r 5 $rrGF A &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///rC4rC$r rCC? $rr$r3 G+--,F nrn&n) &rJ7=(+--,( rr CC///r rC rZZr C rZ CZrZ 'n9"@#$rG+--:F n%r(=?7?;?7-' #nn= &rJ7=(+--,(rr CC/// @ nCrCrr KrrS-:-,-:In SrInS?+--: "@#$rG+--=F n%r(=?G//,1-#nn '= &rJ7=(+--,(rr CC/// C rCrr KrrS-=++78InSrI nS?+--= "@#$rG+--=F n%r(=?G///G-&0)= &rJ7=(+--,(rr CC/// @nCrC rr KrrS-=+++=InSnInS?+-= "@#$rG+--=F n%r(=?F?7:1-#nn 'n= &rJ7=(+--,(rr CC/// CrCrr KrrS->-:<8InSrI nS?+--> "@#$rG+-->F n%r(=?F1?:?-'= &rJ7=(+--,(rr CC/// @nCrC rr KrrS->8-<-InSrInS?+->

PAGE 117

7-, $%%n8('n+ 1$rG+--,F n$rnr &r J7=(+--,(rr CC///rnrCC#)3C/rCn Cnr @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


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