The realization of the speech act of refusal in Egyptian Arabic by American learners of Arabic as a foreign language

The realization of the speech act of refusal in Egyptian Arabic by American learners of Arabic as a foreign language

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The realization of the speech act of refusal in Egyptian Arabic by American learners of Arabic as a foreign language
Morkus, Nader
Place of Publication:
[Tampa, Fla]
University of South Florida
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Subjects / Keywords:
Pragmatic competence
Pragmatic transfer
Role plays
Cross-cultural communication
Dissertations, Academic -- Secondary Education -- Doctoral -- USF ( lcsh )
non-fiction ( marcgt )


ABSTRACT: This study investigated how the speech act of refusal is realized in Egyptian Arabic by intermediate and advanced American learners of Arabic as a foreign language. It also compared the performance of the learners to that of native speakers of Egyptian Arabic and native speakers of American English. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between the learners' language proficiency and their pragmatic competence. In addition, it examined the extent of pragmatic transfer from L1 and whether there was a relationship between the degree of pragmatic transfer and the level of L2 proficiency. The study also examined how refusals are structured and organized at the discourse level. Four groups participated in the study: 10 native speakers of Egyptian Arabic, 10 native speakers of American English, 10 American learners of Arabic at the intermediate level, and 10 at the advanced level.Data were collected using enhanced open-ended role plays which consisted of 6 scenarios eliciting refusals of offers and requests in equal and unequal status situations. Both quantitative and qualitative data analytic methods were used for analyzing the interactions. Results show that there were important differences between the two learner groups and the native speakers of Egyptian Arabic with regard to the frequency of direct and indirect strategies and individual strategy use. For example, the learners used a higher percentage of direct strategies and a lower percentage of indirect strategies than the native speakers of Egyptian Arabic, especially in higher status situations. The learners also used a higher percentage of the Statement of Regret and Request for Information/Clarification strategies and a lower percentage of the Postponement and Hedging strategies than the Egyptians.With regard to differences between the two learner groups, the advanced students were able to engage in more negotiation and use an overall lower percentage of direct strategies and a higher percentage of indirect strategies than their intermediate counterparts. Evidence of positive and negative pragmatic transfer was observed in the two learner groups; however a higher degree of transfer was observed in the advanced students. Individual differences among the learners were found to play a major role in how refusals were realized.
Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
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Document formatted into pages; contains 389 pages.
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Includes vita.
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by Nader Morkus.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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Morkus, Nader.
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The realization of the speech act of refusal in Egyptian Arabic by American learners of Arabic as a foreign language
h [electronic resource] /
by Nader Morkus.
[Tampa, Fla] :
b University of South Florida,
Title from PDF of title page.
Document formatted into pages; contains 389 pages.
Includes vita.
Dissertation (Ph.D.)--University of South Florida, 2009.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text (Electronic dissertation) in PDF format.
ABSTRACT: This study investigated how the speech act of refusal is realized in Egyptian Arabic by intermediate and advanced American learners of Arabic as a foreign language. It also compared the performance of the learners to that of native speakers of Egyptian Arabic and native speakers of American English. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between the learners' language proficiency and their pragmatic competence. In addition, it examined the extent of pragmatic transfer from L1 and whether there was a relationship between the degree of pragmatic transfer and the level of L2 proficiency. The study also examined how refusals are structured and organized at the discourse level. Four groups participated in the study: 10 native speakers of Egyptian Arabic, 10 native speakers of American English, 10 American learners of Arabic at the intermediate level, and 10 at the advanced level.Data were collected using enhanced open-ended role plays which consisted of 6 scenarios eliciting refusals of offers and requests in equal and unequal status situations. Both quantitative and qualitative data analytic methods were used for analyzing the interactions. Results show that there were important differences between the two learner groups and the native speakers of Egyptian Arabic with regard to the frequency of direct and indirect strategies and individual strategy use. For example, the learners used a higher percentage of direct strategies and a lower percentage of indirect strategies than the native speakers of Egyptian Arabic, especially in higher status situations. The learners also used a higher percentage of the Statement of Regret and Request for Information/Clarification strategies and a lower percentage of the Postponement and Hedging strategies than the Egyptians.With regard to differences between the two learner groups, the advanced students were able to engage in more negotiation and use an overall lower percentage of direct strategies and a higher percentage of indirect strategies than their intermediate counterparts. Evidence of positive and negative pragmatic transfer was observed in the two learner groups; however a higher degree of transfer was observed in the advanced students. Individual differences among the learners were found to play a major role in how refusals were realized.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
System requirements: World Wide Web browser and PDF reader.
Advisor: Camilla Vasquez, Ph.D.
Pragmatic competence
Pragmatic transfer
Role plays
Cross-cultural communication
0 690
Dissertations, Academic
x Secondary Education
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.


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PAGE 100

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PAGE 101

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PAGE 102

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PAGE 103

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PAGE 104

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PAGE 105

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PAGE 106

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PAGE 107

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PAGE 108

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PAGE 109

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PAGE 110

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PAGE 111

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PAGE 112

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PAGE 113

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PAGE 114

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PAGE 115

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PAGE 116

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PAGE 117

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PAGE 118

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PAGE 119

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PAGE 120

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PAGE 121

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PAGE 122

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PAGE 123

.1> $n#r#"$"#n#$'#' #"#'#r,#$0,##n##r#)n# *,'#"#r#)n-2#n# #,*r$$-"@M-rr(4nG 4rn<* %5$nD.221E 4n*#*"#$#D'# ,'#*###r ,'##-2##*'r, '#,#n*' n##""'#r#$##r'-0# ,*r#$##*#* #n#?"#$'##$#,#" #E$#-#'# #""'#n#nnr-"AM-rr( nn 4rn<* *%5$n D.221E*4nD4n&nE nnnr D57*.22BI54*.22?I*# *
PAGE 124

.1? rnnrnr+ 7nnrrrrr 4 nnnnnn( r+ 2#*"#"'#,#'#*# "#$#'-2#" #'"#$6'r#'# *-0rr$ "#'#,#6'r"##, #$n6'r#"$'#"#"'#"#"" '#$#'# #-'#n'n#">M-rr(Gn4 4nn+G4& *4rn <**%5$nD.221E 4& nnn=+
PAGE 125

.1B *$"#?n, $-n'##""n nn'#n#,$n" #rn-)# r###r'"#-0# ,*"#'## '#"#nnr$#'"#$$%#&'&#' rnr&rnn4n nrnn nnnnnnn4 nnr rnrnn*nnn 8n+7n* 8nrn"&nrD 8HEnnnnn nnnnrnnnn 4nn*4nn nnnn nnnnr4 nn+nnn nnnnnnn nnnrnnn+ G4&*4 nn8nnr44 (nn nn4nnnn4 rnn rr+7nr&&*n nnnnn nnn&n+ rnnnnr& nnrnnn n(nnn+"r nnnnrnnrn nrnnn+ %#&' nnrn4n 84 nnnnD8r n&8

PAGE 126

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PAGE 127

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PAGE 128

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PAGE 129

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PAGE 130

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PAGE 131

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PAGE 132

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PAGE 133

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PAGE 134

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PAGE 135

..B /50$$'#"(!#n#&#n "nn n !n#n rD01E # .E <;n 0E #n /E -"r7n&4D-"7E @E n&r D.1E #.E <;n< 0E #n /E n&r nD.1E #F:#n .E <;n# 0E #n /E

PAGE 136

..2 !n 8#n# !nnnn 4nnnn nrn8&nn n+
PAGE 137

.01 nn&*5&*rn nn+ nn& &&nnnn4r nn& rnnn4n&n n+ nn&n n4rn&nnrr nnnn+ G*' 8HGD.222*+/?E* nrrrn nn!#nnn nn4nn nnn*n+ r*nnnn rnnnnn &r+n nn&nn5n rnnn+ 8*85Ennn r4r nn& rn+

PAGE 138

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PAGE 139

.00 n5+8rnn rnnn44 r"A4nrr nnrn+ .0/@A>?B2 ("(("(("(("(( RSTUVWXYZRU[Y\]^_`ab[YcdefgWh-3*JK&=nnn ijkbijkblmnRoVUlmnRoVUpfq74nH7=n7=n7r7rrsRt\uavwURSYUR\7nr xY\RSydze{|}U[Tj`[Tj`ijkb +++ ijkbpfq7r77n+++7 4nH7r ~R}ZlW€_X‚lW€_X‚gh-3*'nnn'nnn~R|UVWdUpfq[Tj`ijkb7r774nH7&ƒ„…†Lpfqpfq74nH74nHgWh-3 7nnn*nrnnrrr5 nrnnn nnr(.0+n rn5nn& /nB+7nrnn*nn nn(.E8C 8$" 0E'nnrD++*7&nrH E 8,#:# */E!n r 8n +7nn*n5*n nnrrn nn(8C*nnnr nn&*7&nr H+7nnnnnnnnn nn!nnn n777n+7nn nnn8n nn=nnnrrD0 E*4nnnrnnrn nn+7n4nnnn8 nnn=nn nrnnrnn77 nnnnnrn77+7n

PAGE 140

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PAGE 141

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PAGE 142

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PAGE 143

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PAGE 144

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PAGE 145

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PAGE 146

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PAGE 147

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PAGE 148

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PAGE 149

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PAGE 150

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PAGE 151

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PAGE 152

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PAGE 153

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PAGE 154

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PAGE 155

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PAGE 156

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PAGE 157

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PAGE 158

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PAGE 159

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PAGE 160

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PAGE 161

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PAGE 162

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PAGE 163

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PAGE 164

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PAGE 165

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PAGE 166

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PAGE 167

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PAGE 168

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PAGE 169

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PAGE 170

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PAGE 171

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PAGE 172

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PAGE 173

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PAGE 174

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PAGE 175

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PAGE 176

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PAGE 177

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PAGE 178

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PAGE 179

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PAGE 180

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PAGE 181

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PAGE 182

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PAGE 183

.>> @5/#7$#"*9'%# &' 7 nnnn ". ?/ B+0 .1B ?+B 2@ .1+A >? .>+1 "02/?+/.1.2+0..?.1+?A@.>+2"/.1/>+A./AA+2.A/2+0>@.>+1"@B/.1+/.1@.1+>./..A+/B?.A+/"A2>A+@22A+B.A2>+2?A..+@">BBA+0..BA+1.@?2+..>AB+@CA/>?+1>>A?+/B1..1+.A.0.0+2 nnrrnr 4nnn rn&nnr nn4rn( n rr+4nnrr nr+@5A 4nn*rn7nnn rn4&n &n4 nrr+& n rn4r nn4 rrr+n4 4nnnn rn4rrr n4r n+

PAGE 184

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PAGE 185

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PAGE 186

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PAGE 187

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PAGE 188

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PAGE 189

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PAGE 190

.?/ 7nnnnnnn+ *4nn'nnr* nnnnr 'nnrD.2+2‡E*n 4r4nn.?+>‡*nn n.A‡rn 7n.@+?‡+ $nn!nrnn* @5@44*nn nn4nnr nnn +7nn r..+>‡rnnn. >+/‡rnnn +nnn4nn r nnnn *nr.1+@‡rnn n+nn4 nnr nnnn7 nr.>+>‡r nnn+n"nn n4nnr n nnnn nr nnn nn7+7nnnn nnnn nn4n&nn 4nnnr rrnnn"nn n+r4nn 4nn&rnn nnr nnn n"nnn*n&r rn&nn+ "rn&J7rKnn4nnr nnn* nnnn nrnnn+ @5@4&&r nnrn &nnn8r nn+

PAGE 191

.?@ @5@4*'':#r #n 7 ‡‡‡‡ !nnn "rn&D7rE.1+1?@1+A n.@?.>+@.>0.>+/.A>..+>B?.1+@ n"n.A1.>+>.0..0+0.1/?+?.0@ .@+B n02?//+10B/0B+A0>1.2+/0.A0A+? 7nnn nn&/0/+>>1>+1@2/+>///+2nnnrn>>?+/B0B+/0?0+1/@@+.8C.?0.2+.01101+.0AB.2+0.B.0.+?nnr"+r + ./.+@.1.+1...+.A1+> nr7r0?/+1/0/+0/A0+>.?0+1rn@1+@B1+B.1+1?.1+."nn.A.+?B1+B@A/+/A1+>"rn?1+?@1+@A1+@01+0nrrnGB>2+>B>B+?.@@.1+?.0>.A+1"&.1+.@0/+./1+@G.A.+?...+.@./+1.B0+0$.?.+/>1+?

PAGE 192

.?A @5@DnE #n 7 ‡‡‡‡ 7nnn r5!rA1+>>1+>B1+>.1.+0nnnr"01+021+?@1+A n&# 01+0.01+2.1+. +r%n.1+.A1+A/1+0.1+.C4n/1+/.1.+10A.+2.1+.#nC2.+1.@.+@/.0+/./.+>%r.1+.0@.+B.1+.nn#n@1+@.01+201+0:/1+/.1.+1>1+@A1+>H&&>1+?A1+A./.+11@1+An"n@1+@/1+/.1+. n@?1A0+0A>.A>+AB.B>1+B@?@A>+? 'nnr HnnCn @2A+@/2/+2@@/+/@>A+A "n&-?AB+/>B>+B.@@.1+?2@..+07&rH>1+?/?/+?A1/+?nnnrn.1+.@1+@0A.+2?1+B7nn=nnn.1+..1+.@1+/n./0.@+?.@2.A+10>?.2+2.@?.?+>

PAGE 193

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PAGE 194

.?? @5A >#.;'8n':#r 7 n 8C 8C 8C 8C nrrGnrrGnrrGn rrG nnnn&nnnn&nn&"nnn n& rn nr7r nr7r nr 7rG 8n"nnF G #nG nr7r &nnnr"n r n G nr 7rn #n n#nnnF 4nF: #nr5!r n"r n rnF"nn n$ nH&&C n r5!r%r 7rn nnF"nn

PAGE 195

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PAGE 196

.?2 nnnnrnn nr7 rnC#rnnn r nnnn4+ nnrnn4n nrn*4 #nA+ $nn'nnr*@5>4 &rnr n'nnrrn r+nr n nnr4nnrnn nr"n&-* n+nn4r n nn4nnn4 +7nnrB+/‡rnn n7*>+B‡r nnn*.1+?‡r nnn ..+0‡rnnn+@5> >#.;')n':#r 7 n "n&"n&"n&"n&HnnHnn7&HHnn 7&H7&HHnnn nnF n nn nr nnnnn4 n 4HnnCn4rnn *n47&nr

PAGE 197

.B1 H+nnnnn n4nn4 nnnr nnn *nr/+?‡rnn n1+?‡rnn n7+nn nnnrnC# n7n@nn n+G4&*n4r nn nnn* 0AnnnIn ?nnn+ nnnnnHnnCn nnn n4n+ 7nr4nnnr nrnn rn8"4 n+7" 8nrn&nn 4n+4 r4nnrnnr n!n7n nn'nnr+rn nr nnn 4&+ 4nnn n+ %#&' 7n"nnn4nn 4n= nn 4nnn=nn+*n nn4nnn nr nr nnn nnn+@5.14 &&nnrn& r!n7nnn4 'nnrnrn "+

PAGE 198

.B. .=!n7nnn'nH ". 7n"nn4 nr!nr nnnnn4+n nnn4nn r!nnnnnnn +*nn r7nnn nnnn4( >/+@‡r7*>A+@‡r*>A‡r+ n*nn *nr7 nnnD??+/‡E+ nnrr4#nA +$nn'nnr* nn4r 'nnr4 nnn4+@5.1& 4nnn4n nn44n nr rr # ) $%r&'%r'(&%r

PAGE 199

.B0 !n7nnn+r4 8n&nn nr n "+ !nnnnn4nr n n&nn4 nnnn*nr.2+2‡r nnn*n4 r4nn"nnn*4 nr..+B‡rn nn+7nnnn4n &nnnn n"nnnr nD.2+ @‡Ennnnn D./+@‡E+
PAGE 200

.B/ nn+@5?4n rnr&n r nnn" .+ @5?>#.;'8n':#r %#&' 7 n n n 8C nF#n 8C8C%r 8C #n#nnF&G nnn& nr7rGn n&F r5!r rn nr7r F& nn&Frn nn&F nr7rF#n & rn7nnnn"4 n4 +8*nnn"nn nn#nrn nnn+*nnn $n n+nn:n nnnn n&# n n nn+*

PAGE 201

.B@ 4nnnrnn nnn4 n*nnnn+ nnnnr"nrn nn7nn nrnnn +"rn8r& nn".+ *nn4rn 4nr'n nrnnn4+'n nrnr/+?‡r nnn7nnnn /+2‡rnnn &nn+G4&*rnn4* nnr.1‡r nnn.0+>‡rn nn+ nnnr"n&-C n4n'nnr n nr+nr n'nn 4nnnnC#*nr/+2‡ rnnn*r nn47&nrHD0+A‡ E+nn nr n'n47&n rHrn Hnn7nn=nnnrn 7+ %#&'B 7"0nnn4 n r nr& n4n4/8nn+ "rrnrnrn" nnnnnnn4n nn+@5..4 &&rnr rn! n7nnn'n nrn"+7 n"*n&*

PAGE 202

.BA nn4 nr!nnnnn n4+ .=!n7nnn'nH "0 n4 nr!nnn(/?+@‡r n7/?+?‡rn+7 nnn".*n n4nnr!nn nD.0‡En nnnnn/.+2‡+ 7n"*".*n nnnn4nn n+$n n7nnn*nn4 7nnn nnnr4nn n+ nr7n nn*4nr?0+>‡ # $%r&'%r'(&%r

PAGE 203

.B> rnnnn"+ n*n7n nnnrA@+?‡rnn n7A2+>‡r nnn+ n4nn r7nnnnrDA1+2‡ E+$nn'nnr* nnn4n D.?+0‡En4r4 nD.A+/‡E+n4 4 nr'n*4nr?+2‡ rnnn7 0+>‡+rnnn + !nrnnn 4&n n4nn4nrn n"n+n7 nnnnnr.B‡r nnnnrn nnr01+A‡rnnn +n"n nnnr.2+@‡rnn n7.?+0‡r nnn+n4 4rrnnn nnn4nrn nnn*4n r/+/‡rnnnn @+/‡rnnn +G4&*n nrnn "nnnn0?+>‡nn nB+?‡+ $nn7nnnr n*nnr n nn48Cnrn n0A‡rnnn rnr+nnnrn4n nr n 7nnnnn4n r.1+.‡.A+2‡r nnn7n &+7n4nn

PAGE 204

.B? r nnnnD.1+/‡E+ 7nnnnnnnn nnnrn4nrnnr n nnnn ".*nnr n nnn"0+ n*nnr n7 nnn"04 GD?+/‡E+nnr n7 nnnnr 4nnnrnn&+@5B4r rnnr n nnnr"0+@5B >#.;'8n':#r %#&'B 7 n 8C 8C 8C 8C nnGnnn&nn&nn&n n& n nr7rr5!r nr7 rr5!r rnG*r5 !rF" nr7rFG nnF%r $ 7nnnnnnnnn7n nn4 rnnnrn+8*n %rC7rnnn nn+nnnnn nn4

PAGE 205

.BB "rnnn+ -7nnnnn nrnn4nn nrn4 n$nnnn4n n/nnn+7n nnnnnnn4/nn nnn7n 4nrnrnnn n4(nnnr "*C4n*:+rn n4nnn4 +*n7nnn rnn#nrn 4nn4nn nn7+ nnr4rn #nA+"rn8 r&nn"0 *n'nnrnn nn"4 nnnnr".+7 nnn".*n nnnr'nD.?+0‡E nn4n nD0+>‡E+*nnn ".*n nrn'nnnn4 +Gnn r n'n4nnnnr"n &-C+n r nnnn4Hnn Cnn 4nHnnCn7& nrH+n r n'nn74H nnCnnrn n4nnnrnC#+7r nnnnnnnr nC#4nn "+7nnnn nnnnnn nn7&nrH* 4>nnn4 /nn+*n

PAGE 206

.B2 nnHnn7nn=nnn4n nnnr + %#&'D "nn&n4n nnrr nn nrrnrnnnnnn rn&4nnnn nn+7nnnnnn nr nrn&4 r'nrr=n +@5.04n& rn&r r!n7 nnn4'nn rn"+ .=B!n7nnn'nH "/ # $%r &'%r '(&%r

PAGE 207

.21 7nnnnn&"." 0*nn4 nr!nnnnnn4 *4n7n0?+?‡ nn/1+@‡+G4&*"."0 *nnr!n nnnn44(?+ 2‡rn2‡r n+nnn "."0n nr!nnnn n+$nn 7nnn*nn4 nrnn4 nr?A+/‡rnnn ?/‡rnn n+n4 nnn nn444>0+/‡rn7 >0+?rn +n4n r'nnrnn n4(.>+B‡rn.B‡ rn+7nn nn4nnn&"."0*n nr'nnn+ nnrnn4 #nA+7n"*n7nn nnnr 'nnn&nn+ nnn7nn nn"."0n rn'nnn &nn+!nrnnn" nnnnn rrnrnnn". "0+8*4nn4 4nr!nnn nnn4 nn4n"."0*n!nn n4rrn+7" /nnrnrnn nrnnnn

PAGE 208

.2. nn+*4nnnn nn* n.1nnn+G4&*4n nnnr "nnnnnn r rnnn DB‡EnnnD0+>‡E n"."0+* nnn"."0*nnn nrnn nnnn7+*nn4 n"."0*n7 nnnrnn "nnnnn &nn+nn"rn&4 nrn n"+$nnn7nrn nn*nnn 8C4nnr nnn nr4n( 7**+nr nnn n*n n*4nnnrnn& 02n+G4&*nnnn nnnnn8Cnn *0Bn+7n nnnnnnnn nr n8CnnD@.‡Enn D0A+?‡E*n7D0/+.‡E nD.?+@‡E+rnrr nrnn&". "04nnnnn nnrnnn+ nr nnnnn4 4nnnrnn& n4nnr nn nn7*4n nnnnrn nr7rn C#rnnn+*n nnnnnnnnnnnnn rnnnrn nr nnnnn4 4n+7n

PAGE 209

.20 4nnr nnn". "0rnn "/n4nnn nr nnnr rn+*nnnn 4n"."0*n4rn nr nnnnn +@524& rnr&nr nnn "/ @52>#.;'8n':#r %#&'D 7 n 8C nn& 8C 8C n* nn&F nr7r 8Cnn&nn& nnn nr7rnnG nr7rn& # nr7r rn"nnF "rn nn"nn"nn* G*%rFnn#n

PAGE 210

.2/ 7"/*"."0*r7n nn4n rn+8*nnnn nr"nrn n4 n8nn+nn n*"nn*4 n8nn+nn* nnnnn#nr n4n8nn 7+nnn nnn&"04nn nn4nn4 n&nnnnn7n nnn+4 n#nAn+7nnn n8nnnnn4 +8*nnn" &C# nn+7nAnn 4/nn+n nnnnnn4n &# n n* 4.0n4/n nn+4nnnnn nn4rn* *H& &Cn*n4+nn C4nn 7nn+*nnn #nC nn+"rn8r&nn "/+'nnrn"/ nn"."0 nnnnr nnn4nn nr"n&-C n+G4&*nnr n nn4nnr n+8*rnn4n4 nnnrn#+ 7nnnAn nn+n r nnnrn74Hn nCnrn

PAGE 211

.2@ n47&nrH+ nnnn 7&nrHnn4n+ 4n nnnnHnnCn nn+7rn*n r&rrnnnn'nn 4rnnn nn4n+ %#&'= n"0nnnn nnn4n nn+G4&*nrrr"0n nnnnn4 rrnnr n+ @5./44*n" nnnn&"0+ 7n"*"0*n 4nr! nnnDB+0‡Enn n+n nr!n nnnn7 nrnnnD0@+>‡E nnnD.B‡EnD.2 +?‡E+

PAGE 212

.2A .=D!n7nnn'nH "@ 7nnnnnnrr n4nn4 nrn!nnn+7n rrnnnn&n& n"+$nn7nnn *nnn"0*n 4nr7nnn D@@+/‡Ennn7 DAA+>‡EnDA@+B‡E+* nnn"0*n nnnr7nnn* 4nr>2+A‡rn nnn+*4n n'nnr*n4n nrr4n4 nn& "+8*nnnn &"*n nnnr'nD/A+2‡En 7nnnnn4n D.2+?‡E+G4&*n&nn*rnr nn*nr # $%r&'%r'(&%r

PAGE 213

.2> 'nD0?+.‡EnnD00+/E+ nnnrn 4#nAnnrn!nrnn n"rrn r4n4&n&"+ nnrrnn nn4n4nn rnnnn*4 nr0+.‡rnnn n7/+@‡rn nnn+nnn n4n nnnn+$n nnnnnn4 nnnnnnn n&n "*4n7nnnnnn "nnn r nnnnnnn& nnn& nn+*nnnnn& n&"*n nrn" nnnD.?+>‡Enn D>+2‡E+*nnnnnn rrn4nn4 nnn"nn n4nn7n00+A‡r nnnn.@+?‡rnn+ rrn4n4&n& "+*nnn "rn&4n /nn*n 4nn+$nnn7nnn*nnr n7nnn rn"4n8 Cnn*nnn 4nnnn&n&" +nnnr/.‡r nnnn7*/@+A‡r nn*//+2‡

PAGE 214

.2? rnnn*r 0?+A‡rnnn +nnr n nn4rrnrn rrnnn4n nn4+ 8*nnnr n nnrn7nn nn4"nnn*rn &nn4n "nn*nn nr7rn C#rn+nn4 nnr nnn4 G+G4rn nrnnr nnnn n4+@5.14 &rnr&nr n nnn "+

PAGE 215

.2B @5.1>#.;'8n':#r %#&'= 7 n 8C 8C 8C 8C "nnnGGF nr7r n"nnF nr7r "nnnnr"n rn n nGG$nF "nn rn nr7r Fn"n nr%n nn&nn&F rnn4 n"+ 8*n4nnn n("rnn n7nC4n n n+4rnnnn nnn4( $*r5!r*nn#nrn *"&C#+ nnrnnnr"" nn4 +7n*nnn nr% nC#n4

PAGE 216

.22 nn4nnnn +*nnn n"n4nn4 +"rn 8"r&nn "@+ 'nnnrnnnnn n"4 nn&n&n "nnnnr n nn4nnnr"n&-C n+$nn4 nnn nrnnn D8n.>‡E*n74 nD.1+>‡E+ nr nnnn4 HnnCn+n4 nnnn r nnn +7rnnnnn nrnnn +*nnn7&nrH 4nn4 n+$nnn nnnnn r nnnD/+2‡Enn nD.+/‡E+4nn n&n"+ %#&'A 7n"nnn4n rrrrnr nnnr+" n".nnnnn nn4n nn*n rrnrnn"nnn nnn4rrnn r n+$nnn nn*n"rrnrn& rnnrr nnnr!nn n*4@5.@4+

PAGE 217

011 .==!n7nnn'nH "A 7nnnr! nnnD/@‡En4 r4nD/.‡E+!nn nnr0B+>‡r nnnnn n+7 nnrrnrnn&n& r"*n n4nr!nnnn nn+" rrnrn&nnn nnn nr7nnnnn n+7rnnn nr7nnn4n D@0+.‡En n4nD/B+?‡E +7nnn nr/1+.‡rnnnn 0?+.‡rn nnn7+n&n nnn" $%r&'%r'(&%r

PAGE 218

01. rrnrn&n4nn r r'n+%n &r"4n nnnn nr'n*n"n nnn D@.+/‡En4r4n7 n/B+2‡+ nnnr'n( /1+/‡02+/‡n&+ nnnrnn4 #nA+ !nnnn" rrnrn n&r+-nn&n nr rnn nnr+*n *rnrnn* nrnnnnnD.1+@ ‡Enn"n nnD.B+.‡Enn&r "+G4&* nn4nnn&n& "*n nrn"nnnnn +7n"n 7nrnnn nD.>‡Enn D..+@‡E*rnrnn+‡rnnn *.>+0‡rnn n0?+?‡rnnnn +n r nnn4rrnrnr +G4&*nn n4n4&n&"=*nn nnnnrnnn rnnr nnnn n44n

PAGE 219

010 +nn4nn "@nn nnr nnn+ nr nnnn *nn*4"nn*4 nr>+>‡r nnn+7 nnnr n nnn+nnn nn4nn nn4n4nn nrnn&*n n@nnnrrn +@5..4&nr nr&nr n7nnn rnr"A+ @5..>#.;'8n':#r %#&'A 7 n 8C 8C 8C 8C nnn&"nnnn& "nnn:n* "nnFnn nnn&nn4nG F$ F +r7r rnn n "nnnF

PAGE 220

01/ 7nnnnn&n& "*r 7nnn48& rn+8*n r4nnn4n ("&C#* nnnr"C"*nn# nrn+ nnnnnn4 8&n"@ 8&+nn"&C# 48& n"/n&+nn G4n 8nn7+nn: nn nn4r nnD> nEnn DE+nnnnn48 &n&nn n4C4n+* nnnn4 nn44$+rn nnn4& n+"rn 8;r&nn "A+'nn" 4nnn &r"nnrr nn+-n nnnnr n'n4nnn r"n&-C n+nn nrnnn nnn+7nnnnn nnnnn4 r nn"A"@+ nnn "&&rrrr+7nnn nnnrnr nr nnnHnnCn*44 r n"@4+G4&* nnrrnrnn&"@*4 nnn

PAGE 221

01@ nrnnn*"An7 nnnD.?+/‡E n4r4D.1‡E*n D2+0‡E*rn D?+?‡E+nn7&nrH 4nn4 *nn4nnnn& n&"n& nnnr nnn7n nnn+n nnr nnn+7r nn0@nn n?nnn+nn Hnn7nn=nnn 4n+*n nnnnnr nC#nn+ %#&'C ">n"@An nnnn4n n4rr+G4&*nrrnrn n4"nnnrr 44nnnnn n+7nnnnnn nn4rrrr: n4'nr nn4nnn=*4+ @5.A4&& nnrnr+$nnn !nnn*">n "Annnnnn r!nnnnn4 "nn&r+#nn4 nnn&n& "*n7nnn r!nnnn/B+2‡+ nnr!nnn 4nD/.+>‡E* nnnD/1+/‡E*nn nD0?+0‡E+7n ">*"@"A*n7nn nn nr!nnnnn& nn+$nn7n

PAGE 222

01A nn*nnnn D>@+B‡E*n nnnDA2+/‡E+ .=A!n7nnn'nH "> n4nnn r7nnn*4nn 7nA@+@‡rnnn A@+B‡rnn+7n nnnnnn4n nnnr7n nnnrnr"*" >*"A*nnnn 7nnnr n4 nnnn+* n'nnr4nr n nD.B‡E*r4 nD.1+@‡E*nn7D>+?‡E* rn D/+A‡E+7nnnnnnnnn nnrrnrn # $%r&'%r'(&%r

PAGE 223

01> nn&"@"A4 nr'n 4r+nn nn&". 44nr'n4+ r4n nn&nnnnn nnnnr !n7nnn4'n nr+ n*n!nrnnn nn"> rrnrn&n &"+7n" nnnnr nrnn nnnn&"+ nnD/.+.‡E4 n7n4nD0@+.‡En +7nnnnn nnnn"*"A* n7 nrnnnnnn +7nrnr"* 4&*nnn4&+" rrnrn&r& nnnr&4n rnn"n nn+nnrn" nnnD?+B‡E4 n7n4nD0+A‡En +r!nnn n"4rn#nA+ $nn7nnn*nnr nnnrn 4n7nnrrnG+n &*nnn nnn5rnnr nnn4 ">+7n"nnnn4 rrrr'n4 nnrrnn4 nnn=+ nnrnnn8 nn'nnnnJ4n

PAGE 224

01? Knnn'nJn4n n+K88r n7nnrrnGnn+nn 4nr nn nnr@2+0‡rnn n+7 n&r nD@@+>‡E+ nnnn& r nnnnn4n nr/?+?‡/>+>‡r nnnn&+7nnnn nnnn4nn8nr ".*">4n"4n8 Cnn4nnn r nnnr+ nr nnn ">4nnrnr+G4&* 4nrnn nn4&n&"4 nn44n n8nn4n nnnnr+ nnr nnnr nn44r n4(8C:+ nnr n nnn*nn*4 "&C# #nC+@5.04& rnnr n nnnrn"+

PAGE 225

01B @5.0>#.;'8n':#r %#&'C 7 n n7nn-rrnG n7nn-rrnG n7nn-rrnG n7nn-rrnG 8C8C"&8C ::#n:n4n4n4n"& F rn nr7r"#n* 4nFnn& rn7nnn48& rn+nnnnnn4G nnn 8&nn4 nr7r nC#rn+7n nnnnnnnnnn: nn n+nnnnnn4n nn8C4n nr nnnnn4 4n* nnr1+A‡rnn n+*4n "&C#nn4n n4*n4

PAGE 226

012 rrnr rrn nnn4nn4+$ n/nnnn /Annn*n nrn2‡rnnn nn+7nnnn nnnnnnn4Bnrn .1nnn*n4 0nrn.1nn n+nnn nn4nn44#n Cn4 nnnnnrn"&C# nn(4n nn*n0>nn n+nn4 @nnn+"rn 8r&nn ">+ $nn'nnr*n4 ">rrn nnrnn&&"+ rnrrnnnn nnnr"n&-Cn 4nnr n nnrn4rnr*n 4n7D/+>‡En D0‡E+nr nnnr n4nnnr nD@+.‡E+nn4n nnnnn rn.‡rnnnnn+ nr nnnn 47&nrHD2+0‡E+ nn4n nr nnnnn nnnr n nnrn7+nnHn nCn4 rnn4nr n n*nrA+/‡ rnnn+*nnnH nn7nn=nnn4 nnn4n n+

PAGE 227

0.1 7nr4n4nnnn r!n7n nn4'nnrn 8"nn nnn44nnn nrr+n nnn'nrr*! n*7n*'n4n 4nn&n84 n4n4rrn nnnrnnnn&n nnn+nr nrnr rrnnn4 rrnn8nrn nn+rnnnn! nrnn*nn nn+nnn4nrrn nnnn nn4n8rn +nnn nrrDrr n&+rrEr rnnn+ (n (n'%#&' rn&nn48 @5./@5.> 4nnn7nnnnn nnr!nnn &"8nn4("0D
PAGE 228

0.. nn+7*nnnn &rnr+4 n#nA+@5./ (n'%#&' 7 ‡‡‡‡ ". @@ /0+B @/ /.+> .A .0+> 0/ 00+/ "0A0/?+@A?/?+?.B.0+1/?/.+2"//>0?+?@2/1+@.A?+222+1"@/A0@+>/0.B+1.2B+00B.2+?"AAA/@+1@10B+>?@0B+>/?/.+1">?A/B+2>00?+0..2/1+/B./.+> $nnn*n44 nnnnn8n nnnnrrnrnn n4nn nrnr"+8n "/D7n&4E4n nnnr!nn nn+n nn&nnn"A> D!nF#nEnn4 n& nr!nnn+ 7nnnnn rnnnn* ">+

PAGE 229

0.0 .=C!nnn" (n' nnnrrnrnn8n rnrnnnr !nrnnnr+"0D 4nn4 nrrr n r4nnnnD++*r =n'nE+ !"!"!"!"! "!"

PAGE 230

0./ @5.?44nnn nn4nn4 nnnn* n4nnnr4 nn4nn nn+ .=@!nnnnn $nnr r!nnnn 4 nn nn*nn4nn nnn+ nnnnn4 nr!nnn4 nn4n4* nn+ nr!nnnrnn nnnnn n+&nn nrnnn rnnnnn*4n 7nnnnnn n

PAGE 231

0.@ nrnnnrnn nnn+7nnn nnnnn&nn*nn7 nnnn*8nnn nnnn*r 4nn nr!nnn4nn4 n nnn4 nn4nn4 nn+7nnnn nr!nnn4n n4n4nn n4nn4nnn + *nn&nrn rnnrr .+7n4nnnn rnnr4nn &nnn4nn7nnn n+ n&Dnn7nnEnn n8nnnnn nnnn8nnn&r +7nnnn nn8nnnnn &nn+ .7# .7#'%#&' n8nrnnnn *4rn!n rnn+nn4nr rn8nn nnnnrnrnn &nnrr n+@5.@@5.B4 nnr+rn &nnnnnnnr nrnn"n rnnrn nnnnnn4

PAGE 232

0.A +$nnnnnrnr nn"n& nnnrnnn nn7nnnn+ @5.@ .7#'%#&' 7 ‡‡‡‡ ". .B ./+@ 0? .2+2 / 0+A @ /+2 "00A.B+1/.01+AA/+/A@+/"/.A..+A0?.>+B.1A+0..+1"@/0+.>/+@01+211"A0>.>+1.>..+@0?.1+@?A+2">>1/.+.AA0@+..120?+??10?+/

PAGE 233

0.> .=Fn" nrrn*4&*rnr4 n"D@*A*>E 4nn48nnnnn nn8nn n4+rrn4nrn n"nr4 nnnnrnn rr nnr4nr rrr+$nnnnn nnn4nnrr nnn4nnrnn nn"@*4r rrrnn+7"A"> nn4nn nn4nnn4* nrn nn">n"A+7nn4" *n*n7nnnn nnnnr nnn &nn+ r*+r&r,!-r&$r.r'&

PAGE 234

0.? #nr4nnn rnnnn4 nnn8nnn nnrrnrn +nn n"@*"A*">nn nn&nn*nnn7n nnn*nnnn nnn+ n".*"0*"/*4&* 4nnnr4nn nnrrnrnn8n n+$nnnnn nnn4nnn& nnr4&4nr nnnnnn nnnn nn+ .7#'n84nnn=nn rrnnrnn nn+rnnn rnnnn4 rrr nr4 nn*n4nn 4rrr nr nn+@5.24 nnr+

PAGE 235

0.B .=nnn $nnnnnnnnn4 8nnn 4nnnnn* nG4nn nn+7n nnnnn nrn nnnnn+nn n&nnnnn4 nr nnnnnnn4 nG nn nn+rnn nn44rrr nr4 nn+ n

PAGE 236

0.2 8n 8n'%#&' 7nrnn4nnr n nnn nn+nnr0/nr7n r4rnn+n r n7nrnn n48C+7nn 4nnnnrn7nr "rrnr +@5.A@5014 nn*4nr r7nnn"rrn r+ @5.A 8n'%#&' 7 ‡‡‡‡ ". BA >/+@ B2 >A+@ 20 ??+/ >? >A+1 "0?>A@+?21A2+>.12?0+>A2A1+2"/B.>0+/.1.>0+?.@@?A+/?/?/+1"@?2AA+>2?A@+B.>0>2+A>/@@+/"A@@0?+.A2@0+.?B/1+.@>/B+?">.1AA@+@.0AA@+B0//A2+/.>>>@+B

PAGE 237

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PAGE 238

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PAGE 239

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PAGE 240

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PAGE 241

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PAGE 242

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PAGE 243

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PAGE 244

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PAGE 245

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PAGE 246

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PAGE 247

0/1 )n#%"'%"'r 7nn*nr'n8 nnnnrr+ 4@50>4*r nr'n 4rrrn4r n + .=BC'nnrr n44rrnrnn4 *4&*nnn nr'nn rrnnnn n nn+4nnn4 nnrnn4n nnr r'nnrr nnn+&nnnnnn4 n r'nn nnnnnn4 +4nnnn4 nr

PAGE 248

0/. 8nnnnnrrn rnnn4 +$nnrrn4nn4 *n7nn nnnr'n4 r nnn& nn+&nn*nn* nr'n 4rrrnn7nnnn + ;nn& nnn;nn&r* nnrnn(n rnnnnnnrn8 &nnn nr+8#n/*n nnn& nnrrn nn8nnrn nr+n4nn nnnr4r nnnnnr 4nrnn nnnrrnnrn +nnrnnr nnnrnr nnn nr4nrn n4r &rn+ !##"6?n%# n4nnnnrn8 nnn &nrnr+8C nn4nn r nnnnnn nn*8n">+

PAGE 249

0/0 %#&' 7n"nnn4n r nrn rnnn+7nnnrnn nnnnrnnnn "nn&n nnnnnnnrn nnnnnrn"n nr+*rn*n 4n&rn nnrn nDH*.220*.222IHFG*.222E +7nnn nnnn nnnnnn+7 nn*nn*n4* rn*rnn4n n&nnnnnnn nn+rn nnn7n& nnnnnn+7n nnnnnnnn4rnn nrn* rnnnnnnn 4nnnnn nn4n+ nr nnnn n"4 8C+nnn*4&* nnr nnn 4nnnrnnnr nnn4 8C+7nnnn4n rnn4n 8Cnn(7(>* (A*(2*(@+$n nnn4*nn4nr n8n 7nnnn4( 8##'"#?$ 8#* ##, +84r nn &nn+ G4&*n&nnn 8r*8(

PAGE 250

0// #$'#8n$ #,n8*###,# I 7 #*##,8##,, I# #$$'#$$',$# $#"$ +n 4nrn7n+n48( 8##'"#?$ 8#* #,$#, 4nnr nnn nn+ G4&*nnnnnn 84nnn n*r8*nnnn 4nnnnn nn4nn+-n n8rnnnn nnnrnnnnnn +$nnnn *4&*rnrnn n4nn4n nnn*nn8 5 nn%rC7rnnn* 4rnnr n 7nrnnnn n"+nnn &nnnnnnnn n&nnn nnrnnn n+%rC7rn nn4rnnn n+n4* nn*nn%rC7r n4nnn n4nn n+*n*nr !nrnnn 7nnnnnnrn# nC+ nr n8n4 ( 8'$'## +-nnrr*4&*n4n nnn nnnnnnnJ& nK8n

PAGE 251

0/@ nnn+8*n nnnJ7=n&n n4nn4K+n n4nnn& nnn*Jnn =Kn+nrn nnnn4nnn *n*r 8( 8*n#"'#rL8$'n$$ L8$'' "# n+nn&n4 rn#n A+7nnnnnnnnn nn*n nnnn4*rn nnnnrnnn 4nnnn4nn n nnrn7n nn#nCH& &Cn+ 7*nn4n *nnrr* n8n r+G4&*4n nnn4nn n*n nnnnrn#n nnnnnnn& n+*n n*n%rC7rn nn+*n& nn=4nnn n7nnnn+ %#&'B 7n"nnn4 &nn4 n4nnrn8n+4 nnrrn r4nnnr8& +-nnnn nnrrnnInn nnrrn rn+nnnn nnr+n

PAGE 252

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PAGE 253

0/> nnnnnnnrn4 nn+*n n8nGnn + 8&n&nn4 nnrrn rn&n7nnn n+&nn nn(**"*n nrGn +nn@n *Gn0n*" /n*n+nnn nr8D>Er nnGnn+ rnn nn*r8*n= n*n=4n* nGnn(n nIn" n(nr8*nnn 4nn*n n(4nnr+4rnnn nnr8n nn&+nr4 nr8("D0E* "GnD.E*D@E*G nD/E+8rn" 8(n4nnr* &n*n 4n*&n+8r Gnn(n nnnDn4EI&Ir *8rn" n(n8*n n+n Gnnrnnr8 n+7rn*?n n.1nnnnr8+ nnn *4>nrn.1nnn nr8+

PAGE 254

0/? 4&nnrrnr nnn rn+7n *nnr n nr8rnn"n+7 rn*?nrn2nn4 n8Cnnrn" n+nn r8nn4n4 n4n4rn nn+rnnnn nGnn+ "88 (r*n n*4**r &4+7nnn nnnnnrn"4 nn+n (r=nnr + *4nn r5n* n7nr5n *n n+ %#&'D "/n84&r nnnnr n4n+G4&*n nnnnnnnnn nn8n +&r nnn8nn4& nnnn 48+ %#&'= 7n"nnn4nn 4rrrn n+nnnn n4r
PAGE 255

0/B nn*8+7nrnnn nn&4r#nn nr"nDn./Annr# E+rnnnn nnrr+rn nn*4&*n nnnn n4nnr+ nnnn"n 8Cnnn8n r+7nrn*n4n"nn nnnr rn 8Cnn+'"$'* $'rr I $'n## n## +8rnn"( 8# +4 nnnr5n8D? Enn4nrr+

PAGE 256

0/2 8nn n7+&r nnn8nnrnn n+-rnnn 4n8n8 +nnn4 nnn"n +-n4nn8& n"n+n nnn 8&+rnnn4n nnGn n*8nnnr4 +8rn Gn8( $'$#$*n I $'"$'*E$# $'$#$n +8rn"( 8* # I >'"## I 8#? + nn84nnr nnr 8nnn+7rn*2nrn .1nnn8+nnnGn8+nn8& n"8+8rn8 ( >'r# '*L8n#"$'$#$ I >'n##n## I >'," r I >',#8rGn4n nn=+"8 nn44 8* n#$$$!# +8nnn 4n nnn"0*4 ?nrn.1nnn 8+8nnnn nnn +nnrn.1nnn n8nn4 nrr+rnnnn 8+-n4nn

PAGE 257

0@1 8&n"8+8rn 8( $' "$'E$# I $'"nM)# I 8)$'r$#*#8 n#8n#n##$8rn"( 8)# #L8*#$'## +8nn "4rrnrnn "0*4nn "8+7*r44n nnnr8n nn4nrr"@+' nrnnnDnn?n r.1Ernr8 nrnrrn "+rrnrrnrn nn&"04n nrn" 8nn+ *nnnnnnnn4 'nrnnrnr n8*nn nnrn 8+nnr4rn #nA+ %#&'A 7n"nnn4nn 4rrrnr n*44r*nnr +-nnn nnnnnr +n4nnn nrn n+nnnnn nnrnrr+n nnnn 8Crnnnrr nrr+

PAGE 258

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PAGE 259

0@0 7*nnnr4 n rrn8+nr8 nr>1‡n?1‡r8 n+*nn4 n!n8+$nn4 8nn&# nJnn KJ8*Knnnn n8nrnnn 4r 8$##" +4nnn n5n8 n##* +4*nnnnn8 4&nn8&nn n+ %#&'C 7n"nnn4n rrrr'n4 4nnrrnn 4nnn=+ nnnnnn"n nn4rr n4nnnnn nn4nnn nn+$nnA1‡rnn nrnn n8Cnnnn4 n'n=rr*n4rn nnnnnnn +4n8C nnnrB‡n.1‡r&nn nn n"*nnrn.‡rn nnnn n"+nrn nnnn "&C#*4n*#nC +G4&*rn *nnr nnnn "4n7nn-rrn G+7nr448n rr4nnnnr 8&+

PAGE 260

0@/ nr8&nn4 n(n )nn)+n) nrnnr nrn&*r rnrrr+ 8rnnr( 8,#?r*L8,nrL8*# #$L,#nr"#L8, r#'n#r#"#nn)rnnnnn nn4nnnn r+7n4n8nnnr n&nn& rnnnrnn4 rn+8r nnn)( 8L8,r"#$# #'"L8,##$rn"#$$'"$ '#'L8#$L8 ,r"#$#$#8#$$ $ +7nr4 4n4n8+78rnn )n n8rnnn) n+7nnnn nnnAnrn.1nn n7n 8Cnnnr+n nn nrn)nn) +n nn)r n*n>A ‡rnn+rn nnn*n *nnnn )8n>A‡rnnn n)8n/A‡r nn+7n*n&*n 8Cnn4 n4+
PAGE 261

0@@ %"8<88 7nnn8"48 4nnnnr nnn7n77rnn n+$nr4rn 4nnnn *n4r4 rnnHD.220E+G n4rn r4rn4nnn nnnn4n+G4&* n4n8nnDn 4nnn nE*nn*n48n nn=nnn nrrn74nnn =nnnrnnr nn77+7nnnn8 nnnnnn4n nnnrnr4+ nn=nnn nrrn7nn nn&nnn= nnnn4n nrr& 4nnnnn 4n+7rn*nnnnr nnrnnn+7 4*nnn=nnnr nnrnnnrn nnn77&nn 44nnn nnnnnnr nnrn77+7n4 nnnrnrnrr nrnr4n nnr!n7nnn nnn4nnnn nn+7nr4r4 nn7n77*nn nnn777n nrnnnn=n nn nrrn7 nnnrn

PAGE 262

0@A nrnn77+*44 nr n nrnnn nnn& nr#n@*nn 4nnrnnIn 4rnr nn4!n7 nnnn7n77+ n8nnr7nn nnnn rnn4n+7n4nn nn8nnnrn nnn777nrn4n 4nnnnn nnn&nnnrr nr+ %#&' $nnnnnn n ".*n7nnnn 4rrnrnnnn rnn4!n nnn7+8*4@1‡nA1 ‡rnnnn* *nn!nnn nnnn rDn7E*B1‡rn7nnnn !nnnn7+7 n77n4nn@1‡n A1‡rnnn nn!nnnnn nnn+7nnn nnnnn7nnn4 r nnn+ 7n4nrnn48& !nrnnn nrnr+$nnnnr n7n nnn7*n4 rrn+8*n7n nnnnnn r8Cnnnrn*n &nnn n

PAGE 263

0@> r7rnC#rn8C+ nnn nn8Cnn+7n *nn* r7nnnnn r+rn77*n rrnnn+G4&* nnnnn rn8Cnnn774 + *n7nnnn! nnnn7n n+*4n &7nnn n777*nnrn8 Cnnnn+ %#&'B "0rrnr".nnn&& rr nr nn*&n4+$n nnrnn4 !nnnn7*n4n nnn7nn D?E4!nnn n7I4nnn n!nnnD@ E+G4&*n77n nn4rrn(4An?nn rnn !nnnn77*n nnnn+ nr n7nnnn 7rnn4 4n8Cnnnrn+7 n*n4 nn8Cnn+n nnn nn&nrn &nrnn+7n 77*n4rnnr nrnnnn

PAGE 264

0@? n8Cnn*n 4n rrnn8Cnnn rn+ *n7n&nnn nr4!n nn+7n77*n'nrn nn!nnn 4nnnnn n+ %#&'D "&&rr nr 4nn*r= n+$nnnrn n4!nnn n7*n4rnnnnDAE n7!nnn nn+7rn*nnn *n4nn !nnnn7+*n7n nnnr4nnn n".4nnnr!n nn+7n77n4 nn4nn4nnn4 +8*4? nnrnn4 !nrnnn77* 0nnrn !nnnn77+ 7nr&7nnn n7*nn rn8C nr 7rnC#rnnn n7nnnn+7n nnnnnnn nnnnD?En D>En nr 7rnC#rnnnnn +7n77nn nn4nn8 Cnnn nnn+rr4nn rn7+

PAGE 265

0@B *nnn7 !nnnn7 nn+7n777n n&nn !nnnnnnnn4 +n rn8Cn nr7r nC#rnnn+ %#&'= "&&rrrrr nn+ 8nrn!nnnn 74nn4@1‡n>1‡rn nnnn! nnnn7*.1‡r nnnnn!nnn +7n77nn4 &(4>1‡rnnnnn4 *21‡rn nnn!nnn n77*.1‡rnn nnn!nnn+ nnnnn4 &n77r"0&+"rn n;nnn&n &r nnn&rrn4n n"+ 7nnnrn7 4nn n+8*nn nn4nnn74 nnn'nrnnnn D?1‡n21‡En nn8C*44rn 4n'nnr** nnnr"n&-Cn+ 7nn*4&* nn4nn+7n77* r4&nn +*r4& nn4+ *nn*r4nnn nn7*4nrn

PAGE 266

0@2 nnD21‡Enn8Cn nnnnnr"n& -Cnnn* nrnn4+ *4@1‡n>1‡rnnn nn !nnnn7*.1‡rn nnnnn7+ nn4&n77+ 7nrnnr nnn4nrnn4 n8Cnn nnnnnnr"n&-C nnn+r nn4&nnn+%#&'A 7"Annn4nr rrrnr n*4r*nnr +$nn!nnn n7*'nrnnnn DB1‡E*nD21‡E* n7nnD?1‡E!nnn nn+4nn nDA1‡En+7n77>1‡n B1‡rnnn r!nnn+" rrnrn& nn!nnn4r nn nnnn+ $nnnr7nnn n7*B1‡rnnn nn8Cnn /1‡rn nnn7nn n+7n77*r r4nrnn4 nIn *4&*'nrnnnD>1‡ En8Cnn n77+nnnn& n7+

PAGE 267

0A1 *nnA1‡rnnn r!nr nnn7*nn>1‡rnn nn!n nnn77+$B1‡rn nnn 8Cnnn7*/1‡rn nnn7 nnnn7+ %#&'C 7">nnn4nr rrrr 'nnrr nn4nnn= +7n"n4n nnnnn+ 'nrnnnDB1‡n.11‡Er !nnn n7rnnn+7nnnn nnnnn'nrn nnnnnnnr !nrnn+7n 77*nn4&(B1‡n.11‡r nnnnn4 n*>1‡rnnn n!n nnn77+$nnnn=rr7 nnn+7n7* 'nrnnD>1‡En nn7nn-rrnG nn*nnn4nnrn nn+7n77*@1‡ n>1‡rnnnnn n7nn-rrnG nn+8nn*n nn4">+7n nnnnnnnrn nnn"A">+

PAGE 268

0A. *nnB1‡rnnn! nrn7*n 'nrnnnnnn n+7n77nn>1‡rn nn!nnnr +74n 4.11‡rnnn!nnn n7n77rn nn+nr7nnnr nnn4n 7nn-rrnG+ (n#'#"n8n# nn5n rnnn+ nr n rnnnn nnn&nnnn nnn&r 84rnn*4n &rn+ n84n& nnnn nn=rnnr& nnnn+n nn nnn&n 4n n nnnrrnr rnn+ rrrn4n nnD ;n.E+7n8nnn nn 85&nnr rnnnnr r.D;n0E+n nrrn4n 7nn&nnnrnr nn nnnnnrD ;n.E+nrn DH*.220*.222Er4 rn+7nr

PAGE 269

0A0 nnr &nn4r nnnnn+nnrrn+r nn4nnn nn8nrn4nn( %rC7rn #nC".4n n&nn nnnnnn+ nrnnr &8r5&nn rr.+r4 n8&rrn nn&5 nrnnnrn4 7nnnn+ n44&rrn nrr.rrn4 nnnnrr +nn 8nnn4nn r nnnrn4*n 7nn&nn &&+nnnn r!n7nnn nnnrn4nn* rnrn +n4rnrr n4nn nn4nnnr!n7 nnn*n Gnnnn*n4& rnnrr.*n nnn8nr rrn* nGnnnn+ n4n!n 7nrnnn nnnrnnr rnnnrr nr5nnn+

PAGE 270

0A/ 'n#nnnrn nr".4 nn4nrn= nn4nnn=n n+ nnn&4nnn7 nnnnn nnr!nnn4 nrnnn #nC+"nnrn n r!nnnr nn#n Cnn+ *nn*r nn% rC7rn n#nCnn+7nn 5nr4n nn4nnnn rrnnn nn+n&8r 5&nnrn &nnnrrnn 4#nA+ nnn4nnr4nn r".rn 7nnnn*+"nn 4nrn4r4 n nD/@E*= DAE+ .0/@A> ((((( [sae ƒ]R}eƒš`¤ŽUR\r`§¤*4LL]R}e ghp„}z—f [sae TURXzUiTZ `R\iTZl„\RŒUrn=*-3**74nn +74n g`R iTZ~RtY\•mRkU¤{Ul–Rz}—f{UeaT—fnnnrn74 n ƒšW—4L_`ab„T`W…—f‰U_Y|tUœ„T\iTZ

PAGE 271

0A@ ?B2.1...0./.@.A.>.?.B.2010.00 ((((((((((((((( 7r4nr¡“”{|}UVUŸ*n* šW— [sae ~RzXUfRs„T\mR\isf4**44&8i“mnVUisfqWXZi“mnRs^[Tj`Ÿ*7*7nnnnqmR\isf[Tj`_Y|tUœ„T\~RZmR\isf47*74*n ƒ„T`d—W…—f‰Uƒš`¤_Y|tU$n*4nrL[Š~RtY\[SXTXŠ_oj—f[Tj`[Tj`„T`d—W…—f™”4nnr*7*7*4 sRe„‚fqgzX† [¡“”¡“”{|}UVU[Tj`7nn**ƒ„‚fq]a`gWhU{|}UVUgWhnr8rLŸŸŸŸ™”****ƒl„‚fq_\R“ˆqn&L{|}UVUVYjU*ndWTq^Ž|`RU¦“^{|}U_Y|tUVWdU‹RUaexZq^g Wh -3***7:r [bRU[bRU-3*-3 f|b [sae*[bRU-3 nr7rnC#r n*4n &nnnnrn nnnnnnn 4&nnrnr+G4 &*4nnn& nrnD>E*4nn4 nr*n*n

PAGE 272

0AA "nD?E*nnn4r 4nnnrnn nnnnrrn!nr +nnnrn4 nrnnr nnn nn+$ nnn4nn nDBE* 4nn7n rnnr#nCD2E+ nn4*rn*r n nnnnn +rn7n nnr nr7rnC#rn nnnD..E nnnrnr nnnn4nn nn=r+Gn*4&* nnnr !nrnnnr4n n*'n D.@*.>*.BE+*4&* n7nnnr nnnrn.@.B n7nrD ?E+7.>*4&*8n nrnnnn rn4nnnn+7rn*n nnn4r n nn4nnn4 n"+ 7nnnnnnnn7n nnnnnn7DAE 7nnn* nr7rn C#rn+G4&* n!nrnn &rnn7 n77+7nnnnnnn n&nnn nnrnnnn& *r8+7n4nnn nnnnnnrn nrrn 5&nnrnn 4+

PAGE 273

0A> !4n4=nn* &*nnn 4rnn*4&nn nn4nn4 nn+7nnn*4nn =nnnn= n!nrnn(n" nD@E+ .0/@A>?B2.1...0./.@.A.>.?.B.2010.000/0@0A (((((((((((((( **7nn=& &nn+%* 747nnnrn Mnnr 4+%**7=nM7=nn*nnn+ %M 7*&*7=nnn &n+74=n M74=nnn+7'n4 nnrn r 9*74*&=nn* 7nnrn n4nn $*7=&M7=&nM7=&r n+%* r4n*7=&**7= &nI7=& n+7n='n +%**n n**=&nn n+ =4n+%*r nrI 4*nnnn7&n*M 9*74+7M7r*nn=M 7=nr7 nn+7n4n*'nn nL ++ 4nn+7=+-+
PAGE 274

0A? $nnnnn4n n&nn nn'nnnrn DA?E*n nnr#nCDB2E nnnnn nnnn nnrnnr nnnn+nnn4 Bnr.1 nnnn"+n nnnr nJ7rKnnnnn rrr*nn rnnn4!nr nnD.>.?E+$n nnn4nnnn nD.B01E* 4nnnnrn!nr nn(nD.20/E nnnnnn n+G4&* nnnrnD0.E*n &nnn4r n nnnn4rn nrrn!nr+ 7nnnnnnnn4 n=nn =nn&+7nnnrn nnnnnrn nnnr!nr nn+$nn4nn 7nnn'nnnn nnr!n nnnn7n+4r nnnrn77rn nnrnn4nn+G4&*nnnnnnnn4 7n nn*n'nr!nnn *n77rn nn+$nnn&n nnnnn nn*nn4rn nnrn

PAGE 275

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PAGE 276

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PAGE 277

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PAGE 278

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PAGE 279

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PAGE 280

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PAGE 281

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PAGE 282

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PAGE 283

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PAGE 284

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PAGE 285

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PAGE 286

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PAGE 287

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PAGE 288

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PAGE 289

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PAGE 290

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PAGE 291

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PAGE 292

0?A /1/./0///@ 3((3((3( HqkU#nn§RX}Ug—RhRs^[|WYw`pf*78nnnŽW}ŽW}?n47n nn(rn*8nnn n4nnnn=n D8CEnr8r nnn* nn4nnnnnn nrn'nD nr 7rnC#rnE+nnn nnD?E4nrn nnnnnn n2+$n nn4 nn 7nnn(nnnr nn&nnnn &4+G4&*4n nn8nnn4n4* r!nrnn( nr"nD.?E8nn nnnr+$ nnnnnnnn&44 n/1n*3 n7nnn*8C*n nr+$

PAGE 293

0?> nnrn4-3nnn nnn*8nnn 4n*nnnnn =n4n4nnn +*4n47n nnnnn rrr(nnnrn C4nD++* #,' n##1 E+nnnrrn&r nnnnnrn rnn&r &n+G n nrn 84 nr'nnrD++*nn nr"n&-C nHnnCnE0B* /1*/0*/@+4n rnnnnr* 4r4//+ *n3=nr 3n=*n rnnn&r +n'nrnnn n*3& nr7nnn 'nnr4nr! nnn+G4&*n& nnnnnnnnn n&rn n+7rn*nn nrn&nnr r+nn*rn* nn4n&4 &nrnnn "(nnnn nr!n7nnn4 'nnr+*n4 nnnrn&nn r+7n&nnnr n&n*3nrn nnnn8&

PAGE 294

0?? nnn"D++*"n n*"&C#* n&# n nE+nn n34. n4rnrn 4r rnnn4n rn n+4rn#nA+ (n8n0 # 7nn4nnr!n 7nG nnnn+4nnrr n4nn nnnn*4n nnr!n 7nnnnGnn nn+n nr!nnn 4nr 7nnn4nnn nGnnnn+ 7nnnnrnr rn4n nnnnnrr nnnnn4 nnn8nn&n nrn+
PAGE 295

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PAGE 296

0?2 0/0@0A0>0?0B02/1/. ((((( -+$*7M4*74*n **nMn n+7*n=Mn= nnn7= *7M74*rrnMnn4 4n+ 7M74n=nnnn=n nnn7nn4* n7=n&n4+7=+ *n=Mn=+7M7M7nn nM nn+7=M7=M $*nrnMM*7=&nM7=&nr +-+ 7=nn&*nnn n4n*n &nn.1..*4 8nn4&n nnn*8+nn=n *4nrn *nrn*nn nnrHnnCn 4nnnr"n&-C nD.0E+G4&*n nn4!nrnn( n4nnnrn "nnnn( 8n$#*8n#n +n 7nnn8C GD44 nnnE+7nn nnnnn !nrnnn7rnnn *r4nnnn4 >1‡rnnnn+ =rn nnn&4nrrn 4nrr+7 D0.F00Enn nnn7*4 HnnCn*r4!nr 8)n +G4&*nn n7nnnrC8( 8)## *nn

PAGE 297

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PAGE 298

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PAGE 299

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PAGE 300

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PAGE 301

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PAGE 302

0BA @.@0@/@@@A@>@?@B@2A1A.A0A/ (<((<((<(( nnnnrrn r mR\ql“^„T\[—WSXUrec‚[TjW{W‚ReU rn*7**7&&r 4* _YWj—fŽZlRW‚W€sš`¤[Tj`m„’em„’eq 4nnnnrr4 r* šW†_WoX—f™|W†‘„‚RURjkhRs[Tj` 7*7*r*4n nnn [Tj`iWk—fqnˆa—f[Xoa—n[eRW—q^q›R`a—q^ nn4n nr*7 {Ul„‚fq[Tj`Rjkhisf[Tj`¦R‚œ^xY\rbVWdUR jkhRjkh -r*r*n*4*7 rr WXZ[|W†{`XjURT‚¤q_Zt—f[Rs„T\[—f‹RT—f dZ^ nnrrnn4 n rec‚|b^Rs^ 7n šWY\jsU—f„‚^ats{|}Uœn_—Rz—f[[|WYw` pf 9=4n4rrnn rn š–†{WŒ`aZ¨SWoerec‚RjkhRTŠf„WXZRs„T\ RT‚¤ $&*r*44r n [Tj`RdZ^qŽ€t—f[ n4rrn*7 VWdU _Y|tU f|b RWsm *n q rW—f|b [|WYw`pf 9=4 =rnnD.>n0@En rr7nnn+ nn4nn8Cnn*8 nn4# nnn*nn rnn#D.> .BE+7nr!nnnrn &nD &En7nnnrG* 4rnr nnnn"+ 8nnn4 ""n# $#*' D.BE+7.201*nn nrnn rrrn& +rnn7n nn(nn#nrn+ nGnn

PAGE 303

0B> D0.E8nnn4 *'""n n&+rnn8 *nnnrn n4* n7nnn(r5!r8 nnnnn*n n"nnrn8 nn ### ,$$n##,#"$' "$' D00F0/E+*rn* rn8rnr5!rnn *4nnn nnnnn*nn nrn+70/0@ nr4r5r rn4rrr* 8nnnrr nnr )"#$' D0@E+*rn*nnnn n=nn4 nn*4n nn/>+n 8r&nnr 4nn4n nn+=rnnrn rr*4 nnnnnrr 4rnnr nnn*D./n.AE+*r nnnnr *rnnrnnnnnr 4nr*rn n!nrnn+G4&* r!nr4n r'n7nr+nnn n4nnnnr"n& -Cn '# ,###$n$ +D0?E+ r4*n*n7 nnn(G ,*' ""n $ 8,8n# D0BE+r4nn4' nn r(nnnr"n&-C n* D0BE*

PAGE 304

0B? HnnCn 8'#"# D02E+nnnnr nnnn4( n'r## 8$#' *rr !nr 8,### D/1E+ G4&*=nnn&n rrD /.n/AE*8nnn nnnnn 4+G4&*n4nr n8n n4nn+n nn8n&2 4rnn &n* 7nnn'nn r484+ nnnn4nnnnr" C"8nn nn4nn #n**' nn r# rD />E+
PAGE 305

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PAGE 306

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PAGE 307

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PAGE 308

02. 7$#"9 $nnnrnnn *nnnn&nn n&nnnnn 7nnnnrn 8"+nnn& rn &nn4>>+An7n nnn4A/+>n+*n nnn&=r 4nn nn*nnnr n+ &nn=n4n*4&* rnnn n7nnnn+
PAGE 309

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PAGE 310

02/ '9&#"nn'n*nnnnnnn4 n7nn &nnnrnnnr nn*rnn n7nnnn=nnn n&nn=n &&+8*nr4nn4 n&nnn nn7nnnn(n&# n n*%r 7rn*nn#nrn +*nr4n4 nn4n7nnnn nnn&nn( nnnr"C""&C# +-rnnn nnnrnn#nr n+$nnnnD++* "&C#nnnr"C" E nrnnrn nn*nnnrnn #nrn&&nrn n*4 nnn 4r8nnn nnrr+ 7nnnnnn n &&r r*n4n& nn*nn 7nnnn4n& n4+Gn nnn&nn&n n&n&n 7nnnnnnn&n nnn4 4nn4rnnrn n+

PAGE 311

02@ .;n'#"'n# 7nn4nrnn nn4n nnnn(8 C*nnnrn* "&C#*"nn+nr nnnn 4n8Cnn+7rn* nrnnnn* nnnnnr nn*&rn 8Cnnnnnr n nnnnr rD57*.22BI54*.22?I<* .222I85E+< nnr& *n&n+4rr*4&*n4n n nn4nnnrnnn nrn*"&C#* "nn+nnnrnnn nnn 4n4nnnr nnn nn4n *n4nnnr nn nnn+ 8rn&nnr4n nnn 4rn.nn rr+-nn &r8rnnr nrD85 E+"&C#nn4 rrn4n nnn+$n4n rrnnr nnn nn*@/nnn n*n/nn

PAGE 312

02A nnn+7n nnnnnnnnn4 rrnr nnn r8 D85
PAGE 313

02> $nn'nnr*r rnnn nnr.@‡n.2‡rn& nn+4nn 'nnnr nn+n4 nnnnr"n&Cn r nnn'n+=r nnn4n nn+-nn'nnrnn4 nn4 7&nrH+4n#n 0*nnn nnnnnr rnnrrD++*5 :4*0111E+rnnnr 4nnn nnnnr rrn r DEnn n7nnnnD@E+7nn nnn&nn=n 44nn4r4 84n &n+G4& *nrnnn*4 nJ74nHKnn nr4n+ 8n#nn rnr nnn+nn rnnnnn n+7rn*n4rnnnnn n4nn nn"n#n* n4nn4 #nnn+7nn nnr rnnnr+G4 &*4nn

PAGE 314

02? n*n4nnnnn nnn4nn 4nnnn+ nnnrrn4n nnn 4nnnn4nrn #nCnn+ nn 7nrnn nnnn&nnn nnnnrrnr+ !nnn*nn n&D<4F&*.2B?Enn nDF*.2B/E+ nnnnnnn n*n4 rrnnn4*n& nnnrr+ nnnn n8&".4 nrn&nnnn n+nnnr nnrnn 4 rn 8nnn4nrrnn& nn+G4&*nnn nnnnnnn nnnn+ n*nn*nnr n ">4nrn nr'n4'nn r+*4n nnn4nn4n nn*nnn 4nn4n4nn+ nnn=rr4 7nnn!nnn* &nnn #nC*4nn4n 4nnrnn nnrnnnD< *0111E+*n n*&nr7n nn*n&n nn*4nn4n4 nn+nn

PAGE 315

02B nr=r n4n &4n&r nDn4nFE+nnnrnn r!nnnnnn 7nnnnnnnr nnn& nn+7nnnnn& nn=r4 nnnnnn rnr7n

PAGE 316

022 nn4nr!nnn nnnnn& n+7nnnn rn&r rn&nn4nn rrnn 4r.+n*n4n n7n!nnn nnn8nn+ $nn4nn8nrnrnn rrnnr!n nn*n&nn4 nr!nnnn n7nnnnnnnn (4* *G+7 n4n4nnnn8n n+*n nnnnr4n nnrrnn 4r.+7rn*r 34nn& nnnnnnnn nn&D34* 011/E+nnn"n&#n GnDF<* .2B?E*4nnnnn& nn4n&r rn8nnrnnrr .+7nnnnnnnn nrn&nnnn nnnrrnn 4r.4r nn4 nn4+*nr*4 8rn&nnr+ 8n $nnnnnr7nn nnnn8nn &nnn4n4&4nn! nnn&+ 7nnnn4nrn nnnn+

PAGE 317

/11 &nn& nr7nnn nn4nnnnn n+G4 &nnn&nnnn nn&nn n+7nnnnn &nn= r4nnnrrn n4r.+ G4&*n*nr!nn n*nnr4 r*n&*n4n& nnnn r7nnn4nn nnn +$nn4nn8nrnrnn rrnnr7n nn*4rnnnn& rnnrnn4 *4nnn r7nnnn4 nnnn+7nGnnn nnn4 nr7nnnnn +G4&*nn4 4nr nnnnn+ 4*nn44*rn* nnnnn +r*nnnnn4 &4 n8rnnrr.+G4 &*nrrn4n 7nn&nn4nn 4nn8nrnrnn rrnnnnn nrn&r 7nnn*44&+

PAGE 318

/1. )n#%" 'nnrnn8nr nnnrr nnnnrr r*nn &r+nr n'n n4nnnnr "n&-Cn*4 n&n DF*.2B/Ennn+ rnnnnr"n& -Cnnn8 rn&nnr nnn4r nnn +"& D85
PAGE 319

/10 r nnnrn4n r7nnnn+ &nn*nn*n nnnr n nnr7n nn+ -rnnn'nnr nnn4rnnn nrnnn 4rrrn4 r n+n4n 4n4 rr*nn8nn *nn*n&r n4nnrrnn nnnrrn r+nnn rnnn &n+ !r;nn& n*n8&nn nnrnr 4+4r4 rnnrr rrnrrn rnn nn+ 'r#"6?n r"nr *nrnn ".+7n"n n4nrn= nrnnn+7nnnn nnnnnn7 8nnnn&n nnnn nnnnrn8+G4&*n

PAGE 320

/1/ nn8nnnn&n nnnnn n&nnn+7nn nn&n* n8nn*n4n nrJnnr n+K8*rn 8"#$'# 8,#n#$#n###$##, 8n##,n8 *###,# +84rnnD 85E+745n8nn nnrnnn &nnn rrnrnnn+ nnnr&n n*n%+75n8nn n*nn*nr nn&nn nn8nr nnn+#n8n*r 8*nnnrnnn

PAGE 321

/1@ n&nn*nnrn&n *nnn*n+r rnnnnnn nn8nn nn4nn4 nn+5n8n nnnnrn& nnnn n+$n&nnnn J7=n&n n*Knn5n8n nnn r+nnnnr4n& nnnnr N&n=8*4nn& N4n=D85
PAGE 322

/1A nnnnnrnrr nnn8&D++* E4r5nnn 8& D54*.22?E+7nnnnnnn &n* n&nn*rnn4 rnrrn nn+nnnn nnnnn rn&4nnr+*n nnnrn rr*4nn +G4&*nnnn 4nnrn Dnr.1 nnE+7nnnnn *4&*nn"@4n nn4nn4rrr' nn*n 'nrnnnn r5n8+4nnn 4nn4rrrn nr'n4'n nr4nrr +$nnnnn 4n&nnnnn nn4nr 8(n)nn)*n 7nnnnn n)8+7nnn nn7nnnnn nnn)nn &rn n*4nn)4 nnnnJn 4+KG4&*nnnn 4nnnn +7nnnnnn& nnr4nnn

PAGE 323

/1> n(nnn) n>A‡rnnn n)n/A‡rnn+ n8r nnrr.n 8Cnn4 nnnnn" In4n nn4n4B1‡n21‡rn nnn + #"%" 7nnnnrr7774 nnrn rn#n@+nnn nnnn 8nrnnnr rn !n7nr n777&rnnr nnrr.+8n &nnrrn4n7 nn&nn+ $nn&rn&nn rr.*n4n nnGnnnn*44 "0@+ nnnn77r"0'nrn nn !nnn4nn nnn nn+"@4@1‡n>1‡rn nnrnn !nnnn7 >1‡n21‡nnn n77*.1‡rnnn nnnn+ rnnn4nn4 nnnn& !nnn4nn4n nn*n nnnr nn nn*n77+*n

PAGE 324

/1? rnnnnn4r4n nn8nn n&rn&nnrr .+7nnnn nD &Nnr=r nEnnnnn+"nnr4&nn nn777+ 8*rnn4n n4rr nrn8Cnnnnn nr"n&-C nnnnnr"@+n nr4&n nnnnn nrrrn nnG*$*"nn* nnr"nrn n+ n8Cnnn r"n&-C nnnr nn nn+rnnnn nnrnnnnr"n&Cn DnnnrnE4nn 4nnn4 nnrnD85< r*0110E+*nr n&n8rn nrr.+ $nnrrn4nn4 *n&nn nrnnr4n n&nn+8* "A4B1‡rnnnnn n n8Cnnn7*/1‡r nnnn7 nnn+$nnnn nn4rnn/1‡rn nnnnnn7+ nnn4nn n7nnnnnr4r nn+7nr4

PAGE 325

/1B nnnn4nnn nn nn4nnn n+* nnnn4rrnrn nn&rnn +8*"."0n7nn nn!n nnnn+*4&* nnnr DHFG*.222I3*.22?E*4 nnr+ nn4nn n+ -&rn&nnrr .4nnn nnnrnnn Dn77En nnrnr nr!nnn nnnnnn+ n*nn*n nnnnnr nr7n nn+*nnnnnn nn4nn nnnnrn 4r n&+7"A4nnnn 4n nn4 4r*n'nrnn nn!n nnn777+*nnn nnrrrr r4 nr!nnn+ G4&*n!nnn4 n4nnr' nnr*nnn r"n&-Cn+4 rr!n nn">4nnnn 4nn&4 nnnnnrnnnD++*'n rrE+7n"*

PAGE 326

/12 "A*'nrnnnr !nnnnn4 nrnnn+4nnn nnn4nn nr!nnn4n n4n4nn D4nnE nnDrE+ (n##"."#$n8n# 'n# nnrn nn &rrnrn nnn#n@+ nn nr4n#n@(n nn*&rr* rnn* rnr!n 7nnnGnnnn+7 nr4rn n4*n4r 5&nn+ rn8nnn ".rn7** #n@*n4nnn nnrnn4&4 nnnnnnn nnrnn& nnnr+7n4*n4 &r5&n nr+7n4nnnn'nrn nnnn n4!nnnnn nr4nnn n n+n*nn *4nn =nn*nr7 nnnn nnnrnnn +

PAGE 327

/.1 ".*rn* rn' rrn4n nnn+4n #n@*4n r n!nnn& nnn #nC*nn nr7nnn* n@1‡rnn&nnnn nn+7nn n&n"n4 nnnnnn n&nn+ 7nnnn7&n nn%*n &rnr4r5 nnr &r4nnn4nn n&+4*rn* &nn(n&nn rnnnrn nnn= nrnn n+4nnn n44n4n nrn4n nrrnnn+rn nnnn nnrn4r nnnnn 4nrrnn&nn4 n4&n+ nnn*nn*n n4n4nn n= n4rnn 44nn rrnr& n+nnr n&nn4n5n8n nnn4nn &nrnnn4 n%r7rn nn+7nnnnnn8 4nn nnnnn nnnnnr

PAGE 328

/.. n+7n4nnn& &*5+ nnnnn n4 n*n4nn nnnn8rn nrn+nr n&n*5n*n4n 5n8nnn*nn +*nn* 44nnnn *nn nnnnnnnnr rnnn*4 nr&nn4n45 n8nnn*n n+nn n(4 nnnn L4nnn + 8*(""n -rnnn nn&rn #n@4n& rrnnn+7n4nn n&:n 4rnn&rr +7n*4&n4 nnnn7nn&* &nn&r n4+G4&*rnr nr4nn4 rrnrnn+7nnn* *nnnnn&r nnrr.n+8 *nr:n &rnnrr!nnn r.*nr& nr&rnnrrn 'nnrnn* nnnnr"n&-C n+nn4 &r nnn" +

PAGE 329

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PAGE 330

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PAGE 331

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PAGE 332

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PAGE 333

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PAGE 334

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PAGE 335

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PAGE 336

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PAGE 337

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PAGE 338

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PAGE 339

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PAGE 340

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PAGE 341

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PAGE 342

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PAGE 343

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PAGE 344

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PAGE 345

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PAGE 346

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PAGE 347

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PAGE 348

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PAGE 349

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PAGE 350

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PAGE 351

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PAGE 352

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PAGE 353

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PAGE 354

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PAGE 355

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PAGE 356

//2 <&5G*3+D.22>E+"n n(A+
PAGE 357

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PAGE 358

/@. <53*+D.2B0E+4n4n ( nrnrrrG 4+ rr9nD 025A2+ <53*+D.2B?E+7nn n(rrnL K##"&$n *.@A5.>1+ <53*+*G*:+*F3*H+D.2B2E+7& nn5nn( nn&&4+7+<53*:+G *FH+3D+E* !#nr$n/%;r## D+.5/@E+4*:( 8+ <53*+*F-n*+D.2B@E+ n (5nnr nnnnD##"E+ rr9nA *.2>50./+ <5HD011>E+ n;##"r"#/8 r **n +%nnn+%&n r74* 74#n*74+ <8*!+D0110E+(rrn + K##"&$nD= *@25 >.+ <4*"+*F&*+#+D.2B?E+ &#/#$*#(#%&n"+ #*+D.2B/E+n&nn n& +7:+F+nD+E* 9n#$$n# D+ 050?E+(+

PAGE 359

/@0 #*+*F4*+D.2B1E+n rn&n nnn+ rr9n *.5@?+ #*+D011@E+ rnn#n#n / 0#,,#$n#$r '#$n ##"$ +%nnn+7 %&nr"&*7*"&+ #*+D.2>AE+ rn#"#'#"'? +#*(7"+ #*+!+*F-n*+D.2B.E+!& rnn( r+ 99D ../5./@+ #n*!+D011/E+ (n#'#"9n&#n DAn+E+nn( <4"+ *$+D.2B.E+ r#n# +(+ *$+FG*:+D.22.E+!n nL4rr nn+7+"*+3 *+*+ 4n*F4D+E* .#+n#r#' n/n#$$$#**#$"#!.n D+0?/50B?E+#&* %3(nnn 5*,+D011@E+5nn nnn( "+ K##"&n"n!#$$n#= D.E*.B.5.2?+ *+F53n*+D011.E+: nn=n n(nn+ K##"&$nDD *.@BA5.A10+

PAGE 360

/@/ *+FG*+D011>E+#n& 34n nn+ 8#K##"6n# $ D.E*2@5..B 85?nr $n6 $n#"r"#%n nn+%&nrn*4#n* n+ *<+D.2B/E+rn+7:+ #+F+$+nD+E* 9n#$$n# D+.0/5.A@E+(+ *#+*F3*H+D.2B@E+"n4 (+ rr 9nA D/E*0.@500A+ H*#+D.220E+r&nn( nr"&n+ 0rn 9nA *01?50@/+ H*#+D.222E+nnr) &nn+ > F */2.5@//+ H*+*FG*+D.222E+ 8"/n#n'#" Kr6<(nHn+ H4*+D.22/E+"nnr r+ 6,# D.E* /25A0+ Hrr*+D.2>?E 8n#/6'#"n#"n*# #( "n#+

PAGE 361

/@@ Hn*+D011/E+nn( r!# rnn+ rr9nB= D.E*215.0.+ H*G+"+D.2?AE+&n+7"+ #F:++D+E* '? $n/E#-D-rnn D+@.5ABE 49("+ H*9+D.221E+"n# + K##"&$n= 0/?50A?+ G*:+D011>E+ r##5# +%nnn*%&nr G4*G*G4+G*+D.2?>E+ '#n +49(!+ G*++3+*FG*+D.2?>E+ !##6(+ Gn*+D011/E+r( n,$n Kr%nnn+"%& n*$nrnn* 7+ G*<+*7*+*7n*+*34*+*F*+D.2B>E+%&rn n(;nnn&&r: + K# #"&$n /@?5/?.+ G*+D.22?E+nr&(!# nn+ rr 9nF D.E*.50>+ Grn*H+D.2B1E+ !n#;n<&G*#(+

PAGE 362

/@A Grn*H+D.22.E+ !##/#",#"$ +( H45G+ G*+*!n*+*F<4*:+D.22AE+ (*#rr##'rn$#"n# nr$nDn0+E+G7(%&nrG 4 "+ G*++D.22AE+nnn rn&( 7nrnr + rr9 9C *>A5B?+ G*++*FG*++D.22BE+nn r: + :9n = /?5A1+ G*!+D.2>0E+nr+7 +H4F$+nn&nD+E* #r##'$*# D+.A5A/E+$n!#(n nr$n+G*!+D.2?@E+ .###n#n/#rnr r#n + "(%&nr"&"+ 3D.22?E+1E+ (+ 3*H+*F<53*+D.22/E+7n n(nn+7H+ 3F+<53D+E* 8r$n D+/501E+-8r( -8r%&n"+

PAGE 363

/@> 3*H+*F!*+D.22.E+n nn+ n#9n;#D 0.A50@?+ 3*G+D011BE+nn rn3n nn+ K##"&$n= *0A?50?B+ 3*#+D.22/E+ !#?nn +-8r(-8r %&n"+ 3n5*#+D.22?E+ r#n##"n#$r$r#6 *rr&#%n#/n r$n'%nnn*49%& n*49*49+ 34*:+D011/E+ &$n"r#"nn'"#"5 #6.9 + %nnn+
PAGE 364

/@? r5<*+D.22/E+ %n$#r$n/ ;' #n#n#r#n%nnn*7 %&n*+ n*+D011?E+8nrnrrnr nn n&n+ 8n&$n= D0E*.>?5.20+ *+:+D.22AE+"rn+ K##"&$nB= */B.5/20+ *+:+D.22?E+n&r n+ 69K#A D.E*0.50B+ *+D011/E+ !#$r$K#n/#n#r$n '%nnn*>+ *+<+D0110E+5n5r rnn+ : 9nA@ *B251@+ *H+*5E+ n ("nnrnr+ rr9n@ D@E*@..5@/0+ *H+*#*:+*/5.B2+

PAGE 365

/@B *H+*5<*$+*F+ 4*H+D.2B2E+nn7+ >F D0C/E*0A250?A+ 4*H+D.220E+nn5 n&nrnnr r+ K##"&$nF */125/0B+ -*:+D011BE+nnrn :(5/1+ *:+D.22.E+ 7#---n/'#"r$n" "$# &#%nr6 +%nnn* #%&n*49+ :+#+*Fn*+$+D.2B/E+ 9n#$$n# +49( +

PAGE 366

/@2 *3+D.220E+n4nn n(rrnr + K##"&$n@ *@25>0+ *3+D.22@E+-n&nr!# nn54nn8n+ rr9nA D.E*.5.@+ *3+D.222E+nn n nG3+7+ GD+E* !n#n D+.>?5.B1E+ #(#%&n"+ *+9+D011@E+ 6""n#"r#n*##*#r$ #"r$n n#$rn#"6"# 6.9 + %nnn+%&nr **+ *+F5nn*G+D.22BE+ nn+ 8"n B D0E*../5.0@+ *+D.22BE+7&nnnn= nrn( rn n+ K##"&$nD *@A?5@B@+ *H+D011@E+L7n n&n n+ 6%492##= *0A/50?/+ *H+F*+D011>E+8r nn!#n( )*r *+ '$D= *..25./@+ *+F*<+D.2B/E+nn n+7:+F+ nD+E* 9n#$$n# D+.A>5.BBE+49( +

PAGE 367

/A1 nn*+D.22BE+ &#""n#"n $%nnn+n %&n*nrr* + *:+D.2>2E+ rnn#*(#%&n"+ n*+D.22?E+:5%r n+ !#$$n# %nB= D@E*/@25/?1+ n&*"+<+D.2BB*E+JK5 nnr( nnrr+" nnn00#&n*#*7+ n&*"+<+D.22/E+nrJK( nn+ 8(69C *B?5..1+ n4n*+#+*FA+ *+*F<*++D.2B?E+& nrnn :r+ K9K#F *./.5.AA *+*F<*++D.22/E+#5 nrnnr n+7H+3F+<53D+E* 8r$n D+ ./B5.A?E+49(-8r%&n"+

PAGE 368

/A. +D011/E+ 8 rnn##"r##n#$r/ r"#$n#"Kr9Brn#$r #,Kr9 69r%nnn+%&nr# r* **#r+ 5Gn*#++D0110 -:*n#rn*/n#n '#"66$n +%nnn* %&nr*H&*+ *:+D.2B/E+#5nnr + rr9n= *2.5..0+ *D011.E+ 9Brnr##"r#Kr/ *##" #*rrn9BKr +%nnn+ %&nrG4*G*G4+ *G+#+D.22AE+ 8*$!#n*$<($n&4+ *$+D.22@E+ rr#"r$nn#n;"# '#" #n"n# PnQ+ )*G+D011BE+ 8n#""n*r$ n%nnn+n %&n*nrr* + )#*++D011>E+ K'H#I/%";r n#%nnn+%&nr7 4*74 #n*74+

PAGE 369

/A0 $*+F*%+D011?E+ n rn& nn8n+ 8n&$n= D0E*00.50A.+ $nn*+:+D.220E+nn n&&( r&n+7:+$nn*+7*F3+ D+E* &# D+@/5>2E+<(nHn+ $*+D.2BAE+!rrnn*rr n*rrnn+ K##"&$n *.@A5.?B+ $*+D.22.E+ !#nr$n/$n#"$ n# + <(n+ $r*+D.2B>E+nn nr&n+ 649 G'B D@E*>B25>22+ $r*+D.2B2E+ &rn*#*(4G+ 9*9+D.22BE+ #n#n$##"n#$r$* #, >r#5$!%nnn*7 %&n*E+ &$n'#"!8#*%n nn+%&nrG4*G*G4 +

PAGE 370


PAGE 371

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PAGE 372

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PAGE 373

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PAGE 374

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PAGE 375

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PAGE 376

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PAGE 377

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PAGE 378

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PAGE 379

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PAGE 380

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PAGE 381

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PAGE 382

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PAGE 383

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PAGE 384

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PAGE 385

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PAGE 386

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PAGE 387

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PAGE 388

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PAGE 389

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PAGE 390

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PAGE 391

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PAGE 392

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PAGE 393

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PAGE 394

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PAGE 395

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PAGE 396

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PAGE 397

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PAGE 398

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PAGE 399

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PAGE 400

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PAGE 401

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PAGE 402

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PAGE 403

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PAGE 404

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PAGE 405

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PAGE 406

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PAGE 407

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