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Measurement of community and laboratory-generated airborne particulates using a new sampling method


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Measurement of community and laboratory-generated airborne particulates using a new sampling method
Physical Description:
Farina, Laura
University of South Florida
Place of Publication:
Tampa, Fla
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
NIOSH methods
Aerosol chamber
Particulate matter
Dissertations, Academic -- Environmental and Occupational Health -- Masters -- USF   ( lcsh )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )


ABSTRACT: This project resulted from an alleged dust problem affecting the residents in a Florida community. The residents claimed that there were elevated dust levels caused by a rock quarry adjacent to their homes. The purpose of this work was to assess total particulate, respirable particulate, and the coarse content of the sampled particles through traditional NIOSH methods, and using a new, real-time instrument known as the EPAM 5000. Data from the EPAM and NIOSH methods were compared to the EPA's particulate matter standards and the OSHA permissible exposure limits for total and respirable dust. Dust levels using the NIOSH methods were below the limit of detection. There were measurable dust levels in all three size fractions (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) for the EPAM. Due to the undetectable levels of the NIOSH method sampling, further sampling in a laboratory environment was conducted in order to compare NIOSH methods with the EPAM 5000 method. The project continued into an aerosol chamber in the USF College of Public Health Breath Lab for further data collection in order to compare results using traditional NIOSH methods with the results obtained from the EPAM 5000. The chamber was associated with a dust generator that released a steady flow of fly ash particulate at a specific revolution per minute (rpm). Each run of data collection sampled approximately 1 m3 of air and persisted for six to seven hours. Four separate runs were conducted, each at a different generation rate of fly ash. There were measurable dust levels using the NIOSH total dust and NIOSH respirable dust methods. There were also measurable dust levels in all three size fractions (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) for the EPAM. The results of all methods were compared. The PM2.5 and PM1 sampling heads of the EPAM 5000 were compared to the NIOSH respirable dust sampling results. The PM10 sampling head of the EPAM was compared to the NIOSH total dust sampling results. NIOSH 0500 concentration results were within 10% of the EPAM PM10 concentration.
Thesis (M.S.P.H.)--University of South Florida, 2010.
Includes bibliographical references.
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by Laura Farina.
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Title from PDF of title page.
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Document formatted into pages; contains X pages.

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University of South Florida Library
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University of South Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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usfldc doi - E14-SFE0003478
usfldc handle - e14.3478
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Farina, Laura.
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Measurement of community and laboratory-generated airborne particulates using a new sampling method
h [electronic resource] /
by Laura Farina.
[Tampa, Fla] :
b University of South Florida,
Title from PDF of title page.
Document formatted into pages; contains X pages.
Thesis (M.S.P.H.)--University of South Florida, 2010.
Includes bibliographical references.
Text (Electronic thesis) in PDF format.
Mode of access: World Wide Web.
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ABSTRACT: This project resulted from an alleged dust problem affecting the residents in a Florida community. The residents claimed that there were elevated dust levels caused by a rock quarry adjacent to their homes. The purpose of this work was to assess total particulate, respirable particulate, and the coarse content of the sampled particles through traditional NIOSH methods, and using a new, real-time instrument known as the EPAM 5000. Data from the EPAM and NIOSH methods were compared to the EPA's particulate matter standards and the OSHA permissible exposure limits for total and respirable dust. Dust levels using the NIOSH methods were below the limit of detection. There were measurable dust levels in all three size fractions (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) for the EPAM. Due to the undetectable levels of the NIOSH method sampling, further sampling in a laboratory environment was conducted in order to compare NIOSH methods with the EPAM 5000 method. The project continued into an aerosol chamber in the USF College of Public Health Breath Lab for further data collection in order to compare results using traditional NIOSH methods with the results obtained from the EPAM 5000. The chamber was associated with a dust generator that released a steady flow of fly ash particulate at a specific revolution per minute (rpm). Each run of data collection sampled approximately 1 m3 of air and persisted for six to seven hours. Four separate runs were conducted, each at a different generation rate of fly ash. There were measurable dust levels using the NIOSH total dust and NIOSH respirable dust methods. There were also measurable dust levels in all three size fractions (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) for the EPAM. The results of all methods were compared. The PM2.5 and PM1 sampling heads of the EPAM 5000 were compared to the NIOSH respirable dust sampling results. The PM10 sampling head of the EPAM was compared to the NIOSH total dust sampling results. NIOSH 0500 concentration results were within 10% of the EPAM PM10 concentration.
Advisor: Steven Mlynarek, Ph.D.
NIOSH methods
Aerosol chamber
Particulate matter
Dissertations, Academic
x Environmental and Occupational Health
t USF Electronic Theses and Dissertations.
4 856


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n ?9n n $#4Tn$(nr&4,.n48n4n$D48&$,nr& #4,4&n n

PAGE 108

n1?+?0n$n2An B;/1;2? n /A(/> n n?/+1nB0+Bn1?+?0nEnA>nn B;/1;2? n />(22 n -n??+An>B+B?n1?+?0nEnA>nn B;/9;2? n 9(0? n n92+9n?2+>n1?+?Bn$n2An B;/9;2? n ?(21 n -n9A+:n9/+An1?+?Bn$n2An B;/9;2? n /0(29 n -n?:+0n>/+1:n1?+?BnEnA>n B;/9;2? n /0(11 n n/22+/n0?+:n1?+?BnEnA>n B;/?;2? n 9(0A n -n9A+>nB?+9n1?+?0nn2n B;/?;2? n ?(22 n n9A+>n:/+1n1?+?0nn2n B;/?;2? n /0(/2 n -n?A+1nB/+:n1?+?0nEnA>n B;/?;2? n /0(1A n n/2/+1n>0+Bn1?+?0nEn A>nn nn B;10;2? n 9(>2 n rn:>+Bn>B+9n1?+:9nEn2An B;10;2? n /0(/2 n rn99+:n>/+An1?+:9nEn>:n B;1>;2? n 9(A1 n rn:9+0nB1+0n1?+9BnEn2An B;1>;2? n /A(19 n rn91+?n>9+:n1?+9BnEn>:n nnNnnnnnn ++ nnnn nn

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n /22n n $#4Tn (n$T,$#$#n4&"nr"-$8n#,n n

PAGE 110

n n n %! n4&"n2B22n8nCn8n2+1n 0 (; : )+ (; : )+ % : )+ )+ r % )r+ 1 2 )*r+ % 3 )+ % 3 )+ % : )+ nr& )*+ nr& )/*+ 3r1n2+2/A0/ n 2+2/A>A n 2+222/1n2+222//n022n1+>2n???+1B9n/+22n2+//2n2+//2n/ /2n 3rAn2+2/A1? n 2+2/A01 n 2+222/An2+222/1n022n1+>2n/222+1An/+22n2+/12n2+/12n/ 12n 3r0n2+2/A2> n 2+2/A1n2+222/>n2+222/0n022n1+>/n/22>+1>n/+2/n2+/02n 2+/A?n/A?n 3r>n2+2/A11 n 2+2/AA0 n 2+222/1n2+222//n022n1+>2n??9+>A9n/+22n2+//2n2+//2n/ /2n 3rBn2+2/1B9 n 2+2/199 n 2+22212n2+222/?n022n1+0?n??>+1/Bn/+22n2+/?2n2+/?/n/ ?/n -)n/ n 2+2/1B9 n 2+2/1B? n 2+2222/n n %n2+/A0n/A0n -)n1 n 2+2/1:: n 2+2/1:: n 2+22222n n n#%n 2+2A0nA0n -)nA n 2+2/>2A n 2+2/>2: n 2+22220n n rDn1>+A2n1>+A2n -)n0 n 2+2/A?n2+2/A9? n 2+2222/ n n rn>n>n -)n> n 2+2//?A n 2+2//9? n 2+22220 n n n 2+2222Bn n n2+//2n//2n n n %n2+2222/n n nnnnnnnnnn /2/n
PAGE 111

n n n %" 4&"n2>22n,nCn8n2+1n 0 (; : )+ (; : )+ % : )+ )+ r % )r+ 1 2 )*r+ % 3 )+ % 3 )+ % : )+ nr& )*+ nr& )/*+ /n2+2/AA1 n 2+2/A>1n2+22212n2+222/?n022nA+A9n/A>A+9An/+A>n2+/?2 n2+/02An/02n 1n2+2/1?B n 2+2/A/>n2+222/?n2+222/9n022nA+01n/AB:+91n/+A:n2+/92 n2+/A/Bn/A1n An2+2/A1> n 2+2/A09n2+2221An2+22211n022nA+A?n/A>0+2/n/+A>n2+112 n2+/B1>n/B1n 0n2+2/AB/ n 2+2/A:Bn2+222/>n2+222/0n022nA+1?n/A/0+B1n/+A/n2+/02 n2+/2B>n/2Bn >n2+2/A/A n 2+2/AAAn2+22212n2+222/?n022nA+A0n/AAB+99n/+A0n2+/?2 n2+/01/n/01n Bn2+2/A1? n 2+2/A0:n2+222/9n2+222/:n022nA+/9n/1:1+99n/+1:n2+/:2 n2+/AABn/A0n :n 2+2/A10 n 2+2/A01n2+222/9n2+222/:n022nA+A2n/A1/+/0n/+A1n2+/:2 n2+/19:n/1?n 9n2+2//9> n 2+2/129n2+2221An2+22211n022nA+A9n/A>A+>Bn/+A>n2+112 n2+/B1>n/BAn ?n2+2/>1B n 2+2/>0/n2+222/>n2+222/0n022nA+A0n/AA:+1?n/+A0n2+/02 n2+/20:n/2>n -)n/ n 2+2/1B9 n 2+2/1B?n2+2222/n % n 2+/A>n/A>n -)n1 n 2+2/1:: n 2+2/1::n2+22222n n#%n 2+21/n1/n -)nA n 2+2/>2A n 2+2/>2:n2+22220n rDn/>+1>2n/>+1>n -)n0 n 2+2/A?n2+2/A9?n2+2222/n rn?n?n -)n> n 2+2//?A n 2+2//9?n2+22220n n2+2222Bn n2+/2>n/2>n % n 2+2222/ n n /21n
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n n n %# n4&"n2B22n8nCn8n2+0n 0 (; : )+ (; : )+ % : )+ )+ r % )r+ 1 2 )*r+ % 3 )+ % 3 )+ % : )+ nr& )*+ nr& )/*+ 3r/n2+2/1:? n 2+2/1?B n 2+222/:n2+222/>n022n 1+0?n ??>+B2n/+22n2+/>2n2+/>/n/>/n 3r1n2+2//?/ n 2+2/12B n 2+222/>n2+222/An022n1+>2n??9+29n/+22n2+/A2n2+/A2n/A 2n 3rAn2+2/19/ n 2+2/1?: n 2+222/Bn2+222/0n022n1+0?n??:+?Bn/+22n2+/02n2+/02n/0 2n 3r0n2+2//?9 n 2+2/1/? n 2+2221/n2+222/?n022n1+>/n/22A+29n/+22n2+/?2n2+/9?n/ 9?n 3r>n2+2/1B1 n 2+2/19/ n 2+222/?n2+222/:n022n1+>2n/222+B2n/+22n2+/:2n2+/:2n/ :2n 3rBn2+2/1// n 2+2/1AB n 2+2221>n2+2221An022n1+>/n/221+09n/+22n2+1A2n2+11?n1 1?n -)n/ n 2+2/1:A n 2+2/19/ n 2+22229n n %n2+/B9n/B9n -)n1 n 2+2/1B/ n 2+2/1B9 n 2+2222:n n n#%n 2+2A:nA:n -)nA n 2+2/1A0 n 2+2/1A/ n 2+2222A n n rDn1/+:?>n1/+:?n -)n0 n 2+2/1B? n 2+2/1:n2+2222/n n rnBnBn -)n> n 2+2/1:: n 2+2/1:B n 2+2222/ n n 2: n 2+2/>2B n 2+2222/ n n n2+/A2n/A2n -)n: n 2+2/A9? n 2+2/A?/ n 2+22221n n -)n9 n 2+2//9? n 2+2//?0 n 2+2222>n n -)n? n 2+2//?> n 2+2//?> n 2+22222n n n n %n2+22221n n nnnnnn /2An
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PAGE 114

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PAGE 115

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PAGE 116

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PAGE 117

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PAGE 118

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PAGE 119

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PAGE 120

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PAGE 121

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PAGE 122

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PAGE 123

PAGE 124

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PAGE 125

PAGE 126

PAGE 127

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PAGE 128

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PAGE 129

PAGE 130

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PAGE 131

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PAGE 132

PAGE 133

PAGE 134

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PAGE 135

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PAGE 136

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PAGE 137

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PAGE 138

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PAGE 139

PAGE 140

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PAGE 141

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PAGE 142

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PAGE 143

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PAGE 144

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PAGE 145

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PAGE 146

PAGE 147

222+n nn 0r&,nnnnn+n n %&( nnnF(nA1n /+2nn#nnAAn 1+>nn#nnA0n /2nn#nnA>n Xn ABn Xn A:n n A?n nrn A/1n 8%nn#nA/An nnn

PAGE 148

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PAGE 149

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PAGE 150

nn .$/ F 5 n6,nn$nnnnnr#n nnnnnnnnn/+2nI nn n+7 8( ,nnnn+n Bn4nnnnnnnn nnn $>222+nn 8 nn4nnnn0:n$n 8n nnnnnn%n nnn n+nn,nnnnn)n n nnn%nnn+nnnn> >nn nn)nnn+n :nnnnnnnnnn n$ >222+nnnn+n 9n,nnnA:nnnnnn Xnn"F#+n n nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 4n0:nnn+nnn8%nnn nnnn%+n

PAGE 151

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PAGE 152

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PAGE 153

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PAGE 154

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PAGE 155

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PAGE 156

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PAGE 157

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PAGE 158

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PAGE 159

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PAGE 160

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PAGE 161

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PAGE 162

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PAGE 163

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PAGE 164

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PAGE 165

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PAGE 166

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PAGE 167

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PAGE 168

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PAGE 169

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PAGE 170

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PAGE 171

PAGE 172

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PAGE 173

PAGE 174

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PAGE 175

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PAGE 176

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PAGE 177

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PAGE 178

PAGE 179

PAGE 180

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PAGE 181

PAGE 182

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PAGE 183

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PAGE 184

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PAGE 185

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PAGE 186

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PAGE 187

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PAGE 188

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PAGE 189

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PAGE 190

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PAGE 191

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PAGE 192

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PAGE 193

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PAGE 194

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PAGE 195

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PAGE 196

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PAGE 197

PAGE 198

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PAGE 199

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PAGE 202

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