The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
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n Vol. 68, no. 199 (September 26, 1960).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
September 26, 1960
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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\ M. Here, There University Partly cloudy with wide ly scattered showers or thundershowers t h r o ugh Tuesday, Southerly winds 8 to 18 m.p.h. High today 89. Low tonight 75. THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1960 PRICE FIVE CENTS Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-EIGHTH YEAR-No. 199 PROUD MEMBER OF CHARTER CLASS BEGINS CLASSES Miss Jeannie Collins, of 301 Mission Hills St., Tampa, is one of 1,500 students who began classes today at the new University of South Florida. She plans to major in business administration. Fine Arts Divisio. n Slates Four Meetings; ln.terested? The Division of Fine Arts has 2 p.m. in Room 2072 of theiArts at the university, and will announced four meetings iliis administration building. T h e outline production plans for the week for students interested in meeting will be repeated on 1 coming season. The schedule of drama and musical work. Thursday, Sept. 29 at 11 a .m.1tryouts, rehearsals, and produc-Freshmen and faculty mem-in the same room, for those un-tion dates for the year wlll be bers who wlsh to participate in I able to attend on Wednesday. announced at this time. Collins Addresses More Than 1,000 By JOHN GULLETT I The University of South Florida, seven short years ago just an idea, officially became a full-fledged operat ing state institution today with completion of dedication ceremonies on campus. Present for the one-hour ceremony were more than 1 ,000 members of the charter class, 200 public officials and educational leaders, the University's academic staff Letter From Allen of 125 and a large crowd of spectators. Dr. John S. Allen, first presi dent of the institution, told the audience that though the Uni versity is new, it is the product of a long academic tradition which exists to develop the youth of the nation and dis cover new truths. Gov. LeRoy Collins t h e n spoke on the state's need for h the university how it would aid the state m years to come f:\. ida's future leaders. I , ' Allen Installed / . providing training for •. ": Welcome to the University Following the governor's ad' of South Florida! As a mem-dress, President Allen was for\ ber of our first class, yours is a unique privilege and op portunity and we expect great things from you. For every privilege an d opportunity, there is a corresponding task or responsibility. Life Is the acceptance or evasion of re sponsibilities and we are measured by the manner of our choosing. I urge you to think serious ly and clearly about your mally installed into the office he has held in fact for three years. J. J. Daniel, chairman of the State Board of Control, placed a chained medallion about the shoulders of the president, thus officially invest ing him with the university's highest responsibility. The medallion is a silver replica of the university seal. The three-inch disc bears Al len's name and will be passed on in future years to his suc cessors. It is the official sym bol of his office. Governor Col lins was presented a silver responsibilities. You have a replica. Bronze replicas were responsibility to your parents presented to members of the -to be the man or woman State Department of Education, they have hor1ed you would the Cabinet, the Board of C""ntr I. fltate St:D tm Serp b•: t<1 Y"UT"" 1 ddc; ' oi Ute r the productions the Uni;;t!r- •1 Joh.1 W. Caluweil, direct lr All people inter

2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 Lumumba T Capital Protected by U.N. Troops LEOPOLDVILLE , The Congo , and held a press conference given Lumumba to protect his Se p t. 26 (!J!'D-Ous ted Premier not to ar@nd the Patrice Lurnumba battled to Pollee and troops c1ty, Mobutu sa1d angnly. He broke up a pro-Lumumba dem-repeated h1s demands that both make a comeback today , suponstration which erupted in the Ghana and Guinea troops be por t ed b y Ru s sia at the United heart of the city in the wake pulled out of the Congo U.N. Nations in Ne w York and proof the t o u r. Several arrests force. t e c t cd a g ain s t arrest here by were made but there were no Letter of Protest U.N. troops from Ghana. reports of casualties . Mobutu said that he sent a The goateed Lumumba, who Mobutu , who complained that letter of protest to Rajeshwar confidently predicted he soon the U .N. Ghana troops I as t Dayal , personal represenative would be top man m the Congo week prevented the arrest of of U.N. Secretary General Dag agam , openly defied Congolese Lumumba on a warrant Signed Hammarskjold in the Congo. He strongman Col. Jos eph Mobutu by President Joseph Kasavubu, said he also registered a pro yesterday in an obvious bid to off protest against test against the activities of N a rally h1s supporters here. therr act10ns yesterday. thaniel Welbeck acting Ghana MATERIEL DIRECTOR County Budget To Benefit By Carry Over The county wlll carry over approximately $500 ,000 for the 1960-61 budget which goes into effect next Saturday. W. L. ved mt? the weeks skin completely<: . man of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party which sponsored the annual steer years old , lived alone. would not be known until a others dirty their hands while area of an !lhcd liquor still to and clean. First time in 30 years. Her body was found by the medical examination was comthe people have come out in fabreak up the operation. Thanks for your marvelous prod' _r_o_a_s_t...:p:..i_c_n_i_c_. ---------------------------------apartment house supermten-pleted. They continued their invor of me." As they moved in, so did a ucts." Tills mach abbreviated re-vestigation of the c i r cum-He said he would be willing pair of Federal Alcohal Tax PDrt' tells of a user's success w!th Deaths in T dmpa, Elsewhere Tampa Boy, 61 stances ; listing her death as a to make certain changes when Unit agents, convinced they had a dual treatment for psoriasis now possible suicide. he returned t?. power but exthe operators of the made available to all sufferers. I • d C Miss Nichols who was a so pressed opposition to the Idea still. After the dust had cleared, Fun lllfonnat!on and detalls of a n1ure aS ar ciety girl, regarded with under U . N. superall hands joined to destroy the 14 da7 tzial plan from Canam SUI\IPTER IRWIN WEEKS New York; two daughters, Mrs. eran of World War I. He was a a I the late Amelia Earhart as one VISIOn. still. Dept. 229L, Rockport, Mass. Sumpter Irwin ( Bud) Weeks, Vester Neilsen, Omaha, Neb. member of Rodolph 1eye e of the pioneering women in ------------------------------------46 , of 2102 Rambla St. , died and Mrs. Muriel Burrus, Los , . American aviation in a Tampa hospital Saturday Angeles, Calif.; a brother, Har-Synagogue, Mens , . A . Tampa child Miss Nichols ' latest achieveZENITH'S night. A native of Cincinnati, o l d Gordon, Peoria, Ill . , two doph S h o I 0 m, S na1 B r1th was m]ured 10 traffic yesterday ment was in 1958 when she Ohio, he had been a resident sisters, Mrs . Lill Trotter, Bell Lodge , Jewish Community Cenafter a he was claimed women's records by of Tampa for 11 years. He was Prairie, Ill., and Mrs. T r u I y ter USS Tampa Post No. 5, we nth .thbroug a stop sign an flyin g an Air Force jet faster a salesman with the Mary Gordon , Mt. Vernon, Ill.; 12 erican Legion and the Jewish was It Y a car. . than 1 ,000 miles an hour at an Carter Paint Factories. He is grandchildren and one great War Veterans . Survivors include N d D.,tle Denmf, H408lh altitude of 51,000 feet at the survived by his widow, Mrs . grandchild. his wife, Mrs . Rae Chardko f f , H . D est an vetr 3 Suffolk County Air Force Base Sm llest-Eyeglass Hearing Ai d Ann Weeks, Tampa; one son , Tampa; a brother, Dr. M. A. enms, was ea e an re: on Long Island, N.Y .. Gary Weeks, Tampa; one daugh 0. MULLENDORSE Chardkoff, Tampa , and a sister, at Tampa General Hos Her career as a fher began ter, Miss Judy Weeks, Tampa ; Norns 0. Mullendore, 59, of Mrs . Dora Bryan, Jacksonville. pita!. Patrolma.n D. N . in 1923, when she was a stu parents Mr and Mrs Walter 4120 San Pedro Ave. died Sun Funeral services were held toreported the child was hit b:l; a dent at Wellesley College WeiWeeks, • Ohio; two day in a .Tampa Hospital. He day. car dnvel! by George Fredrick lesley , Mass. Over the • years brothers, Earl Weeks and Warwas a native of Dakot . a Perez, 28, of 2209 3rd Ave. N.o she held women's world flight ren Weeks, both of Cincinnati, and a former resident of MRS. EVELYN L. HUNTER charges resulted from t he ace!records for speed, altitude and Ohio, and one sister, Miss Flor cago,, Ill. moving to. m Mrs. Evelyn L . Hunter, of d e nt. . . . . . distance. Her f e at s take up ence Weeks of Cincinnati 1949 where he was dlstnct man 3010 Bayview Ave Jl native . Others IDJured traffiC accolumns in aviation reference 1 "'"' ' ' ager of the Prudential Life In f Ch 1 t S C • d . Cldents yesterday mclude Warbooks ' v,uiO. c H d 0 ar es on, an res1H W'lll'ams 23 1303 Po1 ' n ' ' surance o. e retire m Jan-dent of Tam a for the ast 30 ren . . I , '. . Miss Nichols was crejlited I MRS. WALTER C. 1\IEYERS !lary after 30 years of serv-years, passed away Sunsetta, Hazel M .. r_lmmns , B with being the first woman air Mrs. Nina Pearl Doyal MeyICedwlth the comphanty. Mr. Mubll-day at his residence. She is surline pilot In the country, after ers, 63, of 10802 Annette Ave., en ore was a c ar er mem er vived by her husband, B. J . • . • . • . she joined the New York and died yesterday morning at the of the Interbay Rotary Club of Hunter Tampa Castillo, 2403 St. •. and New England Airways in 1932. home of her daughter, Mrs. Tampa and had been an hon-' Rosemary Jeffnes, 808 MmneShe had a number of narrow Raymond C. Parker, Englewood. of the club • haha St. escapes in planes. She escaped A native of Noeton, Tenn. , she h1s He is surv1ved funeral NOtiCeS twice from flaming crashes. had been a resident of Tampa by his wife Mrs. Kathleen McEwen foe Miss Nichols grew up in Rye, for 12 years . She is survived endore, Tampa ; a son Norrys 0 . I N.Y. Her father, Erickson Nor-by her husband. Walter C. Mullendore, Jr., MIamI; a D b f TV man Nichols, was a member of Meyers, Tampa; daughter, Mrs. daughter Mrs. Donald Johnson, e 0 e On the New York Stock Exchange Raymond C. Parker, EngleTampa , 2 brothers M . R. MullCongressional candidates and a sportsman w ood; two brothers, Ralph endore, Wilton , Conn . and W. A. William C. (Bill) Cramer, inDoyal, Morristown, Tenn., and Mullendore, Clearwater; a siscumbent, and James M. ( Red) ADVERTISEMENT L. H. Doyal Jr. , Chattanooga, ter, Mrs. Richard Roth, ChiMcEwen will meet the press Tenn. ; six sisters, Mrs . Frank cago, Ill. and three grandchil Wednesday over television beArnold, Tampa, Miss Mary L. dren. Funeral services will be fore Coffee Clubbers of the Doyal, Rogersville, Tenn., Mrs. held at Curry's Funeral Home Greater Tampa Chamber of Frank Smith, Knoxville, Tenn., at 10:30 Tuesday morning with Commerce. Miss Lelia Doyal, Rogersville, interment to follow In Myrtle The coffee-donut s e ss 1 on Tenn., Mrs. Helen Isenberg, Hill Memorial Park. will be held at the chamber Bean Station, TEtnn. and Mrs. buildlne at a .111. James Beatty, Cumberland, LEO CH41tDKOFF! the tntl!rviewers will btf' ffoe Md . ; and two grandsons. Leo Chardkbff, 65, of 34 Lockland and Jerry Harper, Adalia Ave., died Saturday at news director of WTVT and MARSHALL G. KEENE his home. A native of Russia, WFLA, respectively. TAMPA. RADIO SALES INC. Zenith's allnew Medallion looks aa as regular glasses-yet it offers all the fam()us quality of "Living Sound" performance, Ask for free demonstra• tion at Better Hearing Aid Service. * Temple bars can be easily switched to sun&lass frames-fit most frame styles!* * Volume control and separate on-off switch! * Powerful four-transistor circuit! * Choice ofl:olors; styled for both men and women! *YtH.t pure. h•s• lanus and frame of your choice from your own IYtlltss specialist. One of the Magnificent New Gold. Seal Series Hearing Aids BETTER HEARING AID SERVICE. 316 MADISON PH. 2-3441 Marshall G. Keene of 907 he had been a resident of Tam Bruce St. , a native of Keens-pa since early childhood . Mr. burg, Ill., and resident of TamChardkoff was the owner of pa f o r 15 years , died yesterday Chardkoff & Co., and was a vetat a local hospital. He is sur' viv e d by a daughter, Mrs. The!-D fh services for M rs. Annette Davis, 74, ma Lutz, Tampa. ea S JOHN BURT PICKETT Elsewhere Sellner Presbyterian Church, with the Rev. William N . the FOR LOTS MORE FUN' IN '61 John Burt Pickett, 79, of 316 KATHLYN WILLIAMS pastor o f ficiating:. Interment will be Hyde Pru k Ave., a veteran of m the Seffner Cemetery. Arrantethe Spani s h Am erican War and HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 26 r esident o f Tampa for 33 years , Kathlyn >yilliams, 66,. oneti!De ers wlll be, Eugene Murphy, Wil';f: died Saturday after a long ill-queen of Silent film senals, died ness. He is survived by his Saturday, of a N:Mils.ruooi.mliiiAE:::F;;;: widow , Mrs . Nancy L. Pickett Williams, leadmg n and a daughter, Mrs. Madeline the of Kath Pickett Valadie both of Tampa. lyn, had. been confmed to a • wheel chair smce I o s 1 n g her 1\tRS. ANNETTE D'AVIS right leg in an automobile acciMrs . Annette J)avis , 74, of dent in 1949. JAMES M. CRAWFORD Seffner, died Thursday night in a Tampa hospital. A native of Seg i el , Ill., she had been a resi LA JOLLA, Calif., Sept . 26 (A'J dent of Seffner for two years. -James M. Crawford, 74, a reShe was a member of the Prestired vice General byterian Church. Mrs. Davis is Motors . Corp. , died Friday after BUNTER, MRS. EVELYN L.-A private survived by her husband Sterla long Illness . He had been as-funeral oervice lor Mrs. Evelyu L. . . ' soci'ated WI'th GM for more than Hunter of 3010 Bayview Avenue will mg DaVIS, Seffner; two sons, . be held this afternoon at four o'clock Virgil Lugar Birmingham Ala. 40 years. He was born lD In-from the Chapel of J. L . Reed & son, and Paul Lugar, L.r.: dianapolis . HARLOW WILCOX LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26 (JP) -Harlow Wilcox, 60, former ra dio announcer for the F ibber McGee and Molly comedy series, died SaturdaY. after a long ill ness. DAVIS OPTICAL COMPANY Recommended by Eye Physician& to Fill Pre3criptions for GliUses. CONTACT LENSES and Artificial Eyes. All Optical Prlllcriptions, including CONTACT LENSES, can be filled at either of our convenient location., 616 Tampa St. Phone 2 3025 Grand Central OffSt7•a Ptn'ldn6 Pftone RE 7-1339 Memories Cemetery. KEENE. MARSHALL G .-Funeral serv lee s ior Marshall G . Keene or 907 Bruce Street, will be held Tuesday morning at ten o • ctock from the Chapel of J. L . Reed & Son , Ba y shore Blvd. &: Plant Ave .• with the Rev. Walter S. MetcaU officiating. Cremation will follow. GET THE ALL-NEW TIME-SAVING • 0 FRIGIDAIRE RATED NO.1 BY U.S, TESTING CO. FOR ALL'ROUND 1961 WASHER AND DRYER THE MATCHING PAIR THAT GIVES YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO SPEND MANY MORE HOURS AT YOUR FAVORITE DIVERSIONS JUST A FEW '60 MODELS LEFT ' 0 ' 0 0 I \ TE M Lt c to til is 8 :r.;, o! se aL B hi h ; 1 o l cJ e ti r a 1 I


THE TAMPA TIMES 3 Monday, September 26, 1960 Oratory Contest Planned PLANT CITYNorman Mc Cleod Post 26 ot the Legion has started plans for the annual National High School Oratorical Contest. The contest, sponsored by the Legion's National Americanism Committee, is a 10-minute oratorical, prepared discussion on the United States Constitution, or any phase of it. Competition is open to high school students. Committees, under the overall chairtnanship of Dr. Denton L. Cook, supervising principal of Plant City schools, have been set up. Principal Donald Yoho and E n g I i s h teacher Betty Barker are coordinators for the high school. Publicity is to be handled by William Rutherford, post commander. In charge of judging is attorney William Register, with Mrs. John Carr, auxiliary Legion woman's president, is in charge of food, and Tom O'Day is in charge of guests at the luncheon. Some of the suggested subjects for the competition are citizen's rights and responsibili ties, Constitution aims, checks and balances, how the instrument came into being, its threat through Communism, and powers of the states as guaranteed by the Constitution. Competition also provides for an extemporaneous discussion from 4-6 minutes on a given amendment to the Constitution. Activities begin in late February in the high schools and advances to the district level. That showdown will be held in Plant City next April 17, and the winner is the district champion. He advances to the state competition, one of 12 survivors. Plant City has had three go this far. Paul Buckman, now city attorney, advanced here in 1941; Harry Paschall did it in 1950 and Jan King made it in 1954. . The next step is the state regional, the winner of which will return to Plant City for the sectional competition for all Southern states. That winner moves on to the national tourney, whose date and site. have been determined. Accounting Course Opens at Tampa U. A new course in principles of accounting and business administration was opened at the Uni versity of Tampa today. The course is designed to prepare secretaries for Certified Professional Secretary exami Classes will be held from e:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. each Monday under the instruction of Dr. Carlos F. Wieman for the next 10 weeks. Nunez Will Address County's Republicans Robert F. Nunez III will s p e a k to the Hillsborough Republican C I u b tomorrow night on "How to Win an Elec tion." The meeting will be held at 8 o'clock at the Graybar Electric Co . Building, Lemon and Oregon Streets. Nunez recently resigned as assistant U.S. district attorney here to help in the Republican campaign. I. u 1 i' 0 i ,, I '''I II "I II I" ''I I Ill I I I II tJ I Ill : 'I : I II I I I II I f II !! ''1 <::t .. f,•• • SHOP MONDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 'TIL 9 P.M., GANDY BLVD. "STORE FOR HOMES" fashion finislaed hack: eompaet portable TV Slim, trim "Sportabout" ••• beautiful from every angle. No 19 995 picture tube jutting out or unsightly back panel. Has 82 channel UHF. VHF tuner, front mounted speaker and controls, telescoping built-in antenna and fold flat luggage handle. no down payment SEE OUR "CARNIVAL" SECTION IN TODA Y'S PAPER MAAS BROTHERS MEETS ALL LOCALLY ADVERTISED PRICES ON IDENTICAL MERCHANDISE I \rl' extended range speaket•l 21" swivel eahinet TV regularly 319.95 95 no down payment Convenient new swivel eabinef handsomely sfy!ed1 swings to right or left at a touch. New, duo cone extended range speaker adds realism and balance to sight and sound. Has UHF-VHF tuner, tube guard. See it, hear it, buy it! RCA VICTOR front tnounted speaket•! 21'' table tnodel TV Big set performance, UHFspecial VHF equipped with convenient up-front controls. 219 95 Styling usually found in more expensive m o d e Is ••• an outstanding buy at this low price! Matching no down payment base slightly extra. high gain chassis: 21" TV consolette Enjoy constant picture and sound with auto matic G a i n Control that compensates for 2 6 995 signal strength fluctua tion. Buy the Gladwin • • • space-saving styling with tube guard, front mounted speaker and balanced fidelity sound. no down payment Maas' Appliance , TV, Stereo and Hi.Fi Center ••• Tampa (Gandy Blvd. "Store for Hamel' and Downtown) , Lakeland and Sarasota THESE ITEMS ALSO AVAILABLE IN OUR DOWNTOWN TAMPA STORE • • • OPEN MONDAY •TIL 9 P.M. . NO DOWN PAYMENT, UP TO 24 MONTHS TO PAY WITH A MAAS BROTHERS' CONTINUOUS CLUB ACCOUNT [No service charge if paid in full within 90 clays) MAIL YOUR ORDER TO "JANE LEE" OR PHONE TAMPA 2


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 N,;;Nn w t""' WITH AN EARTHY ---1MAN IN THE MOON'?-REALL Y? t_l !Martian/ Warn . s I • • By HOWAJID BENEDICT CAPE CANAVERAL, Sept. 26 (JP)-The moon remains an elu s ive target for American rocket s , whfle Russia contin u e d to h 6 l d a commanding lead in lll'al' e"Xploration and may soon attempt to send the firs t man int o spaee. These ue the cold facts facing U . S . spat:e sdentists today as tbey seeiE w piJ:qJoint the reason foT the failure yesterday of their latest moon roc ket. The giant Atlas--Able, most powerful spaee vebkle evu a ssembled by this n au 0 n, fizzled in an effort to Jturl Ole first satellite into orbit aboul the moon . The failure dealt a damagocketeer Can't Get 'On Target' ing blow t& Americanl space miles into space ill not expectpeat yesterday's effort. They This was the seventh time An Atlas-Able was used on one of the previous efforts. This failed w h e n a shroud protecting the payload jetti soned prematurely s h or t I y after launch and tore apart the upper stages of the rocket . prestige at a time when Rns.-ed nnill Jrmuary or Feb:uua11y. could be ready in two to three the United States has sent a sian Premier Nikita S. The payload was . months if a study of data from rocket toward the moon. Kb:rusheh:e1r is in this country to malle the nrort exhaustive yesterday's shot indicates that Three of the previous shots saytng tl'lat the &viet Union study ever oJi lunal' no major changes are necesfailed because of rocket trouis read.\r w latm!Cl% a man in'Uo sary. ble. space . A in t.I'M secDr. Adolph T hie I, a top One reached an altitude of "It is difficult to say just ond stage engine !Womedl tile projed officer, reported the 70,700 miles and another 63, when lbe Sovid& will launeb experiment and S6li the second stage of the Atlas-Able 580 miles b e fore tumbling the first space man, but \U pound payload io a f iery ignited, but burned abnormalback into the Pio are prepared," Khrushchev death as it dilled bald intoo the ly. This sent the vehicle off neer IV had too much speed repotted yesterday. He said earth' s atmosphere s om eocourse and prevented ignition and sailed past the moon into a rocket and space ship are where over the Indian Ocean. of the third stage. orbit about the sun. ready bot it ill vp to Bos3iaJJ The 1ailwe was a $9 to $1tl NASA scientists were puzThe Russians have reported scientists to decide the million bust. This is Ute price zled by the failure of thj! firing three moon r o c k e t s . launching date. tag an o:ffkial at lbe Natio11al time-tested second sl,age. This Lunlk I w hip p e d past the The p:remier made tbe comAeronautics and Space Ad.was the first time in 15 firings moon into solar orbit. Lunlk menu at the Soviet country ministration placed on Ute that it did not work. Used II hit the moon . Lunlk III estate at Glen Cove, Long Is-rocket, the payload and the atop a Thor rocket, It helped went into a wide orbit that land. The first U.S. attempt work involved. boost such space and satellite carried it around the moon to send an astronaut on a A reserve Atlas-Able and payloads as Explorer VI, Pioand enabled it to t a k e the There was some speculation here that perhaps the vibration caused by the powerful Atlas b o o s t e r may be too much for the slim up p e r stages , One scientist said the second and tltird stage assem bly is well-suited for the Thor, which has 150,000 pounds o! thrust, but that perhaps it is shaken too much by the 360,000 pounds generated by the Atlas . Thiel said , however, that he does not believe this is the case . brief ride 120 payload are available to reneer V, Echo and Tiros. first pictures of the backside. CAB Sets Hearings for Air Routes Across Southland WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (!P)connecting airlines s o that a minutes, and Western Air Lines, A three-day schedule of argu passenger may make the trip on 30 minutes. ments over transcontinental air the same plane. Following them will be these service across the South opens The board announced that intervenors-United Air Lines, today qefore the Civil Aeronau-members of Congress interested 15 minutes; Bonanza Air Lines, tics Board. in the case will have an oppor-Frontier Air Lines, Pacific Air Before the board are recomtunity to express their views at Lines and Trans Texas Airways, mendations of CAB Examiner the opening of the arguments. 10 minutes each; the Defense Edward T. Stodola that Delta Applicant airlines then will be Department, 10 minutes; Bureau Air Lines and National Airlines heard on an alphabetical basis, of Aeronautics counsel, 30 min be authorized to :fly coast-toAmerican Airlines starting off utes; Dallas, Houston and Lob coast , and that additional routes with a 45-minute time limitation bock, Tex . , 10 minutes each. be awarded other airlines on on its presentation . On Wednesday, ihe third and various segments. Besides American, other carfinal day of arguments, the Stodola submitted !tis findings riers scheduled to be heard the board bas scheduled 5 minute to the board after conducting first day include Braniff Airpresentations by spokesmen for many months of hearings both ways and Continental Air Lines, some 50 cities and: towns which here and in the areas concerned. each granted 30 minutes; Delta would be affected. At pre5ent there is no n011and Eastern Air Lines, 45 minMore than 350 witnesses were stop commercial, coast-to-coast utes each. heard in hearings held by Sto service across the southern part Four other applicant airlines dola, and moer than a million of the nation. There are some are to be heard Tuesday-Na-words went into U1e record. flights operated through inter-tional with a 45-minute presenField hearings were held in change of equipment b e tween tation , Trans World Airlines , 40 Houston, Los A n g e 1 e s and VIEW IT AS PROPAGANDA Harlemites Don1t Buy Castro 1Stunt1 Miami. ' Such cities as Atlanta, Bir mingham, New Orleans, DallasFort Worth, El Paso, Albuquerque and Phoenix are along the proposed southern trans-continental routes. West Can M :;:=: I Of Rocket Probes # ::!* LONDON, Sept. 26 (I'P)-A l'espectful silence as the "Masspokesman for the B r it ish ter on Mars" said: "Unless Flying Saucer Society said to-much ground is given by both day that before the Russians sides alike-" or anyone else try to Here the spokesman was input a man on a planet they'd terrupted by what sounded better get the planet's perlike a very earthly cough. mission. Delegates were unable to say "We've . been informed by if the cough was King's or the co s m i c masters," said the Martian's. William Mayhew in an inter"If you go on as you are view, "That earth men will at the moment," the voice not be allowed to land on weut on, "fostering suspicion, other planets." arguing and boasting about Mayhew, a laWYer by pro-your latest weapons, then a fession, and 700 other memconflict will most sure 1 y hers of the society have been come." attending Britain's first na-The voice added that the tiona! flyiug saucer convenconflict would take place be tion. tween 1963 and 1964. During their two-day sesDeeply impressed, the delsion in London \hey said they egates nearly all of whom established contact with a claim to have seen flying sail spokesman on Mars through cers discussed this somber one of their officials, George waruing from space. King. T)ley said they were . eon-King went into a yogi trance vinced that Eisen and said a Martian s p o k e bower, Soviet Premier Niklta through him. Be recorded the Khrushchev and other world message purportedly from leaders have been approached. Mars. The message spacemen at one time or ently directed at the leaders another during the last few of East and West was years. broadcast through the conven-''But the poli ticlans a r e tion hall. keeping it quiet," said a WOIII The delegates listened in an delegate. MEANING BEHIND VISIT Macmillan Wants Info From Nikita By PHIL NEWSOM do not take place. The diplo-From the t o r e 1 g n editor' s mats think even the Reds do not notebook: yet know just how far they will Something on his mind-Brit-go. Their actions will, be gov i s h Prime Minister Harold Mac-erned by western reaction. ha$ son:tething on "Bridge of understanding" hJs mmd JUSt VISit. to the The Madrid airport meeting be Umted N atwns durmg hiS cur-tween President Gamal Abdel rent stay m the Umted Nasser of Egypt of Generalis He hopes to draw from simo Francisco Franco of Spain some concrete .mmay mark the beginning of a formation on the real meanmg new era in Spain's international of tJ:e latter' s . late s t peaceful politics , observers there believe . co-ex1stence drive. , Spain's policy always has been He also wants s based on friendships with the thoughts on a possible cold countries of the South Amerisettlement a n d to learn Just can and Arab blocs how deep is the rift b e tween the , ' . . Soviet Union and Red China. Na.sser s stopover m Madnd Later Macmillan will consult was mterpreted ,to n:tean that he with the Western allies on what supl?or!s s. Wishes to turn the West should do to meet the Spam. a bndge of under-NEW YORK, Sept. 26 (UP!)only to score a propaganda vicnew Soviet approach. standmg between !he. western M t E t and Arab world. Spam 1s expect"It was nothing but a propa-tory and also provide an oppor-ee as Criticism_ Another Western ed to get its remaining troops ganda publicity stunt." That's tunity for Russian Premier leader, President Charles De out of Morocco soon, remo':ing what most Harlemites are sayNlkita Khrushchev to visit Har-Gaulle of France, is being criti-the last problem In . ing about Cuban Premier Fidel !em to make a play for Negro In Berl n cized for boycotting the present Arab relations. An. offiCial VlSlt Castro's move to the Hotel sympathy. super-summit get-togethers in by Nasser to Spam 111ay take New York. Some sections of the place next month. Theresa in the heart of Harlem. Herman GIiffin, 30, a counPari press already are express-The H . a r 1 em man and terman, said: "I resent his pres-BE R L I N, Sept, 26 !UP!\' _ !ng anxiety th!s may result WAGES BIG ISSUE - today 1.n what the the old argum .ent w1th the and a stretch of Southence between the two nations, Amenca changeths not down Avenue and 125th Street was . S1tuated up a dar!' s1de street m=ists permission gradually to umon sa!d was a d1spute over .Phihppmes !!ver. m1htary bases. east As1a. . would give the administration of through the years. , caused by "curiosity just to see m the gloomy P.urheus of subincrease pressures on West Ber. . If the md1cations prove true One promment reason for President Carlos P. Garcia a These days maybe you don t what he look llk th • urban Pankow, 1t takes an ex-lin so long as serious incidents We II be on stnke until we -and t h e y came from highly sudden optimism on the old s trong card for the national wear a celluloid collar inscribed c ri s e, e same tremely curious or desperately win , " said C. L. Dennis, vice plac ed sources-it would mark military bases squabble was the elections 13 months away. with the names of your candiIf thirsty person to even find it. J N grand president of the Brother a notable achievement for U . S. personal liking that the someall that is needed dates as men used to do, but with him, 8 rees It also takes-allowing for a QX egrOeS hood of Railway Clerks. diplomacy in Asia. times crusty Philippines For now is a major compromise you can get a tie or a tie clasp . wrong turn and one or two Dennis said the strike would It wou,ld also firmly anchor elgn Secretary Fel!xberto Ser from Washington. proclaiming your man. On Castro's cla!-ffi that Nepower failures-about two hours Urged To Use tie up Braniff's domestic flights, the U . S . military position in the rano has taken to American AmSerious Ob t cl Maybe back in the old days groes have equal nghts and opon East Berlin's rattling ele-but company officials said there strategic ally important Philip bassador John Hickerson. The only rem/ s .0 you couldn't get a blue plastic and there is ;'tO vated railway . Vof•lng R•lghf would not be much difference 1 1 ml en us flag inscribed "Pat for First dtscrimlnatlon m Cuba, Robm-The elevated drops you back in flight schedules . . . THE POLITICAL SCENE , . . . , .... ,.,, .... '"'" ' . e to a ful . ag:'-'eement 18 Lady" for your car radio an son "He'll have to show in Wes t Berlin, and you have to JACKSONVILLE, Sept. 2 6 (I'P) . Braniff operates in 38 cities .. ,., .. "'.' t e matter of junsdJction over tenna But even back In 1800 me. I ve never been to Cuba pass the people ' s police a g ain J k '11 N h mcludmg New York City "''' '-"' US servicemen stationed at the b t I d 't b r t I th k ac sonv1 e egroes ave • 1\1 d !!'.) big 'us bases such s Clark Air you could get a hand painted 0 on e 1 m before you can head toward the been urged to oranize their Newark, N.J. Washin g ton, D . C .. K N . A t m Force' Base nd th a I I t 1 banner bearing a portrait of his presence here lS a stunt." Rialto ' s red neon glow. voting strength as"' a weapon Miami, Denver, New Orleans @ IXOn voca es a e nava ns aTho'mas Jefferson. No 'Pie in Sky' on Door a ainst se e ation and dlscrim-and in most of the Midwest and ri . Wi lations at Sangley Point and Nothing has changed fundaArnold Earle, 37, meat marTh.ere 1t ts at last, though, i!ation. gr g throughout Texas. . . k !i@ Sublc Bay. . . . mentally slnc .e. 1840, when the ket manager, agreed that Cas beckmg through the gloom-a .. '1The most Important 1ssue ts, (': B d s h I •d ff, From. the Fillpmo Vlewpomt American presidential campaign tro's stay in Harlem was "just a small, rather down-at-the-heels The mo;e votes you and Jawys has been, wages," M roa c 00 A 10' the disagreement goes back to in its present form emerged. publicity stunt." establishment with a sign on the lS your Dennis said . n I when a u.s. negotiating Changes Just Technical He, too, didn't believe there door that says "Closed Due to power, a Negro audience was The air transport divi s ion or *! W miSSIOn, headed by Carl Bendet"The main changes are more is "pie in the sky" for the CuOvercrowding . " t?ld at Bethel Bapthe clerk's union holds contract$ "' T • W sen, came to Manila to settle the or less technical," Dr. Wilcomb ban Negro . "You realy should have gotten hst Church by Rev. A. Leon with . about 2 ,400 Braniff emWASHINGTON , Sept. 26 (!P) the National Show. issue. Those talks were broken E . Washington, curator of poll"If there' s no discrimination a reservation , " the doorman Lowery of Tampa, Flonda conployes in clerical, office, nles,. -A broad program of federal Oct. 18-Fhes to Minneapooff by the U.S. tical history at the Smithsonian against the Negro there now, says. "We open at nine and ference of the Nafleet and passenger service . aid to education , Including colllsSt. Paul area to help dediAmbassador Charles E. BohlInstitution, said. there must have been a major we're alway s f i 11 e d by ninetiona! Association for the AdDennis said the un.ion would lege scholarships and money .Interstate Bridge en held subsequent talks with The purpose of all the but-change in Cuba-there was disthirty. " vancement of Colored People. drop demands for a union shop for building both public school flies to KR!ver,to th?nn Serrano approxltons, banners, balloons, photocrimination there before Castro A short waH gets you inside Lowery id addressing the if Braniff met the wage scale tEl h e, an., -a e wo years. orne proggraphs, symbols, slogans and took over , " he said . an L-shaped room , heavy with public meeting sponsored by paid my Pan-American Airline. and college classrooms , is advo spec sen ower Museum. Denress was made on issues but hoopla remains the same-to Sybil Lucas "over 21" a drug smoke and murky orange light. the NAACP's Jackson vi 11 e He said janitors for Braniff cated by Vice President Rich11ftt stotpd, and he the mi aldn dissudle okf dJurisdictlon project a favorable Image of the saleswoman , s'aw wrong A huge artificial vine crawls Youth Council called on his lis-get a minimum wage of $1.18 an ard M . Nixon . e e a nex ay. rema ne ea oc e to the voters. with Castro's stay and noted: over the mirror behind the bar. teners to be militant in their hour and station porters get But he su orted only lndi Oct. 20-Flles to San Fran-Basically, the U.S. offered the In the 1840s It may have been "I think this man . came to The dance floor is made of fight. "The down payment has $1.13 an hour while persons . PP , cisco to address Commonwealth Philippines an agreement gen a metal token, Dr. Washington this hotel, not one of the best , what are apparently stainless been made and you now bear holding similar jobs for Panrect rud for teachers salaries, Club. erally similar to in said. Later when photography to be comfortable and happy steel plates bolted to a square the responsibility," he said. American get $2.02. The maxi saying "We must avoid the Oct. 21-Goes to San Diego ;ith NATO natiOns or Wlth was developed, hundreds of while he here. I'd say this in front of the bandstand. Wellyouth council staged the mum made to members danger of rigid federal control to address PanAmerican apan . thousands of pictures of the shows he 1s. one of the small dressed couples clatter happily 10 day lunchcounter demonstrahis umon is $2.71 an hour pa1d' over who teaches and what IsLe ague, tben flies to Palm t Jf a candidates were distributed. people, like the rest of us. He over music from a struggling lions that preceded an outbreak to a s s istant station managers. taught in our public schools." Springs, where he remains over he a crd : t So They played much the same changed Cuba and gave the Cucombo. of racial violence in JacksonPan-Americ;m pays men doing He said federal funds should the weekend. e e r e Y a role. that television .does, now in bans a national identity.". It's not the best place In the vllle Aug . 27. . similar $3.201,-2 an hour, be used to help build new pubOct. 24-F 1 i e s to Laughlin court martial If he was. on base gettmg the candidate s face Anna Dorsey, 42, a wa1tress, world, but not the worst e1ther. . The state NAACP head sa1d Dennis sa1d. lie schools and to help local Air Force Base near Del Rio or on . duty. If the cnme was known . . . said she had no feeling either And there aren't many places 18 lunchcounters have been deCapt. Reynold Graves, chair districts pay off bonded debt Tex., crosses border to meet committed while off base or. ?ff That 1840 campa1gn between way about Castro but. did think heteabouts where you can get segregated in Tampa and perman of the Braniff unit of llle on new schools already built. Lopez Mateos in C!udad Acuna dry it go to the PhiliP Marti!} Van Buren and William one good effect of his visit was a scotch and soda by plunking sons of both races were eating Airlines Pilot Association, said He said the local money thus for third in series of meetings P nes W ld D .d ., Henry Harnson was a hum-that "it has boosted business down 60 cents and your pass-there like they had been doing "we will go ahead and fly the freed could be used to raise to encourage friendly relations B t ou ld fci th

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Supercoach $16.30 a1 fares plus lax 1 See your Travel Agent or call Delta the air line with the BIG JETS In Tampa: 2-2911-In St. Petersburg: ORange 1-7141-In Clearwater: 3-8318 You'll be surprised at the fast action you'll get from the THE TAL\lPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 5 APPARENT MURDER, ROBBERY Body Identified As Missing Californian RENO, Sept. 26 (JP}-A muti-ring were missing. lated body found in the back Coroner William Beemer said of a pickup truck here was Allison had been stabbed in the identified yesterday as that of back several time with a butchP au I G. Allison, 57, missing er knife and had been beaten. Santa Rosa, Calif., manufacA curved, foot-long skinning turCehr. 1 All' f D knife was found near the body. ar es 1son o enver, . , the victim's brother, made the Allison s upper left arm was identification. badl y brok.en and the body .was The body was found under covered With cuts and brwses • . blankets and clothing in the ADVERnSEMENT camper top on Allison's pickup People 60 to 80 in a self-service lot behind the . Harlem Club in d own town APPLY fOR OLD LIHE LEGAL Reno. . Police called the crime ap-RESERVE LifE IHSURAHCE parent murder and robbery. ' The slain man's wallet, iden-If you are under 80 you can tification papers and a diamond still apply for a $1 , 000 life in ADVERTISEMENT surance policy to help take care of final expenses without burdening your family. ROOSEVELT STUDENTS AND TEACHER FROM DENMARK UNPLUG WAXY EARS SAFELY! You handle the entire trans a c t i on by mail with OLD AMERICAN of KANSAS CITY • . • • Miss Mette Skov also taught in India prior to coming here. • DANE TEACHES IN TAMPA Systems, Not Children, Differ By NEAL BROGDEN Times Staff Writer There's a world of differ ence in the classrooms of three continents. But children are much the same, whether they go to classes in Copenhagen, Cal cutta or Tampa. That's the feeling of Miss Mette Skov, a new teacher at Roosevelt School and a globe-trotting educator. Miss Skov, fluent in Eng lish and German as well as her native Danish, told of some of the things she has learned about schools and school children as the last of her sixth graders left for the day. "American children are taught to express themselves and a great deal of stress is Bus.lness put on teaching them every day living," she said, "where as in Denmark drilling on basic subjects is emphasized." Not First Chance Teaching here is not Miss Skov's first opportunity to learn about education in the United States. After her ar rival in t h is country 1 a s t year she taught in Racine, Wisconsin. Before that she ta.pght in India village schools. There, she said, the im portant thing is practical edu cation. "They take up a problem in arithmetic and use it in measuring a field or building a house," Miss Skoy ex plained. Another practical side of education for the Indian stu dent at the villages: They make their own textbooks by copying by hand. Police Get in Swim COLUMBUS, Ohio (JP) -The Ohio Highway Patrol, which al ready operates on land and in the air, is going under water. Supt. Scott B. Radcliffe said a special squad is being trained to recover objects under water. • Us• KERIDeDrops then rinse wu OIIU No obligation. No one will call on you! When ear-wax t>Joets normal ear funoo tlon use new Kerld Drops. Kerld soften.s ear-wax. Then you Just rinse wax out. In m1nutes. ears clear aratn,. c:tean again. Kerld Props end puncture ls :.st9l . . . ' . . I Plant City PLANT CITY-At least one outside business is considering a location in the Plant City area. The Development Committee has a request for a summary on construction-n o w underway and completed -for the final quarter of this year. Richard Prewitt, committee head and chamber of com merce manager, said the request seeks information on the num ber of buildings, their size and contemplated use. Prewitt was unable to identify the inquirer as the request came through an intermediary agent. Among the new construction listed is the public library, which is slated to open in November. Its square footage is 4,176 and value is $61,000. A manufacturing firm in this category has a footage of 12,750 at a cost of $97,000. A ware house, 65,000 at $18,000, is also listed. Office space at seven loca tions is shown with ihe following figures: 18,000 square feet, $43,000; 15,000 and $65,000; 10,000 and S150 ,000; 8,500 and $125,000; 4 , 900 and $92,000; 1,900 and $4,000; 1,470 and $16,000. The total is 131,696 square feet and $671,000. "These figures indicate to me that Plant City is growing as I think it should grow. We make our community more at tractive to outside interests with work like this. This construc tion by the people who have brought this about reflects their faith in Plant City," Prewitt said. For example, she said, 200 Indian children could eat lunch together without super vision and would not become unruly. 1\Iore Formal Air Danish schools have a more for,mal air than A m e r i c a n sch.6ols, according to Miss Skov. The children stand when the teacher enters the room -and the children and the teacher stand when the principal visits them. But despite the formality the teacher in Denmark has plenty of opportunity to get to know her students. She gets "promoted" along with her class. Miss Skov explained that a teacher takes a class in the first grade and :cemains with those students through the fifth grade. The idea of a teacher be ing "promoted" has caught the fancy of Miss Skov's Roosevelt class but the Danish system of recess periods has been a big point of interest with her students. According to Miss Skov, Danish schools have a 10-min ute recess at the end of each 50 minutes of class. Likes Textbooks Social studies-such as his tory and geography-in Amer ican schools received the Dan ish teacher's praise. "And I find the textbooks here to be excellent," she added. The American system of having c hi l d r e n do group work has attracted favorable attention in her home coun try, which does not have such a system, according to Miss Skov. 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MILWAUKEE, Wis., Sept. 26 ing to Miss Mabel Nelson, {lJPD -A Ukrainian couple re-principal of the school. turned to Milwaukee yesterday "She is very well qualified from an unsuccessful attempt and is popular with the stu-to talk with Russian Premier dents and their parents," acNORTH PHILIPS COMPANY, INC., lOOE. 42nd St., New York 17, Nikita S. Khrushchev and ask cording to Miss Nelson. Norelco is known as PhiliShave in Canada and the rest of the free world. him to let them send for two children behind the Iron Curr tain. Mr. and Mrs. P.eter Didun were still hopeful that Khrush chev might see a written peti-tion they left with a secretary at the Russian embassy in New York and let Didun's two chil dren, Ivanna, 21 and Vladimir, 20, come to the United States. Didun has corresponded with his children since 1956 when he learned they were still alive and that his wife had died in 1947. 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EDITORIALS ofthe TIMES 6 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 J. C. COUNCIL ••••••••••••.•..••••..••...•..•..• Publisher C. W. JOHNSON ..••.••••••••••••••..• Editorial Page Editor BENNETT DELOACH .................... Managing Editor Hail University of South Florida A m o s t significant ceremony was held in this community this morning, an event for which many citizens here and in other parts of this great state had waited for years. We refer, of course, to the dedication program marking the official opening of the University of South Florida. It was a happy day four years ago when the announcement was made that a new addition to the state's system of institutions of higher learning would be built in Tampa. There was joy, too, just two years ago this month when Governor LeRoy Collins picked up a golden shovel and broke ground for the first building on the campus in the Temple Terrace sec tion. But residents of this community have cause for real celebration today. Offi cials have formally thrown open the doors of the new university, classes have begun and the more than 1,200 students in the charter class are walk ing the campus and using a physical plant that is already valued at more than 10 million dollars. T r u 1 y, it was a historic occasion. All who were present for the inaugural program must have been impressed, as we were, with the attractive and dis tinctive academic buildings now in use, the pride and confidence exhibited by public officials and members of the fa culty and the appearance of the beauti ful and spacious 1,700-acre campus. The University of South Florida has opened under the most favorable cir cumstances. It is fortunate, first of all, in having an outstanding and most capable edu cator and administrator at the headDr. John S. Allen. Members of the faculty have been selected with care. Many of them were most anxious to come here and have a part in the building, literally from the ground up, of a new institution of higher learning. Presidential Race Still in Progress The presidential campaign is still underway-even if it has been pushed off page one. Hoopla over the United Nations meeting in New York and balcony scenes played by Nikita Khrushchev have relegated statements by John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon to in side of the papers. Even Fidel chief chicken plucker of the Cuban del egation, has been able to commandeer more space than the presidential can didates. This, however, is only a temporary condition. Actually, the presidential race has been moving along in low gear. Both candidates seem to be reserving their big guns for the first of the com ing television debates tonight. The current trend 'of hand-shaking, rather than fist-shaking politics, has surprised some observers. Both Ken nedy and Nixon have reputations as tough campaigners. Maybe the seasoned political per formers sense that there would be little purpose at the moment in raising their voices. Most members of the press seem to be gathered under Nikita Khrushchev's window. And certainly all the television cameras are centered on the United Nations. It is understandable now why the Democrats demanded that GOP vice presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge resign as U.N. Ambassador be fore the campaigning began. The mys tery is why he agreed. He at least could be co-starring in a giant spectacle. As it is, the only way he has been able to make a headline is by getting his right index finger caught in a car door. We suppose this means he will be unable to point with pride until it is healed. There have been some minor clashes between the major candidates. Mr. Nixon has contended that Senator Ken nedy should not attack the Eisenhower administration's foreign policies while Khrushchev is in town. The senator, of course, does not agree. And in the Kennedy camp there have been complaints that Mr. Nixon has been distorting the senator's comments on the U-2 incident in tricky fashion. Mr. Nixon, naturally, does not agree. And we have heard one note of harmony. Both Nixon and Kennedy have protested network policies of limiting panel membership in interviews with the candidates to members of the net work staff. The candidates, under standably, would prefer to have mem bers of the working press on hand. In short, they believe interviews should be conducted by "newsmen" rather than gilded "personalities." We agree. And so it goes. There is a presiThe state has been generous in its support of the university. Most of the buildings have been constructed accord ing to schedule. There is every reason to believe that new facilities will be provided as demands become evident and the enrollment increases. Dr. Allen, other staff officials and members of the faculty generally can count as a blessing the fact they have not had to be concerned about over emphasis of football, bowl games and the like. There is a simple explanation. Intercollegiate football is not be in g played now at the university, and it will not be for some years in the fu ture. Dr. Allen insists that progress in making the university a genuine cen ter of learning must have priority. His firm position in this respect is most commendable. He should be given wide support. There will be plenty of time later for the development of a sports pro gram in addition to the present intra mural recreational activities. Efforts should be concentrated on such fields as building a faculty that is strong in quality as well as numbers, providing books and laboratories that are needed and maintaining high s t a n d a r d s of scholarship. Most Tampans are aware that to day's dedication program did more than signal the official opening of a new uni versity that will be mighty convenient for many students of college age in this area. They realize it also gave the go ahead to an institutipn that will provide 1 a r g e dividends for the community's cultural life and facilities which can be used d i r e c t 1 y and indirectly by busi nesses and industries throughout this section. That is why an unusually large num ber of chests are swelling with pride here today. There is great satisfaction on a memorable occasion. Yes, hail the green and gold. Hail the new University of South Florida! dential race in progress, despite all signs to the contrary. Eventually, we sup pose, Khrushchev will run out of banter and go back to Russia. By then perhaps we will be able to turn our attention }o more pressing matters and select a ) new president next November. Slow Speed of Car Saves Girl's Life Tragedy was narrowly averted last week when a 6-year-old girl escaped with minor injuries after being struck down by a car near Robles School. There are some impressive lessons in this incident which has increased demands for more sidewalks in the vicinity of the school. Most important, the child is alive today because the car which struck her was moving at a slow speed. According to official accounts of the accident, the youngster had crossed the street at a school crossing and was walking along the side of the road when she suddenly decided to re cross. She darted from behind another vehicle traveling in the opposite direc tion into the path of the car which struck her. Investigating officers said tlie car involved in the accident could not have been traveling at more than five miles per hour. Mrs. Blanche McMullen, principal of Robles School, expressed a belief that the accident would not have happened if sidewalks existed in that area. Side walks are certainly desirable, out it is debatable that they would have pro tected the youngster in this instance. Young children have always fro licked after school and always will. Impetuous and full of energy, a 6-year old is unpredictable. The sight of a friend across the street may result in a dash in that direction without a second thought about traffic. This, of course, is the reason we have very low speed limits in school zones. A 6-year-old is just beginning to learn the rules of safety. It is import ant that motorists watch out for this group and protect it by defensive driv ing until the children develop an aware ness of traffic dangers. Meanwhile, the near escape of the little girl last week should inspire both drivers and her classmates with the importance of exercising special cau tion. In time we may secure the side walks which the Robles School patrons seek. They certainly will help keep the youngsters away from the streets. But there is a definite obligation in the in terim for motorists to drive with spe cial care in the vicinity of Robles School -and all other schools where young sters too frequently permit enthusiasm to dominate reason. News Item: 70 Million See TV Debate Khrushchev and Castro Clownings Insult All Rules of Diplomacy By WILLIAM. S. WHITE 'Washington-An international diplomacy having all the dignity of a street brawl and an only slightly higher sense of responsi bility than that of sailors drunk in a waterfront dive has been brought to these shores by Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro. Suddenly we see before our eyes the fine, full flower of this "century of the common man . " Some representatives of the com mon man have, in fact, become too dread fully common for words. Our own home-grown irresponsibles and adult delinquents contribute gladly to this ghastly assault upon elementary taste and elementary sense which the Communists and their stooges like Castro have set off in New York. For examples , there are the "union leaders" who take it upon themselves-though no one had yet understood them to be the lawful spokesmen of our foreign policiesto go out howling imprecations against for eign visitors who are, God save the mark, also the heads of powerful nations restrained neither by tradition nor by the ordinaJ;Y prudence which civilized men have to exercise. And then there are the refugee groups which, accepting the hospitality of our long tradition, now use their opportunities to add to the clack and clamor. One can have the m o s t compassionate understanding of the thoroughly justified hatreds they feel for the Communists. But one cannot forgive their determination to carry their quarrels to the point of embarrassment and injury to the very government w h i c h has given them shelter. There is an appalled terror for the very future of a world teetering at the brink of an abyss while grisly clownishness disports itself in New York-and right up to the very doors of the United Nations itself. Much has been said and written about the restriction of Nikita Khrushchev to Man hattan Island. The point is soundly made that as a delegate to the United Nations he had a right to come there without our let or hindrance. But while it is true that he required no invitation of ours to visit the United Nations , it is a great over-simplifica tion to see him as just another statesman visiting an internationalized area in New York upon his lawful errands. For certain basic assumptions must and do underlie all forms of international prac tice and understanding-as indeed they underlie all forms of law itself. The world for centuries has simply assumed, for example, that a visiting statesman would not carry his "rights" quite so far as to make public mock. eries in the streets of his host country and to deal in awful irresponsibility, with pass ing pedestrians and gawkers, with the ter rible concerns which he had ostensibly come to negotiate. Khrushchev and C a s t r o have an un doubted right to be within that part of New York City which is the terrain of the United Nations. They do not, however, have any right, of any kind, so to behave as to em broil a vast city in frightening plots-real or phony-which might at any moment ex plode into incidents tragic for all mankind. And our self-appointed d i p 1 om a t s whether union leaders anxious to show how "anti-Communist " they are, or refugees burning with natural resentments-have no right whatever to intrude ignorantly and im pertinently and dangerously upon the con duct of the foreign policy of the United States. GOP Chairman Sees Good Chance To Cut Demo Margin in Congress By RAY Washington-Republican National Chairman Thruston B. Morton's latest surveys persuade him that the GOP has an excellent chance to reduce the h e a v y Democratic majorities in House and Senate, although there is no prospect of carrying either body. Worried Democrats are inclined to agree. Assuming a Nixon-Lodge victory-which he must-he points out that a sizable gain will be of tremendous legislative advantage to a Republican administration. It would, he thinks, enable it to enact its own legisla tive program, and, as happened in the post convention session, b 1 o c k the Democrats' more radica l proposals. A Kennedy-Johnson administration, GOP orators contend, would mean a far more "divided and f uti 1 e government" than a Nixon-Lodge regime, a 1 w a y s assuming a triumph in the presidential contest and the expected Congressional gains. The Democrats now have a 128-margin in the House, and the Senate lineup is 66-34 in their favor. An increase of 30 or 40 Re publicans in the lower chamber, in view of the Southern faction ' s demonstrated conser vative leanings on social and economic ques tions, would give virtual control to the coali tion. It woul

r t & 0. a e tl g h 'f d e 0 re h I l• n n ! y lf )• >f 1• i O it ts " . 0 1e m ld cS• a th ile lt. n us 1he nild he it ly . we he >k, e's se fhe e d. yas .id. ow ou for my ren to he mg md apbe the I -)-IUE Sets oct. 1 for Strike NEW YORK, Sept. 26 (JP) c 1 u ding Schenectady, N.Y., 70,000 General Electric workers More than a score of locals of where the firm's headquarters as members, is the largest of the International Union of Elec-is have voted to accept a 100-odd unions representing GE trical Workers UUE) have voted three-year contract offered by employes. Most of the IUE to strike Oct. 1. Against the the company. members, are production and General Electric Co., the union Almost a score of locals have maintenance workers, but some says. not been heard from yet. are clerical. At least seven locals in-Federal mediators meet herel Final decision on whether to C. C. CURRY 103 FraAklin 2 •1441 today. with _and will be made by the MICRofiLM SERVICE umon Negot1at10ns s. GE conference board, . . have been on for several ! cons1stmg of four delegates NOW IN weeks. from each local. Each delegaYOUR OFFlCE The IUE, which has about tion has one vote . Now •.. fly the convenient airline to TALLAHASSEE A $1650 Lv. 4:40 pm daily Golden Isles continues to expand airline service from Tampa ... now offering you fast, dependable flights to Florida's capital city. Enjoy new low fares on Golden Isles to Orlando • Cape Canaveral • Jacksonville Ft. Pierce • Ft. Lauderdale fare plus tax sles R L N E s Sf. StMONS ISLAND 101 Million Homemade Dollars in Buying Power General Telephone has heartily welcomed the many new industries which have located in its service area in the past few years. We recognize that new capital investments and payrolls contribute meesurably to a sounder and more diversified economy for the Central West Coest of Florida. But sometimes, in the justified enthusiasm that attends the construction of a new plant, the "home folks" who have been a substantial factor in the improved economy of our area for many years, are sort of taken for granted. For example, General Telephone has budgeted $67, ()00,000 in capital investments during the next two years. As a yardstick, this is more than the total investment made by new industries moving into our area during the past two years, according to information availeble. And the more than $34,000,000 Generel Telephone will pey its employees in 1960 and 196 I will fer exceed those new industrial peyrotls. Add the investment and peyroll figures and you get a grand total of $10 I ,000,000 in home made buying power! We ell want new industries to keep on coming here. And your telephone company will realistically demonstrate its confidence in the future of Florida's Central West Coast by continuing its whopping investments in plant and equip ment-to serve new industry, as well as the requirements of the area's expanding economy. We are working harder than ever today, to serve you even better tomorrow. GENERAL TELEPHONE America's largest Independent Telephone System THE TAMPA TIMES 7 Monday, September 26, 1960 Tampa Youth Makes College Debate Team Wallace E. Garthright Jr., a ""' sophomore from Tampa, is a member of the University of Richmond debate team for the second year. STUNNED DRIVER CAN'T BEAR TO WATCH Mrs. Bonnie Good, Topeka, Kan., housewife, turned away and hid her face in grief after her car struck and critically injured a pedestrian. Mrs. An n a Logan, 77, Topeka, suffered fractures of both legs and an arm and a serious head injury when she stepped f r o m behind a parked car into the p a t h of Mrs. Good. Her daughter, Mrs. William Field, Harveyville, Kan., held a tissue to her head injury as a bystander and police officer helped. Mrs. Good's two daughters remained in the car with her. U.S. Would Fight To Save Navy Base, Admiral says AT U. OF GEORGIA Negroes Denied The judge, however, left the door open for the Negroes to enroll in the winter quarter. He ruled' they had not exhausted all their administrative rem edies. In 'Regents' Hands Bootie ' s ruling t h u s leaves the m a t t e r squarely in the hands of the state board of regents, which meets within 30 days. If, at the end of the 30day period, the board does not act and the university regis trar does not interview the ap plicants, then presum ab ly the case will again be brought to the court. Bootle ruled on the matter Saturday but i.t was not filed until S u n d a y in the court clerk's office. The judge de nied a state motion to dismiss the case in federal court. The plaintiffs , Hamilton E. Holmes and Charlayne Hunter, both of Atl anta, had asked for a temporary restraining order which would h a v e prevented univer sity off icials frorr further delaying their applications, thus clearing the way for admittance at the fall term beginning to day . Applications not Perfected State attorneys had a s k e d Bootie to direct the Negroes to exhaust their administrative remedies first, contending they had not perfected their appli cations. "An issue of this importance can be more appropriately de cided after a full and final trial than after only a preliminary hearing ," Bootie ruled. "It is proper for the cause to remain pending in court for a reason able time to permit the exhaus tion of state administrative remedies and that thereafter such proceedings be h a d as then appear to be lawful and proper." Town Goes Barefoot It's so much better than any other washer I've had. It really cleans our wash . Mrs. L. C. Sultenfuss 3105 Fountain Blvd. Tampa Thanks, Mrs. Sultenfuss. We were sure you would he pleased with your Frigidaire washer. Wm. W. Whitfield OldtWaring Co. OLDT-WARING STORES e 1505 S. Dale Mabry • 7112 Florida Ave. Garthright, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Garthright of 712 South West Shore Blvd., attends Richmond College, men's un dergraduate division of the unij versity. As a novice last year, he won 14 of the 17 debates. Garthright a Is o completed against more experienced oppo sition last season at the North South Senior Tourney, winning two and losing three. SEE THE '61 DYNAMIC OLDS! somersault Washing Action • 3-RING PUMP AGITATOR GENnY SOMERSAULTS EACH . GARMENT OVER AND OVER TO BATHE DEEP DIRT OUT WITHOUT BEATING. • FOR EVERY FABRIC WASHED, 6POSITION FABRIC SElECTOR. PAGELAND , S.C. (JP)-Coun trytype comfort-or else-was the order of the day here in preparation for a watermelon festival. .... -------------------.:11 Hubbard Midweight Our new MIDWEIGHTS of 70o/o Dacron and 30o/o wool tailored to prefection for Florida wear to give you a feeling of comfort you have probably never experienced before in any other slack. S p e n d a minute or two arld try on a pair today. Reg., Shorts, or Long 13.95 • 4 STORES r e 208 Zack St. (Downtown) e Britton Plaza e North Gate Shopping Center e 125 E. Stuart Ave, Lake Walea


Spartans Lauded for 1New1 Aggressive Play By BILL BLODGETT Times Sports Writer Except for a span of approximately eight minutes in the second quarter of Satur day night's. Furman-Tampa contest, nearly 5 ,550 fans at Phillips Field saw the unveiling of perhaps a "new era" Spartan football team. The 7-7 deadlock after the regulation 60 minutes left the spectators shaking their heads with amazement at the aggressiveness of the local gridders. The wags who a t t e n d the Spartan games to criticize the youthful athletes in their grid attempts, never w e r e given food for criticism, even from the opening series of downs. Immediately following the contest, F urman Ment0r Bob King praised the play of the scrappy Spartans. "We're not satisfied with a 7 7 tie, and I don't think Mar celino (Huerta) is either. We came out here to win. But to tell the truth, I'll" settle for a tie. Tampa played a fine football game, an d actually, I think that our boys played a much better football game this week in tying than they did last week in defeating ( 20-12) will be just as tough. Scout Presbyterian." Reggie Colvard, who covered After the usual congratula-the Appalach ia n-Western Cartory remarks to Huerta, the olina contest, said the Catarotund mentor said: "We are mounts were "essentially the proud of the way our boys same team that beat us 19-8 played. Of course every one last year, with the exception of us are heartbroken about of

By BILL BLODGETT Times Sports Writer Baiting Illegal Ed Timmons, regional manager of the Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, recently stated that bait ing doves and other wildlife for hunting is definitely illegal. . , Since then, misunderstandings have cropped up about the baiting among nu-merou hunters. Tomorrow•s Tides Hunting Wildlife SUCh as TAMPA BAY BASE d o v e s naturally A.M. attracted to an 5:11 THE TAMPA TIMES, 111onday, September 26, 1960 NFL ROUNDUP C.olts' Bid for '60 C roWn Successful By Associated Press The National Football League shoved its star-studded cast of proved perform ers front and center over the weekend and inaugurated its 41st season with an im pressive show of muscle at the attendance gate. With veteran quarterback Bobby Layne leading the. parade of NFL -standouts, the well-established circuit drew 216,869 to its five weekend curtain-raisers in Iirst regular -season t e s t <>f1 strength at the turnstiles with 11 t h e newly -formed American League. Pirates area is legal. Attracting wildlife by unnatural or prepared areas is baiting and is il lega L Spartan fullback Tony Booth, turns the corner around right end and gets a block from quarterback Ronnie Perez on his way to the 71-yard touchdown jaunt. Layne, firing passes accurate ly in an aerial duel with little Eddie LeBaron, p u 11 e d the (Continued from Page 8) who also pleaded anonymity, Pittsburgh Steelers from be they did against us, "observed a added: To explain this further, Timmons said t h a t it is legal to hunt mig r at o r y game birds: 1. Over grain Blodgett fields seeded in a normal agricultural manner. 2. Over standing crops. 3. Over flooded standing crops of gl'ain or other feed, including aquatics. Over grain crops properly shocked on the field where grown. 5. Over standing grain or other feed crops grazed by live s1ock, example-hogged down corn fields. 6. Over grain found scattered solely as the result of a normal Solunar Table fWbeu to Fish and Huntl Accorlting to tbe Solunar Table culated for this area, the best for and fishing for today tomorrow Will be as follows: A . M . P.M. Mmg 10:45 4:35 11:20 5:05 burned over or otherwise ma nipulated and left on the ground. Kansans To Test Orange Power Dove season for 1960-61 is October 15-Npvember 6 (In all counties in First District except Charlotte, DeSoto, Glades, and Hardee) , and November 24 to January 9. Daily shooting hours are 12 noon until sunset. Daily bag limit is 12, possession limit By Associated Press is 24. Syracuse's powerful college football champions get one of their severest tests of the season next Saturday when they play, Cooking Elephants Kansas in a nationally-televised game at Lawrence, Kan. Occasionally, Anglers Alcove The Jay hawkers, winners of their first two starts and seventh j feels called upon to hold forth ranked nationally, are capable of putting a crimp in a Syracuse on culinary matters. At one winning streak which has•r------------., time during last fall's hunting stretched through 18 games of Soclal Loop season, cooking a beat was dis-regular season play. cussed and the response was . ( ff surprising-if nothing else. As Kansas opened ItS campaign p ayo 5 a consequence we became fas-with a 21-7 victory over Texas cinated with recipes for other Christian and last sat u r d a y To Resume big game. What could be bigger smashed Kansas State 41-0. It The \VI. nne r of the MacDill than an elephant? . . I . h . was JUSt a warmup for the big, Hawks-Lake Thonotosassa game n case you may ave one m your freezer left over from last fast who scored in Thursday at Cuscaden Park will season, you may be interested every period. face Gibsonton next Sunday as in the "Exotic Receipte SociSyracuse, with virtually the the lntersocial League baseball ety" Bulletin No. 1736, "How same team which went through to bake an Elephant's Foot," 10 games last year and smashed playoffs continue. taken from Sir Samuel White Texas 23-14 in the Cotton Bowl , Brandon's B o b Go 1 d s bY agricultural harvest. Baker's "Nile Tributaries of opened its campaignwith an im-pitched the third no-hitter in 7 . Over weed fields, pasture Abyssinia," London, MacMil-pressive 35-7 triumph over Bos-Intersocial League histozy yesl ands, wooded or other areas land and Co., 1867. ton University. terday to whip the st-ate cham-where salt, grain or other feed "Although the flesh of the Mississippi pion Gibsonton Chiefs 5-l in has not been scattered or deelephant is extremely coarse, M' . . . b ttl g the de playoff action yesterday. It was . . h f d k 1 ISSISSIPPI, a m G'b t , f' t 1 . th pos1ted so as to constitute a t e o?t an trun are exce -fending cham ions for No. 1 I son s. o s s m e lure pr attraction for such birds. cent, 1f properly cooked. A position in The Press double ellmmation tourney. 8. Over fields where grains or hole should be dug in the poll has a breather Saturday Goldsb_y faced . 26 batters and other crops have fallen to the earth about four feet deep and 'th' M h' St t b t w h fanned mght while walking two. d f t 1 t f t h d' t WI emp IS a e u as -Three Chiefs reached base on groun rom na ura causes. wo s1x me m Iame er, ington's Rose Bowl champions 9 Over burned areas from the Sides of wh1ch should be k d N 3 h th . h d' errors and the game was Golds-which crops have been removed perpendicular; in this a large e 'th o. t avN an s by's 17th no-hitter including his or on which no agriculturai fire should be lighted, and kept WI a 8 rong avy earn. Little League_ days. grain or seed crops were grown burning for four or five hours Navy and Arl?Y take ex-The MacD1ll-Lake Thonotasdul'ing the current year. with a continual supply of curstons to the Co.ast for assa game was _scheduled to pre10. Over farm ponds or other wood, so that the walls become two of the weeks headlme at-cede the Gibsonton-Brandon water areas which have not red hot. At the expiration of tractions. Midshipmen , who contest but was moved to Thurs-been baited. the flame, the foot should be smashed VIllanova 41-7 Sat1;1-rday because of wet grounds. It is illegal to hunt migratory laid UP<>n the glowing embers, day before a. gallery _which m-----.-----game birds: and the hole should be covered eluded Eisenhower, a I. M t 1. Over bait-or by means, closely with thick pieces of play the at Seattle. Army OW 1ng ee aid and use of bait-or on or green wood laid parallel totakes on California at Berkeley. C • H over any area where grain, salt gether to form a ceiling; this Ill. vs. West Va. OnflnUeS ere or other fe_ed capable lurin_g should be covered with wet In other top games, Illinois Is Ted Alexander a n d Reccia or birds Is grass, and the hole should be host to West Virginia, sixth-Valasquez will lead the local placed, depos1ted, distributed or p 1 aster .e d with mud, and Michigan State tackles qualifiers for the Bowling Pro scattered except as the result. of stamped lightly down to retain Michigan at East Lansing, prietor's Association AllStar a normal agricultural plantmg the heat. Upon the mud a quan-son entertains Virginia Tech, Tourney into the eliminations at or harvest. tity of earth sh<>uld be heaped, Northwestern and Iowa open a Florida Lanes next month. 2 . feed lots-where and the oven should not be scramble for Big Ten, Ohio State Alexander averaged. over 200 ,__ "=ll'lm IS present as a result of opened for 30 hours or more. is host to Southern California with a 4 003 total for 20 games feeding livestock. Remember: The discovery <>f and Louisiana State meets Bay-while Valasquez had 2,696 3. Over areas where grain a new dish more for the lor at Baton Rouge, La, for 16 games. crops have been cut down, human happmess that the disMississippi, which edged SyreSam Costa was second quali-dragged down, knocked down, covPry of a new star. cuse outo f first place last week fier at 3,893 and was followed in The Associated Press poll, by Chuck Cooper at 3,856, Mario won its second straight game in Perez at 3,793, Buddy Campbell The Kids Are Back In School ARE YOUR BRAKES SAFE? HERE'S WHAT WE DO: 1. 'S 2. Pull all four wheels, inspect brake linings and drums. Check grease seals and wheel cylinders for leakage. 3. Clean, repack and adjust front bearings. 4. Add brake fiuid if necessary. 5. Adjust brakes to manufacturer's specifications, and road teet. Downtown * Increases tire mileage up to 36%. *Puts up to 83% more working elements on the road at all times. * Assures safer stops and positive starts. 1 Black from Court House 900 E. Lafayette Dale Mabry Shopping Center 1205 S. Dale Mabry beating Kentucky 21-6. Washingat 3 , 775, Chuck Kunde at 3,757 , ton remained in the thick of an Gus Garrido at 3,753, in title contention by d owning that order. Idaho 41-12. Illinois, No. 4, de-Costa also won the monthly feated Indiana 17-6. Ptnarama sweeper yesterday. Three ties p 1 a g u e d teams edged Chuck Cooper by six which had fought their way into pms. Costa threw 877 to Coop the nation's top ten. Alabama er's 871. had to push over a touchdown Women's runnerup was Ada in the fading seconds to gain a Bayse at 2,671, 27 pins behind 6-6 draw with surprising Tulane, the winner. winner over California the pre-Pat Underberg with 2,671, vious week. Michigan State tied and Adele Merchant with 2,596 Pittsburgh 7-7 and UCLA was also advanced to next month's held to a 27-27 draw by Purdue. regionals. PREP ROUNDUP Western1s Eastern Block Looks T If the last two days of play Northeast's loss and Robin-are any indication, the Western son's 7-7 tie with Plant were the Division of the new Western only blemishes in the Eastern Conference is going to take a group. The Fort Myers-River back seat in strength to the view game was postponed until Eastern this year. tonight. Although all of the league's Clearwater, of the Western teams have seen action now, half, also tied in their game none of them, have p 1 a y e d with Pasco, 6-6 . Adding to the schools from their own division. losses to Jefferson, Sarasota and But some have met with teams Largo was Dixie Hollins' 7-2 de from the opposite group and feat at the hands of Bishop others have played non-conferBarzy. ence encounters. In a Saturday night game Fort The tally shows that after M_yers . overwhelmed Sarasota these games only one team in Riverview . . the Western Division, St. Peters-Eastern DIVIS ton games tlus burg, has managed a victory. week will. be at The Green Devils b 1 an k e d Chamberlam, Robmson at SaraNortheast in their opener last sota Riverview (Thursday). Boca night 14-0. Cicga at Northeast and in the Fiv'e of the Eastern teams Western Division Plant will be came out on top. at C 1 ear water, Jefferson at Chamberlain, the defending Largo, Dixie Hollins at Sarasota champion, romped over a hap-and St .. Petersburg at Fort My less King High squad, 68-6 with ers while Manatee and Lake Nelson McLoughlin, Jimmy Jor-land will play out of the con dan, Joe N i co 1 e t to and Ted ference. Lakeland will play Chaney leading the way. Coral Gables at Lakeland and Hillsborough socked Jeffer-Daytona Mainland will be at son, 14-0, behind the running of Manatee. Mac Farrington and T o m m y McDuffie of Fort Myers leads Campbell and Lakeland had the individual scoring with 24 trouble with Winter Haven, 21-7. points and is followed by Peter-Manatee Slogged through the son of Boca Ciega with 12 mud to down Sarasota, 6-0 while points. Nicoletta of Chamber Boca Ciega their Thurs-lain, Thompson of Chamberlain day night contest with Largo, and Chaney of Chamberlain, all 21-14. with 12 points. Spartans (Continued from Page 8) breaking the stride of one, and flattening the other. The line play w a s excep tionally good, d e s p i t e the sophQmore connotation of six of seven starters. Said several of the Furman linemen following the contest, "Those guards (Bill Croft and Hollis Curling) w e r e really tough out there. We're not saying whether Tampa would have scored had t h e y not fumbled, but it sure would have been tough to stop them with those two in there. " Spartan line c o a c h Sam Bailey said the line play was "excellent the first quarter, poor the second, and good the third and fourth quarters." Perhaps at Florida Field a year ago , the defensive bat tle waged on Phillips Field would have been termed a "loser." But the caliber of the play was something unseen here in Tampa for several years. The h . a r d running backs , McCuller, B u d d y Williams , fullback Charlie Rose , the play of Perez and Joe Glisson , along with the solid forward wall, labeled tbe Spartans a "rising power" in tbe South. Several unidentified fans concluded after the game that Tampa would stm lose to Ten nessee and Alabama but the matgin would be "greatly reduced, now." Huerta singled out fresh man center Tony Yelovich as the outstanding lineman and fullback Tony Booth, for his offense and defensive play, as the top back. Yelovich led both teams with u n a s s i s t e d tackles with 14. Generally. after seeing films of the contest, getting opinions from the fans, talk ing to the Southern Confer ence defensive leaders of'last year, and to the Spartan warriors themselves, Tampa is in store for fine football this fall. It appears as if the embar rassment of lsat season is be ginnig to pay off. The Spar tans have finally come of age. hind for a 35-28 victozy over highly placed Milwaukee Braves' .. . D a 11 as Saturday night that official "I am afraid the Yan-The Pirates won 92 gam 1! s spoiled the Cow b o y s NFL kees take them in four this season. Well, we should debut. games, five at the most.'' have won 100 because we're at At the same time, LaYne Dressen Picks Bucs least eigqt games be tte r than e_clipsed Sammy Baugh's . allA veteran Milwaukee player, they are. " t1me record for yards gamed 1----------..:......:........:.:--=----------passing in a career by conKENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY • 86 PROOF • STAGG DISTILLING CO. necting on 16 of 25 attempts for FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY • FOUNDER MEMBER • THE BOURBON INSTITUTE 288 yards and a 12-year total , ! of 22,351 yards. Baugh made l 22,085 in 16 season with the l Washington Redskins. , . J. Meanwhile, t h e Baltimore Colts began their drive for a third successive NFL champ ionship by whipping Washing ton 20-0 before 53 ,818 as JohMY Unitas extended his record TD-a-game string to 38 with a scoring pass to Ray Berry. In other openers, New York's Eastern Division titlists edged the 49ers at S a n Francisco 21 19 with 44,598 in the stands, Cleveland blasted the Eagles 41-24 at Philadelphia before 56,303 and Chicago defeated the Packers 17-14 as 32,1:50 watched at Green Bay. The American League, giving the NFL its first competition in a decade, won the much heraled battle for Dallas attendance su premacy by default when rain held the S t e e 1 e r s -Cowboys crowd to 30 , 000. T h e head -on collision be tween Los Angeles and Dallas, two pre-season AFL favorites , attracted an estimated 42,000 at Dallas Sunday. The Texans won 17-0 while Oakland upset Houston 14-13 in another game. LeBaron's three s c o r in g strikes g a v e the cowboys a 28-21 lead in the third quarter before Layne engineered the Steelers victozy with a 49-yard TD toss to Preston Carpenter and a 65-yard scoring pitch to Tom Tracy in the final quar ter. He a 1 so passed for two other touchdowns. With the Colt defense hold ing Washington immobile-the Redskins did not move beyond the 35-yard 1 in e thf' entire game-Baltimore wrapped it up w h e n Lenny Moore rammed four yards for a second period touchdown. Steve Myhra kicked 28 and 18-yard field goals for the NFL champs. * * * Dallas Draws 42,000 In AFL Grid Debut By Associated Press touchdow . n strike to Robinson The Dallas Texans, tied for after Buffalo Napier recovered a Los Angeles fumble. the top sopt in the Western Dl Tom Flores' 14-yard scoring vision of the .American Football aerial to Gene Prebola at the League after a showdown battle end of a 58-yard drive In the with Los Angeles, have struck fourth quarter and L a r r y the first blow against the Na-Barnes' second extra point . brought the Raiders from bebona! League in the all-im-hind for their stunning upset portant battle for fan support. of the highly touted Oilers. Kentucky folks aay: Competing against the NFL George Blanda had given "THERE'S NO WHISKEY Dallas Cowboys in a city that Houston the lead witlt an a-failed to support its last pro yard touchdown toss to Johnny LIKE ])()lJR]){)N team, the Texans, attracted 42,-Carson and a pair of field goals J ) .f 000 for their . clash the before Flores, a reserve, di-NO LIKE OLD STAGG" Chargers Sunday and wh1pped rected the late attack that gave J ll l .1\: the West Coast eleven .17-0 on Oakland its first triumph. Regular Price $4.65 4fs (jlt., $2.95 Pt. CottOll Davidson's passmg and kicking. Davidson, former Baylor star and an ex-Canadian League standout, hit Johnny Robinson with a 6-yard touchdown pass, kicked a pair of conversions and rounded out his performance with a.n 11-yard field goal with only three minutes letf to play. The victory pushed the Tex ans into a tie with the Denver Broncs for first plac e in the West. Both have 2-1 records. In the Eastern division, Houston and New. York are tied for the lead after the Oilers sur prise 14-13 upset by the Oak land Raiders in the only other Sunday contest. The Titans and Oilers also are 2-1. While 42, 000 turned out Ior the AFL game at Dallas, only an estimated 30 ,000-rain cut the crowd-were on hand for the Cowboys NFL debut, a 3528 defeat by the Pittsburgh Steelers Saturday night. A stubborn Texans' defens e, which has allowed only 37 points In three games, kept the vaunted Los Angeles attack from p&Ietrating deep into Dal las territory. Three offensive thrusts by the Chargers wound up in missed field goal attempts by Ben Agajarlian. Meanwhile, Davidson , completing 17 of 37 tosses for 167 yards, put the Texans in front to stay with a second period ATTENTION! SCHICK OWNERS! MAKE IT Ll KE NEW I NEW 3-WAY ADJUSTABLE HEAD Now a 3-way adjustable head for the razors shown, similar to the head on the famous Schick 3 Speed. Regular shaving heads for all $650 other models. 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10 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 TAKE WATCH-OUT WARNING BACK TO ATLANTA Gators Impress Tech Scouts Despite Near FSU Scalping By TOM McEWEN Times Sports Editor GAINESVILLE, Sept. 25-Florida fans, looking ahead to Saturday's opening Southeast ern Conference e n c o u n t e r with Georgia Tech, may not have been impressed by their Gators' closer-than -expected 3-0 decision over Florida State here but Tech scouts were. Ironically it was the field goal that gave Tech its 16-13 win over Rice Saturday night too, three of them in fact. Tech's only score came on a blocked kick in the Rice end zone to breach the Owl seven yard stripe. Thus w hi l e Tech demon strated defense in its most re cent win it was Florida's of fense against FSU, though sputtering, that outshone de fense, particularly that hav ing to do with protection against alien aerials. The Tech scouts, Jim Car len and Jess Berry, ,indicated they would take a watch-out warning back to Atlanta for today's briefing before the E n g i n e e r s start work for Saturday's visit to Gainesville when Bobby Dodd Sr. takes his club against one taught by his prize student, F 1 o r i d a C o a c h Ray Graves, and manned in part by his quar terback son, Bobby Dodd Jr. "We think," said Carlen as the Gators came within four yards of making it 9-0 when time .ran out, against FSU, "that Florida has an outstanding bunch of backs." He specifically mentioned most-valuable-player Doug Partin and fullback Don Good-Miami Senior Leads Poll JACKSONVILLE, Sept. 26 (JP)-Miami Senior and JackSQnville Lee continue to dom inate state prep sportswriters' ballots in the Jacksonville Journal high school football poll. Miami Senior, on the basis of big victories over Miami Jackson and West Palm Beach, grabbed off five first place votes to stay atop the field. Lee walloped Bay High of Panama City 42-6 for its sec one decisive triumph in suc ce!ISion to come in a strong second. North Miami remained in third place while Pensacola swapped the fourth seat with Coral Gables. Tampa Hillsborough's 14-0 victory over Jefferson shot the Terriers from 13th place into sixth, replacing Palm Beach. Team Pts. 1. Miami Senior (5) 68 2. Jacksonville Lee (2) .. 63 3. North Miami .......• 46 4. Coral Gables .......• 41 5. Pensacola . . . . . . . . . . • 33 6. Tampa Hillsborough • 30 7. South Broward . . . . . • 18 8. Fort Lauderdale . . . . . 15 9. Tampa Chamberlain • 15 10. Lakeland . . . . . . . . . . . 9 ADVERTISEMENT Tomorrow, 8:30P.M. Best Wrestling Card Ever Offered In Tampa At Auditorium NICOLl VALKOFF "'The Russian Wild Man" man (leading ground gainers) and even injured halfback Don Deal who did not play. "We also think Libertore (quarterback Larry) is a real fine quarterback and an out standing runner. Of course," with tongue in cheek, "you know young Dodd will receive a good scouting report." Then serious, "Dodd is a good pass er. That Libertore-Dodd com bination is hard to defend against." Noting Graves' free use of sophomores (at one point in the second qua.rter with t h e game 3-0 Graves had a de fensive club on the field com prised of eight sopbs and three juniors), Carlen s aid "that sophomore depth is go ing to pay off," noting that "be's getting play out of some sophs you'd expect from jun iors and seniors." Berry's prime p oint was that Libertore is difficult to handle because "he can go either way and handles the team well . " In this particular game, Bill Peterson's Seminoles handled Libertore well. The Anxious moments during the classic Florida-FSU tussle is. reflected in the faces of (from left to right) Gator center Bob Wehking, Coach Gene Ellenson, Head Coach Ray Graves and Coach Jack Green. The Gator coaching staff is bedecked in their "rainy weather attire," composed of Tshirts and knickers. Suggs Cops Open SAN ANTONIO, Tex., Sept. 26 (JP)-Little Louise Suggs, the smooth swinger from Atla-nta, is the leading money winner in women's golf for the year. She fired a closing par yesterday to take first money of $1,068 in the San Antonio Civitan Open and thus return to the throne she vacated last year to Betsy Rawls. It was the final tournament of the year for the lady profes sionals and Miss Suggs' total of $16,890 gave her $511 more than runner-up Mickey Wright of San Diego . Miss Suggs' 54-hole total of 215 brought victory by a stroke over Miss Wright, who finished with a 74 for 216. option play, which Liber tore pulled off so handsomely against George Washington in the season opener, was all but useless against the well-in formed Seminoles. Libertore ran the ball nine times !or a total gain of only 18 yards. Instead two inside p 1 a y s gave the Gators their ground yardage, that necessary to set up the 2Ilh-yard field goal by Billy Cash and that which bad FSU with its back to the wall as the game waned, Backfield C o a c b Pepper Rodgers said it was the J'trap * * with Partin and the bandoff to Goodman up the middle which gave us our yards." Both of these plays worked well against George Washington too. This third meeting between the two state universities bad been billed in advance as an offensive show. Though it developed as one defensive, it was not by design. Notably, both Peterson and Graves went for the downs instead of punting on frequent occasions, even in somewhat r i s k y circumstances. FSU * * DEFEAT TOUGH TO TAKE Peterson Proud Of His Seminoles By JOE PACE Times Correspondent TALLAHASSEE, Sept. 26-The Florida State dressing room was hardly a scene of elation after Florida's narrow 3-0 squeaker over the 'Semi noles, but on the other hand, it was not one of dejection. When the Seminoles got to the dressing room door fol lowing the close contest, they found it locked. Mused one tired Indian: "Guess they fig ured to win by more than 3 points, so now they won't even let us shower." Coach Bill Peterson, who had walked perhaps 20 miles pacing up and down the side lines during the game, was still pacing in front of the locked door. The writer came up to Pete and put an arm around the perspiring shoul der. "It was a great game," said this reporter, "your boys did themselves proud. " "Yeah," replied Peterson, "I'm as proud of my bunch of boys as any I h a v e ever coached. But to come so close, to fight so hard, and then be denied a win, it's tough to take." But those Seminoles took it. They were as quiet as church mice when they rambled into the dressing room after it was finally opened. Big Tony Ro meo merely smiled, shrugged off words of good cheer, and slowly ambled into the show er. This was Tony's last crack at the Gators, and though the Tribe came close, it wasn't a win. A triumph for the Tribe would have pasted a smile a mile long on this Tampan's countenance. Ed F e e 1 y, the mite-sized quarterback who stole some of the show from Florida's her alded Larry Libertore, just sat by his locker, sweat and all. He hadn't even removed his tarnished j e r s e y. "We tried hard. But I'll tell you something. It isn't all just that we didn't score. Those Gators have a t o u g h team. They're gonna be tough for anyone to beat. They did a good job. But I think we did, too," he said. There was no argument there. Even the old press box sages who have seen games, players and coaches come and go were of the same opinion. This Peterson has done a tre mendous job in the short time he has been at FSU. The sta tistics of the game backed up this contention. The Seminoles had 14 first downs to the Gators' 16 and h ad 209 yards in offense to Florida's 270: So any way you cut the cake, the icing went to Flor ida, but the S e m i n o 1 e s grabbed a big hunk of the layer. Ed Trancygier, the big red headed Seminole w h o really stole the show at quarterback, lived up to his reputation as a non-talker. When congratulated for his fine effort, he smiled, mumbed a sincere "thanks," and turned to the shower. Don James, assistant FSU coach, gets a little flushed when he's excited anyhi>w. In the dressing room he looked 1 i k e an Injun. "Well," he admitted, "they defensed us good, but I think our boys did a whale of a job. Just that close, but it was a real ball game." Peterson went to each and every one of his players with a slap on the back and a word of thanks and encouragement. "You were great out there. You have nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of. It was a fine game. I don't know, there's nothing m o r e I can say . . , except you guys were simply great." Then the affable FSU men tor turned away, choked back . some genuine tears, brushed his eyes, and turned to meet the press. The g a m e was over for this year. But you can bet plenty of wampum t h at this bunch of Seminoles will be a tough crew to handle from here on out. And that 3-0 tally with the G a to r s stamps this game as one of the big ones every year from here on out. passed constantly (26 times for 10 completions) and often deep in their own territory. Floriida did not pass as much (11 for 3 completions) but they did throw for a series just before the half w hi I e nursing a 3-0 lead and time running out. A more conserva tive coach would have run out the clock. Eddie Feely, the 160-pound FSU q u a r t e r b a c k from Gainesville home for a visit, had the best day at his posi tion in the four-way contest among him, Dodd, his big, hard-running teammate Ed Trancygier (207 p o u n d s), and Libertore. Trangcygier's r e c e i v e r s could not hold on to his fast balls the entire windup may have been different for FSU had chances it failed to capitalize on despite an ex citing team spirit. Feely, on the other hand, dropped his throws in his receivers arms and came off with a good eight for 14 record. FSU's ever-changing pass pattern appeared to begiv ing the Gator defenders fits FSU quarterback Ed Trancygier skips past Gator tackle Floyd Dean (74) and eludes the outstretched hands of junior fullback Cecil Ewell on his way for a sizeable gain. Bribe Case Up Oct. 12 GAINESVILLE, Sept. 26 (JP) !or few were batted down and only two intercepted. The last was by center Bob Webking w h o experienced running the ball for the first time. Had be been faster he probably would have scored but he is not recognized as being among the fleet-foots on the squad. Florida defensive b a c k coaches disagreed. They said that they continue the policy of surrendering the short passes, particularly on spread formations as used by FSU on o c c a s i on s, protecting against the deep ones. Statis tics bear them out. FSU av eraged 9.9 yards on its pass completions. No long ones were caught though one big one was dropped at the Flor ida 20 . Coach Graves did however note the number of pass com pletions and point out that corrections will have to be made before Tech's quarterback Stan Gann starts to work at Florida Field next Satur day. "I don't think he throws any better than Feely or Trancygier," Graves said, "but he has better receivers in two fine Tech ends, Capt. Gerald Burch and Alternate Captain Taz Anderson." In rebuttal, Graves pro nounced Florida's three in jured players ready for his old school. "I could have used Don Deal (halfback) against FSU but decided he wasn't quite well. He will be Saturday and so will be guard Cbet Collins." QB Libertore's ankle, twisted by an FSU end, is expected to mend too. Top Ten At a Glance Here's how the top 10 teams in last week's Asso ciated Press college football poll did Saturday: 1. Mississippi, b e a t Ken tucky 21-6 (night). . 2. Syracuse, beat Boston University 35-7. S. Washington, bed Idaho 41-12. 4. Illinois, b e a t Indiana 1'7-6. 5. Alabama, played 6-6 t.le with Tulane (night). 6. Michigan State, '1-"' tie with Pitt. "1. Kansas, beat Kaa•as St-ate 41-0. 8. UCLA, played J'J-21 tie with Purdue. 9. Clemson, beat Wake For\lst 28-"1. 10. Oregon State, lost to Iowa 22-12. Yesterday's Homers B:r Associated Prell (Seasonal Total in Parentheses) AMERICAN LEAGUE Robinson, Orioles (14); Battey, Sen a tors (15); Francona. Indians <16); P. Daley, A's (3); B. Jobnson, A's (1); Yost, Tigers, 2 (12); Colavito, Tigers (35). . NATIONAL LEAGUE ews, Braves (38); Kirkland, Giants <20); Davenport, Giants (5); T. Davis, Dodgers (8); w. Davis, Dodgers (ll. ATSMMU, RmcJJTA., A

tD• P. ,); ll'll • • s e. Johnson Strength Splits Governors HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Sept. their minds off politics. 26 (JP) -Southern governors While Ellington gave Johnson were divided today over how a lot of credit for Democratic much help Sen. Lyndon B. Johnstrength in Tennessee, he said , son of Texas is to the Demo"don't sell Kennedy himself crats' presidential chances in short." their states. He said Kennedy, in his reMost of them here for the cent swing through Tennessee, opening of the 26th annual had drawn the largest crowds southern governors conference since the late President Frank felt the Texas senator would lin D . Roo sevel t. help Sen. John F. Kennedy Farris Bryant, the Demoso.m_e of the rough spots m cratic nominee for governor of Dixie . Florida, said he had though But Gov. Luther H. Hodges Johnson would give the ticket of North Carolina and host Gov. a lift in the South and that he Orval E. Faubus of Arkansas had mentioned him to Kennedy " said Johnson's name on the at the convention as a possible -(AI' Wlrevbolol ticket hadn't helped as much running mate because of that. as had been expected. "But it hasn't proved out that PLANE LANDS ON AUTO Faubus gave the Senate rnaway in Florida, as far as I can The pilot of this light plane and three passengers in the automobile escaped jority leader credit for helping determine," he said. • ' h h d 1 d' t th t 1 d the ticket a little in the South, Bryant gave Vice President InJury W en t e plane ma e an emergency an mg a 0P e au 0 on a rura roa "but not as much as expected." Richard M. Nixon the edge for near Buford, Ga. The pilot said the plane's motor conked out and when he tried But Gov. Buford Ellington of his state' s 10 electoral votes . to land the plane was caught by a gust of wind. Officers said the plane and auto Tenneessee, a strong Johnson President Eisenhower won the suffered considerable damage. supporter at the Democratic na-state bqth in 1952 and 1956. ____________ _..::::..._ ___________________ --:---tiona! convention, called him "a Gov . J. Lindsey Almond Jr. BABY, POPULARITY SHOWS Ruskin Fair Has Many Contests tremendous help" in his state. of Virginia, the conference Gov. John Patterson of Alachairman, said Kennedy had an bama echoed his sentiments. uphill fight for his state's 12 T h e three day conference electoral votes He added that opened today with such topics Kennedy's Roman Catholic re as conservation and industrial ligion had become a "terrific development on the program. hurdle" in the South despite his But the governors couldn't keep honest approach to the issue. THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 YOUR FORD DEALERS BEAUTIFULLY BUILT TO TAKE CARE OF tTSELF 1961 FORD 11 New York, N . Y. 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Today-some seven years later-he has graduated to a site several times as large, car ries a complete line of garden ing supplies, and prides him self on his reputation as one of the area' s top authorities on f).lchsia . "I should have gone into business sooner," he said, look ing down from a ladder where he was watering a platoon of pots from which peered hun dreds of eager, pinkfaced fuchsias. "It' s a lot more work running your own place," he went on, "but gosh-it's great to be do ing exacUy what you want. He Should Know "I hate to think of all the people in the world wastin g eight hours a day in dull jobs so that they can go home and devote two or three hours to things they really want to do. I should know. I was stuck in a dull job for years. Somehow it never occurred to me that I could turn my gardening hobby into a paying occupation. I'd a d v i s e folks seeking a new career to look to their hobbies -that's where their real talents and interests lie." 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FIRST STEP IN PURGE N. Korea Punishes 299 in Vote Rigging Investment Bankers Set Jax Beach Areas Flooded JACKSONVILLE, Sept. 26 (JP) eroded in places behind the Rough seas pushed by unwal l as much as 20 feet. Miami Meet usually high tides have been Neptune and Atlantic beaches pounding the beaches 18 miles have also been pounded but no WASHINGTON, Sep t. 26 (JP)east of Jacksonvllle and ca used serious damage has been re George A . .Newton of St. Louis flood conditions as far inland as ported. is scheduled for formal election the metropolitan area. Creeks and rivers between SEOUL Korea Sept 26 IDPD The government plan to as president Investment The Weather Bureau predicts Jacksonville and the ocean have -The Re'public gov-purge officials was approved by .Association when the high tides today that will run two to three feet higher t t d d th th b . t 1 t F 'd I t all d orgaruzat10n convenes at Holly agam flood low spots. than normal. Some roadways ernmen o ay announce e e ca me as n ay. c e wood Fla Nov 27-Dec 2 A 130 f t t' f lJ h b d b th dismissal or transfer of 211 po-for the resignation of all offi' ; . . 00. sec wn o seawa ave een c 0 v ere Y e lice chiefs and 88 public prose cials whoh eld positions at the Newtons nommatl6ti an-at Jacksonville Beach has been swollen . cutors who allegedly were in-time of the March elections by the president damaged by the heavY su!1 and Almost an mch of ram yes volved in rigging the presiden-as well as those who allegedly now m office, James J. Lee of crews hll;ve been working to terdll;Y. added to the saturated tial elections last March. were guilty of corruption dur-New York . prevent Its collapse. Earth has conditions throughout the area. 1;a: Pressweeping purge of at least 1,000 This would include all cabinet officials who allegedly collabministers, provincial governjlrs, orated in rigging the eletcions c ounty chiefs, county education or gained wealth by "illegal" commissioners, tax office chiefs, means. police station chiefs, their lieuThe purge is scheduled to be tenants, district prosecu tors and completed by the end of Octoother officials in buerau l evel ber. positions. An invitation to enjoy I.W.HARPER ROADSIDE INTERVIEW THE GOLD MEDAL BOURBON Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev gestures to crowd of newsmen during in terview on road outside Soviets' Long Island estate at Glen Cove, N.Y. Visible over Khrushchev's right shoulder is Todor Zhivkov, Bulgaria's Red leader. Next to Khrushchev is interpreter Victor Sukhodrev, holding pad. Beside Sukhodrev is Polish Communist chief Wladyslaw Gomulka, in light suit and glasses. Original and Genuine Distillery Bottling 86 Proof and Bottled in Bond 100 Proof Straight Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. HOUSTON • PENSACOLA • MOBILE PANAMA CITY • MIAMI • WEST PALM BEACH U.S. Aid To.laos Uncertain BANGKOK, Thailand, Sept. 26 (UPD -Gen. Williston B. Palmer, dilector of the U.S. Defense Department's military aid to crisistorn Laos. The tiny kingdom has been torn by a revolt of pro-western forces against the neutralist government of Premier Prince Souvanna Phouma. A spokesman for the revolutionary command set up in Savannakhet charged yesterday that Communist North Vietnamese troops had invaded Laos and occupied seven villages in the southern part of Phongsaly province with Red-led Pathet Laos g uerrillas. Meet Pressing Needs "The giver does not know to whom to give," said Palmer, who is here on a two-day visit. He stressed that military aid to was not given on a large scale but was arranged to meet pressing needs of the jungle kingdom. "What's going on in Laos is still not clea1 to ousiders," Palmer said. "We must wait a little longer to find out what policy is formulated." The revolutionary spokesman in Savannakhet said the occupa tion of the villages in Phong saly was carried out by about 600 Reds. Phongsaly in north ern Laos is between Commu nist China and North VietNam. Minor Clash Reported Col. Boon Kong, the spokes man, reported a minor clash a few days ago between revolu tionary forces and government troops near Muang had village in northern Laos. But he did not give any details. There were reports in Sa vannakhet that Gen. Phoumi Nosavan had sent reinforce ments to Paksane, scene of a clash last week in which revolu tionary forces retreated when the Vietianne g o v e r n m e n t hurled s even battalions of troops supported by tanks into the area. Bryant Says He111 Vote For Kennedy HOT -SPRINGS, Ark., Sept. 26 (JP}-Farris Bryant says he's going to vote for Sen. John F. Kennedy for president but be doubts the Democratic nominee would carry Florida if the elec tion were held now. Bryant, the Democratic can didate for governor of Florida, added that his support of the party's national ticket will be limited to an explanation of his vote. The explanation: "I think the long range aspi rations of the people of Florida lie with the Democratic Party. I don't wish to vote for the party that has led us to the fiasco in Cuba." Bryant is here for the 26th annual southern governors con ference which starts today. Peaceful Stand-Ins By Negroes Urged CHARLOTTE, N.C., Sept. 26 (JP) -Dr. Martin Luther King advocates peaceful stand-ins to "dramatize the continued injus tices the Negroes face in the area of voter registration." The Negro leader of the Mont gomery, Ala., bus boycott said here yesterday that "stand-ins" at registration places must fol low sit-ins at 1 u n c h counters, wade-ins at beaches and pools, and kneel-ins in churches. The Atlanta minister also told a meeting sponsored by the Na tional Association for the Ad vancement of Colored People: "Even in counties of the Deep South where resistance is great, Negroes must organize themselves by the hundreds of thousands to stand nonviolently and peacefully for hours in the corridors and on the sidewalks of places of registration." . .. it's always a pleasure! Call your Travel Agent or 2-0951 for somethin9 you want TRIBUNE-TIMES WANT AD Ph. 2-4911 FIRST WITH JETS IN THE U.S.A. Here comes a 1981 Imperial. •• there goes a 1961 Plymouth 1-.i its 1961 Chrysler Corporation will inaugurate the new direction in automotive styling 7 Chrusler Corporation Serving America's new quest for quality See our 1961 ears on TV: "ASTAIRE TIME", Wed., Sept. 28, NBC TV: "THE GARRY MOORE SHOW", Tues., Sept. 27, CBS TV; "THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW", Sat .. Oct. 1. 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"" ./' \ ; \ , ; \ , ' ... , "iUuL" \ ... , ... ; . ..,, TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1960 A "Getting to Know You" musical theme seems a natu ral for the Beth Israel Sister hood opening luncheon Tues day. 10 a.m. and it has been an nounced t h a t the nursery will be open . ST. PAUL'S lar meeting Sept. 2.7 at John Darling Masonic Lodge. ORCHID CLUB A class in corsage making will follow the meeting of the Tampa Orchid Club to be held Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Seminole Garden Center. Guest speaker is Mrs . William E. Segars and teaching the corsage class will be Mrs. L. W. Cromp ton Jr. The sisterhood, formerly the Knesses Yisroale, plans to welcome old and new mem bers at the Beth Israel Audi torium, 2.111 Swan Ave., at 12 noon. A nursery will be open for members' children and a lunch will be served. Two circles of St. United Lutheran C h u r c b Women plan a meeting Tues day. The Morning C i r c 1 e meets at 9:30 and the Ever. ing Circle at 8 o'clock at the Snyder Memorial Building . TAI\1PA BAY The' re Special, But She Won't Sell Them Reservations may be made by calling 34-1361 or RE 68-7772.. The first meeting of the season has been announced for members of the Hills borough County Dental Aux Hiary Tuesday. Members will meet for lunch at the Tropics at 12:30 and any woman whose husband is a member of the Hillsborough Dental Society is invited to attend. HOMEMAKERS Viva la Francais is the theme of this month's Home makers' Class at L e i s u r e House with Miss Jean Per menter, home economist, dem onstrating authentic French recipes . The day class begins at 10 a . m . and the ev ening class at 7 :30 p.m. and all inter ested homemakers who want to learn how to make a per fect souffle and other French specialties are welcome to attend. DAV AUXILIARY Mrs. Ethel Stahlberg, de partment vice commander of Bradenton, will conduct a school of instruction at the DA V Unit 4 Auxiliary meet ing Tuesday. A reception honoring the chapter com mander and Mr. and lVIrs. Stacy DeLaney will follow the meeting to be held at 311 S. Willow Ave . TEMPLE TERRACE !Dr. Stephen L . Speronls will speak to members of the Temple Terrace Woman's Club Wednesday at the meeting which begins at 10 a.m. Hostesses will be Mrs. R. D . Beane and Mrs. Robert Knight. FOREST HILLS The Forest Hills Methodist Church WSCS executive committee meeting will be held at the church Wednesday at A meeting of the Tampa Bay Boulevard School execu tive board is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 :45 p . m . in the school cafetorium . PHI ALPHA EPSILON Beta Sigma Phi's busine s s chapter, Phi Alpha Epsilon, meets Monday at the home of Miss Suzanne Garcia, 4118 Sevilla, at 7:30 p.m. RAINBOW GIRLS Members of T a m p a As sembly 7, Order of Rainbow for Girls, plans a back-to school covered dish at 6 p.m. preceding the regu-By GENE TUTTLE RENO -Without a single lesson in painting, Mrs. E. J. "Birgit" Preston, of Reno, has become one of America's foremost woman landscape artists. But each one of her 300 paintings exhibited has a small tag on it reading NFS -Not For Sale. When she first began her painting career in 1951, she vowed she would not sell any of her paintings until she could see that profits were used to assist underprivileged children and assist students to complete their college educa tion in medicine and science. Thus the reason for the tag NFS. Busy as She IsFinds Time for Clubs Frances Chase MacDougall spends much of her time as secretary of Tampa College, Tampa ' s oldest college. But some of her energy she devotes to club work . The wife of Donald W. MacDougall, president of the college, she is looking forward to this . the first year in which the college will become a liberal arts institution in addition to offering termi nal courses. Besides her untiring efforts at the college, Mrs. MacDougall will be busy with community affairs again this year. She Is a past president of Zonta Club and serves as its Lt. Governor of District 11, which includes seven states. Instrumental in promoting Z Clubs in Tampa high s c hQols , Mrs. MacDougaU helped formulate the charter and by-laws for the local clubs, which have become so popular throughout the nation. During the second World War Mrs. MacDougall was secretary of the aluminum drive for Hillsborough County and secretary of the victory book drive and she worked with the Defense Council. A member of the American Legion Auxiliary Post 111, she serves as chairman of the Girls State Committee of the Seminole Legion Post and is secretary of the Pan American League. A native of Philadelphia, she was graduated from Beaver College in Jenkintown, Pa., and came to Tampa in 1935. She was formerly secretary for the U.S. Steel Cor poration in the Philadelphia Sales Division. -Photo by Dan Fager Some Good Words At a meeting of the 110 women residents at Tampa University this fall, Mrs. Karl King, dean of women, spoke informally about clothes and deportment for the col lege girl. Mrs. King highlighted Tampa University's new 10 point program and reminded students that more than 400 students were turned away this year mak ing these residents "a select group." Photographed candidly while she was talk ing, Mrs. King later announced that there will be student council officers elected in order that girls in the dormitory will have their own representatives . Assisting Mrs. King with the council will be Mrs. Marcella H a n l e y and Mrs . Hazel McCul"lough, dormitory directors. " Today Birgit's dream is coming true. She is fanning the Biggest Little Foundation and all her profits from her paintings will go into this foundation. Included in her plans is the lithographing of her paintings so that they can be sold, adding to the Foundation's funds. Before 1951, Birgit had never touched a paint brush. But on New Year's Eve at a party that year in the mid west, the hostess gave each guest a plate with the neces sary brushes and paints and told them to paint anything they wanted on the plate. Birgit took her plate and sat in a corner for two hours and when she finished, every one raved about her paint ings of the entrance to her Triangle Seven ranch at Liv ingston, Mont. "That started my painting career," smiled Birgit. "My husband encouraged me to go ahead and he saw to it that I got all the equipment necessary to paint." Her husband is E. J. Pres ton, prominent oil operator and cattleman. He will assist his wife in her phllanthropical venture. Birgit has tried to paint scenes as she sees them, but she has been unable to even copy one of her own paint ings. All her paintings are first conceived in her mind, then she sits down in her den with soft music playing and paints the scene which is in her mind. Critics and art lovers visit her p crular Little Gallery in the Biggest Little City of Reno. Everyone is amazed at the perfect per spective in each of 'her paint ings, especially in view of the fact that she never had a single lesson. By producing first mental pictures in her mind of the scenes, Birgit is able to re produce scenes of landscapes thousands of miles away right in her Reno home. "When they were arranging my display at the Palace of Fine Arts, I overheard two elderly women talking about my paintings, and one re marked to the other that she recognized the s c en e. 'I walked down that road by the river last summer,' the woman said." Birgit smiled. "Perhaps she did-but I painted the scene from memory and I couldn't even tell you where the place is located," she said. In the Fall Women Like New Styles The fall season bas most women's thoughts turning to fashion . There'll be many styles for Tampans to see Thursday when Ybor City Opti-Mrs. Club presents "Fall Fashions" beginning at 8 p . m. in the Cuban Club Ballroom , lOth Ave. and 14th St. General chairman for the event is Mrs . Julius Pellegrino who will be ass isted by Mrs. Walter B. Passiglia , Mrs. Henry Garcia , Mrs. Raul Vega, Mrs. Edward Valdes, Mrs. Isidore Blanco , Mrs. Ulysses E . Valles , Mrs . Joe Capitano and Mrs. Joe M . CarbeHel. Commentator will be Betty Vance, Times women's editor, and music is to be furnished by Benji Cesario. Raul Vega apparel for women and chil dren is providing fashions for the show and proceeds will be used for the Nurse's Scholar ship Fund. Modeling will be: Mrs. Row Petersen, Mrs. Dick Greco Jr., Mrs. AI Favata, Mrs. Mal colm Bailey, Mrs. Ralph Bi tetto and M is s e s Arlene Mones, Rena Antinori , Josie Bitetto, Joyce Car b a 11 a 1, Emily Capitano. Janette De Guzman, Anita Garcia, Marie Reina , Sylvia Reina, Diana Fernandez, Lil lian Spoto, Janet Lynn Valenti, Shirley Valdes and chil dren, Sheree Alvarez, Gail Cannella, M a r i s e De La Grana, Frances Nieto , Kathy Ann Pellegrino, Toni Villar, Frank John Garcia and An thony Rizzo. -

Mrs. Richard Albert McCray ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT The "Low Down" on Paint Prices by BiH Bannin9 During a candlelight cere mony, Saturday evening, Miss Darlene Ree Cartwright be came the bride of Richard Al bert McCray at the Forest Hills Church of Christ. Clinton Hamilton performed the double ring ceremony at 7 o 'cl ock before an altar dec orated with palms and baskets of gladioli. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cartwright of 714 Richmere St. , the bride was given in marriage by her father. Her formal gown of Chantilly lace and silk or ganza was accented with handclipped scalloped edges at the neckline, cascades of ruffles forming an apron front and a chapel train. An illu sion fingertip veil fell from a crown of pearls and sequins, and she carried lilies of the valley, carnations and stepha notis centered with a white Mrs. James Harold Weidner in Tampa and graduated from Hillsborough High School. ;He is a mechanic with the Tam pa Police Department, Miss Linda Charlotte Wil liams and James Harold Weidner exchanged double ring vows Saturday evening at 8 o'clock at the Seminole Heights Methodist Church. The bride's father, Glover Williams, walked d o w n the aisle with his daughter who wore a gown of silk organza styled with a full skirt and train ornamented with Alen con lace and pearls. Her tiara Keep in Trim of sequins and pearls held her fingertip illusion veil and she carried orchids and stepha notis arranged in a cascade bouquet. Matron of honor was the bride's sister, A. B. Pe ters Jr., of Gainesville and bridesmaids were Mrs. V. L. Williams, another sister, and Miss Carol Weidner, the bridegroom's sis t e r. They wore pink peau de soie gowns with sweetheart necklines and full skirts, wedding ring hats and carried feathered pink carnations. Wade Entzmenger was best man and ushers were Dur wood Walker, Bedford Wil liams, the bride's brother, Reception Honors Young Newlyweds A reception Saturday eve ning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bryon C. Yelton honored newlyweds Mr . and Mrs. Charles David Yelton. The young couple, both Plant graduates, were mar ried Sept. 14 by the Rev. R. C. Kale of Nahunta, Ga. Mrs. Yelton Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Cul breath Jr. and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Yelton, hosts at the party. The Yeltons will make theJr home at 916 S. Rome Ave. FASHIONETTES • The glowworm I o o k has side of black tie," are made come to costume jewelry. in black, gray and olive, worMarchal, a New York firm sted or mohair, in both single specializing in a fabulous coland double-breasted stY I e s. lection of charms, teamed Edges are finished with nar-with a couple of other comrow braid. Mrs. Brandt Elgar Harding Jr. panies to produce jewelry •-------;A-;::O:;;V:;;ER;::T;;;I;;S:;;EM=ENT=:-----:" which lights up at the touch Is Change-of-Life Making You a Woman? Alan C o 1 b e r t , the bride groom's cousin and Buddy Jones. The bridegroom 's cousins, Sheryl and Michael Colbert were :Clower girl and ring bearer. A reception was held in the ,church social hall. The bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Overstreet of Thonotosassa, and Mr. Weidner, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Weidner, are honey mooning on the Gulf Beaches. A traditional sixpence sent to the bride by the bride groom when he served in the of a fingertip. Marchal said the light-up jewelry was m ad e possible when Sylvania developed a bulb small e n o u g h to go through the eye of a darning needle and P . R. Mallory and Mediterranean c o m p 1 e t e d co. produced a miniature Miss Sarah Jo Gates' wedding mercury battery similar to the ensemble for her marriage ones used in walkie-talkies, Saturday evening. hearing aids, and missile guidMiss Gates, daughter of Mr. ance systems . and Mrs. Ralph V. Gates, and Marc h a 1 Introduced the Brandt Elgar Harding Jr., son lighting in nine charms rang-of Mr. and Mrs. Brandt E. ing from a miniature Santa Harding Sr., exchanged wedClause on a chimney to the ding vows at the First MethoStatue of Liberty. cJist Church at 7:30. * * * Officiating minister was the Ottoman, the heavy ribbed Rev. W. S. Bozeman who silk, made a comeback in both solemnized the candlelight New York and Paris fall and ceremony with Mrs. Albert winter fashion collections. Special women'• medicine can reline Chalifoux, organist, and Jack • * * "licit flaallts", wealmus, C. Smith, soloist, presenting ... _ j l'f fully --' 1 a musical program. Church Paris designers loved the -wvu you caa en oy 1 e decorations inc 1 u de d altar knitted look for fall and win-Has change-of-life left vou so b k i ter. The house of Christian weak you feel onlY "half" alive? as ets of wh te FuJi and Dier showed hand-knit sleeves suffocated by "hot flashes", congladioli. on wool suits. Turtleneck stantly tense so you can't bE: an ' The bride's father escorted collars looked like knits but alfeetiouate wife and mother? h t th It d h Don't despair ! Lydia Pinkham'& er o e a ar an s e wore actually were the result of a Compound can relieve both tena Chantilly lace and tulle shirring process of the fabric slon and physical distress! In doOgown with full skirt and overItself. One short coat in mink tor's tests, Pinkham's gave

LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT ---ORDINANCE NO. OltDINANCE NO. 2850-A AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE REGULATION OF TRAFFIC IN THE REZONING OF PROPERTY DE THE CITY OF TAMPA, FLORIDA; SCRIBED IN SECTION 1 FROM DIS PRESCRIBING CERTAIN TRAFFIC TRICT ZONING CLASSIFICATION Rl, REGULATIONS AS HEREINAFTER C-1 AND C-2 TO C-2, AS PROVIDED OUTLINED: FIXING PENALTY FOR FOR UNDER THE ZONING REGULA VIOLATIONS THEREOF, AND RE TIONS OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, PEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLORIDA, SET FORTH IN ORDI FLICT THEREWITH. Television Programs WFLA-TV Tampa ChannelS WTVT-TV Tampa Channel JS WSUN-TV St. Petersburc Cbanne138 WDBO-TV Orlando Channel 6 BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY SHOWN ON THE ZONING MAP OF COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, TEJE CITY OF TAMPA AS ADOPTED e:OO-Abbotl & Costello Pulse, Newo Susie Ch. 6 Newsroom FLORIDA: BY ORDINANCE NO. 1980.A. AS 8:15-AbboU &. Costello Pulse, Sporta Susie Amos 'n' AndJ Monday Evening Section 1 . That Yield Right-or-Way AMENDED, PASSED AND ORDAINED 6:30-HarperBtrli Pulse Editorial News. Spt., Wtb. Amos 'n' AndJ signs be placed at the following lo-BY THE BOARD OF REPRESENTA6:45---Hantley-Brtnkley CBS Newa John DalJ Weekly New• cations: TIVES OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, Rescue 8 Univ. of Tamp& Digest On the Southeast corner of lnter FLORIDA, ON JANUARY 17' 1956 Rescue 8 Univ. of Tampa DoUK Edwards bay Boule vard and Wyomin g , makmg WHEREAS, on motion of the City nc• Djck PoweU Cheyeue To Tell Truth Interbay through; Council, a public hearing was called '7:45--Biverboas Dick Powell Cheyenne To Tell Truth lnt relating to the rezoning of the ___ On th':J Northwest corner t estate described in Section 1 of tht. s 8:00-Riverboat Pete and Gladys Cheyenne Pete and Gladys bay an Elkins. making n er a Ordinance from district zoning classt8:15-Riverboat Fete and Gladys Cheyenne Pete and Gladya Northeast corner of Mo:::1 hawk and 32nd making 32nd No. as of the City of Street through; Tampa, passed and adopted by the 9:00--Peter Gunu Talent. Scouts Bourbon St. Beat Talent Scouts On tile North and South sides. of Board of Representatives of the City 9:15-Peter Gunn Talent. Scouts Bourbon Sl. Beat Talent Scout. f T F J 17 9 K d Nixon Kennedy NJxon-Kennedy Nb:on-Kennedy Comanche on 32nd Street, making ::u;JJvtded Nixon-Kennedy Nixon-Kennedy South sJdes of by law having been had in conneclion lO:OO-Nlxon-Kennedy Nixon-Kennedy Nix-on-Kennedy Nixon-Kennedy Deluil on 32nd making Deluil with said motion. 10 15-Nl K d Nixon-Kennedy Nixon-Kennedy NJxon Kennedy North and south !!ides of 0oRF Powhattan on 32nd StreetJ making THE CITY OF FLORIDA: 10: 45-Ja.ckpot Po hattan through 11 Duper Movie Ch. 6 Newaroom On the North aDd South sides or Section 1. That the district zoning 11 :15-Jern Harper Pu1se Weather Movie OlympJcs Movie cove and Mulberry making t2:Q6-Jack Paar Hi-way Pat.rol =:!:: South sides of as set orth in Ordinance No. 1980-A, Ih-trol News. Wtll., Spta. Hollywood MoYle G1anada on Hubert, making Granada of East and West sides o adopted by 10aid ordinance, as amend-Tampania on Kathleen. making Tam Jily pania through; . on January 1956, upon the following StoJ ;t described real estate situate. lying and through be changed to. Yield right.. of-way si#Ols on the North apd South particularly described as follows, to sides of Yukon on Orangeview, mak wit: west sides of PARCEL NO. 1 Marti on Neptune, making Marti Begin 33 feet North and 100 feet through; West of Southeast corner of the West On the East and West sides of lh of the Southeast of the South Linco1n on Cayuga, making Lincoln west of the Southwest % o SECthrough; TION 33, TOWNSHIP 28 SOUTH, On the North and south sides of RANGE 19 EAST, run North 200 feet, Lumb on Emerson, making Lumb West 50 feet, South 200 feet. East through; SO feet to Point of Beginning, less On the East and West sides o 36th the South 17 feet for road; said Street on Comanche. making 36th property being located at 3908 East Stl'eet I-IH1sborough Avenue, Tampa, Florida. Section 2. That Stop signs be placed PARCEL NO . 2 al the following location: Begin 25 feet West and 151 feet On the Northwest corner of Bird South of the Northeast corner of the and 37tb making 37th Street Southeast lA, o the Southwest .14 of through; the Southwest lit. o SECTION 33, On the Northwest corner of MaryTOWNSHIP 28 SOUTH, RANGE 19 land and India, making India EAST, and run thence South 88 feet. through; thence West 259 feet to a point 50 On the Southwest corner of India feet East of the West boundary of and Maryland, making Maryland the East lh of the Southeast JA of through; the Southwest lA of the Southwest lA. On the Northwest corner of Central of Section 33; thence North 88 and Emily, making Emil)r through; thence East 259 feet to Point of On the Southeast corner or Central Beginning; said property being lo-and Adalee. making AdaJce through; cated at 5512-40th Street, Tampa, On the Northwest corner of 37th Florida. Street and Regnas, making 37th PARCEL NO. 3 Street throU)!h; The South 121 feet of the North That the Stop -signs at Annie and 151 feet of the East 284 feet of the 16th Street making Annie East .1. of the Southeast lA of tbe be changed to make 16th Street Southwest 1,4 of the Southwest :V.. of through. SECTION 33, TOWNSHIP 28 SOUTH, Section 3. That the following space6 RANGE 19 EAST; said property be reserved for freight 8:00 AM to being located in the vicinity of Hills .. 6:00 Pl\1: borougb. Avenue and 40th Street, First 3 spaces on the West side Tampa, Florida. of Florida Avenue, North o Cass; PARCEL NO. 4 spaces in front of 17 9 Tampa a . Begin 50 feet North and 50 feet Section 4. That the following spaces t:fe g: for 30 minutes Southwest lA of the Southwest and First 2 spaces West of 22nd Street on the North side of Bth Avenue; East 60 feet to Point of Beginning, f'irst space North or Green on the SECTION 33, TOWNSHIP 28 SOUTH, Eas t side of Howard. R A N G E 19 EAST, Hillsborough 5. Th::at thP freight State of Florida; said to 11:00 AM spaces be elimi erty being Jocated in the vicinity of The 4th and 5th spaces South of Hillsborough Avenue and 40th Street, Tyler on the West side of Florida Tampa, Florida. Avenue; b. Begin 406.5 feet North and 10 The 3rd space North of Cass on feet West of the Southeast corner of the West s i rle of Florida Aven11e. the West lh of the Southeast JA of Section 6. That the 2nd space West the Southwest 14 of the Southwest JAJ of Marion on the North side of Twiggs run thence West 140 feet, thence be changed from Reserved for U . S, North 138.5 feet, thence East 150 Coast to Reserved for U .S. Customs. feet. thence South 35 feet, thence Section 7. That parking be limited to East 50 Ieetl thence South 20 one hour on the South side of Rth thence West 60 feet, thence South .A venue between 13th Street and 14th 83.5 eet to point ol beginning Jn Street. SECTION 33, TOWNSHIP 28 SOUTH, prohibited Both sides of Gandy Bou1evard erty being located in the vicinity of from Bayshore Boulevard West to Hillsborough Avenue and 40th Street, Dale Mabry; . F 'lorida. First space on South side of E• c. Begin 50 feet North and 10 feet telle East of Tampa Street. West of the Southeast corner of the Section 9 . That one space in front West .a of the Southeast "A, of the Q{ 5117 Florid::l Avenue be rP.served 1or Southwe!!t of the Southwest !4, run freight 8:00 AM to 3 :30 PM. thence West 90 feet, thence North Secti on 10. That the following No 183 feet, thence West SO feet, thence Parking At Any Time signs by changed North 173.5 teet, thence East 140 to No Parking 4:00 P:M: to 6:00 PM feet, thence South 356.5 feet to Point and One Hour all other hours: of in SECTION 33, TOWNOn the East side of Nebraska SHIP 28 SOUTH, RANGE 19 EAST, between Grant and Hillsborough Hillsborough State of Florida; lUver. said property being located in the Section 11. That parking is prohibited vicinity of Hillsborough Avenue and en the North side of Cumberland be 40th Street, Tampa, Florida; tween Morgan and Jefferson. which district zoning eiassificattQns are Section 12. That the first .2 spaces R-1, C-1 and C-2, and the same are South of Columbus Drive on the East hereby amended and changed as to a tide of 19th Street be reserved for district zoning classification C-2, as is parking 15 minutes only. provided for In Ordinanec No . 1980-A, Section 13. Every person violating and as shown on Ute zoning map of the provisions of this Ordinance, upon the City of Tampa. as adopted by said eonvlction, shall be punished by a fine ordinance. passed and ordained by the 11.ot exceeding $500.00 or six months Board ol Representatives of the City in the City .Jail. or both, in the di.screot Tampa. Florida, on January 17, tion or the Municipal Judge. 1956, which zoning classUicatlon was Tuesday Morning 6:3G-RFD Florida Florida Farmu Off tbe Air Off tbe Atr .::F..:'•:.:h:.:•:...Wc:...:t.b:.:r:.:._.:;F.;.lo:.r::l=;:d"" _F_ar_m_e_r_o _ r _ l __ -:O:c lc::f th.!_AJ_r __ _ 7 :00-Toda.J Good Day Off the Air Off the .AlJ' 7:15-TodaJ Good Dar Off the Air Weather '7:36-TodaJ Good Day Off the Air Moviea 7:45--TodaJ Good Dar Off the .Air Mowle• 8:oo-Today CBS News Off the Afr Newa 8:15-Toda.J Capt. Kangaroo Off the Air Capt. &aDI'&toe 8:8D--Today Capt, Kangaroo Oft tbe Air Capt. Kangaroo S:C5-Today Capt. Kangaroo Off the Air Capt. Kan&'aroo 9 :06-JI.omper Jtoom Movie Off ihe Air Romper Room 9:15-Romper Room Off 1he Air Romper Room to Date l\lovJe Oft the Air Romper Room g :45-Up to Alovle Off the AJr Central Fla. 10:00-Douc-h Re Ml Movie Oft the Air Deeember Bride tO:li-Doagb Be Ml Movie Off the Air Deeember Bride 10:86-Play Your Bunell Video VIUage Off tbe All' Video VlUage 10:45-Piay Your Bunch Video VIJiage Off the Air Video Village Test Pattem I LoYe Lucy News, Weather I Loye Lucy ChUdreD ' a World Clear Rorh:ona Children's World Clear Horlaon• Tuesday Afternoon 1!:00-Trutll Or CoD!!eq. News, Weather Restleu GaD Love or LUe U:t5-Trutb Or Conse4. Ernie Lee Rea&Jess Gun Love ot Lite U:SO--It Could Be You Sea.cb Tomorrow Qu 'een for a Day Search Tom'row 1!:46--lt Could Be You Guldlng Light Queen:,l:;o:.:r..:•:..D=-.&;.1_;;::G_u_id:::!D:::c'7::-L:::lc,_h_i_ 1:00--Newa-Theater Lon of Life About Facea Dr. Hudson 1:15-SJe&ti Tbea,er Love of Life About Face• Dr. Hudson 1 :&0-Siesta Theater As World Turna Frankie Laine As WorJd turna 1:.6--Siesta Theater .As World Turns FrankJe Laine As World Turns 1:00-Younc Dr.l\lalone The Mllllonatre Beat tbe Clock The MUUonatre 1:1,_Younc Dr. 1\olalone The MlllionaJre Beat the Clock The MiWona.'ire These Root. Verdict Is Youn Who Do You Verdict h Yonfll 1:45-From These Root.s Verdict 1!11 Youra Wllo Do You Tr'1 Verdict Is Youn Tfme Brighter Da.y Bandsta-nd Brlgllter Day 4 15-C d;r Time Secret. Storm Bandstand Secret Storm MoYie Edges of NiM •andstand Ed1e of :KiJ'M t:4G-Earlr Moyle Edges of Night Bandstand Ed&'e of Ntrht 6:00-EarlJ Movie Popere Pla.yh'se Fa.nville Unele Walt 6: 15-Ea.rly Mo.,.te Popeye Pla:yb'ae Funl'llle Three Stoocu 15;10-Early MoYle Three Stooge• Rln Tin Tin Qaick Draw 76:c:c:f6-.:._ccM.:.o:c•c:le"','-C'::.'-C-'-a-r..:c:.:• __ ...:T;_hree Stooru Rin Tin Tin QUick Draw (e) eolor Programs Are Presented lJere As Furnished By The l!itationa Radio Programs WFLA 970 NBC 1:06-Newa 8:15-FJsh!nJ" Weather 6:aO-Sporb 6:4i5-3-Star E.J:tra. ?:00-News, Music ? : 15-Aibum of Musle 7:!-10-Newll of World 7:4&-ltlan on Go 8:00-Baseball 8: 1.5-a-White Sox-Detroit 8:!10-White Sox-DetroH 8:45-Wblte Sox -Detroit 9:00-Whi!e Sox-DetroJt 9:15--lVhite Sox-Detroit 9::JO-White Sox-Detroit 9:45-White Sox-Detroit 10:06-WhJte S'!)x .. netrolt 10:15-White Sox-DetroJt 10:311--Wblte Sox-Detroit Sox--Detroit ll:OG-News, Danlelll 11:15--Danny Daniels l1:3Q-Gataxy 11:4!;-Galny U:OO-Sicn Oil WDAE 1250 CBS WSUN 620 ABC Monday Evening News, Sports Deadline 6 P.M. Sports Special Fitiih •n• Cruiae Tune Time John Daly Thomas, Rizzuto Paul Harvey WHBO 1050 MBS Frank Slnclser Sunset Trail Off the Air Off Ute Air Amoso ' n ' Andy Amos 'n' Andy 1n Person In Person Gorme, Bands OCt the Air Fulton Lewis Jr. Off the Air Sunny Days Oft the Air Sunny Day, News Off the All' World ToniJ"ht Dial 125 0 Diall250 Dial 1260 Dial 1250 Dial 1250 DiaJ 1250 Diall2;;0 News Chevy Show Dlal 1250 Dial 1250 News, Studio X Studio X Studio X Studio X Temple Vespera Back to BJble News, Concert Concert HaU Concert Rall Concert Ball Swings Softly Swings Softlr Moonbeams Moonb•ms, Newa Night Flight Night Flight Night Flight 1\-Iusic, .Newl Midnights .... Ott the Air Off the Air Off the Air Orr lhe Air Oft the Air Olt the Air Off the Air Oft the Air Off the Ab Oft the Air Off the Air Off the Air Oft the Air Off the Air Off the Air 011 lhe Air Off the Air Section 14. All Ordinances or parts established by the City of nl Ordinances in conflict herewith are under the provisions of Chapter 176. T d M • hereby repealed. Florida Stalutes 1953 , and that the UeS ay 0rn1ng ';nd teOdrdinance 1:45--Strenrtll of Day Songa of Faith Snn Up Off the Air ri:1 ... -.c;:.' .. fmmediately upon its_publlcation. • classification C-2, pursuant to Ordic:::t st:dl: Three s:: Everson, News PASSED and ORDAINED by the CJty nance No. 1980A. and tbat the zoning 1 : 46-1\fusie, Flahlnc Studio Three Sun Up Bob Rou Council of the City of Tampa, map of the City of Tampa and all this 20lh day of September, A. D . 1960. notations. references and other in7:00-News, Names Studio Three News, Sun Up Cedric Fo!!te:r Chairman ":s aJ ATTEST: W. L. STARK City Clerk such information set forth on said 7:45-Morninc Report. Studio Tllree Sun Up N . Orleans Bapt. -,","oO-.:._.:cw:.e:.:ac:th"'e..:r:..,..,.N""e:...,.-.---"w"'o:.r:.:Id-'-:-N:-e-.,.-.---=w=-o-r"Jd::'::N:-e-w-•---:R:-:1:-cb'-.r...,d:-R=-e-nd"'e':u=-APPROVED by me this Section 2. That au ordinances or H& 8:46-Ser'ade, Fla. Newa Studio Three Sun Up Southerners Qt • . JULIAN LANE repealed. ' C F Ill B 1 Mayor Section 3. This ordinance shall be d:: ORDINANCE NO. 2847_4 9:30-Emphuia, Serenade Studio Three Breakfast Club CedrJc Foster AN ORDINANCE VACATING, shall become a law, and shall take ,..::.9:..;:4:.:5-_:S:.:•:.:r.:.e:..;-F'-=="lac. . .;;N_e;..w:..:•:__.;;S:.:t.:.ud=ic:o...:T-::h:-r-::e.,-e __ -:B:::-r-e_a_k_la_o-::I:-C-la_b_-:B:-o-:b::-R:::o_ss_;-;c_ TINUING AND ABANDONlNG AN EXeffect immediately upon its publica-10:00-News, Parir Arthur Godfru Harvey. Sbow S. McCormick lSTING EASEMENT F 0 R PUBLIC tion tO Line Arthur Godfrey Show Time Bob Jlou UTILITY PURPOSES LOCATED IN PASSED AND ORDAINED BY THE 10:31J-Emphasls, Arthur Godfrey Show Time Drake. Newt THAT CERTAIN ALLEY LOCATED CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF 10:46-Triancle Trader Arthur Godlrey Show Time Bill Polk lN :SLOCK 4 OF EXTENSION OF TAMPA FLORIDA THIS 22 DAY OF :::::.::;.-;;.::.:='::::-:=='---::::=:.:....::..:-:=.:._-:=::,.-::::='7:;---;;:=-;:-;;;;:::-::;::::::-COLLINS ADDITION AND BLOCK 4 SEPT 1960 • U:OO-News-Encore Bousep&rty Small WorJ4 Frank SinJ'Iser OF COLLINS ADDITION TO WEST ., ' W D WEST 11:15-Encore Housepa.rty Small World Bill Polk BEING LOCATED IN THE Chairman City Council 11:30-Emphasla, Encore Garry Moore Small World S. McCormick CITY OF TAMPA. ATTEST ' Crosby-Clooney Small World Bill Polk BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY W. L. siark, City Clerk i28itfbi):,OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, ht' me this 23 day of Tuesday Afternoon Section 1. That that easement '' JULIAN LANE Mayor .1!:00-News, Farm Boor N PauJ Baney Dr. Roy Maso• ORDINANCE NO. 12:15-WFLA Farm Dour P:i'::ma Parker Farm Ranch Star Time located in that certain aUey AN ORDINANCE RELATING TO 12:30-Emph'•• News Desk CRot.upoteHNaepxpt!DDers.s NNoooonn MMeeddllee! Bolton, News bing between Block 4 ol Extension of THE REGULATION OF TRAFFIC IN 9-7-{) t1 J BIU PoJk Collins Additlon and Block 4 of Collins THE CITY OF TAMPA, FLORIDA; t:DO-N-ews-RhapaodJ Whl 'r St t N M dJey CedrJc Foater Addition to West Tampa. recorded in PRESCRIBING CERTAIN TRAFFIC 1 15-Rh d Ma s.:::ldns ree 1 N::: M:dley Bill Polk PHitalltsbBoorookuglh, pCaoguent3y5,, pulobrl,.idcar, ecboer,dsanodf ROUETGLUILANETDIO, . NFSIXIANSG PHEENRAELINTAYFTFEORR 1 R'psodr Dr. Malone C. Fredericka Bill Po1k the same is hereby :;.acated, disconVIOLATIONS THEREOF. AND RE 1:45--Rbapsody 1\lrs. Burton C. Fredericks Btu Po1k tinued and abandoned. and the rights PEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN Lewis Jr. o tbe City of Tampa and the pubJic in CONFLICT THEREWITH. 2S-lthapsody Best Seller Rome & Highway Roundup and to said easement are hereby re-BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY 2:.30-Empbasis. Stereo Radio ActivftJ Dome & Blghwar Roundup THE CITY OF TAMPA, :eounw8_ d _up'----date o{ this ordinance, a certified COP.Y Section 1. T.hat parking is prohibited 3:00--News, Bennett Radio Activltr Dome & High;aj .Jim Boll1.nd ofath: at Delaware Home & Highway Jtm Bolland : IJled by said Clerk for record and Irom Swann to Inman; 3:46-Baodstaud 97 Radio Actlvtiy MusJc, News Jim Holland recorded m the office of the Clerk of On the West side of Albany from Bsndstand Radio Activity Home & Highway News the Circuit Court of Hillsborough Morrison to Jetton; 4 :l5-Bandst&nd 97 Radio Act.tvity Rome & HJghway Jim Holland County, Florida. In the first space South of the 4:30-Empbasls, Bandstd. Rallio Activity Home & Highway Bill Stern Section 3. This ordinance shall be first driveway South of Estelle on :4.5-Bandstand 97 Radio Activity MusJc, New!l Jim Holland aD:d posted as by the East side or Tampa Street; Jaw Wlthln ftve (5) days after tt shall In the first space East of the 2nd Bandstand Radio ActlvJty Home & HIJ'hway W. Vanvorh-ls--become a law, and shaH take effect driveway East o Tampa Street on !" ... 310-6-BLuasm. pii0Jwhste' rM, 0 M 8u10slo RRaaddi1 o0 Home & Btchwa::r Fulton Lewis 3r. immediately upon its publication. the South side of Estelle; ., N 3 Home & Highway Sunset Trail PASSED AND ORDAINED BY THE On the East side of Governor from 6:16-Speelal Edlllon Radio Aotl•lty Home & Blghwsy Sunaet Trail CITX COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF Scott North to the driveway TAMPA, ON THIS THE 20 Section 2. That Yield Right-of-Way DAY OF SEPTEMBER, placed al the following to-Chairman o! the City Council On the and West sides of 11th ATTEST: Sheet on Louisiana,. making 1 7 th LC1 STkARK stoe:t and West sides of by me this 22 day of Sept., 1960 JULIAN LANE Wyoming, making Clark Mayor On the North and South sides of -----AD==v=ER=n=s=EM=EN=T=-"=c::Dakota, making Morr1 -1TOOTHACHE If you can't get to !he tlw best thine you Is 0RA-JL. Pain ••nishu in seconds. Guarantud . Ast for new fut Inc Jelly called ORAJEL11t Secuon 3. That Stop Signs be placed at the lo11owing locations: On the North and South sides of Oklahoma on making Okla bam a through: That the YJeld Right-o -Way signs on the East and West sldcs of Hu bert on San Rafael be changed to Stop signs, making Hubert throug h. Section 4. That the I5 minute Load and Unload sign on the East side of Tampa Street, {irst space South of be removed. Section S. Every person violating the provisions of Ordinance. upon con -J shall be punished by a fine not exceeding S500.00 , or si x months jn the C ity Jail, or both. in the dl.scretion oi the Municipal Judge. We At•e Expanditag! WANTED At once automotive parts counter man with at least 5 years experience and familiar with AEA Na tiona! advertised lines, prefer local resident. Top pay and many other ad vantages, Phone Tampa Auto Parts, 2-8085, Bob F, Deriso or Mrs. Barker after 2 p.m. SecUon 6. All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Section 7. This Ordinance shall be published and posted as provided bY law within five fS) days alter it sha1J become law. and shall take effect im mediately upon its publication. PASSED and ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Tampa. Florida, this 20th day of September. A.D. 1960. Attest: W. D . WEST Chairman of the City Council W. L. STARK City Clerk APPROVED by me, this 22nd September, A.D. 1960. JULIAN day of LANE Mayor NOTICE OF INTENTION TO REGlSTER FICTITlOUS NAME Notice i!! hereby given that the un dersiencd intend to register with the Clerk of the CJrcuit Court of Hitl sbor oueh County, Florida, in accordance with the Fictitious Name Statute of Florida, the following fictitious name under which their business ts carried on, to vwit: AECO INVESTMENT COMPANY (Not Incorporated) Dated this 16th day of September, 1960. YETTA G. HELD lRMA G. WFLA WTMP WHllO IVSUN WONN WPLA WDCL WILZ t70 1[0 11M! KC 1050 KC TAMPA STATIONS WFLA-FM -93.3 MO WDAE-FM 100 . 7 MC 104.? MC WT11N-FM 88.9 MC WALT WSOL WDAE 1110 KL 1300 KO 1250 KC WEST COAST STATIONS 620 KO 1230 KO 910 KO U70 KC 1590 KC WLCl' l3KO KC WSPB lf50 KC WGTO;>40 KC WDCF 1350 II.{) WAZEKO WLAK 1430 II.C WKXl' 930 KC WPlN 680 KC WSIR 1400 KC WINT 1880 KO CUPEO [] EEGIN I I CEFNE I I IVTCX-FM-19.6 MC WTAN KC WBRD H20 11.0 WTRL 1490 l[C Unscramble the 4 sets of letters, making a word of each jumble. Print each word, a letter to a square, beneath each jumble. The letters you have printed on the circled squares may then be arranged to spell the surpris e a.nswe1 suggested by the cartoon clue. What is it? (""'"" tomorrow) Saturday'o:WHITE POLAR WHINE IODINE -A WHIRLWIND THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 15 THE COMIC ON TV (ANYWHERE) Red Skelton Ready for 8th Season By CYNTHIA LOWRY thing .of. a novelty for his CBS AP TV-Radio Writer audience. It will be a one-man, NEW YORK, Sept. 26 (JP)all-pantomime 30 minutes comRed Skelton, calm and crack-posed from bits and pieces of ing Khrushchev-Castro jokes, is things he has done over the in town to start his eighth con-years in night clubs, vaudeville secutive season of weekly tele-and elsewhere. But Red has been vision shows. a performer since he was 10 This 48-year-old marvel of and is the son of a circus longevity (even Jack Benny clown. took a breather last season by This real pro does not share 35 people around today that for golf watchers who want to people will laugh at. know what Bob Hope's game is "And as for the comedy they really like. are calling sick, if you do any Also, on Friday night, there research into the humor of the was NBC's hour-long "Dan past, you'll find that every genRaven," still another of those eration has the same sort of humor. Besides, you can call a police action shows. This has joke sick or anything else-but a gimmick-acting guest star if people laugh at it, it's funny." each week-but it didn't help much. sharing a spot with George in widespread concern about Viewers Get Breather ADVERTISEMENT Gobel) does not fit the classic the sad condition of humor The United Nations took the -------------pattern of the sober, serious, and the shortage of comedians weekend off and the TV net-s K I I I y ?• harried funnyman on the ragged in television. works thoughtfully gave us-for edge of collapse from the ulcer"In the history of the world the most part-a change from making chore of making laughs. there have never been more obth Mr. K. and the political It'll Be Breeze than 30 or 35 internationally campaigners. The emphasis was The first show of the known comedians living at the on sports. tomorrow night will be a breeze same time. And I would guess Ed Sullivan is going to be for him even if it will be some-that there are bet;ween 30 and pretty unhappy if football con .... TV'Sri3EST TONIGHT tinues to bump into his program. The Giants-49ers game usurped about a quarter of his hour. It skinny, thin and under .. weight because of poor appe... tite or poor eatins habitl take NewSuperw.AT&ON. Puteon pounds and inches of fum solid fleahormoneyback. W.AftaON is super-rich in weight build ing ealoriea plus •itamina. minerals and energy elements. Hospital test ed. Faat weicht ; .;: . . . . . 8 P.M. In addition to baseball and football, a new filmed show called "Celebrity Golf" bowed on ABC yesterday-fascinating gains repo r ted , No over-eating . Makes bustline, cheeks , arms. legB fill out, puta ficsb Db akinnyfigures all over body. Fia-htafatine, l o w resistance, sleeplessness due to under weight condition. If underweight is due to di seas e take W.ATE-OH under direction of your doctor. Get NEW SO PElt WA.TB-<>N Q drneaista today. 13-PETE AND GLADYS (CBS). Cesar Romero is cast as a handsome dance instructor and when Gladys enrolls for lessons, husband Pete shows some reaction as a jealous husband. * * * 8:30 P.M. S-TALES OF WELLS FARGO (NBC). In "Kinfolk", Jim Hardie trails a ruthless gunman and becomes involved in a family feud. 38-BOURBON STREET BEAT (ABC). "Six Hours to Mid night", a repeat episode, finds the investigators trying to prove the innocence of a man scheduled to die at mid night. * * * 9 P.M. 13-TALENT SCOUTS (CBSl. Lucille Ball joins the celebrities who will introduce talent of the evening. She brings Roy Mason, young singer who is appearing with her in a Broadway musical set to open in December. * * * 9:30 P.M. ALL NETWORKS-THE GREAT DEBATE. Presi dential candidates John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon meet in the first of four historic tele vision encounters. Howard K. Smith, chief Washing to n correspondent for CBS News, will moderate the session dealing with domestic policies. All net works will carry the se ries of four h o u r pro grams and will take turns producing the shows. Pro grams will also be fed to Kennedy the four major radio net-Nixon • • CBS NEWS PRESENT. S an informal conversation with Senator: H ON who discusses his philosophy, his work, his family, and the events and people who shaped his development. See the second in a notable series of nine cam paign broadcasts with Walter Gronkite PRESIDENTIAL COUNTD-OWN! • works during this and next month. The series will be unsponsored, presented as a public . serv ice by the broadcasting media. First program 10:30 TO 11:00 TONIGHT (t CHANNEll3 ' • originates in Chicago. ••• The Parisi nspired Fully fash!?ned Ballerina Hostess Apron custom styled for you '" your home." The first 50,000 entrants mailing in the coupon below will receive this beautiful apron FREE, RULES: one of TEN FREE trips for TWO to Plus one of TEN beautiful 1961 ATLAS SEWING MACHINES to sew your Paris wardrobe. Sew with ATLAS ..• $AJ Travel In luxury unlimited as the SAS OCS-C Jet brings six continents into sight. IT'S EASY TO ENTER just make as many words as you can from the letters in the word: thread ••• Examples: "Read" •• "Hat" •• "Dear," WIN 10 . ew 1961 seaut1ful. ; Machines Atlas sewlndvertised in as seen a k eping for Good House finest $219.50 • • • s use an quality, Machine. AtlaS Sewtn 1. Write (on a separate piece of paper) every word you can spell from the letters in the word thread: use each letter only once in each word you list Spell only English words .. proper names and abbreviations do not count 2. Fill out the coupon and mail it with your list to the address on the coupon. 3. Winners will be judged by the list with the most correct words, prompt ness, and neatness of reply. 4. The decision of the impartial judges will be final. In case of tie, dupli cate prizes will be awarded. Names of winners will be announced by December 31, 1960. 5. Only one entry per household. Entries become the property of the Atlas Sewing Centers, Inc. 6 . Employees of Atlas, its advertising agency, and this publication are not eligible. 7. If you have purchased an Atlas sewing machine during the contest, then win a new machine .•• your money wil' be CONTEST CLOSES MIDNIGHT DECEMBER 15, 1960 r-------, I ATLAS NATIONAL CONTEST I 3745 florida Avenue, Tampa, Florida I I GENTLEMEN: PLEASE FIND ENCLOSED MY ENTRY IN THE I ATLAS NATIONAL CONTEST: NAME:: ________________________________ __ I I I I I ADDRESS:: _____________________ __ CITY:: ____________ STATE:, ______ _ IF RURAL LISTING, Print detailed directions to your home:_ c :RIIcz& SEWING CENTERS 1------------------------1 ANYONE WITHIN 250 MILES OF THIS CITY IS ELIGIBLE TO ENTER . I ----------------


16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 FARM AND GROVE Time To Fertilize Citrus Approaching I v Lunch•n lOG a 1.1-.1 Or. OM. WELCUM U.S.F. STAKE SPESHIL $195.00 eneloodes dinner, too rd caps, too frat paddles and • korse in good Inglish usige. without the korse Chateoubriand Spec:i 1l for 2 ( U . S. Prime I ..... 9.00 BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Open day a1 5 P.M . 1208 S. Hawarcl Ph. 1 or 82-3191 • a. N . laanho,.. Hotel 1711 W. Platt St. Ph. 8-5984 NO COVER-NO MINIMUM Limbo Dance Contest lttvery Nito! Prizes to Winners CALYPSO EDDIE 9, II and 1 A .M. Direct From The Bahamas Com plata . Dl11ners $2.25 ap Dancing 8:30 On Cocktail Hour 4 to 8:30 P.M. All Drinks 49c lralled i11 Creamery Iutter and Sh•rry Win• With 8ac:on Strips Savory 011 a Bed af Rice, Served With' FJesh Vegetables Fried ar Whipped Potatoes Rolls and Iutter Tampa International Airport I'IEdwood 7-2"1 l'roo Parking Danny Daniels at t h e Organ Nitel)f DR. ALVAREZ SAYS w New Operation Eases Face Pai . n Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 More con temptible 'l Hoaxes 13 To compare critically 14 Flower (pl.) 16 Handle 17 ot neck (pl,) 19 Danish measure 20 Island west of sumatra 21 Tunes 22 To interpret (archaic) 23 Delirium tremens (abbr.) 24 While 25 God of war 27 State (abbr.) 28 Ran at eas.Y galt '31 Abstract being 32 To correct 35 Of a period of time 36 Paid athlete 37 Throws 38 Heavy cord (pl.) 40 Portion 41 Underground excavations 43 BodY o! water 44 consumes 47 Stories 48 Ever (noet.) 49 Item of property 50 Prefix: not 51 Sumatran sQUirrel shrew 53 Printer's measure 54 Prefix: down 55 Minus 58 Cogitates 6 o To portend 62 Heraldry; &ratted 113Welles, actor 64 To state 65 Barren 67 One who dis tributes playing cards (pl.) 89 Trapped '70 Compound ethers DOWN 1 One who admonishes 2 Girl's name 3 Word of s orrow 4 S y mbol lor s odium 5 Heating vessels 6 Raise 7 Prlmltlve weapon (pl.) 8 Out of date 9 Preposltlon 10 Eskers 11 Orderly collection of papers 12 SOwing 13 Taper 15 Whi..Psocket.s 18 Musical instrument 24 Paid notice 26 Spanish hall 29 Done by word o! mouth 30 Run 31 Bitter vetch 33 Sinks in soft mud 34 Trojan hero 36 Footllke put 37 The urial 39 Nuisance 40 Weight of India 41 steps. over a fence (pl.) 42 Ancient money unit (pl.) 43 Clos es securel J 45 Machine for spread . ing (pl.) 46 Guides 48 Hardened 49 Form ot ••to be" 52 SOap plant 53 slaves 56 British aun 57 A serous fiuid (pl. ) 59 Mine veln 60 Large bundle 61 Above 66 Symbol for iridium 68By At 6:55 A 11:101 "POLLYANNA" Color Jane WYman. l'licha.d Euan Karl Malden. NanCY Olson At 9:25! "Ten Seconds To Hell" Van Heflin AI do l'laY Mona Freeman-colorAt 10:001 The Naked & The Dead A l do RaY. Cliff Robortoon Raymond Massey--color! At 7 :05 '-11:201 "Pollyanna" Color . Jane Wyman. Richard Egan Karl Malden • Olson At 1 :551 Battle of The Coral Sea Cliff Robertson • 0 ia Scala At 7:05 f, 10: 25! "Giant of Marathon" Steeve Reeves -Mylena Demonaaot Daniela Rocca-eororl At !I:OOI "The Perfect Furlough" Tony Curtis • Janet Leigh Keenan Wynn-C'Scopo & Color! Van Heflin • Aldo Ray Mona Fr•eman-colorl At 10:001 The Naked & The Dead Aldo R a Y • Cliff l'lobertson Raymon d Massey-c.olor! LAST DAY! OPI!:N 1:2:451 All Tochnlcolor Program! At 2:45 • f:OO • 9 :10 "WIND ACROSS THE EVERGLADES" aurl lves Qypsy Roso Ltt At 1:30 • 4:40 7 :50 "NAI

_______ .. _ • THE LARGEST THE TA!\IP A TIMES 1 '7 Monday, September 26, 1960 I I TILE CENTER I ON FLORIDA'S WEST COAST I I THOUSAND'S OF CASES OF I QUALITY TILE! : Vinyl Asbestos 9 : TILE-5 Colors I ASPHALT TILE I QUALITY IS REMEMBERED I Long After Price 11 Forgotten! 1 Cut Rate Floor Covering • BROADWAY AT 14TH ST. -------"TAMPA'S EXCLUSIVE SELMER and CONN DEALER SOLD ME MY NEW TRUMPET says "the guarantee is best" AT ••• LEGGETT MUSIC COMPANY 3116 FLORIDA AVE. TAMPA-PH. 2 -(/I.P Wirephoto) THE NATION'S WEATHER TODAY Showers are expected Monday night in much of the gulf region with rain in parts of Eastern Texas. Showers are also forecast for the Central Rockies and portions of the Mid-Mississippi Valley. Warmer tern peratures are anticipated for the nation west of the Rockies with cooling in store for the north and Cen tral Plains into the Upper Mississippi Valley. Weather Data ORDAINED BY THE CITY A COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF TAMPA, R 1. It shall be unlawful C for any person, firm or corporation, or H any emJ?loyee of such person, firm or corporabon, operating any hall, roorp., I concourse, area or enclosure wherem athletic, recreational or entertainment E activities or contests are permitted or carried on, in connection with the operation of any place of business where any malt, spirituous or vinous Rainfall for 24 hours, Atlanta . . . . . . • 76 63 liquors, including beer, ale and wine, ending midnight • • • • • • .02 Birmingham . • 78 62 For month to date • • • • • • 7.86 Bismarck . . . . . 81 42 essence, extract, bitters, preparation, Barometer reading, Boston . . . . . . . 58 49• 7 a.m. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29.93 Charleston, S.O. 77 65 -brand which produces Intoxication Tomorrow Chlcag 70 64 01 sold or served, to knowingly 0 • • or allow any person under the J Sun rises . . • . . • • . . 6:21 a.m. Cincinnati •••• 84 57 eighteen ns> years to patronue, Sun sets . . • . • • • • . • 6:21 p.m. Denver .. ...•• 83 48 U Moon rises •••••••• 12:48 p.m. Des Moines . . • 74 49 -in any activitY or contest therein. un D Moon sets . . . . . . . . . 11:33 p.m. Detroit . . . . . . • 83 61 .01 G Tides at Seddon Island: Fort Worth ... 72 65 .01 or her natural guardian. High ............... 5:11 a.m. Indianapolis .. 82 60 :i:l f:frmsu:_ E Low ................ 1:27 p.m. Kansas City . . . 75 57 -person. firm or corporation, guilty of TEMPERATURE. READINGS s .. .. 91 64 p 86 67 of tbe City of Tampa Code. A . Low Rain MMpillws.a_uSkt.ePeau .l .. 68 44 R 71 50 closure in which such athletic, recreaClewiston ....• 89 71 1.71 New Orleans .. 87 72 K Key • • • 90 81 -New York .... 69 59 is separated from a bar or lounge or E Ja.cksc;nville • . 83 75 . 94 Oklahoma City. 72 61 .13 R MiaiDl Beach • • 88 76 Philadelphia . . 70 55 scribed in Section 1 hereof is limited Ocala ......•• 88 71 .31 Pittsburgh ..•. 78 48 t:e::id!s b>;,ro Pensacola • • • 73 70 .02 Raleigh . . . . • . . 75 51 -intoKicating beverages in the h a 11, Sarasota .....• 88 74 -Richmond • . . • 71 51 room concourse area or enclosure St. Petersburg . 89 76 -St. Louls . . . . . 72 -ouch athletic, recreational or en62 -tertainment activities or contests are Tallahassee . . . 76 71 3.54 Salt Lake City. 85 47 Tampa • • 89 75 .02 San Francisco . 89 54 -same apply to hotels or restaurant. F Cocoa . . ; . • • . • 83 78 .59 St. Ste. Marie . 66 45 _ supplying entertainment in d 1 n 1 n g. L Gainesville 85 74 .15 Spokane ...... 71 44 of the Daytona Beach. 84 74 .45 Washington 71 55 _ Mayor and the City cou ncil of the A Fort Myers ..• 88 74 27 City of Tampa that the provisions of S 7 73 1'02 Sunday highs, 109 at Imperial this ordinance shall become and be Panama City • • 9 .61 Calif., and Yuma, Ariz., and 107 H Sanford ...... 89 75 t Th 1 C lif d t IT'S ONLY NATURAL Valaparaiso . • • • 76 70 06 a erma • a . nance may be renumbere o accom Vero Beach •.. 89 72 1 . 45 Monday morning lows, 30 at shall be G for folkl! to aeek the easy way to sell. F C 1 buy, rent or trade. That's why 60 many W. Palm Beach 83 73 2 1 5 raser, o o., and Cutbank and published and posted, as ptovided by 0 use Tribune-Times want Ads. Dial Other Cities Drummond, Mont. R 2-i. 5ELF-5T'ILEI7 HYPNOTI5T AT PFFRIENPS !


... . . 18 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT ORDINANCE NO, 28-A E AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR TH DAILY INVESTOR TRICT ZONING CLASSIFICATION R Dollar Avera g .• n g l'l; • p ?J'lTH0{N @ $ AS AMENDED, OF THE CITY OF l\l! TAMPA , AND AS SHOWN ON THE d ZONING MAP OF THE CITY OF . R y R. k ?:* TAMPA AS ADOPTED BY ORDI e uces our IS n NANCE NO. 1980-A, AS AMENDED. PASSED AND ORDAINED BY THE f: BOARD OF REPRESENTATIVES OF d m ?T. FLORIDA, ON By WILLIAM A. DOYLE go really wrong with the utiliWHEREAS, on motion or the City Q. Your column has convinced me of the virtues of dollar-averaging-the method of investing a fixed amount of dollars in the same security as fixed intervals. But I have $10,000 available to invest right now. If I start to dollar-average, most of my money will be idle for a num ber of years. Would I do better by investing the whole $10,000 in selected common stocks over the next few months? ties?" In the 1920s 1 thought Coun.cU, a public hea.ring was called nothing could ever go wrong with utilities and invested in Ordinance from district zoning classi to k f 1 till flcation R to C-2, under the terms s c • o an e ectrae u ty and provisions of Ordinance No. 1980-A, holdang company. Well, you as amended, of the City of Tampa, kno'! what happened to those holdmg company "empires." Florida, on January 17, 1956, and a How could those companies be allowed to just fold up and said motion. be taken over by other comNOW , THEREFORE, BE IT OR panies without any protection OF for the stockbolders? Section 1. That the district zoning A. To begin with, the old high-flying electric utility com-tion or repair of improvements' thereon Panies were not "allowed to fold as established . by the zoning reg!Jla " . . tions of the C1ty of Tampa, Flor1da, . up. As a result of mvesbgaas set forth In Ordinance No. 1980 A, A. You rn1ght do better. You tions and new legislation the as .amende

Order Your Ad On Our New Want Ad Plan lc Per Day On 10-Day Order To be run on consecutive d&YI 10Word Minimum When we start your ad on our Thrifcy 10-day plan, you can cancel It anytime before the deadline for the nex:t day and r:: rate will be 12c per word for 1tgr pir t; will be 8c per * Real Estate for Sale Real Estate General NEAR UNIVERSITY BEAUTIFUL hom e. Lge bed rooms & kitchen, swlmmlne pool. $18,300 SEMINOLE 1 BR furn., 'h blk Nebraska bus. Near Publlx mkt $6700 cash 4904 WISHART S BR frame, oak firs., $10,200. J W JERKINS, 32 6$03 BEL MAR REALTY 6500 Flonda Ave Ph 3 6521 CASH for your FHA commitment. All Florida Homes, RE 6-9190. NICE 3 BR CB, Northside. $125 dn $65 mo WE 5 2102 160' ON Baysnore Blvd. $11.500, modern house, $1000 down, $85 month. Owner. Phone 6I-6084 or 2 1268 89I7 DEXTER-2 bedroom, Jiving room, kitchen dining area. $4500 cash or $3000 cash and p1ck up mortgage. 44 3463 2 BR CB Semmole Crest aection. Buy owner's equity and assume $67 00 monthly payments under VA loan Phone 36-4832 EXCELLENT Beach Park loca_powder room, large Jalousled porch, Indoor I a u n d r y room, washer and dryer Dttected oil heat Double carport, storage room. llO'xi52' lot Laree oak trees Pebble dnve. Shown by owner Phone RE 6 7228 WHAT ELSE? NESTLED In shade trees, 2 BR CB, Fla. rm. Fenced Patio Bar BE QUE p1t. In the heart of CeMov!3901n dn. J':E? Home all day. LIKE TO PAINT ? EARN your down payment on a TEMPLE TERRACE S215 WHITEWAY DR just off 56th St , only $56 per mo , no closing costs, for these very attractive, new, 2 BR CB homes Immediate occupancy, low down payment. Commander Mtg Co. 4251 Henderson Blvd 8, 88I Res WE 5-6902 WANT AD-Ph 2-4911 CEMENT BLOCK NOTHING DOWN NO CLOSING COSTS COMPLETELY flnlshecl on your approved lot, bank ftnancJnr, low monthly payments MODEL HOMES 11504 NEBRASKA AVE. PH WE5 SEE DISPLAY MODEL 514 Castle Court South NO DOWN PAYMENT NEW 2 OR 3 BEDRM HOMES ON YOUR LOT ONLY $59 80 MONTHLY PAYS ALL. 8-6584 PHONES 8 6589 HEADLEY Construct10n Co., Inc. Builders in Florida 32 years Semmole Heights Home 3 BR, nr schools. $6000 with low dn & $48 81 mo. 4'h% tnt 2 BR, CB, $9,000 with low dn. & S55 mo LOVELY 2 BR, sep. din nn , dbl garage, cor lot, fum $12.500 with terms Mrs Cadenhead, 35 6181, 34 1291 BILL JOHNSON REALTY NEAR GOLF COURSE FULLY Insulated 3 BR CB, $195 dn, $54 mo. mtr.; pymnt No 7 Sun oo G Real Estate General 6 ROOM COTTAGE, 3 bedroom Close to school. bus, stores 3412 31st Ave $5500. Terms by owner 45 6463 IMMEDIATE possession 2 bed room to sell. Terms Owner 33 3813 WE can help you get located In St. Pete through our oHice. R C HILTON, INC. REALTORS Ph 611051 3 BEDROOM-2 BATH CBS PLUS 2 RMS, & BATH APT 1 YR old on I acre Landscaped Jot In Brandon Includes central air cond , Fla. rm , carpeting, dtapes & complete elec kit S35,000 -owner Ph 49-4331 NO DOWN PAYMENT 3 BR WE 5 4117 SACRIFICE Bemg transferred 3 bedroom. 1 bath with or With out air conditioning & furnltu1 e Best offer. 6211 N. Hale RE 6 4508. REPOSSESSION MORTGAGE Co. has several nice homes No waiting, no quallfymg. Ph 8 6584, 8 HOUSES for rent. Brand new; M R /rederick Construction Co , Inc 1222 S. Howard. 8-3925, 8 3520, 8 1123 BY OWNER. floo moves you m • 3 bedrooms, baths 68 08I5 FURNISHED h o u s e, 3 I o t s, 50x122'h' e a c h H1gh & dry $8000 6917 N. Blossom Ave. Call WE 4 9726 3 NEW beautiful masonry homes wtth large carport and full ulil1ly room being built at the corner of East Wilder and 20th St. Drive by and take a look at these One is a corner lot Call M R. Fred erick Construction Co Inc , 8 3925 or 8-3520 10928 15TH ST. $100 DN , $76 mo Move In today. 2 BR CB 67-2081 LOOK AT 8111 N BOULEVARD A BETTER 3 bedrm masonry home, on lge landscaped lot I Distress Sale $9500--Terms! ATLANTIC REALTY WE 5 3484 WANT A HOME? WE WILL BUILD lt. No Initial cost to you If you have a lot Call Spillers Home BuUders 35 040I 4 1921 BALLAST POINT 3207 TYSON. 2 BR CB. City sew er, near school, shoppmg Only $550 dn & assume FHA loan pay able $62 AL WORLEY, REALTOR, 66 369I LOOK $5001 1 -Berni{ transferred Is corner lot, aU"-condiboned , bullt In kitchen, screened porch, enclosed backyard, deep freezedown, plus closmg costs. Ongmnl homestead exemption. 2039 W81 klkl Way, 46 9541 2 BR, CB ALL FURNISHED. $900 DN. TAKE OVER PAYMT. $38 MO NEAR EGYPT LAKE & SCHOOL LIKE NEW. A VAlL. SEPT I WE 4 7 ROOM house, trade or sen 8602 13th St WE 4 0168 HOUSE trailer, 35' Wlth cement fb,Q'""Smo dn , $50 mo Call Ernest Mikel, res WE 5 0237 BEL MAR REALTY 6500 Florida Ave Ph 3 6521 BEAUTlFlJL 3 bedrm., 2 bath homes In exclusive FAIR OAKS MANOR terrazzo floors, Frigidaire buUt SUBDIVISION • But an exclu slve well planned ne1ghborhood FHA or conventional financing available. RAMONA HOMES INC. RE 7-:;751, Eve 61 WELL BUILT, 2 bedroom. sepa rate dmlng room. Florida room, msulated Onl) $8,950. Good terms. Crawford, Broker 86 9371. A TEMPLE TERRACE SA<.ORI FICE, 3 BR, 2 BATH CORPO RATION SAYS SELL 412 BROX BURN, MOVE IN NOW PHONE WE 4 9974. BY OWNER or office, hardwood floors. kitch en equ1pped, large lot overlook lng water $19,700, $3000 down Ph. 4-2912 or eves 32-772I SEMINOLE SPECIAL $1500 ON., total $8750 2 BRs, Belter see this Call LaNelda Carver, 4-2912, eves 32 RED BRICK JACKSON HE1GHTS 2 BR film 2 corner lots Nr bus, park & schools. $7750 terms LOIS CARVER, Realtor 4-29I2 LITTLE OR NO CASH DOWN 6306 42nd St , 2 bedroom 6708 S Himes, 2 bedroom 3704 51st St , Grant Park, 3 BR 1606 26th St., ? bedroom 2313 Whittier St., 2 bedroom 3723 56th St 2312 52nd S&. 1608 34th St . 152 June St. 62 Patsy St. 2807 Marcoru 2516 56th St. Small house, Riverview Block house. W . Norfolk 3916 W Soutb St , 3 bedrooms Underberg, 4 or RE 5 $500 DOWN, 2 BR, CBS, tile bath, terrz Irs near schls YOUNGBLOOD RLTY. RE 6 5902 BUILD CB STUCCO 2-BR $5995 3-BR $6925 ON YOUR Jot completely finished Inside and out Ftnanclne ar WE 5 9525 and SACRIFICE, owner transferred North, Colonial ranch home, 2 bedrooms, Fla room, pool, many olfir WE 5 7465 LITTLE CASH TALKS! TAKE over low mt. FHA mtg. Arrange dn payment to suit ycur Income Ph 8 0225 0 oQ •• • 0 0 Real Estate General HKING" IN The Parade Of Homes WILL BE FOUND IN HIGH & DRY Grove Park Estates OPEN DAILY VA & FHA FINANCING 3 BR -I 2 tue batl\a -modem construction w/all latest con veniences. Built In kitchen r 'ks 011 Hatana past Kirby to Mar quette Ave ALSO I have a nice 2 BR home complt !urn Close In, $9,000terms Call WALTER DIAZ RE 6 1301 or RE 7-2282 AYALA INVESTMENT CO, INC. 3130 FIELDER ST. 2 bedrooln, 1'h bath, radiant heat, to sell Open Call B u tl d e r, Homer Cox, 65I FORECLOSURE WILL turn over this 3 BR, <:B to a new owner for 2 back $138, move r1ght ln. PALMA CEIA-3 bedroom, bath, half Excellent location $3000 down Ph 89lc::._ ____ _ ONLY $1000 DOWN OPEN HOUSE AIR COND & HEAT PUMP SPARKLING NEW TEMPLE TERRACE 625 SENECA 3 BR, 2 baths, bwltLD kit Pan eled Fla rm Large lot. Worth scemg Go out 56tH St to Druid H!ll, turn nght to golf course & Gillette Ave. Howard Smlth Ph WE 8 2060 GI EQUITY 3 BEDROOM CB 2 bath, split level Terms arranged 4525 S Cortez Call for appointment. RE 6 0047 or 35 5571 4 BEDROOM , 2 bath home. Fully equipped kttchen. PallO, pool, large fenced yard Near schools See at 4003 Wyoming. MADISON HIGH 3 BR CB $150 dn, no qual, ktt eqpt Cheslck Rlty RE 7 586I Open till 8 3 BR FRAME $8950 TERMS NEAR Sligh Ave Furmshed 5 ROOM CB $6950 TERMS Mr NEW CB 2 BR $8450 WALL furnace, carport, tile b FRAME 5 RM $500 DOWN WITH elec kitchen 34 1341 Mrs Ellebrecht, eve 33-7962 STEVENS REALTY. 6824 Flonda NICE 4 BR, 2 bath, A l Semmole area, like new. Must seJI HOWARD REALTY 33-5421 iftU:fl: 1 doors between dlmng area & patio $12,750 Excellent termL AYERS REAL ESTATE OFFICE RE 7-4409 WE 8 2243 NO QUALIFYING 3 BR, CB, fenced back yard. front porch Palma Cela area 2 yrs old Only $11,700 C A LOCHLIN REALTY 502 S MACDILL AVE Ole RE 6 3062 Eves 63 3635 BARGAIN $1550 CASH will buy equity m my 2 BR home K1t eqpt , first class cond Pymnts only $43 per mo at 4'ho/o mt. 68 0731 or 64 9362 IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY NO qual1fymg Large chotce of 3 BR CB homes Ali Area $150 dn , Cheslek Rlty RE 7I Open till 8 PLAYGROUND near 3 BR CB, $180 dn , fme neighborhood Drive to All Flonda Homes, 314 N Dale Mabry, RE 7 5862 Open tlll 8 HEY, MOM!HERE's a lovely, large recottage is clean as a whistle and ready to be enjoyed for S9,850 Unusually good terms. Phone Elva Suits 8 I828. Res. 6!-6692 . -----Manhattan Manor $550 DOWN L 0 V E L Y 3 BRs home, LR w/flreplace, Sep. DR. Fla Rm, oak floors, carpet,. air cond , dishwasher and disposal Sell tog at FHA App. $14,500, or as sume 4'h% mtg and $61 month ly payments See this Wltb Helen C b r I s t y 8 1828, Res. 65 752I. DON'T MISS THIS 3 BEDROOM CB home With oak floors on 75xi35 lot near schools at $I3,500 Call Claude Scales 8 I828 Res. 67 2831. MOLTON, ALLEN & WILLIAMS 4249 HENDERSON BLVD. 8 1828 REMODEL REPAIR FULL FINANCING AVAILABLE MODEL HOMES 9504 NEBRASKA WE 5 8291 $10 DN., $10 WEEK SMALL unfinished house RockY Creek section, Inquire 5202 N. Armenia NEW 3 bedroom CB. Large kltch en and ulll1ty $11,500 Terms. 8615 N Jones WE 4 9462 BY OWNER furnished 3 Bedroom, Kenwood Dr 31 4510 W. HANNA AVE. HIGH, DRY lot $25 dwn to quali fied veteran Beautiful new 3 BR, CB h ome Terrazzo rloors, built In kitchen, In • wall furnace Phone RE 6-3287 Eves 62 8091. 2 BEDROOM house, large lot J::,S.o;> A CLAIR-MEL, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, s to v e. refrigerator, au--condl t1oned 46-8004 407 S TAMPANIA, 2 B R 2 screen porches.garage, f r u 1 t trees TEMPLE TERRACE 109th & 56th Sts. $100 MOVES YO'U 1M 3 Bedrm. 1 & 2 Bath FHA a. VA f!nanclnl No cloa ln1 costa. TEMPLE GROVE ESTATES NEAR new unJverSitJ and lndullrlal Park Model bouae. open REALTl WE 5-3765 WE 11-4737 Realtors 710I N Armenia Immediate Occupancy (3 Bedroom, 2 Baths) 1012 BRIARWOOD BUILT-IN kitchen, cab1nets, appllClose to schools, shopping and churches Monthly payments $68 VA or FHA flnancmg available. Phone WE 5 0405, WE 8-1131. LARGE ENOUGH 4 BR 2 bath, kit comp , $90 dn , WE 5-2101 PALMA CEIA FLORIDA room, fenced yard Garage Patio Lovely corner lot Only $190 dn By appointment ouly WE 5 2102 Real state General VISIT FLORAL GARDENS 3 & 4-Bedroom Homes Custom Designed & Different Exclusively A>r Conditioned and Heated PRICED FROM $13,500 "SPECIAL" RETIRED Folks or newly weds Lovely Coloma! Style 2 BR, 2 bath home with screened potch, separate dmmg rm , centrally rur conditioned and heated w1th York Heat Pump. ENTRANCE 14Sth and Ave , 14 ml north o Fletcher Ave , just 3 mi, west of the New University L. J. Michaelson Co. WE 5 9I72 WE 5 9186 2611 WATROUS AVE. NO QUALIFYING for this lovely 3 BR, 2'h b ath home $2,000 down SI25 month Includes dish washer, range, refrlg WE 5 2420 EL PADRO BLVD. CONV to schools, tms & sbopp cntr. Roomy home, LR, DR, 3 BRs, tile bath, scrn porch, elec kit , fenced yard A real buy under FHA terms Call Sarah N'orns, 8-1238, or RE 7-1534 Anne T. Norns, Realtor ATTENTION BroKers-Don't lose those small down payment deals I wlll gladly cross list with you as I have about 30 homes w1th ay1aya'?i;i" and no quail CHELEK RLTY. RE 7S61 OPEN 2 TO 5 BEAUTIFUL tapestry bnck In a dream setting o troptcal plants on lge corner lot 2 BRs, 1'h baths, dbl garage, central heat Ducted for att cond At an amazingly 1 o w pnce for thts area See from 2 to 5 at 4706 Cherokee Rd MAE DETERT, Res 66 492I, ofc. 61 I05I. -----FISH JUMP RIGHT mto your boat between 6 & 8 o'clock if you buy lh1s brand new 3 BR, 2 bath, butlt In kitch , patto. Davts Islands Dream home Unbelievably low price of $23,500 Excell terms. Ph for appt. LAWRENCE E BROEFFLE Ole. 611051 Res WE 9 6671 R. C. HILTON, INC. REALTORS MULTI LISTING & COMPLETE REALTY SERV 3338 S Dale Mabry 61 CLOSE TO AIR PORT $195 DN , no qual , Spotless 3 BR CB, carpott. lge rms , birch cabmets In kit , $65 mo mtg pymnt , Immediate occupancy Drtve to 314 N Dale Mabry All Homes, RE 7 5862. Open Low Down Payment TERRIFIC value-3 bedrooms, l'h baths, Florida room, convenient to schools, bus, shoppmg can't be topped 1 Call EDITH CUM MINGS, Res. 66 KEUNE & KEUNE REALTORS 3925 Grand Central RE 6I530 LISTEN!!! OPPORTUNI1Y IS KNOCKJNGt SAVE $I600 on this beautiful high & dry, 3 BR, 2 bath, masonry, ovetlook!ng the river. Lge JivIng rm wltb ftteplace Fully equipped elec k1t. w1th d1sh washer & disposal Washer & dryer 10 ut•hty L g e shady Jot Sale priced below FHA appraisal Cali for appt H F. Orr, ofc 3 Res WE 8-2230 LIVE RENT FREE 2 STORY frame. 2 BR apt , up Two 1 BR apts , dWD LJVe m one, rent other 2 $1,000 dwn Wlll handle Call H ROSS ofc, 3 7364, Res WE 5-1089 R. C. HILTON, INC. REALTORS 7601 Nebraska Ave. $145 DOWN-OR LESS If necessary 3 BR, va cant Northside No closing, no quahfylng WE 5-4117 Anytime NEW COLONIAL 3 BR N BLVD to 815 W 124th Ave., 2 bath, 2 carport, iff.e k1t., llv., d y. Conv. or SWISHER BLDR. WE 5-2747 OllUST SELL New CB 3-bedrm. t,ll J:v;:."c, 0111 your lot oeaut a BR masonry wtcarport $5000 WE J P MATC:HES, Gen Cont. FINER HOMES IN NEW University area 2 laree 3 BR, 2 baths, Fla. rm. Have every th1ng. $500, I ' ll pay closrng costs Just 1 blk N of Fowler, 312 J e a n a I Pl. Call o w n e r WE 5 2047 OWNER has two new 2 bedroom homes near Northgate Con-vement location WE 5 4802, MAKE ME AN OFFER MODERN 3 BR CBS, garage, Fla. rm , fenced yard Furn1ture OP tiona!. South Palma Cela Also Interested m renting or option to buy Ph 61 3361. NEW 2 bedroom CBS, kitchen e q utpp ed, carport. uti1Jty room, tile bath, marble sills, 150' from gulf Wtred for arr conMaderra Beach OWN your own home Nothing Dn. PAY AS REN'l FOR this 3 BR 2 bath, !S Suburban 2 BR CB homes, no qual Low paym ts Must sell today Phone 17 WE 5-6379 Home all day -----------LOTS ON CANALS TO GULF CITY Convemences Occupy now for $10 down & $10 per month VISTA DEL MAR on TJ S Hwy 19. 6 miles north of Port RicheY EXECUTIVE HOME 35' TRAILER, aluminum cabana, carport, utlllty room, IMPROVED-ON PAVED STREET 120x 120 $3400-$1150 Down 2 STORY 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom masonry home on Davis lsland With I27 It frontage on the water The lot has 189 ft frontage and 125 to 144 !eet deep Street fronts to seawall. It IS a beauty and a bargain. Biggar & Biggar, Rltr. Swann & MacDtll RE 6 6938 TEMPLE TERRACE 3 Bedroom, Colonial 3 BR, 2 bath, family room, double cond 100' frontage covered with oak trees. Custom buill, 1 yr Old. LARGEST SELECTION OF 3 BR HOMES FOR SALE IN THIS AREA. Ken Lightfoot, Realtor 9257 56th St WE 8 2797 TRY CHAPMAN MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE $800 DOWN 3 BR 1 bath masonry Tile roof, oak firs , shade trees Perfect lov e tt To see call RE 6 I393 E K Dunnmg 88-1984 Tampa Elec.-Wards 3 BR CB, range, oven & refng attic fan, radiant beat, $9700, Cbr1st the Klng 2 BR masonry, garage Vacant RE 6 1393 Bill Byerley 63 6902 R. L. Chapman, Rltr. 205 S Dale Mabry RE 6 1393 FOR SALE 3 bedroom, 2 story frame house N1ce location Near Busch Gardena. By o w o e r WE 4 9686. OWNER-4 room and bath, large e MUST SELL MAKE up 2 back dlymts & move f B Mo. pymts BY OWNER Shorev1ew Estates 3 bedroom, 2 bath garage, butlt In kitchen, air conditioner, 4714 Oakellar St 66 4311 SAT. & SUN ONLY JUST move In and take over payments WE 5 2102 REDUCED Owner t.-ansferred lmmedta te possession. Air con ditioned, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, electrtc kitchen No closmg cost a s s u m e mortgage. YOUR choice, 3 bedroom, 2 bath Bullt In kitchen, air condition on corner Jot 4 bedtoom, 2 bath, o Corner lot. Phone 68 7185 TRADE new CB 3 bedroom 4210 t.O\.A J .1!. YOW p.roper\Y Wllll I BLUE PRIN'l 00 509 Twiggs St Ph. 2 2346 REPOSSESSED JUST make up 1 pymnt & move In WE 5 anytime SELF SERVICE REALTY SERVICE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME WE MAY have the exact home or lot you've been looking for You deal direct w ttb the owner & pay no commissions Our serv ice IS FREE to buyers only $1100 Easy mo. NEARLY 2 acres good Iand-on 0.fo_33n Call SOPHIA paved road In desirable suburban BIGGAR & BIGGAR, REALTORS ne1ghborhood-a pretty lawn and S" ann & MacDIIl RE 6 6938 shade trees and a wb1te fence in front-This attrachve home has 4 good s1ze bedrooms and l'h baths-separate dlnlng room, modern kdchen, large carport all fenced and cross fenced wtlh plac e for a garden and chickens LEN TODAY 2 8058 or 88 2171 Kistner Realty & Insur. Realtor 213 E Lafayette Insurors Apolla Beach 2 AND 3 bedroom homes Tlle roof Landscaped, etc , Mod ern Low down payment, about $90 monthly FHA 47-7843 JAMAICA Island , 3 bedroom, 2 bath, sodded, waterfront Low down payment Ph 47-5485 Brandon IF ONLY THE FINES'l WILL DO see W K Butts Bkr or Mr Ryals for those absolutely DONNA DID NOT get too many Grapefruit here Still good crop 10 acres on 60 49 2071 COMPLETELY FURNISHED2 BR, CB HOUSE INCLUDING TV & AUT 0 MAT I C WASHER CLOSE IN. IMMEDIATE POS SESSION. PRICED AT ONLY $11,950 A H ZIEGLER, BKR 49 7271 TOP BUY& BIG homes1tes m Brandon Low a& $1,600. Homes any size from $7,500 W K Butts, Bkr on 60 49 2071 Smallest Busiest Cheapest Workers In Town TRIBUNE TIMES Classified Ads DIAL 2-4911 TODAY For Your 100% Advertising Reader Coverage And ROUND THE CLOCK RESULTS CLOSING OUT $IO down, $15 per month GO OUT 22nd St Causeway to 68th St Then 'h block north Owner at premises. 1st come 1st served. ACREAGE, large & small low 1D Temple Terrace area Pear' Elliston, Bkr WE 1 2 SUBURBAN lots 6lxl50 $ 995 each sso dn $25 mo WE 4 8541. 3406 CARRINGTON, 65x10!>, Paved street and sewers. In Fair Oaks M a n o r, Palma Cela $2700 64I (2) Hrmes WE 4 806I 75x150 4611 BaJlast Point Blvd. SI650 Owner, 86-6251 77x93' PARKLAND Drive. Near Wellswood, h1gh & dry. RE 6 HIGH, DRY, on new paved road. 2110 Edlu Ct , 1 mlle north of Lmebaugb Ave, west of Ar mema. 0 w n e r, 25 9833 or WEl 4-6744 60'xlOO' Near new shoppmg center Others m grove & shaded area. All on terms of $10 down-$10 per month CALL ARTHUR MERTZ WE 5 2I08 or RE 6 0806 W E HAMNER, RLTR 9341 Fla Residential lots $10 down Trailer lots SI5 down Acre tracts $25 down CALL RUTH SMITH WE 5 2108 Res WE 5 1782 W E HAMNER, RLTR. 9341 Fla DOCK-Waterfront Lot $39 oo per front foot . Terms Phone 47 3211 or 47 3231 NICE trlr lots, $1150 & $1250, Your terms 9 ml N Gr Cent Pvd St on small man made lake Ralph Mahm, agt RE 7 5753 62-4215 TEMPLE TERRACE OAK TREES, 100' FRONTAGE & UP ON & NEAR GOLF COURSE LARGE SELECTIONS Ken Lightfoot, Realtor 9257 56th St WE 8 2797 27 Commercial-Industrial Lots 30 AGRES-C-2 ZONING downtown Tampa 1992 ft on West Shore "' 615 t. on Cypress WUI divide Call JOHN S MITCHELL, 2 3871 LESLIE H BLANK Realtor 204 E Lafayette FOR rent or lease Industrial site on Dale Mabry & ACL Railroad Wnte Tnbune-T1mes Box X358 C 2 CORNER, Grand Central and Fremont 55x124 Owner 65 1311 1400' DALE MABRY OWNER says sell Pnced below market value For Info call 35 6161, Eves 63 7121. BILL JOHNSON REALTY 100' C 2 frontage on Courtney Campbell Causeway on channel to Gulf Reasonable. CaD owner, Clearwater 3 160x660 ZONED for commercial & In duslnal Pnced to sell. Call ROBINSON-STARR INC 8 0146 1\li lot 100x200, $8,000 RUBY ROBER'J& Bkr RE 7-5753 INDUSTRIAL SITES 300' x 180' & 4000 SQ FT Ware house Zoned M 1 Price $22,500 Also 46I' x 226' factory or wareh'se s1te, zoned M 1 Pnce 000 W1th R R stdUlg & fully de veloped To see these can me 61 5041 Anna M Wasmund 8 0148 Robmson-Starr Rltrs. 28 Income & Business Property Income BUlldmgs 2IOx210 with 44,000 sq. it paved st on 3 sides 80 parking spaces, steel. masonry const atr cond. sprinkler Income $24,080 yearly Good terms 175x9 0 STEEL masonry 15,750 sq It Income $16,200 Can be w creased Well located G o o d terms Phones off 49-7161, Res 49-5162 Brandon, Fla BROOKER REALTY USED furniture and appliance store First $450 takes 1705 w. H1llsboro. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADV. OCTOBER 2 28 Income & Bltsiness Property 7 Fur. Umts $455 Mo. Inc 5 LOTS zoned for business on In terbay Blvd 2 lstory lr. duplex, 1 c blk duplex, 1 CB home, all rented $65 mo ea sep meters. tile baths $30,000 Nets $3,170 yr. on $5000 dn Mr. Whealton, 2 2176. 20 Units $15,682 Yr. Inc IOO% Hyde Park loc 12 apts 8 BRs, dbl gar , red brick, corner .88t1::r, ,Jg,113 on Mr Wbealton, 2I76, 49 2291 Duplex & 2 BR Home INC $200 mo $22,000 terms Will trade on lrlr Pk Hill, RE 6 109I Trlr. Pk. $12,000 Yr. Net ON MAIN hwy. edge of Tampa. 49 mod spaces, 2 BR. C blk. home etc , barg 960,000, tt nets $8761 on $18,400 dn. 6% only. $41,600 mte ($208 mo ) until 196I, then $400 mo Inc! 6% Mr HJII 2-0149, res RE 6-I091 4 Apts $250 Mo. Inc. SEMINOLE, nr. schools, stores, bus, 3 !urn , 1 unf , w/klt. equip , :lk.s%o 6 Fur. Apt $295 Inc. HYDE PK. walking dlst town $17.000. neta 5 Fur. Apts $310 Mo Inc. PALMA CElA New roof, redec., Termlted 5 BR, bath apts Sep. meters A 1 cond Price $20,000. Nets $1872 on $4000 dn Mr Drew 2 2I76, res 83 or FRANK WHEALTON 2744 Florida Office 2-2I76, 2 Ol49 Res 49 2291 INCOME corner property near North Gate and Florida Ave. Lecture hall and rentals Year around Income See Owner Rev, Tampa st. . 7-UNIT FURJ'.l, APT. OWNER leaving, must sell, Near Gr Central &. Fremont. Rent $285 plus owners apt C ED OWINGS, REALTOR 608 Tampa St. Ph 2-0061 C 2, C B Store, 2 three Room apts -Income $120 $3000 Down, $60 Month. 3308 Bay To Bay. CHARMING spaciOUS dup!ex:-J BRs, each apt Hyde Park Only $I3,000 Call Rebecca, RE 6-I655. R. T. BROD, Rltr. I701 Nebraska Ph 2-2261 EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY TO HOUSE U.S F students 18 rms , all furn Can be bought for less than a 5 room houge, C (Chuck) Beck, Rltr. 7002 Neb. 29 Motels and Hotels 67 UNIT motel, gross $85,000, $35,000 down JOHN J BRENNAN, REALTOR 124 W Main St , Lakeland Gulf Beach Properties SUPERB OPEN B A Y F R 0 NT deluxe Low Taxes-2 corner bedrooms-A room runmng e:: o:.,td e Terms-KIRK LUCAS REALTY, INC. Corner 144 Ave & Gulf Blvd. Madetra Beach, WA 1 9991 FREE•-FREE'-FREEI Income & a Holiday Home 3 fum masonry apts Rent 2 apts Keep one for private use FisblngKIRK LUCAS REALTY, INC, Corner 144 Ave. & Gulf Blvd. Madeira Beach, W A 1 9991. We Offer Exclus1vely THE oul7 cboice bulldlng site. avallable on Lake Hobhl Cryatal Lake In Lutz. Onilt a few remalnlne. restricted COL. R. F CULLWELL, BKR. Lutz, Fla WE 9, WE 9 488. Lake Tsala Apopka HERNANDO retirement home. $4600 & up. H1gh & dry lake front lots Also new homes avail able, good terms. On these and other rare bargams Ph or write Leo W Root, Box 688, Hernando, Fla. Ph PA 6-553I. Lois Carver, Realtor 4 29U $100 DN buys you a beau. lake lot, planted erass, trees $2,550 WE 8 3657, WE 8-1619 Large lt!Jand Loll $495 np WlthLa-Popka lt!lands Hwy 41, 2'h ml N . of Floral <-"UJ LOTS ON CANALS TO GULF ON County road, central $995, terms 1100 cash & $18 Mo. Inquire at Vista Del Mar Office Hwy 19 north of Port Richey LAKE PANASOFFKEE, 2 ad 640 per front ft. RARE OPPORTUNITY to buy builder's new 3 BR lakes1de home Below replacement cost. Ph 87-7731 or 61-8585 83' ON lARGE lake, suitable for Call WE 5 5610. LAKE house, furn1shed, well lo cated. Pumped beach Ctlrus trees Terms WE 0 I031 MAKE OFFER INCOME PROPERTY ON LAKE LAND 0' LAKES WE 9 5321 BY OWNER-Beautiful lakefront CB home 2 bedroom 1'h bath ant heat. $19,750 wtth terms. WE 9 5191 LAKE KEEN LARGE Jot. $350 down, $15 mo. Owner 63 7783 NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY this lovely Jake house 4'h Acres 153' lakefront. $16,500. $5000 down Real Good buy WE 5 Call MarY WE 5 6263 Cofflll Realty 11029 Fla Ave. RIVER front Jot, 2 acres on W1th• lacoochee, 2'h miles from Dun ellon, Fla Small house trailer on Jot ideal for weekend fish lng or hunting Lot & tra1ler $4000 Wnte c. M. Everly, 1\lt. Gilead Court House Sarutanan, Mt Gilead, Ohio 9AcRES ""'3"'4"'"7'.--:o=-=n paved Rd $4500 DOWN COLLEY REALTY WE 0-2532 LET'S trade 3 A on !ge lake nr. Tpa. W / 3 BR, 2 baths, Lge, Fla. PWt 9-6603 PEARL CROSBY RLTY 15205 N Fla Ph. WE 5 4388 BEAUTIFUL 3 BR, 2 baths Over• looking the river. Only $18,500, See to appreciate 34 2871 Town & Country Rlty 33-9881 FISHING-$39 00 per front foot, for WATERFRONT LOT Terms. Phone 47-3231 or 47-3211 Ruskht PAUL B. DICKMAN, Realtor Serving Ruskin since 1924 Phone 47-3211 or 47-3231 37 Acreage COUNTRY LIVING 5 ACRES, 3 BR borne. Nice cbtck en set up. About 25 fruit trees. Close ln. $14,500 Good terms. 10 ACRE orange grove. Fully matured Owner states over $4,000 mcome last year Nicely furn 2 BR home. $35,000 w1th 29% dn 20 ACRES 18 acres In orange 2 29 % dn HILTON'S ACREAGE MART Eves & Su nday 35 2824, 36-6151 R. C. HILTON, Inc. OFC 36 0421 U S 92 EAST $25 DOWN, $20 MO. 10 AC $1550 5 Ac $850 of Tampa Owner WE 11-3657 HIGHWOODED ACRES, 25 ml North of Tampa. Fme for future bomes1tes , In vestments Utile as 2'h -mucb as 40 acres Low as $300 per A. IO% dn Call owner, WE 9 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADV.


SWAP ANYTHING' Just p 1 a c e Classified ads Phone 2 4911 for a helpful ad writer GROVE Val $30 000 cash 20A Good crop $10 000 t e storm damage Have severa other jlroves lar1er at attrac t ve pr ce and terms If lnt Call J L Morgan 2 3381 or 335 E Central Ave Lake Wales Fla 20 Acre Chicken Ranch .APPROX 6 000 buds 8 cb cken runs Modern bnck home w tb sep garage Only 35 mm dr ve N of Tampa A steal at $3S 000 .1 cash 35 6161 63 7121 BILL JOHNSON REALTY WEST COAST • best rea estal• buys 117 W Main St N P R Pb Plant C1ty ONE ACRE TRACfS NEAR PLANT CITY TERMS SEE J I TANNER BROKER Colored Property FURNISHED & unfurn shed nomes and apartments Large var ety to choose from Come m and let us show you We buy and sell L st wttb us TAMPA TRIBUNE-TIMES THRIFTY WORD PER DAY On 10-DAY ORDER to be run on days 1 0-WORD MINIMUM When we start your ad on our Thr1fty I 0 Day Plan You can c!!ncel tt any and pay only the rate earned at the t1me of cancellat1on OTHER CONSECUTIVE DAY RATES 1 Day 12c per word I 2 or 3 Days 11 c per word per day 4, 5 or 6 Days 9c per word per day 7 Days 8c per word per day BLIND BOX NUMBER CHARGE SOc: 10 WORD MINIMUM Ads to START SUNDAY Must Be 1n Our Off1c:e by NOON FRIDAY I USE THIS HANDY ORDER BLANK START DATE . . . . . . . . . RUN AD FOR I 0 CONSECUTIVE DAYS Number of words • • • • • • • • • • • Rem1ttance enclosed Please enclose money check or stampa. ........... NAME ••• , •• , •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• , •• , •• , •• , •••• ADDRESS ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• TOWN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . STATE ....•.•.......•.•...•. PRINT WANT AD HERE : Clus flcat on (PieGSt IIH peacJU Please 1nclude address as pert of ed ADD 5 WORDS WHEN USING TRIBUNE TIMES BOX NUMBER Also SOc handl ng charge for box number t.f•ll to TllliUNE TIMES W•nt Ad Dept P 0 lox 191 T•m'• Ae. I ----------------------TEXACO HAVE ava lab e for ease 2 mod e n stations In Tampa Inter Bay area Phone 4 6 61 76 SPACES patios large recr ball year round occupancy ex eel t local on & Income terms FOR a better se ect on of parks Call Tena Wh te Commander Mtg Co 4251 Henderso n Blvd 8-368,_88 7881 R e s WE 5 6902 YOUR OPPORTUNITY ACTION CASH AVAILABLE lor llOme own ers city or country Qu ck and RE 6 6639 MARK CUMMJNS 3635 Henderson Blvd A BIG BARREL Loans $500 to $25 000 WE opened up a big barrel this t me yes It • a whopper We can Dow make R E loans from $50G to S25 000 All you need is the R E va gd title We buy mtgs 307 E Hanna Ave Ph. S 6505 Rittgers & Rittgers MORTGAGE LOANS build repair or refinance WE BUY F RST MORTGAGES Ftrst Federal Savmgs & LOAN ASSOCIATION 408 Frankl n 1920 E lilllsboro 721 S Da e Mabry 409 Tampa First Mortgage Loans QUICK SERVICE on we 1 located properties Ins a. private money L B McSwam Rltr 6()3 Jackson St Phone 2 3785 6?o Home Loans 6 % LOW c oslng cost. LOng terms Insurance Co money Pb 2 8286 J W SATTERFIELD PRIVATE MONEY avaUab e '" SlOOO to SSOOO loans on well located owner occup ed bomes. 28058 Kistner Realty & Insur Realtors 213 E Lafayette lDsurora 58 Money to Lend DIAMOND LOANS '1'0 .SOO va::lt Mutual Fmance Co 608 Tampa St Pb 2 4601 Wonted to Borrow Rentals 71 NATIONAL Serv ce Offers Fully THE Serv ce Man Selected W11l Have a Guaranteed Income and Be F Uy 'l'ra ned $2 500 Cash and References Reqwred For Lnca Interv ew Wr te Tnbune Times Box HSOO 12'11 INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY CONCRETE and steel warehouse and offices eased to Nat onal concern for $ 1 200 00 per mo0nt0 h0 olfenng at pr ce of $125 00 save $6 250 00 realtor's fee bUY n g d reel from owne r wr te bo>< 9068 Station B Atlanta 14 Ga A I MIN G F 0 R AC TION? Use Want Ads and get It D1al 2 4911 for an ad wrxter By HANK KETCHAM 73 Apartments For Rent 73 FOR LEASE NEW-MODERN ALL ELECTRIC UNFURNISHED ADULTS ONLY OPEN DAILY 1 TIL 5 PM 4205 S MANHATTAN PHONE 62 8081 Georgxan Apt 2104 Hxlls 3 ROOM 1ST FLOOR AIR COND 5104 BRANCH -furnished apart ment Near schools stores $50 month 32 6701 IT MEANS SO MUCH to your busIness to 1 have RIGHT he I p' get WANT W a n t Ads ' Y es, when you want somethmg anythmgplace a Wanted ad Call 2 4911 2 & 3 BR Unfurn Homes NEAR s c hools churches stores Or ent Park sect on $60 per mo w th option to buy App y 7400 E Broadway SPILLERS 4 1921 or 4 5966 I 1


YOU mobile hom sell tlse It m The Tnbune TI es Classified Ads D1 1 2911 to d a y place your ad. ORO AR ENlA Are now bemg ace pt fo all dep Prtc Markmg Worn n s We r Ch1ldren's e r Hou e Furmshmgs Cosmetics Dru s House War Ca hters Produce Scale e t Wrap m B kery Sn ck Bar Interv1e s W1ll Be Sch duled Wtth GRAND Y PERSO EL M AGER sd1 2 4911, Wanted" f Let xp ne ced ad-r1ter asSlSt yo w 1 t h the wordmg Phone 2 4911 Who-C n 1%1 1-1 p Wanted ale --APPLICATIONS-FOR E PLOYMENT IN THE NEW GR AY SA VI GS CENT R OP NING SOON IN TA A BOliO II AR ENIA AVIf.S Fhe-Day Week Complete Pxogr ployee Ben In erv1 ws W1ll Sched led 1th GRAND WAY PERSON EL ANAG R TRAI EE 121 --AD INIST ATIVE Career Op rtumty 1 S Directory Fl ANCING SUBSIDIARY 0 CONTACT Orrm Powell LTER CORP. 1500 N Dale M bry OF A BUICK CO Ph 2-3721 Have You rof1ted Yet By Usmg RIBUNE Tl S Classified A s Phone 2 911


c $1 50 HOUR carpenter repall's, doors windows screen work. RE 6-6730 COLORED man wants yard work Mowmg trimmmg. clean flower beds 84 2025 * Articles For Sale 140 M1sc:elloneous For Sole REPOSSESSED one ton air condl tloner still in factory crate no wmng co•t• $1 97 wk RE R082 -SINGER PORTABLE SEWING MACHINES Recondl uoned bY Atlas experts 5 n serv1ce guarantee Only $14 50 Sewme Center VIRGINIA S Shoppe has every thwg you need for making cor and floral arrangements Phone 33 8631 "POWER MOWERS" 14 NATIONAL famous makes &1 Guar Lowest prices Trade w Toro, Sunbel!.m Sna';Bw Turtle etc s •g•:!e UP CLOSEOUT of clisplay kit< hen cabinets, 1 set formica front be sold at dealers cost 34 8691 SELL stainless steel blankets for Jet engmes Approximately 4 000 pounds Call 64 6854 MUST sell Rugs Never used 9x12 $30, 9x15 $35 Other slze1 Some wool hooked GE vacuum $20 67 5351 Rewebb1ng alum !urn Expert wl< Tb.rlfty 3315 S D Mabry 62 5121 ALUM FURNITURE FOLD chall's velon web $ 4 95 FOLDING chaiae 7 95 size ALL OUR FURN FULLY GUAR We Re Web Alum Furruture THRIFTY 3315 S Dale Mabry MODERN CIGARS-NCJW only 6c MUd and refreshlna. Smoke MODERN We Have $100,000 To Loan on Anything of Vawe Tbe TOP MONEY Pawnbroker CITY 1104 Franklin St at Harrison WE BUY TRADE, SELL And Make Loans on Anyttung of VALUE NATIONAL LOAN CO 1101 Franklin Corner Harrison Phone 21643 NEW & USED BURLAP & BAGS RICKETTS BAG CORPORATION 4008 12 W Alva RE 6 2474 LEVERETTE TRADING CO t006 Nebraska Pbone 34 2291 HOTEL & CAFE SUPPLIES TENTS & Tarps, all 81Ze&-fresb stock-lowest pncea w town at Canvas Center 2905 E Blllsboro FREE KING KORN STAMPS i>'ORTA B L E Remmgton Quiet Wr1ter With case Excellent con dillon $75 WE 8 2970 COLUMBIA BIKES Easy Terms-We Take Trades THRIFTY 3315 S Dale Mabry TOYS at whOlesale prices Before buymg ca 1J WE 4 7775 AUTOMATIC washer maple din mg r o o m s e t, Westmgbouse roaster Private 64-0895 POWER mower $25 AutomatJc washer $30 1938 DeSoto S30 RE 6 1050 SCOTSMAN new machmes 50 at dealers cost Must move to make room for car load of Fngtdaue •ce cubeu Lease purchase or even :>ccept cash Waters Eqmpment Co Inc Phone RE 7 5377, 4200 W Co lumbus Dnve BOTTLE gas stove Metal dinette set Lavatory Chenille Good condthon Also cottage for rent 31 951o AUTO parts pnced Ftee mgh service 2 BEDROOM Unf!n1sbed house Move to your Jot Terms 46-9821 2 AIR -compressors One l'h h p , one :Y• b p Sell reasonable 32 2395 CHEAP-3 p1ece sectional double bed and miscellaneous 3401 W New Orleans Ave UNIQUE Lazy Susan In English Shelfteld mches In d•am eter covered dtsbes capable of servtng entire Sunday nlte aup per An hell'Joom Piece See It at Fulghum s Opp P 0 stepo 608 Fla Ave RARE Amencan lndtan rellcs Collector's items by Archaeologist Phone 35 3505 BUY IT, sell 1t trade It Brmll your tradmg stock alonl( Pony saddle $30 Roping saddle $59 95 30 06 rifle Wlth scope $89 95 Rtfles and shotguns $10 up Gasoline tree saw SSO Stenograph rna chine $25 Art s Swap Shop 9608 Nebraska Ave T:r'g chandeliers White electric sew lng machine large electnc re fngera tor and range C losing es tate 8 3765 RIGHT MATE FOR WANT Want Ads I Yes, when you want something, anythmgplace a "Wanted" ad Call 2-4911 Tents, all s1zes Boat covera Biggest stock-lowest pnces EVERYTHING IN ARMY 1312 Tampa St Ph 2 2172 SLIGHTLY used York 1 HP Cond only $145 Used Elec Apt Range $45 Apex wrmger washer for Bal due S78 at S4 per wk 21 TV $65 Ph 9'3o01 '57 MODEL 15 HP Evmrude out board motor Electric start w1th front seat controls Good concli tlon $200 WE 5-7940 SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO CASH BUYERS ON 1960 new Johnson Sea Horses Also closeout on new Gale Buc cancers Service on all motors Wilhams Bros Manne 2907 Fla Ave Ph 2-8978 OiiliiOtors $15 up Used tackle trades Art • 9608 Neb Ave CORRECT CRAFTt60 HP-18 In board Many extras 1959 Model 4 5816 eves 64 9414 BOAT motor trailer steenng $275 or will atcly WE 8 3053 Depth Fmder I 911 50 up Ship to-Shore 1265 00 UP Industnal Mar!De Electronics 801 S 20th St Pb 4 1333 14' RUNABOUT 25 HP Johnson remote control Tilt trader and extras $600 See after 3 30 PM 4707 Lawn Ave f:f1 or call 4 6297 Evenmgs 15 LAPSTRAKE Boat With 25 HP Johnson and Trailer remote con trois $425 60-4021, 60 3952 14 THOMPSON 35 Evinrude elec trlc Gator tilt tra1Jer Make oCfer Located at 3310 S Dale Mabry 35 HP EVINRUDE Lark battery controls two tanks $395 35 3012 13 FIBERGLAS V bottom, 01"0" fishing boat trailer and 15 HP Good conclitJon Cheap FREE TUNE-UP 60 CHRIS CRAFT custom crmser 25 Dellvered August 1960 15 hours on engme Beautiful boat Relocating S a c r l f I c e, $5 800 WE 8 1604 Chns-Craft 1948 40' C h r 1 s Craft Challenger, twIn 160 hp motors Fully equ1pped Sleeps 6 Ex cellent condition Fully do cumen ted Pnce $13,500 Call Bradenton, Fla, 6-1151 TERMS 17 Sea Skif 75 HP Gray 16 Cb.r1s Craft 115 Chry 22 Cbr1s Craft 95 HP 23 Cruise Along 95 HP 30' Craft Sea Skif. • 475 $ 4?5 $1450 $1850 Twin lOo s $6500 New Fibreglas boats $275 19 Hobday Crmser head $675 Hillsboro Yacht Storage Boat Motor Repall's Gas & Oil 6304 Ot•s Ave Ph 34-4461 1 CHRYSLER Crown Marme $300 Also d1esel dnven generators and pumps Navy Buda parts 8 1239 Take Over Payments 1958 ARJSTO Craft 14 Sktp Boat Deluxe Series Has Turbo 4 Mark 30 Mercury Engtne Ttnted e battery system 6 gallon tank rebuilt battery qu•ck Silver De luxe Control Box heavy duty Gator trailer, 2 deluxe lights padded dash Th1s boat 1s In Ex cellent condition Full balance due $477 No cash needed, take over payments Ph Mr Bob 3 6985 American Auto Sales 5135 Florida Ave CABBAGE Palm piling for docks, etc $1 eacb Phone 24-4281 SEE OUR NEW EVINRUDE motors NOW Bishop's Marine Hwy 60 Brandon BEST BUY IN TOWN ALL NEW 1961 Crosley DeLuxe 17 Offshore unsinkable fiberglass boat complete w/double bottom forward hatch drywell walk thru seat cushlon s steenng re mote controls chrome deck hrdw Plus NEW 1961 Joycralt heavy diJty tilt trailer w /winch rope & tiedowns $1395 COMPLETE $195 Down S59 Monthly TAMPA BOAT MART Flonda s Largest Boat Dealer 3431 Henderson Blvd Open Daily 9 'til 9 RE 6 6107 Low As 10% Down New 16' Glass Foam FIBERGLAS Double bottom 82" beam upholstered seats wwd shield runnmg light steering & remote controls New 40 HP Johnson Super Sea Horse Tilt trailer $1295 W1lhams Bros. Manne 2907 Fla Ave Ph 2-8978 JOHNSON SEA HORSE MOTORS SALES SERVICE, PARTS Open till 9 p m everungs OPEN TONIGHT 'TIL 9 P M WantaBuy ARunAbout' YOUR money's worth 311d Then Some 14 ft Span Amenca Nomad ftberglass runabout steer ing wmdsh1eld upholstered seat, self balling motor well runnmg lights, hardware, 35 HP Jl.ler cury Outboard Motor smgle lever remote controls fuel tank, prop Murray hit Tra•ler tie downs Reg Prtce $1320 Save $271 YOUR BEST BUY AT $1049 BARNEY'S Outboard Marme Inc 4423 FlOrida Ave Ph 3 6o29 Member TOM A 143 Sport1nq Goods GUNS Buy, selL trade Snake lei gins $8 95 Art s, 9608 Neb 144 Airplanes For Sale Atrplones For Sole D B 0 N AN Z A 1407 TTA 460 SMOH full panel M•tchel auto Pilot, 3 axis ADF, omnl low frequency r e c e i v e T auxthary tank, atr condltlon rotating bea plane perfect Sll 850 w•thout autoptlot, $10.850 T r a d e s ac cepted Cash or terms 5351 Bayou Grande HE 5 2600 4121 NEBRASKA AVE. 3? 643:> TUB ENCLOSURES $26 95 TAMPA ALUMINUM PRODUCTS 1410 W Platt St Ph 8 0214 CULP SAYS WHEN you see mother out walk LIFE'S LIKE THAT By FRED NEHER "I see by the paper that all my clothes have gone out of style agam " 150 Furn1ture For Sale 156 Telev1ston CASH TALKS TRANiFERRING T a k e over mg the dog wh1le nurse looks BABY cribs SIO Better Cnbs $18 c C Burns 1207 Franklin st C o n t a c t Russ Harnson at WE 5 2183 (54519) FOR OVER 35 YEARS Tampa s One Stop Butldmg Servtce Culp Lumber Co. Call the Lumber No 8 1861 501 S PACKWOOD AVENUE 27th SEMI ANNUAL INVENTORY Goawin lor. Retail Dlv of Home Builders Malena! & Lumber, Inc 1101 E Platt, Ph 2-4731 llOl SEDDON ISLAND ROAD 2 blocks south of 1101 E Platt Al:it J r30 200-Mile Delivery MONDAY WED, FRIDAY GREATER TAMPA DAILY Call before 2 PM FREE ESTIMATES-Remooel ing Repaus and Addttions See yesterday s AD for over 200 othe r items Your dollar buys more today than 13 years ago (') Bnng b I u e print floor plan or pte ture for Item lzed price to Jean Wood and Hale God win h '"0 ..., ..., () '< (1) K1ln Dry Yellow Pme 2x4 2x6 2.x8 No 2 99 109 Add S5 16 18 20 SIS 22 24 84 119 154 174 No 2 Ktln Dry Pine 109 D Grade KD Pme 144 C Grade KD Pme 164 2x4, 2x6, 2x8 Frr Economy FIJ' Utlllty Fir Standard Fir Construction Fir D GradeKD FU' C &BtrKD Fll' 74 84 94 104 124 134 134 144 199 209 244 254 4x6 4:<8 2Xl0 2x12 3x6 3x8 4x4 No 1 Construction Ftr Add $5 16 18 20 $15 22 24 179 189 Celcure Press Treated 8 , 10 12 14 Lengths Pine 1x3 lx4 2X4 No 2 134 144 159 174 18-4 lx6 1x8, 2xti 2x8 No 2 148 2x10 4x4 3x6 4x8 No 2 164 2><12, 3x8 4><6 6x6 No 2 174 Add $15 16 $20 18 20, $25 22 24 1x2 P T Pme 02% 03 Western Red Cedar lx4 Ix6 Ix8, lxlO Ixl2 Utlllty Cedar 99 109 Standard Cedar 119 129 Construction Cedar 134 144 KD CEDAR BEVELED SWING 'hx6 'hx8 B & Btr 154 164 *x10 B & Btr Grade 219 229 tfo l Cedar shingles bdle 3 95 4 20 lx2 Cedar Standard 03 03'h Ix3 Cedar Standard 03'h 04 lx3 Cedar Construct 05 Wh1te Pme, Cyp , Fu V-JOINT & PIC Wit: PANEUNG BOARDS SHELVING & TRIM ADD $2 100 It speclf1ed lglb• 'liox6 %x8 No 2 V J omt 99 109 2 Ix8 IxlO 11W 159 'D & Btr Grade 184 194 'C' & Btr Grade 264 274 Ixl2 KD Sheath W P 109 119 1x12 No 2 Shelvml! W P 149 159 lx4 V-Jo1nt CYP No 2 129 139 Alummum Louvers 12x12 1 49 ( 12xl8 l 95> 14x24 88 24x30 5 54 (30x12 3 7o) 30x18 4 75 30x24 5 81

9 1 d e r . !! e ) r' ) 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ,, 1r, 62 iS; D itr 234 Automobiles For Sale FERMAN CHEV. SAVE HUNDREDS From List Price These were "Execu tive Cars"-Each one reflects the very best of care and all are in absolute showroom condition. * C-H-E-V-R-0-L-E-T-S * '60 Impala Hardtop 4-DOOR. Small V-8 (170 HP), Power Glide, power steering. PUSh-button radio, beater tu red & white, whitewall '60 Impala 4-Door 230 ENGINE, Power Glide, pow er steering &: brakes, radio, heater, white with turquoise Interior. '60 Impala Hardtop 4-DOOR .. V-8, Turbo-Glide, pow er & E-Z eye glass. white finish with black inserts, whitewall tires. '60 Impala Hardtop 4-DOOR. Power Glide, factory air-conditioned, p u s h button radio, heater, whitewall 2-speed wipers & washer, 250 engin_e, EZ eye glass, power seat, rear seat speaker, plus .• ? t h e r than a u speed '60 Nomad Sta. Wag. 230 ENGINE, Power Glide, air conditioned, radio, beater, white wall tires, E-Z eye glass, power steering & brakes, wheel discs, electric tailgate. and other minor accessories. FERMAN * CHEVROLET * 1428 FLA. AVE. Phone 2-2196 '57 OLDS 198' Holiday 4-Door F u 11 y powered, fac tory air conditioning, hydramatic, radio & heater, tutone yellow & white. Very clean. One owner. $1395 BOYLE MOTOR CO. 1112-1118 Fla. Ave. 2-7131-Phones-2-8688 LINCOLN • MERCURY • COMET TAKE over payments on 54 PJym. outh Sta. WS:. Economy 6. '49 CHEV. Bal. due $149.5()-Take over paymts. $9 mo. 5023 Fla. TAKE over payments on Ford 1395, $19 mo. No payment 'til Nov. 2819 Fla. Ave. 2-2288, 24-8221 '50 NASH Bal. due $176.60. over payments $9 mo. 5023 Fla. '48 PONTIAC-Bal. due $146.30. Take over $9 mo. 5023 Fla. TAKE over payments on '56 Chev. 2 dr. sedan. R&H, new tutone paint. V-8 engine. straight shift. Bal. $596, $29 mo. No pay ment 'tll Nov. 2819 Fla. Ave. 2-2288, 24-8221 '39 DESOTO One owner-A gem All original blacktop shape, needs nothing but a driver-new premium tires-owner sold •t to me & cried all the way homt' has antique license $295--paymts. ..Jl8 mo. 5023 Fla. '46 FORD-A gem-Bal. due $194. Take over $12 mo. 5023 Fla. PETS turn into cash when you s e 11 them with fast acting Trib une-T i mes Classified ads. Dial 2-4911 today to start your ad. DAILY SPECIAL '56 FORD 2-Door Hardtop V -8, standard trans mission, radio, good tires. --$756-HOLTSINGER'S *DOWNTOWN* 1420 FLA. AVE . Phone 2-7478 '55 BUICK 4 DR. HT SPECIAL ORIGINAL Maroon & White floish. Payments so low you can't believe it. Come in & see for yourseU. KRYSTAL MOTORS 1 716 Florida Ave. Ph. 2 -2374 ECONOMY CARS '60 Falcon . . . . . . $1695 2 DR. Sedan. One owner. 7000 actual miles. '59 Anglia ........ $995 ENGLISH Ford 2 dr. sedan. One owner. '58 Escort ........ $895 STATION WAG

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, September 26, 1960 BETTER FOOD FOR LESS, SCHOOLS SAY School Lunchrooms Help Appetites, Manners By NEAL BRAGDON Times Staff Writer Want to get junior started eating foods he doesn ' t like? Then try putting them on a bun . Or try getting him in a " t wo-bite" or " clean-plate" c l ub . Children's likes and dis likes in food and what can be done about them are in the spotlight these days as the s chool system 1s observing the state' s first School Lunch Week. The aim of lunch week is to get mother to forget about giving the1r child a sack lunch and to let him eat in the school lunchroom. Lunchroom operators say that the 25 per cent of young sters in the county who bring their lunches can eat better for less in lunchrooms , which are non-profit and receive money and foods from the federal government. Also , lunchroom operators say that meals at school are a part of the child ' s educa tion. Special Clubs Take the "two-bite " clubs, w h e r e elementary children become me1nbers by taking at least two bites of a new dish in order to broaden their taste for foods. The " cleanplate" clubs ai1n at getting the child with a poor appetite to eat a full meal. And then there's a chan c e for the youngsters to learn from their teacher, who usually eats with her pupils if she has an ele1nentary grade. The idea is that she in structs her brood in table manners and helps them to adjust to eating in public. The bun, for so1ne unknown reason, makes food more at-The lighter ... with genuine Highland character V1l'l1 (;f) One Scotch. Out lighter, drier, smoother Scotch ••• slimmer, trimmer.bottle J!PORTtD BY NATIONAl DISTillERS PRODS. CO., NEW YORK. SOlE U .S. DIST. BirNDrD SCOTCH WHISKY. 86. 8 'PRIIOF. tractive to children, according to Mrs. Alice Luckey, f o o d production supervisor for the county schools . Most Popular Item The most popular itelD on lunchroom menus is the hot dog , acco r ding to Mrs. Luck ey. The next favorite is "slop PY joe" ground beef and sauce on a bun. Other popular dishes are oven fried chicken , hamburger, ch i cken and yellow rice and Spanish black beans. Surprisingly , spinach is one of the most popular vegeta bles. The "two-bite" club comes in handy with the three least-liked vegetables as paragus, squash and broccoli. The lunchroom meal costs 30 cents for elementary pupils and 35 cents for students in junior and senior high -the price difference being beSTEEL, PETROLEUM COMPANIES NLRB Sets 2 Elections cause 1nore food goes on the plates of the older children. A typicallunchroolD 1neal is broiled hamburger, cole slaw with dressing, buttered mixed vegetables, hamburger rolls with butter, apple crisp and one half pint of milk. A typical sack lunch, costing 36 cents, has a balD sandwich, cup cake , banana and one half pint of ntilk. A number of lunchrooms, particularly in the smaller schools, allow for large ap petites by giving second help ings. Another 1neans of providing for the more hungry student in the elementary grades is to put the big eaters at the end The Tampa regional office of and Walter H. Waitt. The Ploof of the line as students file the National Labor Relati1 ; ms company is one of the firms through for their food, thus Board has umo_n involved in the Cone Bros. Conallowing lunclu;oolD workers representation elechons th1s . to know which child regulary week, has set a hearing of untracting Co . strike. has a big appetite. fair labor practices charges for An NLRB trial exa1niner has 1----A.,.::o'='='VE===='R"=T=IS=EME=-=""'N::=T,.--next week, and has issued a re-also handed down a finding jjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijj port an?on that Florida Steel Corp . , Tampa unfa1r labor practlces hearForge and Iron Divisioo,. l).as mg held here last March. engaged in unfair labor prac-Elections are schedUled at tices in restraining and coercing Aetna Tampa Steel Co . and at employes exercising their rights Phillips Petroleum Co. this under NLRB law. week. Production and malnteTrial examiner Lloyd Buchane1nployes at Steel an recolDlDended that Florida w1ll _cast. ballots F _nday to deSteel cease discouraging melDternnne ii they w1ll be repre-b e rship in the Iron Workers sented by the AFL-CIO Iron Union, cease interrogating em Workers Local 741. ployes about union activities, Supply and transportation and restore two elDployes to , the employes of Phillips Petroleum positions they held before be will choose between the United ing discharged and make them Mine Workers , District 50, and whole for any financial loss suf no union. fered as a result of company The unfair labor practices activities. hearing will involve a charge ---------against Ploof Transfer Co . that Spanish War Vets four employes were threatened and discharged as a result of Gen. Joe W. Wheeler Camp their union activities. No. 2, U.nited Spanish War VetThe employes were identierans, and its auxiliary will fied as Arthur C. Wood , Dew1tt 1neet at 2 o'clock to1norrow aft L . Kelly, Manfredo L . D ' Ovidio ernoo'n at 6906 Florida Ave. We Are Expanding! WANTED Young energetic: auto motive p a r t s salesman specializing in AEA auto motive lines. Calling on jobbers, car dealers, ga rages and service stations. Transportation furnished. Good salary commission based on ability. Phone Tampa Auto Parts, 2-8085, Bob F. Deriso or Mrs. Barker after 2 p.m. Safety records prove Greyhound is 14 times safer than driving yourself. Next trip have fun. play safe ... and leave the driving to us! • THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS SMALLER THAN BIG, BIGGER THAN SMALL (AND HOTTEST OF ALL) Combining the go, the ride, the room and pride of the costliest cars plus the savings and ease of the small, the new-size Buick Special is the purtiest, perkiest car that ever stole a heart. COMING 'WEDNESDAY OCT.5, THE SPECIAL SIZE BlJ1CI\SPECIAL • • Want ads are as Newsy as the Front page-Read them today and every day. ADVERTISEMENT Greyhound Proved Sa/est Way To Travel Co1nparing reports of the than driving yourself. National Safety Council and "Greyhound's enviable safe records of The Greyhound ty record did not 'just bappen', Corporation proves Greyhound but was achieved by a well the safest f()flD of transporta-planned, wellorganized and tion .•• in fact, 14 times safer wellcarried-out program of The safest wheel of a II ... in the safest hands of an. They're the hands of a Greyhound driver, a skillful, careful man, physically fit, thoroughly experi enced. He's one of thousands of Greyhound professionals who guide Greyhound buses over a mil lion miles a day with an unmatched safety record. IT'S A FACT: A com parison of Nati9nal Safety Council reports and Greyhound records proves Greyhound is safer than any other public transportation ••• 14 times safer than driving yourself. Next time, pick a safe trip from hundreds like these: ONE WAY* ROUND TRIP• NEW ORLEANS $1915 SAN ANTONIO 3240 WASHINGTON, D.C. 2630 MIAMI To NORFOLK 2430 ASHEVILLE 1685 BOSTON 3810 CINCINNATI 2585 LOS ANGELES 6370 •Plus tax. MARION & TWIGGS PHONE 2-1501 $3450 5835 4735 1280 4375 3035 6860 4655 11f0 safe driver training," according to T. J. Hardman, ter1ninal manager. "Unlike private car drivers wh() travel the highways with out giving much thought to the task of driving, driving is a pro fession with Greyhound. A Greyhound driver is on the job and working at this highly skilled profession, for which he was rigidly trained, when he is at the wheel. He depends on his job for a living and drives ac cordingly." Before qualifying for training, an applicant must success fully pass a series of "!ental, physical and psychological tests to determine his suitability. An applicant may be physically fit and have a good scholastic back ground but be emotionally unsuited to cope with today's highway traffic . Greyhound ' s driver training progralD, which has won many national awards for its effi ciency, is one of the most rigid in the nation. Experts lecture on various phases of safety, the latest scientific instruments are used to test reaction time to emergencies, and motion pic tures are used to show the correct and incorrect ways of driving. All drivers are required to attend safety clinics to learn the latest safety practices and they must pass periodic physi cal exa1ninations to deteflDine their fitness. FANS GET THEIR KICKS ON GREYHOUND'S GRIDIRON PACKAGE TOUR IN MIAMI Greyhound Tours' "Football Fiesta" is new on the Mlallli s cene this Fall and promises to be very popular with both Flor ida tourists and resident "Old Grads". The Weekend Package Tour, consists of two nights accom lDodations at a leading Miami Hotel, tickets to the big weekend U. of Mia1ni ga1ne, round trip transfers to the Orange Bowl , and a pre-game cock tail party-all for the unusually low price of $19.95 per person, plus Greyhound transportation to Mia1ni. Chartered Greyhound Buses Available For Group Travel The sa1ne Greyhound buses that are seen on the highways and byways of the nation are available chartering by c lubs, student groups, tea1ns and other groups. With a char tered Greyhound, groups can pick their own routes, make special stops, be picked up any where selected, and delivered right to t h e i r destination. Greyhound also. helps with ho tel reservaions. Of special importance to parents and school officials is Greyhound's alllazing s a f e t y record and the fact that on a rente d Greyhound , students are in the expert bands of a safety award winning profes sional driver. Revolution In Travel The new turnpikes, thruways and freeways throughout the country h a v e revolutionized highway travel by cutting trave lin g tilDe between major areas. For example , Greyhound buses now go from Tampa to New Yor k in 34 hours, f rom Cleve land to Pittsburgh in 3 hou r s and fro1n Washington to Pitts burgh in 6 hou r s. These are just a few of the time-savin g Greyhound superhighway schedules.


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