The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times.
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 17, 1960
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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Hard To Beat University THE TAMPA TIMES Fair through Tuesday. . Of South Florida Winds 5 to 15 m.p.h. High Campus Edition ioday 86. Low tonight 65. -' SIXTY-EIGHTH 217 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1960 PRICE FIVE CENTS Prof. Watkins, Pianist, To Entertain Thursday Two Recitals Planned: Met-Star For Campus Audience Receives Ovation By MARLENE HENNIS Dr. Armin J. Watkins, associate professor of music at the University of South Florida, will present a piano recital in the University of South Florida science lec ture demonstration auditorium, Thursday, Oct. 20, 1960. The morning performance will be at 11 a.m. and the evening performance will be at 8:30 p.m. Music in the program will consist of various kinds of keyboard music and will cover a span of The performance of Contralto Mary MacKenzie on campus last Wednesday was received by a standing ovation during both performances. The ovation was well deserved. approximately 250 years. Dr. Watkins received his bachelor of music in piano and violin from Yale Uni•versity in 1953. While at Yale he became the first person in Miss MacKenzie returned for encores at both performances, the history of the University which were held in the Science to gain the degree Bachelor of Auditorium, S-100, at 11 a.m. Music in performance in both and 8:30 p.m. C violin and piano during the ARMIN J. WATKINS The concert included an ar-a m PUS same .year. At this time he was .•• two performances ray of songs from German, .,_ ____ __::.._ __ :.._:.._ __ 1 French, and Italian arias and studymg under Joseph Juchs Scottish and American Folk and Bruce Simonds and later GALLUPING POLL songs. Students. at the University of to find that many clubs for this he became Master of Music unMiss MacKenzie, who is South Flonda who have a parpurpose have already been ord s d , . . scheduled to play the part of ticular talent or interest in a . er tmon s tuJtJon. s d specialized field and who would gamzed. . . After his cateer at Yale, Wat-tu ents Sesuki in Madame Butterfly like to locate . others with the In the fteld of sc1ence, stukins continued to achieve un-and Ciecha in Giaconda with 11 1 d d ts h h t the Metropolitan Opera this same interests wi be w 0 wts 0 expenment precedented results when he winter, displayed a warm, in-wtth rockets and learn more became the first Doctor of E formal manier which was capOabout aeronautics, should conMusic in Literature and PerX press vating to the audience of USF tact James. Bartl:t:. phone formance in piano since the in-students and guests. Th t C F II h . 2-7441, who ts orgamzmg a club troductt'on of tht's course 1.n 1951 The presentation of a group e In er ampus e ows 1P f h 0 • • of American and Scottish folk of United Church Students at or t is purpose. at Indiana University. He has pI n I 0 n s songs captured the attention CULTURE IS ALL AROUND US the University of South Florida, . Mr. is also interested the distinction of being one of . and hearts of the audience. Two Dr. A. J. Watkins, associate professor of music, points out to Marlene Hennis, Florida Southern, and the UniTmheformmg a sports car club. the few in this country to bold of these selections in particular, members of this club will . . . A "Galluping Poll" has been the beautiful Kentucky folk student, just a few of the offerings of the City Center Ballet of Tampa and the versity of Tampa will meet in 1 thts degree and mdeed ts one song "Black is the Color of My Theatrical Society. the Student Chapel, University earn .about mechanics, as well of a select group of people in established here at the uni True' Love's Hair," and a Terrace Congregational Church, as the U.S.A. whose academic versity to give students a chance bouncy Scottish ballad, "0 Fowler Avenue and River hills A satlmg club with Charles achievements are so outto exPress their opinions Whistle I'll Come You Intramural Participation Set fo. r Seco.nd Semester D . 4 30 S d 0 t P ... J. ones .. phone WE 5-9143, as standt'nrt. through the media of statistics. My Lad. . were outstandmg. nve, : p.m., un ay, c . .. Th 11 kn t It tmtiater, IS looking for mem. Leonard Jones and J u It' an e we own con ra o 23. Discussion, social recreation, b . Dr. Watkms made his Euro. . . commented on the excellent safari cook-out, 'round the fire Dr: Yates will the spon-pean debut. in The Ptper, the ongmators of the acoustics of the Science Audi sing!ng. For information or sor. Thts group W1ll learn to London after hts Wtgpoll, chose students at random torium for singing and said she transportation phone the Rev. sat!, and perhaps construct their Hall recttal stated: to answer questions on the subis looking forward to a return own boats Thts young man IS more than . t f f t 't' 'ti engagement. R. Allen Davis, WE 8-4321 or . . a pianist-he is an ambassador JeC 0 ra erm tes, sorori es :.._ _______ _ WE 8 _ 1086 . Persons mterested m a chess of present-day U.S.A. musical and club activities. University Terraee Congregaclub, whether accomplished standards." After his London The results of the survey NeW BUS The intramural program at•-------------------------players or beginners, should debut, Watkins PI aYe d the showed: Schedule tional Church, regular church ld f f leave word in the game room wor premtere per ormance 0 Approve of such activi USF is now underway and fa cilities for a great variety of sport;s will be here by the sec ond kemester. These sports will include table tennis, billiards, bridge, golf, basketball, and bowling. Dorm Life Proves Interesting at USF service, 10:30 a.m. every Sun. . the piano concerto, "Epitaphs day, Fowler Avenue and River m the basement of UmverConcertant"-a work written ties on campus ...... 85% NOW Rolling sity Center. for and dedicated to Dr. WatDisapprove o11 sueb ac) hills Drive. For information . or T T 't' s th Fl " gr.oups will h orkin_• b'.' the composer D a v 1 i d tivltiA• on • , ampu• . . l n ampa rans, s ou or-transportatloo phone Rev. R. !i I' 'da b 1' . r I Allen Davis, WE 8-4321 or ganized on campus at first in professor at Yale No opinion J . . . . . . . . . . 5 1 us. me, ill_ opera wn ess y than a month, today put into WE 8-1086. the order of preference indi1 dd't' th' t Of those sked which year effect a revised schedule. The Faculty bowling organizationt d b h d h n a 1 wn, IS concer they would prefer to see these b . al meeting, 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, ca e Y c ents on e perhaps. the most important organizations established on uses now arnve on campus q uestlonnalres filled out dunng event m the contemporary c m . 10 minutes before the hour and Miss Mercedes Fernandez and Richard D. Hunter, who are in Girls residing in the . univerOct. 18, Florida Lanes. Formaa pus h Id f 1• t 1 orientation, and from there the European music world in 1958 f'r t o over or " mmu es, eav-tion of leagues with James Gib-1 s year 31"" f d t T t charge of setting up the bowlsity dorms have finally settled ing leagues, down to college life. When .asked ed \)laos rolhn.g with a steermg how they like South Florida and comtttee me.etmg. held on Oct. its domitories the reply was, 6. The questwnnatres which the "We love it'" Steering Committee students will take over. -he received rave international Preferr 70 mg or own own ampa a meet at 10 a.m., The business office has agreed notices and was attended by a 49 five after. Tuesday, Oct. 18, 20ll Admin-to do all of the bookke'eping for distinguished audience from or later Y 9 "We hope this attempt at a istratlon Building. Organizaall of these groups. This will over all Europe. Watkins also No opinion 11 more suitable schedule will be tion. make the job of the t:easurer was soloist in the These figu'res indisuccessful," a bus company offi Registration G r 0 uP presi?f each club much and of Kraehen,: cate that students are in favor cia! stated, "for our purpose students filled out were turned . . . over to them. The directors' Everythmg ts comparatively plans also called for the elcccalm phone nngs or tion of officers for the intra-the matl IS deltv.ered. Then there mural program and the arrangets a mad dash mto tbe halls or ment , of times when these a. beld breath from of the leagues are to meet. gll'ls, hopmg they wtll be the dents, meet 2 to 3 p.m., Wednes-1s very much apprectated, . s Epttaphs Concertant of the establishment of social is to provide the most complete Meets Toda)T day, Oct. 19, Sl01 Science Build-In the near future there wtll wtth the Chautauqua organizations in the second year. service possible." ing. Discussion of problems of be a calendar for use .of the Orchestra under the dtrectwn The likelihood of national A slight change in routing How can we achieve maximum group presidents. student center .. Thet:e will also of Walter Hendl, whtcb was fraternities and sororities being has been installed to aid the participation of students in Medallions now available for b.e a form wtll stmJ)hfy broadcast C?ast to coast. formed on campus seems imbrewery workers, but it will versity life? This is one of distribution. Day students pick time allocation of free Dr. was the probable at this time, since the have little effect on the Most of the students filling lucky one. out the questionnalre showed a During the weekends the great interest in bowling in the girls have varied activities. They mixed league. Faculty members anywhere .from horseback have also shown interest in the ndmg to pumpmg on trampo bowling program and are to lines. A group of the girls went meet on Tuesday, Oct. IS, at visiting Tampa's more recent at7:30 p.m. at Florida Lanes. tJ:actions--the oriental and beat questions to be discussed up in office of the president A club may reser_ve. a time 1.n and of.tbe Vrruniversity of South FIori d a students. . . by the Steering committee by presenting ID cards. Evening one easy step by f1lltng out thts tuos1 dt Peorta m a new hasn't been established long .There wil;l be stx .runs a day, its second meeting to set up students pick up at informa form. and versatile professional enough to become an accredited w1th the frrst l.eavmg Flortda student government at USF. tion desk by presenting ID All '!len and wome?. organ.Ischool. Accreditation does not Avenue and Twiggs Street for ,. cards Any question see or who wtsh to form a Veterans zatwn. The Vtrtuost dt Peorta go into effect at USF until the the campus at 7 a.m. The last d Student 3overnment be Mozelle Stockwell, office Club" leave your na?le with the has rece.ived rave in charter class graduates in June bus leaves the campus at 9:05 the president. Information Booth m the Umboth. na!tonal and of 1964. p.m., accommodating those C '1 u t tb 't f' t Can you play a recorder? Do verstty Center. Club JOurnals smce tts m-Dr. Howard Johnshoy, dean attendmg late classes. A decision on the use of tro-mk houses. phies was not made. Anyone After doing their washing on wanting to fill out a questionSaturdays, the girls go into town naire should consult their physishopping or to the movies. If cal education instructor. they stay on campus they are ... .;t:n fqr you own one? Would you be least two years active ceptJOn. . . . . of affairs, stated his A complete listing of sched t d t b t 15 000 h. h interested in playing a recorder servtce. . . . The pta no recttal, whtch Wlll conftdence m the student body uled runs follows: b :r s t Y quintet or octet? If interested Anyone mterested m helpmg be. presented by Dr. at to form organizll:tions other than Leaves Arrives Leaves 1970.. . 1 . g some provocative re-to form a Judo for U:m-10.00 a.m. for the umvers1ty those that requtre full accredtTown Campus Campus found studying or in the recre• 10 sic phone Dr Fisher versJty students, etther to rmstudents and faculty and at 8:30 tation during the first four 7:00 a.m. 7:50 a.m. 8:05 a.m. Unifying the student body cor er u . t' prove the skill of the art or to p.m. for the general public, years. 9:00 a.m. 9:5Q a.m. 10:05 a.m. Dad Honored ation room. their main goal. recordtst, campus ex learn fundamentals, should con-wi11 the opportunity Coming Soon . 12:00 Noon 12:50 p.m. 4:10 p.m. Administrative and legislative 0 . for this column must tact John Fredley, WE 8-2101 for native Flortdtans to hear A stu dent poll concermng 3:00 p.m. 3:50 p.m. 4:10 p.m. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (JP) The dorms are divided into Cecil A. Ray, a Baptist missions an east and west ball. There superintendent, who has investis a president and two repre ed an array of mechanical equip-sentahves from each hall. The ment to brighten his paralyzed gtrls have a 10:30 curfew on daughter's I i f e, including a and . on weekends it motor-powered chair, rocking IS extended until 1:00 a.m. branches will be set up. b .0 by 9 am Wednes-after 6. p.m. Membership will this outstanding artist since his presidential preferences will be5:10 p.m. 5:50 p . m. 6:05 p . m. d:y the they be limtted to male students. appointment to the faculty. gin within the next week. 8:00 p.m. 8:50 p.m. 9:05 p.m. beds, mechanical desks, chairs What ever it is studying, and bathing equipment, has been dating, or just going out with named "1960 Texas Baptist the gang, these girls have their Father of the Year." weekly activities planned. CAMPUS ROUNDUP colleges and the three are to run. Leave In envelope on while the legislative branch door of Room 223, University be composed of the Senate, the Center. Forms available there student assembly, the university for meeting notices. Notices branch will be composed of the will not be held standing from Senate, the student assembly, week to week. If you desire a the university assembly, and the repeat turn in a second no-steering committee. tice.) Jobs for Worthy Students Maior Goal of Personnel The Personnel Service of the Students are placed in the new station 'will be on the air standing-room-only crowd University of South Florida has jobs for which they are best for 31 hours of classroom and "The Changing Character one major goal -a job for suited by means of information general broadcasting each week. American People." every student who needs one. rom application blanks, inter-University of Florida-SweepPalm Beach Junior Colle&"eOn-campus jobs include: ofviews, and vocational prefing changes in class schedules Students are planning to pro flee assistant in the college most erence, To date, 150 students are under consideration on this duce "A Streetcar Named De suited to the student's desired have o n -c a m p us jobs and Gainesville campus by UF Pres-sire." Leads have been selected vocation, laboratory assistant in another 35 have jobs off cam ident J. Wayne Reitz. Three and other tryouts continue . classes of the vocational field, pus jobs and another 35 have alternatives are being considGulf Coast Junior College cafeteria w o r k e r, bookstore jobs off campus. ered: 1. Stagger class hours. InTwo new programs have been cashier or assistant, and assistSt. Leo Junior College -stead of an 8:40 Monday, installed on this Panama City ant to the information clerks. Flooded highway conditions be-Wednesday, and Friday, it would campus this fall: Technology Future job openings might be tween Dade City and St. Leo run Monday, 8:40, Wednesday, and Management. Both pro those of personnel assistant and has forced an extended period 1:40, and perhaps Friday, 7:40 grams are open to both day and student guide for campus tours of registration for students for p.m. 2. Run two 75-minute peevening students. ' through the information center. the fall semester. Deadline for riods instead of three 50-minManatee Junior College Off-campus jobs are being registration has been extended ute periods. 3. Expand the Manatee Junior College dedica sought by the Personnel Servto 8 p.m., Oct. 18, according to night school class schedules to tion program p I an s are cur ice through letters to Tampa's Dr. John I. Leonard, president. handle more day students. rently under way for the Octo major firms, industries, hotels, Gibbs Junior College-Willie Jacksonville University-Ap-ber 30 ceremonies. With the and motels, with on-the-job Bailey, Tampa freshman, won proximately 580 students have MJC campus hosting city and training in mind. the run-off election for pres-registered for night classes for state dignitaries, a luncheon in Jack A. Chambers, director of idency to climax fall political the present semester. An "Over the Student Union building will personnel services, declared, activitx on the St. Petersburg 25" club is being formed for start the day's activities. "Any students who want a job campus. adult students in the night On October 18, tests will be may come in and fill out an Florida State University classes. given for those students inter application and take the steps Open circuit educational teleUniversity of Miami-Vance ested in scholarship loans up necessary to secure approval vision became a reality at FSU Packard, author of "The Status to $500. Also students will vie for employment through the recently with the opening of Seekers," and other best sellers for Genera 1 Scholarship of Dean of Student Affairs." WFSU-TV, Channel 11. The ot recent years I e c t u red to State Nursing. NOW FOR A GOOD CLEAR NIGHT Looking over two new telescopes just arrived at the science lecture auditorium are, left to right: Mary Ann Guesande, J. A. Carr, curator of physical science; Wayne Jon 'es and John Gruetzmacher. Things will be "looking up" on the campus now.


Floridian Year A' Rounder Sports Jackets All the golden warmth of autumn 1s reflected our new Floridian Year A'Rounder sport jackets! Here is a naturally new colour idea, carrying out the definite trend to bur nished tones for fall. Fashioned especially for us by A m e r i c a ' s most famous manufacturers in zephyrwools; orion-wools; Acrilon and wools. Dc and styled for Floridian's business and leisure wear. 39.95 45.00 49.95 4 STORES! e Zack St .•. t (Downtown) f ft. ;: 'liP: e Britton Plaza e North Gate Shopping Center e 125 E. Stuart Ave. Lake Wales • 2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , Oet.ober 17, 1960 WEST RETALIATES Travel Ban Keeps Finch-Tregoff Murder Trial in 17th Week East Germans Home BERLIN, Oct. 17 (JP)-Dozens / polo squads had to cancel trips of East German sportsmen, acto Belgium. East Germans were tors, singers and trade officials unable to make planned appearhave been kept from traveling I ances at a number of post to Western countries by the Olympic meets. month-old allied ban in rctali-East Germans don't need al ation for a Red squeeze on lied documents to go to neutral Berlin. I countries such as Sweden. But An unknown number of East even so, the West Germans can Germans who wanted to travel make difficulties. This week west have also had to stay home. they turned back at the Ba-The ban was imposed Sept. varian border 26 members of a 12 by the United States, Britain I Leipzig dancing group heading and France in retaliation against j for Austria. A similar thing Communist interference with happened last month when a travel to Berlin and between 1 theater group was stopped at the two parts of the divided city. the West German border in Won't Issue Documents sight of their destination, the The Western allies refused to Swiss city of Basle. Deaths issue temporary travel do cu ments. These resemble ports in which visas for NATO nations can be stamped. NATO GEORGE C. WENTZ do not the George c. Wentz, 62, of 8312 of the Comn,mmst re-Florida Ave., died Sunday g1me .and therefore Will not ac-morning in a Tampa hospital. cept Its passports. A native of South Dakota, he The .west German govern-had been a resident of Tampa ment giVes passports !o anyone for 18 years. Survivors include born on German terntory, but his widow Mrs. Mildred Wentz has stopped issuing them to Tampa; dne broth e r, Jack East Germans so long as the Wentz three sisters Mrs. Kath allied ban is in force. . erine 'Kunik, Mrs. 'Helen Wer-The number of documents ISlinger and Miss Anna Wentz all sued before the ban varied sea-1 of Aberdeen, S.D. ' sonally, but the annual total was nearly 20,000. Now very few WILLIAM H. FARMER -mainly on compassionate William H. Farmer, 86, of May Backftre Friday at a local hospital. A na-PLANE SUSPENDED FROM HOUSE -(AP Wirephoto) Fire department and sheriff's officials work to free a plane which snagged on this house shortly after takeoff. Four occupants of the plane were injured when the right landing gear caught on the roof. The thin lines leading off to the left are cables attached t& wrecking equipment which pulled the plane free shortly after this picture was taken. Deaths in Tampa, Elsewhere _ grounds--are out. 1 7702 North Rome Ave., died Does the hurt .the tive of Mercer County, W. Va., East German reg1me? Certamly he had lived in Tampa for the MRS. PEARL FORDYCE a lot of individuals have been past six years. He was a retired Mrs. Pearl Fordyce, 74, of N.J. She was a graduate 4 and the Bayshore Baptist Christian Science nurse, hav-Church, Tampa. He is survived ing taken her training in 10by his widow, Mrs. Ida Irolee Acre Foundation, Princeton, Clayton; two children, Leo B . New Jersey. Clayton Jr., and Judy Lee Clay inconvenienced. But the conven-farmer and was a member of ience of the individual is about the Baptist Church. Survivors Mango, died in a Tampa hospi the last thing to worry a totali-are his widow, Evie Marie tal Sunday morning. A native tarian regime. Tampa; seven daughters, of Cincinnati, Ohio, she had Some officials from smaller Mary Lou Hengeli, Bordentown, been a resident of Hillsborough LEO B. CLAYTON SR. countries believe the West is N.J.; Miss Shirley Farmer and . Le.o Brownell Clayton Sr., 41, harming its own interests. They Mrs. Margaret Widner, both of c.ounty for 31 years. She 3929 Bay Court, died last night argue many victims of the ban Tampa; Mrs. R. D. Wood, Mont-VJved by her h?sband, Wilham ton; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Clayton, all of Tampa and a brother, Master Sgt. Arden Clayton, with the U.S. Army in Oslow, Norway. IRA LEE PRITCHARD are East Germans friend 1 y gomery, w. Va.; Mrs. L . A. Sto-Fordyce , Mango , two stepdaugh-in a Tampa hospital. A hative toward the West. vall, Wharton, w. V.a.; Mrs. Nina ters, Mrs. Dorothy. !Ierferth, of Crescent City, he had been Some Westerners here ask Gore , Flagler Beach , and Mrs. an.d Mrs. Ltlhan Ross, a Tampa resident for 18 years. Ira Lee Pritchard, 62, of 1109 whether the allies can justify Lucille Webb Bunnell a stepC:mcmnatt , stepsons, M?r He was a veteran of World War E. Caracas, died Saturday in a 1 t b t R d t f d ht . M' • . nson and Wilham Fordyce , CmII, a members o the Disabled . comp am s a ou e m er er aug e1, rs. Darthy Pmce, . t ' b th F k Amer'can Vete ans Chapter No local hospital. A native of Spring ence with free travel if they Tampa; two sons, W . H. Farmer cmna 1 • one ro er, 1 r Lake, he had resided in Tampa adopt the same tactics. Jr., Fort Bragg, N.C. , and C. Geren, Tampa and one mece, for 43 years. Mr. Pritchard is Engineers Go to England B. Farmer, Butler, Pa.; two Mrs. Faye Lucas, Tampa. ral N t• survived by his widow, Thelma, Six engineers from East Ger-sisters of . Bluefield , W. Va.; MRS. RUTH M. H. HUDSON e 0 ICeS two daughters, Mrs. Yvonne many's state-run Leuna ehem-17 grandchildren; one grand-Mrs Ruth Mae Holt Hudson Hyde and Mrs. Irene Tatum, ical plant have been allowed and five great-grand36, of. 709 E. River Drive, died and two sons, Ira Lee Pritchard go to England because children. Saturuda:v morning. A native of Bach, 74, 1808 Talfaferro st.. who Jr. and Doyle A. Pritchard, all help needed for the THOMAS RUSSELL BACH Vienna, Ga., making Tampa her of Tampa; 13 grandchildren; f l!flpertial f Inddustrf1es Thomas Russell Bach 74 of residence for .the past 15 years. •• two sisters, Mrs. Aida Ayers and Irm o u I a Jg or er or 1808 Tali f St , . ' Survivors mclude her bus-Walter B. Passlglla\ pastor of St. Mrs. Thelma Mountain, both of sources reported. ew or I y .an a resJ ent daughters Martha and Sara inr. Cremation will follow. of the Brotherhood of Railroad LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17 (UPDThe second Finch-Tregoff mur der trial moved into its 17tt. week today with the jury ex pected to begin life and deatt. deliberations by Wednesday. Co-prosecutor Clifford Crail said he expected to complete summation of the state's .case t o m o r r o w by demanding the death penalty for Dr. R. Ber nard Finch, 43, and his para mour Carole Trego, 23. Crail's partner, Joseph Pow ers, and an attorney for each of the lovers already have finished summarizing for the jury of 11 women and one . man the testi mony of 98 persons concerning events leading up to the death of Finch's wife, Barbara, 33. The state charges the once wealthy surgeon and his mis tress plotted and carried out the July 18, 1959, gunshot slaying for the dual motives of love and money. Crail said in his summation he believed Finch and Carole manufactured the tale they told of driving to the Finch home the fatal night merely to per suade Mrs. Finch to divorce the surgeon without scandal. Mrs. Finch had a divorce suit Services Held For R. N. Nunez Funeral services were held to day in the Wilson-Sammon Fu neral Chapel for Robert Flourney Nunez, who was the oldest white man citizen of Tampa. Mr. Nunez died Saturday at 93 . Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Ellen Nunez; three sons, Robert F. Nunez, South Miami; John H. Nunez, Nicholas, and Paul L. Nunez, St. Petersburg; one daughter, Mrs. Mary Ten Eick, Tampa; several grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Born in Tampa on Jan. 31, 1867, Mr. Nunez tor many years operated a store in Tampa at Franklin and Washington Sts. Split NEW YORK (JP) -The statewide New York province of the Society order of Jesuits, has been divided into two administrative provinces: the New York province , covering eastern and downstate New York, and the Buffalo province, covering upper and western York. ADVERTISEMENT East Germany, diplomatic ' N y ka eCr!tO d a of band Mr. John s. Hudson, two Johns Presbyterian Church, officiat. Spring Lake. He was a member Ten East German officials of Tampa for five . Years, dJed Ruth one' son John s Jr her T r a in m e n and the Tampa who wanted to go to Norway .m a Tampa moth'er, Mrs. Chessie Mae .Holt, BARTZ. ALBERT ROBERT-Funeral Church of God. for the opening of trade fairs hospital. .He IS survived by four of Plant City two brothers, Mr. services for Mr. Albert Ro)lert Barlx, for new fast ACt were denied admission. Lee Bach, West Jack Holt an'd Mr. W. C. Holt MAJ. H. A. NELSON Denmark also put out the un-a m B'each , Roy Lee Bach and Jr of Tampa o'clock fro.m the chapel of the Maj. Herbert A. Nelson, for you Ia ORA-JEL. Pain ., welcome sign and said this afJ_ohn E . Bach, both of Connecti• Duval Funeral Home, 3800 Nebraska U.S .A. (Retired), 68, of Mango, "nishea In fected the many East German cut, and Warren E. Bach, of ALBER'!' ROBERT BARTZ died yesterday in a Tampa hasofficials who frequently went Hollywood, Fla.; two daughters, Albert Robert Bartz, 65, of Church, offlctattnr. Cremation "''11 pital. A native of Niles, Mich. , there to drum up trade. Mrs. Dorothy Moore, of Massa516 Richmere St., died yester-follow. . he had lived in Mango for 12 The effect of the ban is most chusetts, and Gladys. Gan-day morning in a Tampa hosNORMAN s . -Funeral serv-years. He is survived by his noticeable in sports. noe , of Connechc!lt! two sisters, pita!. A native of Germany, widow , Mrs. Maud A. Nelson , pending in which she named Carole-Finch's one-time medi cal receptionist-as correspondent in the suit. She also souglit all of his $750,000 fortune. Crail said he believed the lovers quickly worked out a story to explain their presence at the home after their "murder plot" wimt awry. Crail charged that Finch then deliberately shot his wife in the back. Finch claimed the shoot ing was accidental. The first trijll jury was unable to unanimously a g r e e with either the state or defense and the trial ended in a hung jury March 12. ADVERTISEMENT TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? !'ASTEETB. an lmproved powder to be aprlnltled on upper or lower plates, hoida talse teeth more tlrml7 1.n place. Do not sllc1e, slip or rock. No gummy. gooey, past, taate or feellug.FASTEETHiaalkallne (non acid 1 . Does no\ sour Checks "plat• odor breath". Get FASTE:S:TH •• vug countera evezywhera. PIANO Trial Plan • Us• of new Spinet in your home e Free private IMsons e Fr .. delivery of piano e No obligation to buy-but full credit if you decide to NO EXTRAS NO OTHER CHARGES All this at an astounding low rental fee. Come in and let us it to rou. Offer Limited to Beginnlns Childre" ... p,r;fl. Ooo• 106 E. Tyler St. Tel. 2-4611 Br.anches: Sarasota • Lakeland A champion volley t>all team Mrs. Grace St. Willis , of Tampa, he had been a resident of Tamat JO:po o'clock Tuesday mornlng !'t Mango; a daughter, Mrs. Lorna f L . . bl t and Mrs. Ruth B. Kcnson of pa for six years Survivors in-Curry • Funeral Home, 605 s. MacD•ll Williams, Fort Walton Beach; Augustine; 15 grandchildren elude his Mrs. Jenny a granddaughter, Miss Betty :=:::::::::;:;=--__,..-,::---.:::;:::-and 1 1four great-grandchildren Bartz one son Karl Bartz CJ>urch, will officiate. Masonic burial Mills Tampa three grandsons ) 1 • • • • rites will be conducted bY St. Peters-• il •' . • MltS El\IMA LANG HICKS Cleveland, Ohio; one brother, burg No. 139, F.&A.M., at the Thomas W1 hams, Herbert Wil PLA.N Hans Bartz, Ohio; and lians, Richard WilliamS, all of We're ''YES MEN'' ci ll CiTY, 16 one sister, Mrs. Charlott ErxleQUEST THAT DONATIONS BE Fort Walton Beach; five broth7: of k csts, ben, St. Petersburg. ers, Everett Nelson, Ruskin; . . .so roo . , FERINGs. Ernest Nelson, Paul Nelson, Plant C1ty, d1ed m Mulberry MRS. CATHERINE HARTWELL / Arvid Nelson Axel Nelson all Sunday morning. Survival'S in-Mrs. Catherine Bollam Hart-of South Ind. four' sis-elude three daughters, Mrs. Milwell , 83, of 206 Magnolia, died ters, Mrs. McKillip, Rus-ford Ledou, Lakeland; Mrs. at her home Friday. A native kin, Mrs. Elsie Wienberg, Mrs. A. M. McClellan, of Lake Morley, Vt. , she had re-Anna Oshinski South Bend and Mrs. T. F. Sara-sided in Tampa for 23 years. Mrs. Veda G;ubish Seattle' so.ta; seven sons! W. She is survived by her grandWash., and several n'ieces and When you need we do our level best to help you. You get • GREATER Con venience! ••• and a sincere friendly attitude from folks who Eugene LoUie E. daughter, JoY c e Hartwell of nephews . Major Nelson was a Hicks •. George C. HICk.s, Harol d New York City; two sisters, member of VFW G . H1cks, Earl E. Htcks , and three nieces and three nephews. Tampa Ralph R. Hi cks, all of Plant === ==== City; three sisters, Mrs. Alice MRS. ANNIE LEE CARTER Green, Baldwin; Mrs. Ruby Car-Mrs. Annie Lee Carter, 45, ter, Middleburg; and Mrs. Kate of 8113 Marks St., died Satur Alvarez, Lake Buller; 17 grand-day in a Tampa hospital. Mrs. children and six great-grand-Carter was a native of Georgia children. and had been a resident of 1-------------., Tampa for 40 years. She is -------------1 1 survived by a son, Robert E. FORDYCE, MRS. PEARL F'une•al Reninga , with the U.S. Navy; a stepdaughter, Thelma Lee THE TAMPA TIMES PubUshed e v e n l n r: s Monda.y lhrourh Saturday by The Tribune Company from The Tribune lng, Lafayette and Streets. Tampa, Florida. Entered as second class matter at the Po.stoflice at Tampa, Florida, under th8 Act ol March 3, 18)9. Subscription Rates: By carrier SOc per weekt by carrier or mall three months $3.90; six monlhs $7.80, one year 515.60. SubscripUon payable in ad"Va.nce. Member of Associated Preu. Member of Audit Bureau of Clr cula.tlon. GARCIA & BATES NURSERY 4603 22nd St. Ph. 34-1873 Carter, Tampa; two sisters, Lot-Nebraska Ave., with Mr. Harold G. tie Sirmons, Eglin A.F. Base, and Vannie Ree Twombly, of be In Hill Memorial Park. Tampa; four brothers, E. N. FLOWERS Anderson and Esthus Anderson, -------------both of Georgia; Robert Anderson, of Lake City, and Gilbert Holt Hudson. 36, of 709 E. River Anderson of Tampa. afternoon at 4 o'clock from the chapel of the C. E. Prevatt Funeral Home, 3419 Nebraska Avenue. with the Rev. W. G. Cheney, pastor of the Westside Baptist Church, MISS ANN V. LYNN Otis Wllllams, Mr. Cllford May, Sr., Mr. Lloyd Moore and Mr. C'llf ford May, Jr. will follow in Garden of Memories Cemetery. MASEDA, MRS. JULIA-Funeral servIces for Mrs. Julia Maseda, 75, 3001 We are new in this area. Come out and get Acquainted. We have the largest variety of crotons, hibiscus, gardenias in Tampa. This Is Our Price For This Week Miss Ann V. Lynn, 58, of Ruskin, died Sunday in a Tam pa hospital. A native of Hills borough County she had lived in Ruskin most of her life. Miss Lynn is survived by her mother, Mrs. Emma Selne:r; a sister, Mrs. Inez Selner, and a brother, Houston Lyni), all of Ruskin . She was a member of the mother church, The Ji'irst Church of Christ Scientist, Bos ton, Mass., and the First Church of Christ Scientist of Montclair, afternoon at her residence. will be held Tuesday at 4 p.m. at Marsicano Funeral Borne, 4040 Henderson Blvd. Rosary Services wlll be held Mon day night at 8 p.m. at Marsicano Funeral Home. Survivors are two daughters. Mrs. Carmen Levy and Complri91Jo Enclosed Dust-Proof , Ave., Ph. 4-2910 Franklin St., Ph. 2-8324 North Gate (in J . C. Penne)f1s), Ph. WE 3916 Britton Pla.a (in J. c. Penney's), Ph. 67-5401 19 C Pentos, Schefflera, Barbados, Cherry. EA. We feature Bay dairy organic compost. Compost . 3 Bags 1 .00 Cow Manure . . . . . 3 B a gs 1.00 Sheep Manure Big 50 lb. bag 2.25 80 Lb, Bag Organic Sludge 2.39 PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT F. H. TOLEDO. M.D. e OBSTETRICS a CYNIECOLOGY a GENERAL PRACTICE Announces the Openinsr of His Offices at 4503 Nebraska Ava . PHONE 31 SEE, HEAR & MEET IN PERSON Kennedy Senator John F. Kennedy DEMOCRATIC . PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE TOMORROW, OCT. 18th, 5:15P.M •. IN FRONT OF THE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY COURTHOUSE KENNEDY • JOHNSON HEADQUARTERS HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DEMOCRATS w:: of hassee and Raymond Maseda of Miami, Modesto Maseda, Jose Ma seda and Marcelo Maseda of Tampa; 16 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchil ni;;:, Tony Maseda, Jose Maseda, Ray mond Maseda. Marcelo Maseda and Tony Valdes. Interment will follow in Centro Espanol Cemetery, NUNEZ, ROBERT F.-Funeral servkes for Mr. Robert F . Nunez, 93, a retiident of 1707 Florida Ave., who Wilson Sammon Company Funeral Home, wltb Dr. Preston B. Sellers, Htll Cemetery. Pallbearers: Wa.Iter Murphy, Joe Grable, R. W. Ten Eick, Dr. Theodore Grable, and Michael Lydon. PRITCHARD, IRA LEE-Mr. Ira Lee Pritchard, 62, of 1109 Caracas St. day afternoon at 2: 00 o'clock from the Church of God, 1016 E. Buffalo Ave .• with the Pastor Rev. J. T . officiating. Pallbearers will be J. W. Merritt, B. B. Johnson, Clyde Simmonds, A . B. Tindale, S. L, Wal lace, W. L. Brown and C. S. Swilley, Interment will be ln MvrUe Hill Home. WENTZ, GEORGE C.-Funeral serv ices for Mr. Georre C. Wentz, 62, of 8312 Florida Ave., will be conducted 10520 Florida Ave., with the .Rev. Robert E . Ford, pastor of the North Tampa Presbyterian Church, offlel ating. Interment will be In Myrtle Hill Cemetery. CARD OF THANKs-The family of Mr. Harry J. Phillips wish to express the doctors, and hospif:t personnel for the kindness and consldera 8J::rh father. Mro. Hattie Phillips Harry J . Phillips, Jr. Mr.. Ruth Owens .Mrs. Connie Iianer WORLD'S FINEST . BAKING OVEN THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO INSPECT OUR ENTIRE OPERATION I'


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