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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 68, no. 229 (October 31, 1960).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 31, 1960
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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1 I \ Damp Ghosts Considerable cloudiness with occasional rain today and tonight. Partly cloudy and cooler Tuesday. Winds 10 to 20 m.p.h. High today 76. Low tonight 70. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition . SIXTY-EIGHTH YEAR-No. 229 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1960 PRICE FIVE CENTS • Instructors Get Grades Option By RODNEY KITE-POWELL The mid-semester examinations, the first major test of USF freshmen grasping powers, will be given during the week of Nov. 14, Dr. F. H. Spain, registrar, an nounced. The registrar will send each student's instruc tors a course card for a mid-term grade. The instructor may give a mid-term examination to arrive at a grade, or add up the quizzes to arrive at• LATEST FAD Latest fad at USF is playing pool, and the girls are becoming experts at it. Glenda Graham, watches very closely as Marilyn Favata takes careful aim. USF Co-Eds Cool At Shooting Pool the mid-semester grade. The instructor records the grade on the course card and returns it to the Registrar's Of fice before Nov. 18. The regis trar then compiles all the course cards for each individual student and issues a report "card" by Nov. 23 . The mid-term grade received by the student is his evaluation or checking up. The instructors of each course have made this mid -term examination from what they hav e taught in their classrooms and lecture periods. There is no uniform len gth or time on the exams. The staff is not seeking uniformity in ex aminations . "I'd never played pool before of boys and girls in hot compewidely varied menu, ranging The examinations will not I came here," is a comment titian over a game of pool or from french fries to cigaret te s . interrupt any of the university's typical of many USF co-eds who billiards. In general the student body regular class hours or free pe-are now pool regularly The fact is that the is more than' satisfied with riods. Dean Sidney French in the Umvers1ty Center game female fanatics are beatmg the stated that he "Would not be room. In the short space of five boys in many cases. But, is it so recreation room and its op surprised if some of the College weeks, the girls have moved in astonishing? Pool is a skill of tion, but there have been of Basic Studies examinations on this traditionally male pasgeometric precision and why questions raised and a few comwere given in the lecture USF Mail Delivered Daily The Campus Post Office will not be open this year for the selling of stamps, money orders, envelopes or renting of post of fice boxes to off-campus stu dents , according to Campus Mailman J. G. Vaughn . The mail will be gathered daily from the only mail drop on the campus located in the west wing of the University Center. The business offices and the time and really enjoy it. shouldn't women be as mathplaints made. Typical of the rooms." Since the beginning of the ematically minded men? The two most important quesstudents living on campus are term the game room has More and more girls are bequestions are: "If it i s this lions asked by the students are: the on ly ones to whom mail eme;ged as the most popular comin g in pool, a crowded now, what will it be "When wi,ll the exam be given?" will be delivered this year. Next area on the campus, surpassing gal!le that was m the past re-like when we have 10 , 000 stu-and "Will. I !DY report fall school organizations, clubs, the library, study rooms, the stncted .t? men. dents?" card, or w11l 1t be mailed to my d b f ff' ill b , cafeteria, and local drive-in resTelevlslon always has a group Most of the gripes deal with parents?" an a num e r 0 o Ices w e taurants which are traditional of watchers t!le pro-the way the waiting lists for In answer to the first quesable to rent postal boxes. Mr. student hang-outs on other cam-gram Is one With cur-game tables are operated, the tioo it has been established Vaughn requests students not Students are waiting to rent news or D_mg Dong fee charged for pool, the need that' the examinations will begin to have their mail sent to the be admitted at 9 a.m . opening of dancu1:g IS for at least two people to work the week of Nov . 14. time and have to be asked to erratic, dependmg on who IS m on the desk, and the refusal to In turning to the second campus for delivery. At present leave at the 10 p.m. closing the room. . . refund money lost in malquestion we learn from Dr. there are 87 deliveries between GIRLS' SKIRTS GET SHORTER AND SHORTER hour. Whether this will conVendmg machines provide a functioning vending machines. Spain that there is an original the three university buildings. Pat Thomas, left, and Geraldine Scolaro, pose for a picture illustrating the tinue remains to be seen after and three copies of each report The University Center will mid-semester grades come eut card. T he original is mailed +,o to be the, only building difference in shirt lengths in fashion today, created by the new short-skirt fad. in November. St • G the parents of the student if he on the campus to bouse post I Among the many diversions eerlng roup is not 21 years old , married, or o ffice boxes. At the present Knee Level Skl•rts New Fad offered, in order of popularity, a veteran; otherwise it is de-there are 2,478 boxes. are pool, table tennis, cards, strayed. A copy is received by The facilities for stormg P!ickehess and checkers, TV, and the dean , one by the student, ages and parcel post are umque dancing . While pool and ping T Hold E lectlon and the third goes to his faculty and functional. A shelf placed Of u . •t c d pong are the most played , cards 0 advisor. under entire rows of postal n Ivers I y oe S are gaining in popularity as The last day for students boxes lS placed there as a CO!!people meet others who like the wishing to drop a subject with venience for the postman m same type of game. Right now , out being penalized is, accordsorting the mall, a handful of Blow wind, blow snow, but Out of the 25 girls that were one has beantiful knees," and eanasta rates as the favorite DIXON \ Group meetings, which have ing to Dean French, Dec. 10. letters at a time. still there are short skirts every questioned, 17 disliked s h 0 r t "It is very distracting." card game closely followed by 'dThe Umv_ersity of Florpreviously been planned during place you go. The fashl'on-conskirts, six li.ked them and two Most of the persons.questioned h t ' k d rummy 1 a's Steermg Committee held 1 . f d h E; a r s, PO er _an . the third regular meeting of the 1 the free penods all week have . . . pre erre e1t er one . Most of agreed that the fad lS cute for Bndge fans are mcreasmg as M b h dul d f F • t us F St d t scious female Will notice that the girls who disliked the fad accasional dress, but that it will more people learn the game; year on day, Oct. 24 A social een sc e e or every Irs u en s the skirt length has gone up. gave reasons such as: "School be brief like the "sack dress and chess and checkers have a event was planned and held at Wednesday_ gnated place. E lection of 'ty' D ' f N t l staff members. Mr. George Miller, 51 . s lVlSlon a r a challenged the winner of this tern is f unctionin g properly. University o f Miami, March racial problems in Florida . The campus and contains poems, union conducted a straw vote jurnalism head is advisor. . . Sciences have begun a senes of game All students are urged Also on the agenda are aud1 • 16-18 , under the direction of plan awaits the approval of the articles, and stories. Many on campus. Each of the stuVote today for National President m 5 r t h. h th y invited ' the science and University Center build . emma s 0 w IC e to back therr md1vidual group tions for the Gator GrowJ diDr. Fabien Sevitsky. First of state's Fowler Committee on changes have been noted in the dents was given a ballot on lngs. To vote a student must show his mteres ted faculty members and activities. f h mecoming to be its kind ever planned for FlorRace Relations. USG is sponcafeteria due to the work of the which they voted for their re-ID Card. student observers ViSIOn 0 f d d d h 1960 6 The meetings held at 1:00 The first bermuda dance of held oct. 31. Gator Growl has ida, the festival w1ll eature soring the program in the hope administration, stu ent-faculty spective can i ate. T e -1 P.m .' Mondays . ln Room 204 , the school year, the Halloween been called the of all compositions of today's com-that it will "s pring into a fullcommittee and suggestions from concert band presented its first t d t d t 10 th posers of Europe, A s i a, and feldge d , coordinated organiza-the student body. Among new performance of the year Oct. Science Building. Dr. T . C. HelHop, was received with great s u pro uc Ions e Latin America. Works to be tion of Florida's colleges and additions were a new paint job 28. Programming inc I u de d vey, biophysicist on the faculty success Saturday, Oct. 29 , in the wor . . presented include voice and inuniversities." Another recent and book shelves. No tentative• marches, show music, a suite, of the University, has announced University Center dining room . Stetson Stetson Umversity strumental numbers, choral and activity on UM's campus was date has been established as to an overture, jazz, and a Latin Out of Danger the !allowing schedule for the The featured band was Dan reported a total enrollme_nt ?n chamber music, and composi-the setting up of a new cam-when the air-conditionin g is to American selection. Semmars: McMillian and the "4 Sharps." Oct. 22 of 1,969 students tor tts tions for full orchestra. us poster patrol by the under-be installed. A new revised St. Johns River Junior Col-News Director John Egerton John W. Egerton, n ews direc-Nov. 7-T. c. Helvey, Human Fac The Halloween theme was ap-fall term. It was a 10 per ce11t The UM board of trustees at graduate student government. speaker system is being in-lege-All members of the full-t t USF 1 d tors in Astronautics. . f 11m t 1 t . or a , Y lDJUre m Nov. 21-G. E . Nelson, Ecological parent m both the dance deco-mcrease o en over as tts last meeting approved a $25 Called the Poster Control stalled with two microphones time faculty of St. Johns River a two-car colhs10n on a fogProblems in a Smal! Pond. . rations and the masks worn by year. Dr. Wilham Hugh Me-increase in rates for women's Board, the new grou p will 1:1e for the main room and one for Junior College are participath d d d L tz 0 t Dec. :;-J 0. Knvanek, Studies on . E 't d ' d . s e roa near 1;1 c the Development of the Slime Mold. the students attendmg. mry, uruvers1 Y sa1 res1dence halls. The board also headed by the USG secretary the lake room. This will also ing in an extension course of-13, lS reported to be domg well Jan. 9-C, F. Cole! Mathematical The first step toward inter-1,793 were enrolled m the fall set up a $10 fee for incoming of public relations and has a provide the student body with :Cered by the University of at Tampa General Hospital. Flora of collegiate cooperation in student of 1959. The cur:ent total in-students. Both rulings will take three-fold purpose. They will dinin g music from 8 a.m. until Florida. This course is en-Mr. Egerton 25 suffered a the Northem Lake Sl,lPcrior Region. activities will take place when eluded 1,432 daytime students, place next fall. The dorm in-keep the campus clean, pre-6 p . m. In Southern's bio-re-titled "Field Laboratory in Specompound of the left of 50 University of South Florida 297 students, and 240 crease is necessary to help pay vent legitimate posters from oesearch laboratory, two Rhesus cial Problems -Junior Col leg as well as injuries to his Feb. 20-.G. G. Robinson , Function of students attend the University attendmg Stetson's ColLege of the cost of the extra staff re-ing torn down or covered up monkeys named Nick and Nanlege." Every weekend since h 'd h t d b k Hormones m Invertebrates. Law at St Petersburg The d th ' h lis A d k th b 11 t• b d b t t d t ts I t t SJRJC t d t ea , c es , an ac . Mar. 6-G. E. wooJ!enden, Evolution of Flot1da Gator homecomwg d qmre m e women s a . an eep e u e m oar s up cy, are a ou o un ergo es as semes er s u en s George H Miller director of of the waterfowl. game Nov 12 . USF is freshman class numbere 470 , recently formed group cal l ed to date . for a possible cure for cancer. have been traveling to Ralford ' Mar. 20-James Ray. Endemic Plants . an 1 ' ncxease of more 30 per "St d t C 'tt tl Fl 'd S th Th d Th f th' t t 1 th t f R if d the University ' s WorK-Study Coof Florida. sormg the tram tr1 p to Gamesu en ee. 1e or1 a ou ernec ore e success o 1s exper1men o p ay e mma es o a or operativ e Program and advisor Apr. IO-A. A. Latima, comparative ville that leaves Tampa at 9 cent over last fall. State of the UmversLty , comUllmann, outstanding pianist, will be determined if Nick and prison games of baseball. They to Campus Publications , is serva.m. and returns at 12. Saturday University o_f posed of 12 stu-presented a program Oct. 25 at Nancy contract cancer. Should are making these trips to earn ing as news director in the ab-Between Trematods and snail Hos t s . night. The cost of this trip, T . U. coeds will dent_leaders, Will meet monthly Florida Southern. His selecthis occur, a cure will be atmoney for baseball uniforms for s e nce of Mr. Egerton . P;';!.nal About which will be include b I o c k for the title of to discuss student and univertions were from Bach, Beetempted. If a remedy is ef-the coming season • ...


THE TAMPA TIMES, October 31, 1960 LABOR MP'S URGE DEBATE Polaris Sub Base Stirs Britons By PHIL NEWSOM I menscly rich Sahara oil fields UPI Foreign Editor which arc just beginning to :Yook for a major political yield sizeable quantities of pe -storm to burst over Britain as troleum. of negotiations to give Economics-In Manila, it is I the United States a Polaris sub-widely rumoted that the Philip marine base in Scotland. Four teen Labor MP's have urged parliamentary debate and claim the base would present "great dangers" to the United Kingdom. • ..An announcement is expected 11m week of British-American •a,greement to base the nuclear-arnted submarines in the Firth of Clyde, near Glasgow. Most opposition comes from Communists and the left wing of the .Labor Party. Labor Party leftwingers are pressing for British nuclear disarmament, regardless of action taken by other nations. pine goveriment is preparing some sweeping moves to im prove the nation' s economy. some business circles believe the government will remove all controls on the peso by the end J of the year or, at the least, drastically cut or eliminate the 25 per cent tax on foreign ex change. There is increasing pressure from business and in dustrial leaders for action. For Safety's Sake-Japanese police are urging Japanese poli ticians to permit the presence of uniformed policemen at po litical rallies as a protection against assassination. Since the slaying of Socialist Party chairman Inejiro Asanuma, police authorities have warned that plain clothes detectives l!annot furnish adequate protection. Intervention in Algeria? -French President Charles De -Gaulle is under heavy pressure to announce new plans for Al J'(eria without delay in an effort Strike Out-Japanese fans are to end the war there before the disappointed with the perform Russians or Red Chinese inter-ance in Japan of the San Fran vene. De Gaulle, however, is cisco baseball Giants who man not likely to be hurried. aged to hit one home run Meanwhile, French officials in their first four games. And -in Algiers are increasingly dis-so are the Japanese men who tmbed by rumors of early Combrought the fifth place National .munist intervention in the Al-League team to Japan. gerian war. One theory is that The Giants their first they may attack France's im-four games with Japanese teams. The Japanese say it's . Deaths not that their players have improved so much as that the Giants are among the weakest ever to barnstorm in Japan. MRS. LUDA z. SELLERS T ' Kell d Mrs. Luda z. Sellers, 66, of am pan I e 4109 Cass St., died Satur-Whaele Hunting day at her home. A resident of Tampa for 22 years, she was a I PI t Cet native of Lowdes County, Ga., n an I y and had been an agent for MuCharles Varner, 44, of 10917 tual Life Insurance Co. of New N. Edison Ave., was killed Sat York for 21 years. She_ was .a urday afternoon when he was member of the Hyde Park umt accidentially shot while hunting. of .Jehovah's Witnesses. She is The accident occurred at the by three daughters, Joe Mcintosh Farm one mile A. J. Collins, Tampa; Mrs. north of Plant City, Var H a r r y C. Yarbrough, Boca ner had gone to hunt wild doves . :Raton, and Mrs. Jay Woods, Varner was shot while talking Lakeland, Ga.; a son, Dr. Sidto a fellow hunter by Oliver ney L. Sellers, Dalton, Ga.; a Wade of Crystal Beach. The tlro.ther, Henry Zeigler, Adel, sheriff's department ruled Ga.; and 10 grandchildren. shooting an accident, and sard CALVIN A. MAY Wade would not be charged. A native of Carnesville, Ga., Calvin A. May, 68, a resid!lnt Mr. Varner had been a resident or the Crescent Lake Trailer of Tampa for the past 18 years. l'arlt, Riverview, died Friday He had been employed by the in a Tampa hospital. He Dovle Electric Co. for several tetlred from the Pennsylvania years. Railroad after 42 years service He was a member of the A. as an engineer. Mr. May was a w. Windherst Masonic Lodge, member of the Riverview Meth-185 F&AM the Hillsborough odist Church and is survived by Wildlife A;sociation an d the his widow, Mrs. Dorothy M. First Methodist Church of May, Riverview; a son, V. R. Carnesville. May, Pomona, Calif., and a Survivors include the widow, daughter, Mrs. Arthur E. Fouke, Mrs. Jewel Ward Varner; one Dayton, Ohio. daughter, Mrs. Hazel Edwards, Brandon; his father, Mr. Edward State. Jobless Up Varner, c a r n e s ville; three TALLAHASSEE. Oct. 31 lliPD. brothers. W. T. Varr.c:, Cranes-the number of ville; Roy Varner, Marietta, Ga., persons in Florida to 90,200 and Aubrey Varner, LaGrange, in Septembe•r, according to state Ga.; one sister, Mrs. E. B. Arm industrial commission chair-strong, Marietta, and two grand-man James T, Vocelle. children. The figure was 2,200 above the August leveL Vocelle said Saturday part of the blame could be placed on bad weather which burt construction and reClyde Hill, 60, Dies After lated industries. 'Copter Rescue He said non-farm employ. ment i.n September was 1.26, an ST. MARKS, Oct. 31 IUPll increase of 9,300 over August State official Clyde Mills, 60, and 1.4 per cent more than drowned in the Gulf of Mexico September. Saturday despite a heroic rescue effort by an Air Force medical F I N to an. Unera 0 ICeS Mills, F'lorida labor mediator and conciliator, had gone fish ing with a friend Friday and Sf:LLERS, i\IRS. LUD& Z.Funeral services for Mrs. Luda Z. Sellero of 4109 W. Cass Street will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock rom 11\e chapel of J. L. Reed & Son, Baysbore Blvd. & Plant Ave., with R. R. Mackey, minister of Jehovah's Witnesses, presiding. Interment fol lows in Myrtle Hill Memorial Park, Phllbearcrs will be, Norman BlasJ;owski, Cecil Thorne. James A. Rbbinson, Ronald Weeks, Richard BrumleY and Paul W. Schailly. VARNER, CHARLES MA URICE-Fu:nsral services for M.r. Charles MauVarner, 44, of 10917 N. Edison Avenue, wbo passed away suddenly saturday afternoon will be con ducted this afternoon at 3 o'clock fl'llm the chapel ol the C. E. Prevatt Funeral Home. 3419 Nebraska ,Avenue, with the Rev. Fred Rumsey, pastor of the Forest Hills Methodist Church officiating. Pallbearers wUI be, Mr. Coy Melvin, lllr. Michael Wa.rren , Mr. Vel l ,ove, Mr. W. R. Creen. Mr. L. S. Bramlett and Mr. WiJliam Hardaman. Masonic services will be conducted at gra VC!Iide by ttie A. W. Windhorst Masonic Lodge No. 185 F&AM. Interment will follo'\o> in Garden or M • m or I e s Cemetery. Open Monday Night PIANO .Trial Plan their boat swamped. The friend swam to another boat but Mills, who could not swim, clung to the overturned craft. A helicopter from Tyndall Air Force Base found Mills early Saturday. A rescue sling was lowered to him but MiLls was tpo weak after his 15 hour ordeal to put it on. Corpsman C. I. Felton then slid down the cable, locked his legs around the 230pound mills, and was to the helicopter .. But Mills. dead on arrival at Memonal Hospital in Tallahassee. Efforts Fail To Arrange Fifth Debate WASHINGTON, Oct. 31 lUPll Vice President Rich a r d M. Nixon and Sen. John F. Ken nedy wil'l share no more vision screens before Ameri cans choose between them for the presidency. Efforts to arrange a f i C t h "great debate" TV meeting be tween the Republican and Dem ocratic candidates collapsed in a welter of angry charges • and counter-charges d u r i n g the weekend. Barring a reversal by both camps, the matter ap"''""""'"'• peared settled -no more dee Use of new Spinet in your home e Fr .. private leisons e Fru delivery of pi1no e No obligation to buy-but full credit if you decide to NO EXTRAS NO OTHER CHAitGES i.ll this al an a.stor.mding low renlal/ee. Come in and .le& u.s pPlain it to you. 106 E. Tyler St. Tel. 1 BranchH: Sarasota Lakeland bates. Nixon's representative at the negotiations said Saturday there would be no further discussions I until Kennedy apologized for accusing the GOP of "bad faith" in the talks. Kennedy's reply was blunt: "I'm not going to drag him up in front of the microphone." Each side charged the other with being unwilling to take part in another of the unique face-to -face encounters -and both sides went to work plan ning the final week of cam paigning another TV debate. I 1OTH ANNIVERSARY FOR U.N. FUND to Aid Chi'ldren UNITED NATIONS, N.Y . , Oct. ganized as an experiment in pennies, nickels and dimes for 31 (JP) -Halloween to n i g h t making All Saints' Eve somea total of million. brings ou_t thousands of than Whole communities take part . sters agam all over. the Umted soapmg wmdows or turnmg over, Schools, civic organizations, and to collect tnck or trash cans, netted $36 for . a fraternal groups join in the col penmes for the U.N. children s sm.all Sunday school class m lection program under which a fund.. , . Pa., a suburb of penny will buy five glasses of It IS the fu':ld s lOth anmverPhiladelphia. . milk for needy children, a nickel sary of collectmg money. by that $llh Million Collected . vaccine to protect five children means to help buy milk and I Last year more than t.wo m il from tuberculosis and a dime for million mothers lion boys and in !f!Ore than penicillin to cure two children and chrldren m 107 countnes. 10,000 commumties m all 50 of yaws a skin disease common The first U.N. collection, or-states went out and heaped up in the tropics. SCHOLARS PONDER 'CLURG' Traffic Problems Plague Old Oxford Fifty cents can supply DDT to protect four children from malaria for a year. One dollar provides sulfone tablets to treat a young leprosy victim for three years. Much of the health program is paid .for by the government contributions that are added to the donations. The U.S. government's contribution last year was $12 mil OXFORD, England, Oct. 29 (A") the supporters of Plan One lion, half of the annual budget. -Oxford University's scholars "isolationists." This year the Congress limited are applying their academic One plot of ground is close the governmental contribution "' brains to solving the great Oxto every Oxford man's to 45 per cent of the total. ford traffic 'Clurg.' Christ Church Meadow. This is Cliildren Certified Clurg is the university term a wide green pasture leading . for the chaos that traffic has from the colleges down to the To. collect for the U.N. chJl-(AP Wlrepholol brought to Oxford's medieval rivers Cherwell and Isis. For dren s fun.d,_ Y 0 u n g s t e r s are streets. Massive trailer trucks centuries it has been jealously o!Ircial orange passing near lecture halls drown guarded as a preserve of calm stickers showing_ , a child d,ramout many a professor striving to in the heart of the throbbing mg 8 glass of muk,. . , MARINES AT GUANTANAMO impart his wisdom. Gowned city. In New C1ty chll-These eight Marine corporals pose with .ice cream cones at the. Guantana1_110 undergraduates are regularly Road builders want to slice dren the offiCial. tag Naval Base in Cuba. They are part of a contmgent landed from the ancraft earner late to classes because it takes the meadow in haU with a four-and carrywg a sticker Th f 1 ft f t so long to find a way through lane highway. issued by the CitY Welfare De-Boxer for a few days of rest while on maneuvers. ey are, rom e , ron row, the streets. Christ Church, aristocratic are allowed to make G. A. Mullemax, Denver, Colo.; M. L. Kelley, Philadelphia; M. L. Pate, Blooming-No less than 94 road-building college that owns the meadowI . ton Ind. rear row J. B. Durlram, Bloomington, Ohio; F. E. Kay, Dallas, Tex.; J. T. plans have been presented and land, has retained one of The kids are admomshed to Elkins, Maysville, N.C.; C. A. Riner, Lafayette, Tenn., and K. L. Peoples, Lower the professors can't agree on Britain's top laywers to prevent collect door to door or Lake, Calif. any. New highways have been the intrusion. I m groups, at least m ilie around the city, even under the Anyway, He Was ers .are supposed to be accom-SUBURBAN LIVING city, but nothing is satisfactory pamed by an adul t .. to all. 1 R• ht St t The U.S. C m m 1 t tee for k S d H S The basic difficulty is simple: n ICJ a e UICEF -the _m!tials stand. S et al • . ere to tay Once a placid university town, MIAMI , Oct. :n (Jf>)Harris U.N. International Childten s u perm a r Oxford has grown into a thriv-Williams stepped from the bus F und.-: notes that ing industrial city. Automobile depot and hailed a cab. He'd Vrce President N!Xon and. Sen. factories lie within sight of the traveled down from Florence, J_ohn F. the presldenuniversity, and the working Ala. for a visit with his daugh-t1a l agree on the population jostles undergradu-ter. worthwhile purpose of the fund. By BETTY VANCE customer's name and the rain-Women's Editor check is made out for use at The one-stop shopping con-any time the item is back in stock. cept is the result of the post Added plus to this keep-war shift to suburban living . everybody-happy-plan js that "Supermarkets are here to when the raincheck is turned stay, " predicted Thomas c. in, the item is sold at the sale price not the current or Butler, president of the Grand regular price. Union Company whose newest Grand Way Discount Center Tampa Center opens today at Hillsborough Tampans today are visiting and Armenia. the newest Grand Way to see the one stop shopping con-The increased use of the venience center as big as a automobile is another major footl:>all stadium. automobile is another major In addition to a complete factor underlying the public' s 11 n e of supermarket foods , shopping, Mr. Butler pointed there are approximately 30,out. 000 g e n era 1 merchandise "The potential for general items grouped in to departmer<;handise sales by super-ments marked by ceiling dimarkets," h e emphasized. rective signs. ''has not even been calculatMeats a r e all U.S. choice ed, let alone reached.'' Conor prime sold with a bond sumer buying habits, rising policy and can be returned or costs, and competition were the bond can be turned in for cited as spurring non-food THOMAS C. BUTLER money back even ii meat has sales in traditional food mar••. Grand Union Co. president been eaten. kets. Figuring the two-hour shopButler reminded, however, Rainchecks are nice t o have per likes a little extra, there's that "Grand Union is basic-even if you never use them. a disc jockey playing records ally a food chain.'' Grand But Grand Way Discount Cen-and casually chattering to Union, e i g h t h largest food ters expects theirs to be used. customers. chain and second oldest, dat-In fact, they insist. Food-a-Mats are used in all ing back to 1872, plans to Here's how it works. Grand centers and Grand Union open 25 conventional food Way stocks an item Markets since the late presi-markets during the curxent ing its sale and, de.spite all dent of the company devel-fiscal year. "We have 16 dis-figuring, it sell:; out at oped tbis gravity feed idea count centers in New York, .sale price. durlllg hobby shop hours. N e w JerseY, Connecticut, There are no disappointed Boxed Hems are replaced on Vermont and Florida, also 440 customers because the departthe tilted shelves automatic-supermarkets in 10 eastun ment where the item is sold ally with stocking done from states, Washington, D.C. and m a k e s out a slip, pl1ones rear of the shelves. -_P_u_e_rt_o_R_i_c_o._" _________ ah_ea_d_t_o_Ia-'y-'--a_w_a..:.y..c' _t_h_e_ The bakery sells pies hot • from the oven that bakes while you shop. And there DEATHS ELSEWHERE W.R.G.BAKER SYRACUSE, N.Y., Oct. 31 (UP!l-Dr. W. R. G. Baker, 67, radio and television pioneer, died yesterday in his home after a short illness . Baker, president of the Syracuse University Research Corp. at the time of ihs death, retired as vice president of the General Electric Co. Oxford is PASCAGOULA , Mtss. , Oct. weeks skin completely cleared by taking it out of the stream 31 WPDThe Navy will launch I and clean. First time in 30 years. traffic altogether," said an the n u c 1 ear submarine USS Thanks for your marvelous prod"English lecturer, Lord David Snook here today. ucts." This much abbreviated re-Cecil, in support of the first Rear Adm. Lawrence R. Das-port tells of a user' s success with alternative. pit, deputy commander of the a dual treatmen t for psoriasis now " Nobody wa n t s cobbles and Atlantic fleet submarine force, I made available to all grass in the High Street, " re-and Rear Adm. James M. Far-Full information and details of a t01ted the warden of Merton rin were scheduled t o speak at 14 day trial p l an from Canam eo .. College, G . R. Mure. He called the launching ceremonies. 1 Dept . Mass; t h. . e t PROUDLY ANNOUNCES t THE OPENING 1 OF THEIR ' 11301 FLORIDA 1 I Phone WE 5-1187 FORMAL OPENING SATURDAY A N D SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5TH AND 6TH . Now Two Complete Funeral Homes To Serve All of Tampa L .. When it comes to home heating, there's nothing better than Natural Gae . Every comer of your home sta y s warm and comfortable when you have :natural gas heat. Auto matic natural gas heaters respond instantly to the slightes t change in temperature. And no other heating me t hod offers so many types and sizes of heating units to choose from. No wonder clean-burning natural gas is America's most popular heat ing method! So think twice about giving all your household jobs to one jack-of-all-trades service. For special services like home healing, cooking , and water hel\ting , natural gas offers efficiency, economy, and all-weather dependabi lity that can't be mAt.c hed. Remember, for specialized jobs, it' s just naturally better! gas ......-.eoples &YST.El.VI We Sell Clubs or Individual• J. ' J. ENTERPRISE Call Joe Valenti Phone 3-11J1 Wee.k Only IIUJUII• COOIUIII • WATEI IIUTtlll • ILOTHES DIYIIII • tEFIIIIEIATIOII IAIIAIIUIID TJUM DIII'OUL • Ill COIIDITIOIIIIIII • OUTIDOOI UIMTIIII 215 Tompa Phone 2 ,, t ' s 'l , c :F c a c ( 11 t E n 0 0 p p b to c 0 tt tl ti F d tl tl t1 d s 1 b tl n n t< S] c 11 ci n c b a g t l g d ...


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