The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
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n Vol. 68, no. 235 (November 7, 1960).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
November 7, 1960
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
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4' USF ELECTION RETURNS KENNEDY BEATS NIXON . BY SMALL MARGIN By LEONARD JONES and JULIAN PIPER Sen. John F. Kennedy came out the victor over Vice Presi dent Richard M. Nixon in a re cent presidential preference poll at the University of South Florida. The poll, conducted during the past three weeks, contacted 500 students to determine their choice of candidates. The big question was, "Which presiden tial candidate would you vote for on Nov. 8?" The answer war: Prefer or lean to Nixon-Lodge ... 222 (44.4%) Prefer or lean to Kennedy-Johnson 234 (46.8'7r) Undecided . . . . . 44. ( 8.8'/r) To see how representative the results of the poll were, the Young Democrats and the Voter Chills Clear and cool through Tuesday. Winds 12 to 22 m.p.h. High today 70. Low tonight. Young staged though of the considered a good sample from which conclusions can be drawn. IN THE VOTE FOR PRESIDENT Preferred Kennedy . . . . . 259 Preferred Nixon . . . . . . . 234 Write-in for Collins . . . . 16 Should the undecided vote be split between the two candi dates as suggested by the office, tne results would indicate: • .o ... er or lean to Nixon -Lodge ... 244 <48.8%) Prefer or lean to Kennedy-Johnson 234 (46.8'1?) These tabulations of the poll KENNEDY I coincide with the results of the straw vote held at the Univer Republicans at USF sily of Florida last week. a straw election. Alover Nixon has mcreased smce the prefer only about 25 per cent' ence poll was sta1ted. This students voted, this is &eems to indicate that those who were undecided in the poll, The breakdown of those what constitutes the deciding have now come to a decision. ing for Nixon and thinking re-factors in a tense race such as IN THE VICE PRESIDENT ligion would affect the out-this. These factors can be in-RACE come. and those voting for corporated into two divisions-Preferred Lodge . . . . . . . 273 Nixon who did not think reli-personality versus campaign is Preferred Johnson . . . . . 228 gion would affect the outcome, sues. Many students who voted for IS as follows: Those surveyed felt that: Kennedy apparently felt that Would affect . . . . . . . . . . . 168 Personality-most Lodge would make a better Would not affect . . . . . . . 51 important factor ...... 40% vice president. Likewise those voting for Issues-most important One of the most controversial Kennedy and who thought factor .............. .. 50% issues in this campaign has ligion would or would not afNo opinion ........... 10 % been religion and its possible feet the outcome: The results seem to indicate effect on the outcome of the Would affect . . . . . . . . . . 144 that because the issues involved election. When this question Would not affect . . . . . . 47 are not so diverse between the I was asked: Although most students fell two candidates. the voting pub-Will affect outcome .... 340 that religion would be a factor lie will base their choice on the' Will 11ot affect outcome . 107 in determining the outcome, individual as well as the stratUndecided . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 1 their presidential preference in-egy that each advocates to at-Most of .the students who said dicatcd t.hat neither candidate/ tain a better nation, hemisphere candidate Farris Bryant chalked that rehgJOn would affect the I would gam or lose votes m the I and world. I better than 2-1 victory outcome felt that, although othfinal analysis. IN THE STATE ELECTION up a . . ers might be influenced by this Across the nation, many peoFOR GOVERNOR over h1s Republican opponent. issu(., they definitely would not. ple have varied opinions as to Demo c rat i c gubernatorial Raymond Peterson. Bryant ............ , .••• 335 Peterson . . . • . . . • . . . • • . 158 FOR CONGRESSIONAL SEAT For the First District congres• sionaJ seat, Republican William Cramer commanded an 86-vote lead over Democrat James Mc Ewen. Cramer ... , ... , ..•..•. 287 McEwen ..........•... 201 These are the student re sults as tabulated by students Karen Anderson and Richard Hernandez, and these two re porters. It should be under stood that although the report ers have their personal beliefs, the poll was conducted in as impartial a manner as possi ble. No one wearing a campaign button or who was known to belong to any political organiza tion was surveyed. THE. TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-EIGHTH YEAR-No. 235 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1960 PRICE FIVE CENTS / .,. ' STUDENTS AT GATORLAND Professor Preodor Presents Violin Concert at USF Nov. 10 A violin concert will be presented by Edward Preodor, professor of music at the University of South Florida, Thursday , Nov. 10. Professor Preodor will give two per formances in the science lecture auditorium, SlOO. The morning performance will be at 11 and the evening performance at 8:30. Dr . A. J. Watkins, associate professor of music, will accompany him on the piano . Building For Life The program will consist of baroque, classical, romantic, and the impressionist periods, which date from the early 18th century to contemUSF MUSIC Symphony Planning First Appearance porary times. Included in the evening per formance will be the University String Quartet, consisting of three violins and one cello. The Sciences violins will be played by: Ptof. The nc. w buildings going up Prcodor, Dr. Watkins. who west of the Science Building earlier in the season gave a will be the Life Science build-piano recital, and Mrs. Charles ings. When they are completed Micarelli, wife of Dr. Micarelli, in September, 1961 , the present . . . . who is assistant professor of b ild' ill h n1 In an effort to I Gower stud1ed plano for functional foreign languages. science u mg w ouse o Y standards and commumty meral years Robert D1ttOn the cello will be Denise chemistry and physics. terest, the newly formed sym:J mann, .choral d1rector at Mana-Howorth, a member of the Tam-The new buildings will be phony. at USF, under tee .H1gh Schoo!, he later pa Philharmonic. Dr. Watkins two stories high with one walk-the dtrec.twn Prof. Edv.:ard stud1ed under. Prof. R. Wayne on the piano wil lalso join Preway connecting the two lower Preo.dor .. ls makmg prepar.atwns I director of odor in playing "Sonata in A floors, and another connecting for tts f1rst formal public ap-orgamzatwns at. USF, and IS Major" by Brahms. the two top floors. pearance. presently studymg under Dr. On the first floor of the A debut has been set for Feb. Armin Watkins, associate pro-. Prof. pursued a mu-larger building there will be 22, 1961, in the new Theatre j fessor of music at USF. career the office of the director and Arts Auditorium at 8:30 p.m .1 Included in the program will ll)terest .after NaPROFESSOR PREODOR facilities for plant study. Robert Gower, student, will be be "The Overture to Iphiginia" H1gh School V1olm Com, ••• violinist On the first floor of the 1 piano soloist. I b, GJ ck "Branden btu Conpet1t10n at the age ?f 15. Upon smaller building will be student ( --6--, . . ... --. ., school gtaduahon, he was laboratories and one classroom. WB h •.•• rrht.! ot d :,<.,.v:al!,i hi" rphnn tfl '1lf.) Th" '•';ontf \\ill "'" divided C h h b H e d on Jn ymi to the Curtis Institute of Music Prof. Preodor has continued! by movable pa"rtitions so that 0 r US P thony 1 Y f ay f at Philadeiphia where he be-performing and has been on 1 classes of any size may be ac0 er se ec wns o e ect e came prominent as an inter-the faculties of the Eastman commodated. • upon at date. preter of contemporary music School of Music. The National The top floor of the large Concert Scheduled The Umverstty Symphony Orand the of many M?sic Camp at building will bouse offices and meets Moz;tdays at 7 ber mus1c groups. He also re-MJCh., and the Umverstty of research laboratories for the p.m .. m Room 158 m the Uniceived a scholarship to. the 1 Flo.rida: The Youth faculty. There will . be rooms Center. The orchestra Eastman School of Mus1c at senes rnaugurated by the Umand equipment for every field ts composed oi students, faculty, Rochester, N.Y. While working I versity of Florida Symphony of scientific endeavor. townspeople and younger play-on his bachelor and masters de-Orchestra under his direction A list of the specialized rooms ers from the area. The grees here, Preodor performed has brought symphonic music to is as follows: cool room con orchestra h?s for .inwith. the Philhar-' more than 100,000 children in stant temperature room, 'media persons .stnng momc and Ctvtc Orchestras the state. kitchen, sterilizing room, in Attention! The USF Chorus Those Wlshmg to both. as a member and as a Prof. Preodor is presently ap-cubator room , operating room, USF students stare in amazement at the 'gator of the University of Florida, while there for a University Center Committee Conference . Left to right are: Dickey Davis, Marlene Hennis, Linda McKnight, Tricia Bledsoe (University of Florida), and Fred Jenkins. is still in need of persons with JOlll are urged solmst. pearing with the Tampa Phil-photo lab, and electron micro-good voices who are interested Preodor .in the of Fme . His of Freder-harmonic, under the direction scope room. in music. Dr. Hugoboom rern the Ad-rck Stocks Vwlm. Concerto-a of Maestro Aliredo Antonini, The outside of both buildings ported that there are 35 stumlm.strahon Bwldmg as soon as Ne.w Y?rk was where he holds the eminent po-will be in the same style as dents enrolled in the day choir, possible. m . Coursition of assistant concert the rest of the university. or chorus, and approximately 8l5 u • • as a sensJtlve mte:;p;,eta1 master. Among the used will in the Community Choir. There mvers1ty of a profound yvork . Ed-In private life, Prof. Preodor be the screen, is still great need in the day displayed .the is married and has four chil-alternated w1th bnck on the choir for "deep basses." There Off. . I c muSIClanshrp and dren. He is a native of Chicago, east and .west .sides, and dec-is also a slight shortage in the lCia IleS competence .a true arllst. and has lived in Florida 12 orated .With e1ther black or FUND RAISING CONSIDERED tenor and second soprano sec-Upon recetvm.g the Eastman years. This is his first year in glass tlle on the north and tions. The choir will welcome F d PI Performmg Artist Award, Dr. Tampa. south sides. any interested person. 00 an Hanson-one of Amer-When asked how he first be-One other building, which is The first scheduled concert rca s outstandmg composers -:came interested in the violin being requested in the 1961 will be Dec . 7, 1960. To improve food service In remarked: "Edward Preodor IS Prof. Preodor replied that le,:;islature, will complete Steering Committee Holds Election Today The chorus w1Il have a carol the USF cafeteria, where about one of the greatest talents East-he was a small boy someone Sc1ence Department. It wtll and Allen 1,100 students and s t a f f are man has had." handed him a "toy house J?hysics, the presWill hght the Chnstmas tree. served daily cooperation of stu-After a of concerts and and he seemed to take a con-ent Sc1ence Bu!ldmg free for Many songs are now being re-dents was in a memoran-guest appearances in New siderable interest in it. The "toy chemistry alone. hearsed. Some are "fun" songs dum issued recently by S. C. Yo.rk,

Hers ... and Hers J!4lone! PERSONALIZED* SHIRTSNow , • , for Christmas a Lady Manhattan S hi r t with her own monogram on our f a m o u s Manamooth No-Iron Cotton , • • the king pin of all drip-dries -smart roll-up sleeves. Winter White Ice Blue Sand Tan Foam Green Old Gold Four Distinct Monograms To Select From: No, 301 SIZES 10 TO 18 6.95 PI us 3 % Sales Tax S 208 Zack St. (Downtown) e Britton Plaza e North Gate Shopping C enter e 125 E. Stuart Ave. Lake Wales -) Finch-Tregoff Retrial Enters 20th Week LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7 (UP!}self in hopeless deadlock after and 1 man-received the case ment, held that the doctor was The Finch-Trego murder re 37.! hours deliberation. A poll nearly four weeks ago. United a liar. trial moved into its 20th week later indicated the panel of Press International 1 earned "To my mind" he said "the today with a jury of 11 women seven men and f i ve women fa-from a high courtroom official testimony given' by the w'itness and 1 man approaching its 70th vored conviction of the doctor that the near-70-hour delibera-John Cody was much more hour of deliberations on the and freedom for Miss Tregoff. tions had produced a second believable the testimony fate of the illicit lovers. The second jury-11 women hung jury .with a 9-3 deadlock of the two defendants •.. " Although this is the second for convlctwn of both. H ' t t t th . d IS s a emen , e JU ge con jury to have trouble reaching a Two Ne11ro youths The 9 3 count was borne e ac t 0 1 the back and took her life, but 7 ( IP) _ Arthur Newell Smith, Subscrlpllon Rates: By carrier Deaths in Tampa, Elsewhere OW! said the r evolver discharged 77, who took a temporary job 0:Uo':tt'! auv Whol•••ale MRS. MAUDE WILCOX 38 years. Survivors include his grandchildren, Patricia Swisher as. he attempted to at West Virginia University as 17 .80, one year 115 . 60 . we sell Clubs o r Individual• Mrs. Maude Wilcox, 71, of widow, Mrs. Myrtle I. Cannon, and Barbara Swisher. toss It away m the aftermath track coach in 1924 and reJ. & J . ENTERPRISE Seffner, died Sunday morning Orlando; son, Howard B. Canof a violent struggle. mained 37 years, died of a heart ol Audll Bureau of CIJ"o Call Joe Valenti Phon e 3 E h J N 75 f Rt 1 e 1rst trial jury found it attack Saturday. ln a Tampa hospi'tal. A native non, Tampa, sister, Mrs. Paul ENOCH J •. NORRIS __ of Philadelphia, Pa., and former Herman, Virginia Beach, Va.; noc . . orns, . , o . , resident of Ocean City, N.J., brother, P. F. Cannon, WashBox 3.' W1mauma, d1ed (PAID POLTICAL ADVERTISEMENT) (PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT) she had lived in the Seffner ington, D.C. ; and two grand-mormng at a Tampa hospital. area for 13 years. She is sur-children. A native of Alabama, he had vived by her husband, George resided in the Tampa area for W. Wilcox, Seffner; two daughJOHN SPEIGL 27 years. He is survived by his ters, Mrs. Georgia Beetle, St. John Speigl, 76, of 54th widow, Mrs. Eula E. Norris, Petersburg, and Mrs. Grace S tree.t and St. died Fri Wimauma; three daughters, Leese, Philadelphia; four grand-d.ay m a local hospital. A na-Mrs .. Florence Temple, Davenchildren and two great-grandtlve of Germany, he had re-port, Mrs. Lula Mae Woodard, children. sided here for 12 years and is Chester, Ga., Mrs. Betty survived by two sons, James Jo Wood, Monticello; a brother, MRS. DOROTHY BINSFIELD Speigl, o f Lansing, Mich., and J. B. Norris, Tampa; three sisMrs. Dorothy Binsfield, 79, of George Speigl of Detroit; two ters, Mrs. Martha. McLendon, Crystal River, and a former res-daughters, Mrs. Marion ScanMrs. VIola Young, ident of Tampa for 50 years, dalito, of Bradenton, and Mrs. Wimauma, and Mrs. Ida died in a local hospital 1 a s t Helen J e p s e n of Petoskey, Boler, Tampa; ten night. A native of Chicago, Ill., Mich.; one brother, Jacob dren and five greatgrandchilshe attended Our Lady of PerSpeigl, of Petoskey, Mich., and dren. petual Help Church and Sacred two sisters, Mrs. Clara Price JAMES BUFORD CLEMENTS Heart Church while she resided and Mrs. Thressa Wanek, both J 8 B f d Cl t 53 T M B' ' ld f D t t . arne u or emen s, , m ampa. rs. Ie was a 0 e rm of 506 W . Paris St., died Sunthe Ladles SoEDWARD S. WATSON day morning at his home. Beclety, Lad1es of the Kmghts and 'd h' 'd M I the Mama Margaret Guild. SurEdward Sinclair Watson, 76, 51 es IS WI ow, rs: one . . I d t d ht of 705 S Howard Ave died SatClements, Tampa, he lS surVIvors me u e wo aug ers, • d b t t M B o Mrs. August VanEeopel Jr. and urday at his residence. Mr. Watvive Y wo SIS ers, rs. M D R p b th f T _ son was a native of Wisconsin Young and Mrs. Alva Nelson, . . erryM, ko Mo Wal!l and has been a resident of both of Tampa, and several pa, wo sons, ar . eis, d h M Cl Tampa; and Pete W. Weis, Cry-Tampa for 50 years. He is sur-meces an nep ews .. r. . em-stal River; seven grandchildren vived by one son, Jack Watson ents. at:ended the Umversity of and 19 great-grandchildren. of Tavernier, and two grand-Flonda, was e l t . e d children. ruler of the E s rn MRS. LELA V. CANNON HUGH NASH and for seven years was chief of police in that city. Returning to Tampa 10 years ago, Mr. Clements was employed by Ralard Publishers as advertising salesman. He was a native of Tampa. funeral Notices V OTI E FOR KENNEDY-JOHNSON-McEWEN AND ALL STATE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEES DON•T FORGET TO EXERCISE YOUR DEMOCRATIC PRIVILEGE AND VOTE DEMOCRATIC FROM THE COURT HOUSE TO THE WHITE HOUSE ON NOV. 8. For Transportation to the 8-1472 8-1364 Polls Call the Following 2-1950 2-1959 83-2781 2-0046 2-1682 Numbers: Kennedy-Johnson Campaign Committee. Hillsborough County Florida State Democratic Committee. James M. (Red) McEwen Democratic Executive Committee. For Congress. Mrs. Lela Victoria Cannon, 67, of 1540 Ionia St., Jacksonville, died suddenly yesterday afternoon while visiting her sister, Mrs. Gladys Goff, widow of the late G . Dewey Goff, of 32 Bahama Circle. She was the widow of the late Sherman Ca.n non former Jacksonville chief of police and a member of the Church of the Immaculate Con ception there. Surviving, besides Mrs. Goff are three other sisters, Mrs. R. F. Hernandez, Mrs. H. B. Hood and Mrs. A. G. Grinstead, all of Jacksonville ; two sons, Bransford Ward, Jack sonville, and Moran, High Point, N.C., and two grandchildren. Hugh Nash, 65, of 2112 Mitchell St., died Sunday morning in a Tampa hospital. A na tive of Live Oak, Mr. Nash had lived in Tampa 30 years. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Ruby Lee Langford, Ozona, Mrs. Lois DeBay and Mrs. Sue Kalfos of California; two sons, Earl Nash, Oklahoma City, Okla., and Walter Nash, Tenn. HENDERSON, MARVIN HARWELL SR.-Funera l services for Mr. Mar-H l K C ll "'ll y V • d vln Harwell Henderson Sr., 82, or e p ennedy in His Telephone Catttpaign. Please a .t1 our .. t•t.en s 5310 Central Ave., will be MRS. SARAH M. HENDERSON LEE FEGEI\"BUSH Lee Fegenbush, 81, of 20!'.1 61st St., died Saturday in a Tampa hospital. Mr. Fegenbu was a native o:C Kfntucky a had been a Tampa resident for 1 45 years. He is survived by sev eral and nieces. this afternoon at , 38, 4525 so. Lois, resident of pa for 18 years he has lived in Thorne,' ; two Tampa for 4 Y.Arars, who passed away Orlando for seven years. He was ----'----=--'-----=--a member of the First Presby-I • terian Church of Orlando, and funera Nottces will be offered lor the repose of former elder of the Palma Ceia his Soul by Msgr. John Scully. In Presbyterian Church. Mr. CanBEAUSCBESNE, .MRS. CATHERINEnon \Vas purchasing agent for Funeral services for Mrs. Catherine being accorded by MacDill Air Force the American Can Co. in Plymouth, and bad been associated day In St. Petersburg, will b e held Funeral Home, 4040 Henderson Blvd. with the American Can Co. for THORNE, RUFUS ALLEN -Funeral * Best For Rent 1. STORES 2. OFFICES e 6 TO 8000 SQ. FT. STORE N ext to Wards and Star Market -Rent ••• $1.35 Sq. Ft. Per Year e 1200 SQ. FT. STORE Air-Conditioned Between Ward s and Star Markef Utilit ies Furnished Rent ••• $300 Per Mo. e SMALL STORE Or For Office Use Next to Star Market Corner F lorida and Wat ers Rent ••• $50 Per Mo. e 3800 SQ. FT. VERY MODERN OFFICE Air-Cond. • Heat • Parking Next to Wards Rent ••• $85 0 Per Mo. e EAGLE LAKE Small Star-N ext To Star-Highway 17 R ent ••• $75 Per Mo. PHONE J. LYNCH TAMPA RE 6U31 which time a Requiem Mass will be 2:if offered !or the repose o! her soul by h eld Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the B. Marion Reed Co. Funeral Park. survivors are one brother, AI First Methodist Church, officiating, Calif.; Revde Soeur Florentine, st . with Interment In Myrtle Hill Memo Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. F. T. rial Park cemetery. Pallbearers are Blount Co. in charge of arrange-John Graham, .Stephen J. Dickerson, ments. ors include a son, Rufus A. Thorne Jr .• Tampa; two sisters, Mrs. Zora Young., Jackson., Mjss . , and Mrs. Lottie Prevett, New Orleans, La. ; two brothers. Cecil Thorne, Greenwood, Miss., and Ike Thorne, Jackson; two grandcblldren. Mrs. Marilyn Swisher, Boulder, Colo., and Shelton A . Thorne, Tampa; two great grandchildren, Patricia and Barbara Swisher. WATSON, EDWARD SINCLAIRFu. n eral services for Edward Sincl air Watson, 76, resident of 705 S. How ard Ave. , who passed away Saturday at his home, will be h eld M onday evening at six o 'clock from WUso n Sammon Company Funeral Home, with Rev. Allen E. Bartlett, pastor of the Nebraska Avenue Methodist Church, to officiate. Crematio n will follow. BINSFIELD, MRS. DOROTHY Fu neral services for Mrs. Dorothy Bins field, 79, resident of Crystal River and a former resident of Tampa for 50 years, who passed away In a Tampa hospital Sunday evening, will be held Wednesday morning at 9:30 A.M. at Sacred Heart Catholic Church at which time a Requiem Mass wlll be offered for the repose of her Soul by Rev. F r . James M . Buckley S .J. Interment will follow in Myrtle Hill Cemetery. Rosar y services will be held Tuesday night at 8 P.M. at Marsicano Funeral Home, 4040 Hend erson Blvd. Pallbearers will b e Ed ward Dorian, Vito Mule, Arthur T. Johnson, Willlam Jacob, Herman Romeo and Lonnie Lovell. She is survived bY two Mrs. August VanEepoel and Mrs. D . R. Perry, Tampa; two sonsJ Mark M. Weis, Tampa and Pete M . Weis, Crystal ---------River , Fla.; seven grandchildren and I9 greatgrandchildren. I dent of 2021 6lst St., who passed I away Saturday at a local hospital. will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock f rom Wilson Sammon Com Baptist Church, to officiate. Inter ment jn Myrtle Hill Cemetery, bearers : R. H . Baird, Steven Baird, Bill Grimes, Archie Wadsworth, and B. w. Wallace. CARD OF THANK5-J wis h to extend my deep appreciation for the many acts of kindness by relatives, friends and neighbors, floral tributes and cards received during the sad be reavement in the loss of my dear husband, Marcelo Pascual. , Tampa Federal Savings & Loan Association's , I I . Seventh IIIIIUIIJ!Ijlli- • The directors, officers and staff wish to take this opportunity to express their appreciation to you for seven years of continued growth in savings and assets. You're cordially invited to come help us celebrate. Dee. 31, Dec. 31, Dec. 31' Dec. 31, Dec. 31, Continuous Growth in ASSETS 1954 ______ , _ _ _ 1955 ___ _ 2,254,340 5,206,805 1956 _ 8 ,769,484 1957_ __ , __ .. __ ,___ 11,883,968 1958 .. _, _____ ,_,_ 16,098,557 Dec. 31, 1959 ___ , ___ ,. ___ ,,, 21,627,650 Oct. 27, 1960 .. _____ _ $24,500,000 WIN a Gruen Wrist Watch! No need to open an account or add to your present one to win a beautiful GRUEN wrist watch in gleaming gold . Men's and ladies' watches on display in all three convenient offices. Just drop in one of our three offices and register your name anytime before Nov. I I th, 1960. tampa federal • sa.v1ngs AND LOAN ASSOCIATION DOWNTOWN: Franklin at 2..0881 212 Lafayette Street Phone 2-0881 INTERBAY: 3404 South Dale Mabry Phone 68 TEMPl.E TEUAC: 9250 66dt Street Phone WE 8-4242 Carillon Bells " SAVE by the 1Oth EARN from the 1st . Save by Mail, Postage FREE! \ ...


..; ' ... ! Byars' Set To Defend By Walt Ditzen THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November '1, 1960 15 I Brandon To Dedicate 'IOI.l'I Jones, 159'1 •• miliar with the issue, briefly D e l Rin , 127, Ha it i s this: the proposed convana, outpointed Ignacio 'i:erez, 122, stitutional amendment, to be Solomon Boysaw. 14llh, listed as number three on your Cleve l an d, stopped Bert somodio, 135, ballot will remove the budg7;. Bonnie Espinosa, ' mia, outpomted Teddy er • Golf Title McEWEN SAYS-INTEGRITY IS T .HE BIG ISSUE! YOUR CONGRESSMAN SHOULD CONDUCT HIMSELF WITH UNQUESTIONED INTEGRITY AND ' COMPLETE EFFICIENCY IN FULL COOPERATION WITH FLORIDA'S CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION THE TAMPA TRIBUNE hbllolltd )7 Till!: TBIBUNJ! COMPANY, Latayelto ua Mor.-aa 81o., Tompo, 11t. J , C. COUNCIL, PruiJonl ' ....d Publi.Turr /omu J.. Erlilor Y. M, Newlon, /r, MIIMSin& EdiLCJI' Page 22-A EDITORIALS Sunday, octobe r 30, 1960 JIIILJ: TBOUGBT-Ro ll a bucl llcan National Committeman, to gain a still bigger fiat In Florida's federal patronage •aDd the manner o f his at tempt tells much of his tactiCs. An. unknown Tampa w aiter was chosen tO delive r tb Cramer • qualifies• • tion paPerto'the Secretar:y of Sta t e'1 Office juat clock muck the dead• line, in an obvious maneuver to ease Cramer into the race before National Anthony :Battaglia rea lized what was happening. (Battaglia had. let it be known he would enter a candidate Cramer !or Congress :It Cramer opposed him for committee man), But Cramer's secret agent was a trifle slow On the draw, and failed by two minutes to beat the deadline. So much for the Cramer record. Let us look at McEwen 's. RED McEWEN was elected state tomey elglit years ago as one o f a team of law• enforcement officers 'pl!'dge d to break the corrupt power of the gam bling racket. The cleanup has been highly effective; there is less organized gambling here today, anq less racket in :fluence in elections, than probably at any time in Tampa's histor:y. : Mr. McEwen bas exerted himself in behalf of honesty and decency in other . areas of community life, as well. & adviler to the grand jury, he has had the courage to l ead investigations into irreg ularities in any . branch of government. As cllalrman of the Better Business Commit tie of the Greater ?Campa Chamber of Commerce, he bas worked ener. getically to protect the public agains t gyp promoters and l!hady business practices . Th e standing of Mr. McEwen in his profession is indicated by the tact that be bas served as presideat of the Tampa end Hillsborough County Bar A .. ocia tion. His long record of civic service in cludes the presidency of the' Exchange Club . A nativ e Floridian, h e is thor• oughl y Umlliar with the problems and needs of the First Distr ict and the state as a whole. We recommend the election N o vember . 8 of Red McEwen not because he's a or a Tampan but bee au s e be will, In our judgment, give the First District able representation, unspotted by questionable asso c iations, !we promises machine HERE IS THE RECORD THE CLEARWATER SUN Sva.,Oct .23,1960-10.D &UUII'OK &IGBT LIVING "1 Wll -through IIU wcrid but cnee. Arrt aood there! oro, !hat I do ar ADl' klndneu"' caa """to ADl' bumaD beiDI. lot me do II DOW. Let me not defer it Dr The Cramer-McEwen Race Gets Hot The while heat being generated in measure been consign•d to the' waste-< the First Congressi Onal District race basket before the House, with' Cramer' • . between Representative William C. vote in support, passed an identical bUl . and James M. (Red) McEwen except for a 2'h per cent across the has stimulated a sizzle of interest board slash in expend itures,; Cramer throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas, wired newspapers in his district that all• Pasco and Hernando coun tie s. projects !or . this area included in ihe! men are a study in contrast. 'origina l bill were safe in the second McEwen. a Democrat. is Hillsborough's piece of legislation, less the 2'h per cent pugnaeious, determined State Attorney cut. . . who chews i nto his work w ith the smile But once aga m the Prestdent vetoed ()! a happy bulldog. He is tenacious the bill. Forced between a choice of rather. than suav• blunt rather tlian going along with the White House or sub tle and prefers fue frontal attack to ' his district, Cramer cuddled up to the finesse . administration and again the Cr=er went to Congress i n as F?rtunately for First . an apple-cheeked, young Republican overrode Mr. s ob lawyer fro m Pinellas Courity who had Ject>ons without Cramer s help. . .. served a single undistinguished term in This to offend the Whlllt . the State Legislature , After six yeas Hous_e while r .ISkmg the '{ in Washington he is still as bland in aph u dts:z-tct defies as a physical attrithere 1s substance to ruii)ors :hat bute which . freq u ently causes his opposihopes be appomted to. tion to underestimate the hard. core of a federal JUdgeshtp m . . opportunism co ncealed beneath the Of course, this. ambition-if tt extst!l dimpled exterior . -may . have been s omewhat Bill Cramer is in every sense an through recent charges by that. ,, li k lit! . , . 'In . t th. . Cramer accepted a $2,600 campaign oon• s P ? ctan. e ts lS . a tribution from Frank Trafficante of destgnation be .would cher>sh; in public Tampa in 1gM, Trafficante ia one of he will. tt. .. He built a highly four defendants in a Pinellas b ribery on a cons piracy case which is s till In litiga • tion .of favorable pubilc1ty-most of 1t tion. The other three are Cramer's for the of a flood of press releases .mer law partner, c . Ray Smith; the from his Washington or local headquarCramer recommended appointee for St.. ters. , . . Petersburg postmaster, William Bowes McEwen s task.ln . campaigning (wlio s ince has resigned) anli Primo the FmtDut,rtct post 15 to separate Lazzara, Tampa . tavern . owner who hai the Cramer the Cr"';"er deb een questioned in connection witll m the headlines; It won t gangland slayings. easy JOb. C b d definite d • Senator George . A. Smathers once ramer ISSUe a . eru ... b ed th t Bill c 1 th h b't that .he rece1ved a C:O!IIttbut.lon e . a . . ramel!s n . e a l Traffica n te. of claumng f?r everythmg good Trafficante, when queried, c!ismisseci. that except the sunreporters in ringing profanity , Ehine . T tme and agam the GOP con-that he didn't want to talk about • tht{ gressman Spessard Holland matter. embracmg as his ow;t those accom"That was six years . ago," he added actually attributable to the . without further explanation. state s Senator. . . . McEwen says he bas witnesses to, For 1nstance, Cramer did npt l?es>tate the transaction.' Last Saturday Ivan to take the bows for federal approval of Jewell told newsmen that be was the ;rampa's harbor deepening Yet, carrier for some of the money Traffi m truth, the project was authonzed bet t h 1 c Th • fore Cramer set foot In Wasrungton and can e gave 0 . e P . ramer. e •• ti If d ted.b D t gressman 1mmedtolely denou n ced lDI a un s were v o . Y a emocra Ic Jew ell as a man who "draws moril Cong r ess at the urgtng of Senat o r drunk tb s be b ths" c Holland. . . an u o r . Nor is the c ong r essman .reluctant to however, d i d remember a grab credit. forpromises still u nfuJ . Pasco County bdwe.:n filled In 1 9 5 6 b ed th t 1 th some. 30 Ybor City restdent&, mo)uding . eannounc a n e F nkT Hi t n ear future a new postoffice raHow is (or was) con , wou l d be constructed >n Tampa. Two nected with T rafficante will continue to years later the value of the .new strueb . I dd ' "A t McE , ture had incre8.sed ' by a half a million e an Issue. n a ,>uvn o wen . s . aollars and, according to Cramer, plan charge. end Jewell s statement, this ning and designing wou ld begin within much '." on the .record : : . 60 to 90 da ys. In 1959 Cramer said conDu:mg the Pmellas bribery c o nspir-. struc tion of the new postoffice woulcf acy a letter to. ::rom start sometime ln 1960. With 1960 a!was which T rafft • .most gone, the Get)eral Services Ad cante as our mutual fnend. D<:fense: ministration said last month that Tam • attorney Ma:ck Hawes o ff ered an mte: pa's new tederal buildin g i s still three estmg po]tbcal commentary on thiS to five years in the future. move. He declared :. Even with such examples on the recshowed close frtendshtp . that at• ord, McEwen will have a difficult time eJOSted. between Trafficante b kl g his t t As BI!l . Cramer .•• The State grabbed them ac !' oppone n . m 0 a . corner. u p quickly. And I tell you that when a toe-:dancer on th. e tssues, the c ongresst hey introdu c ed them as eviden c e theY, IS superb, P ?ssessmg a . remarka ble shot Bill Cramer dead on the ground ability !o p!ace himself on both sides of politically."' .. a ques!ton. . • . -Last year Cramer supported the rematns to b!' seen. T h e onlll' Presiden t 's veto of the public w o rks bill 1hlng presently lS that they hav • . . ratsed a question mark over --:-a measure which con tamed appropnahopes in this election and, in fact, ovet t1ons for '!ampa harbor his entire political future and fundS to Jaunch the long sought • Intra-<:aastal waterway between Tampa Bay and Fort Myers . Hardly had this THE RIGHT MAN-RIGHT NOW--TO RESTORE INTEGRITY AND EFFICIENCY VOTE DEMOCRATIC FROM COURT HOUSE TO WHITE HOUSE .. . . litis paid I by the Florida State Democratic Committee


16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November 'I, 1960 REGARDLESS OF CONTROL South To Lose Committee Heads WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 Powell would be the second Regardless of which party wi n s Negro chairman of a House control of Congress in tomor-committee. Rep. W i 11 i am L. row's election, southern DemDawson, Illinois Democrat, now ocrats will lose two of their heads the Committee on Govpresent 23 committee chairman-ernment Operations and would ships. retain that post if re-ele . cted. They will lose all of them if Another North Carolina Dem-the Republicans win. ocrat, Rep. Carl T . Durham, is S h ld th D t t . not seeking re-election. Had he ou e s re remained in Congress he would control, Southerners Will remam be head of the Senate-House as heads of House 10 Atomic Energy Committee Senate commtttees, under Democratic majorities. a clear maJonty. In line to take over the chair-They will y i e 1 d chairman-manship next year is Rep. Chet ships of one House committee Holifield California Democrat. and a joint Senate-House comDemocratic control mittee. of the new Congress would leave Rep. Graham A. Barden of southerners as chairmen of these North Carolina, a Democrat, did House committees if they not seek re-election. He now reelected: is chairman of the House Edu-cation and Labor Committee. House Lineup Powell in Line Agriculture-Harold D. Cool-Succeedinng to the chairman-ey of North Carolina. ship if the Democrats keep the Armed Services-Carl Vinson House will be Rep. Adam Clay-of Georgia. ton Powell, New York Demo-District of Columbia-John L. crat, who will move to the top McMillan of South Carolina. under the traditional seniority House Administration-Omar rule. Burleson of Texas . Interstate and Foreign Commerce-Oren Harris of Arkansas. Merchant Marine and Fisheries -Herbert C. Bonner of North Carolina. FOUR AFFECT HILLSBOROUGH 6 Constitutional Amendments On Tuesday1s Election Ballot Six proposed constitutional I of by the governor and further 1 time for attorneys, jurors and amendments are on the general provides that the Legislature parties involved in civil suits. l t . b 11 t T d v t rs shall approve the agency ' s I Amendment No. 6 provides e ec Ion . a 0 . ues ay. 0 1 budget. The amendment also similar trial savings in Brevard who wa1t until In the votmg would give the Legislature a County. The requirement that booth to study them will find greater voice in composition o records of trials held in cities few nuggets of information on the commission's budge . t. other than the county seat be which to base an in f 0 r me d Amendment No. 4, generally filed in the main courthou se of viewed as a windfall for smaller the county affected would re-opinion. counties fixes the distribution main unchanged if the amendOnly the first four a f f e c t of race 'track tax which is now ment is approved by the voters. Hillsborough County, but county provided by statute. This pro voters are entitled to vote on all posal is part of the package reo them. The fifth a f f e c t s apportionment plan rejected by Volusia and Highlands counties . the voters m the 1959 and the sixth applies to Brevard e!ectlon. The Flonda County. tlon now the Leg1s .lature . power to divide any porhon of No. 1 racing taxes among individual the Legislature to. not counties in equal parts. Approval more than two addthonal JUdges of this p r 0 p 0 s e d amendment for each of the three would make this authority a per Courts of Appeal to reheve a manent feature of the Florida backlog caused by Constitution. appell?te The Judtctal Amendment No. 5 would alCouncil of Fl?nda, a non-partilow jury trials in cities of Volu• san orgamzation of laY m e n, sia and Highlands counties other lawyers and j u d g e has en-than the c o u n t y seat. The dorsed passage of th1s amend-amendment's purpose is to bring ment. the courts closer to the sources • Amendment No. 2 allows ab-of litigation reducing t rave 1 sentee registration for elections ' by members of the armed forces and their spouses temporarily living outside of the state. The amendment generally is viewed as a needed change. Amendment No. 3 provides that members of the State Game and F i s h Commission be appointed by the cabinet instead Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain 3 Convention Groups Here This Week Post Office and Civil Service -Tom Murray of Tennessee. At the CenterS New York, N. Y. {Special)-mentsas"Pileshaveceasedtobe Tampa this week will host Rules-Howard W. Smith of MONDAY For the first time science has a problem!" And among these three conventions, b r in gin g Virginia. Gary Center-Teen dance, 7 p.m. found a new healing li>Ubstance sufferers were a very wide va1,350 visitors to the city. Science and Astronautics -Clearfield Centei'--'Senior high


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