The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 68, no. 241 (November 14, 1960).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
November 14, 1960
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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Little Change Some e a r I y morning fog. Otherwise p a r t I y cloudy with little temperature c h a n g e through Tuesday. Winds 8 to 18 m.p.h. High today 83. Low tonight 62. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-EIGHTH YEAR-No. 241 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1960 PRICE FIVE CENTS OFFICIAL USF SEAL Finances Principal Blocl< To University Y arbool< Floridd Regulation Prohibits Printjhg Annual Out of State The outlook for a year book at the University of South Florida this year, or for the next few' years to come, looks rather questionable , according to a member of the Yearbook Study Committee. The majpr block to USF having a year book is finances. This in turn is about in some degree by the law, Florida Statutes of 1959, Chapter 283.10, wh1ch states that' class B printing, which includes yearbooks, done for state iru>titutions, must be printed within the state. At present only one company, the Rose Printing Co., Inc. , Tallahassee, is publishing yearbooks for state universities, the "Tally Ho" at Florida State University, the "Seminole" at the University of Florida and the "Rattler" at Florida A&M. Both Rose and Robinsons Printers, Inc., Orlando, were aslred to1 discuss yearbook specifit :a tions with the Yearbook S tudy Committee. Robinsons was asked because they have previous ly printed color sections for thf! "S e m i n o I e." Several other printers were asked but they showed no interest as they do not have the facilities. Federal Aid Helps USF Dorm Fund The University of South Flor-manager at USF, pointed o-ql ida has received information that this amount was in answer that $1,420,000 has been re-to the university's applicatiql served by the regional director for a loan to assist in the coli of the Community Facilities struction of housing facililfes Administration o f the Federal for 412 men and related com Housing and Home Finance selors. j Agency, Atlanta, Ga., for a sec-This dormitory, the second. to ond dormitory on the university be built on the campus, will be campus. completed for use by the fall Robert L . Dennard, business of 1962. The movable fur,jishings of t h is dormitory, lik the first now under constructior and due for completion in SeotemL. tie Man on " .•. after over test papers I'd say some of you could well afford to pay more at tention to class." Charlotte Peterson and Sam Eubanks pause to gaze at the official school seal which appears on the side of the library facing the main quadrangle. The library is scheduled to be open for student use by the start of the second semester. Neither company speci alizes in yearbooks and therefore their prices run much higher than some out-of-state yearbook pub lishing houses. One company said it would take many thou sands of dollars to set up to publish a yearbook as it shollld be. This no Florida printer has seen fit to do, one out-of-state 'Hamlet' Presented ber of 1961 , will be suf!>lied c t the for I>f)rms" a r 00 n dnve earned on 10 the rampa area by the University of South Character Florida Foundation. s The third step in the dormier1ees Begins Today publisher said. tory construction progjam will T ff• E t T T II UC CO • ff Estim.ates from be the financing and construcra I c X per 0 e . m m I ee state prmter was that If the con-At us F tion of a third dorrtitory to LMOC • • • what's that? Coonskin, L 0 u is e, Rugpad Meeting Results tract could be taken out of the! house another students That's Little Man on Campus , Dean Bellows, and all the other state it would run something I as w.ell as a umt to .food , . LMOC characters. Of C • s f A University Center commitilk 30 cent less When servlCe and related facihtles. the country s outstandmg col-The LMOC series is drawn by areer In a ety tee meeting was held. Nov. 9, Fl;rida talk of a $ 7 to' O!le the most The t hird is penned for legiate cartoon for college and Richard -%04. beau . ty; .that It everythmg i these areas, USF students 2102. Allied Arts and Architecture, day, Nov. 16, at 2 p.m. in the up, ani:l permanent officers will reatlon r O'O m 01 ce•nter . 1 p . m .. Mon .. high deep sol'lme up with many good and University of Florida. He now Science Auditorium. be functioning soon. Winners of the mcludil_lg Lost-Blue wallet, containing driver ' s ,and exqUISite skill can nteresting reasons, the most P1•ng-Pong resides in Tampa with his wife A graduate of Davidson ColAAUP includes all members women and mens smgles, Wlll license, student card, and personals. give it. tovel of which was "to get and two children. William Wat• 1 g D S t d d receive trophies Pleaae return to Sandie Diego or Infor "01Iv 1er's 'Ha 1 t' h t 1 e e, r . prun was a war e of the faculty without regard to . malton Desk In lbe University Center. m e as se up 'C . K ' Contest Fa I u re son and Anthony Pullara are the honorary degree of doctor of subject taught Other profes-Bridge lessons will begin An:r student wantlnK to earn uo a an equilateral triangle between away from aptain partners in a prominent archi science for his outstanding work sional organizations which rep-Jan. 5, and wUl be 50 cents 11;1 ':!1e!" ,t:;k stage, and. literature in the lounge!" The maJority In an effort to promote com-tectural business in Tampa in the study of birds and con-resent specialized fields of study per soon as !he Include eannsslnr;, cbect wllb Miss Th1s IS a presentatiOn of shtm agreed that they wanted to be petitive recreational activities at known as Pullara & Watson, Ar servation. 1950 the American will be formed later. ballroom .Is dancmg :t;o1•:."m.1n mering. a!? near the food and their friends USF t bl t t t chitects & Engineers. Ornlthologlsts' Union made him lessons Will . students wanttn" to rorm a combo to diSCiplined v1tahty, ths: while studying one for thought, • a a e enms Among many of their predom a .fellow m the union, one of the Offi•CerS The commltWe which is art. ! the other for 'discussion, ideas, was set up under the committee inant works locally are: the highest hon?rs has met twtce to set up some of IOOO.C. "It is a film not to be misstd. and information they didn't chairman, Paul Dinkins . Fifteen Northside Bank, Tampa; County gist can receive. Flonda Budthe. rules and by-laws of the Students wanttnr to a baby regardless of what the lorghave access to in the lounges students were scheduled to parOffice Buldlng Plant City the l'f " t bl' t f D Umverslty Center This comsttttnr group see Miss Richey at Per . . . . . h b • ' 1 e, a recen pu tea Ion o r. . wil b sonal services, Rm. 1009-C. memoned, the captious, or m-M n students study while tlcipate m t e tournament, e-new Federal Savings and Loan Sprunt's, is one of nearly 300 Elected in 1ha,rge of fu students wanting to rorm a typing formed hopefuls may miss in eat;g Y lunch because their ginning Nov. 7, but only four building Tampa; TV studios of titles accredited to him. CI Y or e .ceo er s even s. group ror the t:rplnr; or term it."-John Mason Brown . in h d 1 . ti ht th t th , challengers turned up at the WTVT 'Tampa and the new The fP,m , "Cypress Kingdom," Representatives ! . rom each at Persona "The Saturday Review." sc e u e IS .so g w s first game. Buildfng. They also deals w1th the mysterious woodwill meetFilm, "Operation Abolition," 10 a.m.. no othe: time. Ho e 'l' Y Dinkins commented that the plan bridges and roads for coned labyrinth of the South, the mg each week to dtscuss Tues .. Nov. H, Rm. SIOO. Factual re D S f _._ did admJ t t.hey wanted to tsten students have not had a genu-struction and housing projectit. home of the Seminole and its The Steering Committee held and plans the Umvera nee a Urguy to the for atmosphet:e. ine interest in organized recre-teeming plant and animal life. elections last Monday, Nov, 7 , sity Center committees. tee. Open to public. An informal dance waJ held More seriOus students ational activities at USF, and, Dr. Sprunt, Audubon Screen for its officers to serve for the at the University Center, Sat-they often used the readmg until an interest is developed, Tour lecturer, is being spond i ht ll> tl room in preference to the study tournaments will come to a The Tampa Times sored by the EVENTS Commit-coming academic year. The Pa n e I D I. sc us ses \/ rooms because it is n't as crowd-halt. The table tennis tourna-tee of the University of South newly elected is Jim jockies Robert Bickel lllld Rob ed. Complaints about the study ment is slated to end Nov. 22, Florida. Woodruff, from Hillsborough ert Koch of St. Peteniturg. rooms are that they're too when a champion will be High School where he was An "Outer space" will c.rowded, too noisy, much named. t1nlverslt1 of South Florida Campu1 Ed!UoD (Pace One Staro Editor ............. Glenn Matlheua Managing Editor . . . . . . BW Blalock Bridge Lessons A planning committee has been set up by the University of South Florida to organize bridge and dancing lessons. The com mittee would have preferred to start these lessons before the beginning of the second semes ter but because the Ch:J;'istrnas holidays begin Dec. 9, there is the problem of time. Lack of space has also blocked the prog ress of the committee. Advanced lessons for dupli cate or tournament bridge are being planned. It is hoped that those interested will be able to compete in the regional and na tional tournaments sponsored by the National Association of Col leges Union. As it is now, the lessons will begin the first Thursday after the end of the Christmas holi days. Anyone interested in par ticipating in these lessons may sign up at the information desk in the University Center. Student Jobs There are, at present, 263 dif ferent types of part-time jobs for the student to choose. The working hours are limited to 20 a week and a minimum color the dance this Saturday like classrooms, not hke home, All students are urged to president of the Student Coun-lu • •t Boo,kl Nov. 19 . .and there's absolutely no room watch for notices en and vice president of the , n Ivers I y ing the time. price and attire to spread out. . recreational m or-National Honor Society chapter. can be found on theposters dis One reason not mentwned der t ha t other activlhes may The other officers elected were: played around the campus. why the students don't use the proceed with more. success. Co-chairman, Bobby Bobier; reO , n Monday, Nov. 7, at 1 p.m., posed to the panel as to whe-cording secretary, G retch in the All University Book Com-ther they be I i eve d that the CA OUNDUP Malory; corresponding secre-mittee held a panel discussion President's power exceeds his MPUS R , N.,n Editor ....... VIlma Carreno Copy Editor ......... . John GDllot& Activities Editor ..... Joan Famnm Faoult1 AdYisor . . Geor&"e B. llliU•r Address all communications to O!flce or Campttl PubUcallou, Bm. 224, UDiversltJ Center. tary, Carole Murphy; treasurer, 111 the Science Building Lecture authority. After a short discus Jolm Berry, and parliamentar• Room, on the All University sion these points were brought ian, Dick Murrell. Book, "The American Presi-out by the panel. In general Rocket Society To Meet at USF The only other order of busidency," by Clinton Rossiter, to they felt that the President' s ness was a full majority vote to see if the book had had any power depended upon the Presi adopt Robert's Rules of Order effect on its readers in con-dent himself and the times, and as the committee's parllamen-nection with the recent presi-that the President's power does University of South Florida' program and awards. the officia!. title of "Gymthe Flo. rida Academy of tary rule book. dential campaign. exceed his authority since his -Friday, Nov. 18, a t 8 p.m., the Dinner will be served at 7 nastJc Rh;rthms and are conFlonda Prebyterian College; In the regular meeting of The panel was composed of authority is something set by Orlando Section of p.m. for. $1.50 per person. For ':"Ith body A final check of the admission the President's Workshop held two Republicans, Gary Seheithe Constitution, but his power can Rocke t Society w1ll hold Its •reservattons call WEB-4131, exconditionmg, surveying the o d fo th FPC Found' g Tu d h A tension 238. dances and of course gym-rec r s r e 10 es ay, Nov. 8, the naming of ner and Dr. Robert Fuson; two depends on how he himself uses first meeting of the Yout cnastics: ' Freshman Class shows 152 reg-the in d i vi d u a 1 registration Democrats, Cecil Brooks and his authority. Dr. Robert Fuson tivities !ftogram in the Science A d th St t 8 grouPs was discussed. The Robert Hernandez; and two In-felt that, "The President could Auditorium of the University roun e a e Manatee Junior Collegeular enrollees-84 men and 6 cho.ices to be presented are: dependents, Dean Russell Coopgo to Mars for a few years, and of South Florida. . . University rfr Florida_ This Manatee Junior College ranks I women. Of these, 113 are P_res: natwns, states, houses, colleges, er and Dr. Lewis Mayhew. Dr. the government w o u 1 d still Guest speaker will Ir.wm ast week at U. of F. d d in per cent of the byterians; 14 are Methodists, charter groups and constella-Robert Warner served as the function unless some really imHersey, director of publlcations P. . en e nations Junior colleges enrollEpiscopalians, 7; Baptists, 6; Lu tions. A suggestion that two or moderator. portant decisions came up." of the American Rocket Society, w1th the of home ment-wise according to an an-therans and more groups may want to con-As the panelists were intro-Some of the panelists also wl)o will speak on the educacoming. An estimated 50,000 nouncement made by Dr. Sam 4 each, and ChriStian Scientist, fer on the selection of names duced each made a comment as disagreed with Rossiter in his tional program of the American attended the activities in Gator-Nee!, college president. Catholic, Buddhist, and no af. was discussed. to the effect the book had had rating of the great Presidents. Rocket Society. land. There was a parade on Florida Southern -The an-filiation, 1 each. A group activity of planting on him, and told how much he Some felt that he had placed Preceding the meeting, a dinFriday, swimcapades at the uni-nual State Science Fair, spon Rollins College :r'he Beal-34 trees along the sidewalks agreed or disagreed with Ros-FDR far above where he de-ner will be held in the school's versity pool Friday afternoon sored by the Fl?rid!l Maltbie Museum of col when completed, was suggested siter and why. served, and they also disagreed cafeteria. Guests are urged to and following this was Gator for Future Scientists, will be ored shells, many of wh1ch when with the Intention that plaques Dr. Warner then asked If with his method of choosing attend both the dinner and the Growl Friday evening at Flor-held on FSC campus in April. opened appear as wings of but could be placed thereon by the there were any questions from great presidents. meeting. A special invitation is ida Field. The fair Is i n connection with terflies .in flight, are on display group. This will be resolved the audience, or if the panelists All agreed that the book was extended to high school and Jacksonville University A Science Talent Search, a copy-at Rollms . The thousands of by the individual groups in cared to challenge each other's well written, and heartily recomcollege students to acquaint new project was begun at JU-righted activity of the Science shells one. of the larg their meetings Wednesday. statements. A question was mended it to the university, them with the organization's coed gym classes. These classes I Clubs of America, sponsored by est such collections m the world.


Floridian Year A' Rounder Sports Jackets All the golden warmth of autumn is reflected in our n e w F I o r i d i a n Year A'Rounder sport jackets! Fashioned especially for llS by A m c r i c a ' s most famous manufacturers in zephyr-wools; orion-wools; silk and wools. Designed and styled for Floridian's business and leisure wear. /. I --'I' 39.95 ' I ) ! 45.00 49.95 4 STORES THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, November H. 1960 Adult Survival Class Set for Grant Park 2 ------------------------------------------Deaths Elsewhere A si:l1-week survival course for The course is sponsored by include lectures, films and adults 18 and older will be con-the City Recreation Department onstrations. JAMES L. QUINN ducted at Grant Park Commuwith the cooperation of the Interested adults are urged to Nov. 14 (A')nity Center, 54th Street and County Board of Education and register before the first session, James L .. Qumn, 85, former 33rd Avenue, starting Nov. 21 Civil Defense. There will be no in order that the proper arDemocrahc congressman and from 8 until 10 p.m. fee. The two-hour sessions will rangements can be made. Saturday after a short illness. OPEN 6 45 A M TO 6 30 p M He served in the House of Rep-: • • : • • resentatives for two term s, 1934-1938. Quinn, who was editor and publisher of the old Braddock (Pa.) Journal, a weekly, from 1906 until 1940, was born in Clarion County, Pa. RICHARD (LORD) BUCKLEY . NEW YORK, Nov. 14 (A>) Rjchard AIN Completely Enclosed Dust-Proof BAKED ON DALL'As, Tex., Nov. 14 (IP)., Irving R. Shampain, vice president and assistant merchandise manager of the Neiman-Marcus Co., died Saturday after a long illness. Shampain, before joining Neiman-Marcus in 1954, had served with retail c 1oth in g stores in New ' York', Brooklyn, Chicago, Cincinnati and Grand Rapids, Mich. He was born in New York City. WORLD'S FINEST BAKING OVEN Germanborn Mrs. Kres Club, 203 Marion St., comes Tampa since June, 1950, • 1n of the Weel{ assist ant bookkeeper of the Peninsula Motor you as this week's beauty selection. A resident of s gardening is her favorite hobby. pa, Elsewhere HARRY CHARLES HEWITT ler, two sons, Ronald her retirement, she had been PLANT CITY, Nov. 12 (SpeC. and Michael E. Wal-secretary to the board of edu-cial) -Harry Charles Hewitt, 92, of Tampa; his parents, cation of Washington County, a resident of Trailer Square and Mrs. Edward Waller, Virginia, she had been a resident Plant City for 12 years, died at his home Saturday morning. ... 15"• Ky.; two brothers, Virginia, for more than 22 years Survivors include one daughter, Charles aller and Kenneth and was a member of the Pres-JOSEPH R. BAUDIER SR. NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 14 (A') -Joseph Roger Baudier Sr., 67, former editor of Catholic Action of the South, died Saturday after a long illness. RABBI HAIM NAHOUM CAIRO, Egypt, Nov. 14 (A>)-,.. Haim Nahoum, 88, rabbl_ of the ';: Jew is h community in , Egypt '"' since 1929, died Sunday. t MANUEL CALERO CALERITO CORDOBA, Spain, Nov. 14 (JP) t -Manuel Calero Calerito, 33, •!!Iii Spanish retired matador, died S a t u r d a y o cancer of the L:"'' stomach. GARCIA & BATES NURSERY 4603 22nd St ••• Ph. 39 BIG 98c SALE Azaleas 4x4 .••• 4 for 98c; lxoras Gal. Can 4 for 98c; Cratons Gal. Can 4 for 98c; Camellias .. Gal. Can 98c; •... Egg Can 98c New Shipment Grafted Texas Roses Egg Can 89c Big Citrus Gal. 5 9ts. 1.98 Orchid Trees All Colors 19c CRaTONS Big Gal. 98" Extra Hybrid GARDENIAS Extra Fancy Grafted THE PUBLIC IS INVITED TO INSPECT OUR ENTIRE OPERATION Mrs. Grace Early, Plant City; Waller of LaGrange, Ky.; byterian Church. Mrs. Eddins is Big IXORAS one son, Frank C. Hewitt, Plant three ' . survived by a daughter, Mrs. Gal. 89• City; one sister, Mrs . Grace . Mrs. James Davts Dorothy E. Gillenwater, Tampa; TAMPA BAY cow MANURE 98• Oakley, W i 1m e t t e, Ill.; five and Mtss Waller, both of two sisters, Mrs. Ralph Ingham, wCOEEMDPFORESET, 4 .a.Aa3s go• grandchildren and 10 great-LaGrange, and Mrs. Jean Macon, Ga., and Miss M. Perle grandchildren. Steffen of Ky. Kent, Richmond, Va. ; two brothers, P. M. Kent, Glade Springs, :: MARTIN OLlVER Va., and A. 0. Kent, ChattaPLANT CITY, Nov. 12 ala J. & J. ENTERPRISE Call Joe Valenti Phone 3 WeeJ< Days Only TAMPA: 215 TAMPA STREET MIAMI• 564 N .E. 12Sih sr. • MIAMI BEACH: 1526 ALTON lOAD I fT. LAUDERDAlE: 319 N .E.lrd AVE. • HOLLYWOOD: 1930 mu mm I


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