The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 18 (February 27, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
February 27, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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\ A Winner Fair and w a r m e r through Tuesday. Winds up to 15 m.p.h. High to day 74. Low tonight 55. High Tuesday 76. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 18 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS LMOC AVAILABLE BY THE BOOKFUL With "Little Man on Campus," hitting top readership on campus,' the Uni versity Bookstore has stocked two volumes of the LMOC series good for lounge time reading. The going rate is $1 a volume and as one student added, "They impress the folks at home-give them an insight on this college life." LMOC Gartoon Proves Campus1 Best Liked Feature . The syndicated LMOC cartoon, which appears reg ularly on this campus as well as on many others has become the most liked f eature of the Cam pus Edilion of The Tampa Times, accordi n g to an informal poll of s tudents . The fact that the cartoon is well read by s t u d e n t s was bro u ght out in a poll which ap p ea red in the paper s ev e ral w ee k s ag o . But most students "Don't you think it is rather ap propri ate," he commented. Pat Boole said of the cartoon , "It's very appropriate , quite hu morous and you can always find someone who acts t he same no better, no worse than any other cartoon." While most of the students couldn't place their reas on for liking the cartoon, Kent Moss s howed a very erudite point of wa y." view when he said, "LMOC Some other student comments shows graphically the feelings ranged from, "It i s original," of the students to certain situa "1 think they are rea lly cu te , " tions which aris e on every cam to a more s ophi s ticated view as pus; also it provides humor and expressed by Horace Gordon understanding a m o n g faculty who sai d , "It i s all right, but students. " h a v e found that they are lookWORK STUDY PROGRAM arget Date For Yearboo Shifted To Spring Of 1962 Compliance With State Laws Is Main Publication Holdup Yes, the rumor is correct! By MARTHA JEAN EKKER that the yearbook will not be published until spring of 1962 When the temporary chairman, Merilee O'Berry, was questioned a.s to why the book would not be out until 1962 she blamed lack of finances and time. I More time than is available is needed for student contracts with businesses to be approved by the USF pro-• curement office. This is done to With this at least the main interest is that we comply with state laws and to 600 copies would have to be sold . abide b y the state laws and do assu r e there are no "loop holes " Naturally the cost of the book, not receive any raw deals . I am in the contracts. the number of pages and the willing to help in any way posWhat's Been Done? amount of subscriptions will insible." Is anything being done to recrease with the addition of an-For those organizations wantcord everything that happens other year. Robert F. Hess , ing pictures in the annual there this school year? Miss O ' Berry procurement executive assistant , will be a small fee, exact amount and the staff has many (the estimated that 1, 000 to 1,200 undete rm ined . number wasn't known) pictures copies of the y earbook will be There have be en no addition s of the university from the be sold because it covers two years. to the Yearbook staff. The plan gi nning until the present. PicWhen Hess was-questi?ned .as d . oin g so wa_s one of the top tures of vario us students activito whether or not fmanctal 1cs dis c us sed with Dean ties are also on file. 1 p r oblems were o'[!e of the hold durmg a meeting las t Summer sessions c 0 vera g e ups he replied , Yes , however , veek. will be determined by the amount of advertising and subscriptions . FIVE WEEKS. THEN ... Sitting Fee? What about individual pic tures? It has been suggested that these pictures be taken when the student registers as this seems to be the only way that other universities have suc ceeded in obtaining pictures of all the students. Spring Vacation Will Run 5 Days While the University of S outh! End of Second Semester-The Little Man on Campus At present, one of the main questions concerning the indi vidual pictures other than the bidding is whether or not the sitting fee of $1.25 would be acceptable , and if it should be included in the student fee. How pictures of students who attend ed the university last semester o r this semester, but not in the fall of this year, would be obFlorida ' s calendar for the sec semester ends with the last DRAGSTRIP STORY ond semester is st1ll a littlel exams on June 1 0 . va g ue on some dates , students Summer School _ Summer 2 c k t us F can look forward to q uite a lot school begms J une 19. An en-ra c ups a of vacation time. To to p the I r ollment of 700 to 1 , 000 is exis a 5-day 4-Students and staff Entrance and Fowler ...-------------• Setting up a calendar for will get a one-day vacation. I More Campus News USF i nvolves many problems. Summer School Ends-Sum. . T d p 2 It has to be planned around m e r school ends Aug . u. T here Two separate accidents occurred this. past. week t 0 ay on age construction dates, and recogwilt be n o class s until the Fow}er Avenue entrance to the Umversity. Jfie •----:---------'1 nize t.hat enrollment 1s comseU:e t r c1 . 1 0 l 2 1first ael. took place when campus secunty of ree net detr_J:-m:m.rl. ptn."<.i 1 Iaigt:dy or cr..mtul:Ung l c ' : e t' tc . Donald R . Cockerill collided with an heThe staff hopes to have the students. Other problems the don()s rhuclllon .le .us pursuing from the campus toward Fowler; the second, specification s 1eady for bids en c a on campus 1s c a usm g h t d t 1 t t. 1 f o------------soo n and a subscrJ'ptt'on drJve university had were late start-! the late start en a s u e.n con 10 o • 1 • h1s car an d hit a llght pole. will soon be started. The price mg clas ses and few students Dr. Lewis M ayhew, director Cockerill said that when he make a left hand turn off of the yearbook will be $10. / Color i.n the first annual , i s on campu s. of evaluation services and i n-attem pte d to halt the car, a Fowler , lost control o f his car t oo co s tl y. The ye arbook staff As the calendar stands, the s ti t uti o na l research , is o f fi c ially 1960 Plymouth sedan, the driver and smashed int o a ligh t pole. feels that the quality of t h e se cond semester and summer i n cha rge of the university suddenly s lammed on the brakes Damage was set at a n ew p ole yearbook is more important school look like this: calendar and a n y changes or as he Fowler Ave. than color. . . . . additions t o the calendar will The sec unty o!f1cer , unable to complete with base, and $200 Wheth e r to hav e a hard c ove r Sprmg Vacation-ThiS penod, be announced b y his office. stop, r an into the rear of the damage to the right front fenor padded cover is another u nknown to som e as the Easter halted car. later der and bu mper. The Florida decided ques t ion. holid ay season, b eg ins as Golfers Who patr?l charged How many pa ges will be i n es end March 30. Classes wont • wasn't catching the car. He bednver w1th failure to have his the annual i s not now known . A s r es ume until April 5 . During Shoot 1 n 80'S li . eved the m . an stopp_ed when_ h e car under control. to the cost of the book, the estf! mate for this first year was the Spring Vacation some US F I d1d t o avo1d oncommg traffic. p d PI $8,700 for around 160 pages. students will join other un iver-Wanted Quick Highway Harry otte ant . N Mofield, who mvesbgated the s1ty students on a to as . If you a golfer .who shoots accident , said that the securi ty • Peterson sau. The $60 tnp W i ll be on the m t he .so s, you are demand! officer would no t be charged Barricade S.S . Bahama Star . Dr. G1lma n He r t z , d1recto r of beca use he was in pursuit o f the The s hip has an orchestra, J?hysi c al. educatio n and. f leein g ca r . . The other driver, Something new has been Beats Out floor s how and prope r goi n g at t he Arnold W . was held o.n added to the patio in the Ad H T D . 1 1 . I S look m g . for . golfe i s to a reckless dr1vmg c h arge. ministration Building. Potted ing forward to the Little Man's ----------------nex t episode. Fred Frey pointed out that at the end of the semester both the arrival of the Navy on cam pus and the LMOC cartoon of that same week coincided. t • away music. On the IS and s d e, form a umvers 1 ty link team. Damage amounted u p to $400 plants, neatly connected by u n 0 I scu ss USF p.nmen s tudents can look forwa r d to The goU team will be alon the security wagon with cords , effectively block both the the land of the lim bo, native lo we d to u se the Temple Teraround $200 damage t o the other no r t h and south entrances to d b a nd s, the s traw market; a nd race court for practice. Arcar. Unti l further no tice the the pat io . It seems that the reac 0 E t • Steve Peterson walked away range meots are being made for security off i ce said t hey w ould son for the prese n ce of the 0 p . U ca 1 0 n with t op laurels. and a po ssitours . . these fac iliti es t o be used free be u sing pic k-up truck s and nora barricade is to attempt to bility to com pete in the NaUmvers1ty of South Flonda of charge to USF link men. pr ivate c ars for their patrol dissuade students from t r omp-e N • tiona! I nte rcolle g iate Bowlin g faculty members and s taff may If y ou are an up-and-coming work. i n g on the rapidly ampUS OfiCeS Four meetin gs have been the program . A se cond meetin g Tourney at _Detroit, March 26 make th e tri p at stud ent r ates. amateur or semi pro contac t The second acc id e n t occurred , grass. When the grass IS r.e s cheduled thi s week for person s with s tudents will b e h eld at and 27, by f1mshmg ahead of a Memorial Day May 30 will D r. Hertz i n the Phys i cal Ed uJ the next mornin g. Donald U . habilitated, the barricade will All person s app l y in g interested in the Work Study 11 a.m. Thurs day . Students need fie ld of 12 in th e recent R ecb d h I 'd ' cation Office, C 1073. Rue, 18, while attempting to be removed. Cooperative Program of educa attend 'on ly one session. reation Committee -sponsore d e a oneay o I ay. Jo.;3. b y March 15. tion .at the . Universit.Y of South Prof. Hunt i s c ons id ered an meet at Flonda Lanes. ------------ACTIVE CLUBS r.:ouce ... Any stud ent that needs wh1ch goe.s mto operaauthority on cooperative educaThe lo cal t ourn ey, held Tue s typmg . done ma,Y contac t the Perso!l-hon m June of th1s year. tion and ha s been a leader in day Feb . 21 w as composed of Faculty Rank Change n e l OU1ce. A hst of women that wlll . . . h ' ' 1 d o typing for s tudent s i s availa ble . Speakmg at all four sessiOn s the Cooperative Divi s ion of the t e top 12 P ayers m the USF Bible s tudie s classes will be h e ld will Hunt, director of for Engineerl eag u e , on a total score Be"lng Cons"ldered eac h Monday at s p . m . All interestcoordmabon and placem ent and mg Educalwn. ba s is. of of the Uni To date , about 25 firms have .Peters on' s score. will be s ub ""d attend these mee tings in mo s . vers1iy of D e troit. agree d to take more than 3 5 m1tted t o the regiOnal tourna-A proposal has been present-March 31-April 3 . Nassau trip co s t s Prof. Hunt will speak to the team s of students in the Work which is simply . a com -e d t o m e mb e r s of t he Un iversity $60 on .the Bahama Star open to faculty at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Study Cooperative Program. p!latiOn of scores submitte d by of South Florida faculty sug Is sta!f. At 3 p . m., he will meet. with Students interes ted in joinin g all . s c ho ols in the six-state ges tin g that th e University d r op USF Social Organizations Plan Proiects, Parties about 35 men representmg the the pto gram should mak e out reg ion. ranks for fac u lty members a nd w hich plannin g on be a preliminary application in the The bowlers who com pe t e d in . .. _ d I t St d t J tlona l . committe e , p l e s ign . u p at mg cooperative employers with work-study off ice, sec ond floor, t he l ocal tourney include: Peterl efer to all teachers as pro T h U By DIX f S ON th Fl the Recreation Committee (part plan n e Facu y -u en am th u 11 c t r ti d k f " e mvers1 y o ou or of the U.C. committee) in a Sess ion s, in which all interested Tie the university in the program . admi ni s tration building . Stu son , Wyvon Hudson, Allan Niel essor. ,. ida's new socia l clubs have ca r wash project which will can participate. Information on tivities in the planning All in -At 9 :30 a.m. Wedne s day, Prof. d e nts must have a "Cplus" or s e n , Larry Seifreit, Howard Durin g t h e pas t week various c 11 b g m d t ake place March 10 from g to thi s is posted in the University Hunt will meet the and average when applying, Crozier , Richard Vas quez, Tony groups ha ve di sc u sse d t he pro4 . These members are "Twinkle" Center, or ask at the informa. a . of other admm1strat o George H . Miller , Arc e, Mik e Lawrence, John posa l and it will probabl y be n ew U niv e rsity CommitFletcher, Mary McGee and Martio n desk. BSV Will meet Tuesd .ay, Feh . 28, 10 tive o f ficial s and at 2 p.m. directo r of the USF work -stud y Ev e nhous e Lou Drau g hon Ron brou ght before th e U niv e r sity . am. m U203 . AU Baptist students are t ' th t d t . d . ' • • tee contm u es t o p l an socia l cela Torres. The Lessons Committee is In vited to atte nd. mee WI s u e n s mteres te m program. nie Novak and F r e d Frey Senate in t h e n ea r future f t ' f d . . d 'th 1 un an stroog m m projects t o benefit uni ver The Delphis, girls socia l clu b, chess and bridge . Plans for ball s 1 ty and the commumty.. had for a project during Christroom dancing are under way. The Aretes , men' s soc i a l club, mas providin g a needy family The F u nctions is so l d Coca Co las d urin g t h e Gas w ith a basket of food. The cl u b now at work preparmg a calCAMPUS ROUND-UP parma i nv asio n and para de as worked through the Salvation endar of events for year "'9 0 0 0 E t d t u s F b f 6 2 t Ar:Y t h ld f ll for X P e C e a Y profit: Thi s money w ill u se d bers eFeb.o\g . The Recreation Commi .ttee's to fmance an acq u amtance h f J d H k b1gges t venture at present 1s the 1 d orne o u y ar ness. N c All party to be h e l d at a ater ate. T h D 1 h' h f l ty assau ru1se. persons m-Four Member s Accepted t . e the P 1 1 s . acu d terested should sign up at the _BY MARTIN. on the UF camp u s Feb. 21, citem ent wa s in the air durin g I Florida Southern Co llege-best poe m in "Fl ame," a po e try During their last meeting four information d e s k , University of South Flo!1da by the Lyceum the . recent Ho mecoming Cele The co lle ge concert choir began I qu a rterly . He ha s al s o writte n new members were accepted. n ear f u ture . C:enter . The quota has been Prehmman: enrollment figures ell. With Berman was t he Cumbratwn. Cof fee s, d a nc es, bana tour yesterda y which will a nov e l , "Season of Fear." These new Aretes are: B ob The U n iversity Ce nter Planfilled , but drop. outs may occur. for the spnng se mest e r at USF Three, a g rou p of folk q ue ts, and a parade hig hli ghte d cover Florida . Destinations inGulf Coast Junior College Coles, Chase, Way n e Jones nin g Committee the "old stanProgress toPPed. 1,800, the events of the week . elude Coral Gables, Miami, F o r t T h e 1961 Region No. 2 Scie n ce and. D1ck M urrell. The c l ub's dard" for unive;sity dances and The Umvers1ty Tab!e s l1 h t 1 Y Flonda Southern College Jacksonville University The Mye rs, Sa r as ota and Brad enton. Fair will b e h eld on campus a d v iser s are Dr. Jack E. Fer-entertainm e n t have dance laos Tennis Tournament IS now m the f1rst se-Concert piani s t Davis th e lo ca l Friday A concer t was h eld in Lake l and Mar ch 22-25 . . M t h a n 30 nand ez and Dr. Tho ma s W. for weeke nd s 'tor several Jeeks and 15 or more players ... Me. a . n a mornmg and Mu s ical e wtll umte to com m em-jla s t wee k . aw ards and pnzes w1ll be preSo l omons. . . h ence. are talting part.. h 11 e , mqmne s mng program m the Anme orate composer Frederick D e li u s Jacksonville University -Gers en ted to w i n n e r s f rom six T h e co nstitutiOn f o r t h e . . The RecreatiO n Committee for fall enrollPfeiffer C hapel Feb. 22. The March 3 . It i s hop eful that thi s I s on Yessin and H arvey Sc holl, countries. Aretes is next on t h eir meeti n g The Co mmi ttee also has a Moon Ligh t Cruise ment are running program featured numbers by will become a yearl y tradition . two m embers of th e piano f a Universit y of Tampa As a a ge nda. The club's primary pur-has a faslno n show planned f?r in the planning stage. Further far ahead of the fiv e g reat composers . University of Tampa Th e I c ult y of the c oll ege of mu s ic , part of the nationa l E m phasis po se is se rv ice projects for Marc h 1 0 B. a.m . . m the. patio arrangements are to be made figures this time Florida State University -The s chool wa s ho s t for the fourth will present a duo piano c oncert on Reli g ion in Life W ee k , three school and community . of t h e B uilding. and announcement will be 1 a s t Y e a r a n d Stud ent Sena te has crea t ed an annual Career Tea of the Hill s -at the Artist Recital Series' next relig iou s s peakers were invited The F1des, o n e of t h e t w o exM . aas Brothers COOJ?eratm_g posted .lt[l. the Umvers1ty Ce nter . September e n F S U Hall of M erit, intended to borou gh County Nutr ition Com eve n t. 'l'he co ncert will be held to participate i n a serious of istin g girls' soc ial cl ub s , have With the coml!IIttee m thi s The Planning Committee's rollment i s exb e the highest hono r tha n can mittee which was h e ld in t he at 7:3 0 p . m . tomorrow in meetin gs h e ld last Wednesday planned a dance fo r Friday, eve nt. T here will be 1 0 male project for March 11, the car p ecte d to pass the be b es tow e d upon students ballroom on Feb. 23. Gue s t s inS wi sher Auditorium : and Thursday. The pub lic al so April I4. The theme for t his and 10 fema le models from th e wash , i s r eceiving the support . 4 ,000 mark. Mean alumni , faculty . and s taff. elud e d homemakin g t eac h e r s, Gotdon Keller-Janet Dye of att ende d the activi ties . f u nction to be held in the U n ibody USF. Hos of all soc ia l cl u bs a nd many in while, univer s i ty Gulf Coast Junior College-A students a nd g u idanc e c oun se l Tampa has b ee n e l ected presi Jacksonville University A versity Center is t he "Roari n g P ltahty Committee IS contmumg terested students from all the official s are lookin g for a total drive i s underwa y to move the ors from Hillsborou g h County . d e nt of the student gove rnment. permanent award fo r acade mi c 2 0 's . " th e Sunday tours for committees. The profits from e nrollm ent which co uld hit 9,000 entire college onto a n e w ca m University of Mia m i -UM Martha Trotte r , al s o of Tampa , achievement, to be presente d A li ce Evans , v i ce presi d ent of s t ate and out-of-town VISltors. this on e day car wash will .go by 1962. T h e bi g jump would be pu s acros s Hi ghway 98. The Marine Laborato ry Sc i e nti s t was chose n first vice president. eac h J un e t o the fraternity or the orga ni za tio n , was se l ected A tour w as cond u cted on T uestoward boats for the recreatiOn brought about b y transfe r s from move i s . expected to b e com C harl es E . L a n e publi s h e d an I Ste t sonDr. Guy Owen , a s s orority with t h e hig h es t grade a s the Fides represent ative to d ay, Feb. 21, for the more t han area on the Hillsborough Rive r. Florida's many junior c oll eges. p l e ted eithe r in April or May a r ti c le in the Februa r y i ss u e of s ociat e profe ssor of En g li s h , h as point average , h as b ee n a n -the Inte r Socia l Committee. The 100 members a n d guests of the T h e committee exp resses hope University of Florida -Coof thiS' year. Scientific America n on the hi g hbe e n n otified that h e will r e noun ced b y President Franklyn m embe r s h ave selec t e d a com Se rtoma C lub. that all students will help in median Shelly Berman appeared Stetson University Much ex Jy d es tructive s hipworm. ce iv e an a ward for writin g t h e A. John so n. miltee from the club to assist The Cultural Committee has thi s project . •


GETTING IN LINE FOR A CUP OF PUNCH -USF Photo editor of the campus edition The Times; Jim Dixon, reporter; and Dr. Duane Lake, director of University Center. Seated at the table, left to right, are Kenneth Rollins Jr. and Peter Carlisi, III, members of the stu dent reception committee. The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition (Page 1 and Page 2 Staff) Editor .......................... Rodney H. Kite-Powell Managing Editor .•••••••••.••••.•..... Glenn Mattheus Sports Editor ....•••••••••••••••••••..... John Gullett Copy Editor .....••••••••••.••••••••.. Virginia Montez Faculty Adviser ...................... George H . Miller Other staff members: Martha Ekker, Betty Woodard, Wing Preodor, Steve Maxwell, Bill Blalock, Jim Dixon and Carol Martin. Address all communications to Office of Campus Publications, Room 224, University Center. Phone WE 8-4131, Ext. il8. DOWN 150 l Spring Semester's Enrollment at 1800 Dr. Frank Spain, registrar, be a result from junior college reports cooperation during the gradautes. There will also be spring registration was excepmore on-campus residence space tiona!. Students accepted the for those from out of state. responsibility of making out Sixteen states, o the r than their own schedules, and also Florida were represented in the praised the new policy regardspring registration. They were: ing lectures. This policy has Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Gear made it easier on both profesgia, I ow a, Kentucky, Maine, sors and students most agree. Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Approximately 1,800 students New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, registered, including all full and Texas, North Carolina, and part time students. This is Hawaii. Twenty-eight of Florthan registered ida's cC>unties were representi Writers Discuss I Boca Raton Group Starts Mary Ann Perryn, a new student, signs the reg ister, as Carol Torre , another new student, waits in line at a recent campus reception for new students. Standing left to right from the left are: Dr. John S. Allen, University president; Rodney H. Kite-Powell, I Athlet.IC Program !1 Tour of Campus Thursday < " student who enrolled in SE'Penter the university at either of . More than 100 persons will fly I ficials and bus.,s will speed information. However, every who have friends planning to fl ill m to Tampa from Boca Raton, them to the USF campus. tember without restriction was these times might wish to tell By JOHN GULLETT Thursday, March 2, to take a On campus the group will allowed to remain another se-them that the final date for ap-Local sports personalities, questioned in separate look at the University of south ha':e in the student cafemester. plication for summer is June interviews recently, all agree in sugg-estions for the Florida and get the story as to terla at 12:3d0 ftohllowed kby a Enrollment next fall is ex3, and for fall i t is Sept. 9. The T 1 t t f USF' t ll t thl t' ' program an en rna e a pected to be more than double number of students admitted is llll 1a s ar o s m eg1a e a e lC program. the problems involved in start-or the campus and visit with that of last fall. By the fall of not limited, but an early appli-. Tom sports edlt.or of The Tampa :rm1:es, ing a university from scratch. USF official.s. After the tour 1962 registration may reach cation will make the process VOICed the opm10n of the entire sports commumcatwn President John s. Allen of the group w1ll visit Gar9,000. This last increase will easier. media when he s u g g e s t e d dens and then board the1r plane :...:..:.:..:....:..:_...:;.:.:.:..:_:.:.:.:..:_.:__-:-::====::::-:::==-----------strongly "the importance of a1 all back and more in the follow USF expe:ts at least _17 at 5 p.m. for the return trip to __________ ..:A:.:D:..:VER:.:::::.:T.=IB::E::ME=NT::..::.. _________ _ star.t i? the right direction . ing years." representmg the Del Boca Raton. however . IS When asked to give his idea velopmeot Committee of the! The Boca Raton delegation most lffiportant at th1s bme." of the ideal athletic program in I Palm Beach County Resources I was originally scheduled to visit The statement was in refer-a state-owned institution, Cash Development Board to make the USF, Wednesday, but the air ence to the issue presently constated: "The school should defitrip. Assisting in the arrange-line strike forced cancellation cerning university officials. The nitely have intercollegiate athments for giving the visitors I of the trip. If the strike con Planning and Policies Commitletics, but it should also keep I from the Boca Raton area the tinues through March 1 the trip t ee, headed by Dean Sidney J. up with the academic standards full story on USF, besides Presiwill be reschedtlled again. On French, has been attempting to of the university. The athletes I dent Allen , are Mayor Julian later flights the delegation plans make some decision on when should also be required to keep Lane and members of his staff; to visit the campus at the Uni varsity athletics should be introup the standards. But that representatives of the Hillsborversity of Florida at Gainesville duced into the university's prowouldn't be hard to do." I ough County school system, and and later Florida State Univer gram. "Good students and good athdeans, directors and other ad sity at Tallahassee. This committee's decision is letes go together. " ministrative officers at USF. expected to be in favor of a Suggests Light Scheduies Frank Wright, coordinator-di-F I h delay of several years for the But Cash then emitted a word of the Boca Raton Un.iveras es introduction of such a program. of caution: "Until they can s1ty Development Committee, I Their decision is not final, for compete on a four-year level, said the group will include more it approval bY. the unithey should take it easy. Lighter than 20 mayors of communities All St vers1ty senate, and fmally the schedules should prevail in .the in the area.' th.e Palm Beach • a rs president. i i N t F' 1 beginning, maybe something on County legislative delegation , t DeeDs on H 0 dmJa h the junior college level. FSU and other leading citizens. Bu , as ean owar 0 nsoy , t t d t t th f h' Th h dea of affairs, stated s e ou m JUS . . IS as. ton. e c plane, wh 1ch In lead \ i1 the university But thex:e 1s a the group w1U travel, Will has decided to keep out of inter-pla.ce for ath-at 10 a.m. at tt\e Bradenton ir collegiate athletics until after letJcs of. Flonda s camp_us. for a quicl i look at Man ee the first graduating class, this Competition . IS the .foun?at!On College! one of the The league-leading does not rule out a revised of our Amencan way of as states newer JUnior colleges. . . . d . . 1 t , expressed t h r o u g h b1gt1me The plane is scheduled to arrive Rats, ndmg a four-game wmecls)on a er. t " The university has thus far spor s . . at Tampa Internahonal Airport mng streak headmg mto last displayed a "cautious" approach Guy Bagb, sport.s comment!! at 11:45 a.m., where the delegaweek's basketball competition to issue. It is felt by tion will be met by Tampa of-went tumbling to defeat at that the uruver-the right direction. "It's not hands of the upset-minded SitY should concentrate on esG • I D f • d tablishing high academic standto :walt until 1r e ermine Flashes, 4437, Tuesday, Feb. 21. ards and not be concerned with thmg IS JUSt ngbt .. 1 wou.ld like The upset sent the Intramural t bl' h. th' 1 1 f rt to see the university begm par-T S d L . es a IS mg IS. e':'e 0 spo s ticipatlon in intercollegiate ath0 ee Kenne y eague mto a two-way battle on cSatmfpfuMs at !hts tlmime. t' 1 letics next year. for first place between the Rats a em .. ers par 1a "Th ld 't d th A It should be pointed out that ey . n . g? wrong. GREENVILLE, Tenn ., Feb. 27 an e 11-Stars, ran their the members of the campus Take a Similar s1tuat1?n a few (IP)-A 14-year-<>ld girl who record. to three and one publications sports staff are years back. The . Air . Force wanted to see President Kenloss With a 52-29 wm over the 'taking an impartial stand on Academy was big colnedy , saved $20 from her school Monsters. The Rats have a 4-1 this issue . It is the sole purpose lege football With sophomores. lunch allowance and went to the r ecord for the season. of the covera ge in this area to Everyone ,they were weak, White House. The Flashes hold third place inform the student body and the ptebo;l: Shortly after daylight Sunday, in the lea gue with an even 2-2 general public of the problem If th Y : e t few White House guards said Kay record. '!he Monsters are eel-which exists. e w r 0 Eichenberry, a Green vi 11 e, lar-dwellmg at 0-4. McEwen suggested how a beearly, and lose, no one would Tenn., teen-ager, appeared at Nick C on s t an z a led the -ginning could take place this shocked. pe{ci the ga t es and asked to see the Flashes to their upset-win over semester. "I understand the borml'kancfe 00t. lr tphar kwou President. the Rats Tuesday. P YSICa e uca on s a u es "This is what is g oing to put When the guard said the ' 0 me h . 1 d ti t ff . 1 d e I e ros mg on e ca e. I Dan Mei se n 6 fo t 7 . h members who are qualified South Florida on the map not President wasn't "at home" Kay •. powered the All-Stars to coach teams of golf and tenms. smart students, or pretty buildsaid she would wait. The guard the1 r Victory over t he Monsters. Maybe they .could get together ings . Who is going to hear about called police, who located the Tomorrow the Mon.sters a .nd sn:all teams m these sports and this school out We s t , unless the runaway girl on a nearby park Rats i!l a 4.15 enter a few of .the !Dany meets sports writers give them space. bench and persuaded her to help p. duel at Kmg High. The held every m the area What can we write about now?" them contact hel parents. AU-Stars and th.e Flashes tangle for Flonda's JUmor colleges. . , at the same time on an adThese could later be enlarged Ba g li supp?rts the parents, Mr .. a.nd Mrs. joining court. when the other coaches and proposal for an full L. J. E1chenberry •. saJd she tol.d Professor Richard Hunter, facilitie s are available." range program. IS n,o she wa s g om g to the 11intramural coordinator, urged Delay !\light Hurt j why t .he Umvers1ty ca; t b1 ary to return s ome books, then more students to attend the John Cash s ports editor of participate m all maJOr a bus the nation's games held every Tuesday bo t h The Tampa • Tribune, feels a sports next year, capital. She arnved there at fro m the pla yer and spectator delay could possibl y hurt the ball basketball,. he sa id . . about 3 a.m. Sunday. standpoint. . 't "S th Fl .d ld Bagh d.Js-Kay's father a Magoavox Co . ----------umversi y. ou ori a wou agreement w1th the 1dea of m' L Ed• b e wise to go into interco llegiate t I thl t• I . executive, told n eig hbors before etterS tO 1t0r thl t . t . f a e ICS rep acmg var h e and Mrs . E ichenb erry left b y a e 1cs nex year m some o sdy sports on any campus . The Campus Edition of the the minor sports mayb e on the "Th 1 d f th . plane for Washmgto.n Sunday T T. J unior college .eY.. are a ways. goo or e t h a t he would try to arrange ampa will accept let"Athl t' th j . ind1v1dual, but if the school for Kay to see the President be-ters to the editors in the fole Jcs, even on e Unlor wants to hav e better athletes low1'ng ed1't1'ons not exceed1'ng eollege level would keep stu. t t d . th th h d f ore they all return home . • . . m eres e m em, ey a 200 words. All such letters dent morale up, would m better start at the bottom and M• h• L k should be addressed to: Edi-turn outstandmg athletes move up fast. The whole acaIC 1gan andmar tor, Office of Campus Publifrom h1gh schools all over the demic program will benefit." cations, Room 224, University country. H the fellows Dr. Gilman Hertz , director o f Destroyed by Fire Center. Letters will not be to read about the phy s ical education at USF, was printed which do not bear the sdy, manY_ would recogmze . 1t not available for an interview MONTAGUE, Mich . , Feb. 27 signature of the writer, ad -as growmg school, :'nd thmk at press time. His comments on (/P'JA fire destroyed the his dress and phone number. seriously about enrollmg . this matter will be included in tori c Franklin House Hotel, a Name will be withheld at the ':As it stands we sports a later article. Michigan landmark of the lum-request of the writer. Letters wnters have nothm g to say bering era, yesterday . will be printed on merit and 800 Tickets Issued, Two firemen were overcome news provocativeness. t t h al by smoke a nd treated at the m eres on t e mtramur y I . I . All level." 10 atlons ncreaslng scene. the approximately a Intramurals Not Adequate dozen gues t s and employes esCash disagrees with the popuThe security office reports caped, so me b y crawling on br belief that intramural sports that traffic violations sinc e the hands _and knees and others would adequately replace varbeginning of sc hool have passed down fire l adde rs. sity sports on campus: "It may the 800 mark. T h ey also stated Franklin House, built in 1873, replace it, but certainly not adethe most frequent offen se was was a one time s howpla ce of quately. Although intramurals parking violations. Viol atio n s th1s area. It was a gathering will take care of individual en-seem to be on the increase. p l ace for society folks of a ergies, it could not be s ufficient time lon g past. far as the entire student body Magnificent Seven The old, threestory brick 1s concerned." building made a spectacular In n?t-too_-distant future F•llm Plays Here exit. Flames shot an estimated the uruver s1ty WJll have an en175 feet into the air. rollment of over 10,000 students. Fire Chief Henry Roesler Th. Id rta' 1 k t "The Magnificent Seven," a I S wou ce m y ran 1 as said the damage was betwee n a big college. Cash feels the Japanese film, was. presented in $50 000 a nd $75 000 He said departm ent will rank the same. two separate here las t defective w1nn' hav e "In years to come either alumni Tuesday. The film ':"'as sh own a t caused the or the stud ents themselves will 4 p.m. and .7 p .m. m Room 10.0 force the schoo l into big college of . the sc 1 ence lecture a udi r-------------. sports. It can't be avoided. tonum. THE TAMP& TIMEs Football With U. of F. ----------0 Jli"e ' "Eventuall y they will b e playIn the Lens Company from T h e Tribune Build ing schools of the same caliber The USF campus came under s:!::!"d :as the U niver s ity of and the lens of se v e r a l photogra c lass matter at the Post Office at ;FSU. Yes, and eve n m footba ll. phers from national p ubli cations under tho Aoi or -ootball would not only support recently as they stop ped off to SubscrlpUon Rates: oarrter other sports as welL "have a look" after covering the Flonda fme example of a Gasparilla inv asion and parade suo. one year t15. 80 . football program. last Mond ay. One of the more South. Florida m. ay lo se money interested, and taking dozen s of M ember or Audit Bureau of Clrt f t 11 culatloa. THE SPRING FEVER STEAK SPESHIL $6,000 incl oodes a p e p p i II, a Chateau Briand for two and a Thunderberd headed for the open. Without the T -Berd U.S. Prime •.•• $7.50 Cocktails Served AU Major Credit Cards Honored BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Open every day at 5 P.M . 1208 5. Howard Ph. 8-8302 or 112-3891 4 Blks . N . Bayshore Royal Hotel Tomorrow Only, Staff Director J. C. Peak will be in Tampa, Fla., at the Floridan Hotel CONSULTATIONS ARE FROM 1 P.M. TO 8:30 P.M. FOR MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN THE PERSONS PICTURED BELOW NOT ONLY SAVED BUT RE-GREW HAIR Harvey James Pine HiD, N.C. Ernest Davis Alumbank, Pa. They gave only 20 minutes of their time for a FREE con sultation with the Erickson representative-saved and re-grew their hair in only a few months with the exclusive Erickson home method. None have male pattern baldness. -AREYOU-IN THEDARK . . : to Hair Probiems . READ THE STATEMENTS BELOW No need to be in the dark, hair, Erickson's exclusive pro its' really very simple. YOUR cess may help yo u. But HAIR WANTS TO GROW. mu s t act NOW . NOW in its eighth year, ErickSATISFIED USERS son Hair and Scalp Specialists HAVE SAID have proven this wit h the ex"Am very well pleased with el u sive Erickson application treatments • . • Bald spot is which checks dandruff, scalp completel y covered." itch and m a kes conditions just "1\b hair is getting thicker. I right for norma l hair gro wth. want to thank you for the won We do this by removin g artiderful treatment." Iicial barriers to healthy scalp "My hair is coming in real and make it possible for the good on the top and sides where positive Laws of Nature to it is thin." again take over and let you "My hair is becoming thicker once a ga in grow hair. and many new small fine hairs WHAT CAUSES HAIR LOSS are appearing and growing There are several scalp dislonger." orders that can cause hair loss "More than satisfactory." and baldn es s. Only a close ex"It doesn't seem possible the am ination• can actually determgood results I have received in ine the cause and best treatment such a short time." for your individua l problem. RESULTS GUARANTEED That's why Erickson guaranWe don't ask you to take our tees satisfaction on a pro-rated word. You are given a written basis. This remarkable guaranguarantee of satisfaction with tee is given e'•en though the our products from beginning to great majority of cases of exend . cessive hair loss and baldness PLAN NOW are the of Male Pat-See Mr. J. c. Peak at the tern Baldness whJch cannot be Floridan Hotel in Tampa Fla helpe d. No _ method can help if Tuesday, Feb. 28, at you; yo u are shck bald and your venience between 1 P.M. and hair roots are dead. 8:30 P.M. in private at no .. ODAY TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY Specials Open Sundays 1 'Til 7 P.M. OPEN EVERY NITE 'TIL 9 P.M. INSTANT .MAXWELL HOUSE 6-0:z. Size Deal Pack Limit 1 Jar With Groc. Order $1.95 !WAFfLES Breaded Veal You Save 51 CUTLETS AND BEEF CUBE STEAKS YOUR CHOICE SLICED BEEF LIVER lb. 29c fOOD KING CATSUP bot. YE.LLOW SLICED AMERICAN CHEESE FULL 49c POUND PKG. TREAT THE WHOLE FAMILY! HOT DOG & ROOT BEER DALE MABRY STORE ONLY Prices Effective At • . • All Star Markets e 1725 N. DALE MABRY 'Next to Wards e HILLSBORO & 15th e FLA. & )VATERS .. 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