The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 36 (March 20, 1961).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 20, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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Half An' Half Partly cloudy through Tuesday. Isolated evening showers , becoming more numerous Tuesday. Winds 5-15 m.p.h. High today 86. Low tonight 62. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 36 -!:' ;n "i::.ll:ha:;z::c. I 01 B ' k "d . , . A • 1 advantltges of the ' Teaching Au-the personnel services office to ihg with personnel ser-Vices to!' L and . Ringling Museum. University of Miami The 4 00 e ssignment ditori$n-Theater. see if a job offer has come in? one who might have an interest . J o n W. University of Miami-The UM UM Summer Band Camp is addThe , Greek costumes and "When applying for a job, the in that field of work. It seems Oswald, both of School of Law will offer a tui-ing classes in stringed instru1 J d ' masks as well as all the set-student fills ou t an application to pay to know the right per the University tion-free evening program for ments and orchestra this year. fi U ea tings were constructed by the and gets it approved by the fison. of Calif 0 r n'i a the estimated 400 to 500 Cuban This marks the 13th season for For J a u n t Theater Arts Club. The entire nancial aids office, then he Priority List at Berke 1 e Y lawyers in exile in the Miami the summer camp. H T d play was done in the Greek tra-comes back to us and we interSome students have a gre-atApril 5-6 . . area to teach them J.>.merican University of Tampa-A new ere 0 ay dition. Each character wore a view him," says Miss Joyce er need than others in having The Califorlaw so they may quahfy them string ensemble has been initi-mask covering his entire face, Richey, who is in charge of stua job. When a real emergency uniyersity for in the. United States a ted by Myron Kartman, con-T N The University of South Florwas a haze on stage dent placement in Personnel arises with a student, his name 1s to and cert master of the Tampa Phil0 as sa u ida will present its first profes-durmg the performance , Services. goes on the priority list. bulld addthonCbtpola JunlOr c.ollege-The harmont'c Symphony Orchestra nd th cast dtd not make If t d t h h' ll 11m f f Slonal play, "Ass t'gnment 1 n Ju-a . e a Jobs Opening Up a s u en as lS app ca al facilities in final e11:ro ent rom and a music lecturer at Tam-rt 11 t ' d t t b the next dec-the registrar's offtee for tile a u dea," in the new Teaching Au-cu am ca : The time it takes to run an 100 m an ge s pu on pro a-ade and their Carol current semester shows a total P . . . Ten more days and then off ditorium-Theatre today when a The credtt for the portrayal application through is about a tion, h is application is put in a representatives plan to get a of 456 students enrolled. This U':uvers1ty to Nassau go USF stuprofessional company, headed of Antigone goes to Saundra minimum of an hour and a half. special file until he comes off first-hand look at the USF is an 8 per cent decrea se from schoo l s 60-vmce Concert Chmr dents, and , their five chaperby Eddie Dowling as Judas and CeAmbrose. Cathy Edwards The jobs are many and vary the probation list. If the stu physical plant and facilities, last semester. appeared before the one s. That s word Louise Allbritton as the feminwas Ismene, Antigone ' s sister; greatly. The j 0 b s are now dent has a job and is given a as well as the educational pro• Tampa University-President and Daytona Beach Tounsts from the charge ine lead, give two performances Jim Klapps, Creon , King of opening up in town and there warning, he may keep his job gram, before California makes David Delo has proposed that last week, under of the Nassau tnp whtch leaves of the play which portrays the Thebes; Henry Fernandez, a is a demand for m 0 r e men unless it is terminated by the further moves. a portion of MacDill Field b e rectwn of Prof. Harold Gnffm. the USF campus, March 31. . betra ya l of the Christ, at 3:15 g uard , who brings news of An-than women. When asked how Office of Student Affairs. AROUND THE STATE set aside as a secon d campu s Chipola Junior Colleg'e -CJC the crmse p.m. and 8:30 p.m. tigone's crime to Creon; Richmany jobs come in for students Florida Southern College-for TU. This would accomhosted the first Florida JC Athfrom USF Will mclude: Dr. and Dowling is a well known au-ard Guess , Haemon, .the_ proph-a week, Miss Richey said, USF Women's Club Holds Fashion Show Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority modate the rapidly growing stuletic Conference State Basket.. Duane Lake , Dr. and thor, producers, and actor. He et; James Teske , son "Some weeks we just don't is sponsoring its annual "Ugly dent body. ball Tournament and captured Wtlham Bott, and _ Mrs. Phylhs became a star as Jimmie Dugan of Creon; Samuel the have anything and other weeks Man" contest. Each fraternity F lorida College -:the bulk of the awards presentMarshall, head restdent of the in "Sally, Irene, and Mary, " messenger, who news we are flooded." The University of South F lor sponsors one candidate and For the fust time, FSC will ed during the tourney. Uruvers1ty Center. . which he co-a uthored. the death of J\nbgone and T e1-To insure that the student ida Women's Club will hav e a all stu dents may vote. host the Florida State Science OUTSIDE THE STATE Amo_ng the students maki':lg Miss Allbritton, wife of noted restas to Queen of gets a job, he should continue luncheon and fashion show at University of Tampa _ The Fair, April 4 through April 8 . University of A laska-In his the are: Marlene Henms, CBS news correspondent Charles Jackte Dtaz was Euryto check the bulletin board, 1 p.m., Tuesday at the Silver university is adding an art class Mid -semester exams are getting inaugural addre-ss, President Martin Favata, .Tony Collingwood, is known for her dtce. with Miss R ichey and not to Lake Country Club in Tampa. to the evening divi s ion. The Art u nderway today for Southern William R. Wood pointed to Brown, Lmda Ake tll ey, acting in both the theatre and The members of the Chorus give up on t he first few times ratories and clinics are set up determine your weaknesses. had this to say, "As more stu-words per minute, and retain-on most college and university 3 Hours of Tests dents realize they can increase ing the information contained. campuses throughout the nation. If, after the testing (about 2 their reading skill more w111 u s e T h ere is no e nd to the amount There are about 1,000 in opera-hours and 1 hour of conference), the Readin g Laboratory . " of improvement one can accom tion that have been dev e loped the student feels that improve"Many students are referred plish with tireless effort. i n the last 10 years. The in-ment can benefit him or her in to the Reading Lab by their atlThe reading compre hen s i on creasing number of such labs their colle ge work, their reading visors or by profes s ors fo r di-rate goes up in accordance with sh?W need . by for pleasure, or other rea din g, agn o sis. More students each the reading spee d , or at least umversttles for clm1cs to a planned program w ill be esday are l earning about the stays the same. Therefore stu and speed up readmg t ablisbed to fit hi s or her par-reading effectiveness testing and dents who feel that if they at abthties of stude nts. ticular need . that it is avijilable and are com-tempt to increase readin speed Recent research in the read-Last semester there were six in g in on their own." they will los e the abilitY' to re-ing ability of post high school sections in developmental readThe t es t s are d es i gned to g ive tain the information have little adul ts and college l evel stude nt s ing available in order to inindication of rates of reading, or no basis to put it off any show that mos t people are not crease the reading ability of comprehension , vocabularly and longer • ' . \ LOT OF HONOR POINTS AND A LITTLE COFFEE I Fifty-five students, wlto made the U niv ersity of bell, Mrs. Margaret C. Collales, USF President John South Flori d a's first honor list, were guests at a coffee S. Allen, Jeffrey C. Wright, Mrs. Allen , Dr. James D. sponsored by the USF Planning and Policies Co'mmit-Ray, associate professor of botany, Ellen C. West, and tee last Tuesday. Discussing the s ucc essful semester Jam es Klapps. just passed are, left to right-, Mrs. Barbara H. Camp ....


ITALIA SPRING CRUSE STAKE SPESHIL 15 MILLIONA LIRA lneloodes are fileta minyona stake, a I 5 day Roman holi day, plus a persinil gide to the vino celler. Just the Stake (U.S. Primo) •• 3.75 .. U Major Credia Carda Honored BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Open da, a 5 P.M. 1208 S. Howard Ph. 1-8302 or 82-3891 a a11e1. N. bnllore ltonl Motel TURN HERE FOR THE SMARTEST BUYS ON THE ROAD '61 MERCU-RY Saves on upkeep with 7 self-servicing fea tures. Things like a pre-lubricated chassis that won't need a lube for 30,000 miles. A shorter exterior (for easy handling) is built around a roomier interior than last year. Doors are wider. More spacious trunk. New Super-Economy engines include Mer_cury'll first "6"give up to 15% more gas zruleage. '61 COMET Comet isn't resting on its laurels. Sure, it's the pr011ed compact success. The only one with fine-car styling. Now it's even better. The refined suspension and 114' wheelbase make the ride smoother than in many standard-size cars. There's room for 6-and a mountain of luggage. Still, Comet's a cinch to handle-a cinch to own. Priced with or below compacts of other makers. BOYLE MOTOR CO. Cass and Ashley Streets-Tampa-1118 Phone 2-0636 Rorida Avenue Phone "AND HE TOOK IT DOWN, and wrapped it in linen, and laid it in a sepulchre that was hewn in stone, wherein never man before was laid." St . Luke 23:53 The wisdom and foresight of Joseph of Arimathau, in preparing his own tomb while he lived, enabled him to perform an aet of love that became im mortal. Orders should be placed now for memorials to be completed for Easter, Mother's Dey, Father's Day, and Memorial Day. TURNER MARBLE & GRANITE CO. 2601 E. BROADWAY-TAMPA PHONE 4-2526 USF Sports by John Gullett Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic and Arthritis Pain Temporary officers have been elected for the Inter-Social Club Council to hold office until a constitution is com pleted. The o f f i c e r s are: Sonny Brady, president; Alh:e Evans, vice president; Jan Harper, re cording secretary, Joyce Car ballal, corresponding secretary; and David Ivy, treasurer. A committee composed of Sonny Brady, chairman; Andree Holland, Ken Keebler and Alice Evans has been designated to draw up a constitution for the council . The council is made up of two representatives from each social club and an alternate from each. Each club has two votes in the council with proxy votes allowed when an elected mem her cannot attend a meeting. Dr. Allen Comments On Student Senators THE TAMPA TIMES Publlsbed e ., e n I n r a Monday lbronrh SaturdaJ b7 The Tribune CompanJ' from The Trlbuoe Build lnr, Lafayette and Morran Streets, Tampa, Florlcla. Entered as seeond cla11 matter at the Posl Office at Tampa, Florida, under the Aet or !\larch 3, 1879 . Subscription Rates: By carrier SOc per weekJ by carrier or mall three months $3.90; sis months $7.80, one year $15.60. Subscription pa,.able In advance. Member of Associated Press. Member of Audit Bureau of Cir If you ou11"er rheuma tie, arthritis or neuritis pain, "Y this simple lnexpeMive home reeipe that tbouoanda are uo!ng. Get a ean of RU-EX Compound, a 2 weeka supply , today. Mia It with a quart of water, add tbe juice of 4. lemoll8. It's ea!lyl No troubl e at aU and pleasant. You nl""i only 8 tab)eepoonfuls 2 tlmeo a day. Often with In 48 houn-I!Ometimee overnirhtopien did results are obteinecl. U tbe pallia do 110t quickly leave and If you do not feel better, return tbe empty ean and RU-EX will coot you nothing. You are tbe oole judge as RU-EX Is sold by your drupt on a money back guarantee. Over 6 million culation. cana uoed. Proof of ADV. experience of playing under the pressure of intercollegiate competition." The community, as Wilcox points out, wants sports to come to USF. A city the size of Tam pa needs a majo'college to represent it on the sports pages across the country, he added. "As it is now, we have a bunch of little clans on campus, instead of a strong student body. The 'regulars' in the game room are an example of this." Dan Meisen, one of the top scorers in the intramural bas ketball league, doesn't think the university's decision will effect its growth. "But the effect of a decision to enter earlier into some sort of intercollegiate com petition would be great. By in stalling the same sort of pro gram as the Air Force Academy, even if we don't have the facili ties, we could build a strong student body," he added. Meisen revealed another im portant aspect of varsity sports. He contends that by having varsity teams for the better ath lete, openings will be created in the intramural leagues for the men who want to participate but cannot compete With the veter ans. This problem certainly doeS' exist 'today. The former Alabama athlete sees no reason why "we cannot compete with junior colleges in track and basketball. In fact, we already have. We played three junior colleges in basketball this season. But the games were called 'extramural.' "The administration is con tinuely talking about the impor tance of the appropriation of funds before taking any action. Maybe if we proved our interest in sports by at least attempting to establish some sort of pro gram, the legislature would look at this as an indication of our need." for the Young Man/ 4 STORES Light as a Shirt ... ZEPHYR WEIGHT Sports Coats by l bue true! An unbeliev able . 4 ounces! Here's the coolest, lightest jacket you've ever had on your back in crisp wrinkle resistant material that's complete ly wash 'n wear, thanks to the dacron polyester and cotton fabriG Drop in today and select yours from the season's newest colorings and patterns. $35.00 TAILORED TO FIT ALL BOYS JUNIORS PREP SLIM HUSKIE ( 8-12) $18.95 (13-20) 122.95 ( 13-20) $22.95 (13-20) $24.95 I EASTGATE e BRITTON PLAZA e NORTH GATE also LAKE WALES I


=-=----=-=--=----=:-A-=o...:...vE.:.:..R...:...Tx.:.:..sE.:.:..ME=..:....;NT:._ ______ TU Student Recital New U. S. Government Presented Tonight The University of Tampa's Booklet On Hear.lnCJ free music department p resents its • March student recital a t 7 : 30 . o ' clock tonight in the ballroom. The U . S . Public H ealth S e rvcolds, enlarged tons1l s, scarlet Weyman Hudgins, teno r , will ice h a s a nnounced a new bookf ev e r, meningitis and other dis sin g Lasciatemi morire b y let about the ears and d e a f n e s s. ea s e s. and Cessate pia'Th t'tl " HOW TO p g a rmt b y Scarlatti. e 1 e l S RPWe have obtained from the The firs t movement o f Grieg's :THE TAJ\IPA TIMES, Monda y, March 2 0 , 1 961 $1,700,000 BUILDING University To Open New Library April 9 3 TECT YOUR HEARING. " Government a supply of t his piano will be played by b kl t d ill f 1 h . Lomse Fner. The n ew $1,700,000 U niverlie w ill a lso b e i n vite d to the The subjec t s cove red i nclud e 00 e an w u r n 5 copte s Vi ttoria, mio core by Caris s ity of South Florida libr a r y new teaching a uditoriu m theatre h t h h n . d of it free of charge to the hard simi and On Top of Old Smokey, will have its official opening for a chamber m u sic conc.ert ow . 0 car, g .oss .ue of hearing in the Florida Gulf arranged b y Rowe, will be sung S d A il 9 D J h S performed b y a faculty stnng t o dts ea s e and acctdents, a v otdCoa s t Area. For your free copy by H enry Moore, u n ay, pr . r. o n . quartet. ing ear dama g e , deafness in chilsimpl" addr ess 8 postcard or Debussy' s will be per-Al l en, USF president, ann o u nced A n invitati o nal art exhibit J formed on the p1ano b y Bart o d ay. also will b e held on t h e main dre n and t hose over 40 , and ho w letter to " Dept. of Education" bara Gos s, and Ma rta Flesher, The building, equipped to flo o r of the library, featurin g the e ars are damage d b y such Neale-Osborne & Assoc . , P . O . soprano, w ill siong Slumber house more than 250,000 vo l -work s by 10 contemporary Flor-condi ti ons a s catarrh , head Bo x 2541 , Tampa, F l a. Song . by and Tu umes and with seatin g capacity i d a artists. A preview of the ____ __:.. _ __:..:..._:. _____ lo s a t b y Torelh. for nearly 2, 000 studen ts a t exhi b i t w ill be given guests at-The public is invited free o f study or resear ch, will have its tending t h e art banquet April 8. YOUR MIND' S AT REST charge. r i bb on-c utting ceremony at 2 The main speaker t hen will be p . m . The cutting will be 1 done D r. Allen S. Weller, c hairman C.C.CURRY IDS ftaftklia 52 •11V4I4C1E b y Thomas Dreier, board mem-of the Festival of Contemporary MICRofllMYOU .. oE--:offa... DR. ALLEN WELLER ber o f the F l orida State L ibrary. Arts at the University of Illinois. when you let Tri bune T i mes Classif i ed Ads solve your se lling problems! Call 2 4911 to place 'em. " '" I n addition to a tou r of the The new library is equipped __ w ith t h e most modern facilities. AN INVITATION TO FAMILY EATING FUN! WE CORDIAlLY INVITE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO ENJOY A NEW EXPERIENCE IN TRULY GOOD EATING U ..rvl JRtMCH fl\lS d and tende r , golden 12G .J.....

4 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 20, 1961 BY KENNEDY FORCES I Education Aid Victory' Forecast WASHINGTON, March 20 public schools and raise teachvide interest-bearing federal (IJpi)-Administration forces apers' pay was in "a great deal of loans to church-supported and peared confident today that trouble" because of the Roman sfcfhoodls. li d t C ld C h ' ff . t I ICO ec ne o say ongress wou approve Presiat ohc s e orts o whether the administration dent Kennedy's aid-to-educa!nc!ude federal for sectarwould support a separate bill in tion program if the re-ligious He said the admin-return for Catholic leaders end and segregation issues could be JstratiOn would .have to ing their campaign to include kept out. plenty of persuasiOn to get Its such help in the Kennedy pro-Both Welfare Secretary Abraproposals thr?ugh Congress. gram. Kennedy has contended ham A. Ribicoff and Sen. Wayne Morse, of the .sen-federal aid to parochial sc hools Morse, D-Ore., Senate manager ate educatiOn subcommittee, would be unconstitutional. of the Kennedy program, preagreed with Ribicoff. He said Protestant groups continued dicte? the lawmakers would re-that Congress never would apto attack the Catholic stand. ject parochial and private prove if an ant.i-In testimony prepared for de school amendments and pass segregation nder or non-public livery today to Mo1se's subcom the legislation without major school a1d were added. mittee, the National Council of change. Sen. Herman Talmadge, D-Churches of Christ opposed any But Ribicoff conceded that Ga., also said Kennedy's proprovision for parochial schools. the $2.3 billion to help build gram had an excellent chance The council said it supported ADVERTISEMENT of winning Senate approval if the Catholic church's right to Now I Life Insurance Birth to Age 80 it were kept free of these operate its own schools, but amendments. contended that such schools bad Morse denounced advocates no right to government funds. of such amendments for what he termed their attempt " to use Pol•ce Arrest the political power of a bloc to say, in effect, unle-ss you yield y• k f• to us you'll get no legislation. IC et IXer lit# )6t


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