The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 42 (March 27, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 27, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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/ Keep It Up Partly cloudy and warm through Tuesday. Winds 10-20 m.p .h. High today 84 . Low toni ght 64. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 42 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS PROGRAM WANTED HERE USF Faculty Impressed Social Clubs Milke PI ans By Speed Reading Talk By BILL BLALOCK JR. I the message to the brain and Can a person actually read thus a time-wasting detour oc two and three tho usand words curs. Using .Mrs. Wood's meth a minute and still fully comod , this delay is overcome . pr.ehend it? Technical Works Easiest to keep ahead of the students that would be trained by the program. Dean Johnshoy said he hoped sometimes in the n e x t few years the budget would provide the university w i t h enough funds to have such a course. For Initial 'RUsh' At USF This was just one of the quesMrs. Wood brought out one tions circulated by a doubtful !act that was in direct contraUSF faculty as it waited for a diction to what many faculty talk by Mrs . Evelyn Wood of members had b elieved prior to the D ynamic Reading Institute her talk. She said technical in Washington, D.C., last Monbooks were easier for the stu day in Science Room 100 . dents to read q ui ck l y than_ a Mrs. Wood was invited to the novel , since they were full of university by Dr. Lewis B. facts w h ich more easil y re Mayhew, director of institut ionmembered. She said the student Total Membership Is 250, Honor List I Many Proiects Under Way May Be USF's Lettermen al research, and some of his adbegins her program by read Honor students at the uni ministrative associates who had ing very simple books and proversity will be given some seen several of her students pergressing to very complicated kind of recognition, accordin g By RODNEY B. KITE-POWELL up the Social Club Council are service projects under consid-form at an education conferworks. She added that none to Dr. Boward .Johnshoy, dean A Rushing Committee to set as follows by alphabetical order: eration," Bobier said. ,...ence in Chicago three weeks of her students reads all books of student affair s. Aretes-The offl"cers of this Delphi The club officer s 'th th d up rules for a fall rush for Uniago . wl e same spee Just how the students will club for '60'61 are: Bob Bobare: Jan Harper, president; At the Chicago conference, "The bottle neck in educa-be recognized has not been versity of South Florida social ier, president; Tony Anello, vice Sandy Jones, vice president ; Mrs. Wood put on a reading tion today is reading," Mrs. definitel y determined, John clubs has been named, accord president; Roger Duffala, secreCynthia Lima, secretary; Ma demonstration with three stu Wood said. "Reading must be shoy said, but they will be in . g to Sonny Brady, president tary; Sonny Brady, treasurer; rilyn Pike, treasurer; Norma dents who had been trained to brought into the 20th Century ." given some sort of distinction of the Social Club Council. Steve Peterson, parliamentarian; Perzia, historian; Gretchen Mal-read at a speed of 6 , 000 word s She added , "The regretable by the end of this year. Fred Jenkins, chaplain; Steve lory, parliamentarian; Terry . t "th 1 th ' . th t th t d t t The committee, which conSl h' t . d D J k per mmu e WI norma com-mg IS a e s u en mus Permanent recognition by oan, IS onan; an rs. ac Hunter, chaplain, and Dr. Chris-prehension and retention. spend half the course unlearn-one means or another will sists of one member from each Fernandez and Thomas Solo tian Kiefer, faculty advisor. The D e legation Impressed ing what he has already )earned most likely com e at the end social club, will meet at 1 p.m., mons, faculty advisors. The club Delphi number 34. The club col-The USF delegation was so about reading ." of the sophomore year, John-the second and fourth Monday's has approximately 30 members. ors are light blue and white. impressed with the possibilities Average Students Bored shoy said. of each month ' in the confe\ence Club Cs now tops 250 and "Our club's colors are scarlet Delphi have members on the students brain is capable of so T B d red and gold with white back-rushing committee and on the Mrs. Wood said the average much more effort that it be-wo an plans are to add several hun-ground. The constitution has only school formal dance com-student reads only 250 words a comes bored. S h e added -that dred new members. While the been adopted with the excep-mittee tha t will be held later Jninute and the average college none of her students has time Office of Student Affairs has t o tion of the purpose of the club this year. graduate reads 350 but the to become bored with reading date refuse d to sanction which wJll be adopted this week. average Could be ralsed at least c " h " ff b "We have challenged the because they are using their 0 n ce rts' ouses 0 campus, ecause "Elect1'on for n ex t year's fl've ti'mes and 15. ra1'sed that th 1 b t t d Fides to a powder-puff football brains to the fullest. • e c u s are no mcorpora e • officers w ill be held in the ,.,.,uch and more by her methods 1 f th 1 b 1 game which will be coordinated •u "The more I work with this severa e e c u s arc P an-third week of April," said She Sal .d she usually teaches t' h d through the Women's Sports program, the more respect I mng on opera mg ouses 10 eBobier. Bobier said the club had groups of 25 students and that have for the human brain, " she 5 h d I d pendent of any university body its first social at Indian Rocks Coordinating BoarQ. It will be ' 'out of the 25 the average will concluded. c e u e through the cooperation of sevBeach March 1 8 a'c Kent Moss's held on May 5," said Miss read from 1,800 to 2,700 words While the Mrs. Wood's sys-eral of the club members. These beach house. The pin design for Harper. She added the club has Pe ml nute at the end of the 12 1 d 1 f a team which will be entered on r tern is relatively unknown, she• me u e vanous P ans rom the club has been decided and Little Man on Campus weeks course." She said some said most of the research neeTwo concerts of contemporary houses close to campus for dor the club is ordering them. Play J?ay. . even reach 6,000 words during essary to convinc • Ute public mitory purposes to a beach "We are organizing teams for . Their proJeC! is work-Student assistant for Dr. Leslie Malpass translates: Lin the course. Students who have band music wil) be presented h t Cl t mg on the Library pat10 nd th coln stu,died late at night an' his eyes became bloodshot. continued the program have has been accomplished. The by the University of South ouse a earwa er. all the events in the sports civic project is workinag ---------------------------University o! Delaware has inFlorida Concert Band at 2 p.m. The social clubs which make Play Da y and we have several reached into the 12,000 word corporated Mrs. Wood's 12Tampans on a cancer fund bracket and some few even as week course into its curriculum and 8 :30 p.m., Wednesday, in drive. JUST WAIT high as 25,000 words. and is providing an eight-week the Teaching Auditorium-TheEnotas Officers are: Bert Analyzed 50 Exceptional s ummer course to train t e ach-atre. Dr. Gale L. Sperry, as-Life Science Wor}r -Study Marshall, presi dent; Alan Free--------sistant professor of music at 1 'd t J h W d N Q D • • d Readers ers J ' n the methods involved. . man, VICe presJ en ; 0 n ar ' 0 n e Ism s e the university, will direct the 0 • 5 t t D 'd I t I S In order to determine what. Progra_m at concert performances . Featured pen•ng e s .II 0 reasurer; avl vy, secre ary ' makes a fast reader fast, Mrs. The umve rsity, accordmg to so loist for the program is USF ti pen and historian; John Bell, par-Wood questioned and ana lyzed Dean Howard dean student Michael Schick. For Next Fa II liamentarian and warden; Dick of student affaJrs, IS VIH"Y en• T s d Houghton, chaplain, and Dr. F M • d t y t thusiastic about the reading tauffSF sdtudthents, facullty banl_d What would you do with a 0 tu ents Rsobert Goldstein and Dr. John or ISCOn uc e program and w 0 u 1 d like to s , an e genera pu JC million dollars? . MacKenzie, faculty advisers. ly down the page, see whole have Mrs. wood or one of her are to attend the conThe Work-Study Cooperative "We have 15 brothers and eight groups of words or pages. ?f teachers give the course here. certs wbJch are sponsored by This university spent it on a Program at the University of pledges," said Ivy. As of last week no students as especially serious, the student realize . that spec ific But: Dean Johnsboy added , the University C?mmitLife Science Building that is South Florida can still accept The Enotas haven't decided had been dismissed from the is counseled on the matter in there is a shortage of teach -tehe. Ndo admission Will be being built on the west side of additional employer applicants their colors yet, but they have University of South Florida for the dean's offices and a record they read, and can remember I ers i!l that area and USF would c arge the Science Building. It will be for s p r ing interviews. Those ac-their constitution completely disciplinary reasons but Dr. kept on file of the outcome . .anti recite what they h . ave read. at least, two tc> !?.repare , To.m.o, rrow mit: I used for "classrooms, ofcepted by a cooperative em-set up and in operation, Ivy Howard Johnshoy , dean of stu-.Johnshoy said that usually the l''rom this mtormation Mrs 11h 120-mtmbcr not lee ;q,l spon"o. t .. u .• mb ... ' ) t h ' , d h 1 b +hen clt!lcr wc.-k sai:l. dent aifair!3, .said he !l .. d couumatter is fotgotte.u after thti Wood taught herself to' read onl y to teach the but of the British film, "Henry V," Ices, eac mg .. n researc a • or attend the USF summe r sesIvy ahd Ken Keebler are the seled both groups of students case is on file, but that the rec-'dl d 1 d 1 t at 4 p m and 8:30 p m in the oratories and to house a collecsion under the work-study plan, club's social club council repre-and individual students for ord is kept to determine perto 0 D Sperry Serves tion of herbarium plants," said to George H. Miller, sentatives. Club members are problems ranging from cheating sistent violators. . . r • USF marks another step forDr. Edwin Martin, chairman of of th_e USF pr_ogram. on the rushing, nd stealing to misconduct in May Learn Hard Way Mrs. W

2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 2'7, 1961 INTRAMURAL$ April 22 WSCB Field Day Date USF Sports by John Gu llett The next USF Field Day, which will be sponsored by the WSCB, is Saturday, April 22. It will begin at 10 a.m. and con tinue until all the events have been completed. The final decision as to the various activities, scoring sysDaily Schedule IIIONDA Y, 1\ta.rcb 27, 1961 tern, amount of events a person may enter, and awards will be made today. Suggested Activities The activities which have been suggested are archery, badminton, track and field events Cwill include relays), volleyball, basketball free throw (if courts are ready at that time) softball and others. Lounre For each event there will be luncheon . . . . . l.JC 168 1:00 p.m.-Women's Sports Co ordinating Bor.rd . UC 103 Brldre . . . . l.JC 167 Younc Democra.h .. ci.ili ... . Veterans Club . . .. UC 20i a winning team. It has been suggested that the winner of each event then play the faculty representative or representa tives. 20s The entries for the various consti111tlon can be made on individtee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1Mt ual and club basis. There will Rushin1 C&mmlttee Dean I Jobna.boy's Conference Rm. be a desk in the University Cen2:00 p.m.-Boter• Officers . . uc 228 ter for those wishing to sign-up. i:OO p.m.-Da.nce Class Gallery Lounre !1: 00 uc 205 High Total Wins soo p m Women Resldenh It was suggested that anyone .Councn uc to.t who represents a club or organ-Champion Quite Modest The new s ingles champion in table tennis for the Southeast ern U nited S tates is qui t e modest a b o u t h i s deeds. Larry Conner, a freshman a t USF, was sur prised at the in terest shown in his recent victory in the National Association of College Unions Table Tennis re gional m e e t at Raleigh, "It really wasn't any-Conner thing earth-shaking. " Nine states were entered in the March 18 meet, which was held in part at the North Caro lina State University. The f inals were completed in the YMCA ?:SO uc 167 ization will add the points he 8:00 p.m.-Unlv. Women's Club makes in any of the sports which gymnasium. is; 'i9stuc 168 are on an individual basis to Other schools scheduled to s:oo a . m.-P.hyslcat that of his club. The club with HERE'S THE VIEW FROM STAFF LOUNGE play in the tourney included: 10,00 ceni6r ' Rm. the highest total of Points will Two USF faculty members, Miss Mercedes Fertance, Budweiser plant in the center, Schlitz at the Miami, Duke, N . C. State, Puerto : be the winners of the day in nandez and Jean J. both instructors in right. The lounge, USF's version of the "'l'op of the Rico, and otber southern uni-F ' L are the club division. The individual thysical education, take a preview look from the staff Mark," will open April 9. versities. uc 201 who compiles the largest total USF walked away with top l'lelhodilt students uc of po!nts would be the winner ounge atop the library. Familiar sights in the dis h . . th t th Enrlish Fa.ulty . . uc 215 onors , wmmng e mee WI ... uc 226 in the individual division. the highest number of total Art council . Ad. 1052 Anyone who has suggestions SUNDAY STUFF h T points. In addftion to Conner's Ad. 2001 concerning awards, scoring sys-T I e Tampa .I m " e s singles vic t ory, the Sout h F lor3:00 p.m. -Da.nce Class Gallery LI>W1re tern, amount of events a person u 5 F F I 5 ida group captured three other 4:00 p.m.-rne!rT. v . .. . TA-T may enter and which activities a c u ty tars awards on that balmy Saturday 7=M uc 168 to tin 1\he d Field Day University of South Florida Camps Edition in Fourth 7 ' p.m.Show .'. TV Lounre art de mvt e 0 a en a meeting Pat Mason finished fourt h in 7:30 . uc 163 o ay at 1 p.m. in U 103. 0 L I T I • • (Page 1 and Page 2 Staff) the singles contest with a 9-8 8:30 p.m.-Henr:r v. film .. ... TA-T y D n oca e eVISIOn game xecord. Finishing in the WEDNESDAY, lllarch 29, 196\ oung emos Ed't John Gullett 9:00 a.m.-Dance Class Gallery Lounre I or . • . • • . . . . . . . • • • . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . next spot was Larry Lavine, 12 ' 30 .. n"1 : ..... uc 10-1 S k M b C 1 M t' who compiled an 8-10 record. ee em ers Managing Editor .•••.•••••••••••••.••••.... . aro arm C d d t 1:00 188 r For the college-minded tele-ate professor of English, is onner owne seven oppo nen s 2 ,00 p . m.-Bride• Lessons ... uc 10t GUeSt SpeakerS vision addict several University director and producer of the Copy Editor ....••••••••••••••••.•••••... Virginia Monies in his winning finishding .. . uc of South Florida professors and programs. Mrs. Greta Zetler is with a 14-1 recor . 1s sole e-Enota.s .......... uc ;ot The Young Democrats Club some students have provided production supervisor. Faculty Adviser ......................... George H . Miller Art Club ...... uc .O.l t th U . .t f S h Fl d t • . Dr. Gale L. Sperry was the students .. uc 2H a e mvers1 y o out or-entertainment and e uca 10n v1a master of ceremonies during Band Concert TAT ida held a tea recently for its College Kalt:idoscope, a Sunday new members in the University feature program on WTVT. the program. Forum ....... . s. 100 Center. The club not only is The last appearance of USF s • } Cl h seeking new members but is faculty members was Sunday OCia u s .. . . . . . uc 214 also working on a special proj-March 19 . 8 , 3o p.m. -Ba.nd concert . . . . . . TA-T ect. get 10,000 names on a There are three sister univer-(Continued from Page 1) Other staff members: Wing Preodor, Betty J. Woodard, Martha Ekker, Louise Stewart, Steve Maxwell and Bill Bla lock. Address all communications to Office of Campus Publications, Room 224, University Center. Phone WE 8-4131 , Ext. 118. THURSDAY. llla.rcb 30. I96I peht10n to Invite President s 1 ties and colleges that appear 8 am -Physical Education J h F K d t h USF Class . . . . . . . . . Re<. Rm. o n enne Y o t eo alternately on the program w1th n:oo g:::,t:!'uf.:" . c . uc 179 campus to speak to the stuUSF usually to the Lombardla and Saba. The club BASEBALL has 20 members. Debate Club .. . uc 200 dents, faculty and staff at the stage on the third Sunday of "We have a rough draft of uc 201 university! and also to the gen-each month, though sometimes the constitution and we haven't Nassau Participants uc 202 era! pubhc. the USF faculty appears more decided on the colors yet," said Provisional Boy's than once a month and not al-Lombardia. Socoal Club .. .. . .. . UC 201 USF Art p f th thi d S d Th E lt S . 1 Cl b h .. . .. . . .. VC 216 r0 eSSOr ways on . e r un ay. e pe a OCla U as Unlv. Center Cui uc 226 L Th d toward a university first on their record tural Committee . . ectures at Harpur e program IS geare Group 17 . . . . . . . . . s 111 the college level public, with the now-they were the first social 12:00 noon-Huma.n Behavolr uc 10? Charles W. Hess, assistant university's theme of "Accent club to have been represented Program Luncheon .'\ 1 • • • • d th St p t k' Veterans Work Hard at Practice Webber Gives Talk on Aging Dr. Irving L . Webber, asso ciate professor of sociology at the Universit y of Sout h F lorida, delivered a paper on the " Sig nificent Socio-Economic Factors in Measuring Health Status and Health Care Needs in Pinellas County," March 17 at the lOth annual Southern Conference on Gerontology at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The purpose of the conference was to consider aging from a regional point of view. 12:00 noon-Dean'• Meetlnr . . liC 167 professor of art at the Univer-on Learning' as 1ts maJOr gu1dem a para e, e . a rtc s sity of South Florida, has re-lines. Day affair. More than 20 exvat:sity is a three-year letterman at Take Test, Avoid i:3o 1961 uc zoo turned recently from Harpur Dr. Anthony w. Zaitz, associ-Fides Club officers are: ers, representing 13 schools in the catching spot. Infielders in-The Army's Draft s a rd N Trp SponCollege at Binghampton, N.Y., Marlene Hennis, president; the area, are competing for elude Manuel Balseiro and BobI where he addressed students • • • Alice Evans, vice president; Applications for the College and Staff on "The Art of Sumi Weaght Tra1n1n9 Linda McKnight, secretary; Joan starting positiops on USF's first by Diaz. Manuel Vitoria is look-Qualification Test, to be adProfessor Hicks Painting." W USF Farnum, treasurer; Toyette Ditz-baseball club. Leading the vet-ing for an active spot on the ministered on April 27, are now • Hess was also on the jury of Under ay at ler, chaplain; and Mrs. John v. erans are lop from pitching staff of the first base-available at Selective Service Attends Meeting selection and awards for the . . . 1 h d d Blackwell, Mrs. Daniel Valen-Jeffers?n, Plant, and Hillsbor-ball club at USF. System local boards. Eligible Dr. John Hicks, chairman of Sunshine Festival annual b A tine and Dr. and Mrs. Edgar ough . Other Florida high students intend to take this humanities at USF represented ing and sculpture competition ty t th . 1 . ght li.ft Stanton, faculty adVisors. Thel)' Pract1ce sesswns !or the lJSF test sfiou d ' apnly immediately ' h d s ar e1r e ass m wei -h 24 b ' b b 11 1 b ntering ' 'the represented by former reaulars "' the university at a meetmg of el March 18 at the Contempo-i th k Th lass has ave mem ers. ase a c u _are e .. to the nearest Selective Service the Association for Higher Edu-rary Arts Gallery in Pinellas bng IS starte to the The Fides have members on third. week, w1t.h 15-20 players include: Avon ParR::,, Lakeland, for an application and cation in Chicago, recently.. Park. , f:cet didn't come the rushing, constitution, and workmg out. Plant City, Leesburg, Fort Lau-further information. The purpose of the meeting • • in until this past week. The formal dance committees of the .what pos1bons the derdale Clearwater Chamber-The application should be was to develop admission standContrabutaon to Book class is very fortunate in hav-social club council. Miss Hennis will hold down 1s still uncertam, 1 . N' P , t R' h OLPH sent to the Selective Service ards that will include the bright, d b p f ing Don Stoner the state cham-and Miss Evans are council rep-but the material. has proven tal-am, ew or Ic ey, Section. Educa_tional T e 5 t 1 n g non-conformist, the underchal-ma e Y r0 eSSOr pion in weight iifting as a class -resentatives. ented 8!Jd plen!Iful. and Bart ow. Service, P.O. Box 586, Prince-lenged, and the individual with Dr. Henry Winthrop, associ-mate Don has been known to The Fides club colors are Denms Garcta, all Western • ton, N.J. , not later than April 6. highly specialized abilities. ate professor of human jerk 350 pounds press 200 royal blue and white. Con.ference . player Dr. Wanthrop Attends Test results will be reported to ITALIA SPRING CRUSE STAKE SPESHIL 15 MILLIONA LIRA lncloodes are fileta minyona stake, • IS day Roman holiday, plus a persinil gide to the vino eeller. Just the Stake (U.S. Primo l .. 3.75 havior at us.F, written the pounds and snap !so pounds. "W have accepted the chalthe 1960 se.ason, Is Alabama Conferen,.e largest contnbutlon for a book . . e mg for an ?utf1eld . pos1hon . .. board of JUrisdiction for use m entitled "Machines and Men," The four sections have a total lenge for Teammates M1ke Mar.10 Dr. Henry Winthrop, Univer-considering his deferment as a a source book on automation, enrollment of 100 students. ball game, said Miss Henms., Polo Jr. and Plants leading sit of South F lorida associate student. published recently by Apple-classes met for an hour tw1ce The club also has a softball ter Frank Permuy, are shapmg Y . l-------------ton-Century-Crafts, Inc. for instruction and exer-team. When .Play _Day comes up. of human behavior, ADVERTISEMENT Other contributors to the Matil!Y farou!ltd'ththe Flldbes Reggie a two-yheaHr has returned recently from 1------------b k hi h . . f mtsconcep on a 1s ass or 1 , e c u pres! en sai . terman for H1llsboroug 1g , Dauphin Island A l a where he Worryof O? , c Is a. symposium or was designed for weight conOn the social side, on April heads the list of six former ' ., FALSE TEETH umverslty use, mc!ude: Walter trol. Even though a student 14, from 9-12, the Vel-Ives band Terriers working out regularly. participated m a Reuther, B. F. Skinner! D. H. may lose weight this isn't the from Lake Worth will supply Other ex-Hillsborough letterconcermng public Lawrence and ee cummmgs. reason for the class. The rea-the music for a "Roaring 20" men who pla,yed for the city manageme• nt. Slipping or Irritating? son for the class is to dance to be held on campus. A champs of 1960 include John 'tvmthrop also War students to develop the1r bodtes. Charleston dance contest ls Berry, outfield; Bill Middle-Department management pe r Oddly enough there are no scheduled and the students are brooks, firs t b as e , and Jim sonnel with a talk on motivation Miss Jane Hobson Sings on Campus Miss Jane Hobson, nationally known mezzo-soprano and asso ciate professor of voice at Marshall College in Huntington, W.Va., gave a concert at the university at 8:30 p.m. last Friday. women in this class. to come in costume or school Woodroffe, outfield. 1 and work. The . talk was spon clothes. At the dance, the Fides Jefferson, which finished sec_ sored by the Department of the will announce clubs mascots. ond in the city race during the Army for management and per There will be four mascots, one 1960 season, is well represented sonnel, both i n the United Coming from each of the men's social with four lettermen. Billy VarStates and abroad. Sports Event tS clubs. Nine of the Fides are in the Festival of States, riding a • Don't be embarrassed by loose false teeth sllpp1ng, dropping or wobbling when you eat, tal k or laugh . Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your p l ates. Thla pleasant powder ghes a rema.rkable sense ot added comfort and security by ho l ding p l ates more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty tas t e or teel1ng. It's alkaline ( non-ac i d ) . Get FASTEETH at any Ct'\Ulter. feat came at the hands of team mate Lav ine. Excitement was at i t s peak when, in the final match, Con n e r halted his opponent's driv e just short of vic tory a t 20-18, taking the game b y a score of 22-20 . In the doubles , the remaining t w o members of the USF team, Dav {d Ivy and Murry Matthews, took second place with a 3-2 match record. First Trophy Somethin g e v en m o r e Im portant than honor was evolved from the victories. So uth Flor ida's first trophy, an engraved silver bowl , was presented to the school for winnin g the "ex perimental" meet. Phllis Marshall , head resi dent, said in comment of the award, "it looks like we are going to have to build a 'trophy case. It will be placed in the University Center." This is t h e beginning of a collection that will build for years to come. The trophies will pile up and t h e case will expa-nd. But t h i s silver bowl will remain, outdating all others in view. Nationals Uncertain The national t o urnament ls still not defi nitely scheduled. awaiting f i n an c in g by t h e U.S.T.T . A. If it is held, it will probably be in late April, at Minneapolis, wi t h Conner rep resenting the sout h e as t e r n states. "The big factor," Mrs. Mar shall said, "is finances. The boys h a d t o use t heir own money fo r the trip to Raleigh, although funds are now being raised to repay a portion of thi s ." Four-time City Champ Honors are not new t o the mild -mannered singles cham. pion, being a four-time ci ty c hampion. Conner s tarted wi t h participation in the 1957 stat e tourney a t Orl ando. He cap tured the singles and doubles c ity championships that year, and repeated in the doubles in 1958. His most recent victory be fore entering USF came in the singles of the 1 960 out-of-school division City Recreation Mee t. PHONE TODAY FOR DECORATOR ' SERVICE Plann i ng to build or redeco rate . . • Maas Brothers' talented ihteri or decorators w ill show you h ow to make t he most of your decorating dollar! They 'll p lan a n d su pervi se down t o the I a s t guest towel •.• and a t no extra cost to you. Phone Tampa 65-1511 • .4U Maim CredU Honored BERN'S Miss Hobson sang a program ranging from arias from classic operatic works to lyric concert pieces. March 27-30 : Faculty. staff. student float and they will be dressed in costumes .representing Euro-Men and women ellf.lble. Faculty and pean and As1an countrtes. student tennis team ormed as a result. The school project of the April 3: All-campus track meet (fa c. Fides is to give two scholarulty, stude!'ls, and staff) to be held ship awards for next year COME SEE the car that gives you 7 money-saving, self-servicing features, like a c?assis that needs no lube for 30,000 miles. Roomier interior than last year . Wider Bigger trunk. New Super-Economy deliver up to 15% more gas mileage. STEAK HOUSE WATCH FOR Hlgb School track. Ext. Tri. SIS-Club are: Open day cd 5 P.M. 1208 S. Howard Ph. 1 or 82 Application blanks fo_r all can Joyce Carballal, president; Dibe obtained from the rnformatton desk ana Delgado vice president Our Gigantic Clean-up In the University Center. . . • . , Sale Coming Soonl Faculty and staff are urged to form Hilda CanciO, secretary; Lmda a softball team. The team will enter Leto, treasurer; Vilma Riesgo Cut Rate Floor Covering tbe Intramural League scheduled to 1 t . d D L ' start Tuesday, March 28. call Ext. 1112 par 1amen anan, an r. omse 14th St. • l.lroaclwa 4 _ 3924 to play. Softball officials are needed, Sand and Dr. Rose F. Spicola, C a11c1. N, llaYallore ltoYal Hotel • contact Richard D. Hunter, assistant faculty advise S c l Cl b professor of intramural• and phys. ed. . rs. . 0 Ja u MOVING . RENTAL TRUCK It's so easy to rent a King Truck. One low cent covers everything ••• even insurance. You'll find iust what you need for any aiae job. . ------Don't wait another day ••• in and NEXT TIME GET A KING RENTAL TRUCK. • • It Costs So Little. PHONE 3-7749 923 E. Hillsborough Ave. " Counc1I representatives are Ar lene Mones and Miss Carballal. The Tri SIS have members on the rushing and formal dance committees. Paideia-Officers of this club are: Susan Spoto, president; Elsa Varon and Sheila McClen don, vice presidents; Junis Tamargo and Linda Sa1emi, secretaries; Peggy White, treas urer; and Miss Marion Berrian, faculty advisor. Social Club Council repre sentatives are Miss Spoto and Miss Varon. Council committees the Paideia have members on are the rushing and the formal dance. Cieo-This club numbers 20. The Cieos have members on the rushing and formal dance com mittees and on the social club council. On the council are Rod ney H. Kite-Powell and Dennis Granda. "The constitution has not been set up yet but we have a working draft," says Granda. "Our club colors are purple and gold. The pin design is to be decided at the next meeting." Faculty advisors are Dan Orescanin and Bruce Flanagan. THE TAMP A TIMES n l!o"e Company from The Tribune Build lnr, Lr.fayette and Morran S\reets, Tampa, Florida. Entered as lecond cla11 matler at tbe Post Office at Tampa, Florida, under the Act of Mareb s, 1879. Subscri.Ptlon Rates: By earrior SOc per woell:; by carrier or ma.U three montha SS.90; ab: monlbt 1n adunce . MeJI\bor of Auoelated Preu. Member of Aucllt Bureau of Cir culation. MORE CARiLESS MONEY D.L\ BOYLE MOTOR CO. Cass and Ashley Streets Tampa -1118 Florida Avenue Phone 2-0636 Phone 2-8688 . ' ,-


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