The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 54 (April 10, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 10, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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1 -d d 0 e e v l . I On the Skids Clear to partly cloudJ' through Tuesday . Cool e r toni ght. Winds 15-20 m . p.h. Hig h toda y and Tuesday 80 . Low tonigh t 55. THE TAMPA TIMES SI X T Y NINT H YEAR-No. 54 TAMPA, FLORI D A, MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1961 Hundred' s Attend Ceremonies Q .pening USF Library B • Ul Con<:ert, Exhibit Highlight Event B y B ILL BLALOCK JR. T he largest building on the university campus was official l y op e n e d yester d ay at 2 p .m. with a ribbon cut t ing cerem o ny and art gallery ex h ib i ti o n. T he $1.7 milli o n six-fl oor library b uild i ng, which occu p i es 114 ,000 sq u are feet of area, was o pened to sev eral thousand v i s itors following a ceremony in which Dr. John I Arts at the University of Illi S. Alien, president of the Uni-inois. Weller's talk was on art versity of South Florida, offici-in general and the USF exhibit ated and Ellsworth Simmons, in particular. Hillsborough C o u n t y commis-Florida Artists sioner, c u t the ribbon. High winds and thteatening weather held down the number attending the ceremonies. About 1,500 persons were present for the r ibbon cutting and between 2,500 and 3, 000 attended the open house. Punch Served During the open house, guests were free to tour the new build ing. Punch was served by the University Women's Club. A c a t a 1 o g describing the works on display was sold at the exhibit. Artists who had paintings on display were: Harrison Coving ton, Gainesville; Mrs. Artimis J e r g e r t, Tallahassee; Hilton Leach, Sarasota; Eugene Mas sin, Coral Gables; William Pach ner, Clearwater; Stuart Purser, Gainesville; Syd Solomon, Sara sota; Tony Scornavaca, South Miami; Joe Testa-Secca, Tampa; and Karl Zerbe, Tallahassee. University Of South Florida Campus Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS .. ;. NO CANADIAN PRICES I I Campus Store B y L OUISE STEWART service activities of auxiliary services says no Canada book prices are being charged in the USF campus store. Goree made the denial in an inter view giving his side of a con troversy over campus store prices and policies. Goree stated an emphatic "no" to the complaint that the store c h a r g e d Canada prices for r e q u i r e d basic studies texts. He explained that the publisher takes fuU action in price raises on re prints. Accordingly, Canada's prices have gone up . Goree states, "We do not charge present Canada prices." Another issue is the policy of 50 per cent repurchase price on used books. The Na tional Association of College Stores arrived at this figure as a fair repurchase rate re gardless of the book's condi tion. Goree added that they would not, of course, accept books in extremely torn up condition. Students Gain Goree pointed out that it was a case of reciprocal bene fit for both the students and the store. Used books present a ready source of books for the store by saving freight costs. Students gain money toward buying new books. The store pays half price and charges two-thirds of the original price. Most of the profit is used on minor pairs of the books. As a further service to the students, the campus store has arranged to have a whole sale dealer on campus in June to purchase texts not being used again . He will pay from one-fourth to one-third of the original price according to the demands for the book in other areas. The wholesaler has no offi cial connection with the uni versity. He is provided strict ly as a student service, Goree said. There will be a notice in the campus paper announc ing h i s arrival. No Profit o n Some Items An interview with Andrew C. Rodgers, director of procurement a n d auxiliaries, served as further confirma tion. Rodgers ex p I a in e d that there is no real profit on texts or gym clothes. These items are marked up only enough to cover overhead, upkeep and labor. The store breaks even in this case . Profit is made on the miscellaneous paperbacks and other sundry items. 4 3 R e turn From Nassau, O th er s S e e Cle arwat e r Other highlights of the open ing were the first annual InviEach artist had from two to By WING PREODOR almost three feet h i g h pur-Library offi"cials said three paintings on display. How many of the 43 people chased by K at h y ' BRAIN' OF THE CAMPUS OPEN TO STUDENT TRAFFIC Several thousand persons visited the University and faculty use with more than 32 ,000 v olumes on t h e o f South Flo r ida library Sunday following the ribbon shel v es. volumes ar e t o be a d ded until t he cu t ting ceremonies at 2 p.m. at the main entranc e. total r e ac h e s approxi m a tel y 250 , 000 . A l s o hous e d i n The lib r ary was scheduled to open today to student the buildin g are a n um b er of offi c e s a n d a staf f lo u nge. CAMPUS ROUNDUP 'Little Lauderdale' Big Attraction the library may be closed for The ultra-modern library has Clarice Bostick bought a purse the most modern f a c n i t i e s from USF who went to Nassau . approximately Z days while th h h d d rf 1 t ? N shapped like a f1sh and Paula files and stacks are moved roug out and w i 11 . use the a a won e u une 0 manPaster bought one as large as from the l ibrary in the Unishelf system which per-to-man pole was taken, but no a good sized suitcase. versity Center to the new l onuts students to select bo.oks one will argue if it is printed Cocktail Party No Less tl fwm the shelf. To alleviate . s t d ' f ca on. damage to books th l"b that exactly 37 students and s1x a ur ay be ore dmner . . . . ill h .• e . I chaperones from this Univer-was tbe captam's cocktail partatwnal Art Exhiblt, compnsed w ave a machme which will sity had a fabulous time. ty. A commercial photographer of works of 10 contemporary copy P a g e s fr?m books and The vacationers left on a took pictures of every guest Florida artists, and a concert in othder fotrmfs of literature for a chartered Trailways bus at 8 shaking hands with the captain. tb T h . A d"' Th mo era e ee e eac mg u eaMusic for a.m. Friday, March 31. The bus After dinner and on shore .ter. Both the exhibit and the Th . took them to Miami, where the again the most popular night concert began at 3 p.m., and ere are music and hstenmg S.S . Bahama Star was docked club the Cat and the Fiddle were open to the public free of rfo:fs ttor st'tdent use where and scheduled to leave port at It was there that USF charge. . . . fr=Y sten to the best 5 p.m. The bus trip was no learned to dance t h e Hully IJ?-.conJunction with the_ art Al v . 1 1 records and. tapes. worse and no better than bus Gully and to appreciate calypso exhibit yesterday, a P revIew .so a. ai ab e are and rides usually are. There was one music. banquet was held Saturday evemicrofi.lm car_ds, along the seat too few, but Tony Anello ning to give guests a chance to m equipment. was sport enough to sit on a The next day was Sunview the paintings prior to the Libr_ary P?hctes a_nd hours of folding stool in the aisle. day. After chu!ch It was the B y CAROL MA R T I N raised i n the J a c k so n ville pordresse d girl on campus, will has been set for April 11. Memofficial opening. The main talk operation w11l remam much the Prepared for Anything straw btcycles and the U n i versi t y of South Fior-tio n of the sc h ool's stat e•wide <:ompete in a magazine's "Ten bers of the senate, the presi-at the banquet was given by Dr. were If hoper-Without ' mishap everyone was P gat)1Pri n g of approxcapital fund camp aig n t o r aise Best Dressed College Girls in flents of ,the 1 0 natioJ'IaJ Athlelen.L_essti. vWalelloefr, The k aboard_ and prep'lred for vacatiorers USF were on 200 US F $fi millio n primarily for new America" co n test. nltlcs the nine sororities on "' P Y to 10 p m kd 8 30 when the boaL left deck as the boat pulled away students buildings on t h e DeLand camUniversity o f Florida-Nlca. ee ays, a.m. nght on schedule. Several USF N . th • more t han pus. First f unds will be used ragua will host the functions of campus, will be present. M F to 12:30 p.m. on and students in Fort Lauderdale for tho one missed e boat •. but students from for construction of a new library the '61 International Week on U • t f Fl 'd Th any eel 6 p.m. to 10 P m on Sunday th 'ti t th ere were many who Wished l Dlversl Y o .orJ. a -e The library is sta ff.ed by 21 full: c vaca on carne o see eu they could have stayed J'ust one t h e r co lege and a new science building and campus April 9-15. The purpose h b ld d fnends off a m p u s e s for a faculty salary fund. of the act1 v1t1es 1s to emphas1ze new P armacy Ul mg, an a time personnel and a number or two days more. dT t th J H'lli USF N d . The confusmg thing about the . . throughout the Univemty of Tampa-On Fri-international interests on the 1 iOn 0 e • . I s Ml ler ee s of student asSIStants. . :ship was the stairways. They That rught United S tate s day a chapter of Phi A 1 P 11 a camp us, considering foreign Health Center, will open for . The. top floor the bu_ildnever seemed to be in the same tra played agam With a little made a miniature Theta honorary history frater-students as well as professors teaching and research this June. M M mg will holl;se a SUlt.e of offices place twice. But there was alhelp :r;>uane Lake, director Fort Lauderdale nity will be iustalled at the uniwho are in universities over-The building will have cost $ 2 o re oney for evaluation services and a ways a steward around to help of Center and an-out of Clearwater versity by Dr. A. Worcester, na-seas . . . faculty-staf.f lou'?ge. The loung.e anyone who really got lost. other . US-1 chaperone. Li.nda Beach over Easttional president of the orga n izaU n i\'e rsity o f Tampa-The ofwhen completed. . Hillsborough legislators fn a Wide view of the umOnly one case of seasickness won a bottle of chame r week-end. tion. fice of the dean of men has Flo r1da University according to news versity as well as the was noted. Miss Mercedes Fer-pagne m a Hula contest. Though not as G ordon Keller Activities anno unced the pledging of 66 Marty Washm&fon, FSU sophoout of the state Capitol, skyhne and the Indus-nandez, instructor in physical The Bahama Star docked in publicized as the , committee chairmen have been TU men into four fraternities more M1ami P r s, believe Gov. Farris Bryant's tnal Park the south. education and one of the chapMiami early Monday east coast cio/'5 ' chosen at GK for 1961-62, along during spring rush. t opped. SIX past Natwnal Rifle recommendation of $2.3 million . There Will be elevator serverones, was seen rushing from Customs and i m migration seethmg Car ? l with the co-e d itors for the 1962 F lorida Stat e Unive rsity-The champ10ns t? take at for USF in the upcoming budget Ice for faculty, staff and stu-the dining room the filst night proved to be no problem and With college students, thls year Otomy, the sc h ool's yearbook. c urriculum evaluation commitRifle Championships is not enough. The University dents. out. It is said Fernandez by 10 the bus was on its way Clejlrwater was well rep-F lorida S tate Univer sity tee proposed by Student Body m Miallll. had asked for about $9 million. • made a total of 12 trips to the back to Tampa. resented With students Papers have been filed wit h President Carl Butler of Jack• • Sen. Sam Gibbons said, "It Messages WJII rail. Clearwater, Lauderdale, Too 14 colleges and umver-the secretary o f state for the son, Miss . , has been endorsed O rgan1zaf10 n is not enough. " He feels it will Nassau is about 180 miles Meanwhile, many not mating sitJes . . _ creation of a student governby the faculty senate. take at least $5 million, per-Be Sent by Mail from Mia:ni by boat. The trip the Nassau trip settled on Fort There was n o rioting or beer ment-managed corporation Stu Flor i d a Southern College -for S horter haps more. took all mght. The calm sea, the Lauderdale or Clearwater. Jan can barrages, but one police-dent Enterpri ses, Inc. The' f irst The annual leadership senate Re. Bob Ma.nn said, "I don't Communications from deans full moon, and dancing to the Longnecker, Paul Small, J c e man in making a routine invest! goal of the o r ganization will Golrls S tarted think it will do the job." and faculty to students will ship orchestra added to the Calderazzo and a few others rc. gation noted mad scrilmbling by probably be to f inan ce a swimH 0 Rep. Tom Whitaker Jr., exco':tinue to be sent through the glamour of it all, and made ported that Lauderdale was ,. students to bury beer on the m ing pool f o r the proposed OUSI ng A new social organization on claimed, "I feel it is only wise mail to the homes of the reschool and all its problems seem the wild place the news p beach to avoid confiscation. T h e new student u n i on. campus, called Glamoureax, is to take into account the meed spective students, says, Dr. Howfar, far away. pictured it to be. Most ag feeling of many students is that F lorid a Southern College _ under way. It is for girl!! 5 feet, for existing institutions before ard Johnshoy, dean of student Island Boys t hey had fun, enjoyed it and next year "the crowd" will hit Alan Ellis was wi nner of the 4 inches or under, and its pur-starting a new (This with affairs. The Bahama Star came into would like to return. Many from Clearwater. annual Sigma S i g m a "Ugly Man" s h k u pose is to promote self improve-reference to Boca Raton which Dean Johnshoy said that stu-Nassau at 8 a.m. Saturday. Two USF making the Clearwat" r Florida S o uthern contest. Proc eeds will be do-a e• p ment and to serve the university would get $5.3 million). dents have been falling to small tug boats pulled the boat .rek for the weekend though t During the Easter vacatwn , 50 nated to the R obbie Page Me. in any way i t can. such as helpRep. Woodie Liles, added, he answer letters sent to them by around and to the dock. The there was nothing like it and Southern students stu-morial for Crippled Children. ing with receptions. didn't fjlel the recommendation USF personnel requesting ap-water was so clear and turquoise >everal agreed it didn't dents from the University of U n iversity o f Florida-Near-s d March 29 the girls got off to for the University of South pointments, but from want of a it was almost unbelievable. up t.Peir parents as much as Florida, Georgia and the Uniu nanimo u s approva l has been ta rte a good start by holding a welF'lorida was sufficient. better communications system There were many native fishing if they had gone to Lauder-versity of North Carolina on a g iven to deferred fraternity rush come tea for the group's melnReports out of the Capitol the postal service would conboats and sail boats in the bar-dale. to . procedures propose d by the In, bers and sponsors in one of the Hillsborough delega-tinue to be used. bor, plus islaqd boys diving While all this was going on Umversdy o f F londa-A tele-ter-Fraternlty Council. Formal "U 1 d ff the private dining rooms . Dr. t10n will seek more for USF. Some students, Johnshoy for coins. "he USF campus had several vision rush will be held Sep t. 24-0ct. h _nsupefi' set -c adm P Margaret Fisher, director of Several on the said, in ignoring messages from . After breakfast everyone went . visit?rs from northern growmg cns1s m Flonda s 4 . . r"ll n o e con one • women's activities and Miss USF campus _feel If the flood the. facult_y and staff mto Nassau to shop, bi umverslhes-Just by to higher educahon was broadcast Umvers1ty o f Tamp a -The d t 1 Mercedes Fernandez, physical of students hit the campus as m Iss e d rmportant counselmg cycles to nde around the ISland , ake a look on their way to April 6 over station WJTX in third annu al Healthorama was h ean s u en a a rs. , ngs education instructor, are spon-estimated more must be made and in some cases, scholarships. or went to the beach. :Jr from Lauderdale, Nassau or Jacksonville. The University held recently at t h e University d so far, UShFe sors of this new club. available for rapid expansion. Runs up the postage bill, too. Most of the money from the :::learwater. Several from the News Bureau planned the for-of Tampa. Information of health a e n. e u no Joan Farnum, spokesman for USF group went to the straw University of Illinois thought mat of the program in the first services in Hills b orough Co unbe have the new organization, (guess market. Almost everyone JSF "was the best but wbere's effort of a plan to educate peo-ty was made availa ble as a pub .. n au-maybe she really is the spokesCAMPUS DRIVE COMING a straw hat or purse, or both he fieldhouse." Up north that ple to the problems of Flot-lie service project. d person lS 1f c arge. woman) said that membership is The hats were all shapes anc s a place to play basketball ida's universities. F lo r id a Southern Coll ege -f :h. gaV"tume by invitation only. So remem-F d s k sizes including one with a crown indoors in the wintertime. Stetson University -More Anne S mith o f Pom p ano Beach, or IS . rna . e pnber, if you can't see the top t • than $68,00 0 has now been who was chpsen as the best one IS that lD uncontrolled shelf, have no trouble entering ou n a I On ee s housm.g do agree low doorways, and have never Lo } M c COMING EVENTS to a given penod a_nd been selected as a model be-Itt e an on ampus ?ften move, l eavmg the remam-cause you were "to short," hon-T E d w k mg students to pay than or may come your way . If inter0 X pa n 0 r IT t • I D they had planned or to fmd anested wear low heels and walk . Wen I es an Ce other partner. in a stooped manner Johnshoy said he had Cieo Elects Officers A goal of $45,000 has been set The fomadation was chartered students come to htm askmg for The Cieo, one of the men's by the University of South Flor-on Sept. 4, 1958, and during the loans to co':'er the added exsocial clubs, has elected officers ida Foundation in its drive cur-first semester of the present S h d I d F • d penses acquired when roomers for the coming year. They are: rently in progress to raise school year helped more' than C e U e . r1 ay have made_ other Dennis Granda, president; Jim money for scholarships and 100 students through scholar In sup.ervised housrng, J'?hnWidden, vice president; Rodney loans for USF students. ships and more than 50 through sho:l:' satd, students _required H. Kite-Powell, secretary-histo-The foundation, which has foundation loans. This totaled . to s ign. con.tracts requ1rmg them rian; Dan Myers , treasurer; Bob membership throughout t h e more than $22,000. However , A Roaring Twenties d ance, Dr. Sidney J . Fren ch, dean of for a Alwood, parliamentarian, and Tampa Bay area and Florida, with increased enrollment next featuring the Vel-Ives, is being the USF . of Basic given period of time. Jim Mi!J?-S, chaplain. also includes approximately 40 fall the foundation hopes to . . Studies, W ill give a lecture on The ether reason Johnshoy The pm design for the club t f th USF f ul d d bl sponsored by .the Fides the subject "Science in War gave was that unsupervised has ordered, and commitof ty an both The dance will be hel d m the and Peace," at 2 p.m. Wednesoften becom_e IDV?lv_ed tees on finance, constitution, Don Gould, director of the South Cafeteria of the Universday in S-100. affairs. that and entertainment have been USF Foundation, said a student The USF Foundation was set ity Center from 8 till 11:59 p.m. Dr. French will dea l w i t h the llnary achon. This, he said, has set up. foundation co.mmittee plan.s an toof Friday, April 14 . problems in the development alr!lady . hlfPpened here at the Banquet for S.I.S. dr f A 1 7 Costumes or school dress will of syn thetic nitrates and their umversity, The installation banquet for on-campus . !Ve _rom . prl 1 sist the university in any way be worn a n d a Charleston con-relationship t o the outbreak of Space has been alloted for the Tri s.r.s. will be held at through April 10 whiCh they possible. This is expected to be t d t h hope to gam a sizeable member-mainly in the area of loans and test will be one of the highl ights W orld War I. s en ouses on campus and 6:30 p.m . tonight at the Tropios. sh1p on campus an? tell the scholarships to students but of the eveni n g. During inter-His disc u ssion will also inWill be used when the time The thell)e is a secret but the story of the foundation to stu-Gould explained it is hoped mission the Fides will announce elu d e the fact that many of the comes. banquet com m it t e has audents. . . this can be expanded in the fu-thelr mascots for the coming n ew sci e ntifi c developme'llts • nounced that it will carry out Student 1 s .$2. ture. This expansion could mean year. h.ave applications to both Director Will the club's colors. The student making recognition of faculty and supOne boy from each of the time development and wart1me Guests are to include: Dean plans for mcludes: plements to unive rsity projects. social . clubs will. be selected by A ddreSS Group Johnshoy, Dr. Margaret Fisher, Carolle Froelich, D1ana otero, R . d $SO 000 the g!rls and will be asked t o Cli n ic and Concert Dr. Rose Spicola and Dr. Louise Henry Brown, Jim Woodroffe, alse . • attencx social functions for . A combination orchestra clinLake, of the Sands, sponsors, and Dr. Edgar Bernard s. Zaidman Louise Amon g the proJects the Faun the commg year. 1c and concert will b e held SatUmvers1ty Center, will address Stanton, who will serve as masStewart Julian Piper 'Virginia dation has beaded in the past First thing'" coming up will be urday i n the Tea ching Auditor-members of the international ter of ceremonies . There will Montes' and Leonard 'Jones. was the "Dollars for Dorms" the powder-puff football game ! u rn-Theater, Robert T. Scot t , conference at the 38th annual be 30 members and officers insam: Gibbons President drive which netted the univer-against the Delp hi's at which head music director at King Association of College Unions, stalled. Officers are: Joyce Car-The foundation' itself, is head-sity more than $80 , 000. boys represen t the High Scho ol, will cond uct both Springs, Colo., April ballal, president; Diana Del-ed by Sam M. Gibbons, pres!Since USF will not have alum as the:r cheerleaders. .concert and the clinic. T h e 18 . . t alk will deal with cogado, vice president; Hilda Can dent; Robert L. Dennard, treas-ni until the first class graduates, Tickets will go on sale the clime will be held a t 2 p. m . ordmatmg the work of various cio secretary Linda Leto treas-urer; and Mrs. John R. Himes, the foundation was set up to latter part of this week by The concert, which will be predepartments within a college Vilma 'Reisgo, parliamen-secretary; with . Dr. John _S. AIfill that and in run OON'I TtJfE CA''o'!..:: C"' members of the Fides. sented 8 p.m., will feature union. Lake is chairman of the tarian; Suzanne Jennings, hislen,_ USF president, servmg as to coor.dn?-ate th!l :achVlhes J..OW , ... , All faculty, staff and students the Flonda Wes t Coas t Yout h 1961 nominating com-torian, and Sandra Morgan, chairman of the board of trus-an alumm assoc 1 atJon when 1t 1 ' ' . I"V'V5' , '" •• r-111 ., o rv. may attend the dan ce. Sym p h o n y. c h aplain. tees. does form. f '


I THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 10, 1961 INTRAMURAL$ The Tainpa Tim_ es All-StarS Take Cage Championship University of South Florida Campus Edition (Page 1 and Page 2 Staff) T h e Intramural All-Stars, April 20, at a site to be announon an even basis. Alwood hit tramural Soft b a 11 League Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . • . . • • . • . . • • • . ......... Carol Martin powered by the sharp-shooting ced later Each contestant will for 56% in 100 attempts. saw the Revolters, and of forward Roy Wilcox and the . . Tennis Finals April 19 Aretes victors. The AU-Stars Managing Editor ..•.•.••.••....•.•... Betty Jean Woodard rebounding of big Dan Meisen pttch 50 shoes, wtth the winner The third round of the. Alldowned the Faculty, 10-1, be put on a second-half scoring being determined by tot a I Campus Tennis Tourney is hind the pitching of Charles Sports Editor ............••.....•.......... . John Gullett surge to down the Desert Rats, points. scheduled for Friday, April 14. Yawn. 50-43, in a championship playRobert Alwood took top honFinals will be held on the new The Aretes scored four runs off game Tuesday, March 21, at ors in the March 23 Free-Throw campus courts, Wednesday, in the second inning, then coast King High School. tourney at King High School. April 19. Twenty-five entries ed to a 10-1 victory over the Faculty Adviser ......................... George H. Miller The win provided the AllThe All-Campus event, faculty, competed in first-round action. Enotas. The Revolters won a for Stars with an 8-1 record for the staff and students competing First round action in the In-felt from the Epeltas. Other staff members: Wing Preodor, Louise Stewart, Steve Maxwell, Bill Blalock and Virginia Montes. season, giving them the USF I n t r a m u r a 1 Basketball L e a g u e championship. The league, which began Jan. 17, fin ished with four teams. The Des ert Rats, by losing the playoff contest, took second place with a 7-2 record, while the Flashes Address all communications to Office of Campus Publications, Room 224, University Center. Phone WE 8-4131, Ext. 118. ON YOUR MARK Noted Author AI Hirshberg came in third with one victory y .t USF and six losses. The Monsters lSI S , failed to enter the winning col-All-Campus Track Meet Opens Today USF Sports umn durtng the season. The famed author and sports columnist Albert Hirshberg ap-The first AU-Campus Intramural Track Meet, loaded of the championship squad inpeared on campus March 23 and •th t k d f' ld t b t 4 t by John Gullett k t b th t d ts d fac WI mne rae an 1e even s, egms a . p.m., O cl.ude: Wilcox, Meisen, Pete spo e o o s u en an . . . . Doyle , Frank Meiners, and John ulty at an informal session in day, April 10, at Chamberlam High track field. Gullett. Awards will be pre-the West Lounge of the Uni-The first event will be the 100-yard dash, followed verslty Center. by the 880 or V2-mile at 4:25. Other events and starting Crutchfield is Low-Medalist Hirshberg's recent publicatimes include: 120 low hurdle The Physical Education Divi Low medalist in the March 24 tlon, "The Desperate and the race, 4:35; mile run, 4:40; 440 starts. Each entry is also to sion, headed by Dr. Gilman All-Campus golf tourney at ForDamned," .was one of topics yard dash 4 : 50 . 220 yard dash provide his own r u n n in g Hertz, received the "go-ahead" est Hills Country Club is Thornof much discussion. Hirshberg's . ' . ' ' clothes." sign on development of their as Crutchfield who shot a 74 writing career began with the high JUmp, 4:20; broad Points will be given for 1 the proposed physical educa Bob Woodbur$ was second with newspaper and then he became JUmp, 4:25; a?d shot put, 4:30. first 3 places. First place will tion program when the Univer-7'1, with Lewis Bower, Jr., and the freelance writer he is today. Contestants mclude students, 5, second place 3, and sity Senate approved the plan Jerry Oberer tying for third He admitted that he had not faculty and staff members. thud. place .1 point. at their March 24 meeting. with an 82. Another tournament worked for a salary since 1952 All must . be at . Pnzes will be awarded to "This is what we have been is being planned for the latter and has little intention of dotrack m plently time to ?f each event and to waiting for," Hertz said, "Now part of April. ing so again. s1gn up. on the off1c1al the md1v1dual who the we can concentrate on making A faculty-student-staff archery Hirshberg writes mostly nonform, R1chard. D. mgreatest number of pomts for this projected program a real tournament has been scheduled fiction stories and feels that tramural coordmator sa1d. "You the meet. ity." They are well on the way. for Thursday, April 27, on the the writing of fiction is quite sign these forms to offi.A special :usF Ladies Court" Basic p h y s i c a 1 education, campus Archery Range. Each risky. He said that the writing c1ally enter the meet. The entry w1ll be awatting the :-vi_nner of which is just one of four areas contestant will shoot 30 arrows of non-fiction is a business inform must be returned to the each event past the fmtsh line. making up the entire physical at 40 yards. Total points will stead of a pleasure. course clerk before the event There is no admission charge. education curriculum, is already determine the winner. Entry The three best ways of beoperating. The program ref()rms are available in the Intra-coming a good freelance writer the field write the Post (the faction and his answer was quires that each student demon murals office, or' the P. E. is by practice, have a casual Saturday Evening) for a quick "Only by way of money does strate proficiency in each of building. outlook, and be an egotist, said reply. the inner satisfaction come." four areas: functional physical Another tourney, with horseHe recommended Several students asked HirshHe also said "Inner •+in, education, team sports and shoes, will be held Thursday, that anyone wishing to go into berg the question of inner satiscomes from fiction vou sell." group activities, aquatic sports, In one giant stroke, B.F. Goodrich dealers across the country clear out their stocks of, retreads! B.-F.GOODRICH FAMOUS QUALITY "QUIET RUBBER" NEW TREADS! (Applied to sound tire casings) 00 TWO FOR ALL SIZES passenger tires plus tax and retread able tires.Whitewalls only $1 es.tra each! • First time-all sizes of p{issenger tires are the same price. No tricky pricing, _ no hidden charges. • The only new treads with BFG's "Quiet Rubber.'' Muffles squeals, grips the road better, lasts longer, stops faster. • New-tire appearance in both black and streamlined white sidewalls. • Better value than many new "bargain-priced" tires on the market today. • Deep tread assures many extra thousands of safe miles at amazing low cost. • Manufactured with the latest B.F.Goodrich factorycontrolled and expert retreading methods. High-grade tread applied to sound or your own tires. FREE MOUNTING BY EXPERTS! FREE TIRE CHECK BY EXPERTS! .SEE YOUR BFG DEALER B.EGooclrich 1010 GRAND CENTRAL Ph. 8-0181 GARCIA'S INSTANT SERVICE East Broadway & 24th St. Phone 4-2113 RUEBEL'S INC. 2394 9th St. North St. Petersburg Phone 7 JACKS'ON AUTO PARTS LARGO, FLA. and individual and dual sports. Demonstrated proficiency in any area may be accomplished by examination, prior relevant ex perience, or a semester course pertaining to a particular sport. Personal Hygiene Emphasized In the functional P .E. course, emphasis is placed on personal hygiene, "the importance of op timum fitness for daily living, and an appreciation for Ameri can sports." Much of the time is spent in the classroom, where various audio-visual aids are used, but activity is also pro vided to give the individual a chance to evaluate his own physical fitness and m o t o r abilities. Five courses in the team sports and group activities area got under way this semester. They include: basketball and volleyball; creative dance; rec reational activities; special con ditioning; and social, folk and square dance. Proficiency in this area is designed to "evoke socially desirable attitudes to ward behavior in a situation where group pressures influence individual response." From this area will evolve varsity base ball, basketball, crew, and foot ball. Scuba Beads Aquatics In the aquatic sports area, three of the seven courses in the projected program are in full swing. Scuba diving heads the list, which includes: begin ning and intermediate swim ming. Lack of facUlties necessi tates using an off campus pool, but hopes are high for a Uni versity pool in the near future. Six courses in the individual and dual sports area were in itiated this spring, ranging from archery for men and women, to weight training for men. Other courses being offered include: bowling, golf, handball and pad dleball, and tennis . Playing Despite Difficulties It's an uphill struggle, but Hertz and his staff members are nearing the top. "We 're playing on the sand in tennis class," Hertz said, "but at least we're playing." This problem was alleviated with the recent construction of six new tennis courts on the north end of the campus . Although varsity sports are Included in the projected pro gram, they are not yet estab lished. The first step has been to organize clubs in the various areas. Clubs are being estab lished in crew, track and field, tennis golf, baseball, and swim ming.' These it is hoped, will serve as a nucleus for sports, when they are estab lished. Stronr Foundation Desired Concentration at the present time is on building a strong foundation with a wide variety of courses. "We are trying to Competition On Haikus Ends Today The Haiku Contest being sponsored by the Functional English faculty at USF for the past two weeks comes to a close today. All entries must be in the hands of Dr. Sy Kahn or Dr. Anthony Zaitz by 11:59 p . m. If they cannot be found, submit entries to any member of the English faculty wherever they can be located. All poems must follow the three line 5-7-5 syllable form and must be written on the fol. lowing themes: Junk Yard, Snakes, Orange Blossom, or the Beach and Rain. There is no limit to the number of poems one may enter. Book prizes for the best Haiku in each category and possible publication will be alloted each of the winners . 'fB TAMPA TDIBII Pabllsbed e w • a I a 1 • llloadaJ throulh Saklrda:r bJ The Tribune CompanJ from Tho TrlbDDe BaUdo Jnr, Lafayette aDd &lorran Street., Tampa. Florida. Entered a1 eecond class matter al the Post Office at Tampa. Florida. under tho Act ol Mareb a, 18'11. Subecrlptloa Rate11 BJ carrier :::.rr m!:ft."s' .... 7ear 115.80. Subscrlptloa paJablo In adnneo. Member of AssoclaiPd Prell. Member of &adlt Bureau ol otr-eulalloa. offer a varied program of ac tivities desirable to the stu dents," Hertz said. "We want to build such attractive facili ties, and offer such an interest ing program of activities that the students will consider it a privilege to develop proficiency in the activities rather than a requirement. Other programs in the cur riculum 1 n c 1 u d e: intramural sports, intercollegiate athletics, and professional physical educa tion. Intramural sports are signed for the entire university community, and are considered an outgrowth of the basic P.E. program. Program Molds Teachers The professional P.E. program is designed to qualify teachers for work in the public schools. It meets the objectives in Teacher Education at the Uni versity and the State of Florida Teacher Certification require ments. Daily Schedule Monda7, April 10, lMl 8:00 a.m. -Dance Class, Gallery Lounge. U:f5 Discussion Luncheon. 1:00 p.m.-UC Recreation Committee, uc Bria.., Class, UC 167. Women S ports Coordinating Board, UC 216. Science Stall Seminal, S 204. Electronics Club, S 202. 1:00 p.m.-Botega Officers, UC 226. 3:00 l:o'::ng;.Dance Class, Gallery $:00 UC Planning Committee, Students Bible Study, Resident Women's C dun c II. uc 104. 7:30 Club Bridge 8:00 Women's Club Bridge, a:oo •. Rm. 10:00 a.m.-UC Ho:fpltallty Committee, Leaders Club. 'Oc 202. Baptist Student Club, UC 203. Foreign Language Club, UC 204. Methodist Students, UC 205. English Faculty, UC 215. Gun Club, UC 216. Ski Club (all welcome), UC 213. Interim s t e e r i n r: Committee, uc 226 . Student Art Council, Ad. 1052. 1:00-p.m. -North Tampa Kiwanis Club, UC 103. 3 ' 00 5:00 p.m.-Cieo, UC 168. 7:00 a m p a Lions Club, 7:80 p.m.-Fides, UC 226. 7:00 TV Show, 7:30 Duplicate Bridge, WeclnesdaJ , April U, 1961 t:OO a .m. -Dance Class, Gallery Lounge. 1:00 p.m.-Auxiliary-Service Commit tee Luncheon, UC 168. %:00 Stereo Lls\ening Hour, Enotas. UC 201. Westminster Club, UC 204. Art Club, UC 205. Fllles. UC 213. Jewish Students, UC 214. Epelta, UC 215. uc 104 . "'Science in War and Peace•• Dean French, S-100. Horse Fanciers Club, UC 203. Student Foundation Committee. Ad. 2033. S:OO f;.,m. -Dance Class, Gallery 4 : 00 p • Lessons, UC 167. 8:00 Rm. 11:00 a.m.-Chamber Music, UC F u n c t I o n a I Comnuttee, uc 169. D ebate Club, UC 200. Dance Committee, UC 201. Epelta, UC 216. Cultural Committee, UC 226. Group 17, S 111. U:OO fjm.-Human Behavior Luncheon, UC 167. 3:00p.m. -Dance Cl ass, Gallery 4 : 00 Lessons, UC 167. 7:30 p.m.Newma,p Club, UC 202. 8 : 30 p.m.-Chamber Music, TA T . Friday, April H, 1961 Naval AvlaUon Team, Lobby . 10 :00 a.m.-Scholarship Coffee USF Foundation, Library. 4:00 p.m.-Projectionist Club, Ad. 2073. Jam Sesston . South Cafeteria. 1:00 p.m.-Fides Dance, South Cafe teria. Salurd•r• April 15, 1961 8 :00 a.m.-Florida TweUth G r a de Tests, 5 100. % :00 p.m. Clinic Fla. W est Youth Symphony, TA-T. S :OO p .m.-:-f. la. West Coast Youth Symphony Concert, TA T . Sunday, AprU 18, 11161 11:00 p.m.-Palma Cela Youn g Dinner. U C 103-4. PHONE TODAY FOR DECORATOR SERVICE Planning to build or redeco rate . • • Maas Brothers' talented interior decorators will show you how to tho mod of your decorating dollar! They'll plan and su pervise down to the I a s t guest towel ... and at no extra cost to you. Phone Tampe 65 Maas' Gandy Blvd. "Store for Homes". Tampa MONDAY TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY Open Every Nite 'ti19 PM I Fresh • Tender • Lean BEEF CUBE STEAKS , 1 ocEACH WHITE 2 for 29 TIDE REG. SIZE with Grocery Order $1.95 or More 19c TEXIZE Dish Detergent 22z. Size APPLE PIES TREAT THE WHOLE FAMILY! HOT DOG & ROOT BEER DALE MABRY STORE ONLY 9C Only VELDA ICE MILK All Flavors 1/2 gal. At . All Star Markets 39c e 1725 N. DALE MABRY Next to Warda e HILLSBORO & 15th e FLA. & WATERS BARTOW EAGLE LAKE Summerll...oa At Hwy. #17 Hwy. #17 PALMETTo-7th at 6th Ave. We lt"erve the Right ta Limit Quantitiea D ll t -" .. I


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