The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 72 (May 1, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 1, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Here's roposed Constitution for US The constitut'ron, which will establish the school's first student government some time next September, has been completed and was passed by the Steering Com mittee last week. The Constitution Commit tee, a subcommittee of the Steering C o m m i t t e e, has drawn up what they term a strongly s t u d e n t centered government plan, directly linked to the entire univer sity. An open meeting of the Steering Committee will be held at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Dip an' Zip the Teaching Auditorium Theatre to give students a chan ce to discuss the consti tution with the committee members. If there are valid objections to parts of the con stitution presented, the Con stitution Committee will con sider revision of the docu ment. Students wishing to lodge written objections to the constitution may do so at the information desk in the University Center. The constitution will most likely be given to the student body for ratification next week. A two-thirds affirmative vote will be necessary to ratify. Present plans are for ballots in which students can vote for either the whole or parts of the constitution. Following is a complete draft of the proposed consti tution. PREAMBLE We, the student association of the University of South Florida, consecrating our ut most endeavors to the defense of civil, religious, political, and intellectual liberties for all, do ordain and establish this Constitution: to r e p r e s e n t and serve faithfully and wholeheartedly the stude'ntli, staff, and University; . to execute efficiently and thoroughly the will of the students; to develop all students to their fullest degree of attain ment in all phases of ed uca tion; to encourage openly and un ceasingly the con t inuous in tellectual development of the individual student; to establish positive condi tions under which the stu dents of the University shall have equitable representation in all government affairs; to promote at all times an exemplary student-faculty re lationship; and resolve to com bine our sincere efforts to ac complish these ends. 1. The Student Association. 1.1 The Student Association shall be composed of all full time students attending the University of South Florida. 1.2 The Student Association shall be comprised of twenty Civic Units. 1.3 The purpose of these Civic Units shall be to pro vide the membership of the legi slative branch and to provide a means through which the Student Association shall express itself effectively in the programs of the sity. 1.4. Should the membership of any Civic Unit at any time exceed 500 persons, it shall be the duty of the Legisla ture to prescribe a manner of re-apportionment to allevi ate that collllition. 2. The Legislature. 2.1. All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a unicameral body, which shall consist of two repre sentatives elected from each Civic Unit plus five repre sentatives-at-large and five University Senators, chosen in Student Association election, unless otherwise stipu l ated. 2.2. The Vice President of the Student Association shall preside over the Legislature, but shall h ave no vote, un less the body is equally divided. 2.3 . All other members of the Legislature shall have the privileges of the floor and the vote, excepting the five University Senators who shall have only the privilege of the floor. 2.4. The :j:..egislature shall elect from its membership a President Pro Tempore to as sume the duties of the Vice President during his absence. 2.5. The presiding officer may appoint any committee which be and/or the Legisla ture find necessary for the transaction of its affairs. . 2 . 6, The Legislature shall determine the rules of its own proceedings . 2.7. The Dean of Student Affairs or designated representative shall sit in the ;."1-;•.w. -:; '':' . •. --Y. ,.,:..;. • . . , "" ... • . '• lf ,. '(' A• --.,,; • '1"-Nr-., ._.,.,., • •,,•,•,: (' "-" ..... l,., . ... . '."01-. . .... . ; .,, .... .... .,.. ,.. , ,;..,,, ' _-: • P. • ;.• . .;., ••• _ : -.oiQ;. • - • v., . ..-/. _ .. _ . ..,_ , .... _,._., . p;,::,:.. ,":_ .•...• , .;......... . . ; ; ""'' .-..: : .. . l'i,Jo,( ....-..: ' .... . . "/' •. ..... • ...... _ . _ -N •..... '"' ,., ......... ... . ........ ..;,;.. " ' .. .:::::::. :.::: : ::::.-: -.:.:. ... 7: :>.. Y.v. ; , •:, ;:,..--.. '._,. M , _-,.;, :. : : (+,1.; "* '" ... ' ._, . . -_,,.,N ...... ..._..-!.-, ,,, to"<'<•--=--.... Cuban Prexy Speech law Week ZTA, KA , Top Skits ::. PICKING UP OUR IDEA AT SMU Here is a copy of top half of the front page of the SMU Campus edition of The Dallas Times.. Herald which picked up .the idea of the USF-Tampa Times proj ect here. Felix McKnight, executive editor of the Herald, said, "I wish something similar were being done on every college campus in the country." JOURNALISM-FLORIDA STYLE • An idea has spread and South ern Methodist University re c e n t 1 y b e g a n an "SMU CAMPUS" edition of THE DALLAS (Tex.) TIMES HERALD similar to "The University of South Florida Campus Edition" of THE TAMPA TIMES. James F. Chambers Jr., TIMES HERALD president, on hearing of "The University of South Florida Campus Edition" instructed his aides to check the local situation with M a r t i n Reese, associate professor of journalism and business man ager of student publications at SMU. Reese and the students liked the idea so journalism students headed by Mike Engleman, SMU CAMPUS editor, now edit and 1nake up the front page and a jump page once a week as USF students do. Just Like USF "We are enthusiastic about using wire stuff at first," En gleman said, "but we suddenly realized we had to sell news papers. Student stories and fea tures do a better 'job of selling . " CUSF staff has always stuck to student stories and features.) IMPORTANT The TIMES HERALD edition is sold at SMU for its regular 5 cents price. Students buy be tween 500 and 600 of the news papers each week. "We have learned a lot of other things, too," Engleman added, explaining that the pro fessional atmosphere of putting out a page in the T I ME S HERALD, with pros looking it over, kept the students on their toes. Good Experience Meanwhile, Prof. Reese said the journalism students who are editing the special edition are getting "invaluable experience" from "working in the profes sional atmosphere of the metro politan daily." "It rubs off," Reese said, "and you can tell it in the attitude of the students and the type of work they produce." THE TIMES HERALD campu s edition is made up early, run between regular editions (as is the USF edition) and delivered to the SMU campus for distri bution prior to noon . "We regard it as fine public relations for T H E T I M E S HERALD and as a worthwhile Mid-Term Grades Discussed ' at USF TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MAY 1, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS Initial-Summe_ r Sessions To 0 per at CAMPUS ROUNDUP Miss Universe Co.min1 to USF e In Full Swi ng All fa .cilities Wil. l serVe Residents and Commuters Florida only for a summer ses sion after which he will trans fer back to his "parent" institu• tion. dent and commuting students. A food service program is available for all students. It will provide three meals a day from the first day of classes to the last day of exams. The food plan is available to com muting students for $88. The USF Library and book store will be operating on a full program during the summer schoo l and student parking areas will be designated and certain minimum regulations have been established in order that all students may have parking spaces . Courses The 3-week summer session workshop subject is Pro gramed Instruction for Teaching M a c h i n e s. The 8-week summer session includes sub!rom H1c College oi Batiic Studies, College of Business Administration, College of Ed ucation (elementary, secondary, f o undation, library science and general preparation), College of Liberal Arts (Fine Arts Divis ion , Language-Literature Div ision, Natural Science Division, and Social Science Division), and Physical Education. The USF Summer Sessions 1961 Bulle tin , with complete class schedules is available in the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office has announced the following dates for tion of those stu dents currently enrolled, and for those new students plan ning to enroll in the Summer Session. Current Day Students: M a y 1-5. Di-K-M .... May 1 L Ri T . ... May 2 Ro-Z-W •.. . May 3 A-De-R ... . May 4 Current Evening Students. Tuesday evening May 16. Wednesday evening May 24. New students. School teachers: If admitted by May 15, Saturday, May 27 (a. m. onlyl. Admitted later, Friday, June 16 . New evening students: June 16. Planned For Summer USF Popularity Has Widespread Increase The number of requests for i.nformation about the univer sity of South Florida from ptos pective students i s almost twic e what it was a t thi s time last year, says Dr. F rank Spain, reg i strar. Many more s ophomor es are interested and there i s con siderably more interest from out of state than this p ast year. The university may well be proud of the fact that severa l foreign stude .nts h a v e sh own a great deal of interest in t h e possibility of attending here. This is an ind ic ation of the wide reputation the sch o o l h a s g ained in one short year o f opera tion. I I


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 1, The Tampa Times : university of South Florida Campus Edition sc.hool days t9 the legislature for proper action. 3.5. The president of the student as ... sociatlon may appofnt an.Y commit tee which he and/or the executive councll find necessary for the trans .. 41Ction ot its a!!alrs. 3.6. The exec.utive council !ihall de termine the rules o its own proa ceedings. 4. for any officer .within the association: / He shall be a full-lime student enrolled in the university carrying a. minimum of twelve (12) demic hours. 4.2. Be shall be in good academic standing with the university, main iaiJ:iing accumulative 2.0 (C) average. 4.3. He shall not hold an office in the legislative branch or the executive branch or the University Senate (concurrenUy) unless otlier ortJcers6.1. The President: 5 . 1.1. He shall preside over the executive council and the executive committee. . He shall be a member of the senior Car higher) class. 5.1.3. He shall appoint a Parlla mentary Authority subject to the approval or the executive council. 5.1.4. He shall. exercise the power of approval or disapproval of any .!:Y disapproved by the president, the ma;y: take recourse by reconsideration and passage of satd legislation with an affirmative vote of three-fourths !'A) of its total membership. The legislation then shall become law. Should the president neglect to approve or disapprove an1 law. 6.2. The Vice President: 5.2.1. He shall preside over the legislature. 5.2.2. He shall, in the absence of the president, assume the duties of the chie executive . 5.3. The Recording Secretary: 5.3.1. He shall keep a record or all proceedings. 5.3.2. He shall call the roll at all meetings. 5.3.3. He shall read the minutes of the previous meetings. 5.3.4. He shall read all papers and documents. 5.3.5. He shall prepare the agenda for the fo.rthcoming meetings as Instructed. 5.4 The Correspondlng Secretary: 5.4.1. He shall have charge of all documents belonging to the execu tive branch. 5.4.2. He shall notify all oUicers. committees, and delegates of appointments. 5.4.3. He shall send the minutes of previous meetings to all officers, committees, and delegates. all receipts for funds delivered.. and upon warrants issued by the executive coun ciJ shall disburse money on demand. 5.5.2. He shall present a comprehensive annual report before the execuuve council, supplementing this with monthly and quarterly reports. 5.5.3. He shall be chalrQlan of a permanent finance and budget mittee of the executive council. $.6. The Parlla.mcntary ,\.uthorttr: 5.6 . 1 . He shall render an advisory opinion on the mechanics of all tegisand/or 5.6.2. He shall prescribe the time, place, and manner for Student sociation elections. 5.6.3. He shall be chairman of a committee of the 5.7a The Universllr Senators: 5.7.1. They shall sit in tbe Univer• slty on the Executive Coun• ell, and in the Legislature acting as liaison between these governmental bodies. 6. Standii)C' Commlttets 6.1 .. The Rulca Committee: 6.1.1. This committee shall he shan be com posed of no less than three (3) nor more than seven (7) members. Tf'o15 matters concerning le$.&1 mechanics; t() interpret the constitution (as nee• cipline; to draft any rules or regula tions relating to the Student Associ ation or organizations t h e r e in_, deemed necessary by the Execu.tive members Of this commit tee shall be appointed by the chair man subject to the approval of the Executive Co\l'Ocil. 6.1.6. The Dean of Student Atialrs The Flna.nce Committee: 6.2.1. This committee shall be per in 6.2.2 Th,is committee s h a 11 be chaired by the Treasurer. 6.2.3 This committee shall be com Posed of no less than three (3) nor more than five (5) members. 6.2.4. The Vice President shall sit exofficio on this committee. 6.2.5 .. The members of this com tnittee shall be appointed by the chairman subject to the approval of the Executive Council. ?. Presidential Succession .. 71. In the event of the resignation ot' 'thP removal of the President of the Student Association, the Vice Presiaent shall assume all of the duties of the chief executive for the duration ()f said term. If in the event of the resignation or the removal of both the President and the Vice President, the President pro tempore of the Legislature shall sue ceed to this otnce. 8. Removal from Ortlce. 8.1. A recommendation for the re moval of any individual from office 8hall be made in the Legislature. 8.2. No individual shall be re• moved from office without the con .. currence of (%:) of its total membership of the Legislature and the approval of the Executive Council. 9. Amendment Procedue. 9 .1. The whenever two• thirds ('\!!) of its total membership shall deem it necessary.. shall pro pose amendments to the constitution. 9.2. The amendment shall the same path as other 9 3 The amendment shall be rah fied by two-thlrds <'l!tl of lhe voting student association. 10A shall constitute one (1) more than haU (Jh) of th.e to_tal memberstrtp of any organlzatwn wishing to transact business. THE TAMl'A TIMES Pu_bllshecJ e 1' en In. I' • MondaJ lhrourh Saturday br The Tribune Companr from 'l'he Tribune BaUd Inc, LafaycUe and Marean Streets. Tampa, Florida. Entered as second class matter at the Post Ofitce at TamJI•• Florida. under the Act of March 3, 1879. Subscription R1ot11: By carrier 30o per weekJ by carrier er mall three months $S.t0; ais months 1n aclTance. Member of Assoetated Pren. Member of Audit Bureau of Clr-culaUon. . Daily Schedule 1:00 . S:OO p . .m. R _elatlons_ .... S 100 Show .................. TAT WEDNESDAY, 3, 11J61 tOr ... uc 103 2:00 p.m. ...... uc 157 Students ....•........ UC 167 Enota-,c ........ • .... , UC 201 Younl' Democrats ... UC 20'.! Bolcga. Club , •••• , ••. UC 20:) HorAe Fanciers Club UC 206 Fllles .. , ..... ,, •••.•. UC Sports Goordi-\ Epelta. ...••. , ..... .. UC 215 natlng ' Boa.rd .... , ... UC 216 l Delphi . , . . . . . . . . . . . UC 21t! ElectronJea Club . , . . .-.S 202 f:OO p.m. TriSIS 1 .............. UC 22G J'ubn Caldwell ......... TAT :S:OO p.m. U.C. Plan. Com •.... UC 167 2:00p.m. Bridge BaptJst Students Bible Lessons . , ... .. ,-.,, .. UC 101 Study ................ UC :ZOS 4:00 p.m. stuaent Chess 5:00p.m. Resident Women'• Lessons .... .... .UC 167 Council ... ...... ... UC 168 7:30 PDt Health MaJors .,r: 7:!m p.m. U.W. BridJ'e ........ UC 167 1\oleetlug ............. UC 8:00p.m. Human Relations 8:00p.m. Arete . . . . ....... .UC 226 Instllute ............... 8 100 THURSDJ!,Y, MAY 4, 1061 TUESDAY. MAY 2. 1961 11:00 PbotoJ'ra.phy Club ... UC47 UhOO a.m. U.C. Bosp. Com ..... UC U.C. Fune. Com ...... UC 10010 Business Le•ders Club ...... ... UC 2 Club .. , .......... , ... UC :!02 U.C. Dance Com .... UC 201 Baptist Students Club Ul: 203 Student FEA ........ UC 203 Forelp Lr.nruage Epelta. . . . . . ......... UO 216 Club ...... , ........ uc 20.S. Younr Repoblicans .. UC 221 l\lethodllt Students .. UC 205 Group 17 ....... ....... S 111 En,rllsh Faculty 12:00 a.m. Human Behavior l \lee&tnc ............. UC 215 Luncheon .......... UC 103 Presbyterian WF .... UC 218 12:00 p.m. Deans Meetlnc ...... UC 167 Interim Sturine 1.2:U p.m. North Tampa .t:oo p.m. Cite,. ...... uc 168 l:OO . p.m. ... uc 167 7:00p.m. B. and P. Co. . 7:30p.m. Paideta. .......... , ... UC 1\led . ..... : . . UO So. D. FRIDAY, MAY G, 1961 Anthropolct,cy TV 4:00p.m. Jam Session .......... UC P. Show , ............... UC Lo. 4:00p.m. Projectionist Club . Ad 207$ 7:30p.m. Faculty Dupllcale SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1961 . B'ridre .............. UO 181 9:00p.m. Sprlnc Formal ..... UO B. .: .. AND Hugoboom Reelected As Journal Editoil' Miss Universe (Continued from Page 1) Journalism Students Hear Weimer Speak R. Wayne Hugoboom, asso ciate professor of music at the University of South Florida, the University of Miami under Prof: Rae 0. Weimer, director direction of Dr. Fabien of the School of Journalism Sevitzl>y: . and Communications at the UniBroward Jumor College-'-The • . . . was reelected editor of the Baptist Student Union will holli vers1ty of Florida, Gamesv1lle, "Choral .Journal" during the \!ar washes during the spring was a rece.nt guest speaker at second national conference of to raise for the Baptist a luncheon and a _discussion f?r th A Ch . , Student M1ss10nary Program, at those students mterested m e oral D1rector s the Baptist churches throughout journalism. Several journalism Assoc1atlon recently at ColumFort Lauderdale and Hollywood. graduates of the University of bus, Ohio. Florida Presbyterian College-Florida also attended. . The "Choral Journal" official Famed writer, Harry Golden, .in journalism and bli . ' . will lecture Tuesday in Pasacommunications at U. of F., the pu cation of the ACDA, Will dena Community Church <'n the uirements for a degree in be expanded under Hugoboom's topic, ."It Could Happen Only and opport'!nities. in direction during the coming in America." He is the final the field were the mam topiCS year. During the conference guest in this year's FPC artist of d_is:_c_u_s_s_io_n_. _____ _ Hugohoom was also appointed lecture senes. chairman of the choral reading Al"r_b_o_r-ne_R_e_v_e_n_o_o_ers Softball League sessions for the next national conference which will held in Chicago, March 15-16, 1962. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -Standlngs Another "Floridian was hon ored by the ACDA, when mem bers elected Dr. Edward' .f. Keister, University of Florida president the coming year: Revenooers have taken to the air. AU-Stars 4 ! FedeFal and state alcohol tax 2 Epetta o agents recently used a state airR01utto ol April :15 Gamea till Faculty 4, Eno\a 3 plane to spot 18 moonshine s s AU-Stars 12. Epelta 1 in a day, Revolters 18, Arete 5 LOAN does home NEED MORE ROOM? REPAIRS? REMODELING? It's easy to get the cash from 1 s' Federal of Tampa: FIRST: CHECK YOUR NEEDS OADD ROOM 0 AIR CONDITION OAniC OBATHROOM OBEDROOM 0 CARPORT 0 CEILINGS 0 CLOSETS 0 DRAINS 0 DRIVEWAY 0 EAVES 0 FENCE 0 FIREPLACE OFLOORS 0 FOUNDATION O GARAGE 0 HEATING PLANT 0 INSULATION 0 KITCHEN 0 LANDSCAPE 0 REDECORATE 0 REFINISH 0 PAINT 0 PLASTER OPORCH 0 REWIRING 0 ROOFING 0 SCREENS 0 SEPTIC TANK OSHELVES OSTEPS 0 UTILITY ROOM 0 WEATHERSTRIP OWINDOWS OWORKSHOP OOTHER THEN Get a reliable estimate of the cost from your contractor, or do-it-yourselfers, get a com plete cost list from your intended surpliers, and brin9 it to your nearest oHice o FIRST FEDERAL of TAMPA to 9et your Home lm provement Loan. SOME FAMILIES INCREASE ALMOST AS RAPIDLY AS FIRST FEDERAL'S SATISFIED CUSTOMERS! ASSOCIATION OF TAMPA • \ 2 3 4 Member Federal, Savings & Loan lnsurarlce Corporation e Member Federal Home Bank I Four City-Wide Locations DOWNTOWN OFFICES 408 Franklin Street 409 Tampa Street Phone 2 ServinCJ SOUTHWEST TAMPA Dale Mabry Branch 721 South Dale Mabry Phone RE 6-2447 Servin9 NORTHEAST ' TAMPA East Branch 1920 East Hillsborou1Jh Phone 3 • Serving NO"THWEST TAMPA Northwest OHice 4134 West Hillsborou9h Phone RE 7-6049 \_ '\l II s p j


t Weather Data I Rain.falr for 24 hours, TASK FORCE . TO TARGET AREA THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, !\lay 1, 1961 15 Navy Prepares To( Rescue ending midnight . . . . . • • .00 ' Rainfall for preceding A B 0 A R D U.S.S. r LAKE ran _ge from Cape C;maveral firing goes as Shepard who, as a commander 30 days ............• , , 1.44 CHAMPLAIN, May 7 !UPD -A culated to put them in the r1ght capsule be_ at a in the U.S. Navy, is the peo• Barometer reading, seven-ship Navy task f or c e place to pick up tl}e astronaut cle mght miles m rad1us around pie's choice among the sailors. 7:00 a.m. . ............. 30.1 steams to sea today to pluck as soon as possible after he hits the carries. But even if it is Shepard, his Tomorrow America's first spaceman from the water. If all does go as scheduled Navy mates won't be saying S . 5 50 All ships go on "ready alert" the first man to see the astro: "Well done" because they must un nses : a.m. See Related Story Page 1 at 2 a.m. EDT Tuesday for the naut may be Wayne Koons, a not speak to him until they're Sun sets • 7 :50 p.m. . . expected shoot from the cape 27-year-old Marine Iieutenant spoken to. Moon rises 9:11 p.m. the Atlantic. I.t has orders not a few hours _later. from Lyons, Kan . Koons is --------a.m. to speak. to h1m u n 1 e s s he Rear G. P. Koch , training supervisor pf the heliPulitzer Prize Will H' h 1 2 08 speaks f1rst. commander of the task force, copter team which has practiced Jg 3:3 a.m., : p.m. and doctors he is confident his group for months getting the astro-Be Announced Today Low 7:55 a.m., 9:50 p.m. want the f1rst astronaut to tell will get the astronaut out of naut and his capsule out of the TEMPERATURES his own story in his own way, the' water quickly, provided the water . NEW YORK •. May 1. (JP) -:Florida without having ;t colored by . The 1961 Pulitzer Pnzes m High Low words and thoughts conveyed The heliCopter. resc1:1e teams journalism, letters, drama and Apalachicola .. 75 68 .03 to him after his return from Flu PIUS Smog are part of Manne Air. Group music will be announced today. Clewiston . . . . . 86 65 flight. 26, based on the carrier. . This is the 45th year of. the Key West .... 82 76 So, from the first retrievers, Cancer Factors Two destroyers-' the _Decatur awards, established at Columbia Jack. sonville .. 78 67 who probably will be Marine . and Perry, Will be m place University by the late newspaMiami Beach .. 80 75 helicopter pilots to all others LOS ANGEtES, May 1 (11') to retneve the astronaut if .he per publisher Joseph Pulitzer. 0 1 84 67 -f th 5 000 ' b d th Fl d g tl gets out of range of the earner . . -lAP Wlnpbotol ca a . . . . . . . . o e ' men a oar e u an smo apparen Y are h 1' t did H th The prues are awarded by the THE NATION'S WEATHER TODA"' Sarasota . . . . . . 87 65 flotilla who may come in conamong factors which can help e. lCOP ers, as . am . e trustees of Columbia and are J. \ St. Petersburg. 86 70 -tact with him the oMers are: cause lung cancer, a University on hJS_ Jan. 31 tr1p. d te d b th C 1 b. Light rain and scattered showers are expected tonight in the southern por-Tallahassee ... 81 62 .05 Address no to the astroof southern California profeshcrrnp m wated of tions of the North Atlantic states. Showers are forecast for the Middle and South Tampa ....... 86 70 -naut right after. recovery unless says. 45 c:psub ef wo ours an The awards are made on the Atlantic states and the Ohio Valley with thunderstorms forecast for the Gulf area Cocoa 78 73 -he asks a quest10n. , Dr . Dean V . Wiseley, assiste last recommendation of the Ad vi-and Northern Texas. Occasional showers are expected in the Rockies and the Pa Daytona Beach 78 67 This 40,000-ton earner and ant professor of pathology re-t bel' . t d Board on the Pulitzer T N th t Fort Myers ... 89 61 six destroyers headed for posi-ported Saturday 011 a 29-m'onth u e, a 1cop er arnve -.:...c_I_J_c __ o_r_w_e_s_. ___________________ Gainesville 80 671 -tions down the Atlantic missile test of 1 600 laboratory mice maAde the rechovery. th 16 INJURED . 1 Panama City .. 80 •(i9 Tr. '. . . . s everyw ere, ere ADVERTISE14ENT Sanford . . . . . . 83 67 _ • • The m1ce were d1v1ded mto avid speculation aboard the TOOTHACHE Vero Beach ... 81 71 BICJ CorporatiOn Got dgrol:'tphs.tOhne grtroup wafs ship as to which of the three w. Palm Beach 83 74 _ ]ec e w1. ree s o VIastronaut finalists-Alan Shep-vl•olent w.nd H.ts Tex' as Town Other Cities Name Through Error ruses which cause mfluenza ard, Virgil Grissom or J .obn Albuquerque . . 85 47 _ BALTIMORE, May 1 (IP) -among humans. Glenn-will-get the nod. • Atlanta ...... 77 53 _ Alleghany Corp., spelled with Half of the mice who had had Only haif-jokingly, Admiral H ypu can't aet to the dennst, ti\J best thina for rou Is ORAJEL. Polo nn Shll I• ltCORdl. Guaranteed. Asll far naw fut iCtlna jelly called. ORAJEL& , . , Birmingham , . 82 59 -an "A," differs in that particu-the flu breathed smoggy air, Koch said he thought he deDENTON, Tex., May 1 (IP) -ly strong and straight, but the taken to Flo Memorial Hospital Boston ..... , . \56 41 Jar from the usual spelling of half pure ail;. The mice not subtected a trend 11way from Glenn Wind clocked at 80 m.p.h. way some of the wreckage is in suffering from cuts Brownsville . . . 85 74 II e g hen y Mountains, Ailejected to flu were similarly dias the early favorite toward slammed. Into this north Texas twisted it seems almost certain )Jy flying glass and fr?ll!Chicago . . . . . . 65 37 gheny River, Allegheny Airlines vided. city durmg a ylolent thunder-there was a tornado funnel. Two other persons mJured m Columbus o. . 56 40 and Allegpeny Power System. Wiseley said 38 lesions have Snow •In Smok•leS tl storm last nig)lt, injuring 16 "We won't be able to tell the an automobile accident near Denver . : ..... 56 40 It's , an old Indian name. been found in lung tissues of Dr. StephenS. Selby persons and causing damage full extent of damage until dayLewisville, south of Denion, Des Moines 63 36 _ A lawyer taking part in the mice subjected to both flu and GATLINBURG, Tenn., May 1 estimat.ed at millions of dollars. light, but it will in the milwere taken to a Dallas hospital. Detroit ...•• :: 57 41 .05 proxy contest for control of the smog, compared with 14 for (11')-An inch vf snow covered Optometriat Sheri; Andy Anderson said lions of dollars." . . Their condition was serious. El . Paso ...... 91 59 yesterday traced mice exposed to flu alone. No. Clingman's Dome and Mount "the wmds seemed to be mostFourteen of the InJUred were The main force of Helena . . . . • • . 57 33 the discrepancy to a lytlographlesions have been found among Leconte, high in the Great e EYES EXAMINED e naw at hit the downtown busmess d1s-Indianapolis 65 45 _ ical eiTor made 32 years ago in mice who merely breathed Smoky Mountains National 2269 EASTGATE CENTER MONDAY A .ND' TUESDAY ON LVI trict about midnight and then Kansas City • :: 65 48 .13 out Maryland incorporastnoggy air or those ':l'itbout flu Park, early yesterday, rangers Aero•• from sears_ Phone n.oas1 moved the n?rth and Los Angeles . . 76 55 who breathed pure a1r. reported. ---west sections of the ?Jty. . Louisville . , .. 67 53 AMERICA'S LEADING MAK'ER OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED. ME 'S SLACKSBRAND SEEN ON TV ---REGULARLY TO S10.95 Savel Spectacular values an America's bestmade, bestknown slacks! All fabulous Dacron-blends ••• most reC!ulre no pressing ••• In oew colors, new patterns, plains, pleats, regula"' ar Sensational twoday savings and free alterations! BROWNIES. Where Quality I! 1'!.Q!. Expemive 916 FRANKLIN e OPEN MONDAY TO 9 ':-. . . AMPA -i-tMESYfs GREATER N OF CITY, Ot CONCENTRATION OF WHOLE WHEN THEIR SALES MESSAGES ARE IN THE TAMPA TIMES 'f,...,.u .. v "BEST tiEfoiHG IH THE HOME EVERY EVEHIHG" A•soURCE: SALES MANAGEMENT 1960 SURVEY OF BUYING POWER All plate. wmdows m Memphis . . . . . 82 61 business ,on the south Milwaukee . . . . 60 27 and east stde of the courthouse New Orleans .. 83 65 square were smashed. 'New York .... 60 48 Th e wind tore roofs from Oklahoma City 84 57 buildings and homes and damOmaha . . . . . . . 67 40 aged many. Trees were upPhoenix . . . . . . 96 57 rooted and many cars turned Pittsburgh . . . . 58 45 over. Portland Ore 64 53 . The also toppled the poRichmond .. .': 68 50 hce rad1o tower and knocke . d St. Louis . . . . . 42 out many telephon-: and electnc Salt Lake City 71 39 hnes. . San Francisco . 61 52 The the Texas Spokane ...... 61 45 Women s Umvers1ty and North Washington ... 64 52 State College. Wichita . . . . . . 61 50 .90 srud no were 1DJU_red. Sunday highs, 103 at Presidio, ram and some acTexas and 102 at Palm Springs, compamed the storm. California. Envoy Named To African Post WASHINGTON, May 1 {JP) President Kennedy has selected Robinson Mcllvane, with the State Department since 1953, ambassador to the African re public of Dahomey. Mcllvane, 47-year-old native of Downington, Pa., will suc ceed R. Borden Reams. Reams will continue as ambassador to the Ivory Coast, . Niger and Upper Volta. Also announced Saturday was appointment of Joseph W. Shea as secretary of t)1e Federal Trade Commission. The post pays $14,000 a year. Shea, 53, is a 20-year veteran with lhe FTC. Services Scheduled For Mrs. Garroway NEW YORK, May 1 ((JPD-;-Me morial services were scheduled today for TV star Dave Garro way's wife Pamela who died Friday of an overdose of sleep ing pills. Results of chemical tests or dered after an revealed Monday morning lows, 17 at Huron, S . Dak. and 18 at Water town, S.Dak. Teeth Prove To Be Clincher DALLAS, Tex., May 1 (UPD William G. Webb Jr. was having a tough time getting his luggage from the train station yesterday until he remembered his false teeth. Webb, from Albany, Tex., lost the key to a storage locker. He reported the loss to Ed L. Childers, a depot official, filled out the neces sary forms, but stumbled a bit over the description of what was in his luggage. For a bit it appeared he might not be able to persuade Childers the property was his. Then Webb's face spread into a broad grin. "Sir," he said, "I have the clincher. In the beige suit case there's a set of false teeth. " Childers found the chop pers. Webb took them, slipped them into his mouth to prove they fit, and walked out With his luggage. cause of death were not ex-Ban on Bareness pected to be released for at least a week. NANTUCKET, Mass., May 1 Mrs. Garroway, 37, died in !UPD--Shirtless men and wom&n their five story town house in short shorts will be barred after she telephoned her doctor from Nantucket streets this who said she bad been upset summer, town officials of this over her husband's plans to file island community decreed yes for a divorce. Garroway was terday. not at home when Mrs. GarroThe order made no mention way died. of bikinis. • ACROS9 1 5 Grab tO Exchange 14 Winged 15Msin BJtery 16 ImPulse 1 'l Extremel1 18 Grades 19 Harbor 20 Anger 21 sorrowful 22 Mountains (abbr.) 24Bom 25 Forceful 27 Beast of burden 29 Bard 31 Boast 32 Scatter 35Be indebted :rz Cook iJi boillng • water 41 Ireland 42 Spirited horse 44 Happiness 45 APex 46 SloPed 4 Make a mistake 49 ParticulBl 51 SPIJ:itu&llst meetings 53 sea eagl. e 54 Prell.x: before 55 United states President !59 Scoffed 63 Alllance ofnatioDS 64 Weird 66 Opera singer 6'1 Path. 68 Sllowers 69 Give forth 'lO Hebrew measure '11 Rough. projections '72 RUb out DOWN 1 Song thru11h 2 Wide awake 3 More uncommon 4 Attempt 5 vehicle housing 6 Hlghwa.y 'l craft: 8 stalk 9 Minister 10 Ea.t 40 Belonlli.DI 11 Not cottect to her 12 42 Defames 13 A disciple . 43 ProfOundness 21 F'IOzen rain 46 Father 23 Break . 47 Challenge suddenlY 50 Perfume 26 Unclosed vessel 28 Keyed uP 52 Required 30 Entire 55 Hawaliao 31 Red cloth vegetables 56 Test 32 Places 57 A namber 33 Journey 58 Bear young 34 Mature 59 Warble 36 Skin tumor 60 Frost 36 Fish SBIICe 61 Bad 39 Part of 62 Engagement bird's .beak 65 Narrow inlet Saturdu.y's Puzzle Solved: S A I C G R A IT E A S p s E 0 N A R E Til A 0 E A N p I E R E lA TIE R M A R A s T E E R E 0 R E T I R E S F A 0 C E 0 A R R E B U T M U 0 .,. E S A S E V IL EAR OESf4.

18 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, May 1, 1961 Modern Housewives Facing Grave Dilemma LASTS FOR DAY OR TWO Children's Migraine Clears Up By ROBERT PETERSON this pretty, brown-eyed grandtinued, leading me down, the to sell products ranging from Sociologists c o n t e n d that mother. who has. three hall to a spectacular, deep4 i s h w a s h e r s to powdered modern. middleaged house:wives but thmks nothmg of . tufted rug ablaze with bright mashed potatoes have cloaked . By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. If any parents of a child with the person bas to work for whose children are grown face the help out a movte wh tl e reds, yellows and greens in an the word in such dreary adjecA woman writes me a most this disease have learned of any much of the day standing on his a gFave dilemma. With smaller wh1ps up washes the abstract pattern. tives that many have been peril)teresting story about her girl other medicine will stop feet. homes closets crammed with d1shcs, or engages m a bout of . • suaded housework is little better who , evidently, always has had these I Will be to In cases it helps a good labor gadgets, and packold-fashioned housecleaning. Activities EnJOYed than enforced slavery. But a few attacks of what is called cyclic hear of tt. The trouble 1s that deal to an elastic stocking aged foods they find themselves '.'Maybe some women. r eally "Then there's baking. Once a wise women such as Mrs. vomiting . Ule malady is so rare that few or elashc bandage. Elastic purposelessly adrift in a sea of enJOY an empty routme of week I take over the kitcben Heatter, better. I will never forget the men can come to know it well stockmgs are now made so well time. bridge , tea parties and fashion and bake a big batch of bread child-a girl of 1o-whom I saw IJ;om personal expenence. that they are not conspicuous. But not Mrs. ' Gabriel Heatter, But not m_e. I think and rolls ' using If you would like a free with this str;mge disease. ThE: Swollen Ankles wife of the perennially popular yo_u ve got to be dom_g some'shush,'" she said , pointing to I buy from a mtll m Cahlist of "35 WaY\S to Make clinical picture was so vivid Don't listen old wives' newscaster. When I lunched thmg . useful, P.roductlve and an imaginative , brightly colored forma . w_e love homemade Money at Home" write to this that although I saw the child Many people ask me what to tales about menopause. Dr. with the Heatters at their hand-creattVe-something draws wall decoration bearing her bread and I always bake extra column e/o The Tampa Times 50 years ago, I . can still do for swollen ankles. Alvarez' booklet, "Menosome home in Miami Beach, on and fulfills your initials "SH." It was a heavy l ?aves for my who enclosing a stamped, selfsee the room and the bed; the Usually the best thing, bepause and Hysterectomy" overlooking a bay of sparkling role m hfe-lf want real piece of cloth on which she had hves nearby and for fnends. envelope. a'nxious .parents, and the child, sides seeing a doctor and taking will alleviate your fears and bl u e water, I learned that Saidie contentment." appliqued pieces of fabric in un"I also enjoy dressmaking, • • so utterly miserable that she his treatment, is to raise the tell you what you should do Heatter is a member of the old . . Creatively E1_1gaged usual shapes, colors and . texfruit, and Spending Go1ng Up lay as if half-conscious. foot of the bed by putting the during this time of life . It school. Wtth some proddmg I learned tures . . "My friends seem to l ove mterwr decoratmg. Its true I NEW YORK !UPD T tal Abd . 1 p . end of the mattress on perhaps may be obtained by sending Would Be Happier that she has half a dozen arts them and they 're easy and in-don't have to do any of these . 0 gov • omma am a couple of pillows. By thus 25 c en t 5 and a large, She believes most women and c r afts which keep her expensive to make." things. But I wouldn't dream of ernment spendmg federal , . During that whole day she raising the feet at night .the stamped, self-addresse d en-would be happier if they turned creatively engaged. She doesn't "Then I spend an hour or letti ng anyone deprive me of state and local may reach $161 had not a word in answer to fluid tends to run back out of velope with your request to their. backs on some of the capitalize on them but they'd two every day weaving" said these chores wh ich feel are a billion i n fiscal 1961 the Tax: her mother's questions. Once the tissues, .and in the morning Dr. Walter c. Alvarez, Dept. fruits of our technological prove in th,e Mrs. Heatter, showing ' me a reliable source of Foundation, Inc., every hour or so she .would the person wakes with perhaps TAM, 'fhc Regtster and prog_ress and returneq to the ship afloat 1f Gabriel_s large loom occupying a sunny satisfaction . It represents an average tax groan with abdominal pain and normal-looking ankles. Tribune Syndicate, Box 9571 tradttional tasks of the1r sex. tones ever lost their corner of her bedroom. It's too bad the word house-burden of $2, 850 per family, then would retch violently By night time the ankles may Des Moines 4, Iowa. "I feel sorry for women who earnmg power. "I also make rya rug5, using work has beco me synonymous $100 higher than the previous would lapse into her sleepy state, and lie as if almost dead. At first, when 1 saw this girl with a disease which I bad never seen before, I feared she might have some serious trouble lin her abdomen something f{hich should quickly be op erated on. But, fortunately, the mother then told of other exactly similar spells which the girl had had. They lasted a day or two and then, rather suddenly, bad clear.ed away . Then I knew that the attack I was seeing prob ably would quiet down, too, and it did. Severe Form I also learned tbat the mother and the father had each had a severe form of migraine. Also, I learned that the girl had got ten her attacks after some ex citement, such as an examina tion, or a schoo l picnic. Years later, I saw another one of these girls, and because, by then, I was sure of the clinical picture, I begged the family doctor not to operate. He went ahead and explored the girl's abdomen and found nothing. The more I have seen of this disease the surer I have be come that it is a form of mi g raine. I have seen it clear up entirely, just as the tendency to s1ck headaches often does, when the girl reaches the age of 20 or so. Commonly, in these cases, the interval between spells length ens until the child has one only once in five or six months. What interests me much in the letter before me is this mother's state ment that her child began to get spells when she was 7 months old . They have kept coming, suddenly, at any time of day. The girl is now 13 years of age and is still getting the spells about twice a year. Drug Injection If I had s uch a child under my care, I would give the mother some ampu.les contain ing a solution of Gynergen, and a hyprodermic syringe. I would teach her to give an injection of the drug as soon as a spell started. This would be my main hope of stopping a spell. In adults w1th a severe migraine this treatment will block the spell in perhaps 85 per cent of the cases. No medicine taken by mouth can work, once the nau sea and retching have set in. Then the s tomach will not ab sorb anything. Scientists 1Reset' Standard By The Associated Press F r o m n e w mea sure m ents, scientists of the Nation a l Bureau of Standards concl ude that radioactive Carbon -14 has a h alflife of 5,76 0 years not 5,568. This i s important because Crubon-14 is one of -the most valuab l e tracer atoms and time clocks on earth for estimating the age of archeological speci mens . The radioactive carbon, cre ated in the air by cosmic rays, gets into every thing. plants, animals, and man. After death, no more is added through i ntake of food or air. So a measure of how much radio active carbon a mummy or a pile of wood ashes c ontains can t e ll how old it is. The halfli fe 1s t he time it t a kes for half of any given startin g amount of the radio active atom s to, brea k down. With Carbon-14, half of all the atoms in a specime n would decay or disappear in 5,760 years, and half of the remainder in the next 5,760 and so on. Lazy Mowers A specia l compound of hy d razine, r hots hot rocket fue l , may soo n be availa bl e in fam ily s i zed pack ages to h elp slow the growth of grass for men wanting to put in more ham mock time on weekends. Chemical industry sources say the material already has been used successf ull y on golf courses and alon g parkway s, re ducin g the need to c ut grass from once or twice a week to two or three times a season. Side-Kicks A new use for rockets to h elp an airpl ane p ull o ut of a d a ngerous spin h as been d e veloped b y Air Force scientis t s . Rocket "flr'ICkages" are mounted on each win g, and can b e fired a s an e m ergency mea s ure to s tabilize the p l ane. • nnounc1ng SJncllltr . . . AT REGULAR PRI.CE SJnc!uJr Jlli--GASOLINE Blended with Spec,ial Ingredients for EConmpy Here's important n ews about a great new in gaso lin e . It's ready for you now at 25,000 Sincl a ir Deal e r s' Stat!ons in 36 states . It's Sinclair DINO Gasoline -the regular priced gasoline that perform s lik e premium gas oline in 3 out of 5 cars on the road. If you want the mos t for yo ur gasoline dollar, you owe it to yourself to try Sinclair DINO Gasoline in your car right now, today. DINO Gasoline, you can save when you buy. Better still, yo u can save as you drive week after week, month after month. That's because Sinclair DINO contain s s pecial ingredients to g i ve you many mon ey-sav in g mile s per ga ll on . r ' r -----------------------, ON TV SJDCfOif PRESENTS DriveinatthesignofthefamousSinclair Dinosaur. You save with Sinclair because -at Sinclair, we care RED SKELTON AT SJn&!UJf WE CARE ... About You ... About Your Car I r • CHANNEL 13 9:30 P.M., Tuesday, b eginning May 9 S1nclou Reftntng Compa ny L -----------------------J 'l


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