The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 90 (May 22, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 22, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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Hide an' Seek Clear to partly cloudy through Tuesday. Winds 10-12 m.p.h. High today and Tuesday 88. Low night 72. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 90 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MAY 22, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS Term Paper Deadlines Boost Library Traffic Cool Quiet Comfort Little Man . on Campus 'BAND MEMBERS MODEL NEW TRI-COLORED UNIFORMS Modeled here by three USF students, George uniform. Note the back view of the "marching" uni Uterhart, Bette Hasty and Kent Taylor, are the new form, which bears the initials USF. The band's final tricolored (green , gold and white) USF Band uniconcert of the season, and the members' first in uni forms. George is wearing the "concert" uniform, form, will be held at 8:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 24, Bette the women's uniform, and Kent the "marching" in the teaching auditorium-theater. Tops Parking Lot l By BILL BLALOCK JR. Term p!per deadlines and preparation for final exams have resulted in a sharp increase in traffic in the new University of South Flonda library in recent days, to Miss Anna L. Weaver, reference librarian. Meanwhile, students are finding the library a much better place for study than the • snack bar the cafeterias or the to study together. The rear ' . portion of the library's reading back seat of a car m one of the room on the main floor bas parking lots. been designated as an area in Traffic 600 Plus Each Day which students m meet-Five out that , staff is Pl'tsenUy\ New Text book formance of the year with Edonce they started. and Life Science J.luildmg art. f " t 9 th uc There are five oxdering material requested by d p d d f C . • completed. ro.n "a.m. o p.m. m e ing, much calmer than the first. planned. The first will be a the within tw.o days un-war reo or con uct ng in tbe Miss ynthra Wentz gave a Next fall the health center piano concert, presented by less 1t is of or .not Due Off PreSS Teaching Auditorium. Theater. marvelous of the will be located in the east wing and the uc. strenuously questioned. The Armin Watkins, professor of io t be used m the Immediate The orchestra is to be compliof the top floor of the Univer-Students may pick up a com-third meeting was one with pasmusic, on June 22 at 11 a .m. u ure. Dr. Robert L. Zetler, director mented on its lively performance with those of the orchestra and sity Center. This space is presplete copy of the constitution sive students who were for the and 8 :30 p.m. On July 6 • Ed-The library received around of language and literature at and the fine presentation of the not only gave the composition ently being used for a girls' with changes and corrections most part very familiar with the ward Preodor, professor of 5,000 biographies several weeks the University of South Florida Beethoven Symphony. brilliance but added refinement dorm. The English division will d t th UC f ti constitution and were content music, will give a violin concert ago, and is starting to process co-authored a . . a n d elegance. The orches tra remain for the most part in tlie a e m orma on with letting Dick Murrell, chair-at 11 a . m . and 8:30 p.m. The them. However, these books bon textbook entitled "SuccessThe orchestra had d1ffrculty 1 a c ked the polish that Miss office area they occupied in the man of the constitution commitUniversity Band, at 2 p.m . and may be held back in favor of ful Communication in Science Wentz showed in her University Center this year. The voting will be done by tee, read and explain the rest 8:30 p.m. , on July 19, will prebooks needing to be processed and Writing, . ance. The piano was never over-The Chemistry Building, this sections, each section having a of the constitution that bad not sent a concert. in time for the summer ses:sion. and Speaking" in collaboration T M powered but the intonation of year's Science Building and to number that will correspond to been talked about before. .August there will be two Walk Up Operation with Dr. W. George Crouch, WO ore the orchestra .was not be officially c a 11 e d Science a number on the ballot. If any additional concerts held . At 10 . . professor and chairman of the t' al Building No . 1, will house tire section has over one-third negaa.m. and 8:30 p.m., Aug. 1, the havmg on English department at the Uni-G• ) CJuh !on • physical sciences and the Amertive votes, the section will be Hampton Heads University _ Community Sym-the fifth floor of the library are versity of Pittsburgh. The book Ir S S The Brandenburg Concerto ican idea course. re-written. It will take twophony Orchestra will play. The instructed to use the elevator to will be published in time for No . 2, although difficult, was The Life Sciences Building, thirds vote for ratification of I S ff season will conclude with a conthe fourth and the. n walk classes next fall by McGraw0 well presented. An exceptional now under construction to the the constitution. Annua ta cert presented by the Univerup the stairs to flfth. If Hill Book Company, Inc., of rgamzm g performance was given by the west of the present Science The three discussion meetings sity-Community Chorus . the student so desrres, he may New York. flute and violin soloists. B ild' 'll b 11 d ff' 1 that were held on the constitu The top five positions on the T ining item sch d have the person at the desk at . The. orchestra rose above u mg, WI e ca e 0 lela -annual staff for the coming year 1 dwo rema s e the of the library call Devoted to the techniques of There are n.ow two more grrls' themselves with the perform-ly Science Building No. 2. This tion attempted to, and did, give u e on the summer program t . th h . h writing reading, and speaking social. clubs m the process of ance of the Beethoven Symphony building will house the botany, students a better understanding have been announced, according are the only non-musical events. 0 sc::e e e WlS es to the 15 keyed to the specrat' ti 7 Th f ' t 'll b try t see IS m his office. . orgamza on on campus. One of No. 1. The Beethoven Symphony biology, human behavior, and of the constitution. About 175 to George H. Miller, advisor to e 1rs Wl e ou s on problems of sctence and industhese, headed by Sandra Fernanwas one of the major works and humanities section . The speech students showed interest by at-campus publications. Bill Hamp-June f?r the "Midsum The lounge, lotry and draws upon these fields dez and Favata, consisted of four movements. and hearing clinics will also be tending the meeting. Of the 175 t 1 t d dit M U N1ght s The second on the fJ!th along for practical problems, exam-yet c. hosen rts name, but. Is utI.liZl'ng the full sound of the located in the new building to on was e ec e e or; er ee w1ll be. the readmg of the play , w1th the evaluatiOn servrces, has pies, questl'ons, and d!'s cuss!'on k t b 0 b J 23 b f 1m wor o ecome recogmzed, classical orchestra, the Beeth-take of a sound proof First Impeachment 'Berry, managing editor; Bill to e grven on une . een open or a ost two weeks topics. Many e x a m P 1 e s are a1,1d 1s m the process of securing oven brought out the best tearoom bemg constructed there. Alford, editorial coordinator; All of the events, unless othernow. All faculty and staff have drawn from the area of nuclear g1rls and sponsors. tures of the University OrchesThe College of will The University of South Flor-Guy Ross, photo editor, and Dee wise stipulated, will be held in the privilege of using an elevaphysics The second club I's headed tra. The ensemble and musical be located on the third floor of . the Teaching Auditorium The -tor that ascends all the way to the new building. ida's students have had their Norman, layout edttor. ater. All are open to the faculty, the top. This privilege is se -The authors have class-teste.d by Sharon Childers and B. J. approach to each of the four The Library Building will first impeachment of a student Present plans include addstaff, students, and general pub-cured by means of lock and key. mt uctbh okf tbhethm?terithal_ for t11heir Tyner. Club plans now include movements displayed the fine ff' G 17 h d t' r f f h ex oo o m e1r co ege a civic and campus project. quality of work done by the house tbe evaluation servtces o leer. roup a a mee mg ing a business manager, an art lC ree o c arge. All staff and faculty supclas se s and in industrial train-The club is working on its orc hestra and its conduc tor dur-and personnel from the various last Tuesday in the UC and im editor and advertising and subposedly have keys to operate ing programs. constitution. Election of offl-ing the school year. peached their president, Jack scription managers, as well as Professor Sy Kahn Zetler and crouch are also cers has been completed. floor. The College of Business Boyd, on grounds of gross neg-page editors. All of these posi-Has Poems Pr"lnted . . e 1 s co-authors O't three previously Epeltas Have Mascot CampUS Not•ICeS b lli gettmg the use that IS possrble published textbooks "A Guid Administration will occupy the ligence of duty Y not ca ng tions will be filled from appliDr. Sy M. Kahn, assr'stant pro-fro. m the faculty, but attr. ibu.ted to Techni'cal Wrl t ' Ing," "AdeThe Epelta social club boys fourth floor and educational re-any meetings. h h f t th t have chosen their official masSPANISH-Students may take eUhr sources will be located in the The group elected a new prescations already received by the of English ":t the Univt:r vBaannkcedLWettnerbsn.?," and "Effective cot; a gopher turtle named HerLibrary's basement. staff. s1ty of South has more and more faculty and staff . man. Plans are now under way cordlnr to their quallficattons. For Seven offices will be conident, Wanda Carter. Plans inThe staff has announced that ten Boy With are beginning to use the lounge Dr .. Zetler, a native of Sumfor an "end of the year" picnicstructed in the language laboraelude throwing any other officer they now have the tentative Frogs and Children in the every day mervllle , Pa., was on the staff party-and-dance at one of the otllee ot the Rectstrar's office. S/Dr. tory for members of the Ian-out of Group 17 who does not plans drawn up for the cover, Trees," which will appear in an of Chatham College .at Pittsbeaches. (Possibly Anna SCHOOL DEADLINE-Lad guage department. These prod S 1 th the theme, and the various secanthology of poetry edited by Soft Talk and Study burgh before coming to USF Mana Island.) da:r f<>r tiline application for USF sumposed offices will be in .the rear pro uce. evera 0 er orgamtions. Presently the theme and Prof. Guy Owen of Stetson UniThe library has added an-July 1, 1960. He is consultant in An installation b.anquet wills 3, 1961. S /F H. P ortion now used at trmes for zations on campus are consid-the cover design are being kept versity. The publication will be other convenience designed :Cor technical writing for the Westb h ld b th F d • • 1 t' d d k t t i S t b t d t h f. d t 1 e e Y e I es at the SUBSCRIPTIONS lo 8 summer lssuea classrooms. ermg s1m1 ar ac wn. a eep, ar secre • ou n ep em er. s u en s w o m 1 necessary inghouse E ectric Corporation. Kapok Tree Inn, Tuesday night, of campus EdiUon 01 THE TA.MPA. rangements for the banquet. CAMPUS ROUNDUP The Aretes have elected thelr officers for the coming year. lrar's oUice by June 3. Fee, HO. Bob Bobier has been reelected lWIIer, director, Work-5tnd:r 'Big' Alligator Found • USF Patio Pool president, vice president is Jim STUDENT5-()pportunlt:r to earn up Woodrufe, secretary Fred Jen to Sl,OOO durinr summer. Car necesk . d t ' T B sar;:r. Phone S-1915, p.m. , Tuesday. ms, an reasurer, om tp" NOW OPEN-The Physical Educallon Well. BuUdlnr will be open from 8 a .m. to The centerpiece for the recent Aretes formal was donated PERSONNEL INFORMATION for By CAROL MARTIN highest extra-curricular activity lletin board established in the I Kappa, junior college academic l UF senior men were named to Florida State University _ by the Delphi Women's Club. summer' work in Canada, France, Ger b 1 d 1 h B The Delphi's hope to d th' f many, Israel , and Sweden. Sec Joyce University of South Florida-honor. administration u 1 1 :A g pronatrona onor socrety. etty's represent the university on the FSU's Torchbearer Chapter of , o lS. or Richey in Penonnel ser v leeo. University of Miami -Dr. vides information on school and grade point average is 3.903 out GE College Bowl Quiz. The conMortarboard sponsored a Peneach mens socal club first ENGINEERING and malh students Wildlife has invaded the USF Raymond Van Dusen, a member travel for the summer vacation of a possible 4 . 0 . testants were selected after an ny-A-Minute Night a semi-anformal. deslrtnr summer work should aee Joyce campus in recent' days. Among of the University faculty since period. Palm Beach Junior College elimination program that b egan nual event design'ed to raise At . end o! the year, the An ... • • the latest of the 1946 and chairman of the De Florida State University Ten More than 300 people attended in March with about 50 candimoney for a scholarship. Delphi g.1rls will present the tnrton, o.c .• and New York for stu invaders was a 4 -partment of Speech, is resignFSU graduating seniors, includ-the recent Open House at PBJC, dates. Aretes wrth a gavel. foot a 11 i gator ing, effective at the end of the ing five coeds, were elected to according to Dean Rachel CroUniversity of Miami ComUniversity of Florida -Stu-Tri-SIS-Gold and Black those majoring 1n math, physics, ebem-which found it-pr.esent semester next month, the 1961 Hall of Fame, one of zier. The visitors came to see mencement exercises will be dents convicted by the Honor Members of the Tri-SIS worn•• science, and political self in one of the to become coordinator of basic the highest honors which can the college and to meet the fac held June 12 in the Miami Court in the future may be en's social club have ratified coMBINED cHoms, communtt1 and patio poois in the studies a:t Brevard Junior Colcome to a senior. ulty and administration. Beach Convention Hall at 8 publicly identified as a result their club's constitution, and a university, will bold rehearsal with Administration lege, CoCDa. Florida Southern College Manatee J u n i or College p.m., for University of Miami of a petition submitted to the nominating committe e is now B u i 1 d in g. Dr. Stetson University Stetson C o pies of the Interlachen, Dean R. R. Ogle s by, dean of stuseniors. Honor Court. At present most working on the nominations of prepa.raClon tor the Ma:r 23 concert. Glen E. Woollenmusic students Jack Jones, jun-Southern's yearbook, have been dents at Florida State UniverJacksonville University Pat UF students believe the honor officers for next year B/Wayne Hnroboom. d e n, professor in ior ' organ lllajor from Ormond distributed to the students. This sity, will b e this y,ear's Manatee Kean, junior, has beea elected offen -The club's sweatshirts have biolo gy, and his .Beach, and C h a r 1 e s Moore, year the yearbook i s dedieated Junior C o 11 e g e graduation president of nex t year's Student been ordered (gold and black Advlslnr the folders and materials for lab assistant, Jim .. sophomore of Funston, Ga., to Dr. Robert MacGowan, pro-speaker, according to Dr. SamGovernment. Three seniors, University of Miami-Frater-are the club ' s colors), and the Lanier, " wres. ,/; have won first and second fessor of philosophy. uel Neel , co 11 e g e president. John Wesslin g, Elzi e Sanders nities have recently updated pins will also be coming soon. Apru e. I961. Folders tor these oludent. tied " t h e bea s t p 1 ace s, respec tively, in the Universi._ of Florida -Tau About 100 seniors will graduate. 'and Shirley Aichel, were tapped their alcoholic beverage code Tentative plans are under way shonlll be returned to C-1053 before 1 C 1 •3 d h b t d f I b lhe close of lbe sprinr oemester. an d final Y re-aro American Guild of Organists Kappa Epsilon received the Dan Florida State University One into Green Key, the univer s ity's an now ave een reques e or a c u scrapbook. moved him from the pool. Mean cbmpetition held jn Charlote, McCarthy Trophy for outstand-hundred twenty-four freshm an honorary leadership society. to improve the

• • • The!e to be serious lack of coherent l{ey Topic . I ' Subgroup ' s I p E F t commumcatwn between administration and students " . &l ?)i e e s a e here at the University of South Florida. m the Gov[4 Physical at the UniThere is one official bulletin is-sued weeki b the was the roam topic BY. DIXON summer and for 61-62 year versity of South Florida for the administration It t w d dy Yf diScussed at an autograph party The Umvers1ty Center Com-under way by UC committee fall semester is in somewhat . comes ou every e nes ay rom h ld t 10 T d .. mittee, with all of its subcomplanning board Campus .of Dr. Lewis B. Mayhew, director of evalua-e a a . m . ues ay m honor mittee s, have kept the activities EdT 1 iJi' f h of 8 state! according to tJO_n service and institutional research. It is the official of _v. M. _ Newton Jr. , manrolling throughout the academic 0el: Dr;, Gil Hertz, director. VOice of the faculty and administration agmg ed1tor of The Tampa year. mail subscription for only 5o b Just what our program will This b 11 f t d' t 'b t d f Tribune and author of the book The UC I Dance Committee cents . . . Turnout during the e depends on the decisions U e m IS no. IS n U e or s t u d e n t use. "C d .. was responsible for the appearconcert last week was substanmade by the State Legislature Fac':J-ltY members are to relay pertinent infor-rusa e for Democracy . . ance of the Velvets at the dance tially better than previous now in session. The projected mat10n to This is generally not done. Newton graduate_d the Saturday, May 20, in the ud program.s ... campus for hiring ?f The VOice of day to day-administrative policy then University of Flonda w1th an Ballroom. The dance committee . Ed1bon sports editor will work hve . additional m The Tampa Times University of South F'Ioi'ida Campus Edition roject . who spent four years in airHertz said. g, for elementary and secondary teachers to obtain information rectly to If such a policy has been set up, it Author of the Year. The UC Recreation Comrmtborne) ... Greene Plans for the immediate fusch<:Jol teachers whO are interadmission policy, course seems only logical that students should know about it. In Two Parts a a r t ture called for the construction ested in the university's sumoffermg_s, other aspects of If the newspaper misinterpreted the policy, the students . "Crusade for J?emocracy" was dard oH'station the corner shop. from of outdoor handball courts, vol-mer program from 9 a . m . to 12 th:m umverstty's summer pro-should know that too. gJven as . a of of Dale Mabry and Henderson shorts to summer vacation ... leyball and basketball com:ts, noon, June 3, in the gr This policy was printed for distribution to students of Flonda. It Boulevard . The proceeds from Did anyone notlce the. recent _with J USF Administration building r;;;;L;;E;;O;;;;;;;B;;A;;;;;T;;E;;L;;L;;;;;;;M;;;;;D;;;;;;;;;;; only once It th hl t . d t ll . . Is IVl e n o wo parts: The this project will go toward the news story out of Tallahassee sw mmmg P00 ' runmng trac; , R 2 I03 ' 1 • . e pamp e ISSUe 0 a InCOming firs_t. is the story of Florida river project. quoting a member of the legis-and additional tennis. courts , all m . . Announc.s the students Classes and Programs." The politics for the last I5 years, All uc committee members lature as indicating the state of which was to fmanced by Credit earned the UmverHis Offices To only problem with this IS there were not enough to go the second part concerns the are invited to a dessert in the universities should speed up the $600,000 appropnation. There slty of South Florida can be apTEMPLE TERRAte: around. in government in WashUniversity Center at 7 :30 p . m. tri-semester system. Perhaps in Is doubt as to when the Univerplied toward undergraduate deAU stude t . t h th" . f t' if th mgton. on Saturday, May 27. All mem'62 .... And who's favorite saysity wUl receive such funds. grees . a n d toward Florida INFANTS ncl CH LD N t b n s mus ave IS m orma lOll, ey are He said that he felt that the bers are requested to si g n up ing is this: "I suggest we just Golf facilities, with teacher. requirea,. 1 wltust 0 . e expec_ted to _ . . . . Kennedy administration had not this activity at the informa-roll with the punch." Nine out fencing and bleachers for areas . IS an official bulletm board m the admmistra-only retained the secrecy around bon desk. of 10 would say, "Dean John-of activity, were to colfe from bon bUilding. Someone has taken the locks off and per-government, but has actually Duplicate bridge is still availshoy." Tampa's Club had its this appropriation also . , sists in removing important announcements and replac-tightened the secrecy even fur-able for "card best . of the year the Wo _rds • ing them with meet' g f Th' h lt d . ther. He brought out the fact every Thursday at 7 p .m. m when 1t gathered on campus, l'lertz reiterated h1s and the . . . m no . IS as resu e m an-that President Kennedy had UC 242. The hand$ are the same _ May 15, according to stand on ath-other gapmg .m . called for a "voluntary censoras those used by the faculty on Vrrgll Pr1ce, program chairman. letlcs: "This is just one of the A more effiCient line of communication is not only ship " of the newspapers AFTER Tuesdays . ' Seventy turned out and after a many problems facing this Unidesirable, it is necessary. It is obvious that st\ldents can-the "<;!,uban situation had ocBriefs meal in the south cafete .ria they versity _ . . If we don't get the not uphold administrative policy if they do not k _ curred and had tried to put We hear there was a toured the guided by and professors we asked actly what t • now ex much of the blame of_ the Cuban crowd for the -last Jam Don director developfor, so that we may handle the l . invasion on the u . s . press. held May 19 . . . Young ment, assisted by gu1des from demands in the areas If there IS for meetmg notices on bulletin Ignorance Apath Demos still pushing Kennedy the girls' d_oqn area ... John education and intra-boards, surely there IS room for statements of adminis-Newton went on to sai that appearance •.• Annual staff orEgerton, d1rector of the USF we can hardly expect to trative policy concerning students as often as they are the "smoke screen" that has ganizati • o.n e program formed American people are a 8:00 p.m.-Fides ............. uc 22 6 W t p . t . w1ll be an ongmal composition t t f d SiJID• XI ....... _... . . . . s I05 es om . _ written especially for this con-grea er o ree om wEDNESDAY, i\IAY 24 , 1961 He is Maris Jende, who de-BETTER HEARING cert b th d ' t G 1 S any Commumst ace. 2:00 Med. Au• . .... uc 167 veloped into a high school CALL Y e rrec or, a e per-M J E Stereo Llstenlnr Hour ... uc I57 . ry, A BIT OF SCOTLAND • • Enotas ................... uc !OI leader and outstanding young AID SERVICE PREHIST c . Rehearsal Set For Fllles ..... .. .............. uc Nat i 0 n a 1 Guardsman before ' ORI GENIUS IN 1Epe!ta ............. ....... uc l'fy' f W t p . THE A M E R 1 c A s Frederick Deipbl .... .. . .. .......... uc 218 qua 1 mg or es omt. One Sleight, Thursday, M;y 25, SlOO, USF Choral Program : : 11 am Sleight a lamous arch . . THURSDAY. MAY 2 5 . 1961 Js a Ig sc oo semor 514 Tamp St Ph 2 2776 316 MADISON PH. 2 aeoloaist and 'dir t f th-The Umverstty of South Flor-11:00 a.m.-Pbotogr&phy club. uc 47 in Chillicothe. a • • • .,. . ec or o e ida choirs, including the Univer u . c . Fund. Comm. . . .. uc I79 Central Florida Museum and t Ch d th Uni it Debate Club ............. . uc 200 1.THt INDUSTRIAL-SAViNGS BANKi PHONE TODAY FOR DECORATOR SERVICE Whether your problem is a eomplete faee lifting for your home or brightening a negleet ed eorner ••• the expert ad v i ce of Brothers' deeoraPlanetarium in Orlando will SlY orus e . vers y-u. c . Dance comm . . \ ... uc 201 . ' Community Chorus, will hold a Epeaa ................... uc show that bram power has been rehearsal 7 P Mo d M Tr!SIS .............. .. .. . uc 202 a slgnlffcant h t t .m., n ay, ay Lect. "Prebls. Atner." . . s 100 ' . . uman rai even 22, in the Teaching Auditorium1t Noon-Fine Arts Lunch .. . .. . uc 168 m prehistotlC time. The t Th b' d h . Human Beb. Lillich ....... uc lOS UNIVERSITY CHOIRS R . a er. e com me c . ous Deans' Meeting . . . . ... uc I67 . ' Will rehearse with the Umver-6:00 p . m.-For eign Lanpare uc Lnge. WaYne Hugoboom, drrector, sity Orchestra in preparation of 7:00 p.m. -student Bridge . . . . uo 257 Sunday, May 28 Teaching Au. 7:30 p.m.-c.tbolic Students .. uc ditorium The t ' 4 Th the May 28 choral program to be 7:30 p.m.-GJamoureuses .... uc 2%6 -a er, p.m . e presented n the Univer ity's FRIDAY, MAY 26 , 1961 Universi t y Choir and the Uni. . I . . s 4 :00 p.m.-senate Meetlnr . . . . s 100 versity-CommunJ'ty Ch rus .11 Teachmg Aud1tormm-Theater. ProJectlonht Club ........ Ad 2073 0 WI R Wayne Hugoboom asso 7:00 p.m.-Plant City Kiwanis. s . Cafe join to present a program of ' SATURDAY, MAY 21, J9GJ choral music whlch will include elate professor of music at USF, 9:00 p.m.-Dance . . . . ..... .. . uc Jlall. part pf the Bach cantata, GOD is director of the University 4 : 00 IS MY KING; Schubert's MASS choirs. 6:00 p.m.-Gator Wrestling ..... River tors is at your eommand • • • IN G MAJOR; and other choral at no extra eost to you! compositions. INTRAMURAL Phone Tampa 65 STREAMLINER SERVICE ON Seaboard's SILVER METEOR Lv. Tampa 11 :30 A . M. E.S.T . TYPICAL 30-DAY REDUCED ROUND-TRIP FARES IN COACHES NOW TO NOVEMBER 15 FROM TAMPA NEW YORK •• , , , , .$63. 66 WASHINGTON • , • , • 44.30 PHILADELPHIA •••• 55. 92 Your SEABOARD picture of pleasant, comfortable travel: Private-room Pullmans; de luxe coaches with reserved reclining seats; spacious tavern observation and other (Plus ta x and nominal eharge lounge f acilities; excellent for reserve d eoach seat eaeh meals at low prices. On the wayl WideVarietyof SILVER METEOR: REGJS-PackageVacations! TERED NURSE, Passenger Service Agent, Seaboard' s New England, Canada? S eaboard offer s Just the vacation y o u w ant. THEATRE ex clusive "Hospitality Hour." TOURS In N e w Y ork City , tool SEE Enjoy friendly, thoughtful YOUR TRAVEL AGE NT: Visit or write Seaboard service every mile your n e arest S eaboard Offi ce. of the way. Let us reserve an automobile for you at your destination. FOR PULLMAN AND 0 lUX COACH ACCOMMODATIOHS: Please phone 2 -8327 or eall in person: Hillsboro Hotel Bldg. F. H . BRADLEY, G. P. A. T.U. Beats USF; Rematch May 25 By JOHN GULLETT Events include the same as The University of Tampa's previous meets , with the "improvised" track team took addihon of the. pole vaul t. first place in eight of the 11 Hunter announced plans for events in the USF track meet future activities: "This rounds May 15 at Chamberlain Field , out action for this year a t USF, giving the Spartans the unoexcept for the tennis and soft ficial intramural title between ball play , which is in the process the two schools . of being completed soon . Neither university has an or"Next year' s plans call for at ganized track team, but the two least two events clubs were organized "just for next fall , along w1th an expand fun. " Sam Bailey, Tampa u. ed P,;ogram in intramural foot business manager and coach of ball. the I9-man club, said before the Other winners i n the meet meet, " We have the quickest or-for South Florida inc lude: Mein ganized track team in the his-ers, second in low hurdle s ; Jay tory of sports. We started orin low hurdles ; ganizing at 11 a . m . this mornFrancis M1dklff , s e cond in mile ing." run; Storrs, 3rd in the 440y ard The Spartans won the meet dash; Cafaro, third-place t i e in by a wide margin , scoring a the dash ; John Bell, total of 67.1 points to USF ' s 3rd In the .1 mile ; Graham , 44.1. 2nd in broa d jump; 2nd i n 220 ; South Florida's o n I y firsts Dave 3rd in 220 yard w ere in the 440-yard d a s h Memors , Boy lor. McWhir where John Moore ran a 57.5 ; ter, Aycock, 2nd in lh mile r ethe mile r e 1 a y , with Mark lay. Storrs Francis Midkif f Vic CaScratch Tourney Completed faro, Moore, winn ' ing time Louis Gonzalez , US F s tud e nt, set at 4 .04. 4 ; and the high jump, r?lled a 193 game , M ay 1 0 , top where a two-w a y tie for first by PlD? 143 students parti ci Frank Meiner s and Roy Gra -patmg m the recent scratch ham boosted their team' s total. tourney at Florid a Lan es. Interest Lacki!ll' The t w o-day e ve nt, w hich Richard D. Hunter, physical ended play M a y 11 , wa s s pan education instructor and coordisored by the ph y sical education nator of the USF sponsored d epartment, and s up e rvised by meet , showed disappointm ent at Mis s Sunny Fernandez, in s truchis s chool's participation. "Intor. terested s t udents were g iven All participants we r e mem over a month to prepare for the bers of the four section s r eceiv a f ternoon's festivities, but very ing bo_wling instruction a s pa r t fe w showed up on the big day." of their P.E. prog r a m . Less than 20 m e n from South Laura Ledford wa s top s cor e r Florida participated in the meet. among the feminin e set in the "It's apparent," he said, "that tourney which w as, Miss F e r the s ame group of fellows are nandez s a id, " held a s an incen in each activity that is offered tive to bowling s tudents. " at the university . Students al-1,-------------. ways have som ething to say THE TAMPA TIMBI about lack of school spirit, but eYe n 1 o 11 • Monday wh e n the means a r e available to through Balurau by no Trlbaue b t 't th Company from Tbe Tribune llnlldOOS 1 , ese same students are mr. LafayeHe and Morran street. . too busy to even come out and Tampa. Florida. Eolered aa oeeond watch the events . " There were :' a b out 150 spectators at the Marab a . 1111. meet. Immediately following the three montho SUO: Ills mont111 t th U ity f T 11.80. one year 115 . 80 . even , e mvers O ampa Sabsarlptloa po.Jable 1n a4Yaace. returned the action of USF by Member of &uoolate4 Preu. challenging them to a second of Audit Bureau of ctrday of dual competition Thurs..4l!!l!!lt.... day , May 25, at an undes ignated site. More Athletes Needed WALTERS-HOWARD Hunter made an urgent "call for help ," asking that all interes t e d parties s ign up in the I phy sic a l e d U Cat i 0 n Office . OPPOSITE UN IV, OF TAMPA , IN TAMPA, FLORIDA 1 NEW!!! Attention ALL Savings Depositors GET SAVINGS INTEREST ON EACH DAY'S BALANCE As of June 1st the Industrial Savings Bank of Tampa will pay you interest on your savings balanee for EACH INDIVIDUAL DAY! This means that Industrial Savings Bank's daily basis of calculating interest ean result in your receiving more interest than you would otherwise reeeive under a six-months basis of figuring interest • • • OR even where a higher rate of interest is paid! Daily interest allows you to withdraw any amount of your savings at any time ••• and still reeeive all the interest your money ea;ned unti l w i thdrawal. But, under the six months -low balan ce basis, if you withdraw your savings you will lose all the int e r est your sav ings have earned from the beginning of the inter.est period to the time of withdrawal. '• I


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