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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 120 (June 26, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 26, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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-, '\-.."' Peekaboo _ Partly cloudy with after1 I /1 noon and evening thun-dershowers through Tuesday, Winds 10-20 m.p.h. • High today and Tuesday 90. Low tonight 72. THE TAMPA TIME,S University Of S .outh Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 120 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 26, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS Registration For Summer Of 932 Exceeds Estimates BETTER LATE THAN NOT AT ALL 100 Frosh In Total; Many Pulled by Air Conditioning The University of South Florida's enrollment for the summer session hit 932 as late registration closed last week, some 150 to 300 more than the varipus campus estimates made this spring. The registrar's office had expected about 700. Dr. Frank H. Spain Jr., said the total included approximately 100 be ginning freshmen who are startmg on their first program leading to degree. Of the •remainder Spain said it was split CHINSEGUT HILL Conference-Retreat Reports Available nearly equally between students who were enrolled at the uni versity previously and those classified as special students. The special students include teachers, mainly from the Tam pa Bay area who are earning credits for certificate renewal and area residents who attend other colleges during the reg ular school year but are picking up a course while home for the Problems of communications, instruction, and the commut-summer. ing student highlight the summary of the first conference-retreat Like Air Conditioning held last May at. Chlnsegut Hill near Brooksville. The students enrolled repre-The conference report, not only has . a summary of the more sent a wide area and one is important points discussed, but also contains the complete com-from Canada. Many admit they mittee reports as well as an came to USF because of its toevaluation of the conference it-tal air conditioning, something .•. ' US F Library campus in the u.s. information desk. While registration was above According to the report, the See)rs More expectations Dr. Jean Battle, -CUSF Photo) essence of the conference was dean of the College of Educa-brought out by a student tion, said the average student recorder who said, "A comprewas taking a little smaller load . . Little Man on Campus "Do you want to be a 'student' here or shall I plan your activities so you'll manage to graduate in four years. These are just things Dr. Robertson sayS he must know." two students get under the wire at late registration. Left to right, Linda Smith and an unidentified, male student, Mrs. Jane Eno, clerk, and Merle Slater, assistant to the registrar and director of records. As late registration closed at 3:30 p.m. last Wednesday total registration had passed the 900 mark. hensive frame of reference is TraI•C than expected. Estimates had needed by the student for full been that the average load and efficient utilization of the would be 2 courses plus. Ac-1--------------------....;... ____ _ university." Library staff members are tak-tually, the average load is Communications ing a count to determine the slightly less than two courses The conference summary inuse being made of the library per student. NEW ARRIVALS $14,970 in Race dicates that the communications facilities. It is an open secret Bringing Friends Next Year . trouble at the university is more that if traffic does not pick up Many of the students here V • d c . f Track F nds than a mere failure to "pass the .• from other colleges for the sumerie Om men S U word." The report suggests what it may be necessary to curtail mer indicated they will be back Go . tO USf is needed is the development ho.urs and shut off parts of the next summer with additional , of a "esprit de corps, which is library. friends. With its first residence The University of South Flor-d u r i n g the communications e 1 . rary lS open rom mer the enrollment may take CALLING ALL TEACHERS 1Midsummer Night1s Dream1 Needs Help 0 US F C as much caught as taught Th l'b f 8 hall in full operation next sum-n amp us ida will receive a ' larger share process." a.m. until 10 p.m. on Monday a steep turn upward. of race track scholarship funds The report points out some through Friday, and from 8:30 Meanwhile, the "Accent's on The Peninsular Players and tive materials will be utilized . .. . the school year 196l-62 than of the things students and staff a.m. until 12:30 p.m. on Satur-Learning." others interested in theater are in set construction. He refers By BILL BLALOCK Spamsh course at USFI like 1t d1d last year. . believe to be imperfections in S d .t . f p r 0 d u c in g "A Mid m t h ite S How does USF rate on first the very modern campus and The ':'niver,sity's share of the the instructional system as well day. On un ay 1 IS open rom 0 . su mer 0 sue ms as Panish moss have found USF to all fund w111 be 5 pnr cent of the as somP of the outstanding p.m. until 70 p.m-Maller Attends Night's Dreai_Il" summer dyed for effects, and pine from . the necessar educational e ui • total! or $14,97Q_ Last y.ear, points. Lectures, use of lab The reserve room, located on under the du:ectlOn of John local forests. The scenery will This queshon was answered ment." Y q P received 2.7 per cent, which periods, and too little discussion !he first floor, is one of the. best 2 W k St d be in small units and shifted favorably by several SU!IImer M 1 . d N' d t f amounted to $10,000._ are cited as areas where im-1magmable to StU d_y. Smgle or • U y b th 5ession students who had never e m_ a lX, a gra ua e o Florida law r e quI r: e s race provement could be made. The tables are convenient, comfortbe presented July 27, 28 and Y e actors in view of the b f Plant H1gh! wh'? plans to tracks to dOI;ate prof1ts from general education concept of the able lounges are provided, and ConferenCeS 29, is one of Shakespeare's most au d_ i en c e-heightening the been on the ca1ppus e ore. Emory Umvers1ty next fall: I one day's racmg to be used as b . t d. d th what's more at the south end extravagant comedies. magic effect. W h a 1 e y a Is o Their responses were varied but am very lm_pressed . the in the four state faa::cthsaf students ma'y work in groups George H. Miller, director of Also staffing the production wishes to put out a plea for a most seemed to emphasize how campus. I like the umverslty uruversltles. Both FSU and UF seemed to open with a tr t-and talk. the University of South Florida's end of the play are Russell If has one well they liked the campus and I become for foot-mcnt of logic, which tied e:n Situated on the second floor Work-Study Co_operative EducaWhaley who joins the fine arts available for lendmg purposes. what 'excellent facilities there J k Bl 1 k 1 t USF its share of the the courses together, are pointed is the reference room and the bon Program, IS spending most staff as theater designer, and Rehearsals at Night oc a oc • a so a recen t k f 1 h 1 out in the summary as being current periodicals room Early of thiS week attendmg two workMrs. aryon who will Rehearsals are he l d f o u r are. graduate of Plant High School rae mone:y or genera sc ? _ar-valuable parts of the instruc-acquaintance with two study education conferences in supervise costummg. nights a week at 8 p.m. Those Judy Johnson a nursing stu"I have been greatly pleased ships It has no competitive tiona! 1 t t f th the north. Technical Tryouts Tonight interested in J. oining the players .' . with the facility and staff that athletiC program. P spo s IS a mus or e senous dent at the Umvers1ty of Flor-I h a v e encountered so far. " The University of Florida and Problem student.. _ Today and tomorrow Miller Participation as an actor or as regular members may do so ida taking physical science and Jock rather leans toward math Florida State University will fContmumgh With the frame of The circulatmg books and the is in Lexington, Ky., attending in technical areas is open to by earning. a total of 40 points h 40 t f th re erence t erne the report b d d. 1 loc t d n meetings of the Cooperative anyone and everyone interested. a. penod of one year. humanities this summer-"! like as an intended field of study eac receive per cen e t t th t t d ' ts t b oun peno !Ca s are a e 0 Education Division of the Amer-Auditions for actors were held pomt IS gained for each mght th university but the library and has found his course in money giving them $1!9 • 760 / u fus 'the the third floor. The stacks are ican Society for Engineering Tuesday and Wednesday nights, of work. in any phaSe of the e ' ' . functional math very interest-each. a e o ' en_ I Y emse ves WI open to every student. d t here doesn t match up t? Gamesing. Florida A&M University will umvers1ty. Mascots! songs, If you are interested, visit the Education . Leaving Lexington June 20 and 21, and technical pro uc 1on. vill'e's; however, the open stack Cherry Wise " a regular stu-get 15 per cent of the fund as and mtercol-art gallery on the first floor. late tomorrow Miller is due in tryouts will be held tonight at Although the play is being 5 stem is much better than the . • . . I compared to 13.63 1 as t year. eg1a e a 1cs enumer-Princeton, N.J., early Wednes-8 p.m. presented purely as a romantic Y . dent at Sulhns, a college However since less race track ated as bemg basically symday where he will attend a 2-Caldwell said he is in need entertainment, one of its pur-closed stacks at Gainesville." for, women m Bnstol, Va.-"I money is' available this year, the bols of identification. Golf Party, day conference on the "Workof persons with experience in poses is to give production ex-John Winter, a native Canacan t get. over how modern the university will get only $44,910 The _ s_ummary also suggests Study Program in Higher Edu-set construction, sewing, make-perience for teachers on cam-dian planning to teach English campus IS. There IS_ no comas compared to last year's that hvmg at home makes a c.nner, Dance cation ."Millerwasoneofabout up, lighting, and someone fapus this summer to take back . . panson between_ Sullms, wh1ch $50,000 . shifting of identification from 100 delegates from throughout miliar with construction and to school with them. An invi-at Admiral Farragut_ m St. follows the typical old school The total amount of race track the home to an outside unit I the U.S. selected by the Edison operation of marionettes to help tati.on is extended to members Peters bur-"! . and Cherry is takmoney available this year is ver_y difficult for the student. Set for J U y 7 Foundation, sponsor of con-with those to be used as fairies of this group to take part in pressed w1th USF m that 1t t mg r:nath this summer. $299,400, showing a decline from Th1s 1s termed in the report feren.ce, to attend the Prmceton in the production. the production by Prof. Caldthe_ party school tba_t Olm Barnes, who plans to last year's as genuinely fundamental A party of 9 or 18 holes meetmg. Whaley announced that nawell. beheve ail U . S. umvers1ties to teach business education at problem. of fun-filled _golf are scheduled 1-.,----------------'----------'------------be. " Pinecrest High School next fall Local Women's Club As a result of the conference, for 1 p.m. Fr1day, July 7 at For-Richard Stein, from Duke "The university has everyDr. Howard Johnshoy, dean of est Hills Country An inUniversity, who is taking a thing and it is hard to find su-Hears Pomerantz student affairs, suggests in the forma.! dance and dmner fol-----"---------perlatives to describe it. I espe-Th U 1 f S th Fl _ conference report that when the lows m the at 6:30 p.m. M . Att d cially like the in-ida :as universit:y begins to produce an The tournament IS open to ess1ng en S tellectual and au conditioned, w • Cl b 1 t k annual 1t should be named staff and the 1 r h . . . 10r omens u as wee m "Ch' , families P . C M t w Ich 1s so conducive to study-the special collections room of msegut to commemorate . eace OrpS ee ing. " the University's library building. the spirit of, the as You do not need to be_ sk1lled Dr. Simon D. Messing, associ-Lamar Marchese, a Hillsbor-Harris I. Pomerantz, director demonstrated at the Chmsegut A !!Ovice can ate professor of anthropology at ough High School graduate of the speech and hearing cenHill. ,Naming wm. There Will for the the University of South Florida, "USF is really different from ter at USF, addressed the group the annual_ would good_. poor, and goofy attended a conference of the high .school. We have more freeon problems of the deaf. be appropnate the word A putt contest Will . American Society of African dom and seem to be treated as translated from Eskimo means, prov1de . . Culture held in New York, June adults." Lamar is taking funcSocial Skills "Where the things of the spirit, Three p1eces of chicken , 23 and 24. tional Engljsh and psychology. having been lost, are regained." cole slaw, fnes1 , He is also planning to attend A series of three programs and hot roll_s wlll cost $ . G e _ The purpose Qf the confer. . . mainly of interest to women Off• • 1 N t• fee charge IS 75 cents. There 1s ence was the consideration of the umverslty the fall. . and covering charm, current ICia 0 ICeS no charge for the dancing. matters involving technological John Wodarskt, another Hillsfashions, and flow& arranging FACULTY ANNUAL REPORTS: AcaAt the U. C. information desk aid, the Pea_ce _ Corps program borough High School graduate will be held on Wednesdays at demlo stall and facully who h&ve not Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Ragan, or Mrs. and the apphcahon of scholarly -"I have found everything to 2 p.m. in the University CenMarshall will be taking contesresearch to modern problems. be just fine. I really like the ter. 'the first will be this llviliesl to u.e Office of InslituUonal tants names from June 30 until The topics discussed at the university." John is taking funcWednesday, when Joann Toretta •. '" do •• •I the tourney begins. Complete conference included: "Culture tiona! English and psychology, of_ Toretta and Modgolf bags are available. Reserve of African Cities," "African He is planning to take courses ehng School w1ll give a lecture ned door west, Adm. BldK. 2().1o. them early. Supply is limited. Education, " and " African and primarily in the fields of psydemonstration on "Everyday TWELFTH GRADE RETESTS are Balls can be purchased at Forest American Economy." cbology and biology. Charm." 8 a.m .• Saturday, July Hills Country Club. / AIR-CONDITIONED, TOO Coed Dormito.ry Will Be Ready by Oct. 1 USF's first "real" dormitory will be honored, acCQrding to storage are provided for each tance calls, however, will be The members of the commitwill be completed during the Rodgers. student. placed through the pay phones tee during the past academic first part of September. The The cost of room and board "The dormitory is fully air-in the main floor lobby area. year weore: Tony Anello, Shelia estimated date of completion, conditioned which makes 1 t ideal Electric coin operated washaccording to Andrew c. Rodgfrom September until June is for living and each room will ing and drying machines are Gordon and Jim Klapps. ers director of procurement $654, payable in 7 different be an ideal study area," said available for personal laundry. When asked about check-in and auxiliary services, is Sept. term plans. This payment covers Rodgers. "The desk chairs are For those who des1re more holl'rs at pight and late phone 16. With the provision that all the room, the food plan service upholstered arm chairs a,nd are and calls Rodgers indicated that this goes according to schedule, the which allows for a meals a day usable for felaxed reading or dry cleamng serv1ce IS available was under the cognizance of anticipated "moving in" day 7 days a week, with the excepfor more conscientious study through the book the office of student affairs, for the dormitory residents will tion of holidays such as Christ-at the desk," he added. I:r;onmg boards will and particularly Dr. Margaret be Oct. 1. mas during which it is antici-Individual Taste for each floor, but rrons will B. Fisher, who will act as co-The dormitory , which will pated that . students. will . be not be available. ordjnator of the dormitory house 206 male and 206 female and linen se:vlCe, whlCh When asked about the rigidRodgers said, "Our major obcounselors. t d t . di'vi'ded by an 6-inch pz:ovides sheets, pillow C

Brief Bits About Our USF Campus The University of South Flor ida's first summer session got off to a quiet and not too con fused start. The many of the "elder" students seemed a bit lost on the modern campus but by knowing their own name and being able to answer questions they soon got into the swing of things . During the last few days the university put through a rush job of cutting windows in all classroom doors. The purpose is not a spy setup on the faculty's teaching methods but a method of knowing what goes before busting into a. classroom. Many students use the empty Class rooms for-study and frequently a class has been . interrupted by team of study-m'inded students who had to do a quick backout. WHAT-NO ACTIVITY TODAY? Failing to go through late registration chamrels Monday was one green frog who arrived via a dozen roses sent to the News Bureau as part of a wel come for Bill Johnson , the bu reau's new newsman . Joan Mc Kee, news bureau secretary, and Johnson limited the frog's ac tivity to a water cup until he was turned lose in the great outdoors . -(USF Photo) Fred Jenkins says, "What, no activity listed for today?" And Mrs. Phyllis Marshall, bead resident and housemother, says "Just wait till next week," as she used a copy of "Events and Activities" as a pointer. "Next week," which is now here, includes: Bridge lessons at 1 p.m. today, meet the author at 10 a.m. tomor row, "Everyday Charm" at 2 p.m. Wednesday, and chamber music at 11 a.m. and 8:30 p..m. Thursday. Others, left to right, are Jan Chard, student, and Mrs. Creola Ragan, secretary at the UC info desk. An overdose of honesty gave the officers of campus publi cations 15 cents for a "petty cash" fund. Three persons dropped five cents on the table as they picked up copies oJ.' "The Univer-sity o f South Flor ida Campus Edition" of The Tampa Times last Monday. Just to keep you _informed these copies are "free." Free from the standpoint you have already paid for tp.em through a small The Tampa Times-University of South Florida Campus Edition

, . , i:TV'S13EsT TONIGHT .. .: ----.... 7:30 P.M. 8-AMERICANS, NBC. Re-run, "Half-Moon Road." Cpl. Can field (Dick Davalos) sets out to recruit mountaineers to fight in the Civil War they never heard of. 8:30 P.M. S-WELLS FARGO, NBC. "John Jones." Jim Hardie CDale Robertson) is threatened if he refuses to marry a gypsy girl, Zita Lopez (Donna Martell). Radio Programs WFLA 970 NBC WDAE 1250 CBS WSUN 620 ABC WHBO 1050 MBS Monday Evening f:OO-Fia. Storr. Newo News, Wlb., View Newa, Sporta Sunset Trail 6:15-Newa, Fish., Wthr. Sporla, Business Paul Bar ... ,. Suuet Trail 970 Lertsi,.Uve Newo Flohinl'• Wlhr. Gabriel Heatter 6:45-SStar Extra Lowell Thomas News Sunset Trail 8 00-News, Fredericks 8:15-Carlton Fredericks 8:45-Galasy V :00-Falhlly LlviDI' '6I 9:15-Famlly Living '61 9: ot Interlochen 9 45--Best of Interlochen Galaxy 10:I5-Galas:y Report 10:45-Nicht Report 11 :00-News, Galaxy 11 :15-Galasy 11 Silhouettes 11 :45-Stereo Silhouettes 12 :00--Sign Off CBS Newa Issues & Answera Mar-.ln, News In Person I1auea & Answers Sip Off News, Tower Sunny Dan Ott the Air Tower Noelurne Sunn:J Da71, New Off the Air World ronlrht Concert Ball Otf the Air Tower Nocturne Concert Ball Oft the Air rower N oclurne Concert Hall Ott the Air Tower Nocturne Concert Ball Oft the Air News, Tower Swlnr Softly Oft the Air Tower Nocturne Swinr SottlT Off tbe Air • Tower Nocturne Swlnr Sotlly Off the Air Tower Nocturne Swing Softly Off !be Air News, Vlew1 News, View1 Starduster Starduster News, Starduster Starduster Siarduster Starjluster Starduster Swine Soflly Swing SoftiJ Mbonbeams Moonbeams Man About Music Man About Musle Man About Mosie Man About Music lllidnl!e Sua Off the Air Oft the Air Oft the Air Off the Air orr the Air Oft the Air orr the Air Olt tho Air Oft the Air of. Day Tuesday Oft !be Air Morning Sun Up Farm Newa 6 : ()().-News, Serenade News, Snn Up J. Allen, News 6 : 15-Gulf Coast Serenade Daybreak Sun Up Bob Ross 6 86--Gult Coasl Serenade Daybreak Sun Up Bolton, New1 6:45-Muslo, Fishing Daybreak Sun Up, News Bob Rou 7 00-Newa, Names News, Sunrlser News, Sun Up Rendell Newo 7: 15-Gult Coast Serenade Sun riser Sun Up Bob Ron Coas t Serenade Local News Sun Up Sportsrell 7:4:1--Mornlng Report Sunriser Sun Up Gospel Mualo 8:00-Weather, News World Newo World Newa Bolton, Newa 8 15-News, Serenade Sun riser Sun Up Bob Ross 8 Coast Serenade Wth .. Sunrlser Sun Up MeC'mlok, Newa 8 :45--'-GU:lf Coast Serenade Sun riser Sun Up, Newa Southerners Qt. 9 00-News, Emphasis News, Sunriser Breakfast Club Freewill Bapt. 9: 15-Serenade ' Sun riser Breakfast Club Swap, Buy, Sell 9 3().-News, Serenaae Wth., Sunriser Breakfast Club Sln,-lser, News 9:45-Gull Coast Serenade Priscilla Parker Breakfast Club Bob Rosa 10:00-Newa. Party Arthur Godfrey Small World McC'mlck, New1 10:I5-Party Line Arthur Godfrey World Bob Ron Arthur Godfrey mall World Galen Drake 10:45-Trlangle Trader Arthur Godfrey Small World Bill Polk 11: 00-News-Eneore BousepartJ Small World Singlser, New• 11: Ill-Encore Bouseparty Small World Bill Polk 11 Garry Moore Small World McC'mlck, New1 11:45-Eneore Clooney-CrosbJ Small World Bill Polk Tuesday Afternoon 12:00-Newa.-Farm Hour News, Noontlmer Weather, Farm Dr. RoJ Masoa Star rime Arlene Franeb Bill Polk 1!:15-WFLA Farm Hour Noontlmer Paul Harvey Man and Wife Noon Medley 12:45-News-970 Noonllmer Noon Medley 1: ews-Emphasla 1 :15-Emphasls 1 :45-Rbapsody Rhapsody 2:I5-Rh&psody Newa 2:45-Rhapsody News, NoonUmer Nooptlmer Woman's Wash. Noontlmer News, Tower Tower Review Personal Story Tower Review Flair Cedric Foster Flair Frolic• Flair Warren, News Flair Air Foree Show Home & Highway Fnllon Lewla Jr. Home & HtrhwaJ Frolics Home If. Blchwa,.-Warren, New• Music, News Frolleo Bennett News, Tower Home & Hlrhway Costello, Newa Home .r. Blrhwaf Memor:r Trail Home & Hlrhway Mar-.ln, News 8:15-Roger Bennet t Tower Review Bandst'd Info. Central 3:45-Bandstand 970 Tower Review Music, Newa Tamp& Ree. Dpl. Bandstand •:15-Bandstand 970 Newa 4 :45-Bandstand 9 70 News, Tower Tower Review Sidelights Tower Review Home & Hlrhwar Warren, Newa Home & Hlrhway Jim Bolland 'fl:! 5 :00-NewJ, Bandstand News, Sundowner Home & Blchway Ernie Ford 5:15-Bandstand 9 70 ' Snndowner Home & Hlghwaf Fulton Lewis Jr. fS:30--Bus News, Music Local Newa Home & Hirhway MarTin, Newa 5:f5-Speelal Eclltlon Sundowner Music, Newa Sunset Trail TAMPA STATIONS WFLA 970KC 1150 KC WHBO 1050 KC W'ZST 1 55 0 KC WFLAFM 93.3 MC WDAE-FM 100.7 MC WPKM-FM 104 . 7 MC WTUN-FM 88.9 MC WALT WSOL WDAE WINQ lllOKC 1300 KC 1250 KC 1010 KC _ WEST COAST STATIONS WSUN-620KC WONN 1230 KC WPLA-910KC WDCL 1470 KC WILZ 1590 KC WLCY 1380 KC WSPB 1450 XC WGTO-MOKC WDCF 1350 KC WAZE860KC WLAK 1430 XC WKXY-9 SOKC WPIN 680KC WSJlt 1400 KC WlNr 1380 XC WTCX-FM-99.5 MC WTAN 1340 XC WBRD 1420 KO WTRLH90KC WYAX-FM-102.5 MC Television Programs WFLA-TV Tampa Channel 8 WTVT -TV Tampa Channel IS WSUN-TV 81. Peterabnrl' Channel 38 WDB'O-TV Orlando Channel 6 Monday Evening f :OO-Asscn. Underwater Pulse New• ABC E .... Report Cb. 6 Newsroom 6:15--Aasrn . Underwater Pulse News News, sr,ts., Wlhl Wth., Mllestonea News, Ba,ll Pulse Editorial Whlrly b rdo Amos 'n' AndJ & :45--Huntley-Brlnkley CIJS News WblriTblrda Amos 'n' Andy 7:00-Brothers Brannaran Tho Feature Story Digest 7:15-Brothero Brannaran The Ploneen Feature Slor,Doug Edwards 7 Americans Jim Backus Show Cheyenne To Tell Truth 'l : 45--Th e Americans Jim Backus Show Cheyenne To Tell Truth 8:00-Tbe Americans Pete and Gladys Cheyenne Pete and Gladys 8 . 15-Tb e Americans Pete and Gladn Cheyenne Pete and Gladya Fargo Bring. Up Buddy Surfside Six Up Buddy 8:45--Wells Farro Brlnr. Up Buddy Surfside Six Bring. Up BuddJ' 9 :00-Whlsperlnr Smitil Danny Thoma• Surfside Sis Danny Thomas 9 :15-Whts perlnc Smllh Danny Thomaa Surfside Sis D•nnY Thomas 9: Andy Grittlth lu Paradise Andy Griffith 9 :45-Coneentratlon Andy Grltflth Ad In Paradise Andy Grlftllb 10:00-Barbara S!anwyek Bennesey Adv. In Paradise Bennesey 10:I5-Barbara Stanwyck Hennese1 Adv. In P•radlse Bennese1 Undercover Danrerous Robin Peter Gunu Brenner 10:45--l\llaml Undercover Dangerous Roblu Peter Gunn Brenner 11 :00-Areh Deal 'New a Pulse News Decof Newa 11 : 15--J ack Paar Pulse Sport& DeeoJ News. Weather 11 Paar Night Show Passport to Hollywood Movie 11 :45--Jaek Paar Show Passport to Danr• Hollywood Movie 1.2:00-J& e k Paar Nlcht Show Night Final Hollywood Mo-.le 12:15-Jaek Paar Nll'ht Show orr the Air Hollywood Movie Paar NlchtShow orr the Alr Olt lbe Air Tuesday Morning Off the Air Ott the Air Florida Florida Farmer 6 :45--ews. Fish., Wthr. Farmer, Pastor Off the Air Oft the Air 7:00-Today Good Day Ott the Air Off the Air 7:15--Today Good Day Otltbe Air Weather Good Day Off the Air Cartoon• 7:45--Today Good Day Ott the Air Movlea 8:00-Today CBS News Teal Pattem CBSNewa 8 : 15--Today Capt. Kangaroo Test Patlem Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Test Pattem Kanraroo 8:45-Today Capt. Kanraroo Test Pattern Capt. Kantaroo 9:00-Mornlnr Movie Jack LaLanne Teat Pattem Romper Room 9 : 15--Mornlng Movie J a ole LaLanne Teat, News Romper Room l\lo-.le Morning 1\lovle Teat Pattera Romper Room 9:45-Mommg Mo.-l e Morning 1\lovle Teat Pallem Central Fla. 10:00-Mornlng Movie Morning Movie Tell Pattem ILo ... Lney 10: 15--Mornlng Movie Morning Movie Teat Pattem I Lo-.e Lucy Your Hunc h Mornlnl' Movie Test Pallern VIdeo Vlllare 10<45--Piay Your Hunc h Mornlnl' 1\lovle Morntnr Report VIdeo VIllar• 11:00-Prlee Is Right Double Exposure Gale storm Double Espoaure Double Exposure Gale Storm Double Exposure Surprise Love Tthat Bob SurPrise Package 11 :45-Concentratlon Surprise Package Love Tthat Bob SnrPrioe Paekare Tuesday Afternoon Love ot Lite 12:00-Truth or Conseq. News, Weather Camoufiage 1.2: I5-Trulh or Con seq. Ernie Lee Camouttare Love ot Lite 1.2:30....11 Could B e You Search Tomorrow Number Please Search Tom'row 1.2:45-11 Could Be You Guldinr Llrht Number Please Guiding Llrht 1:110-News Love of Lifo About Face Dr. Hudson 1:15--Dr. Joyce Brotbera Love of Life About Face Dr. Hudson 1 Marrie d Joan As World Turns Florian Zabaeh. As World Turns 1 :45--I Married Joan As World Turns Florian Zabaoh As World Turns 2:00-Jan Murray Face the Facta Day In Court Face the Facts 2:15-Jan Murray Face the Facts Day In Court Face the Facta Young Houseparty Seven Ken Bouse party 2:45--Loretta Young Bouseparty Seven Ke:71 Bouse party 3:00-Younl' Dr. M alaM The Millionaire Queen for Day The Millionaire 3:15-Young Dr. 1\la!one The Millionaire Queen for Day The Millionaire Roots Verdict Is Yours Who Do You Tr's Vercllct Is Youra 3:45-From &ese Roofs Vercll c t I s Yours Who Do You Tr's Verclld Is Youra 4 :00-Rolom for Daddy Brighter Day Bandstand Brichter Day 4 : 15-Room for Daddy Secret Storm Bandstand Secret Storm 4:86--Early Movie Edcea of Night Bandstand Edce of Night 4:45-Early Movie Edrea of Night Bandstand Edce of 5:00-Early Movie Bt,.hway Patrol Baudstand Uncle Walt 5 : 15-Early Mo-.t e Blrhway Patrol Bandsbnd Three Stoorea Movie M. E ll e n's Show Rocky .r. Frlenaa Quick Draw G :45-Movte, c. Carro M . E ll e n11 Show Rocky .r. Friends Quick Draw Are As F u rnished By The Statlona WEDU-CETVJ Channel 3-Tampa Today 3 15 StUdiO 3 3 30 Focus Lates Album By Kingstons May Be Last By TISH GRAY Times Record Reviewer There is added significance in the release of the latest Kingston Trio album, in that it may be their last. The boys are fueding among them selves over such mundane matters as money and song style. Title of the Capitol release is "Goin' Places," and from the looks of thmgs at the mo ment, it might mean indi viduall'y. "Goin' Places" is what this fantastically successful trio has been doing in the last years. They h a v e covered close to a quarter of a mil lion nules, with much of the time spent in small chartered planes where the atmosphere gets close and confining, an excellent breeding ground for small irritations. If tempers are short within the threesome, it does not show in the harmony of "Goin' Places," as Individual and off-beat as ever. Although the Kingston Trio is easily recognizable in any number they sing, they still manage to work a variety into the 12 selections of the album. They start with a parody on the old ballad about Frankie and Johnnie's unfor tunate love affair, and adding some lyrics never heard before, come up with some thing called "You're Going to Miss Me." Students of early history may glean some heretofore unknown background about the old California coast from the selection of similar name. It's a smacking tale of pirates and buccaneers. The boys get philosophical in some advice a father has for his own son in "The Lemon Tree" which should appeal e s p e c i a II y to dis appointed lovers. They dug out of couple of folk tunes and have taken a couple that may easily have been sung back in the meet• inghouses o f early religious history, to make this album equal to the standard pre vious albums have set. * * * Another album, not what you might expect, is a new release by Tex Ritter, sing ing a group of hymns. Don't dismiss this vocalist as a cornball singer until you have listened to it. His deep voice , with the most reverent of tones is beautiful. Since Tennessee Ernie Ford mov e d up from the country music circuit to the big-time, more serious attention has been give n to the folk singer, and Ritter was a very pleas ant surprise. All of the hymns chosen for the album are from a re cently discovered collection of v erses in a book once possesse d by Lincoln. Thus the album bears thetitle, "Lincoln Hymns . " Ralph Carmichael, an or dained Baptist minister with considerable experience in arranging a n d conducting religious s c o r e s, did the scores on this album for Capi tol. = •. . . .. • TV SET NOT FIXED • AT YOUR 18 OR • HOME FOR LESS • ..... 20-11142 ••••••••••• Men'a .. Women's • Children'• HALF SOLES Leather or Composition Men•a Rubbt' HEELS &gc Ladoes• Heel LIFTS 39 c (S olkl or C uban) Whil e You Waltl All Wor k Guarantoed • 4 00 W1th Fitzpatrick 4 30 Children's Comer 5:00 Driver Training 6:00 World History RELIEVING 7 00 American History 8:00 Parents Ask 8:30 Young World3 9 00 Music Hall 9:30 Heritage 10: 00 American Perspective 10:3 0 Casals Maste r C lass 11 : 00 S i g n Off Tuesday 8 :00 Driver Education 9:00 World H 1 story 10:00 American History U:OO Off Until 3:1 5 p.m. HARMLESS INSECT BITES You can't beat time -tried Tetterine for re li eving harmless insect bites or any other skin irritations due to external cau ses . Equally effective for athlete's foot. eczema, scabies, or surface rash . Get T e t terine from your druggist o r send 75 cents to the Shuptrine Company, Savannah, Georgia. TETTERINE TELEVISION IN REVIEW THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June 26 , 1961 d b Racial Ban Removal Asked In House Sale Come Y Team De Uts NEW YORK , June 26 (JP)-lease or to n strictive covenants in deeds may The referee in a Dutchess Counof the Caucasian race. not be enforced by law. ty mortgage foreclosure pro-The sale is of a d wellmg lo-------------1 . N 5 h 5 • . cated in the tow n of Amenia and n ew Ow erles ceedmg has been asked by the part of the Lake Amehia de-state general to remove velopment. The foreclosure was ' a racial restnction from the no-brought by the First National . tice of sale. Bank of Amenta against mto some oddball roles. In the Atty. Gen. Louis J . Lefkowitz al'd T . Baribeault. opener, they offered two imper-said yesterday the notice speci-In a latter to the referee, Lef-By FRED DANZIG sonations: Gangsters known as fies that "premises shall not be kowitz pointed out the U.S Su-"The Unberables" and German sold, rented or occupied by preme Court has ruled such re-NEW YORK, June 26 ruPD Wayne and Shustre, one of TV's greatest comedy teams, have landed a show of their own , "Holiday Lodge," which threw maintenance men who had to open its gates last night. groom a polar bear rug. For I I d b t good measure, Johnny Wayne . near Y. open u tossed in a brief impression of It really d1dn t swmg. Sherlock Holmes. I ' m happy. W-and-W have The half-hour contained a few :nade the big-time and I prom-gags that deserved the decibels Ise to watch the CBS -TV show accorded them by the sound whenever poss1ble because th.ey track laughter. The dialogue are excellent performers. S t ill, showed some zip and the overall I'm sad about the way they've . . made it. A filmed situation production was professiOnal in ,--.. ---"' , I comedy series for Wayne and every way. Shuster? But it bothers me to fmd I I ,-" I " .. f Wayne and Shuster plunging The Holiday Lodge into the filmed comedy formula. for them to portray soc1al They will try to beat the 91rectors at a formula, of course, but they summer resort. This prem-won't succeed. I would rather Ise enabled W-and-S to step have sen them in a variety show TV Movies Today GOLDEN GLOVES STORY, 4:30 p .m. (8) James Dunn in the story that tells all o f the triumphs and disappointments of the boxing world. SLIJ\1, 11:30 p .m. (13). Henry Fonda and Pat O'Brien in an exciting story of the dangerous duties of linemen. They com pete for the love of the same girl. Tusday SECRET VENTURE , 9 a . m . or review format, unfettered by filmed formula and free to do their unusually inventive topical sketches or classical spoofs. Since they have chosen to grind out "Holiday Lodge" films, we'll have to settle for it because it's better than no Wayne and Shuster at alL It's just that there's so much ma terial around that IS in need of the Wayne and Shuster treat ment that it's a shame they can't touch it. The gummy, vitamin less videofilm series has tied them up. .ADVERTISEMENT (8). Starring Kent Taylor in a story about Scotland Yard, as "De-Itch" Sk"•n ALALT30WNCAEYS they attempt to solve the mystery of how the secret formula for a new t ype jet fuel -fOR A FREE HOME SURVEY Call RE 6-0024 HO MONEY DOWN YEARS TO PAY ! , , , , , , __ , / I.e' .,;' \ ' I . . \ I I •..., I I ' I \ ' \ ' \ \ I I I ' ' ' ' \ : .I ' \ \ I is stolen. Zemo "de-itches " skin these 3 ways: (1) Reduces sensitivity to itching .•• soothes, cools. (2) Suppresses itchmg sensations. (3) Antiseptic-prom otes fl.ealmg. To get the ant1-1tch action best for your type of itching, ask for either Zemo Omtment or Zemo Liquid. Both "de-itch" effectively. BUY NOW AND SAVE BEFORE HURRICANE SEASON ARRIVES! TE 3-3334 OX 4-2144 EL 5 GA 4-8711 A KISS IN THE DARK, 9:30 a.m. (13). David Niven and Jane Wyman . A timid concert pianist finds many headaches accom pany the inheritance of an auvonr o1 so. mnl t.IQ 7 IUYIIW .... lAlii NA4-842l SEAVIEW OF TAMPA 2310 N, Dale Mabry II.IYIIW" w •• ALII lUCK j IUYJlW " FT. 11\'1111 UlYilW .. IIUYIFI! .. IUYilW OJ fT, WIDQDAU IUYIIW ol TAM• A IUY IIW of JACUO.YlLU IUYIEW ot IT. JA 3-431l llE 6-0024 fL 9 7 apartment house . SEAVIEW OF LAKELAND, MU 6 • When you think Ot CHICAGO • • .think of E . ASTERN AIR LINES EASTERN OFFERS GOLDEN FALCON AND DELUXE DAYCOACH SERVICE CHICAGO ALSO-DIRECT DAILY SERVICE TO MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL • MILWAUKEE CINCINNATI DETROIT • CLEVELAND • NEW YORK • BOSTON • WASHINGTON • ATLANTA Phone Tampa's Pioneer Airline at RE 6-5111 or your TRAVEL AGENT lEASTERN AIR LINES DEPENDABILITY. •. FROM THE GROUND UP •


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