The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 138 (July 17, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 17, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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I Watch Out! Partly cloudy through Tuesday with widely scat tered t h u n d e r showers. Winds 5-15 m . p.h. High today and Tuesday 93. Low tonight 75. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 138 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MO DAY, JULY 17, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS I Work -Study Pilot Progra Under Way With 15 Firms I Fall Still 'Open Little Man on Campus For Qualified Students This summer 18 USF sttdents are gainin.g valuable on-the-job experience in business or industry in the Ttmpa Bay area m the university's WorkStudy Co operative Program where students alternately work and study. On Oct. 2 they will retum to the classroom and 18 other students will take their place in the second phase of the WorkStudy Cooperative Program's pi 1 o t Qperation. Students who have been accepted in the program are those who had a grade 1---------------_::;-------'---average of better than 2.0 at EDUCATORS TO MOTIVATE 15uperior Students1 Topic of Workshop the time of assignment as well as meeting the other require ments of the program, including a minimum of two semesters of study, or its equivalent, and a minimum of one semester of study on the USF campus. 124 Apply During the spring semester 124 students made application for the Work-Study Cooperative Program. Of these 12 did not A six-day workshop aimed at en will include Dr. Myron Cunhave enough total hours or a identifying and motivating su-nhgham and Dr. C. Lee Eggert sufficient grade average, 10 perior and talented students in oithe University of Florida, Dr. dropped out early in the semes Florida's high schools b e g an Rdph Witherspoon of Florida ter, eigh t more were eliminated here yesterday. State University, Dr. Virgil S. after the mid-terms because of The workshop, one of seven Wrrd of the University of Virlow averages or because they being held in the Southeast, is gi.o.ia, Clyde Vroman of the Uniwere then d r o p p in g from sponsored by the Southern Asversity of Michigan and Albert school, e i g h t additional later sociation of Colleges and Sec-J. Geiger, executive secretary dropped the program with or on ondary Schools. Principals and of the Southern Association. their adviser's recommendation, guidance directors from 10 Fe-The 10 high schools chosen and a sizeable number of others selected Florida high schools fo: this year's stuily are Bay did not meet their grade re are attending, as the start of a High School, Panama City; Es-quirements at the end of the year-long pro gram in tijeir canbia High School, Pensacola; second semester. SPACE-THAT'S TODAY'S SUBJECT -UsF Photo schools aimed at improving inF_htcher High School, Of the remaining number who struction for above-average stuVIlle B each; Northeast had survived the two semesters dents. Sc11ool, . St. Petersburg; R1ver-of study with acceptable grade Dr. Oon Cox, senior lecturer in charge of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration demonstration, tells his attentive audience what makes those rock ets go, go, go. Alternating with John Bartram, Cox delivered an outstanding pro gram with enough live ammunition-a little black powder going off here, a bit of alcohol going up in flames there-to keep everyone's attention. The space pro gram at USF will continue through Friday. The 10 high schools will file H1gh S _c h o o 1, Sarasota; averages to meet the program's reports at the end of the year, Seabreeze H1gh School, Day-requirements, 19 were placed outlining their progress in the tqna and Winter Haven, for summer work periods and pr field • Meanwhile, George H. Miller, possible dual operation. When . .,. d . f th W k St d C completed, it will be the largest phone an? getting operator. of aero space sciences, accordwe buy and store it would be West; N. P. Leege, Bartow; Lilia lrector 0 e or u Y o-of its kind in the state. It will There simply aren t en_ough ing to Dr. T. C. Helvey, assochanged by astronaut research F. Lujan, Key West; Mrs. Ealia Sh • PI p d • operative Program, said eight be operating on the scale of a c.ords to handle the traffiC at ciate professor of biology at of outer space. Mime, Tampa; Phil G. Ortwein, own Ill ay ro uctiOll positions remain open on teams small town exchange. tlmes. USF and director of the conThough the reg,stratlon for Tampa; D. w. Williams, Tampa; that may be filled by students p bl M . 1 p f ference " d W'll. T Lath m 0 " . . who can qualify for fall semes-There are at present three ro ems--amY ro essors the conference numbers more an I Iam a • r-The cooperation between Jerome Knvanek, assistant pro-ter work periods. The operators explained the Konrad K. Dannenberg, di-than 75, the attendance at the lando. . . students, staff, and faculty m fessor of zoology . Dr. Max These include two positions D C T A chief problem is the professors' rector ot the National Aeromeetings has been well over W. B. Rome; the of Hocutt, instructor of phil?soph:y, with banks which prefer busi-r. 00per 0 ttend ignorance of their account numnautics and Space Administra100, due probably to the non-R. B. ElliS, A.tlan.ta, Ralph Me-mer N1ght s Dream IS plays Bottom, and Thlsby 1s ness admiinstration majors but Edu,.at•lon Confab hers for long distance calls. In-tion Saturn System Office at [registered visitors and a number Donald, P 1 a 1 n s, and 0 scar other example of our all-Umdone by Dr. Jack Fernandez, will consider majors from other ,.. terestingly enough, the most Huntsville, Ala., indicated that\ of local students. Payne, Menlo. versity approach' to things we ass istant professor of chemistry. fields two positions with the Dr. Russell M. Cooper, dean used phone on campus is the it is still too .early to predict Some of the students, from Illinois: Father Norbert Bi -are attempting to do at USF. Jim of Educational ReHillsborough County s c h 0 0 1 of the College of Liberal Arts, one. in with the when man Will on USF and other colleges in the beault, Rock Island; Charles staff and are sources will_ be _seen Snug System which prefers education will be in New York tomorrow Regtster s office runmng a close mo?n, but that th1s IS area, have register.ed With the Butterfie_ld, Roselle; v_. C. all VItally w.Ith, many and Dr. Chns Kiefer Will renmajors with some typing abil-and Wednesday attending IC Nasecond. , . . a , little ahead of Russ1a m the officials attending the conferhon, Pekm; Father Dztelski, Ch1of the umvers1t y s pro-der the part of Snout. ity, one position with a contiona! Association of Higher . Operators JObs Will be essen race. ence. Those registered are: Alex cago; Charles Endress, Lena; _G. gram, Dr. John S. Although these me.rr:bers crete products firm which preEdu{:ation conference on college unaffected by .this. change The Alabama rocket specialist Dobak, Otis VIm, Brian Neville, C. Lunde, Monee; Jeus T. M1d-Allen, president of USF. to go through aud_1t10ns hke fers a business administration teaching. the .calls commg m from said further that Tampa's MacRay Upton, Jessie Sick les , John ta_une, Chicago; Mrs. The "rustics" in the they became major or a math major, one Cooper is cha1rman of the Dill AFB is among bases being S. Caplinger, James Morris, P1erce, Dunlap; Loren Sp1res, play are bemg played by faculty mterested VIa contact With position an a major retail firm conference. sl'ons numbers will be changed considered for use by NASA as Gertrude Enzweiler, Theodore J. Bellwood; C. J. memb ers plus the part of Thestudents conl?ected With which prefers a business ad-an assembly point for large Mazzer, Betty Douglas Walnut; a.nd W. M. Wh1tf1eld, seus, Duke of Athens. Theseus the productiOn. It IS felt that ministration major, and one The purpose of the meeting and no longer will a caller be booster rockets such as will be L. Crepean, and Bill Burdette. Bunker Hill. is playe'd by Don Dougherty, the presence of t:he facu!ty memposition with the Florida Power is to discuss sponsorship of a able to pick up the phone and used in the Saturn project. The registration of delegates Indiana: R. R. Bell, Seymour; assistant referenc e librarian. bers maturity and mtellect. Corporation which requires an TV series to begin in October ask for a person or office. We'll During another early meet-after the second day of the D . L. Clark, Spencer; F. w. Portraying Quince is Dr. Ct;rtamly the men the:mselves engineering major with a home called "Meet the Professor." all have to start using extension ing before a large audience of meetings listed educators and Hughes, Rosedale; J. J. Huron, that though the1r parts address in an area served by 1.--------------, numbers. edu cators and students, Dr. students from the following Aurora; Clyde Motts, Misha. M F h. wlt hard work and memo-the firm . Perhaps one of the nicest The actual cost of operation James V. Bernardo, director of states: waka; Russell Thompson, La-aas as IOnS I nzahon such as students en?ure Also, there is one position things about the future 18 will not be known until the uni-education for NASA, predicted Alabama: Mrs. Mildred Hardy, Gro; and Francis K. Walton, Gra"e UC Ballroom for exams, the whole affa1r IS open in the USF Library which that it comes one day at a versity receives its first monthly that space exploration is now Tuscaloosa. Farmersburg. ,.. fun and they are entime. bill from the phone company affecting the lives of Americans Mrs. June W. Fox, Louisiana: Anna M. Johnson, Women's fall fashions for JOYmg lt.-L. S. (Continued on Page 2, Col. 3) next fall. and steps to a better life will DeWitt; Jack Hampton, Tt!scaBuras; and L. R. Marcotte, Alex-work and play will be modeled result from science. loo sa; and John R. Wnght, andria. in UC ballroom, Wednesday, Dr. Bernardo said that food Batesv!lle_. Mississippi: w. M. Egger, CalJuly 18 at p.m. M.ary Holzwe eat or the manner in which Flonda. K. 0. Ekelund, Key donia. berger, fashwn coordmator for UNHAMPERED BY USF Impresses Out-State Visitors-Missouri : Miss Ellis Clement, Independence. North Carolina: W. A. Britt, Orrum; H. L. Ellis, Maxton; Allene Johnson, Supply; and A. E. Murrell, Greenville. Ohio: I. B. Bauer, Windham; Dorothy Chronister, Spring field; R. D. Dunlope, Eaton; D . V. Jenkins, Avon; M. L. Koch, Carey; D. R. McCoppin, Lees burg; Waldo C. Miller, Port By JOE CENTINARO going attending BradleY.UniverRichard Moore, "What is your first impres-sity summer session to attend Jefferson; Leroy M. Roudesion of USF?" this program at the USF." bush, London; James V. Schoen"What is your reason for a t M A M J h berger, Upper Sandusky; Leo rs. nna • o nson,, Buras, M. Sendelbach, Tiffin; Forest the aero-space conferL_a., graduate LSU, physics Valentine , Chillicothe; Rev. These questions were asked ,.tea_cher, Buras High Ralph G. Vedros, Bedford;

The Sensible Shirt for 1'ou! "FIDES" TOP EXECUTIVES PLAN RUSH The executive council of the Fides women's social Knight, Sheila Gordon, Marlene Hennis, and Twinkle club has scheduled several _meetings for the. summer Fletcher (the girl with no knees showing). Other in order to prepare for fall rush and other activities. USF clubs have plans for a highly stepped up Among more recent activities was a party held rush week in the fall aimed at setting them closer to yesterday for club members and their dates. The fraternity and sorority status. The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition sure of a gambling bribery case. THE TAMPA'TIMES Published e v e n In J 1 Monday through Saturd_ay b)" The Tribune Company !rom The Tribune Build lug, Lafayette and Morgan S treets, Tampa, Florida. Enterd u second clus m .. tter al the Post Office at T,.mpa, Florida, under the Act of March S, 18 7 9 . Subserlptlon Rates: By carrier 3 0c per wee!<; by carrier or mall three months sis mouths S7 .80; oue year $15. 60. Subscrlpllon. payable In advance. Member of Associated P r ess, Member o! Audll Bureau o! Cir-culation. • "Spacemobile" was developed ADVERTISEMENT T e by NASA for educational pres-___ _::::=...:.::::.:.::::.:.::::.:. ___ _ above attractive planning board consists of: Linda Me-Yates at UNC for Series w or!\;: -S. tudy Co-Op J ohs All-University enms How To J;lold G If T A ? basic concepts of the space f'ALSE TEETH s ell 0 f F II T 0 I ourney nyone. sciences, both in principle and "" . t• pen or a erm Held July 7 The university provides recrepracticluswers Questions More Firmly in Place Of Lectures f f t d ts Do your !alse teeth annoy and em-( Continued rom Page 1) a work period as w ell as r e mam ational equipment or s u en , The hour-long demonstration barrass by slipping, dropping or wob Dr. Robert C . . Yates, p r ofes-prefers the applicant have some draft exempt. Jay B. Kennedy, and staff who wish to cam-by the mobile lplit was geared bllng when you eat, lau g h or talk? of mathematics at USF, left degree of interest in library S tudents with the consen t of professor of e con o i c s, was pus or local sports to answer the questions of for three weeks a science or the educational field. th . d . ' d "th th _ low-medalist at the first AllAt. the U.C . informa tiOn desk, what is a satellite? How is it put powder holds fal s e teeth more firmlY VJSitmg professor at the Umv e r . ell' a Vlser an WI e aJI . . tenrus rackets and balls, soft-in orbit? What keeps it in orbit? and more com!ortab!y. No gummy, sity of North Carolina at Chapel Wh1le most or _the proval of the director of the Golf . balls, bats, badminton Wha t purpose does it serve? gooey, pa s t y taste or not Hill. . prefer the hbr_ary posttlon Work-Study Program, may carFnday, .July 7, wmmng WJth horseshoes, stakes, m e dtcme What are .the plans for future Yates will conduct a series of may be filled a !?an ry additional courses during the score of 41 for nine holes. The volleyballs , basket balls, I in. geometry the or:th b t e h work period. Miller said fqr outing of golf included several and .golf are II Nabonal Sc1ence Foundation InWI e 1 s oroug . 0'Yl Y most students the WorkStudy Monday through Fnday you . . stitute at the University of System may be flllecf by Program is a 5-year program other golf c?ntests was can check out this equipment SPECIAL North before leavin g e1ther men women. . . though many students, by lowed by dmner w1th dancmg. for one day, but it should .be the Umvers1ty of New Mex. Students. mtereste d m rying course work during thei,T The next tournament is on 9 a . m . t h e OFFER f . lCO at as a gues t details the a bove POSlwork periods will finish in lee; Aug. 4. day. Equtpment .be kept rom lecturer m a similar NSF pro-tlons may mqull'e at the Work-time . Th , 1 dal' t over the if 1t is re-gram. Study Cooper ative Program of. . J e w 0 men s ow-me lS turned by 9 a.m. Monday. GROFF AWNING Author of numerous articles ice, Rm. 2040 , second floor the University of S ? ufll was .. G . w .. Hertz, wife of Those interested in using t h e in mathematical and scientific of the Administration Building, was. the second umv er-the dlrector .of mtramurals an locker and shower facilities in journals, Yates has been a con-or phone Univ ersity Ext . 132 Sity m Flonda to offer a .wor-phys. ed. She scored 5 7 • Both the Physical Education Building sultant in summer institutes of and ask for eithe r Mrs . Bring-study program and the first Mrs. Hertz and Mr. Kennedy may check out a key and towel mathematics for teachers ger or Mr. Miller. offer the to all a cup and ball eac h for at the U.C. informatio n desk. dents, the Umversity of Flor i a then feats. ? A 1 throughout the country. Before Cooperating Firms at Gainesville has had such f . Gomg on a p1cntc. spec1a coming to USF he taught at . A ter the tournament 10 peo-service is available for groups VMI Johns Hopkins University . the . cooperatin the College of En -ple competed in a driving con-desiring sports equipment for of Maryland, State mg With the Umverslty in the fo: several years. test. Each contestant placed outings . The attendants at the University, United States Milip_rogram and as:tv!eartwhile, the Edison Fou one. foot or both on. the rim of u .c. information d es k will be tary Academy at. West Point stgned to, firms are. datwn tha t Steta tire. Then stan.dmg on the happy to make up recreational and VPI. Borden s . Clark, son at and tire he two with the kits, which include , p i cnic uten summer; J1m DlXon, fall. the Umverstty of M1anu at C<:>ral best dr1ve counting. Jea? sils, provided reques t f o r this -Brengle Brothers-T. H. Ben-Gables now has, or is adding, McCarthy, instructor m phys1service is made well i n advance . net, summer; Jim Klapps, fall. a work-study program in one cal education, drove 250 yards, There is no charge for these Big Top. Love Topic Of USF's Movie, 'Sawdust and Tinsel• Cast-Crete (Data Processing 0)' areas. . defeating an male contestants. services . Divi s ion) -George Ellsworth, WorkUlg Agreement W1th U-F Mrs. won her s e co 1! d . • • summer; position to be filled The University of South FloxL drlvmg 180 yards. Wm-Deep Sea FIShing "Sawdus t and Tinsel" is a for fall. ida has a working a greement nmg contestants won a cup and • I d movie on the tragic life of a Exchange National Bank -with the College of Engineering a ball. . ExcurSIOn p anne circus owner. This circus drama Robert Shakes , summer; W. at the University of Florida in In the putting contest f1ve An opportunity for all stu-will be show n in the Science Moo r e, wllich pllmnlug the tled with A dents and staff to do some Auditorium (SS 111) at 3 and First National Bank-Manuel to transfer to the College of of 20 strokes ea?h to putt deep sea fishing comes Satur8 p.m. , Monday, July 17. Duran, summer; position to be Engineering at a later date may lime the putting day, July 22. A middlea ge d circus owner filled for fall. not only transfer their credits An t _ ook. place w1th Richard D. Hunter, r ecreation has forsaken his family for a Florida Power but transfer their work assign-these flVe, resulbng m a sudden coordinator, says, "We will leave passionate equestienne, who alGe rald Hefley, summer; ment with an approved industry. death P 1 a y-o f f between Mr. John' s Pass at 8 a.m . on the lo w s herself to be seduced by a be filled for fall. .At present students who de-Kennedy and John B9'1TY, a M iss Judy and will return a t young acto r . The circ u s owner Steel sire to join 'the program with student. John Bel!Y won the 5 p . m . It should be exciting takes to the bottle . He s t arts a their first work period begin-p l ay-off and rece1ved a cup, as they are catching grouper, fight with the young actor, i s . ,in October February or ball, and putter. snapper, and tarpon." beaten, and attempts Telephone . next June should' make applica-Duane .director of U . C . , At information desk you Ev entually, the man and h t s -Murray Matthews, summer, tion as soo n as pos sible in the won t h e l>ltchmg contest. He can s1gn up from July 14-20 . mistress move on to their unHammond, fail. work-study office. pitched from 50 y ards with an Five dollars cov ers the bo a t certain fate in the "naked Htllsborougb County Me whil t t' i eight iron, and his ball l a y ride, pole, and bai t. When you night." Its ending sug gests that System _ Sandra Hazelton, ficial:zr of three yards from the cup. sign please b ring a dolla r the. characte rs,. h aving :eached Katherme Labruzzo , Martha Work-Study Cooperative ProAwards were given for depostt and the balance of four ultimate humihation_ , love and Thornburg, gram office that the station will high scoring golfers. Ron Lay-dollars will paid at bo a t each o ther, and still w1s h to summe r pos 1tions , Beverly Curry 'd t t . t ton a student won a cup for dock. The ftrst 75 to s t g n up savor life and Kathy Shoun plus two or const er one or wo earns m er-' will 0 Cost is $5 $2 50 for • e e Florida West Coast's BUY NOW! LOW, MONTHLY PAYMENTS! LARGEST Manufacturer of Awnings! The DUKE Storm Shutter Awning swings down and clamps tightly shut for storm l!lnd hurricane protection. IN TAMPA '' and Tin sel" wa s di -more additional to be ested in television and broadon {ard. Dr. • . - • ,rected by Ingmar B e r g m an, filled for fall. casti_ng beginning Oct. 2 It is sor: of sfuh Miss Judy is a large c ataSweden's fame d symphon y c on-Marine WithPfsslble 0fle mf be a list, receTving a scor; of 58-maran with a passen ger capacductor and movie dlrector. A s summer; pos1hon to be per e , d! W l ' f Dr Margaret Fisher i t y of 75. Some of the accom at W. LINEBAUGH and T'RASK ••• (OFF GUNN HWY.) Ramey has the winning combination for summer wear in this handsom e Dacron Poeye ster Tricot. Handsomely tailor e d _with &ingle n e e d l e stitchi11g, that ca11 b e wor11 w ith a tie for busin ess or with collar ope11 for leisur e . Size to 17% . $8.95 e East gate e Britton Plaza e Nor t h Gate Shopping Cente r e 125 E. Stuart Ave ., Lake Wales on e of Bergman's "dark" fil m s f llled for fall. e e ers. urg s u lOS 1 of women's activitie's modations on the boat are a it illustrates an importan t phase Maas H. Boyd, acceptable applicants are found. guished herself b y • loung e , galley , and a snack bar of his movie career . . summer; pos 1tlon to be filled The Greater Tampa Chamb e r in the tournament and with hot food. To insure good (Editor's note: It 1s for fall. , . Commerce is interested, also the most 9 •8 on her card fishing there is a depth re mended that students not bring Paul Sm1th Construction Co. m adding a team of USF s t u -medalist's won one corder or fish finder. . •vis it our factorY their small brothers and s isters -Charles Mandese, summer; dents, those interested in mak-h before you buy and or their children to see this Georg e Irall Jr. , fall. ing a career in organization eac Good Career ••• our q uality awnone.) Tampa Electric Co. -John work, accordin g to W . Scott inus being m a de! 'Yilsky , summer; James L. HarChristopher, general mana,g e r. Concert Band ORONO, Maine (UPD-Profeso u r fabulou s ron Oomp Pah Pah r r son, f a ll . Business administration majors sor Geddes Simpson , head of coat mach i n e • • . USF Library-Diane Fernan-or students intereste d in math Features Tr•o the entomoio g y department at bakes the enamel STORRS , C on n. (JP)-Univ erdez, summer; position to be research, c ommunity planning the University o f Maine, recom-f i n ish to b right sity of Connecti cut b a nd s m e n fill e d for fall. or general org anization work Of T t mends a caree r in entomology lifetime colors . Thi s will b e livin g in a new dormi-Tampa Hospital-Al-will be ac c e p t e d for interview. rumpe erS continue t o visit will earn you tory nex t fall, and its name will b_erta Seldomr:Id ge, summer; po-The University Concert Band w1th mankind for a long a 10% d iscoun t on b e appr opriate: Joh n P hilip s1tlo!l to be. filled for fall. USF ImpreSSeS under the baton of Gale Sperry' bme come for food and Your awning pur Sou s a . Mill e r sa1d . most of the stu-will present a concert for hvmg space.. chase. ------------dents are. taking one a t (Continued from Page 1) day in the Teaching Auditoriumof th1s, ?PI_!Ortu -PH. WE 4 FREE C.C.CURRY lOS FraftkHn 2 U S F dunng their work penod . . mttes should be unhm1te d for a s well as keeping in contact thmg we _ c a n t ake :'Y1th us Theatre at .8 p.m. many years, he said . with the campus in other and use m our teachmg . The 55 p1e ce band was organ-= The $40 registration fee Mrs. June W. ized with USF students and in-the work period includes Umve r s 1ty of terested Tam pans participating . tuition for one Mich1gan, sc1enc e and math The concert will feature a course student insurance teacher DeWitt Hig h School : trumpet trio, featuring Charles health' s e rvice and use of :'The whole university set-up Voi gt, Donald Cambas, library and other student unpresses me very muc h . I Michael Tincher, playing "The ties. Students may hold resi-think it's a wonderful beg inning Three Trumpeters" by Agosti n i. dence in the dormitory while on for students and a . won!lerful In keeping with existing pol future 'for the . . I icy of the University Con cert .-....--... wouldn t have _apphed 1 I d1d Band to perform the worthwhile not feel that t _h1s program <;ould works written directly for band, meet a need m the educ a tional the program will consist OJ;llY that we could carry of compositions written for over mto the I have the concert band m edium with great_ , . . . the exception of the above selec me in l Get th e f a cts! H you've worn a hearing aid or ifthe 're wearing I sn't ly satisfactory, come in, gladly talk it over c:onflden ... and If you ne e d on e , help the s e lection of a hearing aid. /'1'1TH you have all the different models to choo s e unm--• m eyeglass model s a •hiQh -flclelrty he aring aid incon ous a t the-e a r mode l s and nventional in strument rices r a nge from $50 to $550. FREE QUALITY TEST No obl i gation come in or can BETTER HEARING AID SERVICE 316 Madison St. Ph. 2 3441 PHONE TODAY FOR DECORATOR SERVICE Whether your problem is a complete face lifting for your home or brightening a neglect ed corner , , • the expert od vi c e of Maas Brothers' d ecora tors is at your command , , , at no extra cost to you l Phone Tampa 65 Gandy Blvd. "Store for Hom()$", Tampa Thts .IS Mrs. Fox s f1rst v1s1t tion by Agostini. to Florida and s h e s ays , "Flor . ida is so beautiful, e s pecially and the publi c along the highways. I can s e e are mv1ted to attend free of whe r e it gets its name now , 1 charge. have seen nothing but sun s in c e --------ii'viieiibiieeiiniihiiiieriie.iiii" iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij I Panel To Discuss 'Animal Farm' LIVE TODAY PAY TODAY STAKE SPECHIL We loves pe'pil what pays today for wnat they eah Ito day. But for those what likes to eat today and pay tomor row we have D i ners Club, American Express and Carte Blanche credit ficilities. U.S. Choice Stakes $2.70 up U.S. Prime Stakes $3.37'12 up Cocktail& Seroed .A.ll Major Credit Carda Honored BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Open every day at 5 P.M. 1208 S. Howard. Ph. 8 or 82 4 Blka. N. BaYShON Royal Hotel A panel will be held at 1 p.m. next Mond a y, July 1 7 , in Sl11, to give students an (Jppor tunity to ask questions concerning the All-University reading and to hear the panel discuss issues raised by the book, "Animal Farm.'' Panel members include : Dr. Anthony Zaitz, as sociate pre> fessor of speech, moderator; Dr. Max Hocutt, instructor o f phil osophy ; Dr. Margaret Fisher, director of womens activitie s; Dr. Robert Heywood , professor o f his tory; Dr. H . C. Kiefer, assistant prof essor of En glish; and students Dwight Helln and Mrs. B etty Boynton. FREE ESTIMATES AniC $5555 FANS up GEORGE GUIDA CO. 1801 N. Howard Ph. 8 YOURS Your Choice ••• Magnificent All-American EMERSON CLOCK RADIO or EMERSON TRANSISTOR RADIO! A N EW SA V1NGS ACCOUNT START with $30.00 CONDITIONAL DEPOSIT, PLUS A REGULAR DEPOSIT OF $10 . 00 OR MORE T h e only con d i tio n I s t h a t y o u r n e w savlu&s a cco u n t e arns $3 0 . 00 I n Interest wlthln 3 :ve .. rs. W e 11l ve you y ou r c h oi c e of radio immediate ly • • • and you will als o r ece ive DAlLY INTER E S T on your savln11s at 3'10 annually, comDound e d Q u a r terl:v. LIMITED NUMBER THIS OFF E R GOOD FOR SHORT T I ME ONLY INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK OF -TAMPA MADISON at MORGAN 1 Block W e st of Cour t House Open daily 9:30 a.m. 'til 4:00 p.m. \ PHONE 2 Friday 'til 6:00 p.m. I


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