The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 144 (July 24, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 24, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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I ( Patchy Partly cloudy through Tuesday with isolated aft ernoon and early evening thundershowers. W i n d s under 12 m.p.h. High to day and Tuesday 93. Low tonight 76. SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 144 T HE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 24, 1961 University Of South Florida . Campus Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS ) MidSummer Night's Drea Ope.ns In TA-T Thurs EASY WITH THAT SAFETY PIN 1Shakespeare1s Intention/ Comes Alive in Production The curtain goes up at 8:30 Thursday night on the all-uni ve rsity production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Other performances open to faculty, students, staff and public are scheduled at 4 p.m. Friday and 8:30 p.m. Saturday in the Teaching Auditorium Theater. A spe cial performance for the Scottish Rite Temple will be given Friday night as a cli max to a visit to the campus by members of that organ ization. OUR SPACE EFFORT Students, Visit . ors Exptess Opinions The Temple is ' paying for the performance by support ing USF scholarships. Mem bers of the organization will spend the entire evening on By JOHN S. WINTER campus Friday, with a dinner, "Who wants to get to the moon ?" "Why infect the campus tour, and the play .. universe with our problems?'' "Delightful pursuit, this Much Work Went Into space race." These were some of the replies made by work went mto the t d t d ' t h k d b t th t planmng of the play even bes u en s an VISI ors w en as e a ou e race m o fore actual production began. space. John Caldwell, associate profesSix people, four students and two visitors, were sor of theatre arts directing the asked the following questions: oplay, and Russell Whaley, set "Do you trunk the emphasis on and costume designer, had many and the time and money spent about by accident or as fringe staff conferences on fitting the in the race into space by the or by-product results." style and physical production United States is justified? Or Visitors to match Shakespeare's inten--usF Photo do you feel there are more Two interviewees were teach-tion in the play. pressing problems in the for-ers attending the aero-space Whaley explained that he eign and domes t ic areas?' ' conference. worked with four basic goals Little Man on Campus Don Dougherty, who plays Theseus in Midsummer Night's Dream, gets a final fit from Mrs. Mary on Moise, who is in c barge of costuming. Don's outfit was made of many things including something that looks like a scrub brush for head gear and of course his .Hercules gloves. Don plays the part of the Duke of Ath ens, the boy who marnes the Queen of the Amazons. For any more details come see the play 8:30 p.m., Thursday, Friday or Saturday in the Teaching Au ditorium-Theater. Louise Stewart, a freshman J. Fox, a physics a_nd in his job of designing. In doing student, replied, "Look at all chem1str from the drawings used. as for AROUND THE CAMPUS the other things we cot1ld be Ark., . tb:ust mto scenery constructiOn, m cos-doing with that money. \ Look spa_ce 1s not JUStlf1ed 1f we are tume sketches and suggested _____________ _,__ Final Exam Schedule at the national debt or the un-!rymg to be spectacular or fabrics, and "in suggesting make-Resources OffICe employment situation and then mg to get aheaq of Russia. up, he was constantly aware of ask me what we can do with There are peac.:e-llme uses. As achieving these goals. the money.. a result of space satellites we Proper Environment . . will be able to control imNot Justified portant things like the weather. First goal is the creation of Serves All Areas ;, @ Bob Burt, a Spanish and Pushing man into space will a proper environment (mood W Old SfudenfS !rench major, oppose? spend-produce advances in such things set by ,actors) and proper. lot.< mg money on space sc1ence. as medicine and the preparation (tlme place). S1.nce Revised, July 24, 1961 ED 319-01 ••••••... •. • • . U219 \t T R • f ii "I don't think the race into of foods." Midsun;mer has no By LOUISE STEWART Wednesday, Aug. 9 ED 325 01 U213 .,., 0 egiS er. {; tr d p 'd t A E M 11 h t h lars he1e, he uses something . . . . • . . • . • • . . . . . . . . hi !" SJ?ace IS te . rest en . . ure : a P ysics -\\hi h f'ts th d Th D k , Educational Resources IS still g 1 vI n g plenty of 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. EN 337 -01 ..••.••.•..• -. U221 i: Th • W k ,); E1senhower sa1d that only when er from Granville, N.C., replied, c e m_oo e. u e s . f . tl . AC 201-01 ••..•••...... C2001 EN 411-01 •••••••....... U202 IS ee the u.s. cuts down on the "I think it is justified. There IS Venetian service rom ltS rec.en y acqurred underground BZ 201-01 • • , • • • • .TS111 FR 211-01 ...•.•.... Lang. Lab. Registration for the fall sem-money spent for military puris no. question that science 1ed h St. Marks. Cathe: quarters complete ynth back There .are 102.-01 ... I .. • MA 20!-01 '" C2007 • . . , '-' cnn m0r" hr. rbnc for , .. '1nr nrovp fahh1f.!t" .com-, .ra forest 15 com departments workmg out of this area: AudiOVISual, CP 201-01 .•••• •., ••..•. tHOO MA 202-01 , •...•.•.•... C2010 •. seer :starts this week for pre 'peaceful t>urposes. is n".; .. We: wf. be aotc lo 1 f, • • ntr .. ir. . . I. . Art and Photo La h . I ... .._ CP 201-02 ••••••••••••••. S100 OA 151-01 ............. U251 Vlously enrolled students and more readily obtainable by ef-receive television . !rectly fJom The Js Pl Ofidmg ' . -, gl P y. . CB 110-01 ••••••.••••••.. U203 9:30a.m. to 11:30 a.m. students attending summer ses-forts right here'.' Europe. People WII be brought mechamcal devices and Sl':lce AudiO by John Raile , covers a Wide ED 481-01 .............. U224 ED 101 • 01 c2001 . "W'll . tif' . . t'f closer together Cu tural differ-Shakespeare makes no fme range of services usrng ftlms, ED 335 01 U213 ' . ' • .. • ' . • • . SIOn. 1 SCI en IC gams JUS I Y . ' . th . f d ta d h h Th • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ED 205-01 ••.••••••••... U214 . the effort"" ences and misunderstandings pomts, Is ree om pes, an P onograp s. e than a semester and about 300 ED 402-01 .............. C2009 ED 317 01 ............... S2lO All previOusly en.r?lled stu" .. , will be diminished.'' to use anythmg f1ttmg the over-depa_rtment. has of these were made. About 100 ES 212-01 ••••••••••.... C1051 ES 211_01 .••.•••••••••.. u 201 dcn_ts haye been notified ?f Def1mtely not. Lets say we "Will there by any advantage all mood. . received s 1 n c e units were signed out on permaEN 315-01 ••••.•••....•. U215 MT 3 22-o 1 ...••.••.••... u 204 reg1str at10n schedule, wh1ch IS get to th; moon or Well, in reaching the moon'?" Poehc Image . September 3,000 nent 10 an of a semester or HI 112-01 ............... U219 SP 217 -01 ............... u 223 as follows: so what. How can mcreased "Most definitely. We might The goal is proJecting requests for longer. MA 141 01 •••••.•••••.. C2074 11 .3 0 t 1 .30 July 24 C-D knowledge of the moon or Mars not learn much when we get the poet1c wage of the play. room services The art or chart and graphs PY 305-01 ...••..•..•.... U233 ED 315 : 01 a.m. 0 • p.m. u202 25 E-G help us here on ea;.-th? (Co t d P 2 C 1 2 ) Recreating atmosphere from alone. A total of department headed by Jim SP 381 -0 1 ....... ...... . C2072 ED 403 _ 01 • :: :::::::::: . e:2009 26 H-K are hungry m Vrrgm1a n mue on age ' 0 • things make the play is hours of T eske, care of work from 9:30 to 11:30 a .m. FI 321 _01 u 203 27 L-M and people m other of Off• • I • what constitutes an art. usmg films, tapes, simple posters to complex over-ED 459-01 .......... , ... U215 FR 371 _01 • • • • • • • • Lab 28 N-P t;?r,ld who are starvmg to I Cia NOtiCeS The final and perhaps most and P.A. system lays and designing. This deMA 142-01 ••.••.•••••.. C2074 PC 10 1 . 01 :::::::::: .... .'u219 31 Q R ea important goal is has been devoted partment has produced all of PC 241-01 ••••••••••••••. U202 1 :30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Aug. 1 S-T Jack a secondary play to the actors to events, and 100 the posters for university events. PE 101-01 ••••••••••••••. 8111 AN 201-01 .... , ........ C2072 2 U-Z school English took a cation, orders should be placed with Often. there !S a. compromlSlng of p honos Art Work TA 101 -01 ••••••••.•••••. U200 ED 339-3 55 . o 1 ........... u21 3 3 A-B neutral. st!ind: . into adJusting play and and t a_p e s to Teske has worked on many TA 221-01 •..•.......... U204 ED 431-01 U251 4 Cleanup space IS JUshf1ed if 1t IS for follows: Bachelor cap and gown. $4 75; costummg to actor and vice dances m the 11:30 a.m . to 1:30 p.m. ED 457-01 :::::::::::::: u21 5 Evening students will the betterment of If it versa. . center. . Louise phases of designing for USF. CB 104 -01 ...... _ ....... U202 EN 207-01 •....•........ U223 ter Sept. 26 o r 28 by appomt-is for war or pohhcal pur-doctor's cap and gown, ss; doctor's Author's Meanmg Serv1ces He did t h e arranging. for the 1 P m to 3 P m HI 121 -01 C2001 ment. . poses, no. I suspect the United hood, $4.50; and cap only U.50. Inror Caldwell elaborated on this. Under the area of general booth at the Fair. More AC 202-01 : . .' .... .' .. , , .. C2002 MT 131-01 ::::::::::::: . U204 The "cleanup" day is set States might be defending her He explained that the play must services comes previewing films recently he the "AcCB 106-01 ......•..•.. :. Cl051 SH 101-01 .. .......... C2009 aside for those students who pride, but I don't Apparel be assessed as to the playand makin g tapes for the faculty cent On Learmng catalog and CB 201-01 ....••.•..••... U200 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m . will be unable to registe'l' dur-know . REGisti'tATION' DATES: 1961 62 wright's meaning. In trying to and playing tapes for students the layout for the s11;Jdent hand:CB 201-02 .....••••••••.. U201 CB 203 90 .............. C2072 ing the day se t aside for their Justified Fall nsemester dales for follow this, research is done on who miss lectures. About 900 book to come out m the fall. ED 305-01 .............. U205 CB 115-90 ......... Lang. Lab. name group. On the other side of the the play itself and past pre-hours were devoted to this. Abtoudtt3 • 00 0 hhours have been deMA 245 -0 1 ••.•.. ; ...•.. C2011 ES 2 11-90 .•..•.••...... C2002 fence there were people who dates: sentations of it. The practice of giving com-vo e 0 sue tasks. TA 371 -01 .............. U221 EN 339-90 ••..••••..... C2001 Da.tly Schedule felt very favor of Individual characterization is munity service consumed about h 3 : 30 p.m. to 5 :3 0 p.m. HI 331-90 .............. C2007 emphaSIS the States i studied, gestures and move8-10 hours.. . ea e . y om e ey, as GE 101 -0 1 . . . . . . . . ... C2074 Friday, Aug. 11 1\IONDAY, JULY u, 1961 IS placmg on space science. 28 N P 4 • ments are recorded. Study is The audw-Vlsual grou p has PICtures of almost every. 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p . m. 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. 1 p.m.-Bridge Lessons ........ uc 2S7 Mrs. Gertrude Enzweiler, a • 4. will be c leanup day. made of wants of situation and spent about 450 hours in the thmg on campus. The most conAC 201-90 C2002 CB 101 -01 S100 8 p.m.-"Cinema Experimentale" s UL special student replied "Very Reg,strda11 '0n hourts 9 a.m. tol 12 what will sat1"sfy these wants business of t ransferring records stant requesters are the News • • ' • • • ' • • • • • • ' ' 8 m -uCinema Ex rimentale,. • ' ' noon a n p.m. 0 .. p.m. excep OJ1 • • B d C 1 CB 111 -9 0 ••••.•••. Lang. Lab. CB 101-02 ...........•... S100 8 c1Jb Bridge .. u 168 because human. na-ThUl:sday. Aug. 3! there will be a 6:30 Here the trial and error method to c':'ttmg records and f ureauThan h ampus Pub tcaCB 117 -9 0 ••..•..•.. Lang. Lab. CB 101-90 ............... 8100 TUESDAY, ,!ULY 25, 1961 ture IS JUSt naturally thnlled is used in rehear sing. ducmg f1lms and synchromz. ere as been about CB 201 -9 0 • , ..••.••.•... C2011 9:30a.m. to 11:30 a.m . 10 ... s 111 by achievement. You were imespecially for WorkStudy Co-op Stu Actors Allowed Freedom ing films and sound tracts. As ' PICture CP 201-90 ...••.....•.. C2074 CB 103-01 ........ , ...... SlOO 3 p .m.-Music Listening flour Lib. 20 pressed, weren't you, when must precede class space The actors are given a gen-for on campus productions, Th EN 219-90 ..........••.. C2001 CB 103-90 ............... 8100 11 a 28 • l96l Sputnik went up? It's not just reservation. etal idea of desired moods and audio-visual also runs the closede 2x2 slides used . in lee-HI 311 -90 ..••..••..••.. C2007 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 2 p:m:cbamber Music . . . . . . s 100 a matter of technical knowlF.o.;d methods of achi evi n g these. circuit television from the base-tures are by takmg PIC PC 231-90 ......•.••.... C2009 CB 107-01 ......... , ..... S100 8:30 1961 that can be transferred to to the Board control on the Still, they are allowed a certain ment of the chemistry buil'ding. tures tf PICS m books. SO 201-90 .............. C2010 CB 10 7-90 ............... S100 8:30 p,m.-"A Midsummer Night's m1htary use. This space examount of freedom in adjust-Loans 600 the_se were m lee-Thursday, Aug. 10 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Dream" TAT ploration will eventually pro-prepare, in duplicate. the Faculty ing these to their own per-Besides equipment provided tures and m the "Oedipus Rex•• 7:30 a.m. to 9 :3 0 a.m. CB 109 01 ............. , .S100 4 duce useful which we sonalities. . with a n operator, t here are productiOn. . CB 203-01 ...•........... U201 CB 109 02 ....... , ....... S100 Drean: ....... ...... TAT cannot now anticipate. the July I9 issue o f News In set construction, Whaley temporary and permanent loans two sechons of Human ED 207 01 •••.••••..•.•. U215 CB 109 -9 0 ............... SlOO 5 '30 Caf. "Is this race scientifically for1 of uses bits and pieces instead. o of equipment to professors and Behavwr last semester did a ED 303-01 •••..•••••••... U47 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Sign up for AU-University Golf justified?" 0X"LL0 .fhea coa full set and outfits as he departments. The term tempo-research. project. on the social ED 307-01 .............. U204 CB 105-01 ............... S100 8 , 3 0 " . "Yes .. Most of our scientific goes along and the need arises is applied to loans of a classes m Tampa, they were ED 313-01 .............. U203 CB 105-90 ............... S100 Dream' ............... TAT d1scover1es such as X-ray came tile Administration • (Continued on Page 2 , Col. 3 ) penod from a full day to less (Continued on Page 2, CoL 2) When it comes to producing a play at USF every bcdy does something to help out. At far left Lura Liggett sharpens up a spear. To her right Bob Adail', frmt, and Joel Benbry work on a set. Working • y EVERYBODY GETS IN THE ACT AS USF PUTS ON MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM equally hard are staff actors Jim Teske (about to step into paint bucket) , Jack Fernandez, Roy Harvey and Chris Kiefer in. back row and Jerome Krivanek (left) and Max Hocutt. At far rig ht, members of the cast • listen to some well chosen words from the boss, Prof. John Caldwell . Left to right in front row are Pat Boole, Charles Hadley, Bob Thompson, Terry Tessem, Jim Woodall, Grace Klein, Susan Myers, Twinkle 1 \.. \ '" \ 1n l t Fl t h L -(USF Photos ) e c e r, ynn Jackson, Mary Ann Perryn and Barbara Ellison. In back are Don Dougherty Sandra DeAmbrose , Brownie Birch and Pat Makela.' Feet at left are unidentified.


2 TRE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 24, 1961 OLD CLASSMATES Reunion at Author1s Coffee Dr. Henry Hill To Talk at USF PHONE TODAY FOR DECORATOR SERVICE Planning to build or redec:o rate , • • Maas Brothers' talented interior decorators will show you how to make the most of your decorating dollar! They'll plan and su pervise down to the last guest towel , •• and at no extra cod to you. Phone Tampa 65 After comparing with many other hearing aids, Mr. Carlson bought the Zenith "Extended Range" for these reasons: • He hears sounds he had missed for y ears. • His hearing is far better-more real. Gone are those tinny , hollow scratching sounds. • Background noise and clatter no longer annoy him. • Zenith's "living Sound" makes everything easier to recognize. Follow hi s lead; see and compare the new Zenith "Extende d Range'' Hearing Aid, *A statement by 011e of thouso,ds of Heoring Aid users who hove bought 0 Zenith to reploct in"ruments unsatisfactory to ttt.M. BETTER HEARING AID SERVICE 316 MADISON PH. 2-3441 Meanwhile, Barnes said, "New ton told me that if I pass this ED 481 I'll have more hours in journalism than he will." Would have been nice if o.k. have been here. too. Shakespeare (Continued from Page 1) for certain items. In set con struction any available material is used. Tennis balls were donated by the P. E. department to give t h e "palace" chairs ornate knobs and a beach ball was used in forming the shape of the ass's head for the forest scene. Play Rehearsed 100 Hours Getting down to brass tacks , there are about 31 actual per formers in the on-sta ge produc tion and 8 regulars in construc tion crew. By opening night, July 27, close to 100 hours will have been spent on rehearsals. Dr. John S. Allen, USF presi dent, calls the production a wonderful example of cooperation between the students and staff of the university and residents of the community in realizing worthwhile cultural .................................................. attainments. • Free Booklet Gives Full Information 1725 Dale Mabry Hillsborough at 15th Florida and Waters Bartow Eagle Lake Palmetto Dover ' .. New College, Inc:., .. Needs "New College, Inc.," which Furman C. Arthur, adminis aims to open in Sarasota in trative assistant, says the offices the fall of 1964 is now in an are now in Room Van Skike : ' ' Building, Sarasota, and the of advanced plannmg, stage and fice would like toreceive copies working on of university brocbures, cata etc., and other prmted matenal logs and other university print• with which to help raise funds ed anyone cares to send and recruit students. them. the store with more IN BRITTON PLAZA be a u t if u I Blendalre better SLEEP WEAR $4 Baby doll P.J.'s, sleepcoats, waltz or shift gowns in a soft blend of Dacron* / cotton / nylon that needs little or no ironing. Embroidered eyelet trim on yoke and pockets , short puffed 'I sleeves, val lace trim. Pink, blue, maize, mint or lilac. S-M-L; waltz gown, 32-40. . SPECIAL . ' LINGERIE s I ips, reg $3 p e tt i s k i r t s, 9 o w n s to 5.9'5 now ' 422" Fiill to I Nylon tricot in assorted styles. Some with lace trims, others, tailored. Slips and pettiskirts, blue, pink, beige, black, white; short, average, tall. " Slips, 3242, , some to size 48. Pettiskirts, S-M-L.j Waltz gowns, pink, blue, sizes 32-40. Linge rie 2rtd floor -•


Milk Bad For Colitis Victims By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. According to Dr. S. C. True love of Oxford, England, a num ber of patients suffering from 7:30 P.M. 8-THE AMERICANS, NBC. Re-run, "The Invaders." James Franciscus portrays Lieutenant Hannon a Confederate officer seeking vengeance upon a Union Army unit occu pying a town in Kentucky. 9 P.M. 13-SPIKE JONES SHOW, CBS. Jones, assisted by singercomedienne Natalie Nevins, delivers the first of his music appreciation lectures this chronic ulcerative colitis were much worse when given milk or cheese, and were much better :,:,: season on the history of woodwinds. Also joining Jones and his wife, singer Helen Grayco, will be singer Gene McDaniels and Dave Ketchum. McDaniels will sing "a Tear" and "How Long Has This Been Going On?" Ketchum will be featured in a "pub lic service" skit about a safety award. when taken off of these foods. I am not surprised at this because for years my old friend, Dr. Albert Rowe of Oakland, Calif., has been maintaining that there is an element of food sensitiveness in the production of chronic ulcerative colitis. Many years ago my associate, Dr. Corwin Hinshaw, and I studied 500 people who came into our offices at the Mayo Clinic, and found that one in four was sensitive to cow's milk. Many could not touch it. When, through the years, I found people with diarrhea who did badly on milk or cheese, I looked up the old English litera ture on diarrhea and found that old doctors knew that often when one wants to cure a chronic diarrhea all one has to do is to take the patient off of Prolongs Life At the University of Southern 9:30 P.M. NBC. Mrs. Barbara Dornich of Maywood, N.J. defends her championship in a rebus-memory game that offers a $16,000 automobile as a prize. (Color). * * * 38-ADVENTURES IN ABC. Re-run, • "Sink or Swim." A cruise with a boatload of bathing beauties ends in tragedy. 10 P.M. 13-GLENN MILLER TIME, CBS. Music, by Ray McKinley's orchestra; songs by Johnny Desmond, Patty Clark, Mc Kinley. 11:15 P.M. 8-JACK PA.l\R SHOW, NBC. Jonathon Winters subs for Paar. Guests: Joe Garagiola, Jack E. Leonard. annually, compounded quarterlY. LIMITED NUMBERTHIS OFFER GOOD FOR SHORT TIME ONt Y INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS BANK OF TAMPA MADISON at MORGAN Open daily 9:30 a.m. 'til 4:00 p.m. I Block-West of Court House PHONE 2-2778 Friday 'til 6:00 Member Federal j REPUBLICANS RAISE CRY THE TAMPA TIMES 11 Monday, July 2,, 1961 Kennedy As. ked To Reveal Advisers1 Y'Names clarify naWASHINGTON, July 24 (IJPD as strong as its position on BerDemocratic Leader wot;ld, help s H gh Scott R-Pa. said lin because this country was t.hat all of_ B e r 11 nb __ o_n_al__:.p_o_h_c:...y. ______ _ en. u ' ' being "bluffed by the Chinese mtght be mcluded m a free today President Kennedy should Reds." city was contrary to "our other-tell the nation "the names of He said the suggestion of wise firm position on Berlin. " those who advise him on the Scott also asked whether the major national policy decisions. " TV Mov"leS c 0 m mer c e Department's deScott endorsed former Vice cision to sell farm surpluses President Richard M. Nixon's Today behind the Iron Curtain was demand that Kennedy drop THE SHOWDOWN, 4:30 p .m. "a concession to the Reds at some policy advisers. Nixon, (8). Western epic starring Wal-the very time when a conceswho made the statement in a ter Brennan and William Elli-sion will ile interpreted as syndicated • c o 1 u m n, did not ott. A man is determined to wt:CUI.uo::ob. name the advisers. avenge his brother's death. He said the captive nations Scott said that "The perils THE SCARF, 11:30'p.m. (13). week had SAVE of the times demand that we Young man escapes from asy-been. h1ghly m tw_o know who is advising the White lum for criminally insane and prevtous years was ISsued th1s House and why certain admin-attempts to prove his innocence "only reluctantly" by the istration policies seem to cancel by single clue a woman's Whtte House a n d then con-out one another." scarf. John and Merno of Russia. HALF SOLES Listing administration actions cedes McCambridge. These are !I ex-which he said appeared to con-Tuesday amples of contrad1chons m adLeather or Natlite u.-u to $2.50 flict with Kennedy' s own "exTHE LOVE MATCH, 9 a.m. policies," Scott cellent intentions," Scott said (8). A merry mix-up, as the satd. A statement by the PresFLORIDA'S WEST COAST'S LARGEST SELECTION With This Adl the U.S. stand on Laos was not treasurer of a club uses the club' s funds to pay a court fine, It's the Rute NEW YORK. (IJPD-According to the rules of golf, a g o 1 f ball's weight shall not be great er than 1.62 ounces. BACKGROUND TO DAN GER, 9:30 a.m. (13). George Raft in a mystery plot, as the Baghdad -Instanbul express is crowded with spies, counter spies and a bit of romance. Television P . rograms . WFLA-TV WTVT-TV WSUN-TV WDBO-TV Tampa Tampa St. Petersburc Orlando Channel 8 Channel 13 Channel 88 Channel 8 7:00-Brothers The Pioneers Feature Stor1 7: 15--Brothers The Pioneers Feature Stor1 7:81)-The Americans Jim Backus Show Cheyenne American• Jim Backus Show Cheyenne 8 :00-The Americans Pete and Gladys Cheyenne Amorlcano Pete and Gladya Cheyenne 8:31)-Wells Fargo Bring. Up Budd1 Surhide Six 8:45-Wells Fargo Bring. Up Buddy Surfside Sill Smith Spike .Joneo Surfside Sis 9:15--Whisperlug Smith Spike .Jones Surfside Sl:o: 9:36-Concentratlon Anu Sothern Ad.w. In Paradise 9:45-Concentration Ann Sothern Ad'v . in Pa.radhe Double Exposure Gale Storm Double Exposure Gate Storm Surprise Package Love Tthat Bo'b Surprise Packare Love Ttbal Bob Afternoon 1%:00-Tmth or Conseq. News, Weather Camonfiare 1%:15--Trulh or Conaeq, Ernie Lee Camonfiage 12:31)-Il Could Be You Search Tomorrow Number Please 12:45--Il Could Be You Guiding Light Number Please 1:00-Newa Love of Life Capt. Grlet 1:15--Dr. Jo1ee Brothers Love of Life Ca.pi.Gr!el 1:31)-I Married JoiLD As World Turn• Florian Zabach 1:45--1 Married .Joan As World Turns Florian Zahaoh 12:00-lan Murra.:r Face the Facia Da1ln Court 2:15--Jan Murray Face the Facta Day in Court 2:81)-Loretta Younr Housepart:r Seven Keyo 2 :45-Loretla Yonn&' Housepart:r Seven Ke:rs 3:00-Young Dr. Malone The Jllllllonaire Queen for Da1 3:15--Younr Dr. Malone The Millionaire Queen tpr Da1 3:31)-From Thee Roota Verdict Is Youu Who Do You Tr'o 3:45--From These Roots Verdlclls Yours Who Do You Tr's 4:00-Room for Dadd1 Brighter Day Bandstand 4:15--Room for Daddy Secret Storm Bandstand 4:31)-Early MoTte Edges of Night Bandstand 4:45--Early MoYle Edres of Nicht Bandstand 5:0()-Early Movie 5:15--Early MoTie 5 :31)-Early Movie 5:45--Mo .. te, c. Highway Patrol Bandstand Higbwa:r Patrol Bandstand M. Ellen ' s Show Rocky & Friends M. Ellen's Show Rock1 & Friends Die est Doug Edwards To Tell Truth To Tell Truth Pete and Gladya Pete and Gladys Bring. Up Buddy Bring. Up Buddy Spike Jone1 Spike Jones Ann Sothem Ann Sotbern Lon of Life Love of Lile Search Tom'row Guiding Dr. Hnibon Dr. Hudson As, World Tumo As World Turna Foee the Facts Face tho Facta Bouseparty Housepart:r The MIUionalre The Millionaire Verdict Is Yours Verdict ls Yours Brighter Day Secret Storm Edge of Night of Nicht Uncle Walt Three Stoogeo Quick Draw Quick Draw Are As Furnished By The Stations • _, TAMPA WHILE-YOU-WAIT SERVICE! MEISNER'S Limited KEYSTONE K25 DIAL SET, f2.3 lens. Regular $39.95 •••••• KEYSTONE K42 MaCJazine Type, f2.3 lens-ReCJular $79.95 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• KEYSTONE Eye, 3 Lens Turret, 25mm f2.0 telephoto lens, 9mm f2.0 wide anCJie lens, 13mm f2.0 lens ReCJular $99.95 •.•••••••.••••••••••••••• KEYSTONE K4-Eiectric Eye, 3 Lens Turret, 25mm f1.8 telephoto lens, 9mm f1.8 wide angle lens, standard lens. 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12 THE TAMPA TIMES Monday, July 24, 1961 Crossword Optimists Sponsor Rifle club ACROSS 1 Laughing 6 Blackbird 10 Napoleon's isle 14 Kind of gazelle 15 Uncommon 16 Dread 17 Cipher 18 Leases 19 Festival 20 Unit . By GLADYS YOUNGSTROM 21 Roster ' Times Correspondent . 22 Copies The North Tampa Bay Op. 24 6escues tl t Cl b 26 Every m1s u 1s sponsormg a Jun-27 Aeriform lor Rifle Club, open to all fluid young people between the ages 28 Unite . 30 Compass of 8 19 m the area. point A rifle committee has been 32 Warbles named to direct the activities 3 5 New E ngland state It is composed of Bob Smith, 36 consumed James 0. -wilson and Al Kane. 37 Angers Th . 38 Couples ere will be one two-hour 39 Broken class a week for four weeks to seed coat teach safety rules, rifle parts, d similar knowle.dge, .after 42 parts Which the use of a nfle Will be 43 Plural taught. The first meeting . will ending be held at the Community Cen44 Self respect ter Thursday at 7:30 p.m. for 45 Armed all interested children and their conflict parents. Paull Dixon, Tampa city at torney, will be guest speaker at the Optimist Club m,eeting to night at 8 o 'clock at the Town 'n Country Park Community Center. A new board of directors has been named consisting of C. McCullough, J. C o o p e r, C. Dambly, J. Davis, F. Green, C. Harrison, F. McGlynn, A. Stevens, H. Tiedemann, E. Wes ton, C. W. Winkle and B. Witter. Membership to the club is still open, and all interested men are asked to attend a meet ing or contact Ed Morton, G. Olson or Rex Ray, membership committeemen. Eight children from Town 'n Country Park will go to Fort Myers, accompanied by a motor cade of parents and friends, Sat urday to partlcipate in the Di!> trict 3 Junior Olympic Cham pionship Meet. 46 Long beam 47 Hai r c utters 51 Fluid part of blood 53 Vases 54 Regret 55 A direction 56 Lukewarm 58 smile 59 Ceremony 60 Short jacket 61 Mexican peasants 62 Frosted 63 Rational 64 Concise DOWN l Shaving iJnplement 2 Goddess o! peace 3 Ventilated 4 New (comb. form) 5 Symbol for thallium 6 Salad green 7 Rav e 8 Worthless scrap 9 Cowboy" movies 10 Erase 11 Parasite 12 Lessen 13 God of war 18 21 Meadows 23 Storm 41 Senior dance 42 Glass 2.5 Ova 28 Indian corn 29 Ireland 30 Pierce 31 Skin _ tumors 32 Location 33 Spring flower 34 Born 35 Female servant 36 Limb 38 Order of apes 39 Thorn contai ners 44 Maile d 45 Baton 46 sew . .loosely 47 Salt solution 48 Mistake 49 Destroys 50 f'eel 51 P ersian fairy 52 Layman 53 Atop 57 Greek letter 58 Turn right 61 Pint (abbr.) Saturday's Puzz le Solved: A V E R r. A 8 ( T A L s 0 L 0 G I A R I T E L E A N C I R C U M S T A N .T I A T E A L E E E 0 S R ( F E R N E T T A N 0 E A N E R F I R II A P T v 0 0 A C L A S P C A R Mlli E B L A R E H E R E s R 0 N y ... A S T E A A C K B E G E K R U T A G E s p R E E • s E R A M 0 s p R 0 c R A S T I N A T I 0 N R 0 0 K S E E N p 0 S S E '( A M S p A 'II s A p S E S Those who qualified to par ticipate are Gayle Ross, Paul Rose (three events) and ',I'ommy Cooper in the 10 years and under class; Diane Redmond in tne 11 and 12-year class; Dianne Nelson, Cheryl Ward , Richard Redmond (two events) in the 13-14-year; and Mark Stevens in the 15-16 class. USF Opens . Contest To Pick School Song A cash prize of $250 will be formance at the university awarded to the winner of a Nov. 29. statewide contest to compose ' a Su ngs must be original and school sung for the University may not be copyrighted. Two . copies of the words and music The secret Is 1a Vad-e-may-cum imported of South Flonda. in the form of sheet music inSwedish tooth paste, a product too good to The contest is being sponeluding piano lleep off tile u.s. marltet. L ingering European sored by the university's Stumelody line and lyrics, must be flavor. Concentrated. A key comes with eveiJ dents Arts Council. Composiincluded. tube-roll It as )lOCI use tt. tions submitted before Nov. 1 In addition, reference to 7ftttt will be played at a public per-the university ,


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