The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 150 (July 31, 1961).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 31, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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Hot ShQt Fair through Tuesday, Winds variable 7-17 m.p.h. High today and Tuesday 114. Low tonight 78. THE TAMPA TIME'S University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 150 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 31, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS USF ets .Award Win Lectu es Via TV SH Media, Society, To Pull Material From WEDU Little Man on Campus The University of South Florida will join the Florida Educational Television Network this fall by presenting a part of one course, SH 345, The Mass Media and Society, via WEDU, Tampa's educational television station, channel 3. The course, known on television as "Survey of Communications," recently re ceived an award in the area of systematic instruction for college and adult levels . Symphony Will Play Tomorrow b Y the Institute for Education through Radio and Television . The course will be aired twice a week at 6 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday, and may be picked up in classrooms by colleges and un iversities in the Tampa Bay area. The lectures will be de-'61-'62 Events Schedule Is livered by Horance G. Davis, A d as s ociate professor of journalism nnounce at the University of Florida, and will run, via video tape, for 30 The Fine Arts Events sched minutcs each. Following each ule for the 1961-'62 school year lecture students in the USF will include performances by classroom will be led in a 20 the FSU Players, and the CleveT h e University Symphony minute. d.iscussion period b? land Play House as well as .::vrrs. V1rguua Valentme, assoc1-other well-known theater groups Orchestra, conducted ,bY Ed•ate in English at USF. and artists. ward Preodor, will present a Will Be True Media Course USF plays have been schedconcert tomorrow at 8:30 p.m., Each Wednesaay the students uled to be presented by the in the Teaching , Auditoriumwill meet 'in a laboratory period Peninsular Players in Novem Theatre. Included on the prowhich will, among other things, ber, January and April. 'f. ' ' . . . . . . , . LEE, OUR HALF AND HALF GIRL gram will be Handel's "Water devote part of its t? the Most events will be (Tee of -iUSF Photo) , production of the "Umvers1ty of charge for students, staff, and Music," Bartok s "Rumanian South Florida Campus Edition" public. Carol Lee is our half and ltalf girl this week, as she stands with one foot in City of Tampa and the other in Hills borough County land. In the background Is Fowler Avenue and beyond Tampa's Industrial Park. The line marking the di vidi!lg line, about 200 yards north of Fowler A venue, could be quite a legal point -dtd the crime happen in or out. But at this point Carol doesn't seem to care. SOCIAL CLUB COUNCIL Dances," Schubert's "Unfinished of The Tampa Times. Following is a listing of Symphony," Beethoven's "Pro-Several educators have pointevents for the coming year. metheus Overture," and Vivaled to the unusual aspect of the Oct. 9, "S' Tal d' in 150 feet radius of the d surance broker, a zoology procation on the campus. 8:30 p.m.; University concert Band, mce rn1 1 gra rng re . be held the second week of dent was accepte and in turn the ineligible list will not return fessor, three public school muDetails Completed 3:30 p.m. MARCH moved the thin natural topsoil, t_o allow room for other classes in the fall semester. The joined two clubs. While to school in the fall and many Th M b ild " h dd d Social Club Council will have there's always a first time, of those who do will be turning sic teachers, a private secree arrangement of course .. the first step is the building of u mgs, e a e . an exhibit and information Dr. Margaret Fisher, director more to their studies than social tary, a photographic technician , was worked otu last sprmg and Gabler," 3:15 p.m. and 8:30 p .m.; 5, a topsoil in which plants will USF Nursery center in the University Center. of Student Activities, indi-and extra curricular activities. a, a CPA, a of bgitven an Rokayoin Wa I?eetgrow successfully," said Carver. "From the USF nursery which 0 F d f h k th t d th' uld 1 b tb an agncultural expenment sta-mg e ween ae e1mer, 2 p.m. and 8:311 p.m.; 13, university .. . . . . ta th 1 n n ay o rus wee ere ca e IS wo a so e e Inactive? tion a music importer two elec-director of the School of JourSymphony orchestra, 8:30 p .m.; 22, This we do by distnbutmg we mam m, we move e P ants will be a big rush party, with last time. More record keepHowever, the term ineligible tron'ic engineers, and • a concert nalism .and _Commun!cations at peat from ?ur own peat bog. that. we need to do our landa hapdoes not mean a member of pianist. the Umversity of Floirda; Dr. and 8:30 p .m.: 29. "The Ten Days We. have mmed 4,000 5,0QO scapmg," he continued. "Archi and the women the State Dining a must all The public is invited to hear Zetler, chairman of Engcubic yards of peat durmg _the tects of these modern buildings soc1al actlVJtJes. Dr. Fisher this concert There will be no h1>h at USF; Dr. Anthony Zaitz, , 8:30 p .m.: 30, D sprm er sys em. en we grass right up to the building list in which they may list their saymg It was. not about the activity they will take OWer ffangemeftf and to the Office of et up to last year and expect to use that which he grows _from During rush week there will Chorus Thursday From the discussion during member of the Tampa Federa-coordinate USF's offerings in 8:30 p .m. much this year," said Carver. Plttosporum, which Is re-be silence except contacts by . and after the recent meeting of tion of Garden Clubs will be journalism and other areas of 1;, "This grass does more than add cold, and podocarpus, individual members or small The UmversityCommunity the council this will mean some demonstrating various flower communications with the School 57. Write to Film Classics League, beauty to our campus, it also which IS grQ:-"'n e1ther from groups. Complete silence will Chorus, directed by Armin Watclubs will place their members arrangements. of Journalism and ComiT'l'";C<'-".:. cuts out those dust storms we seed or a cuttmg. from 9 p.m. Friday un-kins will present a concert on a total inactive list. The meeting is scheduled for tions at the University of Flor-sold. The purchase of one season ticket used to have." . . is a common plant bl Saturday noon when the ' Oth 1 d 2 p m in U C 'da o.llows you to bring two during Plans for new hmldmgs are that IS used somewhat and • Thursday at 8 p m in the ers may on Y recommen 1 • the sea.son. b 'tt d Cl d H'll ' ' ftle thetr preference . . . • limiting participation or perIn a later meeting Dr. Russell m1 . e to Y e .1 , superIS a low-growmg plant hsts. Teachmg Aud1tonum-Theatre. mit some students to be comOffi.CI•al NOfi•CeS M. Cooper, dean of the College Students on campus for mtendent of. the physical plant, that rs used ar?und To No estimate has l)een placed An unusual feature of this pletely inactive if they wish. of Liberal Arts and director of just the summer may subfron: h1m Carver gets the add to the tropiCal sethng are on the number of rushees exconcert will be the perfonnance All clubs must report by Oct. All food service facilities will the USF extension division; scribe to the "Campus Edihe needs for land-the palms, sable, th_e cocos pected to take part. Only those at the close of the concert of a 6 to Dr. Fisher as to what action be closed from Aug. 12 through Dr. Calvin c. Miller, assistant tion" during the regular t k h' 1 and the W:ashmgton. with a 2.0 or better grade aver. . . bas been taken in regard to Aug. 27. /S/ S. c. McArthur, professor of business education s c h 0 0 1 year. Subscription e try o wor t IS ou We use a Washmgton palm age will be permitted to reg-chorale m the htstoncally tra-each "ineligible member." housing manager. and assistant director of the blanks should be filled out that as soon as the contract IS to balance the emblem on the ister. ditional manner by the comSocial Activity Needed Additional 0 Pen in g s for USF extension division; and and paid for in the office of accepted by Board of Conwest of the During a meeting in which bined chorus and audience. Dr Fisher ointed out that Work-Study Students. Ask your Miller discussed with WEDU of-the Adviser to Campus Publi-trol , we. go m and sta;,t Carver m explal!llng how dlf-th d th 1 f Th . . . P adviser or check in Work-Study . cations, Rm. 2040, Adm. Bldg. landscapmg program, sa1d ferent landscapmg problems e councJ ma e e P ans or e program, as a whole, Will It mJght not be good for all office (Contmued on Page 2, Col. 3) Subscriptions are $2.25 each. Carver. "We have to stay with-are solved. rush week, quite a bit of dis-be balanced with selections covstudents to be placed on a total T .t _ f l"' k Stud tu cussion centered on grades. . . inactive status as some need a UJ 100 or ,.or -Y s Grades a Problem ermg a dp e d 1fd sobmteh 350 certain amount of social activity during work period, $40, In fact it was grades that brought about the shift in rushweek plans when it was dis covered that four of the clubs have more than 50 per cent of their members on the ineligible list with less than a 2.0 average. In fact one club had 66 per cent of its members on the ineligible list while another has only eight members in good standing. With the low number left on the acceptable standing list it was believed impossible to proceed with the original plans. In figures prepared by Dr. Margaret Fisher, director of GIBBONS TO SPEAK y:ars an WI me u e . o to fill their academic life. In-mcludes 3-hour . C?urse, insur cred and secular works m Latm d' 'd 1 d d t b ance student act1v1ties and in English. High points will IVJ ua a vtsmg seeme o e • . be the "Cruciflxus" from the the best approach, at present, "Mass in B Minor" by Bach she felt. . . and a portion of the One advisor sa1d he believed Requiem" by Brahms. In addith':re w_ould have _to be sor_ne tion, the program will include unf!ormJty of practice ab<.JUt mtwo s a c r e d motets from th active so USF Will r . .e end up With a strong soc1al Ita IS? Rena1ssance, a romant1c program but little to encourage ll?adrJgal by Brahms, two selec-students to make the grades by Purcell the opera After more than an hour of D1do and Aeneas, and t.wo discussing rush and grades, the numbers by romantic Russ1an council discussed pledge pins composers. but failed to approve a pro The public is invited t? at-posal to adopt a common pledge tend thiS concert. There Will be pin. It was decided each club no reserved seats and no adwould make its own decision mission charge. on pledge pins. Daily Schedule TODAY Avlatlon Cadet O(flcer Interviews .... _ .. . .. . .. . .. UC l p.m. Bridge Lessons ....... UC 257 S p.Jll. "400 Blows"-movle ..... S 111 8 p.m. "400 Biows"-movie .... S 111 TUESDAY Nava.l Aviation Ca.det Officer Interviews 10 a.m. the Aulllor .... UC 6 :45 p.m. N. Tampa Clvitans . . UC 264 7:30 p.m. Sl&'e• Party . . . .. UC 167 8 :30p.m. Symphony Coneert ... . TA-T WEDNESDAY Z p.m. Soclo.l Skills , . . ...... UC 26t THURSDAY 12:30 ... ... UC 167 8:30 p.m. Unlv. Choru• . TA-T FRIDAY 1 p.m. Golf Tourney . . . . Forest Hills USF Chaptet of AAUP Schedules Open An open meeting of the USF chapter of the American Association of University Pro fessors will be held at 8 p.m. Sept. 18, in the u n i v e r s ity's Science Build ing, S-100. State Sen. S a m Gibbons, one of the "founding fathers" of the U n i v ersity of South Florida, will speak. Dr . Donald Harkness Harkness, president of the local AA UP chapter, extends an invitation for all new faculty members to attend the meeting to become acquainted . with the chapter and its aims and goals at the university. AA UP officers at USF are Dr. Harkness, associate pro fessor of English, president; Dr. Simon Messing, associate professor of anthropology, vice president; IDr. Thomas F. Stoval, associate professor of education, treasurer, and Dr. Martin, chairman of biology, secretary. Executive committee members are Dr. David H. Battenfield, assistant p r of e s s or of English; Dr. Louise Sand, assistant profes sor of Spanish, and Dr. Robert A. Warner, chairman of the American Idea. The membership committee includes Dr. Gid E . Nelson, assistant professor of biology, chairman; Mary Lou Baker, c a tal o g librarian, and Dr. Charles N. Micarelli, assistant professor of Spanish. Present members in addi tion to the officers include: Theodore A. Ashford, George E. Beauchamp, Marion A. Berrian, Gordon B r u n h i I d , Gharles F. Cole, Wesley Ford Davis, R u s s e II M. Cooper, Gerhard H. Eichholz, Vernon H. Edmond, Frank M. Dudley, Jack E. Fernandez, Margaret B. Fisher, William Garrett, Miles W. Hardy, Robert W. Heywood, John Hicks, Edgar W. Hirsh berg, Georgina G. Kidder. Jerome 0. Krivanek, Albert A. Latina, Leslie F. Malpass, Lewis B. Mayhew, Gerard B. McCabe, Carolyn A. Pinkhard, Harris I. Pomeranz, An drew C. Rodgers, Donald C. Rose, Alma J. Sarett, Gale L. Sperry, Rose F. Spicola, Edgar S. Stanton, Anna L. Weaver, Anthony W. Zaitz, Frank E . Friedl, Joseph A. Carr, Jacquetta W. Hartley, Jean J. McCarthy, Laurence E. Monley, Henry M. Robert son, Max 0. Hocutt, Thomas W. Solomons, William Harris Dean, G. Kenneth :eurlingham and George H. Miller. New faculty members who have not yet joined the chap ter may get information from any of the officers or mem bers of the membership com mittee. Local dues are $1 a year. WORK-STUDY PROGRAMS FEATURED IN CURRENT PUBLICATIONS With the growth of the work-study cooperative College Programs" by James W. Wilson and Ed Lyons programs of education in more than 60 colleges and "Report on Cooperative Education" by Ralph W. Tyle; universities, and with more than 40 others planning aAd Ann!ce L. Mil_ls, and "Why We Expand t 1 h . Cooperative Educatwn?" by Paul Fnggens. Copies of to m.s a I sue programs, the subJect become top the first two are available in the USF Work-Study readmg among educators and prospective students. office and the Friggens' story is found in the cur Three recently published works include: "Work-Study rent issue of Reader's Digest (Aug. '61). •


2 THE TAl\IPA TIMES, Monday, July 31, 1961 . Ethelontes, =:Top Club Grade-Wise Ethelontes, USF social club, t;anked at the top of all USF social clubs when cumulative . grade-point ratios were figured 15, according to a list re by Sonny Brady, presi4ent of the Social Club Council. The Ethelontes average was • Other clubs among the top ..!! of the total 11 were: Siges, Paideia, Tri SIS, and FIA, ac cording to Brady. Of the 270 members of the 11 social clubs at USF 148 sur.:cess iully made a 2 . 0 or better aver .age. Again Ethelontes were high with 77 per cent of their membership making a 2.0 or better. Tear-Jerker To Be Shown Billy Cypress, Seminole, Goes To Stetson Choice of University Telling why he chose Stetson, In 5100 Today Billy said, "It's a Baptist affil iated school and a Christian The movie "400 Blows" par-university. I hope to get a trays a boy who is rejected by Christian education there," He all society and in his despair admits though that il's also has nowhere to turn. This 98 close enough for frequent visits minute film will be shown in to the family. the Science Auditorium 100, at The Seminole's favorite sub -3 p.m. and 8 p.m. today. ject is English. He probably Antoine (Jean Pierre Leaudl will consider journalism or js a 13-yearold who gradually church work, or even a career becomes an outcast not because in medicine, but will wait to he wishes to rebel' but because see what college brings before he is thrust out by the inhumaking a definite decision. manity of those who are selfish Seminole Future obtuse. vindictive timid and Typical of the bright hopes corrupt. Neither his parenis nor that Seminoles now have, Billy his teachers want him. In the intends ta help further the end. for a ser-ies of mild de-rapid strides forward his tribe fiances, he is consigned to the has been making. police and a house of correc tion. When h e escapes, he turns where? -in his bewilderment and despair, into a being who faces-us. . Dr. Hill Gives Education Talk A capacity audience greeted New Type Mower Dr. Henry H. Rill, president of George Peabody College for Eases work Load Teachers, as he spoke on "We're very proud of our new "Trends in Education" here last mower," said Curtis L. Carver, Tuesday. superintendent of grounds, in Besides a large number of referring to the new three-gang campus teachers and students reel-type mower that was in present, there were visitors action for the first time recentfrom other cities. Am?ng them ly. "With it one man can do in were Mrs. George Elv1dge , forhalf a day what it took four professor of speech at Flormen to do in a day," he ex-1da Southern College, and her plained, "and besides it does a both ?f whom are now much bettet job." rehred and bve at Treasure Mowing is a big job 00 the Island in St. Petersburg. USF campus. There are 40 acres Dr. S. Allen, to be mowed each week and of USF, mtroduced Dr. Hill. about 60 additional acres that must be mowed occasionally. Two five-foot rotary mowers and three 30-inch mowers be sides the new seven-foot reeltype mower are available for this work . THE TAl\IPA TIMES Publlohed e Y e n l n r 1 Mondt.r through Saturday by Tbe Tribune Company from The Tribune Bnllds;!::!.".i clasa maller at tbe Poa! Office at Tampa, Florida, UDder the Ari of l\lareb S, 1879. Subscription Rr.lea: By carrier 30c per week; by carrier or mall (breo montba $3.90; alx moutba In t.dunca. Member of As'loelated Prest. lltember of Bureau of ct.. ealatioll. JOEL D. FYVOLEHT, M.D. Announcn the openlnt of hla officn at 1 DAYIS BLVD. For the praetice of Internal Medicine and GaotroanteroiOIIJ'o Phone 8 0285 FLORIDA'S WEST COAST'S LARGEST SELECTION TAMPA BOAT SALE BARNEY'S OPEN TONITE 'TIL 9 Mercury Powet•ed PACKAGE DEALS e ONLY ONE OF EACH e 14-Ft. Cresc:ent Fiberglass Runabout; 4Q • HP Merc:ury Outboo" rd Motor, Remote Controls; Murray Tilt Trailer. Reg. $995 $l353 •••••••••• • 16 • Ft. Glasspar Avalon; 40 HP Merc:ury Outboard Motor. Elec . Starter, Con trols, Battery; Ga.tor Tilt Trailer. $1595 Reg . $2100 .... e Glasspar Cruiser Del Mar. Loaded With Ac:c:essories; 40 HP Merc:ury Outboard Motor, Elec. Starter, Con trols, Battery; Murray Tilt Trailer. $2295 Reg. $3135 •••• Skis $1495 Reg. $27.95 ... for Slalom $1 Q95 Reg. $19.95 ... for BARNEY'S Member T.O.M.A. 4423 Florida Ph. 3-6529 "PICK UP YOUR FREE UP TO-DATE MAP OF TAMPA AT ANY OFFICE" Th e Tampa Times • ••• UPTO Shout Saves KENT, Ohio (A')-A class yell which had nothing to do with school spirit-saved Prof. Gertrude Lawre nce of, Kent State University from possible injury . Her class shouted a warning when a scaffold being raised outside the building knocked a large board onto the spot where she had been seated a moment before. CHARLES CHIP Potato Chips and Pretzels 4441 N. Lauberway Closed For Yac:ation Month of August ••• Will Resume 1st Week of by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Co:rporation. an agency of the Federal Government ' I ) AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF TAMPA Member Federal & Loan lrz.surance Corporation e M ember Federal Home Lo. an Bank System DOWNTOWN OFFICES 408 Franklin Street 409 Tampa Street Phone 2 FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Serving SOUTHWEST TAMPA Dale Mabry Branch 721 South Dale Mabry Phone RE 6 Serving NORTHEAST TAMPA East Hillsborough Branch 1920 East Hills borough Phone 3 Serving NORTHWEST TAMPA Northwest Branch OHice 4134 West Hillsborough Phone RE 7-6049


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