The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 156 (August 7, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
August 7, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Wet Salute Pllrtly clo\ldY through TuesdliY with widely scllt tered afternoon or evening thundershowers. High to day and Tuesday 94. Low tonight 76. ,, THE TAMPA TIMES . University Of South Florida Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 156 TAMPA, FLORID4, MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS Intercollegiate Athletics Deferred Indefinitely Danish Cultural Exchang The UniversitY' of South Flor-some inter-collegiate s p or t s such activities as football and s ida has deferred indefinitely when it has the necessary fi-basketball (spectator-oriented any consideration nf "n ;nt<>r)lances and facilities to enable athletic events) will be among collegiate athletic its teams to practice and train the first intercollegiate activi-program, giving without interrupting the re-ties to be initiated." priority instead quired physical education and Accompanying his statement, to t h e institu-intramural sports programs de-Allen sent a request to the Unit i on's programs signed for all students, and versity's Physical Plant Division, ked By USF P par • 1an s • in physical edu-when it has graduated at least asking for more "physical edu-cation and intra-one class and has been accred-cation facilities at the earliest mural sports. ited. Sports to be" initiated at possible date," insofar as funds In an official that time will be sports that are available and in the follow-policy statement do not depend on gate receipts ing priority: signed by Univerfrom spectators for their finan-Playing fields for s o c c e r, 1 i t y President cial support, and may include touch football and field hockey; John S. Allen, those such as tennis, soccer, soft b a 11 diamonds; handball e m ph as Is was baseball, golf and crew. courts; a golf instruction area, placed on activi-Allen "Until such time as it is fully including concrete tees, mats Watkins To Bring Back Select Music ties "designed to serve all stu-prepared to enter intercollegi-and a driving cage; improve dents at the University." ate athletics, the University will ments in the present archery The statement, based on rec-not sanction any off-campus area; and a smooth asphalt area By LOUISE STEWART ommendations of several Unicompetition-int-ercollegiate, for tumbJ!ng, weight A cultural interchange between Denmark and the United States will be sparked versity planning committees, or Umhftmg and. when Dr. Armin J . Watkins associate professor of music at USF goes abroad to called for first priority to be vers1tY of South FJorada teamg The Umvers1ty already has f . . ' . . . ! given to required physical edu-or students. outdoor courts for tennis and per orm With the Damsh National Orchestra Aug. 25. His rendition of the Mozart cation for all students. "With limited staff and facil-basketball, but other facilities "Piano Concerto in A Major, K.488'' will be the first American performance of a "Assuming this program can ities in the Physical Education have been inadequate or non-concerto in Denmark. This co,ncert will be recorded for broadcast across Northern be conducted satisfactorily," it Division, it is evident that in-existent. Europe said, "efforts should then be tercollegiate competition re-In presenting the statement Th: f 1 . directed to developing such !erred to above cannot start be-of policy, Allen noted that the IS per ormance IS the resu t of a senes of events of y e ago when parts of the intramural sports fore the University graduates its University "feels an obligation the NatiOnal Orchestra program as permitted by availfirst class and becomes accred-to see that all its students are th1s. country and able facilities and staff." ited. How soon after this such physically fit, and to give them EARLY ORIENTATION off m Peona where Watkms was Pointing out that physical ed-programs will be s t a r t e d de-a program that will encourage at D. u d 1 e ')! pniucation and intramurals serve pends on available facilities and f i t ness both now and in the F I M ' b verslty. Ongmalall students. while intercollegi-staff. Thus, the University is future. " acu ty em ers ly scheduled to ate teams can include relatively deferring indefinitely any con"This prompts us to give pri-stay at a hotel, few, the statement continued: sideration of an intercollegiate ority to programs whic-h provide the orchestra was "The University of South athletic program. activity for all our students," pre-empted by a Florida anticipates en t..e ring "It does not anticipate that he added. Due Back Sept. 5 PAYOFF WINDOW By JIM DIXON nority groups; Modeiator: Dean c. N. Millican. Become Friends M Th 100 S d A special ortentation period 1 p.m.College, Course, Divisional Th p t . t for faculty members has been Faculty Meetings. . e eona or-ore a n U en S scheduled for September begin Sept. 19-New Faeu.Jty Orienta.tion . g r o u P ning at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. . r all1ed and Wat-5 the day following Labor Day. Implications for Teaching-Drs. Spain, kms mvtted the concert master At this time all faculty are Johnshoy. Moderator: Dean and his wife to stay with him. expected to be on campus. 1 p.m.-Conferences on work in col-The'Y were both violinists w ith Little Man Campus r t. 1>t The faculty orientation will and the Danish group, an elderly for three weeks. Some ses-conferences couple, and looked kindly upon "Sorry about yesterday, Miss Latour-it's just that we s1ons are for all faculty and Sept. 21-An Faculty Orientation the younger Americans very seldom have a girl. enrolled in any of our USF basic Reecive Fee Scholarships N a ly $25 000 h been di g . en book and material schol students applied for scholar-some are for new faculty mem9 '10 a.m.-Faculty Responsibilities in engineering courses. And as you know with the last week of e r , as lV -hers only Creating an Intellectual Tone in a This was the first time the vided into fee and book and rna-arships. ships. sta t e Untvers1ty Moderator: Pressummer school tensions mount." terial scholarships for the 1961-Johnshoy said there was $25, students . All the deans, most of the Danish group had had any con---------------------------. . . wmmng scholarships had a 3.5 directors, and many of the facul10 a.m.-Research and the Mission tact with the American people 62 school year, accordmg to Dr. 000 ava1lable for scholarships academic 1lverage or better for ty will b e on the orientation pro-o Univers1ty of south Flonda-since they were constantly on Howard Johnshoy dean of stu-d th t " t d' ' d d . to fee d S All Pres,dent Allen. . • an a 1 was IV! e m their freshmen year of studies. gram an . Dr. en, 11 p.m.-Free for personal afCairs. the road only stopping long dent affarrs. announce-scholarships of $226 (or $153 Of freshmen students receiving USF pres1dent, w11l make at Sept. 2Z....New Faculty Orientation ments were mailed to most of for Work-Study students) scholarships, most had 400 or two appearances. The tenthe Gradmg enough to give their concerts. the students concerned last and book and material scholar-above on the Florida statewide tatlve schedule follows: 10 a.m.-Method• and varieties of The result of this coming to-week. . . ships of $74. placement tests. Sept. 5'--All Faculty Orientation College Teaching-Moderator: Dean gether was politically and culrecelvmg fee scholUnder the National Defense Donald W. Gould, director of Dean, Martin, turally beneficial towards unfor. the fall semester Education Act, $50,000 is avail-the USF foundation, had a word be Faced. I-4 p.m.-Individual work and confer derstanding between the two Wlll .be designated work sch?lable for student loans. The of warning. Students who would 10:30 a.m.InCormal CoffeeStaff ences. nations. arshlp stude!lts, said, maximum amount available un-like to apply for scholarships Lounge. ---------REQUIRED SCORE UPPED Entrance Exams Stiffened by State and they will be der this act is $1 , 000 per stu-for the 1962-63 school year Dr • Zeffer H ffS Watkins Recital Successful work a.s stude_nt assistants m dent for one fiscal year, and should have their applications vising-Dean Johnshoy. Details of Ad-A few after visit, B BILL BLALOCK the various offices. thetotalamountfortheduration in by March 15,' 1962. RA d• S d Watkms received an invitation S d y the change was o. I the college program is lim-Among those approved for Registratton-Dr. Spain. Fiscal Details c:G Jng pee to give a solo recita} over the USF tu ftohr fall. term at des gned to '"Ve students on d $5 OOO of Registration-Mr. Dennard. Cooper may ID l ar er 0 ge In 0 e UnlVe!Slty I . . . . lte to ' 0 scholarships in June, and who ntivc workStudy-Mr. Miller. or. l5 000 w d Danish The recital was Th St t B d f Ed . . . mor.e A total of $2,800 is !IVailable have .acrP.ptPd, r p• Ymevl1 :; . 1':. I or s a hll! d . e a e oar 0 uootiOn, actmg upon rec-and expenence 10 their chosen to students under 'J short term Ahnel!, William P. Har-1 f B i st d. o h ' t Pt. sfllCCte>ss. w1 as an ommendation. of the board of control1 recently tightfields. The move was also loan program. Thls lS. a revol-old W. Allen, Melvin E. J'"im, und10 English office rL?ports tha: Dr. por an ac or m e upcommg d . t f elm" . b ht b t b 1 k f f Ed ti t th u t f R 1:t z c n -t ene requrremen s or a ISSion of freshman students. a ou Y. a ac o su ving fund and must be repaid son, Charlotte w. Alfllerson, Y o o er etler, English chairo cu. . The new regulations apply to all pending and fl:lnds to hrre as-during tbe semester in which Ignacio Belo, Owen D . Black1 p.m.Free cor personal affairs and mali, who is this summer tak.The greatest Euro. pea.n com-future applications for admis-.,_;;...;;;....;:;_ ____ ..::... _ _ _.::: __ _ srstants In many of the offices. the loan was made. den Robert R. Borrell Kathdean. director or ing a course in Speed Reading li t Under the new program, all . . err:e J Br G v' B ll 5 1 7 Ne F It 0 1 1 11 P men f o r a music1a n 1s to be sion. They are designed to weed a faculty committee if the ap.. fee scholarship students will be The student affarrs . office is 1 0 own, uy ue • 9 at the University of Delaware, invited to play a broadcast on out all who can't make plicant demonstrated ability in to work of 128 mua:tWg the USF professor says he has the state radio with the coun-the grade m college. high school to do successful a0 year or t?ur b a opens in the fall Jr., Barbara E. Clement, Richhis "a 15,000-word per minute" tcy's top orchestra. The requirefrom an work. In rare cases, wee ne excep lon Wl e . ard A. Davis , Tommy B DenThe Office Jnsmu.tlonal speed. Dr. William Bott, assist-ment for this is an audition accredited Florida htgh school PUPils who score below 200 can Work • Study Co-op 110 students ton Jr. Robert J. Dineen. John ant. professo_r, College of EduhowP.ver, since Watkins' wl_lo had a "C" average and at-be considered. They will not be requrred to have .recelyed some sort of loan H. Mrs. Lettie D. Eggles-and Admissions Policr-Dr. Spain. cation, also IS takmg the course ous recital was such a success, tamed. a score of 200 on the ----------work for any fee rece1ved dur-at th1s pomt. ton ' 1 p.m.-An AliUn.'versltY Approach to but no word was received as to this requirement was waived. 12th grade tests could Daily Schedule ing their "work period." Johnshoy pointed out that Barbara Ann Flinn Kenneth 2 Dr. Bott's speed. USF t H p . be admitted to any of the state The student affairs office has qualifications for a w . Fuqua, James :E. Oillum, verslty-Dean Cooper. Tentative plans are that USF 0 ave remJeres universities. tht; process of award-scholarship were much J:ugher Melody Lee Hardesty, Roy 9 will run a course or workshop Preparations are being made 300 Cutoff Point m g scholarshtps to students . Of than last year. He attnbuted James Harvey Neal Dou glas committee structure -Dean French. for additional faculty memb rs through the Danish radio for From now on the cutoff point MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 196 1 9-11 a.m., Speech Class s j,:,:,;: ; ........ uc toa 279 applicants, 103 have been this to the fact that due to the Hendriz Fleming Hoi IOPa.m.-UniDque Fli'eaturehs qfdthe udsFt d . g th . h 1 e Watkins to meet young Danish for the tests will be adva\lced . h 1 h' d 26 1 ll t, • -rogram-ean rene . In epen en ur1n e coming sc oo year composers 1 n order to gain fa f 200 to 300 t f g1ven fee sc o ars 1ps an arge enro men many more land, Michae l P. Holt, Sally J. Study-Dr. .. Scheduling Sys and then in the fall of 1962 the -rom ou 0 a posslPenny Opera . . . . . . . . . . . . TAT 8 p.m .. Women's Club Brldre . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ..... UC 167 Dates To Remember . 1961 CALENDAR Aug. 11-Summer Session Ends. Aug. 14-Grades Due Registrar. Sept . . 4-Labor Day Holiday. Sept. 5-22-Faculty Orientation. Sept. 9-Last Day for Applications. Oct. 2-Classes Begin. Oct. 6-Last Day to Change Classes. Nov. 3-Mid-Semester Grades Due. Nov. 16-Last Day to Drop Classes Without Prejudice. Nov. 23-24-Thanksgiving Holidays. Dec . 16-Last Day of Classes Before Christmas. Dec. 25-Christmas. 1962 CALENDAR (Tentative) Jan. 1 -New Year's Day. Jan. 2 -Classes Resume. tem Dr Spam Curncular InnovaLlans miliarity with their best music. ble 500 points. (Continued on Page 2, Col. 6) D;an Cooper: Academic and Person Freshman English course will He will then select scores of However, those who make be offer the reading technique several of these compositions tween 200 and 300 can be ad-TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 196I 10:00 a..m., Lecture: Ed . . rv ... . ... ..... .. .. .. .. .. . stu Matrimony Takes 1 p.m.-Free for personal "'!fairs and to some, 1f not all, of the en-to be presented in premiere mitted upon recommendation of Faculty Orientation tering Freshmen. performances here under the Baplisl Students . . . . . . . . . . UC 205 Final exa.m1 will run , Thursdar and Friday. Spotlight as 3 USF 9 a.m. -Teaching by Television and On hearing this one USF stuauspices of USF. Arrangements Couples Tle Knot Visual dent said, "Say it isn't so." But will then be made for f urther Get Fall and Spring Copies Of (IO a.m. to 4 p.m.) for those quickly added, "Thank good n ess exchanges. Three couples o f USF stu interested free fori r will not b e a beginner in Watkins explains, "It I's lmTHE CAMPUS EDITION BY MAIL dents have begun the attempt cmoelleetinlieg, s.divJsJonal or course staf 1962." portant for the students to real-to prove that two can live as Sept 12--New Faculty Orlentatio'! ---------ize that they are in the position cheaply as one. The first mar-9 l'nmas'f.!'t! of Teachmg Student Drawings of doing something meaningful. riage, to our knowledge, beIO a.m.Creatin\r an Intellectual Tone E h"b" I want them to realize how sig-tween students at USF took 1 with col X I tted Here nificant they can be in contem-place on May 29 when Charles leges, divisions or course staffs. Fi e USF t t d t porary events, especially in the Hadley and Judy Graves be Sept. Faculty Orientation v ar s u en s are 9 a.m.-Cooperation and Collaboration in having their drawings of char-performance of the works in came Mr. and Mrs. a state University System. 1 r d t :I public programs. A European Proving that such a thing is 10 a.m.-;-ComplexiLles and Compensa ' an wa e.r co or feels he has really arrlved l.f hl's t I Jul 26th t10ns m a State System o H1gb er Ed ex 1 1 e m USF gallenes The con ag ous, on Y vows ucaUon-Mr. Dennard. works of R b t H K works are played in the United About 40 issues of the Campus Edition of The Tampa Times will be mailed you during the fall and spring semesters for $2.25. Please fill out this form and leave it with $2.25 at the office of Campus Publications, Room 2040, in the Administratlon Building or at Info Desk In the UC. Name ..•••••••••••••••••••••••••• , •••••••••••••••••••••• were exchanged by Gretchen 1 P .!Jl.Individual. or meetings o er a . States." Mallory a d All (J' ) Staff Wlth colleges. dlVlswns or courses. Engstrom, and Edith WilhamAddress n en 1D1 Sept. 14-New Facu lty Free for son are ha.n<>ing in TA T en After the tr1'p to Denmark, at Most Holy Redeemer CathPersonal Affairs . .,. . . --....... ............. ... ......... 0 •••••••••••••••••• olic Church Sept. 1r.-AII Faculty Workshop on trance gallery. Patr1c1a Monroe Watkins will then travel to Nor-The third wedding of USF 9 for atnd Je!lnet0tec KGro1p1ff }Jave pthic-way to attempt arrangement of t d t t k 1 J 1 29th Automated Learning Devices. ures m a ery on e a similar exchange program with s u e n s oo .Pace on u Y 10 a.m.-Research on Automated Learn-west side of the building that country. as Sandra Chrlders became Mrs. ing: A Second Look. _ (to which capies will be mailed) City ...•• , • . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . State ... : ............... . Bachman in cerefor Second Se-mo.ny m Spencer Memonal Bap3:30 p .m.-Implication of Automated tist Church. Jan. 12-Last Day for Application mester. Feb. 2-r-All Basic Studies Grades Due Registrar. Feb. 3 Last Day of Classes Before Exams. Feb. 9-Non-Basic Studies Grades Due Registrar. Feb. 5-10-Final Exams. Feb. 12-Gasparilla Day. Feb. 19-Classes Resume. April 20-Good Friday Holiday. May 30-Memorial Day. June 2-Last Day of Classes Before Exams. June 3-Basic Studies Grades Due Registrar. June 4-9-Final Exams. June 9-NonBasic Studies Grades Due Registrar. June 18-Summer School Begins. July 4-National Holiday. Aug. 7 Last Day of Classes Before Exams . Aug. 8-11-Final Exams. Aug . 11All Grades Due Registrar. Sept. 3-Labor Day Sept. 6-12-Faculty Orientation. Sept. 17-Classes Begins. 3,500 PLUS IN FALL Next Issue Oct. 2 The next issue of the "Uni versity of South Florida Cam pus Edition" of THE TAMPA TIMES will be published Monday, Oct. . 2, the first day of classes. All official notices, and events for the daily calendar should be in to the Office of Campus Publications by noon, Wednesday, Sept. 27. Summer session stu d ents not returning to th'e campus in t .he fall may sub scribe to the "Campus Edition" for $2.25 for 40 issues covering both the fall and spring semesters. Subscrip tion forms may be filled out in the Office of Campus Pub lications, Rm. 2040, Admin istration Building, or ai the info desk j n the UC. tors: Drs. Warner, Martin, Beecher, Shannon. 7 p.m.-Open meeting of the CommiLtee on Instruction. Sept. 18-All Faculty Orientation 9 a.m.-A State University in the G reater Tampa Bay Area: Implica tions and Potentialities. A representa tive of the Tampa C hamber of Com merce, a representative from the sec ondary schools,. a representative from labor, a representative from the jun ior colleges , a representaUve , of mi Official Notices All food service facilities will be closed from Aug. 12 through Aug. 27. S/S. C. McArthur, housing manager. Additional openings for WorkStudy Students. Ask your ad viser or check in Work-Study Office, Rm. 2 040 , Adm. Bldg. Library hours during summer will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays only, Monday through Friday. Early Fall Registration Nears 900 Early registration for the fall semester was close to 900 as the advance registration period closed last Friday, according to USF officials. Several hundred additiona l "old" student s are expected to register in SepteT(lber when registration is resumed for this group Sept. 25 to 29. Meanwhile, plans for reg istering more than 1 ,500 full t ime freshme n in September IL I I have been completed with about 550 newcomers going through t h e process each week of three weeks Sept. 5 to 25 . Every new student will be assigned two days to take placement exams, b e intr o duce d to the curriculum and to register. About 55 0 students will b e on campus each week for three weeks. The first day of each of the three weeks will be devoted to testing all of the students for that week. After the testing day, smaller groups will be scheduled for the next three days of the week for the completion of of orientation and registra tion. With all the various groups to be considered university officials are reluctant to give out any estimated fall total ' c registration figure. However, mos t agree a con servative estimate of 3 , 500 will be topped and m any be lieve the figure will close closer to 4,000. Some earlier estimates had run as high as 4,200 but with the stepped-up military pic ture and the raising of en trance requirements it is now believed the total figure will fall between 3 , 500 and 4,000. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM FILLS HOUSE FOUR TIMES -llJSF Photo) The four recent p erformances of "A Midsummer final performance more than 110 cars of would-be Night'.s a full hous e four times in the viewers drov e up but had to be turned away. Alvah Teac hin g A uditonum -Theat e r . The allcampus, allA. Beec h e r, director of Fine Arts said all future per community production found the side aisles packed formances of events will 'h ave admittance by with students sitting on the floor and standing along ticket only. the outer walls. After the doors were clo se d at the .,.


2 THE TIMES, Monday, August 7, 1961 NO STREETCARS-JUST A MIGHTY FINE BUS STOP In the "old days," such as most USF faculty members would classify as be fore World War II, USF would have been-known as a "streetcar college." But to Judy Shelton, left, and Carol Lee, this is just another way to get to the cam pus. While busses play a small part in the USF transportation picture, Tamp a city bus lines do make six trips daily from downtown. FOURTEEN INCH THICK DELMONICO STAKE $350.00 Sorry, only one to a cus tomer, or try a one inch thick cut, $3;20 (U.S. Choice). (U.S. Prime) $4.50 Cl)(;ktails Sert1ed All Majo7 C7edit Ca7dl Hono7ed BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Seroing Monday-Sat. 5-12 PM. Sunday 5-10:30 PM. 1208 S. Howard. Ph. 8-8302 or 82-3891 PHONE TODAY FOR DECORATOR SERVICE Planning to build or redeco rate • • • Maos Brothers' talented interior decorators will show you how to make the most of your decorating dollar! They'll plan and su pervise down to the last guest towel ••• and at no extra cost to you. Phone Tampa 65-1511 l'tfaas' Gandy Blvd. "Sto7e for Homesu. Tampa Put your hearing loss behind ' * Smallest ever from Zenith * Hear voices you've been missing * Fits inconspicuously behind-the-ear * So slender a ring fits around it * Miniaturized transistor circuit; volume control, separate on-off switch BEnER HEARING AID SERVICE 316 MADISON Ph. 2-3441 Siges Social Club Adds Nine Members The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition (Page 1 and Page 2 Staff) ' Editor ........ ; ...•.. : .. .. .. .. • .. . • . . .. . . . . Bill Blalock Managing Editor , •••••••••• •••• , , , • • • • . . . . . . Jim Dixon Copy Editor ...•• , ••••••••••••••• , • , • Charles q. Barnes Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . . . . • . . . . . . . . . . . . George H. Miller Other staff members Include: Joseph Centinaro and Louise Stewart. . Ad .dress all communications to Office of Campus Publica tions, Room 2040, Adm. Bldg, Phone WE 8-4i31, Ext. 132. IMPROVEMENT DESIRED Students Express Opinions on Advising EVERYONE who has lived well de serves to have their mem ory perpetuated by a per-nent memorial. Wheth er it is large or small, the quality should be as that produced by the TURNER MARBLE & GRANITE CO. 2601 East Tampa, Fla. Phone 4 Scholarship Recipients Announced BETTER NEWS COVERAGE COMING New Policy Favors Student Reporters THE TAMPA TIMES Published e v e n t n I" . 1 Mondar through Saturday by The Tribune Company from The Tribune clast matter at ibe Post Office at Tampa, Florida, UDder the Act ot March 3, 1879. Subsorlptton B.ate1u By carrier $7.80; one year $U.60. SubserlptJon payable In advance. Member ot AHoctated Preas. Member of Audit B11l'eau ot Clr eulatton. clear through the News Bureau." Egerton pointed out that tell Ing the students to clear every thing through the News Bureau only burdens that office with many small stories not worthy of off campus use but stories which the students should have and which are of campus inter est. George H. Miller, adviser to the Office of Campus Publica tions, said, "This statement should help the student report ers since in the past they have been refused many stories be cause some persons h ave be lieved all news must be cleared through the News Bureau." Miller added, he believed the "Campus Edition" could be a much better medium of com munications next year as the re porters become more mature. (Editor • s note-And so will some of their news souPces). ADVERTISEMENT Ruptured Men Get $3.50 Gift for Trying This SPECIAL PURCHASE TRANSISTORIZED ST ARLITE PORTABLE TAPE RECORDER LAY-AWAY FOR CHRISTMAS! 49.95. Value AND YOU GET :4."'}(." GREEN STAMPS 88 LIMIT 1 . New small size (weighs 2Y2 lbs.) Operates on one Eveready 216 battery and two UM-2's. 2x3" oval PM dynamic speaker gives top quality re production! Uses RMA standard 3'' reels. Comes with microphone, empty reel, and 100 feet of tape, 9V. battery and instruction booklet. Ivory combined with turquoise or charcoal grey. 2% x6x8Ys ".


I ' I Firm Wins Fight With Sinatra By LETITIA . GRAY Times Staff Writer When Frank Sinatra took his name and talent to his own mu sic. factory, the Reprise label, Capitol took it hard. Record racks are filled with releases today on both labels and his former employer isn't happy about the confusion. Things came to a head when Sinatra came out with a new Reprise album, "Swing Along With Me." Capitol went to court and won its case with a 7:30 P.M. 8-AMERlCANS, NBC. Re-run , "The Bounty Jumpers.'' Ben . Two doctors seek a cure for a dread disease, work Ing in the deep jungle. Tuesday PUBLIC DEB NO. 1 , 9 a . m . (8). George Murphy and Brenda ; Joyce in a fast moving co111edy ' about an heiress who has po• litical ambitions. SMART MONEY, 9:30 a.m. (13) . Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney. Small-town bar ber cleans out a big-city gam bler, but loses the advantage through hi s weakness for blondes. -------At The Centers. MONDAY Gary Center-Teen swlmminl party, 7 Center-Teen •wlmmint 7 p.m. West Community Center interest, 7 p.m.; sketching c talks. 7 :30 p.m. Tourist Recreation Center Card party. 7 p.m. North Boulevard Community Center -Young adult club dance, 8 p .m.; chorus, 8 p.m.; ,.Wtar lesCommunity Center -Teen swimming party, 7 p.m.; fenc ing .. men and women. (13 or over) , 7-9 p.m.; Seminole men's recreation chorus, 7 p.m. ; judo.. (all BiCS); be ginners. 6 p.m.; advanced, 7 p.m.; danee. 7:30 p.m. ; adult craft classes, 7 p.m. Interbay Community CenterAdult ballroom dance classes, 8:15 p . m.; NRA club. 7 p .m.; judo, begin( 16 and up), 7 Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic and Arthritis Pain If you suffer rheumatic. artbriUs or neuritis pain, try thts simple inexpen sive home recipe that thousands are using. Get a can of RU-EX Compound, a 2 weeks supply, today. Mix jt wlth a quart ol water, add the juice of 4 lem ons. It' s easy! No trouble at all and pleasant. YOu need only 3 tablespoonfuls 2 Urnes a day. Often within 48 hourssometimes overnight--splendid results are obtained. If the pains do not quickly leave and 11 you do not feel better, re turn the empty can and RU-EX will cost you nothing. You are the sole judge as RU-EX is sold by your druggis t on a money back guarantee. Over 7 million eans used . Proof ot wond)"ful resul\1. 12:00-Truth or Conseq . U:t5-Trutb or Conseq. 12:30-Jt Could Be You Could Be You 1:00-News Lon of Life 1:15-Dr. Joyce Brothers Love of Life 1:30-J Married Joan . As World Turna Married Joan As World Turns 2:00-Jan Murra.y Face the Facta 2:15-Jan Morray Face the Fads 2:30--LoreUa Younc Housepart:r 2:45--Loreita. YOUDJ' Hou.aepa.rtr 3;0Q-Young Dr. Malone The M11IIonalre 3:U-Young Dr. Malone The MJllionalre S:SO-From Thes-e Roots Verdict ls Yours 3:!1.5-From These Root! Verdict Is Yours Brlchter Day Secret Storm Edr01 of Nlrhl Edges of Nlghl Camouflace Love of Llfe Camouflage Love of Life Number Please Search Tom 'row Number Please Guldlnc Ll&hl Capt. Grief Dr. Hudson C•pi.Grlef Dr .. Hudson Florian Zabach AI World TUrDI Florian As World Turns Day iD Court Face tbe Fads Day in, Couri Face the Fada Seven Keys Houseparty Seven Keys Bouseparty Queen lor Da7 The Millionaire Queen for Day The Ml111onatre Who Do You 'tr'• Verdld Is Yoora Who Do You Tr' • Verdict Ia Yours Bandst•nd Brlrhter D•y Secret Storm Bandstand Edc• of Nlrbl. Bandstand Edge ol Nlghl WFLA WTMP WHBO WZST 970KC 1lll0KC lOMKC 1550KC TAMPA STATIONS WFLA-FM . 93.3 MC WDAE-FM 100.7 MC WPKM-FM 104.7 MC WTUN-FM 88.9 MC WALT WSOL WDAE WINQ 1110KC 1300KC 1010 KC WEST COAST STATIONS WSUN 820 KC WLCY 1380 KC WLAK USO KC WONN 1%30 KO WSPB 1450 KC WKXY 9:!0 KC WPLA 910 KC WGTO UO KC WPIN 680 KC WD'CL 1470 KC WDCF 1350 KO WSIR HOO KC WILZ 1590 KC WAZE 860 KC WINT 1360 KC WTCXFM-99.5 MC WTAN J:WO KC WBRD 1420 KC WTRL 1490 WYAK-FM-102.5 ENGINE and MAGNETO. INC. NOW SPECIALIZING IN E. W. SPENCER Founder SALES & SERVICE ON SMALL ENGINES & MAGNETOS Central Distributors for BRIGGS and STRATTON MEN'S WOMEN'S CHILDREN'S HALF SOLES Leather or Natlite , Reg. $2. '25 to $2.50 FRED E. SPENCER President With This Ad! LAUSON and POW 'ER PRODUCTS FAIRBANKS MORSE & WICO Featuring LAWN MOWER PARTS and REPAIRING Engine and 1214 WEST CASS . CASS Street at WILLOW. Tampa. Fla. Phone 8 • • •• • ... ,• ., • • • • ' • ' • • • • t • • •


16 Mcintosh . ' . . To Attend Meeting TURKEY C R E E K Seventeen-year-old Chuck Mcintosh is among t h r e e outstanding Florida boys chosen to attend the American Youth Foundation for Christian Leadership. He will attend the two-week BUT ONLY INDIRECTLY Rail Rate Reduction May Help Plant City Blizzard Hits Island ADVERTISEMENT CONSTIPATION the center of New Zealand's To feel better fast, get Dr. Edwards' Olive Table ts-rated 71% bet t er (on North Is l and today , blocking the average ) in clinical s t udy than railway lines and the two main others tested (candy, chewmg gum laxatives, "li v er" !rill s, bul k l axat 1ve, highways between Auck land m1lk of magnesia and ordinary min and Wellington ' impassable . era! oil) . O hve Tablets are a "balM t • C II d anced" combination formulated to ee 1ng a e The Army rescued 12 0 snow-soften int e stmal wastes, stimulate in• bound travelers, and 100 skiers test inal function . . . without causmg TO DISCUSS on Mt. Raupehu were guided to weakening digestive distress. Get safety. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets today. Rd. 574 Danger ..... • • • • .- • • • •-• • • • • • • MANGO-An open meeting I _ ' I will be held at the Mango Civic I 1 Club tomorrow night at 7:30 1 /ftJ o'clock to discuss what can be I . By JOE LUTER Em.phasiztng the urgency of I national conference Times Staff Writer low cost freight, Loe said that done to correct traffic hazards I Aug. 11 at Mumwanca, PLANT CITY-PI ant City without the change Hillsborough on State Rd. 574, the old TainI Stoney Lake, Mlch., as a_n altershould get substantial benefits County would continue to ship pa-Plant City road. • I nate delegate from Flonda. from the anticipated reduction little but phosphate and citrus. V. G. Marcoux, a State Road '//I PLAY I At the conference boys will in export-import rail The formal complaint, filed Department engineer, will be I I be taught of _government rates, a Tampa rate expert told in June of 1958 against the on hand to offer suggestions and 1 COOL. lems and wtll hear national the Plant City Civitans Club "Florida arbitrary rates," has answer questions. I : I speak to them. last week been approved by an examiner Three p e r s on s have been I Mcintosh is the second vice t ff' c man-and . a petition against the re-killed on this main thorough1 And take adva president of the state cha ter Charles W. Loe, ra 1 duchon is nQw under study by fare through since .Jan. terrific floor I P ager for the Greater Tampa the Interstate Commerce Com-1, and many cthzens have exI . ?f the Future of AmerChamber of Commerce, acm1ssion. Competing ports and concern about the sitClals I tea, past prestdent of the Tur-knowledged in reply to a ques-all except the Atlantic uahon. . . I •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I key Creek FF A and tion that Plant City and other Coast Lme and_ Sea?oard are Mrs. Howell_ secre1 KENTILE "EASY CLEAN" 21 well known as a plarust. . . . opposed to the reduct10n. I tary of the ctv1c club, urged VINYL TILE l O NEW I Th T k c k A t' 'ty mtermed1ate pomts probably Decision on the petition is that all persons with sugges-J -1 e ur_ ey . ree c lVl will not get low direct rates exped:ed the next two tioi_Js or for COLORS 9x9" Each I ' q uPbland ams dClub chapters being negotiated for Tampa but months, Loe sald. action attend the meetmg. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I m ant 1 y an Tampa are . . . . ' NEW ET S sharing expenses for the boy's the benefrts will be mdrrect. I M ALIC 15'* 1 trip. Loe explained that reduction I sa s . ,. of rates in Tampa . WOl,lld in. VINYL A ESTO Each I Library Will Purchase crease traffic and indirectly l ...................... a •••••••••••••••••••• I 400 Additional Books be _ nefi t the ar_ea. He 121X]1 VINYL MATS 29 sa1d that w1th an 1,ncrease m I -!Times Photo liY . Barehard) _PLANT _CIT"X -The Plant Tampa, Plant City merchants I WHILE THEY LAST! Each COMING IN FOR A LANDING. Ctty Public Library has ancould look forward to easier ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I Two members of the Tampa Sky Divers are shown to buy 400 access to foreign ports 'since R E L ' l E VI No 9 12 LINOLEUM RUGS 4'51 as they prepared for a I a n d in g near the Peter 0. soon: wtth library funds bUJld more merchant ships would op-HARMLEss I . X From • Knight Airport terminal building yesterday during a up Its stock, now standmg at erate from Tampa. 1 N SECT B 1 T E S •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I .. Jr., presi. The Arts You can't beat time-tried Tetterine for re-•• [Cut Rate floor Covering of Tampa Inc .• . d t t• f d" t II d d I d,ent of the library board, also lieving harmless insect bites or any other 14th ST. & E. BROADWAY II JUmps and a emons ra IOn o ra 10 con ro e mo e reported the recent gift of more Tod .. y skin irritations due to external causes. I aircraft, drew a large crowd. Airplane owners and than 300 books to the library by cLVEMA s p.m .• s p.m. "Three Equally effective for athlete's foot, eczema, TAMPA 4-3924 I dealers . from numerous Florida cities showed up for Rollins College. Penny Opera,' German film wltil scabies, or surface rash. Get Tetterine from I ' OPEN FRI. NilES 'TIL 9 English sub-titles. A satire of the d t d h a display of aircraft and a chance to swap or b'uy The se books, mostly ;1.959 and 19th century, Conjuring up a world your mggu; or sen 75 cents to t e \ FINANCING ARRANGED I of beggars, thieves and prostitutes Shuptrine Company Savannah Georgia. I planes with one another or the public. 1960 publications, cover a wide in an imagmary London. wm be ' ' SHOP YBOR CITY FOR BARGAINS 1 --=-----------------'=------------range of subjects, from ancient shown free of charge in the Science T E T T E R ( N E f Auditorium CNo. 111) of the Unihistory to space acts. versity of south Florida. . • • • • • • • • • ,_ • • • • • ..-• • Ill TRAGEDY OF BITTERNESS This Summer have fun with your car! PARIS, A u g. 7 (IJPD -The a humiliating r e m n a n t of main tragedy of the French-French rule. Tunisian showdown over the Bizerte Naval Base lies in the On June 17 , 1958, bitterness and violence stirred after he .returned to up between two countries which President Charles de have weathered so many diploagreed under Tunisian pressure matic tussles . to evacuate all French military Up until the shooting at Bibases in Tunisia except Bizerte. zerte the French could claim their handling of Tunisia's De Gaulle's promise followed transformation from a protec-the bitter crisis between France torate to an independent nation and Tunisia that came after inin 1956 as a model of firm but dependence. That was provoked fair diplomacy. by the bombing of the Tunisian In the years since indepen-dence there have been many border town of Sidi Ben Yous"fights within the family." But sef in February, 1958, by French although these have included planes based in Algeria. near-diplomatic ruptures, the No Concession fighting has been mostly verbal. But though De Gaulle evacuMoslem Champion ated the other military bases despite fact according to his promise, he of Tumsla . and Hab1b fered no further concession on BourgUJba have m recent years Bizerte been the main champions of the . Moslems in neighboring Algeria As a result, every hme relain their fight for independence tions haveturnt::d. raw from the French . France and Turusta, A t f b . f 11 f has turned the heat on BIZer te. par rom a ne spe o . violence that erupted in Tunisia This happened notably . in in January, 1952, Tunisia's sue-June, 1959, when Bour_gwba cessful drive to independence to start a was conducted in negotiation campaign for the re_turn of Bl with successive French governzerte lf. De Gaulle did not mo_ve ments from 1947 onward. dtrectly. ne goti a tions on Algenan mdependence. Under the agreement, which enabled Tunisia to form its own constitutional ass em b I y in March, 1956, France retained several military bases on Tunis ian territory. Pearl Harbor Gibraltar The most important o f these was the a1r-nava! base at the Mediterranean port of Bizertea powerful atom-proof complex which the French claim equals Pearl Harbor plus Gibraltar. But the Tunisians soon began chafing at the military bases as HfATBfATf .,COOLCONDITIONS" • • • REFRESHES fOUR Slt/N /NSTANTL f WITH li!ENTHOLCOOL LUBRICATION/ The "all-over" body refresher that's worth a "cool million!" Summer condition your skin morning and night with a delightful Oermass ag e massage after bath or shower. Trans forms torrid temperatures into cool spring breezes on your skinthe proven way to soften, soothe your .skin. Try Oermassage tonite. Not greasy, can't stain. At leading drug counters. Wllh Economy J6 oz. S1ze 8-oz. size, 89c 3-oz. size, 49c L a t e r, w h e n De Gaulle showed signs of moving toward an Algerian settlement, Bour gutba called off his campaign . He went on to become a major architect of current French rebel talks on Algeria's future. Talks Deadlocked It was sig n ificant that Bour guiba launche d his new "battle of Bizerte" at a time when the French-Algerian talks appeared headed for permanent deadlock. At the same time as he l.;lid siege to the Bizerte base, Bour guiba was claiming a small strip of the oil-rich Sahara. Some political observers saw in the twin assault a delibera te in Bour g uiba's policy of friendship with France to something more closely aligned with that of other Arab coun tries. It is one of the most surpris ing features of Bourguiba's rule that he has remained friendly to France-and particularly to President de Gaulle despite the fact he spent 30 years in French jails while struggling for independence. The message to DeGaulle with which Bourguiba launched the new offensive against Bi zerte July 7 was typically polite. DeGaulle's interim reply was in s i m i 1 a r terms, although it warned that no negotiation s on Bizerte could take place in the present atmosphere of tension and violence. Dr. Carrera Named To Emory U. Staff Dr. Richard N. Carrera, a na tive of Tampa, has b e e n ap pointed assistant professor of psychiatry in Emory Univer sity's department of psychology . Dr. Carrera, who will work part-time in the Atlanta uni versity's testing and counseling service, holds bachelor's, master' s and doctor 's degrees from the University of North Caro lina and is a former staff clin ical psychologist at the Veter ans Hospital , Richmond, Va. Palma Ceia Optimists Will Hear Ray Mills The regular weekly dinner meeting of the Palma Ceia Optimist Club will be held Wednesday night at 7 o'clock at. the Officer's Club at MacDill Air Force Base. Col. Ray Mills, Civil De fense coordinator for Hillsborough County, will speak on Im portance of coordination of Civil Defense in this area in this period of unrest. Members, w1ves and their guests are in vited to attend. Governor's Palace is one of over 325 restored or reconstructed colonial buildings at historic Williamsburg, Virginia. Thousands of travelers drive here each year. Have more fun gOing ... Go. Phillips 88 ' For the latest ' The magnificent Southeast offers so much to see and do. And the ideal way to enjoy seeing the Southeast is to go by car. Before you start, and along the way, stop at Phillips 66 Stations . Phillips 66 Dealers have got what it takes to make your driving more enjoyable. Y ou'lllike Phillips courteous service ..... the clean stations and rest rooms. And you ' ll like the way your car performs with clean. burning Sixty-Six Gasoline and Trop-Artic * Motor Oil. Enjoy Phillips 66 Hospitality. Stop where you see the friendly Phillips 66 Shield. *A tcademar.k See America Best-By Car Mon.,


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