The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 204 (October 2, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 2, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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s' n n n e. 1• 1-:o 1-.g !t As You Like It Fair today and tonight. Partly c I o u d y Tuesday with a few scattered dershowers. Winds 5-15 m.p.h. High to d a y and Tuesday 90. Low tonigJ!t 20. SIXTY-NINTH YEAR No. 204 THE TAMPA .... a T? TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 2, 1961 University Of South Florida Campus Edition PRICE FIVE CENTS Student Honors Convocation Kicks Off Fall Semester Groundbreaking Follows As Gov. Bryant Assists Little Man on USF'S HOME FOR THOSE A WAY FROM HOMEF News Byreau Pholo The of joint honors convocation and groundbreaking for. a. Humamtles Bmldrng featm:ed Gov. Farris Bryant and other state officials m a kick-off ceremony today op emng the second fall semester. The program began at 10 a.!'ll. an academic of faculty, honor students and guests from the Umversity Center to the Teachmg Auditorium-Theater. LOTS HAPPENIN, G Organization Activity Marks First Week Processional music was pro vided by USF's Band under the direction of Dr. Gale L. Sperry. The invocation was given by The Rev. Paul J. Wagner, pas tor of the Palma Ceia Method ist Church, followed by Presi John S. Allen's short open mg address, the presentation of citations to the honor students and the introduction of guests: Tom Adams, secretary of By LOUISE STEWART state, Baya M. Harrison Jr Student organizations are getting off to a bang-up chairman of the Board of start with meetings and activities during the first week trol; Frank M. Buchanan, vice f 1 f chairman of the Board of Con0 c asses. The ollowmg groups have requested that trol; and J. Edwin Larson, mem-these announcements concerning t h e i r activities be ber of the State Board of Edu made. The Interim Steering Committee will meet Tues-cation, completed the list of day to discuss plans for the stu-guests on campus for the cere-dent association elections to be mony. held the third week of classes. served for club meetings: Rms. President Talks Officers to be elected include 214, 216, 218, and 219. President Allen said in his the president, vice president, Publicity is available on camtalk, "We exist for two reasons: treasurer and recording and pus bulletin boards and through To develop tbe youth of our correseponding secretaries. The the campus edition of The Tam-nation by passing information election date tentatively is Ocpa Times. Items for publication on to them, by helping them to tober 20. in The Times should be turned think and study for themselves ' , .. Don't call it the dorm-the official name for the new building where 412 stu dents plus staff counselors live is the "Alpha Residence Hall," the first of the Argos Island Group. The building, rushed to completion last week, filled over the weekend as students moved in. Most of the residents are students who previous ly lived more than 20 miles from campus. Construction is under way on a sec ond residence hall and a third is in the planning stage. "Placing highest interest in in to Rm. 58 in U.C., former by helping them to develop as representation and the growth location of the health center mature and responsible citizens; of our university, the first ofby Wednesday noon for and to discover new truths and ficial duties of the new officers cation the following Monday. ways in which they may be used 1---------------------------will be to further organize an for the benefit of mankind." vises Jim Woodroffe, president losophy President Allen defined ----------OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS 17 Students Complete First Work-Study Assignments active student association," adG•l bbonS With this expression of phi-DANCE PLANNED of the Interim Steering Com-the purposes of USF's existence uc o H mittee. to students, faculty and guests pen . 0 e Other officers of the commitwho packed the Teaching AudiUS tee whose purpose was to es-o • t torium-Theatre. tablish a student government rl en s President Allen stressed the T H hI at USF are Bob Bobier, vice University's policy of placing 0 g • ht w k president and Gretchen Mallory the "accent on learning." "In •g ee secretary. The student associa-F It everything we have said and tion constitution was ratified a c u y done we have reinforced the way for the first student ex-ter. than }ust a_verage," he e

Floridan Sport CoatS! Whether your taste runs to light, medium, or dark 1hades-whether you pre fer the bold or more wb tle pattern ••• you'll find our collection of Flori dans complete in all r.e spects I And, you'll find, too, that whether you wear one of th-ese to. the club or to the office it will bring you a compliment every time. $39.95 to $49.95 e Eastgate e Britton Plaza e North Gate Shopping Center e 125 E. Stuart Ave. Lake Wales 2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, October 2, 1.9lil FINE ARTS The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition (Page 1 and Page 2 Staff) Tri-Semester Decision Due EVents S C h e d U I e L •I S ted . . zation of university facilities, will be given the final "yes" Editor . ........................... . . • . . . . . . Bill Blalock . . or "no" by the State Board of The Fine Arts Events sched-bers will be available two ol,ihe28ca7. Wmncr to rece•ve a $2aO caah Control at its meeting in Talla-ule for this fall will include weeks be f 0 r e the event. All melltes, play:. Produced bY .the Florida •tqhursday, Nov. p.m. The hassee Oct. 20. A committee performances by the FSU Play-other tickets will be available State Unlvers•t w1th a :Red Shoes, British !Um (1948). The d of representatives Managing Editor ..••••...• • • • • • • • • Wing Preodor ers and the Peninsular Players one week before the date of from the Eddie Dowlmg Foundation. magnificent dancing of Moira Shearer compose F d Fl " d . . Broadway stars featured tn the pr.nand other stars of London's Sadlerfrom USF, FSU, U an on a Faculty Adviser .................. : . . . . George H . Miller as well as concerts and films. the event. clpal roles. Wells Ballet Company, the music and A&M sent its final report on Other staff members include: Jock BJalock, Martha Most USF events programs All events will be held in the the tri-semester schedule to the Jean Ekker, Marlene Hennis, Virginia Montes, and Louise ar_ e open to students, staff and Teaching Auditorium • Theater stars. concert: A true catalyst of jazz: a masterpiece o film art. Winner of board of control Sept. 22. . the public free of charge. Re-unless other wise indicated. the movlna force behind some of the three Academy Awards. A d1 g to Robert Dennard, Stewart served tickets will be avallable, h f 11 i . r f h greatest jan records ever made. Sunday, Dec. Dec. 20. ccor {I if th Address all communications to Office of Campus Publica-both for presentations requir-T e 0 ow ng IS a Ist Q t e •"Tuesday. Nov. ' -8 p.m. Tl)e University Gallery Exhlbltlon: Roten USF business manager, . tions, Room 1070, Adm. Bldg. Phone WE 8-4131, Ext. 173 ing admission and for those that fall events: q plan is lathdoptiedJ 1i will 148 are fre e of charge, for those Oct. .--lO a.m. Honors the 20s. Laurel & Hardy, wm Roters, Jewelry from Tampa Bay artists. Some effect e er n u Y or or w'ant ass u ran c e of adJean Ben Turpin, Lan11 works for sale. . ber of 1962 and will affect all Student reporters gathering news for the Campus Farris tryant. governor of the state don, Carole wmbarcL and othera. •Tuesda;r. Dec. 5-lt a.m. and 8.30 Florida state colleges. f Th TAMPA TIMES ill t t ial dJ"rect mittance. of Florida •Wednesda;r, Thursday. Friday. Satp.m. Wilham Masselos. pianist, conEditiOn o e • w reques rna er S"'dent Rates ' urday, Nov. 13, 18, u. 18-8:30 p.m. cert: "One of the freatest American Under the new schedule eacl'! f d'v1"duals and offices on campus and the material ... Monday, Oct. 2 !o Sunday Ool t9 • Nov J• p m A Trumpet Caillnll pianists of our time.' Columbia recorJ t 'IJ b 17 eks lang rom m 1 ' A collection from the patn!ing of Joe Play b';"Abel Plenn, music composed lni artist and a soloist with the semes er w,. . e we will not clear through the News Bureau. (Point 2, Events sponsored by he Stu-TestaSecca, one of Florida s outatand-and conducted by Skltcb Henderson. York Phllharmonlc and other Iead•nlf with 15 weeks of it P li St t t N 22 J I 25 1961) dent Arts Council will require lnll artists. Produced by the Penlnoular Players of symphonies botlt here and abroad. d 1 d s Y o cy a emen ' u Y ' • an admlssion fee of 50 cents F..tday, Oat. 6-8 p.m. UniversitY the usF with the aid of a arant from Tuesda,-. Dec. 12-8:80 p.m. Unlver Dennard liste severa a van. ---------------------------1 $ f f lt d Center Open House tn the Unlvtnity the Eddte Dowllni Foundation to cover sl!y Chorus and Orchestra, concert. tages the {leW plan offers to Convocation Honors 46 USF Studen.ts for students, 1 or acu an 11-t!:BO. The Bicycle the students. Competition foi' stafffmand $2 for the pub ici Thief,, Italian. film U949l. Directed by Hawihorne's The scarlet Letter. show: Herbert J. Burgart, Harrison w. summer jobs will be cut Fi s sponsored by the F.i m V1ttono De S•ca. from screenplay .bY F ld Nov 11 10 Friday Dec R Covington, and Claude Wesley Houk. b cause a working student will Classics League require the Cesare Zavattlnl. ThlB outstandmg r a.y, ,.. hlbll . B .1 •11 h. ••Tuesda;r. Jan. 9-8 :ao p.m. Tight e example of the Italian neo-reallst film Unlverslty vallery Ex t on ' • L!tue Island British film (1949) With be able to choose the semester purchase of season tickets. 1 t ling 1 1 ill constructivist art . Through the com ' J G d A th t 1 i Single season tickets will cost 5 ory 0 e tesy of American Federation of Arts. he wants to work Wi OU kOdS ng $4 and a pair of season tickThursday, Oct. p .m. and 8:30 Some works for aale. a small scotch Island and the activities credit if he wants to wor ur-ets $ 7 . p.m. University Strtng Quertet. eo!'-Tueada;r, No o Its Inhabitants when faced by a ing the winter. cert: Edward Preodor, VIOlin; Armm slty Symphony shortage of whiskey. Tickets to all events wlll be Wat,klns, violin; John Tartaglia, vlolb; ward Preodor, •Frlhy, Jan. p.m. and :30 Since students will spen-1 Jl.m. and 8:30 p.m. University pany. Starring Emily Frankel. Tscha1f parallel wings, connected by desk, University Center. p.m. ViolinPiano Sonata, concert: Gale Sperry, kowskl, Rococo Variation; Debussy, present 17 the cost o room the Reserved tickets for students, Admin Watkins, violin; Ray Blake, Wednesday, :30 !J, Still Point; Tennessee wunams, Sum and board will be less. (Continued from Pace 1) Semester houls of study dur-open hallways. Each of d . plano; Yvonne Bentley, plano; Averill rs pu mer and Smoke; end othera In comedy, i h t aild USF Foun abon memvanderipe, plano. 1 song enaatlre. and jazz. Students who w s o com ing the 1960-61 academic year. wings will house an area of Sunday, Jan. 14-:-9:30 p.m. A.rmln plete their college education as The deans o USF's four col:the Fine Arts program. The S OCT 2 17 C 1 t and 8:30 rapidly as possible will be able leges, Dr. Jean A. Battle, edumusic wing will contain a 250-OPEN • omp e e to ,graduate with a BA degree cation; Dr. Russell M. Cooper, seat auditorium an instrument. k Co-Op Assignment Watkins, violin; John Tartalflia, viola: in two years and eight months; liberal Dr. Sidney J. al practice 25 practice T t s w ln Mar11ery Enlx, cello. The primary reason for proFrench, basiC studies; and Dr. rooms classrooms and 20 of-es a• .. ecca . . or s (Cont ued from Pare l) rhuroda,-, Friday Saturda;r, Jan sing the new program Den-1 N Mu b • ' lt 28, 27-8:80 p . m . Jan. 26 p.m. PO k • Char es . I Ican, usmess flees. The center classroom Gerald Hefley, summer; a er-The Importance or Belnll Earnest, play nard said, is to rna e year-administration, distributed wing will provide a possible 25 nate to be named. round use of the university' s certificates to the respective classrooms, a small art gallery, Sh .-. L•b Florida Steel Corporation-often caJJed the finest example or hlih physical plant. stude'lltS. listening rooms, and faculty ofOWn In I ra ry John. Cross summer Herbert comedy In the lan,uage, Is on of thooe According to Dennard, sched-President Allen extended his fices. The art wing will include Hibbitts, fail. ' uUng registration and ol'ientapersonal congratulations to the classrooms, studios for paintr . h C creasing pleasure. tlon in the two weeks between d th t d . . . 1 k' g General Telep one ompany Tuesday, Jan. a.m. aqd 8:30 t t be t"'e only honor group an en e mg, ceramics,. Jewe ry rna • Joe Testa-Secca, a well-known 12:30 p.m.; iind Sundays from ..:.Murray Matthews summer; p.m. Unlverslty Choir, concert. Wayne semes ers seeml 5 do 1 t4h tr' medallions to Bay a M. Harnson sculpture, design and drawmg. . 6 P m to 10 P m G g Hammond Hulfoboom, conductor. problem invo ve n e Jr., Tom Adams, and Bry-The of building will Flo:Ida .art 1 s ts, . Testa-Secca;s . paintings have School semester plan. ant. The three medalllons pre-be compatible w1th that of ex-Umversity of ou or as been exhibited in many gallerSystem Sandra Hazelton Aklra Murosawa collaborated tn writ -----_-----sented this morning carried the is tin g structures, buff-color art session on Monies and museums ihe Katherin;Labruzzo. Code Changed recipient's name and event brick, accents of white concrete day, Oct. 2, with a dfsplay of country and have earned many Leto and Conrad Thornburg, Japan. '{he llmullossellea aIm oat N d li ti g for unlver on the back. and extensive use of sunscreens. his 'paintings and mosaics in awards Two murals at the' front t B 1 documen ary qua ea. ew co e 5 n • . _ . . summer posi Ions; ever Y •Frlda:r, Feb. an4 B:SO p.m. sity buildings is Administration In his introduction of Gov. 46 Honored the University Gallery, located of the administration buildmg, Curry Kathy Shoun Barbara Don Pasquale, Opera b)' Donlzettl. 'ldi AD:U 1 ersity Cen-B t Pr Sl.dent Allen com A th t d t b th l'b nd the t"'O on the chemistry . ' d R I'd a ' f 11 Produced by the National Opera Com Bul ng-, n V ryan , e mong ose s u en s on10 e I rary. a vv Sonano, an ona ayne, a pany. The hilarious story of an elderly t r-UC Chemistry Bullding-mented on Florida's exploding ored at today's convocation Many of these works will be building are the work of Testa-Marine Bank-Donald With-gentleman who wants a youn11 bride JH Lif' S 1 Bu!lding-LS growth and the added respon-were: William P. A 1 ford, on exhibition :for the first time Secca. 8 b i T ers, summer. • wn,o should know better. Auditor: sibilities facing education. The James R. Allen John P. Bell and may be Geen until Friday, Testa-ecca was orn n am-Maas Brothers--J. H. Boyd, •student Arts council presentation•. i Theatre' TT industries that have migrated Jr. Mrs. Barbar'a H. Campbell, October 29. The formal exhibi-pa in 1f)28 and received his summer; John Cumming, fall. ••Fum Classics LeaJUe presentations. um-• to Florida, he said, are Patricia J. Cone, Mrs. Margaret tion opening and reception, early -education . in Tampa Paul Smith Construction co: ADVERTISEMENT technicaJ sophisticated m c Corrales Richard A. IDavis, with Testa-Secca as the honored schools: He B.A. degree -Charles Mandese, summer; nature and this has increased Eiizabeth L: Douglas, Larry w. guest, will be held at the Unifrom the of Tampa George Hall Jr., fall. New w ay Found the demand for scientists, engl-Dupree, Mrs. Lottie w. Eggles-versity Library Gallery on Sunand a Masters degree from the Tampa Electric co. _ John neers, and highly educated peoton, Mrs. valle s. Glover and day, October 8, at 4 p.m. Unive.rsity of Georgia and is Wilsky, summer; James L. Hat-ple. He added, "Gov. Bryant Herbert w. Hibbitts. The Gallery will be open on currently a lecturer i? art and rison, fall. T St . H • LOSS has recognized the importance Gladys L Kiger, William E. wee!cdays from 8 a.m . . to 10 p.m.; artist in residence at the. Tampa General Hospital-Al0 op aIr-I ?f this to the economy of Flor-Clay, A. Leininge-r, Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to verslty of Tampa. berta Seldomridge, fall; alter-Ida and the urgency. of. meetmg Charles s. Lucas, Nancy Mac-nate to be named. Grow M 0 re H a, r thts demand. The VIgor of hls Gillivray, Thomas A. O'Kelley, I t I pI USF Educatfonal Resourceson the problem has been Rose A. Overstreet, Steven M. n ram u ra a ns. Bi.).l Moorehead, fall; alternate HOUSTON Texas--For years loss. No matter which one Is the to all of us. He has Perunko, Edna K. Presstman, to be named. ' ,. cause of your hair loss if you recogmzed . the need for. a Mrs. Ann C. Ring, Michael G. USF Llbrary-Diime Fernan"they said it couldn't be done. wait until you are slick bald and quate salanes for f":culty m orScussel April K. Shaar. Mrs. I Th o . . . dez, summer; Mrs. Arlene Kiu.g, But now a Texas firm of labora-your hair roots are dead, you der to assure quality, and . he Doris s Souders, Ralph s. Tin n ree I VIs I 0 n s fall. . . tory consultants has developed a are beyond help. If you still is moving . dell Juanita H. Warner, Miller said for most students treatment that is not only stop-have hair (or at least some fuzz) the academic which Waters, Karen S. Webb, the Work-Study Program has . . . on top of your head, and would students and faculty Will need. Mi h 1 E Wheeler Harold b 1 d 4lh r 5 year pmg hair loss but lS really Thus, it is significant that he W!'cckearesham Jeffrey c'. Wri'ght The Intramural Sports pro-Those students interested in een P anne as . . a 0 . . . • • • like. to' stop your hair loss and h d d I I i 1 b f thl t . but with the shtft to growmg hair! grow more hair •• , now ls the is with us today w en we rec-and c Zeller all of gram has been divi e nto organ z ng c u s o an a e IC a tn-semester system now under . . 0gnize honor students and when T ' three areas of participation with or sports nature should consideration by Board of They don't even ask you to time to act. we break ground for the build. a physical education staff mem-contact R1chard D. Hunter, Control, the average student take their word for it. If your Loesch Laboratory . Consult ing which will house the ex-Regmald D. Hardwick ber coordinating each area, professor of physical would be abl'e to complete the symptoms indicate that the ants will supply you panding academic activities of Carolyn Wade, of Lakeland, Scheduled competition, co education and coordinator of program in approximately 4 treatment will help you, they ment for 32 days, at thetr nsk, this University." ordinated by Jean McCarthy, th.e 1-M Sports Clubs area. He years. invite you to try it for 32 days, if. they believe the treatment Feature Address Wansley all of Plant City; Rob-instruction of physical educawlll assist them in the develop-While the University of South t th . risk and see for your. will help you. Just send them The feature address of the B 11 M. mi. Ernest include com-ment and promotion of these Florida was the second univer-a lfl err ' information to help anConvocation was given by Gov. ert R. orre ' Ia ' s petitiOn m the trad1tional I-M clubs. •t .. Fl 'd t ff k se alyze your problem. This mfor-Bryant who eight years ago A. Brady, Lutz; Mrs. Rose sports such as touch football Miss Sunny Fernandez inSI Y m ori a 0 0 er a wor -Naturally, they would not of-mation should include how long played' a part in the birth of En Land 0 ' basketball and softball. ' structor of physical fer this no-risk trial the your hair has been thinning, and USF As a member of the legis-L. Harrison, Dover, 1 A. Competition will b,e based is the coordmator of the recre-d t th {;.g . f Fl 'd treatment worked. This IS all whether or not you now have or latu;e, he the bill upon teams organized from the ational ar':a and will ! the more remarkable in light .of ever have had any of the follow creating the Council for the Punta Gorda residence halls, the social clubs, as$ist the Umvers1ty Center program in the College of Engi-the fact that the great ing conditions: Po you have Study of Higher Education in p t i . A 'Smith Independent groups, and the staff and its student committees neering for several years of cases of excessive fa dandruf:t? 1s it dry or oily'!' Florida. The 1955 legislature, at? . a r cia • faculty and staff personnel. An !ll: providing recreational activ Meanwhile the Ed\son and baldness are the begmnlng whether your scalp erupts in awakened to the future needs City. 1-M points system will be de-1t1es to USF students, faculty, dation has that Stetand more fully developed stages pimples or other irritations, of higher eoucation in the • •1 .0 f veloped to determine separate and staff. . son University at DeLand and of male pattern baldness and does your forehead become oily by the report of the Council, (lVI e ense activity winner as well as the Student Offtcials the University of Miami at Coral cannot be helped, But how can or greasy? does scalp itch then began the action that was ff ( I-M total points champion for Miss Fernandez is also aaGabl'es now has or Is adding man or woman be sure what and how often? and any other to lead directly to the con0 erS OUrSe the year. visor to the Official Club and a work stud ram in 1s actually. causmg their hair information you feel might be Structlon of a 4-year institu-ill Promotion Planned students interested in officiatY P g loss? Even if baldness may seem helpful All letters will be an-A c Defense course w or more areas t " i f " th' tion in the Tampa Bay areaIVl Promoting the various USF ing in the 1-M program for the Workin With UF o f!ID n your ami y, IS IS swered promptly. Send the University of South Florida. , be offered for all faculty and spo_rts clubs will be one of the coming should contact The of South Flor-certamly no. proof of the cause above Information, and your Following the governors staff beginning Oct. 4 and run-maJor goals of the I-M program for details. ida has a working agreement of YOUR hall' loss. name and address to Loesch speech, an acadei?ic. process!on ning through Nov. 8. The 12 for the coming years. Already Stu.dents wh? wish to partie!-with the College of Engineering . Actually, there are 18 scalp Laboratory Consultants, Box led the h course will be taught every in existence. the Gun Club pate m a bowlmg league should at the University of Florida in iTieixiais.iiiiiiiij to the groundbreaking site. Gov. our . and the Saihng Club. Several meet Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. at which USF students planning Bryant, A. A. mght from 7 p.m. other sports club.s are in the the Florida Lanes, 10400 Flor-to transfer to the College of director of diVISu?n of arts, to 9 p.m. m Room 100 . process of formation. ida Ave. Engineering at a later date may and Dr. Hicks, Sixty-three staff members not only transfer their credits of humamhetsh, tturthned 'ttheeof Itrhse have enrolled to date, but regSO THEY CAME but transfer their work assign-spade of ear a e 51 t 'th ro d I'nd stry b 'ld' Ait the cere-istration will be held open men WI an app ve u . future UI mg. er . . h At present students who deD?onies, through the first class meeting. Fres men Dlscover sire to join 'the program with f1ed a umversity .as the. Y their first work period begin-thesis of many Speech Association ning in February June or next mathematics, soc!M • September should make applica-ology, history, .economlCS, Ian-To Have eetlng U SF Meets . Needs tion as soon as possible in the guages, flne arts, An organizational meeting of work-study office. and bumamtles. Each must be the USF Speech Association will nurtured developed and en-he held Wednesday, Oct. 11, couraged',.. he explained .. "A during the free hour at 1, in By JOCK BLALOCK versity of Tampa and have found proper synthesis of these ID a UC-203. Why do students choose to USF to be conveniently located balanced program can help us The purpose of the associa-attend USF? for me." become a strong university," he tion is to sponsor and promote Several new students were Linda Wanamllker, a ChamTHE FORGOTTEN MAN Humanities_ Fine Arts intercollegiate forensics, an an-asked this question and their berlain High graduate planning Building will face the central nual speech tour?aresponses showed that the cam-to a of pbysical edu mall, west of the Teaching Au-ment With for pus is conveniently located and cat.IOn-;I like the of the ditorium-Theater. Its 75 , 000 plus tions and Individuals partie!the curriculum suits their needs. umversity and that It JS more square feet of functional space poetry readin&:, group Sandy Lewis, who is attendthan social." Linda. is l!:::::;::::::;:::::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::::;::::!J wi'll be divided betwe-en three speaking reading), an ing the university on a scholar-attending USF on a sc.holarshlp. DIGNITY At A MODEST AT PREVATT'S FUNERAL HOME 3419 Nebraska Ave. Ph. 2 intercollegiate poetry festival, ship-"! chose to attend USF Bob Ashford-who IS the son and radio and television broad-not only because of the beautiful of Dr. T. A. director casting. campus and convenient location, of :r:ratural and The program is open to all but also on the recommendation mabcs at USF-;The mam .rea-students. and praise of many teachers son for my commg to 1s so and friends who have come in that I can be here with my ADVERTISEMENT conlact with the university. " father. I attended high school . in Missouri and am interested Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic and Arthritis Pain U you ou4er rheumatle. arthrlt18 or neuritis pain, try thla simple lnexpellllva home that thousands are ualng. Get a can of' RU-EX Compound. a 2 weeka supply, today, Mill It with a quart of water, add the juice of ' lemoD& It'a eaayl No trouble at aU and pleasant. You need only 8 tablespoonfuls 2 tlmeo a day. Often withto '8 bours-aometlmeo ovemlcht-aplen. did results are obtained. If the palos do not quickly leave and If you do not feet better, return the empty can and RU-EX will coot you nothinlf. You are the aole judge as RU-EX Ia aold by your drulfriot on a money back guarantee. Over 6 million eana uaed.. Proof of wonderful result& ADV. a graduate of in science and writing." Robmson High School "The campus is beautiful and close to home. Also, many of my friends are coming hei;"e." Jimmy Coplon, also a grad uate of Robinson High Sch.ool "1 have seen Florida and I feel that USF is a better university. Besides, I am interested in dra matics and USF offers very good courses in this field." Anna Gibson, who was graduated from Plant High School and plans to major in education-"! can commute to the university and I know a lot of the students here." IT'S TRE WISP' FOR Fred Ponder, also a graduate of Plant High whose interests lie in science "I wanted to come to a new university to see what it would be like, and I live only about a mile from the university. " Carl Smith, a past graduate of Plant High who is taking natural science courses in prep aration for a medical degree "! have been released from the Army to attend this Army accredited institution. I like USF much better than the UniNMR AGAIN that slck fnllng when your toilet overflows WONDERFUL HEARING I You must see and hear this mere wisp of a Sonotone hear ing aid to believe it. Half the size of a lipstick -women cover it with a curl, men just tuck it behind the ear. The smallest Sonotone ever, it weighs only % of an ounce (aid shown without tube or eartip). You owe if fa your hearing to see the wonderful "Wisp." SONOTONE OF TAMPA 210 Wallace'S' Bldg ., 608 Tampa St. Jerry Voye, Mgr . , Ph. 2-3508 See an TV Chan n e I 8 Fri. 77 :3 0 P M . • • OILAFLE Toilet @All@ Plunger Ordinary plungen just don't seat properly. They permit compressed air and water to splash back. Thus you not only have a mess, but you lose the very pressure you need to clear the obstruction. With "ToilaBex", expressly designed for toilets, no air or water can et cape. The full pressure plows through the clogging mass and swishes it down. Can't mint o OOUBLE SIZE CUP', OOUBLEPRESSURE o OUIQNED TO FLVt AT ANY ANGLE • CENTERS ITSELF, CAN'T SKID AROUND o TAnRED TAIL OIV AIRTIGHT FIT $265 fully suaranteed AT HARDWARE STORES The only reany ma11 is the one. whose grave goes •nmarked through the years;forwhom memory has erected no monument, leaving posterity to wonder who rests in this neglected spot. If you have an urunarked grave on your cemetery lot, we will be glad to submit a suggestion for an appropri ate memorial, at the price you wish to pay. Call by our studio and see • our display of attractive de-carved i1l America's most beautiful and durable monumental materials. May we serve yau? TURNER Marble & Granite Company 2601 E. Broadway, Tampa, Fla. Phone 4 GRAND OPENING TODAY ONLY For the first 1 00 ladies a free set of earrings with any purchase. These Specials Good Today Only! REG. OUR RETAIL DISCOUNT PRICE PRICE Veto Colgate Palmolive 79 Roll-on Deoderant ...••••• White Rain Shampoo By Toni ••..•..•••••••••• Gurl Curl Wave Set ...........•••••••••• Breck Shampoo for Dry, Oily and Normal Hair •••• , Revlon Aquamarine Shampoo ••••.•.•.••••••• JS ea • . 2 for Champagne Mink Perfume, $1850 1 Ounce •••••••••••••••• Delphine ssoo Cologne ••••.••••••••••• Fan,ita $1000 French Perfume ••••••••••• Desk Pal Retractable Ball Pens •• -t ••••••••••••• Trouble . Lites, Extra Heavy Duty Still Hundreds of Terrific Bargains Come Early. Stay Late! DREW PARK DISCOUNT CENTER 4627 N. Lois Ave., Drew Park Tampa Open 8 A.M. 'til 10 P.M. , • I ,


• u z s A w y \ I E It p A R IC E I D 0 N A L D D u c IC • L A s H G 0 R D 0 N s u p E R M A N 5 c A M p D I X ' . E D u G A N M A G G I G & J I G G s IN SUPERMAN MUS*UM,THI MAN $T4eL1 WI-I ILl!. SUFFERING FKOM AMNESIA, WONDERS ... i Get Free Copy of the New 1961 / at your nearest First Federal of Tampa office. Se lect the homes which please you from more than 30 illustrated in the plan book. Then SEE THE 1961 PARADE OF HOMES and choose YOUR home. Make sure your financing is ar. ranged as carefully as you chose your home. First Federal will work with you to get the best budget-fitted financing available. If you need to sell your present home, let First Federal try to lower your equity and increase the mortgage to the purchaser. "PARADE PRESENTED BY BUILDER MEMBERS.'' UNCLE FED AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF TAMPA Member Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporatiolt e Member Federal Home Loan Bank System FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Downtown office& 408 FRANKLIN STREET-409 TAMPA STREET Servirtg Southwest Tampa 721 SOUT-H DALE MABRY Servirtg Northeast Tampa 1920 EAST HILLSBOROUGH Serving Northwest Tampa 4134 WEST HILLSBOROUGH


' 12 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, October 2, l9.!)1 CAN BE USEFUL Mongoloids Said Lovable GOOD NEWS! GREYHOUND SLASHES ROUND .TRIP F. RE TO ORLANDO NOW ONLY $440 FROM TAMPA And only Greyhound Offers 8 trips dailY to Orlando. 3 expresses. As little as 3 hrs., 6 mins. Plus tax. Good on all schedules MARION & TWIGGS 2-1501 IT (;OSTS LESS THAN EVER TO GO GREYHOUND ,..AND LEAVE THE DRIVING TO US. I Eichmann . has practically disappeared from public conversation and the Is raeli press since his war crimes trial end e d last month. He seems a t'emporarily forgotten man. There are several reasons. National elections . absorbed at tention a f t e r the trial. The country is d e e p 1 y concerned with the internation"al situation. And the Jewish .holidays have come and passed since Eich mann was retul'ned to prison to await the verdict of the three man court that tried him. The verdict, and sentence which most people expect to be death -are due in November. Busily Writing Eichmann, it is known, fs busily writing his memoirs in his cell in the police fortress of Jamali, east of Haifa. For se curity reasons he is permitted only a pencil. But the prison of ficials report he writes fever ishly at every opportunity and a 1 r e a d y has covered several hundred sheets of paper, neatly stacked at his desk. He remains under the same heavy guard that has surrounded him ever since he was brought to Israel last year from Argen tina. He is no longer the only man in the prison, as was true before his trial, but he has con tact with no one at any time e x c e p t his guards. And the guards are forbidden to ' en gage him in conversation. Surveys taken since the trial indicate that the disclosures of the bestiality involved in the murder of six million European Jews during the Nazi regime have left the older generation more horrified than ever, but have had little emotional effect on young Israelis. Attitude Erased One effect of the trial on the young, however, has been to largely erase their pre-trial at titude that the persecuted Jews should have risen in rebellion against the Nazis. They now ac cept that this was not possible. A typical reply quoted in sur veys of the young on this ques tion was, "We thought there was something w r o n g with them. Now we know they could not rebel." Among the great majority of young and old alike, however, the feeling is Eichmann should die. "We see no other way," sums up this sentiment. Here Today ••• STERLING, Colo. (JP)-Noth ing escapes a woman? W e 11, Mrs. Jerry Pulliam dosen't a g r e e, and she's more than slightly embarrassed. She says she didn't discover for two days that her husband had finally shaved off his mustache. MEDICAL BENEFITS New Housing Proiect Caters to Old Folks d Sanbotn • fo\gets ,, \\ouse • an en You'll be surprised at the fast action you'll get from the Help Wanted ads in The Tampa Tribune-Times. Place a call to 2-4911 for an ad-writer 15 PENl\TANTS IN A ROW The incomparable flavor and smooth satisfaction of Seagram's 7 Crown have made it the No.1 whiskey in America for 15 straight years. Quite a record? Surely. But then, it's quite a whiskey. SAY SEAGRAM'S AND BE SURE .,


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