The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 206 (October 16, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 16, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Down Yonder Fair through Tuesday. Continued cool today and tonight, with higher tem peratures Tuesday after noon. Winds 15-29 m.p.h. High today 77. Low to night 55. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 216 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1961 PRICE FIVE GENTS Hats Hit The Ring, a e On For Positions Political Rally Highlights Election Week Activity By BILL BLALOCK Nominations for various student government positions were completed at 10 a.m. this morning i_n an open meeting held in the Teaching Auditorium-Theater. The meetmg was held to give everyone wishing to run in the Oct. 20 election a chance to declare his candidacy. All written nominations were completed by 5 p.m. last Wednesday. 10 To Be Elected The forthcoming elections will fill the positions of president vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary and treasurer. Also 'to be elected at Tthis time are the five represen tatives at large for the legisUSF Quartet Co-Op Mixes Johnshoy, dean of W k S d student affairs, said the decision To Perform or , tu y, to add the five representatives at large to election plans was Th d Campus Life passed at the Interim Steering Urs ay Committee meeting last week. The first student actively The move was designed to bring Two chamber music concerts participating in USF's Work about a student legislature and st d c to form civic units as soon as will be offered Thursday by the u Y o-op Program to take possible, Johnshoy said. USF String Quartet. Both sesadvantage of the "full benefits" Rally Wednesday 'll 1 . of combining college social and wt. he d m the Tea.chpolitical activities with those of A rally will be held at 7:30 mg-Auditonum-Theater buildhis jo'b is Jim Dixon, candidate p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 18, for ing, the first at 2 p.m. and the for treasurer of Student Gov-all candidates to give campaign latter at 8:30 p.m. ernment. speeches. Featured in the concert are The program is set up so that Elections are scheduled for Little Man on Campus a student, during his work Friday the University Center. Edward Preodor, professor of peri'od rema1 ns a full-tt'me stuPolls wilL be open from 9 a.m. ''P 1 , a • after checkin' your financial background, some music on the first violin; Dr. dent on the registrars records to 5 p.m. to give all full time the brothers felt you'd be happier in one of th' other USF Armin Watkins, associate pro-and is encouraged to participate students the chance to vote. social clubs." fessor, on the second violin iJ?campus activities during this Student I.D. cards must be---------------------------. . . . ' time as well as the alternate presented at the polls. MarJory mus1c mstructor, semester when he is attending Stude!llts who are elected will on the cello, J?hn Tartaglia, classes full time. take office immediately followHITS 2, 982 BUT • • • stude.nt, on the viola. . Jim, who was a member of ing the elections. There will be ____ ...;... _____ _;,.....;,...; SOMETHING TO SEND THE. FOLKS This group formed to gtve The Times Campus Edition staff a_ ceremony held of-E II F II USF students an opportunity to during his freshman year and flcially mitlate the new officers. n ro men t a s hear live performances of some during the past summer session, The and pla_ce for the cere-For students wanting to give the folks at home some idea of "college life," the USF book store has stocked three of the best selling "Little Man on Campus" books. The going rate is $1 each. In general the books impress the "high school crowd," scare the parents, and draw a c huck l e from the average red-blooded American youth. Little Man cartoons appear weekly in the "Campus Edition." of the world's finellt chamber is working this semester with monY: Will be decided at the music. They also perform as a Borden ' s Dairy. He alternates meetmg of the Intenm Steenng supplement to the humanities work and study periods with Commtttee. lectures on music appreciation. Tom . Clark, USF Early Nominatlons Expectations A number of programs for mu-who IS on campus full thts Students who were nominated sic clubs, radio and TV shows, semester. Both men m the for student government posiand public school fill rr:ampa Branch accountmg of-tions as of 5 p.m., Oct. 11, are: By VIRGINIA . Off• • I • up the rest of their schedule. flee. . Running for president are _Total fall. enrollment at the Umvers1ty of South ICIG NOtiCeS Soprano Violins .Jrm Off Dennis Granda and Jim Woodb1t the 2,982 mark at the closing of late CATHouc REsmENT sTuDENTS-The vi.olins are soprano On his declSlon to run ror a roffe. reg:tStratlOn, Oct. 9, somewhat less than the expected Transportation wlll be provided to members of the group, the viola government. office du:for vice total predicted last summer but around 1 000 th church services Sundays. see schedule is alto bridging the gap to the mg penod of this are Ray 0 Frank Memers, last fall ' ' more an for rides In lounge o residence ball or cello in bass and acting as year, J1m said, "I feel that the Ronald Antmon, Karen Seufert, .' • . phone neen santl1'2o, 25-9834. catylist in blending the four advantage of Work-Study, cou-and Lee Lombardla. ThiS total, however, mcludes partbme students who PSYCHOLOGIST WILL SPEAK ON instruments There being no pled with more time in the eve-For treasurer 1s Jim Dixon. may be taking only one or two;---==------...:...:.:.:.:....-..:..::.: PORPOISES-Dr. Winthrop Kellogg, 1 d th . It . nings allows for a more full Recording secretary candidates courses Actual "fulltim Florida state University psychologist, feal_er, fe _mustcdresu s m a utilization of the extra-curricu-are Sandra Marti and Tish Ga1 . " . e eqUlvasophomores) will not be avail. TOTAL I $25,300 Scho.larships Go To 133 Students will lecture on "Porpoises and sonar" ee mg o giVe an take among . . . b 1 f . ent enrollment IS around 2 453 bl t'l 1 t in the Teaching Auditorium Theater on the players. Some of the world's lar achvlhes offered on campus. e, , and or correspondmg sec-the a roximate fulltime •. a e un I a er on, to the Scholarships totaling $25,300 qualifications for receiving a Oct. 18 or independent work. Res"ldence Hall sprmg, summer or fall of 1962 for $1.50 at 1:00 and those wish-stu ents, or students housed All Day semmar _ " b T here Is .no need to go to the Regis should make application during ing to make reservations may off campus. 6 P m Pl e .P"c t ... L . . ........ uc 248 has been applied here at USF a le m the of Dr. Robert trar's Off1ce. . . . an, 'Y •ons . . . uc 264 to combat a shortage of funds to J. Decker, assoctate director of ADVISERS NEEDED FOR sPoRTS Vacancies Filled the commg weeks accordmg to contact Dr. Ed Hirshberg, ext. The enrollment this fall at WEDNESDAY hlre student asst'stants. student personnel. CLUBS-Facu!tY members interested in . Prof. George H. Miller, director 278 before Oct. 21. USF exceeds the enrollment of 1:00 p.m. Speech Association uc 203 acting as adVlsors to USF sports .clubs SIX students failed to take of the program Wesley Foundation UC 205 U d th l ll f may Dick Hunter in the mtra ' d . • last • h rt 1 b Lyre & Au los . .. . UC 158 n er e new p an, a ee Literar M • murals omce we 244, ext .. 293). some up rest. ence m A1pha Hall Miller said a series of meetPlan Ahead Nov 20 years c a er c ass Y apOfficials Club ... . uc 216 scholar s hip students will be reY agaz1ne or the sports clubs for whiCh adv!J!ers when fall semester opened. Of . 'li b h ld t 1 . th • proximately 1,000 in both total USF L_iterary Club uc 226 quired to work a total of 128 G t U d W are needed are: _crew, !en_cmg, th i t . t mgs Wl e e o exp am e L t D f D Fellow-e S n er ay gun, horseshoo, JUdO, Of(tClals. sailmg, ese S X , WO aC-program to neW students aS well as ay or rops and fulltime equivalent enrollsh1.1' : : ..... Gallery hou r s a year or four hours a skindlving, soccer, 8W1mming, table cepted by the universtty and 5:00 p.m. Beg1nnmg Gallery week. One exception will be The USF Literary Society tennis, tennis, v()lleyball, weightlifting, four dropp d 0 t fo al as transfers or even old stuCorrection _ Friday, Nov. ment. Fulltime equivalent enBrldfe Lessons .. :: uc 24'2 Work-Study Co-op students. met last Monday to elect an is calling all reasons. e u r person dents ha_ve not made 10, is the last day for drop-rollment last fall was about 7:00p.m . .fta'f.h .. Th ill not b required to editorial board d d d members and those wishing to join . ous apphcatwn. All .meetmgs ping a course without penalty. 1,450; total enrollment was THURSDAY e y w f e . d d li . f th an ect e on may do so In Rm. 216 uc, free hour. Those not accepted will be held at 10 a . m. on Mon-This is a correction to the around 1,997. There were ac-2:oop.m. Hospitality Comwork for any ee receive ur-po ctes or e coming year. SWIMMING PROFICIENCY TESTa full refund on fees patd days in Room 1051 in the Adtually 1,238 fulltime students. mltcee .. .... .... uc 226 ing their "wo r k period." The objective of the society is swimming proficiency tests will be while the others received a 50 . . t t B 'ld' f 1 date listed in "Accent on 8 00 cconcert .. .. .. .. .. .. T T Covers Two Semesters to publish a literary magazine given rom 2 to s p.m., Thursday and t f d . d mmts ra IOn Ul mg, as oLearning." S/F. H. Spain Jr., Dr. Frank Spain, registrar, has : p.m. oncett . . ....... T T . d Friday, oct. 1920, Temple Terrace per cen re un m accor ance lows t said that he feels the limited FRIDAY While all scholarship money an promote interest and par-Pool. .Pool ls located on the Florida with the university's policy ror . . . regts rar. p .m. Builders .. UC 248 has been awarded, Johnshoy ticipation in literary endeavors. Chrlsttan CC?lleg_e Ca!l'pus. Dates for drop-outs Students maJormg m the Col-dormitory space and the inp.m. st d t .. .. . ........ uc 242 said that if additional funds beElected to the editorial board profiClencles will be announced . . . lege of Business Administration Canterbury Clubs crease in the "college qualify. ..... uc 264 came available more awards were: Gary Viti to, editor-in-woRK. STUDY APPUCATIONS _ The f 111 e d should apply by Friday and . ing score"-from 200 to 300p.m. T T. might be made in the spring. chief; Chris Storer, business Forms for Work-Study Profrom a prwnty hsting. of stu-meet as a group at 10 a.m. next Canterbury Clubs of Uruon the statewidecollege qualip.m. 1n .. Johnshoy added that most manager; Bobbie Hanson, art dents w.ho have p lt e d for Monday. vers1ty ?f South Florida _and the . SATURDAY d d f d t s h 1 s f Phone ext. 173 for additional informa-rooms m the restdence hall. . . . Umversity of Tampa will meet fymg tests, are two of the Rehearsal . .. .. ... . T T scholarships were awar e or e 1 or; e 1 a an ord, Ron tic>n. Future vacancies will be filied Educatw.n m. a]ors s h 0 u I d J'ointly from 6 to 8.30 p.m., Sun-prime reasons for the 8 '00 p.m. Dancseu.NDA. Y .. ...... Ball the entire year. Murfin, Hanry Fernandez, and k 1 t t I te th = Under the National Defense Wing Pre o d or, publications G in the same manner. rna e app ICa 100 no a r an day Oct 22 at the home of the than expected" enrollment 5 '00 p.m. Night Rehearsal .. T T Education Act, $50,000 is availstaff. Local AAUP roup Steve MacArthur, director of Oct. 27• and a meeting Rev'. Fre.d Dickman, 313 SunnyThe university enrollment ac. River ab l e for student loans . The maxOfficers for the entire club Schedules Meeting housing, that the aim of s;J f: side Road, Temple Terrace. cording to class AD 1051 imum amount available under chosen were: Ron Murfin, chair-the Housmg Department is to • ' ' this act is $1,000 per student for Sheila Sanford, vice The. USF of th.e house one-third of the 1 051• Admtmstrabon Buildone fiscal year, and the total chairman and representative to Amencan Assoctatlon of Urn, body on campus. In workmg g. . . . AROUND CAMPUS amount for the duration of the the Arts Council; Wing Preoversity Professors will meet at toward this goal, a new hall Student.s ma]ormg 10 the Col- • • • college prog r am is limited to dar, secretary-treasure-r. 3 p.m. Friday in room UC 242will be opened next fall. This lege of Arts should ap-M d I d $5 ,000. ' Most of the creative work 257. During this business meet-hall will be for men and Alpha ply by Fndayt , 1NOov. 3, aMnd mdcet 0 e s To Para e Frd Approximately 121 students published will come from the ing members will elect a vice w i 11 become a women's as a group a a.m., on ay, . I ay have received National Defense Literary Society. This includes president to replace Dr. Simon hall. Nov. 6. loans at this time, Johnshoy all types of creative writing and Messing, associate professor of Students interested in movApplications forms are avail. said, with still more to be de-art work. Students interested in anthropology, who is absent on ing into the resident hall as able in the Work-Study CooperaBy HENNIS IV Conference of Col-The dances that will be taught cided. joining the society are invited leave. Following the business vacancies occur should make tive Office, Rm . 1070, Adminis-The Center Cuilege Umons held at Charlottesare; rhumba, somba, cha-cha, Requirements Up to attend a 1 p.m. meeting meeting there will be a proapplication immediately with tration Building. For additional Codmmttteel fwlllh. sponsor ville, Va., last week. fox trot, mamba, jitterbug, Johnshoy pointed out that Wednesday in U.C. 226. gram. the housing office. information phone ext. 173. ! s t:s Attending the conference waltz, and tango. m . e pa. 10. o e were: Don Gordon, veep of ProBridge for Beginners _I pha HaU Residents Sound Off When several students were year's dorm. There is also plen asked, "How do you like living ty of room and good lighting." in the USF Residence Hall?" Jim Lupfer, a sophomore who they generally indicated a like attended USF last year-"1 like for the furnishings , comfort, the beauty, furnishings, and and atmosphere and a dislike lighting. I don't think the east for the stairS. and west doors should be locked after 7 p.m. because they are needed as fire exits." David "Kiwi" Ivy, a sopho more who attended USF last year-"! like the comfort of the rooms and air conditioning, but I don ' t like the stairs." Steve McArthur, manager of housing and food service, stated, however, "The east and west Joy McNutt , a sophomore and doors are locked for security past resident of the temporary purposes. The doors, being dorms above the University equippe_d with bars, are Center-"! think the study at-not a fire hazard . mosphere is better than in last Jane Barnes, a freshman from . South Dade High School, Home stead, Fla. "I like the big closet and furnishings, especial ly the lighted desks . I don't like climbing the stairs." John K. Heist, a sophomore who attended USF last year "There are no restrictions on boys' hours. The stairways, how ever are not air-conditioned and we cannot use coffee pots and hot, plates in the rooms . " M a r j i e Hollis, sophomore transfer student from Converse College in South Carolina "I like the friendly atmosphere. Comfortable living conveniences were compiled in limited space, Clearwater who attended USF but I would like screens so that during the summer-"! like the the windows could be opened." . . Norman Cutson freshman stze of the rooms and the llght-and graduate of St. Pete High-ing. I don't like the temporary "Living on campus is less ex-restrictions on girls' hours." pensive than commuting, and Temporary restrictions o n the study atmosphere is good. I girls designate a curfew of 11 think we need an elevator . " p .m. on week nights and 1 p.m. Harriette Dickson, a freshman on Fridays and Saturdays. Two transfer student from Shorter week nights a month the hours College in Georgia -"! like the are lengthened to 12 p.m. modernistic design or the build-Jim Gladstone, fresh m a n ing and the study atmosphere. from Orlando who attended I think, however , soap and Kemper Military School in paper towels should be supBoonville , Mo.-"1 like the air plied." conditioning and study atmos-Jan Farris, a freshman from phere." trabon Bmldm!S at 8 p.m., Fngram Council, Prissy Salemi, d_aY: The show ts expected to be chairman of Dance Committee Beginning bridge will . be s1m1lar to one which drew a Fred Jenkins, chairman of on Wednesdays startmg huge ct:owd on campus last year. tural Committee and Mrs . Ph 1 _ t week from 5-6 p.m. a.t the Fashions for the show will lis Marshall social director Yo Those mter• be furnished by Maas Bros. MC the Universi'ty Center Uesnle s oul stgn _up at the for the program will be Mrs. . versity Center mformation Mary Holtzberger, fashion coSaturday Night Dance desk. ordinator for Maas Bros. A dance will be held Satur-The classes will cover how Models for the evening will day from 8-12 p.m. in the UC to bid, score, and all the essen. be USF students, including: ballroom. tials concerning bridge. Classes Men -Frank Afflecl,l:, Johnny An admission of 75 cents stag are open to both staff and stu Moore, Tom Overman, Dicky and $1 drag will be char.ged. dents. The classes will run ap Davis, Skip Weigle, and Jerry The dress will be school clothes proximately eight weeks. Bell. vtomen-Cynthia Dootson, and the band for the evening Bridge for Experi'eneed Sheila Gordon, Judy Hicks, will be one from the Tampa Anyone interested in playing Earlene Corrales, Marlene Henarea . duplicate bridge should come nis , Jackie Diaz, Car

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John Gullett Copy Editor ....••••..•.••••••...... , ... Virginia Montes Activity Editor ....................... , ... Louise Stewart Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George B. Miller Reporting staff: Alice Auttila, B11rbara Bennett, John Blalock, Sarah Jane Caldwell, Martha Ann Dennis, Cynthia Dootson, Thomas Eure, Rita :frank, Charlotte Frese, Gail Gatling, Davis Glendenning, Donald Gordon, Durene Goss, John Lazzara, Merrily MiUer, Carolyn Mowll, Ronda Zid rich, Pam Jean Koenig and Martha Jean Ekker. Address all communications to Office of Campus Pub llcations, Room 1070, Adm. Bldg. Phone WE 8-4131, Ext. 173 or 148. Editing lab. phone ext. 269. Student reporters gatherlng news for ihe Campus Edition of The TAMPA TIMES, will request material direct from individuals and offices on campus, and the material will not clear through the News Bureau. (Point 2 , University Policy Statement No. 22, July 25, 1961.) Articles Numbered Campus Athletics By JOHN GULLETT The University of South Florida intramural staff By DURENE winds up preparation this week for the opening of the Another student service at touch football program kickoff for the year's expanded USF is being improved. 12-sport schedule. ' Lost an_d Department m Jean McCarthy, physical education i,nstructor and the l[mversity Center received newly appointed intramural co-.------------new equipment last week to ordinator, said games will begin help them organize their own store lost articles collected during the week of Oct. 23, on team " he added. around the campus. USF's three touch Organizations will be allowed The equipment includes a east of the Admimstratlon to enter more than orle team in Building. the football league, but are wardrobe cabinet for lost clothAll groups desiring to enter warned that a forfeit by any one ing, metal racks for such arti the round-robin league must team will result in the loss of cles as books, apd a filing cabi-file an entry form in the I-M activity points for all the teams net for small articles. A room office US 224 , before 5 p.m., representing the group. Tuesday, October 17. The orig-Judo Starts will be provided for this de inal deadline for entries of Fri The USF J u d 0 c 1 u b, partment. day, October 13 has exstrengthened by the addition gf All Get a Number tended to late entnes. two qualified instructors, will Systematically, lost articles Pomt System hold an organizational meeting are collected from the various The I-M point system, em at 7 p.m., Monday, Oct. 16 in buildings on campus and are ployed at many universities the lobby of the University Cen given a number. An index card throughout the country, is being ter. '---------------------------' bearing the same number, a installed in this year's program The club, open to all USF studescription of the article, thtl at ,USF as part o.f the campus dents, staff, and faculty, oper approximate time it was lost, effort to expand and develop ates in cooperation with the I-M 'TRUMPET CALLING" TRYOUTS and where it was found is the activities. Sports Clubs department. filed. Activity points are awarded to Anyone . interested in organiz-WHAT'S WOODROFFE CAMPAIGNING FOR? Jim W oodroffe, vice president of Arete, USF social club, presented Gov. Farris Bryant with a c_er tificate as an honorary member of the club durmg the Governor's recent visit to the USF campus. Keep the .Balls on the Table, Sis By PATSY GATLING If there is any form of ideilti-each team that completes the ing a new sports club, or obtainfication, the department per-schedul_e for the current i!lforrr;ation on one already Have you been "cued" in? Girls have found the sonnel try to notify the .person sport, m the order of fmish. exJstlng, iS urged to contact . . d p l h USF Sfudents Going 1Broadway1 Thus, a simple name tag speeds These activities include: touch Richard Hunter, assistant proUSF recreat10_n room greener On one Sl e. 00 as recovery of misplaced articles. football, cross country turkey fessor and coordinator qf the become a pastime for females now. are some com-Baby Bottle With Formula trot, archery, bowling , basketI-M _Sports Clubs, in the I-M ments from USF students concernmg "Powder Puff Most of the articles from last ball, free t)lrow , table tennis, office, US 224. Pool." By LOUISE STEWART . year were books, clothing, . and volley tennis, golf, Joyce Peacock: "I liked the------------Try -outs were held last Tuesday for the parts ln the jewe. lry. Library books were reand_ swJmmmg. . All sports Helvey On WTVT game very much. I played " 38" d . . . n should b d t th l"b Pl proJected pendmg student m-• . an , m my opmiO • e Peninsular's Players production of "A Trumpet Call1'ng" tu.r;ne . 0 e I ans are t t d ' "l"bl f "lit' W1th 13-Week Show every day durmg the summer at regarded with the same taste as . , . , bemg diScussed to g1ve leftover eres an avai " e acJ les. . . a neighbor' s home." . . playwnght Abel Plenn s adaptatiOn of Hawthorne s items from last year to a worthy The system will allow even . A telev!sion piogram on the M i F . "It' "nterest-one would have for pmg-pong "Scarlet Letter." . This, in essence, is the world premier cause or possibly to have a )as_t-placed. to acquire space sciences by Dr. ing the or checkers. So come on gals of the play since 1t has never been produced before. rummage sale. pomts, which Will be added to T. C. Helvey_. USF pro-b 11 on the table" -let's see ya'll down in the rec-Ab l h d f p h th t h the team totals as the year's fessor of bwphyslCs, is shown a 5 . . . out 150 peop e s owe up or the sessiOn. True f erh aps . e mos umorous sportS are played The team with each week at 2 to 2 .30 P m Julia Riley: "I enjoyed my reatlo n room of the Umversity to the all-community purpose 01 . t ed highest point total at the com-Saturdays on WTVT first game, or should I say atCenter!" of the theater, chosen thus far is Claire Luce, pletim:i of the program will be nel 13. ' _. ' tempt, _ at pool verY: much. Betsy Diodato: "if girls can't of surroundmg comsmumty who appears r e g u 1 a r 1 y on Even Green Stamps presented with the new All-Uni Helvey says his 13-program ever, It does. reqUire a . certam shoo t pool they shouldn't take participated. Only two U F pro-Broadway and TV, to play the . . . versity I-M Activity Points series is designe"d to enhance amount of skill m learmng how . , fessors w r e there and both part of Mistress Hibbens. Other mclude_ film for award. knowledge and promote interest to aim the stick. I th. e time of those .. who can. shyly to take part but skit c h we 11-a camera m a bag Wit_h green McC"'rthy said starting or :fin• in modern science for te.achers, am glad that it !s not restricted . Cricket Kemp: I '."as tutor seemed to enJoy the show. known musician m the entersome rock a ishing dates will not be set for students and the public m gen-to men only. Its an adventure mg a f ootball player m geomeMost of the try-outs were tainment field, who composed plastic lunch case the various activities throughout eral. every _girl s .hould in." try and he agreed to teach me held on the of the theater the score, and Eddie Dowling, copy paper, a portrait, and a the year until student interests Helvey is a consultant to the Linda Truluck: "Thefirst how to play pool. Then one day ucnf3r we eye fof celebrated New York actor and tri.;:le gear can be determined National Aeronautics and Space time I played pool I was nearly I beat him and he gave up pool tha twe • tas.soBclake. produce.r; repr:esenti?g Dowling are s Pflecues Touch football . rules. (seven Administration and this summer beaned by a flying ball. I don' t and geometry lessons. " ea er ar s. ac m e WI s, Foundatwn w111 arnve on cam• i Y 0 5 n . conducted a successful space why th re is a difference ln Dr. Wayne Hugo boom, associ-pus around the end of this glasses, wallets, keys, ribbons, Will science conference for high colors balls It's right for Eddie "It amuses ate professor of music held the week Plenn will not be here rings, bracelets, and earrings. i ons es s e Y e • }1 1 t h t USF Th . 1 t h . "ty in ping me to see girls try to learn to try-outs for those whose parts n th f" t f N b ficial National Rules" of sc 00 eac ers a. . e glr s 0 ave pnori . -play p oor. Usually they look so required singing. . un J e Jrs .o er. R h 0 the C_oll.ege conference _was SP?nbut men should rule m helpless holding the cue stick lie Stuff Caldwells Hopmg US ver Association. Equipment will be sored by the_ Umverslty, pool. " . and just s hoo ting pool with a tf0 t' was Caldwell hopes to have all ' available at the, Physical Eduthe National Science Foun-. George I believe lot of fellow s." . at kilffie the parts blocked out and the 47 s d cation Building for teams wishdation. . If more girls played pool, the a ng local performers familiar with tu ents ing to practice. on the campus In the new series of programs game would help them over. Chadotte Anderson: "I enjoy sung Y some run en Sfll their parts by the time Plenn fields. Helvey will discuss such topics come their prissyness and learn the game very much. As a mathe and the pros arrive to begin p 1 • • l d ''Anyone interested in play-as life on other planets, naviga-to understand boys' games and ter of fact, come to think about ecome e sc oo rm m coordinating the two groups. ar ICipa e tng touch football who is not at-tion in space, the pros and cons likes." i t, 1'm nuts over it." . th od ction Russell Whaley, USF set and tached to a team should sign of high expenditure for space Cliff DeMeritt: "Pool is one Donna Achenbach: "Great will costume designer, will com-The first rush held at USF up,'' said McCarthy. they travel, and moral an.d which. could be en-very challenging -it from Nashville. mand a group of the-ended Saturday with the final want to we Will find :problems w1th flights by both girls and boys . takes a lot of skill and know Seven-year-old Eve Zibart will a_ter students. m .set construe-issuing and accepting of bids. them a pos1tlon on a squad, or mto other enVIronments. It is wholesome entertainment ho w of which I don't have. " 1 Y Little Pearl in the presbon and :Will mdependently T t -th d 24 P a . carry out this part Mrs Maryon wen Y ree men an entation. iS the Scarlet Let Moise, who did the costum-women participated in rush for ter persomf1ed. ing for "Midsummer Night's the past week, although this Pros to 4 Parts. Dream" will again join the a smaller number than antlci The four maJor parts Will be USF theater staff to make the pated, the actual rush proceplayed by professional players t dures were carried out with ac-from Broadway . The only one cos umes. curacy by both Social C 1 u b 2,600-2,700 Meals Served Here Daily Don't Read the Book members and rushees. Only a When the actors finally go few minor violations were ae on tour, many members of the counted for during the week of backstage crew will go with rush and they were due primari them. ly to misunderstandings. In an interview recently with Caldwell made a suggestion The exhibit toom in the Gal B. Chris Olson, manager of the to his cast that if they had not lery Lounge drew much atten University cafeteria, it was already read "The Scarlet Let-tion during the week. It al learned that . 2,600-2,700 meals don't. are not lowed rushees the opportunity are served daily. Of these, 1,300 domg Scarlet Letter; we are to see what each club has done are served at lunch, 700 at doing Plenn's play." ':'his may during the year, many of the breakfast, and 700 at supper. prove a helpful note m appre-social club members also enorson, who makes up the ciat!ve viewiJ?-g. joyed seeing what the other menu, said that hamburgers and clubs have been d o in g aside fries lead the popularity. F Jobs from their own, and the Gallery list. He said also that macaroi:ll ew probably drew more attention and meat sauce is a favored from t h e incoming freshmen item. The best liked vegetable who will be eligible for rush is string beans. He added that A bl next semester. there are several popular des-va I a e The ,ush parties held Friday serts. Among them are apple night were most effective be-and custard pie, yellow cake cause they allowed every mem-with chocolate icing . and red At US F ber of the various social clubs jello bowls. the opportunity to meet each Meanwhile, some of the stu -rushee and vice versa. This gave -dents say they'd like to see Cu all the clubs and rushees a just ban sandwiches and Spanish . . . view of each club. bean soup find a pl"ace on the Swamped With JOb apphca-Alth h th h . d thi t . th o f p 1 oug e rus peno s menu. wns, e iViSion o ersQnne semester was only a week it Services has recommended that will be two weeks in the future, students seek off-campus work which will give everyone conthis fall. This measure is pro-cerned with rush an opportunity • BRITI'ON PLAZA ONLY . . . to meet both rushees and mem-voked by a reduction m the um-bers of the various clubs . versity budget for the present school year. Out of 250 jobs available last year, about 100 will be maintained t hi s fall. S o p h o m or e s, p r e v iously employed in these positions, will receive preference. Mis s Joyce Richey of Per sonnel Services stated, "Stu dents will not find many jobs avail able on campus. The Divi sion of Personnel Servjces will try to find students' jobs off campus but due to the great number of applicants , the task will be a considerable one." The average campus job pays Speech Association Schedules Meeting USF Speech A s s o c i a t i o n kicked off its first meeting with an attendance of 30 students. The group is composed of four individual sections: d e bate, • broadcast, interpretive reading, and therapeutics. A proposed constitution was presented at this meeting. All persons Interested In the field of speech are invited to attend the !Deeting Wednesday at 1 p.m. UC 203 . about 95 cents to a $1.05 an ;===A=D=V=E=R=TI=S=E=ME=NT::;==::; hour. An off campus worker may able to earn a salary any-tartar, stain where from $.75 to $1.15 an hour. banished-denture breath, tooi "At this time the Division of Personnel services has about 10 applications for every job available," says Miss Richey . Say good -bye &o oclor-aualng , ata!D producinr tartar • dentures. Bathe them nirhtly In wonller -workinr EXTAR D.C. Unique. Not a bleaching or abruive. Can'C -.tch or Presbyterians Plan blemioh. Leavea denturea clean and m inty tr .. h. Recommended , Coketa"•l' Party b:r dentiota. Get EXTAR D.c. at drug, eoemetic and beauty eountera. The USF We stminister Fel==== ======== lowship has extended an invi t atio n to an Presbyterian stu dents and faculty to attend a "coke party" in the gallery lounge of the university center, Wednesday at 1 p.m. The Fel low ship wishes to ge t acquainted with all persons interested in joining the org anizations . Other interested persons. are also invited. This is the firs t function spo nsored by the Presbyterian students on campus. A program meeting of all members will be h eld the followin g Monda y, Oct. 23, at 10 a.m. in room 219 of the U.C. , THE TAMPA TIMES Comp&rty from The Trlbun• Build ln.-, L&tayelle and Morna Slreels, Tampa, Flodda. Entered as aeeond c laao mailer at lbe Posl Office at under lhe Acl of Put your hearing loss behind you! * Smallest ever from Zenith • * Hear voices you've been missing * Fits inconspicuously behind-theear * So slender a ring fits around i t * Miniaturized tran s istor cir cuit; volume control, separate on-off s witdl It's the dark of the night-and an unfamiliar turn lies in wait. Suddenly, at the gesture of the turn signal, the whole area is bathed in a brilliant flood ' of lightand the driver negotiates the comer smoothly, surely and safely . This is Cadillac's new cornering light in action. And it is y e t another reason why owners tell us the car is worth its whole price in safety. Consider, for a moment, the safeguards that attend you in this latest "car of cars" ••. • • • d esign and construction so sound that you travel the highway in a veritable fortress of steel • • craftsmanship of such care that the car approaches the absolute in • •• performance that is so rewarding and so effortless that the driver remains fres h and alert at the wheel over even the longest day's drive • . . a dual braking system that gives both front and rear wheels their own power to stop • . . safety power steering •.. padded instrument p a nel . . . three phase rear lighting system • • • and a myriad of other features. If you haven't drive n a 1962 Cadillac, you've been missing something very special. You can buy the car just for safety, if you wish. But you'll also dis cover a dozen other r easons for wanting to make it yours . VISIT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER e East Gate Shopping Cent e r e Britton Pla z a Subscrlp tion Rates: BJ earrler 30c per week; bJ carrier or mall three monlbs •lx montba S7.80; one 7ear $1 5 . 80 . Subscription payable Ia adnnce. Member of A.tsodated Pret-. Member of Audll Bureall of ctr. BEnER HEARING AID SERVICE 316 MADISON Ph. 2 \Jj SHARPE & COMPANY Ill E. PLATT STREET • TAMPA, FL OR I D A Cllia&loD • ..... e North Gate Shopping Center e 125 E. Stuart Ave., Lake Wales . . . "LIVING SOUND': H EARING AIDS -----------FOR SIXTY YEARS THE STANDARD OF THE WORLD----------• . . •


TOP COLLEGE GAME Irish, MSU To Collide Orlando, Tampa Netters Play Tie A West Coast Tennis League match between a Tampa team and league leading Orlando ended in a tie here yesterday, but the outcome will be def cided in Orlando next month. An Orlando doubles rally brought the visitors a tie just before the matches were called because of darkness. Match will be completed in Orlando on Nov. 19 as part of another se ries. A match that could have given produced an over -all winner was stopped in the second set, with Tampa's Jack Bryan and Calhoun Dickson winning the first set 9-7. It was 8-8 when the match was called. Five Teams Get Flop League Wins Five teams gathered wins in the Flop League opening at two parks yesterday. Drew whipped the Untouch ables 10-5 and Mac's pulled a fourth inning rally sixth to come up on Candlleri 17 13 at Gary. Meanwhile, W e s t s h o r e downed Central 3-2, Peninsular defeated Cobbs 10-4 and Mis tretta outdid Hudson 14-1 at Macfarlane. Three Doctors Get First Round Wins Three Tampa physicians won first round matches in the physicians tennis tournament at Davis Islands Tennis Club yes t erday. Maurice Haddad, Joe Flynn and Vic Knight were the win ners. Haddad downed Ernie Rei ner, 6 0 , 6 3; Flynn downed Larry Kahana 6-2, 6 1; Knight downed Zack Russ 6-2, 6-3. LOCAL LINKS ROUNDUP Neuberts c op Golf Mr. and Mrs. T e d Neubert annexed the two -ball m i x e d foursome golf tournament title at the Rocky Point golf course yesterday, with a 313,4. Another similar tourney, the annual West Coast two-ball mixed foursome, is scheduled on the same links, Nov. 5. In the tourney yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Howell placed second with a 33lh, while Mr . and Mrs. Norman Dudley and Mr. an dMrs. Clarence Naylor tied for third with a 333,4. The Tampa Women's Go If A ss ociation will stage an 18hole "mystery" tournament at the Loch Rayen Par 3 course Tuesday. Prep (Continued From Page 10) ing scorer, quarterback Bill face a Rebel team of nearl y Terry, and halfback Bill Smith. equal talent and eager to take Coach John Adcock's Cham a title in their third year of berlain Chiefs are showing competition . Passi ng and running will come from quarterback Vernon Kohrn, halfbacks Doyle Dudley and Dick White s ide f o r the Panthers, while the Rebels have co unter parts in the loops lead-Spartans (Contin ued From Page 10) stronger as the season rolls along, but the same can be said for Coach Wheeler Leeth's Manatee Hurricanes. The Chiefs have a 4-0 record while Man atee is 3 1 over all, the loss c o m i n g from Miami Edison, 35-0, in the second game of the year. Without Pettee body around," said MuscleManatee has whipped Sarawhite. sota, 25-7, Boca Ceiga, 18-13, Meanwhile, Elon, quarter-and Riverview 4014. But, the back George Wooten trudged off the field, Visibly disapHurricanes are playing without pointed. a Roger Pettee this year and "We came down here to the Chiefs still have quarterwin a football game . and backs Bill campbell and Ray I can honestly say that we gave Tampa the win," said Seymourt o run or pass as the the amiable fie l d general. needs presents itse lf, halfbacks Tucker, althou g h a bit Jim Jordan and Joe Nicoletto, more diplomatic, felt that "we to receive or run, and a hardhad ou r chances all a lon g, charging line led by tack l e John and blew them. Of course, Whatley . Tampa has a good club, espeCoach Holland Apli n's Knights cially that fullback on of-strong on defense and sporting fense, and their d e fense. offensive power , will meet the "Heat again hurt us," said strongest team out of Lakeland Tucker. "It was just too dern in several years . Coach Nurmi hot. We only brought 3 1 boy s Nel s on's Dreadna u ghts h ave d e . . . las t year we had 35 with feated all comers, so far, inup. We left four starters el uding Miami Jackson,_ and home, our ends . Tommy have lots gomg for them m the King and John Go z jack, our form of Jack Harper and Graright halfback Clayton JohnMcKeel. However, . t e son and our center B i 11 y . have proven LaCoste . We only brought five as shown by M 1 k e halfbacks, too. In other words, MacKen z ie, John Kestler, _:O:..:c::..::t::ob:..:e:.:.r....:l::..:6:.:, ...:1:.:.9.:.61:._ ___ _.,._13 . 1T ampa1 Tigers Open Winter Leagu.e Season Your ercury dealer asks: In which size car do Choose either size. Both Mercurys are quality-built to give you extra value, yet cost .to own. you want your valueP MERCURY COM ETsmartly ahead of the compact crowd Mercury COMET-the quality compact with the extras that make the difference. You get extra beauty (the only compact with fine-car styling) . Extra room plus a smoother ride (up to 7.5* longe r wheelbase than other compacts). Extra trunk space holds up to 6 more bags than other compacts. Extra quality with triple-wrap aluminized muffler and weath erized door locks. Extra resale value (best record of any compact). Extra money savers (such as 6,000 miles betwe e n oil changes and a new anti freeze, . anti-rust radiator coolant that lasts 2 years or 30,000 miles). Mercury MONTEREYthe quality big car with the extras that make the difference. It's Mercury's finest-built car-for the man who prefers the "feel" and heft of a big car or needs one for his big family. Here's a 6-passenger car withou t qualification with extra . room, a longer (120") wheelbase than other cars nea r its price. Extra riding smooth ness (exclusive Cush i on-Link Ride). Extra quality floor insulation -over 1 " thick. Extra savings, too (routine service only twice a year -at 6,000to 30,000-mile intervals). Pri ce? In the popular price range. LINCOLNMERCURY DIVISION • 1962 MERCURY$ • PRODUCTS OF MOTOR COMPANY SEE THE BEST-LOOKING BUYS-NOW IN EACH SIZE-AT MERCURY QUALITY HEADQUARTERS FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY SALES, INC. Corner Cass and Ashley Streets, Tampai Florida we were short on rese rves, Ralph Eubank s and a tested lme and Tampa played two f uil characterized by the rugged teams against us all the way.' ' play of Hugh Jones. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, October 16, 1961 WITH THIS SENSATIONAL OFFER ' This 1280-PAGE nThumb-lndexed" . f STIR'S DICTIOIIA Readers! Here is one of the most amazing . intro ductory offers ever made. A chance to receive FREE, the New DICTIONARY. Thumb-Indexed-the one book that educators agree is a MUST in every library. and to broade" its vo _ cabulary and master the English language. It's a reference book every family needs in order to understand the correct usage and meaning of words. phrases, sentence structure, grammarIt's yours FREE ••• to introduce you to what we believe to be one of the greatest achievements . in publishing history -the new WORLD-WIDE ENCYCLOPEDIA! So read every word of this mes sage carefully-THEN ACl' AT ONCE!-for this is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. YOURS AS A GIF11-1'0 IN'IRODUCE YOU '10 J'HE NEW RLD I For years, many American families who wanfed and needed a really comprehensive encyclopedia were kept from giving their children the educational ad of owning such a set, simply because the price was always prohibitive. So months ago, one of America's leading publishers-in conjunction with Consumers Products of America, Inc.-decided to cvereome this problem and to produce a suitable en at a price that ANYONE could afford. And now, at last! IT'S HERE-THE WORLD-WIDE ENCYCLOPEDIA!-in ten compact volumes. Makes for greater ease and clarity-putting any in formation you may want at _ your fingertips far more easily than cumbersome, out-of-date sets that cost a great deal more. It's brand new and up-to-date in every respect, fresh off the presses. It is replete with dynamic, vital knowledge to which you and your children will turn again and again throughout the years -reference books you can enjoy for a lifetime, E Yes, you can now be the proud possessor of a truly fine encyclopedia set at a price and so amaz ingly low that it sounds unbelievable. And in addition, to introduce the new World-Wide Encyclopedia, we are giving FOR A LIMITED T!"ME ONLY -the WEBSTER'S NEW AMERICAN' DICTIONARY illus trated above, with our compliments! This is truly an amazing offer worth taking advantage of. YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO OWN A SET OF ENCYCLOPEDIA-NOW YOU CAN AFFORD IT! ALL TEN VOLUMES For Only. • • FREE GIFT The New American Webster's Dictionary Free Without Charge :s1 WEEK, ' We could write pages and I THIS OFFER EXPIRES IN 10 DAYS! I ' pages of sales arguments about why you should own a set of the WORLD WIDE ENCYCLO PEDIA-but we know that it's hard to sell anything without first showing what you are get ting for your money. 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After 5 days I will eith er return the set and owe you nothing, or keep it and send you $1.00 down, and the balance $1.00 a week until the special introductory pr ice of only $9.95 has been paid (no other charges) , FREE GIFT Also sen d me the Thumb -in dexed WEBSTER'S New American D ICTIONARY as a gift. The Name Street Dictionary is mine FREE of charge. ............................................ ........... 0 ••• 0 ••••••• .................................................................. Rural Box Number Rura.l Route •••••••••••••••••••. P .O. Box Number ............... ..... .. ---------\


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