The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 222 (October 23, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
October 23, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Like Fall Fair through Tuesday . Rather cool again tonight. High today 80. Low to night 58. High Tuesday 83. THE TAMPA TIMES University Of South Florida Campus l;dition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 222 TAMPA, FLO RIDA ; MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1961 PRICE FIVE lincoln Little Man on Campus . USF EXPEC.TS HUNDREDS . PiaJ Here Fri., Sat. "The Last Days of Lincoln," Pulitzer prize-winner Mark Van Doren's first venture in play writing, will be presented at the University of South Florida at 8:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday, Oct. 27 and 28. The Eddie Dowling Founda tion sponsored, Florida State University produced, Civil War drama reflects Lincoln's concern over the position of the South during the period of reconstruc tion. Trying to insure a rational p e a c e f o r the Confederate States, the action of the play portrays the President's opposi tion to the demands of northem extremists who desire ex ploitation of the secessionist South. Campbell Plays Lincoln [ AT OPEN H .OUSE SUNDAY New Alpha Hall Main Attraction Several thousand visitors are expected on campus this coming Sunday, O ct. 29, as the University of South Florida holds an "Open House" from 2 to 5 p.m. Spon sored by the University of South Florida Foundation, the event will give the public the opportunity to see the results of the Dollars for Dorms Drive whic h helped outfit the new Alpha Residence Hall, home of 414 USF -. students, as well as view other ------------------------------------------------------------------------VOTE NOW! Woodroffe Today Is Run-Off By BILL BLALOCK Van Doren's Lincoln w ill be portrayed by Broadway actor Jim Campbell, who played the President in the New York pro duction of "The Rivalry. " Other professiona l actors inclnde Dav id Clarke as Lincoln's friend, Joshua Speed, and Nora Dunfee as Mrs. Lincoln. Florida State University students will play lesser roles. "Now, son, .how ' s it happen you wantio be a teacher?" Forty Bids Issued By Social Club campus facilities; hear a con cert, see an art exhibit, and en Jim Woodroffe was elected of the Stu dent Association and Paula Paster was elected record ing secretary in last Friday's governmental' elections . Run-offs are being held today for the positions of vice president, treasurer, and corresponding secretary. Woodroffe received a total of 719 to 410 for Dennis Granda in the presiPHONE 269 OR 173 joy refreshments. The art gallery in the Library will be open with a display of dent's race. Paster won the The well-received premiere of the play was held in Talla hassee, Oct. 18. The play's two night stand at the University of South Florida is part of a road tour through Florida cities in cluding St. Petersburg, Jackson ville, Hollywood, Orlando and Miami. The tour is in prepara tion for a short run in New York. Yearbook Staff To Sell. Cards Joe Testa-Secca's works. Testaposition of recording secretary S ecca is one of F lorida's most with 588 votes against Jan widely known .artists. Harper's 477. There were on1y lagher, reported a totalof 1,143 . students voted in last week's balloting. USF Strmg Quartet s . WOODROFFE, SA PRE !DENT two candidates m the races for G d Fr:om 5 Woodroffe's brief platform president and recording secrem President vers1ty Quartet. Will g1v. e reads like this: Rational (lOrntary. . . VIce President a concert m the Teachmg Aud1. . . . . . Anttnon . .. .. .. . .................... 67 torium-Theater. mumcations mcludmg a 10In the run-off for v1ce pres1kfol)'bardla ......................... 281 Guided tours of the new AI-Watt FM radio station. 2. For-dent are Meir;ers !ind Le.e .::::::::::::::::;::::::::::: m pha Hall will be available to mation of a communications LombardJa. Contestmg tne pos1Shimer .. ... ...................... 147 Forty rushees from a total guests throughout the afternoon committee. 3 . Newsletter to tion of corresponding .sec retar;y A cock Treasurer 47 partlcipatmg rush tbis and refreshments will be served supplement Campus Edition are Tish Gabel and Sandi Marti. Dkon .. :::::::::::: : :::::::::::::::: By VIRGINIA MONTES The sale of Christmas cards by the USF yearbo o k Reserved Tickets editorial board was the main topic at a recent meeting re. ceived h1ds from the by the women of the University o f The Tampa Times. 4 . Ex-Jim Dixon and Dave Aycock are .......................... .. . .. 213 various SOCial clubs on. campus. of South Florida Foundation asecutive offices for Student Asin the run-off for treasurer. 0 Bnen .... 236 Tickets are available at the between Dean Howard Johnshoy and the editorial board. :rwenty-one of these bids were sisted by the USF Women's The five representatives at gabe! .. ......................... 351 Issued to men. Club board members. Serving sociation in UC. 5 Print a large elected last Friday are Menn:s 343 UC Information Desk or may The cards will be sold by the yearbook staff, in order be r served for cents by to initiate the production of an annual. phonmg ext. 266 Ttckets are This was brought about mainly because of a decree Pledges for the men's tables will be located in the yearbook. 6. Orientate civic Roscoe Davidso n, Jackie Diaz, arti .. .... 416 clubs are: Arete: Tampa-Rich-lobby and west lounge of Alpha units in first I e g Is I at u r e. Fred Frey, Don Gray and Sandy Harper . . . . .. . . . . .................. 477 50c for students, $1 for faculty, . and $2 for the general public. the off ic e of campus pub Any available tickets may be llcatlons .to effect that campurchased at the box office be-pus J?Ubllcations have. to fore performances. refram from sellt?g . . ment. The "Chnstmas card The Foundation idea was suggested at the mee t ports theaters in ing by Dean Jobnshoy, and ac producbons of n_ew, plays. A cepted by the editorial board T rum p e t by Abel though with some doubts, mell,lPlenn, to be premiered at the bers admit University of South Florida, Ahead? Nov . . 15-8 , by the The fact that the yearbook is Dowlmg Found.atwn wtll being allowed to sell Christmas such . outstandmg personalities cards m a y be questioned by as Skttch and Broad-other organizations on campus. way stars m lead roles. According to Dean Johnshoy, Career Exhihi Featured In Ad Building the arrangement of the card sale is due to an offer by the Hallmark card company to the university . This offer was made with the idea of helping an organization on campus, which would in the long run benefit ard L. Darby, George S. Gandy, HalL 7. Cooperate with colleges Jones. Paster ... J P Klapp s Mark B Mor N d ' 'd 1 • t t' Representatives at ames . , o m lVI ua mv1 a Ions are throughout the Southeast aDd The Election Committee, Davidson .. .... . .. ................. . 585 ris, Alfred G. Nichols, Kenneth being issued but the foundation United States. headed by Chairman John Galth ............................ 741 the whole student body. The M. Parks, William E. Stephens, hopes students will invite par... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: m administration felt that at the John Valido; Lutz-Robert H. ents and friends and that the Gray ............................... 569 moment, the yearbook was the Cold; Webster-RoscoehC. staff members will bring their THE AUTHOR m organization in greatest need, Davidson Jr.; Cocoa Beac families and fiiends. stewart . .......... . .. .. . . ........ 452 which could do the greatest John Wayne Falbey; PennsylOpen House good for all. Therefore, it was vania-Edmuna R. Komlodi. The "Open House" will be the R• h d p II H• h awarded the offer. Cieo: Tampa-Ellis R. Biddle, first early April when IC a r owe Ig ways Phone 269 or 173 Jr., William M. Claustre, John the public was_ to t ake a N Tbe actua l sal e of the cards H Gruetzmacher Larry N. look at the un1vers1ty when the earJ•ng will be handled by the campus Thornberry. , library officially T s k H bookstore , but the yearbook Gusty wmds and threatenmg 0 pea ere D will receive the profits, and Enotas: Tamp a:John W. clouds held the attendance at eadlin will also be doing . most of the Cross, James H .. Klll:gry , John that time to an estimated 3,000. e "sales-pitch." . W. Pelley, Harold Wtckersham. Good weather should draw an . " . . " C Anyone interested in pur-Epelta: Tamp a-Martm A. attendance surpassing the earRrchard Powell, author of The Philadelphian and onstruction under way on chasing the cards is invited to Favata. lier figure. "Pioneer, .Go Home ," recently filmed in Florida star-two new campus access roads call extension 269, from 9 to . Pledges for the women's so-ring Elvis Presley, will be this fall's first guest of the and four parking lots is due for 10 a . m., or contact extension ctal are: . SeleCti.OD University of South Florida's "Meet the Author" series, completion in the next summer. 173 from 10 to 11 a.m . and 1 Delphi. Lakeland-Munel R. Th d 0 t 26 according to Roxy Neal staff to 4 p.m. Gorman. urs ay, c . . , Help wanted Fia: Tampa-Susan E. Barnes, Of 'T t' rr:'he literary .series, sponsored by USF's Events o f the physical plant The editorial board will be Janie A. Ertzberger, Nancy Mac-rumpe Committee, will bnng Powell . dlVISlOn. meeting again Oct. 25, at 1 p.m., Gillivray, Patricia A. Moore, to the campus for an informal/ . . The l_onger of the two new enDaily Schedule in the uc secon d floor confer-Naomi c. Torre; .Jacksonville Cast M de give and take discussion of his Thursday .everung. trance roads will run parallel ence room. At this time, all Beach-!. Diane Fairbrother. a books in an "over-the-coffeeattend a dmner g1ven . m h1s to Fowler Avenue from the main organized a display of inform aMONDAY c248 Fides: T .a ":1 P a:A. The cas t for "A Trumpet cup"' setting at 2 p.m. in the by the USF LJterary entrance west to 30th Street. It tion on careers which will be !:g:: llc21s the staff, may attend. Riverview-Etleen Calling" numbered some 62 at University Center Build ing. and members will be 4 , 600 feet long. The secon exhibit Oct. 23 through Nov. Fellow UC203 . . the count. . . "The Philadelphian," pub-will be g!:,ren chance . to ond entrance road will extend 3 in Room 1054 of the AdminAward w.nners Paideia: Tamp a-Judith L. Headmg the hst ar.e: Clarre lished in 1957 and Powell's best meet and discuss. With for 3,6oo' feet from the power-istration Building. It will be 4 ,00 p.m. Study uc226 Albers, Betty A. Pearce, Patsy Luce, one of the pros, and Eve an author. The dmner wtll be at open from 10 a.m. to noon and 5:00p.m. uc Lessons comm. Gal. A D 1 f L. Pearce. Zibart, 7-year-old daughter of known work, was a Reader's the University Restaurant at house road aj; the north of the from 1 to 3 p.m. to students 7 ,30 p.m. g':,';,cing re e ega eS Siges: Tampa-Sara M. Giun-Joyce _Zibart, choregrapher from Digest Condensed Book Club 8:30 p.m. campus to Fletcher Avenue. and faculty, and a member of Be11inning Bridge Lounge T ACP M ta, Eunice A. Luke; Plant CityNashville; and a represent-selection and a well received Four new parking lots are be-the I counselling staff will be 9:00p.m. ResT•ducnEcSeDI!ayll UC23l3, 0 eet L' d J M df B nad tt 0 atlve of USF faculty Dr Sy w k f J 0 m II: e ey, er e e . • movie starring Paul Newman . ee 0 azz penS ing built in various areas of the iJ'tb:z'a Miss Wing Preodor and Bill Trotller. assistant professor of E l vis' Story 0 C 0 t 30 campus and will accommodate 11:00 a.m. Enotas UC213 Bla lock members of the e diTri S.I.S . : Tampa-Elaine M. Engl!sh. , " . ., n ampUS C • the Library and the Counselling Epelta UC205 torial staff for the USF Campus Mendez, Gloria H. Sague, Jerrest of the cast of sup-Powells Pwneer, Go Home, .. Week of Jazz" opening about 800 cars. One lot will Center, and the primary purFoundation Edition of The Times, will be aldine A. Sellers. portmg a.nd crowds published in 1959 , is the hilar-serve the Library Building. An-pose of the exhibit is to show Reading Club TBA• representing USF at the Nabeen by the followious tale of a completely made other is being built near the 11'00 a.m. llgM tiona l Associated Offici a I NotiCeS mg people. Grayce Waterson, family stranded in the wilds of through Thursday, Nov. 2, high-Life Sciences Building, and two According to Dr. Thomas 6:oop.m. PBressh NConv2ent3ion dat4 Miami . Florida. ligbted by Eddie Condon and lots will serve the proposed Rich, it bas been noted that 7 '00 p.m. Fia uc213 eac ov. • ' an New deadlme for sunscreen J ' 'll ' L L' t' "Th s ld' " p , 11' t his Jazz All-Stars. Humanities Building. 7:30p.m. Arete UC226 Miss Preodor and Blalock are items: Items for the Sunscreen eanne Mt er, ura tgge ' e o ter, owe s mos the first two years of college 8 ,00 p.m. sophomores f r 0 m Tampa who must be submitted to the news de Ambrose, Kathy recent portrays the call Monday morning a panel comPresently on campus there are are generally exploratory years Psychological were award -winning journa lists bureau in writing by 3 p.m. Pat Makela, Nancy of dut.Y agamst .the call of the posed of Dr. Zaitz, Mr. Lake, nearly four miles of streets and and that one out of two stu-Association UC2 64 as f r e 8 h men. They will be each Monday. The n.ew deadline Gnffm, Leatherby, Paul hea:t m a Lower Dr. Wilks and Mark Morris will roads with only two entrances dents change their majors dur1 ,00 p.m. uc226 a,mong the thousand students will be strictly followed. Mortpn, B1ll Polk, Robert Flynn, P.acific Command durmg the discuss the history of jazz. A to the campus. Neal said, the ing this period. This exhibit, Officials Club UC216 from the us and Canada at-. and Anne Foster. VIOlent days of the Second student jazz band will play plus two new entrances will greatly therefore, should be of interest Wesley tend'ng the Nov. 10 deadlme for course Joy McNutt, Robert Blay ney , World War. "The Soldier," pub-the Di xie land Band , composed facilitate access to the western to a large number of USF UC218 group will be staying at The calendar as sh,?wn Glenna Martindale, Sally Wood, lished in 1960, was serialized of Dr. Garrett, Dr. Sperry, Dr. part of the campus. students. 0.fl58 the Fountainebleau Hotel while m the 1 96 1 -63. catalo gue, Ac-Jackie Diaz , Mary Warren, Dan last fall in "The Saturday EveWilks, Mr. Hugoboom , Mr. Carr, James D. Garner, superintend3:00 p.m. Press Club UC60 attending wor kshop sessio n cov -cent on Learmng," should be Fullerton, George Glassman, ning Post." Mr. Lake, Dr. Zaitz , Dr. Keifer e n t of securities and communi USF Radio Club Elects OHicers 5:00 p.m. uc L.ess. Comm. Gal. ering all phases of campus pubto show that Noy. 10 Richard K. Clark, David Kauf-The "Meet the Author" series and Dr Fuson. cations, said that with the addilications . They will fly down IS the la:>{h dar a man.. James. Klapps, Roger is designed to give students, Other events include: A folk tion of the new roads, names Dr. Anthony Zaitz, associate professor of speech, and Dr. Robert C. O'Hara, assistant professor of English, have organiz e d the university's first broad castin g club and have made plans for a series of radio pro grams. 7:00 p.m. early Nov. 2 and return on .a course WI ou pen y . . Lewts, Denms Bradt, Ronald faculty and residents of the bay si n g led by Dr. Sy Kahn at 5 should be given to all of the a:oo p.m. Violin-Piano Son. TA Iogue. Grades Nov. 21 for m1dAntinori, Drew Hurley, Roy area an opportunity to partici-p.m. Tuesday; a jazz and poetry campus roadways. This is necesTHURSDAY semester: . grades Harvey, Douglas John pate in a free exchange of session at 1 p.m. Wednesday; sary to alleviate the confusion 10'00 a.m. Lutz Women's Club Speech Unit Elects a;e due m the reg1stra:'s ofHeist, David Keller, J1m Falter, ideas with contemporary and and Eddie Condon and his Jazz which arises •when giving direc• 2:00 p.m. Baptist Student UC203 S S h A . t' fJCe by 5 p.m .•. Nov .. 21, mstead Mary Ann Perry and E:andie recognized writers in various All-Stars at 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 tions around campus, Garner Meet the Author UC264 The U F peec Ion of Nov. 3 as listed m tbe cataSbaar. fields. p.m. Thursday. said. Officers include: Joe Ahnell, president; Les Smith vice presi dent; and S h a r o n " Tomi" Thompson, secretary-treasu rer. Members of the constitution committee w c r e Chairman Louise Stewart, Alvis Sherouse, and Jim Bartlett. Other members include . Stew art Beale, Jim Klueh, John P. Lazzara , Robert White, and Vicki Xides. TBA• has elected the followmg: Bob Roberta Hanson Jan Jones a:oo p.m. Botega Art Club uc214 Bickle, president; Larry Felix, En91ish Unit Meets Janet Palmer Dian a Garcia' Hgm vice presipent; Bernard ZaidCharles Lopez: Pat Armstrong: 8:30 p.m. Play "The Last Days of man, secr.etary; an d I:oulse Florida College English AssoTony Caminiti, Geraldine CorTA Ste.wart, director of pubhc re-ciation meets at USF Saturday, rell, Donald Davis, Gail Ford, 9:00 a.m. College Eng. lations. . Although this larger 1 1 Mary Knight, Donna Mruen1:00 p.m. UC265 groul.' will not a Oct. 8, for an a -day session. beck, Karen Leach, Anna Kemp, Association uc248 meetmg agam for some bm.e, The first 45 minutes from 9 a.m. Peggy Mims, Toni Permar, 8:30p.m. Last Days ofTA the smaller sub-groups . Will will be used for registration and Sheila Sanford, Dianne Simms, 9:00 p.m. Dance UC248 have regular weekly meetmgs. coffee session followed by a full Mildred S m i t h, and Judy 4 :00 p.m. TA PI M day's program. I Spicola. ayerS eet On the program from USF . Last year's students do not MONDAY, oct. 30, 1001 Peninsular Players will meet dominate in numbers with ma.ny 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 24, 11 a .m. in th' e are Dr. Robert Zetler and Prof. of the freshman and specia l • TBA-T o be announced. ADIOS! Teaching Auditorium-Theater. Sy Kahn. students in the cast. T ri-Semester System Given OK By WING PREODOR [toward an efficient compressed four terms there has been an which will begin in May, Allen says that administrative costs University of South Florida schedule of registering. The average of one course cbange pointed out that public school of operating the resident halls students may look forward to a calendar will be compressed for every registrant. Starting teachers will not be able to at-and other hou sing will probably tri-semester scheduling of the and registration periods will be in September when the time al-tend and also that high school not go up significantly under school year starting in Septemshorter and more often. The lowed for registration will be graduates, who plan to attend the tri-semester plan. ber of 1962. The State Board of de adline for applications will be shorter, scheduled changes will college in the summer, need a student Cost May Drop Control has voted in favor of earlier because the fall semester have to be limited in some way. few weeks after graduation to Since students will spend 15 the tri-se mester plan over the will start; of necess ity, much Dr John s Allen president prepare for college . quarter system, which was the s. ooner in September than it had said, "Th e probl em, as i Special Term weeks on campus instead of the tl 1 d fo ear th t present 17 the cost of room and o 1er P an propose r Y m e pas see it is to interest students in For these reasons the posb d t . f state col ' board per student will proba ly roun opera ton o -Shorter Registration attending year-round, or ens 1 b 1 ' 1 1 'ty of a special term super! g go do wn slightly per semester. e es. . Although actual registration courage them to stay out, if imposed over the regular sum-The tentative schedule for the The new plan not affect will be shorter, the usual two they must, during the winter mer session, which will be new system which starts in the number o f . credit hours acweeks will be allowed for ad-months so that the enrollment scheduled so that teachers and September, 1962, follows: cumulated dunng one semester vising level will be the same in all recent bigb school graduates thus allowing students to gradu. semesters " d ff . Registration and orientation ate with a BA degree in two Dr. Frank Spam, registrar, . can attend, an o enng courses Sept. 4-8 with classes starting years and eight months. said that aside from materials Four-Month Semester ?esigned. to attract them, is beSept. 10_ Final exams will h e Purpose of Change the actual administrative cost of Allen said that the first mg considered. Dec. 17-22. Second semester The purpose of the change-registration will be s omethin g semester will probably .Allen said that he prefers the regt&tration and orientation over is to make year-round utilithan 50 per cent more than soon after Labor Day so .that 1t tn-semester p 1 an over the runs Jan. 2-4, 1963, with classes zation of physical pl11nts of the tt IS the present plan. be over before Chr1stmas. system ? all<_>ws starting J an. 7 , 1963. Final four state universities possible. also. that the This make the. semester more time for mstruct10n w1th-exams will be April 22-27. Third It will al so l evel off the enroll bon penod m the fall Will have not qmte four months m length. out as many starts and stops, semester orientation and regis ment during each semester atto be longer than the otht;r two He he hopes that the regis-for registration and and tration will be May 1-3 and l owing for more efficient use of because more people will be ltratwn for each semester can be a llow s for better utilization of classes stut May 6. Final exams space. entering the university for the completed before the preced-space . will be Aug. 10 -17. The schedule Under the new system the first time then. ing one is over. Andrew C. Rogers, director fo1 a s uperimposed summer ses-zegistrars office will be working Spain said that for the last About the summer semester, of procurement and auxiliaries, sion has not been worked out. ' 'I MARK VAN DOREN HERE TO SEE HIS PLAY Mark Van Doren , second from l eft, author of the play, "The Lazy Days of Lin coln," has arrived in Florida to take a look at the presentation of his play which will be produced in the USF Teaching Auditorium-Theater, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Van Doren will also appear before students, staff and visitors at 3 p.m. Friday in CH100. Here , left to right, are: Richard Fallon, director of the play; Van Doren; Mrs. Van Doren, and Jim Campbell, who plays Lincoln.


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Wing Preodor Copy Editor .........•.........•• , •.• , •• Virginia Montes Social Club, Organization Editor .•.•.••• :. Hennis Activity Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . . • . • • • . . Louise Stewart Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George H. Miller Big Role in Campus Life 1-M .Gr.ld Season Today ' The religious life at USF will Wesley Foundation (MethodfstJ: play an important part in the and the Westminster Fellowship present and future student life (Presbyterian). The Terrible Turks and AI-structor, will head the group of crease membership g r e at I y pha III . unveil their playing ex-high . greats. seeking above the current 14 . at USF. There will be repre-ish Student Union (Jew ish); the prowess m a 4:30 p.m. contest the champiOnship. A wm would sentatives in student governDenominational foundations t d 0 h Must Pass Tests o ay. penmg t e second and give the top team an early lead ment; and holidays will be com-sponsor these crubs. Many will largest intramural touch foot-in the Activity Points Award "Once they are in the club," memorated through programs be building student centers and . Reportln&' staff: Allee Antilla, Bobby Bennett, Jock Blalock, Satah Jane Caldwell, Marih• AM Dennis., Cynthia Doohon, Tommy Eure, Rita. Frank, Charlotte Frese, f'dsy Gatling-, Davis Glendenning, Durene Goss, John P. Lazzara, Cr.rolyn 1\lown, R.onda Zidrleh and Pam J'ean Goeni&'. ball season while scouts from race. said Miss Fernandez, "we will 13 idle teams look on. Three Games Oct. 25 begin training new members to and ceremonies pr,esented by chapels on the campus in the The league sends all but one W d d 0 t 25 n officiate games. Alter they pass the clubs as a whol'e. The clubs near future. The buildings will Addrea:• all communications to Office of Campus Publications, Room uno, Adm. Bid&' Phone WE 8-4131. E:d. 173. • Edlllnr lab. phone ed. 260. ,.Student reporters gatberlnr news tor the Campus Edition of The TAl\IPA TiliiES, will requesl ma!erlal dlreol from individuals and offices on campus, and the material will not clear through the News Bureau. " (Polnl 2, Universl!y Polley S! No. 22, July 25, 1961), of its remaining teams into ac: e nes ay, c ' WI see 'll 1 1' h b d 1 ' tion later this with three six teams match wits: the Epela written test, the men will be w1 pace a re 1g10us emp as1s e situate a ong St. on the contests scheduled for Wednes-tas and Blue Devils on field 1; allowed to officiate campus con-on the campus, and provide an campus. day and t h r e e for Thursday. the Mauers and Alpha I on field tests for males. active social life for their mem-Watch Bulletin Boards All games will be played on 2, and Outer Alpha and Alpha bers. Because many of the clubs are IV On fl.eld 3 "The women will work as USF's three fields east of the Th d , t t . 1 d scorekeepers for the men's connot fully organized , students ST.UDENTS ELIGIBLE Administration Building. th Du_rs ay s con es s me u e: tests, but the situation will re-The denommatwns at USF may have . the opportunity to This fall's schedule calls for e Isciples against the Skeetverse for games am o n g the t d by th se n f' rd 1 ClEO th are represen e . ve help organize their clubs Th y a two-divisiGn, round-robin proers, Ie ; versus e women ." clubs: The Baptist Umon (Bap. . e Speech Association gram, allowing each team six All Stars, field 2, and Enotas tistl; the Canterbury Club ( Episwill notify students through the games I'n si'x weeks. and Alpha II _on field 3. Th.e Officials and scorekeepers l l th C th 1' St d t 0 b 11 t b d . . . . Aretas were g 1ven a bye unhl are given a standard rate of pay copa ; e a o IC u en ru e m oar s . . divisions are by the following week. for all g . a me s to be he 1 d ganization (Roman Catholic); the Students are encouraged to diVIding the teams mto three . throughout the academic year. Christian Science Organization . . . d t' . t . th r b types: residence hall sections, Touch football rules They are rated on their per-(Christian Scientist) The JewJOin an par Icipa e m e c u s Schedules Tourney d d d only that the ball carr1er be ---------' ----representing their particular re-m epen eots, an social clubs; formance by team managers and placing them e qua 11 Y touched by one hand of an opafter each Mntest. USF Hosts Florida ligions.-(P.K.) among the two groups. whose both feet are Officials May Play The Speech Association of the Unlversi'ty of South In Division 1 • squads from touchmg the ground at the time Pr1•n,.1pals Today the Turks, J;llue Devils, Enotas, of the tag. Officials are not restricted -.. Florida will sponsor an intramural speech tournament Epeltas, and Alpha sections II Officials Improving from participating In s P 0 r t s The Universfty of South Flor-during the.latter part of the curreut semester. All stu-and III will battle for the group Officials for intramural conc 0 n t e s.t . s l_1t connected with ida is host today and .tomorrow dents and student organizations are invited to partici title. In the second division, tests will' be keen of eye and their officiating. to the fall meeting of the F lor pate. Student organizations will choose the students who the All-Stars, Mauers, CIEOs, sharp in skill this year, states "We would like. to ida Association of Secondary are to represent them; students• Aretes, Skeeters, Disciples, and Miss Sunny Fernandez, physical far enough to .receive sanction School Principals . D:Ot affiliated with an organiza-current affairs and they should I and. I_Y will vie .for i _nstructor and ad-b.Y. national,. area of-Dr. John S. Allen, university t t th 1 a first-place fm1sh. advisor to the newly organized orgaruzatwns, concluded president and the deans of the Ion may represen . ves. read regularly news journals. Two Champs Will Vie USF Official's Association. Miss Fernan. dez, "so th_ a_t our unive"sity's fo ' ur colleges are The tou.r!lament w:ll mclude Topics for this event will be b ll b al f d • f?ur activities: Oral mterpreta-drawn from the general area When the league completes "We have a new training proers . WI e qu ue to welcoming the principals at the bon of poetry, extemporaneous of uruted s . play about the last week Of gram for club members," re-officiate 10 any off-campus ac-first general session today in the . tates-Latm Amer-N b . f h . tivity " Club Holds Drive The Botega Club will hold a tnetnbership drive Tuesday in the University Center to recruit new members for the art or ganization . The purpose of the club is to promote interest and under standing of the visual arts for the students of the University of South F lorida. manuscript speakmg, ica relations. On the da of the .o--:e.m er the o bot M1ss Fernandez, "which . Ballroom. Al-and radiO speaking. event each participant Jtll d detenruned on a wonWill enable the officials to han-Sports Cars Off len 1s pomtmg up the many The Speech Association will a topic .be given 12 lost Percentage basis, will dl'e with a high degree The new USF Sports Car unique features of USF prior to Boxes Available award the Lew Sarett sweep• prepare his talk and then will square off for the league cham-of skill and accur11cy." Club wUI hold its initial meet-a tour of the campu.s by the as-stakes trophy to the organiza-deliver a 5 to 6 • minute speech pionship, while the second-place membership,. required ing of the year at 2 p.m., Thurs-sociation members. Post office boxes in the post tlon earning the most. points in on his topic. Criteria for judgbattle third-place of _all intramural officials, is day, Oct. 26, in UC202. I-M The featured speaker at the office in the University Center the tournament. Th1s trophy ment are: knowledge of topic honors m over-aU play. open to men and women; and Sports Clubs coordinator R. H. conference is Tom Bailey, Suare available to all non-resident was !?resented to the Speech analysis of topic Intramural Coordinator Jean the organization is curre,ntly Hunter urges all "enthusiasts" perintendent of the State De-students. Post office is open 11 Association as a to of materials, and delivery of McCarthy, physical education inmaking an all-out effort to in-to attend. ' partment of Education. to 2 daily . Lew Sarett, who was a poet, a speech professional lecturer and oral . . reader, and a teacher of speech. Manuscript . Speaking: . T h e The trophy will be engraved !Jleme for. t?,1s event ":Il_I be with the name of the organiza Scholarship. tion and will be on .permanent shall c_ompose e 1 t e r an In display in the University Cenformative ?r pers1;1asive address, ter; the Speech . Association, 7 to 8 mmutes m length. C?n however, retains ownership. The the. day of the he. Will individual winners of the four dehver from manuscript h1s ad events will be awarded plaques. Bases . of judgment: SeOrganizations and individuals of Ideas, structure of wishing to participate must reglanguages and style, and ister with Dr. Hermann G. delivery. Stelzner, assistant professor, in Radio Speaking: Each particiUC252 by Wednesday, Nov. 22. pant will develop a five min Immediately f o 11 ow i n g the ute news broadcast from what Thanksgiving recess final in-ever news sources he chooses. structions will be distributed to On the day of the event he will all expressing interest. Organideliver it and it will be record zations may enter two partici-ed. Bases of judgment: the pants in each of the events, but types of news selected, the ar no student may participate in rangement of the news items, more than one event. and the delivery of the rnaDetails of Event terial. Oral Interpretation of Poetry: ----------This event will be limited to Students lyric poetry. Each participant ' shall select a poem or poems; the entire reading shall not exWatJ:r1 • ns ceed 7 to 8 minutes. Students may read from a manuscript or a book. Basis for judgment: the In Concerts student's comprehension of and responsiveness to the full mean-The Lyre and Aulos Music ing of the poem(s). Cl b d th D ' f F' Extemporaneous Speaking: u an e . o me Although no advance prepara-Arts. of th.e Umvers1ty of tion is required of participants, Dr. Armm they should have an interest in, and three ?f . h1s advanced p1ano students m two concerts of little-heard so natas for violin and piano on Oct. 25 in the Teaching Audi torium-Theater; the first at 2 p.m. and the latter at 8:30 p.m. Each pianist will collaborate with Dr. Watkins in one of the three sonatas programmed. The three works are: "Sonata in E Minor, K. 304," by Mozart; "Poeme Mystique (Second Vio lin Sonata)," by Bloch; "First Violin Sonata in D Minor, , Opus Survival Arouses Students 75, " b}' camille Saint-Saens. By SARAH CALDWELL This performance of the Bloch President John F. Kennedy "Poeme Mystique," a work of asks that the general public major importance and filled make a maximum effort for with Judo-Christian meaning, survival. How does the average will be the first performance in USF student feel about this-? Is the South. Another probable he willing to take a college civil first performance is the Saint defense course? Would he like Saens sonata. a campus fallout shelter? The An unusual feature of this following p e o p 1 e answered concert will be the presentation these questions. of this program, which conno C a r o l Johnson, freshman, tates national interest because Fori Myers: "I think a shelter of these "first" performances, would be a problem to build on by students collaborating with campus because of the amount their instructor in a major musi of space required, there would cal event. also be the problem of crommuThe three students are: Miss nity use. The CD course would Kay Blake , junior from Plant be a good thing, it should beCity; Miss Yvonne Bentley, com,e a required course with no sophomore from Tampa, and credit given." Miss Averill Vanderipe, freshJim Wharton, freshman, West man from Bradenton. Virginia L a k e I a n d: "No, I USF students, staff, and the wouldn't want a shelter, it general public are invited. There would only prolong life, not is no admission charge but a sustain it indefinitely. A CD general admission ticket is re course gives general survival quired for admittance. These information of use to everyone, tickets are available at the UC it should be offered at South information des k . Off-campus Florida. " people may call WE 8-4131, ext. Toin Kester, freshman, Tam 135 for reservation. Last minute pa: "I believe a shelter to be tickets will be available in the impractical, however, students box office one hour before the should be forced to take a CD concert. course for their own good." ----------Tommy Gates, freshman, UC Promotes Ohio: "The university should have a shelter, strictly for camUfMt•am•l Tt.lf pus use, after all, what's more i m p o r t a n t than preserving youth? Everyone should take CD to become well qualified in first aid for survival." George B u k o t a, freshman, Tampa: "A shelter would be too expensive to build because of size, but I do think a CD coyrse should be offered for those who wish to take it." Yvonne Alfonso, freshman, Tampa: "A shelter should be built. It's a big risk having s o many students on campus and no preparations in case of emer ge ncy . B e cause of the present state of world affairs, I definitely think a CD course should be offered." Veterans To Meet An organizational meeting will be held Wedensday in UC 218 by the USF veteran's club. Dis cussion and ratification of the constitution will be the main topic. THE TAMPA TIMES Publlahecl e v e n I D &' a Monda,. throarh Saturday b7 The Tribune Company from The Tribune Build clall maller al lhe Posl Office al W>der lbe Act of Subscription Roles: BJ carrier 30c per week; b7 carrter or man lhree mon!hs $3.90: six monlba $7.8 01 one year SubscrJpUon pr.yable In &dunce, Member of At>toclated Prell. Member of Audll Burean et Clr• culaliou. , Train Trip The University Center Recre ation Committee, fresh from its "most successful o p e n house ever," has started the ball roll ing on the next project, a train trip to Gainesville for an inter collegiate gridiron contest be tween two powerful Southern football teams, the Universities of Florida and Miami, Dec. 2 . October 23-28 has been desig nated "initial sign-up week" by newly-appointed UC president, Don Gordon. Students interest ed in purchasing a $12 . 50 pack age ticket, which will include train transportation and facili ties to and from the GaiD.esville ga me, and admission and seat ing to the contest, are requested to reserve their spot on Atlan tic Coast Line's "Football Special" by signing up with a de posit of $1.00 at the UC in formation desk sometime this we e k. IPBOTOSTATSI While You Wait SPRINGS PHOTO SERVICE 8005 Nebraska Ave. at the Bridge GENERAL ELECTRIC TELEVISION $18995 GEORGE GUIDA ao. 1801 N. Howard Ph. 8-4875 II ..... . ... . Model DAll-61 11.16 cu. ft. net capacity! REFRIGERATORS. RANGES. WASHERS, DRYERS ALL BRAND-NEW-ALL UNBEATABLE BUYS! YOUR TRADE IS YOUR DOWN PAYMENT BALANCE IN CONVENIENT PAYMENTS AT BANK RATES .. . . ' • _,-.. .,!. ' , • AT TAMPA RADIO SALES A huCJe variety of_. top q u a I i t y appliances, 1961 and 1962 models, at fab.ulously low prices! OUR BfGC'EST FRIGIDAIRE SALE! BUY NOW FOR BEST SELECTION! THE MONEY -SAVIN'E$T SALE OF FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES TAMPA EVER HAD! FREE TRIAL! Y . OU CAN'T BEAT OU R P .RJCES! Y OU CAN'T BEAT OUR QUA-LITY! Y , OU CAN'T BEAT OUR SERVICE! WDA62 I


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