The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 258 (December 4, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
December 4, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Just Right Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES flo4: Fair through Tuesday. Easterly winds 12-22 m.p.h.. High and Tuesday 82. Low tonight 60. SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 258 A, FLORIDA, MONDAY; DECEMBER 4, 1961 PRICE FIVE CENTS Little Man on Campus Proi t. Hugoboom's Entry Wins In UniVersity Song Competitio-n TAKE OFFICE IN JANUARY Faculty-Staff Elects To Be Held Friday Hail to Thee, Our Alma Mater, May Thy Name Be Told • • • UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA ALMA MATER Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, may thy name be told Where above thy gleaming splendor, waves the Green and Gold. Thou our guide in quest for know ledge, where all men are free. University of South Florida; Alma Mater, Hail to Thee! Be our guide to Truth and Wisdom, as we onward go, May thy glory, fame, and honor never cease to grow. May our thoughts and prayers be with thee through eternity, University of South Florida; Alma Mater, Hail to Thee! -By R. WAYNE HUGO BOOM By LOUISE STEWART A standing ovation followed the announcement that Prof. R. Wayne Hugo boom's entry was winner of the USF song competition last Wednesday night in the Teaching Auditorium-Theater. Hugoboom's work received the loudest and longest applause when it was first presented before the composers' names were revealed. The judges agreed. The contest judges were two students, two professors, and one ll"ember of the non-academic • staff: Yvonne Bentley, Joe CasI tellano, students; Karen EngCOMEDY AND MUSIC strom, clerk I fm:eign languages; I __ .:_ _ _;_ _________ _ Edward Preodor, professor of By BILL BLALOCK music; and Dr. Anthony Zaitz, associate professor of speech. The faculty has elected its representatives to the Gower At Piano First Talent Show To Be Held Dec. 8 University Senate to take office Jan. 1. student Jim Klapps emceed The senate will meet sometime before Christmas the program. Bob Gower gave . and at that time will determine future meeting dates. the piano accompaniment for The new faculty representatives are invited to attend USF voice students Anne • this meeting. Election of the Wright, Bob Burt, Priscilla By VIRGINIA MONTES f1ve students to the senate will Salemi, Jim Lenininger, Richard "Comedy and music-laughs dances and songs " C N t • take place early in January. Wmters and Charles Hadley. ' . . ' am pus 0 ICeS The senate has broad powers Many' of th> songs followed these are some of features that will predommate the STAFF LOUNGE -The University staff lounge, loca.ted Jn the library, will be open t:he same hours as the library. However, coffee will be avatl abJe only when tht; maJd is present from 8 to 51 1\-lond&y through Friday. CAMPUS STORE CHANGES -The Ca.mpus Store announces two events e(fecUve Dec. 1, 19f:il: the opening of a formal Children's Book Department, and first annual Christmas Book Sale. The Chrh:tmas Book Sale wUI last until Dec. 16, 1001. It will feature hardcover books, a.rt prlffts and picture frames. at specia.l prices. LffiRA.RY HOLIDAYs-The UniverLiltly Ltbr"ry wJII be elo!led lhe followtuc dR).:t at Chr!'-\.;na, auil Nl'ow Dec. 17, :n-26, 'W-1. rhe library hours for other days during tbe boll.days wJII be 8 a.m. uniil 5 p.m. DISCUSSION GROUP STARTs-Inter• est has been e:z:presscd in forming a USF "creat books" discussion group, Anyone wisbinr to parUcipate in such a program should seud his name, ad dress and telephone number to 1\olrs. Ann Mulder, University Library, by Dec. 16. AAUP SPONSORS PANEL -The USF chapter of AAUP will sponsor a Students. staff. and interested public invited to attend. PIANO FOR SALE-A student who Is moving out of the state Is offering a year-old piano for sale on favorable terms. lnterested persons should call 837-964;'; before Dec. 1 tor further informa-tion. NOTICES FOR SPRING SCHEDULIN G-Faeult.y advisors are requested to rive as muoh time 3.!l pouible during Dec. "-14 to their a.d\Jsees. Stu dents and advisor:t are asked to Ust one a.lternate course, to provide greater flexibility In scheduling. SecUon desig nation and course scheduling will be handled entirely in l)te Registrar's 01 nee. A working student whose em hours may confUd with the proposed schedullnf should ret certlfJ .. caUon ot his workinr hours from his employer and tt. .to the Reristrar's Office no later than Jp.n. 10. Com pleted schedules and ID cards will be avallable In the Cashier's otrlce Jan. 16-18. Tuition fees are due and payable at the Ume students pick up sprJng semester schednJes. DIRECTORY CHANGE8-AII additlon!J, deletions. and chaiiC'eS to the USF Tele1)bone Directory will be li!Jted each week. Please change your direc tories aecordlng to the information listed. Alphabetical listings: Charles, l'ttarle S. 1\-lrs.-Secreta.ry 11 Personnel Services 141, 4321 S. Trask, Ta.mpa, Fla. 83-'J-516-l. Dun('an. Janice l\l-2:n2 11th Avenue. Rnbiu, C&rol Agatha-1708 Many A : Yenue. ----------------EGERTON OFF TO ATLANTA John W. Egerton, editor of the University of South Florida New Bureau, will attend a meet ing of the Southern Regional Education Board in Atlanta Dec. 11. delegated to it by the president a cornier of the feel-first talent show held on the University of Florida of the university for the acaings expressed in the winning campus. The show , scheduled to be held m the Teach demic and instructional number, and the audience ing Auditorium-Theater, Friday night, Dec. 8 , at 8 p .m., gram of the school. It

-M-on_d_ay_,_D_e_ce_m_b_e_r _4,-19-61, c h r i ' stm as The Tampa Times SlOws Up USF-Tampa Bus Trip Is Varied COUNCIL ANNOUNCES . New HoUrs Slated for Alpha Hall By PATSY GATLING University of South Florida Campus Edition (Page 1 and Pa:re Z Staff) A • Edit.or ......................•.••.......... : Bill'Blalock ctiV.It.leS By DURENE GOSS New hours for the cafeteria, nightly until 10:30 p.m., and East Alpha has been changed member of the council. the UC until 11 p . m. However "for the protection of the res The following is .,r the if ' voting that took place m the Residence students do not take. advanidents," stated Dr. Decker, as-Hall mass meeting of Nov. 27, 1961: Managing Editor . . . . . • • • • . . . . . • . . . . • • • . . . Wing Preodor Copy ................ ; ....•.•••.. Virginia Montes Social, Organization Editor ...•....••.•.. Marlene Hennis Activity Editor ...........••••.••....•... Louise Stewart Intramural Editor ....... , , ....••.. ; ........ John Gullett Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George H. Miller Reporting staff: Allee Anttila, Bobby Bennett, Jock Blalock, Sarah Caldwell, Martha Ann Denni.a. Cynthia Dootson, Tommy Eure, Rita J\lrs. Vlrrlni& W. Valentine, teaching associate, adviser to reporting 'staff. Address all eommunJea.tlons to Office of Campus Publications, Room 1070, Adm. Bldr. Phone WE 8, Ext. 173. Editing tab. phone ext. 269. . snack bar, University Center Tampa .transrt buses are a lounges and East Alpha were common stght to Tampans and ,announced at a mass meeting uf are on campus. the residents of Alpha Hall and By MARLENE HENNIS What kmd of a tnp w o.?ld Outer Alpha last week. Activities among the various have if you were to ude e The new hours which went fraternal societies slow down as bus to ;ampa and back to the into effect Monday, Nov. 27, th h h d b . campus will keep the cafeteria open e C ristmas oli ays egm The USF b_us _leaves _downweekend mornings until 10 a.m. appearing. Plans are now being t d 1 It made by several of the societies town Tampa SlX Imes ai y. s The snack bar will remain open passenger load is not too heavy, to establish permimcnt em-except for the first run in the. blems. The picture this week morning. The passengers are -appears are follows: students and . workers whose "Student reporters gathering news for the Campus Edition of THE TA.!IIPA Tl1\IES, wlll request material direct from Individuals and offices on ca.mpus, a.nd the material will no& clear tbrouch ihe News Bureau." IPolol 2, University Polley Statement No. 22, July 1961). ENO.TAS: Frank Meiners was jobs are along the bus route. chosen as the "Best Pledge" of These inc I u de a Budweiser the year by the brothers ot Brewery guard, a University of l---------------------------. Enotas: He was awarded a sil South Florida professor, and P E INTRAMURALS ver plaque by the members. maids. • Frank is a graduate of Plant Wh t H St ff High School. He fs vice pres a ' eavy u New SPorts C I U bs ident of the Student Association During the. day, visitors to andn president of the Enotas the breweries, gardens, and pledges. USF ride this bus. They usually have camera equipment, and I EPELTA: Me m be r s and some even have other heavier B . A tve Ro e pledges will shortly be seen pieces of luggage. eg I n c I wearing their new green blaz-Passengers not having the In ers. Tbe blazers will have the dustrial Park as their destina. club emblem on the upper left tion still can enjoy the buildings Two more special interest sports groups joined the pocket. and the gardens with the ani-ranks of the active recently in the form of Sailing and Plans are being drawn up to mals from the outside. Weight Training Clubs. a cl_ub flag. The flag Shoppers riding this bus have The Sailing group will hold an organizational meet IS bemg_ ?btamed to strengthen easy access to the downtown d h d f club sp1rrt. shopping are a, East Gate, Sears, ing Thursday, Dec. 7 in UC221, un er t e a VIsement o DELPHI: The society had a for and Temple Terrace. Dr. Robert Yates, professor of mal dance Nov. 24 at the Elks Driver Joins In mathematics. been tentatively set to begin Club on Interbay Blvd. Attend Conversation f o 11 ow s the "This is a club a brigi1t during the second week of Jan-ing were sisters, pledges and usual pattern of any bus. Stu future and considerable sup uary, following football cham-dates. dents riding the bus read, stud:,' port," commented Richard Hunt pionship playoffs. Delphi sisters wore their new together, talk, or just relax. The tage of these extensrons, a sistant to the dean of student Freshman women measure will be taken to affairs. The residents' keys will Open for all . . . . ......... 96 the hours to their original not fit the new locks. "An exC losed for freshmen . ... .. 16 times. ample to show one reason why Closed for all .. .. .. .. .. . .. 4 Chet Cornwall, president of open hours will not go into 116 the Residence Hall Council, an effect is the destruction of the Ufperetass Women nounced that women's hours in facilities suppled in the dormi :::: :: Alpha Hall will remain the t ory , such as brooms, mops, and Closed for all .. .. . .. .. . . .. o same. The lock on the door to vending machines," stated one 59 Summ&ry for Women :::::: Closed for all . . . . . . . . . . .. . • 175 Freshman Men Open for all .. .. . .. . .. .. . 95 Closed for freshmen . . . . . . 7 Closed !or a ll .. . . . .. . .. . . 0 102 Uppercla"" Men Open for all . . . . . . . . . . 32 C losed for freshmen . . . . . . 28 Closed for all . .. . .. .. . .. .. 0 60 Summary for Men Open for all ............. 127 Open for freshmen ...... . . 35 Closed for all . . . . .. . .. .. . 0 162 French Prints Here S3% 14 % 3% 58 % 42% 0 % ?5 % 23 % 2 % 95% 0 % 55 % '"• Oo/o 79% 21% 0% Roten original art prints fro m contempor ary French artists, plus ceramics and jewelry from Tampa Ba y artists, will be on display in the Uni versity Gallery exhibition, Dec. 1 0-16. Some of the works will be up for sale. Gallery hours are: Sunday from 2-6 ; Monday through Friday from 1-5 , and Saturday fro m 8:30 1 2:30 . er, assistant professor of physl In order for any social club, sweaters last week. The sweat dtiver usually joins in during cal education. As soon as the residence hall section or in-ers are monogrammed wit h the the layover. GENERAL ELECTRIC group well organized, depen\lent group to enter a society's name on them. Drivers conside!' this a good I -Photo by Ted Gose TEL the university will purchase a team in league competition, a Every .week two girl's are go. run 'although the Transit C9ffi-OPEN HOURS: TURNED DOWN EVISION boat for club use, a Penguin, tEam entry blank must be filed ing to the Tampa General hos-pany collsiders it one of the Chett Cornwall, president of the Residence Hall Council, is shown as he pre u.H.F. and s189's 1 ' 5'' long, 4 ' 8 " beam." in the 1-M office before noon pita! as members of the Worn-worst, profit -wise . The drivers s1'des over the coun'c1'} mecti'ng at wh1'ch he announced the deci"st"on not to permit v.H.F. The club will use the facili Dec. 15. ' en's Auxiliary and to the Chil favor it since a third of the GEORGE GUIDA CO, ties Of a former student at Lake G t ' th t t f th g t d On4>n hours in the women's residence hall. Dr. Howard Johnshoy, dean of stu roups may en er more an dren's Home of Tampa on Flor-np IS ou o e more con es e 1801 N. Howard Ph. 253 ciency in racing rules and quah-finisher will receive Activity fications. Members with no Points. The points usually re FIDES: The Fides, supported . . previous nautical experience, warded for the place filled by by the Council of Fraternal SoLATE-COMERS TAKE NOTICE! and the club is looking for the other club will be retired. cieties, is sponsoring a drive to • more, will learn how to operate FOOTBALL collect canned goods for t h e • a .sailboat, and understand how The powerful All-Stars can needy families in the Tampa 1t functions. clinch at least a tie for division area, which will begin Dec. 11 In the near future the club honors in the intramural touch and continue through Dec. 15. Hikers1 Timetable offered hopes to have football league with a win over The Christmas committee, in By TOMMY EURE are walking from the center o f picking up dropped books or in South Eastern the once-beaten Disciples in a charge of the project, includes Do you find yourself con" the parking . lot behind the for lighting that first cigarette Sailing Association events. 3:30 contest tomorrow after Paula . Paster, chairman,. Kay stantly walking irrto classes late, of the day. WEIGHT TRAINING V 1 nt T t t D t Jar Teaching Auditorium-Theater to noon. a .e me, 0 Y e e 1 z • interrupting the professor and If your first class happens to The Weight Training Club Epelta will be fa!!ing the Ter-Twmkle Fletcher, Cathy Edyour classmates with a meek the front door of the University be in the Chemis try will hold its first meeHng of the rlble Turks in another 3:30p.m. wards, and Merilee O'Berry. "Excuse me?" ' Center, you should allow. it will tak& you 4 minutes and year at the same time as that game tomorrow. The T u r k s of the Sailing Club, but in UC come fresh from an overtime F • l F } If that is your problem, this self three minutes and 40 sec-32 seconds. Add one minute and 204 Th f th t Irs Orma article was written for you. onds, g 1ve or take a few for .25 seconds to the preceding fig . e purpose o e mee victory over the Blue Devils last ing is to determine the Tuesday, boosting their record From this day hence, you should ure if you are going to the Life al'ld place of future meetmgs, to 3-1. D s t have no excuse for being late B k s I B • Science Building. / 11tfd to introduce Dr. Robert Both clubs were tied in score ance e to class such as, "I didn't real-00 a e If the .Library or. the Admin W11rner . Chairman ?f the Amer and first down? at the compleize it took so long to get here." The first annual Christmas istration Building is your desti ic'an Idea, who will serve as tion of regulation play 6 3d-F D 9 Writer Hikes book sale to be . by you .should have parke? faculty advisor to the new 6 , 3d. The ball was spotted' at Or ec The .wr i ter of this column, . m the park1ng lot near the h gl'oup. midfield and each team was • bless his weary feet, has made the campus book store Will get brary. Time-2 minutes anQ. 53 The Club is also looking for allowed 'four alternating plays. A Winter Wonderland theme the rounds on campus from under way today. The sale, t o seconds to the Library entrance; new members, of de-At the end of the plays, the will be carried out at the first to building. While last through Dec. 16 , will inone and 40 to gree of to .h e I p Turks the ball into formal dance of the year, Sat-JOUrney he made spectal elude a special purchase o.f the AdmmJstratton Bmldmg. further ?nve to attam the the Devils terntory and held urday, Dec. 9 . The music for pmnt to walk at a medmm rate books and art prints over the Listed . broad ?bJecttves of the group. fast. The rule penetration the evening will be provided by of speed and take. down the usual stock. The table giVes the These mclude:. ?f gave _them the VIctory. Bob Lake and his band. exact time 1t .to?k h1m to travel The sale is open to students amount of to walk an understandmg of the ongm This afternoon at 4:30 the Th S . . . 1 from one building to the next. and staff and will feature spe-from buildmg to building: and evolution for body build-Mauers will take on the Skeet-e tate Dmmg Wll Remember that the number cial prices on the material. UC to TA 1 :40 ing, weight lifting, and weight ers in a Division II battle, while be set up for the servmg of cof of minutes gjven here is the UC to CH 3:50 training; development of the Enotas and Alpha 111-W meet and punch the eve-time it takes to walk from the H lth C t F d UC to AD 2:20 basic skills and coordinations on an adjoining field. . mng. A floor show will be held main entrance of the building ea en er OUft UC to LS 4:45 necessary to execute a variety Other contests this week in-at 11 by U_SF students. The which you are leaving to the A total o f 926 students was TA to CH 3 :5 6 of exercises; and development elude: Wednesday, Alpha I-W dance wtll at 9 p.m. and main entrance o f the building treated in the Hea lth Center TA t o AD 2:27 of an understanding of the rules vs. Outer r Alpha; Thursday, end at 1 a.m. Ttckets are sale to which you are walking. during October. This is as many TA to LS 5:21 and procedures of ClEO vs. IV-W and AllJ,a at UruverSlty A logical place t o begin as used the facilities all CH to AD 3:13 weight lifting. 11-W vs. Ar te. Both days <\C matwn des k, admission will be would be the parking lot. If you of last semester. CH to LS 1: 55 Intramural bliskctball has, tion begins t 4:30 . p . m. 1 $2 per couple. Health records also show that LY to AD 1:48 -1 Duplicate Bridge Theatre News Here over 50 students are being Dtvlston I Duplicate .bridge is held each treated daily in the infirmary. Club Elects Head w L Pet. The Southern Theatre News, Last semester only about 15 NOTICE Lifetime Muffler Shop 2930 W. Hillsbor-'h block west of Hillsboro Plaza-1 0 Blks. East of Dale Mabry, An nounc:es Low, Low, Low prices on Mufflers and Tail Pipes , Lifetime Guarantee. Brakes-$9.95 up. For Infor mat ion CALL 877-5138 Enotas .................... 3 1 .?50 week on Tuesday night in the quarterly publication of the students were treated daily. ::::::::::::::::::::: Gallery Lounge . . This program South Eastern Theatre Confer-A!. u.w ................. 2 2 :soois sponsored by the Lessons ence, has moved its editorial .. :::::::::::::: f Committee. They would like to and publishing offices to the Epelta . . . . . . . . .. ...... 1 3 :250 e n courage any student that is University of Sou t h Florida. Divi•ion n w L Pet. interested in participating fo Jack Clay, editor of the peri-AllStars ................... s o 1.000 sign up at the Information Desk. od ical and as sis t ant professor . .. :::::::::::::::::: The wiRners of l'ast week' s game of theatre arts at South Florida, Skeeters .................. 3 2 .600 were Larry Connor and Ernie brought the publication with .. ::::::::::::::: i g Crawform. him to USF from the UniverAJ. IW ................ .. 1 4 .200 Bridge Tournament sity of Miami. Clay held a ClEO .... .. .... 0 5 .ooo The Re.creation Committee Is similar position at Miami until A5ue;'!1;ha 0 sponsoring a bridge tournament his transfer this f a ll. ARCHERY CLUB : MEETS The archery club will hold a special meeting D ec. 4 . In this meeting the club will set dates for improving a rchery s kills on the target range. The archery clu b will also set up a program fo r those members not having a.ny previous knowledge of archery. starting Friday, Jan. 12, and run-OH, MY ACHING BACK ning for three Fridays, Jan. 19 P APPOINTS COMMITTEE .. and 26. The play will b e held in A Judo Club has been formed the Dining Room from 3 . 5 and works out every Monday Ray O 'Hara, parlimentarian , Fred Eng lish, sophomore, has been chosen to head the cam pus Math-Science Club. Composed of about 50 members, the group meets each Wednesda,y at 1 p.m. , in U.C. 226. Under the advisorship of Miss Jackie Patman, b i ology instructor, IDr . .Robert mathematics professor, and Dr. Charles Monley, associate p r ofessor in chemistr y, the club is divided into four groups. Each of the four sections biology , math, chemistry, and physics will work OI;t both individual and group projects. Come Out and Try Our Fruit Before You Buy ... . and Wednesday from 7 to 9 h as selected the followin g per-. p.m. The tournament lS for p . m . , in the U.C. C lub officers so n s to serve on his rules com faculty .and staff. Ad-are John Cross, president, C l if f mittee: Lee Lombardia, Dick In Natural Living COLOR $9 .7 0 up CHILDREN'S PORTRAITS THIS IS THE WAY TO TRAVEL! "-----Relax SEABOARD! Don't let winter weat her spoil even part of your trip North.• Enj oy peaceofmind and "Resort trai n luxury" all the way, Relax ... wander into attrac tive lounges, dine well -early o r late. You 'll find the "Ho spital ity Hour" fun, too. Taking the children? Under 5 yea r s t he y ride free; from 5 up to their 12th birthday they go for halffare. The REGISTERED NURSE keeps in friendly touch. Generous luggage allowance, tool Reserve happy traveling on the S ILVER METEOR. fOR Df LUX PULLMAN AND COACH RESERVATIONS TO NEW YORKWASHINGTON PHILADELPHIA: Please phone 229-8327 Or call in person: Hillsboro Hotel BldCJ., Tampa F. H. Bradley, G.P.A. THE ROUTE OF COURTEOUS SERVICE mformahon be obHowell, vice president, Clayton Murrell, Joyce Carballel, and RUDI'S 6502 Central Ave. tamed at the l?formahon Desk.K ______ Table Tenms Tournament _ ' LONE PINE TREE GROVE RT. 1, BOX 654, SEFFNER, FLA. I Corner of Wheeler and Kingsway Road , , • PHONE: 49-3933 BU.. s4so lf2 BU. s2s o Express Collect 1/J Navels 113 TanC)elos 113 Seedless Gfrt, TRIMMED WITH KUMQUATS NO FINER FRUIT AVAILABLE -. I TANGERINES AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK! WE SHIP ANYWHERE! Licensed and Bonded by Florida Citrus Commission I <> . .. I .. • • . . . . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ' •••• • • • An individual table tennis tournament, beginning Dec. 8, will be spo nsored by the UC Recreation Committee. Sign up i s at. the UC Information D es k this week, and all entries must b e in by Thursday, Dec. 7. Tro phies w ill be awarded to the winners. All-University Book Panel To Be Held The All-University book, "The D evil's Advocate," by Morris L . West, will be the topic o f a panel discussion at 1 p . m., Dec. 6 , in the TA . Members o f the panel lwm be Brother Placid, O .S. B ., St. Leo College, t h e Rev. Edwin S . Davis of the Temple T errace Methodis t Church, the Rev . Paul Wa gner of the Palma Ceia Methodist Church, and the Rev . John Largent of the Bel Mar Presbyte rian Churc h . Dr. Roo ert Warner, chairman of the American Idea course, will be moderator . The n ex t All-University book will b e "The Family of Men," a book of photographs compiled by E dward Steichen . OHicial Notices Gl BENEFICIARIES Plea s e re port to the Regist rar's Office irnmedi ately to sign your monthly certlfica tions. In order to receiv e your allow ance before C h ristmas you mus t sign on or before Dec. 5 . WORKSTUDY OFFIC E has 2nd se in a rchi tectual engineering firm , hos pitals, retail firm, concrete products firm, a n d bank . WORK STUDY OFF' ICE has openinl!s for majors in psych ology, accounting, finance, architectura l e n ginecrmg, marketing, personn e l management, s ocial science. , THE TAMPA TIMES Publlahed • Y e n I o 1 1 throacb Saturday by. The Tribune Company from Tbe Tribune Build class maUer at the Post Offic• at wsder the A c t or SubscrlpUon Rates: By earrJer 30o p e r week; by carrier or mall &hree months 1 3 . 90; 11% m.ontlla $7 .80; one year . S ubscription payable In adYaDee . Member of Atsoelale d Prell. Member of Audit Bureau or Cil'wlatlon, ..... From. the standpoint of fine craftsmanship, Cadillac enjoys a position unique in the industry. First of all, Cadillacs are buil t in one plant by craftsmen who share their skills with no other car ... who know only Cadillac's high standard of quality. Secondly, the average Cadillac craftsman has been working to these high standards for more than a decade. And finally, all these skills are checked by more than 1400 separate inspec t ions. A revelation drive at your author ize d dealer will give you the story of Cadi lla c craf tsmanship first hand. VISIT YOUR WCAL AUTHORIZED DEALER SHARPE & . COMPANY Ill E. PLATT ST. • TAMPA, FLORIDA .. • , "


. . • ; _,. ' .,, \ j I .,..., THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, December 4, 1961 Two Pups TBC Cage Slates . 0 .. Dominate T URKEY CREEK GOBBLERS TIMES WRITER HONORED Bill Blodgett (center), Times outdoors writer, is presented an award for "outstanding contribution to archery in the State of Florida" by Tampa and Florida officilils at a weekend banquet. From left are Walt Sharp , Tampa president; Tom Fox, past Tampa president; Blodgett; Bill Navarra, chairman of Tampa board, and Will Geesey, member of the board. K of C Bowlers Spread Honors \)' s k J. Splrtos ta e Runs -vvJan. 5-Zephyrhills IF.I ... Jan . 9-Br ando n By BILL BLODGETT Times Outdoors Writer Archers and the Blue Marlin The Tampa Archery Club held its annual .awards banquet last Saturday night ... and to say the l east, "a good time was had by all." The banquet-meeting was held at the Blue Marlin Inn on the causeway, and upwards o f 40 members of the club were on hand. They have been calling M ac Port Richey) Walter the "Wonder Dog" at the Tampa G reyhound Trac k . Now fans are wondering i f this Feb. 2-At Brandon Feb. 15-TBC Tournament name should go to Texas Lace EAST BAY INDIANS as t h e Tamoa Juvenile Stake coaeb: Campe r runs into semifinal competitiOn Jan. 5-At GuH High tomorrow night. Back when both were schoolCreek ing, Texas Lace was the only Jan. 23-At Zephyrhills greyhound to beat Mac Waller. They finally met again in the Feb. 2-A t Turkey Cteek Election of officers was con-, Tomorrow's Tides second round of the Juvenile Feb. 6-At Brandon tained in the business ses sion. and Texas Lace came through Tom Fox hand-. TAMPA BAY TIDES with a nose victory in 31 05 secFeb. 15-TBC Tournament d h . 'd nt's H1gh l : 13 p .m. 11:35 p.m. d 31 O? d • Feb. 20-At Sarasota Southeast e IS pres! e . Lo"! ........... 6:27 5:29 p.m. on s . secon s. Feb. 3 0-At OLPH gave,l to However, in betwee.n the first BRANDON '!>AGLES yearS VICe presilater; Salety Harbor. Old Tampa Bay, and Sec on d meetmgs, Mac co,.ch: Robert Hll.ller dent Walt Sharp, high l hou r , 38 min. l a!er. low 1 h9u r Walter won nine races includ-Dec. 5-A! Dunedm 'th J M D (Skyway), 2 hours, 22 mm. earlier, h1gh . th . ' Dec. 8-Kmg Wl oe c on-55 min. l ater: Mullet Key Channel tldo mg e Tampa Novice Stake, Dec . 12 At Plant City aid a n d Herb 1 hour, 58 min. earller, low tide. and also set a track record o( Dec. Creek S h e a t akin g 30.88 seconds for the 5 / 16-mile Sharp's place in course. Jan. 9 Dunedin the vice presi-bass fi shing is almost becoming dent's spot. legendary, night is the time to * * * ,._J:..:a:..:n:..: . .:.19_-_E:..:a:..:s:..:t_B_a..::y ______ _ go. That's when the bass go on feeding orgies that are fantastic Dog Track E ntrleS. Blodgett tention of her to behold. secretary-treasurer's post, while The same is true for Lake Bill Navarra was elected chair-Tsala Apopka. TONIGHT'S ENTRIES 3. Miss Blond 7. Searched Knights of Columbus man-scratch titles while a Clearwater lumbus had 384 entries in the man of the board of directors. Perhaps the evidence would FIRST RACE-Five-sixteenths mile4 . Mar McGill s. Young Spirit aged to sPread the honors man took the handicap singles two day tournament. Also on the boru:d will be Wes be e ve n more overwhelming if 5 . Lower It RACE-Fivesixteenths mile-around pretty well at the organ-and a Jacksonville bowler had Bill McDermott and George McClure, reappomted; Mr. Du-more of us fished at night. But 2. A.V. Timothy 6. Ocaw Night L. Joma Binns 56 .. ization's state bowling tourna-the Miami Y?unis the only double pree, Wilbur Geesey and Tom being weak and com fort-lo ving t . i: gap itot 7 . Carmeuete Jan . 23-Brewster Jan . 26-At B ishop Jan. 27 Zephyrhills Jan. 30-P i anl City Feb. 2-Paimetto Feb. 6-East Bay Feb. 9 Brewster Feb, 15-TBC Tournament Feb. 23 Zephyrhills Feb. 26-At King BREWSTER TECH RAMS Coo.el.: Allen Rogors Dec. 8 A t St. Cecelia Dec. 15-Kin g Jan. 2-At Pa lmett o Jan . 5-St. Cecelia Jan. 8-At East Bay Jan. 12-Pinecrest Jan. 16-Southcast Jan. 19-Palmetto Ja n . 2 3-At Brandon Jan. 26-Zephyrhllls Feb: 6-At King Feb. 9-Brandon Feb. 12-At Turkey Creek Feb. 15-TBC Tournament Feb. 20-At Zephyrhills Feb. 22-Al OLPH ZEPHYRHILLS BULLDOGS Coacli: Jack Wilson Dec. 1-At Wauchula Dec. 5-Al Brooksville Dec. 8-At P lant C ity Dec. Ill-At Jesuit Dec. 16-At Pasco Dec. 20-Brooksvllle Holiday Tournament Jan. 5-At Turkey Creek Jan . 9-At Southeast City Jan. 16-At P inecrest Jan. 19-Gul High, 2 p.m . Jan. 20-At Brooksville Jan . 23 East Bay 2 p.m. Jan . 26-A t B rewster Jan. 27 At Brandon Feb. 2-At Haines City Feb. 3-At Fort Meade Feb. 6-At Pasco Feb. K ing Feb. 10-At Auburndale Feb. 1517-TBC Tournament Feb. 20-Brewster, 2 p .m. Feb. 23-At Brandon Internationals Win Soccer Tilt 15 ment at Dale Mabry Lanes over teams fmished first m the han-wmners m .the tournament. The Fox. creatures that we are it is SECOND RAS::E-Flve-sU' Fondis 18l' less. (N O arrow, JUSt the bow.) ing facilities are being provided 2-l\hr Jeff <6J. Coochie's Son m. 41 YEARS OF PROGRESS WITH TAMPA announced was the up-for bass and bream In "barren" HI Tiny CR>. M t k h 8-R. F.'s PerrY !5), Real Worry (6), E WILSON co ur ey s oot at the streams on the reservation. Young And Gay <4>. clubs range next Sunday morn-E 1 . . 1 . . . . 4-Harbor D rive (4), HI Wonder {fi), • • • ing at 1 0 a . m. Twenty-eight g lD IS a m Big Scholar (8). field targets on a handicap commumty proJect sponDevilish Doll !6), basis will be fired. Winners, of sored b y the Fort Beach 6-Grltty Guard w. Bill Banke r (6), 404 FRANKLIN ST. Study 1 • IS • • • G SAMPLE BALLOT Instructions to Voters 1!! TURN SWITCH RIGHT TO ClOSE CURTAINS MARK YOUR BAllOT AND LEAVE MARKS WARNING-YOUR t8:l MARKS MUST 8 SHOWING FOR VOTE TO REGISTER 3'!!! TURN SWITCH lEFT SUBMISSION TO VOTERS Shall Ordinance No. 306 0 A, en titl ed: " An Ordinance Granting a Franchise to Tampa Transit Lines, In c., a F l orid a Corporatio n, it s s u ccessors and A ssigns, for the Establishment , Mamtenance and Operation of a Motor Bus Transpor tati on Sys t e m ' in the City of Tampa, Hill s borough County, Florida, for the Transportation f o r Hire of Passe nger s as a Co m mon Carrier, and Fixing the Terms and Conditions of Such Grant. License Tax to be Paid , In surance to be Carried, Time f o r H olding Speci al Election for Ratification and Form of Ballot to be U sed; Repealing Ordinances in Conflict," be ratified? SUBMISSION TO VOTERS Sha ll Ordinance No. 3060 A, entitled: "An Ordinance Granting a Franchise to Tampa Transit Lines, I nc . , a Florida Corporation, its successors and Assigns, for the Establishmen t , Maintenance and Operation of a M otor Bus Transportatio n System in the City of Tampa, Hill s b o rough "Coun ty, Florida, for the Transportati o n f o r Hire of Passengers as 11 Common Carrie r , and Fixing the T erm s and Conditions of Such Grant, Lice nse Tax to be Paid, In surance to be Carried, Time for Holding Specia l Election f o r Rati fication and Form of Ballot to be Used; Repea l ing Ordinances in Conflict," be ratified? lSI OFFICIAL BALLOT Bus Franchise Ordinance Referendum Election Tuesday , December 5, 1961 City of Tampa Florida for ORDINANCE Against ORDINANCE E N YOUR PRESENT TAX LOAD JUST TO WHY • • • BURD S LINE? OPERATE A OWNED BU CONTINUANCE BUS SERVICE B'l of l l l l l TAMPA TRANSIT LIMES, INC. TUESDAY. DECEMBER 5th MOST MODERN BUS Today • • .TAMPA HAS THE SERVICE Of ANY ctn \N THE NATION Vote in their Precinct Regis.tered Voters For FREE Transportation to the Polls CALL Any of These. Numbers: Phone 251.-1078: 257-1461: 251-1390 and for Forest Hills and Sulphur Springs WE 5-1161 ' * * * fishing reefs. Collection areas (7), Janice F . <6>, Fabu-of D for old auto bodies and other 6-Libertine (5), E l Saeh. (8), 1\link The Hartford Agents PHONE 229-8021 OCJS reef materials have been desigSlacks 121. Of the county's intention of nat ed. Annie Sims (3), Walk disposing with "vicious (?)" dogs ••. phooey! Let's investigate the real source of the problem ... the dog owners. Another thing . • . was visiting veterinarians Dr. Jolly • Rogers and Dr. H. P. Anderson the other day . . • and was marveled by a certain operation. It was the first time witnessing a cesarian section on a female dog . • • she gave birth to f ive puppies (average for that type of dog is two to four). Truly a marvelous thing. (Note: Mom and offspring doing fine.) * * * Fishing I t gets a mite chilly at night this time of year, but ask any of the veteran fishermen bending an e lbow at the Gandy Bridge, or on a lake-bank. They'll tell you it's the best time. Usually, when the shades of darkness fall over this land of ours, most of the sedentary-type fishermen fold up whatever we are doing and head for home to loll in the security of own four walls. But pull into our street, Citrus Hunters Harvest 47 Deer INVERNESS-A 116 -pound dee r shot by Tampan Lawrence Wade was among the reported 47 deer taken at Inverness yesterday as the first of four two-da y gun hunts concluded. Wade's deer was a fine having a beautiful matched 8-point rack. The riginal estimated weight before field dressing was up wards of 140-pounds. Brooksville hunters, some of them almost shooting in their back yards, got five deer. Successful were Neil Cannon, Bernie Rivenbark, B _ A. Crum, Tom Vam and Bill Carpenter. more and more often we pass the veterans on tbeir way o ut, heading for the fishing spots now clothe d i n darkn ess. The reason . , . this is the time when most fish feed. Catfishermen have known this for years, the good catfi shermen, that is. They have refined the art to a real joy. They go out at dusk, bait and set their lines and spend the evenin g sitting around a fire, swapping lies and "running" their lines. If the luck is good they are ready t o go home at midnight loaded with a "mess" of fish: Or, sometimes they stay all nig h t, roasting wieners over the fire for a late lunch and frying fish for breakfast in the morning. Over in Lake Georg e, where Solunar Table B y JOHN ALDEN KNIGHT

' 16 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, 4, 1961 ------Weather Data .1. dent Moise Tshombe of the newsmen waiting at the airport with Fulbert Youlou. Rainfall for 24 hours, . Tallahassee 78 ending midnight . . . . • . • .00 Tampa ....... 81 For month to date . . . . • . • .00 D t B h 7 . 5 Barometer reading ay ona eac 7:00 ....... .' . . ..... 30.25 Fort Myers 82 TOMORROW Gainesville . . . 75 Sun rises . ." . .... 7:07a. m. Vero Beach . . . 75 Sun sets ....... 5.34 p.m . W. Palm Beach 80 Moon rises • • • • • 4:33 a.m. Moon sets ...... 3 .57 p.m. Tides at Seddon Island: High.. 1 : 13 p.m . , 11:35 p . m . Low . . 6:27 a . m., 5 : 29 p . m. TEMPERATURES Florida High Low Rain Apalachicola . . 69 54 Jacksonville .. 75 47 Key West .... 78 69 Miami Beach • 76 73 Orlando .... , . 77 59 Other Cities l\lbany, N .Y. . 44 Albuquerque . 56 Atlanta 72 Birmingham . . 7::; Boston .... . . . 41 Brownsville , . 82 Buffalo . . .... 48 Charleston, S.C. 68 Cincinnati 59 Cleveland . . . . 54


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