The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 264 (December 11, 1961).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
December 11, 1961
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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day lpt :ing tral 1ier no tad. ,. Univ ' ersity Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 264 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1961 Heat Beat Partly cloudy with un seasonabl y warm temper atures through Tuesday. South to southeast wlnds 8-1.8 m.p.h. High today 84. Low tonight 68. PRICE FIVE CENTS Holiday Schedule To Turn -Photo by Ted Gose . . Cam.pus Into Town' Alpha, Rec. Room To Close; Library Will Stay Open By LOUISE STEWART The University of South Florida campus will be something of a ghost town Dec. 16 through Jan. 1 when students and most of the professors desert to parts unknown. Left to hold down the fort will be the members of the nonacademic staff. Offices will remain open during their regular 8 a.m . to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday hours , except the following days : Dec . 25, 26 , 29 and Jan. 1. The library will go on a limited daily schedule of 8 a.m. to 5 p .m. on Dec. 18, IN AD PATIO 19 , 20, 21, 22, 27, and 28. The building will be closed Dec. 17, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, and Jan. 1. Normal library schedule will be resumed with classes Little Man on Campus FRATERNAL SOCIETIES LEND HAND Dr. Allen Delivers on Jan. 2. Members of several of the Fraternal Societies begin working on the all-cam pus drive to collect canned goods for the needy over the. holida ys. The drive is being sponsored by the Council 6f Fraternal Societies. From left to right are Tommy Little, A rete; Alice Evans, president o the Council of Fraternal Societies; Paula Pastor, Frides; Sandi Marti, Tri SIS, and Billy Vargus, Epelta. Christmas Message Alpha Hall Closing Alpha Hall will close down for the holidays Dec. 16, 10 a.m. being the zero hour for every one to move out. During the two-week period the building will get a general "housecleaning," and will reopen New Year's Day, Jan. 1 at 4 p.m. AT LAST By VIRGINIA MONTES Civic Units Elect . Officers "Christmas on Campus, 1961" will be officially opened by President John S. Allen when he delivers his second annual Christmas message to the students, faculty and staff o the university. This event will take Forty civic unit representa tives, elected last week by stu dents within their respective groups, will initiate their role as "voice of the people" i n Wednesday's 1 p.m. legislative council assembly in CHill. Frank Meiners, student asso ciation vice president and pre siding officer at the meeting, will review the purpose of the organization as a power in stu dent government at USF. at this first meeting deal with registration methods and pos sibly athletics. It is uncertain at this point j ust what powers representatives will hold-and just what they will do with them-for this is the first at tempt at complete student body representation on campus. According to Meiners, the extent o f power created for these officials "wlll depend mainly upon the strength of the individual civic units themselves. The amount of student participation in these groups will be the biggest factor in establish ing this system as truly democratic." to handle internal proceedings place in the patio of the Administration Building at 2 of each unit. The officers of • p.m., Thursday, Dec. 14. these groups will determine the Along with the presentation frequency and nature of the F p RA meetings, but a ll units will be of the official Christmas mcs-hcld accountable for mandatory sage w ill be the lighting of emergency meetings called by the university Christmas tree, the legislature. A d a tradition established at last Each unit will be allotted $25 war year's festivities. The tree, by the student government for which will be placed somewhere communication purposes and along the walkway of the patio, internal functions. will be switched on at the be• Each representative will be G lve n ginning of the Christmas pro-responsible to the unit to which gram. he is assigned, while the repre-University Choir To Perform sentatives-at-large are respon-The program, which is under siblc, theoretica lly, to each in-T.he University of South Flor-the sponsorship and direction Even the University Center, usually the bee-hive of campus activity, will be a q:..iet scene. Duane Lake, UC director, has announced that recreational fa cilities will be closed. The build ing will be opel!, but only the offices. The recreation room will be closed after Friday night. Some Food Facilities The main dining cafeteria will only be open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the use of the staff on duty. The Coffee Shop will be open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Both facilities will be closed Satur day an!i Sunday. 1 The (!amp us s t o r e will be closed for inventory at the end of bus ess on Dec. 15 and re open Ja . 3. Stra Noises From TA "You asked me to arrange it for you to go home early for the Christmas holidays?" ALL U BOOK The Family of Man Is Life Photodrama In addition to the representa tives of the 20 ch•ic units, five university senators and five representatives-at-large will be present at Wednesday's session, which will be open to the public. Topics expected to crop up Also selected in mass elec tions last weGk were officers dividual student, thus insuring ida. r.eceived a . F!orida Publ!c of the Student Arts Council, that student opinions concernRelatiOns a-:vard m will follow about the same lines ing unjversity af!airs wlll be a. Frtday for pu.b-as last beginninl! with the heard. • relat10ns program !ts presentati m and performance nge noises coming By WING PREODOR ' Comfncnting on the cnncepfull year of .operation. of the niversitv Chf';r and eater building will Have you been reading t\o much .lately? tirm O/.)jhc . ic IUli's ?'hi' ll\\'arrt. Which prc1 \cornmencir. with. he trp.dition-b,.u_t ,ufferin. g. eye 1\!r.ain_? . T . a . ersitv "' OOK lOT " 51ird, • •lc 1u"c. ... t .... tt":"t':. ...... a l>!' R ;t;o,',." 1 \ l r..... 1 J..:_ 1" • 11 -:>f'; is not at USF, but may O \ the FPRA "' .... " . arts, and i::lustrious member /" lE: :.t: ... v•Ju un"'i. f.! 1''" C l•IO\Jue uUt have achieved its fullest ex-mmitlcc and an official of the . The under the direc-of his con truction crew. It is eyes with the relief they nee(}. It J!': a book of photo PI essioh on our campus. They C If Power Co., an tton of R. Wayne Hugoboo.r;n, quite likel • that English ac• graphs entitled The Family of Man, compiled by Ed were de wised in connection with a ards banquet at Busch Gar-assocJale' professor of music, cents will e penetrating the ward Steichen. dens reads: will begin with the singing of t h f • Lt:W SARETT MfMORiAL PLAQUE Allen To P . resent New Speech Award t h e representatives-at-large by I "To one of our hosts for their "Deo Gracias" by Brit'en, fola mosp ere as actors or 'The Produced and shown first at the Constitution Committee of 1 d b "V' '1'' b CJ . t Importance of Being Earnest" the Museum of Modern Art in the introduction, "We sought the Intenm Steering Committee fledglinl-( yet most effective ef-owe Y IS{t . Y Ian-bone up an their parts. and selected photographs, made as the best answer to the prob-forts of identifying themselves sen. Dr. Allen Will. qe mtroM esky Christmas to You New York, the book contains in all parts of the world, of the lems of inadequate student gov-as a separate entity in a large duced by. stu(lent Jim Klapps, Since this is the last campus 503 PhotograPhs from 68 gamut of life from birth to ernment." educational system, for their the Student Arts edition until Jan. 8 the staff countries. The photographers death with emphasis on the CIVIC UNIT OFFICERS activities in receiving regnition ounci . At the conclusion of daily of man to President John S. Allen will will be the first to have its name UNIT 1 .Reps.: "Jay Kaiser, April for their programs, and pro-Dr. Allen's message, takes this opportunity to wish who took them-273 men and .,. present the sweepstakes award engraved on the Lew Sarett Sharr ; chairman, .Jim Ruyle: vice posed programs to legislative will perform agam, thts time you all a Happy New Year. women-are amateurs and pro-h imself, to his family, to the in the first annual Intramural Memorial Award, a plaque to be bodies, for their cooperation presenting "Jesus and the fessionals, famed and unknown. community and. to the world on permanerl't display in the Hart. ' . • . with the press, for an excellent Wooly Sheep" by Newbury, and Counseling . Service Photo Essay we live in." as.tmuUniversity Center. UNIT rr R_ers.: Tmy Geiger and emergency program de a 1 in g concluding with the traditional In these pictures, every one w v Vernon Stokes. chairman . Leonard . . . "J' 1 B 1 , b C Attr t" A I" t Over two mt.llion photographs f h' h k f t Individual winners will reJOI'\es; vice chairman, Toby Buck; sec With a potential explOSIVe probmg e e ls y harles. ac lnCJ pp lean 5 w lC IS a wor 0 ar ' man mdeonstt ceive smaller plaques which retary . Karen Lench: treasurer, Kent lem for their educational pro-Alma Mater To Conclude program provided from all parts of the world were is seen as he reacts to love, Moss. t t d' f l t t ff submitted to the editors, and marriage, child-bearing, his en-they may retain. These will be UNIT Ill Reps.: Dick Puglisi and gram 0 s u Jes , acu y, s a The audience will join with by th counseling service has vironment, his family, his re-presented by Dean Howard and the public at large, the the choir in the singing of attracted many applicants. Vo ligion, h is schools, and his govDa .lly Schedule John.shoy .to t h e fou.r students secretary, Vilma Gonzalez; treasurer, Awards takes pleasChl'istmas carols. "Christl1!as on cational interest and aptitude best of these, and telling the ernment. Every one of the earrung first place m the exSue Strock. ure m presentmg to the people Campus 1961" will close with tests a r c used t o determine a photog1aphers seems to have an UNIT I V -Reps.: Bob Anderse n , responsible for our wonderful • story of man. Steichen says in Mo.•mAY. DEC. 11 temporaneous speaking, oral in-C l air W!nchell; .• h airman, Brooks Bat-. . . the choir and audience singing student's possible major and understanding of the relationlO:oo a.m. H5tousdpeitnatliAtyrt Ccoomumnc1 . 1 AUDC1 10F8 terpretation of poetry, original lagh; vice charrman, Tommy Ryals; Pubhc Institute tod!!y, and the winning composition in are administered purely on a sht'p of man to man. And the • ITeasurer, Allen Fernandez; secretary, the Umvers1ty of South Flonda th t USF BusiJless Ldts. Org. UC200 manuscript speaking and radio Lynn Nichols. . d . d ' t f th k e recen song competlvoluntary basis. M h s . D" "d pictures together show an esSwpeosrttms I'cnsatrerCFiuebll. broadcast contests. UNIT v -Reps.: Tom Beasley, an 1ts tree or 0 . e .wor -tion "University of South Flor-Tests requests are now sched-at I ctence lVI e sential sameness of mankind • Mary Taylor; chairma n , Kenneth study program who filled m the 'd A' l " cantcrb,\'rY A••!! uc:2os The tournament is sponsored Parks; vice chairma n , Sam Huddles public relations post when dire-1 a rna Mater, composed by uled far in advance, and cur-The Math and Science Club wherever he is in the world. Club by the USF Speech Association, Joyce Burts: treasure r, ly needed, Prof. George H. Mil-Hugo boom. rent requests will not be has broken up into six sub-divi-Both First, Second Class Ethelontes UC219 which coordinates the activities UNIT VI --: Reps.: Mike Shea. Andy ler the FPRA honorable men-The program drew one of the honored until after the Christ-sions. The first meetings will The bookstore will cany both C.oun.) of the Forensics Association , award of excellence." largest of any event last mas holidays. be Wednesday at 1 p.m. in the the 50 cent and $1.50 editions Dance Comm. UC226 the Broadcasting Club, the Oral Gilley; secre tary , Sandy Lewis. The award was received by year and I S expected to repeat Counseling personnel said following rooms; Astronomy-of The Family of Man. The 5 :00 p.m. uc248 Reading Group and the audjolvn . Vanacore, Miller and Egerton for thj!' uni-this year. It is becoming a tra-most of the test applicants are CII101; Biology-CH103;; Chemis50 cent edition is here now and 70 p.m. Rehearsal " Importance ogy-speech pathology interest versity. dition and is the official start sophomores who must choose a try-CH105; G eo 1 o g y-CH106; the $1.50 edition is expected to n :oo p.m. group. tary, Linda Salemi; treasur er, Kay Miller held down the post of o f the university Christmas sea-major in the near future. Math-CH107; Physics-CH108. arrive this week. TUESDAY. DEC. 12 uc257 of the tournament, will preside G.ary Shimer : ch.airman, Bob Neff; reau from mid-October, 1960, .this ttme. Students and 11'00 a.m. uc2o3 at the awards meeting tomoruntil July, 1961, while John faculty and staff have NEWLy ORGANIZED Speech uc264 row. All students. and staff Wanamaker. Egerton, editor ,was hospital-been tnVJted to attend. wesley Foundation u<.2os members are invited to attend. ized following an auto accide.nt. ff• I A lso this week the Forensic strong; v ice chairman, Roger Lewis: The award covered the perwd 0 ICia NotiCeS S . t . . " secretary, Tom Thompson. from Sept 1 1960 to June 1 Broadcasting Club OCIC Y IS SpOnsoring a st!SSiun UNIT X-Reps.: Jim Bartlett, Alvis ' ' ' ' LIBRARY HOUR CHANGES _ The B8n9 on the subject o f Inte rcollegiate Sherouse: chairman, Rodney KitePow 196 1. Univers ity Library will hereafter be Veterans' Club UC22l Athletic s. Tbe debate will be ell; vice chairman , Frank Hancock; Earlier in the day the FPRA open o n Saturdays from 8 a.m. until Uc::Invi,Ivcerusi!'tiyt 8 1 n clf1<;21o1o1 held Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 1 gathered on the USF campus 5 p.m. By BILL BLALOCK which a chairman will be named maximum tax savings, as well ' . ard Kingry; chairman, John vaudo ; for a program headed by two GREAr BOOKS DISCUSSION OPENS Operational plans for a newly shortly. as other special benefits. In204g 3 secretary. USF faculty members, Dr. Paul organized University of South Members of the committees eluded are plans whereby the Delphi uc205 monthly open d isc ussions sponUNIT XII -Reps.: Lynwood Bevis, Given and Prof. Rob ert O'Hara. Books .group. Anyone Florida Foundation were dis-and of the entire board are vol-foundation, i f requested, would Harry. chairman. Marie wgr'"ahmmgshtoouldparste'ncdipahtei.s rnnam"uec,h a"ddPrersos cussed before groups of staff unteers. Full-time operation of take over management of prop-6 on p.m. Bal>tlst Student UC226 sored by the organizati'on. As M 1 h 1 Ed K h 7 00 USF a en, VIce c a l'n;'an, ro n ; sec. Unl"vers"ltl"es To Be and telephone number to Mrs. Ann and students at separate meet-the Foundation's program is coe . rty or securities while the ' p.m. Gymnastics Sem. Rec. Cen. Usual t h e r e will be seven minretarytreasurer, Lmda Miller. Mulder, University Library by Dec. 11 d ' uc202 UNIT xm -.Reps.: Ralph Borrell, 16. 1951. ' ings held during the free hours ordinated by Dale Puree , I donor retains the income from UC:/.13 ute lntr,odl;lctory speeches by Sam H a.,ls; chairman, Merrily Miller; Topic of Series JEWISH MEMBERS CONVENE-AU Thursday and Friday by Dale rector of development. Faculty them. 7:30 p .m. Rehearsal "Earnest" UC157 two pnnctpal speakers and vice chall'man, Patsy Gatling; seer'! Jewish students and faculty members Purcell dt'rector of develop-and student participation in the Increase m Support D r t B ld G I' th . t h f b ta_ry, Jackte Smllh; Gall t M k U . ' t are requested to attend a very lm ' up Jca e r ge a .. ree mmu es eac or m e m ers Ricks. a a e S a ntversl Y portant dinner meeting tonight at ment. Foundation program will result In their announcement of the of the audience. UNI T XIV -Reps.: l3ob Ash(ord, Great-and Small" i s the topic 5 :30 p . m . Bring your trays to dining h t h ld t . f t' f ddT 1 om J d G d Paideia UC221 Larry Thornberry; chairman, Bob AI f th U f S t h room 167 or 168. Final arra ngements T e mee ings were e o m. orma ton 0 a 1 wna . c -program, U ge ermany an Fid uc200 I wood; vice chairman. George o r e ntvC'rStty 0 0 u for the Hanukka Hotdog Hop will be acquaint the staff and students mtttees shortly, Purc:;ell satd. President Allen said the foun-8' p.m. Study USF De egates Bentley; treasurer, COMMITTEE MEETS-All with the foundation and their Current Givmg rialion "is not seeking dollars c t Ch UNI T xv -Reps.: Dennis S'anchez, persons interested in dance, dance pro roles In it. Interest finder sheets Opportunities in the area of which should go to private in 8:30p . m .• 'l'A Attend AAUP Richard. Rocha; chairman, Margaret Tuesday in CHill. ct.uclions, choreorraphy, !lan.ce exhibi were given at both meetings to include stitutions of higher learning; 9 ,45 p.m. R eception honoring Cruz; v1ce chairman, Sandra Lopez: The series focuses the spottions and wor.ksh?P are rn-:Itcd to at h 1 lt J d 1 . Chorus & Or,<:h. TA secretary, Anne Walters; treasurer light on controversi'al issues of tend a n meetmg on Dec. g ive students and staff an opS IJ?S.' specta cu ura an • rather, it 1S providing an opporWEDNESDAY. DEC. 13 Sf t M t• Francis Stahlbash ' 13, l p.m. m uc 222. to indicate areas in ent.If t c pro. grams, lectureshipS, tunity to individuals, corpora a e ee lng UNI T XVI Reps.: L amar Mar the limes. In response to i nSPEED READING C I,ASS OFFERJ;:D -T• t t h t 1:00 p.m. chese, Bob Lodado; chairmen, Fred creasing interest an d attend--Two section s of accelerated readmg which they. were interested. ar 1s s senes, researc s tions and foundations to meet Danceh ea rDe b t uc 6 Frankli n . Jim Bobbitt; secretary treas be offered for faculty and .staff To Be Flexible a n d campus. be autiftcahon. the ex'panding challenge of Speec Assn. • a e Three members of the U n iurer, Janic e Jones. ancc, the format of this week's the 1962. Rl!gis\ra Th b ft f 1 co. Frat. Soc. versity of South Florida chapUNIT --: Reps.: .lim. Klapps, program will use the audience P urcell said the organizatio n ese e g i s o.r genera higher education's role and reUC203 t f th A . A . t wa r d , c hair'!'an . Dan . fuller t o n ; as panelists. will be scheduled on Monday. lOll and would be kept f lexible so that or .needs .whtch could quirements. wesley Foundaliou UC2v5 er 0 e mencan ssoc,a ton Ice chairman, D iane GarCia; secre Guest speaker for the discus-Wednesday 5 Tuesdav 11-12 and students would be able to work b.e applied to en"Both public and private inPhoto Club UC.213 of University Professors attendJohnson : treasurer, Jan sion is Dr. Sydney J. French, or. Zeller with t h e foundation on gifts nch the s programs stitutions have a vital role to ed the State Conference of the UNIT xvm -Reps.: Norm cut dean of the un,verst'ty's College ADDITIONS ANn cnANGEs TO whenever the desire arose. of to students and the fill. In our country, and specifi Official• nub ucz2i 'AAUP at the University of Flor-son, Tom. Overman; chairman, Toy STAFF niRECTOltYThe followiJlg 1 1 t t' f tl d 1 commumty 11 th' t Math & Science Club ida, Saturday, Dec. 2. D1tzler; vice c h airman. Dick Clark; of Basic Studies and outspoken changes should be made In the di mp emen a IOn O le eve ' ca Y m IS area, we mus 5 00 p m Beg Lessons Gall secretary.treasurer, Ed Timmons. d t f 1 d t ' r ectory: opment program will begin ini-. SP.eCJal G tfts strengthen both, and always ' Batiroom DanciJlg Ba11: Dr. Donald Harkness, presiUNIT XIX -Reps.: Ralph Tindall, a voca e 0 genera e uca 10 Chambers , Jack A . , Director, Rt. 2, tially with seven committees, Spectal gifts o. f a more long protect and preserve the op 6 30 p m Alpha Christmas d t f th USF h t "'th Patsy chairman, Jackie Diaz; on the undergraduate level. Dr. Box 740, Lutz. g t 1 d ' Party Alpha Hall en e c ap er 01 e v1ce chairman, caro l Martin; secre L B M h USF' d' combast, Donald. Groundsman I, headed by members of the ran e na ure .me u e pcrma-tion. The outstanding state uni70 p .m. Arete AAUP, Dr. Leslie Malpass, tary , Shirley Gonzalez; treasurer, ewls ay ew, .s treePhysical Ptant ll4, AD 1041. Rt. 1, foundation's 22-man board of nent scholarship and researc. h versities in America have been Dinner steve's Rus Lodue h I H B h Sharon Kelngs. tor of Evaluation Services and Box 349, Odessa, WE 0. fund th d me t f d s Judo Club West Ramp c airman uman e avwr, UNIX xx -Reps.: Ray Fernandez, Lnstitutional Research, will act Fickes, James A., 876. directors. Support will be sought . 5 : e en ow 0 • 0 1 -built by a combination of pub-Chess Club Gall. and Vernon Edmonds, instru ctor Gloria Sague: chairman. Tony Mes as moderator. Kutik, Mary Joy P ender, Clerk III , i n three areas of gift opportuniprofess?rshtps and lie and private funds. In its 8:00p.m. AdeAmUIPc FPraeneedl.omAca of Human Behavior, were the sina: vtce chairman. sam Napoli; Central Duplicating, UCl, 8416 tt'es-current, spect'al and cap1_ cha1rs and fellowships for grad-aspiration for greatness and for CH100 secretary, Marilyn Favata; treasurer. This will be the last debate Twm Lake Blvd., Tampa 4, WE; 4 9344. t THURSDAY. DEC. u delegates. Rene VIlle. _ before the Christmas holidays. Herman G. 3321 Bickwood tal-and a variety of giving ua c . expanded services the Universi 2:00p.m. on AD Pallo Governor Bryant addressed W The series will resume Jan. 2 watkins, Devon, UCl25. methods, from cash gifts to be-. Gifts . . ty of South Florida must have Forensic Assn. UC203 over 200 of the members at a omen's Club Plans with the topic, "Toward an Inq uests, will be emphasized. . Cap! tal . gifts-needed fa.ctlisuch support," the announce.Bgm luncheon. According to Dr. ' Chr"lstmas Dance tellectual Tone at the University Riverhil!s Dr .. Tampa 10. Committees Lis ted ties not likely to be provided ment said. Foreign Lang. Club ucz15 Harkness, a major emphas i s in of SoutJ;l _ Progress ?r T . Mrs. The seven committees are by the legislature because of Purcell described the Founall the colleges and universities There will be a semi-formal RegressiOn . Guest speaker will Johnson, Maria J. Mrs. . Trust and Investment, headed the lack of funds-include an dation's purpose as an "organ-3,00 p.m. c&olct e0guenci. o10fETduclciar.tion of the state for the coming Christmas dinner-dance in the be Dr. Lewis B Mayhew with liiACAttTUUR, . n Ess E by George R. Cooley, Albany, observatory, a concert hall, ized opportunity to widen the Education Conr. uc264 year w ill be o n exploring possi-ballroom of llie UC on Dec. 15, Dr. John s. USF' s 'presiaof N.Y.; Membership and Scholar-health and recreation facilities, university's circle of friends and 6 . 3 0 p.m. Wesley Foundation uc103 bilities and procedures for a sponsored by the USF Women's dent, as moderator. ship, chaired by Mrs. John D. a golf course, an arboretum, a supporters. We can offer them 7 ;0 o p.m. program of sabbatical l eaves. Club for members and guests . The weekly debates are open responsible for purchasing, wlll ex Weekley, Tampa; Special Gifts, technological institute, research an opportunity to invest in seminar CHlU The USF chapter of A refreshment hour will be to the public. change positlo,ns with Stepbep Mac chaired by Stanton D. Sanson, centers, biological field stations American young people, and at 5 .00 p.m. senior Acct. Club UC157 will sponso r a panel dtscusston held in the state dining room who 's now for Miami Beach; Life Incomes and and marine biological facilities. the same time increase their 7 ;30 p.m. Bm on "Academi c Freedom," from 6 until 7 p . m. Dinner will NEXT CAMPUS EDITION, housmg, ,food, and vendmg. Bequests, headed by Edward I. Ways of Giving spendable income, avoid capital FRIDAY, DEC. 1 :, Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 8 p.m. be served in the ballroom at 7 JANUARY 8 JOURNALISTS NEED EN -3 41 Cutler, Tampa; Publicity and The foundation in its pro-gains tax, cut current income 3 :00 p.m. Program UC214 in Ch1 00 . The panel , which is o'clock. Foll owin g the dirtner The next issue of the Campus Students i nterested in journal-Occasions, chaired by Mrs. John gram will seek new friends for tax and eliminate management 7 .00 P m . open to the public, will be mod-will b e dancing, with music pro-Edition of The Tampa Times ism an

2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Mot.1day, December 11, 1961 P.E.-INTRAMURALS Societies Power Plant Sparks Fame The power plant at the north-plant opet"ates full time at a • ern part of the campus makes monthly cost of $6,000 to $7,000. 1Stars seek DivisionTitle The Tampa Tirnes University of South Florida Campus Edition G t J posslbl'e USF's fame as t!Ie first The original cost of building the e u m p completely air-conditioned unl-p lant was The power-packed All-Stars will be looking for their seventh a . versity in the country. Tampa Electnc Company sup. les 0 • e on a communications media, group eryone is invited to attend. tion . The answer is "Yes," w1th state law_ as It pertams to 1!!tters WORK-STUDY OPENING dynamics, problems of the prot h f llowing limitations: to editor are m. the IN BANK fession communications-public e 0 . . off1ce of Campus Publications . ' WELCOME fiHAHCE CO 1. Letters should be llm1ted to or in the Editing Lab. The Work-Study Cooperative and educatiOnal teleV1• 150 words in length . Greater All letters to the editor should Program !' . as a team opening for SIOn. . Moving to Our length may result in editing be addressed to: Editor of the the second semester in one

l f .. if f f s , . 1 s 1 \ \ ' n IN NON-CONFERENCE PLAY SEC Are Picks Upset • Pro Basketball • g1ve New For women ••• Rotary Blade Shavers ! New Norelco 'Floating-Head' Speedshaver • 'Floating-heads' hug every curve of your face! • Adjust automatically to beard density! • Rotary Blades take the pinch-and-pull out of shaving! • Give the world's most comfortable shaves! • See Norelco's other gifts of shaving comfort! NEW best-selling 'fliptop' Speedahaver .111 110 y, only. (AC /D.C). FOR THE LADIES ••• .. the Lady Norelco. Two-tone misty pink and gray, with case. (AC/DC). The Coquette. lipstick shaped. Pretty, pink, perfumed . CAC/DC). Priced to fit every purse I See them demon1lrated on TVI NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS COMPANY, Inc. (AC/CC) 110-220 v. 100 East 42nd Street, New'1-ork 17, New York. Norelco is known o• PhiliShave in Canada and throughout the rest of the free world. I Solunar Table According to the Solunar Table cal culated for the area, the but Ume and a.m p .m. Minor MaJor Minor MaJor 8:45 2:35 9:10 2:55 9:40 3:30 10:05 3:50 Letting the big ones get away will be the theme again this season when the 27th annual Metropolitan M i a m i Fishing Tournament opens Dec. 17. The a black grouper, two reds and nationally popular event runs a grunt . . . but they were all through April. 15, 1962. returned to the deep to sumf mon their parents. They didn't. Expert and tyro anglers rom Luttrall provided the most many points on. the will entertainment aboard when he be tlf'ing their lu,ck for dlst!nc pulled in an octopus. The small tion m the world s flsh but lively critter scooted around lng classic. Anyone lS welcome the deck without reservation, to participate. There is never forcing ever:w>ne to the 3-2 top an entry fee. , of the bait box. Stovall saved In addition to many big fish the day when he g 1 n g e r 1 y loose because they don't pushed the "acty" back into the qu1te make the grade as .record drink. catches or citation winners, The Miss Sandra wasn't the smaller fry will be freed only boat attempting to claim unmJured to fight again . Last Top Mat Match Slated The wrestling "match of the year" in Florida is set for to morrow night at the Fort Homer Hesterly Armory. The reigning world tag team itlists Kurt and Karl Von Brauner will risk their crown against the U.S. champions 'fojo Yamamoto and Taro Myaki 01i the main event of promoter Cow b o y Luttrall's wrestling card. The Japs, who arrived in the United States two months ago, have already gained one half of their ambition to gain the U.S . title. When they "capture the world title," they claim they will return to Japan ... "and make everyone come to the m to challenge the titles." The Von Brauners have held the world title for over two years. Their manager, save Weingeroff will meet Dick Steinborn of Orlando in a duel to the finish. Weingeroff and, Steinborn have had a private feud work Ing for the past .three weeks, and will come to a head in the special match. Two wrestlers have been assigned to the match to help retain Weingeroff within the ring ropes. In the prelims, Bill Drom.o will tackle Tampan Ray Vill mer, while Evelyn Almes of Cincinnati will take on Kitty Adams of Louisville , Ky. . Hockey-At-a-Glance By Associated Press NATIONAL LEAGUE Spnda:y's Results Montreal 4. Boston 3 Toronto 3 , New York 2 Detroit 3. Chicai!O 2 year nearly half the 60,000 fish caught were given their free dom. Special •trophies are offered for this display of good sportsmanship. Launching the theme of con servation will be the opening day festivities sponsored by the Islamorada Fishing Guides As sociation at the famous little fishing town on the Florida Keys. A pre-opening banquet on the evening of Dec. 16 will be hosted by Carl Twitchell, an ardent fisherman and owner of the sparkling new Cheeca Lodge at Islamorada. Newsmen, out door writers and working pho tograpers will attend as guests of the community. * * * Dog Land Dog lovers have a 1 w a y s dreamed of a place where they could visit all breeds of pure bred dogs in familiar surround ings . But up until the estab lishment of Dog Land at Chief land, near the Suwanee River, the dream was just that-a dream. Sharing a common interest in dogs, people of all walks of life stop at Dog Land. Thousands of visitors have already seen this exhibit of all breeds of dogs. An example: after some re freshment, one m or n in g a couple bought a few dog arti cles and gifts and continued on to see the dogs. As they drove away, I noticed their out-of state license plates bore the number A-1. Another day, two artists from Spain paid Dog Land a visit; before leaving , they gave an order for a puppy. The manager relates that people from all parts of the world who visit Florida stop by to see Dog Land. Visitors are always amazed to find that there are so many different breeds of do gs in the county from the tiny Chihua hua to the royal Japanese Akita -from lap dogs to those which would draw utterances from the most avid hunter. Bearcats Catch Strikers THE TAMP A TIMEfi 17 Monday, December ll, 19Gl Bryan Wins Title, Rating HILLSBOROUGH SALES & SERVICE 915 W. WATERS AVE. Ph. WE 5-7840 GIVE THE FINEST GIFT IN "AGES" Give Old Charter at 7 years in its Executive Decanter ... and Old Charter at 10 years (the limited edition) ... lavish holiday wraps at no extra cost. At either age, you give Kentucky' s Finest Aged Bourbon. Also available ••• Decorative Gold 2-bottle and 3-bottle Gift Packs! Gift-wrapped pints and half-pints also available OLD CHARliER Kentucky's Finest AGED


• l your taste every puff l The freshness and flavor of Salem mingle softly, to refresh your taste ... just as springtime and soft sunlight refresh and delight you. J I .... ' • menthol fresh rich tobacco taste modern filter, too


?(JA/. .f I Nb ;;;;:;_ -><:::lc. /7) /Cl6d-


. refreshes your taste every puff . The freshness and flavor of Salem mingle softly, to refresh your taste ... just as springtime and soft sunlight refresh and delight you. .. , • menthol fresh • rich tobacco taste . . . modern too


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