The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 288 (January 8, 1962).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 8, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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.. University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 288 TH.E TAMPA TIM.ES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 1962 Bit of Dip Gradually clearing and a little cooler tonight and Tuesday. W i n d s 13-22 m.p.h. High today 70. Low tonight 48. H I g h Tuesday 68. PRICE FIVE CENTS -::. Delayed Registration To Hit Many; Allen Gives Details .•.. . Those OK Get Word Jan. 22; Others To Register Feb. 14 Students in overlooking some registration instructions have brought more than a few to faculty and .administrative ..personnel. And a number of stu dents will fmd they are not gettmg the classes or class load they requested. This was brou.ght out in a faculty meeting in CHlll. To a lot of people Jan. 22 Is now "D" Day. You do register on time or you don't, depending on what you have done by Jan. 10. Dr. John S. Allen, USF presi, .dent, asked the faculty to help processed will be posted by the A special advisory program spread the word on the details cashier' s door, on the official will be set up for those who of registration. He pointed out bulletin board in the University have not completed their regis that instructions must be folCenter, and by the registrar' s tration but all details will be lowed by both the students and door, Monday, Jan. 22. Since announced in a later issue of th, e advisors to make the sys-these students will priority the Campus Edition of The tern work. so far as course and section as-Tampa Times. Problems Revealed signment is concerned, they can The faculty meeting brought President All e n said, "Student make payment to the cashier be-out the facts tha t 150 students and staff coopera tion in the ginning Monday, Jan. 22 , and have not yet picked up their new registration approach is receive their schedules. Later packets to start their registra much appreciated." He added, supplements to this list will be tion and more than 650 ( includ"It is hoped that the experi-posted, also. ing the above 150) have not re mental plan now in use wi.ll "Upon payment, spaces in turned their packets so they save students and adv1sors much classes will be reserved. Non-can be time in schedule. making, and payment will result in the re-Take Good Lqok thereb:r proVIdf7 op-assignment of course cards to Right now students should reportum!y for disc ussiOn the another student," Dr. Allen ex-member these dates: students plained. Wednesday, Jan. 10-Last day career obJective. The Any student requesting a for returning packets on time umvers1ty should also. be. en-change, once assigned, must for regular registration. Little Man on Campus .__4-. abled to mor.e evenly dJstnbute present his request in writing Monday, Jan. 22-Lists to be e,nrollments m classes sec-to the dean of the college in posted of those who may com must for maxunum which he or she is registered. plete registration and payment uhhzahon of a.s the This request will be accepted of fees. Listing of details of body on Monday, Feb. 19 , not be-registration in the Campus Edi"How's he coming along on those course schedules? . the Presfore and the request must be tion of The Tampa Times. got to get ihem to the students pretty soon ... 1dent Allen e x p 1 a 1 n e d, "a 11' d t d R M d J DANCE COMPANY TO BE FEATURED screening of the packets turned we ocume_n e equests .so on ay, an. as Scene from "Romeo and Juliet" to the tune of Tschaikowsky's "Overture Fan-in revealed significant prob-presented Wlll be. honored Jan. 22 plus S h l h • E tasia." This is only one of the numbers to be presented by the award-winning lems which prevented the com-sofar as space m classes lS menta.ry hsts, and addltJOnal mc 0 ars Ip notas Push p1etion of the entire scheduling at that trme. struchons. 11 American Dance Drama Company on campus this Friday. Shown above are two process. In some cases incom-Pres1dent AHen added, "Jobs Wednesday, Feb. l4-Testing • CJ starring members of the company, Emily Frankel and Terrence Miller. plete information or the ex-and. pools cut down the op-and orientation for new stu-Grant G ve eanness gd fur l . BUSY MONTH by the students such as jobs or students may not get all the old students (those not return-c • car pools, the comclasses they ask for:" ing their packets in proper un:vers:ty ampaign pletion of schedules. While An exampl.e mentiOned at the order by Jan. 10). . 11 11 . F II F H . recognizing the necessity of faculty was of one stu-. Thursday, Feb. 15-Reglstra., " . " • part-time jobs in some in-dent cla1mmg t? work 35 tion of new students. An armual scholarship grant Keep South Flonda Neat is I Ou rs stances the university also a week and still a Monday, Feb. tl . th . the slogan of an extensive clean ' . . classload of 18 cred1t hours. It of request for changes m sched-was recen Y g1ven to e um-. . takes of the is very doubtful that such a ufe. ons: Allen, Annette M., Mrs. , were Pat Johnson who took Frank UC264 . and DeMott, Vincent A . . . . • Frat socie!Jes Com. ADlOSO be an Illustrated talk on the Education Students who are re ce>v the radio speaking category; Approximately $100 w as Forensic Assn. UC203 "]flora of Panama" by Dr John ing a scholarship loan the Lee Lombardia extemporaneous earned toward financing the an-Young Republicans UC204 preparatiOn of teachers must file an . • . . Young Democrats UC205 Dwyer. application for renewal of their sch9l speakmg; Gertrude Enzweiler nual m the Chnstmas card sale Judo Club 1JC213 Culture and Students loan, even though he may not manuscript speaking and which was held last month, ac-uc Lessons Comm. UC216 N t t b td h . WISh to continue use of his scholar. . • . d' t M . 1 O' Foreign Language Club UC219 o o e ou one, t e Fme ship. Application lorms are available rmo Mascarmo oral mterpreta-cor mg o en ee Berry, Salling Club UC221 Arts division is holding up its in the College of Education office, tion of poetry ' managing editor for the year-Baptist Student Unjon UC226 'd Th U •t St Room 2101 Administration Building. . . . . b k T:OO p.m. Math.Science sem. CHill Sl e. e mvers1 Y rmg The deadline for completing these Runners-up m the md!VJdual oo F.R:IDAY, JAN. 12 Quartet composed of two pro-ronns is Jan . 30, 1962.. events included: George Geiger There had been hopes of put2 :00 p.m. Bndge Tournament 1JC264 f d t t d t ill Education Students mterested In tak D G d' . 3:00 p .m. council UC214 t;ssors an wo S u en s W ing the National Teachers Examination enrus randa; Charles Lun -tmg out an annual at the end USF Broa

2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 8, 1962 P.E.-INTRAMURALS UCDOINGS The Tampa Times All-Stars Cop Grid Title \ Trip, New Room Campus Lake Area Provides Fill Dirt The grading operation around the lake at the western end of University of Sol}th Florida Campus Edition \ThliTTEE: P . R. ,Zetler. Givens. Chmn.; Gordon Brunpild. C. C. ALL-UNIVERSITY BOOK: R. A. Clark. G. C. Eichholz. t:'. R. H arkness, Warner. Chmn.; R. lll. Cooper, J. W. R . W. Heywood, H. G . Johnsho,v, G. B. f Joyce Payne , A. C. Rodgers, J . D . INTERNATIONAL STUDIES: R. H. Teske; l' 'aculty Wife: Mrs. P. C . Fuson, Cbmn.; C. W . Arnade. J. A . WJil(ht: Students: Two to b e appointed. Chambers, R. M. Cooper, H. W . Dean, BASIC STUDlES-Lm. ARTS COUNR. J. Decker. F. J. Harrigan, R. C. CJL: R . M. Cooper, Lewis, . R . iL. Morgenroth, E. F. Me A. A. Beecher. J S . Bmford, R. J , Lean. R. E. Neei, H. M. Robertson. Decker. W. w. Fortlon wftb Hills borough Co. Schools: Art A. A. Beecher, H. J. Burgart: Engllsh-R. L. Zetler, H. W . Dean; Language--R. L. Morgenroth, W . K. Bott; Mathematics -D. C. Rose, R . L. Shannon; MusicA. A. Beecher, G. L . Sperry; Natural Science E. P. J\1artin, H . H. Stewart; Physical Edn.-G. W . Hertz; Social Stud!es--R. A. Goldstein. T. F. Stovall. TRAFFIC C. B. Hi:!, Chmn.; D. H. Battenfe!d, William Gar rett, Elliott Hardaway, R. F. Hess; Students: Two to be appointed. UNIV. FUNCT. & PUBLIC INFORM.: A. A. Beecher, Chmn,; Mary Lou Barker , J . W. Egerton, G. E. Eich holz, R . W. Heywood, E. W. Hirshberg, D. E. Lake, G. ll. 1\Jil!er, A . C. Rodg ers, A . W. Zaitz; Student : One to be appointed. UNIVERSITY SENATE: From Aca demic Staff-A. A. Beecher , W. K. Batt. J. W . Caldwell, J . A . Chambers. C. C. Clark, J. W. Egerton , R . H . F u son, P. R. Givens. R. A. Goldstei n , D. R. Harkness, John Hicks, C. B. Hil!. ,J, B. Kennedy, H. C. Kiefer, L. F. Malpass, Phyllis Marshall, E. P. Martin, G. B . McCabe, R. L. Morgen. roth, Danilo Oreseanin, J. A. Parrish Jr., H . M . Robertson, D . C. Rose, Louise Sand, R. L. E. E. Stanton Jr., c. T. Stewart, R. A. W arner, A . W. Zaitt, R . L. Z eller. From University Assembly Faye Ayala, John Goree, S. C. McArthur, Mozelle Stockwell, J. D. Teske. Ex Offlcio-J , A . Battle, R. M . Cooper, R. L. Dennard, S . J. Frenc h , Elliott Hardaway, H. G. Johnshoy, C. N. Millican, F. H. Spain Jr. Sen at• Council: s. J. Frenc h , Chmn.; J . A. Battle, A. A. Beech er, R. L. Dennard, P . R. Givens, Elliott Harda way, Oaniio Orescanin, H. M. Robert. son, R . L . Shannon. USF ltEPS. ON lNTER. • UNIV. ence Between Jr. Colleges and Uni verslties: S. J. French, R. M. Cooper, (alt.) T. A. Ashford; Budgetary Proc ess for Trimester Operation: R . L. Dennard; Educational TV: G . C. Eich holz; Extension: R. M. Cooper, C. c. Miller; Faculty Salaries: S. J. French; Role & Scope: S. J. French; CoEditor of Role & Scope Study: C. N. Millican; Soria! Security: R. L. Dennard; Tenure Policies: C. N. Millican, E. P, Martin; Trimester Calend ar: S. J. French, (alt. l c. T. Stewart. USF REPR.ESENTATJVES: Teacher Education Advisory Council: J. A . Battle , R. M. Cooper; Hillsborough County Education Assn.: J. A . Battle ; Ametlcan College Testing Program: C. T. Stewart . (To Be Conllnued) By BOBBY BENNETT Rabbits aren't the only things that eat lettuce. Sophomores Annette Albrect and Karen Anderson, . who are the recipients of quite a few stares and just as many questions , can vouch for this . The two girls are engaged as special laboratory assistants to Dr. Frank Friedl, assistant professor of zoology ships of certain worms to the at University of South Florida. snails. Part of their job entails carry-Four tanks of snails are in ing big bags of lettuce from the laboratory now, and the the cafeteria to the science girls not only fee. d them, but buHding. And since more stu-help raise.them from birth. How dents carry books than bags of does one raise a snail? Well, lettuce. the sight is unusual. first of all, the egg masses are Feeds Snails sepatated and put in individual The lettuce is used to feed groups. Then the eggs, which snails ... a special variety of are less than a millimeter wide, snails. Dr. Friedl has been given undergo tests, a r e dated, treat a $17,200 grant !rom the Na-ed and timed-all very care-tiona! Science Foundation to fully. raise bacteria-free snails. The Each of the instruments used grant calls for the study of in the experiment com the physiology and nutrition of pletely sterlle, so Karen tand snails under germ-free condi-Annette also have to prepare tions. special solutions which keep The entire project, which was started two years ag.,, will take everything spotless. from three to four years, and Lettuce, which the girls bring in the meantime, Annette and from the cafeteria. is a prin Karen take an active part in cipal staple of the snails' diet. helping Dr. Friedl. "It's quite The lettuce leaves have to be a responsibility" feels Annette. green and fresh, as bruised and Everything must be done ex-rusty leaves aren't usable. "It's actly, as one tiny slip-up can interesting to watch them eat," result in the loss of many snails says Annette, "they leave little or the unbalancing of the exholes in the leaves." Within periment. the next few weeks, another Growing the snails will en-phase of the experiment will able critical physiological stud-go into effect. Then the snails ies to be carried out. Also, the will have a new diet of euglena research will be useful in inves-and chlorela, which are tiny tigating the parasitic relationprotists. !formerly at 5141 FLORIDA AVE.) WISHES TO APOLOGIZE TO HIS PATIENTS AND OTHER FRIENDS THAT HAVE BEEN CONFUSED AS TO HIS NEW LOCATION. HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW THAT HE IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OTHER CHIROPRACTOR EX . CEPT •• J. DONALD KLAP Now Only 1 _Office at 8002 Florida Ave. Ph. 232-4241 Jordan, and captain Charles Yawn. Line play proved to be the most important factor in the battle of giants. Defensive standouts for the champs were Bruce Everett, Jim Davis, Ken Robertson, Manuel Balseiro, Allen Forsyth, Robert Gonzalez, Dick Brown, and defensive cap tain Roger Weaver. On an adjoining field, Alpha II-W won their third playoff contest in two weeks with a 28-0 routing of the Mauers. Dicki Moore and Melvan Bryan led the assault, aided by the fine play of George Geiger and Fred Bayless. Alpha 11-W won the right to play off for third 'Place in a division playoff win Tuesday over the Turks, 8 first downs to 3. A H h I h the campus is simply the re-re. l•g 1 •9 t moval of soil to be used as fill S MARLENE HENNIS of the campus is removed from Nassau, the land of the limbo, will again host stu-the area around the lake at the d t f USF d th t b western end of the campus, said en s rom urmg e semes er reak. According Neal, staff assistant of the to tbe poll taken before classes ended for the holidays physical plant div ision. How students desired a return trip to this exotic island. ever, in the future this part The cruise, being by the UC Recreation of the campus will be made into Committee, will begin on a recreational area, he said. day, Feb. 13 and return Fri'nuplicate bridge will be con Neal said that when the rec-day Feb 16 A sum of $60 will reational area is finally built it be the total cost and in order ducted in. the . Gallery Lounge may include barbecue pit$ and to insure accommodations a $25 In the Umverstty Center every also boating facilities on the deposit will be necessary before Tuesday night from 7:30-10:30 lake, which will be enlarged. Feb. 1, with the remainder due p.m. All students and staff are But at the present time no plans on Wednesday, Feb. 7. invited to participate. have made as to exactly Th. f $60 ill 1 d what Wlll be done. IS pnce o . w me u e The Recreation Committee of bus transportation to and from . .. Miami room and meals on the the UC wlll sponsor an All • TRE TAMl'A TIMES , Publlahod e v e n In c 1 Mon.r.1 cruise: The ship will leave Mi-University'' bridge tournament Utroa.-h Satnrda1 h 1 . The. Tribune ami at 4 p.m. Tuesday and dock on three, Friday afternoons in Company !rom The Trlbuae BullciW d d . in 8 a.m. e nes ay. January. The date and time of class matter at the p01t ottic• a& '!'he sports scene &hlfted The ship will leave Nassau at play is as follows: Jan. 12MT':.IIl.!a,3, F11o87r9id.a, u.ador the Aot of BASKETBALL qmckly to basketball cou.rt.s , 4 p.m. Thursday and arrive in 3-5 p.m., Jan. 19-3-5 p.m., Jan. -


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