The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 294 (January 15, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 15, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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Blind Spo t University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES Fog 11 f tin g by noon. Partly cloudy a n d warm today and t o n i g h t with scattered t hundershowers tonight. Partly cloudy and coolef Tuesday. H igh to d ay 80. Low tonight 55. SI XTY-N I N TH YEAR-No. 29 4 ST RI N G QUART ET Members of t h e Un ivers ity o f South Flor ida S t r i ng Q u artet playing here Thurs d ay in theTA at 8 :3 0 p . m. , f rom lef t to r i g h t, are: Joh n Tartaglia, Dr. Armin Watkins, Mar j e r y Eni x and P r o f. Edward Preodo r . CHAMBER MUSIC I T AMPA, F LORIDA, MON DAY, JANUAR Y 15, 196 2 P RICE FIVE CENTS Board Of /Control Meets USF Friday Building Committee To Tour Present Facilities Thursday By BILL BLALOCK The State Board of Cotnrol, governing body of Florida's university system, will meet on the University of South Florida campus for the first time at 9 a.m. Friday. J'he meeting will be held in the Board of Control room adjacent to the office of Dr. John S. Allen, USF president. The meeting is open to the public as far as seating will permit, according to Robert L. Dennard, USF b usiness manager. A building committee meeting will be held Thursday Jan. 18, in prepara-tion ror the board meeting FriSYSTEM EXPLAINED day. The monthly board meetings are held at the various institu tions that are under the control of the board and are attended by the presidents and business managers of the institutions as well as the board members, representati ves of the press, and on occasion, observers from the American Assoc . of University Student Senators Election Jan. 25 chapters of the state Since elections for student senators on the Univerumver sities . Dr. Donald Hark-. . ness, president of the USF s1ty of South Flonda campus are scheduled for Jan. 25 , AAUP chapter, said, "we plan Student Association parliamentary authority, Ray to _ha'ole someone present.". O'Hara , has explained the system which will be followed editor of _the_ EditiOn in the elections: The E l ection R u les Committee is com-has been mVlted to sit at the • . press table. of three nommated by the VIce president Board to Hear Quartet us F B d of the Student Association from Various plans of the other an the legislature, and. three mem-state institutions as well as those bers of the Executive Council for USF will be presented by appointed by P r e s i d e n t Jirr{ Little Man on Campu s the administrative heads and 5 k Woodroffe. The Legislature's discussed by the board. USF is ee .I ng Representatives are Norm Cut-------.,----------------------e-xpected to have at least one son Sam Harris and Alvis She-The University of South Flor-Tariaglia, violinist and student. Free tickets are available item on the agenda, possibly The members from the ZAITZ OUT O f U NIF ORM Quartet Schedules Concert ida String Quartet will present The string Q u art e t was upon request but reservations more. Executive Council are Marcella two concerts on Thursday, Jan I d t . t d t must be made at lea s t 24 hours The building committee of Rec r u I. ts Torres, Chet Cornwall and Sandi c h . R 18 at 2 p.m. and 8 : 30 p.m. in orme . 0 give s u. en s an op-prior to the time of the per-the Board of Control will meet Marti. Norm Cutson serves as In s e g u t etr ea t teachers auditorium. Featured portumty to hear hve perform-formance. For reservations and on Thursday afternoon in a chairman. on the program are Debussy's ances of the world's finest cham-additional information call the business session. The meeting Nominations will be by writ"Quartet in G minor" and ber music. Lectures in music University of South Florida will be followed by a tour of . This week marks begin-ten statement to be turned in Glazounow's "Novellettes." given by the Humanities Divi( WE 8-4131, ext. 266). Reserved the university and a dinner on mng of a program to . . 5 ff The quartet consists of Ed sion and classes in music histickets will be held until 30 campus. the membership of the Univerto the Elections Rules Commit-A.l r s t G . , ward Preodor first violinist and tory and appreciation are sup-minutes before the performance Board members and their sity of South F l orida Band to tee at UC218 between Monday, a r1 pes f f ' . t USF A, plemented by performances o! and may be picked up at the wives will be guests of Presithe full instrumentation of a Jan. 22 and noon of Friday pr_o essor mustc a . ' . . 1-the quartet. Programs .for music box office of the theater. dent Allen at a presentation by university symphonic band, acJ 26, N . t T • mm Watkms, second vwlimst clubs, radios and television sta-Members of the board of con-the University String Quartet cording to Dr. Gale Sperry. an. omma 1?n pet! tons "Communications" and "registration" w e r e the and a is o cia t e professor of tions and public school assemtrol, on campus this week, will at 8 : 30 p . m., Thursday evening band director. are to have _the signatures subjects recently during a staff retreat at Chinsegut Hill. musk; En:x, cellist and IJlies are included as part of tnr attend the performance as in thf' Teaching t\.uditoriumMembE'rship_ to _the band is both the nommee and the nonnThe retreat, which drew more than 75 persons, worked instructor of fine arts, and John quartet's schedule. guests of President Allen. Theater. open to umvers1ty . nator, together With the1r stu-with four discussion groups in a patterh Similar to the H • 1 Ch whose schedule permits them dent numbers t d t t ff t t f 1 t L"ttl d arrJson s :nrman to attend rehearsals. Approxi . . . . . . S U en S a re rea o as sprmg. 1 e was .sal m :Members of the Board of Conmately one-half of the band WII•l be _determmed favor of the currez:tt registration FRATE R NAL SOCIETIES trol are J. Broward Culpepper, members are now registered fo 1 by the registrars offlCe . and advisers seemed executive director, from Talla -credit; the remainder have Campaigning will be limited qu1te put out that they had not had left the UC at 6 a.m. hassee; Baya M. Harrison Jr., elected bancl as a special inter-t o the period between 8 am 011 been consulted the I?ro-6? left at 8 a.m. Discus chairman, St. Petersburg; Frank est activity. New students from . : gram was placed mto operatiOn. s1on sessiOns started at 10 a.m. M. Buchanan, Miami; Charles the latter category are expected Feb. 20, until the closmg of They felt there should have and there were four groups. R. Forman, Fort Lmmittee. communication . it seemed to write their own concert. For this reason, stu-. . . . . was felt commumcatwn gomg 0 inion d . t The program is open to all stud ents who will have attended the University for lando. dents inteiested in joining the The five mdivtduals toppmg up was good , coming down more P s as ecisions of he at least one semester by February 19. Any student, who does not receive a booklet The building committee is band are urged to make appoint-the field will be declared winwas to be desired Suggested group. However, notes to tthde h composed of Schmidt, chairman; . D S f d. . . t . cl d d C proper persons were expec e ln the mail, but w o may still be interested in rushing, may pick up his (or her) Guernsey, Pace and Miller. ments w1th r. perry or au 1-ners and their names will be 1mprovemen s m u e a am-to handle the corrections booklet at the CFS information,-------------"-:--....:...-"--_..:=-----'---__:_1 tions (Ex. 340). Rehearsals for posted Feb 26 in the UC They pus Edition of The Tampa "WisP. Man Changeth Mind" table, to be located in the lobby f I I W II the band are on Mondays from . Times with mo r e pages devoted of the university on Wednesday, latcd thanks t o Paideia for a was held at Annette Albrecht's erre a S 3-4:30 p,,'!l. and Tuesdays and Will ?e able to attend the next to university news plus more In summary it might be said Thursday and Friday. wonderful dance during the home last Friday night. Invita-Thursdays from 4-5:30 p.m. meetmg of the newly consti-frequency of publication. Also , the admimstration can be ex-The official registration form Christmas holidays. They would tion was limited to pled11,es, I S ReCOVering The Feb. 25 concert will be tuted University Senate. an improved Sunscreen that pected to make some effort to Js located on the back cover of also like to congratulate Enotas members and special guest • of the first of eight major appear-Freshmen will be able to run would be available to students and to the booklet. This form, and the Society for their very much the society. • I ances before the school Y e a r . as well as staff. agam change our method of $2 registration fee, must be needed clean-up campaign. ENOTAS: This week is "help" In H osp1fa ends. Three outdoor campus for the office of senat or, due The faculty would not comregistration. To quote one of mailed to Box 2350, o.c brought Sisters of Delphi are now week for the Enotas pledges. concerts , two formal concerts in to this method of establishing municate to a great degree as the banana l}andlers at the city to the information table, no looking forward to a si lver tea They will be seen around cam-Ferrell Eugene Walls, Uni-the teaching auditorium, and eligibility. When the tri-mester to what went on but students docks , ''A wise man frequently later than noon, Tuesday, Jan-which is to be given in the near pus, helping students whenever versity of South Florida fresh-three off-campus Program .s system is instituted, the spring picked up these few facts: Dr. changeth his mind." uary 23. future. they can. man, is in Tampa General Hos-round out the semester for the tri-mester will begin about the Tony Zaitz was the only person All persons interested in E PELT A: N o minations for Two new pledges were taken pita! with a fractured cervical 60 band members. third o f January. According to present with a white shirt and Regional Convention rushing must be present at the club officers is taking place this in recently. They are Mike vertebra. Dean Howard Johnshoy, the fact tie ..• Carrol Rodgers wore a convocation to be held in the week. Thomas and Jerry Adams. Injured while water-skiing p } S Plan that grades will be mailed out white sport shirt. Others were Eighty members of the Flor-TA on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 11 Emblems for the club's blaz-The "Help Keep USF Neat" before Christmas vacation, ane during the Christmas break will dressed appropriately for the ida Association for Supervision a.m. Following the convocation, ers are expected in the near campaign, sponsored by Enotas Walls has begun physical ther-allow future freshmen the privioccasion . I and Curriculum Development there will be a period during future. is coming along very apy and is making a more rapid T D • USS lege of running with an estab-Early birds, there were 13 of are at the University of South which questions concerning ETHELO NTES: E the 1 ontes fully. The brothers would like recovery than expected. 0 ISC lished cumulative average "in them, were treated to a tour of Florida today for their regional rush may be discussed . are now making plans for the to extend their thanks to everyWalls, who is studying AmeriJanuary." the Chinsegut grounds. They convention . DELPHI: Delphi Society coming Spring Rush. one for their assistance in this can Idea, psychology, and secU.S. Po}I.C I.eS would like to extend their be-An informal weekend party campaign. ond semester English, needs SIGES: At the last meeting someone to read to him from h i s I D s h d 1 I of the society , the Siges contextbooks. Any v o I u nt e e r s I a I Y C e U e stitution adopted .. They also would be welcome. Cards and held electiOn of officers; new phone calls are also welcome. A series of "Great Decisions" discussions of United States foreign policy will be held on University of S o u t h Flonda campus during the early part John Gullet G ets S cholarship officers elected are: President, Linda Franz vice president Off • • 1 N t• 15 :!'atdeta:Exec. council uc221 Zinia Ramos' secretary Shirley' I Cia 0 ICeS 9:00a. m . Reg. Conf. Assoc. of Umvers1ty Forum CHUl • • Supervi•ion and 3:00p.m. Forensic Assn. . . . : :: UC226 Camp; treasurer, Martha Sim-FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING-The Curriculum ....... UC248 5:00p.m. Jam Session ......... UC248 kaitis parliamentarian Peggy D!v•sloo of Finance and JO:OO a.m. Epelta-Exec. Council UCI57 Tri-Sis UC200 • • wtll be closed from noon 'hl I p.m. u. C. Dance Comm. UC200 Siges .. ::::::::::;:::: UC20J Plott, and chaplain, Barbara beginning Jan. 15. The are'!-• Delphi .. ............ UC205 Newsome. will remain open durmg thts Bible Study Group .. UC204 6:00p.m. "ui1Joii.:: TRI-S I S: Sisters of Tri-Sis INCOME TAX FORMS-Income tax Canterbury . .. UC205 7:00p.m. Gymnastics. held a Christmas party for chiluofSFBustsinafefsms eAmd: U. C . Movie Comm. UCZl4 Club Semmole Rec. Center dren of the Lee Haven Home minis'ation

2 THE TAMPA TIMES. Monday. January 15, . . Student Book P.E-INTRAMURALS Registration Professors Active The Tampa Ti . mes F R I N d Schedule Contest To Be acts evea ee A d Dr. Charles N. Millican, dean Dr. Hans Juergensen, profcs-nnounce of the University of South Flor-sor of Humanities, 'has received Annual Eve . nt Registration period for the ida College of Business Admin-many honors in connection with University of South Florida Campus Edition F 0 r . c a m pus . sports spring semester is approaching istration, will serve as interim his new collection of poems, d P 2 St ff) d an end. Students taking basic pastor of the First Baptist "In Need For Names." (Page 1 an a1e a The University Library an t d' f 1 t s u Ies ore1gn anguages mus Church in Ocala d u r i n g the Editor ............ .........•..••••......... Bill Blalock Campus Store are sponsoring a remember to contact Dr. Robert month of January. The original manuscript has Managing Editor ...........•.• • • • • • Wing Preodor personal library con-Figures just released on the 1961 football season in L. Morgenroth, chairman of Dean Millican will speak to been requested for the Florida Copy Editor ............ , .•••••••••••••• Virginia Montes the intramural reveal 303 players com-functional foreign languages, to theo church's congregation each Authors Collection at the Uni-Social Organization Editor •.•••••••••... Marlene Hennis and closes March 16, 1962. peted on 15 teams m 55 games durmg the thre. e months schedule a lab as soon as they Sunday during the month while versity of Florida. Dr. JuergenActivity Editor ...........•••••••••••••.• Louise Stewart have paid their tuition. a permanent minister is being sen has also been notified that Intramural Editor ...........•.•••••....... :John Gullett of grAidlitrhon phlayf. 'l't' h I'mproved over last The deadline for paying tui-sought. the poem, "January to March, G H Mill . oug ac1 1 1es are muc tion is Feb. 16. After this date 1865." will be featured by the Faculty Adviser ..................... . eorge • er Will 1st Pl. ace, a year's, they are far from bemg . a late fee will be c h a r g e d. [)r. A. Hooa Roberts, instrucEnO coursere All-Stars, Blue Devils, DisCI. All-Stars vs. include 400 scout counselors, servic e at the expense of mstructwn. A recent edition of the qulrer,t hooks at USF. . pies Mauers, A P a • A P G ld vs. 8 a IIW. ranging from cub to explorer • . . 4. The conechons may be: IV Outer Alpha. . . re 0 leaders. They will .be attending rol v. Newsom, President of New York Umverstty: a . Centered In a subjllct, e .g. aca Ratings of student offlctals Devils 25, msciples 17. study classes on scouting in tt.e "As a of. fact, a large . number .of scholars in a h. literary were made by teams chemistry building . and one truly modern umvers1ty should. be m elaborate pr?-author, . eaeh contest and compiled for Arete Red 35, Epelta 11. class will be held in the ball-grams of research. But the SituatiOn that has developed m c. Collections of several literary au Me 1 van AII.Stars Tall 38, Skeeters 19. u . 't C t recent decades, at least in some institutions of higher learning, d. collection. season P J' Moi Alpha llW 24, outer Alpha 18. room of the mversi Y en er. has not been Conduci ve to the development of a sound educa-s . Each wishing to tent1er the Bryan, Ray GrahWam,d Im 1ved-ADVERTISEMENT contest ts to leave a shee o paper fett and John ar rece tiona! program. . containing the following inform• top honors in the ratmgs, "Teaching has become secondary in some university de-tton: Name, address, numbe1 rl 0f1 followed closely by Jim Rack-. . II books to be entered. and the t t e o N w F d partments, for a substantial number of espec1a Y the collection. at the Director of the ley, Bob Alwood, Fred Bayless ew. ay . ou n the younger ones have little interest in teachmg as well as Llbra;,:r;• ofhce by Marrh t9 • Jtf ill S 'th . limited understanding of its problems. They have been edu8 2.92 rating cated only to pursue highly specialize d investigations in recollection. • for review by the JUdges. To ' Stop' H a •. r Loss, ' stricted fields of knowledge. The most trivial studies are, in , fact, designated as research. JAM SESSION, TOO G M H "Some young professors then publish innumerable ar-row Q re a •. r ticles on their findings-to complicate further the problems F ' of our libraries-for they believe (and they may be right in Center eatu res HOUSTON, Texas-For years the cause of your hair loss, If the case of some institutions) that, in determining an individual "they said it couldn't be done." you wait until you are slick faculty member's salary and academic rank, administrators But now a Texas firm of labor.abald and your hair roots are count "the number of lines or print" that he produces. c tory consultants has dedveloped dead, you are beyond help. If "The title " Research Man" has become a badge of respect N R on test a treatment. that is not only you still have hair (or at least on university campuses, and, irrespective of his ability to do am e oo m stopping hair loss . . . but is . some fuzz) on top of your head, meritorious research, the person seeking such a designation really growing hair! would like to stop your hair frequently e x p e c t s special and unreasonable dispensations. , loss and grow more hair . . . Teaching assignments for him may become especially onerous, By VIRGINIA . . . They don t even you to now is the time to act. and he may complain bitterly if he is assigned a "normal teachH1'ghli'ghting University Center actlvlbes thiS take therr word for 1t. If your ing load." th UC M symptoms indicate that the Loesch Laboratory Consul"The situation is a modern phenomenon. Of course, is the monthly Jam Session, sponsored by e . USIC treatment will help you, they tants will Sl,lpply you . . with special provision should be made for competent teachers who Committee. Mark Morris, chairman of the committee, invite you to try it for 32 days, treatment for 32 days, at their are also :research men of genuine distinction, and there are announced that the session will be held on Tue.c:;day, Jan. at their risk, and see for your-risk, if they believe the treat some in every great university. But the fact remains that the 16 at 5:SO p.m. in the Ballroom of the UC. Students are self! . . ment :Will hell? you . . Just send really great scholars and research men of history, those who 1 .nvi'ted to come and enjoy the • , Nat rally th Y would not of-them mformatwn to help have made major contributions to human knowledge, usually d 1:1 ' e analyze your problem. This mhad great companies of students-young scholars who enjoyed playing of their fellow class-play dances secon . semes-fer this no-nsk tnal the formation should include how the opportunity of debating with "the master"." mates. ter. Ttns past week the com-treatment worked. . IS all long your hair has been thin-Marlene Hennis, chairman of mittee sponsored a Stag Dance, the more remarkable m hght of . d h th t Please be assured that I support wholeheartedly the need C 't which was very succe.ssful, exthe fact that the great rna. J . ority nnlonwg'haanve owr eevererhaovre nhoad yaonuy for research activities in our universities as an essential func-the Arts and Exhibit ommi 1 k f 1 1 tion or any good institution of higher learning. We cannot tee wan'ts to remind everyone cept for the ac 0 s. of cases of excess ve of the following conditions: Do progress unless we delve into the unknown. At the same time, that today is the last day to This week's dance will be held baldness are the begmning you have dandruff? is it dry or however, unless the heritage of the past plus the discoveries enter the " The R 0 0 m Jan. 19 , from 9 p.m. and more fully developed stages oily? whether your scalp erupts of t oday are communicated effectively to students through the Contest. The wmners of the conm1dmght. N r a Gonzalez 1 s of pattern baldness and in pimples or other irritations instructional process, research may be for naught. test will be awarded prizes and already . caannoma e hoerlpedo.mBaunt hbow scane does your forehead become p h ld b n t b h' b' h at the Grand Opemng of the listed the serviCes of Travis ny n w e ur ? d 1 t h aps you w ou e wt mg o rmg t IS su Ject to t e .. , b h ld S t d d hi C •. tals The price what is actually causing their or greasy. oes your sea p I c attention of your faculty and students and ask them to evaluroom, to e e a ur ay, an s . ? . and bow often? _and any other ate your institution in the light of President Newsom's com-Jan. 26, with a Stereo Dance; is 75 cents stag and $l drag. f barr loss ., Even. if baldness informa.tion you feel might be ments. It would be most helpful to me if I could have the first prize will be $15, second Pete Schoebern, to m your family, helpful. All letters will be an-benefit of their reactions. The only way that I can carry out prize will be $19. the Recreation Committee this IS certamly no. proof of the swered prompt 1 y. Send the my properly and effectively as a member of Reo Room Annex that tho cause of YOUR hair loss. above information, and your your State Board of Education is to know and to understand Remember the new room that iN Actually, there are 18 scalp name and addres s to Loesch what is taking place in education in Florida today. you are naming is the recre-the tlh 01 tssau / n desk diso r ders that can cause hair Laboratory Consultants, B o x DOUBLE standard on every '62 RAMBLER DOUBlE MARGIN *OF SAFETY* With Rambler's Double-Safety Brake System, brake failure is virtually impossible. Separate systc::ms for front and rear brakes . If one is damaged, other still worksself-adjusting, too. Standard on every '62 Rambler. Just one of 102 ways the new Rambler is better-yet prices on every tnodel stay low. No wonder Rambler sales are soaring. Why not see your Rambler dealer soon. RAMBLER WORLD STANDARD OF COMPACT CAR EXCELLENCE NORTHSIDE RAMBLER CO., 10409 Florida Ave. SCHULSTAD RAMBLER CO., 1111 E. Cass St. With kindest regards, I remain ation Annex, also known as up a e n orma 10 loss. No matter which one is 66001, Houston 6 , Texas. Sincerely, Room 2, University Center. Go G }} G S / TOM ADAMS, in and see your U et ets Secretary of State reation Area and enJOY dancmg TA/gjc and playing table tennis at all s h } h• hours. C 0 ars tp Horse Fan,. •1ers Duplicate bridge is held each Helps You Overcome ... Tuesday night in tire Gallery S d B h Lounge of .the UC. This pro (Continued Page 1) FALSE TEETH tu y at usc gram is OI? all students attending Tampa schools was The Horse Fanciers' Club has staff and will enable particl-graduated from Brewster Voca-Looseness and Worry . pants to earn Master Points. tiona! High School in 1959. He planned an excursiOn to Busch Winners last. week were Larry served as editor of The Ram's Gardens, tentatively for Jan. Connors and Ernie Crawford; Horn student newspaper during 20 , to study the several mem-this event is under the spo_nhis senior year. He entered No longer be annoyed or feel tll•&t• ease because ot loose, wobbly fa.lse teeth. FASTEETH, a.n improved alkll• line (non-a.cld) powder, sprinkled on your pla.tes holds them Armer so they feel more comforta.ble. Avoid embar rassment caused by loose pla.tes. Get J'ASTEETH at any arug counter. FACIT Typewriters and Calculators ODHNER Adding and Posting Machines RexRotary Mimeographs Sales * Service * Supplies CURTIS GIMPEL BUSINESS MACHINES 3969 Henderson Boulevard Tel: 877-7666 bers of the horse family there. sorship of the Lessons CommitUSF with the Charter Class in Th . 1 tee of the UC. September, 1960 , and has served ese me ude quarter horses, Dance Poll on the editorial staff of the draft horses, burros, and zebras . Members of the Campus 'Edition since that time. This is the first a c t i vi t y mittee of t,he UC will be takm.g Liberal Arts De&-ree planned by the newly formed a pkoll on We.dnestdhay toyfpeth015f While in high school Gullett 1 b hi h wee , convernmg e . . u w c met Jan. 9 to elect dances you enjoy and the band was pre.sident Quill and Its officers and vote on its by-that you would like to have Scr?ll, v1ce president. o.f the laws. Future activities include semor and of the Flonda State Umversity for. members who Women's Club Meets student journalism award. to begm or improve riding The University of South Flc;rGullett, who lives at 8312 skills . ida Women's Club will meet to-Florida Ave. , plans to work to Membership 1n the club is day at 3 p.m., in the staff lounge ward a liberal arts degree at open to staff members and stu-of the library. USF supported by as mu c h jour-dents: Meetings are held the Mrs . Zenaida Nunez, secre-nalistic classwork as he ca n ge t. second and fourth Tuesdays of tary of the Volunteer Bureau; Summer Employment, Too every month. The next meeting, and Mrs. Kenneth Hardcastle Along with the scholarship slated for Jan. 23 will be in III, of the advisory the Tribune will give Gullett UC200, tl.llle to be announced committee. to the Volunteer paid summer employment until later. Bureau, Will be guest speaker. he receives his degree. During the past summer Gullett worked FREE HEARING TEST 15th to 21st} for The Times sports depart-ment. , THE TAMPA TIMES Publuhed e • • n I n r a Monhy throurh Saturday b.y. The Tribune CompUJy from Tbe Tribune Build s:!:!!'ci


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