The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 300 (January 22, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 22, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SIXTY-NINTH YEAR-No. 300 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 1962 ,Fioridandy Partly cloudy and wana through Tuesday, East to southeast winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour. High today and Tuesday 82, Low tonight 63. PRICE FIVE CENTS 'EARNEST' OPENS TUESDAY • • • 5 Showings for Students By LOUISE STEWART before the holidays trying to of the stage, surrounded by The USF Peninsula Players achieve the "vedy British" ac-plants. Each night of produc open a five-day run of their cent necessary to play life in tion, several dozen cucumber latest production, "The ImporEngland. The young sandwiches are consumed by tance of Being Earnest, " Tues-ladies in the production have the performers. The life of an day, Jan. 23, in the teaching actor can't be all bad. au"ditorium-theater. had to learn a special way of Th 1 h walking to balance the very Featured in the play are: e P ay goes on t e boards Jack Bnlt, of Tampa Commueach n 'ght t 8 30 th h large hats and at the same time 1 a : p.m. roug compensate for the corset while nity Thea.ter, male lead; James Saturday, Jan. 27 with a mati-Judy, USF student, second male nee at 3:I5 p.m., Friday. The walking bent slightly forward 1 S S first showing of the sophisti-from the waist. The young men lead; A vis herouse, U F stu cated comedy Tuesday, Jan. 23 need only stand slightly stiffer dent, supporting; LaRue Hut-Student Schedule Approva s Posted On Campus Today will be a special for the locai than usual. ter, Tampa Community The-chapter of the Knights of CoElaborate Costumes ater, female lead; Mary Hall, lumbus. Costumes for the women are USF student, s e c on d female elaborate and, when the play lead; Cathy Edwards, USF stuOther performances are open dent, supporting; Carol Belt, to St d t f It d t ff is over, will be kept to build up u en s, acu Y an s a , T a m p a Community Theater, a d th bl . the permanent wardrobe. The n e pu 1c. supporting, and Mike Boyd, accent of the era was almost Popular Play everything big further accenUSF student, dual role of en-Second Se mester Fees Due Between Jan. 22-26 Jack Clay, assistant professor tuating the wasp-like waist line. tirely different characterization of fine arts, who joined the Wardrobe mistress Mary 0 n for two butlers. James Woodall, USF staff this year and is diMoise has spent weeks working a sophomore, tackles the job of By WING PREODOR gfg big hats, and music for the Today is the day students will be able to find out if the iFclass schedules have ducing the play is in achieving play will be furnished by Dr. been approved for next semester. The names of the students whose scheduling has a balance between content and Men's costumes are a far Armin Watkin_s , associate pro-been completed will be posted by the cashier's door, by the registrar's door, in form, in showing the soc i a I Jr fessor of music, on the violin Alpha Residence Hall, and in the University Center today. Supplements to this list I mask of the period and allud-similar to the present-day ivy and Yvonne Bentley and Carmay be posted later in the week Beginning today (9-3) these students may ing to the face behind it." league. look. . olyn Robert, students playmg • . . the piano. ' pay the1r fees and secure their "Earnest" is a popular piece Russell Wahley, assistant proAlthough the performance is schedules. with collegiate theatricals. It is fessor of fine arts, who does all free of charge, admission tickFIVE TO BE CHOSEN Students who turned in their a farcical comedy of wit and the costume design;"g as well t h ld b . k d k t b J 10 b t h deals with people who are earw e s s ou e ptc e up at the pac e y an. , u w ose nest about all the little unimthe settings has been hard at UC information desk. The pub-N • t• B • names do not appear on the portant things. The theme in-work with his student crew put-lie should write the Division of 0 mIn a I 0 n s eg In posted lists are asked to come volves learning what to be ear-ting finishing touches on the Fine Arts and en c 1 0 s e a to AD2096 between 8:30-11:30 nest about. Victorian suite bought for the stamped self-addressed enve-a.m. , according to the first let-play which will later go into lope for return of t i c k e t s . ter in the last name per the fol-All productions have unique the permanent prop collection. Otherwise tickets will be held For USF Senators lowing schedule: problems of t h e ir own. The An interesting prop will be a at th b ff' n h lf actors have been working since garden founta1 n, 1 n the center h eb fox 0 ICe un 1 one-a E-H-Jan. 29. 1-L-Jan. 30. _________ __ l\1-P-Jan, 31. Q-S-Feb. s. FOR SPRING SEMESTER CFS Sets Procedures T-Z-Feb. 6. A-D-Feb. 7. Nominations open today for the second student sen ator elections to be held on campus. The five student The student whose schedule representatives to the University Senate will be elected was worked out according to his request and whose name is on Friday, Feb. 23, following a period of campaigning to the list, should pay his fees be begin tomorrow. Students will be nominated by means tween Jan. 22 and Jan. 26 to of a written statement to be• receive his precise schedule. If, turned in to the elections rules after reviewing the listing of By MARLENE HENNIS committee at UC 218 between M • 1 E f sections remaining open, he . . . Monday, Jan. 22 and noon of USJCa ven 5 wishes to apply for a change in The Council of Fraternal Societies has set up the rush procedures for the com-Friday, Jan. 26. Nomination pe-d b schedule, he must submit in ing semester. A handbook "Procedures for Selection, has been sent out to stu-titions are to have th_e signa-An De ate writing his requ:est for a change . . ' ' tures of both the nommee and and the reasons to the dean of dents eligible for rush next semester. the nominator, together with On Schedule the college in which he is en-F t t d h b t h t f il' h their student numbers and a rolled no later than 5 . p.m. on or anyone m eres e m rus , u w o IS no am rar Wit the type of program picture of the proposed candi-University of South Florida Jan. 26. offered at USF, there is an information desk in the lobby of the University Center date. Choir, under the direction of R. A Jist of students who are ap-Little Man on Campus -= 0 USF Official Notices where council representatives . In order. to _facilitate commu-Wayne Hugo boom, will present proved for changes will be are stationed to help answer mcat10ns, 1t IS des1rable that TA J 30 t posted on a bulletin board just NOTICE TO MEN -Attention all will register Feb. 1 4 from 8,Jo to 2 Fl•na} Exam Schedule any questions that might come students also turn in a brief concerts m on an. a outside of AD2096 on the morn-men! Avoid the military draft. select p.m., Feb. 15. up. resume of themselves as well 11 a.m. and 8:30 p.m . The con-ing of Jan. 29 . If approved, the Th' . tb . d . . A convocation will be held as their plans if they should cert features choral works of student who is securing a sched-end up a commissioned offic er. For discussion sponsored by the AAUP on Fe_b. TthueesdTaeya,cbJ,.anng. 2A3u, da,tto1r1,uma.m_ ,Alinl other words their platperihods of musicalhcomd-ule change will follow the same ff!i:.-::;. t:J.;;,co;u t S . pOSitiOn. T IS comes at a an y alphabetical guide as listed Barker will talk on "Academic Status a JOn ervlCes . students interested in rush must Any full-time student, carry-. above. Any student who has apFUTUBIL TEACHERSs.tu of Libral'ians." Persons attending the t f th f h have t k t b amrnatlon mcetmg Will go through the cafeteria REVISED JAN. 3, 1962 attend this meeting, and the ing 12 or more hours, with a I me or ose 0 you w 0 plied for a change and is not on Loan lor line and eat in UC103, where the meet-rush fee of $2 must be paid by 2.0 cumulative average is eligi-not attended a cultural event the Jan. 29 Jist of those ap-the Preparation of Teachers must reg. lng will be held. CB1l CB 10 CB I CB en 101/ CB 101 Cll 101 CB 101 CB 101 CBI02 CB 117 CB 113 CB 115 CB 111 ED 305 8 a.m.ll a.m. Sections 1-5 6 10 11 12 13 14 15 16-36, 90, 91 1l a.m.-1 p.m. Sections All 1 p, m.-3 p.m. Sections All 8 p.m.-3 p.m. Sections All ALL -' p.m.-7 p.m. Sections All 90 7 p.m. -9 p.m. AC 201 Section 90 AC 201 91 AC 202 90 ED J07 90 ED Jl3 90 ED J27 90 ED 341 90 ED 345 Section 90 ED 349 90 ED 357 90 ED J59 90 EN J35 90 EN 41l 90 GA 361 90 MA 245 90 MU 105 90 MU 109 90 PC 101 90 PS 101 90 CH100 CHill CH 108 CH 10J CH106 CH 105 CH 107 CH101 TA CH100 TA 4 p.m . ..fJ p.m. CB 107 Section ALL AR ED HI HI PS so ss TA 101 303 111 121 201 211 343 221 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Sectlon 03 01 03 03 01 01 02 01 f th. d bl t f th ff' d d . h t d' ister with the Dean of the College. of POLIO PROGRAM -The Universily noon o IS ay. e o run or e o 1ce. for humanities class. prove an WIS es o 1scuss Education by Feb. 18. Reglstr.a\ton ls participating with Hillsborough High Standards, 2.0 The five individuals topping Opening with the Baroque his request with his dean sho;d must be completed so that oflictals County m the nral polio vaccine pro th f . ld will b d 1 d t t th may be inormed regarding the num gram sponsored by the Hillsborou g h uc 47 In order to be eligible for e 1e e ec are wm-th .11 . 1 d secure an appom men rou ber or students who will take the test. C9unty Medical Association and the CH 102 rtlsh one nlttst be a f••ll-tJ'rne n,-rs and names will he era, e program w 1 mc u e the dean's secretary. No othe Students may register lor. the tes\, Hillsborough County Health Depart Cli 206 f *"h 1 d li ti AD2101 ment. The vrtccinc wlll be given in LS I student in good standing who posted Feb. 26m tne DC. Wv'o<:l rqm • .e c ass a>'! CO>l reque,ts for schedule ahangeH ScbO>ar: h uc 213 has attended USF for Olle temporary s c h o o 1 s sung in will be considered until Feb. 19. ships must tile renewal apphcations b y 01 Ja.u. '-" ""u the .econu, e1gn, wccli,; CH 103 s d "' St d t h d'd t t . later. of this program is ack t b J 10 ']) ' t lVORK-STUDY OPENINGS . -Cur-County It 'I bl t TA T a 2.0 overall grade po!'nt s . h Th '!! b d p e s y an. WI regiS er d •nws are . IS a vat a e 0 persons un CH 2"'1 semester or more and attained tu ents / Latin, English, G erma n and ll en s w 0 I no urn I .II Jan . 30 to eradicate polio from Hillsborough pan1s . ere WJ e no a • F b 4 . tl B ll rcntly, a number o goo . der 40 Years of age free ol cost and is 8 p.m.-10 p.m. average. . h b t 1 e . 1 In 1e a room 8:30-2 available for students begtnnmg Wllh open to staf and students. AC 301 Seclion 90 AD 2001 c I • t miSSIOn C arge u a genera p m the spring semester. SUNDAY BUFFET staff members EC 201 90 CH 207 A period of silence will begin omp ain S admission t i C k e t is required. , . The loUowing lmns have team ya and the1r famUies are invited to SunTA EC 202 90 AD 1051 Feb. 19 and will continue until These may be picked up at UC Evening students register cancies for Business Admln!stratlon day . provided by USF Food CH 100 FI 301 90 UC 204 b'd h b 6 30 9 m F b 14 majorso General Telephone, Fust Na Sernce. Pnces are' adults, $1.50; chi!HU 1962 I. s . ave een . filed. During D • d information desk. : p. e tiona! Bank, Exchange Bank, oren, S1; tor all you can eat. 'l'he buf. T RSDAY, FEB. 8 ' thts time there Will be n 't lSCUSSe N t d t g' t 8 30 2 Cast-Crete !Data Processmg D,v.), fet hne will h s d 215 CB 109 a.m. t o Wrl . The monthly parlicimentary ew s u en s re JS er : -Firestone, Tampa General HospJtal. until 2 p.m. open eac un ay, 11 a.m. CB 109 5 en communication between . . . debate presented by USF foren-p.m . Feb. 15. Maas Brothers, and Brengle AD 2001 CB 109 B-25, rushees and society members, The Auxiliary ServiCes Comsics this Wednesday, Jan. 24, (Check with work-study oC!.ce, not the AD 1000 90, 91 TA the rushees cannot be enteru p Ji v • fir:'JvsiCAL EDUCATION MAJo.ns AC 201 Noon AD 2001 tained by a member either on IDI ee-"a go-between" for tbe features the topic Resolved, 0 0 , accine CLUB -Phy. Ed. Majors meeting AD 1061 AR 201 01 uc 47 or off campus and cannot attend students and administration, USF is Stuffy -at 1 p.m. in Wednesday, Jan. 24, 1962, in Recreatlqo 2 N UC264 We understand that Off d F Annex, "The Closet:• at p.m .. AADD 1 1 002J01 AC 301 )i'2 p.m. AD 2002 any unauthorized frat e r n a I held a meeting last Tuesday to b f th d . . t t MARTIN co. has ooemng lor 221 D1 function. , • mem ers 0 e a mJDJS ra IOU ere ree semester Business Administration stu :i:'X 141 03 ff: discuss students complamts. are showing up to defend them-dent on WorkStudy Profr'iam. See Mrs. AD 1021 OA 233611 0 0 11 uc 251 Big Secrets Because of the great number selves. It should make for a An oral polio vaccine immuniMary i 343 01 Secret result in of students that get ahead in lively discussion. zation program will be held E. Beckett, Clerk I, Registrar, 117• LS 235 2 p.m.-t p.m. permanent dJsquahftC'.ltJOn of . . . , AI t W d d . . . . AD2064. 8727 27th s t., TamP a, CH 108 CB 201 sectlonsJ.4 CH 100 rushee for the society to which the !me, a barner w1ll so, a 1 p.m. on , en es ay, here at the umvers1ty .begmnmg WE 4 .7991, Mr$. Binnie J . Neal, Clerk 2009 m CH Ill he secretly pledges, and he can-be erected to prevent "butting." USF sttudent _Tom wuilcl !VJonday, Jan. 29 in the Univer90 TA not rush or pledge an . t Th 'tt . 1 k' presen a vo1ce rec1 m 1ty Health Center. The program Florance A. ' vtckers , Supervisor, Per gJi 4 p.m.-6 p.m. w Y socte Y e comml ee IS a so wor mg ballroom. Everyone is invited. is being held in cooperation sonoel Records, 141, AD1009, P ,o . Box Truth Series To Continue In Full Swing AR 101 AR 301 EC 101 EC 101 ED J03 MA 141 MA201 MA201 MU 101 PC 101 PC 101 PH 305 TUESDAY, FEB. 6, 8 a.m.-10 a.m. Section 01 01 01 04 02. 01 01 04 01 01 OJ 01 AD 2010 Section CH 208 for t 0 full semesters. on the problems of menus and His repertory includes a variety with the Hillsborough County ll:s. Delettons 1962 EN JJ9 01 Any rushee who breaks a tbe long waits for food to be of selections in English, French, Medical Association and the HOUSING Department heads who u0cc 42 721 8i forfmal 1rush hdate (forma1l . andd sent up from the kitchen. German and Italian. O'Kelly is Hillsborough County Health De"How Should People Be Instructed About Communism" is the topic for the next program in the Search For Truth Series to be held on Feb. 20 at :U a.m. in CH 111. CB 103 CB 10J CB 10J CB 103 CB !OJ CB !OJ CB 10J CB 10J CB 103 CB 103 CB 103 EC 101 EC 101 EC JJ1 ED J09 ED J09 GE 101 HI 111 MA 201 MK J01 OA 251 PC 331 PH 211 so 201 10 a.m.-12 Noon Sections 1-4 5 8 9 10 12 lJ 14-30 90 91 11 2 p.m,e4 p.m. Section 02 05 01 01 02 01 01 03 01 01 01 01 01 4. p.m.--6 p.m. CB 211 Sections ALL Cll213 ALL CB 215 ALL CB 217 ALL CB 21& ALL AC 411 EC 201 ED 317 ED 401 ED 403 HI 121 MA 141 MK J01 SH 101 SH 345 6 p .m.-8 p.m. Section 90 91 90 90 90 90 90 90 ALL 01 R p.m.-10 p.m. EC 311 Section 90 GA J01 90 MA 201 90 PC 101 91 so 2J1 90 WEDNESDAY, FEB. 7, 8 a.m.-10 a.m. EC 201 EC 201 EC 201 EN 315 EP 217 HI Ill MA 202 MA J01 MU 101 OA 25J SH 103 SH 103 AN 201 AR 101 EC Jll ED J05 ED 309 EN 201 EN J37 MA 201 PS 101 Section 03 04 05 01 01 02 02 01 02 01 01 02 10 a.m.-12 Noon Section 01 02 01 01 03 01 01 02 Ol 12 p.m. CB 105 Sections ALL BZ 201 ALL EC 201 ED J07 EN JJ7 GY J01 HI 121 LN 221 MA 141 MA 202 MU109 OA 351 PH 211 py 201 TA 111 2-p.m.-4 p.m. Section 01 01 02 01 01 01 05 01 01 01 02 01 01 H 10 orma rus are exp ame doing this to fulfil his require-partment. maintains all types of lor any CH 207 I 337 6 1.a LS 266 fully in the rush handbook) The question arose on how to t f . d' d 1 . . . one desirin g assistance m locatmg go 101 Sections p.m. TA with a fraternal society may be s or a m m lVI ua The vaccme, Which will be housing. Phone Mr. Glendenning, Alpha AD 2074 8 p.m .. 10 p.m. ineligible for rush and p!edg-handle the influx of next year's vmce-prodllcmg and perform-administered free of charge is Hall. ext. J27. FEB AD 2073 AS 201 Section 01 CH 206 t d t d th f 'hi j ing a concert d d f tl ' LIBRARY SCHEDULE FOR AD 2010 MA IJ9 01 AD 2011 ing if so desired by the of-s u en s an e eas1 e so urecommen e or a persons 11.1s-The following will be uc 158 MA 1J9 04 AD 2073 fended society. tion was the use of the ballroom under 40 years of age regardless observed by the Library CH 107 MA 141 04 AD 2074 and state dining room if neces-G f BO ks f . 1' . t' during the inter-sesSion penod' sun AD 1090 CB 100 OJ CH 111 No Breaking of Rules rea 0 0 preVIOUS PO 10 vaccma !ODS. day, Feb. 11, closed; Monday, Feb. 12, CH 202 FRIDAY, FEB. 9, 1962 sary. Students desiring information closed; Tuesday, Feb. 13, 8 a.m. to CH 100 CH Ill CH 101 CH 103 CH 108 CH 106 CH 107 TA CH 201 CH 2DJ CH 105 H 10 Anyone who has intentions of o . . 5 p.m.; Wednesday. Feb. 14. 8 a.m. to CB20J a.m. CH 100 . . . . t h Because of the inconvenient ISCUSSIOn about the vaccme program can 10 p.m.; Thursday, Feb. 15, 8 a.m. CB 203 5 CH 111 JOmmg a mus ave P!lrlocation of the 'aundry service go to the Health Center on the to 10 p.m.; Fridya, Feb. 16, 8 a.m. to CB 20J 8, tJCJpated m a formal rush pro-. • . . . . f th 't 5 p m Saturday, Feb. 17, closed; Sun 90 TA gram prior to accepting a m the book store, 1t 1s bemg GrOUp To Meet fourth floor o e Umvers1 Y day: Feb. 18, closed . ED 205 ED 205 SP 305 ED 205 CH106 10 a.m.-12 Noon pledge agreement. Delayed moved to Alpha Hall. Center or to the UC informaSCHEDULING For the benefit of Section 01 CH 204 1 . d k A t f t the following information on scheduling 02 LS 262 pledges may be accepted three Housing was also discussed The University of South Flortwn es consen orm mus and registration is provided: (l) The tf weeks after the council' s rush and it was found that both stu-ida and the Great Books Foun-be fdilled 6futt bdy n Noon-2 p.m. program is concluded. dents and faculty seem to prefer dation are co-sponsors in de-guar Jans 0 s u en s un er. the cashier' s door, by the. CH 100 Infractions of rush rules shall Co-ed dorms, but the final de-veloping a new Great Books yearsb of ihet;accme CH 107 CB 104 Sections ALL CH 100 be subject to action by the cision will be based_on demands. Discussion Group in the North can e a IDIDIS ere 0 em. to this list may be posted during that LS 271 4 p .m.-G p.m. Th h 11 it h T The vaccme, descnbed as a week. Each whose name ap-CH 205 AC 201 Section 02 AD 2001 Council of Fraternal Societies e . newer . a . s Wl ave con-ampa area. pleasant-flavored liquid prepar-pears on the hst should pay his fees AD 2001 AC 202 02 AD 2002 Standards Committee. necbble, s!Jde-m beds. The group, whose purpos e is . . . . between 9 a.m. and 3.JO p.m., Jan. uc 203 EC 301 01 CH 107 at10n, Will be gtven rn two 22. If he wishes to apply for a CH 201 ED 309 04 uc 213 Ties and Heels The Committee urges stu-to read and discuss outstanding ' doses eight weeks apart. change in schedule he must submit a kt m 8} CH 106 informal rush parties dents with problems to contact books in history .and literature Dr. Edwin P. Martin, chair man of the subcommittee on the University Forum, announced that three persons will he invited to participate in the pro gram and Prof. Thomas B. Wen. ner will be moderator. There w i 11 be five more forums presen:ed d u r i n g the second semester on the follow ing dates: March 6, "Student Rights: Inherent or Imposed?;" April 3, "Liberalism, Conserva tism, and the Lunatic Fringes;" April 17 , "Castro: Saint or Sinner;" May 1, "Florida and Edu cational Leadership: Contender or By-Stander?;" al'ld May 15 "The Berlin and G erma n y Crisis." . AD 2103 HI 121 o2 will begin on Monday, Feb. 26, its members about ;my problem throughout the a ges , will meet St d t K d is enrolled by 5 p.m .. Jan. 26. A Jist uc 251 HI 2J1 01 AD 1021 and will end Wednesday, Feb. or suggestion he feels should be in the evening at USF's Library. U en I e or approved changes will be posted on MARK HUBCAPS m 1B 28 . Hours will be from 6:30 discussed. The members are: Organization plans for the Lawrence Rockwell, 19-yearAD 2072 MU 201 01 uc 158 until 9:30 p.m. Dress for all Robert Hess, director of hous-group and a definite meeting old student at the University of changes will be considered until Feb. "Mark your hubcaps," recom-CH 106 m gfi informal parties will be school ing; Andrew Rogers, directo'r of time have yet to be decided. South Florida, was killed late in mends Mr. J. Garner of the sem g} tLDSC rush begJ'ns March 7 procurement; Jim Woodroffe, Those interested in joining m1aosttowrceydclneesadpapyarneingthlyt wwhenent ohulst TA ss 341 01 president of student association; the discussion group should con-and 11,3o a.m .• according to the lol . AD 1091 TA 101 01 T through March 9 from 6 to 9 Tom Little, day student; Harry tact Mrs. Ann Mulder in tbe of control and crashed into a lowing schedule' E-H, Jan. 29; IL , quent disappearance of hubcaps zo 311 01 CH 204 p.m. Dress for formal rush will Dickinson and Sheila Gordon, Office of the Librarian, Univertractor on the Fletcher Avenue Jan. JO; M-P, Jan. Jl; Q.s, Feb. 5 ' and other accessories from cars CB 119 p .m. CH 106 be coat and tie for men, heels resident students. sity of South Florida. extension. parked in the lots. m B and dressy clothes for women. AD 1030 CB us 90 uc 213 For additional information CP 201 TA and copies of the handbook ask AD 21oJ SATURDAY, FEB. 10, 1962 the council representative sta251 TA 101 a.m. T tioned in the uc lobby, FR 301 01 UC 205 Maritime Course Open to Everyone CH 107 MA 141 06 AD 2074 AD 2007 10 a..m.lZ Noon AD 2073 AC 201 Section 03 CH 103 AC 202 01 AD 1090 EC 101 03 1962 EC 101 06 ED J37 01 CH 205 ED 457 01 AD 207J HI 2J1 02 LS 271 12 p.m. AD 1021 CH 202 Section 02 AD 1091 EC 201 02 CH 206 MA IJ9 OJ AD 1090 PC 101 02 AD 10JO 2 p.m.-4 p.m. UC 158 PC 211 Section OJ UC 251 TA Jll 01 UC .202. .t. p.m.-6 p.m. UC 203 CB 110 Sections 1&2 6 p.m.-8 p.m. CH 205 HI 111 ectlon 04 UC 47 HI 231 03 AD 1051 MA 212 01 UC 215 MU 107 01 UC 213' MU 107 02 CH 105 8 p.m.-10 p.m. AD 2001 AD 2002 AD 1021 LS 270 AD 1051 AD 1030 LS 272 CH lllJ AD 2072 AD 2010 CH 107 LS 269 T TA CH 206 CH 201 AD 2011 T T A course, "Maritime Com me r c e Executive Refresher Course," open to students and faculty is being sponsored by the Propeller Club, P o r t of Tampa, and the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. CH 201 MA 139 Section 02 AD 2001 Class sessions will run six Wednesday evenings, beginning at 7:30 p . m. Jan. 24, at the chamber of commerce audito rium, La.f.ayette Street. There is no tuition charge. Students and faculty may register with Mrs. Colleen Brown, AD2106 , ext. 161. AD 2007 OA 141 01 UC 251 AD M72 PC 471 90 AD 1091 .X A CH 100 PE 101 CH 207 PE 101 AD 2002 PE 168 UC 213 PE 156 CH 210 PE 160 LS 266 PE 102 UC 204 PE 114 AD 2074 PE 110 AD 1021 PE 1JO UC 158 PE 116 UC 251 PE 150 CH 107 PE 118 LS 270 PE 104 T PE 178 SUNDAY BUFFETS PHYSICAL EDUCATION TUESDAY, FEB. 6, 1962 12 Noon-2 p.m. cH 111 The University Food Service Section 01 2 4 1-7 1 l t'}.._ 1&2 01 01, 02 1&3 1&2 01 01 1&2 TA has begun holding buffets in }gg the cafeteria on Sundays from AD 2072 12 to 2 p.m. Chris B. Olson, diim rector of the food service, ;said, AD 2002 "We are holding these buffets to relieve t b e monotony of in Ao 2001 stitutional feeding for boarding students who eat 21 meals a AD 2009 week in the university cafeteria. AT FIRST BOARD MEETING HERE Martin Approved, Trimester Discussed By BILL BLALOCK MS from Kansas State College Dr. Edwin P . Martin, chair-and his PhD from the man of biological sciences, was s1ty of Kansa s. He _came to U:::;F approved for the position of from a professorship at Ft. Hays dean of the col-Kansas State College. e g e of bas i c Student Survey t u d ie s at the Dr. John S. Allen, president meeting of of the university presented a State Board • . Control to be survey on the tnmester sys on the Unitern to the board. The survey, s t y c a m-taken in Functional English ami 1 Humanities classes showed that i n ' s wiil effective 1 at a salary $13,000 for 12 Martin months. He is re-placing Dr. Sidney J. French who has been appointed dean of academic affairs. Martin will continue as professor and chair man of biology in conjunction with his new job until Au gust 31. Dr. Martin graduated from Cornell College, received his of the students polled, 412 were enthusiastic about the change over, 537 satisfied, and 131 somewhat unfavorable and 64 dislike it. Allen said the survey showed that students favor the change. over to the trimester plan and that this is very good progress considering the newness of the project. A further breakdown of the poll shows, however, that less than half of the students sa1d definitely that they would at-tend during the third semester. The survey also showed that many students still are cided about attending the third segment of the year's program. 3rd Trimester Small Since trimestPr number three is expected to have the small est enrollment because summer jobs will be available to stu dents who need the money, a plan was i n c I u d e d in the bo ard's agenda explaining how USF would attempt to encour age enrollment in the third tri mester. The plan called for a more vigorous program of education of students and parents to the advantages of year-around at tendance. Other plans included offering courses that are most essential, desirable, and popular as well as giving student assist antship and jobs to those wiJO attend full term. Special Summer Sessions Two special sessions will be superimposed on the reguiar third semester. The first, desJg na ted 3a, will begin with the start of the regular term and run for eight weeks. The other to be called 3b is a 7.! weeK course designed primarily fol' teachers. According to the plan tri mester 3a will be offered only so long as students desire it. A tour of the campus was taken last Thursday by Board of Control members serving on the board's building committee. The tour, according to Gert H. W. Schmidt of Jacksonville , chairman of the building com. mittec, was to analyze the use of the present buildings and to observe the construction under way on the second residence hail. Trimester 3b will be offered for teachers who are free to at" We are with you all the way tend coilege only from late June on your building program," to mid-August, and for June Schmidt said in reference t o high school graduates who can plans for construction in the be encouraged to start college next 10 years. in the third term. Trimester 3b Members of the board include will emphasize courses in rapid-Baya M. Harrison Jr., chairman, reading and those required by fr:om St. Petersburg; Frank M. first semester freshmen stu-Buchanan, from M1ami; Charles dents. In an effort to get high R. Forman, from Fort Lauder, school graduates to enroll, pri-dale; S. Kendrick Guernsey, orities on fall residence hall as-Jacksonvilie; Schmidt; J o h 11 signments for freshmen will be C. Pace, from Pensacola; Raipb give n to students who occupy L. Miller, Orlando; and J. Bro residence hail rooms in Tri-ward Culpepper, executive di mester 3b. rector, from Tallahassee. (


TilE TAMPA TIMES, Monday , January 22, 1962 AMER. IDEA LECTURE The Tampa Times Sports Picture Brightens Political Groups Appeal to Students Sertoma Club Presents USP With $1,000 University of South Florida Campus Edition On-campus a c t i viti e s are student staff and faculty a film internationally known profes-(Page 1 and Pa:re 2 Staff) aligning themselves with the of the 1960 Olympic champion-sional players to perform exhi-The Tampa Evening Sertoma Club has presented the Univer sity of South Florida Founda tion a $1,000 check for use in the university's student lo,an Editor ..............•. , . , , .•••.. , .......... Bill Blalock usual end of the semester lull ship Russian gymnastics team. bitions during the week of Feb-Man g g Ed"t w p d this week, but the intramural The film was made during the ruary 19, the week of the Dixie a m 1 or '' • • • • • ' • • • • ' ' • • • • mg reo or sports program gives no indica-Russian team's recent tour of International championships. By MARTHA ANN DENNIS Copy Editor • • •••• • Virginia'Montes tion_ of it. . the United States, and includes . The Boxing is planning Presidents of the Young Republicans and Young OErgianlzation Editor •......•...... Marlene Hennis will compete b?th male and female cham-lts fiTst ,meehng for 2 p.m. Democrats clubs made an appeal to students to function prDogarlaemP. urcell, dl"rector of the c lVh.Y d tor .............••.... ..... .. Louise Stewart thiS week m eight basketball plODS. Thursday lD UC223. All campus f I th h th . r . . Intramural Editor ......•••••••............. John Gullett contests on the campus courts OFFICIALS CLUB members are invited to attend, more ac lVe Y roug e1r po Itlcal groups now Ill progUSF Foundation, accepted the Faculty Adviser ....................... George H. Miller in the third round of the roundOver 20 members of the Offiregardless of boxing ability. res.s on campus. gift on behalf of the university start: Allee Anttila, Bobll:r BeiiJlett, look Blalock, sarab robin schedule set to last five cials Club will be tested on AB11ASKETBbALL1 Dave Jordan, president of the Young Republicans, at a ceremony in Temple TerCaUiweu. Allll Dennis, Cynthia Dootson, Tommy Rita k Th All St T ll 'll th • b k tb II ff" t" k"ll games eg n a .m. tl Frank, Cha.rlolte Frese, Pats:r Durene Goss, Jol!n P. Lazzara., wee s. e -ars a Wl elr as e a 0 lCla mg s 1 s lllonda.y in cooperation with J u I ian... race recen y. Carolyn Mown, Ronda Zidrlch, Pam Jean Koenig and Sherry McCormack; compete with the Mauers in the at 1 p.m. Wednesday, in UC216. All-Stars Tall vs. Mauers . . . . , The gift will enable the uni-Mrs. w . Valentine, a .. oclate, adviser to reporting staff. opening contest this afternoon Anyone interested in taking the Alpha 11-W IIIW P1per, pres1dent of. the Young conservatism and hberahsm. versity to apply for additional Address all oommnnlcatlono to O!tice of Campus Pobllcatlono, Room at 4:30, while Alpha II-W and exa!Jl to qualify for officiating All-Stars Short vs. Disciples Democrats, made th1s request on Reasons were given why Repub-funds from the federal governtOTO, Adm. Bldg. Phone WE 8-413 I, Ex!. 178. Editing lab. phone ext. 26&. w d d "Student reporters gathering news for the campus Edition of THE Alpha III-W _for game hon-games on this season cmo vs. il"e"d ay an American Ide a lecture-licans, generally, tend to have a ment's student loan program. TAMPA Tlli1ES, wlll request material direct from and offices ors on an adJommg court. should contac_t MISS Sunny FerSkeeters vs. Blue Devils panel last Tuesday. more conservative 0 u t 1 0 0 k Money will be provided at a on oampus, and the material will not clear through the News Bureau." Play opens today on the All-nandez, physlcal educahon m-Alpha lW vsT. houurstedra•Alpha ' ratlo of $9 from the government 'Point 2, University Polley Sta.teme11t No. 22, July 25, 1961). , h I D t t d t b '---------------------------"!University _Table Tennis Tour-strllctor and advisor of the Enotas Black vs. Arete Gold The Democrats were repre-w I e_ emocra s, 0 _e for each $1 in matching funds nament, With random pairings group. Enotas Gold sented on the panei by Dr. Rob-more liberal on certam basic raised by the foundation for Presl• dent GetS Letter of opposing teams bemg posted SPORTS CLUBS . Alpha 1-w so, Alpha IV 1a ert A. Goldstein, advisor to the policies. The fact that there this purpose. by the I-M office on the uc Sports coordinator R. D. . t t h h t ---==---=-:.===:===---. . basement bulletm board. Hunter, ass1stant professor of AiPha m:W 25, Alpha rv.w 11 c l ub; Leonard Jones, and Piper. exts s w 1 In eac separa e ADVERTISEMENT MACDONALD TRAINING not one smgle one The tourney, an activity point physic a I education, has re-Mauers 59, Disciples 24 Speaking for the Republicans, party a conservative and a lib-CENTER FOUNDATION to respond. event, will be played at a time quested all sports club offiwith Jordan, was Dr. Robert H. eral element was also pointed Worry of Drew Park was. ou Y ra -decided upon by participants. cers to pick up official club All-Stars Short 27. Blue Devils 25 Fuson, advisor and Paul Meiss-out and emphasized. Tampa, Flonda lfmg m research The tourney will be single elim-forms for approval of budgets. FALSE TEETH Jan. 5, 1962 With a pa1rs design ination, involving three 4-man Students interested in starting Those 1 0 n g hikes between ner. The panel was moderated Jordan stated, '"Julian Piper Slippin" or Dr. John S. Allen where the failure of one teams. The team winning either a new sports club of any type classes are on the way to be-by Dr. Robert A. Warner, chair-and I, as .Presirshore Ro)'al Hotel The program will complete a semester of individual v o i c e study for 0' Kelley with R. W. Hugobloom, associate professor of music at the University of South Florida. The recitai wm be open to students, faculty, and the gen eral p u b l i c at no admission charge .. Included in the concert are works from various periods in English, Italian, German, and French music. TWO REPRESENT USF Two iaculty members are representing the University of S o u t h Florida at the Inter American Seminar on Educa tional Travel in Bogota, Colom bia this week. They are Drs. Louise Sand and Edward F. Mc Lean, professors of Spanish. The conference is sponsored by the Council on Student Travel. Encouragement of foreign stu dents to study and live in Am e r i c a is a vital part in better relations with our Latm neighbors and paral leis directly the program advo cated by President Kennedy. VISIT McSWEENEY'S FOR GOLDEN TEMPLE ORANGES ALSO MARSH SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT JUICE ORANGES TANGERINES MARMALADES CANDIES GIFTS and GADGETS I WE SHIP' '1'00 I McSWEENEY GROVES TEMPLE TERRACE HIGHWAY AT 50th STREET PHONE WE 8 Open Daily to 5:30-0n Sundays 1 to 5:30 USF Debaters Go to Speech Meet in Miqmi The University of South Flor ida Forensic Division of the Speech Association will partici pate in a debate tournament in Miami at the end of this month, according to Bernard Zaidman, secretary of the speech associ ation. A team of two USF debaters will be sent to the tournament, to which several schools located on the east coast will send rep resentatives. Among the other schools represented are Har vard, Yal e, D artmouth, Prince ton and West Point. As recognition for their or ganization of the USF Debate Club, the four varsity members, Bob Bickel, John Kondelick (now attending the University of Floridal, Marcela Torres and Bernard Zaidman will be pre sented p i n s this week. T h e charter members were elevated to varsity standing at their final tournament last year in Miami. Many Tourists Visit Neighboring Gardens USF's "next door neighbor," multimillion dollar Busch Gar dens topped all other tourist at tractions in the state last year with r ecord crowds totaling 1,250,000 touring the exotic paths of the garde ns. The yea r -end total topped 1960's record figure of 1 , 195, 330. Decembe r attendanc e reached an all -time monthly high of 90 , 000, a 50 per cent increase over D ecember, 1960 . It is anticipated tha t attend ance figures will reach 1,750 , 000 in 1962. Miller Attending Co-op Meeting George H . Mille r , director of the Work-Study Cooperative Program, is representing the University of South Florida at the mid-winte r meeting of the cooperative d i vis ion o f the American Society for Engineer ing Education meeting in Was h ington, D . C., Jan. 22 24. Approximately 7 5 colleges and universities have represen tatives in the co op divi sion a s well as many of the larger busi ness and industrial firms of the United States . , THE TAJIIPA TIMES Publlohed e • e n I a g o Mon4&J Salarday by. The Tribune Company from The Trlbwae Build clau matter at tbe Pool at u..ader the Act of Subocrlplion Kales: By carrier $7.80; year U5. 60 . Subscription payable ill ahaace. Member of Associated Preaa. Jllember of Audit Bureaa of CU.. Wi&UOII. . Daily Schedule MONDAY, JAN. 22, 1962 10:00 a.m. U . C . Dance Cornm. UC200 Council on Teacher's Education UC264 Sports Car Club UC202 Westminster F e ll. UC203 Bibl e Study-Baptist UC204 C a nterbury Assn. UC205 U . C . Movie Comm. UC214 Circl e K . Org. UC242 Business Leaders Org, UC215 Epelia -Exec. Council UC216 Ethelontes-Exec Council UC219 Aquatic Club UC22I U . C . Hos p . Comm. UC226 United Campus Christian Fellowship' UC157 Handbook Comrn. AD105 4 Fine Arts Council AD1058 5:00p.m. Ballroom Dancing UC 6:30p.m. Faith Lutheran Church Banquet U C248 7:00 p.m. Judo UC2 TUESDAY, JAN. 23, 1962 9:00a.m. PTA C ounty Council Meeting UC24 B 11:00 a.m. Convocation. Rush TAT Religious Advisors ADI053 Psycholog y Club U C15? Horse F anclers' U C200 Veterans' Club UC202 Archer y Club UC257 11:00 a.m. Recreat ion Comm. UC2I4 SA Rules Comm. U C 2 I 8 Cieo-Exec. Council UC22 1 2:00p . m . Man-uc226 a g er Association Seminar CHIOO 3:00p.m. For e n sic Assn. UC226 5:00p.m. Ethelontes UC103 Tri -Sis UC200 Siges UC203 Delphi UC205 Christian Science Org. UC219 5:30p.m. Fia U C213 6 :00p.m. Baptist Student Union UC226 6:30p.m. Fia Study Group UC216 Fia Study Group UC219 7 :00p.m. Gymnastics Club-Semi n ole R e c . Cen. Natlonal Office Manager Association Banquet UC248 7:30p.m. Duplicate Bridge UC108 Pald e la UC205 Arete UC226 8 :00p.m. Epelta UC157 Fides UC200 Enotas UC203 8 :30p.m. ' Earne st' Special TA WEDNESDAY, JAN. 24 1 :00 p.m. Botega Club Religious Council P arUamentary Debate L y re and Aulos Gymnastlcs Club 1 :00 p.m . Voic e Recital Tom O 'KelleY Cultural Cornm. DeMolay OHicia l s ' Club U.S. F . Phot o Club 5 :00p.m. Beginning Bridge Ballroo m D ancing 6 :30p . m . Fia Study Group Fi a Study Group 7:00p . m . Judo UC47 ADI05 4 U C 2 6 4 5 UC158 CH100 UC248 UC214 U C215 UC216 U C221 U C108 UC248 UC216 UC219 TA 8:30 p.m. Play,J Earnestu THURSDAY, JAN. 25 2 '00 p.m. Comm. U C l57 AAUP Business meet ing Staff Loung e Council of Frat e rnal Societies Forensic A ssn. Young Republlcans Young D emocrats Judo Club U . C . Lessons C omm. For eign Language Club S ailing Club BapU s t Stude nt Union Q :30 p.m . Play "Earne st" AD105 0 UC203 U C204 UC2 0 5 U C213 UC216 UC219 UC221 UC226 TA FRIDAY, JAN. 2 6 2 :00p .m. SA Rule s Comm. UC218 3 :00 P . m . Bridg e Tournament UC2 3 :00p.m. U . C . Program Council Broadcasting Club 3 : 1 5 p .m. Play '"Earnest " 8 :30p. m . Play " Earn e st" SATURDAY, JAN. 2 7 8 : 3 0p . m . Pla y "Earne st" 9 :00p .m. Danc e SUNDAY, JAN. %8 3:00 p.m. Film "Young Lions" 7 :00 p . m . Film " Y oung Lions " UC214 UC219 TA TA TA UC248 TA TA AUGUSTINE SMYTHE WEEKLEY, JR., M .D. announces the opening of his office for the P r a ctice of Surgery at 1218 South Howard Avenue Tampa 6, F lorida Offic e Hours by Appointment Telephone 255 2972 We have reduced \ prices on our top-of the-line whitewall ==::'1 tires. Now is the time to buy Firestona tiresl l PRICES SLASHED! Firestone NYLON 11500" . 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, , SOUTH FLORIDA BAPTIST HOSPITAL Physical Therapy Clinic Opened _By JOE LUTER Hospital Administrator Bert nently at the hospital. The hosBATTERIES T1mes Staff Writer Davidson said the clinic was pital's only connection is in PLANT CITY-A small scale established through combined loan of the conference room, $895 16 Volt} physical therapy clinic has re-support of the Plant City Ki-he explained. Exch . centl been t t d wanis Club and the Hillsbor-Equipment already provided .Y s. are at the South ough County Society for Crip-for the clinic includes parallel $12 . 95 Exch. (12 Volt) Flonda Baptist Hospital. pled Children and Adults. bars, a foot pedaling mecha-For Most Cars It will be open Thursdays in nism, an overhead bar with pulCALL 229 the hospital conference room leys for arm exercise and a for therapy ordered by doctors. hydroculator (heat pad). For fast Free Delivery Davidson described the clinic Kiwanis Club President Rob-and Installation! as "a minute beginning in a ert T rinkle said the continuing PIONEER FUEL OIL badly needed service." He pre-support of tbe club can be exdieted early expansion of facili-pected for futtlre clinic needs. "We Service Wlu.t We Sell" ties and operating schedule. Previously West had attempt-Tampa and Washington Sts. The clinic is serviced by ed to supply needed physical Physical Therapist D avid West, therapy by visiting the homes A who is paid by the county of patients. Society for the Crippled. It was -------U...W :---Al by the local Kiwanis Bobby Kennedy DINNED Davidson said the clinic is not G • • R.ll ets lnv1tat1on P ,RINTED METER DELIVERY Charge Account No Worry-Home or Not Open Your Pioneer Account by Phone -Just Call 223-428' 1 K .EEP fULL SERVICE "Standard OU Prodtrets Exclusively" PIONEER Budget Discussion For Free Inspection Without Obligation, Call • • . BURKE DREW PARK DISCOUNT CENTER 4627-29 N. LOIS IN DREW PARK, TAMPA CIGARmES 9 PKG. with any purchase of' $1.00 or more of any item in the store or carton for $1.77 with any $5.00 or more purchase of any item. GIANT RE-LOCATION SALE WE ARE MOVING IN FEBRUARY TO A LARGE NEW 35,000 SQ. FT. LOCATION IN TAMPA TO BETTER SERVE THE . DEMAND OF OUR THOUSANDS OF WHOLESALE PRICED ITEMS. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO BUY WAY BELOW OUR COST-MUST SELL OUT. EVERY ITEM WILL BE SOLD BELOW COST Open 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. Today, Sun., and Mon. To Visit Russia School Civil Defense From Tampa's Newest BOX LUNCH CENTER e SEAFOOD Let Your OWN Ears Prove YOU WILL ••• I HEAR WITH A --HEARING AID Come in, Phone or Write For a FREE TRIAL Air Conditioned Ground Floor Otrlce Director Reports BELTONE HEARING AID SERVICE Hillsborou g h County schools 406 zack st. Ph. :zzs 0846 trained 1,942 adults in civil defense courses during the final six months of 1961 , D . G. Erwin, school civil defense director, anhounced today. Erwin said 1,417 a\iults had been trained in the two-year period prior to last July 1. The county school system now has 112 teachers certified to give civil defense survival c ourses . Radio Hams To Meet A lecture and demonstration of amateur television techniques will feature a meeting of the Hillsborough Amateur Radio Society Inc. tomorrow at 7 : 30 p.m. at the North Tampa Cham ber of Commerce in Sulphur Springs. Member Lou Bellavia is scheduled to transmit via t el-* AUTOMATIC * TRANSMISSIONS Repaired or Rebuilt Ford-Chevy-Plymouth Automatic Trans. Seals $1850 Motor Tune-Ups Carburetors Cleaned Complete Garage S e rvice STU'S AUTO SERVICJj evision from his home to the 3610 E. Hillsborough 236-2431 EVERY YEAR WHEN THE .. BOSS" GOES TO THE FURNITURE MARKETS HE SEZ. "SEE WHAT YOU •es;uw CAN DO!" WELL, WE DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT ADVERTISING, BUT WE DO KNOW HOW TO REALLY CUT PRICES AND DO BUSINESS! JUST CUMNSEE! 3-Pc. BEDROOM SUITES! ........... 57995 2-Pc. LIVING ROOM SUITES! .............. Reg. POLE LAMPSI Multi -Color $795 $14 . 95 • Shades ...... ..................... . 100/o FOAM MATTRESSES! rs7;: ..... $9.95 9x12 LINOLEUMS! ............... cAsH & cARRY 54'9 ;;::95 PLATFORM ................... . 4-Pc. CURVED SECTIONALS! ...... 514995 (With Zippered Foam Cushion s ) R e g BQOKCASESI With Sliding $1995 $29.50 . • Glass Doors •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 8 u z s A w y E R A R c H I E " u D G E D 0 N A L D D u c K F L A s H G 0 R D 0 N D I X I E D u G A N F.t1s ANN PAAKEF1: RE:TURN5 ro THE: HOTEL, HER e.ROT\-16: R.A.ND'Y IMME91.A.TELY JC:ECOGNIZE5 50MET\-IING 15 WRONfi! WE'RE wor SAIIIt.IG A COMMUt-IIST; PROF. IWAKh 8UT A HUMAN I!: I Nil. DESPITE WHAT TO PUT ACROS5 11-l lliE MOVIE 'I'OU'RE' MAKING, WE DO MANY


. 12 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 22, 1962 Do Mineral Baths Have Real VOiue in Chasing Aches of Aging? By ROBERT PETERSON About all you can get out Every now and then someone of most physicians is a gen writes to ask if mineral baths eral statement that mineral at our nation's spas have any waters may be helpful in re real value in chasing the aches Iieving arthritis, n e uri t is, to which the plus-40 set somebursitis, and Sciatica, and in times falls heir. soothing nerves, r e 1 ax i n g My reply is not very definitive muscles , and perking up for I must report that some bodily functions. physicians swear by them When 1 was in Excelsior while others consider them Springs, , Mo., the other day, about as medic a 11 Y oldI talked with several medics, !fashioned as the mustard trying to get something spe-P_l_a_s_te_r_. ---;-;=====::----cific as to the curative values ADVERTISEMENT of taking the waters, as the say ing goes. "No one claims the water itself cures anything," said Dr. S. R. McKracken, M.D., one of this spa town's most popular physicians , "but there are peo ple by. the thousapds who will attest that by taking mineral baths and systematically drink ing the waters they are able to 0 s If you would like a book let "Home Care of Aged, In firm Parents" write to this column c/o The Tampa Times enclosing a stamped, self-ad dressed envelope and ten cents to cover handling costs. Snake Venom Is Used In Treating Disease By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. cured a diarrhea that is due to Today, a correspondent writes amebiasis. OUR FAMOUS .. SHELL OF A ROOM"' BARGAIN to say he knows somef!ne who Leaves of the coca plant, O?Ce, when senously 111 was when chewed, lessened the disbitten by a rattlesnake and :r:etress felt by porters who carcovered-n?t from the l;nte ried heavy loads up the moun-hut from his dJsease . 'l:he wnter tain trails. Today, we get from now If we doctors have coca leaves the great pain-re ever_ snake venom as a lief cocaine WE DO COMPLETE HOME REMODELING NO JOB TOO BIG Footing & slab • Steel colum.ns • roof • 3 sided overhang • Fir & Cypress ceiling • Working draw ings with complete details or can finish the job at modest cost No Money Down • to suit you or TOO SMALL medrcme. ' . Yes we h, snake venom In As1a, a part of a certain has been used for many years was found to help people in the treatment of a number Wlth leprosy. of conditions, and sometimes it In England, an old woman helps. I always have read widely found that she could greatly in the history of medicine, and help many people with heart hence I always ha-ve been much disease by making a medicine interested in the origins of many out of the ordinary foxglove of our drugs. that grows in gardens. . I often have wondered how A physician named Withering, "REMEMBER WE DO THE COMPLETE JOB" 1t about that naked sav-hearing of her many cures, got ages m the forests of theworld from her the formula of the discovered the medicinal value herb tea that she was using of certain plants. I suspect that many such observations were made during times of terrible RICHFIELD CONSTRUCTION CO. famfne when, in their great hunger, the people ate anything that looked at all edible. 333 HENDERSON BLVD. OUT-OF-TOWNERS PLEASE CALL COLLECT Ph. 877-7519 In South America, the sav ages found that the bark of a certain tree cured malaria, I while part of another _plant WE ARE MEMBER GREATER TAMPA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE a renee 2-880JET FliGHTS DAllY LEAVE TAMPA 10:00AM 4:35PM ARRIVE JACKSONVILLE I 5:;15PM ARRIVE NEW YORK 12:10!PM 7:40PM • Make your January and February reservations nowl Call a travel agent or Northeast at . 229-1811 After all, jet fares, jet flying times, even jet schedules are all comparable. But flying Northeast makes the big difference! Northeast offers you the best jets and the best service! BEST JETS:only Northeast is able to fly you to New York aboard Convair 880 jets. This means: 1. Widest jet seats. On our 880's, First Class seats are as wide as your favorite easy chair. And Premier Coach seats are almost as wide as the first class seats on other airlines. 2. Window with every row of seats. In the First Class or Pre mier Coach section of Northeast 880's, each row of seats is aligned with a window to assure you a full panoramic view. 3. Wide 3-and-2 seating for all coach passengers. In the coach section of our 880's, you are guaranteed 3-and-2 seating, which means wider seats, wider aisles and more leg room for all Premier Coach passengers. 4. Largest jet lounge. In our 880's, the lounge is the most attractive yet created for air travel. It seats -12 people in friendly groupings for cards, chatting, reading or just plain enjoying the quiet,comfortable flight. BEST SERVICE: When you call Northeast and fly the 880 jet, you'll enjoy servic'e with the personal touch. This means: 1. Friendlier service on the ground: The vo1ce on the tele phone making your reservation has a smile. The people behind the counter are a little friendlier. The men who take care of your baggage care a little more about it. And the welcome on board our 880's is just a little warmer and more gracious. 2. More personalized service in the air. Although it was built to carry many more, our 880's hold only 85 passengers in addition to the seats in our luxurious lounge. This makes it possible for our full staff of stewardesses to give you more personalized service in the Premier Coach section as well as the First Class. The atmosphere is more intimate and friendly as you enjoy cocktails, or delicious food on our mealtime flights. 3. Most convenient credit card service. For our 880 flights, and all Northeast flights, we will honor your American Express, Carte Blanche, Diners' Club or Air Travel Card. So you see, it does make a difference -a big difference when you fly a Northeast 880 Jet to New York. THE AIRliNE WITH THE 880 JETS AND SERVICE WITH THE PERSONAL TOUCH NORTHEAST AIRliNES . A few years ago, a good quilizer was found . being used by tbe people of India. I imagiae that, by now, practically all of the drugs that were ever used by old herb doctors in every part. of the w.orid have been studied and tested for what is called therapeutic activity, or the ability to cure a disease or relieve a symptom. We use in modern medicine the curare or arrow poison that we got originally from the Indians in Brazil. We use it to relax the abdominal muscles during surgery. Impaired Vision So many persons write me saying that they have an impair ment of vision that has puzzled their eye men and has not been relieved by new glasses, that it might be well to note here a letter to the Journal of the American Medical Association from Dr. Leo J. Mayer of Jack son, Mississippi, who says that not infrequently, patients taking a certain tranquilizer have a loss of sharp vision for near objects. We doctors all know that persons taking the drug, bella donna, perhaps for a mucous colitis, can have trouble focus ing their eyes. Now Dr. Mayer says that per sons taking diethylstibestrol "shots," in perhaps too large a dosage, for the menopause or the treatment of prostatic can cer, also can have trouble bring ing near objects, like newsprint into focus. ' IRS Adopts Tighter Rules For Tax Forms The district director of in ternal revenue, Laurie W. Tom linson, asked today that during the coming filing period, tax payers and accountants comply with Internal Revenue Service requirements relating to the preparation of reproductions of federal tax return forms and schedules for filing purposes in lieu of the official forms a n d schedules. For several years, the service has authorized taxpayers and practitioners to print or repro duce their own returns and schedules provided they m e t service requirements of sub stantially the same weight and texture, and on paper of qual ity at least as good as that used in the official form. Heretofore the service has been lenient in cases where the forms did not meet federal standards. Tomlinson said the installa tion of the data processing sys tem in the Atlanta region, of which this district is a part, makes it necessary that the re turns filed this year conform to the standards of the service as set forth in Rev. Proc. 61-31, Internal Revenue Bulletin No. 1961-44. It will be necessary to re turn to accountants and taxpay ers any returns and/or sched ules filed in the future which do .not meet these standards, and require that they be re submitted on t he proper form, he added. Youth Rally To Be Held In Auditorium McKay Auditorium has been selected as the site of the rally which comedian Danny Thomas will hold Feb. 15 to instruct and encourage those who will take part Feb. 11 in the "Teen-Agers ' March Against Leukemia." The hour of the rally will be announced later. The march will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. The money raised will be used for the maintenance of St. Jude's Childrens Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. This hospital provides free care for treatment of leukemia and related blood diseases in children. I I ID TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY COUPO' H SPECIALS • ' ' COUPON BOOK MATCHES CARTON 8' OF 50 17c VALUE (Limit one with coupon through Wed. , 1/24) Lanofoam Shampoo FULL PINT 33' 1.00 VALUE (Limit one with coupon through Wed., 1/24) New Slender Line Package of 12 Reg • 45c. (Limit two with coupon through Wed. , 1/24) SCOURING PADS PKG. OF 6 REG. 79c 19' (Limit one with coupon through Wed., 1/24) SCHICK BLADES New Krona blades -6 3 C: Injector pack of 15-Reg. 98c. (Limit <>ne with coupon through Wed., 1/24) SQUIBB Toothpaste REG. 53c SIZE 19' (Limit one with coupon through Wed., 1/24) Rubbing Alcohol FULL PINT ISOPROPYL 9' (Limit one with coupon through Wed., l/24) TURTLE WAX World famous a u t o 9 9( 2.00. (Limit one with coupon through Wed., 1/24) Envelopes Package of 1 00 standard white envelopes. Reg. 39c. 24' (Limit one with coupon through Wed., 1/24) l ' • TOILET BOWL BRUSH I Long wooden handle with metal hook for hanging nylon bristles -39c v alue. 17' (Limit one with coupon through Wed., 1/24) Johnson's KLEAR Famous Johnson's liquid high glos5, hf\rd finish floor wax. Big 46 oz. size. Reg, 1.59. (Limit one with coupon through Wed., l/24) Reg. 2 25c HEAPACHE POWDERS for 23' (Limit two with coupon through W e d., l/24) I


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