The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 306 (January 29, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
January 29, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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I I I University THE. So-uth _ Campus Editian TAMPA TIMES Smooth Slide Fair through Tuesday, Cool today and tonight. Not as coo] Tuesday. \Vlnds north to northeast 12-22 m.p.h., diminishing tonight. H i g h today 65. Low tonight 43. " SIXTY-NINTH 306 MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS easons For R ration Chaos Are M 'ade Clear ---------------------------------------------Experiment Up for Trial, Little Man on Campus Verdict in Thirty Days By LOUISE STEW ART The big topic on campus this season is the new registration system and its current results. There still seems to be s orne confusion among the ranks of those whose schedules pose unusual problems, and those who have not had their schedules approved. A list of students who have their schedules and have been approved for change 'EARNEST' Pray Hailed As 'Most Eriioyable' "will be posted on a bulletin board by AD2096 today. These are to use the following sched ule of days between the hours of 8 : 30 and 11:30 a.m. in AD2096: E-H-Jan. 29 1-L-Jan. 30 M-P-Jan. 31 Q-S-Feb. 5 T-Z-Feb. 6 A-D-Feb. 7 Any student who applied for a change and whose name does not apply on this list may secure an appointment with his dean for further discussion on t h e matter. Students whose names "Th 1 do not appear on any of the e mportance of Being Earnest" opened last posted lists but who turned in to the pleasure of the many people who attended packets by. Jan. 10 are asked to It and who were able, for a short time, to forget their follow the above schedule for own troubles while watching the "earth-shattering" events occurring to the characters in the play. sidered until Feb. 19 . The house lights searched out Dr. Armin Watkins Feb. 14 Important Date DON PASQUALE The comic opera, "Don Pasquale," will be sung in English by the National Opera Co. in TA at 3:15 and 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 2. "Don" is the humorous story of an elderly gentleman who sets out in quest of a young and beautiful bride. The English rendition permits the audience to bear traditional Italian opera in their own language. associate professor of mus ic, re-• ' "It's refreshing, indeed, to see a thirst for knowl splendent in mustache, slickly Students who did not turn In PREVENTION OF POLIO edge in this age dominated by materialism." oiled hair, rimless glasses, rufUSF Choi•r packets by Jan. 10, will regis-___ _;: ____ _.:;;_. _____ _.:. _________ fled white shirt and black ter Feb. 14 in the Ballroom Oral Vaccine Offered Free OPEN FORUM Registration Topic Of Heated Debate monkey-suit. The good profes8 :3 0 a . m . 2 p.m. Evening stu-sor made his violin sing .(act u-To Perform dents will register 6:30-9 p.m. ally it was more like a waill in on this day. New students reg-a beautiful parody on parlor ister Feb. 15 from 8:30 until music. USF musIc student T 2 p .m. Oral polio vaccine will be administered to students beginning tomorrow at 10 Yvpnne Bentley tunefully ac0m0rr0W In an Interview, Dr. Frank a.m. until 2 p.m. in the UC Gallery Lounge. The feeding will continue through companied him on the piano. . Spain, registrar, said: "Last fall, Thursday Feb 1 She was in a green period cosUSF Ch01r presents two conwith the student and adviser Th ' h' h • d 'b d 1 t fl d 1' 'd t' '11 b tume with huge white tucked certs tomorrow, Jan. 30 at 11 working together there were . e vaccme, w lC IS escr1 e as a p IqUl prepara Ion, Wl .e sleeves. a.m. and 8:30 p.m. in TA. Fea-864 out of 2 , 9oo requested g1ven in two doses eight weeks apart. It will be administered free of cJ:large, and IS Interesting Philosophies tured on the are. choral change and 185 who returned recommended to all persons• ---=------------------..:....__::::._: ___ _ were many interesting from of more than once. This led to the under 40 years of age. The vac-B LOUISE STEWART h " l h' to b 1 d f. musical compostbon. Th1s comes new plan. The new plan was cine, designed to prevent all Y P 1 osop tes _ e earne rom m handy for those have nol strictly an experimental project. three types of polio, will be Final Exam Schedule A heated debate on the subject of registration took the production. Such as when. yet a mustcal event for We will hope to constantly work given to aU interested persons, place in an open forum last week. The forum was to the very correct Lady toward improvement." despite previous vaccination. MONDAY. FEB. 5 • 196Z TA 111 01 be a question and answer session between the students let out with this remark, ''A 45 Ptr Cent-Special Handling The program in which the 1 CB 101 a.m. cH 100 CB 107 secu:n :.;xL-e p.m. and Dean Howard Johnshoy, but the topic finally. beyoung lady should not know from the classic and contempo-Students who wanted at l ,east university is participating is algi 1&1 m 6 p . m .-a p.m. ':3!!12 so fh:lt moderator Dr. Thomas \Venner. about engagement ;.>heael of' sch.:>\1JS :.ung in ,or morP f!nrl cour.tywide attempt to i.J.nmu-,21 m )] CH 103 5gj Section 81 in American Idea, had time. It should come as a sur-! Latm, German and Spamsh. could not be arrange_d nize 250 000 persons in an ef-CB 101 g i&g jH m to call a halt to the session due . , A th f h 1 There is no admission charge m suc h a fashion have had the1r 1 . cs 101 l4 CH 107 PS 201 01 to time and has scheduled a 19 although the governor had pnse.. no er o er gems was a general admission ticket cards held over. If a student's fort to stamp out polio in the l8l CH 101 so 211 01 continuation of the meeting referred the matter to them. that It was good for a man to 1s required. These may be approved schedule has fewer area. I 90, 91 TA 8i Tuesday, Jan. 30 at 11 a.m. in Johnshoy was quick to point smoke-he should have an ocpicked up at the University than requested, . he ca!l The Hill'sborough Count Y l CB 10Z lil"" CH 100 s p.m.-10 p.m. CHlll. At this next session out that this was an intemal cupation This patterns the Center Information Desk llst alternative courses rmmedlM d' 1 A t' n nd the I 1 p.m.-3 p .m. AC 301 Section 90 more administrative personnel problem not to be handled by whole of reasoning through-From last year's of ately with .. his dean and may : 1 .ca ssocia 10 a : CB 117 Sect!Gns All TA EC 201 90 will be present to answer the the Board. Another professor out the play. 26 members, the choir has dou-have. additions made to his H1llsoorough County Health DecB 113 TA students' challenges. said that since 500 plus students The play is full of improbbled in size and has presented scbeaule. partment are working together CB .115 ALL CH 100 THURSDAY, FEB. s, Dean Johnshoy's opening rehad petitioned for a change, able situations, plus a brilliant, concerts a t the USF . The best way t_o test the in the project. CB m Xii"' TA CB 109 a.m. marks referred to the gap beand the governor had referred spicy, and .sometimes subtle program . and on TV US:'f 1ty of a . system Js a Night students may receive ED J05 7 p . m . uc 215 CB 109 5 T TA ucn CH !02 CH 206 LS 272 uc 213 CH 103 CH 204 • T AD 2001 CH 207 AD 1051 uc 204 1962 CH 100 CH 111 tween students and administra-the matter, then the Board dialogue It falls into a leftCommumty Chorus. USF s cho1r dex. Thts system has not . . AC 201 section 90 AD 2001 CB 109 8; tion. He feels that the general should have made some sort of handed on the in-and are .scheduled to bee.n until 30 days vaccme durmg the. hours i8l 91 AD 1090 10 Noon TA attitude on campus is in error, inquiry. sincerity of the Victorian era. J?mtly. w1th Tampa and then a hsted for day if they ED 307 AC 201 section 01 AD 2001 •we are not here just to attend Next Round Planned The characters are not real, but vers1ty choirs and Tampa Philpanson can be made of the wish to use the facil1ties to be 90 AR 201 12 p.m. uc 47 a university but to build one." It at this point that the they do not need to be since to smg the of requests for provided on campus. ED 341 AD l021 Ac 301 section 01 AD 2002 Stop Beating Around Bush real debating began on the ques-they merely portray {he veneer Verd1 Te Deum on Feb. 22 With tho_se from the precedmg A consent form must be filled ED 345 section 90 fN The led .in with. the tion of the validity of the peti-of sophisticated society. the baton of Alfredo An-reglstratlon. out by parents or guardians of AD 1021 OA 361 01 uc 251 suggestion thetr questions tion, the position of the Board, Memorable Scenes th h . d This registration period, 45 students under 21 yearS of age, ED 359 90 m m answered m a clear and con-which finally built up to these . e e c_ mr . an . chorus per cent of the students rebefore the vaccine can be ad-!ii LS 235 2 p.m.-4 p.m. cJse manner rather than the principle questions to be dis-There are many memorable were mcluded m the sprmg reg-quested special consideration . . t d t th GA 361 90 cH 108 CB 201 Secttonsl-4 usual run the side cussed at the next forum: Just sc.enes as when Algernon, t h e istration schedule, the members due to extenuating circummtms ere 0 em. 90 2009 g: CH 100 CH 111 To Deans reply that th1s what is the administrative posi w1ld young bachelor . oversees like to extend an invita-stances. E MU 109 uc 158 90 Js to push tion on the registration? What the CUCumber sandWICheS by bon to all students interested in uropean PC 101 90 CH 201 CH 331 ( p.m. the questwns back mto proper are the reasons behind it? Can eating every one. There is Jack helping them build a superior D 5 h d 1 PS 101 90 AD2010 EC 20z sectiongi TA CH 208 CH 107 CH 203 AD 2001 CH 205 LS 266 channels, one of. the students you pretend it has worked? "alias Earnest" Worthing who choral program on campus. The Ql y ( e U e TUESDAY, FEB. 6, 1962 &i remarked that this appeared to was found in a handbag in Vic-choir meets weekly from 1-3 T Off d AR 10• a .m. uc 47 GE 201 01 llim similar to the procedure of AAUP PI toria Station and therefore not p.m. Mondays and 2-3 p.m. MONDAY. JAN. our ere AR JOJ! 01 uc 221 HI 337 01 channels followed by Medieval ans elig!ble to marry Lady Brack-Wednesdays and Fridays. There !O:ooa.m. &i fr m !:DIOJ p.m. TA courtiers. nell s daughter, Gwendolyn . are openings for all voice types. car Club...... T StudentS ED J03 cH 1o2 8 p .m.-10 p.m. The discussion then moved Dinner Meeting Gwendolyn will only marry The Community Chorus meets 0 MA 141 01 AD 2074 AS 201 Section 01 CH 206 Jn to a session on the legal reTh 1 t 1 b . someone named Earnest. from 7-10 p.m. Mondays and is A summer trip to Europe Ecm 81 !g m 81 !E is being offered to students in jgi FRIDAY, 9 , m4 by the president and his staff. soc1abon of Umvers1ty Profes-at the end, and all the !overly Way n e ass?ciate cooperation with the Bowen PH 305 01 CH 202 8 a .m.-10 a.m. The student feeling was that sc:rs was held Thursday, Jan. couples live socially ever after. professor of mus1c. Those mterEpelta-Exec. co..... . Travel Agency of Tampa. . CB 103 Noon CH 100 this was a "top to bottom" ap-2::>, at 2 p.m. Congratulations to Mike Boyd ested please contact Hug o boom 5:00p.m. Ballroom Dancing ..... Members of the tour wlll CB 103 CH 111 CB 203 8, CH 100 CH 111 Proach to democracy. A profes-Program committee chairman, on his dual performance-first in_ the Music Room of Univer-7 '00 p.m. Judo .... leave New York June 28 and CCBB 1103 3 ! cCHH 1 1 0 0 3 1 90 Noon TA J J M C th t l TUESDAY, JAN . .., I • 10 a.m.-12 sor in the audience remarked ean . c ar Y, a so as a young and very stiff, dignis1ty c.enter. Their motto is: travel to Tours, France. n CB 103 10 CH IOB ED 205 Section 01 CH 204 that the Board was responsible that a dmner meetmg Will be fied butler in the city, and then you smg, we need you; if you 10'00 am Tours, on the Loyre River, stuii ff? 3i ru1 to the citizens , of Florida and held on Tuesday, Jan. :SO, at as a very old and decrepit but-want to sing, you need us." 11:00 a.m. co. Religious dents will be enrolled in the CB 103 14 TA 7 ED 20s OJ LS 269 the stu de n t s through their 6 p.m. in UC103. The guest ler in the country. As a point . Institut de Touraine. m CH 106 le:ti:,':t";tAli..m. parents. speakers will be Miss Mary Lou of fact the whole cast came Poetry Vo I u me Horse Fanciers ....... The period of enrollment will CB 103 11 CH 105 z p.m.-l p.m. CH 100 Board Said Remiss Barker, catalog librarian, and across in a most sincere, insin:: .uc214 last one month, after which the EC J p.m.-4 p.m. CB 104 Sections ALL It was brought up that the IG era I d McCabe, acquisition cere performance to make the Of ProfeSSOr ::::BU group will take a two-week bus EC AC 201 sect:nrg:i-e p.m. CH 100 Board was remiss in not taking librarian. Their topic will be play one of the most enjoyable SA Rules Comm ....... UC218 tour of Germany, Switzerland, 331 01 x{5 02 up the registration question at "The Academic Status of Liexperiences on campus this Publt.Shed co .... uc219 Italy and France. ED uc 203 ED 309 81 AD 2001 AD 2002 CH 107 uc 213 CH 106 CH 201 CH 206 AD 1021 AD 1089 AD 2074 UC !liB uc 251 CH 203 AD 109f uc 205 LS 269 T their meeting on campus Jan. brarians." semester.-L. S. 3:00p.m. .uc226 GE 101 01 CH 201 GA ao1 01 5:00p.m. ..... .. .UC103 While at the Ins t 1 t U t .de HI 111 01 LS 272 GY 201 01 Linden Press has just re. : :::: :::::::::: gggg Touraine, which is a part of' m gt AD 2073 HI 121 02 leased a new volume-collection the University of Poi tiers, stuOA 251 01 tg m of poetry, "In Need for Names, " 6 ,00 p.m. .uC226 ?ents will receive instructions m uc 205 141 02 AS CAFETERIA WORKER by Hans Juergensen, USF hum French on all levels. For be-so 201 01 f{j m2 oA m 8r manities professor. The volume 7 '00 p.m. ginners, this four-week course • p .m. PY 101 01 is life interpreted from the Fia . :... . . . . . . . . . . . . . will provide a good background g m Sections f'J; g}:f m 8t viewpoint of how the author 7 '30 p .m. .. :::: for first-year French. If a stu-CB 215 ALL CH 108 ss 341 01 has lived it. 8,oop.m.1:'i.:Tta .. ::::::::::::::: dent has had one year of g:m !tt m 8t In Juergensen's collection he Fides .. .. .. . .. .. . .. .. French, he may, with his in-11 p.m.-8 p.m. • p .m.-a p .m. CH 204 Blues Singer 'Plays' USF • Professional Singer Helen Jo Rhynes By TOMMY EURE directs his message to the read-Enotas . . . . .. . . . .... .. structor's permission, g 1090 5gf 06 LS 270 clubs and shows throughout the poetry are available m the • • 01 AD 1051 country. Campus Store.-D.D. 8;30 p.m. Film-"DruDken Angel" TA for _all students from EC 201 a.m. CH Z05 01 AD 1030 THURSDAY, FEB. 1 outstde France, thus, members EC 201 o 4 AD 2073 u Nor:;n.2 p.m. LS 272 "When I Sing • • " R d• Cl" • of the tour will have the op-EC 201 os LS 211 CH 202 Section 02 ea 1 "9 In I ,. To All Day u.s. Air Force .... UC Lobby CH 103 Helen Jo Rhynes was born in -. 10:00 a.m. to 2 p .m. portunity of meeting students EENP 3 2 1 1 5 7 0 011 AADD 1 102 0911 EMCA 2 1 0 3 1 9 0023 AD 20n p hk N y d b G N M h" Polio Feeding Program UCJ08 AD 20U oug eeps1e, . , an ecame et ew QC lfte 2:00p.m. Co. Frat. Soc ......... AD1050 from many other countries. HI 111 01! CH 206 PC 101 CH 107 interested in singing as a means . . . Forensic Assn ......... UC203 While in France, the students MAA 230021 0021 AADD 1100 9 3 0 0 PC 211 z P .4 p.m. of expression. She says, "someThe Readmg CI.lmc llas _orin the tour will live with French 101 02 uc 1sa TA 311 Section 8i 269 times I feel something, but can' t de red .. a readmg Judo Club ............ UC2l3 families . uucc 2 2 5021 • p.m.-6 p.m. quite say it. When 1 sing, it just the-Cra1.g wh1ch u.c. Lessons comm . .. UC216 CB 110 Sections t&2 TA seems to come out." should a,ITlV& .wlthm the . . Club:::.Hgu The price of the tour is $995 , SH 103 10 Noon UC203 HI Ill SectJ'ri'g.j-8 p.m. CH206 Helen has sung in night clubs two It I S much llke Baptist Student Union UC226 whic'h includes all traveling and AN 201 Section Ol CH 205 HI 231 03 CH 201 and supper clubs in New York, .O':'dmary teleVISIOn set. ('>-n 7:00p.m. Catholic Student Gr .. . uczoo living expenses. If int.erested, m . }!g 1651 8t 2011 Wyoming and Connecticut. In mdtvidual.may a readmg FRIDAY, FEB. 2 contact Mrs. Valette m the ED Jos Ol uc 215 MU 107 02 T 1955 and 1956 , she sang with rate selectwn, swltch on the set, All Day u.s. Air Force .... uc Lobby library, or the Bowen gji iat MA 139 p.m. AD 2001 the World Wide Air Force Show and a lesson . . Agency. EN 33'1 01 CH 201 oA 141 01 uc 2ol and in shows at the Francis E. . Th1s .Is O!JC of the u. c. Prol!ram Council UC214 MA 201 02 AD 2007 PC 471 90 AD 1091 Warren Base in Cheyenne, Wy-frrst of 1ts th!s country. 7:30p.m. ACTING FILM PS 101 12 p.m. AD 2072 oming. She also sang twice a Dr. SpiCola , asststant l?r?8 :30p.m. Opera-"Don Pasquale" TA A film showing actors and Sections 100 PE 101 p.m. CH 111 week on a TV show in Cheyenne fessor .. m_ the Clime: SATURDAY, FEB. 3 their director in rehearsal for z p.m.-4 p.m. . PE 101 2-4 TA and once did a s how with Webb Thts. machme can put an King Oedipus will be shown in Section 8t i&b2 m U CH 100 Pierce md1v1dual m the 1,000 words a : . . r e c r 5 . . CH100 at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. EN 337 oz UC 213 PE 160 1, 4 X{j ' Like Nat Cole minute bracket, easily." She POEM PUBLISHED today and 11 a.m. and 3 p . m . ar m m 1 & 2 AD 2011 Among her favorite artists are recommended that the uni"Our Darkness" by tomorrow . The film }Vill be for LN 221 01 uc 204 PE uo 1 Nat "King" Cole-"honey flows versity order s uch a machine Dr. Sy M. Kahn, associate pro-the benefit of the humanities i&it m from his lips, " Pearr Bailey _ after see-ing it demonstrated at fessor of English, appears in the classes and the enjoyment of MU 109 01 uc 158 PE 150 1 & 2 AD 2001 the National Reading Confer-winter issue of "Epos," a lead-anyone else interested in Greek uc 251 PE ll8 01 AD 2002 (Continued on Page 2, Col. 6) ence last year. ing Florida poetry journal. plays py 201 01 fi m 1 1& , • I


2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, January 29, JI.E.-INTRAMURALS Blues Singer The Tampa Tiriles in Firicll Week Campus basketball powers face stiff competitio. n this week as the Intramural Editor .............•••••.••••••••••••..•... Bill Blalock League heads into quarterfinal play, and the last action of the fall semester. The A great fan of Negro spirit-ARTIIA ANN DENNIS llals, Helen says, "Spiritual s ing. By M . e1s seem to open up their hearts Dr. P. dean _the Managing Editor ••.••••••••.••.•.•••..... Wing Preodor final week of round-robin action will begin Feb. 19, followed by the single elimina-Copy ..............•••••••••••••• Virginia Montes tion tourney beginning Feb. 26. The deadline for new players expecting to par-and tell beautiful stories about college of basic studies, sa1d about h1s new positiOn,. their .hardships." She named "I'm looking forward to it with mixed emotions; enthuMahaha the siastic yet curious as how well I can handle it. Follow Social, Organization Editor .......... .; .. Marlene Hennis ticipate in the tourney has been set at Feb 23. Activity Editor ......••.••••••••••••••••• Louise Stewart The big contest this week matches the Mauers and the All-Stars Short, both Intramural Editor •....•••••.••....••.•..... John Gullett Stars last week. Thursday's op-j greatest smgcrs m thts 11eld. . D F h b th d d b d G d the She said "if an artist is sincere mg ean rene lS o goo an a . oo , m and sings what he feels, then that he. has left. posi-Faculty Adviser .........•............. George H. Miller ponents are the only remaining first week of the second semesReportlnr staff: AUue Antilla, Bobby Bennett, Iock Blalock, Sarah undefeated in season play. The ter. Caldwell, 1\fartha. Ann Dennis, Cynthia Dootson, Tomm1 Eurmallon Desk. A display of many of the lost ftems will go up next week at the UC Information Desk, but these items will be composed primarily of clothing. Besides the numerous number of clothes found, there are books, notebooks, wallets, handbags, etc., that can be checked on which are stored behind the desk. 35,738 Participate in UC Events During the months of Octo ber, November and December a sum total of 823 events were housed in the University Center and 35,738 participated in them. An itemized listing of the activi ties looks like such: Events Meeting s /Con . . 635 Food-Ser. Events .... 102 Other Act. .. .. .. . 68 Tours . . ...... 18 Attend. 19,581 8.557 6 , 172 1.428 Check Outs Billiards . . . . . . . . . 4,841 T able Tennis . . . . . . 3 ,670 Table Games . . . . . . 1,717 Part . 14, 523 9 ,175 8,585 Loan for the Preparation of Teachers must fllo; an application for renewal F t I of the scholarship b y Jan. 30. I962. ra ern a These rorms are available, also ... in Total .. .. . . . .. . 10.228 32.283 lt Nassau Cruise complete an application for nnewal The Nassau cruise, to take will not be assured of scholarship as place during semester break, slstance next . has set Feb: its last LIBRARY day to s1gn up. A mmimum of schedule will be observed by the 30 persons must participate with Library durtna the inter-session a maximum of 50 in order to Feb. 11-Closed. have the cruise. . p . m . Societies Plan Rush If you are plannmg on going, Wed .. Feb. 14.-8 a.m.-to p.m. make your as. soon . With the rush convocation as possible ••• soon It Will be sa t .. Feb. 17-Closed. too late. Sun., Feb. Hardaway over and' informal rush beginStudent Exhibit ,LOST-Educational l!.e ning immediately upon return Sandy Bailey and Bobbi Hanson will have an art exhibit in or has seen it is asked to phone ext a n d refreshments at these the Gallery Lounge of the UC CHANGES B lanRo:n parties. beginning the week of. Feb. 21. ClEO; A hay ride and bar-Total ........... . 823 35,738 The mural contest IS sched-Bus. Mach. Oper. n, Machine Services, b h ld J 27 uled to begin with the resum I69, AD 1000. 914-19th Ave., Apt. 1 , ecue were e an. on CATILMEN'S STAKE SPESHIL $34,000 Encloods a twelve • thick T-bone U.S. prime; ancl a free look at the only thing better looking than me-my beef , .• Bern' Cocktails Se rved All Major Credit Card.s Honored BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Serving Monday-Sat. 5-12 P.M. Sunday 5-10: 30 P.M. 1208 S. Howard Ph. 253 9302 or 252-3891 4 •tka . N. Bayshore Royal Hotel ing of classes Feb. 19. The Courtney Campbell Causeway. mural must correspond with the 284. uc1oo, 4818 Regnas Ave., Tampa, Brothers, pledges and dates at-name of the new recreation tended. room, "The Closet." Mrs. Plans are also being made for Tuesday night students who the have been playing duplicate scholarshlps,. summer school Tri Sis have Invited all societies bridge will be able to bring 3 or members and dates to a Mardi guest free: The games Gras to be held in the Crystal played every Tuesday n.lght .m order that those announcements not Room of the International Inn, the Gallery of 'the Umvers1ty confined tD a specific area or study Feb 16 from 9 p m to 1 am Center. Music will be by Open House Feb. 23 that these be sent to the News Skyllners and in accordance T_here. will be no more with the theme, dress will be unt1l Fnday, Feb. 23, at wh1ch the Campus Edition of The Times. costumes There will be a spe tir:te the D_niversity Ce!lter comcial s u r'p rise entertainment m1ttees wtll hold their semes-the University Center, wlll be closed after which time refreshments ter Open House. will be served. The hours fot the game room th!' lot north of the Residence lfa11 for Tri Sis will be host at a will remain the same during c""Dj(REL _Faculty mem Fashion Show sponsored by exam week. bers wishing to make application for Belk-Lindsey which will be the use of a library carrel during the ' ADVERTISEMENT sprin i semester should send a writte n held March 3. request to the office of the .director In addition the society has Now Many Wear made definite' plans for a "Sil-r'ALSE TEETH Instruction Com ver Tea" to be held honor r j mittee has recommended a university. of the members and their moth-. I wide pollcy requesting faculty m em ers on March 17. With Lltt e Worry • EPELTA: At the weekly Eat, talk, laugh ot sneeze without sections they teach. The form to be meeting of Epelta, held last Tuesday night in. the holdS plates firmer a.nd more com• slsting of 34 questions to be answered Room, the followmg officers fortably. This pleasant powder has no on a separate answer sheet. After were elected to serve during t t t ! 11 the form has been administered and , . facult y members have used the results the year of 62 . Billy Vargas (non-acid). Checks "plate odor' ' was reelected president; Michael (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at Evaluation Services


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