The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 69, no. 312 (February 26, 1962).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
February 26, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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'Fair' Week University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES Partly cloudy and warm today. Increasing cloudi ness tonight with showers likely by Tuesday morn ing. Turning colder Tues• day. High today 7'1. Low tonight 61. SIXTY-NINTI{ YEAR-No. 312 DUE TO USF Large Business InCrease ported in Local Area By JOHN BLALOCK The University of South Florida has a tremendous impact on the economy of businesses located around the university campus, according to several local business men. In some instances almost 50 per cent of their business can be directly at tributed to USF. This implies that the $2.4 million the university's 434 employes receive annu-C ACTIVITIES Open House Planned For Next Semester ally plus student expenditures are a definite boon to the Tampa area. And, the payroll and the number of students will increase steadily as time passes, thus adding to the university's eco nomic impact on local busi-TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS Into Action More Promis Investigative Committees Appointed and Activated 1 Little Man on Campus By VIRGINIA MONTES The Student Association legislature has passed three resolutions since the elec tions of civic unit representatives. More action is promised for the near future. They were a resolution to investigate student views on the new registration system and present the results to the administration; a resolution concerning the possibility of having a voluntary food plan, and a resolution to discuss the possibility of hav ing student cards honored at local theaters. ' Registration Hit At Student Forum BRIDGE TOURNEY WINNERS Winners of the recent all university bridge tournament held Jan. 12, 19 and Winners of the recent all-universiter Walton, Jim Lee, Michael Wheeler and Michael Shick. Roger and Mike Wheeler placed first. Jim and Mike Shick were second. Others participating were Bob Mcilwain, Robbin Sentell, Larry Connor, Raymond Rodriguez, Prof. Vaughn W. Morrison, Mrs. Vaughn Morrison, Charles Humble, Jim Marsicano, Joyce Peacock, David Fleer, Mrs. Phyllis Marshall, Mrs. Jeanette Tingwall, Judy Walton, Sandie de Diego, Harrison Fail and John Ward. Dr. Margaret Fisher participated as a substitute. Check at the UC desk for infor mation about the. coming spring tournament. Arnade and Wenner To Teach at St. Leo Dr. Charles Arnade and Dr. Thomas B . Wenner, University of South Florida professors, will be teaching evening courses in the adult education program of Saint Leo College, according to Father S t e ph e n Herrmann, president of Saint Leo, if the en rollment is enough for the classes. Arnade will teach Latin Amer. ican History and Wenner will teach Communism in the Mod ern World. Mrs. Wenner, wife of Dr. Wenner, will teach in the humanities area of English and Spanish. I \


• • • • atm • . /or the . . . . heart . " . with LADY MANHATTAN • • • the sophisticated "go • togethers" . t h a t might well have b een tailored by that fat little angel, Cupid, himself. Every Lady Manhattan coordinate is a perfectly matched twosome in a heave n-sent .blend of Dacron & cotton and all cotton. The c o n t o u r ,hape d shirt pairs ex quisitely with the arrow• lilimness of the self belt ed, fully lined, skirt. And this carefree couple will see her through an entire day ••• from desk to dance, brunch to bridge. H e l p C u p i d plead your case. Win your Valentine with the aid of Lady -Manhattan. coordinates from $14.95 BRITTON PLAZA NORTH GATE EASTGATE 2-A THE TAMPA TIMES. Monday, 5, 1962 P.E.-INTRAMURALS Recreation Hugoboom Enotas Catch Falling . Stars Interest Poll By' JOHN GULLETT Being Taken R. W. Hugoboom, associate University of South Florida Campus Edition (Page 1 and Pa:;e 2 Staff) Results from the first semester's activity in USF's intramural pro gram are . . professor of music at the Uni now complete, but probable winners in the race for the All-University sports cham-The Cqm.mJ.ttee versity of South Florida will Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • . • • • • • • . . . . . . . . . . Bill Blalock . Managing Editor . . . . .. . . • . . • .. .. • .. . . • • . . Wing Preodor the Umvers1ty Center IS mvest1. • pionship for 1961-62 are still not definite. gating the possibility of a recre-be busy durmg the semester-At the close of the football season, an independent club, the All-Stars, had just ation area on the Hillsborough break; he plans to fly to Green wrapped up the grid title and cross-country race, and seemed headed for complete River. ville, S .C., to be the guest eliCopy Editor ....................... ., , .. Virginia Montes Social, Organization Editor •. , ••.•••• , ••. Marlene Hennis Activity Editor .......................... Louise Stewart supremacy in campus athletics. A survey is being taken of the nician at the Greooville Choral The closest competitor was the SHANNON SAYS student body as to whether they . Enotas Fraternal Society. are willing to support such a Festival and Workshop. But the Stars had their first project. The recreation area Hugoboom will leave Tampa Intramural Editor ............. ............ John Gnllett Facult:r Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George H. Miller Beportinc •taft: Allee Anttila, Bobby Bennett, .Jock Blalock, Sarab Caldwell, Martha Ann Dennis, C7nthla Daotson, Tommy Rita Frank,• Cha.rlotte Frese, Gatllnc, Durene Gou, Jobn P . Lanara, Carol)'n Mow II, Ronda Ziddch, Pam J"ean KoeniJ' aod Sherry Mrs. Virclnla W. ValenUne, teaehiul' auocJate, advJser to reportlnc ataff . taste of defeat Jan. 22 when the F M •t E • t could be equipped with concrete by plane Sunday, Feb. 11, and Mauers, another independent ew e r I s X Is picnic tables, barbecue pits ; recwill arrive in Greenville for the club, dumped the Tall squad in reation facilities, boat ramp and festival scheduled from the folAd4ress all communications to Office of Campus Publication•• Boom 10"10, Adm. Bide. Phone WE 8-1131, Ext. 173. Editing !&b. phone exl. U9. a basketball contest, 40-25. plenty of room for future exlowing day, Feb. 12, through I G d • s pansion. the 15th. Two thousand students ••student reporters catberln&' newt for the Campus Edition of THE TAMPA XlMES. will request ma.terla.l direct from Individuals and offices on ea.mpus. aad the material will not clear throurh the News Bureaa..u 2. Unlverattr Polley Statement No. 22. July 1961). Club , Squad I , added to the t bl f h ' d th h'nh b h d •stars' troubles when they scored sm a e or t 1s purpose an e event w 1s eing el The newly organized Racquet n ra I n g ys te m ' The riverfront area most are expected to participate in which could probably be ap-to expose the 'students to dif-'--------------------------a first-round victory In the ta-. . . proved for such a development ferent choral techb.i.ques. He Answers Mr. Adams ble .tennis Jan . . 26, elimiA re-exammahon of the problem employed is on the. USF property about Later this lead-on our is necessary, to. Shan-1'h. miles east and north of the will attend the "''""''1c•m R t C! bbe Ken Mar-non, assoc1ate professor of education. Shannon s com-Umversity. Center. Directors Association The editor of the Campus Edition has received two notes k u d '\v H kl ments on the system came in a recent issue of The proJect. before a formal ence to be held in Chicago, from members of the faculty and along with their notes copies cus, . IC an . a:r;t ns S C II' . f d N I request can be made to the March 14-15. Then he will at-of their letters to Tom Adams, Florida secretary of state, w . ho fombmed forces to el1mmate the V. F 0 ege 0 ews administration for allocation of tend the Music Educators Na-earlier sent a letter to the editor which was printed in the Stars Bruce Everett, J. Wayof assummg an ab1hty to be remotely this area for such use, must have tiona! Conference , also in Chi-Jan. 15, edition. Due to space limitations these letters submcll; and. L. Y?ung from further accurate .. measurmg the support and interest of the cago, March 16-20 . mitted for publication have bad to be edited as noted (. . . ). Here progress, Shannon, IS an have succeeded in college if en-stucjents. Hugoboom spent t.!)is past is one of the letters. The other will follow at a later date. 1 y d 'ng the wee? of Feb 19 ulcerous consJderatwn frill?-tJ:le trance requirements were less A subcommittee has been ap-summer at Florida State UniM T d S P uri. f th t ?utset. .The word grade Is, m severe. pointed to investigate the degree versity working 00 a doctorate r. om A ams, Secretary of tate . e wmner .o. e. ourney 1tself , to "Administering grades Is an of interest in such a project and in music education . Tallahassee, Florida WJll earn 75 POints, w1th when human bemgs m obligation all college teachers the amount of support the stu----:======---Dear Mr. Secretary the runnerup takmg 62. The a fash1on not unrelated to cate-t It . t 1 d. dent bo'dy is willing to con-ADVERTIBEMENT In your recept letter. of. Jan. 3, to the student editor of gorizing citrus fruit." . tribute to such a venture. Ruptured Men the Campus Ed1tlon, you rnv1ted comment by faculty and stu-1 t . th f' t nd of play Swayed From F1eld Perhaps there will some day be dents as to the possibility that research is over-emphasized to osT m e rrhsi routh . t According to Shannon, grades a school where a more effective, Woodall Gets Award Get $3 50 G1•ft th d t t f tb !tal f t' f earns reac ng e quar erd' f • 1 bl tt '11 t • e . e nmen o e v process o commumca mg m orfinals, but progressing no far-are. no m !cation o a persons. va ua .e pa ern w1 opera e. USF Foundation has received • • matwn . . . , ther, will receive 5o points. He . where we have .no alter$150 from the Scottish Rite for. for Try1ng ThiS The question you raise is a serious one, and deserves careSecond round losers will take highly capable IJ1dlvld':'als native .. W1thm the realism , ho.w-a for drama stu-ful response. It is particularly appropriate that such a queshome 36 points. . swayed from fields m wh1ch . ever, IS the to recogmze dent J1m Woodall, freshman, tion be raised by a consientious and responsible member of E t . G ld t . . tr they were most gifted because what we are trymg to accom)Vho has played maJor roles on K.ansas City, Mo.-Here Is . . no as 0 earn m s ong of poor performance in acaplish. Not a lever, a threat, a campus in "Midsummer Night's an Improved means of holding the Flonda Board of .. As a new .fac?lty mem-contention for the title, as are deniic matters. reward, a trophy-we must utiDream" and "A Trumpet Call-rupture that has benefitted ber, I have rece1ved repeated to the acthe :"tacquet Club I and t h e "In accord ance with resent lize evaluation as a rough aping." "The award was ba s ed thousands of ruptured men and cent on learning, and to place prunary emphasis on the process Terrible Turks. standards .. c ntin d . proximatlon of j n d i vi d u a 1 on need .. said Alvah Beecher women m the last year. of teaching the students, both by precept and by example . This Other first-round winners in"Harvard' p&ogress."--.J.G. director 'of fine arts. ' requirement 1:1as been stressed throughout our carefully preAlpha IIW, squads 1 and Teddy R 0 0 s e v e 1 t , Frank!U: pared 5-day orientation for new faculty in September it has 2, Alpha III-W, squad 2, and the "' It d J h F .,. d ' . . • Maners . nooseve an o n . n.enne y, b .een stressed personally m h1s several personal appearances BASKETBALL would not have been admitted. before the faculty by President John S. Allen , and it has re. T t'll t This emphasizes the need for a ceived careful elucidation in various ' circulars and bulletins, s new and more comprehensive not the least of them being our course catalogue for the acaketball until Feb. 23 . The fol-method of students demic period 1961-63, entitled, "Accent on Learning." That any lowing Monday the tournament school progress. . faculty member on this campus could have failed to under-to decide the All-University Shannon Frowns stand the president's instruction under these circumstances, is cage championship will ge under Shannon frowns on the way in hardly open to questron . Our duty is clear. We are not em-way, with 16 teams participat-which the failing mark is used . ployed simply to teach subjects, such as linguistics , zoology, ing. :A breed. of fac ulty cat is found economics, and psychology . Such a policy would imply that the Top . contenders for the title, m the pure crowd who professor is free to concentrate on presenting his subject and to pre-tourney rel)re certam that students today . . . . . 1 . suits, mclude the Maners, the are poorly prepared for college to whether h1s. take It or eave It, All-Stars Short, Enotas Gold, work and there is a need to fail accordmg to the1r capacity and mclmatlon. On the contrary, and Alpha I-W . All had unde-many in. order to retain "aca . we are expected to teach students, and to reach students, and feated seasons up to last Thurs-demic standards." to concentrate on imparting to them both an app.reciation and day's contests. "It is undoubtedly true that an mtellectual command of the appropnate portions of these Altho1,1gh season records do many student faiiures are mani several academic disciplines. To say the least, this is a grave not have a direct bearing on de-festations of teachers failures. responsibility, and those who bear it are often long dead be-termining the tourney winner, a No teacher can fail a student fore the fruits' of their labors are in evidence. To cite but a good won-.loss record pro-without seriously eXali)ining how single example, Ruth Benedict's professor, Dr. Franz Boaz vide a tactical 1!'1 that contributed to that placed heavy emphasis on research and field work. Whether teams one Will be failure. matched up With weaker teams H"t ' Ad 1 1 p Dr. Boaz overstressed research may well have been asked at in the first few rounds thus 1 s m ss on rogram the time , but since then, Ruth Benedict, and many others of providing them a better .commenting about entrance Boaz' academic progeny have made rich contributions to the of gaining the finals. . requu:ements for USF, Shannon important field of anthropology, and, in their turn, have trained STUDENT BOWLING noted ."We are conducting thousands of other students in the field. As of J&n. Zf .admissions program that If we have any shortcomings at this remarkable new inUnpredtctables ...••...•.. .. el_Iminates 8 port1on of Florida stitution, it is probably that we have nQt yet built up sufficient Kiss or Miss ................ 34 I2 61 high school graduates who could Untouchables ...••• ......... 29 facilities for research. Our newly-established library g r ow s Bobcats ......... ............ 28 B apace. Our laboratory facilities are minimal. Our faculty is ::::::::::::::::::: : n 29 roadcasters Sta9e primarily concerned with organizing and presenting our growMembership Drive ing curriculum as we prepare to expand into the third year of our four-year academic program. Even before our fli-st class field 197 • The USF Broadcasters, who has reached the grandeur of junior status, we hear criti,cism FACULTY BOWLING put out a weekly show Sunday from the press, and from responsible public officers tha';; we Mathemagicians .............. 37 points mornings at 9 :45a. m on WALT . i t t' th d t l I Q Phy . Pl. Chislers ............ 34 points h f ll . • must prepare to give ns rue 1on on e gra ua e eve . ver-Bus. orr. Go-Gutters ........ 3Z points ave orma y orgamzed their emphasis on research may be an ailment of some older inrre: tis ..... ::::::: ;g group and are now going out stitutions, but there appears little likelihood that it could cur-Ltb. Bookies ................. 19 points on a campaign to rently be a problem at the University of South Florida. BASKETBALL RESULTS bring in fresh ideas and broad-h ' Jf h 1 bl h 1 Not including Feb. 1 eontesh: Finally, researc is 1tse t e most va ua e tee n que Terrible Turks 44, B lue Devils 39. en the program. Meetings are for teaching, at the college level. The professor who conducts 10• F d t 3 uc215 research and develops new findings in his field does not mere-Enotas Black 33, Arete Gold 11. n ays a p.m. m ly salt them away for academic credit in some obscure journal. Officers elected at the last Rather, he uses them constantly in his classes, seminars, and meeting are: President -Joe laboratory sections. To maintain his students' respect he must Busi•DeSS Ahnell; vice president -Jerry manifest personal competence in his field. Moreover he must Thorne; secretary-Jim Bart-lead, train, and guide his students in the absorbing techniques lett. Department heads are: of research, if they are to solve professional, social, and perMeeti•ng Q Continuity Louis Stewart; announcing -Ralph Tindell; sonal problems intelligently in their maturity. technical-Jim Morris; music-Your interest is greatly appreciated. AAUP Here Alvis Sherouse; news -John Most respectfully, Lazzara . S / DONALD E. ALLEN, Asst. Prof. of Sociology University of South Florida Official Notices WORK-STUDY CO-QP STUDENTS -visory group to the Academic Standards wWhw Committee. Membel'l of these groups 16 in order to re.celve a .. Satisfactory, will welcome student and faculty aug report and entry in thelr permanent gestiona for Improving scheduling and record. .registering. In making recommendations WORK • STDD;Y CO-OP to these individuals it should be borne in mind that in 1962-63 as compared tion before reporting for wor]J:. ft you to we will be scheduling con have problems on registration see siderably students for more to inter-classes in less time in the same amount view business admlnistratlon majors of classroom space. students interested in joining firm as STUDENT ASSOCIATION offices open work-study students. See Mrs. Bring-every Monday through ger, AD1070 , for details. 9 a.m. to 12 noon. UC214. CAMPUS EDIT-ION STAFF All CALENDAR of Sprlng Events avaUold as well as !respective start mem-able at UC I nformation Desk. Y CHANGES Blanken-dents in EN-341 for second semester shtp. Yvonne, Box 246. Shirley should attend as well all other J Mrs .• Secretary U. Rosa B. USF students interested in working Mrs., Clerk lV Overton, Julia. Bus. on staff . Mach. . Il. Patton, Ruth M. Mrs ... SCHEDULING AND JtEGISTERING Clerk n . Washington, Nathania!, jan -The Academic Standards Committee itor, Physical AD1041. 210 sociate professor of education, reported on their ob servance of the Board of Con trol meeting. The board showed receptiveness toward permitting increased political activity on the part of the faculty mem hers ln the state university system . President Donald Harkness was directed by the chapter to ask President Allen to appoint an ad hoc committee to investi gate the development of the policy on sabbatical and other leaves. A discussion on the academic status of librarians took place at the dinner-discussion meet ing. Dinner-discussion meetings provide opportunity for infor mal discussions. Gl FT APARTEE STAKE DINNER . $12,570.00 This Is a nice partee for I 0-20 peepil with finist shampane and non-better aged U.S. Prime Shato briand stake. We guarintees enuf to eet. Not so much to eet, but still satisfocshinibil. 37-oz. Sha tobriand for 4, $18.00, 15-0I. for 2 , $7.50, CocktailJ Served All Major CrediJ Card. Honored BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Serving Morulay..Sat. 5-12 P.M. Sunday 5-10:30 P.M. 1208 S . Howard Ph. 253 or 252-3891 4 alkt. N. 8ushore Royal Hotal MAA.S BROTHERS GANDY BLVD. "STORE F6R _.HOMES" AND DOWNTOWN TAMPA • Inconspicuous, without leg straps, elastl{! belts, body en circling springs or harsh pads, it has caused many to say, "I don ' t see how it holds so easy . I would not have believed, had I not tried it. " So comfortable so easy to wear -it could show you the way to joyous freedom from your rupture trouble. You can't lose by trying. It is sent to you on 30 days trial. You receive a $3.50 special truss as a present for your report . AL SEDITA TV and APPLIANCES Write for descriptive circular. It's free. Just address Physi cian's Appliance Company, 1070 Koch Bldg., 2906 Main, Kansas City 6, Missouri. "Our experience is your guarantee satisfaction" 2020 Grand Central I same location 20 yrs.) Phone 253-3984 But do it today before you lose the address. AND THEY ALL BENEFIT FROM CONFEDERATION LIFEI This year marks our 90th ANNIVERSARY of service to policyowners a year of growth and progress. Confederation Life is happy to have recorded 90 years of progress in bringing the benefits of life insurance savings and security to policyowners. At present, more than 1.9 million policyowners and their families are served by the Association, with life insurance protection amounting to 2.89 billion dollars. Other highlights from the Annual Report: • $369 millions of new Life Insurance issued during 1961 • $2,896 millions of Life Insurance in force • $445 millionsof Annuities in force • $4.62 millions in Dividends paid during 1961 • $48.7 milllons in Other Benefits paid during 1961 • $499 millions in Assets 1o guarantee payments to policyowners and beneficiaries We woulc;i be happy to send you a copy of the 90th Annual Report. Just phone your nearest Confederation Life office or representative. PROTECT THE ONES YOU LOVE, CONSULT Home Offica: 32 . 1 Bloor St. E., Toronto Spradlin life Associates Inc., 217 North Howard Street, Tampa, Florida. 256-7 I 91 • ' I


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