The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
[Tribune Publishing Company]
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Hillsborough County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 23 (March 5, 1962).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 5, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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,• I ' r : University Straw-r-ry Time Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES Partly cloudy and cool through Tuesday, Winds 12-23 m.p.h. High today and Tuesday 66. Low to• night 47. YEAR-No. 23 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MARCH 5, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS SPEED READING Press Impressed at USF Four New Buildin Due gs The U n l v e r s it y of South Florida's "Speed Reading" pro gram scored a high interest rat ing with members of the press who met on the USF campus recently. The press mem bers, tives of the F!or ida W e s t Coast Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi jour nalistic society, heard Dr. Roberts Zetler, chairman of the USF En-lish program, dis-Zetler cuss the USF "Speed Reading" program and its effectiveness and potential. The course is . listed as "Readin g Acceleration." Later one of Zetler's sta_r stu dents, Dr. Margaret Fisher, di rector of student personnel, gave a demonstration reading from a copy of The Miami Her ald as well as a paperback se lected by Leland Hawes, vice president of the spx chapter. Dr. Fisher moved over the pages of The Miami Herald and the selected book at a rate of 13,000 words a minute. Earlier she did a warmup with more familiar copy at a rate or ap proximately 22,000. Members of the press were quite enthusiastic and nearly 20 indicated they would like to take the Fourse themselves. Bennett DeLoach, managing editor of The Tampa Times, and V. M. Newton Jr., managing ed itor of The Tampa Tribune, both indicated the method was some thing that would . be highly valuable to editorial employees. DeLoach was one s a y in g he would like to take the course himself. Meanwhile, Russell "Pappy" Kay, who operates the Florida Clipping Service, indicated this would be a real breakthrough for his firm if this could be adapted to his operation. Kay said he' wanted one of his em ployes to take the course this summer and if it was success ful he would want his entire staff of "readers" to take the course. Zetler said the course would be offered wherever there is a demand, and it could be taught in downtown Tampa as well as on campus if prospective stu dents so desired. Copyboys Outdistance Editors? Meanwhile, Zetler dropped a few facts that indicated the edi tors better watch or the copy boys will far outdistance them in r e a din g, Currently The Times and The Tribune each have a copyboy enrolled in the course at USF. The students are Bill Blalock Jr., and Archie Blount. • Seyeral of those present, who in theit• work handle vast amounts of editorial wire copy, said boosting their reading would surely be helpful. Exhibit Of Prints In Gallery For Completion Residence Hall Complex Will Ho ,use Cafeteria By WING PREODOR University of South Florida is soon to be the center of a big building boom as four new buildings move to completion between now and the fall of 1963 . The ground will be broken for the physics building earlier that same year. It should be completed in 1964. The Beta Residence Hall will be completed by July 15, 1962; the $1.5 million •humanities b u i I ding will be completed during the summer NO '-'UORUM of 1963; and the Gamma ResiT dence Hall will be in use by the d h fall of 1963 along with the cen-st t A t tral core which will house food A colleetion of color prints u en . pa y service and activities areas. This presented under the auspices of will complete the Argos resi-c N t • the American Color Print So' dence complex. . ampus 0 Ices ciety will be on exhibit at the H •t L . I t Construction of the approxi-. I S egiS a ure mately $111.! million physics Items lor Campus Nolfees and Oftrict director or the U.S. Immigration University Gallery of the Li-building approved by the last brary March 5 to March 26. legislature, to be completed nol later than 1.2 noon, Wednesday TIES Several members of the um The traveling exhibition will By LOUISE STEWART under the bond program, will bring to the umversity the The Student Association Legislature meeting last begin once the bonds are sold. rad1us of the campus for possible use k f 39 t t Th d t d . t 1 . ta . . It is expected that ground as a recreatwnaJ facility. Any mem wor s o con emporary ar urs ay urne m 0 a par 1amen ry diSCUSSIOn ses-b ki f th' b 'ld. g ill DEADLINE SET FOR DROPPING ber of the academic taU who would • • d d . • . • rea ng Ot IS Ul ID W COURSES-Courses may be dropped be interested m jomiJg the effort to 1sts. The SOCiety, foun e m SiOn for the second tJme In a rOW When It WaS diSCOVered be in January 1963. Bids for the w•thout penalty through March 30 . purchase a lot, bmld • cabm, and de Philadelphia in 1940 was the that the necessary quorum for conducting busrness was third residence. hall and. th.e . SCHOLARSHIPS -Begmnmg velop other recreational facilities should . . . .' . school term, so indicate in writing t o Gene Me firSt orgamzatiOn of ItS type In not in attendance. central core Will be let Wlthm CHANGEschapman, America. The non-profit ACPS A further indication of the apathy toward student the next two months. will be Margaret, WE 4. Dickman, John t . t t . One for Men, One for Women trimester •s F .. Psychology, Johnson, wmJam A., r1es o encourage expenmen a-government on campus V1ce The residence hall complex semeste" 219 cotumbia Drive, Apt. 2. Tampa, tion and technique which has P_ res1dent Frank Memers ope _ nWl.ll consi'st of Alpha Hall, two for Fla. Maybury, Paul C. , 249. Spikes, t t >CD0\1!-rsnlp be requued Edward, AD1041, Janitor, Physic•! helped to make the interest in USF's Ft. rst mg. s a under executive more similar residence halls, schoot Plant, 518 Skae-way. Tampa. FJa. . . . . business Try to spread the may remam out of swiegert. Ray L .. CH322. DELETIONS the color prmt a sigmficant and r ' . one for men and one for worn-by 1963 Little Man on Campus two consecutive . trimes -Gordon, Willie. . . . . wo that the deadlme for en, and the central core. The special approval of the SSCQT _ Eligible students who m sttmulahve movement m con-'P t R •d' for Student Asso-central building will be two ---------------------------• the Slate Department of temporary art. an y ai Clahon office is tomorrow. stories The f i r S t floor will r."cca1 Claude Wesley Houk, super-March 2•. at noon . We house dining room facilities for AROUND THE uc bulletin of information. Foilowin g Ul visor of the university gallery Is a Flop ID need of candidates. the residence halls, an auxiliary -----------strul'tions in the bulletin, the student Meiners was referr1 ng to the sbould fill out his application and J_nail and instructor of art, calls the of the bookstore private dming F h • s h T E SONS IN it immediatelY in the envelope d' 0 USF' s unusually well-lighted Ma:ch 23 general. in rooms, a study' lounge, and a as I On ow ops Eau to SELECTIVE SE)WICE J!:XAMINING 1splay an outstandmg collec-night campus scene was the vicwhich all officers place to check out athletic another session for SECTION, Education TesNhnJg Aservlwe, tion of the various graphIc tun' of an announced but forw_1ll be elected wtth th,e excep-equ1pment. the spring semester P .0. Box 566. Pr1nceton. . . pp tca-lPo>ssibUilties for meeting times a>e tions for the April 17 test must be mediums. Mediums to be repre-gotten power shut-off Sunday, tion of the who The second floor will house Tuesday andJor Th'urs-postmarKed no later than midm,gbt, . . . . . will be elect d d g th f l M thJ A • • • and and/or Martin Company 01 sented m the exhtbihon mclude Feb. 25. As the lights went off . e urm e lrb offices for the residence hall 0 n t t .. Orlando a team of businm lithograph, serigraph, woodcut, at midnight, Alpha Residence part administrators, a party lounge, s c lVI I es 3d ch . d d admm .. tratwn sophomores interested in h' d . . Hall began to hum with activity CIVIC Umts Must Elect an activity area and private din"riciieiii.eirier, a Joining a WorkStudy team beginning etc mg, an. mtaglto. as the men made plans for a The veep also announced at ing rooms. The four buildings ...., • in June 1962. Must have 2.0 average Th U 1 G 11 1 .PROFI or better . For details see Mrs. Bring. e mvers ty a e r Y S panty raid which never got off th' ti th t th 'ls will be connected by covered By VIRGINIA MONTES 4mtobe6 gehr wl7o3rkStudy Office, AD1070, open Monday through Friday, the ground. tst met ba 1 e ClVWic dum walkways at both first and sec-Heading the list of University Center activities for . . . . li P one eA,, . . mus rnee y p.m. e ne.;d fl 1 1 • . . . ADI051. The acllv•tles are. arc ery. WORK-STUDY students who have re 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturdays 8 The parking lot bec.ame conon oor eve s. thiS month IS the Sprm"' Fashion Show being helrl at basketball. golf, soccer, soil turned from " work semester should ' ' t d 150 b day March 14 to elect replace3 Like ll Bird <> ban, tennis. regls!cr schedule mtervlews with director of a.m. to. 5 p.m.; and Sundays, 2 ges e as some men co • 't f h . t' Th h .1 . b .1cli .11 8 p . m . March 16 in the UC Ballroom The fashion show ln the PhySical Educat.on Office program. Phone ext. 173. Interview vened to talk shoot off frremen s or t e1r representa 1ves e umam 1es UJ ng WI . . • .,.. . cs Teachers would be given Club ..... around 2 a.m. Monday mormng. pomts of the consbtutwn should bUlldmgs, four new PIU'kmg lots play for the dance. Tickets are drrectron of Ralph Tmdell on March 12. This date should Cl::b :...:::::::. UC215 s.tudents seemed . to enjoy the be cleared up in order to make under constructiOn. They free. . WednesdayS from 7-10 p.m. in a tron of foreign students, as a have read, Tuesday, March 13 i'Jus•r1 00 • ........ not, and one gtrl remarked, the document more workable. will space for 1,600 Program Council_ President room to be announced on the Ji:: (thirteenth). 7:00 uc2 "You ,p!en should do this more The committee. felt that in ref-cars, and Will be complete by Don Grodon announced the UC Baroque Concerts ' Set for Thursday , • PROF. EDWARD PREODOR AND PAT HEGVIK •• , participants in Baroque concerts Members of the Fine Arts dimusic was written for unspeci vision will present an unusual fied treble,, alto, or tenor in-struments, supported by the Baroque Ensemble C 0 n c e r t harpsichord and bass supplying Thursday,.March 8 at 2 p . m. the harmonic and rhythmic 8:30 p.m. m TA. framework. Playing on the program are: The harpsichord, p are n t of Edward Preodor, P_rofessor. of the present day piano, makes rnuslc, violin; Armm Watkms, its USF debut at this time. This associate professor of music, instrument is a harp-shaped, harpsichorg and violin; Mrs. wire-stringed keyboard affair Patricia Hegvik, instructor of resembling a g r a n d piano. Music , recorder and oboe; and While the piano's tone is proJohn Tartaglia, student, violin duced percussively, the barpsi and viola. chord's tone is produced by the The Baroque era ushered in plucking of its strings with quill the use of musical instruments or leather points. liS soluists in a rise above their No charge will be made for former status primarily for the the concerts, however, a gen accompaniment of vocal works. eral admission ticket must be During this era there were no picked up at the UC informastandardized instrumental comtion desk or at the box office in binations. Consequently much TA. 8:30 Spamsh Fll!)loften. erence to sectiOn 2.3 on sena-the summer of 1962. Program Council hours for the Mus•c Comnuttee -Tomor-The Mad Queen 00 • " .. TA torial powers, senators should semester: Monday, 10-11 a .m . .row , from 7-10 p.m., there will TuEsnA.Y, MARCH s H Golden be givt:n power of the vote in 20 Toss Hat in Ring and 1-2 p .m.; Tuesday, 10-11 be a student jazz Jo:oo a.m. Rush-Sign Up ... UCHl8 arry the legislature. . , , a . m .; Wednesday, 10-11 a . m.; cordmg to Mark Mornss, chalrOther Ideas For Com1ng ElectiOn Thursday, 9-10 a .m., 12-1 p.m.; Thursday, March 8, at Recreation Comm ....... 1:lC214 T D • Other ideas brought out at '!'he deadline for applying as Friday, 1-2 p.m . . in UC214. 2 p .m. UC157 Personnel Comm. 00 • • • ... uc216 0 ISCUSS this t1'me were gi g th Dean d'd te f th SA Dance Committee-Nora Gon-there Wlll be a music hstemng Weight Training Gr ..... UC226 . vm e a can 1 a or e commg hour of contemporary and University Forum .... CHill of Student Affairs privilege of election March 23 showed the zalez announces the S t e r e o 1 . 1 . 1 rt d 11:00 a.m,. Young Democrats uc Lobby USF B . I D F 'd M h 9 c asstca muSJC pus asso c 5:oo p.m. Jam ....... UC248 OO r the floor at legislature (2.6); following had applied by the ance on n ay, arc rom . 1 t' Ethelontes ......... 00 00• UC157 taking some of the Parliamen-deadline at noon Friday: 9-12 p.m. is free to stag or drag. Jazz se ec lons. :::::::;::::::: tary Authority's individual powPresident: Julian Piper, Frank The followmg mght on March ----------6:30 p.m. Arete ...... 00 ...... UC264 Harry Golden, editor of the ers and putting them under the Smitb, Dave 10 from 9-11 p.m. , a College SON FOR 7:00 p.m. Gym Club 00 .. • • Sem. Ret. Carolina Israelite and author of Rules Committee as a group Aycock, and Ralph Blast-Off dance With mUSIC by Dr. Carolyn A. Pmkard and ......... .".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. gggg best seller, "Only in America," (5.6.2); making some positions Lee Moffitt and Norm the "Glades." Dress ma.y Dr. Calvin. Pinkard, members of 7:30p.m, Duplicate Bridge .. UCJOB will be gugst panelist and leeon the Rules Committee elec•

2A THE TAMPA TIMES, 1\londay, March 5, 1962 SOCIAL SIDE The Tampa Times 150 Participate University of South Florida Campus Edition


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