The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition

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The Tampa Times : University of South Florida Campus Edition
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 29 (March 12, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
March 12, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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. Drip Then Dip University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TIMES Mostly cloudY with thundershowers this morn ing. C I e a r in g some what this afternoon and tonight. C o o I e r tonight. Winds 15-30 m.p.h. High today 80. Low tonight 60. SEVENTIETH YEAR No. 29 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, MARCH 12, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS Campaign For SA Offices Opens At Midnight r1d Big Rally Set for Wednesday, March 21, at 7 p.m. in TA By LOUISE STEWART Campaigning for the Student Association offices kicks off at the stroke of mid night Friday, March 16 and will continue in a dead-heat race right up to the hours of election on Friday, March 23. Highlight of the campaign week will be the political rally held Wednesday night, March 21, at 7 p.m. in TA. At this time, 20 candidates and their campaign ALLEN GETS RESOLUTION AAUP Disapproves I Silencing Davis By VIRGINIA HILL A resolution disapproving the cancellation of a lec ture by Jerome Davis was adppted in the last meeting of the AAUP. Davis was scheduled to speak last week in the American I d e a lecture. A committee was elected which presented this resolution to USF President John •managers will give their cam paign speeches. The speakers will orate in the order of their names, beginning with the can didates for senator. There will be a meeting of' all candidates Tuesday, March 13, at 11 a.m. in UC218 to dis cuss the election rules. The Election Rules Commit tee has approved the following rules for campaigning and they are binding on all candidates. Infractions or questions of vali dation must be submitted in writing between noon March 19 :: and 5 p . m. March 23. Posters Limited Little Man on Campus USF'S NEWEST COMMERCIAL NEIGHBOR University Motif Used S. Allen. Dr. Donald Harkness, associate professor of English and president of the AAUP, said that he could not release the exact contents of the reso lution at the present time. Oth er members of the AAUP were not talking either about the USF's newest commercial neighbor, the USF C a m p u s V i e w Motel, has sprouted out of the sand at the southwest corner of Fowler Avenue and 30th Street during recent weeks. Scheduled for opening April 15, the new facility will meet a definite need for commercial travelers in the University-Industrial Park area, a place for parents to stay when visiting students, and perhaps as USF gets more mature a spot for short honeymoons for campus marriages. Oh yes, the young lady, Laurelee Baker, USF student. In New Motel resolution's contents. At this same meeting, another committee was established to Official Notices No slanderous material may Another new business estab-examine the possibilities for a be used in this campaign. An y FACULTY GOLF NOTICEOrlando. Bus. Ad. major s with lishment, the Campus View Mo-program of sabbatical leave . conflict concerning elections and If any. staff member is interbetter than 2.0 average, start in This is a program which en-not cover.ed in these rules are ested m faculty .golf June. Student Offenders To Be Chastised By VIRGINIA MONTES Dtie to certain misappropriate behavior in the Uni versity Center, a student committee has been created with the power to chastise student offenders. The com mittee shall be composed of seven members, four of which are to be selected from the University Center Program Council. One member shall be taken from the student J B ane arnes, Mary Hall, Gayle government, and two shall be J b C 1 K bl R selected from the student body. aco s, aro no es, om CULTURAL COMMITTEE-Lerner, Kathy Rodger, Judy The "Sand and Surf" S rln Schoeborn, .and Sandy Shana-. . P g han. Men: Dave Aycock, Brooks FashiOn Show will be presented B 11 h B b B l D' ki F 'd M h 16 t 8 . a aug , o ayney, 1c e n ay, arc ' a p.m. In Davis, Bob Cold, Dave Jordan, the UC Two hundred Jim Klapps, and Frank Meiners . tickets are available for the RECREATION COMMITTEE Dance and Fashion Show; 100 is holding a spring billiard tickets for the dance. Tickets and tab 1 e tennis tournament, can be pieked up at the Informa-which will take place between tion Desk from Monday on. March 19 and April 6 . Tourna-A door prize will be given. ments are being held in pocket , Those participating in the caren, and snooker billiards. fashion show include, women: Those interested can sign up at Eileen Averett, Rena Antinori, UC Desk during this week. USF Hosts Regional FSA Conference tel, is being built to cater to bl f t 1 t h the provmce of the Election please contact M1ss Cncken-LIBRARY WORK-Students . . es pro essors .. 0 eave eac ' Rules Committee. berger, AD1068, this week. interested In vacanc in librar busmess the Umverslty mg for a specific hme to do Hpurs for participation will be y y of South Flonda.. researc h at the university's exPersonal Library determined later. . Howard C. Sm1th, owner and pense. • P.E. :VIll be AD 1 0?0, Ext. 173. Opening in builder, announced that the 21-Mary Lou Barker of the li-Contest Remander a regular busmess on September. unit motel on the corner of brary staff was elected secreStudents are reminded that 1 7=30 r the CA!\lPUS EDITION DEAD Fowler Avenue and 30th Street tary of the AATJ P to fill the entries for the Student Personal we LINES tor official will open April 15, 1962. vacancy left by Dean Edward Library Contest must be in the and fill vacancies at executive noti ces, schedule, letters The third annual Florida ConThe university motif is car-Martin until May, 1963. The Library director:s by .. Also , there will be a otherwgedneral March 16. Judgmg Will take discuss1o.n on the curriculum for m orma IOn, noon, e nes -ference on .l"orelgn Students ned out In the green and gold o fficers are elected at alter-place some time during the we k t h . Pl h day before date of publicati on, h ld h 1 t S t d . 'th USF t Th e e coming year. ease ave Offi f C p hi' t' was e ere as a ur ay. Sign w1 pennan s. e nate years; president and treasof April 30. in mind what your curriculum ce o ampus u 1ca Ions, The conference was part of the sign boasts of a heated swim-urer one year; vice president The firs t -place prize "'iS a setup will be for next year. It AD1 070. All copy must be typed. regional program of the Na-ming pool, television in every and secretary t he nex t year. portable typewriter . Second is imperative that you attend. :r"HE for scholarT

. THE TAMPA TIMEs, Monday, March 12, 196'2 Daily Schedule SAYS DECKER Th T T MONDAY. MARCH u d M h e ampa imes • tu ts . UC Fine Arts Council AD 1058 University of South Florida Campus Edition (Page 1 and Pa;e 2 Staff) Editor .....................•.....•••...... Wing Managing Editor ..........••..........•.. Louise Stewart Social, Organization Editor ...........•. Virginia Montes Activity Editor ... ... .....•.• , •.••••••.•. Louise Stewart Intramural Editor •..••......•.••••••....... John Gullett Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George H. Miller Reportlnc staff: Cbarlolte. Wy1e Anderson. Alic• Antilla, William Berno, Bill Bla.lock, St.rah Caldwell, Tommy Eure, Leslie P. Fearnow, James W. Felter, Diane Gaddy. Norman D. Oa.use, Fra.n J. Jane R. Keeran, Michael W. Oliver, Janet R. Pa!mer. S&ndra. J. Peek. Robert W. Seotl. Ronda. K. Zldrlch and VIrginia Hill. Robert O'Hara, assistant professor of En&'ltsh, a.dvber to reporting and t!opydesk start. Address a.U communications, in-eludinr Letters to the Editor, to the Olfice ol Campus Publleallons, AD!OiO. Ph. WE 8, EJt\. 172 or 173. news for the Campus Edlllon of THE T,4.MPA rmiES, will request material direct from and office• on campus, a.n"d the material will not c1ear through the News 'Point UnlversUy Polley Statement No. 22, July 25, l!Hill . Dance Committee 'UC200 l.1ke. Elepha. nts1 Psychology Club UC204 Movie Committee UC214 Foreien Laneuaee UC215 Music Committee UC216 Canterbury Club UC22I Business Leaders UC222 Hospitality Committee 'UC226 BILL BLALOCK, JR. Dancing "Students are much like elephants," to TUESDAY, MARCH u Dr. Robert Decker, associate director of student person11'00 Advisors AJ>dm nel. "They can stand a heavy load on their backs, but a Personnel Committee UC2I6 grain of sand in their foot excites them , This analogy Student Association . . . , candidates Meeting uc218 was pomted out m the Umvers1ty Forum held last Tuesc,eo Exec. Council Weight Training UC226 day during the free hour in 5 :00 o ff.clal Not.ces CHill. 5:30 p.m.-Fia UC2I3 6:30 p.m.-Arete UC226 In comparing students to eleAdmission Testing for (Continued from Page 1) th t th Collen of Edllcatlon CHtOO phants, Decker said a e 7:oo sem. Center on Friday, March 16, at lack of student interest in a 8 p . m. This will include fash-subject such as student rights EDITORIAL 8:00 J:.-?J'.;;-Epelta ions and dancing to the music was comparable to the heavy Enotas UC203 of Bob Lake and .his band. load and student concern over N L h • M WEDNESDAY, MARCH u There are 200 free tickets avail-the matter of registration wa.s 0 aug Ing atter l:OO UC264 able at the .uc desk for this the same as the grain of sand. Photo Club UC2I3 event Faculty and staff are I'n The panel, composed of three What are we laughing about? vited. • faculty members and three stuA recent USF play inspired tremendous laughter on the part uc2I 6 UNIVERSITY NUMBER TO dents, .discussed stu-of students toward the Victorian earnestness of trivial matters CQuncil ADlOS4 C GE APRIL 1 B . . dent rtghts were in erent or Botega Club UC47 HAN egmmng imp osed. while ignoring the important things in life. But in campus life Lyre and Aulos 'UC158 A il 1 th it • t 1 b k . th . t k 7:00 p.amsh.-Cuion ISthuorwal Rceohmmearisttaele UC24B pr e umvers y s e ePanel members included Dr. itself these students seem to e rna mg e same m1s a e. F In the tradition of the true comedy; students displayed Judo UC2 phone number will be changed Robert Warner, chairman of the 1 t t THURSDAY. MARCH 15 from WE 8-4131 to 988-4131. All American Idea; Dr. Decker, and tremendous interest in the relatively trivia regis ra 10n ques 2 ,00 p.m.-Lessons comm. UC2l& members of the staff should Robert L . Dennard, tion, and failed miserably to appreciate the real Liberal Religious Forum 'UC226 . . . manager. s t u dent panelists of the question of student rights discussed at the university 5 ,30 ADtoso note this change in therr cam-were Dick Davis, Don Gordon, forum last week. Workshop UC167 pus directories. New Tampa and Frank Hancock. Dr. Thorn. tt d d th d ' h ' h at 6 '00 p.m.-westminster Fell. uc219 telephone directories will be is man Wenner, lecturer in the Approximately 50 persons a en e e tscusswn w lC 6:30 Assn. UC2S4 Am . ld d h . tempted to explain the real powers of students at the university. bsued prior to that time. !'mean eli, serve as c air t d 7 '00 p.amsh.-l.oCnu!Sthurow31 RCeohmemar'sal UC248 . man. This discussion, if given full support, could have demonstra e F CHNIQUES SOUGHT l t t' b t 7:30 p.m.-F. E. Majors UCl08 TE . Dennard spoke on the legal to the students their rights, not on Y on reglS ra ton, u on 8:00 Religious uc157 The on Instructi?n aspects of students rights as many similar issues. FRIDAY, MARCH 16 plans to esta?hsh a f .tle defined by the state and under Carrying the comical image even farther, the last two 2:30 on I.nformahoo Wlth which the Board of Control meetings of the legislature turned into nothing more than u.s. senator TA new mstructional Ideas. operates. parliamentary discussion sessions. There was not e'!en a quorum 3:00 UC214 members who have read articles . . in attendance at the last meeting. But the legislatures are only 8 :00 p.m.-Cultural comm. in any field that deal with new Dr. 1t is the stut FsaAshTiUonRDShAoYw, aMndARI?CaHnce17 ut248 teaching techniques ate re-dents mherent n.ght to learn reflecting the general attitude of disinteres . the ways of society and the 1 d th t 8 :00 p.m.-Concert: University quested to send the article or . An impromptu polling of the representatives revea e a Symphony orchestra TA journal to Clifford T . Stewart faculty or adults are responst?le more than half of them were elected in meetings where less than 9:oo UC248 (L y 52:rr so that a Xerox copy to lead . students !ind to g1ve 20 members of the civic units were present. And many civic 7:30 p.m.-Great Decisions ucis7 can be made. A file will be set -them thu; opporumty. units have not met more than once or twice. up in the faculty lounge in the One student in the audience Now with the overall Student Association elections approach WO k Study library when a sufficient numasked if policy statements were ing, only 20 people are running for the 10 availaDie r . ber of articles have been rekept hidden by administration In the case of one office, in fact, only one person lS runnmg. Fa II Program ceived. . as a weapon or if they were flexible. Panel agreed Do USF students know what to be earnest about? • CHARGE FOR XEROX-Due that rules at a new institution ReapS ProfitS to the unforeseen volume and could only be made as they are. 3 CHAMPIONSHIPS DECIDED Point Accumulation Is Big Activity By JOHN GULLET Three All-University Activity Enotas managed second place, Points championships were de worth 67 points, with 63 out of cided on campus recently, one 100 successes. Alpha 1-W took in the area of women's sports; third, followed by Arete, Alpha while the big event for basket11-W, Alpha IIIW, and Outer ball comes up this week. Alpha. Pat Mason put together four Other top individuals, in or straight wins in 30 minutes to der of f.inish, Campo take an easy decision over amor; J1m Bobbttt, Enotas; Racquet Clubber Ken Marcus, Leonard; Mike Neifeld, Wednesday, in the finals of the Alpha IlW; Lmk Walther, Al table tennis championships. pha II-W; Charles Yawn, AllMason's mark gave the title Stars; John Ward, Enotas. and 75 Activity Points to Eno-GIRLS' tas to put them 10 points ahead . Alpha IV saved .1ts of their nearest competitor. tshed record whtle marrmg The an independ-Fides' in the final round of the ent athletic organization, h a s women's All-University basketa total of 325 points, compared billl playday with a 7-2 victory to Enotas' 335 thus far. March 2. The club finished the The championship marked the afternoon's. activity with a 5-0 first for Enotas this season. The mark. club managed second-place fin-Fides earned a greater vicishes in cross-country, football, tory, however, as they col-and basketball free throw. lected enought points to over BASKETBALL take Tri.Sis for the Activity The All-Stars, headed by Ed Points race. Makovec, Joe Campoamor, Jim Fides now has 247 P.oi_nts to Leonard 11nd John Gullett, manTri-Sis' 240. aged only 75 per cent at the in order of fmtsh, were: S1ges, foul line in the recent All Tri-Sis, Fia, and Alpha III-E. University free throw contest, A softball league will be or; but it was all they needed to ganized in the near future. . take top honors as strong winds VOLLEYBALL kept accuracy at a new low. A pre-season clinic Makovec also won individual will be held at 3 p.m. Fr1day on honors, hitting 38 out of 50 the campus for interested times at the line. players and offictals. NORMA NEAL FAUSE WRITES Letter Praises S chool1s Decision LECTURE COMING . . natu:e ?f requests. for Xer?x needed and would only be reIn figures released th1s week dupllcabon, the library wtll strictive if made in advance by the Work.Study Cooperative make a charge either personal . . . Off. f. th . t it or for all Xerox PREPARE FOR THAT DAY Ice o e umvers1 y was servtce. that the average gross FIRST AID _ The first aid mcome of students on the fall course planned for this month "work" semesters was $1,060.10, will meet 'l"uesdays , 7-9 a .m. in according to George H. Miller, AD1030, beginning April 17 and director of the Work-Study Pro-e.nding May 15. Interested persons who have not yet enrolled gram. may do so at the first meeting. Miller said the range was The civil defense course will from $736 to $1,800. He pointed not meet due to insufficient en out that this was an extremely rollment. long work period as it ran from INTERNSHIP B L A N K s _ 2 . to 17. the Members of the faculty are umverstty lS on tnmester quested to remind education program work are exmajors in their classes who plan pected to run approxl.mately 17 to graduate by the end of the weeks m whtch would second or third trimester 1962reduce the mcome to some ex63 to pick up internship appli tent. cation blanks in CH?05, and However, students returning complete and return to that R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s of the Southern Association of Colleges and S e c on d a r y Schools will be on the USF campus May 6-9 which is part of the preparation of the uni versity for accreditation. THE TAMPA TIMES llubllahed e • e n i n a Montlar tllrourb SalurdaJ )>1 The. TrlbuDe Colftpany from The Tribune Bulld-class maUcr at lhe Post Office at. Tampa, Florida, under the or Mareh 3, 18?9. SubscriptionRat.,: liJ eanier 30c pet week; b:r carrier or mall tbree monlhs $3.901 air mouths $7.80; one 7ear $15.60. SubacnpiJOn payable iD adnnce. Member of Assoelaled Preu. HeJDber of Audil Bureau Gf Clr• ,.llo ... for their second, third, and office by April 1. fourth work periods are e .X WITHDRAWALS MARCH 2pected to have a h!gher hourly Johnny Ivan Bell, Kenneth Ar.,;. or weekly rate of mcome. vel Brown, Raymond Lewis Cli' r PHIL'S GARAGE DON DUNBAR Students interested in joining burn, Kenneth Gaver, Dooald the program beginning with the Ervan Haning, Miriam Krayer summer or fall work semester Hill, Ronald Harry Horne, Robshould sign up not later than ert Wayne Jones, Mary Williams FormerlY At Bays s.rvic• cente• March 15 in the Work-Study King, Ronald H . Lehman, Domi 1 ' now Service Office, ADI070. Minimum renic Michael Nicolette, Julia RaPh. 254 • 8282 quirements include 21 credit born Overton, Juanita L . Smith, SAME QUARANTEED WOI'tK hours with a better than 2.0 average and for transfer stu dents at least one semester on the USF campus. • Openings exist in many areas for business administration, lib eral arts and education majors. A few openings for engineers may develop outside the state but most openings will be in the Central and West Coast areas of Florida. It's easy to catch a TRAILWAYS ... they run so often 9 trips every day to MIAMI VIA SCENIC WEST COAST ROUTE When do you want to go? Name your time! Trail ways has a trip to your destination .at almost any hour of the day or night. Most of these trips whisk you over new super-highways, deliver you right in the heart of town. Enjoy all-weather climate control, restrooms, vista-view windows, reclining contour seats. Call Trailways. A trained agent will give you accurate travel facts quickly and courteously. The University lecture series presents lecturer Samuel Mc Cutchen who will speak on "Liberty and S e c u r i t y in American History" Monday, March 19, at 10 a.m. in CH100. CANCELLATION ... 19 Roll lJs" O.D. Copper Tubin9 ••• $8.90 53-Pc. Set Blue Willow Dishes-Set ••••••• , •• $12.75 Decoware Asst. Colors Step-on-Can •••••••••. Household Platform Scale 25# Cap. , •• , •••• $5.50 Metal Closet Rod (adjust 48" to 72"1 •••••••• $1.99 Kil9ore "Lon9 Lastin9" Outside White Paint, 9al. $5.95 easiest travel on earth From Tampa One-Way From Tampa One-Way JACKSONVILLE .••• $ 5.35 ATLANTA ......... $14.00 The Sestetto Italiano Concert, origina!Jy scheduled on Events Calendar for an afternoon and evening performance on Thurs day, March 15, has been canceled. 30 YEARS IN TAMPA WE HAVE SERVED TAMPA MOTORISTS SINCE 1932 B. T. MORRIS &SONS 4404 W. HILLSBOROUGH PH. 877-7555 We Specialize in Anything Per taining to Chassis Work. • Auto and Truck Alignment • Brake Service • Frames, Axles and Rear Housings Straightened • Wheel Balancing Distributors ot Vs.lvolene Product. on Florida's West Coast Rubber Floor Mottin9 Rubber floor Matting (lin. ft.l $1.17 3 Convenient trips via short route WASHINGTON ....• 26.60 Thru service via Tallahassee Dothan Thru (no chan&'e) service, 5 departures dall:!' FT. LAUDERDALE •• , 6.95 3 Thru trips d&.llf . (plua tax) TRAILWAY BUS TERMINAL 501 ... ADISON 229-1831 At your new Marine Bank And drive out in a jiffy. e You're better off banking . . . at your new !v.farine Bank! MORE DRIVE-IN WINDOWS THAN ANY OTHER DOWNTOWN BANK! Four off street drive-in tellers cut your banking time to a minimum. You en'ter from Madison out of traffic and exit on Florida A venue in a jiffy. There's no congestion-no "around the-comer" waiting. You can make deposits or withdrawals to your checking or savings accmmt, cash checks, make loan payments or obtain change in the comfort of your car. Marine Bank and T R US T C 0 M PAN Y Franklin and Madison Florida's Oldest Trust Company Member federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal 'Reserve System


t • u :z s A w y E R A R c H I I J u D G E p A R K E R D 0 N A L D D u c K F L A 5 H G 0 R D 0 N L I T T L E L u L u s u p E R s c A M p D I X I E M A G G I G & J I G G 5 DON'T SPREAD GERMS! COVER THAT sNEEZE! LEGAL ADVERTISEllfENT LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March .12, 1962 U. S. TREASURY DEPARTMENTNOTICE OR ADVERTISEMENT INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE FOR BIDS REN R NOTICE OF l.'UBLIC AUCTION SALE Sealed bids, Invited by the City or CHILD TALK IT OVE March 9, 1962 Tampa, will be received by the New Groups Help Alcoholics' Kin 11 Pursuant to authority contained In and the City councU on the Third Floor Section 6331 of . the Revenue of the City Hall, Tampa, Florida, until Code. t h e fh, Series D. 1962, at 10:30. A .M., at 307 Water Street, PART I-ACCOUNT NO. By W. C. ALVAREZ, M.D. Tampa, Flonda. A LOCATION SCHEDULE 0 F I i i i t t Description, of pro&erty: PAVING IMPROVEMENTS AND am rece v ng many n eres-19 5 8 APPURTENANCES: Ing letters written because of AfPlio:J'so afitd 1 . Reconstruction of p"-l:erty w!U be offered for sale. (a) Armenia A v e n u e between holic. I am sorry that 1 did OR will be CASH Avenue and not have space in which to tell to see that one big reason why her husband drank was that she kept nagging and threatening a divorce. Many a wife of an alcoholic will jeer at him when he remarks that he hasn't had a drink for a yea.-. PAUL D . WEAVER 2 . Resurfacing o Pavements: about the Al-Anon and the Al- Jumbus Drive and Tampa Bay Ateen Groups which now are Boulevard. being formed all over the counINCOME TAX

THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, March 12, 1962 TV'S13EST TONIGHT .. .,. -----TVWE FIX Total $595 Clla.,.. lit home-or 110 charge . Ph. 877 'THEATRE 62' PROVES RUT TV at New Low-Without Trying . 7 P.M. By RICK DU BROW -that it is about as much of a ADVERTISEMENT ROLL YWOOD, March 12 OJPD mystery as a movie star's public --------------What's the fun of watching life. as the belief that jazz musicians owe their first duty to themselves and not their audience when on public display. Pro fessionals get inspired on cue. Save the acting classes for pri-38-EXPEDITION, ABC. Kano, the African Desert city that inspired the famous movie romance of the foreign legion, "Beau Geste," is spotlighted in "Behind the Walls of Kano." The walled city still holds, in many respects, to thousan.ds of years of tradition. A British expedition has filmed a portrait. Soothes pain fast, protects speeds healinl!i. A necess1ty.Bigjar Best Petroleum Jelly MOROLINE a whodunit if you know who did For the. record, the story it? tells of a cynical ambitious So many people know who did young .lawyer who defends a what to whom in "the Paradine beautiful woman accused of Case," which NBC-TV presented last night on its "Theater 62"poisoning her husband and and which previously was a mo-falls in love with her. The tion picture and television rerun ADVERTISEMENT poor fellow finds out, too late, that she did it and had eyes for the valet all along. Richard Basehart, Viveca L i n d f o r s and Boris Karloff vate use. On screen, only results count. By the way, did anyone associated with "The Para dine Case" think of the possibility of an "original" adaptation-a farce version, or a musical? The material was there. It might have been interesting. Stops Constipation Due to ''Aging C 'o}on '' played in the television \Tersion Yet another adaptation was -and, though com P e tent, offered on NBC-TV last nigbt merely proved the or i g i'll a l when Walt Disney's "Wonderful 9 P.M. 3-BAGHDAD BY THE BAY, WEDU. Dr. Edward Teller, Norman Cousins, Captain .John Morse and Professor Leo Rosten in a now-famous conversation on the general subject of nuclear warfare, with Dr. Teller and Mrs. Cousins passionately opposed on the subject of fallout shelters and civil defense. Television Programs WFLA-TV Tampa Channel 8 WTVT-TV Tampa Channel 13 WSUN-TV St. Peteraburc Channel 38 WDBO-TV Orlalldo Channel e Naw laxative discovery re-creates 3 essentials of normal regularity movie with Gregory Peck, Valli World" presented a million-dol-As you grow older, the internal mus(I) CoLONATD prevents the formation and Louis Jourdan was infi-lar, super-spectacular gee-whiz, M d • E • des of your colon wall also age, lose of dry, hardened wastef01 easy passage nit!'JlY better , as has been the younever-saw-anything-like-it On ay Ven1ng the strength that propels waste from without pain or. strain. (2) CoLONAID'S case in all these "Theater 62" treat men i: of Mark Twain's 6:0G-Channe18 Report• Pulse News ABC Eve. Report Ch. 8 N..,nroom h b ti eatments of David 0 Selznick t "Th p d th 6:15-Weather, Sports Pulse, Sports News. Spts .. Wth. Wth,, Milestones t e ody. Stagnant bowel contents beunique rebulking action helps retone .' s ory, e r 1 n C e an e New, Wth., Editorial Science Fiction Mr. Ed c:ome so ' dry and shrunken that they flabby colon muscles. (3) And filmS. Pauper."' 6:45-Buntley-Brlnkle'y CBS News Science Fiction 1\Jr. Ed fail to stimulate the urge to purge. CoLONAID acts gently on the nerve This rehash of an only slightly Needless to say, this story Beachcomber Cimarron City Expedlllon Dlc.est . ab;d HE irchcomber moisteners may create gas, take 3 or CoLONAID relieves even chronic emphasized: Shirley Temple both did it. Velvet Pete and Gladya Cheyenne Pete and Gladys 4 days for relief. Old-style salts and constipation overnight; is so gentle it -The desperation of televi-But W a J t is presenting his 8:15-Natlonal Velvet Pete and Gladys Peie and Gladys ;:; COLONAID gives you its special 3-way interfere with absorption of vitamins c 0 s t s has virtually eliminated the f1'rst. ' 9:00-87th Precinct Danny Thomas Sur(side 6 Danny Thomas li f &:15-87th Precinct Danny Thomas Surfside 6 Danny Thomaa re e that works only on the lower or other fo.od nutrients. Get CoLONAID with the emSean Scully played the dual Precinct Andy Grlftlth surfstde 6 Andy Griffith colqn (area of constipation). today!INTRODUCTORYSIZE 434 phasis gomg to unending adap-roles of both prince and .pauper 9:45-H71b Precinct Andy Grifllth Surfslde 6 Andy GrutUh ... tations of pre-sold programs-in this tested tale about two Bcnncsey Jien.Cas&y Bennesey HARD 0 F HEARING t h s e that have a "built-in" boys, curious 'about each other's secret audiCnce. way of life who exchange 10:45:-Thrlllcr I've Got A Secret Ben Casey "Theater 6 ,2" producer Fred clothes and' roles. As the first News FinaL News HAVE You SEEN A SMALL.:R AID THAN Coe, once a rebel who brought adventure ended; the pauper 11:30::Jaek.Paa.r (c: t;; "Marty" to . the home screen, was about to become king by 11:45-Jack (c) Mcvletlme Hon,-wood lllovle THE NEW SONOTONE WISP Wrestling M:cvlellme Bo)lywood Movie 74 and that there are p 1 en t y ___ o=rf:..:t:.:h::.e.::A:.::Ir:.......: __ ..:..M:.;Q:.:.v..:..le:_lim=e___ o_f_f t_h_e_A_i_r __ A wisp of a hearing aid worn around-but "I'm not about to TV Movies entirely at the ear. fight windm.illS." Of such deci-. Nothing worn in clothing. sions are defeats made. For Free 'Rooklet Showing "WISP," -Rarely can television come SONOTONE . OF TAMPA . off best by imitating movies, which have much more time to 210 Wallace'S' Bldg., 608 Tampa St. Jerry Vaye, Mgr., Ph. 223-3508 !1hoot. Last night's show, for in-Tuesday . Mornh1g Tonight . College of All' Off the Air ll.(t lhe Air 11:20 p.m. (38) "THE CRUEL J! .. SEA,". with Jack Hawkins.. A 6:45Classroom (vles men who man them. Good Day Of/ the Air l11Moov•1!ee8a 7:t5-Today Good Day Oft the Air A s s e e n a n T y c h a n n e 1 8 stance, seemed to rush through climaxes because of the com--pression. I -• ••. it's always. a pleasure .•• mellow 86 proof I.W. HARPER THE GOLD MEDAL BOURBON AND GENUINE DISTILLERY BOTTLED. 86 PROOf AND 100 PROOf BOTTLED IN BONO STRAIGHT KENTUCKY WHISktY BY I. W . HARPER DISTILLING COMPANY, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -The insistence on live drama, particularly from New York, is preposterous because of the inevitable acting flubs (there were mal!Y again last night). The contention t h a t a live show inspires actors is as absurb WTUN Radio W.TUN, the radio voice of the University of Tampa will present the special program, "Latin American Economy; Struggte for Diverpification," with .J o s e Figueres, Clarence Senior, John Leddy, Robert Bradbury, . T. Lynn Smith, and others. The 7th program in this series, it will be presented tonight from 6 : 30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. --LINOLEUM RUGS $ss s ea. 9 X 12 GEORGE GUIDA CO. 1801 N'. Haward Ph. 253-9'646 JET NATIONAL New nonstop to NEW YORK LEAVE TAMPA ........ ARRIVE NEWYORK 3:05PM • ALSO NEW DIRECT DAY COACH TO NEWARK • PLUS 3 OTHER FLIGHTS DAILY TO NEWYORK For reservations, see your Traver Agent orcall 229-0951 10 WEDU-CETVl Channel 3-Tampa Tonight Science Hake Neighbor the World 8:06-Withbl the Family Francais by the Bay Neighbor the Moon Off Tuesday 10:06-TeleMath Foundations Science of Life Interlude 1:05-Hablemos Espanol 1:25-Horizons of Science 1:5(}-In the Beginning 2:25-Fiame and Flask 2:45-0ur Fascinating World 3: 15-F;ront Desk Today r%w ings World • AIRLINE OF THE STARS Murray (c) 2:15-Jan Murray (c) Young 2:45-Loretta Younr 3:06-Young Dr. lllalone 3:15-Young Dt. llla.lone Daughters 3:45-Five Daughters 4 ; 06-Room lor Daddy 4:1!>-Room for Daddy Hollywood 4:45-Here's Hollywood 5:1)()-Kid's Ca.rousel 5 :1($..-Kid's Carousel Earp 5:45-Wya.U Earp Password Password. Bouseparty Honseparty The Millionaire The Mi1llonalre Verdict Is Yours Verdict Is Yours Brighter Day Secret Storm Edge of Night Edge of Night Jane Wyman Jane Wyman' Seven Xeyo Seven Keys Queen for Day Queen for Day Who Do You Tr'1 Who Do You Tr'o Bandstand Bandstand Bandstand Bandst'd., News Love-of We Lo"" of Life Seareh Tom'row Guiding Light Open Window Open Window As World Turns As World Turns P1>ssword Password B.ouseparty Houaeparty The Millionaire The Millionaire Yerdlct Is Yours Verdict Is Yours Brighter Day Secret Storm Edge or Night Edge of Night Uncle Wall Kukla, Popey• Quick Draw Quloll:Draw Radio Programs WFLA 970 NBC WDAE 1250 CBS WSUN 620 ABC WINQ 1010 MBS Monday Evening News, Wtb., VIew News, Sports Foster, Wheeler 8:06-Fia. Story, Newl 6:15-Canadia.n News ot Hope 6 :45-3-St&r Extra 7:06-News, Album '1:15-Album of Mnslo of World '7:45-House Call, Galaxy 8:06-News, GalasJ 8:15-GalaxJ 8:45-Galuy 9 :06-N ews, Galax:y 9:15-Galaxy ol 9:45-In1erlochen 10;06-Famlly Living 10:15-F&mUy Living 10:31>-Emphaslo, Galasy 10:45-Go.lasy, Sports 11:06-News, Galo.xy U:l5-Galaxy Sllhouettel 11: 45-Siereo Silhouettes U:OG-Sirn Off Sports, Business Paul Harvey Sign Oft Sundowner Fishing, Wthr. Olf tbe Air Lowell Thomas News Off the Air News, In Person Adlai Stevenson Oft the Air In Person Adlai Stevenson Off the Air News, Tower Sunny Daya Off the Air Tower Nocturne Sun'y Days, New1 Off the Air World Tonlrht Concert Ball Oft the Air Tower Nocturne Concert Ball Off the Air Tower Noclurne Concert Ball Off the Air Tower Nocturne Concert Ball Off the Air News, Tower Swing Softly Oft the Air ' Tower Nocturne Swing SoftlY Off the Air Tower Nocturne Swing Softly Off the Air Tower Nocturne Music, News OU the Air News, Slarduster Alex Drier ott the Air Stardnster News, Wrap-up Oft the Air Starduster Moonbeams Off the Air Stardnster Off the Air News, stardaster Man About llluslc Off the Air Stardnster Man About l\luslc Off the Air Slarduster Man About Music Off the Air Starduster Man About l\lusl9 Off the Air Starduster Mldnlie Sun Off the Air Tuesday Morning 8:45-Strength of Day Off the Air Sun Up Off the Air 6:00-Newl, Serenade News, Daybreak 6 15-Gulf Coast Serenade Daybreak Coast Serenade Daybrea.k &:45-Mnslc , Fishlnc Daybreak News, Sun Up Sun Up Offtbe Air Off the Air Off the Air Off the Air 7:QO--News, Serenade 7 :15-Gulf Coasi Serenade '4:3()-.Names, News 7: 45-lllorning :Be port 8:06-Weather, New• 8:1!'>--News. Serenade 8: Coas t Serenade 8:45-Sere., Bouse Call 9:06-News, Emphasla &:15-Serenade Serenade 9:45-Roger Bennett Party 10:15-Party Line Trader 10:(5-.-Triangle Trader 11:00--News, Encore 11:15-Encore New1 11:45-Encore News, Sunrlser Sunriser Local New• Sun riser World News sun riser Wth., Sunrlser Snnriser News , Sunri8er Sunrlser Wth., Sunrlser Priscilla Parker Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Bouseparty Bousepa.rty Garry Moore ClooneyCrosby Sun Up Sun Up, News News. Sun Up Suo Up Sun Up Sun Up Sun Up Sun Up Sun Up Sun Up, News Brea.kfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Small World Small World Small World Small World Small World Small World Small World Small World Off th e Air Pauley, Troner Del Sharbutl Pauley, Troner :Pauley, Troner Pauley, Troner Sptsreet, Music Pauley, Troner Bolton, Records Rich With Rec. News, Recorda Bleb With Rec . McC'mlck, New1 Jim Gallagher Sharbult, Gal. Jim Gallagher Warren, Gal. Jlm Gallagher McC'mick, Ga.L Jim Gallagher Tuesday Afternoon 12-New1 Farm Hour News, News, Stocks 12: 15-WFLA Farm Hour Noontlmer Panl Harvey Bolton, Gal. Sing Along Wcma.n's Waoh. Noon llledle:r 1!1:45-News, Sing Along Noont1mer File 6Z Jim Galla&'her Van Voorhis-Gal. Jim Gallagher 1:06-News, Rhapsody 1 : 15-Rha.psody R'psody 1:45-Rhapsody 2:06-News, Rhapsody 2 : 15-Rhapsody News, Rhap. 2:45-Emp., News, Rhap. S:QO-News, Bennett 3: 15-Roger Bennett , 3:3(}-Emphasis, Bands d 3 : 45-Bandstand 970 4:00--News , Bandstand 4 -Bandstand 970 970 Bandst'd 4:45-Bandstand 970 3 ()()-News, Bandstand 5 15-Bandstand 970 5 News 970 5 45-News, Fla. Story News, Noontlmer Flai.r Noontlmer Flair Foster-Ga.l'gher Jim Galla.gher Bess Myerson Jim Gallacher Personal Story Flair Noonllmer Flair News, 'rower Tower Re,iew Jnfor'ton Central Tower Review News, Tower Tower Review Man In Paris Tower News, Tower Tower Review Sidelights Tower Review Home & Highway Costello-Wheel. Home & Hlgbw&y Mark Wheeler Home & Highway lllarvln. Wheeler Music, News Mark Wheeler Home & Highway McC'm'k, Wheel. Home & Highway lllark Wheeler Home & Highway Warren, Wheel. Mustc, News Mark Wheeler Home & Highway Foster, Wheel. Home & Highway Mark Wheeler Home & Highwa-y Voorhis, Wheel. Music, News Mark Wheeler News, Snndowner Home & Highway Sunshine Park Sundowner Home & Highway Fulton Lewis Jr. Local New• nome & Highway BIIJ Stern sundowner Music, News Mark Wheeler IT'S ON'L Y NMURAl for folks to seek the easy wa.y to se11. buy, r ent or trade. That's why so many use Tribune-Times Want Ads. Dial 223, your direct line to results. ADVERTISEMENT Woman Nearly Itches To Death LAKELAND MU 6 bShp m Sttnu! . TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY COUPON SPECIALS HAIL FILE Famous Roger's 8" profes sion .al type file--compare up to S_Oc! 9' (Limit Ono With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) COUPON VASELINE HAIR TONIC ' 4 Oz. Reg. 73c 44' (Limit One With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) SOMINEX TABLETS BOnLE OF 18 REG. 1.23 69' (Limit One With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) COUPON COLGATE TOOTHPASTE ECONOMY SIZE REG. 69c 48' {Limit One. With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) COUPON .GARMENT BAG Jumbo sir-holds up to 12 garments-plastic, zippered, non tilt m e t a I frame. Compare up to 1.98. 66' (Limit Two With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) COUPON Wooden Salad Bowls Full 6" diameter imported 2 3 C wooden bowls. Re1). 39c value. (Limit Four W ith coupon Through Wed., 3/14) COUPON JERGEN'S LOTION Reg. 59c size with free 59c 4 7 C size moisturizer a 1.18 value. (Limit One With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) COUPON RUBENSTEIN COLOGNE Famous Apple Blossom frag• 7 9' ranee 4oz. bottle Recr 2.50. (Limit One With Coupon Through Wed. , 3/14) COUPON WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC SHEET Completely automatic, wash. able pllsse'-Light weight Reg. 17.95 while they last! 11!8 (Limit One With Colfpon Through Wed., 3/14) TOILET D 'EODORIZER Click Para bowl de odorizer w I t h metal hanger-Reg, 1 Oc. {Limit Two With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) COUPON DRY CLEANER The professional dry clean• lng fluid c-arbon tetra chlorid-Full pint, Reg. 98c:! 4' {Limit One With Coupon Through Wed., 3/14) JEWELRY DEPT. PEARL PENDANT Beautiful simulated teardrop 4 4 C pearl on fine golden chain, A bargain at 1.00! (Limit Two W i th Coupon Through Wed., ID


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