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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 47 (April 2, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 2, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 47 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, APRIL 2, 1962 Coolish Partly c 1 o u d y today. Fair tonight and Tuesday. Cooler tonight. Winds 1220 mph. High today 72. Low tonight 50 . PRICE FIVE CENTS Students Receive Awards For Creative Compositio -Pbote by Nelson Medina WINNER IN "FAMILY OF MAN" CONTEST Robert Stackhouse is shown here with his winning entry in the graphic arts division of the "Family of Man" Contest on the USF campus. The awards were announced during a presentation ceremony Wednesday in the TA. From the cam era's eye the winner is really a pipeful. Stackhouse collected $25 for his efforts. $25 Cash Prizes Go to Best; Grand Prize Split Two Ways By WING PREODOR The presentation of awards for the best creative composition related to "The Family of Man" was held last Wednesday in the TA. There were four categories of entries: music, graphic a r ts, dramatic arts and literary arts. "The Family of Man" was one of the All University books for I as t semester. It contained 503 photographs from 68 countries telling the story of man from birth to death. A $25 prize was awarded for ANOTHER WINNER 'To a Running Child' In rushing flight, To crushing daily duty, I paused awhile To watch a child who ran, Who stood in beauty. Raptured by a railroad train, The glowing face and upraised hand Saluted wonder. For the moment, I forgot adult, UC EVENTS atomic games And shared his wonder In the early morning. R everent through the day, Repent for my soul's short narrow scope , at ni-ght I wept, "My GQd! Teach me to grope, To run again Toward wondrous things." By Alice Krantz the best entry in each category . Second and third prizes of $15 and $10, respectively, w ere given in the literature division. $30 Grand Prize A grand prize for the best of the four first prizes was scheduled to be given . The judges could not make a de cision between the pantomimes and the winning literature entry so an additional $5 was donated by the Humanities Department, and the two entries will split a $30 grand prize . Winners in the literature division were as follows: Mrs. Alice Krantz took first place with her four poems, "Peace Corps," "Mourning, " "To a Running Child," and "Lullaby. " Robert Ashford won second place WlEn fils snort story, " A Nice Place to Visit . " Bernard Zaidman was third with his es say, "Intimations of Immor tality." Honorable mention went .-_, . ..., Jfl'4 •.. --1-!IS fM.lCJ{Z --POLICE GETTING TOUGH Mystery Writer At Hour to Roy Harvey and Dorothy HEAD FOR THE WOODS Laker for their short stories, and Jane Kegan for her poem. Fines To Feed Scholarship By VIRGINIA MONTES Holden Wins in Music Roy James Hof18n won fi rst place in the music division with By TOM EURE security office before a new one I whose job it is to enforce the Last in the series of "Meet the Author" Coffee his "Fantasy in C Minor. " Ber-and h d A ' 1 t 2 J h nard Zaidman received honor-can be issued for a new car. regulations, are Hillsborough Hours will take place T urs ay, pn 5, a p.m . 0 n able mention for his "Sonatina PAUL FEARNOW "This is for the student's own County sheriff' s deputies. D. MacDonald , a well-known mystery writer, will speak. for Piano." Chinsegut Retreat Set for April 7 James D. Garner, superinprotection, " added Garner. Starting April first the pen-MacDonald has published over 500 stories, serials In the d r amatic arts division tcndent of security and commu-Fines And Penalties alties for ignoring citations and novelettes in mass circulation magazines. His noveLs there was a tie between two pan-Th_e second annual Chinse _ gut Hill re-nications, recently warned that Fines and penalties at USF were strengthened according to have been published in several• t omimes: "Ko!ea" by Terry Tes-treat Will be held Saturday , 7. facult y any student who drives a ve-are as follows: th USF T " c 'tt languages. Six of his novels! som and J1m Coplan, and members and 35 students Will attend. The 35 student s hicle other than the one he Traffic violatio.ns ( moving) e ra. lC omml ee. have been purchased for cinema Vir)l'inia Montes, chairman: 1 "She ?,andoah" . by Woodwill include the old and new Student Association o ffi -has registered with the security First offense .......... . $1.00 VIolators are gJ.vrn 72 hours to usc, and 27 stotlcs have been Jones, vice chairman, I a ll. Dcpresswn 1932 b y Rob-cers, and representatives of the-------------office, must obtain a temporary offense _ . . . . . . . . $2.00 pay their fines or to place an ad_apted for He and Jim Felter. ert received honorable area councils . . . Third offense .... , . , , , , $5.00 appeal with the traffic comce1ved .the BenJamm DANCE COMMITTEE _ The . In the morning the outgoing C. W • •am• YOUng permit before parking that ve-Parking violations mittee After 72 hours a dollar Award m 1955 for the best . . Robert Stackhouse won first officers will brief the incoming wl s H h I E h . ff $1.00 . . tion published in a magazme. dance on Saturday, Apnl 7 , Will place in the graphic arts division offi'cers on thei"r duti" es and reII peak ere IC e on campus. ac 0 ense late charge will be added to the "tl T "Often .. said Garner "a stu-Improper Registration . It was entl ed :'The B .ear rap," carry the theme of a "suitcase. " wi t h his untitled David sponsibilities. In the afternoon c . w. " Bill " Young, R epub -dent brings an ' unregis. of vehicle fme. anD: was published m cosmo-Information concerning this Dye , James Kendnck, Ronald the entire group w ill partic iIican state s enator from P i n e l . First offense .... , .•.... $1.00 Any individual who has not pohtan. He .has recently been theme and the dance may be and Al re-pate in a planning session for las Coun ty, will s peak on "The tered car to school Will park Second offense , . , ... , , . $3.00 paid his fine at the end of a elected of Myspicked up anytime this week ceiVed honorable mentiOn. the year ahead. Consti t ution As It Pertains to it in the visitors ' parking lot Third offense .......... $5.00 week will be considered as fail Wnters of America for at the UC desk . The band will The first confere n c e w as held S tudents Rights and Individual -to avoid getting a ticket for not "Contrary to popular belief," . . . . 196 -be the "Mid-Niters . " last May. Its succ e ss prompted ity" on Wednesday, April 4 , at mg to honor his CitatiOn. At LESSONS MOVIES COMMITTEE_ 0 M USF N the one coming up. Chinsegut. 1 p.m. in CH lOO. USF sticker on the said Garner, "the traffic fines this time the right to appeal lessons are Sunday April S another oufOre eWS Hill is a beautifu l old southern The Young R epublicans Club do not pay the salaries of the has been forfeited and the in-bemg held m the UC ballro?n: standing movie be shown On Page 6 plantation, a botanic a l , which i s sponsori ng Yo . u n g A student caught doing this four security 0 f f ice r s. All dividuals will be advised by ?n Mondays at 3 p .m. Begm at USF, "A Man Called Peter." loc3:ted near Brooksville. It IS have a luncheon m eeting w 1th must pay a $1 fine for parking money collected from violators letter from the security office mg lessons are taught on the It stars Richard Todd and Jean B;Vallable for use t o USF at any Young and faculty guests at in the visitors' parking lot and of an additional dollar late same at 5 p.m . Peters This is a story of Peter time. noon pnor to the lecture. \from $1 to $5 for parki"ng an is deposited in a scholarship f h' h b 'd I Begmmng bndge lessons are . . ee w IC must e pat a ong b . t ht . th G 11 Marshall, formerly chaplam of unregistered car on campus. fund." A similar traffic fine-with the original fine or park-emg aug m e a ery the U.S . Senate. A Few Rules scholarship plan collected $6000 ing privileges will be revoked Lounge on Mon?ays at 5 p . m . Garner stated that the most at the University of Florida until the citation is cleared. lessons will run for ap. . proximately 8 weeks , and all frequent violations on campus last year and was divided In case the forfeitl!lg of the necessary material are Showing times are 3 and 7 p .m. The cost is 25 cents per person. ----------------have to do with car registration. among six students. of P?rkmg .PriVIleges, the v1o-furnished by the Lessons Com The following shall constitute Effective April first there s car, if found on mittee Registration Card an improper registration of ve. • I will be towed away and ImRECREATION COMMITTEE hicle: 1. Any registration obwas a change m the procedure pounded by a bonded towing -Ticket f th M 0 light tained through falsehood or for handling delinquent traffic service. Cruise ,;'ill on :ale willful misrepresentation. 2. and parking citations at USF. There are, at USF , approxl-April 3. The cruise will take Failure to attach decal or The traffic and parking regu-mately 1 , 650 registered student place on May 26. These tick e ts sticker to vehicle other than lations at USF are approved by cars, inc!ui:ling night and grad-will ,be sold for 50 cents and that for which it was obtained. the State Board of Control and uate students, and 1,673 park-the balance of $3 . 50 will be 4. Failure to register vehicle. are therefore, the same as state ing spaces set aside for student due by May 12. Miss Pinellas 5. Failure to cancel registration laws. The campus patrolmen, parking. will be the cruise craft, and a or remove decal or sticker upon popular band will play from s disposal of vehicle. to 12 p.m. "The last item, the removal s • h w • v R Total cost of the trip is $4 of the USF decal from a car mit IDS eep ace per couple. It is essential that being disposed of, is very imyou purchase your ticket early. Any student who plans to attend the summer session should pick up an "Intent To Attend Summer School" card at the Information Desks in the Uni versity Center or the Administration Build in g . This card should be c o m p 1 e t e d and dropped through the slot in the door of the Registrar's Office, AD2064. Early filing will insure adequate preparation for maximum convenience at the time of registration.-L.M.S. HICKS IN BIG CITY portant," said Garner. "If a Stockton (Skipper) Smith won next week with action planned PUBLIC RELATIONS-The student does not scrape the the runoff for vice president of in many areas as the candidates committee has completed its bumper sticker off his car be-the USF Student Association in work to carry out campaign work on the University Center fore selling it or disposing of the election last Tuesday win-calendar for the remainder of Dr. John Hicks, chairman of it, he may wind up being ing by a vote of 434 to 347 over promises. Two points expected the semester. It will be avail-humanities at USF , will speak charged for a violation comDave Aycock. This completed to draw attention will be regis able to students free of charge, on the implementation of a fullmitted by the new ownec of the Student Association elec-tration and the yearbook. and anyone interested may pick scale humanities program at a his old car." tions. Much of the planning is exup a copy at the UC desks. regional meeting of the Col-The old sticker or fragments The Student Association offi-pected to be discussed at the Members of the committee in lege English As s oc iation in New of it must be brought to the cers are expected to take office Chinsegut conference Saturday. charge of the calendar were York Saturday, April 7. NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK Library Opens Rare Books Room By JIM FELTER \Florida and other areas. She dating around 1880 were also Lords of Trade and shows the journals dating from 1845 to In honor Of National Library sta •. ted: donated by Simmons.. . town layout and soundings of 1889 were also given . w t t II t h 0 f th t t The university' s arc hives is Week, April 1-7, we salute and e expec even ua y o ave ne o e more m eres mg nearby waterways . expanding daily. This collect ion introduce you to the speciai 1 Florida writers come here for and unusual books in the room Another Rare Book houses everything ever printed collections room in our library. research, along with other offis "Poems" by Samuel Rogers , Another rare book contain s by the university and about the This han?some room is campus people. The faculty of printed in London in 1893 . Thi;:, embossed on its cover the university . All the d epartments on the frrst floor and IS now USF will use this room heavily book is not t th .. 1 .. of the university s end their m i n-open for student and public so. ewor Y . -Arms o f the Fugger Fam ly, t d t t th' d tuse. as soon as the material is availcause of the wntmgs of Rage ;, a wealthy Itali a n 16th to the u estanAllno .es o fis epatr " but because of the double for. . men . programs or e n er This room houses the library's able. edge painting on the ends of e 17th century family . This book tainment held on campus a r e collection, the university Students doing research work pages. One of two scenes can contams an eye wrtness accoun t kept on file and a complet e and the rare books colon Florida topics are invited to seen , depending on which w 1 , , _Laudonniere's secon? exp e -record of the beginn i n g o f our lectiOn: t The pul rposfe of come in and use this room How-the pages are slanted. dition to the new world m 1564 university i s preserve d for room IS o supp y m orma Ion . . . . It was written by Jacques Le future researchers. This a rea for students writing papers conever, It IS not to be as :t Early Bible Manuscnpt Moyne, and contains the Theoalso house s a complete and up cerning Florida, for Florida general study VIsitors and Another interesting collection dore de Bry engravings of Le to date collection of the camauthors and anyone interested b!owsers are mvited and corIs the two volume facimile o'f Mayne ' s drawing of aspects of pus edition of THE TAMPA in Florida. If you have any old dially welcomed. the Lindisfarne Gospels. The Indian life in Florida. The book TIMES. Also a complete reed 0 c u m e n t s, family correSome Gifts pages of these huge volumes is printed in Latin and was pub-ord o f the published work o f spondences, maps or books conSome of the material already photograi.Jh . s of the lished in Frankfort i!;J. 1591. the faculty is hoped for the cerning early aspects of Florida received is a gift from Robert edrtlon contawmg hand This room is also building up future. his tory, hidden away in some Simmons of Temple Terrace. and colored pages . The ongm l its collection of acts and reso -Margaret Chapman stated old chest in a dark corner of includes among other things, a was written during the da k lutions of the legislativ e council that in the future, i t is hope d your attic, donate it to thb Civil War pamphlet printed in at the Lindisfarne church of the territory of Florida, and that the room will con t ain au room. Raleigh, N.C., in 1864, a magam northern England. It is one the acts and resolutions of the excellent collection of rare Gifts Welcome zine printed in Charlotte, N . C., of earliest manuscripts of house and senate of the state of books , examples of t y pes of Mar aret Cha man Florida immediately after the Civil War the Bible. Florida. Those on hand are printing, binding and layout. . P. ' and family correspondence dat The maps contained in t his dated from the 1840 ' s to the lat This room is open from 8 to 5 , collectiOns librarian, has exing back to 1820. An example room date from 1863 . There are ter half of the 19th century and Monday through Friday. Wh y pressed hopes of receiving from to this is a letter dated 1826 two J. F. w. des .Barres maps were a gift from the Yonge not stop in and discov e r some are.a pe?ple, of Florida rnadescribing a tract of land for of St. Augustine and Pensacola. Library of Florida History lo-of the unusual and interesting tenal mcludmg books , pam-sale . Copies of early issues o! The map of St. Augustine wa> cated at the University of Flor-books during National Library • phlets and letters relating to the Southern Methodist Herald commissioned by the Britisl ida. Florida senate and house Week? -Phot o B y Nelson l\ledina WE NOW HAVE RARE BOOKS Here are just a few of the volumes now being shelved in the Special Collec tions Room, frequently referred to as the "Rare Books Room," at the USF Ll brary. The collections are open to students for special study. Left to right are: Jo Elkins, Gale Morgan, and Margaret Chapman, special collections librarian . a ,


THE TAMPA TII\IES 1\londay, April 2, 1962 Explosion, Fire Kill Lutz Man A gasoline fumes explosion and fire in the garage of his home has claimed the life of a 61-year-old Lutz man. Dead on arrival yesterday at St. Joseph's Hospital was Charles Herbert Wooster, who suffered burns over 90 per cent of his body. Deputy Sheriff Lowell Steve said Wooster entered his ga rage around 6:45 a.m. when he discovered his water pump was not operating correctly. The control panel for the pump was located in the garage. BUT RECENT RAINS HELP State Citrus Crop Still • tn Doubt LAKELAND, April 2 ruPD-A one big question facing t h e Manatee and Sttasota -Lake -There was relief survey by Florida citrus industry: How much fruit Groves under irrigation gen-from recent rains, although Citrus Mutual has resulted in will result from recent and cur-erally in good condition. All growing conditions have not rent blooms. varieties are in heavY bloom, been normal because of ex-Robert W . Rutledge, execu-but moisture will determine tended drought and recent tive vice president of Mutual, the set of the bloom. Much cold winds. Most varJ'etles said recent rains have gen-II I l'f loss of grapefruit from recent are in full open bloom, WJ'th Deaths era y g ven groves new 1 e, high winds and some minor G. E. HENDERSON but added, "the long drought damage to tender growth. only minor damage reported. Glenn Earle Henderson of still has Its effect on growing Some tender growth w a s Orla, Tex., died at a hospital in conditions." St. Lucie and Indian River burned in exposed areas and Pecos, Tex., Tuesday, March 27. Hillsborough -Recent rains Still very dry with all avail-some damage was reported A former resident of Tampa, relieved the drought to some able irrigation being used from to young trees from blowing Mr. Henderson had lived in extent. Many new irrigation canals and wells. Supply of sand. Texas for the last 10 years. systems have been installed. irrigation water is inadequate Volusia and Putnam _ HeSurvivors include his widow, The water level is stJ'Il low and and is causing growers concern. c t . b Recent rains from Vero Beach en rams rought temporary Mrs. Carol Henderson of Orla; much more rain is needed. A south brought temporary relief. relief from drought conditions. two sons, Robert Henderson of few growers are hedging old Every variety of citrus is in Little damage from recent cold Orla and James Henderson of groves and some have started full bloom, but no one will and high winds was reported • Fort Lauderdale; one daughter, p run in g cold-damage trees. guess on the set of the fruit. There is a heavy bloom on ali M' ,, Mrs. Barbara Chambers of Pasa-There is a heavy bloom on Brevard _ Recent rain 5 oranges and growers are hope dena, Tex. ; one sister, Mrs. oranges and a normal bloom on brought relief. Some groves, ful recent rains will assure a Gladys Carter of Dallas, Tex.; grapefruit. even where irrigated, were in good fruit set. one brother, Clinton Pinellas-The main problem wilt prior to the rains. All va-jjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij of Tampa; and five grandchil-is lack of moisture. Many grow-rieties in heavy bloom and rains According to Steve, the gas •' fumes explosion was set off by '" a spark while Wooster was in ' •'. dren. ers 'Were preparing to irrigate will increase the crop set. G. R. BENNETT when recent rains c.ame . There Grapefruit losses are heavy from George Rutherford Bennett was much grapefruit droppage the drought and recent winds. ASTRINAUT STAKE SPECHIL the garage. The deputy said the blast may have been trig-gered when Wooster flipped the switch on the control panel. The fumes were traced to an open five-gallon gasoline con tainer, which was near Woost er's car, the deputy said. ' .; . .-.,.. . BRIDGE DESIGN BLAMED of 703 E. Chelsea died Saturday from winds. -Orange, Osceola and Sem-- night in a Tampa hospital. A . Pol.k County -Dry weather inole -The severe drought native of Waldo he had lived still Is the big problem, even was broken by recent rains. in Tampa for 51 ' years. He was with relief from recent rains. High winds and blowing sand a member of the First Presby-Trees have on good caused scattered minor damage terian Church, member of the of growth, with all varieties 1D to foliage and bloom in unpro J. c. Tims Memorial Bible full bloom except tangerines. tected and young groves just Class, was retired from the Sea-Some new growth and bloom disced. Bloom loss was negli board Airline Railroad after 54 was burned from trees by re-. gible because all varieties have years -service , being transferred cen.t frost and high winds. Some a very heavy bloom except tan from Jacksonville to Tampa in frmt was blown from the trees gerines. Angry waters of the flooding Big Sioux river washed out piers of a $350,000, 40-foot concrete bridge connecting Sioux City, Iowa, and South Dakota. The span was opened to traffic only five months ago, and engineers blame design rather than construction for the collapse. Deaths in T cimpa, Elsewhere 1911. Survivors include his and growers fear the new crop Excerpts from the survey in$1,000,000.42 lncloodes • space soot Cfor warmth), a monkey !for com panionshipl, and a stake (for strength) Served by one of our out-of-this-world waiters, Lester Osteen, a next-door neighbor, rushed to the garage after the blast and found the garage on fire and Wooster out side. 0 s tee n attempted to smother Wooster's f 1 ami n g clothes. MRS. ROBBIE R. NAPOLI Mrs. Robbie R . Napoli, 53, of 4900 14th Ave., died Friday in a Tampa hospital. A native of Alabama, she had lived here for 14 years and was manager of the Good Will Industry Gandy store. She is survived by h e r husband, R. .Sam Napoli of Tam pa; three brothers, 0. L. Cason and L. W. Cason of Tampa, W. T. Cason of Panama City, Fla.; two sisters, Mrs. W. H. Faulk of Dothan, Ala.; Mrs. Annabell Pridgen of Ozark, Ala.; several nieces aod nephews. widow, Mrs. Florene Klay Ben-may show sand damage. elude: hel'' a one-third interest in the morning in a Tampa hospital. nett, Tampa, and several nieces estate of her father, Ernest A native of Dothan, Ala., he had and nepMws. If you still come and go in the family jalopytry are U.S. Prime Filet Mig non 3,75 Cocktail$ Served All Major Credit Card. The Lutz Volunteer Fire Department put out the fire which heavily damaged the car. Exact cause of Wooster's death was not immediately de termined. A native of Indianapolis, Mr. Luckenbach. been a resident in Tampa for 58 ERNEST C. HILL years. He was an active member 'I'BE TAMPA TIMES 11 fh1e Ernest c. Hill, 48, of 4007 of the Ri\rerside Baptist Church. C..mpanr from The Trlbuae Build San Juan, died at his home Survivors indude his widow, lnr. L..tarelfe a11d 'MVTraa. streets. j Tampa, Flori•• Eatered at sectnd early Sunday. A native of Vir-Mrs. Gene v eVe Hurston, clan matler at 'he Po11 ornce al . . h h d r d 'n Tampa Tampa; one son, William V. ... lbe Acl of girua, e a Ive I Hurston, Midland, Tex.; two Sub•crlplloa. aatu: Jlr earrler for six and a half years. He daughters, Mrs. Claudia Gazzo , soc per week1 by carrier or mall was a member of the Bayshore Biloxi, Miss., and Mrs. Lois .':::";he"ar 'li:?tlo. aL& moath• Baptist Church. He is survived Slatton, Tampa; two sisters, •• by his widow, Mrs. Delores Mrs. Destie Maddox, New BrockMember ot .Aildll Buruu •t arFisher Hill of Tampa; two ton, Ala., and Mrs. Anna Tait,

mE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 2. 1962 NOW IN USF GALLERY This painting by Prof. Hollis H. Holbrook of the University of Florida, "Scat tered and Shining," is one of the 23 selected works of Southeastern artists now in the Library Gallery. The invitational exhibition opened at USF yesterday and will run through April 29. UCCF IS FIRST Religious Center To Open P.E.-INTRAMURALS Spring Sports Focus • 1n By BILL BERNO this week from Monday through individual award. Archery Club Autumn is past, T h u r s day. The competitive members will officiate at the Winter has fell, round, to be known as the USF tournament. Spring is here, round, will comprise 36 arrows Competitors are to check out And it's as nice as from 30 yards distance. tackle and score cards at the We can expect it. The sum of the three highest Physical Education Building. The outdoor athletics are com-scores representing an organiSting Ray Hunt ing into focus now with the will determine the team The University of South Flor-balmy Here are some fimsh: . ida Archery Club will sponsor of the activities to look forward IndiVIduals may enter a sting ray hunt. The expedition to. tourn.ament and an award will leave from the Port Tampa Archery be gtven to the highest indiAmerican Legion Fish Camp on The 7.5 activity tournascore. Team members Sunday, April 8, at 5 a.m. ment of archery 1s bemg held will also have a chance at the Anyone interested should conPIPER SAYS THANKS tact Mr. R. D. Hunter in the intramural office UC224, ext 293, anytime prior to the trip. The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .....•......•...... Win&' Preodor Managing Editor ............•••..••..•... Louise Stewart Social, Organization Editor ...• , • , •••.... Virginia Montes Activity Editor ............................ Anttila Faculty Adviser .. -. . . ....... _ . . . . . . . . George H. Miller Re]lorlln&' starr: Charlotte Ander.on. William Berno, 8111 Blalock, OBver. Janet R. Palmer. Sandra J. Peck, Ronda K. Zldrlch and VJrclnla Btll. Robert O'Hara, ••stslant professor or Enrllsb. adviser to reportlnr •nd copydesk staff. Address all communications, Including Lettn• to the Editor , to the Otflce of Campus Publications, AD 10;0, Pb. WE 11!l or 113. Editing Lab., Pb. Ext. "Student reporters l'atberlnr news for the Campus Edttlon of TIIB TAMPA TIMES, will request material direct from lndhlduals and otnoe• on and the m&terla.l will not cle&r tbrourb the News Bureau." (]It'tunitles w ith MarApril 18 progr'!m. . students may have an oppor-elected to the office of preS! in6erested contact Miss Chartin Company. This will be of interest Placement Martin C!'mpauy afl. tunity to express their feelings. of the. USF .student Asso-lotte McCul'dy second floor of We hope that they will be disWtth this go my best the library, ext. 226. a .m., Tuesday, April 10. For additional tell what .Martin bas to offer. Open to cussed among you and that you Wishes for a good and successful Aquatics Club phone Wotk-Study Office. will bring any improvements or term. . The Nauticos, the USF aquaWlthdro.wals -Sarah Harris Bass, Freshmen mterested .In Work-Study I ld ] 1 k t th k all Ernest M. Braxton Jr., Diana F. Bus assignments wlth Martin Compan.v. ot ne:.v ideas to our attention: wou a so I e O an tics club, is ready to take ad-cigllo, Martha Lee Cancio, Ronald Cole p,rtando at end of sophomore .Year 1. Improve the communica?f the people. who helped me vantage of the b e aut if u l Chase, Lila Sisk Cole, Carl P. Dldden, ourth semester), may attend mfor. th am g I n 1 Frank Dennis Marlin, Binnie LeFever matlonat meeting at 11 a'!'• Tuesday, tions: ln e C Pal n. Sl cere Y weather. New members al'e wel-Neel, Morris J. Russo, Paul c. Small Aprll 10, For add•tlonal lnfor ) tt ill t thank you and all of the stu-come The club meets at 10 and Thomas G. Weideman. matton see M•s. Bringger In Work(a News le er w come ou dents who voted for me and of M d R 222 Directory Chanres-Braddy Ann s Study Office, AD1070 regul ly nd will include • a.m. on ay m oom lll Russell Whaley and four stu-ing held on March 13. They are story structure will be the cen2804lh Gandy .Blvd. summarizer of a session on tech-student organization of 25-30 elude social events, such as their for doctoral study at Laval Umdents. . Fred Frey, president; Bob An ter of a larger complex planned Tampa 11, Florida Diques of evaluation. members, commented in an inforthcoming Friday the Thh:-versity in Quebec. Canada. Dav-Terrance Tessem, Jtm Wood-dersen. vice president; Charles teenth dance, to be staged Apnl ison will attend there this sum-all, Lura Liggett, and [)avid Harkness, recording secretary ANOTHER FIRST AROUND USF CAMPUS -U8F Educational Resources Photo Another first around the USF cam:pus will be the religious center scheduled to open April 15. The center, sponsored by the United Campus Christian Fellowship, is located at 53rd St., and ' 127. Avenue. Here Louise "Scoop" Stewart, managing editor of the Campus Edition, looks over the plans for the center while Bob Blayney, president of UCCF, points out some of the student ideas for use of the center. 13 for about 200 invited people. mer. Taylor came back fiom the con-John Gruetzmacher, correspond A 1954 Ford will be given ference with job offers from ing secretary; Brooke Ballagh away to someone attending the HOCUTT ON PROGRAM summer stock and outdyor sym-treasurer; Rick Riddle, chaplain dance by the Young Democrats. Dr. Max Hocutt, an instructor phonic drama comparues. _ and Larry Thronberry, parlia The car was donated by Bill in philosophy, will present a The three days of panel dtsmentarian. Currie Ford Co. paper on the "good reasons" cussions, lectures, including one SIGES: In it i at ion of new The club is also active in the theory of ethics at the annual by Miss Betty Smith, author of Siges members was h e 1 d on rivel'front clean-up project. meeting of the Southern Society "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", March 23, at the home of Zinia for Philosophy and Psychology covered all phases of the Ramos. New members are Sara in Memphi s later this month. theatre. Giunta, Linda Dykes, Eunice River Area Interest Investigated The University Center Recre ation Committee has appointed a sub-committee, headed by THE JOB STORY Rehearsals Start, J.B. Opens April 25 Ann Francis, to investigate the By ALICE ANTTILA P.egree of interest in In spite of delays and a brief cancellation, rehearsarea on can1Pus ':hi:h als for the Peninsula Players' production of "J.B." are ftonts the Hillsborough Rive!. in process. Wh.en student organizations "J.B.," scheduled to run April 25-28, :is a Pulitzer Luke, and Diane Conrad. Diana Penzkofer was initiated as a pledge. Dr. Edward McLean and his wife, sponsors of Siges were guests at a party immedi .ately following the initiation. Religious Organizations BAPTIST STUDENT UNION BSU students will be leaving Saturday. April 7 , for a trip to Lake Wales, to see the passion play and to enjoy an outc;Ioot dinner. Anyone interested in making the trip should contact Rev. Te. E . Lill y, at WE 8-4775 or any BSU member. Specia rates have been obtained for students. to clear are Prize-winning play by Archibald MacLeish. The play is receiVed the committee wtll ask a treatment of the Job story in Lunatic Fringe the administration fot a section contemporary terms which are elude Diana Be 11 amy, Don of riverfront property to be used highly dramatic and provocative. Dougherty, Robert Flynn, Anne To Be TopiC for recreation purposes, and to John W . Caldwell, associate be cleared by the students. professor of theatre arts, is di-Foster, Nancy Griffin, Roy HarOf USF forum Th rect1ng the play. Russell G vey, R o bert Hippenmeier, e orgamzations which have Cricket Kemp, Covf'lltry Lig-.. . . signed clearance promises are: Whaley , assistant professor of gett, Pat Makela, Barry MallinLiberal.Ism •. all;d USF Sports Car Club, Christian fine arts, is the technical dl-ger, Lura Liggett, Mary Parrish, the Lunatic JS the topic Science Organization, F . I.A., rector. Anne Phillips, DeeDee Warren, of the U!livers1ty Forum to be Jewish Student Union, Siges, Woodall To Be J. B. Paula Wilkes, Cinthia Zaitz, held dunng the free h.our (11 Delphi, Fides, Council of Fra-Readings for the parts were Ticbard Zaitz and Jim Coplon a.m.) on Tuesday, April 3, in ternal Societies, Christian Life held on F ebruary 20; casting • CHill Fellowship, Tri-Sis, Ethelontes, was completed shortly after-Assistance Welcome members are Dr. R . H. Cieo, Young Democrats, Enotas, ward. Leading roles went to Crews have been working on Fuson, assistant professo1 of Talo s, Epelta, Arete, Lyre and James Woodall, who will por-set construction since Februa1y. geography, and Dr. R. A. Gold Aulas, and Paideia. t r ay J. B.; Terrence Tessem, Students interested in working stein, assistant professor of his Other members of the Recre-Nickles; Lauren Wan-en , Mr. on the crews for painting, props, tory. Dr. F . S. Harrigan, assis ation Committee are: Pete Zuss; and Medrean Woodall , lights or make-up, may contact tant professor of political sci. Schoeborn, Don Gordon and Sarah. Whaley this week. Any assis-ence, will serve as moderator for Dicky Davis. Other members of the cast in-tance is welcome. the discussion.


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