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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 53 (April 9, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 9, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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j University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 53 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, APRIL 9, 1962 No Complaints Early morning fog, otherwise m o s t I y fair weather through Tuesday. Winds southwesterly 5-15 m.p.h. High today and Tuesday 80Low tonight 64. PRICE FIVE CENTS Chinseg t iII Conference . ._.../ JUST LIKE PARIS-ACCORDING TO PICTURES Reviews C mpus Prob New SA Officers Briefed As 54 Exchange Ideas By JOHN GULLETT Fifty-four faculty and student representatives of USF bucked the laziness of a drizzling rain Saturday, and spent a full day at constructive discussion at the second annual Chinsegut Hill conference-retreat near Brooksville. The 37 student representatives from area councils on campus and.l7 faculty mem bers congregated at the "big house" of the old Southern plantation and botanical ------"---------'::.-------------•paradise shortly before 10 a.m., '" ., LEGISLATURE and immediately went to work with a general me.eting. Conference members spent the next three an d one-half hours in small groups discussing certain areas of operation at USF, including: Rights vs. status, organization, communications, budgets responsibilities vs. authority, and campus poliCommittee Evaluates S.A. Constitution By LOUISE STEWART At the recent SA legislature meeting the Consti tution Eval!fation committee concluded its report with the suggestiOn that amendments to the constitution be passed through the legislature like bills rather than in their present procedure ' of ratification by two-thirds of the voting students (sect. 9.3 of S.A. Const.l. cies. A half-hour planning sessio n among the old and new officers of the student association followed at 1:30 p.m. The conferense wound up activity in a onehour summary session at 2 p.m .. The was originated in May of 1961 as an instrument of appeasement following demonstrations by disgruntled students, but was sponsored by the student association this year ... Little Man On Campus Here is just a small part of the crowd that showed up for the recent band concert on the east patio of the University Center. Students seemed to enjoy the informality of the concert. The band was under the direction of Gale L. Sperry, associate professor of music. A second concert is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday and another May 3. Preodor This suggestion was the final in its transitional state. , portion of a conttoversial report According to new Student M MAKIN6 A ePFOrz:r TO IMPKOVt: Ill'( fXAM SCORES! 1M To Give being prepared for formal pre-Association president Frank 1t> GE:T A !J'Mi NeXT TO VAN l'fZOVI<.I' sentation as suggested amend-Meiners, "the conferences in the -------------------------ments to the Constitution. Other future will be devoted, primar-Concerts ideas included in this report are ily to planning sessions between UC EVENTS shifting power from the Execu-old and new officers and mem-------THIS MAKES SENSE Registration Gets Shakeup tive Council to the President, bers of the organization." The University of South Flor-change in requirements for SA Outgoing Student Association ida will present Edward Preooffice, and change in appoint-president Jim Woodroffe d i rect dor, professor of music, in two ment of parliamentary authority ed the conference, with short violin concerts on and Rules Committee. talks presented by Dr. Howard Tuesday, April 10 The food service committee in G. Johnshoy, dean of student af-in TA , at 11 a.m. discussion with Mr. Roberts of fairs, and Dr. Sidney J. French, By BILL BLALOCK and 8:30 p.m. Dr. Morrison's food service reached dean of basic studies. Armin Watkins, an agreement on the purchase Students serving as chairmen A more traditional form of registration will be put into effect here beginning associate profes-of cards for the noon meal only and secretaries of the discus-with the fall trimester. according to Dr. Frank Spain, registrar. sor of music. will for commuter students. Under sion groups were: rights vs. staSpring Fantasia Coming Up May 5 By VIRGINIA MONTES The change to the new system was made because of demands of the trimester accompany Preothis plan. the student can pur-tus, chairman Jim Klapps and System, increasina. enrollment, and student demands. . dor on the piano. chase a card with which each Fl:ed Jenkins; "Pleasure Trip 'Round the World" w i 11 be the Tnchuien in l''eal wUl cost 75 tt>nts ThP 1zat•on. Frank t' t' . • , , Beginning with the first trimester ill the fqll, most courses Wlll be ou program will be menu will inclutember. in evidence now, Johnshoy Iaits second concert of the semes-h let the umts hand out reg1straChet Cornwall, Charlie Money, Norm for this event. a campus etiquette ptogram, Th t bl t t ing inter-relations between t e t t 1 k h t' c ts H D. k n G e new sys em Wl en a e bels the filling s at10n concep ter at 2 p.m. Thursday, April wn _rna en a , rna e t el!l vo mg K"a There is also a fishing trip which has been highly successstudents to plan their own class This is a more diversified prob-faculty at USF and the leg isla-precmcts for campus-wide elecWells, Pam Morales, Bob Woolf, John planned for the near future. ful on other campuses, an d schedules with help from ad-lem solving plan incorporating 12• on the east patio of the UC. tors in the Tampa Bay area. tions, or have registration in Gullett, Mike Shea_. Lee, Lombardia, MUSIC COMMITTEE: Band should be of great interest to visors. organization beyond the Student Coinciding with the opening Dr. Donaid R. Harkness, procivic unit order. Hanson. Sam Lew•s. and Chr1s music will be featured this USF students. Course schedules printed by Affairs area. In the second of the first Cinerama produc-fessor of social studies and pres-_____________ ....:..:.:c:..:. _________________________ .:._ ___________ _ the registrar's office will li,st phase comes specialized coun-tion in one of Tampa's theatres, AAUP tabl. h d period numbers in place of times seling services such as remedial ident of the • es IS e of class meetings. (See schedule reading, health services, speech the University band will play this committee after the recent on inside page USF news). and hearing clinic and many selected themes by Morton question which arose concern-The new system will J!lake more. Gould from the Cinerama film ing the "legislative intent" of possible scheduling lab sections The third phase is one that " WindJ'ammer." f 1 of three each consecutively. Johnshoy said often is never appropriated money for acu ty Work-Study Co-op students achieved. This P base has no Along with the melodies from merit raises. who will be on a stlldy period ready name but is one that is "Windjammer" will be Gordon Members of this committee during the summer season coming slowly to the university. Jacob's newest tongue-in-cheek are: Dr. Edgar W. Hirshberg, should register May :t7 between It is a program of planning for number for band, based on tlie the hours of 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. problems to solve then before old tune "Little Brown Jug." associated professor of English and from. 6:30. p.m_. to 9 . p.m. they occur. Under this plan, Also featured will be composi-and chairman of this committee; Other reg1stratwn times WJll be students are given special coun-tions by Nicholas Rimsk.y-Kor-Dr. Fredrick J. Horrigan, assistd 1 t sakov and Luis Araque. Comannounce a er. seling prior to anticipated prob-ant professor o f political sci-lems. pleting the program will be a h USF Art Students Visiting Sarasota Approximately 40 art students fr9m the University of South Florida will attend the Sarasota Symposium, Thursday and Friday, April 12 and 13. The students will leave the University grounds at 8:30 Thu,l'sday morning for the Ring !ing Museum of Art in Sarasota. The Symposium is a week long and the art student& will attend the last two days . One of the first programs that march by Eric Osterling, "The ence; D r, Margaret B. Fis er, fits into the third phase is the Nutmeggers," and "Beguine for director of student personnel; Band" by Glenn Osser, the well-Dr. Charles Arnade, associate developmental reading course. 1 d Johnshoy said there is no real known te evisi on composer-con-professor of liberal arts; an line of diferentiation between ductor. Margaret Chapman, special col-the three phases. One begins lections librarian. while the other still is operat-After the elections, the coming, so the third phase is be-mittee plans to start this pro-ginning here while the second More gram by inviting legislators to is still operative. the campus for discussions. It Working under the last two USF News is hoped that this will achieve categories, the Student Affairs cooperation and understanding area is m ore of a counseling 0 p 4 through an exchange of in for-area than one of meting out n age mation between the legislators discipline. and the faculty. USF Temperature Subject to Thermostat Whims By LOUISE STEWART also affected whether they need over campus. This one-shot the water now is kept at 230 Recent investigation revealed it or not. treatment with chemicals rather degrees F. that the "freezing" tempera-The utility building, common-than the long s if tin g and Stephan described the utility tures found in many rooms on ly known as the power plant be-settlin g process used in reser-plant as a medium to small unit campus are not caused by fiend-' cause of its huge blue smoke voirs in city water accounts fo.l' with two b o i 1 e r s pumping ish Eskimoes in t h e utilities stacks, actmilly does not furnish the metallic flavor of the water . around 45 , 000 pounds of steam building but by insidious ther-power for USF. The power is The university uses about 400,per hour. There are seven men mostats 'in the rooms. relayed from Tampa Electric 000 gallons of water per day, to regulate the everyday rune-George A. Stephan, superinCd. via the large transformer Refrigeration for all of the tioning of units and to make any tendent of utilities, explained in on Fletcher Avenue. Says Stebuildings is produced by piping necessary adjustments or rean interview that the thermophan, "We are central plant for pairs stats are set up to control rooms utilities such as air-condition-this water, chilled to 44 degrees f t ' F .• llnderground to each bul.ld-The present re ngcra ton ca -in blocks of three. If the room ing, heating, and water." h housing the thermostat has The water for the US.F camp-ing w here it is carried by pipes pacity is 1 • 200 tons. Step an IS many people or if all the peo-us is provided by three wells, in the walls. In the buildings expecting a new 1,200 ton steam ple are grouped around it, it two of which ar.e in constant the system resembles an over-turbine unit to come in soon. reacts accordingly to furnish use and one which serves as a sized version of a radiator in a With this unit in operation, the the cooling off. necessary for stand-by. The water is trans-car with the fan behind the plant will easily be able to maintaining the constant tern-ferrcd to the 200,000 gallon ca-pipes blowing cold air out into handle the new buildings and perature. However, the other pacity tank where it is chemi -the rooms. For heating, the syswill not need to expand again t w o rooms on the hook-up are cally treated and then piped all tern is the lj,ame except that for several years. , MUSIC FOR MANY BY USF'S BAND By Nelson )!edina Here the University of South Florida band, under the direction of Gale L. Sperry, associate professor of music, sounds off for students gathered for a recent concert on the east patio of the University Center. It was a standing room only situation during the entire concert which dl'ew several hundred students in the late afternoon. Another concert is scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 9, 1962 ONE CRASH CLAIM$ 4 Weekend Death Toll 17 on State Roads MIAMI, April 9 ruPD-FlorTwo deaths each also were ida counted at least 17 persons recorded i n a c c ide n t s near dead in acdand in West Holly-dents today, mcludmg four of d them in one wreck. woo . The four were killed four A truck overturned Friday miles east of Lake City Sunday night on U.S. 1 south of Homewhen a cat: three Nestead, killing Justo Rivera , 39, groes. colhded another and Felix Torres 43 both of carrymg three wh1te persons. . . ' ' . All three of the whites died. M1am1. They were on the1r The victims were Arthur way to a fishing trip in the Flngerlow, 70, his wife, Mable Keys. Flngerlow, about 68, and Flora Mrs. Rene Muscaiella, 20, an Yost, about 68, all of Jack-t h f t 11 'll d L B 45 expec ant mot er, was a a y sonv1 e, an eon rown, , . . d . 'd t w t a Negro from White Springs. tn]ure m an acc1 en m es State Trooper James McClelHallwood Fridi!Y night. She gave Jan said the .driver of the Negro premature birth to a daughter car, Jefferson, 19, before she died but the infant of Wh1te attempted to . ' pass a truck and hit the Finger-d1ed about :wo hours later, to.o, low car head-on. McClellan said and the H1ghway Patrol sa1d Jefferson would be charged with both would count as highway fatalities. F1ve H1llsborough C o u n t y residents-four Tampans and In single-fatality accidents: a Limona youth-were killed in John Joseph Broestel, 79, of two crashes in Tampa and near Eustis, suffered fatal InJUries Mulberry. in a two-car crash on U.S. 41 near Tavares Sunday. Elias Sousa of North Miami was killed Saturday, his -)ow of childrE'll. A heart attack yesterday proved P. Hall. Born 10 William Howell; both of Arlington, V'a., and a brother, Fred Carpenter of Missouri. MRS . KATIE E. SMITH Iowa, and D. W . Grippen Jr., of Rapid City, S . D . MRS. ANNE C . FISHER Mrs. Anne Crump Fi:sher, 93, Mrs. Katie E . Smith, 84, . of 4605 Lowell Ave., died Friday 10005 17th St., Tampa, died . h . h Uti-lities Board Race interest Low TALLAHASSEE, Ap,ril 9 !UPD ties or side-issues, rather than Also running against Carter -Despite some fls!icuffs and a their qualification for the comare Jim Blanton of St. Angus-Supreme Court the state-. . wide race of nine candidates for mlss1on. tine, George O'Nett of Miami, two seats on the State Railroad Fair has filed a suit in the States Rights Democrat and Public Utilities Commission State Supreme Cour t, asserting Charles Carter, a Tallahassee has only apathy from his right to run for two other bus company executive; and the . state offices in addition to the Republican H. B. Foster of • Poss1bly the lack of m terest utilities commission Fori Myers. is due to general ignorance the commission's function . That was one reason the legislature changed the name of the agenc y from the original "State Railroad Commission." A commonly heard jest before the name was changed was "I don't own any railroads, so who cares?" The commission, composed of three members, actually has broad regulatory powers over utilities, telephone companies and transportation companies . Its actions determine the amount you pay for a telephone, freight rates for shipment within the state-, some electricity rates, and fares on public carriers. So far, the nine candidates have spent less than $15,000 and collected something over $18,000 from supporters, according to financial reports. Jerry Carter and Wilbur King are up for reelection, while the third commissioner , Ed Mason, was reelected last time around. Some excitement was stirred up when Carter took a poke at candidate Jim Fair of Tampa during the presidential fundraising dinner at Miami Beach and Fair was ejected from the banquet room. But the excitement was J,>ased on personali'l'RE . TAMPA TIMES P.UU.hell Y e Ill a r a Moallay thr .. arh Salurd,.,. br The Tribune Clompany from The TrlbliDe Build lnr. r.ata,.et!e and Morcan Streeh, Tampa, F1orlh. Elllerecl as aecond elan ' matter at the Poet Office at Tampa, Florida, aDder . the Act of March 3, 1879. Subscription Jlatet: .By eorrfer SOc per weelu by carrier or m•ll three montba.; am moatba $7.80; one year 115 .8 0. Subscription parable Ill aolnuce. Member of A.noclatell l'reu. Member ot Audit Bureau of C!r calatlon. ..... 1h" Deluxe SKIL DRILL Spec;lal Prlc;e ReCJ. Price $2998 44.95 71/•" Deluxe SKILSAW R8CJ. Pric;e 53.95 READY-TO-USE CI!MENT MIXES For Every ManninCJBowman '14 II ELEC. DRILL ReCJ. Price 12.90 Special Prlc;e I $898 JAMES THOMAS EVERS fatal to Professor Emeritus Starke, she had James Thomas Evers , 81, a James W. Day, 71, who life time resident of East Hills-last 3? years years. She was a Sunday morning in' a Tampa mg t in a 'rampa nursmg orne. hospital. A native of MiamisA native of Memphis, Tenn., sheliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij bul'g, Ohio , she ' had lived in had lived in Tampa for the past Tampa for ll} years. She is sur54 vears. She is survived by a bourgh County died at a Plant teachmg m Unlvers1ty of Flon-b f th City nursing Sunday. He da's College of Law. . , s e t h is survived by two sisters, Mrs. The Mo ., nat1ve s Day Adventist Angie Allen of Welcome and students mcluded more than Ch h M H ll Mrs. D. M . Dossey of Ocala; 2,000 who later }?ecame lawyers. is two brothers John Evers of Day was Flonda representa-f' 0 Bowling and Emmett B tive on the National Committee 1 Evers of Lakeiand . on Uniform Laws, and . a ! rLan od, M H 11 was recognized as an authority M orr 1 s an rs. a RALPH CASTANEDA on real property law. Berkley G. Hall, both of Tampa, Ralph Castaneda, 63, of 423 Funeral services will be held James C . Hall, .. Navy, Gro-Gould Court died Sunday morntomorrow at 3:30 p.m. from the ton, Conn., an.d R. Hall, ing at his home. First Presbyterian Church. San Jose •. Call . ; f1ve Mrs. Jess1e M. Ransom, Mob1le, __ N_T __________ Ala., Miss Mildred L. Hall, Mrs . Marjorie Varnadoe and Miss Beverly J . Hall, all of Tampa, and Mrs. E. Lucille May, Naples; two brothers, Ed Green, Tampa, and Avery Green, Williamson, vived by her husband, Davis A. • . Smith, Tampa; one brother, Lisson , John Fletcher F1sher; . a ter Dreher of Miamisburg, Ohio; on. top of your bead, all;d Greenwood, Fla., . Grippen and Rodger Jersey where he worked in cop-or 252-3891 8453 The don't even ask you to would llke to stop your hatr and had. been a .. Gr1ppen, both of Mason City, per mines for more than 40 4 Blks. N. Bayshore Royal Hotel Y . d f ' t If loss and grow more hair ••. resident of take the1r or 1 your now is the time to act. pa s i n c e 1926 1 symptoms mdlcate that the Sh . Funera Not•lces treatment will help you they Loesch Laboratory e was a invite you to try it for 32 days will supply you with treatment ber of the F1:st at their risk and see for for 32 days, at their risk, if they Church of Christ, U! • believe the treatment will help Scientist, of TamETHRIDGE, (lLYDE THOMAS Jl'u. neral services for Mr. Clyde Thomas Ethridge, 66, of SUO Orange VIew Ave. , wiU be held Tuesday after-se you. Just send them information pa. Mrs. Wragg Naturally, they would not to help them analyze your probwas.a graduate of offer this no-risk trial unless lem. This information should State Col the treatment worked. :rhis is include how long your hair has lege for Women; , all the more remarkable m light been thinning, and whether or a member of the of the fact that the great rna -not you now have or ever have D A R; D e S o o Nebraska Ave., with Rev. Charles E . Moore, pastor of Southside B•P Hill CemeterY. jority of cases of excessive hair had any of the following condiChapter; Coloma! Mrs. Wragg fall and baldness are the be-tions: Do you have dandruff? and Da.ughters f! the GRIFFIN, BOBBY JOE-Funeral terv ginning and more fully develIs It dry or oily? whether your Amencan Colomsts. She lS sur-ices for Mr. Bobby Joe Griffin, 2.3, oped stages of male pattern scalp erupts in pfmples or other vived by her husband, Fremont baldness and cannot be helped . irritations does your forehead Wragg; mother, Mrs. Charles R. 3:00 o'clock .from the Linden Meth But how can any man or woman become or greasy? does Huber; three sisters, Mrs. M. be sure what is actually causing your scalp itch and how often? Joseph Carleto; Mrs. Edward. M.. of the Berean Baptist Church their hair lo ss? Even if baldand any other information Milans, Va., an.d Mrs. .. ness may seem to "run in your feel might be helpful. All let-W11lard Rodnguez, Arlmg.ton, charce of Duval Funeral Home, 3800 family," this is certainly no ters will be answered promptly. Va., and two nephews, Franc1s J . Nebraska Avenue. proof of the cause of YOUR Send the above information, and and James E. Carleto, GRIPPEN, BRUCE B.-Funeral serv hair loss. your name and address to MRS. BERTHA SCHOENBORN Actually, there are 18 scalp Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Mrs Bertha H Schoenbo n 'Yo::,e disorders that can cause hair Box 66001, Houston 6, Texas. 81, of 718 w. Buffalo A:e.: tf.1 T!!mpa, died Sunday afternoon wm follow In the Garden of Mem in a Tampa hospital. A native •• of Germany, she had lived in Whidden, carl P7erce, Gene Pratt, starts at ThAIN TIME ••• AND tASTS THE WHOLE TRIP THROUGH! Noh your nut trip a lllllt vacotion In lhtlf-wllh oil the (crtfroe nloxclion and friendly 11rvicelhol Seobccrd' s Silver /oltltor and SiiVIr Slar offer, Your rtslful, mllnlng focch fhclr or Pullman prlvale room h rmrvtd in ad •anct. Enjoy spacious loungts such as lht gay lovtrn obltrvation cor, the Sllur lleltcr 's Pullmon Sun lounge ... an racUn (crs offtring dolidous food 11 moderate prius ... !he "Hospiloli!y lfour,'' Taking lht rhildrtn ? There' s a IGISTEUO NURSE aboard, as well as e Posstngor Service Agenl. • THE ROUTE OF COUITEOU$ $EilVICE Your Choice of AFTEitNOON AND EVENING DEPAitTUitES UUTLY UDUC •oUNDllll' lODAY COACH FAR! TO THE NOUH, Moy I -Nov. I .S. low-priced vocation tours ovoifa. ble for W illiamsburg, Washington, Philodolphlo, New York, Boston o n d Conodo. NEW YORK THEATRE TOURS !In dividual or group) includ, tronl• portotion, hotel, sightseeing ond t idcels to Broadway hill. for litoro tvro ond Information SEE YOUR TRAVEL AGENT or nearest Seaboard Offi ce. 101 PIIUIUN AND COICK IU!IVATIONS: Please phone 229 8327, or ca II in penon: City Ticket Office, Hillsboro Hotel BldCJ., Tampa I . F. H. BRADLEY, G .P.A. Tampa for 43 years. She was by a member of the Zion Lutheran __;..c:_.:...:;.:__;. ____ :__.:.__....:....:.__.:.____;._ Church, Missouri Synod , and the Paddy Club of Tampa. She is survived by her husband, Paul F. Schoenborn, Tampa; one sister, Mrs. Minnie Jinks of Springfield, Mas s.; and several nieces and nephews. MRS. MARY C,' HOWELL Mrs. Mary C . Howell, 89, forHURST, THOMAS H.-Funeral servlcet for Mr. Thomas H. Hurst, 77, of 334 Hyde Park Ave. , will be held Tues day afternoon at 2 :00 o'clock at tbe B . Marion Reed Co. Funeral Home, Plant Ave. at Platt St. The Rev. Ting Chample, pastor of the Firat Christian Church, officiating, with In terment in Garden of Memories Cemetery. Pallbearers are, W. A. Trowell, J . W . Roebuck, Harry Blan chard, Charles E .. Wills, Gerald Stewart, C. R. Lewis, and John Martin. merly of 114 Plant Ave., died Sunday morning at a Tampa services for Mr. Leon L. Keen, 58, restorium. A native of Nash-of 311 East Ross Avenue, who passed ville, Tenn., she was the widow \i: of William R. Howell . She is noon at 2. o'clock from the Flvay survived by a daughter-in law, Mrs. Helen Howell ; a grandson, Hllls Church of G o d officiating. Pall bearers will be, Mr. Clyde A . Mann, Mr. Walter Powell, Mr. Fred New b ercer, and Mr. M. D . Hudsoll. Jn. terment will follow. C. E. Prevatt Funeral Home, 3419 Nebraska Avenue In charge or arrancements. 'WISP' HEARING the new "Sonotone Wisp" hearing aid is so easy, even with Summer comfort. It's a wisp of a hearing aid wom entirely at the ear-this woman covers it with a curl. Sonotone's smallest hearing aid ever, the "Wisp" weighs only an ounce with battery. SONOTONE Jerr'S' Von, Msr. 210 W&Jlace s Bids .. Ph. 223 608 Tampa St. As aeen on Challllel 8 TV .... PARRISH, MRS. ELIZABETH B . Mrs. Elizabeth R. Parrish, S3, of 9401 Nebraska Avenue, passed away Saturday at her residence. Funeral services will be held Tuesday after noon at 2:00 o'clock at the chapel of F . T. Blount Company Funeral Home. 5101 Nebraska Avenue with Rev. M . M. Carpen ter of Faith Cum berland Presbyterian Church oci Frank Anderson, Cltde Clothier, Les SCHOENBORN, BERTHA B.-Funeral services for Bertha H. Schoenborn. 81, of 718 West Buffalo Avenue, Tampa, will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at 2 :00 o'clock from the Garden Chapel. Duval Funeral Home, 3800 Nebraska Avenue, with Rev. offlclatlnc. Crematlpn will follow. The FLOWERS --------------------Sl\lrrB. KATIE E.-Funeral services for Katie E. Smith, 84, of 10005 17th Street, Tampa, will be conducted neral Home. 3800 Nebraska Avenue, with R

PinED MAINLY AGAINST MOSCOW HENCHMAN BLAS ROCA • THE TAMPA Tll\fES, l\Jonday, April 9, 196Z 3 Castro Said Gaining Ground in Cuban Power Struggle By CHUCK SCHWANITZ Times Staff Writer Premier Fidel C a s t r o has been gaining a little ground lately in his fight for overlordship of Cub a against veteran f Allllllllh... Moscow , backed Communists . In this bitter but silent struggle the bearded revolutionary leader now calling himself a "Marx: ist-Leninist"-is ' pitted m a i n I y against Bias Roca , Moscow's n u m -ber one benchSchwanltz man in Cuba. Word seeping out of Havana tends to show that Bias Rocalongtirne head of the Cuban Communist Party has had to give a little ground to keep free-wheeli n g Castro from rocking the political boat. Exiles with Havana contacts say the Cas tro-Roca f i g h t isn't over ideology -it's s trictly a matter of who's go ing to run the show. They also say Roca has backed down only temporarily f r o m Moscow's long-range strategy ADVERTISEMENT of boosting Castro into the fig zealous" def.ense .. committee Lister .was of. a His mistress, Celia Sanchez, presidency-was formerly held I post to intrigue for the ouster urehead position of Cuban presJoyal Marxdn:ls10n 10 was named secretary to the• by Luis Busch, a veteran Comof then Cuban President Urru-ident and giving the powerful Ist-Lenimsts. Spam by ministers council. munist. tla, who had to seek asylum in The defense committees-run known as Carlos Contreras -. . . . . . premier's job to a Moscowb t C . t who was then chief of the Fifth Th1s positiOn-close to the Busch earher had used h1s a foreign embassy. y ve eran ommums s -are trained Communist. volunteer spy groups planted in Regiment. First hints of the simmering every city block of Havana. Lister reached the rank of fight came in February when Castro's first victory over Blas in Communist milic Roca came last month when he tla m Spam and after Gen. astra m a speech lashed out d t t t C Franco's victory fled to Russia . manage o ge ve eran omat the . arrogance of old-hne rnunist Escalante "purged." He was reportedly retrained Comrnumsts and told the new . in the Fruntze Military Acadwave Marxist-Leninist's they Escalante ear her been emy in Moscow and is said to needn't take a back seat to the ttodthRe pilo0t-the hold the Russian rank of gen-veteran Reds n egta e evo u 10nary rgan-1 h . ization (QR,Il-group that is to era T I S speech carne . pave the way for formation of Lister is considered an "exafttr'l' Castro--for the first time "collective leadership" in Cuba. pert in terror tactics." -read from a prepared speech He has been in Cuba for at instead of giving one of his had been named or-least a year, Havana sources impromptu discourses. gamzatwn secretary of ORI. report. The prepared text is said This was"the most powerful If Lister is running the to have been written by Mos-post in ORI, since it gave EcaCuban armed forces, exiles cow-trained Communist Ani-!ante a chance to staff the nassay, the Moscow-trained Combal Escalante, whose office cent OR! cells throughout Cuba monists hold Cuba in the was next door to Castro ' s for w i t h reliaQle Moscow-trained palms of their hands. two years. Communists. But in the see-saw political After reading. the prepared . Castro in a speech l ashed out struggle Castro seems to have Second Dec.laratwn of at Escalante as having used his gained another minor victory c.astro vamshed from public post to satisfy his personal am-1_l_a_te_l.:.y_. ----------view for almost two weeks. bitions Rumors in Havana had it that he was on a brandy binge had he 1 d seco?d during that time. The binge is rank Cuban Commumst said to have started shortly only by afte'!' veteran Communist CarRoca unt1l Castro s attack. los R afae l Rodriguez replaced The next day Havana radio Castro . as head of the all-powa!lnounced had been erful Agrarian Reform Insti-fired from his JObs and had left tute. for Prague. At the end of his binge CasRoca gave lip service to the Don't Cut Corns tro is said to have . met with "purge" in the officiai Commu some of h is loyal followers from nist daily "Hoy." C II W the Sierra Maestre guerrilla But exiles tend to think this Bullfighter Belmonte Dies at 69 a Uses arts days in the horne of his mis-is only a temporary retrench-' . tress, Celia Sanchez. ment tactic on the part of SEVILLE, Spain, April 9 (JPJ Use New M gl• R b Off After that Castro started Moscow's most lo yal Commu--Juan Belmonte, whose grace a c U snipin g at t h e Moscow-discinist. They think the bitter and cold daring in the bullring Thousands ol sderen from laming coms, plined Communists in a rapid po we r struggle will boil to the made him o n e of the greatest W: .. .. :e= sequence of surface sooner or later. matadors of all time, died of a formulation tbu rubs them olf painlessly He took a veile d sw ip e at the Meanwhile Moscow's -stran-heart attack yesterday six days infection f.rom official atheism policy of the glehold on the Cuban economy short of his 70th birthday. auunc, ICiuo tw abrUIYOS. Secret IS a Bl R 1' b d f d ' B I te h d tb '11 d '1 medicated creme called as c Ique Y . en mg -through material aid and exe mon a rJ e m1 -DERMA-SOF;J: tbac ,.,rtens and dissolves nghts to religious be-pert advisors-is gaining monthlion s in the bullrings of hefsT.h h 1 h d t t ... ly, reports' out of Havana indiSpain, Portugal, Mexico and m>ooth and soft. So don' t suffer anotlie• en e as e ou a m-cate South America with his hair miaate.erttDERMASOPTatalldrunisrs. justices" committed by "overMoscow-trained Cornrnu-raismg style of wrapping nist Rodri g uez still holds the the bull around his gan gling country's economic rei n s as body and letting the horns head of the Agrarian Reform frip the gold braid of his uni-REA YOUR FUTURE AT STAKE We have openings for two high calibre aggressive career men in our sales dept. Experienced men preferred but have facilities to train qualified applicants. If you are willing to work regular hours (no nights) under ideal conditions with your demonstrator furnished. Regular bonuses, hospitalization and many other fringe benefits. Along with the hi9hest commission basis in the city. We would like to discuss with you-your future with us. Come in person, no phone. See Mr. Stine. FOSTER LINCOLN-MERCURY, INC. COR. CASS & ASHLEY lnstitute. orm. Raul c a s t r a--Fidel's little The he learned as a boy brother and nominally chief of by moonlight brought Belmonte Cuba's armed forces-during and made him ,.the bullthe past week has for the first hero of the lost gcn tirne appeared in public in civilerat10n of the 1920s and 30o ian clothes Havana source The late Ernest Hemmgway port. ' s re-frequently mentioned B elmonte He read from a prepared in his bullfighting c l a s s i c speech and when he had finished "Death in the Afternoon" and s lammed the text down on the the great a speaker's stand, these sources genUJs whose only P?SSible nval report. was the famed Josel!to. The real power behind the In. "Death in the Afternoon" Moscow-equipped armed forces Hernm,gway . d esc r 1 b e d is believed to be "General" mo!lte s style as one ll! Enrique Lister. wh1ch he would wmd the bull Lister-whose real name I s him like a belt his Liste-ernigrated to Cuba in his leg pushed the bull youth from his native Galicia in m bent slant wmch will Spain. be cop1ed but never made truly Lister returned to his home-until another genius comes m fand during the Spanish Civil the same twisted body. War in the 30s. He was then Belmonte had an almoot on I Y a minor Communist grotesque physique but his party functionary, according extraordinary reflexes and courto an exile who knew him age promped critics to lyricise then. over his "statuesque grace" Lister never was a Spanish . . . "pure classic beauty" • . . Loyalist general, this source "sinister delicacy of movement. " said, nor did he ever fight with Born of a poor family 10 gades in Spain. in g the art of caping a bull when he was 10. He would swim KENTUCKY BOURBON WHISKEY • 86 PROOF • 10 YEARS ANO 7 YEARS OLD-OLD CHARTER OlST. CO., LOUISVILLE. IIY. the Guadalquivir River at night to the bull ranches on the op-Tick-tack ... the 13()1JBJ3()l\T that didn't watch the clock OLD CHARTER Kentucky's Finest AGED BOUHBOl\T Available in limited quantity-Old at 10 years old . Whil e Old Charter is distilled to reach the p ea k of perfection in 7 years, thi s bonus of 3 extra year s of agin g will appeal to many connoi sseurs of fine Whether at 7 years old or 10 years old, Old Charter . a s always-remains Kentucky' s Fine st. .. the BOURBON that didn ' t watch the clock! '\fll\lll\l\lliUU\.'\IIJ\I\I\IIJWV1J\:IJVIIV\IUWVW\fl. 'l 'UIJ\IV\;'\111\111\JL 11\JW\i\111\M W\M '\11M W\111\1\i\IU\M u'\Jli\IIJ1i\lt'WUUIJ\Il tllag L: J AJLL. i : MAIL COUPON TODAy TO F'L-4-4 9 -11 ;;:; (7{/.6Li1.,• ! Old Char t er, P . 0. Box 1990, G. P. 0 . , N.Y. 1, N.Y. 2 . ., . .;.:__ P l ease se nd m e _ se t s of Old Char t er glas s eE, a t $2 . 00 pet ? 14.Yz. 'l!<'l' ,-'! se t, po s tpaid. Enclosed is"'$_ . (Pl ease Priut) 2 Old Fashtoued J •• / NAM g l asses handsome ly .. :::.. 1. , posit e shore and single out one of the younger bulls for caping practice in the moonlight. He made his first professional appearance in Lisbon in 1909 and w i t h i n three years was on the road to fame. He seemed to court death and few thought he would survive the bullring. In 1927 , after being gored deeply in the abdomen, he was persuaded by friends to retire to a ranch to breed bulls. He staged a comeback in 1934 , but hi s reflexes were not the same and a year later he quit for good, retiring once more to his home in Sevilla and his nearby ranch to enjoy the wealth his long career had brought him. U.N. Group To Be Briefed At Canaveral WASHINGTON, April 9 !UPD Members of the 28-nation U.N . space committee-including representatives of Russia and other Communist bloc nations -will go to Cape Canaveral to morrow to be briefed on U .S. progress in peaceful uses of space. The committee is scheduled to view the launching of a Brit ish -made satellite, called UKl, by a U.S. Thor.:Delta rocket. The British satellite, nicknamed "Octopus," is the first international satellite and is one of a series of radiation experiments. Russia and other Communist bloc nations are regular members of the U .N. space com mittee. Representatives of such nations must ge t special permission to visit the U.S. missile base. • The U.N. visitors will be briefed only on the non-military space op e rations at Cape Ca naveral. This is a continuation of the U.S. po li cy of keeping other nations posted on this country's program for peaceful use s of space, a U .S. spoke sma n said. This program includes satel lites used for w eather prediction, communications, gathering information about the moon , and determining the effects of space travel on huma n bein gs. Blaze Kills 2 Sons In New York NEW YORK, April 9 !UPD-A young couple and their two s mall s ons were killed yesterday in a fire which swept throug h their tenement 'apartment in the Bronx . The victims were identified as Bart Aponte, 27, his wife, Maritza, 22, and their so n s, Al fonso, 4 , and Bart Jr. , 1. The blaze, which took nine minutes to extingui s h, rage d throug h the third and fourth floors of the six-story tenement. Cause of the fire was not im mediately determined. ADVERTISEMENT Fatty? Lase Weight Like Magic-:-No Diet Just takt 2 oma)l tabloto boiOI'O mnlo. Eat halt portions . No diet. No harmful drUII , eelllllnt curb> appetite and tina smooth bulk to kee' you regula.r . Send 11 for S weeki supply te BellaiiM, orangtburt. H . Y. Satisfaction auaranletd by mokm of Btllana for lndlgeatloa,


. 4 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 9, 196Z -------------------------• USF Educallonal Resources Photo ' CLUB ACTIVITIES Provisio. nal Men1s Society Formed ' By VIRGINIA MONTES A new provisional men's f raterna l society has formed on campus. Its name: TALOS. Its membership totals nine including: Fred Franklin, president; Skipper Smith, vice president; Joe Garcia Jr., secretary; Lee Moffitt, treasure r; Ron Kelly, Sergeant atarms, and Andy Harrick, chaplain. Its • board of d irectors includes the pl;mned for the orphanage va thrce other charter members o.i r iety show. Rehearsals will be the organization. Jim Deega11. in the ballroom of the UC. Mike Shea and Andy Tartler. Interest Clubs The initial social function oi Members of USF Civil War The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition Editor ........................•.... , ...... Wing Preodor Managing Editor ..................•...•.. Louise Stewart Social, Organization Editor •............. Virginia Montes Activity Editor ............................ Alice Anttila Faculty Adviser . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George H. Miller Reporth11: staff: Cbarlo\te Anderson, William B crno. Bill BlaloCk, Saratt Tommy Eure. Leslie P. Fearnow, James W . Felter, Diane Gaddy, Norma Gause, John Gullett, Jane R. Keecan, Michae l W . Oliver. Janet R. Palmer , Sandra J. Peck, Ronda K. Zldrich and Vir&'inla fUll. Robert O'Hara, assistant professor ot Encllsh, advJser to reportlnc and copydesk staff. Address all communicatiMs. includlnJr Letters lo !be Edito r , lo the Office ot Campu s Publlc&Uons, AD 1070. Ph. WE Es:l. 172 or 173. Editing L ab., l'h. Ext. 269. "S tudent reporters galberlnr news tor the Campus Edltlon or THE TAMPA TIMES, will request material d irect from lndlvlduals and office• on oampus, and the m&lerlal wlll not clea.r throuch the News Bureau.• IPoint 2, Unlverslt)" Polley Statement No. !!2, July !G, 19ft), EDITORIAL Secrets Are Suspect the organization held Round Table extends an invi Saturday mght, a C and S tation to all interested persons, party held m of the charto attend their second monthly ter. membershtp. . The c lub meeting, which will be held on which was for the Wednesday, April 11, at 7:30 colorful posters urgmg stu-p.m. in UC224. Speaker at the What is the CFS hiding ? Charges of violating rush dent body to vote durmg tne meeting will be 1J Mr Wagner d d latest campus election, .wishes a local realtor. proce ure urmg spnng. rus h were brough t agamst to extend Its to are completely open to all inthe ENOTAS fraternal SOCiety by members of ENOTAS ' the new1y elected offJCers uf the t t d . th T t d t t eres e persons m e ampa spnng pledge class. The charges were reviewe d by the s u en assoc1a JOn. Bay area. . . . Siges be, treat-FINE ARTS COUNCIL: New standards committee of the Council of Fraternal Somg t!Jeir adopted sister Ruth officers of the FAC are Bernard cieties on March 22. McKmney to an Easter s)lop z a i d man, president; Robert . pmg spree soon ... P.lans. alo;o stack h 0 use, vice president; Reporters from the Campus Edihon o f The Tampa way a c?.m Shira Rose, Times were not allowed to attend this meeting, it was bmatton fishf1y and outmg tup. Chris Storer pubhcity managel" h F!DES: The second annual Elizabeth house man: only t IS that we managed to fmd out what de installation banquet of Fides ' cision . was made, and we were never told what th e exact held .recently, at the. Ha-FOREIG:S LANGuAGE charges were. :-vauan VIllage. New officers CLUB: The Foreign. Language . . NEW OFFICERS WILL SPARK STUDENT ASSOCIATION mstalled Marsha Gale Club will hold a Pan-American The decision made March 22 was to reqmre The new Student Association officers who were treasurer; and Skipper Smith, vice president. Stand-J?nes, pr.esident; Joan Farnum, Day exhibit next Wednesday, ENOTAS to dismiss their spring pledge class. This class elected recently will be installed Wednesday, April ing are the newly elected student senators: Fl'ed would be allowed to participate i n delayed rush and 11 at 1 p.m. in TA. Seated left to l'ight are: Ray Jenkins, Jim Klapps, JaGk Staples, John Bell, and tary; Paula Paster, rush captam lounge of the uc. The exhibit pledge another fraternal society. They w ould not be O'Hara, recording secretary; Roni Lerner, correspondMike Shea. . and pledge master; Laurelee .11 . t f d'ff t t , . . . ing secretary; Frank Meiners, president; Lee Moffitt, social. eligible to re-pledge ENOTAS unhl fall 1962. ch.aJ:llam; Sa.lemi countries. On March 28 ENOTAS appealed to the Fraterni-c N and Cookie Steele, h1stonans; FENCING A f 1 b t' p 1' 'tt Th d ] CIGARETTE ROLLER Unusual Item In Lost and Found a mp us OtJces Alice Evans, CFS representa . ; c ,U 15 1es 0 lCies COmmi ee. e preVIOUS eCISIOn was a tive; Karen Hewitt, parliamen-bemg Jwhich \YVill be tered at this time. ENOTAS pledge class was removed tarian. Guests included Mr. and co-sp.onsoi.e Y . oanne oung, . Mrs. Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Valphysical educatton mstructor. as of March 29. They were elegible f or delayed rush entine and Mrs. Distasio. and Dr. Evere!t Johnston, pr?beginning April 1 and may pledge any other fraternal Items for Campus Nollces and 0!-1\IARTIN COMPANY personnel of; tlciat Notices should h e to or.. flee of Campu s l'ubllcatlons, AD1070, Mattin Company. This will be or ill not later than 12 noon. Wednesday tercst to both regular students and before dale of publleallon. Copy worksludy students. 1\leet In AD1051, should be typewritten, double spaced. 11 a.m .. Tuesday. April 10. For addiMAKE-UPS: AU students who wish tiona! information phone WorkStudy ' . fessor of English. MembershiP ' . A party was held last, Fnday is open to anyone. Interested society at this time. Beginning three weeks after April mght at the Tampa Mens Gar-persons should contact Miss Club m honor of the new Young or Dl'. Joh'nston. . 1 ther may re-pledge By SARAH CALDWELL Found: One first class cigarette roller, owner will please claim at the University Center information desk. Tobacco, also lost and found, is available on request. to take final exams in the College of Office, ext. 172. Basic Studies to raise a grade or re THE MEDICAL SCIENCES ADVIS move an "X" grade must complete ORY (con sisting of Drs. the necessary iorms in the Office of J. Fernandez, H. Kiefer, and F. F1iedD Evaluation Services (Library. 5th floor) requests all preprofesslonal students bY Friday, April 13. in Medicine; Veterinary Medicine, SWlMJ\flNG PROFICIENCY TEST Den list r y, Pharmacy,. Optometry, will be given on Monday April 16 and Medical Technology, Nursing, and other pledges. The .of thP Fencing will be added to the Viol ating rush procedure i s a serious charge. It evenmg_ was Manzy Harris; tl1e sports program during the sum-ld pledges provided the c_ntertammei. Miss Young will be the cou mean anythmg from breakmg silence durmg the ment. New pledge arc instructor for the class. rush period to spreading scan d al rumors a bout rival The cigarette roller is only one of the and exotic items to be encountered when reportmg Mrs. MondaY April 23 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 f.:i f! advisor dealing speciCically with the information contact P.E. of!ice AD1060. JJ:. WITHDRAWALs-Sue Gale Ballard, admissions test for 1962 should contact Frank Edward Becker, William G. Bel Dr. Friedl in LS209. den. James J . Bertlno, Mrs. Frances Patsy Wells, president, Rom I b Th d CFS d th' tt Lerner, vice president; Fr:>O Gouze, treasmer; Betty Lou Draw. ing Boar important. During the last part of last semester two Oliver, secretary: Linda Flez,. th f : ker, chaplain; Pam Morales, Holds Another o er raternal societies were brought before the coun-parliamentarian. ' . cil. The CAMPUS EDITION was unable to gather any Anna Murray, secretary, for a story. on the Lost and Found department. A pair of dilapidated shoes and a girl' s picture signed "Lots of Love!!" attract instant at tention. You tend to wonder what sad slate oi affairs caused these items to depart from tl].eir Merit Raises Disappoint LocalAAUP PREDENTAL STUDENTS p 1 e a s e E. Dupree, Bradford L. Lane, Frances note that the l ast opportunity for tal 8:00-8:55 2 9:05-10:00 9:-05-10:00 9: 05-1'0: 00 9:05-10:00 9:05-10:0 lO. :l0-11::05 10: 10-11:.05 10:10..:11:05 4 11:15-12:10 11:1.5-12:10 11:15-12: lg) 11:15-12:10 5 '12: 20-1: 15" 12: 20-1; 15 12:20-1:15 12:20-1:15 12:20-1:15 6 1:25:20 1:25,-2:20 1:25-2:20 1:25-2:20 1:25-2:20 7 2 :30-3:'25 2:30-3:25 2:30-3:25 > 2:30-3:25 8 3:35-4:30 3:35-4:30 3:35-.4:30 3:'35.-4:30 3:35-4:30 9 4 ' : 40-5:35 4:40-5:35) 4:40-5:35 4:40-5:35 4:40-5:35 10 6:00-6:55 6:00-6:55 6:00-6:55 6 ' : 00-6:55 11 7:05-:8:00 7;05-8:00 7:05-8:00 1:05-8:00 12 $:10:-9:05 8:10-9:05 8-: 10-9:. 05' 8: 10-'9: 05 13 9:15-10:10 9:15 ... 10:10 9:15-10:10 9:15-10:10 Drawing b , , E ducation a l Resources CLASS SCHEDULE EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER, 1962 AS TRIMESTER OPENS Above is tbe new class schedule, designed to an-referred to by number rather than by the hour. The swer many problems and complaints, which will be new scheduling pattern is expected to ease the probcome effective with the opening of the trimester in lem of registration and make class loads easier to September. Note the free hours are cut to three and schedule and once scheduled easie1 to remember. tbey will all be at the same hour. Class hours will be (See story on Page 1). bers in charge of arrangements present Chemistry Building. Secrets are always suspect. Shall we assume th e for the party are Diane Karr, T.tle new structure will house worst? Sandy Sayles and 45 offices, 10 classrooms, lab-______________________ W_._P_,_ ENOTAS: These officers oratories, a large lecture-dem were elected at the last meet-onstration room and a planetari ing: Jim Bobbitt, president; urn which will seat 96. An ob John Ward, vice president; Don servatory, which wlll be located Withers, Pete


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