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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 71 (April 30, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
April 30, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Here and There University Of South Florida Campus Edition THE TAMPA TIMES M o s t I y fair through Tuesday, except for widely scattered afternoon and early evening thunder showers. High today and Tuesday 87. Low tonight 68. SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 71 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, APRIL 30, 1962 PRICE FIVE CENTS Woodall Vigorous As J.B. It is an old theatrical whimsey when wishing someone luck on a p1oduction to say "Hope you break a leg." Jim Woodall, playing the title role of J.B. in last week's production by the Peninsular Players became so thoroughly realistic in his put that it seemed at one excited moment in the play as if he would really break his leg. Petty Thievery "ears Critical State at USF ' . The Biblical Job story lives In contemporary times as God and Satan begin the play with solid forms in the improbable characters of two down-and-out actors--Mr. Zuss, who sells bal loons, and Nickels, who sells popcorn. Both work at an an cient circus. These two begin their play of Job and wait for the man to present himself be cause "There is always a . Job. There are millions of Jobs." God, (or Mr. ZussY, played by Jim Klapps; and Satan, ( Nick els), played by Terry Tessem, fence verbally from opposite sides of the stage front on raised platforms while itermittently the audience glimpses signifi cant moments in the life of J.B. and his wife, Sarah (Medrea n Woodall). For whole scenes, God lind Satan a re left on their plat forms while J . B. imd Sarah fol low the same path that Job suf fer e d. Most appropriatelythroughout the play , Klapps follows the action serenely with a rather aloof expression while Tessem's whole countenance eagerly follows the lives of these people chosen for the Great Test. He is searching for the human agony in every word and action. Both of the Woodalls turned CUT IT RIGH'l' THERE in excellent dramatic perform-Jim Morriss, member of the University Broadcasters, gives the high sign to ances, but Klapps and Tessem one of his cohorts in the sound-proof booth in the Life Science Building as an afforded the guiding tension other segment of "Accent on Learning" is put together. The program is aired each and sometimes comic relief W LT Th t f h d necessary to keeP the viewer Sunday m.orning at 9:30 a.m. on Tampa radio station A . e s a aon as O from being suffocated by J.B.'s nated this hour to the university for use by the club in producing a 60-minute afflictions. weekly program for the university and the surrounding community. The Broad When handing out the plaud casters invite students interested in radio to contact Jerry Thorne in LS214. one cannot forgcl UC EVENTS Vending Machines To Be Rearranged By JOHN GULLETT Pilferag and petty thievery, nearing a critical state, are on the increase this semester, and the uni versity is expected to make changes shortly in an effort to remedy the situation . Results of a recent campus-wide study conducted by the Campus Edition reveal a notice able occurance of petty thievery 1 and vending machine pilferage in nearly every area of campus "but with the constant pilfering operations. of machines, they will have to The majority of the areas ex-be moved to a central area, plored showed sharp increases can be watched con at the beginning of this semes-tmually. ter in the loss of personal prop-Vending Machines Relocated erty, such as nameless textbooks The vending machines now carelessly left in the hall-locate d on each floor o the ways. "This is our biggest prob-Alpha Hall will be moved to a commented Lake, central area, possibly on the director of the Umvers1ty Cen-main floor and the sandwich ter. Quite often_ the loss is sim-machine is' gone for good. ply a case o misplacement, but Lake predicted changes soon many thefts in the sale of books. "The corn ed nearly dally at Lakes offiCe., mittee :aminalion week." All students tak fice of Campus Publications, to be held thi's Saturday, May 5 , fowler Ave. Garner said numerous com-card m the Fam•'ly of Man conconjun_ct.ion with this, the rnemln& Functional Fore!Rn Languages, In AD1070 H 1 tt RECREATION COMMITTEE: b d h eluding those taking Functional Foreign • ere e ers are cop-from 9 p.m. to 1 a . m ., in the plaints have been received con-test 1 ers VISite a ealth salon last Languages by independent study, are led and delievered to the edi-University Center. Ann Francis, chairman, and Jan Entrance Sign cerning theft from parked autos. I Tuesday .and spent the evening tor. One copy goes to the Almost all of the west side of .Jhe Everything from hubcaps to When she heard about the I working out in the gym. priqter (when letter is accept-the first two floors of the UC prpovla1_dnes a8re51.gwnellfourndtheer wFoawyletor bbeoenngotadkreunm. Gs a0enrliyaladhva1ycee contest, Mrs. Rodriquez sub-Saturday and Sunday, April a/Robert L. Morgenroth. able by meeting state law) mitted a poem, a painting and 28 a!ld 29, members spent atAPPLICATION OF STUDENTS for and one copy goes in the Fnday, and will end May 11. Avenue entrance to the univerto the interested crime-stopper a musical composition. She then tandmg the. Greek festival in uwp1pllerbe lreevaediY wa-otrtkh.e-Aenndy ofsttuhdeencturrwehnot "Letters to the Editor" file !he tournament .is held sity, according to Clyde Hill, -lock your car doors. ttl d k . f . Tarpon Sprmgs as guests of semester to enter th .. Upper Level ute review copie• Dr. Thomas A. Rich, clinical Dr. Miles H ardy, assistant pr?Fisher were participants on the Dr. Fleming bas recently comfindings of both the in-Dale Purce.n, director of NOTE: All information for counselor at the University of fessor of psy.chology, Dr. Leshe program. pleted a two-volume study of t erv1e w s and the recordings will opment, sa1d the award 'YJll be this column must be turned i n USF MAKES AWARDS South Florida, participated in Malpass, {!ha1rman of human b.eH. Miller, director of the Cold War and its origins be programmed s o that they made to a person studymg at by 12 noon on Wednesdays. awards for the Sectwo panel discussions at the D r . Charles W1l-the WorkStudy Cooperative which has received high acclaim m ay b e analyzed by the new the university who plans to be ond Annual Invitational Exhibi-annual meeting of the Florida Iiams, assistant research profes-Program and adviser to the Ofin many areas of the Western 1401 IBM computer which has a secretary. r-------------. tion: Southeastern United States Psychological Association at Mi-sor of human behavior, Will. give fice of Campus Publications, has world. Reviews in the daily just been installed on campus. The scholarship will b e give n Artists, have been announced by ami Beach last week. a before the. nat10nal returned from a recent trip dur-press and periodicals in the Before beginning his "unfor the fall term. the University of South Flor-Prof. 0. L. Futch attended of the Asso-ing which he attended a WorkUnited States and England have structured" sample, Dr. Allen ida's Division of Fine Arts. The the convention of the Mississippi cJatlon of Mental DefiCiency in Study meeting at the George praised it as "a courageous and conducted a poll of the students EXHIBIT TO OPEN awards will go to Ulfert Wilke Valley Historical Association in New York on May 3 . Marshall Space Flight Center, well documented inquiry into in Alpha Hall to test their gen A dual exhibition o f clothing More USF News On Page 4 for his colla ge "Trucks;" RobMilwaukee recently. Dr. Leslie F. Malpass, Dr. Huntsville, Ala., a publications the foremost problem of our eral response to having their and fabrics of Japan and ert Partin for his painting Dr. T. C. Helvey, associate Miles W. Hardy, Dr. Charles F . meeting in Indianapolis, Ind., time," and "an excellent stimu-conversations recorded. Only temporary Japanese prints will "Pram;" and Jay Bardin for his professor of biophys ics at USF, Williams , and Alden S . Gilmore and a personnel and guidance Jus to critical thinking about one person voiced an objection open Sunday, May 6, at the Li._ ___________ _. painting "Construction on Red." will have a new textbook of his presented a workshop on pro-convention in Chicago. American foreign policy." to the procedure. brary Gallery. t t


2 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, April 30. 1962 SEVERAL INJURED Rash of Accidents Kills at Least 19 FOR JUDGE JUVENILE COURT This Is important Court. Here we can build better citi zens or graduate your youth to hardened adult courts. 3000 Ju venlle arrests are made here every and nothing is being done to counter this trend, Elect a man experienced in Youth problems with a definite gram for solutions to our Ju. venile delinquency, ELECT HERCE 'I'RE TAMPA TIMES • .!:• Tampa. Floil•• EDtenll as aecond elaaa JD&IIer at lbe Potl Office at Tamp., Florida, Wider tbe Act or March 3 , 187t. Subsorlptlon ltalea: B7 carrier SOe per week; by carrier or mall lbi'ee monlbo U.SOJ alx JDODIIU $7.80: one year ns.60. SubacriplloJt pa7able Ia adnnce. Member et A!'Soclattcl l're11. Mem'ber of Aadil Burea11 If Cllr ealalloll, The Removal of his offices to 2304 Cleveland St. A VOTE FOR LANGFORD IS A VOTE EXPEAIENtEOABIUTY! HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY NEEDS AN EXPERIENCED, SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN AS COUNTY COMMISSIONER . . FOR DISTRICT e forw1fll TEST YOUR OWN HERE IS HOW-FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY Step 1-Get a relative or friend to help you Step 2-Stand 20 feet apart Step 3-Stand back to back Step 4-Stop up one ear Step S-Have friend or relative say words below in normal voice only one time and you repeat the word said. For each wrong word repeated make a mark at that word. Now stop up other ear and h' lj repeat test. ,/' YOU ARE THE DOCTOR NOW-WHAT IS YOUR SCORE? 1. cane 5. strife 9. mange 3. our 7. shoe 2. such 6. heap 10. box 4. moose 8. pick 3. folk 7. pile 1. tan 5. bait 9. rib 4. is 8. hunt 2. perk 6. charge 10. mute If you missed more than one word you may have a serious nerve loss of hearing , Don't wait have a complete audiometeric test of your hearing today. FREE At our office or in your own home a audht metric te5t by Certified Hearing Aid Audiologists. Come in-Write or Phone Today to DAHLBERG HEARING SERVICE Hours : 9 to 5 Daily 9 to 8 Mon. Closed Sat. Dealers In MotorolafDahlberg Hearing Units Phones : 811 Citizens Bldg. 223-3830 706 Franklin St. 223 • Air Conditioned , BODMER, JOHN JAOit-Funeral serv ices for John Jack Bodmer, 81, of 1901 North "B" Street will be con du cted Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 Ave ., with the Rev. Harold G. M . Wolter, of the Zion Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, officiating . Jllterment will follow In Garden of Memories. ELTON, SARAH JANE WILLIS -Fu neral services lo r Sarah .)'ane Wlllls Elton, 80, of 310 Ferllcllff, wlll be conducted Tuesday afternoon at 4 :00 o ' clock from the Garden Chapel, Duval Funeral Home, 3800 Nebraska Avenue with the Rev. Thomas Kelsey, associate p a s t o r of the Seminole Heights Methodi s t Church, otllciating. Interment will follow In Orange Hill Cemetery. Pallbearers will be: C. G . Robbins, H. J, Robinson, C. H. John son, B . B . Burns, J . W. Evans, and Haward Turpin. ltREHER, l'AUL -Funeral services for Mr. Paul Kreher, 92, 2812 Elmore St., res•dent of Tampa for 65 years! who passed away In a local hosplta Friday afternoon, will be held Mon H. G. M. Wolter, pastor of Z ion Lutheran Church Mo. Synod will of llcla te. Active pallbearers wlJI be, Herman Kreher, Gerbardl Kreher, .. Honorary pallbearers wlll be, George G. Olsen, Otto Reiner, Capt. Thomas 1' . Ol•en. C . E. Nichols Sr., J . L, Whaley , Emil Weiss, Sebastian Gen tlle and Raymond Carnus. Interment will follow In Woodlawn Cemetery. PEREZ, MR. JOHN B. -Funeral aerv lcea fo r Mr. John B . Perez, 54, of 1308 20th Ave., wbo passed away Sunday afternoo n , will be held Tues. day afternoon .at 4 o'clock from the C haRel of the Lord & Fernlndez Fu neral Home. Interment will be In FLOWERS PLEASE BE OMITTED. THE F AMILY WILL BE AT THE FUNERAL HOME MONDAY EVE N ING FROM 7 TO 9 P . M . STRICKLAND, MRS . ETTA CHRISTINE -Funeral services fo r Mrs. Etta Christine Str ickland , age 43, resident o 1105 108th Ave ., who passed away at a local ho spital Fri day evening, will be held Tuesday Springs, D, S. Smith, pastor, to officiate . Interment In Wesley Chapel CemeterY. Trinity Chapter No, 240 OES will have chng e ol the &rave side service. Pallbearers: Cecil Gatlshall, Jack Roberts, Alfred S . Schmidt, w. L. Turner, Ron Trus sell, Jacl< Barnes. Services In charg e of Wil son Sammon Co. Funeral Home'. f Weeke .nd Ac, cidents Kill 8 STAKE SPESHIL FOR THAT IMPORTANT GUEST! $3514.00 Garinteed good. U.S. Prime Chateau briand for 2, plus a 14 carit gold fontai n p e n f o r your gest. Bring your own pen and save-7.50 0.50 Serves 2. Cocktaill Served ..4ll Major Credit Cardt Honored BERN'S STEAK HOUSE Sen1ing Monday-Sat. 5 P.M S11nday 5:30 P.M. 1208 S. Howard Ph. 253 or 252-3191 • Blka, N. ••ll'•hore ltol'al Hotel GENERAL ELECTRIC Automatic COFFEEMAKER Perfect coffee every time! Makes 3 to 9 cups, automatically; keeps it hot till served. Automatic Brew Selector. Easy to clean. s less than oo QUANTITIES LIMITED! f) • It's easy to catch a TRAILWAYS ••• they run so often 9 trips to MIAMI EVERY DAY When do you want to go? N arne your time! Trail ways has a trip to your destination at almost any hour of the day or night. Mol'lt of these trips whisk you over new super-highways, deliver you right in the heart of town. Enjoy all-weather climate control, restrooms, vista-view windowa, reclining contour seats. Call Trailways. A trained agent will give you accurate travel facts quickly and courteously. easiest travel on earth From Tampa to: One-Way From Tampa to: OneWay ATLANTA ••••••••• $14.00 SHREVEPORT •••••• $28.20 Thru (no change) The only Thru atrvice S .deparb,tres daily NEW YORK .•••• , • , 33.95 JACKSONVILLE • • • • 5.35 Faster Thru service via 3 Conveniet"'t tri.-s via 'new thott route, (pluo tax) short route ' (plus tal() Ship by Trailways Package Express. 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PICKS UP LIFE'S THREADS Chronic Schizophrenic Makes Steady Readiustment By POLLY HENRY Times Staff Writer . Mrs. X is trying hard to pick up the threads of her life and be independent. Something rather difficult to do, considering she's 57, divorced and was hospital ized nearly 10 years in a psy chiatric institution. and h e I p s an aged mother meet some of her basle needs, Her case illustrates serv Ices available in Hillsbor ough County, which few other Florida counties offer, to as sist the mentally ill-those returning from state hos pitals to find a niche in com munity life. garding ability to undertake a job and her ability to work. Setting the wheels into mo tion were the Division of Vo cational Rehabilitation, Men tal Health Resource Council, State Department of Public Welfare (granting old age as sistance to the aged mother), Family Service, Pre-Evalua tion Unit at Tampa General Hospital, Mental Health As sociation and a psychiatrist. work, clean, and wasted no time . Her aggressive person ality was "toned down, " also her gaudy appearance and ex cessive use of make-up . "She had no concept of em ployment as it is today-be lieved she could walk into any job and carry on , " re called one of her counselors. "She had a tendency to . verbalize about her life in the mental hospital. . . . We advised her to talk about that in the privacy of her home." workeTs in the mental health field, points up the need for constant education of the pub lie in regard to people con sidered to be men tally ill or in a state of remission whose background involves hospitali zation in a state mental in stitution. The help Mrs. X received from community sources cost time and a cash outlay of $150 . To taxpayers this means a saving of between $2,100 and $2,500, judged upon the length of time the client would have drawn aid to the totally and permanently dis a bled, based upon a psychi atric disorder . ADVERTISEMENT THE TAMPA TIMES , Monday, April 30, 1962 K. P. "Ken" AYERS AYERS INSURANCE OFFICE All forms of Insurance lncludlnt •• , FIRE, AUTO, LIFE, HOSPITALIZATION, BUSINESS INSURANCE HOMEOWNERS' POLICIES 1028 W. HILLSBORO AVE. Ph. 877-4409, 876-4543 3 The diagnostic report on Mrs. X is "chronic schizo phrenic reaction," meaning she will always require some help and guidance . Yet she is making good social re adjustment. She earns $30 a week at a job she has held three years It shows, too, the effective ness of community organiza tion and resources that point up "Community Action for Mental Health," theme of Mental Health Week being observed April 29-May 5. Emphasis was on medical information, u n de r standing the nature of the client's need for readjustment so cially , vocationally and emo tionally, counseling and job placEment. Then came the job-hunt ing campaign. Of the many employment contacts made, only two would consider the individual for placement . Re fusal of the others was based on her 10-year hospitalization . The case of Mrs. X was time-consuming. It isn' t over yet, for she will require a follow-up checking and peri odic psychiatric examinations. She will also need reassur ance from time to time. But she has been rehabili tated . Employed in a job commensurate with her physi cal and mental capabilities, she is progressing and mak ing her own way from a so cial and emotional standpoint. . . Scraper,Brui!e! HEAL F'ASTER WITH I FAA To Study Air Traffic Control System WASHINGTON, April 30 (.lP) -The Federal Aviation Agency will make an intensive study of the nation's air traffic control system to ferret out mistakes that might lead to collisions of planes in the air. The study starts May 9 and will last two m o n t h s. The agency is selecting a nine-man team of air safety experts to make the check. Charles W . Carmody, chief of the FAA's operations evalua tion division, is in charge of the new p r o gram. He said the study would look into error po tentialities that have shown up during the past six months and see if there was a pattern to indicate weaknesses. The team wlll be aided by FAA experts in aviation medi cine looking into instances of ulcers, heart attacks and ner vous breakdowns among han dlers of air traffic . The FAA is trying to improve air safety in other ways as well such as use of a telemetry belt to be worn by controllers who are being examined for reac tions during periods of stress . Sensors are attached to the body to pick up responses of such things as pulse rate and blood pressure. Official Backs Railroad Merger Plan CHICAGO, April 30 (.lP) The head of a freight forwarding organization supported to day the proposed merger of four western railroads. The endorsement was given by Morris Forgash of New York City, president of the United States Freight Co., at a hear ing conducted by the Interstate Commerce Commission . The railroads that have ap plied to the ICC for permission to merge are the Great North ern, Northern Pacific, Burling! ton Lines and the S p o k a n e, Portland & Seattle Rail way. Examiner Robert H. Murphy of the ICC is holding a series of hearings in 15 cities on a clr cult that began March 12 In Des Moines . Forgash, one of the first wit nesses as the hearings moved to Chicago , said his support for the proposed merger was based on his organization's desire for efficient transportation bY rail. He said the merger would elimina t e waste and duplication and consequent savings would provide capital for modernizing and improving the railroad sys tern. -------Man Charged With Beating Children MIAMI , April 30 (.lP)-Leland J . Debooy, 26, was charged yesterday with brutally beating three children because , police said, they tore up a book. Lt. John Esty said two boys, 5 and 4 , and a girl , 12, were treat ed at a hospital for s e v e r e bruises on the face and body. The three are children of Mrs. Roberta Kelly, 26. Esty said Debooy arrived at the house with Mrs . Kelly and beat the c h i I d r e n when he found they had mutilated a book. He was charged with ag gravated assault, unlawfully punishing a child and contribu ting to the delinquency of a minor. Pollee said the children were turned over to their father, who is separated from Mrs. Kelly. Catholic Clergyman Salutes Actress DIJON, France, April 30 (.lP) An aged member of the Roman Catholic clergy saluted Brigitte Bardot yesterday as "an element of the national herit age . " "I pay homage through you to the French cinema," said Canon Kir, shaking Miss Bar dot's hand. "You are an element of our national heritage." The actress murmured thanks. An upeet stomach destroy• sleep-but Tullis quickly relieves sleep-robbing acid indigestion •• heartburn •• -or I""-Fast, long-lasting, safe relief-3-roll pack, only 30. How did Mrs. X make the grade? From the first it was evident she was In need of diagnostic and pre-vocational evaluation plus counseling re-It was discovered that Mrs . X p o s s e s s e d considerable drive , was orderly in her Employer resistance, say SAVE CASH& U.S. Choice Armour Star Tender, Juicy CUBE TRIPLE-S BLUE STEAKS PILLSBURY OR BALLARD • • ISCUII STAMPS! Lean, . Meaty SPARE RIBS Bar-8-11 lb GRAND BRAND Starch HALF GAL. 29c ASSORTED COOKIES ooz.19c Kosher Style Pic:kled TONGUES EMBASSY CLUB 6 Pak 12 oz. Btls. BEER 6 c • -IT TAKES ONLY 1200 STAMPS TO FILL YOUR TRIPLE-S SAVER Hillsboro & Ar111enia I • ••• 1n TAMPA! ' It'• a •nap to ull with Tribune-Times Want Ads. Ph. 223-4911 Fillets FRESK CUT LOCAL Delicatessen FRANKS OR KNOCKWURST 69& STOKILY TOMATO JUICE NEW, TEXAS YELLOW ONIONS


LETTERS More. Thoughts O n Cuba The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Edition I cry Yankee AIin developing student activity Editor ............•.....•.•••••.••••••••.. Wing Preodor Open letter to Dr. Arnade: though we t publicize the and student association at the Dear sir: . numerous mterventions that University of South Florida are In your debate w1th Dr. Metook place for three decades the .. Managing Editor ..........••..•.••••••... Louise Stewart. Social, Organization Editor •.•..••••••••. Virginia Montes Lean on the topic which way Latin Americans are very much much more pos1t1ve than the Cuba, you stated that we must aware of them. They would article announcing his resignaActivity Editor ............................ Alice Anttila Faculty Adviser ....................... George H. Miller get rid of Castro. Supposing wonder the consequE!nces tion in the April 16 Campus Boporlinc-copydesk staff: BUJ Blalock, sarah Caldwell, John GuUot, what then? What constructive would be If they dlespleased the Edition would seem to indicate and Blll Berno. program can you propose to the colossus of the north and would I f 1 t 1 't . Address ail eommunlcallons, lncludlnc Loiters to the Editor, to the Cuban people that they will acresent it bitterly. . ee cer a n I ems .. ar-Ottleo of Campus Publicalions, AD1070. Ph. 988-4131. Ext. 172 or 173. cept? In Miami alone there are The only sane alternative to tlcle bear special clar1f1cahon. Edltinc Lab., Ph. Ext. 269 132 anti-Castro organizations. Castrolsm is President KenDean Johnshoy did not "tan-"Student reportoro catherine ...... lor Ill• Campus Edlllnft "' TIIB Every one of these leaders en-nedy's HA11iance for Progress." gle" with campus leaders He :;.1!1 visions himself as the next We should back him all the way did welcome their f k. d "--'-P-•m_,_z_. _u_m_•_•_rs_u_y_P_o_u_o_y_s_t_at_e_m_•n_I_N_o._22_._J_u_l,_z5_._t_se_t_> ____ ..;._1 president of Cuba. What about on his plan. If we had not done . ran an ,. CAMERA'S EYEVIEW . Zeroing in on this target right after the alluniversity archery tournament earlier this month are high scorers David Jenkins, winner of the individual award with a high score of 286 points out of a possible 324; Charlie Yawn 273; Allen For sythe, score 227; and David Derhammer, score 226. The latter three members of this group led the All-Star archery team to victory with a total of 726 points out of a possible 972. Jenkins represents the Archery Club of which he is president. EDITORIAL the campeslnos, the Cuban peasthe same for western Europe candid appraisal of projected ants? Are they going to give the whole continent would now campus policies at all times. In up their new concrete block be in hands: I only this respect, It might be said w1th toilets for the1r old hope 1t IS not too late m Latin that campus leaders "ta gl d" bobtos without even an outAmenca. As far as Cuba IS . n e house much less plumbing? Are concerned until we offer the wtth Dean Johnshoy! they going to see the old army Cuban people a new leadership than. cast negative _evalua.tw1_1s barracks that have been conthat does not include Batista on elther Side, I beileve th1s, In verted into schoolhouses conmurderers, Prio thieves, and itsel.f, I& of the highest comverted back into barracks? other former government elite mendatwn to both. As long as we continue to they will not respond favorably. Judging from the number of place everything that happens The world, and. Latshorts still seen on campus, the in the world within the context m Amenca m parhcular IS in article continued, "it is agree.d of the cold war we are not revolution. We cannot stop it; the dean lost the battle ... " It going to have a realtistic picture we can only hope. to guide it. might be indicated instead of the situation. The struggle Forget the Mannes; forget judging from the lew shorts in Cuba is not one of ideolotrading bases in Turkey for asseen on the campus, that both gies, but simply one of ecosurance from of the dean and the student body nomic determinism. Whenever non-Interference m Cuba (Turwon the battle! a social upheaval takes place key Is a staunch ally and . The dean's "latest battle" re there are those that are better Khrushchev would not start ferring to the status of' the off and those that are worse World War Three over Cuba). G.D.I. Journal was indeed no off. The Cuban people don't Let's back the "Alliance for "battle" at all.' It was, rather a give a hoot about ideologies. Progress"; let's send _more matter of clarification of the They don ' t care about Marx, Peace Corj)S members wtth a policy to be established for all Lenin, Hobbes, Rousseau or sincere to the campus publica Locke. They only know they pie of Latm Ame.nca ; and lets tlons seeking recognition. In want food, clothing, shelter and search for an enhghte'?ed leadclarifying this projected policy, an education for their children; _among the ex1les who Dean Johnshoy characteristi and they will follow anyone that IS untamted by the reactionary cally permitted the fullest dis provides it for them. regimes of the past in Cuba, cusslon on the part of the stu1 Certainly can find no who.Wlll present a program. to dents Vitally interested. ficatior! for the exces$es of the the people that. Will add pollt.lI want to attest to my per revolution. I cannot justify ex cal liberty to the economic sonal respect and admiration cessive killings, suppression of progress mai'le. Anxfor Dean Johnshoy, . both as a freedom of speech and the antiCipatmg . . your reply friend as an administrator. press. I cherish these rights . .I am certam Is forth-I regret his resignation. I look very much. I am fortunate that commg, I remain, forward to working as closely I live in a country where we Respectfully .yours, and as loyally with his suehave solved the basic problems s/MANJJEL G. JR. cessor! of food, clothing, shelter and education to a great extent. Decker Criticizes Sincerely, 11 Research Spots Open To Students We can concern ourselves with To the Editor the freedoms we hold so dear. Campus Edition ROBERT J. DECKER Associate Director Student Personnel All Talk and No Actl • However, the biological drives On are stronger than the social Dear Wing: . Patrick D. Gandy . . . drives and must therefore be The contributions that have No. 00!259 "Student Assoc1abon leaders aren't domg the best satisfied first. been made by Dean Johnshoy 2804lh Gandy Blvd. job. THE CAMPUS EDITION isn't giving complete I I am just as patriotic as any To the 11• Fla. Applications are now being coverage When are we going to have an annual? The t Sho ' rt Story. With the addition of a second for students who wish db. k h h I oes no en a e geo rap I page to the Campus Edition, I to take part in chemistry and han oo wort e n:oney spent on It ast year. cal borders of the United have noticed an exciting incepastronomy research this summer Our accademic freedom IS bemg taken away." States, rather. encompasses c F . tion Onto) (of?) newspaper ex. . . 't . . all mankmd and tf the Cuban t t and the followmg academIc . These Issues go from comml tee to committee; from people will be better off as a on es or . perlmentation. Although I find year at USF. mformal conversation to forum after forum. result of the Cuban revolution some faults, I consider the exEl d d t t All s d periment refreshing and, I like . un ergra ua e s uAbout half the student body elected the student asI am In favor of it. tU entS to say in deep pride; that this dents w1ll be selected for the • t' ff' Th . t f th As far as getting rid of Castro is "our newspaper." research program, which is sup-SOCia !On o Jeers. ey are giVen no suppor rom e is concerned we would do it in t d b e16 295 N t' I student body beyond that May 14 is the deadlinP for Sincerely, pore Y a .,. , a wna • 48 hours. However President "' /PAT GANDY Foundation Grant. _Each There are exactly seven people who write something Kennedy realizes ramificasubmitting entries to the of the w1ll rece1ve a for THE CAMPUS EDITION every week. The criticism tlons of such action. other sota Story Contest being spanDear Miss Preodor: $600 sbpend for the 10-week . . . country m Latin Amenca would d f USF t d t b I should like to call attention Summer session, and an average always comes. The praise comes only once m a while. sore or s u en 5 Y au-thor John D. MacDonald who ! fo one factor concerning the of $150 for the following acaThe help never comes. H R M S . amounts discussed by Mr. RobdeDmic. yeathr. th ill Two people comprise the yearbook staff. They have • • eet et recently was on campus for the ert Denard in conjunction with unng e summer ey w b f 'thf I f t Th d . . t t ' . th "Meet the Author" series. The the faculty schedules. conduct full time research under een a1 u or woyears. e a m1ms ra says ey Here May 4-5 story will ;ecelve a $50 For those of us who are on the direction of members of the must be self supportmg, and the students don t say any . . pr1ze, MacDonald s pers,onal aptwo semester appointments the chemistry and astronomy fa cutthing. Members. of the Umverstty of ' fee. No articles or use of the lesser named figure ty. Du:ing the academic year The editor of the handbook has found it necessary South Flor1da faculty and staft verse Will be accepted . amounts to a reduction of 5 to BIRDS FOR RESEARCH From beer garden to the academic campus these birds from Busch Gardens are contributing to University of South Florida research. Here Dr. Glen E. Woolfenden, assistant professor of biology at USF, is shown with just a part of his collection of birds which are assisting him with his research. ., RESEARCH IN BEER 2 USF Profs Deep In Parrot Study they w1ll resume their full class t d I t II f th k h If are invited to attend a workPreliminary screening will be 10 per cent in our salaries. loads. o o amos a o e wor erse . shop on Human Relations and made by Wesley Davis, assistant Though this may appear to be B R DIANE GADDY Nine students. will wm:k in the The people who say we have no academic freedom Higher Education to be held on professor of English; Edgar a sound ffscal policy, it does I Y 1 d d J fields _of orgamc, and apparently never saw the inside of our library. They are campus May 4-5. Hirshberg, associate professor not . appear to be a very sound . Dr. G en B. Woolfenden an. Dr. rew . Meyerchem1stry w1ule two too busy criticizing and organizing forums committees Included in the program of of English; and Robert C. personnel policy. necks, both professors of biOlogiCal SCience at USF, are w11l do reasearch m astronomy. d I • ' addresses, discussions and O'Hara, assistant professor .of DAVID LEONAltD presently performing research in the field of ornithol The program is part of the an pane s. workshop sesswns will be talks The three best stones Assistant Professor ogy. This scientific. study of birds, specificafly parrots, National Science Foundation's We hear a lot of talk but we don't see any action. by President John S. Allen, Dr. Will then be sent to MacDonald P h I s being aided b the director of Busch Gardens Rich t' 'd ff t t co ge f ""0 d 11 Dan Dodson of the New York for fmal JUdgmg. syc 0 ogy 1 Y • . . • na •onwl e e or o en ura Approximately 50 students out o 2,vv are omg a University Center for Human All storl'es m ust be subml'tted N• aegeh. Dr. Woolfenden said, research on the undergraduate the J'obs allotted to students 1'n the operation of the uniB h G d h f th level Relations, and Dr. Herbert Seatyped, double-spaced on a rea-Dai•ly Schedule usc ar ens as one o e Ap . plication forms can be obversity. It is understandable if the work is not always of manns of the Natwnal Consonably good grade of bond pabest collections of living parta.ined from Dr. J. E. Fernandez, top quality. ference of Christianj) and Jews per, original copy with a mini rots in the world, and Mr. Naeg. f f h t in Miami. mum of corrections. MONDAY, APRIL ao 7 '30 p.m. Duplicate Bridge uc248 pro essor 0 c ry, Why say anything more? We better go out and Reservations for the 6 P m h f 1 111 b An Day u.s. Marine u,oo p.m. Fides ........... uc2oo eli ha s been extremely cooperam Room 314 of the Chemistry . the fo That certainly involves more . . Stories In t e ina s w e c Lobh Epeita ......... UCI57 tlve in our study." Building. Deadline for applying orgamze ano r rum. . . dinner on Friday and the 12: 15 returned with MacDonald's eva!corps . ...... -. u Y wEDNESDAY, MAY s is May 10. glory and less work than edttmg a newspaper. luncheon on Saturday must be uation but without comments on 9,oo a.m. Book Ali Day u . s. Marine Alive or Dead made with Dr. Leslie F. Malpass its commercial value . Stories corps. . . . . uc Lobby The research purposes are di P .E.-INTRAMURALS (ext. 361) by noon w. ednesday, not passing preliminaries will 10:00 a . m . i CHIOO 1:00 p .m. Lyre and Aulos . .. UCI58 vided equally by Dr. Woolfenden 2 Th h 25 Re1igiou.s Adv sors May . e c arge IS .,. . . be returned immediately with a Jcw;sh Student Weight Lifting .... UCI57 and Dr. Meyerriecks. Dr. Meyer-Heavy Slate Set in Softball Nearby Apartments Open by September comment on why they were not Union . . . UCIS7 Botega ............ uc 47 riecks studies the behavior of forwarded. Business Leaders UC264 5 ... . the parrots by observing the Young Democrats CHill u.c. Dance comm. uc2oo I:OO p.m. Judo Club ... .. UCZ04 live birds at Busch Gardens. The Bicycle Club ...... UC204 First Religious By BILL BERNO lsenting the Enotas. The chamThe team standings at the pres. Tom Splcola, owner of the efd The softball is in full I p•ons of th_e net are John Pluta, ent time are: flcJency apartments under Center Opene . . Wes Hankins, and Ken Marcus. 1st place Chislers .............. 62 pts. structlon JUSt north of the um-Sports Car Club .. UC202 U.S.F. Photo Club UC205 Baptist Students .. UC203 u. c. Cultural Wesley Foundation UC223 Comm. , .. , •..•.. , . UC214 anatomy or physical structure of the parrots is studied by Dr. Woolfenden. When the Busch swmg thts week. Here are the 2nd place Go-Gutters .......... 61 pts. versity, says they wlll be ready Off CampUS U.C. Movie Comm. UC214 Officials Club ... , UC216 Foreign Language Gardens' parrots die, the speci mens are given to Dr. Woolfen den for his research purposes. game results up to April 24. Faculty and Staff Bowling. 3rd place Mathmaglelans ...... 56 pts. by September. Game standings will be presentTh _ ere was some outstandmg : U The cost of a single bedroom The first religious center for ed next week bowlmg executed at the Fiortda 6th place Bookies .............. 43 pts. apartment would run approxiU . lty f S th Fl 'd t 'Men'• Division Lanes last week. Steve Penovich The faculty and staff howling 1 ruvers o ou on a s u-Enotas 4 , Arete 1 of the physical plant bowled a league is set up for the summer. mately $115.00 and a doub .e dents opened April 15 at 127th AllStars 7, Cieo 3 509 three game series. Norma Ten teams will participate and bedroom apartment approx•Ave. and 53rd St. , three blocks Talos s , Skeeters o aorfettl Davis of the Mat• Department play will take place at East Gate mately $130.00 a month. These east of the campus. n bowled a 467 thre: game series. Lanes, 6:45 on Thursday nights. apartments are The center, which houses ac-Outer Aloha 21, Alpha rr 7 and the cost of furmshmg, tivitles of the United Campus Alpha IV Mess"•ng Work•ng u.s. ,n Eth.lop•"a would run about $25 to $30 a christian Fellowship, is a Siges 13, Fides 6 month. seven-room c o n c r e t e block Alpha 111 14 • Patdeia 8 Dr. Simon D. Messing, asso ers. His task is to gather data There will be air conditionhouse which has been redecol' .L. 3 13, Fia 3 'friSis IS, Alpha IV s elate professor of anthropology on attitudes and practices relat-ing with heat temper units rated by UCCF members. FuTennis now on leave of absence to ing to health and sickness. The which will insure coolness in ture plans call for construction Tennis the 100 activity point with the United States governinformation he gathers will be the summer and warmth in the of a residence hall for UCCF event began play Tuesday, April ment in Ethiopia , reported in coded and placed on I.B.M. winter. A complete launderette members on the two-acre plot . 2'4. The teams participating In a letter that his work there ;s cards. Dr. Messing also is perwill be available for the occu-this activity are: All-Stars, No"proceeding well." forming qualitative analysis of pant's use. Names , Arete , Cieo, Enotas, Dr. Messing is attached to the community relations where The area of .a, single bedroom Free Hour Subiect Of Monthly Debate Club .............. UC215 U. C. Music Comm. UC216 U Pu bile Rei. Comm .. , ......... . UC219 Canterbury Club .. UC221 Aquatic Club . . . . . UC222 3:00 p.m . Ballroom Dancing . UC108 p.m. Beginning Bridge . , UCI57 Christian Science Org. . . . .. . .. . . . . .. UC216 Ballroom Dancing UC248 7:00 p.m. Judo .............. UC 2 8:30 p.m. Film Classics "Umberto D" .. .. .. TA TUESDAY, MAY 1 All Day U.S. Marine Corps. . .. . . . . UC Lobby 11:00 a.m. University Forum . CHlll Student . . UC203 Racquet Club . . . UC204 Archery Club .... , . UC205 Recreation Comm. UC214 Personnel Comm. UC216 Cieo-Exec. Council UC219 This month's topic for the Weight Training . UC226 Forensic Society's Parliamen-S :OO p.m. Alpha II, and Racquet II. public health division of the I paramedical health centers will apartment will be about 600 sq. There will be 3ome top ranked Point IV Program in Ethiopia be built. ft. and the area of a double amateurs playing in the tennis as a member of a team com He will return to the campus bedroom apartment will be tournam ent. They will be repre-prised mostly of medical workin September, 1963. about 700 sq. ft. tary Debate is;_ Resolved: USF 5:30 p.m. Fia ............... UC205 3:00 p.m. Library Staff Meeting . . . . Staff Lounge 6:00 p.m. RehearsalTriSIS Fashion Show 6 :30 p.m. U. C. Program UC248 Council . . . .. . . .. . . UC214 7 :00 p.m. Judo Club . uc 2 THURSDAY, MAY I By observing the parrots in their environment, Dr. Meyer riecks can determine their food and various other habits. 430 In Colleotion All Day U.S. ljlarlne Corps .......... uc Lobby The evolutionary aspects o! 2:00 p.m. [n .The ... uc Patio parrots are being considered hy <:n. Frat. Soc ... ADloso Dr. Woolfenden's an atom y ..... :: study. Dr. Woolfenden, who reuc216 cently finished his study of Legislature UC264 waterfowls, is . now comparing Fashion Show . . .. UC248 the fo ssils of b1rds to the skele3:00 ' tons of the Busch Gardens' parBroadcasters ..... UC226 rots for evolutionary relation..... UC226 ships. He has 430 parrot skeles:oo p.m. Human Relations tons, and many of them Carne 3,30 p.m. .. t0 ' .. uc264 from Bu sc h Gardens. Should Abolish the Free Hour. 6,oo p.m. Ethclontes ........ UCI57 The e v en t is scheduled for ng Wednesday, May 2 at 1 p.m. in .. _ . _ .. _ .. _ . ..., .. _._ . ...,u...,c .... z...,o4'-l UC264. Remember" . . . . TA When Dr. Woolfenden's and 8 ,00 a . Dr. Meyerriecks' research El


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