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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 83 (May 14, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
May 14, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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I I University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 83 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MAY 14, 1962 Way Up Partly cloudy throurb. Tuesday. Isolated afternoon or eventn&' thunder showers. Easterly winds 10-Zl m.p,b. High today 92. Low ttmlght 66, PRICE FIVE CENTS DON'T GIVE A DAMN Apathy Plagues SA Troubles Blamed SA Operation By ALICE ANTTILA Students themselves admit the lack of interest on the part of the student body regarding the Student As sociation. In a poll conducted this week asking student opinions on the lack of a quorum at Student Association meetings, it was found that apathy is the root of the On Civic Unit Apathy evil. Jim Woodroffe, past dent of the SA, stated that the "people elected as representaUSF J •t tives aren't showing interest. nVI es The best thing to do is call Civic Unit and elect Local Sem ors new representatives." . Decker Says Just of Fathers' By WING PREODOR Nothin&' to Decide "Either the meetings aren't For 'Day' Student interest in the legislature is on the wane. needed because nothing will be At least three times during the current semester the decided anyway,'' said sopholegislature has been unable to conduct business because more Mike Oliver. "or they Some MO Hi II s borough k . (the representatives> aren't in-County high school seniors will a quorum was not present. Fran Memers, president of terested in their own prob-be visiting the USF campus Frl-the Student Association; Skipper Smith, vice president lems!" day, May 18. The event, the of the Student Association; and Dr. Robert J. Decker, Julian Piper, sophomore pres-first of an annual series to be associate director of student personnel, were asked to of the Young Democrats, called "High School Hospitality comment on this situation. sa1d there are "poorly elected Meiners had this to day, "Thct--------------representatives who don't have Day," will be sponsored by the Student Association was the interest of the school or the University Center Program formed after other organiza-centage of students voting in people they rep:tesent at heart Council and under the direc-Photo b:r Nelson Medina tions on campus so they feel our last election could be como.r in And at the same tion of 'the Hospitality CommitSHINING THE OLD WHEELS the Student Association is an pared with the percentage of bme, 1t 1s the fault of stu-tee. The "Day" will include a To all ap\>earances, Dr. Robert Morgenroth is independent body when actual-the American citizens voting in themsel':'es who don t care panel discussion, a reception, polishing up hiS bicycle tires so that pursuing dogs ly it is the coordinating body the last natiortal election, (ap lf representatives are there or tour concert and a dance. The l for all of these organizations. proximately half in each case). not." He added! "There are schedule itself goes something will be blinded by the sun's ref ection on the shiny "Attendance is better at Exec-Decker said, "We are the sons many .representatives who do a like this: surface. Morgenroth, chairman of functional foreign utive Council meetings," Mein-of our fathers, .and in this case goo.d and deserve commen-From 1 to 2 p.m., there will language, is also sponsoring the Bicycle Club which ers continued, "not because of we are exactly the datwn. be a general meeting held in meets weekly at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays in UC204. The organization or better leader-way they are. . . . High School Stuff the TA. Two panels will be as-group is trying to organize the grou.nd work ship; but because of the memfeel USF Is JUSt over-Freshman Monica Morgan, sembled. One consisting of stu-for trips planned for next year. With the scheduling bers loyalty to the council they ------=-----credited the absence of so many dents, staff, and faculty will d b d t' d h d f t• t • ti represent." 'H 1 p f representatives at SA meetings serve in answering the questions an u ge mg . one a ea 0 Ime, nex years me. Civic Units Fail OSfl e ro to another factor. She replied, of a panel of seniors consist-can be spent mostly on enjoying the bicycle tours of "In the legislature the base, M k R f "It is an indication of the elec-ing of a representative from the surrounding countryside. the civic units, are not fupca es ep y tions being popularity gameseach of the county's high tioning because of s t u d e n t ways of attaining status-just schools. Fred Jenkins will serve apathy. Consequently the repTO Our Editor an extension of high school as moderator; he will be intro-BY SA EXEC COUNCIL resentatives, who were elected Little Man on Camp:us politics." duced by Rena Antinori, by a fraction of the memberMay 8, 1962 Speaking of the over-all cam-man of the Hospitality Commit-I c ship of a civic unit, do not feel To the Editor: "I DCN'r N&JC14 AeciJf rrUP, 1 pus attitude, one girl, who re-tee. Ru es om m .• ttee any loyalty or responsibility to A person who discovers that IUD) -'MIEN IT6e1$ mlfW'FtiiNT' Wi\.L. fused to identlfy herself, stated the meeting, the the 113 students they are act-he is either directly or indi-that this problem reflects "the seniors w11I be given a tour of ually representing. Therefore, rectly the subject of an edi-1-------------------...;....------whole tone of the school-there the campus. Members of the until the base of the legisla-torial's implications is in a is not enough interest." UC and the ProM b A • t d ture operates efficiently, the uniquely vulnerable position. Lackadaisical Campus gram Council will serve as em e rs p poI n e legislature wiU not be able to Whether he replies or remains Dave Jordan, a junior and guides. An "Open H.ou .se" will transact business that the en-silent, some believe there may president of the Young Repub-follow. the tour; consisting of a tire student body has an in-be substance to the implica-licans, commented, "On this reception, a concert by Lab . . . . . terest in." tions. campus there is a lackadaisical Band, and open hours the The Student Association Executive Council held Its New Elections Impossible It not my purpose to de-Th rt ill b f th 1 t T d d b .. . bate "Issues" for I am not real-nature and Immaturity of stu-game room. e conce w lt fmal meetmg o e year as ues ay an new mern ers . a leg1_slator becomes ly certain there are any. The dents with regard to any polltl-held i . n the UC ballroom; of the Rules Committee, appointed by Tal Bray, parli-meleg1ble (for mstance, when observation should be made cal issues " reception in the patio outslile th 't d d d hi g ad f 11 below 2 0) 't is • S h J h G 11 tt the ballroom ' amentary au on y, were announce an approve . s r _es a 1 however, that tJ:!e situation is o p om ore o n u e Th . l d p u1 M . J 1 . p d F k almost Impossible to elect an-far more complex than your summed up the situation con-The program will officially ese me U e a ei . ssner, U Ian lper, an ran other one because students oversimplification of it would cisely: "They just don't give a conclude at 4 p .m. But that Hancock. sin;tply their civic lead one to believe. Any furDO IT NOW Registration Plans For Upper Division damn." night, the seniors, and USF stu-The. time, place and. dress for umt meetings. . ther discussion, it seems to me, Other students feel USF is dents and staff, will be invited regular meetings was set. Meet-Smith also feels that the could only become acrimoni-By JOHN GULLETT over-organized but believe it to attend a street dance, to be ings will be held at 6:30 p.m., also discussed. This too was re-problem lies within the civic ous. In sum, see Job, 38 : 2. Students anticipating entrance to an upper division may be necessary to keep the held from 9 tb 12 p.m. in the • the second and fourth Tliursday lferred to a committee for study units. He said that the student s/R. C. O'H. ll t th U . 't f S th Fl 'd t th b Student Affairs staff busy. back of the UC. nights; the dress will be coat .and to make suggections to the government is organized now "The Hostile Professor" C? ege a e . y 0 OU Ori a a e egmThose who have been plan-and tie. Council. and the only thing lacking is (Editor's note: Job 38. 2 says mng of the first tnmester should already have Schedule ning the "hospitality day" pro-A discussion ensued concern-Civic unit reorganaztion was student interest. "Who is this that' pleted application, warns Dr. Frank Spain, registrar. gram include Rena Antinori lng students "walking on the brought up. It was suggested R d' C 'd d counsel by words i t h t W'th gi Janice Jones Roni Lerner, pan{ grass." It was agreed to refer that possibly a student and fac-eme tes onsl ere w 0 u 1 summer sesswn re s12:00 167 Koenig Sue' Knopke, Rosalyn the subject to the traffic com-ulty adviser might serve in as-He suggested that the solu-knowwledbget?" del ar riead-tration being held throughout 1 1 i . b 3 :00 p.m. Ballroom Dancing uc I08 • h . ti'on m 1ght be found if a com-ers, e s er says cr mon ous: this week, Dr. Spain urged all Ear y appl cat ons wlll e ac-ilm D 1 Knight Carol Carpenter, Judy mittee, which would make rec-sisting t e reactivation of the An d bitte t' ") d 1 d d te t b 1 P.E. F A 105 • m 1ttee of st,dents and one or gry an r; caus 1c. stu ents who have not a rea y cepte on a n at1ve as s, S:OO p .m. Ballroom Dancing uc 265 Albers, Lynn Nichols, Mary Kay ommendations to the physical units. . 1 ti f h Bridge Lessons uc I57 h id Off' h f th St d t two members of the administra done so to file an "Application pendmg comp e on o t e clt'r• Christl s 0 uc 216 Parrish Mary Taylor Jackie plant, as to w ere new s e-1ce ours or e u en DON'l' STEAL THE BOOKS dmi di t t • k Th t '7:00p.m. Judo an c•. "' uc 2 Sauer, members of' uc Mu-walks should be built. The Association Office, UC218, are tion was set up to consider all BOYS for a ssiOn to an upper • ren semes er s wor e s U 7:30 p.m. Tampa Urb. League uc m d f 9 t 5 kd aspects of the problem, and be vision college" card. The card dent is then reassigned an ad-sic and Dance Committees. dress standar on campus was rom a.m. o p.m. , wee ays. May 9, 1962 b in th t d t' f TUESDAY, MAY 15. 1!162 prepared to spend considerable d will e available to students v1sor e s u en s area o 11:00 a.m. m time either planning a program Edition during registration this week. study." 38m Invitations F•nal Exam Humanities Showing to creat interest in the civic Tampa Times According to the require-Dr. Spain pointed out the Cieo-Exec, Co. uc 219 units, or do away with them en-Dear Sir: ments spelled out in the USF danger of late apl)'lication. ''One s:oo p.m. Training 38 p• J d Ri h d 1 Prize Winning Films tirely and come up with a sub-The University has been bulletin a student will be eli-bad effect," he said, "is that Siges uc 226 IC re ngs Sc e u e stitute. generous in its support of the . • 5 ,30 p . m . gr;i1esilsion 3-8 ' • Two prize--winning American He said that the problem of Library. As a result we have for entrance an upper student may not be classi-Fia uc 205 CorreCtiOnS ballet films will be shown to-having a majority of comut-been able to provide, among division college (Liberal Arts, f1ed. He then has no assurance 6 : 00p.m. Foundation Meeting UC 167 c •d d h h' b lri 6 : 30p.m. Arete UC TBA ons1 ere morrow and Wednesday during ing students, who are on cam-ot er t mgs, SU scriptions to Education, or Business Admin-of acqu ng the proper ad• 7 :00 p.m. Gym. Club Seminole Rec. ctr. The following are corrections pus for only a few hours a day over two thousand istrationl when he has comvisor. Foundatinn uc TBA to the final exam schedule run the free hours, by the Humai-and don't develop any interest These are available In a comh 1 d 38m styleds in last week's Campus Edition: ties Department. Each will run in student government might fortable and attractive reading pleted at least 60 semester Students s ou d begin to ay I:OO p.m. uc 157 consl era on a n mvl Ions Under Tuesday, June 5, 6-8 about 30 minutes. be smaller next yea; when room in the Library. However, hours with at least a 2.0 ration; by picking up registration ma38 have been selected by a commit-p.m., delete EC 101, 90, AD The first is "Appalacchain there are more residence facil-there are among us some who five of the six basic studies terials from the office of the Paldela uc 226 tee of students working with 109o. ities. place their o. w n convenience and at least two of the physicai registrar. They should then 8 '30 I96Z TA Andrew C. Rodgers, of Under Wednesday, June 6, 2-4 Spring,'' with a score by Aaron Minority Represented above a socially considerate education areas see their advisors during the 1=00 p.m. Botega uc -47 procurement and auxiliary ser-p.m., delete PE 116, PE 130, PE Copland; the second is "Night . use of the materials. . . week, and complete registration 38 vices. . . 138, PE 170, and PE 178 listings, J " d b Willi Decker a!sc;> the The Library finds it very dif-Dr. Spam emphasized the May 17 in the south end of the 5 38 MAt7tJh Ittee(f meeJtinkg no exam. Under Wednesday, 4-6 t h: Grah: that ClVlCt ';lnlt represen-ficult to keep available for its need f?r aeplicatior 3ne rmesregistrar's office. Payment of T & E Coord. Body uc .226 • ac 1 _rom ac p.m. , add SO 363, 01, UC 221. a lVes were no '.m .many cases , readers, current issues of such prJor ? e en ranee. fees must be made at this time. 7:00p.m. Judo uc 2 Williams Co., Gamesvllle, Fla.) . served as cheorographer for elected by a. maJ?r.Ity of. mem-news magazines as Time, News-The apphcatlons must go . THURSDAY. MAY 11, 1962 presented the various possibiliUnd_er Fnday, 8, make b f 1 bers of the1r c.1v1c He week, U . S. News, and Business through several steps before th. e L•lbrary Contest 2 00 p.m. }&g0 ties for class ring designs and followmg correction: HI 122, oth i ms. posed the question, who are Week. Sometimes readers re-student is finally accepted. ImSalling Club uc 203 the committee m ad e sugges01, CH 105 should read HI 122 , 'I E , G • S I they representing?" turn these issues to the Library tially the application is fed Winners in the Personal 38 tions. Williams will now draw 02, CH 105. • • OlnCJ On a e . Decker also and sometimes not. Some li-through an IBM machine, sent Library Contest which was 4 '30 264 complete design and present Saturday, June 9, make "I.E.", USF' s literary magav!tal was sometime dif-braries meet this problem by to the appropriate .college, and judged last week were J. D. "RII' h School Hospllam:r Day" 1t to the committee. changes. D e 1 e t e all zine goes on sale Thursday, fiCult to sbmu.late when there placing the current issues of checked for reqmrements by Mims , Sarah Stebbens, and R. 1:00 p.m. Convocation TA G d 1 1 itat' ill b exams listed under the 12-2 p .m. ' were no . question up magazines in a Reserve Room the dean or in the case of the Harvey. The prizes for first • .2: 00p.m. Tour ra uat on nv 10ns w e 1 . t' Th 1 . ted May 17 in the UC at the price for consideratwn And that Lib 1 Arts c 11 b d' 3:00 p.m. Reception uc 264 in three different sizes costing 1s mg. ese were IS m an-. . . . where the reader must sign for era . o ege, Y 1second and third place win4:00 p.m. Dance/Concert uc 248 approximately 9 c 40 c 'and SOc other section, also. Move all 2-4 of 50 cents. Th1s offiCial umver-perhaps one of the reasons them before use. Other libra-vision directors. ners were a typewriter, $50, 3:00 p.m. Program Council ,uc 214 • • 1' t ' t 12 2 t' ' t l ' t bl' t ' ta' there are no burmng issues Unlv. Broadcasters uc 226 The small size will be four p.m. 1S mgs o -p.m. Ime, Sl Y 1 erary pu lCa Ion con ms . . ries do not provide the current "The student is then notified and $25-worth of books, respec 5:00 p.m. N " Street Dance" uc w. Ramp pages and contain only the grad-and move all 4-6 listings to 2-4 poetry and short stories. at this pomt .is the success of news magazines on the theory through the mail of his status. tively. • su DAY, MAY 20, I962 . p m time the co-operat10n . betwe':n stu-that the individual can afford .:._:_..:;_ ____________ ....:._ __________ _ "Seven Year Itch" TA uatlon program . . The medium • ' FORUM. TOI\IORROW dents and _admmistrat10n m to buy his own subscription. USF Symphony Plans Concert The University of South Florida will present the University Community Symphony Orches tra, under the direction of Ed ward Preodor, in concert Tues day evening, May 15, at 8:30 p.m. Tickets may be picked up at the UC desk or at the box office immediately before the concert. and large sizes Will contain, in TWILIGHT DANCE Two leading educators will the organizational structure be-We in the Library would addition to the pro&ram, The last dance of the year, discuss "The Future of Fiorida low the legislature. prefer to make these magazines of the admmistration a free stag dance, is being Higher Education" in the final Decker said, "We have the freely available to all, but it is budding, the UC and .the sponsored by the U.C. Dance forum of the University of same problem .here tha. t con-unrealistic on our part to pro brary patio. The large SIZe will committee on Friday, May 18, South Florida's Search for cerns public gen-vide them only for a few per-have a green leather cover with from 5-8 p.m. Truth series Tuesday, May 15 , erally. He sa1d that the per-sons who steal them. This is gold binding. at 11 a . m., in CHill. an appeal to library users. Members of the committee Th T y• Please consider your fellow are: Marlene Hennis, Priscilla e ampa lmeS WORK-STUDY SLIDE LECTURE students and leave these magSalem!, Sandy Shanahan, Fred l1nlnrolty or south Florida Work-Study openmgs availDr. Anatole Sokolsky, ass1st azines in the Periodical Read-Jenkins, Jim Woodroffe and Campus Edition 1able for fall trimester in bank ant professor of Russian at the ing Room so that others may Frank Meiners. Anyone else Editor.' Preodor ,ling, engineering, accounting, University of South Florida, will use them as well as you. who is interested in working on . . education. For further informa-give a slide lecture on Russian Sincerely yours, this committee should contact tion see Mrs. Bringger, AD1070 , art and architectu:e Thursday, s/ELLIOTT Frank Meiners. Antilla, and Vlrrlnla Montes. ext. 172. May 17, at 2 p.m. m CHlOO. Director of Libraries Letter Via Editor: 'Uncontrolled Idealism Is Often Misleading, Mr. Mendoza' Dear Mr. Mendoza: But where did he take Ger-24 hours a day we are being April, 1961 invasion. He ex-are so well off). But he has I tion of expectation of the huqlMay I begin my answer to many? insulted. There is Mr Men-pressed surprise to a few over 95 per cent backing among ble and exploited all over Latin your most most erudite I am, Mr. Mendoza, an en-doza such a thing' as trusted foreign journalists at the colored elements and as you America (yes, Mr. Mendoza, I letter by saying that indeed I thusiastic supporter of the orig-' . . our inability to eliminate Cas-know they constitute a large have) I would say segregation agree with most of your postu-inal cause of the 26th of July honor , national d1gmty, and a tro, saying that this was patent percentage of Cuba' s popula-is a disservice to America in lations. May I further say that movement and I still revere threat to our nationa1 security. proof of our eve r -increasing tion. This is to a great extent its fight for national survival such programs as the Alliance such men as Hubert Matos and The Soviet Union does not per-weakness and that the balance because the colored people of Finally I wish to tell you for Progress and the Peace Camilo Cienfuegos: I am a per-mit-and no one protests -a of power was favoring him. I Cuba know very well of the that I believe in a healthy Corps that you support in your sonal friend of many principal hostile government in Finland. think this kind of realistic way we in the United States-idealism. I am an advocate of enthusiastic Idealism are not Latin American leaders of the This would be a threat to the thinking is of great importance we in the South-mistreat the the Peace Corps and I am the enough-too small for such a emerging masses. Castro is a security of the Soviet Union. and value. The concept of Negro, who still is a second-first member of the Univer large area. Maybe they have traitor to this cause, who sold Our bases in Turkey are indeed power balance does not always class citizen. Therefore it sity of South Florida to have come too late and are too thinly Cuba to the Sino-Soviet bloc. a threat to the security of the mean war but negotiations (ad-seems obvious that because of been called in to serve with spread. Remember that Russia and Soviet Union (as a Soviet base vances or retreats) from a po-our segregationist policies we the corps -as a member of As a historian I show rever-Khrushchev and Cina and Mao in Cuba would be to our secu-sition of strepgth founded in are probably paying a heavy the training staff. Other stu enc.e for the wi.sdom of the past Tse-tung, whom

nt'l TAi\1PA TJMES. May H. 1962 Deaths in Tampa, Elsewhere WlLLl.Ut EDWARD-The MRS. DELLA CLEMENTS MRS. SALLY A . BRUCE remains of Mr. William Edward Dar I nell , so. of 5102 Crest Hill Dr., w!ll Mrs. Della M. Clements 74 Mrs. Sally A. Bruce, 76, of I I of 4502 Tarpon Drive , died' Sat2 701 River Heights Ave. died a\ MGaclay Lg urday: A nati_ve of she in hospital. A tJu..,rh Salardar 1t1 The Swilley Funeral Home, 160'2 w. had lived heie for five years. native of V1rgmia, she had been Companr from The Trlbuu BallciWaters Ave. She is s urvi ve d by her husa resident of Tampa for the band, M i 1 to n Clements of past five years. She was a Tampa: two sons. C. M. Bech-member of the Smyrna Baptist Ralea: 81 earr lor J>Oi'llEll , DEE Funeral . apd Harvey Sloan of Church. She is survived by one soc per week; br oarrl,. er mall ,ervlces tor Garland Dee Domer. 11>M1am1;' a daughter, Mrs. Mary daughter, Mrs. Tessie Joyner, three months 13.90; 11x rao•lba of. Dayton.a Beach; Tampa; one sister, Mrs. Amelia '-dnace. be held at 2:30 Tuesday aftet-noon ftve grandchildren; five great-Tise Winst,on-Salem N C . two Member of Prua. from the graveside in Oak Grove grandchildren several nieces brothers w 1lie Bruc'e H. f.d, d .,.lll 1.e11"'oa.ber •1 Aadt& 811"f'11 .C -elf-cemetery, wit)\ Rev. James C. Ber d h ' • , encaw officiating. Arrangements In an nep ews. ete, N.C . , and Roy Bruce She!SAMUEL J. NARACONG Samuel J. Naracong, 79, of W. Hohawk, F'ener, Sr., so, of 3602 Chestnut m a Tampa hospital. A native St. will led !>Y Rev. Fr. John of Ohio . he had resided in Tampa for the past 12 years. Funeral Home, 3800 Nebraska Ave. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. May I. Naracong, Tampa; inr at 10:00 o ' clock at St. Joseph' s one son, Eugene Nichols, Chi-ca go; one brother, Frank N araLopet, Phil. Locicero, Leandro Ale cong, Corpus Christi, Tex. He man and t rank Loto. was a member of the Hillsboro Christian Church of Tampa. E. P. ROHRER • . Edward Payson Rohrer, 87, &t. Rev . E. M. Greenfield. pastor of 6002 River Terrace, died Saturd ay in a Tampa hospital. A na Keystone Method!.st Cemetery. Pa!!tive of St. Joseph, Mo. , he had resided in Ta_mpa for the limlth. otto Drobny and J. D. Smith. 57 years. He lS s urvlVed by hts .1' AMILY REQUEST FLOWERS widow, Mrs. Jessie Rohrer, PLEASE BE Oli!ITTED. Tampa, and one sister in St. JtAMMOSD, ALBERT EDWARD-Fu Petersburg. ne ral services for Mr. Albert Ed MRS. VIRGINIA 1\lERCY afternoon at 4 : 00 o ' clock from Du Mrs. Virginia Loraine Mercy, 63 , of 1 Box Tucker Bomba lor the St. John's Lutheran Road, W1mauma, dted Sunday Church . oCficlatlng. lnterment will at her home. A native of Cam11> Gard e n of Memories Cem den, Pa., she had been a resi-dent here for the past four years. She was. a of Hartwell Johnson sr., age 63, 4407 Order of Eastein Star, Orema I s . Dal e Ave .• wi!! be held at 3 : 30 Chapter, and the Women's Auxmary of the Tamp_a I The Reverend Dr. Preston B. Sellers, Showmen's Assoctahon. SurvtP'!stor of the F irst Baptist Church, vors include her husband Alexander, two nieces and ooe I nep)lew. IECURI. i\tRS. A:-ITONIA A. -Funeral AARON J . RYALS services for Mrs. Antonia A. Aaron J. Ryals Sr. . 71. oi 6709 Branch Ave. died yestermorning_ in Bay Pines ho s be in Myrtle Hlll Memorial Park pitaJ. A of Hudson. Fla. Cemetery. Rosary services wlll he he had lived i n Tampa for the last 30 years. He was a retired THE FAJIULY WILL BE AT THE farmer and a member Of the American Leg_ion No. 111. aut'vlved by two daughters; Mrs. Tampa. S urv1vor s Include hlb wi do w, Mrs. Ethel M . Ryals, Perez; two sisters, Mrs. Belan Tampa; two sons, Aaron J. Suarez Mrs. Leocadla Romeo; 7 Ryals Jr. , Tampa and H . T. and one greatgrandTampa; two daughter:,. Gradiaz-Annis & Co. and Morgan Cigar Co. Will Be Closed All Day Tues. Due to the Funeral of Mrs. Minnie B. Annis Wife of Julius B. Annis PRICES GOOD THRU MAY 19, 1962 ill Special Reg. Price Per 100 Ft. . 1/2 -in ch $ 3.98 ........... $ 3.50 *-inch 6.49 -.. . • . . • • . • 5.98 PLASTIC l inch 10.69 . . . . • .. .. . • 9.98 i nch 14.7-5 ........... 12.98 PIPE I 1h inch 18.45 ....•... , • _ 16.98 2-inch 29.98 ........... 26.98 Full Circle SOc • Sewer Drain (20 ft.) Reg : 3.95 3.49 Full Circle Impulse SPRINKLER HEAD $279 •r \ SPRINKLER HEADS Full lf2" Insert Threaded Te• 35c or Part Circle Adlustable Impulse SPRINKLER HEAD '12" Elbow 20c ' l/u'h" Reducing Insert Adapter 30e --$,'7S'::tr 79'# B22 Fan Shope ------------!Steel Lawn Rake NEW WASH & WAX AUTO WAX Reg. $1.25 Special 5002 Round Point Shovel Reg. $1.111 . PRESTONE 97 WASH & WAX Reg. 99 AUTO SPONGE $lA9 8453 Florida Ave. WASHERS $18800 start at TAMPA J. M. Fields Grandway Store Ace Heating & Ventilation The Burns Co. Columbia Music & Appl . Co, Goodyear Service Stores Pearl Furniture Co. Pioneer Tire Co., Inc:, Star Applianc,e Ca. ARCADIA Arcadia Hardware AVON PARk Deloney Hordwor• BARTOW Long Furniture Co. Goodyear Service Store BOWLING GREEN Nicholson Supply Ca. BRADENTON Manatee Home Supply McCranies BROOKSVILLE Gateway Furniture, Int. Snow's Equrpment lr Appl. BUSHNELL Allen Hardware Co. Evans & Sons Hardware CHIEFLAND Beauchamp Hardware & Furniture CLEARWATER Burrow's Merchandise Mart Goodyear Service Store Mather of Clecrrwater O'Hara Furniture Co. Y. B . Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Rthboum's West Coast Hardware DADE ClTY H arpor's Furniture DAYTONA BEACH F. F. J. M. Fields Dunn Bros . Hardware Co. Mather's of Daytona BHch McDuff Appliance DELA,..D Mother of DeLand DUNEDIN Gibson Furniture Georgia Cattlemen at Meeting ATHENS, Ga., May 14 (JP)strations of research techniques Cattlemen a n d other experts was one on ulttasonic measurefrom a wide area assembled to-ment of loin eye fat. day for a thorough examination Out-of-state cattlemen a t of the fundamentals of beef tending include Charles Chand production. ler, president or the American The day-and-a-half event is Hereford Association; D a v i d the Southeastern Hereford Hallett of Washington, D .C.; Progress Clinic at the Georgia Marvin Koger of Gainesville; Center of Continuing Educa-Dr. J. R . Stouffer of Ithaca, tion. The program includes N.Y.; and Durwar d Lewter of some of the nation's leading Lubbock, Tex. authorities OD livestock diSCUSSPAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT ing such topics as marketing, ;;;;============::; breeding p r o g r a m s, carcass analysis and calf crop evalua tion. Among scheduled demon-Mrs. Wall Dies at 66 Citizens In ' Distrid 5 am grateful to those both known and unknown who worked voted in my behalf lob Davis Candidate for •• ELECTION BOARD District 5 I earnestly invite you, my friends, to vote for me May 29 Thanks AMAZING New 8-HOUR ''Coffee Drinking" DIET for EASY REDUCING nm• way . 'fe1. Lhere 1.1 no undtrh&dlnr . CAN ALSO BE TAK6N IN TEA. Orenreith' womtD anci men ID norm•J tlttltb un now lose man Y . r:nanJ tiiJ poundl with lbh new , ute S-BOUil DRINK lNG Dl.iiT. It. helpJ e.en bie eatera to lose ••ll'ht amu.inr1Y tatt wblle l!tJI mJeylnc aood meals ot Ant foo d eur;r d&J'. lin breakfast .•. eat dinner ..• eat ltnllblr of enr;rtbiDJ JOU no" eat. Bu' Instead ot a hetTY l unch eat a aalad. , UJetabte or other lleht. food u a nd dtnoln one apoonful LA.R80N'8 C .R.D. C RYSTALS in a cup of JoUr rerular co!l'ee and drint lt! enourh talttninc tal orlu au eltmSnated 10 the horrid look1nr bull'eJ mtJt away . tt•a qutekiJ noUuablt: how mu( h rat. ts cone trcm tare. nou, ler• . hlps , Lbtrlu . and from an onr the body the FRUIT JUICE. SKIM MILK LARSON'!! C .R.D. CRYSTALS are nla aad do oot L"'ntaln d.aoceroua uduclnr druc• or aatntt. Tbe blr 0:4. Jar (30 apoontuh) wlth the complete diet plan Ja now belnl' lnttcduct


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