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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 101 (June 4, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 4, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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• University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 101 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 4, 1962 Steady Course Fair through Tuesday, except for isolated alter noon showers. Variable winds up to 18 m.p.h. High today and Tuesday 90. Low tonight 72. PRICE FIVE CENTS 124 Students Receive Scholarships For Total $25,000 In Three Areas Little Man on C_ ................ USF'S JAMES ("GO SCOTT") GLADSTONE AT THE CAPE, CARPENTER, AND GLENN'S MISSILE Here is USF's missile-minded student, James T. Gladstone Jr., as he awaited Scott Carpenter's blastoff for the 3-orbit flight. Gladstone doesn't miss a major firing at the Cape and among other things carries his credentials as correspondent fot the Campus Edition, last time sitting along with Walter Kronkite of CBS to see things "go." Above, right center, Gladstone gets a shot off the official monitot as Carpenter scoots into the capsule and at right there goes the missile, but this is Glenn's not Carpenter's. G!adstone says it was a bit foggy the day Carpenter went up. He got a "pure" shot of Glenn's. -. By BILL BLALOCK Scholarship awards for the fall trime.ster have been announced by the office of student affairs to go to 124 students or prospective students. The awards fall into j the categories of state teaching scholarships, Foundation scholarships and university work scholarships and give approximately $25,000 of finan-• cia! aid to USF students enroll-ing in September. BLASTOFF BUFF , .USF Fraternal Societies Keep Campus Active Work-scholarships are divided Thomas Cherepak, Carol Steven into three different types. The Cole, Anthony Corbett, Lmda Enter. full scholarship is $226 and reHic}\:S Elected quires the student to work four Kruse, Ja.nice Lang, Meredith Lynn, hours each week to pay off P d amount. Books and materials Carol Richard, Marsha Salgado. resi ent SCholarships are given in sums . Mary Shea. Tl)omas Shepherd, Wil up to $75 dollars each trimester. Of AAUP Supplementary scholarships are Vane, and Fred Patts. The end of spring semester awarded 'in individual amounts. JG J has brought about a number of Students Named Beckner, "Bello, Carole 0 last minute parties, teas, indue-Dr. John Hicks. chairman of Students rect:!iving state teacht . d fo m 1 get togeth humanities, has been elected to h l hi D J c d IOns, an m r a . . . . mg ? ars ps are: emans Thomas Delp, Lot ers by fraternal societies and head achvthes the local .ch ap-A. H1ggmbotham, Ruth J. Les-tie Eggleston, Karen Engstron, Martin other campus interest organiz-tcr of the Amencan AssociatiOn lie Laura Mandell Dave! Shef'Favata, David Fleer, 'Barbara Flinn. USF Freshman Watches 1Em While the recent blastoffs of John Glenn and Scott ations. of University for the fieid and Carolyn' Williams Eleanor Goss, Judith Harris, William FRATERNAL SOCIETIES next two years, accordmg to Dr. Hebb, Gerald Hefley, Andree Holland, Carpenter have Slowed things down a bit at times on D ld R H k t Foundation scholarshi'ps went Virginia John, and Gladys Kige_r. ARETE: Beach parties at ona ar. ness! associa e t h . . .1 s More Work ScholarshiPS campus. as students and staff rp.ell?bers kept an ear to Clearwater Beach have highof soc1al sc1ences, and o t. e follov. mg. Apn. haar, James P. Klapps, William Ktay, Ellz the radiO or an eye on the TV set, It ha.s speeded up the lighted the social activities of outgomg president. Paulme Bus h Scholarship; Ruby abeth Lauara, John Lazura , Paul actions of one student believer in the space age James Arete brothers these last few Hicks was named president at Brand 0 n W9men's T. Gladstone J[ . Long ago Glad-' weeks. t.he organization's recent. meetServ1ce League Scholarship; AINellis, Barbara Pelt, Lawrence Penice Benjamin, Wellswood Civic dat'vi.s. am! Steven P!Orunko. stone asked George H. Miller, DELPHI: A tea was held at campus, With D l'. Club Scholarship; Barbara Gut, adviser to the Office of Campus H b H the home of Earlene Corrales WilkeS", . pr.o-National Secretaries Association Robbin Sentell, Gerald Skelly, John Publications jf he could be the ugo oom as recently. New sisters inducted at Iessor of humamttes, who Will Scholarship; Michelle Young, ucPkbeirl,ipJasutnit,.tla, wl\1aatreyrs.TKayarloern, C EditJon's correspondent this time were Tish Gabel, Dud-serve a two-year term as treas-h atamCpaupse Canaveral durlng mis-Heart Attack ley Smith, Nancy Siebert, Eveand Dr. A. Lovett Scholarship; Virginia Webb, and Harold Wickersham. K t t f E 1 h d G d Johns .. Chi Omega sile firings Miller immediately lyn Evonosky, Aurora Me ay, ms rue or 0 ng lS ' an 1 Cynthia Carreno, Kmght and Tartaglia , Sherra Jones, Heney Dee, d . lookin" for a H b USF and Dorothy Gentry Tish Gabel K Nelson, professor of W !IS h I h. . d C t Joseph Castellano, Patricia Cone, Betty sense someone b"' t R. WaYne ugo oom , was named outstanding pledge bJO!ogy, both of whom Will serve a c 0 a:s lP, an ons ance Salemi, Madelyn Barnes. Robert Di free ticket to a show u gave associate professor of music for thls semester on the executive committee for Cooke. Robmson Parent-Teach-necn, and Barry Dalton. his "Ok," or should it be "Go." ' ers Assoc'ation s hoi ship Donald Camha•, Polly Edmonson. t h h t suffered a mild cardiac attark ETHELONTES: P 1 e d g e s one-year terms. -I c Linda Flenker, Ralph j, Poe, Neal After all, In the pas e as sen last n1'a!Jt at tltn SprJna. sisters to a special T\' I Harkness "ill remain as a. 'Vork Henrtrix, Pamela Morales, Carolyn to cover the Kt>n-.... .. ,. .. d . I . II ). rN•<••vmg nrk- both the fall and spnng semes-ures indicate that USF students, The University String Ensem-ampus 0 ICes the university as a whole. f . r h scholarship fund. More than ter f lt d t ff d bl • t f t A b d t t b But to those pro essors "'. o $ 300 was contributed directly rill were responsible for the acu y, an s a an commu-e s summer concer s ea urmg vc FACILITIES _ students should oar sy.s em o e mau-may wonder at the neglect J1m h 1 h' f d USF' M• T oily members have strongly sup-contemporary music, will be on note that the uc facilities will be gurated in the fall was anto preparing for his final to the sc . 0 ars Lp . 1 t decorations which included s ISS ampa ported the FA program. Average Thursday, June 28, at 1 :2 0 and closed from 10 p.m. Saturday, June 9, nounced, as were new officers. exams let us add,. "Here is a Approximately 30 peop e a -flower arrangements done in Anita Garcia, 18.year-old USF attendance was approximately 8:30 p.m. in the TA . until Monday morning, June 18. President of the Program young man dedicated to going tended. coffee and .28 of crystal. . . 450 per performance. The University Band, directed Council for the fall semester is 1 e and seeing things " Somethese ]omed the foundation or Th f' t t fJ eshman, was selected as MISS Summer Agenda by Gale Sperry, will be pre-grades from their instructors or course Bob Connell, secretary is Ti::.h dpaayc Js1m would ]l'ke t .o. be an renewed their membership. 11 et' Irs . maJor tmhanul.sbCI'IP Tampa in the competition held d sented in concert in the TA on chairmen after they have received their Gabel. The vice president will k . th Th h 1 h ' .11 co ec ron given to e 1 rary S d M 20 On tthe agfe_n a are course grades by mail. engineer wor mg on e e sc o ars 1p money WI . . un ay, ay , at Lowry Park. two ar ex 1 1 rons, tve con-Thursday, July I2 at 8 :3 0 p.m. TRA.f'FJC VIOLATIONS _ Students be elected at a later date by "bU'. ds" but if he doesn' t make be turned over to the student was on display. Il is the gift of Sh 'll t th certs and the Penninsular PlayOn. Thursday, July 19, at 8:30 who have failed to honor their traff1c the incoming council members. , . . . . e WI represen e sponsor-' , 1 1 b th d the se mester A b d t 1 the grade there then perhaps 1t affairs office to be used for Robert R. Simmons Jr., of . g J . Cl b f C I ers' production of "Hamlet.' p.m. in TA the Universitywd; h:v.:'nthe'l.r grades with: oar sys em Jas been will be journalism. "You sure general scholarships. Temple Terrace, who gave his 10 u?Ior er om-Exhibits of the work of Jack-Commumty Symphony Orchcs-held until the record i $ cleared m the planned to act as a policy mak-get close to important people," Mrs. U. A. Young, Mrs. JohJ:? family papers covering the past merce m the Miss Flonda con-sonville and Sarasota artists will tra will give its concert, directsecurity. office. ing organization which will ad-he says. Jiretz Jr., and Mrs. A . R. Mer200 years. test this summer. be held May 27-July 18 and ed by Edward Preodor. vise and set standards for the The summer theater produc-for use during the . sess!on Program Council. It is to lle EDITORIAL . Recent Letters To Editor Ignore Libel Laws tion will be "Hamlet." Try-outs should sen<:J a request and JUstlficat or the Procure cil elected by the entire counciL that with the instigation of this noon The Johns Committee investi-approach of exams and students The authors cited three cases or tends to injure one in his culars, leaflets, cards or other plan, more efficient ticket sales LIBRARY scHEDULE _ BaldWJ•ll WI.flS gation which came into the begin to wonder which profes-where the Florida courts have trade or profession." printed matter when it refers will result. The University Library will observe the open three weeks ago precipi-sor will be back in the fall. defined libel: Letters to tbe Editor to publishing. This would in-Next year's theme will be tated a number of letters to the Let us have a brief lesson on In 1887 (Montgomery vs. Any letter to the editor which elude the many ditto publicaUSF's "Junior Year Abroad," Thursday, a a . m : to 10 p.m.; Friday, $3 o p • editor of The Campus Edition. libel in order to assist persons Knox, 23 Fla. 595) the Florida attacks a person or tends to tions which have flooded the featuring touring foreign groups 8 a.m. to 5 p . m.; Saturday, closed, r1ze 0 l f th 1 tt ade b h 'd f th t USF campus 1'n recent \"eeks h ' '11 and Sunday, 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. n y one 0 ese e ers m on ot SI es 0 e con rover Supreme Court defined libel as: hold a person group up to ' . W !Ch WI be brought to camPOSITIONS OPEN A head teacher w• . it into print as the others vio-sy in writing letters that can bl' .d. 1 Lotteries Out, Also pus since USF'ers cannot go and several other teaching positions Ith StOr)r lated the Florida laws . of libel. appear in print, letters which "Any language published of a pu IC r1 iCU e must carry the b ad cc d' " t B h will be available beginning this ail fo 11 I l h . person which tends to degrade name and address of the person we advise both students and a ro ' a or m,., 0 eec er. a nine-month term at Ume in the Many students, and Iacu1ty, wi he p to c ear t e 1ssue him or to bring him into 111 placing or sending the letter. faculty to read the previously The Fine ,.Arts Council, which south seclion of TamJ?a. Duties involve Author John D M D ld belleve "freedom of the press" rather than smear it with mud. f d t b . kl t Fl ' d includes representatives from developing and teaching programs for ac ona • repute, or to destroy the confi-The authors of the publication rc erre o oo e on Ort a . . pre-school age children. Applicants fOl sponsor of the Sarasota Story to mean they have the right to One of the best referenc1es deuce of his neighbors 1.n hi's referred to previously say, "The libel law. Especially faculty fme arts mterest groups on cam-the posilions must have either a bach Contest announced contest win h thi t d a libel is "Libel and the F oriaa b h pus selected the "Junior Year elor's degree or considerable relevant ' ave any ng P r 1 n e In integrity, or to cause other like true name and post office ad-mem e:s W O are newcomers ' .. experience. Inte•ested staff spouses may ners in a letter to Dr, Ed Hirsh-newspaper. It so happens ediNewspaperman" by Harold B. injury to him, is actionable, ir-dress of the person" must be to Flonda. Abroad theme. call the.Personn.el Office for berg early last week tors must uphold the laws and Henderly, Albert Parra, Martha lespective of special damage." carried with the printed letter. :"'e might add that have New Sports Trophy LEAGUE-The (\ c cord i n g to Mac. Donald, avoid printing libelous materi-G. Webb, and Jud Conner (M t 11 'd tumed down the promotiOn of USF and staff bowling league will be Michael L. B a 1 d w 1 n was al Or they face Possl.ble court The il research and publication The Florida Supreme Court . os co ege papers cons! 1 l t t . d Tu d J t 6 45 The d I in 1917 further said " A civil this met when the students severa 0 enes on campus an D. I . L"b gin es ay, une •• a : . p.m. awarde the first prize of $30 action. of the re erence was doneJ un action for libel will, lie when name and registration number each time caught a blast 1Sp ay In I rary F;;;Wdam;:!.l for "a deliciously outrageous The university community der the direction of Prof. 01111 there has been a false and uuare used and for faculty, ideo-the students concerned. Flonda Now on display in the library AIR coNDITIONING-Air cond!Uon little story with surely the most must defend itself and the Paul Jones in the graduate pro tJ" t h ) law says you cannot advertise lobby are the team champion-ing in the dorm will be of from Juf!e implausibly precocious protag-. gram of the School of Journal privileged publication, which ICa Ion as sue or . t 1 tt , th . 10 unt1l June 16. The temperature 1n . t 1 h , stand it has taken on academic ism and Communications at tt.r exposes a person to distrust, The courts, perhaps, make P 1 omo e a o ety VIa . e ship plaques for each sport of other buildings will be e.rratic-some oms ave ever run across. freedom Over 1 000 Students h t d t t 'di 1 . h f press. And the courts defme the intramural competitt've pro-rooms will be cool, some wtll be colder. J ane Keegen and Bob Ash-. ' University of Florida in 1959. are , con emp , n cu e, or some exceptiOn w en re erence 1 tl . th t h' h h WORK-STUDY STUDENTS-On work f d t d stated their position when they The authors point out thai oblog uy, or which causes such is made to candidates for public o. ei y as. a . w IC as a gram. period must return their end of period or were ra e equal by Macslgncd the peti't 1 'on endorsing t b 'd d h' 1 f f f pnze, consideratiOn, and chance. The recent goii tou1nament reports before. satisfactory entry can be Donald, and both received $10 in libel you must have ( 1) fab persons o e avo1 e , or w LC 1 o ice or o f ice holders. The au-h t rd D d t licy \"hJ"ch circu h t d We realize it is difficult for Wi'nners were the Enotas wi"th a m 1 . inJ 1 ell'12permanen reco ea p rizes. All awards were based umvers1 Y PO ' words, (2l they must inflict as a en ency to mJure such thors say, "What the courts are me ,. une 1 t d k g L tt P h ff those not acquainted with the team total of 129 for nine holes WORKSTUDY. sTnnENTS go;•g o n on "control of the. medium." a e a wee a o. e ers su damage, and \3) they must be person m is o ice, occupation, saying, in effect, is that you can 1 t d h " t . th r t have ap b 1 aw o understan w Y every-of play. Team member Doug work period must inform Work-Study MacDonald praised the cali-por mg e umve SI Y publt'shed. usmess or emp oymcnt." . jure a person in his office, OC So, 2d 597\ the Florida Supreme believe to be true." able. in the USF Library and Skeeters with a score of 4 1. NEXT ISSUE JUNE 18 On the whole the student cupation, business or employ. Court stated, "A publication is As for freedom of the press, in the c;>ffice of the adviser. to The blind bogey award went to It'S Like This The next Issue of the body has handled the attack in ment, expose him to distrust, libelous per se if when consid-no newspaper m the U.S. has the Office of Campus PublicaBob Alwood with a net score CAMPUS EDITION will be a mature fashion and avoided hatred. contempt or ridicule or erect alone, without innuendo, the freedom libelous tions, G e 0 r g e H. Miller, minus handicap of 36. There was no flag on the Li-printed Monday, June 18, the stooping to the level of name cause him to b e embarrassed it charges a person with having statements Without facmg court AD 1070. Students and faculty The tennis tournament als o brary last Wednesday, Memori-first day of classes in the ('alling. However, it is impor-or avoided by society. They are an infectious disease; tends to action. And to bring things are welcome to borrow these was won for the Enotas by the al Day because the flagstaff is Summer Session. tant to maintain that level as published when they appear in subject one to hatred, distrust, closer home, Florida law in publications for reading or team of John Pluta, Wes Han-' . -------------tempers become frayed with the your newspaper. ridicule, contempt, or disgrace; eludes handbills, dotigers, cir-checking points of law. W.P. ldns, and Ken Marcus. so short that 1t cannot handle the flag when flown at half .............. .................... ................ .................... ................................ Numerous calls flooded administrative oifices asking, Million Dollar Values Today in Sections B and D good to see the students are so o bserv ant." • . , The Tampa Times University of South Florida Campus Ed!Uon


!-A THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, .Tune 4, 1962 c I 5th D th . T ALL-OUT FIGHT PLANNED FILEs su1r IN NEw oRLEANs •ty 5 ••• Union Battling Rail Merger R kw II U S N . . D wn .I ng Mrs. Belle Thompson Kline, nia and one niece in Spokane, Oc e azl ro Washington CLEVELAND June 4 (JP)District of Columbia and 12 Je;sey, pelaware, Maryland and I • • I 91, of 7300 HunUey, died Suny Members of the' BrothE;,rhood of states along the two railroad!;' Missoun. day in a Tampa hospital. A naMRS. VINJE Railroad Trainment (BftTl from routes to the session. ICC approval would produce d f • R d d tive of Boonville, Ind., she had Mrs. Vinie Kelley, 84, dted yes-12 states were setting plans to-He said the union's efforts a system 20,073 miles of B 0 U n 0 r M .I am I eco r e resided in Tampa for the past terday at the home her daugh-day for an all-out fight against will be aimed at seeing that the a!ld With more than b f ter, Mrs. Joe R. Sptvey, 114 W. the proposed merger of the New "federal government and the billiOn m assets. The compames . 34 yeru:s. She was a mem er. o Genessee. A native. of s_uwanee York Central and Pennsylvania people get the facts and recogemploy about 134,000, most of . . T h ecorded its fifth the First Church of Christ, County, she had resided m Railroads. nize the danger of removing them represented by unions. NEW June 4 (JP) backing of groups. than a month Scientist, of Boston, Mass., and pa for the past 17 years. She IS w. P. Kennedy, head of the competition from the railroads." Kerinedy charged that more -George Lmcoln Rockwell •. 44Mrs. ,Is a leader. with the death of a 29 _:(ear-old a member of the Second Church survived by two daugh_ters, Mrs. 105,000-member u n i o n States involved are Ohio, Illi-than 33, 000 jobs would be lost year-old head of the Amencan Rockwell didn t specify why she man who slipped and fell from f Ch . t S . tst in Tampa Spivey, and Mrs. Carter, called the meeting here, said nois I 0 dian a Pennsylvania in the merger. The BRT re Nazi Party, planned to leave by was included. . . tl railing of the Gandy Bridge 0 d f ns • Cien of the both of Tampa; one stster, Mrs. yesterday the merger would West Virginia ' New York' portedly represents 34,000 op-plane today for Miami, Fla., When Rockwell arnved m lk h . 1e fishing an C a Sh . sur-Lillie Dean, Tampa; four broth-create "economic mayhem for achusetts 'Michigan NeV.: erating employes, about half after filing suit against several New Orleans yesterday from ca w nderson of 2722 w_ T b d i N R. A. Drawdy, E. L. Drawdy, the eastern half of the nation. ' ' of the total opearting force of city officials on charges. his ;Arlington, Va. home, eon e 1 Y er . us an • w n F. W. Drawdy, all of Tampa, It's like stripping a main vein the two railroads. ing suppression of hlS CIVIl of hls storm stroopers met him. : 7th sk who Klme, Tampa, opeT son, trthrer L. M. Drawdy of Zephyrhills; from a healthy person." Junior College "We mean business," Kennedy rights. Policemen were also waiting. race ecause 0 a G. Thompso'?.0 . erre . a'? ' five grandchildren; 12 great-The head of the biggest of said. "We don't understan.d The self-styled "fuehrer" said At a conference, Indh andc h0 grandchildren. and one great-five operating unions urged . Increase Urged why two J;tealthy have &I had "some people in Miami well said the pro-segregation a. ro . er a 1 nep . . 0 . great-grandchild. Interstate Commerce CommJS-to merge m an expandmg econ!lt they're scared because of citizens council and ha MISS SUSAN PRITCHARD sion (ICC). probe of what TALLAHASSEE, June 4 4rs. Wal-tled effect" of President Kenper cent of the Presly Trosclatr, Ed g.a r hate man, all right, but I'm daughter, Diana Murphy Hen-and therr daughter, Cnstle Sue, ter Parker and Mrs. Robert nedy's attack on !he steel state's high school graduates Stern and ;An!I:Defamatton merely trying to get my mesderson; the parents, Mr. and 16, last Friday. . Clyde Windes, both of New price increase contributed now live within commuting. disof B nat B rtth. sage to the people. They're lookMrs. Henry T. Henderson; three The M. K. Orleans. the recent st?Ck. market . drop. tance of juni?r and "I m sorry I have. to name ing for a guy who will stand up sisters, Mrs. Rachel McGough, tor of Ridge Baptist Church m Plumley sa1d m radio in-plans are to ratse thts to 99 per Schiro," Rockwell sa1d, "but I and say what he means, even Mrs. Patricia Ann Boatright and Richmond, said Mrs. Hofer had MRS. JENNIE W. GOLD terview that he Ken-cent. have to include him to sue the if he has to be arrested or even Miss Henrietta P. Henderson, called him the day before the Mrs. Jenilie w. Gold, 71, who nedy was interested m th,e wel-Wattenbarger said comparicity." .Schiro WB;S elected die for it." . all of Tampa; the paternal shooting to say :'bow happy they lived with her daughter and fare of but .was sons showed that more h!gh lier this year wtth the active Two of his storm troopers grandmother, Mrs. Addie P. were that Hubie was gomg to son-in-law, William L. and Fran-a need for IDlprovement m busischool graduates were gomg last night picketed about one Henderson of Plant City; and a turn out to b& an excellent ces Kelly, 8406 lOth St., died ness-government relations. into college level work in the THE PATENT SCAFFOLDING CO., INC. LAD DiltS SCAFFOLDING Annou nces the opening of another F lorida b r anch and warehouse at hour in front of the National nephew, .Robert Hen-young man.'' . . . . Saturday morning in a Tampa • counties served by the Association for the Advance-derson of Tampa. Roberson said he had. aided hospital. A native of Monroe, f••neral NotiCeS than in counties not havmg a ment of Colored People head-Mr. Henderson was a native in p 1 acing the boy with the Union County, N . C., she had u nearbyv quarters. Several Negroes of Troy Ala., but had resided Hofer family in an attempt to been a resident of Tampa for GOLD. :c';;l'rW :.. watched while police. stood by. in Tampa for the past 28 years. rehabilitate him. The minister 51 years. She was a member st be Cleveland Area The pickets carried signs He was a Korean War veteran. said the youth "has always. had of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Wednesday eh Un-American CommiHee Eyes 3123 FOURTH AVENUE PH. 248 TAMPA 5, FLORIDA reading: "Negroes join Black some difficulties ... emotional Gold is survived by four daugh5the o. WASHINGTON, June 4 (UP!}-Muslims" and "race mixing is Cast' ro Sa d difficulties ... and was obsessed ters Mrs. Frances Kelly, Tams..0 the pastor, InThe House Committee on Un-Jewish." with a desire to leave home.'' pa; 'Mrs. Katie Parker, Talla-g>rmert American Activities planned to One Negro woman said, S 1• Roberson said that Mrs. Hofer hassee; Mrs. Ruby Allen, Fort 'i>'1'rker, Frank w. ;Lee, wu. turn its attention today to Com-"They're just wasting their mugg tng her mother had talked with Worth Tex., and Mrs. Mary M. bert o.c munist Party structure and me. Us folks ain't interested. U S M d A the boy Thursday. "My underHouston, Tex.; daughaXrrangements' by Wilson tivities in the Cleveland, Ohio, just curious." • e• a e rmS standing was that they had. a ter-in-law, Mrs. Gpld, _________ _ area. MIAMI J 4 (= _ The friendly conversation," he Tampa, and 11 grandchildren. The committee was scheduled p c-rps . . , une "Hubie. was part of the famlly. to open four days of eace Mtam1 NE;WS says. -They talked to him about h}s d ' H hearings at which about 20 WitGrowth Seen is strymugglmgAment can interest in the farm and some Mata or urt nesses were to appear. fan weayons revo u on cows assigned to him.'' • a Rep. Gordon H. Scherer, MANHATTAN Kan. 4 . aries ii'l. rune Latin American In MeXICO Rang HERNANDEZ, TIRSOFuneral serv ices for Mr. Tlrso Hernandez, 62, of 914 33rd Ave., will be held Wednes day nfternoon at 4 o'clock from the Chapel of Lord & Fernandez Funeral Home. Interment will be In Wood Ohio a committee member, said ' ' nations. N y H •t I the hearings were the culmina(JP) -Nearly. S,OOO Peace. The newspaper said U. S. in• • 0Spt Q TIJUANA, Mexico, June 4 (JP) tion of two years of digging by volunteers Wlll be servmg 10 telligence agents reported to _Young Mexican matador Ru-lawn Cem-etery, committee investigators. 38 countries by the of th!! President Kennedy that rifles, AnnOUnCeS dolfo Palafox was reported Even before the hearings be• says Sargent Shnver, di-automatic weapons and other • critical but improving today 1---;_ ________ _ gan the committee was critl-rector of corps. 0 t arms, reconditioned at Matan-Sa I a ry HIke after being gored by a bull in cized in connection with the thAddrKessmg iaty zas, Cuba plant, are being sent EW YORK J 4 (UP!}the downtown Tijuana bullring Ohio investigation. e ansas e n vers . in small lots to Peru, Columbia, N . 1 • une yesterday. The protest came after Cleveyesterday, ShnVenezuela, Nicaragua, Montefiore Hospttal yesterday 23 underwent a two-MUIR, LEWELLYN W.Mr. LewellYn w. 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