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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 113 (June 18, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 18, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 113 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1962 Sun Strike Partly cloudy througb Tuesday with a few wide ly scatt'ered afternoon showers. High today 90. Low tonight 71. PRICE FIVE CENTS Second Summer Session Welcomes 1,000 Students Registration Remains Open Until2:30 P.M. Wednesday By LOUISE STEWART The Univ.ersity of South Florida opened its second summer session today with more than 1 , 000 students on campus, according to estimates. Late registration through Wednesday is ewect.ed to put the figure between 1,050 and 1,200. There were 955 intents to register turned in by returning students from last semester and approximately 400 new applications filed. MAGAZINE PARADISE _ Over 46,000 Books . In Campus Library The first summer session last year for USF had an enrollment of 936 students with a fulltime equivalent of 516 . Registration continues this week from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p . m. t h r o u g h Wednesday, after which the final figures will be available. USF is off e r i n g approximately 100 courses this summer with a teaching faculty of 74. Dr. Jean A . Battle, dean of the College o f Education , who is USF L'b th 1 t b ld" • in charge of the summer pro-1 rary, e arges UI mg on campus, IS gram, said that while the sum-STRIKE COMMAND EMBLEM the home of more than 46,000 volumes of books for mer program is here for the This is the symbol of the U.S. Strike Command, base at MacDill Air Force student and staff use, plus current subscriptions to more purposes of regular students, Base, which held its first combat readiness "pop test" this morning in South Hills than 2400 different magazines. The library's summer much of the program is geared h M d Th d f 8 to 10 p m for teachers who are taking sup-borough County. Nearly 500 paratroopers from Fort Campbell, Ky., jumped from ours are on ay-urs ay rom a.m. ., plementary courses. "Last sum-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p .m . , mer, one-half of the enroll-C119s. and Sunday from 2 p.m. to f I t dents and the other half of demand for moor weekend hours a C U y teachers," said Battle. ENROLLMENT 12.000 BY 1970 Summer as in the past, these hours may In further elaboration on the lengthen. summer program, Battle spoke IR I d 5 . I The library is an ideal place A t• •t of the many events planned and 0 e an Cope for students in search of a quiet c lVI . y the change in class scheduling. EVents atmosphere in which to study. " Rather than scheduling six It has new and comf'Ortable meetings a week for classes, we furniture and is liberally sprin-have set up five meetin gs a P • u F kled with lounge areas of con-At us F week with periods 60 minutes 0 I n ts P . u t U re C I d tour chairs and soft carpeting. long." There will no longer be a en a r Reserved Reading a free hour or vacant period Looking ahead 25 years, the university has prepared a Role and Scope report that examines the present institution and how it should project itself into the future, according to Dr. Sidney J. French, dean of academic Just off the main lobby of each day, but two per week. the library is the Reserve ReadDON HARKNESS, past presi-Thes e two days are Tuesdays hi 300 dent of the USF chapter of the d Th d f 1 20 t A Summer events Schedule ing Room w "ch se. ats . peo-an urs ays rom : o th AAUP, and a friend to the girls 2 20 listing art exhib{ts, concerts ple. The m IS roo.t:n who ... •pe, says in a letter of : p.m. and a Production Of "Hamlet" are those which are extremely .,.,. The General Extension Divi-th h t Parting from his office, "As we f Fl "d ff th has been announced 'by the di -popular because ey. appe'_l o work for the future of higher Sion o on a ls o erm'l ree Vls1 0n of flne arts of tbm un1_ be the current readmg ass1gn-summer institutes through USF. v 1 d th f education in Florida, we should c th d report was prepared by --------------1 versity of South Florida. ment foJ? a c ass an ere ore t ommun1sm m e m o ern . . . . are ava1lable for a two-hour not forget that we must mee world is offered for teachers little Man on Campus "I was telling Mrs. Snarf your homework has been so outstanding this first week of school you seem headed for an A In the Functional English course. Of ' course, if I were you, I wouldn't mention this to Dr. Zetler or Dr. Parrish." USF SOPHOMORE Peace Corps School To Train Jackson • on planning and An exh1b1hon by Jacksonville period only in the reading room salary competition for secre-who are going to instruct the By SARAH CALDWE'='L headed by French. It gram in news which artists in the University Gallery so that all members of a class taries as well as scholars." w. e Communism versus Amerlcan Joel Jackson USF sophomore Wlll be trading hi.s completed and pre-would operate w1thm the struc-leads .off the summer program ill h t th b k are sure that all the secretanes ' ' to the board of control ture of the Coll ege of The exhibition 6 Pen e d last ;; . h 0lf he up and down, including Harkset up :Y the Sprite for hiking shoes when he July .20 !or examination. French said Arts. and not devel.op a month, and will c on tin u e fo:m&e re-ness' wife, Genevieve, who is e 11 Corps training scho91 and a possible destmahnn the board will bring conschool of through July 18. Tryouts for serve books ma be out a secretary II in the office of study in Spanish for the ele-of Sierra Leone, Afnca. . . sultants in to examine the uniEmphasis would be on provldmg the production of "Hamlet" will ght t Ybe t d t student personnel liked the mentary teacher is part of the The sports car IS JUSt the frrst of many things Jackt nd determine the valid a broad liberal arts background b h ld TA t ., 30 t overm o re urne a ' versl Y a -a n d not on "how-to-do-it" e e 11?a ': p.m. o-opening time the next morning. comment. program of Spanish being given son must leave behind, as Peace.,...._. . . . ity of the report. morrow mght, June 19. The southern portion of this DR. HERB E R T J. WUNDE:rt in the educa-Corps members are expected to to whlch he promlses to Major new programs enviscourses. Other events listed on the room may be used for quiet LICH, dean of Student Affalrs tlonal telev1swn. Th1s g1ves the live according to the standards wnte. ioned in the report are an in-3-Expansion of the program calendar are: group study. effective July. I, was on campus classroom teacher a chance to of the country to which they Persons interest.ed In the stitute of technology which for preparation of teachers of June 21, 1:20 and 8:30 p.m.-The recently lookmg over the enserve as supplementary aid to are assigned. Sierra Leone is .corps may plCk up would provide a limited num"exceptional" students-those University String Ensemble will pre Reference Room tanglement of that office. the instruction on TV. The third one of the most westernized honna1res at the post off1ce. h e gfted r t ded r m6eunst1ca. concert or baroque chamber The Reference Room of the Women m shorts d1dn't seem to M USF t d t h 1 ber of engineermg programs as w o ar 1 • e ar o institute is t h e Accelerated areas in Africa. English is the any . s u s . ave a -well as technical studies to meet physically handicapped. This 2B:, 1:20 and 8:30 p.m.-"The library is located on the second be one of his worries ..• yet. Reading with an extta charge predominate langu age, although ready _sent m as a the ever-increasing needs of would be tied in with expansion Young floor of the building and conDR. HOWARD of $35 for the course. The the tribal tongue Mende is also result of Joel Jacksons accept Florida industry, and a proof studies in the behavioral Ju)r, :;, 1.:20 and 8:30 p.m.-The Uni-tain.s the card catalog of all the former dean of Student Affairs) course is designed change utilized. ' ' ance. gram of health related studies, sciences. The latter, however , books the library, theen-is now bunking at 5708 Oliver student reading hab1ts f r 0 m Diamond mining is a main ----------which would include a fourwould stress research rather .12. 8 :30 p.m.-Concert by the cyclopedias and other research Avenue, South, Minneapolis 19, left-to-right progression t 0 occupation of the population. Scrog gi ns Year dental School and a two -than teacher preparation. utorur.verslty Band, Gale Sperry., dlrec-materials, plus those wonderful M 1 nn. He plans a full summer d th owne-page progresswn. The black market alone handles year school of medicine. 4 _ Continued expansion of July 19, 8:30 p . m.-Concert by Ute founts of knowledge, the refer-at the University of Minnesota Summer Workshops $ 50 000 000 worth of diamonds 12,000 Enrollment the evening program toward ence Across the hall before shoving off for a new Also offered in the summer per' To Head These two units, together the goal of enabling students July 22 to August 3I-Sarasota Artists from thiS room are the current career in education. will be two three-week work-Lack o f Interest with a proposed research insti-to start and complete a dethrough 28, 8 ,30 p.m., and periodicals. lt'Oom DEAN SIDNEY J •. FRENCH shops in audio-visual methods Since this is such a profitable ' ' p an adult center and a resi-gree program in evening classes. July 27, 3:I5 p.m.-The Peninsular a great vanety of mag azmes will be on the move m commg of and occupation, few of the natives J rogram center in the St. Peters-5-Further development of f:,lays'i,':te covering a range from The Raiweeks. Currently tJ:te e an TelevJSlOD: T h. e are interested in cultivating the area, form the backbone the field of adult education Shakespeare's most famous ford Record to the Department should b e at the Umvers1ty of program 1 s des1gne_d abundant farm lands, which are Dr. Albert T. S croggins, who f nlversity's plans for , "Hamlet," in a production directed of State Bulletin. Puerto Rico Rio Piedras p R f t h h 11 b taki g o u . with the possibility of offering by John w. Caldwell and designed by . • . ' • or eac ers w o Wl e n. lying in waste. is presently teaching journal-meeting the needs of pubhc a special bachelor of liberal Russell G. Whaley. Locatedon the thJTd floor are U.S.A . , and will move on at up lib:farY work. The state 1s The Peace Corps team is be-ism at the University of lllihigher education in the rapidly arts degree for adults. Such a ... the circulating books on the the end of June. St. John s .earchmg for puJ:>ing sent to Sierra Leone to alno is, has been hired for the growing Tampa Bay area and program might lead eventually in a con-;ert. Armin Watkins west side of the room and the Island of the V1rgm Islands. lie school hbrarians th1s 1s leviate this waste by assisting USF journalism program and the state in general over the .to establishment of a specia l fa-will be accompamst. b.ound editions of expects to be back to be part of the trammg pro-the population in solving the will officially take charge of next decade. cility to be known as the adult Old Gl zmes. The hbrn!fy l!lamtams m his office Jul:r 16 . gram. . • drought situation with the erec-journalism cl-asses, the Campus The university's 10-member center, which would provide ory a n.ewly miCrofilm room ROBERT C. 0 HARA:, ass1st-Dr. Henry Wmthrop, associ-tion of water facilities. Edition , and other publication role and scope committee, head-for short institutes and workwh1ch contams the New York ant of English, has ate. prof':ssor 1?f human be-Joel believes h e was chosen advisorships in the fall trimes-ed by Dean French, estimated shops on technical government-s .11 c Times from Jan. 1939 to April, been appointed to the advisory hav1?r, w11l agam instruct the to work on this project as a ter of 1962 . that enrollment at USF would al, social and cultural matters, t1 auses 1962; The Tampa from committee of a pr?ject to prospec1al course on result of his score oh a meA practicing journalist with reach 12,000 by I970. in cooperation with the insti-June, 1961, to April, 1962; The duce a teachmg for: class-the education of gifted chanica! abilities test, or posa journalism degree, Scroggins "Unless additional public in-tute for continuing university c St. Petersburg Times fTom Jan . .ro?m use of mohon Last of Summer SessiOns sibly because o f his experience did his undergraduate work at stitutions of higher education studies. oncern 1961 to March 1962; The Tampa bemg ?eveloped by the Natlo.nal .With the advent of the ne.w as a parttime draftsman. Auburn and got his Ph.D. from are established beyond those 1 ddT . f Times from June 1961 to April, Counc1l of Teachers of English, system .to used I;t Job a Mystery the University of Miss 0 u r 1 now planned," the report stated, n a 1 Ion, exP_answn Th fl •t 1962, and The 'Miami Herald under a grant award e d by Flonda state uruvers1tles this t kn h t P:fesent offeru?gs m soe Amencan ag exc1 es f J 1961 to A il 1962 Teaching Film Custodians Inc. . • He does not ye ow w a School of Journalism. "further increase toward 20 • 000 c1al work hbrary sc1ence ur-many people, more it would rom an. pr . . ' . . ' the last regular summer ses-his job will be, but stated that Half of Scroggins time will or more is almost inevitable b lan ' g t 1 ' d seem by its absence than its At the close of last semester a educational service as. such to be held by the all Peace Corps members re-be alloted to publications ad-d rlng the perlod 1970 1985 " an P mng, eron ogy an ' orgamzatwn 1 e s1ty Undthe new pro t d u marine biology were suggested. presence. there were 16 academ1c personun v r . . ceiv e the same treatmen an vising and he will be free to The committee report recom-Meet State Needs James D. Garner, superinten-nel employed in the library. and C N • gram, all trimesters Wlll follow pay regardless of status. . teach two courses. The Campus mended that attention be given . . dent of security and communi20 non--academic plus 22 student am pUS OtiCeS very much the same program, Upon in it i a 1 applicatiOn, Edition of The Tampa Times first to expanding and building The two new U;tlts, the insb-cations, said on interview, that assistants. As in many other Item• for Campus Notices and oma full schedule of courses Jackson was given general tests will remain as a lab project o f upon the program already in tute of engineermg and tech-the USF policy is that once the areas on campus, thLS number cia! NoUces should be oent to Offlfte Wlll be offered year round. on history, language aptitude, a journalism class, but it will be existence at the undergraduate nology and the rela!ed flag goes up in the morning, it will be drastically reduced dur-of Campus Publications, AD1070, not and background. He waited a project of EN347, a course level. To perform this task program., would help m meetm. g stays up, rain or shine, from ing the summer sess ion for both 'Hamlet' To Be nearly four months for an ac-in feature writing. adequately, it was proposed the states need more sunup to sundown. stud en t s and full-time pertypewritten, double spaced. ceptance not i c e. Skepticism The present advisor of the that an upper division resi-n e e. r s, denhsts, While there is a small 4;.2x9 sonnel. CAMPUS STORE summer session Cast June 19 about his chances for selection Campus Edition who also teachdeuce center be established in medical doctors foot storm flag for all-weather hours will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily prevailed during that period, as es the journalism course dur-Pinellas County to duplicate other hlghly-tramed spepurposes, USF uses a large 6x10 Da.tly Schedule to 8 p.m. John Caldwell, associate pro-only one out of 15 ing the summer is George H. certain undergraduate programs e1ahsts. foot flag which flies most of the P .E. BUILDING will be open !rom fessor of theater arts, has an-were being chosen as recru1ts. Miller director of the Work-and offer some g r a d u ate Engineering degrees would be time from the flag pole in front WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 1962 nounced that casting for the As a result of the publicity, Study' cooperative pro g r a m. courses for teachers. Such a limited to the fields of civil, of the Administration Building 12:30 p.m. Sport Shorts: "Football mer school. Peninsular Players' summer Jackson has been contacted by Miller has been handling pub-center, offering upper division electrical, electronic, mechani-and the shorter staff atop the Highlights of 1960," -ycts7. sfEtRrtVICE FffACJLhiTms dsuchh as the production of "Hamlet" will be a former foreign service memlications for the past two years courses would supplement not al d t ff. L"b 1 p m USF Stnng Qt TA. ca e e a, co ee s op an t e game 9 . 1 . h" .th . . . ' ' c , space an ra lC engmeer-1 racy penthouse. . 8;30 p:m: USF string Qt: TA: room wUI be announced as soon as tomorrow, Tuesday , June 1 , m ber who has supp 1ed 1m Wl due to h1s prevwus JOurnalistic compete with, the work of St. ing. The nylon American flags of FRIDAY, JUNE 22 , 1962 the TA. some .names. of. An:ericans al-experi ep.ce. He also headed the Petersburg J u n i 0 r College. The health related program the variety presently flying in Beginning of Sign Up for Beginning determined by use. Contrary to rumors, Caldwell ready m serv1ce m S1erra Leone. USF News Bureau for nine would provide for a two-year front of the AD building, cost Bridge, UC Desk. tow stated, the show "has not been More II_lformation months during 1960 -'61 . medical school along the lines $100 each and last from three upper division in the teacher educa-cast already." Two roles have After h1s Peace Corps h1tch However, the WorkStudy of that operated by Dartmouth to four months according to The Tampa Times been ?f Hamlet and is finished Jackson: will be back Program. is full-time College. It would relieve the how windy it is. Garner said reportinz to Room 305 in the Chemistry Claudms-and Will be played at USF, probably m the Sports and pubhcabons respons1b1hties to 1 • 200 or 1 • 4 0 and which is burden on four-year medical that since he found that the duW'g the week of June I8 by professionals. Car Club (of which he is cur-are taking a large chunk of his not seeking transfer enrollment schoo ls which are traditionally $25 cotton flags last longer, the Editorial Assistant .... Louise Stewart STUDENTS -Those Students, members of the rently president> and most prob-time. It is hoped that with the in the upper division. fourth The dental scho ol university will purchase these, on work period must return their ad community, in short, all inter-ably still a Democrat. coming of a journalism profesDoctorate Program in 1970 would fill the need for such a not only for the national flag, The CAMPUS EDITIO'N ts _ coffee ested persons, are invited to the Students will learn of Joel's sor, the present academic proMovement into graduate work f acility in the state, and the but also for the USF and the b:r the laboratory oectton ot ED 343 , for students returninJ\ from work readings in the TA on Tuesday Peace Corps progress by read-gram can b e strengthenec! for up to the master's level on the committee said the university's Florida state banners. .• 1 '20 p . m ., Cl&?, Tuesday, evening, June 19. ing future issues of the Campus prospective journalism majors. Tampa campus would take place as soon as the full un-location is excellent for such a rlergraduat e program has been school. implemented, the report stated. The committee said the proIt would come first in educaposals made in the report "are tion and related fields. Grad-predicated upon the supposition Summer PE Program Includes Plans for Extensive Recreational Activities uate work to the doctorate lev -that Florida intends to have one By JOHN GULLETT scheduled to be shown weekly open to summer school students. el, confined at first to areas of the finest systems of higher An extensive summer pro-in one of the UC dining halls An a ll -university baseball most needed by the teaching education in America, geo-gram of recreational and phys12:IO to 1:10 p.m. beginning night, or nights, may be con profession, would begin about graphically dispersed to serve ical education activities gets un-Wednesday, June 20. The series ducted for USF students at Al 1970. all areas of the state." derway this week, according to will deal with football highLopez Field during the month The committee stressed that, Dr. Gil Herz, director of physlights, national water ski cham-of July. Bill Harbour, general at this time, it is not proposing Episcopal ical education. pionship professional basket-manager of the Tampa Tarpons duplication of other profess ion Richard, Hunter, assistant proball, and the Sebring races. professional minor league basea! programs offered by the UniUniversity Center fessor of physical education, will There will be na admission ball team, Class D, has invited versity of Florida, Florida State act as coordinator of the s um-charge. the students to attend, as a unit, University or Florida A&M. Construction .has begun on mer session recreational activi-An All-University square for 50c per person on any or al Among the most significant the $73,000 Bishop W i 11 i am ties, in cooperation with the dance is scheduled for 7:30 of the following nights: July 6, proposals for expansion of the Frances Moses Episcopa l UniUniversity center. This marks p.m., June 29, in the US Ball-Tampa vs. Miami; July 8, present programs in addition to versity Center, and it is ex-the first major participation in room, and will be conducted by Tampa vs. Ft. Lauderdale; July the graduate work proposal s pected to be completed in time summer activities by the physBob Shannon, assistant professor 14 , Tampa vs. St. Petersburg; were: for use a t the beginning of the ical education division at USF. of education. The affair will be July 16, Tampa vs Sarasota; !-Expansion of the the pro-fall trimester. Sports Movies open to all students, faculty, July 17, Lakeland vs. Tampa; gram in international studies, The air-conditioned building Included on the agenda, and staff. and July 30, Tampa vs. Lake-with the development of a cen-will contain living quarters for which includes the entire s umStudents attending the spring land. ter for international studies and a student sexton, offices, a mer ses sion from June 18 to semester but not the summer Hunter said the number of relations as an eventual goal. chapel, library, kitchen. and August 11, will be a new movie session are welcome to particischeduled trips to the field will 2-Establishment of a pro-lounge. series, S P 0 R T S SHORTS, pate ia any of the activities depend on the interest show n. Interested persons should conspecimens are said to be lo cated tact Hunter in the 1-M ofice. on the grounds of the old southA golf clinic will be conduc-ern plantation. ted by Miss Margaret Cricken-The group will then travel to berger, assistant professor of Weeki Wachi Springs, and later physical education, in the UC dine at a famous Greek restauball room. A clinic in tennis will rant in Tarpon Springs. follow on July 25, also in the Faculty Swim UC ballroom, conducted by A faculty golf and swim party Hunter. will be held July 13, at the A three-stop tour of central Temple Terrace golf and counFlorida will be conducted for all try club . Those attending will students, faculty, and staff be allowed to use the golf members July 12. The group course beginning at 12 noon and will leave the campus by bus, continuing until dusk for a and travel north to Chinsegut $1.50 greens fee. The non-golf Hill, USF's Brooksville retreat, ers will be given use of the where they will tour the new swimming pool during the grounds under the guidance of same time period for 50c. Dr. Jim Ray , associate profesA catered dinner at 5 p.m. sor of botany. Some of the at the new civic center across world's most unus ual botanical the road from the country club • will culminate the day's actiVi ties . Instruction will be offered in four areas of physical education for credit during the summer sess ion, including: beginning swimming, 9:50 a.m. or 11 a.m. mwf, Mis Crickenberger instructing; golf, 9:50 a.m. or 11 a.m. mtwr, Richard Wehr, assistant professor of physical education instructing; tennis, 2:30 p.m. or 3:40 p.m. mtwr, Miss Crickenberger instructing; and fencing, 2:30 p.m. mtwr, Miss Joanne Young, instructor of physical education. The courses will be open to all summer students under regular registration, and to the general public for an adult fee of $19 per class .


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, June 18,.1962 NEW FEDERAL PROGRAM U.S .. Plans .. To Help 1Hard Core1 Jobless Editor's note: acted by Congress with strong What is a worker tO do bipartisan support. Signed by when his job is replaced by President Kennedy last March a machine? Too often in the 15, it is to take effect with past, be has found himself on the beginning of the new fiBthe relief rolls. Now a new cal year on July 1. federal program is being The Department of Health, launched to retrain workers Education and Welfare (HEW), and eliminate s01ne of the which will administer. the voca nation's "hard core" unem-tiona! training program, and the ployed. The following dis-Labor Department, which will patch tells how this will op-select the people to be trained, erate. have spent recent weeks gear-By LOUIS CASSELS ing up for a fast start. They United Press International hope to have training projects WASHINGTON, June 18 under way in t h o us and s of 'l'he nation's first large scale American communities by the effort to solve the problem of end of the year. hard core unemployment will James Clarke, director of the get under way July 1. manpower training office of the During next three years, HEW department, said the pro the federal government will gram w i 11 be similar to one spend $435 million on a nation-which the government is al widc program of vocational ready conducting, on a relative training. ly small scale under the area Its purpo_se is. to provide redevelopment' program. About marketable JOb skills for about 10 000 people are being re500,000 tephnological misfits of under this program, l modern society. which is restricted to "de They in c 1 u d e industrial pressed areas" with high chronic workers whose skills have unemployment rates. been r':ndered obsolete by The new program w i 11 be automation, farm bands . no nationwide in scope. The train needed in mecbantzed ing courses offered in any par agnculture, and youths who ticular community will be de dropped out of school with-termined by surveys of the job out learning a trade. . openings in that community. Deaths Elsewhere EARL OF SANDWICH LONDON, June 18 (JP)-The Earl of Sandwich, a writer and politician who once wrote his autobiography in verse, d i e d Friday at his ancestral home in Hinchingbrooke. The peer, who was 87, was a descendant of John Montagu, credited with in venting the sandwich. MRS. ELSIE 1\lcC. DUNN NEW YORK, June 18 Mrs. Elsie McCormick Dunn, an author and former war correspondent, died Saturday while on a visit to Europe. Mrs. Dunn, who wrote under the name Elsie McCormick, worked at one time for the China Press in Shanghai and was a correspondent for Readers Digest in the China, In.. dia, Burma t he a t e r during World War II. LYLE WATTS PORTLAND, Ore., June 18 (J1>)-Lyle Watts, 72, an employe of the U.S. Forest Service for 39 years and its director from 1943 u n t 11 his retl.tement .in 1952, died Friday of a heart ail ment. He served for a time as technical advisor to the U .S. delegate to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. DR. EUGENE M. AUSTIN NEW LONDON, N . H., June 18 (J1>)-Dr. Eugene M: Austin, 52, president since 1955 of Colby Junior College, one of the na tion's leading two-year colleges 'for women, died Friday night. Dr. Austin, a Baptist minister, f o r m erly held pastorates in Philadelphia, Canandaigua, N.Y., and'Charleston, W.Va. The Labor Department estlThe objective is to be sure that mates there . a:e b etween 500,each trainee will be rea_dily ab000 1 m.Ilhon of these peo-sorbed i n t 0 the community's ple m Amenca today. They are labor force when his course is the " core" of the nation's completed. SIR WILLIAM WISEMAN 1 4.5 mtlhon unemployed. Many Applicants for training will NEW YORK, June 18 (JP)-Sir ' of them_ have beer: out of be screened by the u.s. Em-William Wiseman, a confidant for penods rangmg from SIX ployment Service, Priority of President Woodrow Wilson months to three or fo.ur years. will go to unemployed per-.while serving as a high British good JObs are sons and to members of farm intelligance officer during .gomg because employfamilies with annual net famWorld War I and in'lmediately rs. cannot fl.nd peop_ le who are ily income of less than $1,200 MO. ONLIT RIVER TOWER . Phot<> by Vernon Barchard afterwards, died Sunday. Wise -tramed fill them. In many a year. If they don't fill all man, who was 77 , later became commumti_es, for example, there the vacancies, training may The venerable old water tower by the river at Florida Avenue looks even more a partner in a New York bank-are shortages of weldalso be provided to "underimpressive when bathed in the light of a recent full moon. ing house. ers, machme tool employed" workers--that is, ADVERTISEMENT stenographers, n u r s e s aides, those who are working only h E I h seamstresses, part-time or at unskilled jobs. De at s •• n Tampa I sew e-re . Jsts, auto rr,techamcs. . . The government will pay for . The behmd the the training courses, which will that . the nation can be given at public high schools, tw? With one st?nevocational training centers, ju-MRS. DOLLIE BANDY hospital. A native of. Tampa, she Chagadus, Cleveland , Ohio; a mcreasmg Its reservoIr. of nior colleges and similar exist-Mrs. Dollie Jenkins Bandy, is survived by a daughter, Mrs. brother, Vernon B. Bosau, Ra-skilled manpower and reducmg ing facilities. 80 , of Land 0' L!ik es, died last Violet Dosal, a. brother, Joseph vena, Ohio and a sister, Mrs. the number of people It also will pay subsistence night at her residence. A naAngelo Spicola a nevhew Louis Kenneth Stover, of . Broadvi ew on unemployment compensation 11 es t orne of the tive of Lafayette, Tenn., she • '. Heights Ohio or public welfare. a ?Wane 0 s . . had lived in Land 0' Lakes for Spicola, and two granchlldren, ' The law authorizing the tramees. Heads of who 1 11 f MRS Ml NIE LEE FAILS three-year program was en.spent at least three years nine years. Mrs. Bandy was a Doris and Diana Dosa , a o • N m gamful employment but are member of the First Baptist Tampa. Mrs. Minnie Lee Fails, 83, of UNITED NATIONS STAKE SPESHIL $50,000.00 now out of work may receive Church of Land 0' Lakes, and 302 Fairbanks,. died Sunday at training allowances which will a past member of the WMU of WILLIAM H. AILOR a Tampa hospital A native of be approximately equal to the the church. Survivors include William H. (Pop) Ailor, 79 , Michigan, she lived in Tampa average weekly unemployment her husband, Freely S. Bandy, 2404 Azeele Sl, died last night apout _31 y She is ti t h t t t Land 0' Lakes; one daughter, . . . b y one son, Graydon E. Fails the Mrs. Gertie B . Moss, Land 0' m a Tampa hospital. A native of of Tampa; one daughter, Mrs. and 22 may receive training al-Lakes; four s o n s, Elmer E. Knoxville, Tenn., Mr. Ailor had Mary Edna Howell of Zephyr lowances of up to $20 a week. Bandy, Orlando; Olie S. Bandy, been a resident of Tampa for hills ; one brother, Milford Lee to If more than 30 years. He was AMAZING PSORIASIS STORY Jan. 10, 1960 Pittsburgh, Pa. "Doctored for psoriasis 30 years. Spent much money to no avail. Then used GHP Ointment and Tablets for 2 weeks. Scales dis ' appeared as if by In 6 weeks skin completely clearen pastor of the Citrus Park be conducted by Memorial Lodge No. r er 0 as ern , reenBaptist Churc h officiating. Pall 20, F. & A.M. Active pallbearers dwill ville Maine. Survivors include bearers wUl Johnnie Williams, be members of the Masonic Or er. ' M' Cl . E M h 1 Ste ling Jack Barnett Carl AU officers and department heads of two daughters, ISS a1re Jettle 'sumner and' carl Central Truck Lines, Inc. will serve Chapman and Mrs. Ruth A. L ee, Thomas'. Interment will be In Rose as honorary pallbearers. both of Tampa: a b rother, Hill ce m etery. BOSAU, WALTER B . -The remains of Charles Inma n Richmond Va _L.:;r.O:::A::..L_:LE..:::::,:.:_::sT=E':':P:::R:::E:::N::---F=-une -ra-;1-se-rv-. Mr Walter H. Bosau, f insurance m force, but rather in the amount of service it pro vides people. Thais the true portrait of thJ.S 2 billion dollar company. LIFE • GROUP • HEALTH • SCHOLASTIC • P E N SION TRUSTS Home Office: Greensboro, North Carolina D. C. PJNHOLSTER, 3332 Henderson Blvd., Tampa 1


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