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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 119 (June 25, 1962).
1 3 246
The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
June 25, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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University Of South Florida Campus SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 119 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA , FLORIDA, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 1962 Some Cover Partly cloudy tbronrh Tuesday w i t h sca ttered a f terno o n thundershowers. Hig h toda y a n d 90 . Low toni ght 75. PRICE F I VE C EN TS Aerospace Meet Se To Host Top Scientist STUDYI N G THE PAINTING OR? This young couple in the University G alle r y p roves that spring fever may strike at any time on ca!llpus, even during a mid-summe r art e xhibition in the library . The two males in the left-hand corner of t h e p1cture seem unaffected by this all university diseas e , but may be they are just waiting for two coeds to come study the painting. Helvey Chosen Conference Head The University of S o u t h Florida's second Southeast-ern Aeros pace Sciences C o n ference will bring s ome 20 leading speakers fro m g overnment, industr y and othe r universities to the campu s July 9 through 2 1. The conferenc e , s ponsored by the National Science F oundation 1 ---:._-=------=----•in cooperation with the Nationa l BY SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Students Offer New Dean Cavaliers To Give Aeronautics a n d Space Administration and the u niversity, will feature a program of lectures, discussio n s and demonstrations designed to keep high school science teachers abreast of the Prof-Course Arrives Evaluations At the end! o f each semester July l Accreditation Report all teachers at the University of South F lorida are asked1 t o . ad-J ul y 1 mark s t h e day Dr. Her-, minister a Course andl Teacher To Be Submitted c oncert Three representati ves of the Southern A ssociatio n of Col l eges and Secondary Sc h ools recently comp l e ted an informal v isit to t h e Univers ity of South Florida and will submi t a report on thei r observations to t h e u n iversit y a n d t h e a ssociation's Com mittee on Co ll eges next month. Evaluatio n Form to at least one bert J. W underlich, former leges in this region. The comdean of students at Kan sas The Cavaliers, young male of' the c o urses or sectwn s tlhey State .university qu a rtet, will b e presented in mittee, which v isited the cam-taugh t th1's 8 o • tak es on h is n ew two concerts Thursday, June 2 , pus for three days at the invi-Results of these evaluat ions dutJ'es as dean at 1 :20 and 8:30p.m. at the Unitation of USF President John iledl b E al ato are comp Y v u 1 n student affairs at versity of South Florida Thea-S. Allen, in c 1 u de d Deans Services and made available to t h e University tre. d George Manners, Georgia personnel. of South Florida. The quartet, under the direc-Helvey Bernar o College; John Beery, UmverA recent evaluation found sity of Miami; and M. C. Huntthat now only 13 per cent ()f Wunderlich has t ion. ()f and . accom-latest developments of areospace A similar visit was made to decided on a major field of ina n d has been do-from the class 1cs of opera university by the National Sci-Little Man on the Campus The Southern Assoc i ation is the agen cy whic h has respons i bil ity for accre ditation of col-ley, Auburn University. I the current students have not been at Kansas pamst Earl Weldl!-er, per-sc i ence. A grant in excess of State since 1 95 5 , form s ongs m mood $16 , 000 has been awarded to the the campus last spring by Dr. terest, as compared! with the ing this type of to the popular comp ositions o f ence Foundation for the confer-Gordon W. Sweet.._ executive ()f t h e educatio nal w ork the best of our modern com-ence. "But th' coach t old us to start makin' more use secretary of the Sou !tern Assos -ince 1946. He poser s . Me m be r s of the Helvey o f th' l i 'berry." . . '" students indicated they could has served i n the Cavaliers are Ray Smith, tenor; . , . . Dr. _Judson C. Ward get a great deal of person a l Wunderlich Navy w h e r e h e Joe Kling, tenor; Bernard Bar-. The m1hal conferense, f1rst of ---------------=------------s V Jr., VICe president and _dean. help from their instru ctors, this obtained the status o f comb eau, baritone; Maurice CarbonIts kmd! was held at USF last enate otes faculty at Emory Umve:si ly, year t h e percentage is only 3 8 mander, and he served on the neau, bass-barritone; and Regyear, With 90 top high school EFFECTIVE JULY 1 Dr. Donald C. p_resJdent per cent. This i s a poss i b l e textb ook revisio n committee in ina! Hachey, soloist and accomfrom 16 states attend-T R • of Oglethorpe Umverslty; and symptom of the increasing size Japan u n der G en. Douglas Mac-panist. mg. 0 equ1re Dr. Arnol d Perry, dean of th_e of the university and refl ective Arthur. Featured on the program will Dr. T. C. Helvey, associate school of educatiOn at_ the Umof the increased ratio o f stu-versity of North Carolina. dents to teachers. Dr. Wunder lich received his b e "Lift Thine Eyes," by Logan; professor of biology the s • GRE d masters degree from Harvar d "Liebestraum," by Liszt; "Oh, versity of South Flonda, agam emor When the university opene Many Qf t h e stu d h' d t 1 d f ' Those Golden Slippers" tradi-will be conference dtrector. Co-in 1960, Dr. Allen praise for their instructors, and asnt f ISd Hoc egreeb r o m tional "De Glory Road:" by De director will be Dr. David Wilt . Th that the Southern Assocrahon rated them as "inte11esting" and an or e lS a mem e r 0 ' d li f f h At its May 25 mee mg e send observers to the campus "fair," and!' the materlal as "very Phi _Beta Kappa honorary fra-Wolf; "Waltz in F Minor" an ams, pro essor o P ysics. tn University of South Florida t t "Etude in C Minor, Opus 10, the department of aeronautical Library To Gain Collection Senate approved the recom-for i nformal visits each year, clear in presentati()n" andJ "well erm y, No. 12," by Chopin; "Sound of engineering at the University mendation that all USF sen-so they would be familiar with organized." ' b Music" and "Okl ahoma Med-of Florida. James v. Bernardo, The Florida Historical Society will move its head iors be required t o take the the development and operation Most of the students rated Dr. Ro erts l b Rodg r d H r director of educational programs a t d l'br ry f 0 th u . ers' t f Fl id t d when accreditation is formally themselves as p ossessing only d ey: Y,. e s. an amme . . . . . . 1 qu r ers an 1 a r m e mv 1 y o or a o aptitude part of the gra uate requested. "average .abJ"lit y," an ... sald Hea S Peace stem; And Is My Be-diVlsJon of office of the University Of South Florida July L The announce• record exami n atio n . u love d " by Wright-Forrest and programs and s e r v 1 c e s, w d l b D k -T h ree reasons were given fo r As a new institution, the Un l t h e courses thiw !had taken had ' make the keynote address at the ment was rna e recent Y Y r. Fran Sessa of M1amt, the recommendation : First, it is versity of South Florida is not increased their powers of c r i t iCorps Program studen t admission price is 50 conference. president of the society, and Dr. John S. Allen, president essential to have such data as yet eligible for accreditation becal thinking as well as t heir cents staff $1.00 and public Dr. Helvey said the grant •of University of South USF moves toward accredilacause of certain time _li_mitations work output. Dr. A. Hood Roberts. o f t_he _ $2.oo. Tickets c'an be pur-provides for support of 100 Flonda. tion, second it is to provide set up by the accred1ting agenEnglish faculty at the Umvers1iy chased immediately before con-teachers from 16 states at this AAUP S e e l:rs The move approved by so• comparative information on nacies. Neither is it "unaccredCampus Store of South Florida has been se-cert at the box office or reser-year's conference. As far as _... ciety members at their annual tional norms, and third, the ited," a term used for institu P I F"fth lected to head the Peace Corps vations may be made at the UC space permits, the conference exam is a prerequisite to en-tions which have failed to meet aces I English Training Program at the Information Desk ext. 266. will be open to any other To Boos t meeting in Jacksonville early tering many graduate schools . accrediting standards, and USF T h e University Bookstore University of Wisconsin t his ' ers who wish to attend in May, will further plans to The examination will be students have experienced little placed fifth in a• merchandising summer. D 5 h dul f. 1 rt T make the University of South given each trimester starting or no difficulty in transferring contest conducted by the Na-As director of this program Ql y c e e Memb e r ship Florida a center of Florida re• with fall trimester, 1962. While to _som<: ?f the nation's tiona! Ass<;>ciation of College Dr. Roberts will be responsible MONDAY, JUNE 25 tion of the conference. it is required of all seniors, it leadmg umvers1hes. wh1ch held its annual for the training of 40 Peace 3 ,30 and 8 ,30 p.m., Movie-"The One of the highlights of the . search for the West Coast area. will not serve as a criterion for h • I I I meeting at New York 1ecently. Cot'PS who will teach Mouse TA conference will be a tour of the The USF chapter of the The society's library was not gradu ation. P YSICa P ant John P . . Gor,ee, bookstore Engl iSh m the secondary schoo l s 1:20 p.m., "Meet tho! Auth or'' Robert missile center at Cape Canav-American Association of Uni-needed by the University of At the same meeting student manager, sald the $25 award of the Ivory Coast in West AfM . Burtt. UC264-265 . h dul d Jul 18 0 . Florida because of its own out• senators Fred Jenkins and Jim PI B received by the bookst()re will rica. Training in linguistics and wEDNESDAY, JUNE 2T eral, sc e . e . Y • t versity Professors is holdmg a K I a p p s were unanimously anS , UZ% e S be donated. to the U nh:ersity of fo;:e ign I_anguage methodology .. membership . e lected to serve on the commit-A d B • ld South w1ll be g 1 ven to the ul:20 Lessons. space capsule like that used in Anyone assigned to teaching History. The collection will be n Ul s sentry, of to jpre;pare _them for therr twoc ;Ul.;E 2R the United States' two orbital or research for at least half housed in the special collections abo It 100 m. the competitiOn year tours m tJhe former F,rench 1 : 20 and 8 :30 p.m., The cavaliers, flights, and NASA's "Spacemotime, or who is a director or room at USF 's well-equipped respectively, The physical plant of the uni-was the Chnstmas book sal e. colony . concert An outstanding young Amerlb"l , t r d . h " ew l"b ary Jim Klapps read a statement versity is buzzing with activity, Goree and Mrs. Wilma Schoe n Prior to coming to USF, Dr. lean male quartet. TA. 1 e, rave mg science emchauman of a . teac pro-n 1 r . . from the executive council of . t d" t Cl d B bohm, supervisor of books, at-Roberts was at the University of FRIDAY. JUNE 29 onstratwn urut. gram, or libranans _w_1th aca-The will a the student association concern-accordmg 0 uec or Y e tended t h e New York meeting. Wisconsin for four years. p!,g: Dance "Aerospace science is moving demic status, is for cha nge m the soc1ety s ing Johns Committee Hill. so fast that teachers have diffi-membership. quarters staff. Mrs. Lots J. gation, and defending t h e um-The new Humanities building culty keeping U!> with its pace." The purpose of the AAUP is Setle, of is versity. is scheduled for completion in f t d A ( f 5 Dr. Helvey said, "yet h i g h to protect and defend academi c from the office• of executive Three ne;w ring fall, 1963, while bids for the new ea ure erospace on erence school students pick up infor-freedom and the welfare of of the courses were approved m _conPhysics b u ilding will be taken in ; mation h ere and there and of the profession. 1da H1stoncal and Will nection with the USF-UmverDecember, 1962. I ' would like to have details about Personnel wishing memberbe succeeded by _Mtss sity of Florida degree plan. A new design has been in-it from their teachers." ship applications should contact s P e c 1 a 1 collechons corporated in the men's' resi"To bring the teachers up to Hood Roberts, instructor of llbranan at USF . Band Membershi p dence hall which will be in use date in this science we are as -at Extension 276. The USF Library's special 0 E beginning September, 1962 . Unsemblying the top talent in the collections room already houses pen to veryone like A lpha, the basement of the United States to give firsthand F all T r imester a growing Florida collection as Members hip in the University new ball will be useable. information to the partici-Honor s Co nvoc at"lon well as the University archives of South Florida Band is open to Breaks in the w.all will propants," he said. and rare books collection. The all area residents during the vide a quieter hall atmosphere. h th The University of South Flor-room is open for use by stuel.ght week summer session Dr. Helvey explained t at e l'da will hold the Fall trun es•-d ents, faculty members and There is also a large center d d k th '""'" Whether Or not they are enrolled crow e program WI eep e Honors Convocat1"on Monday, authors who wish to do restairway, not designed for stut t' t h the as students at the university. dents comi n g in after sign-out par lClpa mg eac ers on Sept. 10, 9:50-10:50 a.m. in the search on Florida, as well as The band meets each Tuesdlay time go, but said he felt they didn ' t T eaching Auditorium. Class pe-visitors interested in the state's n ight during the iS'UlTlmer ses. . h Marquis D annenbe r g R a bo y Tischer Karres C o rliss expect the conference to be a riods will be shortened to 45 history, .and the society's col sion from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Director Js very muc vacation. minutes to accommodate the lection is expected to greatly University center ballroom. concerned with of Featured speakers on specia l t h e sam e afternoon on "Liquid 14; George Kar res, chief of the "But they are_ of Convocation. stimulate Florida researc h pro Membership i n the band will in -student g rass wa lkers. How stutopics are: D. C. Marquis, p r o j -Propulsion Systems. " Bernard Inertial Guidance Controls Sec ers whom thiS kind of bUS!-co voca.tlon Schedule jects in this area. e l ude graduating high school dent s who were here year t' M t 0 I d ness ts pleasure," he added. . d .a Senl ors and loca l 1 .e51.dents who to see that sand can perm1 t ect engineer responsib l e t h e Rahoy , manager of the elec10n, ar msran o, will reAlthoug h the progra m is dePerro 8 oo-. 8 4s A th S • . 1 t lk r beautiful infrared measurements and tronics department of Mart1nview "Equations of Inertial t ill b I .. .. ............... : : U Or er1e5 wish to keep in practice during P e wa on Guidance and the Mech n s1gned for teachers, 1 w e 2 . . . . . . . .. .......... .. ... 8:55 9:40 t .he Slunmer months as ':veil g •• rass IS_ beyond m_e, he sta_ ted, tracking program of the Atlantic Orlando's advanced technology . . "a l za-open to others interested in the convocation ................ H d• ' ., N d lk II b b lt twns of these Equations open. 3 ........................... 11.0()..11.4> osts Ra 1 0 regular university students. ew Sl ewa s. WI e Missile Range, who will speak staff, will speak 0n "Bionics and ing the program on Monday, f'!.eld of aerospace sc1ence. 4 ........................... n:5s:l2:lo In addition to the eight re-soon f_unds are approprlate.d. on " Optical and Infrared Sen-Microelectronics" Saturday J uly 16; and William R. Corliss, h I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5 • t W • t hearsals, the band will present a Rehevmg s<;>me of the parking sors" Wednesday, July 11; KonJuly 14; Dr. Robert G . director of Advanced Program Frenc p ans 7 ........................... 2:ICJ: 2:55 Crl p . rl er concert July 12 in TA. congestion Will be a. new stu-rad K. Dannenberg, deputy diTischer, director of Quarter-Department for Nuclear Division • • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ug Persons interested! in partici-dent lot next to the library. rector Saturn Systems Office of master Food and Container In-of the Martin Company, will OrientatiOn Day Robert M . Burtt, director ot pating with the band shoul d Bids are being taken for a NASA George C. Marshall Space shtute for the Armed Forces speak Thursday, July 19, on . . B r•IC k a•lllboard the Blue Ridge Writers Colony contact Dr. Gale L. Sperry, di 12,000 ton air conditioning unit, Flight Center, will speak Thurs-F ood Laboratory, will give a the morning program with the A one-day pro-and a well-known writer of radio rector of bands at the univerdesigned to make USF buildings day morning, July 12, on "Peacetal k on "Waste Stabilization In topic of "Nuclear Propulsion gtam for I S planned for B ks Booze serials, will be featured at the sity. even more comfortable. f u l Use of Space Vehicles" and Space" Saturday afternoon, Jul y Systems." Sept. 4, according to Dr. rea University of South Florida's J. French, dean of academic B . 1 d. B 1 • f "Meet theAuthor" series affairs. Ul 1ng e 1e day

THE TAMPA TIMES Monday, June 25, 1962 Bargain15 A Bargain -Anyplace BERLIN, June Berliners have a customs-free s h opping paradise in -of all places-East Berlin. The Communists run duty -f r e e stores at the ele-vated railroad station at Fried-richstrasse. West Berliners and do buy there without ing to enter East Berlin which they are banned f r o m doing anyway. East Germany sells Amerl ean cigarettes, French co gnac, Scotch whisky, French perfume, lipstick, nylon stock ings and even Cuban canned pineapple in the t'wo shops. Goods can be bought only with hard currency, preferably West German marks. They are all as much as twice or three times cheaper than in We s t Berlin. The elevated station Is a stop for West Berliners who use the -Communist -run elevated railway. They go to Frieorichs'trasse • to change trains for anothel' part of West Berlin. ..... ;=:.;. . Rev. Ted York Dies at 59 Rev. Theodore H. (Ted) York, 59, a former resident of Tampa, died Saturday at his home in Canton, Okla. A native of Marietta, Ga. , he SEEK TO STIFFEN GOP Lonely Conservatives Eye Left1s Successes had been a missionary to an In-By LYLE c. WILSON. dian reservation for the past United Press International York's conservative Republicans five years. He had formerly some leverage on party policy. served as missionary minister to WASHINGTON, June -What the conservative organ-the Armen;. Baptist Church in This is the season for deploring fz k . N y k . h = and condemning the scattered ers see m ew or IS t e Tampa for 13 years. pockets of conservative-minded and degree of leverage on Survivors include hls widow, voters who seek to put some the Republican Party that the Mrs. Carolyn P. York, Canton; t' b k'J t th a son, Theodore H. York Jr. , of conserva Ive ac one m o e splinter liberal party imposes on Tulsa, Okla.; two daughters, Republican party. the Democratic Party of New M H ld E D J f These conservatives are de-York State. When the Dema-rs. aro . av1s r. o . . t' d . . Tampa and Mrs. Leroy Coggins n?unced as nghbsts, now a era IC an Liberal parties m of Ithaca, N.Y.; three brothers, dirty word. They a_re accused of New. York. support the same Col. Duward L. York of c()reckless rule-or-r:um intent. All non.unees, 1t . often happe?s that lumbia, S.C., Richard H. York of of them for their their IS elected with the Atlanta and Albert York of persuasion are tagged w1th the aid of liberal votes and would Cleveland Ohio two sisters shoot-the-moon futility of seek-have been defeated without Mrs. Katherine Hornsby of ing to impeach Ch}ef . them. Onega, Ga., and Miss Elizabeth Earl Warren or 01 p1cturmg That Liberal Party is to the York of Atlanta and eight Dwight p. as a left of the Democ.ratlc Party. grandchildren. sympathizer. It Is a party with an organThe blll or particulars is ized labor foundation. It pres-Deaths phony. Their alleged intent sures the Democratic Party to rule "'J' ruin is unproved. toward candidates and policies It is a fact, however, that in the older party might not MRS. LENA S. SHARPTON some areas liitle pockets of otherwise accept. It is no PLANT CITY (Special)-Mrs. homeless conservatives are more ridiculous to accuse the Lena S. Sharpton, 67, of 801 examining with interest the Liberal Party in New York W. Reynolds St., Plant City success of organized leftists State of Communism than it died in a local hospital Saturin shaping Democratic party is to accuse all unhapppy con-day. She was a native of Mon-policies. servative Republicans there roe, Ga. , and had been a res!-For example: The Liberal or elsewhere of seeking to dent of Plant City for the past party in the state of New York. impeach Warren. 40 years. Survivors Include four Organized labor in All of these alliances, strat daughters, Mrs. B. M. Smith, M1ch1gan. For egies and tactics add up to the • Palmetto, Mrs. Lawrence Hobof the heavtly-mdustr1al political dominance en j 0 y e d . --. r no 1 d, Athens, said. . ' .. . Tenn.; Gracie McCullan, Opa -------------day mght in Bay Pmes hos-Locka; Mrs. Daisey Arnold, DeFuneral Noti•CeS pital. A native of Abbeville, cauter, Tenn.; four half sisters, Ga., Mr. Bowen had lived in Mrs. Velma Arnold, Decauter, Tampa 40 years and before re-Tenn.; Mrs. D e 1 p h a Haskell, tiring was a salesman. He was Crossville, Tenn.; Mrs. Gladys a veteran of World I and Monroe, Bristol, Tenn.; Mrs. (Maylta) Bazarte, of 3204 N. Armenia a member of the Amencan Le-Veda Buttram, Fort Myers; a gi.on Post 5 . Survivors are his Wil-burn Carpenter, el with burial in Woodlawn. PallWidow, Mrs. Ruth Rumsey BowKnoxville, Tenn.; one half en, TamP a; daughters, brother, Floyd Carpenter, Alvarez , and Rafael Vallejo, Jr. A Mrs. H 0 m e r Smgletary and ens, Tenn.; a n d many meces Mrs. Grover Holland, Tampa; and nephews. uph Church at 10 a .m. Monday. and Mrs. Beacham Cockroft, Al= =:::--:-:::c::::::=::::--=--=---=--bany, Ga.; one son, Rumsey 0. ROSE LE BALLARD JIOWEN, AUGUSTUS 0.-Funeral Bowen, Los Angeles; a sister, PLANT CITY (Special}-Rose i ces for Mr. AugtJstus 0. Bowen, M J T Ri h d T L B 11 d 50 f T 1 R d a , e 66 , of 1sn w. Rio Vista, will be rs. . . c ar son, ampa, e a ar , , o rapne oa , held Tuesday 10:00 o 'clock and 13 grandchildren. Plant City, died in a local hospi tal Saturday night after a ister and Rev. c. E . Rodgers, interim MRS. MARIA BAZA.RTE brief i1lness . She was a native Mrs. Maria Bazarte, 73, of of Griffin, Fla., and had lived Hlll Memorial Park with American 3204 N . Armenia Ave. , died in Polk County until coming to at a Tampa Plant City 15 years ago. She flowers please be omitted and in lleu hospital. A native of Cuba , she was a member of the Oak Wood had .lived in Tampa 63 years Baptist Church of Plant City. 8 Society will furnish pallbearers. and IS survived by a son, Cesar Survivors include her husband, CARPENTER, CHARLES L . -Funeral Manuel Garcia; four daughters, Jessie Ballard, Plant City; a services for Mr. Charles L. CarpenMrs. Josefina Fleitas, Mrs. daughter, Mrs . Margaret Terry, s;i Elvira Carrera, Mrs. Carmen Plant City; a son, J. B. Ballard 2:.00 o 'clock at the First Seventh Day . and Mrs. Adelfa Morales, Jr., Sidney; her father, Andrew {1.: , Mrs. Blanca Arauna, Walker, Plant City; three sis-terment i n Gard.en of Memories. The eight grandchidren and 10 ters, Mrs. Lillie Belle Pinner, I::;int,Ol)ill J.':;,.m eight grandchildren and 10 Sumterville; Mrs. Lela Mae service. F. T. Blount Co. in charge Tampa. Dawson, Lakeland, and Mrs. of a rrangements. Active yallbearers will be Ed Powell, Wendel Coleman, LEON E. KIGHT Bonnie A. Caswell, Lakeland; Robert Burger, Arthur Swinson, Mor-five brothers, Harry, Lee, MorLeon E. Kight, 55, of 1806lh gan and Thomas Walker, all of Kent, Ben Wyles, Hunter Richards, Franklin St., died Friday in a Plant City; Otis Walker, AtGeorge Vandenberghe, Julian VanTampa hospital. A native of lanta. denherghe, and B. c . Holley. Starke, and former resident of J'auy Miami he had lived in Tampa ROBERT L. SEE whoo Survivors Robert L. See, 64, of 1904 member of the Optimist grandchil


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