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The Tampa times

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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times
University of South Florida
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Tampa, Florida
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Tampa (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 70, no. 149 (July 30, 1962).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 30, 1962
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
w (OCoLC) 8750603

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I ( \ I I University Of South Florida Campus Edition SEVENTIETH YEAR-No. 149 THE TAMPA TIMES TAMPA. FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 30, 1962 Hit an' Miss Partly cloudy through Tuesday w i t h scattered afternoon and e v e n i n g thundershowers. Variable w i n d s under 15 m.p.h. High today and Tuesday 92. Low tonight 75. PRICE FIVE CENTS E TV Okayed By Board Of Control ANOTHER NEIGHBOR NEAR USF CAMPUS Another neighbor to the USF campus is this modern apartment project completed across Fletcher Ave nue from the north entrance to the campus, near the University Center. The architectural style, Florida con temporary, in with the university buildings. Students rooming in the apartments must obey university housing regulations as enforced by the apartment manager. The apartments are rented from $100-$125 per month. Occupancy will be possible before September 1. Programs Wiii .Be Classroom Variety An educational television station may be in opera tion on the University of South Florida campus in about a year as a result of action taken at the meeting of the State Board of Control. The board authorized the University to apply for federal assistance to establish the ETV facility, which will be a low-power UHF (ultra high Some Think frequency) channel covering the campus and immediate surrounding . USF Ghost "Perhaps-I'd say this is a very liberal kind of guessperhaps a year from now we the air," said Robert A. Brown , AN EDITORIAL Not Spooky may be very close to being on FOOD SERVICE radio-TV coordinator for the By MARIE LESIAK Division of Educational ReAfter-Dinnet Reflections If a ghost is not mysterious, sources. C m men ts API en ty the aptlcss apparition of the Brown outlined the prelimi0 _ Penisular Player's production of naiJ;' steps in. estab-Bread may be the staff of life but it is also a bone "Hamlet" may find of contention at this university today. From gourmet drummed out of the ghosts rnunications commission for a to ggnahh! was the gamut of opinions about the food o us F c f t • union. , channel in this area, and said here at the University of South Florida. Some of those n a e erla As the ghost of s there seem to be no great prob-. r d beloved father went tnppmg m lems involved. interviewed had specific pet peeves, others diS Ike full view across the stage, the No Westerns' everything in general and some bad no complaints. Unfortu-S d t t be th 1 t soldiers Hamlet and the audi II . ty erv1ce an var1e y seem o e maJor comp am s ence fou' nd 1.t ha' rd to be waryF.or.the immediate fu_ ture, the nately the latter group was a very sma mmor1 • l d One of the most often mentioned faults was the service of food service at USF. Recent y a survey was rna e on of the spirit. If the ghost had maJonty of of cold food, especially at breakfast. Perhaps only those Campus; several students and a few members of the been less visible, he would have be of the vanety, With cafeteria staff were interviewed been much more !Hfective. As a few special events such as Little Man On Campus who are submitting to the brutality of a 7:30 a.m. class are . • . .t th f th concerts to be telecast from time familiar with the sight of a cold egg and bacon congealing on The responses vaned and are such as the followmg: 1 h wt a l s, e apkpelarfatnce 0 th" e to time Brown emphasized that -------------------------. . s ee ess spoo e some mg . . their plates, but almost everyone has been faced with a plate D1ana Almeida: "I can eat to be desired. the station. will pot attempt to of cold stew at lunch. almost any thing-it only has H 1 d Cl d" t . d other local tele UC EVENTS h 1 . . . am an au 1us wne VISIOn stations. WEDU, the eduAlso mentioned frequently was the fact that wit a arga B } to be hot. My mam complamt m credible performances as cational television station which --------number of people in line desiring hot sandwiches, only one ' utter y with the food served here isarch-enemies, while the entire serves the West Coast area con-B . . h F .I . F , hamburger is grilled at a time on a quite sizable grill. it is never hot!" cast gave them ample backing. centrates heavily on class;ooom rl fl S I m, oru m Lack of variety and prices received about equal attention p hi Bobbie Jean Allen: "I don't Daring Duelist for from those interviewed. Most felt that the price of the main r0 em like margerine and I want but-During the first performance, and has httle or no t1rne course items is a little excessive since several additional items A mysterious sign has been Hamlet dropped his sword twice able for the college credit H • h ,. h A • • • d t bt 11 b 1 ced meal Thi"s ter. If they can't make enough but he rctrieved I"t so skillfully' courses which will be telecast I g g t t t are necessary m or er o o am a .we a an appearing in cUissrooms of the I C lVI JeS can easily run well over $1 which is a little steep for those University Center. The sign money at 2c a pat I'm willing that it was barely noticeable from the. University. . . . ' . of us who must operate on rather rigid budgets. reads as follows: to pay more.'' from the audience . All of HamAccordm g to the s We do not wish to be unfair and certainly most of us are "ALL-UNIVERSITY PROBRose Ann Castro: "Compared!let's other movements were proposal for. the . . . . , skillful and well-timed. broadca s t facihhes wlll be used "I' All n ht J k" th f t d B •t• h f'l aware of the difficulties involved in trying to adequately LEM-Can you work the ButWI til nosp1tal J b n ID ... Ig , ac IS e ea Ure n lS l.ffi serve good food to several hundred people three times per terfly Problem? It is on the so bad; however, it's nothing will ii?clude "the to be shown today at 4:30 and in the TAT. The day. It did occur to us, however, that the company which blackboard in rooms AD 1030, compared with Morrison's downcal effects difficulty. abc. mstruchon of m story concerns a young enthusiastic whose keenness and holds our food concession franchise would not prosper if they AD 2007, AD 2011 and AD 2073." town cafeteria." Interestingly a courtier went a rdantghe ot put rinterest in industry brings about more efficient use of offered in their commercial establishments in town the type Investigation revealed actual . . ' sui s an e ramm o s uth f t h" Th b . existence of the problem, a Alice Krantz : .. All I can say wandermg aimlessly across the dents in the College of Educa-e ac ory mac mery. e umon mem ers m the fac-(J service and food which they ()ffer us here. Certainly they trigonometric en i g rna. The is-what do they do to the to the amazement of the tion and Liberal Arts in tele-•tory bl! t he, bein g a cannot please everyone but we feel a greater effort could problem reads as follows: eggs! " audience the t:-vo. actors vision broadcasting techniques." non-umon, contmues to work at be made in that direction. Given: circle with center o who were givmg their lines at Radio Too the factory, as the lone em-At a time when the university hopes to establish a good Constructs (a) is Eugenia Goff: "I'd rather eat the time . . The trip An applicatioit has already The H 0 I e? ployee. The press gets hold of t d t f 1" g and keep students interested in campus activi

. -THE TAMP A TIMES, Monday, July 30, 1962 PLANE CRASH KILLS FOUR -tAP Wlrepholo) Onlookers stand beside the wreckage of a small rented plane which crashed int() a pasture in Carrollton, Ga., during a drizzling rain killing the four occu pants. The victims were Fred L. McAlister Jr. of Jackson, Miss., his wife, Rachel, their 7-months-old son, Rickey, and a H)-year-old brother of Mrs. McAlister who was being returned to Greenville , S.C., after a vacation in Mississippi. Deaths in Tampa, Elsewhere MRS. CLEO CUNNINGHAM Mrs. Cleo Hemple Cunning ham, 85, of 11314 N. Armenia Ave., died Sunday morning in J\.l'cadia. A native of Germany, she had been a resident of Tampa for 57 years and a resi-of Italy and a former resident Fariss, Miami, and Miss Patricia of Chicago, Ill., she had lived Frances McCall, Tampa; three in Tampa for over 18 months. sons, James Howard McCall, Survivors include her husband, John Moore McCall and Henry Albert J. Burns of Tampa and LaMar McCall, all of two brothers, Ralph and An-six grandchildren; three sisters thony F. Scala of Chicago. and one brother. dent of Arcadia for five years. MRS. FRANCES TAYLOR Survivors include one son, MARTIN J. RICHARI)SON Harry Cunningham Jr., Tampa; Mrs. Frances Kruger 1:aylor, Martin J. Richardson, 80, of o:TJ.a grandson, Harry Cunning-81, 502 N. Hubert Ave., died 200 E. James St., Brandon, died ham III, U.S. Army, Virginia; Sunday morning in a Tampa in a Tampa hospital Saturday one granddaughter, Miss Betty A native of Davenport, night. A native of Sweden, he Cunningham, Tampa; one sister, Iowa, she had been a Tampa had lived in Brandon for four Miss Irving Hemple, Berkeley, resident for tpe past five years. years. Survivors include his Calif.; two great-grandchildren She was a member of the Epis-wi.dow, Mrs. Elin M. Richardson and several nieces and nephews. copal Church. She is survived of Brandon; two daughters, Mrs. by two daughters, Mrs. Gunhild Kohloff of Mamaro M. Jones, Tampa and Mrs. Earl neck, N.Y., and Mrs. Ellen Rich E. Davenport, Memphis, Tenn. of Arlington, Tex.; one sister, and a sister, Mrs. John Lund of Mrs. AugUI;ta Stenholn of GlenMRS. FRANCES BURNS Mrs. Frances l\:1. Burns, 59, of 3023 Kathleen St., died Sunday in a Tampa l'Jospital. A native Tampa. N,Y.; six grandchildren MRS. ALENE NALES and nine great-grandchildren. Funeral Notices Mrs. Alene Nales, 54, 2720 Arch St., died Saturday mornBOYNTON, ROBIN LYNN Funeral ing in a Tampa hospital. A na tive Floridian, Mrs. Nales had Donald Boynton, of Montgomery, Alalived in Tampa for the past 34 ears. She is survived by her dueled this after no 0 n at 3 husband, Manuel Nales Sr., a Mrs. Conol .ey, Former Tam_pan, Dies at 96 sonth, MaMrnuel BJr.;. Mrs. Dora Hammerly Conoley, the Rev. D. s. Smith, pastor of the mo er, s. au e anneau, 1 ti 'd f T First Bafftist Church of Sulphur two sisters Mrs. Thelma Foss a ong-me res! ent o. ampa, :::;i and Mrs. Helen Bidinger and died Saturday in Monticello. Baptist of Gibsonton. Pall f o u r grandchildren, a 11 of She was 96. hearers wtll he M.r. Benny M. Gtv Tampa ens, Mr. David Smith, Mr. Bobby A native of Madison, Mrs. MRS. ELISA LARSON Conoley lived in Tampa from etery. Survivors include her par Mrs. Elisa (Betty) Larson, 76, 1881 until 1954. She moved Maple St., last from Tampa eight years ago to two sisters, Margaret and Debra. of mght lD a hospital. A na-. . tive of Sabula Iowa she had make her home With her mece{ ton; her lll'alldmother. Mrs. Lula lived in Tampa' for past five Hrs. Haffie Hayes In Greenville Givens, of Dothan. Ala'., and h er 11reat-grandmother, Mrs. ,Janie Coopyears. Mrs. Larson was a mem-Fla. ber of St. Paul's Luther a !l She was a member of the vatt Home. 3419 Nebraska Church and a member of Pontl. Avenue In charge or arrangements. ac Lodge No. 228 OES, Pont141c, Hyde Park Presbytenan Church Mich., and a past matron of the here, and one of the charter chapter. Survivors include her members of the Tampa Worn-59, o 3023 Kathleen st. will be held husband, Peter D. Larson, Tam-an' s Club. For many years she at a later date at the John Deir pa, one son, Peter Larson Jr., . . . . Funeral Home in Chi:\,"go, Ill. Sur Muncie Ind two grandchil was promment m mus1c Circles dren a'nd nieces and in Tampa. t'c;: nephews. Mrs. C o n o 1 e y was director Boza 'io"uneral Home. LEWIS S. JONES and soloist for several of Tam-Lewis S. (Jack) Jones, 38, of pa's church choirs. She was the 1714 Barclay Road, Tampa, died of Douglas F . Conoley. Saturday afternoon in a Tampa She is survived by eight nieces MASS DEMONSTRATIONS SPUTTER Albany Protest Showdown in Court Today ALBANY, Ga., July 30 (JP) -tions a'nd other activities. King fasted for the first 24 The Albany Move m en t, Dr. W. G. Anderson, president The faltering mass demonstra-Elliott, in a temporary order hours as is his custom when Pritchett said, "to be is almost of the movement, who substi-tion phase of this Deep South 10 days ago, granted such an jailed. King and Abernathy non-existent." He said there tuted for King. city's lengthy integration fight injunction but the temp?rary wdre among 10 Negroes arrested was a ack of interest and "the Pritchett dismissed as un headed today for a court battle decree was stayed by a higher for refusing to disperse after people are tired of going to founded Anderson's prediction over marches; picketing, boy-court four days later. . . jail " that Unless the federal governcatting and other activities. However, the stay does not stagmg fa. prayef sessIon in He disputed statements made ment acts, Albany would become With 266 persons arrested prevent Elliott from acting on front. o hal on NBC's "Meet the Press" by "another Lit t 1 e Rock," with last week, Negro followers of the question of a permanent Kmg s aide, the Rev. Wyatt racial clashes. citations are being THE TAMPA TIMES ----AD-:-=v=E=R=TI=SE:=:-:ME=N-=T---their leaders in hot and often sought by the city against sev-the mass rally. n ,f;, crowded jail cells. eral persons and organizations "Today is a fate f u 1 day," CompanJ from The Tribune Build Efforts to stage a demon-named in Elliott's or-Walker said. "This is a decisive stration produced three per-der. moment in the history of Alclau matter at tile Poot Olllce at sons fl'om a crowd of several Meanwhile integration leadbany." Then he called for volaDder tho Act of hundred. The three went to er Dr. Luther King Jr., unteers for a demonstration. Subsarlptton :Rates: B,. earrlor city hall, prayed and left. jailed here Friday for the third Three men stood up. They ... A hearing is scheduled this time, lounged in blue silk pa-later went to city hall, offered Ia .anace, afternoon before Federal Dist. jamas yesterday and spent his prayers and left quietly. Police Member of Anoclate4 Prell. Judge J. Robert Elliott who has time reading, writing and listen-ignored them. Member of AadU Ba.rua of ar. been asked by city officials to ing to a transistor radio. His Police Chief Laurie Pritchett clllalloa. permanently enjoin integration-cellmate is the Rev. Ralph D. said he believed that large scale ists from protest ;;emonstraAbernathy. demonstrations had ended. LIGHTNIHGCAUSED DAMAGE CAN BE CU'RTAILED Wh7 camble With death and destruc tion when a suaranteed Ll1htnlnc Protection System can be Installed In :vour ne" home at so little additional cost. For a free estimate to aafetJ' Lightn ing P rotection Sale s , I nc . 3631 S.Oole Mabry Ph . 831 6201 ------KODAK ZOOM 8 AUTOMATIC SMM MOVIE CAMERA f/1.9 lens $6950 Wqs $ ANSCO CADET REFLEX 'CAMERA $995 Bell & R9well No.255A SMM MOVIE PROJECTOR $7895 Was $98.95 #8 -FLASH BULBS 79'doz. KODAK SCOPE METER TURRET 8mm MOVIE . . CAMERA (j 1.9 lens $4 Was $99.50 K4C KEYSTONE ELECTRIC EYE arnrn Movie CAMERA . $72SJJ was $98.00 IUCOH :ft:300 .CAMERA .OUTFIT) Complete With CASE and FLASHER $2995 .Was $59.95 K67 KEYSTONE ).UTO. LOAD 8MM MOVIE PROJ_ECTOR $6650 Was $84.95 K98 KEYSTONE AUTO LOAD aMM MOVlE $7595 Was $105.00 K6 No. 558 KEYSTONE ARGUS ELECTlliC EYE SLIDE amm MO'YIE PROJECTOR CAM EllA $7900 $6850 wa5 $119.50 Was $104.50 K7 KEYSTONE Florida ELECTRIC EYE SCENIC amm MOVIE VIEWER CAMERA with film $8950 1.9' KODAK SHOWTIME 8MM MOVIE PROJECTOR A -20 ZOOM $sa so BROWNIE TURRET Kodak BMM MOVIE Single Lens SMM MOVIE CAMERA CAMERA f/r.9 lens $1495 $3995 Was CARTER, GEORGE L.Funeral serv ices for Mr. George L . Carter, 61, of 3109 Woodrow Avenue, wiJI be con ducted this afternoon at 4:00 o'clock from the Riverside Baptist Church, Tampa and Keyes Streets, with the Rev. E;. C. Abernathy, pastor, offi ciating. tnrerment will follow In Garden of Memories Cemete•Y Du val Funeral Home. 3800 Nebraska Avenue In charge of arrangements . Actlve pallbearers will be: . L. C. Reynplds, David P Carpenter, S . L. Jones. Harry R. Holmbraker, Jr. , Charles I. Dillon, Arthur C. Mixon. Honorary pallbearers will be: J . Crockett Farnell, David Erwin, VIc to r J. R()gers, James E. Harris, Pohle H . Wole, T. B . Wilborn, Don ald E. Utt, Alexander Blann, Leon T. Butts, and deacons of the River side Baptist Church. hospital. A native of Ocala, he hadlivedinTampaforthepastl,afnidiitwiioinie.pihieiwisi.iiiiiiiiiiiilaallilili .. lilililalililililiilillilililililililili .. liillilililililililili .. lililililililiiBBIIililililililili .............. iiiiiiii 21 years and attended Tampa11 University. He was a member of the Forrest Hills Methodist and W i n d h or s t Lodge 185 F.&A.M. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Jean Jones, Tampa; one daughter, Miss Shelia Jones, Tampa; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam P. Jones. Tampa: three brothers, Ralph N. Jones, Sarasota, Leonard J. Jones and George P. Jones, both of Tampa; one sister, Mrs. Ann Hubbell of Sacramento, Calif.; maternal grandmother, Mrs. Anna Blalock CONOLEY, MRS. DORA B.-"The fu. neral cortege for Mrs. Dora H. Bayshore Blvd. & Plant Ave .• Tues day morning at 10:00 o'clock for In tennent services at Myrtle Hlll Hyde Park Presbyterian Church, Of!leiatlng. MCCALL, SAMUEL BOWARD-Fu neral services or Mr. Samuel How ard McCall. 52, of 3815 Tacon St., who passed away in Fori Pier c e Sat urday, will be held Tuesday morning at 10:30 o'clock at the graveside In Myrtle Hill Memorial P ar k Cemetery. The Rev. Paul J . Wagner, pastor of the Palma Ceia Methodist Church, will oEidate. Mr. McCall will lie In state for visitation of friends until 9:00 o'clock Monday night at the B. Marion Reed Co. Funeral Home, Plant Ave. at Platt St. );ALES, 1\tRS. ALENE-Funeral serv ices for Mrs. Alene Nale s, age 54, 2720 Arch st. wlll be held at 3 :00 of Ocala. AUBER U. BROEDEL Au'ber U. Broedel, 67, of 1917 W. Waters Ave., Tampa, died in a Tampa hospital. A native of New Jersey, he had resided in Tampa for the past 15 years. He was a veteran of World War I. He is survived by two sis ters, Mrs. Harvey Kitchens of South Royalton, Vt., and Mrs. George Hermann of Hollis, Long Island, N.Y., and several nieces and nephews. ROBIN LYN BOYNTON Robin Lyn Boynton, 4-year old daughter of Mr. an_d z's. Church. will officiate. Interment will Donalp Boynton, of Birmmgbe In Garden of M emories Cemetery, ham, Ala., died Friday in a !3irmingham hoSPital. Survivors Nales, JohnnY Nales and Elio Fernanmclude her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Boynton; one broth-Jr.; her mothe r Mrs. Maude Bari er, Phillip; two sisters, Margaret neau . two sisters Thelma Foss and Debra, all of Birmingham; Helen Bidinger and 4 grandher grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. JtiCBARDSON, MARTIN J. -Funeral services for Mr. Martin J . Richard 80n, 80, of 200 El. James St ., Bran don, wlll be held Tuesday afternoon pastor of the First Presbyterian Church o Brandon, officiating. In terment will follow In tHe Sunse t George Boynton, of Gibsonton; grandmother, Mrs. Givens, of Alabama, and her great-grandmother, Mrs . Jennie Cooper, of Gib s onton; several aunts and uncles, a lso of Gibsonton. MRS. MARGARET WILLIAMS Dorman Moses, C a rl Hedman, Dan Mrs. Margaret E. Williams, of Rich and Hollas Wetherington. Ar 2604 Highland Ave. , died Friday Stowers Fune ral night in a Tampa hospital. A WEAVER, CARLIE v. -Funeral serv native of Utah, she had been ices for Mr. Carlie v. Weaver, 71, a resident of Tampa for 35 If bitcoro Survivors include one o'clock from the Garden Chapel, cousm, Mrs. Margaret Mackie, of Tampa. Thar , pastor of the New Orleans Bapt st Church, officiating, assisted SAMUEL HOWARD McCALL Samuel Howard McCall, 52, Walters, J. R. Walters, H. c. of 3815 Tacon St., died in Fort Ain Pierce Saturday morning while Memories Ceme ter y . on a business trip. A native of WILLIAMS, JOHN A. (BAREFOOT)Charlotte, N.C., he had been a resident of Tampa for 23 will be conducte d Tuesday aft ernoon Mr. McCall was a representative at 2 o'clock from the Church or God, for motor and equipment, hav-Tbonotosassa. with the Rev. B. W. b th t art b Suggs, pastor, officiating. Interment mg een Ill e au 0 P S USl• will follow in Thonotos a ssa Ceme ness for 35 years. He was a Grre.O member of the Tampa Elks ford, Elton Port ervint, H erb e r t Lodge 708, and the F l or i d a COMPLETE! 3 BEAUTIFUL ROOMS AT LOWEST PRICES EVER . ••• When you buy at 11The Home" you can depend on the lowest prices and the easiest terms in Tampa. FREE DELIVERY TO OUT OF TOWN CUSTOMERS. and the Lowest Prices • 10 Tatnpa! so oNLr s . Pay o,, 35 Dow y $5 Weelcl N DELIVER Beoutiful COMPLETE y 0 " All 3 R s or silver ml BEDRooM oo,s •r double ' I Sf beqroom . :best of dra:::;ser IIVitlt mi:r:;-6-dra..,. n,t$eo, 1t illcludes th sprirtg Grtd , Olfd o fil!e qu ,;-roomy 4950 e COA-f mattress . o ty Seo/y PLETE DELU a, o,,, $ it IIVit;• foam /iviltg ro 'XE LJVI .. 'G Weoekly 0 motclr;,,, om Suite-.; ... Roo ... ccoslol!o/ TV club choir Olf'lertibl IYI tabtfl$ clroir-l Ond a, • e sofa if lovely lallfl. motcp,;,f Plostlc tap lrtra $ l49You Ofllps. Coffeoe table elld SO 5 -2 PIEce Pay o,ly $2 s Perfect for ' PLASTIC D Weeokly • o 'op tab'• he '"'all Ieitch INETrE tic ta& Gild four e, or dille le top • match;,, h tte, Plastl $3 '' sta/, Olld !t c al,. Ne.., PI c 950 u,, as . sta11r. p, cry 011/y $7 Weekly !3ooster ' s Survivors Gerald Allen, Frank Edwards Jr. , mclude h1s Widow Mrs. Ethel .J im Exum, and Paul Ivte. Duval Thomasson McCall Tampa two 'Funeral Home, 3800 N ebraska Ave' ' ' 'li••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Jiiii nue ll1 charge oi arrangements. daughters, Mrs. Robert Wayne •


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